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    I love muscle roleplay from the muscle side. Grow me or have me already huge. I'm a fan of Dom/sub roleplay too.

    Attraction wise, I love the freaks of muscle: Shredded, peeled muscle with 0% fat, or the other side, massively thick bodybuilders, the super heavyweights, off-season or on.
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    6'1", 203 lbs
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    Roleplay, stories, cyber, or even motivation on my gym journey.
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    220 lbs of prime muscle, veiny and shredded.
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    Anything with the freaks of muscle!
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    Alexey Lesukov, Keith Dye, Branch Warren, Jeff Long and many more.
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    I love size differences, worship, veins, hairy men, Dom/sub.

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  1. That is exactly the one! He'd sound him and stroke his cock and keep the cum building.
  2. There was a story I loved, which I believe was on the old forum. It had two neighbors, one an adult, massive bodybuilder, the other a teenager. They go camping together next to a lake. There's a lot of "innocent" muscle worship. The kid milks the bodybuilder while he sleeps and soaks the sleeping bag. There were 4-5 chapters. Ring any bells?
  3. Mm! A great start to what I'm sure will be a cock-hardening freak fest! Happy I could inspire!
  4. You ever get big with another guy? Hit me up on yahoo at smokemuscle or skype at jrcillian

  5. I fucking love the peaks of your biceps!  So damn hot!

  6. Back in the gym and it feels SO good!

    1. Mdlftr


      I know the feeling!

  7. I woke in the morning to Collin stirring in my arms contentedly. He turned to face me and started sucking on my adam's apple. I let him for a moment before pulling him off. "Hey. Not yet. I'm starving." "So'm I." He reached down and started rubbing my cock. I grabbed his hand. As good as it felt, I really was famished. "Let's eat first, then we can have some fun." Later Collin was downstairs fixing breakfast. He was standing over the stove naked, flipping pancakes. When I walked up to him he looked over his shoulder and glanced over my body. "You know, you were incredible last night. The way your meat fills me... I didn't want it to leave." He paused to put another pancake on the already large stack. "And your body..." He turned around and studied my naked form. "You're so damn huge... ripped... it's..." He hesitated. "Perfect." My cock jumped and a bead of pre formed at my cock slit. He put another pancake on the stack. "How did you get so big Alan?" I smiled, "You mean this little body?" I raised my thick arms and flexed my biceps. Veins popped over the split heads and I exposed my deep furry pits. Collin quickly turned off the burner and turned around to grab my arms. His hand felt the overdeveloped wedges of muscle. He pushed his face into my arm pit and greedily began lapping at the course dark hair. I put my hand behind my head and let him work deeper. Then I spied the large stack of pancakes and once again pulled my boss off of me. He looked crestfallen. But I grabbed the plate and poured a generous amount of syrup onto it.
  8. Dominant and Loving It: Part 2 Later that evening I was at home sitting back in my office chair jerking off. Yes, again. I'm horny all the time and I can't get behind. I was nearly to climax when my cell buzzed on my desk. I almost ignored it but glanced at the display... It was work. I answered the call, "Alan here." There was some background noise but no one replied. "Hello?" Finally someone responded, "Hey... uh... mmm..." Silence. By then my cock was half soft. "Look, can I help you with something?" I was getting frustrated. "Alan, it's Collin... I was wondering... I'm off work now and I was wondering if I could come see you." My cock jumped. I smiled and paused for a moment. Doing this could get both of us fired. But thinking of my boss sucking on my nips and squeezing my muscle... well, my cock was already inflating. "Sure dude. You can come over." "Oh good," he sighed in relief, "I'll be there in a sec." *click* Wha..? The doorbell rang. Okay, now this is creepy. I stood and searched for something to pull on, finding nothing nearby I grabbed a towel and wrapped it around my waist 'Wrapped' is kind of a stretch, it didn't fit all the way around but it concealed my junk. I thumped down the stairs and opened the door. Collin was standing there in his work clothes. When I opened the door his eyes widened and his jaw dropped. "Hey." I rumbled. He paused for a moment and rushed forward. His lips were on my neck in an instant and his hand reached under the towel. A second later his hand was rubbing my taint. My cock was rock hard. Collin had enouugh experience to know just where to apply pressure. I let out a gasp, then "Uh maybe we should," he pressed his fingers harder. "Ohhhh... shut the door." He kicked it closed and we stumbled backwards into the arm of the couch. My towel was on the floor and my head was in the clouds. I pulled the smaller man roughly on top of me. His lips were everywhere: sucking on my ear, my neck, and my clavicle. I pulled his shirt from his pants and thrust my hand in finding his ass. Soon I had a thick digit probing his hole while he groaned. He pulled back and started undressing. I only chuckled and grabbed it at the top ripping it open and exposing his hairy chest. He was straddling my waist. I roughly grabbed his package through his khakis and groping his hard cock. Collin's eyes closed. "Like that huh?" I fumbled with his belt and whipped it off. Then grabbing the sides of his trousers I pulled them out and down. The button popped and the zipper ripped with a satisfying sound. I growled and then pulled harder. The pants tore all the way apart. Collin steadied himself on my hairy thighs, spasming. He was quite a sight kneeling back with a pant leg around each thigh, perspiration glistening all over his body and eyes closed, saliva dripping from his lips. His cockhead was visible over the waistband of his small black briefs. "You want it, don't you?" "Yessir. Please." he responded quickly. "Well, what're you waiting for? Get on it!" I thrust my hips for emphasis. He lifted his ass and grabbed my thick tool. Soon he was pressing the inflated head into his warm interior. I closed my eyes and relaxed. Pressing into a man’s hole for the first time is my favorite sensation. Damn he was good for being a straight guy. He kept pressing down, plunging my cock in deeper. Soon he was resting on my balls. A long groan escaped his lips-long and deep. "Fuck yeah little man! Give up that mancunt to me!" I shouted. He started bouncing on my meat, the friction giving us both intense pleasure. He leaned forward and placed his hand on my pecs, trying to squeeze them. His hands were nearly covered by my dark chest hair. I flexed my chest and and the thick lobes bunched up hard and wide. Collin's thumbs rubbed my nips and I bucked into his ass. Soon I was getting close, the sweat beading on my forehead. I let out a loud growl and pushed my hips up and emptied my load into Collin. A moment later he shot his load onto my chest. I lifted the smaller man off of my cock. He fell on my torso and started licking his spunk off of my chest. "There's a good boy." I stroked his back and soon he was nuzzling into my pec. I love that. A few minutes later I lifted Collin up and carried him up the stairs to my room. I threw back the covers with one hand and then set him down. Then crawling behind him I spooned his small body and wrapped my massive arm around him. Soon I was asleep, my thick body wrapped around my boss.
  9. I gave another grunt, thrusting deep into his soft interior. Fuck it felt good. My boss lay across the side of his desk, knaki pants and underwear wrapped around his ankles. The dark hair of his ass and thighs contrasting with his pale skin. I gave it a slap, my oversized hand leaving a red imprint that likely wouldn't leave for days. He moaned out his approval... "Yeah Alan... breed me..." the saliva in his mouth making him slur. I leaned forward, pressing my massive chest into his back trying to grt deeper into his already stretched chute. I was getting close. "Clamp down bitch!" I commanded. I immediately felt his ass tighten as he tried to please his Master. With a few more pumps I felt my testicles pull up over my thighs and I began to shoot my load. Ecstacy arched like electicity through my cock, under my balls and into my core. Major muscles contracted fighting against each other. It was like a kind of seizure... only with pleasure... so much pleasure! Hard cords of muscle writhed in my forearms as I gripped his hips. It woukd help for awhile. In that same instance, Collin shivered under me and I could tell he was releasing his small load on the side of his desk. I felt some of it on my calf, mixing with the sweat glistening on the hair. I stood up, my cock still inside Collin pulled him nearly off the desk. I smiled. It still took some getting used to. A yelp escaped his lips as my cock head stretched his ring. I ran a hand through my short hair and yawned. "Better get cleaned up boy. The guys on the floor are going to wonder what we're doing in here. That thought made me smile again. Fuck, they all knew. I'd done almost half of them in this room. Collin stood and hobbled over to the front of his desk and opened a drawer. He pulled out a rag and started wiping the sweat off of his balding head and then methodically down his body. He had a masculine appeal with wide shoulders and a fit muscular body. He looked good in the business casual required by our employment. Employment. I looked down at my clothes strewn on the floor. I pulled on my undershirt and started looking for my boxers. I glanced in the wall mirror. I flexed my pecs watching the massive wedges of muscle roll under my thin skin. I touched my left pec and traced a blue vein up into my furry pit. I licked my lips. It hadn't been there before. Collin made a noise and I looked over. He was sitting in his office chair leaning back, two fingers of his left hand plunging in and out of his exhausted hole while he frantically stroked his purple-headed cock. I only shook my head and finally grabbed my boxer shorts in the corner. I stepped into them and pulled them up over my jutting calves and over my hairy corded quads. The elastic was tight on my waist but that was fine. I reached in and pulled my balls up and forward and got comfortable. Collin started moaning again just watching the display. I finshed dressing in my blue polo and khakis and stole one last glance in the mirror. The sleeves were pulled tight around my large delts. I pulled my shoulders back and the polo stretched exposing dark hair above the buttons and thick tuft in my pits. "Damn I look good!" As I exited the office and left the strong scent of sex behind I let out a deep content sigh. I wasn't always this way. Not even close. Just a year ago it had happened. I used to be skinny, weak, and my life was going nowhere. I turned the corner and saw a twenty-something surveying the cameras. He had thick blond hair, ruddy skin, and a liitle fat. -- like an athletic teddy bear. One of my co-workers was just starting to introduce himself. He glanced up and saw me sauntering forward. I slowly shook my head and the nameless employee backed off. "'Morning." I said as I came next the guy. I'd been told my deeper bass voice really resonated. The exact words were "It makes my balls vibrate." The younger guy looked up from the camera he was studying. His eyes widened and they scoped me from top to bottom. My cock jumped. It does that every time I realize someone wants me. I stepped closer, well into his personal space. He didn't move. "How about you let me show you some cameras." I rumbled. Not fifteen minutes later I had him in Collin's office feeling his little hands run into my furry ass crack and tease my hole with his tongue. 30 minutes after that he was leaving the store with a Canon camera, an extended warranty and a lot of my seed in his ass. It is a good life. =========================== This is part one of a multi-part story. No growth yet, but it's coming. It's been over a decade since I've written, so please let me know what you like, or what you'd like to see!
  10. Welcome to the forums muscledlust :)

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