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  1. Got questions? Ask. Need/want help? I'm here, just ask. 

  2. damn dude.. lookin big and sexy!

  3. You embody everything a lifter should be about. Keep being you man. 

    1. ferruminfratris


      I do my best man. I'll keep trying though.

  4. A man after my own heart.  :-)


  5. Once I realized that I was lost, I cursed the fact that I had decided to wander into this insufferable maze. I could tell that night as coming as the temperature had started dropping and I might have to worry how I was going to stay warm during the night, since I hadn't found anything to burn or to keep warm with in all my hours of wandering. After a little while, I found a nook that I crawled into and curled up and tried to get some rest for a few hours. I must had been more tired than I thought, I woke up in a completely different part of the maze in front of this large roaring fire that was keeping me and the whole room warm. Looking around I saw the Minotaur for the first time. He was at least 7 feet tall, and covered in thick, hard, dense muscle. From head to toe the man-bull was coats in thick black hair that somewhat resembled fur, but not really. Everything about him was huge, from his tree trunk legs, to his broad, full chest. Even his genitals were grossly over exaggerated, they had to be at least 3 times the size of mine. The Minotaur noticed that I was awake, grinned and walked over to where I was. He picked me up in his thick, powerful arms, and placed me on the edge of his massive bed in the chamber. He opened the front of my pants and with his calloused hand he freed my junk from its prison of cloth. Then, just as quickly he dropped to his knees and took my dick in his mouth and sucked it hard, which didn't take very long at all. Once I was hard, he took his time licking and pleasuring my dick with his tongue while I was lost in sheer ecstasy. With each pass of his tongue I could feel my dick getting harder, and more powerful. Looking down to watch him work on my tool, I saw that my dick was in fact getting, longer and thicker and harder with each pass he made. It was even beginning to change shape and colour to more closely match the man-bull's who was doing this to me. Part of me wanted him to stop, and the other part of me was too lost in pleasure to tell him or make him. At one he moved down to explore and lick and suck on my balls, which I could feel churn and swell as they stretched my sack to its absolute limit and then continued to stretch it even more. The man-bull even went for far as to lick and suck on my taint, making sure every aspect of my member got the attention that it needed. Before long, my package was rivalling the Minotaur's in size and power. The erection continued to build in size and intensity bringing me to the point of near orgasm, as I felt my massive balls pull up and prepare for their imminent release. The man-bull paused for a second, leaving me on the precipice, before ramming his head down to the base and shoving my massive dick down his tight throat making me come. As he sucked and milked every last drop of my humanity out of my dick from the longest and most intense orgasm I had had up till that point, I felt other changes starting to happen inside me. With each pulse of the orgasm I felt it move through every inch of my body. Each wave of pleasure forced my muscles to grow and harden as I began to grow taller and thicker at the same time. As I grew my body started to itch as tick course hair started to grow in everywhere. As my orgasm wound down the changes were far from over and I still had along way to go. But the massive Minotaur wasn't quite finished as he raised my legs up and positioned himself to take my hole for round two. Now it was his turn. The man-bull pressed the huge head of his penis against my which quivered and spasmed in anticipation. He thrust his hips foreward, implaing me on his massive dick and stretching me to beyond my absolute limit as I gasped and moaned in pleasure. It wasnt long before i felt his huge furry balls pressed against my ass as he ground against my hole stretching me out. Then he began to slowly move in and out of my massaging my growing prostate, making me hornier and harder with every pass. It didn't take before I began to feel the pressure building in my own balls, as the pulled up and churned from the impeding orgasm. On instinct I leaned my head up and right as i started to cum, I shot my entire load into my eager and waiting mouth, and swallowed every last drop of it. While the bull-man continued to pick up speed and fucked me even harder I felt a heat spread throughout my body. And with each passing thrust and gasp of pleasure from me,I felt one of the most intense pumps I had ever felt every single muscle of my body harden and grow. I looked down at my arms and muscles were growing and hardening and pressing all of the veins right to the surface of the skin as dark coarse hair began cover them. I could feel my lats pushing my arms out from my body as the expanded and thickened. My chest was filling out and soon it ecliped the view I had of my abes which has started to from into and 8-pack of cobblestone like proportions. As the hair on my chest thickened and coated my newly formed mounds of flesh, I felt the bones shifting and realigning in my legs as they began to terminate in broad hooves like my sire's and my quads grew to enormous proportions. As the rest of my changes continued to occur I felt my sire's dick harden even more as he came deep inside me filling me up with his potent seed. With each spurt of his cum, I continued to grow more hirsute, harder, denser, bigger. As his orgasm finished I was a little bigger than him and all but my head had changed to match his powerful and masaculine form. he pulled out of me and I flexed my ass shut to keep as much of him inside me as I could. My sire turned over and shook his ass in the air, offering it to my quickly growing dick. I followed my urges and instincts, and grabbed the man-bull by his furry hips, and plunged my throbbing member deep in his ass. I began to thrust in and out of him as his expert ass began to milk and squeeze my dick with each pass making me harder and hornier. Each pass into my sire's ass made me feel stronger and denser and more powerful. I felt the hair growing on my face, marking the beginning of the end of my transition from mortal to beast, I felt my canine elongate and sharpen a little as my face pushed foreward, and formed into a shortened bulls snout. as I began to near orgasm, the pressure in my balls began to build even more intensly than before, as a splitting pain began to also build in my head, the closer i got to orgasm the more intense the pain in my head became. I drove deep into my sire one final time, and exploded my seed in him and at the same time a pair of massive horn erupted out of my skull sealing my changes. Once I finished, I leaned back and stood up to examine my newly changed and powerful body, moving my hands over my hard hairy muscle giving it a firm squeeze on occasion. My sire got up and slid his thick arms under mine and gave my nipples a tight squeeze before grasping my thick heavy pecs in his hands, turningme on again. Saying, "We aren't nearly fiished yet. Let me show you everything your new body can do..."
  6. Thanks for the follow bro! 


  7. Welcome to the forums ferruminfratris :)

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