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  1. That sounds like "lex's fulfilment" to me. You can find it on here, it's by lexfan.
  2. Okay, since i can't think of anymore stories, I'm going to short some more photos. Here's one by Alex Ross and, this has to be one of my all time favorite pictures of superman, because it really emphasize his bulk. In modern comics to show off how muscular a character is, they're drawn superhumanly tone, to the point you can see their muscles definition even in jogging pants, and hoodies. However, to me this never characters feel strong to me, primarily because despite all this definition, they're still quite skinny. All style, no substance. (Also a reason why i prefer powerlifers and bodybuilders, over models) However the opposite is true in this piece, the power behind every heavily muscled limb practically hits you in waves. This artwork of superman makes you wonder why there's crime in metropolis, when the mere sight of it's defender should be enough to inspire fear in any would-be criminals and villains. Here's another by Alex Ross, from his comic kingdom come. Now, I'm not a fan of the comic itself, or the characterization of superman and other characters, but i do like this graying grizzled look he's got going on throughout the comic. Only thing Waid and Ross managed to do right. And the last two, not much commentary on these, but i find them really inspiring for a story.
  3. "Superman gets big" by arpeejay, After losing his powers Clark takes up weightlifting with Noah, a professional bodybuilder, and soon hits it off with the behemoth. This story is honestly incredibly heart-warming. The next story up is, the "Dark side of Superman", be warned this is a snuff story, very violent and bloody. This story focus on clark before he became superman, and clearly takes heavy inspiration from Snellville if any of you like, or remember that show. In it, Clark finds a piece red kryptonite, and let's snuffs a bar full of men with his bare-hands. I've only read the first so i don't know much more of the plot beyond that. I love muscle domination, and i don't mind bloody stories like this, but when ever all the weaker characters are killed, the story becomes boring to me because at that point who else is there to dominate and humiliate. Unfortunately all the sites the first two parts of "The Dark side of Superman", were hosted on are down, and I'm not sure about the third part, so I'm unable to link. To those who might have want read this, you're going to have to go searching yourself, sorry.
  4. I understand why superman is often portrayed likr that in these kinds of stories, and don't get me wrong, far as I'm concerned there's nothing wrong with. In fact there's plenty of stories with this kind of theme that i love, such as "superman vs alex", "Lex's Fulfillment", or "Supermanhandled". it's merely that i such there were more variety concerning him. I mean he's a farmboy, he's strong enough to literally lift the planet, and his chest hair is as thick his muscles. I'm just saying he deserves a little more love.
  5. When ever superman pops up in stories on here he's usually the victim. He's either having his powers stolen, or used as a measuring stick for a much stronger character. I think this is probably all due to people who decide to use him in stories not being comic book readers, and working off a vague recollection from movies, cartoons, and pop culture, so he's seen him as boring and generic, only something to be used as a plot device instead of a interesting character of his own. So in this thread i want to to celebrate our blue boy scout, by sharing stories where he doesn't get the short end of the stick. The stories needn't focus on dominantion, they can range from domination to simple muscle growth, as long as superman is more than a punching bag for someone else, the stories belongs here. Here's some photos for inspiration. Edit: I've added some stories I've found in another post below.
  6. I'm choosing Dark Souls, because i don't often see that kind of setting in stories around here
  7. Hmm, 389 waking up outside the quarters of his officer. Did Fforbes make the former sergeant service him, if you catch my drift. also, how big did the new 8.1 versions get? I understand if you want to keep the size of the hulk marines vague, but you should at least drop hints here and there for the writers. In the first chapter i was under the impression all the hulk marines, were, well hulk size; turns out 246, 388, and 389 are the first of the enhanced servicemen to be over seven feet. Just saying, a little confusing is all.
  8. Salamander

    The Island

    Quite liked it, i didn't realize this was peter pan inspired till the end, really should have with the names of the island. Is there going to be a sequel?
  9. My theory on this is, and really, I'm probably not the only one, is that this change in Jon is an side effort of Jon's resurrection. Perhaps this is a blessing of the lord of light. I hope Jon doesn't Theon kill but rather does what Ramsey did to him, keep him as a slave. Maybe even over time, Theon starts worshipping Jon as god, no man is capable of doing what he can. But you know what would to turn this series from good to great, would be if Jon shared this power with someone else. Gendry, perhaps. Their fathers were friends. Or tormund, both brothers in arm. Just throwing ideas out there, whatever direction you decide to go with I'll probably love. Anyway can't wait to see what he does to euron.
  10. Welcome to the forums sergeantseeker :)

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