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  1. kutam

    AJ & Noah

    Most of all I still want to see Noah after he's blown up into the "Cookie Monster" though.
  2. "No one's gonna need with you Pete cause you're the man... If you keep going to the gym soon you'll be a muscle stud like me" Yup I'm eagerly waiting till we get to see Pete swagger walking up to Dane, those formerly twiggish arms now massive bazookas flanking his looming pecs. How ya like me now bro he can say, as he presses his chest into Dane's
  3. kutam

    AJ & Noah

    Forgive me Mrs. Cook, but I have to ask, will we get to see (read) when "little Cookie" blows up into a monster?
  4. kutam

    AJ & Noah

    Awesome work mate. Alright Noah, time to grow
  5. kutam

    AJ & Noah

    Heh your artist is great. You know what would be awesome? A pic of AJ and Noah, walking into Scorpio's for the first time, which might one day be something like a memento. Because you see huge AJ next to slim Noah, a little memory of what used to be, once Noah has been exploded by Scorpio's into a fucking behemoth :).
  6. kutam

    AJ & Noah

  7. kutam

    AJ & Noah

    Great work man-- keep it going!
  8. Welcome to the forums kutam :)

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