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  1. Hey, As I posted before, I have been working on a scripted HUD with animations. I finished it. Showed it to a few people and it got a big THUD. That is OK I've deconstructed what I've done. Instead of a big hud, I have been working on smaller mats and experiences.I reworked some of the scripts that I have, and wrote a few new ones. I think these create a few tools for some interesting RPs, but I am open to suggestions... 1) yes, the game is SML based, since I need *some* basis for strength. I am open to other suggestions 2)I have hacked a wrestling mat so that it reflects to people of various strengths fighting. It is not as simple as 'strongest win' but probability based so that the both players can win. The mat does not currently have a hit point/health/damage system, but that is easy to add if desired (really, I don't know) 3) I have hacked several sex mats so that "dom" and "sub" can be determined by strength. It can work both ways (weak dominating strong/strong dominating weak) I'm working on adding some dungeons at my gym (Evolve). What do y'all want? I think I am in a position to create SL Experiences that people can build on. If you want to chat, Opinated Resident on Second Life. Corwin
  2. The RP can be how ever you want to set it up, within the bounds of the characters. Two magic characters can exchange strength, but hitting a Hulk character with magic lightning would just piss him off. Maybe it wasn't clear, but there will be multiple Huds. The one in the video is the magic-shazam hud. I also have a hulk hud, but I geeked out and could only show one right now. Other characters will also be created, over time. (mostly depends on feedback from people -- at this point I'm just guessing what people want)
  3. So, first, there needs to be some basis for "strength" and SML provides that. But the game is independent of SML, as is strength. If you get 10x strength in the game I am working on, you do not have 10x str in SML. I'm open to other sources for "base" strength if you have any. Also, there are a variety of hero archetypes. Sebastian Shaw translates kinetic energy (attacks) into strength. The Parasite steals strength from others. There is no reason the game can't support those (except for my time and sanity writing the computer code).
  4. Base strength comes from playing SML. Happy to answer other burning questions.
  5. My friends have heard me whine about writing a muscle growth roleplay for second life. Well, it is almost down. Rather than bore you with too many details, I thought a video demonstrating the potential would be better. For those interested, the HUD is in the lower left. It has a health meter above your current (or augmented) strength. There are buttons to target people, attack or defend and change bodies. I have a few tweaks to make before I release it, probably around Christmas.
  6. I would like to add muscle growth and muscle theft to the game. I know how to do this on the technical side (e.g. force someone to grow into a bigger size) , but would appreciate suggestions how to use this in a fun way? As an example, in a dom/sub relationship, the sub may offer his size and power to the dom to make him bigger. When the sub gives strength, the dom grows (or visa versa).
  7. I have started implementing a strength and health based roleplay game on my sim. Evolve is a role playing system where you can test and play with your power and health. It is available only on this sim. Currently, there are several games located on Muscle Beach. To get to the beach, click on the hammer in Evolve Gym. GAMES: Thor's Hammer.... only the strongest may take the hammer Combat mat where two players can test each other King Arthur's Sword Throwables: Large Shipping Container Car Airplane Sphynx Planet The game is very much in beta test and under development. If you notice any horrible bugs, please send a notecard to opinyated More to come and suggestions welcome.
  8. If you've been to my gym lately, you might notice some strength-based objects I've been making. There are two so far, king Arthur's sword that only the strongest can take and Thor's hammer that can be owned by the strongest at the gym at the time. I'm planning on adding a strength/stamina-based boxing mat today or tomorrow. I've also recently equipped my avatar to change size like the Escanor character, so I am biggest at mid-day and smallest at night. This is an RLVa hud. With this tech I've been working with it should be possible to create some fun games -- a forced growth hud, strength/size stealing huds, objects that can be thrown based on your strength, super hero roleplay, etc. I'm curious if people have ideas where they'd like to see me go with this. What type of SL-enabled MG roleplay would you like to see?
  9. So, I heard about this guy. An alien. The dude in charge says aliens are bad and that we need to build a fucking wall to keep them out. Hell. Nobody needs no wimpy-ass fucking wall to keep people out. Not when I’m around. Now don’t get me wrong. I don’t fuckin’ care where you are from. I do care about anyone thinking they can best my muscle. Muscles should be worshipped. Power should be used. Someone will probably call it a fight. His apologists certainly will. If one punch is a battle, a fight, a death-match, well, this was the result. And of course, this But it wasn’t about him, it was about that shirt. The blue, red diamond-thing, S fuckin’ shirt. Ya see, he said nothing could break it. He flexed. Not even his muscles could conquer that material. He even said he’d be even bigger if it didn’t hold his strength in. Well, he’s on the ground now calling for his mommy, and I have the shirt. Let’s see how well it works. I’m sure you wimps want to hear how it was my muscles against this alien-super-spandex. I know you want to hear how I had to flex to rip it. Live with disappointment. Did you really think my muscles could ever be contained by any shirt? It can’t even tolerate my bricks. And in case you were stupid enough to think my pecs were any weaker… FUCK!!!! Flexing feels so amazing! OH FUCK YA!
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    Boi (TinyDudeLvr) was frisky and naughty...
  12. Anyone who reads my stories knows I like to take the underdog and make him the winner, only to have him put back in his place. Anyone interested in the same thing, feel free to PM me or visit Evolve Gym. And ya, I have an SML problem ? but now that I am the strongest...
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    Happy Halloween month
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