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    6ft 3in 175lbs
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    trying to get to 200
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    to be 6ft 6in and 250lbs

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  1. got my arms up to 14in

    1. viennabeef


      Fuck yeah, man! Blast em even bigger. Keep on growing!

    2. mr1992


      yeah i will for sure. loving the growth

  2. Having some dinner after a hard lift :)

  3. Good lift! Pumped up and a little riled up if you know what I mean ;) let's talk while i'm in the mood haha

  4. just got a kik talk to me @ mrcleveland1992

  5. Thanks for the follow. 

  6. So pumped from my workout. Feel those muscles pulsing and growing. Can't wait to see the results. Feels so good :)

  7. Beat career mode in my ufc game. If only I could do the same for real haha

  8. Playing some ufc 3 wishing I was badass like those guys

  9. new pic up check it out

  10. new pic up looking pretty good here

  11. i'm getting bigger and heavier

    1. TFT


      keep up the hard work!!!

    2. pasidious


      that's so awesome, and sexy too lol

  12. Got some new pics up showing off the gains

  13. How strong you now 

  14. getting more muscle on me

    1. Wesman123


      What's your updated stats now 


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