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    Love the gym, love training, feeling the pump, being surrounded by muscle gods sculpting themselves into beautiful freaks;)
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    5'7, 206 lbs arms 16, quads 24, calves 17, chest 47
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    200lbs, but pure shredded MUSCLE!
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    My twin moves on from the old forum, and anything by JohnD or luvyalots.
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    Evan Centopani, Adam Charlton, Julian Navarro, Jeff Seid
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    Crazy v-tapers and alpha males with lots of cocky attitude!

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  1. thx for your comment brother!

    1. cg12345


      No problem, stud! Can't wait to see you grow even BIGGER! 💪

  2. Nice profile pic! Always love to see a big thick furry arm! 😛

  3. Wish I could feel pumped all the time, I need that rush of pure POWER surging and throbbing through me constantly 💪💪💪

  4. cg12345

    The new normal

    Fuuuck yeah you BEAST, FUCKING GROW!!
  5. cg12345

    The new normal

    This is my new favorite thread. I don't know what's hotter, your descriptions of your monstrous pump, or the way that godlike body is exploding out of that shirt 💪💪
  6. Leg pump got me trembling right now, hurts so good lol


  7. So bored at work, can’t stop thinking about gym, lifting, pumping, MUSCLE. 

    1. GettinHuge


      I know that feel too damn well

  8. cg12345

    Self Reflection

  9. cg12345

    Charlie's Secret

    Holy fuuuck I need a Tommy in my life lol. Barring that, I need a @muscleaddict in my life to describe my fantasies so perfectly!
  10. You're a god among mortals bro, absolutely inspiring and mind blowingly hot!

    1. Mrizom


      It is good to hear that I am inspiring :) It also motivates me to get bigger (and better).

  11. cg12345

    Charlie's Secret

    HELL. YES. The louder and more brutal sounding the better! Every bodybuilder should be straight-up ROARING when they flex!
  12. Ever have one of those days where you're just so horned up for muscle you know you're not gonna get anything done at work? :P

    1. Dentistclark


      Been there, no answer 

  13. cg12345

    Miami Pro UK

    Lol did someone change the meaning of "chunky" to "godlike"?
  14. cg12345

    Logan Paul - woof

    Yup, he's a douchebag but a hot douchebag.
  15. Thanks for following.