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  1. Not many that ever finished. My Big Brother Wes was a great one, but it fizzles out. A couple others you get 1-2 parts that are amazing and then they stop. My favorite finished ones are: Baby Brother (Part 1 and Part 2) My Big Brother Wes Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6
  2. I was wondering where your profile image came from?

    1. Kinnikunonaku


      It's from an ecchi manga called "Danberu nan kiro moteru" the character is called Macho Naruzou (translated literally as 'To become macho') and he's only unfortunately a secondary character so he doesn't appear all the time.

    2. hikarukujo
  3. Found it: http://www.nifty.org/nifty/bisexual/adult-youth/watching-my-girlfriends-brother/ It's only halfway done, disappointing.
  4. I just read this one a few weeks ago, but I lost it already. Basically a guy is "dating" a girl way out of his league, a perfect 10 when he's barely a 5, and she abuses his devotion to make him do chores for her. One chore is that he's to babysit her little brother one day, who turns out to be a massive stud that ends up dominating and fucking the boyfriend. When they're just getting into it the girlfriend comes home with her real boyfriend that makes the little brother seem small and it ends there. Anyone know what story that is?
  5. That was it, exactly, mm1981! Thanks!
  6. There was a series a long time ago I read about a fat kid and his "stud" cousin who was supposed to train him over the summer to lose weight. At the end of the summer he ends up the same weight as before but now it's 100% muscle and the "stud" is now his little cousin. Anyone remember that story and know where I can find it?
  7. Welcome to the forums hikarukujo :)

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