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    Muscles. Worshiping them, making them, having them, licking them, flexing them, massaging them, look at them, rubbing them. Getting the pump, be the 255lbs of my dreams. Being bigger then life and happy that I made my silly crazy ass dream come true. Helping others to achieve something and sells them the reason to change. Getting excited
  • What are your stats?
    ------New stats----march112018------------
    still 5foot9
    18.5inch biceps
    27.5inch tighs
    47.5inch chest
    55inch shoulder
    17inch calves
    35inch waist

    ------old stats----------------
    still 5foot9
    18.5inch biceps
    27.5inch tighs
    46inch chest
    53.5inch shoulder
    17inch calves
  • What are you seeking?
    Down from 210 a few months ago trying to get abs and somehow succeed but its not enough. Being heavy was more fun really. It felt good and all being larger then I ever been was a big change for me. I topped 218 lbs eating like crazy in Jan. 2015 but I maintain 210 for many months until I start my first true diet to get 8 packs lol. I'm seeking the full package and 255lbs. MASSIVE

    sponsor or donate, make it happen here : https://www.paypal.me/wannabe255lbs
  • What are your dream stats?
    21inch biceps
    50 inch chest
    Shoulders big enough to walk sideway thru doors
    30 inch thighs
    biggest calves possible
    massive forearms
    massive hands
    Lats I can hold and see if I lats spread
    Pecs that I can hold and squeeze, pecs that's sacking

    Anything close to 255lbs is a MUST
  • Favorite Stories
    Ehum.,.if it involved muscles in any way shape or form. Its a good story.
  • Favorite Bodybuilders
    Too many to say. But any bodybuilder deserve my respect in the field. Nothing is easy here.

    But Akim Williams is in my aim for years now
  • Got Any Fetishes?
    Too many...muscle growth, roids, super heros, pec bouncing, muscle worship/massage, flexing, posing, sex related to muscular bodies, nipples

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  1. Looking beastly in your progress pics. Nice one !!!

  2. looking Awesome those last update pictures! Keep it up

  3. WOW! Just WOW!

  4. The only thing more amazing than how you look is the vision of how you want to look.  Dream big and live even BIGGER!

    My heart races at the sight of those massive lats.  Would love to see more of you.

  5. I feel sorry for myself :( Im not doing enough to reach my goal

    1. MuscleFanQLD


      Don't stop now, you are making great progress.
      All good things take time and dedication. :-)

    2. bigknux



  6. Hot profile and body

    1. hero1000


      Yea it is. Yours is pretty damn hot, too. You guys would make beautiful kids together 

  7. Stop Rp on Cam, plz get the real stuff! I did try it and its awesome

  8. thx for the Add Sir

  9. Keep us update about Akim

    1. dredlifter


      Will try big guy!  Looking HUGE!  And you are another huge Canadian?!  Canada is producing huge musclestud by the second! 

    2. wannaBe255lbs
  10. I got hards from reading your Profil Sir

  11. the biggest draw back from squatting heavy.... It capitalized your lower back tremendously!

  12. Its itchy. Today, dbol in the morning, test a few moments later.drol before training. Dbol after. And I still want more of the needle!

  13. I got a confession : I got to the point where Im scared of not being happy where Im going to hit my goal. Chasing my goal for half of my life and feeling dishonest unfulfil.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. ThatWeremuscleGuy


      Actually that is a normal feeling. There are hundreds, maybe thousands of guys that feel the same. :)


    3. MLMuscle


      You have a really awesome physique right now which will only get better with time and more bodybuilding.  All physiques are "works in progress".  I've never met a bodybuilder (including myself) who said "Well, I've met my goal and I can't improve any more".    Also, I've never met a bodybuilder (again including myself) who was totally satisfied with his physique.   When we look at ourselves, we tend to see only the flaws and not the good things about our physiques - it's just human nature.  The fun part of bodybuilding is the idea that goals can change and that you can get better and better.   So, don't feel unfulfilled and, instead, enjoy what you have achieved so far (which is excellent) and have fun getting bigger and stronger. :) 

    4. wannaBe255lbs


      Thx for the kind words. We sacrifice alot to get it. I hope to get there soon So Ill stop whining about it.

  14. bigorexia

    noun [uncountable]

    a mental illness in which a person feels physically inadequate and continually wants to improve body muscle

    1. MuscleFanQLD


      In other words, a disorder that motivates you to get bigger.
      Now how to make this into a positive thing to have? :unsure:

    2. wannaBe255lbs


      Easy. Get in shape lol

  15. :( PIssed! I cant get big enough to be happy :(

    The Florida sun doesn't even help

    1. bigknux


      cant find anyone to worship you to help you?

    2. dhutchence


      Has progress in the gym plateaued, or are other factors in life pissing you off?

    3. wannaBe255lbs


      I did found someone yes.


      Progress to the has not plateaued but its a mix of this and other factors pisding me off Yes. I feel like im doing to attain my goal.

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