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  1. kutam

    AJ & Noah

    Most of all I still want to see Noah after he's blown up into the "Cookie Monster" though.
  2. kutam


    The app. Anyone used it, reviews?
  3. I suppose surprisingly(?) I'm not into unrealistic immobilizing flesh piles. Totally into the growth tho. When I was younger before it externally became a thing, I wanted a guy who'd be bigger than me and convince me to get big like him; this sort of happened actually but only in a platonic way. Now the idea is finding a cute small guy I can "corrupt" and turn into a monster
  4. "No one's gonna need with you Pete cause you're the man... If you keep going to the gym soon you'll be a muscle stud like me" Yup I'm eagerly waiting till we get to see Pete swagger walking up to Dane, those formerly twiggish arms now massive bazookas flanking his looming pecs. How ya like me now bro he can say, as he presses his chest into Dane's
  5. I have one commission myself. The idea is simple I suppose and not as fantastical but nevertheless... ...so we start of with three or so guys, and they're grabbing a bite to eat after the gym. And they're sitting outside in the summer air, and you know as we guys do, they're people watching. And they see a guy they think is cute pass them and sit down a bit away, and the main character stairs for a bit. His friends make fun of him, he says he was just staring in the distance at that guy's direction. They say, we know your type, just imagine if he got big like us. All three of them agree that that would be one amazing looking dude. Later main character runs into the guy, they strike up a chat and, before you know it they're going out. Fast forward. The dude admits he's super attracted to main character's muscles, and asks how he got so big. Main character laughs and says there was a time he'd ask the same question, but and probably couldn't have imagined he'd get this big and still have time for the rest of life. He gives the dude tips, you know. Guy says he doesn't think he'd have the time. He says, just gotta schedule it and do it, show up to blow up. The guy really takes to it., he does show up. Shows up four times a week. Before long the gains start coming in. The long sleeve shirts start feeling tight, the buttons between the pecs, you know. Guy loves it. Now he wouldn't stop if he could. But he's hooked. Previous guy had introduced him to weed, that was mind blowing. Just like this. He's pretty glad he met the main character, if not for that he might have gone through life skinny and not having experienced it. But he wanted to get his mind blown more. Just had to show up more to blow up more. Next summer the comments start. People can tell. A guy friend asks him for advice. Show up, blow up. But they had no idea what the next summer after that would bring. and then the next summer. Can't hide those proud pecs under a shirt on a hot day, that would suck, naah fuck that. Two more years after that, main character and boyfriend go to beach together. By now boyfriend is fucking huge. By the way the guy that had asked him for advice, he ends up hooking up with the two when they go on looking for a threesome and he's totes into it too, and the gains are just beginning for him, and they're both like, just wait man, just wait. But that's nanother story. They're talking about it. Back when we were kids we never wanted to look like this, we thought those guys were freaks. But, he said, we also thought sex was gross then. They both laugh. Story has to end with the two going back to the same joint that they had first seen each other at. Main character tells his boyfriend about the convo they had had, imagining what it would be like if he got huge. But they didn't know how amazing it would be. Boyfriend says I didn't know how amazing it would be either, thanks for showing me. Main character asks what did you think of me. Boyfriend was like I thought you were this huge freak that I was totally attracted to but didn't want to look like, yet. And then I was like, holy fuck he's talking to me. Seemed like a nice idea.
  6. kutam

    AJ & Noah

    Forgive me Mrs. Cook, but I have to ask, will we get to see (read) when "little Cookie" blows up into a monster?
  7. kutam

    AJ & Noah

    Awesome work mate. Alright Noah, time to grow
  8. yeah I think dbz really does it more for us in the younger generation...
  9. kutam

    AJ & Noah

    Heh your artist is great. You know what would be awesome? A pic of AJ and Noah, walking into Scorpio's for the first time, which might one day be something like a memento. Because you see huge AJ next to slim Noah, a little memory of what used to be, once Noah has been exploded by Scorpio's into a fucking behemoth :).
  10. kutam

    AJ & Noah

  11. Just mostly an idea I had for fun : a thread where we pretend to try to persuade someone to get huge. Any means of rhetorical persuasion could work -- explaining how you were hesitant at first too, explaining how amazing an experience it is to see your scrawny body blow up all over with new flesh, and how sad it is that some guys don't get to experience that, why being huge feels so great, you name it. Really curious to see what people come up with here
  12. kutam

    AJ & Noah

    Great work man-- keep it going!
  13. kutam


    From one American -- please, don't. For many mostly liberal Americans this forum is escapism from our current... situation. By all means, set your stories in foreign countries.
  14. No, size doesn't make you an asshole, being an asshole makes you an asshole-- shocker.
  15. I was interested in this just as a theoretical question, believe it or not. Let's say you're a guy who is mainly or only attracted to dudes who are pretty buff, the buffer the better. My general sense most guys with big muscles who like other dudes prefer other dudes whose frames also adorned by bulging muscles -- though not all of them. So once you get big yourself, you are more likely to end up with one (be it for relationship or just sex). The question is this -- is that improved likelihood of getting with a buff guy romantically/sexually worth the time and effort spent? And I should clarify this is an "all other things equal" scenario where we assume that the only things you're trading between are the time/money spent getting huge and the sexual/romantic rewards. Of course this is a big one because we know there are also other rewards -- social, health, and of course the fact that if you're into muscles as we on this site know you will probably savor the experience of slowly transforming your once twig like frame into that of a hulking bull... ok better stop now before I get carried away But seriously I think this is an interesting question. Thoughts?
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