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    Love the gym, love training, feeling the pump, being surrounded by muscle gods sculpting themselves into beautiful freaks;)
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    5'7, 206 lbs arms 16, quads 24, calves 17, chest 47
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    200lbs, but pure shredded MUSCLE!
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    My twin moves on from the old forum, and anything by JohnD or luvyalots.
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    Evan Centopani, Adam Charlton, Julian Navarro, Jeff Seid
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    Crazy v-tapers and alpha males with lots of cocky attitude!

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  1. You're a god among mortals bro, absolutely inspiring and mind blowingly hot!

  2. cg12345

    Charlie's Secret

    HELL. YES. The louder and more brutal sounding the better! Every bodybuilder should be straight-up ROARING when they flex!
  3. Ever have one of those days where you're just so horned up for muscle you know you're not gonna get anything done at work? :P

    1. Dentistclark


      Been there, no answer 

  4. cg12345

    Miami Pro UK

    Lol did someone change the meaning of "chunky" to "godlike"?
  5. cg12345

    Logan Paul - woof

    Yup, he's a douchebag but a hot douchebag.
  6. Thanks for following.

  7. Can I just skip work and get paid for going to the gym instead? :P

    1. Scriptboy


      Man, that would be so nice, wouldn't it? I would LIVE in the gym if that were the case!

    2. ragingblackbull
  8. cg12345

    What is your favorite exercise?

    It's a three-way tie between preacher curls, rope pull-downs and leg extensions. I love making my arms feel like they're gonna burst out of my sleeves, but I also love rolling up my shorts and watching my quads flex and shift and bulge under my skin.
  9. Can't go wrong with lifting to some classic themes from Arnold's repertoire:
  10. Thanks for the follow mate.

  11. Jeans don't fit anymore and I can barely walk. God, I love/hate leg day. 

    1. MLMuscle


      Solution:  Do like I do and make little tiny shorts out of them so that you can show off your quads and calf muscles. :) 

  12. Ugh, need to shake off this stupid cold and lift heavy shit again. In fuckin muscle withdrawal :(

    1. viennabeef


      Agreed.  Anything that interferes with the growth of a muscle beast must be ruthlessly crushed!  Feel better, man!

  13. Biceps are so sore from yesterday I can barely move then, much less flex them... but it's a good sore. 

    1. knox


      Fuck yeah man. Getting huge

  14. Man, Evan is my favorite. Won't stop until I'm his size. Or he decides to marry me. 

    1. cg12345


      Watching you blow up with all that size and power is gonna be incredible! 

    2. byebye


      Thank you my man. Got me hard a fuck here just thinking about it. Love the encouragement. I feed off it. 

  15. Primal, brutal, savage, animalistic unleashed, cocky, arrogant, superior godlike, roaring... I really get off on cocky alphas working themselves into a frenzy as they lift. It's that combination of brutal unstoppable beast and godlike superior narcissism that drives me wild!