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    real profile.
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    Bisexual (Male Preference)
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    Love to lift, and love skiing
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    205, recently down from 240 after a bad bulk - lost a lot of fat but some muscle with it.
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    Looking for people to chat with, give advice and help me get to where i want to be.
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    Dream stats, don't you mean down the road in five years stats at 260lbs ripped?
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    Evan Centopani, Arnold, Phil Heath, Jay Cutler, Craig Golias etc.
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    Forced Growth

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  1. Thanks to the follow.

  2. leesterri


    LA isn't too bad, Vegas is pretty good from what I've heard. Denver kind of sucks, not too many big guys - a lot of athletic outdoorsy people though. And Phil Heath lives here
  3. leesterri

    Calorie intake

    You're more likely to burn your fat off in your workouts with less calories. Though that all depends on what you're intaking. If you're eating sticks of butter (yeah a bit riduclous but i think you get my point) you will have a harder time than if you're doing a high protein lower carb/fat diet
  4. leesterri


    try putting together an amazon wishlist, those make it easy for you for the most part
  5. Love this site cause everyone is crazy supportive and for the most part all have the same goal!

  6. leesterri

    Sponsorship questions

    Just thought I'd ask around and see if anyone had any advice on sponsorship, how well it worked - if anyone's amazon wishlist actually worked, and things like that.
  7. Getting bigger, looking for people to chat with, encourage/motivate, and give advice. hmu!

  8. Welcome to the forums beeterri :)


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