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    Love the gym, love training, feeling the pump, being surrounded by muscle gods sculpting themselves into beautiful freaks;)
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    5'7, 206 lbs arms 16, quads 24, calves 17, chest 47
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    200lbs, but pure shredded MUSCLE!
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    My twin moves on from the old forum, and anything by JohnD or luvyalots.
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    Evan Centopani, Adam Charlton, Abel Albonetti, Jeff Seid, Matt Acton, Josh Taubes
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    Crazy v-tapers and alpha males with lots of cocky attitude!

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  1. Wish I didn't have to do cardio so I could just revel in my pump instead :D

  2. First day back at the gym in a couple of weeks and my chest is fuckin DESTROYED. 

    1. SMASHOR


      Gets like that when you've had a couple of weeks off... mine does the same 

  3. Tris so pumped I can barely flex them lol


    1. NeverEnough


      Looking thick bro!  Nice work!

  4. Never. Enough. MUSCLE. ?

  5. Nice profile pic! Always love to see a big thick furry arm! ?

  6. Wish I could feel pumped all the time, I need that rush of pure POWER surging and throbbing through me constantly ???

  7. Leg pump got me trembling right now, hurts so good lol


  8. So bored at work, can’t stop thinking about gym, lifting, pumping, MUSCLE. 

    1. GettinHuge


      I know that feel too damn well ❤️

  9. FUCK. YES. You are a fuckin BODYBUILDER MUSCLE GOD!
  10. Holy fuuuck I need a Tommy in my life lol. Barring that, I need a @muscleaddict in my life to describe my fantasies so perfectly!
  11. You're a god among mortals bro, absolutely inspiring and mind blowingly hot!

    1. Mrizom


      It is good to hear that I am inspiring :) It also motivates me to get bigger (and better).

  12. HELL. YES. The louder and more brutal sounding the better! Every bodybuilder should be straight-up ROARING when they flex!
  13. Ever have one of those days where you're just so horned up for muscle you know you're not gonna get anything done at work? :P

    1. Dentistclark


      Been there, no answer 

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