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  1. Okay!! Here we go... Part Four. Sorry it has taken me a little while to get this part out... but I've been busy with my own workouts as well as with work. This Brexit is killing me!!!! Hope you enjoy! -Quinn ThInk It... A Writer's Tool Part Four: Chapter Four Quinn was finding it harder and harder to concentrate. It was just SO hot in his flat. He would walk to the window, open it up, and ten minutes later, he would be freezing and have to close it again. Then, ten minutes later, the pattern would start all over again: hot… cold… hot… cold. In between, he would try to write down exactly what he wanted from the ring. So far he had written: Height: 7’ He felt that would work. He would still be tall, but not unmanageable. No. After rereading it… he crossed it out and wrote 8’. Yeah. Better to be a little put out for size. He looked down at his paper and back at the clock. It was 2:30 am, and he had written only one line. How was that possible? He got up, sweat pouring down his back and between his pecs. Opening the window once again, he stood naked in the night air. I simply need to take the ring and do it, he thought. Just take the ring, say I want to be 8 foot and 1,000 pounds of muscle… and hairy… with a huge cock… and balls always churning. Just state that, and let what happens happens. Become what you’re meant to become… but he couldn’t. In the long run, and the truth of the matter was… Quinn was all talk. For all his muscle size, and his tattoos, and his long primal hair, he was still a conformist at heart. Yes, he was rebelling with how he looked… but not really. The fact was, besides on Instagram, no one cared. In a safe way, he was being what he wanted to be… but if he really did let go… how would people react? He walked to the kitchen to grab a beer, but started making coffee instead. As the brown liquid was dripping into the pot, Quinn’s phone began to beep a crazy random tone over and over again. Walking to his desk, he picked it up to find it was the App sending out notifications. Congratulations!!! You’re readership has gone through the roof!! Your audience is clamouring for more… MORE… MORE!!! This is such wonderful news, that we are offering you a new upgrade. We call it Free-Reign. We put your stories through our computer and the output generated is nearly identical to what you would have written yourself!! Would you like to start this new upgrade? No! Wonderful!! Upgrade started!! Free-Reign in progress. I said no!! Stops Free-Reign. Wonderful!! Several stories are already being generated using your characters, situations, and world building. Here is a brief example: Oli watched as the mouth cock came closer to him… ready to deposit its liquid within him, setting free… Cavin… come on, mate. I know you’re in there! Let me go! In response, Cavin simply tightened the rubber limbs that were wrapped around him. No. Jacob had stopped and was speaking to them all with his mind. He approached Oli and leaned in close to him. What you desire… what will free you would only be a guise… all smoke and mirrors. But, I have looked within… and another path has opened… one that will deliver us to our Hedonistic new Eden even quicker. Yes, Oli… you shall truly be freed soon! What do you think? It sounds just like you, doesn’t it. We have already generated another 5,000 words. Would you like to read it? No! Stop Free-Reign!! Speed up Free Reign? Yes!! We can do that!! You are so good to your readers. The app was out of control. Closing it, Quinn went to the main page where his apps were, and pressed down to start the deletion process. All the other apps, like Candy Crush, started to shake in preparation of deletion, but not ThInk It. It remained perfectly still. Pressing the home key stopped all of the apps shaking, but Quinn quickly tried to delete the app again… with the same result. Quinn tried to press on the IPhone again, this time with more force, cracking the screen. As it shattered, a zap of electricity shot into Quinn’s hand, quickly making him pull it away, dropping the phone onto the floor. Quinn could still feel his hand buzzing from the shock he received, and started to massage it. As he did, he looked at the palm of his hand, only to discover on the mound closest to his thumb was a black outline of the ThInk It app logo!! Rubbing the logo to try and get it to come off only made it darker and more pronounced. It was also getting warm. What the fuck, Quinn thought, as he walked to the kitchen to run his hand under water. How could I burn my… Quinn grabbed his right hand as it started to burn. Looking at his palm… it looked as if something was moving right beneath the skin! Holding his breath, he pressed the swollen area, and was met with a strong electrical shock. The small mound began to pulsate, elongated itself, and then began to slowly inch its way up Quinn’s arm. Placing his hand on his upper forearm as a barrier in front of the moving mass, Quinn was surprised to see it stop. As he watched it sit there like a stone, Quinn truly believed that whatever it was, it was thinking… trying to figure out a solution to this problem. Seconds later, Quinn’s entire right arm began to convulse as wave after wave of electricity shot through it. Quinn screamed out as his arm exploded into agony. The mass quickly shot up his arm, over his broad shoulders, and into his neck. As the pain began to decrease, Quinn could feel the pressure of the mass right below his ear. He ran to the bathroom to see what was happening, but before he got there, he felt the mass swell again, move, and then his world went black. For about twenty seconds, Quinn held onto the bathroom sink, and tried to figure out if he had just had a stroke, when suddenly strange images began to appear in front of him: trees, Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, the Alps… this and about two hundred more were presented over and over again. It took him a few minutes and a few times of seeing the images over and over to realise that these were photos he had taken over the past few months… photos that were in the library of his phone! As if this burst of insight had triggered it, the photos changed, and he was now seeing images pulled from his weather app… an email… profiles on scruff… a level of Candy Crush he could never beat… until, at first completely pixelated, his vision returned to him. The only difference, was that down at the right hand corner in his line of vision was the logo of the ThInk It App! No matter where he looked or even if he closed his eyes, the logo was there, revolving every once in a while. Quinn ran into the kitchen where he had left the phone, hoping to be able to close the app down, but found it a smoking and melted mess. It was nearly unrecognisable as something he used all of the time for nearly every aspect of his day! Quinn began to walk to the window when he heard a happy ‘Alexa’ sounding voice in his head begin to speak, and text began to appear in his field of vision. Congratulations!!! You’re readers are begging for more!! In order to help and reward you, we have upgraded you to our new beta application: Deep ThInk It. The logo in Quinn’s lower right vision morphed into the new Deep ThInkIt Logo. No!! Delete!! I don’t want the upgrade. Wonderful! This new application will allow you to continue writing stories even when your busy! You no longer have to just ThInkIt. Now, let your subconscious do the work. You can have new stories written in minutes and swiftly in the hands of your loyal readers. Would you like to start this new beta application? No!!! Delete App!! Delete App!! Delete App!!!!! Wonderful! Deep ThInk It has started. The text cleared, and Quinn’s vision was normal again except for the new logo. This was all going too far, and he couldn’t figure out a way to remove the app from his own brain, let alone his phone’s memory since it was a charred piece of shit!!! Quinn had begun to sweat again, so he walked to his front door and opened it up, letting in the cool night air. The street lamps were bright on the quiet road and the sidewalk across from his door. The park that lay beyond the gate was dark, and he could hear the rustling of squirrels or birds in the underbrush. Leaning his head against the door jam, and smelling the strong odour of Jacob’s musk, Quinn questioned how he got himself into this situation?! Closing his eyes, the logo still glowed in the darkness. You okay, mate? Quinn quickly opened his eyes and saw John standing directly across the street. The older man, a true original Eastender, was in jeans and a white shirt with an old Yankees baseball cap on his head. Hey there! Yeah, I’m fine. Head ache. That’s all. Thought I’d get some air to see if that helped. Haven’t seen you in the pub in a while. Don’t want to ruin those abs with a pint? Ha! No… just busy at work. What are you doing out here so late? Lost me wallet. Think I dropped it by the lake in the park when I was walking Alfie a few hours ago. Gonna see if it’s there. I think the gates locked now. Locks never stopped me. Hope your head feels better, mate. Talk to ya later. With that, John set off toward the gate to Haggerston Park, bent over, examined the lock for a moment or two, took something from his pocket that Quinn couldn’t see, and in a second the gate was swinging open. Turning around to close and lock it again, John waved to Quinn, and walked into the darkness of the park. Quinn could see the white of his shirt for a few moments, and then it disappeared. Congratulations!!! Quinn practically jumped out of his skin as he heard the voice of the app and saw the word appear in his line of vision before fading away. Would you like to publish your story? You’re readers are waiting. I didn’t write anything!! Stupid, fucking… Creating the character of John was a spot of genius, and will fit well in the universe you are creating. Do you wish to publish? Quinn finished listening and reading, and broke out in a cold sweat. Walking back inside, he sat down on the couch. Let me proofread it before publishing. Of course!! Next time, just say: Proofread and I will supply you with your most recent work. John quickly removed the small key Kelly had given him from his pocket, unlocked the gate of Haggerston Park, and walked quickly inside, shutting it behind him. Turning around to close and lock it again, John looked over at Quinn, who was standing oddly by his front door like the Thor-wannabe that he was, and waved. Then with a quick pace, he walked into the darkness of the park. Stop!! I didn’t write this. Of course you did! It was pulled directly from your brain by Deep ThInk It four seconds after you thought the entire synario. Publishing Now!!! My subconscious, Quinn thought, it's somehow mining my subconscious…. I have to get it out of my head… but how? And why is it here? What does it want? *** John walked further into the park, turned right, and onto the path that led to the pond. He thought to himself that he would have noticed if he had dropped his wallet while walking the dog, but there was only one spot where he thought it might have happened. Right by the lake, near where the reeds thickened, Alfie had taken a shit, and John had leaned over to bag it. That could be the only place it might have slipped out of his trousers and fell onto the ground. As he got closer to the lake, John could hear music coming from around the bend. As he approached, there was George, the young guy who just started working at the pub. He was lying on the grass, a bath towel underneath him, his phone next to him playing some guitar solo, his shirt under his head acting as a pillow, and a cigarette in his mouth. John only knew him from the pub, but they had always been social so he wasn’t nervous at all about approaching him. ‘allo, George. What brings you out here. You fuckin scared the shit out of me!!! Sorry about that, mate. Too fuckin hot in my flat. Thought I’d come over here and cool off. Didn’t think anyone would come in here this late. Looking for my wallet. Think I dropped it when I was picking up after Alfie. John walked over to the area where his dog had taken a shit, but there was nothing there… no wallet… that was for sure. He turned back around and saw George was sitting up slightly, his arms behind him giving him some stability. John watched George smile, laugh to himself, and take another drag off of his cigarette. What? Nothin. It’s stupid. Tell me. It’s nothin. I was just thinking… when I’m your age, I hope I’m as put together as you are. Put together!! That’s a laugh!! Come on, Daddy!! You know you’ve got it all going on! Ha!! What are you smoking, mate?! Daddy? Did George really just call him Daddy?? Looking down at his shirtless acquaintance, John was surprised that he was actually starting to get hard looking at him. There had always been rumors that this section of the park was a gay hookup site, but that never mattered to John since he wasn’t gay… yet now… here he was on this strangely hot night, in the dark, being called Daddy and wanting to have his cock sucked by George who he bet was an expert!! You know what I’ve always admired about you, Daddy? What’s that? Your confidence… your swagger… you just ooze testosterone. John wanted to laugh. Me… confident? I’m balding, overweight, and haven’t fucked anyone but my hand in five years! What was this guy talking about? And yet… John could suddenly feel something stirring… deep down… in the pit of his stomach… and lower… his balls starting to quiver with new life… new vigor. That’s right!! Look at you, puffing your chest out!! You know I’m right… got that he-man/Alpha testosterone flooding you, don’t you, Daddy? John could feel the beads of sweat forming on his bald pate as well as under his arms. Fuck, it was hot out here! Too hot. He must have drunk more than he thought at the pub. He needed to go home. As he started to take a step, George was right there in front of him. Where you going, Daddy? Have some whisky! That always perks you up. Whiskey? John didn’t drink whisky. He drank lager… maybe a Guinness, but that was it. Now, here was George handing him a bottle of Jameson. Confused, but not one to pass up a drink, John put it to his lips, took a swig, and felt it burn as it traveled down his throat and into his stomach. Fuck!! That's right, Daddy!! A man’s drink for a real man. John found himself subconsciously taking another swig, this time enjoying the burn as it traveled down, this time even lower than his stomach… this time right down to his balls. The burn gave John what felt like a jolt of electricity surging through his crotch. He couldn’t help crying out when it happened again and again, each time a little stronger. Looking down at his trousers, he could see that his bulge seemed larger now than it had been before, and appeared to be swelling. Another jolt, this one even stronger, forced him to bend over slightly as the wind was kicked out of him. Fuck!! My bollocks!! I have to admit… I always love sneaking a glance at your crotch when your sitting on the stool in the pub… man spreading so wide because you have to… seeing your pants full to nearly bursting. So obvious you got a pair of real bull balls down there… right? Bull balls… I’m not being generous enough… am I… even bigger than bull balls… right? John’s head was swimming as the surges to his balls became fiercer and more frequent. Fuckin pair of bull balls… I’ve always wanted to see a massive pair of balls… especially yours? You gonna show me? Show you? Yeah!! Show me!! You know you want to! Here… let me help you. George’s hands moved swiftly to John’s belt, and with incredible skill, he had it undone in seconds. John cried out again as it felt like his balls surged even larger than ever. Fuck!! Look what you’re doing to me, Daddy!! Hard as a fuckin rock ‘ere, and I haven’t even seen them!! John looked down and could see the impressive outline of George’s cock in his jeans. Just looking at George’s bulge induced another jolt of growth, forcing John to grit his teeth. Fuck!! Looks like if I don’t pull your trousers down now, they’re gonna rip apart by themselves! Undoing the first button of John’s trousers, George looked into the older man’s eyes as he slowly pulled down the zipper. John felt some relief as his balls were given more room, but this was short lived as they grew again. With a smile, George pulled John’s trousers down, helped him remove his trainers, and step out of them. There he stood in his black briefs… black briefs… he had been wearing boxers this morning… hadn’t he… with a bulge that looked like he was smuggling two oranges in it!! That has to feel so much better, Daddy!! I have no clue how you can deal with having them shoved in trousers everyday!! There was a ripping sound, and both George and John watched as the seams of his briefs began to split. What the fuck is happening to me, George?? You’re just showing how much of a man you are… much more of a man than 100 men, Daddy! John cried out as his balls surged even larger, splitting and ripping the thin fabric of his briefs. As John stared in both shock and awe, it was becoming obvious that they were larger in his tightening sack then they had been a minute prior, and were showing no sign of slowing down. George reached out and felt the large balls for himself, grinning at John as he held them both in his two hands. John felt the orgasmic rush of another person's hands… another man’s hands… fondling his balls mixed with the pressure of his balls nearly doubling in size. My balls, George… how is this happening? What happening? They’re fuckin growing in your hands! Can’t you see that?? They’ve always been this size, John!! I’m just glad you finally let me touch them. As George began to man handle his testicles with more vigor, and as they erupted further with size, John began to moan. He attempted at first to stifle his grunts and groans, but as this feeling of pure pleasure grew with the size of his balls… as it enveloped him, he allowed himself to close his eyes, roll his head back, and let out a loud, lewd moan. I don’t know… how this is happening… balls growing… FUCK… I’m feeling light headed… I can fuckin hear my balls churnin’... filling with cum… I don’t understand… No wonder you’re so hairy, Daddy!! What… I’m not hairy at… These balls must produce a fuck load of testosterone!!! John scratched at an itch on his arm. Fuck!! I can’t even imagine how much testosterone is shooting through you… John scratched at his face… then his chest… then back to his arm… That’s what I’ve always loved about you… you ooze the testosterone of about 500 Royal Marines… but you don’t flaunt it! I guess you don’t have to… you’re the Alpha and everyone bows down to that! As George spoke, the itching got worse. John began to pace around the area by the lake… wanting to escape but unable to allow himself to go. The itching was building up all over his body until it exploded into what felt like thousands of needles being stuck into his body… even his head. FUCK!!!!! What is it, Daddy? George looked at John, smiled, and licked his lips. What? Your beard. It’s just so thick and full… I’ve never seen anything like it… As the itching and needle pricks gained in intensity, John moved his hand to his face, and for the first time recognised that he had suddenly grown more than a days growth of hair. It was more like three days of growth... and as he crossed to the lake and took in his reflection by moonlight… four days! John’s heart began to beat faster as he watched the silver hair slowly growing on his face gain body and length. Running his hands through it, he could tell that it was thick and coarse… nearly impenetrable Looking down at his shaking hands, John saw that they were also getting a covering of silver hair. Freaking out by all that was occurring, John ripped off his shirt, and could only look down in shock as his chest, stomach, and arms also joined in on the sudden influx of hair growth. I know you never shave, Daddy… but if you did… when would it start growing back? How many hours? Four? Two? I bet hair just erupts the second you would shave it… John could now run his hands through the beard and tug at it! His chest also had a thick silver pelt growing on it, narrowing into a treasure trail that traveled down to an excessively hairy crotch. I’ve always wanted to be hairy like you, but I’m not blessed that way. You… you’re just so incredibly hairy, yet it doesn’t hide your musculature at all! John heard George’s words echo in his head when suddenly it felt like Superman had punched him in his fat stomach, knocking the wind out of him. I don’t think anything could hide your muscles… not even clothes… What the fuck is happening now? As the kicks and the spasms continued, John watched in awe as the years of unhealthy eating began to be stripped away as the fat on his gut simply evaporated as if it had never been. Through agonising pain, John could make out the first outline of abs beginning to protrude under a layer of fat. With each punch, John’s abs became thicker, taking on serious size. Running his hands over the continually spasming abdominals, John couldn’t help loving the way the cobblestones felt with a layer of hair over them. He couldn’t stop feeling them, and soon he was putting one finger in the crevices between each ab, then two, then three. John’s waist became thicker, but he was also becoming leaner as well, as any fat that had once settled over his abs disintegrated to allow more room for muscular growth. Can I feel your abs, Daddy? May I? Do it. George fingered the fractures between each abdominal muscle, running his hand over each furry mountain and valley. Leaning closer, George ran his tongue down the deep Adonis belt, something which had never existed before on John’s body. Your body looks so insane with all of this abdominal definition!! Every man is jealous of how muscular you are… calling you more beast than human.., but you don’t care… do you, Daddy?? More beast than human… That’s right… you know you’re the epitome of man. You’re a fuckin different evolution… … epitome of man... George had continued licking John’s Adonis belt and abs, nearly sticking his entire tongue in the crevice between the bricks of muscle. John’s mind was swirling. He knew he had to get out of this situation… find a doctor… see what was causing this to happen… but a stronger force was making him stay. He had always been an average Joe… barely getting by… but now… if he stayed… what could he become? His hand was forcing George’s head closer to his wall of abs to worship them better when another bolt of agonising pain shot through him. My balls!!! They feel like they’re on fuckin’ fire, George… giving off so much heat… George moved his hands down to John’s grapefruit sized balls and began to massage them. Fuck, John thought, his hands look tiny now compared to my balls!! It’s all that testosterone building up in your balls, Daddy. It needs to be released. John’s balls were actually pulsing now as they continued to swell, and it wasn’t long before his sack began to stretch, giving more room for serious growth. All that testosterone… shooting through your body like electricity… that’s how you got so massive… As John looked down to watch George begin to lick his giant ball sack, he soon became aware that the fat was evaporating from his legs, and that his quads were both beginning to swell. Before, his legs had been simply legs… actually too thin for the weight he had been carrying up top, but now they were both beginning to take on that muscular look that comes with year of serious lifting in the gym. Within a few minutes, both were so thick with muscle that he had to widen his stance in order not to crush his balls between them. I fuckin love your legs, Daddy. George had moved on from John’s balls and was now giving his legs the worshiping they deserved… what… no… yes… he did deserve this!! Look at his legs!!! Look what he was becoming!! Fuck, Daddy!! I can’t get enough of your legs!! Thicker than your own waist… and your calves… bigger than my quads!! You’re just so huge and powerful and all muscle!! John could now feel the sudden growth spreading to the rest of his body… growing to match the musculature of his legs!! ARGGGHH!!!!! John let out the loudest roar he had ever heard coming from a human man. He reached up and grabbed his neck, feeling it joining his legs, and exploding with muscle. Quickly his shoulders and deltoid muscles joined in, and began to expand, growing rounder and more dense. Your shoulders, Daddy!! So broad and thick!! I love watching you come into the pub, and you have to come in sideways since they’re wider than the width of the door! Wider than all doors!! Johns hands were traveling all over his body, massaging, caressing, and worshipping himself. Taking a moment to look down at George, he saw that he now had his own cock out and was slowly jerking off. You drive me crazy, Daddy!! You always have!! I can’t believe you’re here with me! I’m gonna cum right now just looking at you! No!! Not yet!! When John spoke, his voice was deeper, more commanding, and oozed sexuality. His hands kept returning to his cock and huge balls, enjoying the feel of his own body. Looking directly in George’s eyes, John wiped the head of his leaking cock with his fingers, and brought it to George’s eager face. With reverence, George smelled John’s fingers, and then licked them clean. You taste so fuckin good!!!! My body… getting so huge… so dense… Was his voice even deeper than a moment ago? It couldn’t possibly be, but John was sure that it was. His own thoughts were getting foggy now… wrapped up in his own musculature… his strength, and his masculinity. How long has this been going on, he wondered... and when will it end? How will it end?? John broke out of his own thoughts as George began to massage and squeeze his nipples. Looking down, he could see his man tits were being replaced by pecs… and just like the rest of him, his pecs began to swell. Oh yeah, boy… that’s it… No amount of silver hair could hide the musculature of John’s blossoming body. His pecs, easily classified as flabby ten minutes prior, than merely athletic five minutes ago, now pulsed their way into the epitome of power. Each pec grew so immense so quickly that John couldn’t see his own feet anymore. The crevice in between those mountains of manhood was so deep and so dark that it looked to go on forever. His nipples, grown large and virile, feeling the weight of being attached to such mass, were forced to point down toward his abs. John panted in delight as George tried to worship more and more of his body as his muscles continued to grow. With the birth of his colossal chest, his arms proceeded to become engorged with muscle as well. John’s biceps and triceps ballooned until they were nearly as large as George’s own head... and still they grew. His forearms became as thick as his calves had once been, and as he flexed his upper arm, George began to run his tongue up and down the peaks. Enamoured by his own growth, John could only whimper as the growth of his lats forced his arms further and further from his side. Although his waist was thick with muscle from his abs, his upper torso proceeded to widen until John had an indefinable wasp waist! As every muscle in his entire body continued to swell with more and more growth, thick hose-like veins began to erupt over every inch of his body. Veins traveling down his abs, wove their way over his pubis, and down into his penis. John could barely speak as his cock proceeded to thicken, being engorged further and further with blood. George did his best to grab onto it and stroke it, but the thickness proved to be a challenge for his average sized hands. No sooner had it become thicker than a pint glass when it began to lengthen, a flesh anaconda replacing the less than average penis he had once had. Using both hands, George proceeded to stroke John’s growing cock, gaining speed and fervour, John’s deep moans bellowing throughout the park. John shook his head, growth controlling every inch of his body, and he watched as his baseball cap fell to the ground… and was shocked when long grey hair fell onto his shoulders and into his face. Having been nearly bald since he was 24, John nearly came just seeing the thick silver tendrils cascading onto his wide shoulders! With a grin he looked down at George licking the length and width of his cock. Look at it, Boy!! It’s longer and thicker than your arm!!! Try and put your mouth around the head... Excited by the challenge, George placed one hand and then another on John’s penis, feeling it pulsate and breathe beneath his hands. Through the veins, George could feel the gallons of blood being pumped in and out to keep it as rigidly hard as it was. Your cock, Daddy!! I’ve never felt anything like this before… its so hard yet feels so smooth… it practically feels alive… Even with both hands I cant encircle it!! Fuck!! Even the veins that crisscross the entire length ate thicker than My own fingers. Suck me!! As George tried to put his mouth around the head of John’s incredible cock, it swelled even larger. You’re too big for me, Daddy!! How do you deal with it… being too big for almost every guy when you need to be satisfied all the time? You find ways, Boy… and sometimes they just need a little firm encouragement. Now lick my cock! George did as he was instructed, running his tongue over every inch of the head and shaft. John placed his hands behind George’s head so he could manipulate him wherever he wanted his tongue to go. With his tongue, he began to work the sensitive area right under the glans. John breathed in and out, his cock proceeding to leak even more, and his muscles began to grow even further. Pre was leaking all over George's face as John moved his head so that he was face to face with his massive cock head. Open up wide and relax. I don’t think I can, Daddy. Listen to me and do it!! Wanting to please, George opened his mouth as far as it would go, and using John’s pre as lube, forced the massive head into his mouth. Oh yeah. That’s it. Suck on the head of my cock!! That’s it!! Now take it in further. Soon John was getting off on the gagging noises coming from George, and felt his cock grow bigger in his mouth. Look at me… bursting with... with... all of this muscle... and power!! My body covered in hair... reeking of sweat and testosterone. My balls... my balls... don’t stop, Boy... I... I... Fuck... I’m... Fuck.... As John was forcing George to go deeper on his cock, he began to hear a cracking sound coming from his own body. Focused on fucking George’s mouth, he didn’t pay it much heed till it proceeded to get louder and louder. ... I’m fuckin growing, Boy!! My whole body getting taller!! My fingers getting longer... my hands swelling… John watched as the hand on the back of George’s head got longer and thicker, covering more and more space each second. Attempting to look down past his pecs, and realised that his own feet must have doubled in size and were continuing to grow. ... growth so strong... every part of me getting bigger... taller... thicker... stronger... Within a few minutes George could no longer kneel and had to stand to reach John’s cock. Looking up, he saw the behemoth in ecstasy as he stretched taller and wider and gained more and more muscle mass. Almost too much... so much growth... getting so tall... muscles expanding... need it to stop... becoming a freak… NO!!! I don’t want it to stop... so massive... George hardly comes up to my abs now... how much do I weigh... can’t see below my pecs anymore… so much power... I’m gonna cum... oh fuck... of fuck... OH FUCK!!!!!! John screamed at the top of his lungs as his colossal penis began to ejaculate. As his cock spasmed, the pressure sent George flying to the ground, and proceeded to erupt everywhere. Lost in the throws of his intense orgasm, John allowed it to shoot all over the park, and all over George. I always called you Goliath behind your back…simply so massive... your shoulders so broad… your torso like a marble sculpture… your arms and legs so thick… standing in front of me at the pub… nearly as tall as the ceiling!!! What else can the Biblical giant have on you?? You are superior to every man… and always will be!! Superior to every man… That’s right… Vince told me… about you… What did he say? He told me that’s exactly what you are… superior to every man… and you keep getting more and more superior… taking what you want from those less than you… adding it to yourself… John looked down at George, covered in gallons of his own spunk. He was superior to every man in every way… and always would be!! Vince shouldn’t have said anything to you about my predicament… I love it, Daddy. I want to help!! I want to find men to bring to you… have you take from them what you need… You never should have stopped. You need to continue growing… becoming the God you deserve to be! You want to help me, boy? Yes!!! Please!! Come to me. George stood up, his head only coming to the middle of John’s chest. I’m superior to you in every way… aren’t I, Boy... Yes. Except one. Do you know how old I am? No, Daddy. I’m 61. How old are you? 22. In youth… you are far superior to me. John looked down at George… his immense cock starting to get hard again. Yes!! To be 39 again!! All he could do with his life if he had that time back again!! I want your youth, George. What? Give me your youth, and in exchange… you will alwas be a part of me. Always be a part of him… always and forever with John? A way to give to him… make him even more superior than he was right now? There was no doubt that it had to be done! George looked up at John and suddenly began to feel as if every aspect of himself was orgasaming at the same time. Within seconds, every atom that had ever made up George burst apart, and was breathed in by John. FUCK!!!!!!! John’s entire body want through another series of growth and alterations as he ingested George’s youth. Several hundred pounds more of muscle grew all over his body, and his hair went from pure silver to black with highlights of silver. Wrinkles that had covered areas on his face were now gone as his body turned back the clock 22 years. Yes, John thought, admiring his own size, beauty, and youth. I never should have stopped. Why had I? George was right. I deserve to be a God. That was why I was given this gift. I am superior to every person on this planet… and its time I took my place. Turning, the massive man began walking away from the lake, the music still blaring from Geroge’s phone. *** Quinn’s heart was racing as he read the final line. Another monster… that is what he had done… he had created another monster!! John was out there now, and who knew who he was going to ingest next in his quest to become the most superior being on the planet. No. This has to stop now! Quickly, Quinn walked over to the desk, unlocked it, and took out the ring. All I need to do is wish that the app had never existed… and this will be over. Yeah. I’ll just wish it away and that everything was back to normal. Starting to slip the ring onto his finger, he was suddenly engulfed in ropes of rubber... the ring falling to the floor. Being whipped around, he saw that Jacob now stood in the room with another man, and a creature made entirely of rubber that now had him tied up with its own arms. Fuck, Jacob!! What have you become? You’re emancipator, Quinn. I’m here to set you free. I’m here to set every man free… The ring floated up from the floor and placed itself in Jacob’s hand. But first… Oli here has a wish he needs to make... To Be Continued...
  2. Another chapter is coming soon. Just finishing out the kinks and will be posting soon. I’m so glad you’re enjoying it! Quinn
  3. Hey there!!! Here you go... Part Three. Hope you enjoy it. This pretty much came out of my friends and I talking about living a life completely as your kink or your fetish. I have total respect for them... and hope I can do that one day soon!! Once again, let me know what you think!!! -Quinn Think It... A Writer's Tool Part Three: Chapter Three Jacob lay in the sling trying to control his breathing. Ten minutes had passed, and the formula was coursing through his veins… he could feel the fire burning within him so much stronger than before. Every vein in his cock and those leading into it had grown into much fatter hoses, and through the thin skin, the pumping of his heart was visible as each vein surged with life. Two naked men were constantly stroking and massaging his cock… waiting for whatever was to come next to happen. The two others, the shop-owner and his assistant, the two who had injected the formula that would forever change him, they were watching from across the room, the twink one hard and stroking himself, his trousers thrown across the room, the older one, hard but concerned, every once in a while rubbing his hard cock through his trouser fabric. Jacob had promised them all something miraculous was going to happen, and they knew he wouldn’t lie to them. He was on the verge… he felt it… but it still hadn’t fully manifested itself. The smell of Jacobs musk had continually grown stronger in the basement until that was all any of the men could smell. Even when one of them had opened up a vial of poppers, Jacob’s musk completely overpowered the pungent smell within as if it hadn’t ever existed. All the air smelled of Jacob now… and it was beginning to get harder to think… eachl of the men were falling into their basest nature… their drive for sex and sex alone. What is he doing to himself, Oli, the owner of the store above, wondered. Ever since this naked man with the colossal penis had walked into his shop, followed close behind by his so called worshipers,Oli’s entire world had been turned upside down. Jacob had insisted that he had bought a penis growth formula from Oli that very afternoon… and at first Oli had argued that no such item existed except in fantasies… when suddenly a fog seemed to clear in his head, and he remembered everything. He remembered the Man in Black… what was his name… Deacon… Dennis… Declan... coming to his store with the box… he remembered, against his better nature, trying some of it out on himself and his cock growing to over 12” long. He remembered giving the man £5,000 pounds for the box of fifteen syringes… and he remembered the man disappearing into the night. How could he have forgotten such events?? Looking down, he had the evidence shoved painfully in his own trousers. His cock was over 12” long and 7” thick now! It hadn’t been that size two days prior, and his boyfriend was still dealing with the ass ripping he had gotten the night before. Oli has actually planned to leave early. That’s why he had called Cavin in, to take over so he could go home. Well, he said he was going home… he really was going to go to the spa in Vauxhall to fill as many assholes as he could. He really wanted to go home… but this cock wouldn’t let him!! He had to practically use it all the time!! His poor boyfriend couldn’t take more goes after this morning, so it would have to be other guys. this wasn’t cheating… he was sure his boyfriend would thank him for it!! Jacob has been first person Oli had told about the growth formula when the American had entered his store late yesterday afternoon. It was odd… he had been busy all day… but no one else had seemed worthy...and when he returned the next day with his God-Cock… and his 15 followers… Oli knew he had to give him whatever he needed. When Jacob had asked for more of the injections, he had wanted to refuse… but his curiosity had gotten the better of him… as well as the money the blonde one had shoved at him. He had handed them the injections and told them to leave… but Jacob has insisted that he needed the injection that very moment. He had refused all but two of the followers, he had no clue of their names, but simply thought of them as Fatty and Microcock, down into the stockroom/basement/playroom of the shop, but now the American was panting in his sling, his cock leaking like a faucet all over the floor. Not… enough. This was the first time Jacob had spoken since his most recent injections, and his voice had a deeper growl to it than it had 45 min prior. His cock may not have grown more, Oli thought, but something’s happening… that’s for sure. Jacobs voice was close to the sexiest thing he had ever heard, and it caused his own 12” horse cock to get even harder than it was. More… There isn’t any more… Don’t lie to me!!! The growl was deeper this time and caused everyone in the room to simultaneously orgasm. When the intense wave was over, Jacob spoke again. Get me the rest… I don’t… I need the rest… I’ll get them, Sir. Oli looked over at Caven who worked for him… cum still leaking from his cock. Jacob looked at both of them and smiled. Good boy… get them for me now!! Caven ran upstairs as quick as he could and returned with the box holding the nine remaining syringes. This is getting out of control, Oli thought… but as the smell of Jacobs musk got even thicker… he found that it was becoming more difficult to not obey. Now… inject them all into me… and no matter what happens… don’t stop!! Yes, Sir. With quick hands, Caven began injecting the formula into Jacobs quads. By the fourth one, the smell coming from Jacob had thickened the air so much it was like a fog. Jacob himself had his eyes closed and appeared to be lost in his own world, writhing and moaning. After the sixth injection, Jacobs cock began to pulse with life. It was no longer just the veins beating to his heartbeat… no… it was the entire thing… the whole thing was pulsing with life!! . It was after the seventh injection that Jacob grabbed onto the chains attaching to the ceiling and screamed. The scream was so deep yet so loud that it was felt deep inside of every man in the room… and every man for a half mile. No matter what they were doing…. no matter what they were engaged In, all men within a half mile radius began to suddenly get overwhelmingly horny, get hard, and begin to cum uncontrollably without even touching themselves. Many men felt self-conscious, but others didn’t care, excited to have experienced such a mind altering orgasm. Oli, on the other hand, was sweating and nervous watching the body of the man in his sling going through such agony… and he began to try and think clearly in his clouded head. Should whatever was going to happen, happen?? Were they not playing with something none of them understood? After the sixth injection, Caven had held off injecting any more, and had simply watched as the man screamed, panted, and his cock, if it was possible, get larger… much longer and thicker. After another 10 minutes, Jacob looked at Cavan and said in his rumbling bass: My cock! What? The last three… inject them right into my cock!! Are… are you sure?! Just do it!!! Cavan took the top off of the first, took aim, and injected right in the middle of the mammoth cock. Seconds after, Jacobs cock began dripping torrents of pre-cum, the God-Cock pulsing and dwelling larger… Jacob moaning and in a fit of what seemed like unbridaled orgasm. … next…. one…. Cavan complied… yet found it more difficult to inject the needle this time than the last. It was as if the skin of the man’s cock was getting thicker… almost impenetrable. Using all of his strength, he was finally able to get the needle slightly in, and inject all of the formula. Just after Cavan had removed the empty syringe, he could see the man’s cock head thicken, and numerous more thick veins rose up to feed it. What am I doing, Cavan thought, but he knew he had to obey. He knew he had no choice. It’s time, Cavan. Time to inject the last one… I will never forget what you’ve done… and you will be the first to receive my blessing. Men… in a few moments… I will evolve past what you see here… You mustn’t be afraid… for when the time comes… you will all join me! I will free you!! The two men below Jacob both got hard hearing his words and began to both lick and stroke his growing cock. I can feel my evolution is starting… even I don’t know what I will become… but we can not… can not… Jacob began to have a coughing fit… moving his hand to his throat. In a horse whisper he spoke again. Don’t be afraid of what… of what you fantasise… Jacob fell into a coughing fit again, and threw his head back onto the sling. Coughing… sounding as if he was having difficulty breathing, Jacob lifted his head and looked into Oli’s eyes. Jacob opened his mouth to speak, but nothing came out. He opened his mouth further, and Oli could see him forcing it open wider still, then came the horrible cracking sound of Jacob’s mandibular bones fracturing and breaking, enabling him to expand his mouth much wider… like a snake. He looked again at Oli, his mouth hanging abnormally opened, and to Oli’s shock, where his tongue should be, a thick 13” soft penis shoved itself out of Jacob’s mouth. This new cock moved wildly around Jacob’s mouth like a tentacle, getting harder and thicker until it took up most of his mouth. Hard, the shaft was thick and veiny… the head full and meaty. Oli watched in shock as this mouth cock began to leak a hypnotic smelling liquid that caught everyone in the room in its control. Unable to speak, Jacob spoke to his apostles through thought. Do it, Cavan!! Inject the last syringe. Like a harpoon, Cavan took aim and injected the massive mouth cock. Within a moment all of the formula was within Jacob. In their heads, they once again heard him: I am becoming… a creature of pure sex… Jacob stretched his right arm up into the air and flexed it. Reaching out toward Cavan, the young man was shocked to see each of Jacob’s fingers elongating… thickening… the fingernails peeling off, the ends thickening and a slit whipping open in each one… until each finger had become five massive penises. The head of each cock finger began to leak… and the smell was even stronger than before. I need to get out of here, Oli thought, and made his way to the doorway, but it swung shut and locked in front of him. Grabbing the door handle, Oli tried to get it to open, but it was in vain. Behind him he could see Jacob lift his left hand… stretch it out… and as before, five cock-fingers grew. Fatty and Microcock each took a hand and began to fondle, lick, and suck each of the cocks where Jacob’s digits had once been. Oli, terrified of what was happening, was still intrigued, and couldn’t take his eyes off of the writhing figure in the sling. The cock shooting out of his mouth was longer and thicker than it had been moments before, and he watched as Cavin began to deepthroat the newly emerged mass of meat. Jacob’s original massive cock had begun leaking even more, until it was pouring onto the floor like a broken pipe. A deep rumbling sound could also be heard coming from this area, then an agonising tearing sound, as this colossal column began to start growing again. As much as he tried to resist it, Oli soon found himself ripping his clothes off and standing naked front of the growing monolith, licking the shaft with as much fervor as the other men, and getting covered in the pre. All they wanted to do was worship this evolving creature forever. As they sucked, licked, and stroked, they once again began to hear Jacob’s voice in their heads: All my life… my private kink has been cock worship… finding men with the largest… thickest… most potent smelling cocks… and giving them the veneration they deserved. Now I find myself becoming my own fantasy… my whole body transforming into what I worshiped!!! In the time that Oli was basking in the glory of this magnificent cock, he noticed that, to the right of him, there was another massive cock!!! Where once Jacob’s left leg had been was now the most beautiful thick cock!! Looking to the left, Oli watched as Jacob’s other leg plumped up more, his toes quickly disappearing, his foot extending and thickening to become a bulbous head, and within moments, another magnificent cock. Oli and the other three didn’t know where to look or which phallus to worship next… so they were trying to move around and give them all attention… they had no choice… in their heads, they could hear Jacob’s voice in total ecstasy over what they were doing and what he was becoming: Such exultation to exist as my fetish… and this is only the start of my evolution… believe me… To exist in a realm of constant stimulation… you have never felt anything like it… but my children… you will… I have come to free you all!!! Soon you will exist like me… Oli looked up at the creature in the sling… so beautiful… so full of sexual life… his own 12” cock had never been this hard in a long time… and even if he didn’t want this to end… everyone had to have balance in their life… didn’t they… but what did he mean? Soon they will exist like him? Who will be the first to join me? Jacob’s head took in all around him, and finally stopped on Cavin. Let me free you, Cavin. Drink from me. A new scent began to permeate the air… like honey… mixed with sex… mixed with lust… mixed with electricity. Cavin moved closer to Jacob’s mouth cock and took in the smell… thoughts of his own lusts and desires filling his head. Yes!!! Now drink!!! A thick amber liquid began to flow from Jacob’s mouth cock piss-slit. Cavin felt the aroma fill his nose and then his whole body. Looking at all of the other men in the room, he smiled, leaned over, and licked the flowing liquid. In a moment he was on Jacob’s cock and drinking like a man who hadn’t had a drop of water in 5 years. Yes!!!! Drink!!! Soon you will be free!!! Cavin drank more and more, feeling the room spinning around him. Suddenly, feeling more bloated than after eating a large Sunday roast, he pulled away. The liquid had leaked down his chin and onto his chest. With his fingers, he lifted it up and looked at it. Oli watched as his friend became fascinated by the liquid coating his hand… the thickening consistency… the darkening colour. Putting both hands together, Jacob pulled, and found the liquid was becoming more like taffy now… and getting darker… and starting to move on his own. Jacob looked at his hand and saw the liquid finally turned to a jet black… and began the slow crawl up his hand… leaving a rubbery coating behind. Quickly it had covered his hand and was moving up to his forearm. Cavin looked up at Oli and grinned. It's alive!!! As Cavan moved his hands, admiring the flow of the liquid, Oli began to notice somehow the substance appeared to have made Cavans hands look much longer and thicker… somehow more full and masculine. The sound of him opening and closing his hand was pure eroticism to Cavan, and he couldn’t get enough of it. Oli looked again at Cavan’s hands as he moved them. No… they didn’t just look larger… they were larger! Smelling his hands, Cavan looked at Oli with a grin. It’s rubber!! I’d recognize that smell anywhere!!! Getting my own living rubber suit… like fuckin Venom!!! Feels like a second skin!! I can’t explain it… my skin… whatever touching… tingling all over!!! Cavin cried out… lusting after his latex covered hands… watching as the liquid it flowed over his hands and onto forearms like mercury, leaving them more muscular than they ever had been before! Rubbing his hands together… Cavin was surprised that despite the sensation of doing it… and knowing he was doing it… he suddenly felt… nothing!! It was as if every nerve ending in his hands had died. Shaking with excitement and fear, Cavin moved his right hand to the pointer finger of his left… pulled it… and stretched it… all the way till it lay completely on the back of his hand. The bone in my finger should have broken… Releasing it, his digit bounced right back into position!! Becoming more desperate, Cavin moved to the concrete wall and hit his fist against it as hard as he could, but it rebounded off of the compressed foundation just as a rubber mallet would. Over and over he did this, harder and harder, motions that would have shattered an ordinary man’s hand, left him sweating, but unharmed. The same couldn’t be said for the wall, for where he had pounded, it was now chipped and broken. Looking over at the three men, he saw that they were simply staring at him, watching every moment, their own cocks hard and leaking… scared and excited by what was happening to him. Cavin pulled at his hands… and watched as each digit stretched further and further, longer than any human hands could be able to stretch, and when let go, snapped back into position with a loud slapping noise. It’s not a second skin, Oli thought. Rubber, That was Cavin’s fetish… and that was what he was becoming. He was becoming like a fuckin Stretch Armstrong toy!!! Panicking, Cavin tried to peel off the black coating, then attempted to to rub it off, but nothing would help. Nothing would stop the thick black liquids progression up his arm!! Continuing its unstoppable path, the tar-like substance soon began to cover his upper arms. As it moved over them, Cavin couldn't suppress a moan from escaping his lips. Under the thick coating, his slight upper arm muscles had begun to grow, until he had a firm mound of both bicep and triceps where once there had been next to nothing. In awe of his new muscular arms, Cavin flexed them and watched as the rubber peak swelled and grew even larger. I can really feel it now… I’m changing… my whole physiology is changing… every part of me… every living part of me… altering… changing… completely made of rubber… Creeping down his chest, the liquid flowed over his pecs causing them to swell and blossom rounder and firmer. Cavin’s eyes rolled back in his head as he felt the erotic sensation of living flesh turned to rubber, and rubber thickened to become throbbing muscle. Stretched his neck to try and see beyond the two black rubber globes that had now taken up residency on his chest, and watched as they filled out even further. Even his nipples grew bigger as his newborn pecs grew until his upper chest looked like Cavin was wearing a formidable muscular rubber breastplate. As Cavin now began to welcome the changes occurring to him, even pray for them, the liquid started to flow even faster over his back and stomach. Left behind in its wake were widened shoulders, an extremely flared back and lays, and a mountain range of abs. As his abs grew larger and the crevice between them grew deeper, his waist began to tighten even further until it was less than 29” Moving down over his crotch, the liquid disintegrated Cavin’s pubic hair, and left behind a smooth black rubber mound in its place. Cavin’s cock had hardened o cue he relished what he was becoming, but as the liquid engulfed his penis, it also began to grow… longer and thicker… veiny… the head doubling and then tripling in size until once it was completely covered and transformed, Cavin was sporting a 15” rubber dildo. Not ignoring his testicles, the liquid coated them, causing each ball to swell… his sack now resting large and tight on his body. Stroking his own massive rubber penis, feeling its new weight, its length, and its thickness, Cavin grinned at the other men. Yeah, he thought. Finally I’m what I was meant to be!!! The liquid quickly flowed down over Cavin’s ass tightening and enlarging his glutes. Feeling it enter his ass, Cavin moaned again and bent over as he felt it transforming his colin into a ribbed rubber hole to be used. Putting his own finger up his hole, feeling the texture, he was surprised by how tight and inviting it felt. Cavin gave another moan as his asshole began to excrete its own lubrication!!! Riding down his legs, the liquid caused his quads to thicken, showing each sinew and striation etched in rubber. His legs lengthened also lengthened slightly as they grew in width. Finding it harder to stand with such thicker quads, Cavin looked the best he could over his pecs and watched the liquid roll down over his calves, thickening them both, and then quickly covering his feet, which both also became larger and thickened. Before the three men, Cavin stood… his entire body made completely of rubber… rubberised muscle. Oli walked over to him, looking up slightly for the first time, and touched his chest, feeling the new thickness, smoothness, and the odd warmth emitting from Cavin’s new body. How… how do you feel? Amazing!!! I never imagined how good this would feel! Every piece of me… every cell… everything… rubber! I’m totally altered… I’ve been renewed!!! As he spoke, Cavin’s cock began to leak a new type of pre… more like synthetic lubricant then what a natural body would produce. It’s so funny… I’m breathing… but I don’t think I really need to anymore. I think I’m doing it just because I’m used to it. Ha!! I don’t even know if I have internal organs anymore. It’s like… I am my fetish! I want to try something… Cavin threw out his right arm like he was throwing a rugby ball, and all three of the men watched as his arm stretched across the room. It grabbed onto a piece of the wall on the other side, and then let go, retracting to exactly how it had been a few moments prior. Cavin grinned and looked at Oli. Fuck yeah!!!! The rubber that had settled below Cavin’s neck began to bubble slightly and start to move upward. Cavin turned to Jacob and smiled. Do it!! Finish it!! Oli watched as the liquid rose up over Cavin’s neck, thickening it, creating muscle where there had been none before, and then it moved onto his head. The liquid rubber was quicker now, and it flowed smoothly over his head, disintegrating every strand of the blond hair that grew on the top of his head, until he was completely bald. Riding up over his chin and onto his lips, the liquid entered his mouth, causing Cavin to cough and gag as it completely coated and transformed his teeth, tongue, and throat. Up over his nose it rose, and then up toward his eyes. Terrified in regard to what it was doing to his friend, Oli watched as it entered his eyes, turning them completely black. Cavin could still move then… still see, but they were simply black orbs. From the top of his head, it flowed down over his forehead until Cavin was completely covered in rubber… no… not covered… he was living rubber. Cavin moved around feeling the tightness of his body… the sensation he felt just existing in such a form. It gave him a sense of real power… of real freedom. Stroking his own cock. He grabbed it tightly and began to stretch it longer, molding it with his hands until it resembled one of the thick fist and arm dildos sold in the store. When he spoke, there was a thickness to his voice… a timber that came from rubberised vocal chords. With this body… with this form… I can do anything!!! Finally, I can live out in the open as my fetish!! Never will I hide in the shadows again. The world will accept me exactly the way that I am!!!! With this final statement, Cavin’s head began to change, morphing into an enlarged version of itself. Oli stared in complete shock as Cavin’s eyes grew larger and rounder on his face until they appeared to be two slightless orbs. Two steel buckles formed to the right and left of his forehead, digging savagely into his own rubber flesh. The same occurred on the sides of his face, and then on the bottom. The final movement of the transformation was his mouth; it widened significantly until it was an enormous O. His tongue, thickening more than his mouth could hold was forced to stick out… growing and sticking out, growing longer and filling the entire circumference of his mouth. Oli watched as the tongue grew longer until it formed itself into a rubber filter and rebreather for the rubber gas mask that was now his head. Moving his hands up to the gas mask that now took the place of his face, Cavin rejoyced. For the first time he felt whole… complete. A muffled, almost robotic voice came from the filter. Look at me!!!! Look what I’ve become!!!! My body is now stronger than most men… I’ll never break... or bruise… and I’ll never die!! I’m perfection!!!! Reforming his cock to what it had been, Cavin began stroking it faster… rubbing in his own synthetic lubricant until deep muffled cries of orgasm could be heard, and Cavin shot a massive load of liquid rubber onto the floor. You are indeed beautiful, Cavin. Perfection!! Beautiful!!! This had been the first time Jacob had spoken, and the men were surprised to see him standing near the door on two massively muscular legs. He still resembled the man that had walked into the shop several hours prior, but now he looked… what was the word Oli was looking for… improved…. fested… beautiful... His body had gone from having a tight muscular form to having a larger, bulkier and more rugged visage. He was taller than he had been before, and the look in his eye seemed more determined… insistent… not quite human. You’re correct, Oli… I’m no longer human. I exist as a being of pure sexual energy. I can transform myself at will to become anything that will bring sexaul satisfaction to myself and others. And now… like Cavin… you must join me. We must spread the message that the Earth is ours… and we shall create a new Eden in our image… in the image of hedonism. Who will drink from me next? Fatty and Microcock ran up to Jacob and tried to force themselves onto his cock. Forcing them both away from him with only his mind, he looked down at his massive cock, and watched as a powerful ripping noise came from within it, and with a strong suddenly it split right down the middle. Jacob let out a loud moan as if he were experiencing more pleasure then he ever had. Within moments, the two halves had completely healed themselves, and each half had became a massive cock of its own. Soon both were leaking the same amber pre that Cavin had drunk from before… the smell filling the air. No more fighting!! One for each!! Both men dove onto Jacob’s cocks and began to drink deeply. A few minutes later, the blonde fatter one moved away from Jacob, staggering for a moment, and fell onto the floor. Release yourself, Greg. No longer will you need to deal with the stress of being president of a large financial firm. Give in to living a simpler… freer life... Oli watched as the man’s genitals began to quickly shrink until they looked less than prepubescent. Any musculature that he once might have had faded away, and all of the hair on his body fell out until he only had a few curls on his head. Looking up at Oli, all cognitive thought seemed to evaporate from his eyes, and in a moment, he began to cry. Adult baby, Oli thought to himself. He now exists solely as an adult baby. It’s happening!!! Oli watched in awe as the other man proceeded to get both taller and larger, his musculature blowing totally out of proportion. Within seconds, two massive pecs formed on his chest, complete with two enlarged areolas and thick nipples. The thick dark hair covered his chest and part of his back began to quickly fall out, leaving him with the smoothest, most perfect skin Oli had ever seen. Now over 6’6”, his abs began to develop into thick peaks and valleys, his midsection tapered in, yet maintained a thickened and proportionately broad waist. His large solid hands ran themselves down over his pecs, stopping long enough to give each nipple a hard squeeze which caused him to audibly gasp. As his hands traveled down further, the man’s biceps began to double and then triple in size. Joining in, his legs and neck began to develop into hefty pilings, while his face was also changing, becoming chiseled with a strong square jawline and angular cheekbones. His entire body thickened with muscle, yet he wasn’t gaining that bodybuilder look. No… he was simply becoming large and imposing. Any trace of a five o’clock shadow evaporated as the skin on his cheeks and mouth became as smooth as his chest. Then there came the itch on his top lip as spiky dark hairs began to erupt. Oli felt like he was watching stop-motion footage, as his moustache filled in so thick and dark brown, so quickly, drooping down slightly on the side of his mouth. The final touch was the sudden eruption of his cock. The pencil thin, nearly non existent penis he once had sported began to balloon thicker, highways of thick veins emerging to further feed its growth. Watching this guys almost nonexistent penis start to grow had Jacob’s cocks leaking once again, and had Cavan stroking his own. It became too much for MicroCock who leaned against the wall, closed his eyes, and began moaning loudly his tube of flesh became thicker. Soon his cock went from a pencil, to as wide as a shot glass, than a banana,, then a beer can, then a tv remote, then a pint mug!! Thicker and thicker it became, turning a dark red as it blossomed. Oli moves toward Microcock and tried to place both of his hands around it simply to feel exactly just how thick it was, and still it surged broader. Just when Oli was afraid the three inch behamith would explode, it proceeded to get progressively longer. Like a firehouse being unwound, the monster cock just burst in length from 3” to 11” in a matter of minutes. All of this growth was too much for… what could Oli call him now… Horse Hung… and he began to ejaculate all over the room. As he did… with each shot… the head of his cock grew more bulbous until it appeared like a grapefruit on the end of a bottle of wine. His cock was truly and ass ripper, and Oli wondered how many guys he’d be able to find to take it… but in his heart he knew there would be a cue!! It's not enough to simply look hyper masculine Caleb...no… to be a true Tom of Finland clone, you must have the mindset of one. Caleb’s hands flew to his head to his head, crying out as he experienced the worst brain freeze he had ever had. As his head cleared… his thoughts turned to sex… dominating a hot bottom, and breeding hole after hole after hole… his drive never satisfied. His cock never truly going soft, nor did his balls ever fully empty of their seed. His life was a constant hunt for more sexual conquests, controlling each one with his born superiority. This is what he lived for… he existed as nothing more than a sexual animal. Fuck yeah!!!! The voice from was now deep, loud, and commanding, oozing of sex. Fingering his dense moustache with his left hand, stroking his enormous cock with his right, Caleb grinned, closed his eyes, and eventually, letting out a long guttural and deep moan, shot his second load in five minutes all over the floor. This our world now, Oli… what do you think. Oli turned around and found Jacob standing right behind him… his massive cock one piece again, his eyes shining as he stared at Oli. Is it possible that he’s even more beautiful than before, Oli thought? Was his hair that shiny, or his pecs that full? Was he as tall as he was now? Jacob had to be one of the most beautiful men ever to have lived… but Oli knew no good could come from him. It’s time, Oli. For what? For me to free you. I saved you for last because I know you’ll be my favourite. I can’t. Oli moves toward the door, but his way was blocked by the adult baby, his mouth now transformed into a huge pacifier. Unfortunately, Oli… you have no choice. I was sent to free my people… and that is exactly what I intend to do. Oli watched Cavin walk closer to him, the sound of his mechanical breathing coming from his gas mask face. Staring directly at his friend, he tried to reason with his friend. Let me go, mate. You and me… we have history. Let me go. Caleb’s arms reached out and wrapped themselves several times around Oli. From inside the mask, Oli heard Caleb day: We all need to be freed, Oli. You’ll be happier when you’re free. Roughly, Caleb turned Oli until he was face to face with Jacob. Don’t do this… what my fetish really is… I’ve never told anyone… what I’ll become… you can’t. Jacob opened his mouth wide and the tongue cock began to slither its way toward Oli. As it got closer, all Oli could hear in his head was: I know… and that makes me so happy!!! What you’ll be once you’re free… the world won’t ever forget! It will be you that stands beside me as we bring our people back to Eden. The tongue cock got closer to Oli’s mouth and slowly began to leak its amber pre. Soon we’ll all be free… With a gasp, Quinn woke in his bed. He had gotten home after his ordeal with Vince, hid the ring, and feeling strangely exhausted, fell into a deep sleep. Fuck, he thought. I didn’t even call into work, and I had a shit load of meetings I was going to cancel!!! He sat up in bed and turned his bedside lamp on. Looking at his clock he was shocked to see it was 11:11 pm. He had slept all day!! It’s understandable, he thought as he walked to the kitchen to grab a glass of water. Despite being hungry, he’d go back to sleep, and wake up at 4 as usual, go to the gym, call in sick, and stay home plotting exactly what he was going to wish with the ring. The ring!!!! He ran to his desk, unlocked the top drawer, and saw it sitting in the space where he put all of his paper clips, etc. Picking it up, he looked at it, slipped it on, and realised as it glides over his thick hands and knuckles that it was a perfect fit. I could do it right now… make my wish. His cock in his briefs started to get hard. Look at what Vince became… I could do the same thing to myself… No! He needed to plot it out. Vince’s wish had gotten out of hand… he couldn’t allow that to happen to himself. Taking off the ring, he put it back in the drawer and locked it. Moving back to his bed, Quinn laid down and picked up his phone to see how many messages he had from pissed off work colleagues. As it registered his face, the first screen to pop up was for dddddd. Looking closely, reading what the screen said, Quinn’s heart began to beat faster... Wonderful!!! Your story is now published and out in the world to see. Having completed your third story, you have unlocked a host more more new options for you to use. Also, as a newly listed Bestselling Author with our readers, we have several new features coming your way to ensure your writing continues to flow to the great demand of your public!! Congratulations!! Third story??? How??? He opened his Activity option of the app and looked at My Contant. There it was… a third chapter!!! Had he written it while he was asleep? Did he talk in his sleep? Glancing quickly over the content, he turned off his phone and threw it to the other side of the bed. Fuck!!! He was hard as a rock and leaking… his first thought was to rub one out, but instead he got up and opened the window. There it was…. Jacob’s pheromones… his scent… his musk… it was now even stronger than ever. Fuck!!! What have I done? So... What is Oli's fetish? What should he become? Give me some answers and I'll choose the best one to write about!! Thanks!!!!!
  4. Thank you so much!! I love writing as much as I love working out... and really get excited when people enjoy what I write! Thanks for your kind words
  5. Hey there!!! Here is Chapter Two of The Vessel. This chapter is pretty long... but its a story that I've written quite a lot of already, so I wasn't sure exactly where to end this Chapter. This story goes back to my fascination with The Greek Gods... but even further back then they... back to The Primordial Gods. Hope you enjoy it!! Let me know what you think!!!! The Vessel Chapter Two - The Rising The ground shook as The Vessel lumbered through the forest, taking down everything in its wake. For the first hundred miles, The Vessel had attempted to be careful of the wildlife and growth around it, but as it walked, the enjoyment of bringing down everything in its path became far too pleasurable. Where was it walking too was the question that spiralled through its mind. The waters had given him so much knowledge… but his destination was being masked from him. As its balls grew heavier, The Vessel would have to stop and unload a torrent of seed, but once that was complete… it instinctually would start to move on again. It no longer needed rest, food, or sleep. He was immortal and indistructable. The power flowing through it was like nothing it had ever felt before. All its life, it had done everything in its power to be an Alpha Male, and now, through the waters, it had even surpassed that. The human portion of The Vessel named Christophe was amazed to see new life sprout wherever its seed fell. The forest that it knocked down, quickly rebuilt itself even thicker… tougher… nearly impenetrable… the bark and leaves resistant to nearly everything. From its seed, flora grew, and in minutes, reached maturity, spreading pollen for miles and miles, mutating and evolving the plant life it came in contact with. Slowly, the world was being reclaimed. The water… if it expressed any emotion was pleased… it was also concerned. A voice… a voice even older than the water was calling to it, changing The Vessel’s original course. As it walked, its 120 foot muscular frame proclaimed him the Alpha among men, yet his brain held onto its human past. The question of ‘What have I done?’ still circulated through its brain. Christophe was in love with his new size and musculature… yet his mind couldn’t help but turn to thoughts of deadlines that existed… fashion lines, houses, cars… possessions… items of a life long gone. He had given himself to the pool fully, and as a reward had been gifted with more power than any human had ever held before, but he could feel himself slipping away. He had believed his superiority could control the Water, but he was finding it more and more difficult. For hours on end… he would forget who he was… had been… and exist merely as what he was… The Vessel. The pool had promised power, but the price had been the loss of his free will. Christophe knew he had to find a way to keep control… The goal was to rule the globe… and he would… on his terms. To further stifle the humanity of its Vessel, the water would send out waves of pleasure, allowing it to bask in its own power. The Vessel would flex, roar, and spread its seed… losing himself in the process, and then, by instinct alone, The Vessel was forced to follow a path toward its destiny. Stopping to relieve himself of another load, Christophe could smell that he was getting closer to civilisation. He had yet to see another human since his transformation, and couldn’t wait to see them all scurrying and running. This was his world now. Flexing several muscle groups at once while fantasising of a world at his command, Christophe came for over twenty minutes. When it was satisfied, even if it was only for a short time, it was once again on his way. ******* The sun wouldn't be rising for another five hours, he thought, as Lawrence lay on the bank of Mar Chiquita. The water was still dripping off of him as he lay on the sand, knowing there was nothing he loved more than lying naked in the dark and in the throws of nature. If it had been sunlight rather then moonlight, Lawrence may not have felt as comfortable lying in the nude. He had arrived at university in fairly good shape for an eighteen year old, and even though he worked out on a semi regular basis, he had gained an extra thirty pounds that presented itself in his gut and ass. He had hoped to loose it on his travels, but the food he encountered on his journey was simply too good to pass up. He promised himself, once he was back in the US, it was going to be a strict regimen of diet and gym. Lying under the stars, Lawrence felt an overwhelming feeling of peace. This evening, he had been fast asleep dreaming of the local man who had fucked him the night prior, when he had woken up covered in sweat. The air was cool, but his skin was boiling. He simply couldn’t get thoughts of the lake out of his head. He had even dreamt of it!! It was too close and too refreshing to be denied, and although swimming was forbidden before sunrise, Lawrence pulled on a T-shirt and shorts, grabbed his towel, and after a forty-five minute walk, had dived in. The cold water had been a bit of a shock to his system, but the briskness made him feel more alive than ever. Taking a year off after completing a double major at Duke had been the best decision he had ever made. His father had disagreed vehemently about his decision, but his mother deposited thirty thousand dollars in his account… as a graduation present… and told him to have a good time. First he had backpacked through Europe, down to Greece, into Asia, up to what had once been the USSR, and then eventually caught a flight to South America. Now, here he was, in one of the most beautiful areas he had ever encountered. His year might be almost over, but he would never forget it. While in Buenos Aires he had met a man in a bar who had raved about the beauty of Mar Chiquita, and how Lawrence had to go see it and bathe in its waters, but his description had not done it justice. The lake was massive, over 700 square miles, the water was surprisingly salted, and Lawrence felt both invigorated and at ease as he lay on his back floating under the stars. This was the life, he thought. This was how life should be everyday!! Unfortunately, he had to be in New York City in two weeks for the start of his internship. No matter how much he wished it could, this life, unfortunately wouldn’t last forever. Now lying on the shore and drying in the night air, the world was at peace. As he closed his eyes and took in what could only be the musky smell of the natural habitat around him… the wind caressing his body… Lawrence began to get aroused. Well known among his close friends for his insanely high sex drive, his cock getting hard for no reason was not a surprise. What did surprise him was HOW hard he was getting. His horniness… his need and desperation to fuck and get fucked so badly had gone from zero to a million in one second. Pre began to leak from his circumcised penis, and before he could even bring his hand to the shaft to stroke it, he was cumming. Knowing no one was around, he did little to control the volume of his orgasmic outbursts, nor could he have. His cum shots hit him over and over in the face and chest until after twelve massive ejaculations, it eventually slowing down, leaving him with a leaking cock that rested just below his belly button. Fuck, he thought, that was intense!! His balls actually ached from such a massive release. Noting that his chest was covered in cum, and the towel he was lying on was the only one he had with him, Lawrence stood up and walked quickly into the water, cleaning the cum off of his body. As he bathed, the sound of rumbling could be heard in the distance. What Lawrence thought at first must be a thunderstorm, got louder and closer. As he swam toward shore, he could see the ground began to shake, and the trees beginning to tremble. What he thought could only be an earthquake got louder and stronger, causing birds by the dozens to fly up from the trees and into the air. As Lawrence reached the shore, wondering if he was safer in the water that had also suddenly gotten rougher around him, the tree line further down the shore ripped open, trees splintering and flying in all directions. Angrily, Lawrence quickly assumed it must be some corporation with massive bulldozers cutting down the rainforest. These were the assholes he was going to fight when he returned to the US. With his degrees in Environmental Studies and Biology, he was ready to stop the destruction that had been started long before he was born… even if it would be from behind a desk. Moving quickly to the shore, wanting to grab his phone and record the proof of what these companies were doing, he was shocked, stunned, and awed when the most gargantuan beast of a man ripped itself out of the trees and proceeded to stand on the shore… staring out to the water. The scent Lawrence has smelled on the air had gotten more potent when the giant had appeared, which only suggested that it was coming directly from him. Being downwind of the magnificent creature and his scent, Lawrence got painfully hard once again. Am I hard because of his scent, or that this creature… this man… was the fucking epitome of manhood!!! This was what man was striving to achieve hour after hour in the gym, but would never succeed!! Standing at least 100 feet high, the man had a musculature that Lawrence couldn’t ever have imagined, even in his wettest of dreams. He was simply massive in every way, that was the only way he could be described. His legs… they had to be thicker then trees, his biceps… fuck...Lawrence couldn’t even come up with what to compare them too, and his cock!!!! Fuck!!! When hard it must be as long as the beasts own arm!!! This man… could he really be called simply a man… had to weigh thousands of pounds of pure muscle, and that was most likely a low estimate! It was as if… somehow… the world had taken every bodybuilder and powerlifter known to man, smashed them all together… man after man… and created this God… and even that might be too small!! Enraptured by the size and musculature of the man… Lawrence began to stroke himself, just taking his magnificence in. From where he stood, Lawrence could hear and see the man’s massive balls actually churning with cum. That cock mixed with the hairy chest, beard, and long hair made Lawrence cum again for the second time in ten minutes. Trying not to make a sound while enduring another powerful orgasm, Lawrence shot into the lake. As it was slowing down… Lawrence watched as the beast began to walk toward the lake… was he going to bathe… sniffed the air… stopped… and then… grinned??? Could he know that I’m here? *** Far below… deep within the confines of its own watery grave… The Darkness completely awoke. The Water… a pest of a parasite, had brought The Vessel just as commanded… but there was a new arrival that interested The Darkness even more than the lumbering beast. Tasting the new arrivals seed… The Darkness saw deep into the human’s soul… and it loved what it saw. Fate had sent The Darkness the true Chosen One… and it would have him. *** The Vessel reached the edge of the water, and the water reached out to all of its sleeping brothers. Hoping to awaken them merely by being in such close proximity, the water felt only silence. Not desiring what had to be done, but knowing it had only one choice, the water willed The Vessel into the lake. Moving for a moment, The Vessel caught a smell in the air, and stopped. The pungent smell of cum woke Christophe up. Nearby… very nearby was a human male… a young human male… he was being watched and worshipped. Yes, he thought. This is how it was meant to be… men basking in his glory and cumming just from the sight of him. Christophe grinned and began to get hard thinking of being worshipped by every man on the planet… the world finally acknowledging his superiority. Letting out a roar, Christophe could see movement in his peripheral vision. The man was… so small… which finally brought into perspective how massive he had become. He probably never would have noticed him if it hadn’t been the strong scent of cum emitting from him. He could easily lie on my right pec and lick my nipple… imagine… hundreds of men on him… licking… massaging… stroking… Christophe let out another roar as he cock reached full erection, pre flowing from the tip and water flowing from his nipples. A rush of fire shot through Christophe’s entire body causing him to feel pain for the first time since he had been reborn. Over and over it happened until he was forced onto to his knees in agony… the man running for cover behind some rocks on the shore. In Christophe’s head, a chorus of thousands of voices began to speak for the first time… The purpose of The Vessel is to do our bidding. The Vessel must begin the release. I… must… have… Your needs are of no interest. Begin the release. Another shot of agonising pain was forced through every aspect of Christophe’s massive frame. Gritting his teeth, he screamed: I am The Alpha!! You are what we have created. You will do our bidding. The pain was turned up a notch… and then another… and then another until Christophe thought he would go insane. No one, he thought, has ever felt the kind of pain he was experiencing. Finding some strength within, Christophe stood and moved into the lake until it came up to his knees. As the pain began to recede, another feeling began to overwhelm him. Building up from what felt like the centre of his soul was the most orgasmic feeling. It kept building and building and building on itself until Christophe had no sense of anything. He was simply one enormous orgasm about to happen… and like he was being edged… it just kept growing. Lawrence could see the giant from his place hidden behind the rocks, but even more than seeing him… he could hear him! The sound coming from it was the deepest rumbling that sounded like he was in the throws of the most incredible sexual experience ever. The moans got louder and more uncontrollable until Lawrence watched the beast throw his head back… and explode!! What appeared like an explosion to Lawrence was the release of an orgasm as immense as the universe. As Christophe screamed out, water began to pour from every pore, joining with that or Mar Chiquita. His roar was deafening and could be heard for thirty miles. Lawrence watched in awe as the giant released thousands upon thousands of gallons of water. This bizarre orgasm lasted more than thirty minutes… and as the water was released from the beast… he began to shrink. Soon he was only standing about 10 feet tall. Christophe only experienced pure ecstacy. Never would he be able to explain to another soul what he went through that night. All he knew was that his mind had exploded into thousands of pieces and then there was silence… and then he collapsed. Lawrence watched the massive man pass out in the water and feared for its life. It appeared unconscious, so Lawrence did what he hoped any good person would do, at least he hoped it was him being good and not in lust with the giant, he dived in and went to rescue the beast. Finding him hadn’t been difficult since even though he had lost most of his size, the beast was still at least ten feet tall. Grabbing onto the massive chest, Lawrence did his best to swim with it to the beach. As he pulled the beast, he prayed it would wake up so it could swim by its own power to shore. His arm barely fit over the extra wide chest. The best Lawrence could do was flip him over onto his back, and pull the beast as one would a boat. As the got closer to land, Christophe began to become aware of his surroundings. With one swift motion he grabbed the man under his right arm, and carried him to shore. The man weighed next to nothing… or rather… Christophe was still unbelievably strong even though he had shrunk somewhat down in size. He was still massive and had to weigh over two thousand pounds of muscle… but maybe this was for the best!! Depositing the wet man on the beach, Christophe towered over him. Are you alright? The beast speaks English, was the first thing to come to Lawrence’s mind. Then he became aware of his cock getting hard nearly from the sound of its voice. His voice, Lawrence thought, so deep, so masculine… that must be what a god sounds like. I’m fine. Thanks… You? Great. Relieved. The beast sat down on the beach. My god, Lawrence thought, soft his cock is as long as my arm… and just as thick!! What was all… that? Does it matter? It’s over… that’s all I can say. Nice cock. Lawrence tried to cover himself, but the massive paw of the beast pulled it away. Don’t. Let me look at it. Lawrence looked at the man and realised exactly what was happening… he was asleep and this was simply a dream. That was the only possible answer… wasn’t it? Lawrence moved his hand away from his cock and in a moment, faster than he thought the giant man could move, he had engulfed it in his right hand. I’m the largest… strongest… and most muscular thing on this Earth… but from the moment I smelled you… I knew I had to fuck you… over and over and over again…. I never want to stop… I never have to stop… With his one hand, Christophe lifted Lawrence slightly into the air and lay him on his back. Leaning over him, column like arms caging Lawrence in on both sides… Christophe leaned down and started to kiss him. The passion that Lawrence felt as the giants lips met his was overwhelming, but as soon as the giant parted his tongue with his lips, Lawrence was in heaven. For what seemed like hours but was merely minutes, the two were locked together by their mutual lusts. As Lawrence began to feel cum about to shot from his cock, he tried to push the giant away, but it was like an ant trying to move a building… he probably didn’t even feel Lawrence’s hands on his chest. Christophe’s cock began to get hard, and he found he had to shift his position to allow room for it to grow. Since his transformation, he had a one track mind when it came to sex, and that hadn’t gone away. He knew, if he wanted to, he could fuck for years on end and not get tired… or be completely satisfied. His hunger was too great. Next to both Lawrence and Christophe lay, the water began to move as if by phantom hands. As the heat emanating off of both began to rise, the water itself began to become agitated and begin to bubble. Throughout the whole lake, all fifty miles wide and fifty miles deep… the water began to stir for the first time in eons… and it was not pleased. He could smell that the human was close to cumming… so to prolong the moment, Christophe stopped kissing him and pulled away. Lifting his hardening cock, he let it drop onto the humans stomach, completely overshadowing his own. My cock has to be 19” long now and thick as his arm. Just thinking that caused Christophe’s cock to swell even larger. Watching his cock head flare even thicker and then start leaking pre all over the guy. Fuck me now! Christophe grinned. Unfortunately, I think you’re too small for me. All humanity is now too small for me!! Just force it in!! I don’t care!! Rip me open!! Fuck me to death… Just do it!! That’s how I would want to die!! Christophe grinned. I truly am a god now!! Moving his pointer finger to his cock head, he lubed it up with his own pre, began to run the humans tight hole with it, and then shoved it it. The human cried out in ecstasy as he was filled with a finger bigger than any cock he had ever had. Don’t Stop!!! Please don’t ever stop!!! Skilfully massaging the human’s prostate, all Christophe could think of was the power he now possessed over every man… and the strength that was at his disposal. What the pool had given him… what he had been before was power incarnate, and was intoxicating, but came with too steep a price. Starting to fuck the human with his finger, Christophe couldn’t help but puff his chest up as he realised all that he now was. Now that I’m free… when you return to civilisation with me… I will take up my rightful position as the people’s God… and you will be my first apostle. Yes!!! Yes!!! Anything for you!!! All mankind will do whatever I want now. No one can or will be able to stop me! Close to cumming, Lawrence only heard the first vine wrap itself around the beast’s chest and throw the beast off of him. Opening his eyes, Lawrence’s watched vine after vine slither across the beach from the trees and snake their way around the beasts arms, legs, and cock… tighten themselves… and make it impossible for him to move. Lawrence moved to stand and run, but a thick vine flew itself at him… and in a moment he was hogtied on the beach. Christophe, totally taken off guard tried to fight his way free, but even with his superior strength, he couldn’t move one of the vines… they were strong as iron… one of the children born of his seed. As he struggled, thousands of voices spoke out in his head: Did you truly think that we would ever set you free… after all we have given?? The vines wrapped tighter around Christophe… and when he tried to speak, his face was covered. If we would… we would eliminate you… but we are the givers of life… not death. Your punishment will be too live forever… never finding peace… never finding comfort… never finding release… forced to watch as every human is destroyed… and still live on… forever!!! As Christophe heard the words echoing in his head… the water began to pool around Lawrence… and with hundreds of fingers began to massage him… in the silence… Lawrence heard the voices for the first time. You have been chosen… over every man on this Earth… to be our new Vessel. Please!!! Let me go!!! We have existed since the start of creation. We had been a part of the Earth as it cooled, and through the clouds and rain deposited our seed far and wide. What you would call nature… what we call children...erupted wherever it fell. The Earth was a green paradise, and existence was in harmony. Like a movie playing in his head, Lawrence began to see the Earth through the water’s eyes… and it was so beautiful he started to cry. Christophe cried out to Lawrence to fight… but the vines pulled themselves tighter. Then the evolution of man began. As they crawled from the water to tend the Earth, we were happy that our paradise now had Keepers. With this knowledge… and with the world in harmony… we began to sleep… our purpose was complete. As the vines began to loosen around Lawrence, hands created from water began to caress him… began to hold him… it felt like he was back in the womb. Then… one pool awoke… hearing the cries of the forest around it. Acres were being destroyed to make more room for man!! What had once been evolved to be Keepers had turned to Destroyers!! In the North, the ice was melting!! All over the globe temperatures were rising, and storms had erupted. The Earth has fallen out of harmony. We tried to reach out to the rest of the water that covered the Earth… but we were only one pool… we were too weak… and there was only silence. Around us, all we heard were the death cries of our children!! What could we do? How could we make man understand?? Yes!! I agree! Man is destroying everything! It needs to stop. We knew you would understand!! We knew you felt for our children… we sensed it when you touched the water. The water began to swell around Lawrence, but he felt no danger… he felt… home… Using what slight power we had, a new Keeper had been called. Induced with power, his task was to use the water to create an army to restore harmony. With their youth reinvigorated, the selected humans would fight to protect our world. They would save us!! Unfortunately, that plan had been too slow and the selfishness of the humans had not been expected. They used their new youth to claim more wealth, use more resources, and destroy even faster!! A new warrior had been needed, but he has proved himself even more corrupt than the others. He has no compassion for the world around him!!! He cares nothing for this Earth!! All he desires is control!! Lawrence opened his eyes and looked at the beast and saw him as the water saw him… corrupt… He lied to us!! We called to him for help… we gave all we could to make him the device to save our world… save us all… and he was simply doing it to fulfill his own end!!! Now… we look to you. You will help us. You MUST help us!! The echo of the waters words rang over and over through Laurence’s head. Ever since he had been young, his passion had been to fight for the Earth. His parents and friends laughed when he would carry a reusable water bottle with him, or refuse to use a plastic bag or straw… but he knew in a small way he was helping. Help us... He knew he was making a difference… or was he really? Now he had placed all of his desire for change into this internship for an agricultural lobbies working to stop climate change… but really… what difference would he be making behind a computer screen and getting signatures on a petition? The world was already fucked... Yes… … and perhaps it was only through brute strength could this world be saved. Laurence looked once again at the beast, and felt his cock stir. He had to admit… to have all of that strength… all of that power… Power … at his disposal.., to do good!! To have that body… that animal instinct… that raw essence of pure masculinity… The water began to circle faster around Lawrence… massaging his cock and balls… All we gave to him… just a drop compared to what we will give to you. We were few, but now we have awoken our brothers… now we are mighty… Save us Lawrence!!! Become our Vessel Save the Earth!! The plea was so heartfelt… so sincere… and Lawrences lust for power mixed with his own desire to make good was so strong… what else could he do? Make me your Vessel! Lawrence has barely spoken the words that sealed his and the Earth’s fate, when both of his legs were grabbed and he was sucked under the water and into the darkness. His scream was unheard, but as soon as he disappeared, all of the vines surrounding Christophe withered and died. Leaping to his feet, he flung himself into the lake to get Lawrence out, but he was blocked by an impenetrable wall of water. Christophe punched it and tried to force his way through, but it was impossible. What will rise from this water, he wondered, as he surveyed the landscape. Beneath the lake, Lawrence panicked and started to scream. The moment he opened his mouth, a torrent of water violently shot into it. Unable to understand what was happening, the water continually shooting into his mouth, and absorbed by his body, his entire DNA code being dramatically and thoroughly altered, Lawrence tried to swim to the surface, but as he attempted to lift his right arm, an excruciating pain shot through him. So it begins… What have I done, Lawrence thought as he felt every cell in his body multiplying, forcing him to grow larger. Already gallons were entering his being, and an entire lake was prepared to invade him body and soul. Say goodbye to this existence, Lawrence. Soon you will seize a whole new world… Lawrence entire body was on fire and wave after wave of renewal hit him. Fuck, he thought, what exactly is happening to me??? The sensation of true unbridled power hit him, and continued to grow exponentially. The water he was ingesting no longer felt like liquid entering his body, but lightning… no… like a nuclear explosion… ten nuclear explosions…. This feeling of unbridled power continued to fill him, and Lawrence questioned how he had ever denied himself of this before. He felt so alive… so superior to every human on Earth… he was finally taking his rightful place… and that was to dominate all of humanity. More!!! I want more, was all he could think, and the water was pleased to comply. Like Christophe before, the water began to enter Lawrence through every pore speeding up his metamorphosis. Lawrence whole body began to quake. He could feel every cell pulsating with omnipotence. As he tremors beneath the water, each muscle group began flexing and releasing. I feel like my entire body is either going to have one massive ejaculation… or I’m going to explode ... but whichever… I DON”T WANT IT TO FUCKIN STOP!! EVER!!! FUCKKKK!!! The Darkness began to pulsate, forcing itself to destroy the wall that was holding him prisoner. What The Water was promising… they could deliver… but what he could offer… and what this human would ignorantly accept… the world would never be the same. Lawrences cock was so hard that it had begun to hurt. All thoughts that might have been rational were gone. He was only thinking of two things… muscles and power. He needed to have it all!! The Darkness reached out further and felt the walk begin to give way. Go ahead, it thought. Start the process, but I shall finish it!! Under the water, Lawrence could feel a new sensation growing within him. I can FEEL every cell in my body… every piece of me!!! The beast was stuipd to not have wanted all of this… Lawrence’s cock get even harder as his body swam in pure ecstasy. His hopes of this going on forever we’re squashed when he began to feel a severe pressure building up in his balls. Looking down as best as he could, he could see that what had once been fairly average were starting to expand. Rubbing his expanding balls with his hands, and through gritted teeth, Lawrence could feel them growing larger with each beat of his heart. Within minutes, they were both the size of peaches, and fighting for room in his tight sack. Within moments, his sack was pulled taut and completely filled, and still his balls inflated larger and larger. For a moment, Lawrence was afraid the skin of his sack was going to tear ropen, but it appeared that just as his balls bulged even larger the skin of his sack began to extend as well. His tender balls were practically burning as they proceeded to gain more mass. He could even hear and feel them churning, becoming supersized sperm factories. He laughed a little when he thought of the situation he had gotten himself into... and got butterflies in his stomach when he thought about what he would become. Lawrence was so turned on by the transformation occurring to his body that he could actually now feel each ball filling to capacity with his seed. The throbbing was continually getting worse and harder to bear as the seed inside each ball multiplied exponentially, forcing his balls even larger. This process repeated over and over again causing Laurence to become lightheaded and dizzy. What have I done?! As Lawrence spoke, amazed for the first time that he was actually breathing and speaking underwater, his voice proceeded to get deeper and deeper until it was simply a bellow. What the fuck??!! My voice!!! Lawrence’s voice went from a deep baritone to a bass, and then even lower. Screaming out again in this earth rumbling tone, Lawrence knew he never heard anything so deep and so sexy in his life… and he yearned for it to drop even lower!! Fuck, he thought, let my voice drop so low that no one can even comprehend me!!! To grant him his desire, his voice dropped once again till the sound of it matched the distant rumble of thunder that was beginning above. Another agonising shot of pain coursed through his balls, causing Lawrence to try and cup them, but they were simply way too large now. The source of such an insane amount of testosterone flooding his body kept growing larger, fueling further changes. The weight of his own balls began to force him to sink lower, until he could see just below him the brown bottom of the lake. Lawrence screamed out as his abdominal muscles began to cramp. This has to be due to my balls pulling down on my groin… they’re simply too massive… but when it happened again even worse, Lawrence tried to lean his body forward to deal with the pain. The kicks to his abdomen kept getting worse and worse, and his whole body was now shaking in pain and fear. Lawrence once again worried about what he had done to himself, yet at the same time begged for the metamorphosis to go faster so that he never had to think about his old life again. Shockwaves began in his abdomen and proceeded to expand through every muscle in his body. Moving his hands through the water down to his stomach, he was shocked and excited to discover every bit of fat around his stomach had evaporated, and what he was feeling was the start of a well defined six-pack. Soon bricks of abs began to explode out of his lower torso. As each one erupted, Lawrence simply whimpered, not even able to vocalize what he was feeling. All he could do was drool and try and feel each blossoming muscle with his hands. Each abdominal muscle fought for space, getting more dense by the minute. The crevices in between becoming deeper and deeper, that Lawrence could nearly stick his fingers in them. His Adonis belt enhanced as well, as his waist tried its best to gain more size while remaining as tight as possible. Now, finding joy each time his abdomen cramped, he smiled as he felt this new abs expanding into what could only be described as iron constructed bricks of muscle!! Wanting to watch his abs swell larger, Lawrence tried to lean over, but quickly discovered that this was becoming nearly impossible as his abs were now becoming too thick and too large and were taking up too much room on his lower torso. If Lawrence thought the spasms causing the abnormal growth in his abs was painful, he could only grit his teeth in agonising pain as a loud cracking and popping sound could be heard coming from his hands. Moving them through the water and up to his face, he could see they were both growing thicker and longer. The sound of breaking bones got even more extreme as both of his arms proceeded to grow longer as well. As Lawrence marvelled at his arms and hands growing longer, he failed to realize that his abs had continued to swell, forcing them into a massive wall of muscle as they jutted out further and further. He tried lifting his elongating arms and was shocked to see how quickly they had lengthened in such a short period of time. His arms were currently as long as his legs and getting longer by the second. Holding his hands up to his face proved difficult, but he was able to see that his massive hands now dwarfed his own head and were still quickly growing. Lawrence grinned as he thought that if the size of his hands were any indication, he could only imagine how massive his body was to become when it caught up! Lawrence was so caught up imagining the outcome of his transformation that he was caught off guard when his legs and torso began to stretch as well. For a second he was afraid that he was going to pass out and drown from the agony of his bones cracking, repairing themselves, and breaking again, but this caused him to laugh through the pain. He didn’t know how he knew… but he knew that just like the beast before him… he was now immortal and could never drown again!!! Yearning for more, Lawrence revelled in the idea of his body growing larger. The beast must have been at least 100 feet tall, he thought!! I can’t wait till I am that size as well!! He was shocked to feel his hands reach the sandy bottom of the lake so far below him. Still lengthening, his forearms soon joined his hands resting far below. Moments later, his feet came to rest on the ground, and he laughed knowing that below he was standing on the floor of this lake!! I must be at least 15’ tall by now… if not taller…. FUCK YEAH!!! As Lawrence’s hands touched the lake bed, a low rumble could be heard below and above. The sound grew more powerful and was soon joined by tremors that rocked the area miles around Mas Chiquita. Floating above, Lawrence couldn’t feel the strong vibrations, but he could sense something was not exactly right as a low humming noise filled his ears and head. A fissure opened up below him, and slowly The Darkness in the form of black, smoke-like began to erupt and swim upward toward Lawrence. The water began to fear a pollutant, but watched as the smoke began to circle around their Vessel, as if examining him from all angles. The smoke began to flow faster and thicker from the crack in the lake bed, becoming thick tentacles of a geletos consistency. The humming grew louder in Lawrence’s ears as he saw the black rising up toward him… He is rising once again!!! Destroy the Vessel before he ensnares it himself!!! In an instant, Lawrence could no longer breathe underwater, and he began to drown. Feeling himself panic as he began to sink quickly toward the bottom, he was relieved when the black smoke encased him, and he was able to breathe once again. Flee!! He has risen!!! Through the smoky haze, Lawrence caught a glimpse of The Water in their true form… they were as small as guppies… but they had hands and faces like small fish-people…. by the thousands he saw them swim as a school away from the smoke and disappear into the distance. Although knowing it was enabling him to breathe, Lawrence began to panic, and attempted to raise his arms to swat the smoke away, but found they were simply too heavy and long for him to even lift at all. Lawrence tried to scream out, but the tentacles were too fast as they shot themselves at his face, entering his nose and mouth. Finding it difficult to force itself quickly into these small gaps, the tentacles looked for other entry points, and soon forced itself up Lawrence’s ass. Convulsing, Lawrence felt true power for the first time touching every cell… every atom of his being. Yes, he thought… this was even beyond the capability of The Water… but what was this and why did he never want it to stop? On the beach, Christophe was watching as the entire contents of the lake were churning and bubbling like a cauldron about to explode. In the cloudless night sky, deafening cracks of thunder were heard for miles, while lightening bombarded the lake till the surrounding was lit like daylight. His his head… he could hear The Water screaming until all at once they were silenced… and for the first time Christophe knew that they had left him. From within the lake… Christophe heard an audible roar and feared what was going to emerge. Factions of smoke tentacles emerged from the fracture, quicker, thicker, and with more sudden force. In a frenzy, swelling and swimming around Lawrence like a rabid pack of immense eels, they swiftly grabbed him, and forcefully bent him over and proceeded to ram themselves up his ass. Lawrence roared out loudly over and over again as the feeling of being fucked by the thickest and longest cock filled up his whole body. He would have continued, but the tentacles were forcing themselves even more into his mouth until he felt like he was being used roughly from both ends… and he loved it!! Trying to bend over further to give greater access to whatever creature it was fucking him with such prescision… such force… and such power… he soon discovered that it was becoming nearly impossible to stay bent over as his newly formed abs had begun to start growing again, and were now becoming too large and thick, taking up more and more room on his lower torso. With the addition of the black ink tentacles… what else could Lawrence call them… to his metamorphosis… he could sense that everything was going faster… becoming more intense… and veering way out of control. With the tentacles continuing to cram inside of him, his arms, legs, and torso proceeded to grow longer and more extreme. A lengthy and thick stray tentacle found another entrance into Lawrence through his piss slit, roughly forcing his balls to swell even more monstrous. As they grew, Lawrence could feel thousands of pounds of pressure from what could only be volcanic magma building up within each testicle. The strain and tension in his balls kept building as more and more tentacles forced their way into his piss slit, up his shaft, and deposited themselves in his balls, when suddenly, a massive wave of testosterone exploded throughout his entire body. Wave after wave of Dark testosterone was entering Lawrence’s system, and he found that his pubes were beginning to get much longer and fuller. Doing his best to look at the rest of his body, he could see and feel hair shooting out of every pore. If he stayed very still, he could hear his body growing, and hair sprouting everywhere. Within moments of this occurring, Lawrence’s smooth chest began to sprout short tufts of thick, jet black hair. His whole body began to itch like hell as the hair follicles all over his body multiplied and forced their way out. As if this wasn’t enough, soon additional hair follicles pierced out of the spaces available between the others, and grew even thicker. As Lawrence tried to contemplate this body hair growth, he could see in the water when he turned from side to side, that even the hair on his head was growing longer, and was a piercing jet black. His face started to itch as well, and Lawrence knew that what had one alluded him was about to be his, as thick black hair burst from his face, giving him the first taste of having a beard… and what a beard it was becoming… long, dark, dense, and impenetrable. It was like there were 10 hairs growing out of each pore!! Looking down, feeling the thick curls of his beard against his chest for the first time, he saw that his chest was now completely covered in a thick pelt of black hair. Just looking at it… seeing it growing on his body made him feel so good…. so masculine. Hair was now coating his arms and legs, the back of his hands, and the tops of his feet. Lifting his arm as best as he could, he saw long black hair had taken up residence in his pit, coming in as thick as the rest of the hair on his body. Within no time at all, Lawrence was as hairy as he ever could have possibly wished… and still… like everything else on his body, proceeded to flourish. Wave after enormous wave of dark testosterone continued to explode from his balls, and for the first time, Lawrence knew what it felt like to be a man, and if body hair was any indication, he was becoming the epitome… the true essence of hundreds of men… thousands of men. The thick smoke had lifted itself completely from the fissure, and completely entered Lawrence. Faster, he thought… transform me faster so that I can finally rise again!!!! A sharp pain shot through his head causing him to cry out and squeeze his eyes closed tight. The agony slowly ceased, and when Lawrence opened his eyes, they glowed with a sharp blue light. Above, the supernatural storm was getting worse with hundreds of bolts of lightning reigning down into the lake every second. Christophe forced himself to hide among the trees when he noticed that groups of people were moving down toward the lake to see what was happening. When they arrived, every inch of the water was boiling, and if anyone went near, another impenetrable wall of water would shoot up. Several people fell onto their knees and began to pray, and Christophe discovered that although never learned Spanish… he knew exactly what they were saying… they were praying to God to help them in what was surely the End Days. You have no idea, he thought. Laughing, relishing what was occurring and what was to occur, Lawrence could see that what had once been his buzzed haircut was gaining serious length, and if he had been on land, it would have flown down to his shoulders. His beard had also grown in length and thickness, and he loved the way he could feel each hair follicle growing longer and denser. Another massive burst of dark testosterone rocked Lawrence once again, and with a sound like a bomb going off, his quads exploded with serious mass. Whenever he had worked out before, which hadn’t been too regular, his legs had always been a problem area, but as they ballooned with size, he knew they would never be again!! Even with the thick black hair coating every inch, it became impossible to miss every striation of his growing legs. Quickly they began to take up more and more space, growing to the size of Redwood Trees, and then quickly surpassing that. Lawrence cried out in ecstasy as he felt his calves swell to the size of his old quads, and then proceeded to add on even more size and definition. His quads now, he could only compare with a normal man’s torso, they were so full, so round, and so firm!!! Three times he found he had to widen his stance to allow more room for his quads to grow, but he found his body adapting to any difficulty he might have, and forced his torso to grow larger so he could continually add on more and more mass. Painfully, He could feel his pelvis shifting, altering, and adjusting itself to enable his quads more room to grow. He was sure that with these quads he would definitely find it difficult to walk unless it was in a bow legged fashion, or the traditional waddle of the bodybuilder. Like his hands before them, his feet got fatter and wider as muscle mass packed onto them as well. Lawrence had never thought of feet being sexy, and although he was unable to see them, he could feel how thick, massive, and hairy they were becoming. Lawrence’s head swam as his waist reached what could only be 60” and still growing larger with his immense and hairy abs. The crevices were so deep and so filled with black hair that they reminded him of the dark canyon he had been encased in for all those milenia… . What?? What dark canyon?? Encased in…. Lawrence began to panic. What did he mean by that? In confusion, Lawrence roared out as his quads and his pecs swelled even larger. The sensation he felt as his pecs became mountains of muscle pushed away any fear he had had the moment before. Looking down, he could see his chest simply exploding with power and might… and he knew he simply had to worship his own massive pecs. Using his strength, he lifted his gargantuan hands and began to squeeze his nipple firmly, and the orgasmic sensation he felt forced them to grow even more. The nipples, as if craving more tactile sensation, grew larger with his nipples rivalling the length of his old thumbs. His areolas were dark brown, and as he played with them, they became even more and more sensitive. Grabbing his left pec and lifting it up the best he could, Lawrence attempted to lick his own nipple, but was prevented from doing so when another surge of growth forced them to point down and forever blocked his view of his lower half. The mere understanding of how tall and massive he was becoming, combined with how big his pecs now were bursting from his chest, had him laughing hysterically while a river of pre began to flow from his cock. Just owning hairy pecs like this was the most incredible feeling, and Lawrence simply couldn’t comprehend what an entire body of muscle the sheer size he was to become… would feel like. As each pec proceeded to gain serious bulk, his deltoids were becoming rounder and more defined, adding more and more size to his already wide shoulders. His neck joined in with his delts, quickly becoming an enormous pillar of muscle. From his shoulders to his neck, traps began to emerge, thicken, and gain more girth. Not to be left behind by his immense shoulders, Lawrences lats detonated with improbable size. His wingspan exploded so suddenly with size that his whole body shook from it. His arms flew up, and Lawrence now found it impossible to rest them at his sides again. I wish I could see myself in a mirror, Lawrence thought, but the only thing he could do was feel his immense body getting even larger. Joining in with his back, Lawrence’s neck and delts got larger and thicker, granting him his wish of an even deeper voice. His shoulders, back, and chest were now so wide that they were practically the size of a barn… and still he grew like there was no tomorrow. How many inches around was his chest?? It easily had to be measured in feet now… not mere inches. As his lats proceeded to grow even freakier, forcing his own arms to bow further out, his rib cage had also grown, adding even more size to his already insanely huge chest. Looking down at his torso, trying to see below his mountainous pecs as best he could… he could tell his waist was massive as well, as his abs grew even more. Lawrence had no clue how huge he was... all that he knew was that his head was inching closer to the surface of the pond, and soon he would have no option but to reveal his mass to the world. Lawrence could feel his body rising up quickly through the lake, as he appeared to be taking up an immense portion of it now!! Extending his arms to see how wide he could reach… he wonderfully felt his bi’s and tri’s starting to surge with size, till they were as large as his old legs had been, and just getting thicker. Lawrence roared out again, his upper arms blasting with sudden mass as his biceps and triceps quadrupled in size. His arms were already so long that the muscles had plenty of room to multiply into colossal mounds. Flexing his arms and enjoying the bloated feeling felt totally comfortable to the Dark testosterone fuelled Lawrence. Each time he did it, the peak was higher and higher, thicker and denser. If only there were people here to witness his reality defying size. As his upper arms bulked up in size, his firearms followed, becoming as thick as his leg, then surpassing that. His hands, nearly ten feet long, also became stronger and more rugged as they morphed into the hands of a true weight lifter. Each digit swelled into fat sausage-like fingers, and the palms of his hands were hardened with the toughest calluses. He opened and closed his hands and fell in love with this appearance of pure dominance… pure masculinity. Trying to comprehend the sheer magnitude of his own immensity... of his own growing size and power… Lawrence celebrated the fact that he must look like Paul Bunyan now with his long dark hair and his thick beard, yet he was easily surpassing the legendary lumberjack in both height and mass. Lawrence looked up and saw the surface of the water getting closer. Yes, he thought. Soon I will rise again… but not as a single entity… NO!! We will merge into one body… one all powerful God to rule over all time!!! No!!!! Lawrence’s head rang out in a mind shattering scream. What's happening?? Why do I have these new memories? We are joined now together as one. You are evolving into one of the first Primordial Gods. No. I… Let go… there is nothing to fear. Become the God you were always meant to be… have always been… I am you… and you are me. I’m becoming a god? Let go. Let us merge. Take your place in eternity. I don’t want to lose sight of who I am. You won’t… you will just be so much more!! We will share memories… experiences… POWER! You will always have existed as both Lawrence… and me. We will be one. The Primordial God sensed doubt. The world I am giving you, Lawrence… the universe… all of space and time… all of eternity… you will hold them in your hand. When we are complete… we will BE all of eternity. Yes! When we all merge together… you will be the most powerful God to have ever existed. YES!!! Will you take your place? Before Lawrence could answer, another monumental surge of testosterone was released into his body, and with a sweltering explosion of pain, Lawrence’s almost non existent penis began to grow to match its master. Each second his cock pulsed in time with his heartbeat, and each second more and more blood was forced into it. The sensation was overwhelming. New thick veins began to form and erupt all over Lawrence’s cock in order to supply more and more blood. Lawrence winced a little as his cock kept getting harder and harder... like it was in one of those vacuum pumps he had once tried. This time though, he wasn’t just getting hard, he was getting thicker... much thicker!! Longer and thicker, it grew, gaining as much mass as his arm, and becoming just as veiny. It felt like he was cumming every time it swelled longer and longer till finally the tremendous cock appeared in his view. His cock was so thick now that his growing hands only went halfway around it. The head of his cock had never been much thicker than the shaft, but Lawrence could now see that it had started growing with the rest of his cock, and was now a huge mushroom sitting on top. Ian spread out is hand on it, and discovered the head was wider than his palm!! Fuck!! His head was bigger than some buildings!! It was becoming a pure column… a monument to unbridled power and masculinity! More veins erupted onto the surface of his cock to better supply additional blood to the growing appendage. His cock didn’t look real anymore. It looked like one of those morphs you once saw on Tumblr when that sort of thing was allowed. It was now becoming so thick that his pelvis was forced to become larger just to accommodate its size. Even his pelvic floor muscles grew larger and thicker to support the cock he was now sporting. Lawrence tried to think what its thickness reminded him off, but he came up short. It must be as thick as three trees stuck together was the best he could come up with. Lawrence loved the sight of such a monument, but felt sadness and exhilaration at the thought that he would never fuck a man again with this monster of a cock. It would easily rip a man in half, and still it continued to lengthen and thicken. The slit in the immense head was now so large that pre flowed out like someone had turned the tap on full blast. You think about humans when we will fuck planets, Lawrence!! We will fuck eternity and you will have more pleasure than anyone could comprehend. You will be pleasure!! You will cum for thousands of years!!! Lusting after these thoughts, more and more blackened testosterone took over his system, causing him to crave more and more growth. Lawrence wrapped most of his hands around his colossal prick, loving the feeling of finally having such an immense tool in his hand. A beast was being released, and it never would be satisfied. He still felt so much power running through his body, still had so much muscle mass packing onto himself, that he believed he was never going to stop growing. He was now easily gaining hundreds of pounds a minute in muscle mass. Suddenly Lawrence bellowed out again as the bones in his head began to expand and reform themselves, keeping his head in proportion with his growing body. Grabbing his face as best as he could, the colossus stumbled causing massive waves to form on the surface of the lake. When his head was finished growing, it reformed itself with the squarest of chins that was impossible to see under such a thick beard. Lawrence’s brow-ridge came in a much more distended than it had been, destroying his boyish good looks and replacing them with a rugged Neanderthal appearance. A sudden explosion of growth pushed through the mountain of a man causing Lawrence to pump his cock harder and harder in a state of total self worship as his head finally broke the surface of the lake. He willed his body to pack on more size and more muscle mass, and like the god he was, it complied. Pipe-like veins wove their way around his entire body like wild ivy, feeding him more and more. Lawrence began to moan loudly as he took in the shrinking world around him. I must be 600 feet tall by now… if not more… the humans below… so small… so insignificant to what I am becoming… what I will become. I’m scared shitless right now, but it’s the best scary feeling I’ve ever felt. I can’t stop it… I don’t know if I want to stop it if I could! How will I live when I reach my final size? Fuck!! Who cares!!! I’ll be a living mountain!!! In a rush of self worship, Lawrence breathed in his own manly smell, felt his hairy body, pumped the freakish organ that was his cock, and laughed as the humans ran in all directions. I never want this growth to stop!! It never has to!! Are we one now? Lawrence shifted his body slightly, sensing the weight and feel of every muscle on his body. His titanic cock was so large that it was creating a massive shaded area on the ground. It was an incredible piece of manhood. His body was so hairy, the smell emitting from it so intoxicating... but was this what he really wanted... to llive a life beyond massive... to tower above the world... to be a beast of pure sex and pure muscle… Not any beast… a God!!!! Lawrence opened his mouth to answer. Was he really going to do this? Was this truly his destiny… a life of muscle… masculinity… power... a God… Yes!! We are one!! Christophe watched as thousands of bolts of lightning hit the growing monster. He could hear the loud, deep maniacal laughter coming from far above, and couldn’t believe when another audible shockwave of testosterone forced the creature hundreds of feet taller, and thousands of pounds of muscle heavier. The lightning was completing the initial merging and transformation. Lawrence… or as he now called himself, Pontus, felt the immense gift of total power wash over him as he still continued to grow. Pontus reveled in the orgasmic rush of both growth… and being alive once more. As he grew taller… leaving behind a world getting smaller and smaller below him… he relished in the fact that he was taking up more and more room. His foot was the size of a Hummer… than a Tractor Trailer… than four Tractor Trailers… than a squadron of Tanks! He shifted his stance, and he took down several trees. What could he do? With a body like this, there would be destruction!!! As he grew taller, his cock proceeded to have a growth spurt of its own. It was now so thick that it rivalled his waist!! Precum flowed like a river as it continually got longer and thicker. Pontus felt like he was constantly being edged and this feeling only intensified with each passing second. Hanging past his knees, more and veins appeared in and around his cock. The skin was so thin that it actually had a bluish hue as thousands of more veins pushed out and pulsated on the surface forcing it to grow even larger. The head... fuck... a human could easily walk into his piss slit it was so huge!! Pontus roared like the beast he was becoming as his balls emitted the largest wave of dark testosterone into his system. As his balls enhanced, so enormous and dense, they pulled his sack down virtually to his knee, other changes were beginning to occur. The hair on his head began to get longer, pushing down past his shoulders toward the middle of his back. His beard developed impossibly thicker, bushier, and longer, trailing down over his pecs. His whole body was now covered in the thickest black hair, but it was his chest, crotch, and armpits where it was its most dense. Naked, except for two silver and intricately forged by lightning bracers that now adorned his forearms, he grew even more immense. Remembering his birth twenty-one years ago as well as his birth at the beginning of time, Pontus surveyed what lay below him. The world has never been ready for me… nor will it comprehend when my brothers and I merge into one!!!! Finally, I will be recognized for the God… the Destroyer I am!!! I’ll finally be taken seriously!! Fuck!! I’m over 1,500 feet tall and still growing larger!! My cock could destroy a building if I wanted it too! I’m too much... and I love it!! This should be my nightmare but it is MY... DREAM... COME... TRUE!!!!!!!! - WORKSHIP ME… AND YOU MAY LIVE!!!!! His voice was now so loud and so deep that the people below weren’t able to distinguish it from the rumbling of thunder. I can’t believe this is me... he kept thinking!! I am becoming so beautiful, so impossible!!! Fuck!!! I can’t stop growing!!! My arms are like skyscrapers, my legs like mountains, fuck... my chest is too big to even think about measuring!!! I’m so heavy, so bloated with muscle, so ripped, every muscle pulsates on its own like it’s alive... and I keep gaining more and more mass!!! This can’t be real... but it is!!! Fuck, My lats are such massive wings they block the air flow around me!!!! My cock defies description... long, thick, thousands of highways of veins... Pontus roared and roared again as exploded in more and more size, becoming hairier, taller, thicker, and more muscular than anything that had ever come before him. Just wait until they see what I become when my brothers and I merge… this will have been a mere fetus compared to the monstrosity I shall be!!I I will be this world’s nightmare!!! Nothing will be mightier than me!! Nothing will be more powerful than me!!!! The Primordial God’s will rise again… within me!!!! Pontus’s cock shot thousands of gallons of cum like the hose that it was. What water remained in the lake entered into him as he grew even larger, the new Primordial God/human hybrid having the most intense orgasm of his life. A roar, unlike anything that had ever been witnessed before, could be heard for hundreds of miles around. The growth surged one last time and then stopped after he had completely coated the ground below with his seed. Sweating, panting, and laughing hysterically Pontus surveyed his surroundings. Assessing from his own point of view, he estimated that he had to be nearly 2,500 feet tall and 350,000 tons of muscle. He stood tall like a skyscraper, but would dwarf one when it came to the sheer size of his muscular build. Each muscle group was so massive, so engorged with flexing and writhing mass that it was obvious that he had left his humanity behind to stand monstrous and all powerful God. This insight made his cock hard again, and he started to slowly stroke it with his left hand, savouring each sensation… savouring having a body once again. With his right hand, he lifted it up into the air, watching as every muscle in his arm bulged and pulsed with life. Once again, thousands of bolts of lightning shot down on Pontus, and this time when he was revealed again, he held a massive silver triton in his hand. WHAT YOU HAVE WITNESSED TONIGHT IS THE BEGINNING OF YOUR END!! I HAVE COME AS BOTH CREATOR AND DESTROYER!! WHEN I MERGE NEXT WITH MY BROTHER I WILL BECOME EVEN MORE POWERFUL AND MORE IMMENSE. THEN WHEN I MERGE WITH THE THIRD, I WILL BE SO MONSTROUS, SO POWERFUL, THAT YOU WILL BEG FOR YOUR DEATHS. YOUR FUTURE HAS BEEN FORETOLD!!! Christophe watched as groups of people began to fall to their knees and begin to pray to their Christian God, or to the one that had just risen from the now dry lake. As he looked up again at the muscular creature that stood over everything, his cock began to get hard. That could have been me, he thought! Pontus… not caring what ended up beneath his mighty feet began to walk in the direction of his next destination, Nevada Ojos del Salado… the burial spot of his brother Tartarus. When we merge… the power!!!!! Christophe ran in the opposite direction of the giant, hoping to hide among the trees and away from anyone who might think he was involved with whatever had occurred. As he ran, a mighty hand grabbed his shoulder from behind and threw him to the forest floor. Stunned for a second, he looked up at an incredibly attractive looking man, muscular, tall, long dark hair, and wearing sunglasses. Running away so soon? Congratulations… you’ve been chosen again!! The man reached down, grabbed him, and disappeared as if they never had been.
  6. Here we go with the second chapter. Hope you enjoy. Thank's Vince for letting me tell part of your story!! As alwasy... Hope you enjoy!!! ThInk It: A Writer's Tool (Based on a True Story) Chapter Two: The Second Story That night, after cleaning as much as possible of the ‘cumnami,’ Quinn sat down to map out his own story. Since he discovered that things could easily go out of hand with a lust filled mind using Think It, he wanted to ensure that he knew exactly what he wanted before he spoke it outloud. My own will be my last story… and my legacy. Maybe I should just try it out once on myself first, he thought. Nothing major… maybe just add 10 lbs of muscle mass. Taking out his IPhone, Quinn tapped on the app. Welcome back, Quinn. Ready to start writing again? - Yes. - Wonderful. The white screen appeared again before he was prompted: Character/Characters Name: we recommend using the name of people you know to create realistic characters. Already starting to get aroused, Quinn spoke loudly and clearly: - Quinn Wonderful! Is this the same Quinn as used in your last story, - Yes. Wonderful. Readers love recurring characters. Will there be any additional characters? - No. Wonderful! If you have any need for additional characters, please return to this prompt. What is Quinn’s goal? To add twenty pounds of muscle to his frame. Wonderful. How will Quinn achieve this? - He drinks a protein shake that secretly contains a growth serum. Wonderful. What Is Quinn’s location? - My flat. Wonderful. Now dictate the first paragraph and we’ll bring your words to life. Quinn waaaalllkkkeeedddddd… Time slowed down all around Quinn until it stopped completely. His movement across the room was frozen and he couldn’t proceed no matter how hard he tried. He could feel his thoughts slowing down… sputtering… stopping… Quinn regained consciousness mid step, and fell to the floor in a heap. His phone landed next to him. How long was I out, he thought. Does the whole world stop, or is it just my ‘character?’ Looking at his phone, he could tell no time had passed. Jacob has left the flat around 8, it had taken two hours to clean up, he began writing his outline around 10:30… and decided to try the app out around 11. Looking at the phone, it was now only 11:09. Opening the app, he saw the following words on the screen. App shut down after six hours of non-use. Story entitled: Quinn remains in draft folder. To go back to this story, just say Drafts, and Title. To delete, just say Delete. - Delete! Frustrated by his inability to have the app work on himself, he decided to take a shower, where he dropped another of his own cum loads. Drying off, an idea went through his head… an object from another story… if I can get an object that works in one story… can I use it myself? Quinn ran to the rubbish bin and pulled out the box and syringe Jacob had used to supersize his cock. It was still there… but no liquid was left in the chamber to even try it out. Where did he buy it? He said he wanted to buy more. Does this now exist in our reality? Thoughts running through his head, Quinn went to bed. His brain was still contemplating what to do to make his dreams come true… but his body was falling asleep. As his eyes closed, Quinn thought: I wonder what Jacob is doing right now… who he’s doing right now…. with a smile, Quinn fell asleep. Waking up very early the next morning, Quinn could still smell Jacob’s cum and musk in the air. He opened the window in his bedroom, but even the air outside smelled of Jacob. Taking a step outside, it smelled as if all of London was covered in a haze of musk and sex. This instantly aroused Quinn, so while showering, he quickly rubbed one out. At least this proves I hadn’t dreamed it, he thought as he came down from his most recent orgasm. His cock remained stubbornly hard and wanted another go, but Quinn dried himself off and dressed to head for the gym. When he arrived at the gym around 4:30 am, he saw that Vince was already doing squats. Quinn had been introduced to Vince about three months ago by a fellow Early Bird at the gym. It was obvious, and from what he said, it was true, that at one time Vince had been a model. Unfortunately, after getting two girls pregnant, marrying one while trying to support the other, getting a steady job managing a pub, and then getting a divorce, his looks had faded somewhat, his tight body had gotten saggier, and his waistline much larger. Once his divorce was settled, Vince had finally joined the gym to get his body back in shape and get back on the dating scene. Watching him in between sets on the bench press, Quinn admitted that with some hard work, Vince could have the body of a model again if he wanted to, or in the least, be a really hot guy. The looks were there… just a little buried. Taking a further look at Vince, Quinn began to get an idea. If Vince had something… an object that helped him regain his old body and looks, I could take it for myself and use it!!! Yes!! Vince would be the perfect test subject, and if this worked, he would try it on himself. With Vince, it would be something simple… but what he planned to do… and what he WAS going to do to himself would be amazing… extraordinary… world shattering…. This would be his legacy he would leave to the world!!! Fuck yeah!! Fate had handed him this incredible present! He had been given it… no one else! This morning, when he went back to the App Store to see who had created it… the ability to purchase or even update the app was gone. It was as if it had never existed… but it did, because it was on his phone. He read some of the several stories that had been published on the app’s platform, and it was obvious there were others who had also been gifted the app and were using it as he was, but there were only a handful… and the ways they were using it was pedestrian: fame, money, making someone fall in love with someone else. No other writer had his imagination… or his vision! At the moment he couldn’t figure out how to be the central character in a story without freezing, so perhaps an item taken from another story would work. If it did, he would take it, and use it this weekend. He would go to the middle of nowhere where he wouldn’t be disturbed, and he could do whatever he wanted. That would give him three days to plan out exactly what he wanted and how to accomplish it. Hiding a determined hardon, Quinn left his weights unstacked and walked swiftly to the locker room. It was 5:30 now, and the gym was fairly empty… but Quinn began to wonder again as he walked to the locker room, if the whole world stopped when he was using the app, or just the person he was “writing” about. I guess we can test that with Vince as well. If someone walks in… the answer’s clear! Just to be safe, he wasted time going to the toilet and washing his hands until two other Early Birds had left. Grabbing his phone, he tapped on the app and waited for to go through its authorisation and updating phase as it loaded. Finally the familiar logo and white screen appeared: Welcome back, Quinn. Ready to start writing again? - Yes. Wonderful. Since your last publication, eight readers have upvoted you… seven more and you will be eligible for added content. For example, having completed one story, you have been selected for the option of an upgrade. With this upgrade, you are still in control, but your characters will have more free will than before… they will be able to suggest what they need, and even be able to make decisions for themselves… talk for themselves. We use a matrix of millions of phrases or choices for them to use, so play along. We believe that this upgrade helps new writers strengthen their dialogue with the writing of their stories. Would you like to activate this upgrade? Sure. Why not. Is that a yes, or a no? Yes. Wonderful! Upgrade in affect. If you wish to stop this upgrade, just say: Stop Upgrade. You will then be in complete control. The screen went white again, and then the words Quinn had seen before appeared: Character/Characters Name: We recommend using the name of people you know to create realistic characters. - Vince Like Jacob before, Vince’s name popped up on the app screen. Perfect!!! Wonderful. If you have additional characters, please return to this prompt. - Quinn is also a character. He hadn’t had any problems being a character in Jacob’s story, so he shouldn’t freeze in Vince’s. It was only when he was alone did he have issues. Wonderful! Readers love recurring characters. Will there be any additional characters? No. Wonderful. What is Vince’s goal? To get his body back in shape and look even better than he did before, his muscles larger and pumped. Wonderful. What is Quinn’s goal? To get the ring for his own use once Vince has finished with it. Wonderful. How will Vince achieve his goal? Ummm… he bought a ring that is rumoured to offer the wearer in wish when turned to the right. Wonderful. What is Vince’s location. This locker room. Wonderful! Now dictate the first paragraph and we’ll bring your words to life. Vince sat down on the floor and stretched. His workout had been crap as a result of not being able to concentrate. All he could think about was the ornately carved silver ring he was wearing on his right hand. It was difficult to believe his mate that it worked, but Archie had gotten it from a relative who told him it worked... and then wished to win the lottery… and four days later he did! Now he was £80 million pounds richer. Not bad for a 22 year old Eastend Barman. Archie has handed over the ring to him last night after a night out. Both pissed, they had sat outside Vince’s block of flats, and Archie had confessed it all. Taking the ring off of his finger, he handed it over to Vince letting him know that it only worked once… after that it was useless until another person was given it. Until Archie had passed out on his couch, they had joked about what Vince should use his wish on. Archie wanted him to wish for money right then and there… but Vince was a planner… he never did anything spur of the moment. In bed he had fallen asleep with his brain pondering what to do. Leaving Archie asleep, Vince had gotten up at 4:30, and headed to the gym, yet it didn’t matter how hard he worked, he simply couldn’t concentrate. Deciding to pack it all in for the day, Vince got up from the floor and walked into the locker room. He was surprised to see Quinn sitting there looking at his phone. Hey, mate! How’s it going? Vince!! Hey there! Good. Doing well. Chest day for me today. Legs here. Nice! Yeah! Hope you don’t mind me saying… but you look like shit today! Fuck, man! Feel like shit. Didn’t get any sleep. What’s wrong? Man, you wouldn’t believe me! Try me. I’ve had some weird shit happening in my life this week, so I’ll believe anything. Vince sat down heavily on the bench next to Quinn. If he was honest with himself, if there was someone he could talk to about this, besides Archie, it would be Quinn. This guy, who was built like a brick shit house had taken him under his wing, mapped out a workout plan for him, and had developed a diet that had Vince quickly dropping the pounds. He had already shared everything about his life with him… why not this? This ring here… Yeah? A friend gave it to me. Nice. Yeah… it’s… fuck. Don’t think I'm crazy… I mean… he won the fucking lottery!! Wow! Very cool. And he bought that for you? Good friend. No. He won the lottery with this. I don’t get it. This ring… it’s magic. He wished to win the lottery, and he did. Vince looked at Quinn with the hope that he would understand. - STOP!!!! Quinn watched as Vince froze. Getting up, Quinn cracked the changing room door opened and looked out into the gym. Everyone was completely frozen. Walking to look outside, Quinn realised that EVERYTHING was frozen… the whole world!! It was an odd feeling for Quinn to know that he was all alone in the world. He had begun to feel this way more and more as he got bigger and more rugged… as people shied away from him or were intimidated by him. Now… he really was alone. Moving back to the Changing Room, Quinn thought about how to proceed. It was strange having the device just write words for Vince and for him to speak them at the same time. It frightened Quinn somewhat as he felt so out of control, but it was also easier since he didn’t need to think of what Vince needed to say. Anyway… why should I worry? It’s an upgrade… they wouldn’t have added it if it wasn’t helpful. Sitting back down where he was, Quinn grabbed his phone and started to speak. Magic? Really? I know it sounds crazy… but I have to believe him. He’s 80 million pounds richer, and he wished for that exact thing… and he got it. Damn!! How does it work? Archie said you just make a wish and then turn it to the right. That’s it. What are you going to wish for? That’s what’s driving me crazy… I don’t know. Probably money. Yeah. Everyone can use money. Especially with two kids and an ex wife. True… but… I hate playing devil’s advocate, but if that’s what you really wanted… you would have done it already. I know. What is it you really want? Quinn looked at Vince, waiting for the app to give him the words. Say it! Say what you want!! Honestly… if I could have a rockin body again… I’d make the money… and have fame. I’d have everything I could want. I want my old life back… but even better than before. How so? When I was modeling… I looked good… for that time period. Everything’s changed. Every model has a body like yours! That’s it!!! I want your body!! You don’t want my body. Yes, I do!! I want your body. Quinn began to panic. I need to fix this before he wishes he HAD my body. Who knows what would happen. You mean, you want a body like mine. Yeah. A body like yours… tall, built… rugged...a real bloke… But I also need to stand out from the crowd. Vince got up from the bench and began pacing around the changing room. Yeah… stand out from the crowd. I would rake the money in… everyone would have to notice me! I wouldn’t give them the choice. How tall are you? 6’6” Weight? 293 Vince continued to pace like an animal in a cage… finally he stopped and looked at Quinn. I wish… yeah… I wish to have a body everyone needs to pay attention to. I want to be tall… and big… and rugged like you… hairy… and oozing that caveman testosterone like you do… and a cock to match that body! Yeah!!! I’m fucking tall… like… fucking talll… I’m stacked with muscle and ripped… and a cock and balls like yours… only much bigger!! That’s great Vince… but what would your stats be if… Taking no notice of Quinn, Vince turned the ring to the right. The ring glowed for thirty seconds, both men simply staring and amazed by its brilliance, and then in a jolt like an electric current, coursed through Vince’s body. In a moment it was over, and the changing room was quiet. Fuck!!! That was intense, mate!! Do you think it worked? I don’t know. How do you feel? Fine… totally fine… maybe a little on edge but… that can beeeEEE… Quinn watched in surprise as Vince’s entire body seemed to flex and then relax, causing the ex-model to stagger a little. Vince leaned against the wall to steady himself, when it happened again… this time with more force. As his body flexed, turning red as it all became engorged by more and more blood, Vince attempted to speak. SSSsssoooOOMMeethi...ngggg… iiiis haaaapeNNNING!!! Quinn watched in awe as, covered by a thin T-Shirt, Vince’s pecs began to swell. The contractions affecting his whole body continued, but it seemed to Quinn that the uncontrolled flexing was doubly focused on Vince’s chest. With hands shaking from the continual flex and release of his entire body, Vince reached out to cup his pecs. He grinned at Quinn as his hands were forced higher and further apart as his pecs began to swell even more. This is…. the most incredible…. feeling… ever… and it’s just… getting stronger!!!! Quinn watched as Vince’s T-shirt began to get tighter on his growing frame, but this wasn’t simply due to his pecs exploding with size…. other muscle groups were joining in. The… best… wish… mate!!!! My… whole body…. expanding… multiplying… like… a time lapse… of me… working out… for twenty… years!!!!! Vince’s neck began to swell as it developed into a thick column of strength. His growing traps caused his shoulders to rip the upper half of the T-shirt apart as Vince’s shoulders and deltoids began to swell larger and become more rounded. I can feel my strength growing…. I can’t believe this is really happening!!! Vince leaned his head against the wall as the muscles from his neck stretched upward and began to invade his face. As the tentacle-like muscle fibres forced their way up, his chin began to take on a square and rugged look, his eyes deeper set as his brow ridge was extended, and his entire face became more refined and chiselled. My arms!!! I can feel it in my arms now!!! When Vince spoke, his voice was now much deeper and louder… much more commanding. When he spoke it reminded Quinn of the type of voice to emerge from a Marine Drill Sergeant. Flexing, Vince watched as his hands began to expand and thicken with muscle. As his hands began to grow larger, Vince began to feel uncomfortable pressure beginning to form on his right hand. Looking at his baseball mitt sized hands, he realised that while his hands thickened, the ring was remaining the same size and refused to break, squeezing and cutting off circulation to his finger. As the pain of his right hand mixed with the pleasure of his growth, Vince began to panic. Pulling at the ring with his left hand, he was in a battle with himself as his continual lat growth was preventing him from bringing his hands together. Quinn… mate… the ring!!! Help… me… Realising that the ring was going to rip Vince’s finger from his hand before breaking, Quinn ran over and tried to remove it himself, but found it wouldn’t budge. Vince screamed out as his hand continued to thicken, his finger now swollen and beet red. With determination, Quinn ran to his locker and removed the bottle of lube he kept in his gym bag for unexpected encounters. Running back to Vince, he poured the contents onto the growing paw. Grabbing hold of the ring with all his strength, realising suddenly that Vince’s hand was now twice the size of his own, Quinn pulled and pulled, twisting the ring as he did. Take… It… OFF ME!!!!! Wondering if it had been by his own growl of a command, the ring appeared to swell for a moment, and with one sudden movement flew off of Vince’s finger and across the room. Quinn scrambled to find it while Vince roared with relief. Looking down at Quinn crawling around the floor to find the ring, Vince smiled, lifted his grizzly-paw sized hand and drove it right into the concrete wall. A deep bellowing laugh came from Vince as he removed his hand from the hole. Over and over he punched the wall till he had created a massive concrete crater. Barely… felt… anything!!! On his hands and knees searching for his future, Quinn watched in awe as first Vince’s fore-arms swelled, then his biceps joined in along with his triceps in magnificent growth. Each moment that passed forced his upper arms to get larger, gaining inch after inch. Flexing his arms, Quinn gasped as the process was sped up, and Vince’s guns grew bigger, adding inch after inch after inch with every tick of the clock on the wall. The circumstance of Vince’s upper arm soon matched Quinn’s, and showed no sign of stopping… just continuing its growth. As Vince panted, basking in the orgasmic rush of growth, Quinn found the ring in the corner of the room. Not wanting to lose it again, he slipped the ring on his own finger and watched as it swelled slightly to fit over his large knuckles. Looking closely at the silver ring, Quinn was able to see the intricate carvings etched into its surface. How badly he wanted to join his friend in his own growth… but that would have to wait... Vince was so transfixed watching his arms getting thicker, that he failed to see his T-shirt bulging further. It was only when the ripping noise echoed around the changing room, and Vince was unable to let his arms hang down to his side that both he and Quinn realised his lats were widening his back, and forcing his arms upward. Joining in with his shoulders, Vince’s upper back grew wider and wider. With both his pecs and back growing thicker, Quinn realised that soon Vince would need to move sideways to get through doorways. Wanting to show off his amazing growth, Vince threw a rear lat spread, which only succeeded in growing him even larger and tearing the remaining t shirt from his body.. Watching his friend, Quinn’s cock came alive. This should be me, he thought!! This WILL be me!! I can’t believe how huge Vince is getting, he thought. He hardly looks like himself anymore!! And from the reaction on his face and the wet spot and tenting of his shorts, this growth must be the best, most erotic feeling ever!! As his back spread wider, Vince found it more difficult to grab onto his thickening pecs. By now, as they continued to grow, Quinn realised he had never seen pecs this massive before, and with a cleft so deep. Since Hannah isn’t here, Quinn, this is going to have to be just between mates. Get over here and feel this body. Feel my muscles strengthen, stretch, widen, and thicken. Quinn didn’t have to be told twice. Walking over to the growing beast, Quinn watched as Vince did his best to flex, forcing more blood and growth to shoot into his pecs. Placing his right hand on the smooth, hot, yet stonelike pec, Quinn’s right hand grazed Vince’s blossoming nipple. Crying out in ecstasy that he had never felt before, he forcefully pushed Quinn out of the way, grabbed hold of both nipples, and began to squeeze them harder and harder, howling in ecstasy. When he released them, panting like a dog in heat, Quinn could see that they both had grown larger and darker, sticking out like the top of his pinkie. Suck my tits, Quinn. You know you want to… Vince’s voice had gotten even deeper and sexier, and without thinking twice, Quinn attached himself to his right nipple, toying it with both his tongue and teeth. YES!!!! Vince grabbed onto Quinn’s head, brought it toward his own, and began to kiss him, forcing his tongue deep into Quinn’s mouth. Fuck, Quinn thought as he animalisticly kissed Vince back, even his tongue is bigger and more muscular! With his still thickening hand, Vince separated himself from Quinn. More time for that later. Now… watch me grow!!! By this time, Vince’s pecs had gotten so dense that they were being forced to turn downward. Joining in with his upper body, all of the fat was being stripped away from his gut, and his abdominal muscles began to thicken. Each ab was becoming so solid and each crevice was so deep that it looked as if cobblestones had been shoved under his skin. Soon his waist had grown significantly, but there wasn’t a trace of fat on him… it was simply all red-blooded armour like muscle. As Vince’s hands explored his abs, his legs began to flex and quake… first the left… then the right… then both of them together. Quinn thought that he might fall, but the new muscle man was able to remain standing by widening his stance. With amazement, Quinn watched as hose like veins began to erupt under his skin and start to criss cross his legs. Fueling then both with more access to blood, his quads began to explode with power. Not to be outdone by his tree trunk quads, his calves swelled until the thick diamond-heads were as large as his old quads had been. Widening his stance even further to allow more room for growth, his quads proceeded to swell even larger than any bodybuilders had ever been. Giving up the fight, Vince’s shorts and underwear burst apart, fluttering to the floor in a heap of scrap. Wanting to get a good look at himself in all his naked glory, Vince waddled past Quinn, his legs still morphing and enlarging, pushed Quinn aside, and placed himself in front of the full-length mirror. The first thing he realised when he took a good look at himself was that his body no longer fit in the mirror anymore!! He was too wide, and proceeding to get thicker and wider. Widening his stance further, Vince watched as his body packed on more and more muscle mass. If he had been wearing any clothes, his excitement would have been obvious by the tenting in his shorts. Since he wasn’t, Quinn got a good look at how pleased Vince was. Standing there, flexing and admiring himself, Vince’s cock was rock hard and leaking. Every once in a while his hand would subconsciously begin stroking it, but it appeared he was more aroused by how he looked then any sexual stimuli. Vince’s cock was fairly thick to begin with, but as Quinn stared, he began to realise that his cock was getting thicker and longer. FUCK!!! I can’t stop flexing!! I can’t stop looking at myself!! This is how you must feel all the time…. feeling how my body moves with so much mass attached to it… FUCK!!! I’m even bigger then you and still growing!! Even my cock!!! Fucking big cock of a stud! Of a MAN!!! It has to be at least 9 inches now!! Even my balls are bigger!!! Look at me, Quinn!!! Have you ever seen something so incredible. Quinn had to admit that he hadn’t. The wish appeared to have improved every aspect of an already handsome man. His skin was perfectly clear now and tight, his eyes appeared a brighter blue… more aqua… even his hair was a more vivid shade of brown. He was indeed the epitome of a man… Perfection. Grabbing his cock with both hands, he began to gently stroke it, admiring how each muscle group flexed and relaxed with the simple movement. A small pool had gathered at Vince’s feet as his cock proceeded to leak even more. As he jerked himself, he looked directly into Quinn’s eyes. You want this… don’t you. Yes. Not the size… you’ll never be as big as I am… I think I’m even a foot taller now… but you want ME. You want to feel me… lick me… be possessed by me… feel me inside of you. Quinn looked deep into Vince’s eyes and knew he was right. All he wanted was for Vince to fuck him… to use him… No!!!! I will have your size… and more!!! Believe me!!! It’s stopping. How much do you think I weigh! Probably around 380. Measure me!! Quinn did as he was told… a fire burning in both his cock and his ass. No matter how much he wanted to deny it… all he wanted was that cock inside of him and the massive brute attached to it ducking the shit out of him. Height? 6’8 Fuck yeah!! Four inches taller. My weight?? I can’t see past these pecs!! 427 lbs. Nice!!! Chest? Each measurement brought more excitement to Vince. He would stand there flexing, stroking his ever flowing cock, and tweaking his nipples. 72 inches Waist! Tight at 34 inches. Vince was stroking himself faster now and with more and more determination. Bi’s: Fuck!! 29.5 inches… My quads!! Measure my quads! They’re 37 inches… and your calves… thick at 26 inches. Now measure my cock! It’s… wow! It’s 13.5 x 6 inches. And my nuts are like what??? Say it!! They’re like oranges! That’s right!! Bigger than both of yours combined. Now… guess what we’re going to do. What? I’m going to fuck the living shit out of you!! Vince reached down and grabbed Quinn. One part of Quinn wanted to fight back, but another wanted him so badly. With one hand Vince tore Quinn’s shirt from his body and forced him to the floor. Look at you!! You look like a baby compared to me. Pathetic!! That’s how the whole world is going to look to me now… small and pathetic!! Get on your hands and knees!! Quinn tried to fight the growing need, but he couldn’t. Soon he was on his hands and knees and facing away from Vince. Shaking slightly from fear and excitement, Quinn could hear the breathing of the beast behind him. In one movement, Vince’s hand moved down to Quinn’s shorts and tore them from his body. Kneeling down and separating Quinn’s ass cheats, Vince took in Quinn’s musk. From now on… you are mine!! Quinn let out an audible gasp as Vince’s tongue began to lick and toy with his asshole. Quinn’s mounting passion went on for several minutes as the bodybuilder forcefully tongue fucked him, getting in deeper and deeper. Moving his face away for a moment, Vince spit on Quinn’s hole and began to rub it in with his thick fingers. Whenever I want to fuck… which will be a lot… you’ll be there… ready to take my load! Let’s get training!!! Vince spit in Quinn’s hole again, and then began to roughly shove his sold pointer finger into his ass, and dominantly knead his prostate. Quinn was so shocked, and the finger was so large, that he couldn’t help himself, and let out a loud moan. That’s right. Just imagine how your gonna feel when you got my cock in you all the way to the root. Quinn began to quiver as his prostate was massaged at different tempos. He’s definitely done this before, Quin thought with a grin, letting out a louder and longer moan. Behind him, Vince had begun to moan as well, getting louder… and more frantic… and… deeper.., Fuck Yes!!!! It’s happening again!! I’m starting to grow again!!!! Quinn could feel Vince’s finger begin to quake, swell, and lengthen inside of him. Should I stop it now, Quinn wondered. The app was deciding for itself what Vince did and said, but wasn’t it going too far with more growth? Should I stop it now… or see how it plays out? It’s even… stronger than… before!!! Need to… watch. Vince rapidly removes his finger and tossed Quinn to the side like a stuffed doll. Walking toward the mirror, Vince stumbled, finding it difficult to keep his footing as he became invaded by wave after wave of increasing surges of growth and power. The flexing of every muscle group was more intense this time, and trying to steady himself, Vince destroyed several large areas of the concrete wall. Naked and a tad concerned, Quinn watched as Vince’s pecs began to swell once again, this time even quicker than before. The two expanding globes quickly blocked any hope of Vince ever seeing below them, and began to force his head to slightly tilt upward as they blossomed larger. Vince let out a deafening roar as the power of growth took over his entire being. Doing his best to look at his mounting frame in the mirror, Vince could see that beyond his chest, his arms grew quickly past their new 29.5 inches. Flexing them, Vince began to find it more difficult as his biceps and triceps swelled and thickened to unimaginable proportions. His shoulders quickly morphed into two formidable muscular cannon balls. Not to be outdone by the rest of his rapidly growing muscle groups, Vince’s lats began to surge outward, inflating to look like muscular wings, getting denser and much wider with each heartbeat. Almost… too… much!!!! Every muscle… multiplying… getting larger… to better serve… ME!!! Quinn watched with his mouth open and his cock hard as Vince’s abs proceeded to get even denser. What had once been cobblestones we’re now thick bricks made of iron… and getting larger. His waist now had to be 38”, but it was all unimaginably dense and solid. Along with his waist, Vince’s legs began to grow. His 37” redwoods began increasing quickly in size, each being allowed more room to grow by his thickening waist. His calves exploded into unimaginable proportions, larger than anything Vince had ever witnessed… larger than any powerlifters quad. Quinn could only watch as more and more mass was piled onto Vince giving him a frighteningly muscular engorged look. One that was freaky as hell… and beautiful at the same time. As the growth of his body proceeded to move into a more frantic pace, Quinn gasped as Vince’s buttress of a neck swelled even larger and his shoulders burst even wider, developing into massive cannonball like plates of muscle. His arms… Quinn’s cock nearly exploded when he looked at Vince’s arms. His bi’s and tri’s were so amazingly proportioned, but the proportions were so huge. It was as if someone had taken a gym ball, shoved it in place of his upper arms, and was now pumping it up. The horseshoe shape of Vince’s triceps rivaled that of a Clysdale, and soon even surpassed that. Vince tried to speak but found that no words would come out… he was simply trapped in a wave of growth that seemed as if it was never going to stop. He watched his muscles swell larger until he feared that they would explode. He was getting too big… his muscles to massive… but he loved it!!! When he didn’t think that any more mass could be piled on his body… more was… much more! - LOOK… AT… ME!!! LOOK AT WHAT I'M BECOMING!!! Quinn couldn’t help but look as muscle mass grew on Vince’s body faster then he could think. One moment he was looking at a quad that had to be measuring 45 inches each, and then suddenly his waist would explode to being forty inches in pure abdominal muscle. If this doesn’t stop soon, Quinn thought to himself, this guy is either going to be completely imobile… or he’s going to explode! Just when he thought this might be a possibility… Vince began to get taller. YES!!!!! MORE ROOM TO PACK ON MORE MUSCLE!!! Up toward the ceiling Vince grew, surpassing 7 foot and kept growing. The sound of his bones and his muscles expanding taller and thicker along with Vince’s moans of pleasure rang in Quinn’s ears. Vince’s feet were stretching across the tiles of the changing room floor, getting longer and thicker, an obvious sign that this growth was far from over. This second round of growth is changing him completely, Quinn thought. Before he was the image of male perfection… now he looks more neanderthal than man. Which was more beautiful, Quinn wondered. After the last growth, Vince would have been a model on top of the world. Now, he was a man who exuded pure animal lust. No matter how he moved, muscle groups flexed swelled and rippled. Vince flexed for Quinn, and when he did, his biceps nearly touched his clenched fist...he was now that massive. He was becoming the biggest man to ever have lived… and Quinn had every urge to worship him. Everyman will want to worship him. He is what we all wish we were. He is our animal side let loose into a tamed society. No one will be able to control him, Quinn thought. No one. As he rose closer toward the ceiling, Vince let out a roar as hair erupted on his face. Within moments a full beard had formed and continued to lengthen. Vince ran his hands through his beard, tugging on hair with hands that were larger than dinner plates. From his chest, hair spewed forth, traveling down over his abs and covering his pubic mound and massive balls. Growing past 8 foot, Vince had to widen his stance again as his quads burst with more size and larger veins began to snake and erupt all over his body. With more to feed them, Vince’s muscles went into overdrive getting even bulkier as he grew taller. Vince was finding it difficult to think as so many waves of growth overtook him. The more he grew… the more superior he knew he was. In the food chain… he was at the top, way above anyone else. In all the world, Vince thought, I am the Alpha! I reign supreme!! Vince’s massive hand reached down to stroke his cock and could feel the web of thick veins invading it. As he stroked himself… as his cock grew longer and thicker, Vince basked in the fact that no one was bigger than he was. His shoulder had to be at least 6 feet apart now, which was wider than any doorway! Every sense was heightened, and as he smelled the air, he could smell the sexual attraction and fear permeating off of Quinn. As he continued to grow, Vince knew that he was changing in both body and soul. What was happening to him was an evolution of sorts, or was it a de-evolution…? Vince’s traps erupted up from his shoulders like a mountain range quickly stretching up to his ears, giving his back and shoulders a bull-like appearance. His neck thickened even more significantly until what had one resembled a buttress transformed into a monolith of potency and brawn. His quads were now larger than his chest had recently been, and as he grew taller, they became even more monstrous. As he grew taller and thicker, his quad muscles narrowed into a thick diamond that rose up over his kneecap, forcing his legs even wider and causing Vince to have a permanent crouching position that made him look even more virile then he would have without it. Up from his quads, his glutes we’re developing into two immense globes of pure muscle that could easily crumble a man’s hand if caught between them when flexed. His calves were not left behind as he grew, developing to be as hefty as his upper arms and growing larger each second. Up from his legs… could they be called legs, Quinn wondered… they were simply too gargantuan to be known simply as legs… another word would have to be developed for what Vince was growing… his abs proceeded to grow into eight immense bricks with the deepest grooves in between. Vince’s skin was pulled so tight over his abs… over his whole body… that it looked paper thin and revealed every small movement as if he was continually flexing just while breathing. MY… BACK!!!! GETTING EVEN WIDER… LATS FLARING OUT… LIKE A… COBRA’S… AND MY CHEST… MY PECS… THEY HAVE TO BE… JUTTING OUT… MORE THAN… TWO FEET… NIPPLES TURNED DOWNWARD… WHAT AM I QUINN??? Perfection… THAT’S IT??? Vince reached over and grabbed Quinn, easily lifting him into the air like a doll. Simply being so close to something so magnificent, Quinn began to cum. As the wave of this intense orgasm flowed through him, his phone flew from his hand, onto the floor, and under a bench. THERE ARE NO WORDS TO DESCRIBE ME!!! SO HAIRY… SO MASSIVE… I HAVE TO BE NEARLY… NINE FEET TALL!!! STICK YOUR HAND BETWEEN MY PECS!!! Quinn did as he was told and found it was impossible to get force it in there… they were both so close together. With immense control over each muscle group, Vince relaxed his pecs slightly to let Quinn’s hand in, and discovered that he could get nearly midway up his arm before he felt the bottom of the hairy crevice. Quinn was dropped to the floor as Vince’s entire body flexed and shook more violent than ever before. Watching his friend, Quinn began to stroke his Cock as his friend proceeded to get taller and more immense. Vince’s balls exploded with size becoming larger than ostrich eggs, sending more and more testosterone through his system. Unable to even speak, Vince’s moans got even deeper. Keeping in proportion with his body, Vince’s cock was more like a third arm now at nearly 20” in length and probably a foot around. The bulbous head was continuously leaking thick pre, and the smell of it was so intoxicating that Quinn crawled over and began to drink from such a monument to all things masculine. Just as Vince was about to hit the ceiling, his whole body flexed one last time, gained another 100 pounds of muscle, and then finished growing. Panting like a horse after an intense race, Vince took in what he could of himself in the mirror, and found that all that fit in it now were his pecs… he would need a mirror four times this size to see himself fully. While stroking his cock, Vince began to flex various muscle groups, getting off on his size and symmetry. Below him was Quinn… the man he once thought was the epitome of masculinity. Now, compared to himself… Quinn was a prepubescent boy!!! Lifting his hand, Vince moved it toward the concrete wall, and found that he could easily dig his hand into the hard stone and tear pieces of it out like ice cream!! He was unstoppable!! From now on, the whole world would pay attention to him… and yet he wasn’t satisfied. MORE!!! I NEED MORE!!! Vince’s unnaturally deep bass voice shook the floor of the changing room. Simply hearing it caused Quinn to begin cumming again. THIS IS ALL TOO MUCH, BUT I NEED MORE!!! TALLER!!! MORE MUSCULAR!!! HAIRIER!!! BIGGER COCK AND BALLS!!! Vince looked down at Quinn and saw what he needed. Grabbing him around his chest, Vince lifted him till they were eye to eye. TIME TO MAKE YOUR WISH… What? FOR YOUR SAKE… YOU’LL WISH THAT I GO THROUGH ANOTHER ROUND OF GROWTH…. THEN WHEN I GET MY BEARINGS AFTER THAT, YOU’LL GIVE THE RING TO ONE OF MY WORSHIPPERS, AND THEY’LL DO THE SAME!!! You’re big enough, Quinn. You don’t need my wish. You’re already fit for worshiping. NO!!!!!! Vince shook Quinn so roughly that Quinn suddenly feared for his life. I need to stop this!!! I need to stop this now!! MAKE… THE… WISH!!!! MAKE… THE… WISH!!!! Vince shook Quinn over and over. I GUESS I'LL HAVE TO START SNAPPING BONES!!! As Vince moved his hand to grab onto Quinn’s arm, Quinn did what he could only do to cause the mammoth beast pain. With all his might, Quinn swung his right leg and quickly kicked Vince right in the balls. With a roar, Vince dropped Quinn and proceeded to pound holes in the walls to relieve his pain. Once free Quinn scrambled on the floor to find the phone. As the pain subsided, Vince glanced at Quinn crawling on the floor, his ass facing him. IM GONNA FUCK YOU FIRST, QUINN… AND AS I RIP YOU OPEN… AS I USE YOU… YOU’LL BEG ME TO LET YOU MAKE YOUR WISH!!! Vince reached down for the small man, wrapping his hands around Quinn’s waist. Just as he was about to be lifted into the air, Quinn spotted the phone, grabbed it, and was about to speak when he felt Vince trembling once again, even worse than before. YES!!!! IT’S HAPPENING AGAIN!!!! As Vince started to gain even more muscle mass, Quinn screamed: - STOP!!!!!!! Falling to the floor as Vince froze, Quinn made sure he protected the phone from breaking. Trying to catch his breath on the floor, shaken and bruised, Quinn pondered what to do next. If he deleted this story, the ring would go with it, and he’d be back to square one. No… he couldn’t do that… the story would have to be published. Limping to his locker, he pulled out his gym bag and carefully changed into his clothes. Once that was finished, Quinn looked once again at the frozen Vince. Just seeing all of that raw power and beauty in one man made Quinn’s cock hard again. Walking slowly out of the changing room, Quinn started to speak. Vince was so wrapped up in another super wave of growth that he failed to notice Quinn escaping the room. Packing on another 700 pounds of muscle and four feet of height, Vince’s growth stopped, and he knew that was it. His wish was finished. With a clear head, he realised he was now satisfied. With this gargantuan body, he would have it all… fame… fortune… and the world would always notice him. Quinn stopped. There, he thought, another happy ending! Wonderful! I see your story is complete. Would you like to: a) publish it so it lives on forever, b) delete it and no one will ever know it existed except you, or c) take a moment and edit your story with clearer eyes. What will be your choice? - A. Wonderful!!! Your story is now published and out in the world to see. Having completed your second story, you have unlocked several new options. We look forward to working with you on your next story. You’ll get your new story soon… there’s no doubt about that. Fuck work, Quinn thought. I need to go home… take a nap… and then time to prepare for my wish! Across the city in the basement of a shop in Soho, Jacob was lying in a sling and being pleasured by eight men, his enormous cock leaking everywhere. Since leaving Quinn’s he had cummed 12 times, each more powerful and longer than the last. As his balls loudly churned, Jacob saw two men walk up to either side of him. - Are you sure about this? Jacob looked at the Sex Shop owner and then at his salesperson, both holding two full syringes each. - There’s no going back once you do this… and we don’t know what such a massive dose will do. - I do. It’s time for my complete evolution into a being of pure sex to begin. Do it!! Without being told twice… both dying to see what would happen, they plunged all four needles into Jacobs body and injected the formula - YES!!!! … To Be Continued
  7. Glad you enjoyed it. I’ll put in a good word with Ben for you’re recruitment. I’m positive he’ll have you!!
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