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  1. kutam

    Real Life Bullying in Gyms

    No, size doesn't make you an asshole, being an asshole makes you an asshole-- shocker.
  2. I was interested in this just as a theoretical question, believe it or not. Let's say you're a guy who is mainly or only attracted to dudes who are pretty buff, the buffer the better. My general sense most guys with big muscles who like other dudes prefer other dudes whose frames also adorned by bulging muscles -- though not all of them. So once you get big yourself, you are more likely to end up with one (be it for relationship or just sex). The question is this -- is that improved likelihood of getting with a buff guy romantically/sexually worth the time and effort spent? And I should clarify this is an "all other things equal" scenario where we assume that the only things you're trading between are the time/money spent getting huge and the sexual/romantic rewards. Of course this is a big one because we know there are also other rewards -- social, health, and of course the fact that if you're into muscles as we on this site know you will probably savor the experience of slowly transforming your once twig like frame into that of a hulking bull... ok better stop now before I get carried away But seriously I think this is an interesting question. Thoughts?
  3. kutam

    Anyone ever use nair for hair removal?

    I'm about to use it for the first time actually and I was wondering if it had long term side effects.
  4. kutam

    Homoerotic Wrestling

    Wait, there's wrestling that isn't homoerotic?
  5. Also, this sounds ranty but it's always seemed rather absurd to me that "fit privilege" is a thing we have to check ourselves for -- yet the elephant in the room of things like height (where it's women who are the more shallow ones not men, typically-- but no diet fixes this one!) are rarely ever discussed.
  6. On the one hand my heart goes out to anyone who has to deal with what fat people do in society. On the other, this "movement" goes way too far. We can't pretend it's healthy that so many people nowadays are obese and furthermore, I'm really sorry but I will never find it attractive and I ~really~ hate how somehow I have to feel guilty about what I am or am not attracted to (seriously I thought the whole "it's okay to be gay" thing should've put the nail in that coffin........). Yes I have actually heard people ranting (usually women) about why can't men just be attracted to fat. Well, sorry, we cant help it, wish we could. I mean there are guys who go for that, and all power to them. But overall it's better as a society to spend time reexamining how it is (hint: non-consumerist capitalism) that we ended up with more than 10% of the population clinically obese, and how to help fix the problem, rather than throwing in the towel and trying to normalize what is very much a health hazard. As for the "heavy" sorts--- honestly I think that's more a problem for women only but there are both guys and girls (not me) who are quite into that, and they're just quiet about it. I do agree that women who are naturally slightly heavy (not obese which is unnatural) really get a crap deal from society. Well, I'm gonna sound like a college kid despite my earlier non-pc comment, but capitalism and patriarchy are kind of real.
  7. Dude in this day and age there are many ways to fix that, all you gotta do is commit and do the research.
  8. Heh you should bulk up yourself. Helps with the confidence
  9. I also want to add -- it seems half hte problem in this scenario is you, no offense. Because you're uncomfortable with the fact that you're attracted to his muscles, and not willing to communicate that. But I suspect that discomfort on your part is based on the idea that he would find your attraction to him repulsive. Just because he cannot reciprocate as he's straight doesn't mean that's the case. If he knows you're attracted to dudes and he has been behaving this way with you I very strongly suspect he is okay with you having some level of attraction to it.
  10. Does he know you're attracted to dudes? Is there a problem with him knowing? Because if there's no problem, frankly the fact that you're attracted could very well be a reason he does it lol, some guys like the response. If it makes you uncomfortable and he's a good friend and you tell him this, he won't continue.
  11. Not gonna lie my sexual orientation could be analyzed to have changed over the course of my life. Perhaps the best explanation is that I've been innately bisexual the whole time. I dont know about that though. Sexuality is a complex thing and honestly altho I can understand the political reasons why people would want to say its impossible for someones orientation to change (conversion therapy is awful), my own experience makes me doubt that sometimes. Just thought I'd share on that point only.
  12. Figure out how I got that awesome... and how to make other people that awesome
  13. kutam

    When did you start lifting?

    Believe it or not I used to be one of those guys who was small, who liked being small, who didn't want muscles, who was actually afraid of getting muscles. My family has good genetics so I didn't want to work out because I was afraid (what the hell, I know) that I would get buff. Thought I looked good slim, didn't wanna be one of those "freaks". But I ended up in freshman year of college going to the gym with people because of sports, and on the other hand who I was with. At first I would even try to find ways to avoid the heavy weights, "cardio is important" et cetera... but then I didn't want to look bad. And then when the gains just started, as I just started to grow, the idea 'started to grow on me, somehow. I remember it was one day when I was sitting in my room, and I started to feel my chest and noticed my newly bigger pecs. And I was kind of scared but also surprisingly fascinated with them. And I kind of held my left pec up and then when I released it, I was surprised by the little "thump" I felt. I'd never felt that before. My pec had this new weight in it. And at that moment, something changed in me. Suddenly, I thought, I wonder what will happen if I work out more. I really wanted to find out. And so I started going to the gym of my own accord. And then, "I wonder what will happen" turned into "wow, I like this" and "geez I fucking love this" and then "give me more" gave way to "GIVE ME MORE" as everyone watched that scrawny freshman be transformed by load after load of new muscle mass. I wish I had had that epiphany when I was in high school, that whole "I like being small thing" was such a waste of time. Needless to say, when I make that thump from releasing my pec, it's a lot bigger now, and I fucking love it. If only I could talk to little me and tell him, "oh no, you don't like being small, trust me, get fucking huge and you'll never regret it boy, you just don't know it yet, trust me, the bigger the better :)". I am starting my first cycle soon. Just like before I'm kind of scared-- but I also have a lot of excitement to see what it'll turn me into :).
  14. kutam

    Big Guys into Small Guys?

    Did he ever get to see what you've become?