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  1. Hmm, 389 waking up outside the quarters of his officer. Did Fforbes make the former sergeant service him, if you catch my drift. also, how big did the new 8.1 versions get? I understand if you want to keep the size of the hulk marines vague, but you should at least drop hints here and there for the writers. In the first chapter i was under the impression all the hulk marines, were, well hulk size; turns out 246, 388, and 389 are the first of the enhanced servicemen to be over seven feet. Just saying, a little confusing is all.
  2. Salamander

    The Island

    Quite liked it, i didn't realize this was peter pan inspired till the end, really should have with the names of the island. Is there going to be a sequel?
  3. My theory on this is, and really, I'm probably not the only one, is that this change in Jon is an side effort of Jon's resurrection. Perhaps this is a blessing of the lord of light. I hope Jon doesn't Theon kill but rather does what Ramsey did to him, keep him as a slave. Maybe even over time, Theon starts worshipping Jon as god, no man is capable of doing what he can. But you know what would to turn this series from good to great, would be if Jon shared this power with someone else. Gendry, perhaps. Their fathers were friends. Or tormund, both brothers in arm. Just throwing ideas out there, whatever direction you decide to go with I'll probably love. Anyway can't wait to see what he does to euron.
  4. Welcome to the forums sergeantseeker :)

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