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    fantasy profile.
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    Pure muscle and brute strength.
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    1.65m tall. Around 60kg.
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    Muscle growth stories, pics & videos related to that and chatting with like-minded people
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    Much bigger size with 5% bodyfat

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  1. mewletter

    Gene Hack

    Take your time archiving your content over Tumblr and possibly moving to potential worthy site first. We can wait. ?
  2. mewletter

    Gene Hack

    It has potential to be a horror story like Junji Ito manga. Are you heading to that direction or giving some sort of fairy tale happy ending? ?
  3. I want dark theme now. It's hurting my eyes at night. :angry:

  4. Much better. It's much easier to read at night. Thanks.
  5. Thanks. Guess this is a new start of Muscle Growth forum.Looking good. Is there anyway to invert the template (dark background, light fonts) to mimic like the old one? The bright white background makes my eyes tired easily.
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