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  1. Stoneman


    I just noticed — was it the prostate massage that finally enabled him to cum?
  2. Stoneman

    …And Sometimes, I Watch My Dad Go to Work…

    I loved the growth sequence. Innovative way of portraying it.
  3. Stoneman

    Dating Tips

    I feel your pain, Astromuscle. I'm 30, and I've never been in a relationship either. Personally, I've just given up on ever being able to attract anyone with muscle. I can't even get the average-sized guys I like to like me back. Sometimes I think about hiring a hustler just so I could be with muscle (or anyone I'm attracted to) once before I die. …this is less helpful than I had hoped it would be. My point is. I feel your pain, and I'm right there with you. You are not alone in this.
  4. Stoneman

    The jock brothers

    Great story!! I love the dynamic you set up between the two jocks. You can really feel the unspoken chemistry between them — the competition, the camaraderie, the burgeoning sexual attraction. The one bro's 'Thanks' really hit me where I live. I feel like we've all been in situations like that. I can't wait for the next chapter. Do you think bro is gonna get bigger than bro? That'd be super hot! I imagine bro would really have to work hard to catch up to bro! Looking forward to the next installment!
  5. Stoneman

    Growing by eating own cum

    The Good Freak, by AKA? http://pridesites.com/omelissokomos/aka/good-freak-01.html
  6. Stoneman

    RIP Oliver Sacks

    Best-selling author and neurologist; gay weightlifter.
  7. Stoneman

    The Ad Man

    The series Twelve Steps Back in the archive is a continuation of the Littleman's Universe.
  8. Stoneman

    NYC Personal Trainer Recommendations

    Sure, I'd be happy to have the guy's information. And I'd be happy to lift with you some time at your gym. There's also a trainer from my old rugby team I'm going to explore, although I think he might primarily do sports conditioning. In that case, I would just really like to know that this is going to be money well-spent, since I don't have a lot of it.
  9. Stoneman

    NYC Personal Trainer Recommendations

    I'm in Harlem, and I was willing to pay $95/session for 4 sessions a month with the NYSC trainer, so I guess that or below is my budget. I don't really make a lot of money. What does SFG and CSCS mean? Would Googling them be sufficient? I'd say I'm primarily looking for someone who can tell me what I'm doing wrong. I know I'm doing a lot of things right, but I'm getting neither big nor lean, and you'd think I'd at least be one of the two for the amount of work I'm putting in. Or that I'd have been able to figure it out myself after 6 years of researching and experimenting.
  10. Stoneman

    NYC Personal Trainer Recommendations

    I've been working out at NYC Rec Centers, but I'm considering switching to NYSC for the better hours. They have personal trainers on staff; I've been thinking of signing up for a monthly package with them. It's a little pricey, but do you think that'd be worth it?
  11. Stoneman

    NYC Personal Trainer Recommendations

    None of them are as high as that, but not for lack of trying. I would also prefer to find someone who used to be skinny-fat, as I would perceive myself to be, and so knows how to train that bodytype. What you seem to be saying though is that I should just work with whichever trainer goes to my gym, instead of finding a great one for me and getting them to come to my facility. Is that correct?
  12. Stoneman

    NYC Personal Trainer Recommendations

    Yeah, bodybuilding. I'm primarily interested in someone who can help me like the way I look without any clothes on.
  13. Stoneman

    NYC Personal Trainer Recommendations

    *bump* Ideally looking for people recommending trainers they've worked with. Or maybe even just directories to find good trainers.
  14. Not really sure where to put this, so I figured I'd just stick it here. I've been working out steadily for about 6 years, not really seeing the results I want — I think I'm ready to farm this out to a professional. Can anybody here recommend any personal trainers in the NYC area? Not outrageously priced would be great too. Thanks.
  15. Stoneman


    Do you guys ever have days where you feel like, despite all your training and dieting, you'll never be able to get your body into presentable shape? If so, what techniques do you use to get yourself out of these funks?

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