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  1. Really excellent writing. I thoroughly enjoy the way you work in the subconscious elements as well as the muscle growth. It’s really inventive and always has me looking for more. Well done many thanks, George
  2. Excellent writing. I should have seen that coming but didn’t. Really well thought out ideas. Will his subconscious be next? Many thanks again George
  3. I really enjoy your writing. Just so you are aware, I look for updates to this story...multiple times...every day. The characters you have developed are really well done. Many thanks, george
  4. You never disappoint. Never. What a great story
  5. Thank you for that. The experience of being on stage and the trepidation turned to unbridled showmanship was extremely well written. The self realization that one is a true show off is exactly like that. Well done.
  6. That was fun. I suspected you might do that to Chris at the show...you didn’t disappoint. The thing I really like about how you write a transformation scene is there is so much more going on. And you leave a lot to our imagination. Well done once again.
  7. Well done. I really enjoy your imaginative use of the language. This story is terrific... I too was checking daily for updates.
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