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  1. You never disappoint. Never. What a great story
  2. Thank you for that. The experience of being on stage and the trepidation turned to unbridled showmanship was extremely well written. The self realization that one is a true show off is exactly like that. Well done.
  3. That was fun. I suspected you might do that to Chris at the show...you didn’t disappoint. The thing I really like about how you write a transformation scene is there is so much more going on. And you leave a lot to our imagination. Well done once again.
  4. Well done. I really enjoy your imaginative use of the language. This story is terrific... I too was checking daily for updates.
  5. Really excellent writing. Many thanks please keep them coming...the chapters that is.
  6. Really excellent writing. I read the whole story for the first time today. Your ability to weave technical terms into the story to move things along is great. Well done.
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