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  1. I'm interested in what happens to your characters... don't get me wrong, the muscle stuff is really great. But following their path with them is addictive. Many Thanks again for sharing your imagination with us. We are all better off because you have.
  2. Worse than that...that was the era of Ron and Nancy Reagan. Who ignored us when we were dying by the thousands of aids.
  3. bump... I really enjoyed this story and hope you continue it.
  4. More please..... I think we are all caught up... LOL
  5. I’m not sure i can say this is my favorite chapter yet as I haven’t read the whole story. I can say though that you really have a way with words. You know how to make grown men cry. Well done
  6. You know, even though you said you’d update this story every few days I still check it every day. Just to make sure I haven’t missed some of your wonderful writing. It’s a real pleasure reading your words. Please keep them coming. This update was beautifully done.
  7. What a wonderful surprise to see you continued your story. This has always been one of my favorites... I really enjoy the way you use language to evoke such an etherial moment in time. like splashes of light or water....Really well done. Do you plan to continue with this story? Many Thanks, George
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