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  1. Chapter 9 - The Finale As the group of guys walked through town on their way to the school, chaos followed. Jacob’s nearly naked monstrous body was impossible to miss. They witnessed three car accidents, several people walked into parking metres, streetlights and power poles, they heard numerous screams as well as a torrent of disgusted remarks. Jacob loved it all. It had been so long since he displayed his enormous body in public he had forgotten how motivating it was. He could feel his body swelling not only with new mass but also with pride. Jason and Scott could not stop staring at Jacob. Each step he took caused countless muscles to flex and swell. He appeared to be growing larger and more menacing as the got closer to school. As they approached the back door of the school gym, Jacob stopped and held up his hand, signalling for the others to follow suit. Jason and Scott exchanged a curious look and waited to see what Jacob was planning. “I want to make a really special entrance.” He said and shot Nathan a grin. Jacob approached the large metal door and ran his hand over the cold steel. He took a few steps back and with incredible speed, bent down and charged. There was a loud bang from the impact of his shoulder against the heavy door. The door was ripped from its hinges and flew five feet inside the building. Jacob stepped through and towards the centre of the room. The loud crash of the door caused Mark and Dixon to spin around and they suddenly saw Jacob step into the gym followed by the three other guys. The two massive beasts squared off and stared each other down. It was instantly apparently that they were both in awe of each other. Neither of them had ever been in the presence of so much gruesome mass. They mentally compared their outrageously pumped pecs, their over-inflated biceps, triceps and forearms. They marvelled at the relatively tiny waists and horrifically shredded abdominals. Their eyes travelled down quads as big as entire bodybuilders and calves so gargantuan they both stifled gags. If their individual size wasn’t incredible enough, both guys were astonished by the level of vascularity being displayed. No Mr. Olympia had even achieved the frightening level of definition they both had. Jacob surveyed Mark’s shocking transformation and could not help but become concerned. He was comically smaller than Jacob just weeks ago and now he was a literal monstrosity. “How big are you?” Jacob asked, tried to hide his concern and worry. Mark didn’t move any of his extremities but started to flex nonetheless. Instantly, his whole body tightened and expanded. His already nauseatingly ripped body became even more extreme. Various muscles could be heard slapping against others as they all increased in size. “310 of the freakiest, strongest, indestructible pounds of muscle this planet has even seen.” Mark said in a low grumble. Jacob felt his knees go weak but managed to stay still. His mouth went dry as he tried to fathom the amount of mass Mark’s body had acquired so quickly. “You think you’re hardcore Jacob. Remember what you did to the weight rack that day in here? I heard about what you did in the cafeteria and in the woods with Jason. That sounded like some serious muscle shit but you have NO IDEA what hardcore really is. If you had witnessed any of my workouts lately, you would have lost your lunch at the sight. The torture I’ve inflicted on myself to get this huge is downright terrifying. Hell, I’ve scared myself many times. Seeing my body growing at a rate I never thought possible, lifting weights so heavy my body should have been crushed or hitting a pose in the mirror and displaying the grotesque level of mass I’ve obtained is some REAL SCARY SHIT!” “You don’t think I know what you’re thinking right now? How the fuck could that small kid have gained so much weight so fast. Well, I’ll tell you. I”M A FUCKING MUSCLE MAKING FREAK! NO ONE WILL EVER BE AS BIG AS ME. EVER!” Mark screamed, spit flying from his mouth and his eyes went wild. “Sorry to burst you bubble Mark but you aren’t the biggest, and frankly, you’ll never be.” Jacob said and hit a most muscular pose. Suddenly it was like he had been holding his muscles back because he inflated like a ballon, if that ballon was made of stone. From every angle he exploded. Traps, pecs, quads, tricep, calves, everything expanded and filled every crevasse on his body. He instantly morphed into a vein-covered ball of muscle. From behind, his head was lost in a lump of back and trap muscles, there was no visible gap between his legs from his crotch to his ankles. His arms and pecs pressed against each other so hard his skin tuned purple. “327lbs you little bitch” Jacob said with obvious effort as his pecs pressed against his chin, preventing his mouth from opening all the way. Now it was Mark’s turn to feel anxious. He just stood in awe of the incredible size of Jacob’s completely flexed body. For a moment, he was transported back to that day in the gym when his 230lb body felt puny next to Jacob. He snapped back to reality and rage filled his entire body. With lightening fast speed, he reached for a nearby olympic bar and swung it with all his might at Jacob’s midsection. The sound of the impact was sickening and Jacob went tumbling backwards, crashing into a weight machine. Before he could regain his footing, Mark pounced. He started to rain blows onto Jacob’s body. As he felt his newfound strength making contact with Jacob’s muscles a feeling of superiority washed over him. He placed his hands around Jacob’s neck and yanked him violently to a clear space on the gym floor. Before letting go, he raised his huge quad and slammed it into Jacob’s unsuspecting abdominals. He grinned when he saw Jacob’s immense bulk lift half a foot off the ground. Mark stood Jacob’s body up and quickly wrapped his arms around him. He struggled to clasp his hands around Jacob’s formidable pecs but once he did, he let out a triumphant roar. He heard a gasp from the group watching and a quick glimpse in a nearby mirror confirmed the reason. The two 300 plus pound monsters looked completely gruesome pressed together. They made become an entanglement of muscles and veins. Mark’s front was seeming fused with Jacob’s back. His face was almost completely obstructed by Jacob’s ridiculously huge trap muscles. The reflection in the mirror only caused Mark to become even more primal and ruthless. He tightened his vice grip on Jacob’s body, causing his opponent to let out a whimper of pain. “FUCK YEAH! I bet you’ve never felt someone apply this much power before.” Mark whispered in Jacob’s ear. Jacob tried to shake himself loose but Mark’s grip was too strong. Jacob’s eyes were wide as he felt Mark’s flexed muscles pressing hard into his body. His pinned arms were digging into his ribs while Mark’s arms crushed his meaty pecs. Mark was panting like a wild animal as he continued to tighten his arms. He could feel his whole body swelling with new size and strength. It was as if all the pain he had inflicted on himself was building up to this moment. He let out a terrifying scream as he squeezed Jacob with all his strength. Jacob let out a gut-wrenching howl of pain that only made Mark grow stronger. Mark released Jacob from his vise-grip. Jacob’s legs were unsteady and it appeared that they were about to give out but Mark was ready. He lowered his body and jammed his shoulder into the small of Jacob’s back. He wrapped an arm around one of Jacob’s legs while the other grabbed an arm. With seemly no effort he lifted Jacob’s off the floor and across his monstrous shoulders. He tuned to face the group watching and when he say their jaws drop in unison he roared. “LOOK AT THIS! Look how fucking powerful I am.” He bellowed as he moved back and forth in front of his admirers. Jacob tried to wiggle free but Mark only tightened his grip, causing more pain to rip though Jacob’s body. “You feel so light to me Jacob. I feel like I could hoist three people your size without any problem.” Mark stood for a moment, relishing the feeling of Jacob’s massive body draped over his shoulders. Suddenly, a menacing look came over this face. With a quick adjustment of his grip, Mark started to press Jacob higher. His whole body trembled from the effort and he visibly swelled even bigger. The display of pure power was truly unimaginable. Once his arms with fully extended, Mark dropped down onto one knee while still holding Jacob. When Jacob’s body came in contact with Mark’s quad, the sound of the impact was sickening. The air was knocked out of Jacob and Mark pushed his onto the floor like he was a sack of potatoes. Standing over Jacob’s prone body Mark said. “A few minutes ago I was in awe of this body but now all I see is a weak piece of shit.” Mark turned to face the group and raised his arms in hit a double bicep pose. The display was nothing less than inhuman. Slabs of muscle hung off every inch. Veins snaked in every direction and visibly pulsed bigger than garden hoses. There was nothing aesthetically pleasing about Mark’s body; every muscle group was so exaggerated he no longer just looked like a massive man, he looked like something else altogether. He transitioned to a most muscular pose that made Jacob’s recent display look comically small. New levels of mass bulged over ever surface. “THIS IS WHAT REAL MUSCLE LOOKS LIKE!” He screamed. “WORSHIP ME!” He commanded. Jason fell to his feet and started to lick the sweat off Mark’s quads, while Scott ran his hands up and down Mark’s left bicep. Dixon kneaded his pumpkin-sized delts and even Nathan could not resist the temptation. He placed his hands Mark’s pulsing lats while the continued to spread wider. Mark held the most muscular pose until he was shaking but refused to let go. He wanted them all to feel just how insanely huge he had become. The muscle frenzy was so intense, no one but Mark noticed Jacob starting to come around. He relaxed his pose and turned to face Jacob’s body which was now knelling on the floor. “Ready for more punishment?” Mark said and stood over Jacob’s prone body. “Because I’m just warning up.” Mark placed one hand on Jacob’s chin and yanked his whole body until he was standing on his unsteady legs. Mark leaned forward and hoisted Jacob onto his left shoulder. “Fuck I need to left some heavy weights and I think you should help.” Mark said and carried Jacob towards the squat rack. With incredible agility, Mark adjusted his grip on Jacob and the group watched in amazement as Mark body-slammed Jacob into the concrete floor. The impact of his huge body hitting the floor caused shutters to run through the group. Jacob lay motionless on the floor as Mark started to load the squat bar with plates. When six plates were added to each side, Mark causally stepped under the bar and easily lifted it off the rack before starting to squat with the 585lb weight. He pumped out 12 reps with lightening speed before racking the weight. He stopped for a moment and flexed his enormous quads, watching the monstrous muscle sway and flex in the mirror. He ran his hands over the rock-hard muscle before caressing his equally hard cock. “Need more weight.” He grunted and looked down at Jacob’s crumbled body. He grabbed Jacob’s arm and yanked his body upwards until he could fully lift him off the ground. Mark shot a quick look tot the group watching before laying Jacob across the loaded squat bar. The guys let out gasps as they realized what was about to happen. Mark slid his body under the bar and placed one hand on Jacob’s shoulder and the other around Jacob’s quads. Mark positioned his body and let out a primal roar as he lifted the bar off the rack. The strain was immediately evident on his face as he held the 585lb bar and Jacob’s 327lb body off the ground using just his massive quads. Never had the room witnessed such a stunning display of raw power. Mark steadied his body and slowly lowered the enormous weight. He let out a barbaric scream when his giant glutes were only inches from the ground. He summoned a frightening new level of power and started to lift the weight back up. His bloated hamstrings pressed against his massive calves even when his legs were half way standing. As he rose higher, his fully pumped quads extended two feet in front of his body. It was a wonder he could move his legs at all with all the muscle spewing from them. “NO FUCKING LIMITS!” Mark growled at the top of the rep. He braced himself and started to lower the weight again. Jacob’s body actually look small as it was draped over the bar and Mark’s outrageously pumped body. When Mark reached the bottom of the rep his movement completely stopped. His whole body was shaking with effort but he was unable to rise. The effort and determination in his face was obvious. After 20 seconds of trying, the group started to approach to offer any assistance they could. “NO. WATCH!” Mark commanded. They all stopped in their tracks and watched as Mark started to rise. His already grotesquely pumped body grew even larger to the awe and terror of the group. To aid in the lift, all of Mark’s muscles swelled, not just his quads. When he reached the half way point, his workout shorts could no longer contain his swelling glutes and throbbing cock. The fabric literally exploded and fell away, leaving him completely naked. Mark looked at the reflection in the mirror and instantly started to cum. Never had he imagined he could feel look so immense and powerful. This sensation allowed him to lift the bar and body back to the top of the rep. He slammed the weight back on the rack and let go of Jacob, letting him fall to the floor once again. Mark stumbled out of the rack and into the arms of the guys standing nearby. They all strained to support Mark’s hulking body while each feeling the sheer mass and power it possessed. “I need the gear.” Mark said in a low voice. Jason and Scott starred at each other in shock, while Dixon and Nathan exchanged a terrified glance. “WHAT! Mark, look at you! You the biggest freak that’s ever lived. Besides, you just squatted over 900lbs. You need to take a break” “A break? Do you think I’m finished? I’m never going to stop. I NEED MORE MUSCLE!” He replied. Knowing better than to deny Mark what he wanted, Jason, Scott and Dixon followed him to the other side of the gym. They started looking for the newly acquired gear but came up empty. “It’s not here!” Jason said as he frantically searched the area. Scott joined in and started to rummage through the various bags and boxes on the floor. “IT HAS TO BE!” Mark screamed, causing everyone to yup with fright. “It’s gone” Mark and the others turned slowly and looked across the room to where Jacob was now standing, Nathan by his side. “I have to say, I didn’t think Gary was supplying you with roids as good as mine but I’m pretty impressed. Of course I’m saying that after injecting a full 12 syringes worth, which is a lot more than I usually take. Jason and Scott were so freaked out on the way over here they never saw me inject myself.” Jacob started to stretch his body as he regained his footing. As he stood at his full height, they group stared stunned as he appeared to swell without even flexing. “Mark, I have to say, you have some serious power now. I actually felt a little pain when you bear-hugged me. Ok, when you hit me with that olympic bar and slammed me across your knee that hurt. I hope you’re not too mad that I played possum but I really wanted to see what your jacked up body was capable of. I have to say, I’m impressed. I like the idea of someone trying to get to my level of size and power. I never thought I would but it’s cool not being the only freak in town. Ok, let’s be honest, it’s fucking hot; you’re fucking hot Mark. Look at the body you’ve build. You got slabs to insane muscle piled all over yourself. Your vascularity is off the charts and talk about power, FUCK YEAH! That last squat show was amazing and your orgasm was so intense, I struggled not to have my own while draped over those shoulders.” Jacob ran his hand over the squat bar that Mark was just lifting. He stepped closer and gripped the bar and easily hoisted it off the rack but he wasn’t squatting it; he was curling it. Jacob’s massive arms tripled in size as he curled the 585lb weight like it weighted nothing. Three reps in and his arms, forearms and shoulders swelled to one mass of twitching muscle. At eight reps, Jacob simply let the bar fall like he’d suddenly became bored with it. He waddled over to the makeshift deadlift contraption they had constructed. He eyed the countless weights loaded onto the leg press machine, including the ones stacked on the seat. “See, this is what I mean. Regular gyms and weights are enough for freaks like us now. Do you get frustrated not being able to get a decent pump some days Mark? I fucking do.” Jacob said and wrapped his hands around the base of the leg press and stood up, supporting the mammoth machine with just his biceps. The group let out a collective gasp as he stated to curl the weight ladened machine. With each rep, his arms grew to truly awe-inspiring size. New veins appeared as he barely registered the weight the was moving. Again, Jacob seemed to loose interest and dropped the machine and started to look around the gym for what he considered a real challenge. This whole time, Mark and the group could only stare at Jacob’s insanely massive body. Each slight movement caused waves of new muscles to ripple to the surface of his paper-thin skin. Jacob cracked a smile as he stood looking at the metal beam he was tied to not long ago. He felt the indents his body made in the hard metal. “That was a crazy day wasn’t it? I remember waking up tied to this beam and being so pissed at you guys and myself. Pissed at you for thinking some big ropes could hold me and pissed that I let you put me in that position. Since then, I’ve shown most of you just how unstoppable and powerful I am. You can clearly see that there is no limit to the amount of muscle I can pack on this body. And now here’s Mark, a true, roided-out monster. I can see you still want to crush me Mark and that’s ok, I get it, you don’t want to be just a massive freak, you want to be THE massive freak. Don’t worry, you’ll get over that. Besides, just think about what we could all become if we worked together.” Jacob said looking at the group of confused faces. “That’s right, fuck this need to destroy each other. Look at what Mark and I are becoming. I’ve seen all of your reactions to our freaky bodies. Hell, you’ve all packed on some nice size in the last little while. You mean to tell me any of you wouldn’t want to reach half this size.” he said and flexed his right arm to emphasis his point. Instantly, the muscles twisted and rose to a rigid peak. “Mark. You still look a little pissed. Do you need some final convincing that I’m the one and only true monster here?” Jacob asked. He turned to face the large metal beam that he cold barely dent last time. He wrapped his blood-engorged arms around it and started to apply pressure. The sound of bending metal started immediately but it was Jacob’s body that was truly a disturbing sight. He expanded to previously unseen levels but continued to swell. His back spread well beyond his height while the entire surface was covered in the deepest striations imaginable. The seams of his shorts gave away as his gargantuan quads swelled so large his feet were pushed farther part. Each flexed calve displayed more development than most professional bodybuilder’s entire body. Even though his pecs were pressed tightly against the metal beam, they visibly swelled outwards and filled any remaining space between Jacob and the bar. “YEAH, I can feel it. I’m so FUCKING pumped!” He chanted. After a minute of applied incredible pressure to the beam, Jacob released his hold and the group looked at the once strong metal with shock. The side Jacob was pressed against was now a mutated lump of distorted metal. The once sharp edges were bent and twisted to the shape of his outrageously proportioned frame. “I hope this beam isn’t holding this place up.” He said and began his final assault on the metal. He landed a flurry of lightening fast punches to the hard metal, sending loud bangs throughout the room. Each blow left a visible dent on the hard surface. Jacob then bent lower and placed a hand on either side of the beam and started to yank it towards himself. He had trouble keeping his feet from sliding forward but after three violent tugs a loud cracking sound filled the room. Concrete from the ceiling above started to rain down on his sweaty body and the beam started to move. Summoning all his power, Jacob gave the beam one final pull and dislodged it from the ceiling. The twenty foot pice of metal came crashing down, cracking the concrete floor and flattening a few gym machines in the process. The entire group let out a sigh of relief when the ceiling didn’t follow. Jacob sauntered over to the beam and bent down. He wrapped his hands around it and started to lift. The group of onlookers could not believe their eyes. The beam had to weight over a ton and it was being lifted. Jacob visibly struggled but somehow managed to deadlift the beam. “COME ON. HELP ME!” He screamed. The five guys rushed to Jacob and held different parts of the beam. They all, Mark included, marvelled at its weight and then at Jacob who was able to lift it off the ground alone. “HIGHER” Jacob said with gritted teeth. The group’s added assistance allowed Jacob to lift the beam to his waist. They all stared at his muscle-ladened arms as they swelled even bigger. It as truly a sickening display of power but Jacob was far from done. When the beam was raised high enough to allow him to bend his arms more, they all felt their assistance was no longer needed. Jacob steadied his footing and started to raise the beam without their help. He positioned it across his pec-shelf like an olympic powerlifter before adjusting his grip. The group stood silently as Jacob started to shoulder press the massive metal beam. The beam wobbled as it rose above Jacob’s head but he was able to steady it once his arms were completely extended. The disturbing display of power was too much for the group to handle. They were standing inches away from the most massive, powerful creature they had even witnessed. Every muscle on Jacob’s body was pumped to its utmost limit. His paper-thin skin looked like it was ready to tear apart as it tried and failed to contain his growing muscles. There wasn’t an inch on him that didn’t display the most extreme level of vascularity while new veins crept to the surface, visibly pumping blood into his starving muscles. “FUCK YEAH! LOOK AT THE POWER, THIS MUSCLE!” Jacob screamed as he caught his reflection in the mirror. Even he was taken aback by the sight. He finally saw what he always believed was possible, he had become the biggest monster on the planet and he knew there was nothing stopping him from surpassing even his wildest fantasies. He slowly lowered the beam and before it touched his swollen pecs, powered it back up, relishing the shearing pain in his boulder-sized shoulders. He lowered the massive beam once more but this time he could not keep it from resting on his waiting pecs. His arms shook as he attempted to press the beam back up but it refused to move. It was at that moment Mark’s face appeared only inches in front of Jacob’s. “COME ON! YOU CAN DO IT! USE THAT MUSCLE AND PRESS THAT BEAM!” He shouted. Mark was joined by Jason, Scott, Dixon and Nathan as they shouted encouragement. Jacob strained to smile as he feed off the group’s words and felt a surge of power rise within himself. He steadied the beam and started to apply every ounce of power left in his body. Slowly the metal started to rise. As it hit the top of the rep, Jacob looked at the group of guys. They all had their cocks out and as they showered him with buckets of cum, he too released his load. Jacob motioned for the group to stand back as his lowered the metal beam and stumbled back a few steps. He was steadied by the group of panting guys who started to worship every inch of his inhumanly massive body. Jacob started to feel their bodies too, as small as they were in comparison. “FUCK YEAH. I can’t wait to see you all get fucking massive.” He said and moaned with pleasure. He grabbed Mark around the neck and kissed him long and hard, kneading his thick traps as he did so. He stopped kissing and looked at the huge metal beam that lay on the floor at his feet. “Mark, it’s your turn.” Mark looked at Jacob with shock. “That’s right you’re going to press that fucking beam just like I did.” Jacob said with confidence and turned to face the rest of the group. “You will all become big enough and strong enough to shoulder press this beam and when you do, I’ll bend it into a pretzel.” Jacob said. Mark approached the beam and bent over. As he did so, Jacob looked at his massive body, closed his eyes and pictured the day all six of them weighted over 400lbs and they were the most outrageously developed group of beings on the planet. “LIFT IT!” He screamed and Mark did. I hope you you enjoy this final chapter. This was fun to write and you never know, I might have to revisit this group of freaks down the road when they've all surpassed 400lbs.
  2. One more chapter to go after this I think, but you never know. I hope you enjoy. Chapter 8 Dixon arranged for additional gym equipment to be delivered to school. He also had the locks changed and placed “closed for renovations” signs on the doors. Mark, Jason and Scott were each given keys to the back door so they didn’t have to walk through the school the gain access. The keys were essentially useless since the three kids rarely left the gym. Three weeks had passed since Dixon decided to help Mark become as big as possible and he arrived at the school gym at just before 6am. He was delivering his near-daily supply of food and supplements to the group before the other students started to arrive for classes. As he got closer to the door, he could hear the loud clanging of metal. He unlocked the door and dropped the bags of supplies at his feet. Across the room, Mark was performing deadlifts but he wasn’t using a squat bar. The guys had built a makeshift raised platform so Mark could use the leg press machine for deadlifts! The massive machine was loaded with countless 45lb plates and Mark gripped the base of the machine as was preforming quick reps. As he reached the top of his latest rep, Dixon could only stare in awe at the sheer mass billowing from his back. Every inch was covered with thick veins and each muscle group was so pumped, Mark looked like a mutated anatomy chart. Dixon cold not believe what Mark was able to achieve in only a few weeks. His determination was manic. He never seemed to tire and when he wasn’t inflicting torture on his body, he was eating enormous amounts of food, injecting the powerful cocktail of steroids and guzzling every drop of cum he caused his group of admirers to produce. Dixon stepped closer as Mark started to struggle with the incredible weight. The brutal amount of weight he was moving caused so much strain on his body that his face contorted in pain and spit flew from his mouth with each movement. With one final roar, Mark dropped the leg press machine causing numerous plates to fall off and crash to the floor. He turned to face Dixon and placed his hands on his hips while trying to catch his breath. The sight of the former budding teen bodybuilder’s current physique caused Dixon to stumble back and land on the floor. Mark was unrecognizable not only as a 18 year old but he barely even looked human. Each muscle group was so exagerated and his proportions were so extreme it was a marvel he could still move at all. The individual muscles on his body visibly fought for real estate on his frame. Dixon had followed professional bodybuilding for most of his life and he had never witnessed someone so outragously developed. Mark jumped down form the platform causing the cement floor to shake. He grabbed a jug of water Dixon just delivered and started to guzzle it down. “Needed to train back before Scott and Jason get here.” He said with a lower voice than Dixon remembered from the day before. “Mark! That was incredible! How much weight were you just using?” “No idea. Doesn’t matter anymore. There is no amount of weight I can’t lift.” He said and let out a huge burp before drinking the rest of the water. As the excess ran down his chest it mixed with the sweat that already coated his body. “My god Mark. I can’t get over how massive you’ve become in such a short time” Dixon said and raised himself up to his knees. “Fuck yeah. I’m a little surprised myself but I feel unstoppable now. I can actually feel myself growing every second of the day. I know the gear is helping but I think a lot of this growth is phycological. When I made the decision that becoming a total mass monster was the only thing that mattered, my brain started to re-wire itself. Muscle is ALL that I need and my body’s sole purpose was to provide me with it.” Dixon started to rub his hands all over Mark’s sweaty body. He couldn’t believe that human flesh could feel so soft and hard at the same time. It was like touching a boulder that had been smoothed by centuries of ocean waves. “Your quads are like granite. I’ve never seen anything so big and strong in my life. These striations are so deep and the definition is so extreme. Oh yeah, show me those hamstrings. FUCK Mark, they’re so ripped. Yes, when you bend your leg like that I can see that they hang so low they practically touch your massive calves. Fuck yeah, flex that calf harder. Make it touch your hamstring. Yes, it’s so close. FLEX HARDER. Yes! You did it. No one has legs this developed. My god, look at your glutes. Pulsing them like that is so hardcore, so grotesque. Look at the striations! How is this even possible?” Dixon stopped talking as he started to lick every inch of Mark’s wet quads, calves and glutes. He moaned with pleasure as he slurped up every drop of moisture. He was lost in a muscle worship trance, as was Mark who continued to position his body so Dixon could experience every inch. Mark placed his hands under Dixon’s armpits and lifted him off the floor. Dixon’s hands, tongue and lips started to explore Mark’s truly astounding abdominals. His eight abdominal muscles were each bigger than Dixon’s formidable biceps. With a stunning display of muscle control, Mark started to flex each muscle independently which sent Dixon completely over the edge. “How is that possible? No one can control each ab muscle like that. My god Mark, you are a complete freak. I know I say this a lot and you love hearing it but you are a monstrosity. Look at the thick veins running all over your abs. They are so gross yet so hot. Uh, these pecs. So massive and full of power. Yes, bounce them for me. I need both hands just to try to move one pec. They are so hard Mark, like nothing I’ve ever felt.” Dixon’s attention finally turned to Mark’s arms. His biceps were awe inspiring and his triceps protruded inches from his body they were clearly visible from the front. Both titanic appendices blended into the most outrageously developed shoulders Dixon had ever witnessed. Even exaggerated comic book characters didn’t have shoulders as thick and wide as Mark. “Your arms are truly magnificent. How big are they today?” Dixon asked, know that number would not last 24 hours. “24” last night. They’ll be 26” by tomorrow.” Mark said and slightly curled his arm causing layers of muscle to twist to life while more veins erupted on the surface of his skin. Mark started to tug on his raging hard-on as Dixon continued worshipping his slightly flexed arm. “I’m about ready for a protein snack and I think you need to feel just how huge these arms have gotten.” Mark said. He bend down and slid his right arm between Dixon’s legs. With no effort he scooped his 255lb principal off the ground so he was straddling his huge bicep. Dixon left out a moan as he wrapped his legs tightly around the muscle, feeling it twitch between his thighs and against his hard cock. Mark plated his feet and slowly straightened his arm. Dixon could feel the muscle transform as it moved. With his arm completely extended Mark’s body didn’t seem to register the entire person it was holding completely off the ground. He made a fist and started to curl his arm back up. He licked his lips as he watched Dixon’s body rise higher on his massive bicep peak. Mark continued to straighten and flex his arm until he could see Dixon was about to produce a hearty snack. Mark signalled to Dixon to pull his pants down and when his hard cock flopped out and slapped Mark’s shoulder, he simply moved his arm towards his mouth, taking Dixon’s entire cock in one gulp. All Dixon had to do was place one hand on the mass of shoulder muscle before he released a massive load down Mark’s throat. With Dixon spent, Mark let him slide off his arm. “That was fucking good, like a good pre-workout.” Mark said before looking around for his next lift. “Can you weight yourself before you start another set?” Dixon said with a sense of anticipation. Mark waddled to the scale and stepped on. “Holy FUCK! HOW?” Dixon yelled when he saw the number on the scale. “Like I said Dixon. NOTHING CAN STOP ME. I said I’d be the biggest and that’s exactly what I’m becoming. Now help me setup for my next set since Jason and Scott aren’t here yet.” Dixon snapped out of his trance and turned to help Mark. “Yeah, where are they anyway?” Dixon asked. --- Jason and Scott had secured a new supply of gear for Mark and as they were leaving their dealer’s apartment they turned towards the alley where they had parked their car. As the were about to turn off the street, Scott grabbed Jason’s arm and stopped dead in his tracks. “Oh no!” Jason looked up and stifled a scream. Walking directly towards them was Jacob and Nathan. Before they could dart down the alley, Jacob saw them. “Well well, look who we have here.” He shouted. As Jacob and Nathan approached, both guys could not believe their eyes. Jacob was wearing a sweat shirt that looked like it was designed to cover a boat. He had cut the neck hole so wide, his massive traps traps were completely visible while the rest of him was lost in the excess material billowing around his torso. The lack of definition could not however, disguise the sheer enormity of his body. He wore equally bagging sweat pants that were cut off mid-way up his calves. The half that wasn’t covered looked downright obscene. They were easily as wide as most people’s waist and covered with a disgusting network of gnarly veins. “What brings you guys to this neighbourhood?” Jacob said and looked at the brown paper bag in Scott’s hand. He then started to smile. “Ah, you getting more gear from Gary?” He asked and motioned to the nearby apartment building. Jason and Scott exchanged terrified looks. “Don’t worry guys. You think Gary would sell you the good stuff? That’s reserved for just me.” Jacob said and bounced his pecs causing the loose fabric to flap. Jacob looked the two guys over closely. He had noticed Jason’s increased bulk weeks ago in the woods but he hadn’t see Scott since that day in the school gym. While still much smaller than himself, Jacob had to admit that Scott was looking pretty beefy. “You too don’t seem to be gaining as much size as you were so I assume that gear isn’t for you. So, who’s it for?” Jacob said with a serious tone in his voice. When they didn’t answer. Jacob reached down and grabbed Scott by the collar of his shirt and easily lifted him off the ground. He leaned in close so he could feel Scott’s breath on his face. “It’s for Mark isn’t it?” Jacob asked. “ISN”T IT?” “Yes it’s for Mark! Now let him go.” Jason pleaded. With a flick of his wrist, Scott fell to the ground a few feet away. “So Mark thinks he can compete with me?” Jacob said and shot Nathan a smile. Nathan responded with a chuckle. “Compete? Mark is going to dwarf you you piece of shit!” Scott screamed as he stood up. Jacob could only start to laugh hysterically. “Whatever Jacob. You’ll see. You have no idea what Mark is capable of.” Jacob stopped laughing and stepped closer to the two guys. They both suddenly looked very worried. Jason could have sworn he saw Jacob’s sweater stretch tighter on his body. “You have no idea what I”M CAPABLE OF!” He screamed, sending drops of spit on both of their faces. “Now, I’m giving you 10 seconds to get the fuck out of here before I decide to show just what I’m capable of.” Jason and Scott didn’t need to be told twice. They both darted around the corner and down the alley where their car was parked. Jacob and Nathan exchanged a cocky smile as they heard the car start and its tires screech as they floored the engine to get as far away from Jacob as quickly as they possibly could. A second later, Nathan saw an object exit the alley and move towards him and Jacob at an incredible speed. “JACOB! LOOK OUT!” He was able to scream just before the car reached Jacob. With lightening fast reflexes, Jacob stepped out the of way of the car just before the back bumper would have slammed into him. The car came to a stop and Jacob could hear Jason and Scott frantically yelling at each other inside. “What the FUCK Scott? Quick, put it in drive and get the fuck out of here!” Scott managed to get the car in gear and just before he slammed his foot on the accelerator the vehicle jerked violently, like it had hit something. Jason turned and looked out the back window and let out a horrified scream. Jacob’s massive frame covered his entire view as he stood directly behind the car. “GO! GO! GO!” Jason screamed as Scott started to press the gas but nothing happened. Jason looked back and saw the reason they weren’t moving. Jacob was squatting behind the car with his hands gripping the back bumper. The engine revved but it wasn’t moving. With another violent jolt, Jason and Scott felt the back of the car rise. With barely any visible effort, Jacob hoisted the back of the car and held it like he was holding a wheelbarrow. With astounding control, he started to pivot the vehicle so it faced the alley. “You think a car can stop me?” He yelled with a look of determination and rage in his eyes. More screamed could be heard from inside the car as the engine revved louder. Jacob dropped the backend and the car took off back down the alley. Scott was able to slam on the breaks a few feet from the brick wall at the end of narrow alley. He spun around in the drivers seat to see Jacob lumbering towards the car. Jacob reached the back of the car and once again, squatted down and gripped the bumper. Without a moment of hesitation he once again housed the car up so it was level with his waist. “Ho-how is he doing this?” Scott screamed. Jacob didn’t just hold the car a foot off the ground though. With a cocky grin on his face he moved his right foot forward a few inches followed by his left. The guys in the car watched in shock and horror as the car started moving towards the brick wall. Jacob took a few more steps and the front of the car slammed into the brick wall. The sound of screeching metal echoed throughout the alley. Scott panicked and put the car in reverse and slammed his foot on the gas petal. The front tired screeched and the car moved back a few feet before coming to a compete stop. He didn’t have to look back to see why. Jacob adjusted his stance so he was now leaning into the car like a football player readying himself to block a tackle. His once baggy pants stretched tight across his massive quads and calves. The thick cords of his hamstrings inflated and his calves ballooned to their maximum girth. He let out a primal growl as he fought to overpower the car’s engine. As smoke started to billow from the front tries of the car, Jacob slowly started to move forward. His whole body was shaking as every muscle on his body started to swell with raw power. “You think this car is stronger than this muscle? Yeah, that’s right, rev that engine, push my body to the limit!” Jacob said. The smell of burning rubber filled the alley as the front bumper of the car once again met the brick wall. Jacob only grunted and applied more pressure; he was far from done. More screams came from the car when one of the front headlights shattered. Suddenly there was a deafening screeching and popping of metal. The guys in the car looked on in horror as the car’s hood started to bend. “FUCK YEAH! This car is NOTHING to me.” Jacob screamed and twisted his body so his right shoulder slammed into the back of the car, causing it too to dent the metal. He exhaled deeply and started to apply even more pressure. The crushing sound of the car intensified as the hood started to look more deformed. After another minute of pushing the car, there was a loud bang and the engine started to sputter. This only caused Jacob to intensify his assault and after a few more seconds, the engine finally gave out. Jacob stopped pushing and stood up. He was breathing heavily and sweat had drenched his huge sweater. Even fully clothed he looked bigger than even. “You two better turn to watch this. I want as many witnesses as possible.” He said. With tears running down their faces, Scott and Jason turned and looked at Jacob’s insanely pumped body. Jacob stepped closer to the car and slammed both fists down on the trunk. The car shook violently at the moment of impact. The metal of the trunk was instantly mangled making it easy for Jacob to tear it completely free. He placed his arms around the huge piece of metal and started to squeeze. The sounds of bending metal was deafening and within seconds the truck was unrecognizable. Jacob tossed it aside and stepped into the exposed trunk space. Through the rear window, Jason and Scott could only look up at the massive creature standing above them. Jacob raised his left foot and drove it through the back window, filling the inside of the car with shattered glass. Jason and Scott recoiled in terror fearing that Jacob would reach for them cowering inside but that moment never came. Instead, they saw Jacob’s hands grip the stop of the rear window frame. There was more screeching metal sounds as Jacob literally started to pry the roof off the car. The sleeves of his sweater had rolled up to his elbows so they could accommodate Jacob’s swelling forearms. The sight was truly disgusting. Each muscle looked to be over 24” and thick, repulsive veins covered ever inch. As Jacob’s iron-grip on the metal proceeded, the muscles of his forearms inexplicably continued to grow. A minute later, the back part of the car’s roof was completed bent and Jason and Scott could see Jacob’s face staring down at them. “Quite the view isn’t it. My fucking forearms have more muscle on them then both of you combined. Fuck this metal is giving me a good workout though. I bet I won’t be able to jack myself off later.” Jacob said and laughed. Once the roof was pried a little higher, Jacob grabbed either side and started to violently tug at the huge piece of metal. The remaining windows smashed and the whole car shook back and forth. With one final grunt, Jacob wretched the entire roof completely off the car and lifted it over his head before tossing it 10 feet behind him. He reached into the car and grabbed Jason and Scott by their shirt collars. With seemly no effort, he lifted them out of the car and held them in the air. “Fuck you to feel so light to me now.” He said and dropped them on the ground behind the car before jumping down himself, shaking the ground as he did so. “Thanks for the little workout guys but frankly, I’ve had enough of this bullshit. Stand the fuck up!” He commanded. Jason and Scott slowly stood and faced Jacob. Nathan, who had been watching Jacob destroy the car, approached and placed his hand on Jacob’s left bicep. “That little workout sure got you pumped you big freak” Nathan said as he felt Jacob’s arm though his sweater. “Yeah, not bad but I think it’s time for a real workout.” Jacob said and stepped closer to Jason and Scott. “Where’s Mark?” When neither answered, Jacob turned and slammed his fist into the brick wall beside him. His fist embedded itself so deep, only his wrist was still showing. He slammed his other fist equally deep into the wall and when he pulled them both out, half a dozen bricks followed. “I’m not asking again. You said Mark could dwarf me? Well, I think it’s about time we see if that’s possible.” Jacob said and took a step back. He placed his right hand on the collar of his sweater and his other on the waistband of his pants. With one quick tug, both garments were torn from his body, leaving him wearing only a pair of skin tight workout shorts. Jason, Scott and even Nathan stepped back and gasped. The sight before them was like nothing they had ever imagined could exist. Even their wildest fantasies, or darkest nightmares; could prepare them for the creature standing in front of them. Jacob didn’t even have to flex to highlight the abomination he had become. “Take me to Mark. NOW!” he screamed.
  3. Chapter 7 Principal Dixon climbed into is car and rested his head on the steering wheel, his mind racing with images of Jacob’s incredibility massive body destroying that huge tree stump and then squatting with it like it was a broom handle. Never in his life had he seen someone so young, so strong, so massive. He looked down at the huge cum stain on the front of his jeans and felt horrified that one of his students has caused that. He was also acutely aware that he was already hard again as he relived the incident in his head. He spent a few minutes trying to clam himself down before deciding what he should do next. ———————— Mark had the heavy bar draped over his huge shoulders. The 4 45lb plates on either side raddled as he secured his footing. Scott stood behind him, ready to offer assistance even though he knew Mark wold not need any. With a low grunt, Mark lowered the weight for what would be his sixth set of brutal squats. His 31” quads looked far larger now that they were pumped to their maximum. At the bottom of the rep he took a moment to marvel at how the thick slabs of muscle pressed against each other. With little effort he lifted the weight back up to the starting position. His rhythm increased and a few seconds later was finishing rep 15 before slamming the weight down. He stepped out of the squat rack and pounded his blood-engorged quads with his fists. Their entire surface was purple from the intense workout they were undergoing. Mark started to flex each quad individually. Holding each pose until his muscles started to cramp. Scott moved closer and started to run his hands over the dense, sweaty muscles. Both guys focused all their attention on admiring the increased size and definition. Their admiration was interrupted when the door to the gym flew open and Jason stumbled in and fell to the floor sobbing. “Jason!” Mark and Scott ran over to their friend. They helped up to sitting position as he continued to sob and mumble incoherently. Mark and Scott could see dirt covering Jason’s clothes and they could also the drying cum stain on the from of his shorts. Eventually, Jason calmed down enough to relay what had happened to him in the woods at the hands of Jacob and Nathan. Hearing Nathan was there with Jacob and took part in his torment of Jason send Mark into a rage. He started stomping around the gym, knocking over dumbbells, kicking the various machines and benches and even punched the wall a few times. Scott remained with Jason, wrapping his growing arm around his friend while watching Mark with increased worry. Mark marched over to the bar he was just squatting loaded with 405lbs and placed his body under it but instead of positioning the bar across his shoulders, he gripped it from the front. Scott and Jason shot each other a look of shock as Mark started to press the heavy bar over his head. His whole body shook both from anger and from the seemingly impossible weight he was trying to lift. With a look of scary determination, Mark managed to extended his arms above his head. He let out a loud roar of pride as his lowered the bar again. He shifted his feet and started to press the bar again. It moved slower than the first rep but he someone managed to complete the lift. “GEAR!” He managed to say through gritted teeth. Scott ran to grab a fresh syringe and starting prepping the needle. “THREE!” Mark said. Scott hesitated but one look at Mark’s face told him this wasn’t the time to argue. He grabbed three needles and approached Marks shaking body. He injected all three doses into Mark’s right ass cheek. He looked up to see his friend’s eyes roll back in his head for a few seconds before refocusing on holding the bar over his head. Suddenly a transformation came over Mark. He lowered the weight and started pressing it again without a moment’s rest. He started to scream like a rabid animal as he started moving the bar at incredible speed. His shoulders looked they had expanded to triple their former size. After 12 perfect reps Mark slammed the weight down and turned to face his to friends. His entire body had ballooned to super heavyweight bodybuilder size. He looked around the room like a lion searching for prey. Not only was this a home gym, it was also his parent’s three car garage. While he had taken up two of the spaces with his abundance of gym equipment, his mother’s car was parked in the remaining spot. His eyes settled on that side of the garage. He lumbered towards her car and stood behind the rear bumper. Scott and Jason hurried to get a closer look as Mark bent down and wrapped his hands around the bumper, adjusted his footing and started to stand up. He let out another loud scream as his whole body flexed. His back erupted with newfound piles of mass. Striations appeared over every inch of his skin. Thick veins crept to the surface. Mark’s traps budged and swelled to eclipse his thick neck. Even though his shorts, deep cuts appeared on his flexed glutes. His hamstrings became a mass of twisted muscle cables that visibly grew bigger by the second. The back of the car started to rise. When the suspension had risen to its maximum, Mark dug his feet in and continued to lift. Scott and Jason started cheering when the back tires left the floor. The back-end of the car continued to rise as Mark reached his full height. He let out a triumphant roar as he held it off the ground for a few sounds and let it fall back down. Mark turned to his two friends and hit a gruesome most muscular pose. His whole body inflated with new muscle that made both guys feel tiny and weak. Scott and Jason couldn’t resist rushing over to Mark to worship his titanic body. All three of them were stroking their cocks. It was suddenly obvious to Scott and Jason that any hope they had in defending themselves against Jacob laid with helping Mark become even bigger and more powerful. Mark sensed this shift too. He turned and grabbed Jason by his waist and easily lifted him off the ground. Just before Jason released a huge load of cum, Mark placed his throbbing cock in his mouth. He guzzled every drop before letting Jason go and doing the same to Scott. After swallowing both huge loads, Mark wiped his mouth and nearly collapsed on a nearby weight bench. “I need all the protein I can get from now on.” “Take mine too” The three guys spun to look at the side door of the garage. There stood Principal Dixon with an obvious erection threatening to tear through his tight jeans. He approached the group while unzipping his pants. Without hesitation, he grabbed Mark’s thick neck and placed his mouth over his rock-hard cock. He only had to place his hands on Mark’s bloated traps before he was unloading his load. A flood of fresh cum flowed into Mark body. He leaned back and looked up at his principal. “I saw what happened in the woods. Jacob is out of control and Mark; you are the only one that can stop him.” The three friends stood and welcomed Principal Dixon into their group. It was obvious that Principal Dixon (or just Dixon he insisted on from now on) knew his way around a weight room and his knowledge would be a valuable tool in Mark’s development. His added supply of cum would also be beneficial as Mark could suddenly attest to. He scanned the room for his next exercise as the powerful side effects started to flood his gear-filled system. ———————— Jacob sat across from Nathan at the diner they stopped at after leaving the woods. Jacob was starving and had just ordered half the dishes on the menu. “Are you ok about helping me fuck over your friends?” He asked. “It doesn’t matter to me anymore. Seeing you destroy and the lift that huge tree was worth it. I can’t believe how massive you’re getting. All I want is to see just how huge you can get.” Nathan said. Jacob smiled and sat back in his seat. He was sitting in a booth designed to accommodate two to three people but he occupied almost all of it. His shoulders were so wide his head looked tiny by comparison. His thick traps and neck only made the contrast more extreme. He had rolled up the billowy sleeves of his tent-like hoodie exposing his vascular forearms. Nathan couldn’t look way and his eyes traced the countless veins that criss-crossed the enormous muscles. Jacob purposely rolled his wrists causing the muscles to swell and morph into even more grotesque shapes. The waitress arrived with her arms full of different plates, piled high with food. A second staff member followed with even more. When the entire table was covered with dishes she made a joke about how many other people were joining them. “That all just for him.” Nathan said and motioned towards Jacob. The waitress laughed like it was the best joke she had heard all day but suddenly got serious when she saw Jacob start to devour the food. A look of disgust came over her face as he started stuffing hand fulls of food into his mouth. She hurried away and retreated to the kitchen. Nathan chucked and started to move full plates closer to Jacob as he finished plate after plate. It was five minutes later when the first tearing sound could be heard coming from his side of the booth. Nathan saw a spot of bare shoulder become exposed as the seam split. He licked his lips as his saw Jacob’s body swelling with each mouthful of food he consumed. A second tear appeared on Jacob’s left bicep as he continued to stuff his face. “How big is that hoodie?” Nathan asked. “4XL” Jacob muttered between bites. “Fuck” Was all Nathan could say as he continued to watch Jacob eat. Ten minutes passed and Jacob’s left bicep had become completely exposed. There was another tearing sound but Nathan couldn’t see any additional flesh. He concluded that one of Jacob’s lats must have torn though out of sight. After five more minutes, all the plates were practically spotless. Jacob had beads of sweat on his forehead when he laid back and placed his hand on his abs. He rested for a minute before leaned forward. “Ready for another show?” He asked Nathan. Nathan just bit his lip in anticipation. Jacob slowly started to slide his hand together on the top of the table. As his did so, Nathan could see him starting to flex. The remaining excess fabric from the once loose shirt stretched tight across Jacob’s upper body. The existing tears opened wider as more appeared in other areas. When Jacob’s hands met he applied even more pressure and flexed harder. Suddenly Jacob’s entire shoulder became exposed as the hoodie could no longer contain his food-fuelled expansion. There was a loud crash as the waitress made the mistake of looking in Jacob’s direction while carrying a tray full of food. She let out a scream as more fabric fell away from Jacob’s hulking frame. The other restaurant customers followed the waitresses’ stare and became equally disturbed by the sight. Jacob winked at Nathan and turned and slid out of the booth. He turned to face the crowd and with one more flex, caused the remaining scraps of fabric to fall away, exposing his naked torso completely. He heard more screams and gasps as he relaxed the pose. Not wasting any time he raised his bloated arms over his head and placed his fists behind his bull neck. He flexed his arms that now resembled two Thanksgiving turkeys on either side of his head. His ridiculously wide lats jutted out from his sides so far they resembled airplane wings wrapped in skin. Jacob slowly exhaled as he flexed his softball-sized abdominal muscles. Even with his arms above his head, Jacob was still able to flex his massive pecs, sending deep striations shooting across the hard flesh. Not allowing his incredible upper body to outshine his lower half, Jacob placed his feet together and flexed his quads and calves. He felt his shorts rise up between the nonexistent gap between his quads.Once fully flexed, Jacob slowly pivoted his body back and forth so the whole diner could see every unfathomably defined muscle. “FUCK that was a good meal.” He said while twisting his body to show off his razor-sharpe oblique muscles. Veins snaked from his hip, up his abs and over his lats before wrapping behind to his back. “I hope it doesn’t make me fat.” He said with a chuckle. Jacob finally dropped the pose and as he and Nathan walked towards the door, the customer got a close-up look at his outrageously developed body. A few covered their mouths to stifle either a scream or vomit while others had tears running down their faces. Nathan saw two guys near the back covering their obvious hard-ons. Once outside a shirtless Jacob walked across the diner parking lot. Nathan turned to see a car slam into the back of a parked car as the driver stared at Jacob’s massive body. Across the street a mother leaned down, scooped up her young child and ran towards her parked car. “This is going to be a fun walk home” Nathan said as his ran his hand over Jacob’s mountain range-like back.
  4. Chapter 6 Mark tossed his phone down after sending Nathan yet another text. “I don’t know where he is.” He said to Jason and Scott. “But enough wasting time. If we plan on beating Jacob we need to get back to training.” They had ended up at Mark’s house and were now in his very well-equipped home gym. Mark needed to workout, not only to keep gaining size, but also to clear his mind. He knew Jacob would get free and it was only a matter of time before he came looking for the guys that tied him up. Jason and Scott had received their first dose of Mark’s steroids and were itching to start lifting. Mark gave himself a double dose and stated to attack the weights. He was now curling dumbbells that he was recently using for chest. He could feel his body growing more muscle. The feeling was so intense, he was starting to forget about Jacob. Jason and Scott had also reached a new level of intensity. They both become more aggressive with the weights, punishing their bodies to grow bigger and stronger. The three friends worked out for close to two hours before stopping to consume massive amounts of food and protein shakes. “Where the fuck is Nathan?” Mark said as they sat eating. “He looked really freaked out when he left Mark. I just hope he didn’t do something stupid.” --- Jacob and Nathan ended up back at Jacob’s house. Jacob was starving and literally emptied the fridge and started to consume any food he could get his hands on. Nathan sat and stared as Jacob consumed thousands of calories. “You better get used to this.” Jacob said with a mouth-full of chicken. “Takes a lot of food to grow this massive.” Nathan didn’t react, he only reached for a large container of cooked beef and peeled the top off and handed it to Jacob. “Then you better keep eating.” Jacob smiled and grabbed a fist-full of beef and shoved it in his throat. He pushed a plate of chicken towards Nathan. “You better start eating like a freak too if you plan to keep up with me.” The two of them settled down and ate more for than they ever had before. When there was nothing left, they both sat back with bloated stomachs and let their bodies digest. “So, you’e never been worshipped before?” Nathan asked. “No, I guess I always assumed people were too freaked by my size. I really like being people’s faces when I walked by. Seeing terror in their eyes was the best felling, it made me want to get even more huge. But today, feeling your hands on my pumped body, hearing you tell me to push harder was so much more intense.” “I have to admit, the first time I saw you I was really freaked out, even disgusted, but the more you flexed and lifted those incredible weights, the more turned on a felt. I finally couldn’t control myself anymore and now all I want is to see you get even bigger.” “That’s all I want too. I want to be so fucking massive, the road crumbles as I walk on it. So freaky strong that I can walk through brick walls and so ripped that I don’t even look human anymore. You say you want to see me get bigger but I don’t think you get just how massive I will become.” Nathan stood up and walked over to where Jacob was sitting. He placed his hands on his enormous shoulders and said “Try me.” Jacob grabbed Nathan’s tight ass and stood up with it cradled in his hands. With seemingly no effort, Jacob slung Nathan over his shoulder and walked towards his basement gym. --- Three weeks had passed since Mark, Nathan, Jason and Scott left Jacob tied to the beam at the school gym. Principal Dixon was still unsure what had happened at the school that night. He found the destroyed ropes and the massacred weight rack and even noticed the dents in the support beam. He checked the attendance records and became concerned that Mark and his buddies hadn’t been to class. He was however, relieved that Jacob had not been to school either. That first encounter with Jacob was almost too much for the Principal. He considered handing in his notice and moving out of town. But days after the scene in the cafeteria, Dixon noticed a shift in his mindset. Seeing the incredible power Jacob’s body possessed made him refocus on his own body. While he was always in good shape and prided himself on being bigger than most, he suddenly had a drive to get even bigger. Dixon racked the bar and stood up and looked at himself in the mirror. He was wearing an XL t-shirt that had never stretched so tight on his body. He raised his left arms and admired his very impressive 18” bicep. It had only been three weeks but he was seeing incredible gains. He walked to the scale and smiled when the needle stopped at 247lb. Not bad for 36 he through to himself before starting a new set. --- Mark stood on the scale and let out a moan when he saw the needle stop at 256lbs. He was gaining weight faster than he had ever anticipated. His quest for mass had become all-consuming. He hadn’t even realized it had been three weeks since the day int he gym with Jacob, all that mattered to him was growing. He started to hit poses in the mirror and marvelled at the new mass he’s piled on his already ripped body. He looked big enough to enter a state bodybuilding show but that was now the furtherest thing from his mind. Just as he hit a brutal front lat spread, Jason and Scott arrived. They both stopped dead in their tracks when they say how huge Mark looked. Each other them had been packing on new mass too but they suddenly felt dwarfed in the presence of their friend. Sensing their presence, Mark tuned to face his friends. Their eyes spread wide at Marks incredible lat pose. Each meaty muscle erupted from his back. His growing shoulders and arms looked like they were resting on the slabs of muscles spewing from his back. “FUCK YEAH I FEEL HUGE!” Mark grunted. “You are huge!” Jason said. “Come here” Mark commanded. Jason and Scott approached their huge friend and started to worship his hulking form. This ritual started two week prior and it had become an essential part of every workout. The three friends couldn’t help but get off on their muscles. They started to feed off the intensity they each felt as the worked out for hours together. Maybe it was the gear they were one or maybe they had all finally uncovered their true passion for muscle but regardless, they loved feeling each other’s pumped up bodies and none of them would deny that it was helping them grow. Jason stripped off his t-shirt and felt Scott grab his full, hard pecs. At 220lbs now, he was starting to feel like a real muscle head. He flexed his pecs as Scott squeezed each dense muscle. Mark lifted Scott’s hoodie off and ran his hand down his sculpted back. He smiled as he pictured what how scrawny Scott had been when he first started lifting. Those days were far behind him now because Scott responded to the gear better than any of them. His weight skyrocketed past Jason and he now weighted an impressive 231lbs. Mark felt Scott’s massive glutes as he alternatively flexed them. Eventually, both Jason and Scott’s attention came back to Mark. He dropped his shorts and stood naked for both of them to admire. Scott fell to his knees and wrapped his arms around Marks now 31” quads while Jason licked Mark’s tight, razor-sharpe abs. “MMMM, yeah worship all this muscle. Make me grow even bigger.” Mark said between moans of pleasure. Minutes later, all three friends collapsed from their respective orgasms, each coated with each other’s cum. They relaxed for a minute before regrouping and focusing on their workout. They each became very serious and lifted more intensely as ever, each determined to grow bigger and more powerful. --- Principal Dixon was roaming the aisles of the grocery store when he thought he spotted Jason a few feet away. He knew he hadn’t been at school in weeks but there was something different about the kid. He was wearing a t-shirt and shorts that all looked to be two sizes too small for him. Dixon knew he and his friends were budding muscle heads but Jason’s increase in size was obvious. “Jason?” Principal Dixon asked as he approached his student. Jason jumped hearing his name and looked at Principal Dixon. Now it was Jason’s turn to look surprised. He had never seen his principal out of dress clothes and he was immediately taken aback. Principal Dixon looked huge! Principal Dixon could see Jason’s eyes darting all over his body. From his full pecs that stretched his polo t-shirt to his round, capped shoulders that focused the fabric to ride up, exposing his thick, muscled arms. He saw him look down and see thick quads and claves that could not be hidden under the denim pants that looked painted on. “Are you ok Jason?” Dixon asked. “Y-yeah Principal Dixon. You just look, so, uh” “Big? Well I guess you’ve never seen me in casual clothes. And besides, I’ve been working out a lot more lately. It would appear you’ve been doing the same.” Jason blushed as his principal commented on his increased size. He couldn’t help inflate his chest and tense his abs. “You could say that.” Jason responded. “Is that why you haven’t been at school for over three weeks?” Principal Dixon asked. Jason’s expression quickly changed and he looked away from Dixon. He grabbed a random container of food from the shelf and tossed it in his shopping cart. “I-I gotta go Principal Dixon…n-nice seeing you.” Jason said and practically slammed into Principal Dixon as he moved past him towards the checkout. Principal Dixon was too stunned to respond. Something very strange was happening with these kids from school. He wandered the grocery store as he tried to figure out what was going on. Ask Dixon pushed his cart full of food towards his car, he spotted Jason across the parking lot on his bicycle. Something came over Dixon and he quickly loaded his car and decided to follow Jason. He knew it was wrong but he needed to figure what was happening. Jason petalled his bike fast through town. Even from the distance Dixon was following him, he could see Jason’s quads and calves swelling bigger and bigger. Dixon couldn’t help but think how he’d never seen a high school student with such big legs; well, except for one particular student he’d rather not think about. Jason turned off the main road when he reached the edge of town and headed into the woods. Against all logic, Dixon parked his car and started to walk into the woods behind Jason. Once off the road, the wooded park was deadly quiet. Dixon walked as quickly as he could but Jason was on a bike and was immediately too far ahead to see. After walking for five minutes, Dixon was about to give up and turn around. It was at that moment he heard shouting further up ahead. Dixon broke into a jog and started to run towards the sound. He ran up a steep hill and when he reached the top his stopped dead in his tracks. There, in a clearing about 50 feet away was Jason, but standing a few feet away was Jacob. Dixon ducked behind the nearest tree and held his breath. It was quiet enough in the woods that Principal Dixon could hear every word. “Leave me the FUCK alone!” Jason screamed. “You think I’ve forgotten what you and your fuck-faced friends did to me?” Jacob yelled back. Jacob looked Jason over. It was clear that he had gained a lot of weight. Jacob smiled as he pictured Jason hiding in a gym somewhere, lifting weights, hoping to get even a little closer to Jacob’s size. Jacob on the other hand, was wearing another enormous hoodie and equally baggy sweatpants. “Looks like someone has been working out, trying to get big like me.” Jacob said. “FUCK YOU!” “Well, pity you’ll never be as big as me.” Jacob said and grabbed the waist band of his sweat pants and started to pull the down. When his quads were finally revealed, Jason couldn’t help but recoil in disgust. If they were listening, the two kids might have heard a gasp from behind a tree in the distance. Jacob’s quads and calves were nothing like what Jason remembered that day in the school gym. What were once two massive piles of muscles were now something straight out of a comic book. They sheer size, definition and vascularity was truly astounding. Each individual muscle group was so well developed they looked like they were fighting for space on Jacob’s skeleton. Jacob raised his arms and cleared his throat. It was at this moment that Nathan stepped out from behind a nearby tree. “Nathan! Where the fuck have you been?” Jason yelled. Nathan walked up behind Jacob and grabbed hold of the bottom of his hoodie. He peered around Jacob’s imposing figure and looked at Jason with a smile. “I’ve been helping Jacob grow even bigger.” He said and started to lift the hoodie higher. When Jacob’s upper body was finally revealed. Jason could not contain his body’s response. The sight before him was so extreme, so incomprehensible, that his leaned over and threw up. Jason wiped his mouth and looked at Jacob again. His mind reeled as it tried to comprehend what it was seeing. Jacob was almost unrecognizable from what he was just over three weeks ago. What was once an unnaturally massive young kid was now a true monstrosity. “Take it all in bitch.” Jacob said and ran his hands down his torso. “285lbs of pure muscle. My 3% body fat is what’s allowing you to see every vein on my body. These arms are 24” and these pecs, if you can still call them pecs, are 62”. My quads are well over 33” now and I can assume you’ve never seen 23” calves before.” Jason couldn’t take any more and looked away. “DON’T YOU LOOK AWAY! I want you to see what a freak I am. You thought I was big before but I told you I have NO LIMITS. LOOK AT THIS FREAKY BODY!” Jacob screamed. Jason looked back and as he did, Jacob raised his arms into a double bicep pose. Every muscle on Jacob’s body erupted. From his calves to his neck, it all expanded. Veins visibly grew thicker as more and more blood was pumped into his growing muscles. His arms rose well past his shoulders and nearly touched his fists. His lats spread so far, he looked wider than he was tall. The only part of him that didn’t inflate with more size was his waist. In comparison, it appears to shrink. Nathan, who was eclipsed by Jacob’s body stepped into view. His hands ran up and down Jacob’s chest and over his trembling biceps. Jason couldn’t only stare with a look of confusion on his face. “You’re telling me you could resist a beast this fucking massive? You should see Jacob workout Jason, it’s truly something special. Especially when he lets me feel every pumped inch of his body.” Nathan said leaned in to chew on Jacob’s left nipple. Jason had had enough. He knew he needed to get as far away from these two as possible. He turned and started to run but Nathan was on him in a flash. Standing next to Jacob made it hard to see that Nathan too had been adding muscle to his body. But as he tackled Jason, his newfound size was evident. He wrapped his powerful arms around Jason’s neck and hoisted his off the ground with little effort. Nathan adjusted his arms and wrapped them around Jason’s firm, bulging pecs. “Pecs feel bigger Jason. Too bad, Jacob’s left index finger feels bigger.” He whispered in his ear. Jason struggled to get free but Nathan held him tight. Jacob slowly waddled his way towards them. As he got closer and Jason could see just how massive Jacob now was, he started to fear for his life. “You look real scared man. Don’t worry. I’m not going to kill you. I’m just going to teach you lesson you’ll never forget.” Jacob said and started to look around. His eyes rested on a huge tree stump just a few feet away. The base of its truck was at least three feet around. Jacob walked over to it and ran his hand over the rough bark. “You saw how powerful my upper body was when I bent that metal weight rack like it was nothing, well, I think you need to see just how strong my legs are.” Jacob said and sat down and faced the huge tree. Jason looked on with utter confusion. He watched as Jacob leaned back and spread his gargantuan legs apart. When he placed each huge quad on either side of the tree, Jason finally realized what he was about to witness. Jason started to flail his body but Nathan held him tight. He started to scream in horror and begged to be let go. “Jason, calm down. You need to see just how much of a freak Jacob is. Just be glad it’s not your body between those quads.” Jacob positioned his quads on either side of the tree trunk and managed to lock his ankles together. Just performing this simple feat caused his muscles to swell even larger and more veins appeared on the surface of his skin. Jacob leaned his upper body back and onto his arms which caused his tricep to flex bigger than his head. He tensed his disturbingly ripped abs and pecs and started to apply pressure to his quads and calves. The increase in size was astounding. Each muscle fibre contorted and hardened to a level even Nathan hadn’t witnessed. Tree bark instantly started to fall and the tree trunk that stood well over 10 feet high immediately started to shake. Jacob flexed and relaxed his quads until he got into a slow rhythm. With each flex, the sound of cracking wood increased. It wasn’t for another minute that both Jason and Nathan truly understood what was happening. They assumed Jacob was crushing the tree stump using just his massive quads but they were wrong. Jacob was pulling the tree stump out of the ground, roots and all. They looked on with amazement as the stump started to rock back and forth. Sweat trickled off Jacob’s forehead and he remained razor-focused on the task at hand. Minutes later Jacob started to twist his legs from one side to the other. It was obvious that he had engaged his core because his already flexed abs become something straight out of a horror movie. Layers of fresh muscle inflated around each abdominal muscle. His once tiny looking waist seems to bulge with newfound mass. With a loud grunt, Jacob twisted his whole body to the right, bringing the tree with him. Without stopping, he pivoted and twisted to the left. The cracking of wood echoed throughout the woods. With a few more twists of his body, Jacob had the tree stump leaning dangerously low to the ground. Satisfied he had weakened it enough, Jacob released his quads and stood back up. Jacob’s quads and midsection looked absolutely revolting. While his definition as astounding, his symmetry was nonexistent. The bloated muscles of his calves, quads and abs appeared to be just one solid column of muscle. Each muscle was so pumped, all shape was lost. Not wanting to loose his momentum, Jacob wrapped his hands around the massive tree stump and started to lift. There was resistance from the tree roots at first but Jacob simply applied more power and slowly pulled the tree free from the ground. He easily tossed the tree aside and looked at Jason. “Do you get it now? There is NOTHING this muscle cannot do. There is no one big enough to stop me and there are NO LIMIT to how massive I can become.” He bellowed. He looked down at the tree stump and back at Jason and Nathan. “That was just a warm up. These quads need to feel some real pain.” He said and leaned down. He wrapped his arms around the tree again and with a grunt, hoisted it completely off the ground. With some clumsy maneuvering, he managed to position the tree across his massive shoulders. He heard Jason whimpering as he started to squat the heavy tree. With both Nathan and Jason looking on in awe, Jacob continued to squat with the tree trunk draped over his shoulders. The massive piece of wood was adding incredible resistance for Jacob and he struggled to complete his sixth rep. As he lowered himself and tree for the seventh time he paused at the bottom. His whole body was shaking and hard as he tried, he couldn’t lift the massive weight. “COME ON JACOB! Show us just how strong you are.” Nathan shouted at Jacob. Jacob let out a loud roar and started to stand back up. He couldn’t see his fully pumped quads but could feel the flesh on the two limbs touching each other from his calves to his hips. He could envision just how grotesque the sight much have been for Jason to watch and that thought helped propel the tree higher. At the top of the rep, Jacob let the tree drop behind him and he took an unsteady step towards Jason. He placed his hands on his hips and placed his trembling left leg forward. As he moved his thigh back and forth, he could feel the slabs of muscle swinging along with it. When he suddenly stopped moving and flexed the muscle, they could almost be heard solidifying. Jacob gritted his teeth and flexed down harder, caused each tiny muscle fibre to creep to the surface of his skin. The sight was once again too much for you Jason to handle. His head fell back as his body convulsed in Nathan’s arms. A huge wet spot appeared on the front of his shorts as he orgasmed for well over 45 seconds. Nathan let Jason collapse on the ground as he wrapped his arms around Jacob and kissed him passionately. “I think he’s learnt his lesson.” Jacob said and placed his huge arm around Nathan’s waist. They gathered Jacob’s clothes and started to walk towards the road back to town. If Jacob and Nathan had looked further into the woods, they would’ve seen Principal Dixon standing in a puddle of his own cum with a look of pure ecstasy on his face.
  5. Chapter 5 As the four guys stared at Jacob’s unconscious body, watching his breath in and out. Nathan couldn’t handle the situation any more. “MARK! This is fucked! We have to get the hell out of here.” He shouted. “No! I want to make Jacob pay for what he did!” “I do too but let’s be serious. Did you not just see what he did to that weight rack? He’s a fucking monster. We can’t stand up to that.” “But he can’t ju-“ “I know he can’t!” Nathan interrupted and place his hand on Mark’s shoulder “But we aren’t ready yet.” Mark looked up with a confused look on his face. “Can you get more steroids?” Mark’s mouth dropped open. “Because we are going to need a lot more if we plan on becoming big enough to get revenge on Jacob.” Nathan said a gave Mark’s shoulder a hard squeeze. Tears filled Mark’s eyes as he realized what Nathan was saying. He looked to Jason and Scott and saw that they too, had the same look in their eyes. Mark snapped himself back to reality. “Ok. grab your stuff, there can’t be any evidence we were ever here.” The guys scrambled to gather their things and erase any sign that they were there. As the prepared to leave, Mark looked back at Jacob’s tied up body. Even in his current, unconscious state, Mark couldn’t help but marvel at the size Jacob possessed. He couldn’t help but wonder if beating him was even a possibility. --- An hour later, Jacob started to wake up. At first he moaned and slowly moved his head but as the cobwebs cleared, he became more aware of the situation he found himself in. The heavy ropes dug into his skin and his head was pounding. Within a few minutes, he was completely coherent and slightly panicked but any fear quickly evaporated as he tried to figure out how to get free. “Those fucking like bitches” He yelled. Rage filled his body as he tried to twist his body only to discover he was unable to move. He let out a gut-wrenching growl and tried to over power the huge ropes that surrounded him. His whole body shook as he applied more pressure without success. He began to sweat with effort and his breathing increased. Jacob stopped struggling and tried to calm himself. He took a few deep breaths and refocused his attention on his legs. With his back against the metal beam, his legs were positioned in front of him and bound with more rope. Most of his skin was covered and his feet stick out the end. He closed his eyes and started to flex his quads. He felt the ropes pressing harder against his skin each time he tensed his leg muscles. After a few minutes a saw the ropes move after relaxing his muscles for moment. The movement was small but it spurred him on. In his head, he envisioned his 32” quads pumped to their maximum size. He pictured what they looked like after his most brutal leg workouts. With renewed energy he continued to flex and relax the massive muscles. “Come on. Pump bigger.” He repeated, commanding his quad to respond. And respond they did. Five minutes later, the ropes appeared to be loosening. Jacob raised his head to the ceiling and flexed with all his might. He let out a powerful roar as he felt his quads bloat to newfound size. He could feel his equally massive calves swell past their current 21” size. The pressure was so intense Jacob worried he might pass out but seconds later he looked down and smiled. The end of the rope near his ankle was starting to unravel. He summoned more energy and focused all his attention on his calves. He could feel their pumped up mass pressing against each other. He knew if he could pump them up bigger, they would push the ropes apart further. He imagined them growing as he flexed and un-flexed them. He imagined them dwarfing the world record calves of Erik Fankhouser, becoming bigger than his waist. He looked down as started to see his claves between the loosening ropes. Only he didn’t see his calves, he saw something far more grotesque. Jacob licked his lips at the network of freaky veins that pulsed across the small amounts of flesh he could see. As he continued to flex his calves, he could see the individual muscle fibres twitching. With one last primal scream, he flexed with more effort than even he thought he was capable of. The rope at his ankles spread apart by half a foot as his claves swelled to incomprehensible size. The burn from the muscle pump was both painful and erotic to Jacob. He was finally able to shake his legs enough to remove the rope from his calves. Jacob relaxed for a moment and stared at his monstrous calves. They had grown to well past 21” and the vascularity they displayed was truly inhuman. Never had Jacob envisioned his calves could be so pumped and massive. He could feel his cock hardening within the confines of the ropes but he refocused his attention on the larger task at hand, getting completely free. After resting for a few minutes and with his ankles and calves now free, Jacob refocused on releasing his quads. Between flexing them and wiggling his claves, the ropes continued to unravel until Jacob knees were visible. With a few grunts and awkward positioning. Jacob was able to tuck his claves under his quads. Being this compacted was not only uncomfortable for someone Jacob’s size, it was also extremely painful on his already tortured calves but eventually Jacob manoeuvred himself into a pseudo-kneeling position. Jacob readied his body and mind for his hardest challenge yet. He took a deep breath and started to flex his 32” quads. The ropes were tied so tight and his quads were already so pumped, nothing happened. He refocused his attention and tried to do the impossible, stand up. His whole body started to shake as he tried to raise his body up the beam. After five minutes of trying he had barely moved. He let out a scream and somehow summoned more power and felt his body start to rise. Within a minute, Jacob rose high enough that his ass was a few inches off the ground. He adjusted his feet and started to engage his quads. With a growl, he rose even higher. Eventually he was in a sitting position against the beam. Sweat was pouring off his body and the pressure from the ropes felt like they might crush his ribs. As Jacob caught his breath he heard the door to the gym slowly start to open. “Who’s there?” Jacob asked. Nathan stepped out of the shadow and caught his breath when he saw that Jacob was almost standing up straight. He recoiled in horror at the sight of Jacob’s outrageously massive quads and calves. Instantly his cock became hard and Jacob noticed. “Couldn’t stay away? I bet you weren’t expecting me to look like this. Well, I suggest you run along before I get completely free and tear you in half with my bare hands. In Nathan’s mind, he knew he should have turned and ran but he couldn’t look away. He needed to see Jacob’s massive body again. Before he knew it, he was moved closer to Jacob. Even Jacob looked confused as Nathan approached. Nathan fell to Jacob’s feet and raised his two trembling hands and placed them on Jacob’s extremely pumped quads. He retracted his hands instantly, never could he have imagined that muscle could feel so hard. Jacob was about to say something but Nathan placed his hands back on his legs and let out a moan. Jacob felt a tingling though his body as Nathan’s hands started to caress his quads. It was a new sensation for him. He couldn’t help but flex and relax the muscle. “So huge, so big, so powerful.” Nathan mumbled. “Are you going to untie these ropes or not?” Jacob eventually asked. Nathan stopped running his hands over the muscle and looked up at Jacob. “I should but I have a better idea.” “What’s that?” “Use these unbelievable muscles and fucking snap these huge ropes wrapped around you.” Jacob gave Nathan a confused look. “I saw what you did to that weight rack earlier, and everyone heard about last week in the cafeteria. Fuck, just look at your calves and quads, do you doubt that you can’t break free on your own?” A small smile crept across Jacob’s face. Nathan’s hand travelled down his quads and to his calves. “Fuck.” He moaned. “You like feeling all this muscle?” “It’s unbelievable. How can someone be this huge? Yes, I believe these muscles can do whatever they want. I know you’ll kill me when you get free but I don’t care. I just want to witness just how powerful you are.” Now it was Jacob’s cock turn to harder. He repositioned his legs and started to flex again. “You want to feel power? I’ll show you power.” Nathan could feel layers of muscle fibres leap into action under his hands. Jacob’s whole body began to shake as he continued to raise his body up the beam. “Yes, show me your full strength.” Jacob could only grunt as he felt his body reaching its full height. With the pressure finally off his quads he felt a wave of relief but he also couldn’t deny that feeling Nathan’s hands on his warm skin felt incredible. He moved his left leg so Nathan could wrap both hands around it. He felt his cock twitch as he felt Nathan moan in ecstasy. “You might want to stand back for this.” Jacob said. “No, I want to feel every muscle as you flex to get free. Show me just how freaky you can get.” Nathan whispered. Jacob only smiled and squared his shoulders the best he could with he tight ropes snapped around him. “You have no idea just how freaky I can be.” “Show me.” Nathan said and stood face Jacob. WIth his eyes closed, Jacob started to imagine the most extreme versions of what he was determined to become. He pictured his body inflated with so much muscle it became hard for him to even move. He imagined being so ripped and vascular he no longer looked like he had skin. Finally, his mind went to the completely incomprehensible levels of strength he wanted to achieve. He pictured himself shoulder pressing a tank when he heard the first snap. “Oh my god!” Nathan screamed at the sound. Jacob only chuckled and applied more power. His body was near convulsions, when he heard the second snap. “Worship this body.” He grunted. Not needed to be asked twice, Nathan moved closer and started to feel any exposed skin on Jacob’s body. He marvelled at the vibrations and pulsing power radiating from Jacob’s body. The snapping sound continued and more flesh was exposed. When his abs were mostly free, Nathan placed both hands on the rock-hard muscles and traced the deep striations that criss-crossed the surface. The more he touched his body, the stronger Jacob felt. Within minutes, he could feel the ropes loosening as countless snapping sounds filled the room. He looked Nathan in the eyes and started to flex his body harder. Nathan finally stepped back, sensing Jacob was going to preform his most incredible feat yet. With a loud moan, Jacob started to violently pull away from the metal beam. The ropes resisted at first but where no longer a threat to him. He knew was could get his body free but now he just want to test his full strength and show Nathan just how freaky he could be. He positioned his massive quads and started to drive all his power forward. Repeated this motion over and over until he was like a piston moving back and forth away from the beam. Sensing what he was trying to do, Nathan began to shout encouragement. “Fuck yeah! Rip that fucking beam out. Bring the whole fucking school down! No one is as massive and powerful as you are.” He shouted while tugging at his rock-hard cock. Jacob roared and felt a surge of strength course through his body. He pressed with all his might, causing his quads to expand even bigger. Finally on of the huge ropes could no longer take this much punishment and completely ripped in two. That was followed by two more ropes. Jacob continued to push his body away from the beam but became frustrated when he realized it, like him, was stronger than the ropes. WIth one final assault, the remaining ropes fell away from Jacob’s sweaty, pumped body causing him to stumble forward and land on his hands and knees. Nathan ran to him and knelt down beside the panting monster. Nathan’s hand ran up Jacob’s now-exposed arm, feeling the incredible density of this flexed tricep. “You are the most powerful person on the planet. So fucking huge.” He said Jacob sat up and looked at Nathan. “Aren’t you scared now that I’m free. Shouldn’t you run away?” “Probably but I can’t. I need to be close to your body. I want to feel every pumped inch.” He said and leaned in. His heart was pounding in his throat but he couldn’t hold himself back. He placed one hand on Jacob’s tree-trunk thick neck and started to kiss the behemoth. Jacob hesitated at first first but suddenly gave in and started to kiss Nathan back. Never in his life had he felt something so intense. He had gotten so used to getting off on the feeling of superiority and disgust the world showed him in response to his body that he never knew someone showing him affection and attraction could feel so much better. The two bodies rose and continued to kiss. Nathan ran his hands all over Jacob’s upper body. As his hands felt unfathomably large muscle group after muscle group, he let out moans of pure pleasure. Jacob too started to explore Nathan’s body. While he admired his budding musculature, Jacob couldn’t help but feel even more massive in comparison. It was Nathan that finally broke away. “Wow! I never thought I’d do that with a guy, let along someone like you.” “Me neither.”Jacob responded. Suddenly the gravity of the situation hit Nathan like a ton of bricks. Not only was he making out and worshipping Jacob, he was betraying his best friend Mark. He was also keenly aware that Jacob could decide to snap his neck with one hand for the part he played in putting him this situation in the first place. Jacob could sense a shift in Nathan’s demeanour. “You thinking of leaving?” He asked. “I-I don’t know what to do. This is all so fucked up.” Nathan said sounding panicked. “For me too.” Jacob said. “But you can’t leave just yet.” “Why not.” “Because that fucking beam is still standing.” Jacob said and walked closer to the huge metal beam. It as two feet by two feat and looked like a steel girder you’d see on a construction site. Nathan stood behind Jacob and ran his hand over his imposing trap muscles. He bit his lip as he explored their enormity. “Fuck it up Jacob.” Jacob only growls and placed his hands around the cold steel. With little effort he was able to clasp his hands together on the other side. He felt his last spread to their limit as he struggled to increase his grip on the metal beam. He was also acutely aware that Nathan’s hands were groping his flared back muscles. That sensation only egged him on. Jacob’s body tensed as every muscle flexed. He started to shake as he began to apply pressure. He could feel the edges of the metal pressing against his skin but knew it was no match for the strength of his muscles. He let out a roar as he applied more pressure, his body trembling with power. After a solid five minutes he started to become frustrated. Sensing this shift, Nathan stepped closer behind Jacob. The unmistakable feeling of his rock-hard cock against Jacob’s ass. Jacob turned his head and smiled at Nathan who only pressed harder against Jacob’s fully flexed body. “Make me cum to your power” Nathan whispered. Jacob’s body went nuclear. He let out a wall-shaking bellow and started to grip the beam with renewed intensity. It felt like the whole room was shaking when after five more minutes, the beam still hadn’t budged. Frustrated Jacob released the beam, walked over to a near by bench, picked up a 45lb weight and hurled it across the room. It slammed against the wall and snapped in half. He went searching for more items to destroy when Nathan reached out and grabbed his hand. “What! I’m not strong enough to break that beam!” “Jacob! That beam is over two feet thick and meant hold up an entire building. Besides, LOOK!” Nathan said and pointed at the beam. Jacob could not believe his eyes. There on the side of the beam was the clear indentations his mammoth pecs had left in the hard metal surface. Not only that, the side where his forearms had been wrapped were more metal metal pieces still held the shape of his muscles. Jacob walked around the metal beam and ran his hands over the dents his body had made. He looked down at his pecs a saw barely a red mark. As he felt the cold steel that had bent to his will, his hard cock became even harder. He looked up to see Nathan staring at it too. “I want to watch you become strong enough to rip this beam out with one hand. I want help you become the biggest, most muscular creature that has ever walked the earth. I’ll do anything to help you surpass even your wildest fantasies.” Nathan said. Without an invitation, Nathan approached and knelt in front of Jacob. He reached up and pulled down Jacob’s shorts, exposing his throbbing dick. Nathan gasped as it sprung free and slapped against Jacob’s granite-hard abs. With no hesitation, Nathan placed his mouth around it and started to suck long and hard. Jacob let out a loud moan as waves of pleasure flooded his system. He place his hands on his hips and flexed into a front lat spread. Nathan’s hand started to roam over Jacob’s massive body as he continued to suck his cock. Jacob alternatively started to flex and relax his quads as Nathan’s hand moved up and down their girth. They both moaned with pleasure. As Jacob flexed and Nathan worshipped and sucked, nearing orgasm. “I-I’m going to cum” Jacob moaned. Nathan placed his hands on Jacob’s calves and gave them a squeeze. Jacob reared his head back and shot his huge load into Nathan’s mouth. Nathan fought back a gag and managed to swallow the whole load. But what was more incredible was at the exact moment Jacob came, Nathan did too, without even touching himself. His whole body trembled as Jacob’s calved expanded in his hands. He released Jacob’s cock and collapsed on the floor, Jacob also lowered himself and laid beside Nathan’s panting body. “That was amazing” Jacob said. “For me too” Nathan replied. They laid on the floor of the gym for a while until they both regained enough strength to stand. Jacob retrieved his hoodie and started moving towards the door. He stopped and looked back at Nathan who suddenly looked sad and frightened. “You coming?” Jacob asked. Nathan hesitated and them suddenly broke into a huge smile. “Yeah, you’re forgiven for tying me up.” Jacob said and placed his massive arm around the much smaller Nathan. As he reached for the door, he looked at Nathan and said. “I can’t say the same for those other three assholes.”
  6. Wow! I don’t think I’d agree but I’m flattered you think so.
  7. Next chapter is up. Sorry for the wait. This took a while to set up for future chapters as well as introduce some new characters. Lots of crazy strength feats coming...enjoy! I also want to say how flattered I am by the surport this story is getting. It's been very overwhelming. Chapter 4 Mark and his buddies were an hour into their workout at the school gym after classes had ended for the day. Mark’s newfound determination was downright shocking. He attacked the weights with pure intensity, his friends were concerned he was going to hurt himself but he was pumped to his max and tipping the scale at 230lb had his confidence off the charts. He just finished an astounding six reps with a new personal best of 405lb loaded on the bench press. With barely a moment to rest, he sauntered over to the dip machine and started to cranked out rep after rep. He lost count at 30 and sweat was pouring off his body. When he finally stopped his buddy Nathan could only stare open-jawed. “Mark, look at your chest! It’s so fucking swole!” Mark looked over at his closest friend. At 215lbs, he used to worry that Nathan would catch up to his size but he was less concerned of that now. Mark hit a side chest pose and marvelled at the fullness he saw in the mirror. He turned and hit a most muscular pose and let out a moan as his pecs swelled. “Not enough.” he said and jumped back on the dip machine, not allowing Nathan to have a turn. Mark started to lower and raise his body, stopping at the top of each rep to really torture his pecs. After 20 reps, he started to slow down. Nathan stepped closer to spot him but Mark shook his head. “NO! Grab my legs!” Nathan stood and stared with a confused look on his face. “Grab my legs, pull me down!” Mark said. Still looking unsure, Nathan wrapped his hands around Marks huge 28” quads and started to add additional resistance. He felt Mark’s body shake as he started to perform more reps. He did 4 more reps before stopping again at the top of the rep. “HARDER. Use your whole body.” Mark commanded. “What?!” Nathan said. Their other two friends, Jason and Scott noticed what was going on and stopped their bench press set. Mark didn’t respond, he just started to lower his body again. Nathan tightened his grip and as Mark raised his body again, he felt his feet leave the ground. “Holy shit!” Jason said. At the top of the rep, Mark stopped again. He screamed when the pain in his pecs was almost unbearable. Again, he lowered himself and Nathan towards the ground. Nathan tucked his legs into his body so he didn’t come in contact with the floor. Mark let out another scream as he powered the two bodies weighing over 400lbs in total back up. This went on for 6 more reps before Mark’s body was shaking violently. He motioned for Nathan to let go and he let his body fall to the floor. Scott, Jason and Nathan stood over their friend with looks of concern on their faces. Mark slowly stood back up and caught a glimpse of himself in the mirror. He grabbed the bottom of his string tank and peeled it over his head. “FUCK!” Nathan said at the sight of Mark’s naked torso. Mark hit a most muscular pose and slowly turned his body back and forth to see all the angles. He couldn’t help but notice the added thickness starting to form on his upper body. He relaxed the pose and moved towards the cable machine. He lowered the weight pins to 85lbs per stack and positioned himself for standing flys. His friends looked at each other and approached Mark. “Dude! You’re going to tear a muscle if you keep this up. There is no way you can move that weight safely.” Mark didn’t even look in their direction. Instead, he looked straight ahead and started to press the weights. His pecs were beet red verging on purple as he started to lift. He reached eight reps before tears started running down his face. Nathan stepped closer and tried to pry the cables from Mark’s hands. “Mark! Stop, you’re going to hurt yourself.” Without stopping Mark said “NO. Not stopping until I’m bigger than him.” “Than who?” “Jacob!” Mark said and slammed the weights down. “JACOB!” he screamed. “Don’t you remember what he did last week in the cafeteria? Have you not seen him strutting around the halls looking like the rules this place! He’s fucking massive! I’m not going to let him or anyone be bigger than ME!” Mark screamed. He looked manic as he paced in front of his friends. He was breathing hard and sweating profusely. “What do you mean” Jason asked. Mark walked to his gym bag and pulled out a bag of syringes. “Are those steroids?” Scott asked. “You’re damn right they’re steroids. The strongest stuff you can buy. You think I could have made these gains by myself? I don’t fucking care what it takes. I’m going to double Jacob’s size and power. I WILL BE THE BIGGEST!” Mark screamed. His friends looked at him with fear in their eyes. They always knew he was obsessed with getting bigger but they had never heard him talk like this. “That’s fucked Mark” Jason said. “Fucked?! You think being as jacked as this is fucked?” Mark said and raised his arms into a double bicep pose. What once were amateur bodybuilder sized arms now looked like the could stand toe-to-toe with the professionals. Marks lats jutted out from his back and his already massive quads looked bigger than ever. “You mean to tell me that your guys don’t want to be as big as me?” “Sure Mark, you’re the man, we all want to be as jacked as you but do you really want to get that huge? Isn’t that too big?” Nathan asked. “Too big? What the fuck does that even mean? There is no such thing as too big. Want to fucking dwarf Jacob. Hell, I want to dwarf Mr. Olympia.” Mark said. He actually felt a wave of relief as he finally admitted this to his closest friends. His friends could see Mark had made up his mind and that changing it would be futile. They took and step back and let Mark continue to torture his pecs at the cable machine. After he completed two more gruelling sets Mark finally took a break. He could see a renewed energy in his friends and was happy to see them becoming as dedicated as he was. Mark figured he could definitely get Nathan on gear without much convincing. Jason was really starting to show impressive gains too. Just a few weeks ago he reached 200lbs. He was by far the most ripped of the group and the others often marvelled at the network of veins that snaked down his biceps and forearms whether he was trying to show them or not. Scott was the last of them to really get serious about training but in the last six months he had started to make some serious gains. Mark was confident he would crack 200lbs very soon. As Jason was starting his second set, they heard the door tot he gym open. They stopped and looked at the huge, dark figure standing in the dark entrance. Jacob’s took a few slow steps into the gym. He was wearing a comically over-sized hoodie that still couldn’t hide his outrageous proportions. “Since when did the chess club lift weights?” He said with a cocky smirk on his face. “Fuck you asshole!” Mark shouted and stepped towards Jacob. His pumped upper body still shirtless and glistening with sweat. “Woah, sorry big guy, didn’t mean to upset you.” Jacob said sarcastically. “I just wanted to check out the gym. I heard it was pretty well-equipped but this looks like a fucking Curves gym for housewives. No wonder you guys look so scrawny, you don’t have any real weight here.” The group of guys shot daggers at Jacob as he walked around the room, giving the different equipment looks of disgust and amusement. Mark’s face was red with anger. As Jacob moved around the room, he could see from the different weight setups that the group had been working chest. He moved towards the bench press that was still loaded with three 45lb plates per side from Jason’s last set. Jacob ran his hand over the 315lb bar. “Is this what you are using to tone your little pecs?” He asked. “Too bad I trained chest yesterday, and I mean a real workout.” Mark took a step forward but stopped dead in his tracks. Jacob had stepped behind the bar and wrapped his huge hands around the bar. Without any hesitation, hoisted it off the rack and started to curl the weight. As he cranked out prefect reps he looked at the group of guys and said “I guess my biceps need a workout now.” At 20 reps, Jacob dropped the weight back on the bench. His baggy hoodie was stretched around his biceps. The guys could see veins through the thick fabric. He walked towards the group that were still standing near the cable machine, adjusted the handles so they were closer to the floor and dropped the pins to the bottom the weight stacks. He reset the pins with 150lbs on each side. “Not bad for a warm up.” He said and stepped forward. With a groan from the heavily loaded cables he moved his arms into a double bicep pose. Even through his weather, the group could see his enormous biceps explode in size. With little effort, he started to straighten and flex his biceps. The huge stacked of weights move up and down like pistons. After 30 reps Jacob stopped at the stop of the rep, his biceps rising well past his head. “Don’t worry guys, you keep it up and I’m sure you’ll be moving weights like in no time.” He said with a chuckle and started to perform more reps. “ENOUGH!” Mark screamed. “Get the fuck out of here or I’ll fucking make you.” “Woah! Relax man.” Jacob said and dropped the cables, causing the weight stacks to come crashing down. Mark stepped close to Jacob, placed his hands on Jacob’s shoulder and gave him a hard shove but Jacob didn’t move at all. It was like pushing on a brick wall. “He dude. You better calm down before you start to piss me off.” Jacob said. “You think you scare me man? You might be a little bigger than me but I’ll fucking kick the shit out of you.” Mark yelled. “A little bigger! Are you fucking blind.” Jacob said and took a step back. With one fluid motion, he stripped his hoodie off and revealed his naked torso to the group. Without even flexing he suddenly made the newly steroid pumped Mark look tiny. Jason, Scott and Nathan couldn’t help but stare in awe of Jacob’s incredible body. “Yeah, get a good look guys. THIS is what real muscle looks like.” Jacob said and lifted his pumped biceps and slowly hit a double bicep pose. His 22” solidified and his equally bloated forearms looked like two bowling pins covered is a sickening network of veins. Jacob slowly rotated his right fist which caused his bicep to convulse and contort as it changed shape. “Pretty fucking gross right? Imagine when these are 24”. That will be pretty fucking nasty don’t you think?” Jacob dropped the pose and walked away from the group. He stopped at the rack of dumbbells surveyed the selection. “80lb max! Fuck that weak ass shit.” He said and turned to face the group. “How the fuck do you even get a pump in here?” “Shut up!” Nathan yelled. Jacob waddled over to Nathan who suddenly had a look of fear in his eyes. “Tell you what. You curl those 80lb dumbbells more than once and I’ll never step foot in this gym again. BUT, if you can’t perform at lease two reps, you have to lick the sweat off these massive arms.” He said and flexed his right arm right in Nathan’s face just to emphasize his point. Nathan swallowed hard and gave Mark a worried glance. He timidly walked to the dumbbells and grabbed the 80lb weights. Before he started to curl them, it was obvious they felt heavy in his grasp. Nathan had only ever maxed out with the 50lbs dumbbells but he knew he had to try. “You got this Nathan!” Mark yelled, trying to give Nathan some encouragement. Nathan adjusted his feet and started to curl the weights. Instantly his face contorted with effort. The veins on his forearms exploded and his whole body went stiff. His cheeks puffed out and his left arm slowly started to move. He let out a load scream as he reached the top of the rep. He let his arm fall as he started to curl with his right arm. By the time he reached the top of the curl, sweat was dripping from his forehead. He replanted his feet and started to curl with his left arm again. The weight rose until it was level with his chest but stopped. Nathan’s eyes went wide as he realized he couldn’t move the weight any higher. He dropped the weights on the ground and looked towards Mark with look of fear and defeat in his eyes. Jacob approached Nathan while clapping his hands loudly. “So close man. I really thought you were going to make it.” He said and placed a hand on Nathan’s shoulder. “Time to pay your debt.” He said. Nathan looked terrified and humiliated as Jacob raised his left arm and flexed. “Start licking.” Nathan hesitated and Jacob stepped closer. “Start licking or this huge bicep will be the last thing you ever see.” Nathan was shaking like a leaf and slowly leaned in. Just as he was about to make contact with Jacob’s arm, he stopped flexing and took a step away. “HA. You actually thought I was going to let you touch this muscle?” Jacob said and laughed. “Besides, I don’t think I’m done pumping them yet.” Jacob bent down and picked up the weights. Relief washed over Nathan’s face. Jacob walked back to the rack of dumbbells and slammed the two 80lb weights back in place. “Too bad this is all the weights you have but I guess they will have to do.” The group assumed Jacob was about to start curling the 80lb weights just to further humiliate Nathan but what he did instead was far more incredible. Jacob walked to the centre of the rack, bent down and gripped the metal rack with both hands. With a grunt he tried to stand up straight. There was a rattling of metal dumbbells but the rack didn’t move. “What a douche.” Mark said to the others, sensing Jacob was all talk. Jacob looked towards the group of guys, squatted back down and without breaking his stare, stood back up, this time the weight rack came with him. He reached his full height and held the massive rack level with his waist. His 22” arms inflated in size as countless veins crept to the surface of his skin. The group of guys could only stare at what they were witnessing. “Had to adjust my grip.” Jacob said without any effort in his voice. He glanced past the group to focus on his reflection in the mirror behind them. Slowly he started to curl the rack and all the weights it contained. The metal rattled loudly as he reached the top of the rep. He lowered the weight and when his arms were once again visible they looked like something completely alien. Mark and his friends could see Jacob’s biceps visibly growing. After his second rep, there was barely amy separation between his forearms and biceps, both muscle groups had combined to a singular bundle of pure muscle. Jacob looked down and marvelled at the sight. Even he was surprised by the grotesque display of muscle he was seeing. He refocused his attention on the group of guys and decided to offer them their final humiliation and started to curl the rack faster. At five reps, he was not showing any signs of slowly. “Look at this POWER! Mr. Olympia couldn’t even do this. Check out those nasty veins running all over these arms. Have you even seen anything this insane?” To further empathize his dominance, Jacob flexed his entire upper body with each rep. In the mirror he saw his pecs, traps, lats and shoulders inflate. He looked at the group and saw Jason cover his crotch. “YEAH! Look at all this MASSIVE MUSCLE!” He yelled. Nathan looked like he might pass out while Scott’s cock was clearly tented in his shorts. Mark was the only one that managed to maintain his composure. It was at that moment Jacob decided to really freak these kids out. He reached the top of his either rep and gave the rack a violent shake. The loose dumbbells fell to the floor around him. They crashed so loudly, every kid jumped. Still holding the thick metal rack in his hands, Jacob pressed it over his head. He held it over his head to ensure everyone got a good view of his flared lats and enormous shoulders. With a slight adjustment of his grip, Jacob lowered the rack behind his head. It stopped at his traps and Jacob moved his arms so they hung on either side. “I doubt any of you guys could lift this empty weight rack, let alone, press it over your head and support it on your traps and shoulders like this.” They guys just stared, not knowing what Jacob was planning next. Fortunately they didn’t have to wait long. Before their eyes, Jacob’s body began to flex. Every muscle solidified and grew until Jacob was almost unrecognizable. The group could not deny nor ignore that Jacob was the superior being. Never had they witnessed so much muscle in real life. As they stared in awe of the full body flex Jacob was performing, they were unable to control their erections. All four of their cocks were clearly visible which only spurred Jacob on. He gripped the metal rack with each hand and started to flex harder. At first nothing happened but suddenly there was a metal groan filling the room. “NO” Screamed Scott. The metal scream increased as the boys started to see the metal bend around Jacob’s neck. The strain was evident on his face but he continued to apply more pressure. Seconds later the rack was bent 10 degrees more and Jacob was finally able to engage his pecs which responded in kind to become something completely inhuman. A wave of deep striations cut across their surface, starting at the bottom and moving upwards. The newly inflated mass swelled to triple its former size. The dense chest meat physically pushed Jacob’s head higher as it came in contact with his chin. With a primal growl, Jacob flexed his entire body once more and the metal rack bend so far the ends were only a few feet apart. Jacob hoisted the battered metal off his shoulders and let if fall at his feet. He squared his massive shoulders and placed his hands on his hips. He was breathing heavy and sweating profusely. The group could no longer control themselves. The sight of Jacob’s fully pumped, incomprehensibly strong body was finally too much for all of them. Collectively wet spots formed on each of their crotches. Jacob could not help but reach down to feel his own hard cock as he revelled in the effect he has simultaneously caused. As Mark recovered his senses, rage filled his entire body. He was overcome not only by unexplained lust but also by the humiliation Jacob had just orchestrated. Without thinking, he bent down and picked up a 35lb plate and swung it towards Jacob’s head. A load thud filled the entire gym as the metal plate made contact with Jacob’s jaw. His massive body reeled backwards but he managed to remain standing. “You little piece of SHIT!” He yelled and stepped towards Mark who still held the weight. As he approached, Mark used all his strength and swung the weight again. The sound of it hitting Jacob directly in his temple was truly sickening. Jacob’s body crumbled to the ground and lay motionless on the ground. “What the FUCK Mark!” Jason yelled. Scott placed his hands over his mouth stifle a scream as Nathan ran up to Mark and grabbed the weight from his hand. Mark snapped out of his rage and realized what he just did. Panic shot through his body. “Oh shit! Oh shit!” He said and started to pace around Jacob’s unconscious body. “Let get out of here!” Nathan yelled. “Yeah! Cone on Mark. Let’s bolt before someone sees us here.” Scott said. Mark turned to leave as the other guys followed. Then suddenly, he stopped. “No.” The three guys stopped and turned to face Mark with blank stares on their faces. Mark had a calm, determined look on his face. It was unsettling to his friends. “I’m not going to just forget about what that piece of shit freak just did to use..” Mark was fuming. His whole body was tense and his pumped muscles swelled even bigger. “Mark! What are you talking about?” “We have him right where we want him. Look at him, he’s totally knocked out. He needs to be taught a lesson.” The guys looked freaked out but they trusted Mark and quite frankly, were becoming a little scared of what wold happen if they disobeyed him. “Jason, find something to lock the doors. Scott and Nathan, help me find something to tie Jacob up with.” Mark commanded. Minutes later Nathan came back with the thick ropes used in gym class to test kid’s climbing skills. They were easily six inches around and weighed several hundred pounds. Nathan was out of breath once he had dragged them across the room. Scott and Mark pulled Jacob’s body towards one of the support beams that divided the gym in two. They shared a shocked look when the felt the incredible density of Jacob’s body. They visibly struggled to move him no more than twenty feet. The group worked together and within a few minutes, had Jacob bound with the huge ropes. He was tied in a sitting position with his legs legs wrapped in the ropes. His head hung to the left and hadn’t moved at all.
  8. Hell yeah! That's exactly what I had in mind. Great find!
  9. This is more of a filler chapter but gives you more insight to the primal nature of Jacob's desire to be the biggest, most powerful freak on the planet. Enjoy! Chapter 3 Mark tossed his gym bag on the floor and collapsed on his bed, glad to be alone in the safety of his room. The stories he had heard all afternoon about the new kid and his sickening display of muscle and strength had taken their toll. Mark had put on a brave face and tried to remain unimpressed around his buddies but now in the privacy of his room, he felt his emotions taking over. He glanced around his room where he had build a shrine to the one thing that he really cared about, bodybuilding. Posters of his favourite professional bodybuilders covered the walls, numerous supplement containers littered the floor and various exercise equipment cluttered up the space. He stood up, stripped off his sweat-soaked t-shirt and looked at himself in the mirror. Standing 5’10” and weighing 223lbs, Mark was an impressive specimen. He was planning on competing in the state bodybuilding show later in the year and was focused not only on winning the teen category but also claiming the overall award. His body was incredibly well-proportioned with his best feature being his impressive quads and calves. Measuring 28” and 18” respectively, Mark knew he could go toe-to-toe with many of the pros. Normally after an intense workout, he would hit pose after pose in this mirror until he could barely move. The stains on the lower part of the mirror were leftover evidence of the many times his post-workout posing sessions had ended with a satisfying orgasm. Today was different. Mark starred at his reflection and didn’t feel the same confidence he normally experienced. In his mind, the graphic stories of Jacob’s massive body and inhuman strength ran through his mind on a constant loop. Initially, Mark’s confidence was shaken. He couldn’t fathom how someone his own age cold be so huge and powerful. Suddenly anger started to bubble up inside Mark. He had worked way too hard to let some new freak steal his glory. He sat down on his bed and pulled out his phone. He hesitated for a moment before typing a text and hitting send. His heart was pounding as he immediately saw a response being composed. “You sure?” It read. Mark replied as fast as he could “Fuck yeah I am. I want the good stuff, double to dose.” He texted back. “Ok dude. I’ll let you know when I get a new supply. I just hope you know what you are doing.” Was the response. Mark tossed the phone down and glanced at his refection once again. “I know exactly what I’m doing. I’m going to grow so FUCKING massive that Jacob will piss himself at the sight of me.” he said and went online to see just how powerful the new steroids he ordered were. --- After his logic-defying show of power at school, he was too amped up to stick around for his afternoon classes. He practically ran home to start lifting. He knew if anyone could have done what he did at school they’d be too spent to even move but it only made Jacob more energized. Jacob entered is garage gym and wasted no time loading weights and pumping his already freaky muscles even bigger. His shoulders were still burning from the torture the table full of students had inflicted on them but Jacob wanted them to burn more. He loaded the bar with two 45lbs on each side and started to crank out rep after rep. He lost count at 45 reps and after five solid minutes dropped the weight and added another 45lb plate to each side. With no effort, he hoisted it back up and started to perform more shoulder presses. After another five minutes of non-stop reps he was screaming in pain and his shoulders felt like they were being stabbed with knives. Dropping the massive weight, Jacob squared his shoulders and looked at his refection in the mirror. Even he was shocked at the sight. His shoulders looked like they had tripled in size. They jutted out from his body like two over-inflated beachballs. Deep striations clearly defined each muscle group and garden hose thick veins covered every inch. “Need more pain.” Jacob mumbled and walked to the impressive rack of dumbbells lining the back wall of the garage. He bend down and grabbed two 80lb weights and turned to face himself in the mirror. With barely a grunt, he started to perform lateral raises with perfect form. Jacob performed each rep at a slow and deliberate pace. The pain in his shoulders was almost unbearable but Jacob knew that was the only way he would grow. His brain was wired to feed off the pain, his whole body craved punishment only heavy weights could inflict. After 25 reps, Jacob was in agony. He stomped his foot as he raised the dumbbells for the 26th time. At the top of the rep Jacob stopped the weights and held his arms perfectly parallel to the floor. His eyes focused on the bulging shoulder muscles that rose higher than his head. The view of his massive body would have caused the most hardcore bodybuilder to recoil in horror but to Jacob, it was the most incredible sight imaginable. After holding the weights for close to 30 seconds Jacob could feel his shoulders trying to give out. “NO! DON’T STOP!” he screamed at his refection and managed to raise the weights back to their parallel position. At the one minute mark, Jacob’s entire body was shaking but he held the weights steady. After two minute, Jacob’s legs gave out and he lowered himself to a kneeling position while incredibly, keeping the weights parallel. He was screaming in agony and tears were streaming down his face. “ARGH! I NEED TO BE THE BIGGEST, THE STRONGEST, THE FREAKIEST!” He yelled at his reflection. After two more minutes, Jacob’s shoulders had never looked so massive. Even held out-stretched they didn’t resemble a human appendage any longer. They were grotesquely deformed and dwarfed the young kid’s head. With one final wall-shaking roar, Jacob let the weights fall as he collapsed on the floor in a puddle of sweat and tears. Jacob lay on the floor panting and moaning in pain for close to five minutes before slowly standing back up. His shoulders had regained some semblance of normalcy but still looked pumped to unreal proportions. He tried to raise his left arm but the pain was too intense to even flex. His right hand grazed his stiff cock but he stopped himself from fully grasping it. As horny as he was, he wasn’t done with his workout yet. He recovered enough to continue to perform an onslaught on his already destroyed shoulders. He worked his rear delts with cables, his front delts with front lateral raises and did some single arm dumbbell presses. While the poundages he used would cripple most veteran lifters, his body was used to such abuse and managed to withstand the assault. It was close to three hours after he started lifting that Jacob was nearing the end of his workout. For his final exercise, Jacob grabbed an empty olympic bar and moved towards the squat rack. Just holding the empty bar sent waves of pain through his shoulders. He placed the bar on the support racks and started to add 45lb plates. When there were six plates per side, Jacob positioned himself behind the weight. He starred at his swollen refection and felt his cock thicken in response. He looked more pumped than he had even been but it still wasn’t enough. He refocused his attention and gripped the bar loaded with 585lbs and started to crank out shrugs. Pain ripped through his shoulders as his humongous traps worked to compensate. Jacob’s thick 19” neck swelled well past his jaw and thick veins cascaded down it’s girth and snaked across his bloated pecs. His titanic traps rose with each rep until Jacob could feel them touching his earlobes. Each individual muscle fibre exploded with power until they resembled industrial cables used to hold up bridges. Rep after rep caused his traps to flex and contract, growing bigger with each movement. Jacob could feel the increased pressure on either side of his head and it caused his cock to get even harder. At rep 20 he heard a rip when his shorts finally gave up trying to contain his quads and blood-engorged dick. The destroyed fabric fell to the floor and drops of pre-cum trickled down his mammoth quads. At 30 reps Jacob screamed ordered at his nearly exhausted muscles. “GROW! GROW! GROW! DONT’T STOP! NOT BIG ENOUGH!” At 40 reps Jacob’s rhythm slowed but he continued to hoist the heavy bar. There was barely any definition between his shoulders, traps and neck as each muscle was so pumped they looked like one giant pile of beef. It looked like Jacob had an entire person slung over his shoulders. Just when Jacob felt his hand strength about to give out which would cause the bar to fall, he stopped moving the weight and stood as straight as he could. He starred at his face in the mirror and barely recognized himself. His eyes are wild and his face was distorted with effort and pain. “ONE MORE SHOW!” He screamed and did something truly incredible. With one violent jerking motion that would have dislocated most people’s shoulders, Jacob heaved the 585lb bar up and slammed it down on his waiting shoulders. The movement caused an incredible jolt of pain but Jacob held onto the weight. After repositioning his feet under the massive weight, Jacob started to lift the weight over his head. His whole body trembled as the bar rose. Once his arms were completely straight, Jacob lowered the bar again. The pain in his shoulders and traps was so intense Jacob felt like he might pass out but one look in the mirror brought he back. Even he was shocked by the sight. His whole body had mutated into nothing but a wall of pulsing muscle. With one more inhuman effort, he raised the bar for a second time. As the weight rose past his eye line, a hot stream of cum splashed all over the mirror. The orgasm was so intense, Jacob almost dropped the weight but he was determined to finish his rep. Seconds later the weight was once again held directly overhead. “THAT’S WHAT FREAKY LOOKS LIKE!” He screamed before letting the bar come crashing down. Several of the 45lb plates fell off and one even slammed into his shin but Jacob was too exhausted to notice. He fell to his knees and then collapsed on the floor. His workout was over.
  10. Chapter 2 After homeroom ended and the teacher was being attended to by some concerned students, Jacob made his way down the hall to his first class. He couldn’t help but get a little hard looking at the faces of the other students as be moved around them. His posing session had left him feeling pretty pumped. Eventually he started to day dream about the brutal workout he would have after school. His first two classes were essential the same situation. He walked in and was greeted by shocked stares and disturbed reactions to his hulking body. Fortunately, both classrooms had detached seats so Jacob could actually sit. The teachers had a lot of trouble concentrating and regularly looked in Jacob’s direction which caused them to lose their train of thought. At any given moment there was a least three kids staring slack-jawed at Jacob’s gigantic biceps, bloated quads or heaving pecs. The novelty of their reactions was quickly wearing thin and Jacob filled his time planning future workouts and meal plans. Finally it was lunch time and Jacob made his way to the cafeteria as fast as he could. With three plates loaded to the brim with food, He sat at the nearest table and started to devour the food. After eating two full plates he looked up to see at least 100 eyes staring at him. As he scanned the room, his gaze stopped at a nearby table occupied by six guys. They were all looking at Jacob and then back at each other. It was obvious they were talking about him. Jacob immediately noticed that they looked like the most athletic guys at this school. If they were not in his presence, Jacob figured they would be considered big and buff. Three of the guys were considerably bigger than the typical senior. It was clear they worked out and had more than average builds. Two of the guys looked smaller than the other three but still stood out compared to the rest of the students. The final guy was the smallest of the group and looked a little nerdier than the others. As Jacob started to eat his third plate, they group stood up and started to leave, but not before shooting him some dirty looks. It was at this moment Jacob felt a timid tap on his left shoulder. He turned to see a very nervous looking woman standing next to his seat. “J-Jacob?” She said. “The principal would like to see you.” Jacob stood up slowly and as the woman saw his fully extended mass, suddenly became a bundle of nerves and stammered to give Jacob instructions about where to go. Jacob raised his hand and said “Don’t worry, I’ll find the office.” He waddled into the empty office and took a seat across from the large wooden desk. He scanned the room and noticed that among the many books and files, there were also a few wrestling trophies and weightlifting metals. Jacob even spotted a container of protein powder in the corner of the room near what looked like a gym bag. Jacob smiled as he realized that his principal might be a former jock. A few seconds later Jacob heard someone enter the room behind him. “Jacob. I’m Principal Dixon.” The person said. Jacob stood and turned to face the principal. As he rose, he squared his shoulders which caused his pecs to bounce and his traps to flex slightly. “Wow! I heard you were huge but I wasn’t prepared for just how big you really are.” Principal Dixon said as he moved to his side of the desk and sat down. Jacob sat back down and folded his arms across his chest. There was a wave of pulsing muscle as his body morphed to accommodate his insane proportions. Once settled, Jacob surveyed his new principal. He instantly noticed the man’s body. He was wearing a suit jacket over a sweater but even with the layers of clothes, Jacob could tell he was built. There was a clear definition between his shoulders and arms. A prominent chest was evident through the jacket. Next, Jacob noticed Principal Dixon was younger than he expected. He looked like he was in his late 30s or early 40s. While Jacob inspected him, Principal Dixon was doing the same. His eyes darted all over Jacob’s exposed skin. After an extended period of silence, Principal Dixon gave his head a slight shake and cleared his throat. “Sorry, I’ve just haven’t seen a kid your age with so much muscle before. Are you really only 18?!” “Yup, my birthday was two months ago. But I have to correct you Principal Dixon, I’m not big at all.” “What?” Jacob raised his right arm and flexed his mammoth bicep. It instantly inflated to a rock-hard mountain of muscle and vein. “This is only 22”. I need it to be 28” at least.” Principal Dixon was visibly taken aback. “22” at 18?” “Yeah I know, it sounds impressive but I’m nowhere near big enough yet.” Jacob responded and raised his left arm. As he flexed his lats expanded so wide they hung off the sides of the chair. “Incredible” Principal Dixon muttered under his breath. He shuffled in his chair and stared at a stack of paper on desk, purposefully avoiding looking at Jacob. “Jacob, I called you in to my office today to talk about what happened in your homeroom class today. Mr. Paterson had to be checked out by the school nurse and has taken a few days off to recover. While I admit you are an extremely well-proportioned young man, I can’t have repeated incidents like that happening at my school. I would like to ask that you try harder to dress more, um, conservatively at school so you do not cause a disturbance like that again.” Mr. Dixon said and finally raised his head to look at Jacob. Jacob didn’t respond right away. Instead, with his arms will still folded across his chest, he started to flex. His muscles erupted. His forearms looked like two giant hams wrapped around each other while his biceps and chest fought for real estate. Veins as thick as garden hoses appeared on every exposed inch. Even from the front, his lats swelled so wide they could be seen. “You’re right Principal Dixon, I am a well-proportioned young man. And the last thing I would want would be to cause another disturbance but as you can clearly see, these muscle have a life of their own.” He said as he slowly stood up and took a step away from the desk. He unfolded his arms and turned to his side. With one fluid motion, he started to perform a side chest pose that would rival the current Mr. Olympia. When he was about to be fully flexed he relaxed his muscle and restarted the pose again only this time, he moved slower and more deliberately. His entire upper body swelled to twice his original size. His 56” chest rose to graze his chin while his arms swelled to their max. Jacob couldn’t help but let out a load moan of pleasure as his muscles reached their maximum size. There was a load ripped sound as his right lat finally broke free from his skin-tight tank top. Jacob released the flex and turned away from the Principal. “Just when you think I can’t possibly be this jacked I just keep growing more and more freaky” he said as he positioned himself for a rear lat spread. But instead of flexing both sides of his back at once, Jacob only flexed his left lat. It swung from his body like a barn door opening. Once it was fully extended, the right lat muscle sprung into action and grew to match the left. The shear size of his back was made even more incredible by the minuscule size of his waist. Once his back was fully flexed he let out a load roar and willed even more width to materialize. The added mass was met with three simultaneous tears down the back of his tank top. With one final primal grunt the shirt completely separated and fell away from his now sweaty back. Jacob turned to face Principal Dixon. He placed his hands on the desk and started to tighten his forearms, biceps and triceps. The individual muscles pulses and expanded at will. “Here’s what’s going to happen. This massive freak is going to do whatever the hell he wants. I can tell you can’t get enough of this mass and frankly, I like how much you are into this muscle. I know you like big muscle and wish you were half as big as me. I’ll show as much of my body as I want and you’ll just have to deal with that. But the what really gets me going is testing my strength. You see, I may be one the biggest teenagers in the world but I AM the strongest human that has ever walked the earth. You think I got this huge doing basic gym exercise? Sure, I can out lift most professional bodybuilders but that’s just a fraction of what I can do.” Jacob turned and started to move towards the door. “You look confused. Follow me and I’ll give you a taste of what I mean.” As the double doors of the cafeteria opened there were gasps from the crowd of students still eating their lunch when they saw Jacob’s exposed and pumped upper body. “I assume you’ve all heard about what happened in my home room class this morning. Well, that was nothing. I want to show you all just how freaky this massive body can be.” Jacob announced to the crowd of students. He waddled to a large empty table. It was eight feet long and was made of thick, durable metal. Jacob looked down and saw that it was bolted to the floor. A smile formed on his face as he placed his hands under the top. Instantly, hundreds of new veins erupted across his forearms and biceps. He started to apply pressure but nothing happened. He looked up to see some kids snickering while other looks confused. With one violent tug, there was a loud screeching of metal as the table started to move. Jacob squared his massive shoulders, causing a new wave of muscle to cascade over his upper body and tugged the table once more. Another loud screech was followed by a deafening pop as one of the bolts popped out of the floor. “Fuck yeah!” he roared as he applied more of his inhuman strength. He heard a few screams from the crowd as the metal table started to shake. Suddenly another pop and a bolt flew three feet in the air. Jacob let out a loud roar and the entire end of the table was dislodged from the floor. He easily curled the giant piece of metal until it was level with his rock-hard chest. Instead of moving to the other side of the table to repeat his maneuver, he adjusted his grip so his hands held each side of the table top. He moved his quads so his centre of gravity was under the end of the table. With a violent jerking motion, he started to pull the table towards himself. His already pumped quads looked to double in size as each muscle flexed and expanded. He looked up briefly to see looks of horror on the faces of the students witnessing his display of inhuman power. He refocused his attention on the table and with one more tug, tried to pull the opposite end off the ground and towards him but the table didn’t move. He readjusted his grip and pulled again but still, the table did not move. Jacob slammed the table down and took a step back. He raised his arms and let out a bellow that shook the glass windows. The crowd of students looked on in horror. Jacob planted his legs once more but leaned his body lower to the floor. He grabbed the sides of the table again but this time he looked like he was competing in a tug of war. With the lower posture, he was able to engage not only his quads and arms but also his back. As he started to pull again, ever exposed muscle in his body exploded with previously unseen mass. A new wave of screams and cries filled the room. Jacob was reduced to primal growls as his continued to pull. At first nothing happened but suddenly a low screeching sound could be heard. His whole body began to shake as he summoned more strength. Through his gritted teeth, spit started to spray out of his mouth and Jacob looked like a rabid beast and refused to stop pulling. The metal legs still bolted to the ground started to bend, slow at first then faster as they succumbed to Jacob’s power. There was a deafening cracking noise when the two bent metal legs snapped off and the table was finally freed from the floor. Jacob was pulled so hard he stumbled back and few feet with the table still in his grip. He dropped the heavy metal table and stood to face the crowd. “THAT’S WHAT YOU CALL FREAKY!” he screamed and raised his arms and hit the most incredible double bicep pose. Jacob was flexing for himself and not the crowd of students. He was clearly getting off on showing them what his massive body was capable of. “That was just a warm up. I need to test all this massive muscle.” He said and walked towards the table. He ran his hand over the cool metal surface. The table weighted over 200 pounds and while the legs were bent, it’s top was still intact. Jacob turned to the crowd and said “Get on.” No one moved, clearly they didn’t understand what he was asking. “I said GET ON. Climb onto this table NOW!” he ordered. Slowly, a few students timidly climbed on to of the table. “MORE OF YOU!” Still unaware of what he was planning, more students followed the others. Soon there were eight kids sitting on the table. “Do you want to see just how powerful I am?” Jacob asked without really caring what they wanted. He waddled over to the table and looked at the terrified faces of the students sitting on top. “Don’t worry, I’m not going to hurt you. I just need some serious weight to really test myself.” He said. The students looked at each other with more confusion and additional fear. Jacob bent down and crawled under the table. The crowd gasped as they started to figure out what was about to happen. The kids sitting on top grabbed hold of each other in complete terror. It took Jacob a moment to maneuver his incredible bulk underneath the table but eventually he was contorted into a compact crotched position. With a grunt, he started to lift. At first the table didn’t move but Jacob was undeterred. His big hands were positioned on either side of his head but he was so compacted under the table that he did not have much room to gain leverage. He pushed harder but again, the table did not budge. A look of frustration washed over his face as his arms and shoulders shook with intense effort. For a third time he tried to lift the table and it’s occupants but again, nothing happened. “Jacob! Enough!” said Principal Dixon who had appeared next to the table. “You’ve caused enough of a commotion. This is just insane!” Jacob exhaled deeply and said in a low, almost whisper “Insane? I’ll show you insane. Stand back.” Then something truly incredible happened. The table started to tremble. Principal Dixon and the rest of the crowd took a step away from the desk. A number the students huddled on the top had tears running down their faces. The trembling increased until it looked like the table was vibrating. Jacob was emitting truly horrific sounds from underneath and his entire body was shaking. Moments later, one of the table legs on the right side lifted off the ground followed soon after by the other. The right side of the table hovered an inch off the ground and soon the left side started to shake more until suddenly, it too started to rise. Jacob’s face was unrecognizable. His eyes were completed shut, his cheeks puffed out and his teeth were so tightly clenched they looked like they might crack. Tears ran down his cheeks and sweat dripped from his forehead. What was most shocking however were the veins. Every exposed inch of skin on Jacob’s face was covered with thick, pulsing veins. They ran down his forehead to his cheeks where they branched off and continued to his neck. It was truly horrific to the students watching because Jacob no longer looked human. He looked like a monster processed. After a few seconds holding the table an inch off the ground it somehow rose higher. Using just his incredible shoulder and arm strength, Jacob was able to move the table higher but what he really needed to do was engage his quads but they were so compacted under the table he wasn’t able to do so. He feared his arms and shoulders would soon give out. The incredible weight they were holding was causing him excruciating pain. Just as the pain became unbearable Jacob did something even he didn’t expect . He lowered his head and flexed his giant traps. Two massive mounds of muscle rose on either side of his neck. He allowed the table to lower so it came in contact with the outrageously pumped traps. Now with this additional muscle to help his shoulders and arms the table became steady and again, started to rise. Forced to look down at his quads and calves, Jacob tried summon even more power. He willed his quads into action even though they were completely bent and offered very little leverage. Jacob felt a small movement in this quads and the was all he needed. Suddenly the table started to shake violently, causing the students to scream. With another deafening scream Jacob started to do the impossible, he started to stand up. It happened slowing and very unsteadily but when the table was four inches off the ground he was able to gain additional leverage and something deep inside the monstrous kid took over. His already pumped muscles exploded with newfound size and power. At six inches off the ground he felt this unstoppable power building throughout his body. The massive weight above him started to feel lighter and more manageable. Jacob finally opened his eyes so he could see the faces of his audience. He made direct eye contact with Principal Dixon who’s look of total shock and awe only spurred Jacob on. As if they were telepathically linked, Jacob imagined Principal Dixon shooting a huge load of cum while witnessing Jacob’s true power and just as the thought formed in his mind, Principal Dixon’s body started to shutter. A wet spot formed on the front of his pants as the table continued to rise. Maintaining eye contact with Principal Dixon, Jacob also released a flood of hot cum. It ran down his vein engorged quads and suddenly the weight of the metal table and the eight students on top felt like nothing to the herculean kid underneath. Jacob let out an orgasmic moan and rose to his full height. He didn’t have to look down at his quads to see that they had never been so pumped, he could feel the muscles touched each other even though his feet were spread apart. Jacob held the huge table across his massive shoulders and traps but did not let it down. Instead, he slowly turned so the whole room could see his inhumanly pumped body. He turned slowly which was an obviously hard task with such an unstable weight overhead but he managed a full 360 degree turn before returning his gaze to Principal Dixon. “THIS IS WHAT TRUE POWER LOOKS LIKE!” Jacob bellowed to the awestruck crowd. He tilted the table to one side and the students slid off and fell into a pile on the ground. With just the table now over his head, he extended his arms and pressed the table higher. He released the table and let it come crashing down behind him. The loud bang as it hit the floor shook the Cafeteria’s walls. Jacob stood tall for the whole room to see. His once jacked frame now looked to be three times it’s original size. No one in the room could Comprehend the sight before them and the display of power they had just witness. “That was a good workout.” was all Jacob said as he waddled towards the double doors.
  11. I know it's been a long time and frankly, I haven't been inspired to write very much. However, I recently received a message from someone on this site with a idea for a new story. As we chatted, I started to get an idea. Once I started writing, I realized the potential these ideas had. All that being said, I think this might be my best story yet but I'll let you be the judge. Please enjoy and let me know what you think. Introducing Jacob... High School Chapter 1 It was the first day of senior year and Jacob wasn’t looking forward to it. It would be his first day at a new school for the third time in five years. Thanks to his dad getting yet another new job, he was starting all over once again. Not that Jacob really minded. He didn’t have many friends from his old schools to miss and wasn’t really looking to make new ones either. He had only one real priority, becoming as big as humanly possible. Jacob was undeniably the biggest 18 year old on the planet and if he wasn’t, he was certainly well on his way to becoming the biggest. Ever since he was elementary school, Jacob was obsessed with building muscle. It immediately became an obsession and consumed most of his time. When he wasn’t lifting huge weights, he was devouring insane quantities of food. His parents happily supported his choice because it made their many moves easier, as long as they moved his weights, Jacob never complained. By the time he started junior high, Jacob could lift weights only veteran bodybuilders dreamed they could. In fact, to compare Jacob to a bodybuilder would be inaccurate, he desired to become something beyond what the most decorated professionals could ever dream of obtaining. He would scour the internet trying to find someone that had achieved the level of mass he was determined to obtain. Even freaks like Craig Goliath and Big Ramy were too small and weak to Jacob. He often turned to skillfully crafted morphs and artwork of fictional muscular giants just to get additional motivation. Jacob woke up at 5 a.m. this morning so he could workout for two hours before school. He was dreading having to be stuck in class instead of spending the entire day working out. In the month since they had moved in, Jacob had done little else but lift. Aside from the odd trip to the grocery store, he hadn’t spent any time exploring his new town. Stepping out of the shower, Jacob couldn’t help but admire his reflection in the bathroom mirror. He knew he would be the biggest kid at school but he didn’t care, to him, he was still too small. He dropped his towel and slowly raised his arms into a magnificent double bicep pose. He let out a low moan as he reached the full flex. He marvelled at his swollen biceps. He measured them after his gruelling workout at 22”. While he cursed himself about the number not being 24” earlier, he could not deny at this moment, his arms looked downright freaky attached to his 18 year old face. After a minute holding the pose, his arms were shaking but as more thick veins appear on his paper-thin skin, he couldn’t stop flexing. In his mind, he envisioned his arms surpassing his 28” waist. It was only moments later that he released the pose to grab hold of his raging cock. His intense muscle-lust coupled with his teenage sex drive resulted in this scene quite often. As Jacob stoked his cock, he caressed his bloated pecs. He kneaded the thick slabs of beef as the individual muscle fibres twitched and flexed. At 56”, his massive pecs cast a long shadow over his chiselled ads. With one final flex of his entire upper body, Jacob unleashed a thick stream of cum all over the mirror. “Fuck, this school won’t believe their eyes” he said as he cleaned off some stray cum from his pecs and abs. Jacob gabbed a clean tank top and audibly struggled to get it over his wide shoulders and lats. Even thought he tank was only a couple of weeks old, it already looked to be stretched to its limits. Next, he grabbed a very short pair of shorts that looked more like boxer briefs than outer wear. Jacob may not have cared wheat people thought of his body, but he certainly didn’t mind showing it off. After fixing his hair in the mirror, Jacob hit a mild most muscular pose. He heard a seam pop on his tank top and decided it was best to get going before he had to find something else to wear. During his 10 minute walk to school, Jacob consumed two huge protein shakes and ate five protein bars. Just before he reached the front door, he looked down at his exposed quads and calves. He was immediately transfixed by the incredible pump his calves had gotten from the walk. He stopped to flex his left calf and couldn’t help moan as it swelled to a mind-boggling 21”. Thick rope-like veins covered every inch. He couldn’t help but run is hand over his outrageously massive quad, stopping to squeeze the bloated tear-drop muscle that literally hung over his tiny kneecap. “Ok, enough of that. Time to prepare for the main event.” He said to himself as he opened the school main door and stepped inside. “Holy Shit!” “Oh my god!” “Look at that FREAK!” “Gross, that’s so DISGUSTING” Just a few of the comments Jacob heard before he was 10 feet into the building. One guy walked into an open locker door and hit his head pretty hard. With a confident smirk on his face, Jacob walked down the hall searching for his homeroom class. These reactions were nothing new to Jacob. In fact, he had learned to feed off them years ago. Next to using his insane strength and pumping his muscles well beyond their limits, seeing people freak out over his size was Jacob’s favourite thing. The first time he was called a freak really upset him. But as it continued to happen and with increased frequency the more he grew, Jacob realized that it meant he was starting to achieve his dream of becoming a true mass monster. The more disgusted people became the more motivated and quite frankly, aroused he became. Soon, Jacob wasn’t satisfied unless people became physically sick at the site of him. He loved cumming while replaying people’s over-the-top comments in his head. He also fantasied about getting those same reactions in the presence of the biggest professional bodybuilders. Imagining Big Ramy puking just at the sight of his unflexed body caused Jacob to cum the most. By the time he found his classroom, news of the freaky huge new kid had spread to all corners of the school. As he stepped through the door, all talking stopped. Jacob surveyed the room of his slack-jawed school mates as he slowing made his way to the back of the room. Everyone stared in awe but no one dared to make a sound. The teacher looked confused when he walked in to a full room of silent teenagers. It wasn’t until he looked to the back of the class that he figured out why. “Oh my! You must be Jacob!” He stammered. “They said you were big but I didn’t expect so much-“ “Huge, freaky muscle?” Jacob interrupted. The teacher’s mouth remained open, but words stopped coming out. A minute later, he had regained enough composure to instruct the class to find their seats. After the students were seated, the teacher looked to the back of the room to see Jacob still standing. “Um-please find a seat.” He said to Jacob. “Sorry Teach but I don’t think these desks are made for someone like me.” “Please sit.” The teacher said, trying to sound authoritative but it came out sounding scared and timid. Jacob shook his head and tried to sit at the nearest desk. The entire class turned their heads and watched as the massive boy struggled to get seated. Loud creaks filled the room as Jacob’s massive body wedged itself into the seat. The desks were the table-top seat combos that offered very little in the way of adjustment. Jacob could barely fit his meaty quads in the gap between the seat and the desk. He tried for close to 30 seconds before becoming frustrated. Suddenly his fist slammed down on the top of the desk, cracking it instantly. Jacob then gripped the wooden desk and plastic seat and started to pull. His already bloated body exploded in size. There were audible gasps from the class. Jacob adjusted his grip and let out a low roar and pulled harder. With seemly little effort, the plastic seat was torn off the metal frame of the desk. Jacob tossed the seat and repositioned his hand on the metal frame. There was a load groan of screeching metal and the frame started to bend. Jacob’s arms visibly inflated and each individual muscle fibre leap into action. Jacob’s ridiculously wide back appeared to double in size as he continued to bend the metal frame like it was wet pasta. With one final grunt and tug, Jacob stood straight up and the desk disintegrated around him. He stepped out of the pile of desk parts and placed his hands on his hips. “Told you the desk wasn’t made for this body.” He said and slowly flexed into a front lat spread. Slowly his lats expanded until they jutted three feet from his sides. They only stopped swelling when they made contact with his equally massive arms and forearms. Next, his pecs rose upward and outward. Deep striations and countless veins snaked across they surface. Even under the tight tank top fabric, veins could been seen pulsing. Finally, Jacob’s traps rose up either side of his neck as his quads and calves flexed so huge, there was barely any separation between them. At full flex, Jacob could hear loud screams and gags from the students in the room. Many had to look away in horror while others were clearly mortified at the sight they could not stop watching. Jacob turned to look a the teacher who was visible shaking and leaning against his desk to stop himself from collapsing on the floor. “Oh my god! Please stop!” the teacher muttered. “Sorry teach, I couldn’t hear you. Did you say come up the front of the class and show everyone just how insanely massive I am?” Jacob replied and slowly made his way towards the front of the class. It’s fair to say, Jacob always moved slowly, due mainly by the size of his quads. To even call how he moved walking was inaccurate; Jacob waddled. Arriving at the front of the class, Jacob turned to face the class. He pointed to a skinny kid sitting in the first row and motioned for him to approach. Jacob raised his arms and leaned forward. “Strip off this tank top. It’s pretty new and the only shirt I have. I want to try to make it last the whole day.” The poor kid was shaking like a leaf. “Come on dude. My lats are WAY too big for me to get this off myself. Don’t worry, I won’t bite; unless I get hungry.” Jacob said with a chuckle. Slowly the kid started to peel the skin tight tank top up Jacob’s back. When it was halfway up Jacob was growing impatient. “SOMEONE HELP HIM!” he yelled. Another petrified student joined the first kid and within seconds the tank top was pulled over Jacob’s head. Once free, he slowly stood back up and the class was confronted by his exposed upper body and a new wave to terrified screams filled the room. “This is what a 267lb 18 year old looks like. I’m only 5’8” but getting pretty close to being just as wide as that.” Jacob said and started to hit flawless poses each one accompanied by grunts, moans and exaggerated gasps. “No 18 year old has 22” arms, 18” forearms, 56” pecs and a tiny 28” waist. Not to mention some of the biggest quads on the planet. Check out these 32” quads and 21” calves.” “So Gross!” Someone yelled out. “Gross? You think all this muscle is gross. You know what I think it is? SMALL. I’m plan to doubling this size in a couple of years!” Jacob said. He was breathing hard from hitting the different poses but saved the best for last. He extended his pumped left leg and leaned closer to the class. He slowly bent his arms and started to hit a most muscular pose. His already blood-filled body exploded in every direction. Jacob showed incredible muscle control and he willed each muscle group to flex and expand. His arms slammed into his flexed pecs as his shoulders solidified into pumpkin-sized striated bolders. His vein-covered traps rose to graze his ears as his neck thickened to become wider than his head. He tightened his already rock-hard abs so each developed muscle resembled the density of bricks. His shorts could not contain the monstrous beef of his quads and rose up so high it looked like a posing suit. Even with his legs spread apart, Jacobs calves looked like they were about to touch each other. At full flex, Jacob’s entire body was shaking. His skin now covered in the light layer of sweat which made his outrageous vascular look even more extreme. He let out a glass-shaking roar and he somehow continued to flex. Through gritted teeth he screamed “I’m not stopping until someone either pukes or passes out.” Most of the kids were screaming and covering their eyes. A few looked like they were ready to faint and more than one of the boys held their hands over their obvious erections. Still not seeing what he desired most, Jacob let out another scream as his flexed muscles were starting to cause him pain. A pain that pushed him to flex even harder. He slowly turned to face the teacher, who was cowering behind his desk. With one laboured step Jacob moved closer. He could see the terror in the teacher’s face. “DO IT!” He commanded and within seconds, the teacher bent over and puked all over the top of his desk. He stood up and stumbled back, slamming into the chalkboard before collapsing on the floor. As Jacob relaxed his pose he smiled as he realized the teacher had a large wet stain on the front of his pants. His recently spent erection was clearly still rock-hard. Jacob tuned to face the class once more. He picked his tank top off a nearby desk and waddled towards the back of the class. “Is homeroom over yet?”
  12. Here is Chapter 8. I just want to say how incredible your feedback and reactions to my story have been. Although I've only posted one other story here, I think it's safe to say, I will be writing many more. I'm in the process of writing Chapter 9 now. I think it will be the final chapter but who knows... I hope you enjoy. Chapter 8 I opened my eyes and for a few minutes, had no idea where I was or how long I was passed out. Once I realized where I was, I scrambled out of the bed. I checked the time; close to an hour. “FUCK!” I rushed to make sure everything was back where is should have been. It was at that moment I felt something strange on my back. I want to the bathroom and looked at myself in the mirror. I let out a scream at the sight. The weird feeling on my back was due to the fact my t-shirt had ripped up the back and my bare flesh was completely exposed. But that wasn’t all; my whole body was bursting out of my clothes. Staring at my reflection, I barely recognized the person staring back. I looked absolutely massive. I stepped onto the scale and let out a moan when it displayed 279lb. “Twelve pounds! How could I have gained twelve pounds in less than a hour?” Then it hit me. Bruce’s gear. “H-how could it make me gain so much weight, so fast?” My head was spinning. I knew Bruce had gained a staggering amount of mass but no where near as much as I just did. I looked back at myself in the mirror and inspected my reflection closer. Not only was I twelve pounds heavier, the new mass was quality size. My shoulders were rounder, my arms thicker, my traps higher and my vascularity was off the charts. I grabbed the collar of what remained of my shirt and ripped it off. I gasped at the sight. My waist looked like it went down an inch. Even un-flexed, my abs looked straight out of a comic book. I caressed each granite-hard cobble. I raised my right arm and marvelled at it’s increased size. It looked like the arm of a Mr. Olympia competitor. My heart was pounding in my chest as I stared dumbfounded. I knew there was powerful gear out there but this was like something straight out of science fiction. Maybe it was a combination of my body’s chemistry reacting to Bruce’s gear but at that moment, I really didn’t care. I got lost again in my reflection as I continued to flex and feel my hulking form. Minutes later I snapped out of it and remembered that Mitch was at the gym, alone with that sadistic monster. I rushed to grab my torn shirt and finish cleaning up. I hurried down the hall towards the front door when I passed the office and stopped. I moved towards the tiny fridge and opened it again. With little hesitation, I tossed all the remaining vials into a shopping bag and closed the fridge. Minutes later I was racing back to the gym. --- The look on Bruce’s face terrified Mitch. “What the fuck are you doing?” Mitch yelled. “Sorry old man, but your pumped up body got me going.” He said and licked his lips. Mitch was shocked and confused. “Didn’t know I was gay did you? Well, I usually keep myself under control in public but seeing you bench that last set and flex that awesome chest has me horned up,” Bruce said and rubbed his growing hard-on. “I don’t care if you are gay or not, but what’s makes you think I want to do anything with you?” “I wasn’t asking.” Bruce said and advanced. Mitch landed a powerful right hook to Bruce’s jaw. The sounds of the impact echoed throughout the gym. Bruce however, just shook his head and continued to move forward. Mitch then bent down and drove his massive shoulder into Bruce’s abs. With incredible power, Mitch lifted the massive man off the floor and slammed his body onto the floor. Desperate to subdue the larger man, Mitch started kicking Bruce in the abs and lower back. Each powerful blow by Mitch’s enormous legs caused gut-renching smacking sounds that filled gym. Mitch was setting up for one more kick when Bruce’s hand shot out and caught his foot. Looking up at Mitch, Bruce started to laugh. “You old fucking fag!” Bruce said and applied pressure to Mitch’s ankle causing him to yell out in pain. Still holding Mitch’s ankle, Bruce maneuvered his body so he was now in a kneeling position. He placed his other hand on Mitch’s huge calve and squeezed. Mitch howled in pain. Bruce released his grip on the ankle and grabbed Mitch’s throat. In a display of incredible power, Bruce proceeded to lift Mitch as he himself stood up. With little effort, Bruce now pressed Mitch’s 382lb body over his head like it was a sack of potatoes. He positioned himself so he could see his refection in the gym mirror. “Look at how puny you look up there old man? You feel so light too. FUCK I’m a BEAST!” Bruce said and started to press Mitch up and down. His shoulders exploded with dense, veiny power. “I-I’ll fucking kill you” Mitch yelled. Bruce just laughed “I’m bored of these games. Time for Bruce to get his” he said and slammed Mitch onto the concrete floor. Mitch lay there motionless for a moment. Bruce grabbed both sides of Mitch’s head and hoisted him to his feet. Mitch stumbled but was able to remaining upright. Bruce wrapped one of his obscenely pumped arms around Mitch’s thick waist and placed the other on his back. Mitch struggled to get free but Bruce easily overpowered him. With barely a grunt, Bruce lifted Mitch off the ground and tore his poser off in one fluid motion. Mitch looked at their reflection in the mirror and was terrified at the look that came over Bruce’s face. Mitch let out a yelp as Bruce’s huge, hard cock smacked against his exposed ass. Bruce adjusted his grip on Mitch’s waist and with just the power of one arm, started to manoeuvre Mitch like he was a sex toy. “Look at how fucking massive I am. So HUGE. So POWERFUL” Bruce repeated as he watched his reflection in the mirror. He ran his strong, callused free hand down Mitch’s outrageously muscled back. He then lifted Mitch a foot higher and without hesitation, slide his cock into Mitch’s ass. Mitch screamed in terror and pain as Bruce started to fuck him in mid air. He could feel Bruce’s arm shake as it held and controlled his huge body. Every time Mitch tried to look away from the mirror, Bruce would grab his hair and pull his face back to the mirror. “You need to watch this old man. Watch as the biggest BEAST in the world fucks you!” Bruce growled and continued to plunge his cock into Mitch’s ass. Bruce looked like he was about to cum when there was a load crash near the back of the gym. The giant man dropped Mitch and spun to see Andy standing at the back door which had just been ripped off the hinges. “STOP!” Andy screamed. From the ground, Mitch looked at Andy and let out a terrified yell. Andy was barely recognizable. His buff body was replaced by that of a professional bodybuilder. In his hand, he held six empty syringes. He looked like he was about to collapse but was somehow able to regain his composure. “Leave him alone Bruce!” Andy screamed as his legs stabilized. As the six syringes flooded into his blood stream, he let the powerful sensation wash over him. He was not planning on injecting himself with more of Bruce’s gear but when he saw Mitch being fucked by the demented freak, he knew he didn’t have a choice; Bruce needed to be stopped. Seeing the empty syringes fall to the floor; Bruce realized they from his supply. “What the FUCK have you done?” He screamed. “I found your secret serum Bruce. And in case you haven’t noticed, it has a pretty insane affect on me.” Andy said and raised his arms into a double bicep pose. Instantly, his arms exploded with newfound mass and vascularity. They appeared to surpass 23 inches and visibly grew as Andy relaxed and re-flexed. To most people, the size of Andy’s body would have been truly amazing. To Bruce, who was riding high on his domination of Mitch’s massive body remained unfazed. He was however, enraged that Andy had taken his gear. With a bellow of rage, Bruce started to approach Andy. Andy was ready for Bruce. He ran towards the hulking monster and rammed his shoulder into Bruce’s flexed abs. To both men’s surprise, Bruce went down hard. Andy stood over Bruce’s body and grabbed both sides of his head. With a violent jerking motion, he lifted Bruce off the ground so he was now on his knees. Holding his head with one hand, Andy rammed his knee into Bruces face. The impact echoed throughout the gym. Blood poured from his nose. Andy took a step back and revelled at what he had just done. Bruce still outweighed him by close to one hundred pounds but the increase sense of power flowing through his veins was intoxicating. He glanced at his reflection in the mirror and marvelled at his visibly increasing weight. It looked like something straight out of a cartoon. He could “feel” his weight increasing by the second. “Fuck this juice is incredible. Like it was designed just for me.” Andy said and reached his attention on Bruce. “Stand up” he commanded. Bruce wiped the blood from his nose and stood up, ready to tear Andy in half. He swung his right arm towards Andy’s head but was shocked when his opponent caught his hand in mid-air. Andy quickly applied pressure and smiled as a look of pain appeared on Bruce’s face. With lightening quick speed, Andy moved behind Bruce and wrenched his arm behind his back. Bruce started to pat his elbow with his free hand. With another surge of power, Andy pressed Bruce’s arm higher. “I’m going to FUCKING KILL YOU!” Bruce yelled through gritted teeth. “Not if I kill you first” Andy screamed. He glanced over at Mitch. His once strong, massive lover was still lying on the floor. Tears streamed down his face. Rage filled Andy as he looked back at Bruce’s neck and back. Glancing over his shoulder and seeing his reflection in the mirror caused his cock to involuntarily get hard at the sight. Still much smaller than Bruce, Andy looked downright massive. With a animalistic growl he grabbed Bruce’s pinned forearm with both hands and lifted. Bruce let out an agonizing scream as his 390 plus pound body was lifted a foot off the ground. Andy held the massive beast in the air for a few minutes before letting him drop. Still holding Bruce’s wrist, Andy raised the arm above his head. With one violent jerking motion, yanked Bruce’s arm straight down. There was a load crack that filled the gym as Bruce’s left shoulder was pulled out of it socket. Bruce screamed in pain and fell to one knee. He looked up at Andy and was about to speak when Andy’s knee once again, slammed into his jaw. He fell backwards as a fresh stream of blood started to flow. Andy stood over Bruce, breathing heavy. He bent down and placed his hands under Bruce’s armpits. With barely a grunt, he lifted the limp body into a sitting position. Andy then bend lower and hoisted Bruce over his shoulders. In an astounding display of power even he didn’t know he processed, Andy stood up straight with Bruce draped over his shoulders. His entire body swelled with increased power and mass. Andy positioned his hands across Bruce’s neck and groin and started to apply pressure. Bruce was awaken by the pain and let out a terrifying howl. With one final display of pure power, Andy walked towards a nearby weigh bench. He repositioned his hands and lifted Bruce’s body over his head. His arms shook but he was able to hoist the incredible weight. With a growl, Andy dropped Bruce perpendicular on the bench. Bruce’s back landed right over the padded bench as his legs and arms flopped onto the ground. His dislocated shoulder was at a very unnatural looking angle. “Looks like your shoulder is messed up big guy. Should I do the same to your other arm, or maybe I should rip them off your fucking body all together.” “P-P-Please stop.” Bruce muttered. “What was that? Do you want me to stop? Just like you did that day in the gym? I don’t remember you stopping when you saw me getting hard. You certainly didn’t look like you were going to stop when you were raping Mitch.” Andy screamed. “I’m sorry” Bruce said with tears in his eyes. “Sorry? You pathetic piece of shit!” Andy screamed ”you aren’t sorry.” “I am” Bruce pleaded. Andy wasn’t listening. He was breathing heavy as he stepped closer. He raised his left leg and brought it down on Bruce’s quad who let out a blood-curdling scream. Andy raised his leg again and was about to stomp again when he heard Mitch scream “STOP!” Andy turned to face Mitch, who was now standing. “Andy, STOP! I know you want to kill him but please don’t. Don’t stoop to his level.” Mitch pleaded. “Mitch! What are you saying? Look what he did to you; to me!” “I know Andy, I know but this is not the answer. You can’t kill him; that’s not who you are.” Mitch said and approached Andy. He wrapped his arms around his growing lover and couldn’t help feel Andy’s newfound mass. Andy relaxed and fell into Mitch’s arms. After a few minutes, Mitch released Andy. He kissed him on the lips and said “Look at him Andy. You’ve proven your point. You won. There is no need to inflict more harm.” Andy looked down at Bruce who looked like he was barely conscious. “You’re right.” Andy agreed. “What do we do with him now?” “Help me get him to his truck. He’s on his own from there.” Mitch said. Both men picked Bruce’s body off the bench; he howled in pain as they carried him to the front door. They stuffed him into his truck. Bruce turned to look at Andy and tried to speak. Andy leaned in close and whispered “If I ever see your face again, I will KILL you.” Andy draped his arm around Mitch and the two men went back into the gym. Bruce waited a few minutes before somehow starting the truck, putting it in gear and drove away. He swerved as he slowly drove away. Andy watched from inside the gym as the truck left his view. He turned and looked at Mitch, who was crying. As he approached, Mitch collapsed into Andy’s arms. Cradling him like a baby, Andy carried Mitch’s massive body upstairs. “Everything is going to be ok” Andy said “It’s all over.”
  13. Chapter 7 “What are we going to do with him Mitch!” I screamed, clearly freaking out. Mitch paced near the front door. He had locked the gym and pulled the blinds down. “I don’t know Andy. He won’t be asleep forever! Wait!” Mitch yelled and took off running upstairs; leaving me downstairs, alone with Bruce. I glanced at his unconscious body. Even motionless he was truly massive. My mind was still not able to comprehend how he was growing so fast. He was massive when he humiliated me at the gym but just a few months later he dwarfed even himself. It was then that I saw his duffle bag near the front door. I rushed over and opened it. Inside was some gym clothes and different supplements. I rummaged around a little more and found Bruce’s wallet, keys and something else that caused me to drop the bag. There at the bottom was a small case that looked like it would contain eye glasses. With shaking hands, I opened it and let out a gasp. Inside, were six syringes filled with a bright blue liquid. Could this be the gear Bruce was using to get so huge? My thoughts were interrupted by Mitch depending the stairs. I pocketed the container of syringes, the wallet and keys and walked over to Mitch who was standing over Bruce’s limp body. “I found these.” Mitch said holding up a syringe of milky white liquid. “They’re muscle relaxers. Maybe they will keep him asleep until we can figure out a plan.” “Fuck Mitch! That’s not a solution!” I screamed. “I KNOW Andy but what other choice do we have?” Mitch said and jammed the needle into Bruce’s beachball sized shoulder. He injected the solution and stood back. “Mitch; I need to get out of here.” Mitch spun around and looked at me “Andy! I know you are freaking out, I am too, but you can’t just run away. I won’t let him hurt you ever again.” He said and moved to embarrass my trembling body. I stepped away. “I’m not running away Mitch! I know he can’t hurt us, I just don’t know what the FUCK we’re supposed to do! My mind is racing! I just need to get some fresh air.” I said and quickly grabbed my sweater off the floor and put it on. “Ok-Ok. Go get some air Andy but listen; don’t worry. Everything is going to be ok.” Mitch said with a smile. I know he was trying to assure me but at that moment, all I wanted to do was get out of here. I was outside before I realized I still had Bruce’s wallet, keys and above all else; his gear in my pocket. I raced to my car, opened Bruce’s wallet and started to drive in the direction of his house. The further I got away from the gym, the calmer I felt. My stomach was still aching thinking of Mitch being there alone with Bruce but at that moment, I just needed to get as far way as possible. Ten minutes later I was staring at the front door of Bruces condo. With a shaking hand, I unlocked the front door and stepped inside. His place was huge and far nicer than I had expected. I had assumed Bruce’s obsession to gain more and more size meant that he would not be concerned with trivial things like cleaning and decorating. I wandered around his living room, there were stacks of bodybuilding magazines on the coffee table and a number of empty protein shakes. I moved to the kitchen and discovered multiple cabinets filled with various supplements. His fridge was filled with cooked meat and other typical bodybuilding food. Down the hallway I discovered a office. His computer was turned off. Next to it was a stack of writing journals. I flipped though the top one to discover Bruce’s workout logs. I flipped to back and found his last workout listed. It had been chest day. My jaw dropped as I read the phenomenal numbers he had recorded. His eighth and final rep was a staggering 675lbs! He was doing flys with 110lb dumbbells and five sets of cable flys using 120lbs for 50 reps. My mouth went dry as I placed the journal back on the desk. It was at that moment I noticed the small college fridge in the far corner. I opened it to discover it filled with full vials of the same blue liquid I had in my pocket. I walked further down the hall and found his bedroom. While the bed was un-made, it was as organized as the rest of the house. I opened the top drawer of the night stand and let out an audible scream. There on top of the TV remote was a huge dildo. I opened the second drawer to find something just as surprising, a magazine containing naked images of some very large, muscular men. “Bruce is gay!” I yelled. My mind could barely handle this new information. Never would I have imagined that sadistic asshole was also gay. I knew he was turned on by muscle, that much was clear; but I just assumed it was his own mass that got him aroused. I flipped thought he magazine and marvelled hat how huge some of the models were. Even though they all paled in comparison to Bruce and Mitch, they are far bigger than typical porn stars. Some looked bigger and more conditioned than the current Mr. Olympia. It was at that moment my fear finally dissipated. My mind had been racing ever since I drove away from the gym but suddenly I was calm and focused once again. Bruce was gay. Of course; it made perfect sense. He was clearly closeted and ashamed and took that isolation out of those around him. Maybe he focused his torture on those that he found attractive. Maybe his response to feeling aroused by other men caused him to lash out and attack us. I knew this didn’t excuse his horrible behaviour but it certainly started to make sense. I walked into the adjoining ensuite bathroom. I splashed water on my face and looked at myself in the mirror. I took a moment to admire the increased mass I’ve added recently. I stepped on Bruce’s scale and smiled when it displayed 267lbs. I reached into my pocket and pulled out the container. I opened it and looked at the blue liquid swirling inside. I knew it was reckless but I saw no other choice. If this was what was making Bruce so huge, it was my only option to surpass him. With one steady motion, I jammed the syringe into my right thigh. My eyes went wide as I injected the liquid. Instantly an intense burning sensation started to move thought my entire body. I stumbled and had to sturdy myself on the sink to stop from collapsing. A minute later the burning subsided and I picked up one more syringe. I hesitated for a moment before jamming it into my left shoulder. Again, the pain was almost too much to bear. I let out a loud scream as I doubled over. I held tight to the sink and within another minute, the pain started to weaken. I stood and looked at my reflection in the mirror again. I knew it was not possible to have grown but I could swear I felt bigger. What was definitely apparent was the feeling of power coursing though my veins. “No wonder Bruce is always so confident! I felling like I could bench press a car!” Suddenly I was overcome by the sensation that I was going to pass out. I staggered out of the bathroom and managed to lay down on the bed. Seconds later, I was completely unconscious. --- Mitch could not take his eyes of the sleeping body of Bruce. He still had not idea what his plan was. He paced the gym floor for what seemed like hours until he heard a low growl coming from Bruce. Mitch approached the lifeless body and saw Bruce’s head start to rise. His eyes were closed but it was clear he was coming to. Mitch looked worried but was confident the chains would hold the monster in place. Slowly Bruce became more awake and aware of his surroundings. He opened his eyes and looked down at the heavy chains wrapped around his upper body. He tried to move but found that he was completely immobile. As panic set in, Bruce started to howl with rage. “What the FUCK HAVE YOU DONE?” He yelled. Mitch moved closer. Standing over Bruce and looking as imposing as possible he said “You need to be taught a lesson you roided out freak.” “I’ll teach you a lesson you motherfucker!” Bruce replied and tried again to get free from the chains. Mitch stepped closer again and landed a few powerful blows to Bruce’s face. The sounds of the impacts echoed throughout the gym. A trickle of blood started to drip from Bruce’s nose. “I bet you feel pretty fucking tough hitting a man who’s tied up.” Bruce said. “You weren’t tied up when I knocked you out the first time.” Mitch said. “I’m starving. I’m going to grab some food…don’t go anywhere” he said and laughed. As he ascended the stairs, he heard Bruce try again to get free from the chains no avail. Upstairs Mitch grabbed a plate of chicken and beef and started to eat. He mixed a protein shake and sat at the kitchen table. He took one bite of food when he heard a gut-wrenching scream that shook the building walls. He dropped his fork and ran down the stairs. Bruce was still surrounded by the thick metal chains but he had maneuvered himself so he his feet were now planted on the ground. He was still near the ground so he looked like he was at the bottom of a squat. His whole body shook and sweat was dripping from his forehead. Through gritted teeth he looked at Mitch and said “I can’t decide whether I should just break these chains or tear out this beam to get free. Part of me wants to rip the beam apart but that might cause the whole building to collapse. That might hurt me a little.” Mitch moved closer, looking for something to subdue Bruce. Sensing his plan, Bruce let out another primal grow and slowly started to rise. His more than 40” quads shook from effort. Garden-hose thick veins erupted across their surface. Is was a truly sicken sight to witness. Mitch froze, unable to focus on his task. Eventually Bruce was able to spread his legs a little farther apart, giving him better leverage. As he did this, he was able to rise faster until he was almost upright again. He was breathing very fast but showed no signs of stopping. With one final effort, the giant man stood straight up. His legs looks unreal. Each muscle fibre stood out in frightening contrast. Their size seemed to have tripled and their vascularity was truly grotesque. Mitch covered his mouth to suppress a gag. “FUCK. Feels like I just squatted a tractor trailer for an hour. Thanks for making me get a nasty pump old man.” Bruce said. Mitch snapped out of his trance and picked up a 50lb dumbbell and swung it at Bruce’s head. The impact was extremely hard but Mitch recoiled in horror as Bruce barely registered the blow. “I’m done pretending you have some power behind those puny muscles old man.” Bruce said and squared his massive shouldered. The heavy chains dug into his flesh, making him look even wider somehow. Then it happened; Bruce started to flex. His traps were the first to swell. They rose upwards and swelled outwards at the same time. Within seconds, they grazed Bruce’s ears. Next it was his forearms. With his arms pinned to his side by the chains, only about six inches of forearm flesh was exposed but what was started to writhe and twitch. Sausage thick veins visibly pumped blood into his extremities. Finally, Bruce flexed his chest and lats. Though fully contained within the confines of the chains, Mitch could see him widen. In a truly horrifying scene, the links of the chains started to stretch. “YEAH thats right. My muscles are bending FUCKING METAL!” Bruce screamed. Mitch franticly looked for a way to stop Bruce but it was too late. With one final roar that shook the glass windows, Bruce flexed harder than even he thought was possible. It wasn’t the metal clamps that held the chains that broke, it was the metal chain links them selves. In at least four separate spots, the metal failed and shattered. With a load crash, the remaining chains fell to floor. He stood panting and sweating until he caught his reflection in the nearby mirror. Even he was taken aback. Before him stood the more inhumanly massive specimen ever imagined. No; it wasn’t even imaginable, it was something straight out of science fiction. Wiped away was any sense of his formal humanity. He was looking at a sheer mountain of pulsing muscles and veins. He didn’t even have to move or flex to display his incredible definition and size. His fascination was short lived as he re-focused on Mitch. “Look old man; clearly I’ve proven to you that you can’t fucking take me on. I know that hurts your ego. Most people probably look at you and think you are indestructible; hell, you could step on stage and win the Mr. O. tomorrow if you wanted; assuming I’m not on-stage with you.” Mitch was once again overcome with rage and lunged at the hulking beast. With a flip of his wrist, Bruce grabbed Mitch’s meaty forearm and started to apply pressure. Mitch let out a howl. “What did I tell you? Did you not see what this muscle just did to those metal chains. Besides, the extreme pump I’m experiencing right now feels fucking incredible. I think you unleashed some extra level of the gear I’m on.” To prove his point, Bruce squeezed harder, causing Mitch to drop to one knee in pain. “So here’s what’s going to happen. I could leave right now and we both know there’s nothing stopping me but there’s no fun in that. I want to take full advantage of this opportunity. You and I are going to workout. If you don’t drop dead, I’ll walk out of here so you can try to catch up to my size. But if you so much as THINK about trying to knock me out again; I’ll rip your arms off your body.” Knowing he didn’t have a choice, Mitch slowly nodded his head. “Good choice. Where’s your little boy toy?” Bruce asked. “He went out for a bit.” “Too bad. Little guy would probably be cumming non-stop during this.” He said. “Looks like you are a pecs man. Let’s bench.” Bruce waddled towards the bench press and Mitch followed. He loaded the bar with 5 45lb plates per side. Without hesitation, he laid down on the bench and hoisted the heavy bar and started to preform perfect reps. “495lbs feels fucking light. Check out the mad pump in these pecs already.” Bruce taunted. At 15 reps, he racked the bar and sat up. His blood-filled pecs looked incredible. To emphasize their shear mass, he flexed them repeatedly. He stood up and motioned for Mitch to start his set. Mitch lifted the bar with ease and started to crank out reps. Bruce appeared behind the bench and leaned in. “Just in case you didn’t listen before” Bruce said and placed both hands on the bar. Instantly, Mitch was unable to move the weight. Applying a fraction of his strength, Bruce pressed the bar down until it sat on Mitch’s heaving pecs. “I could crack you in two right now old man.” Having made his point, Bruce let go of the bar, allowing Mitch to complete his last three reps. Mitch jumped off the bar and started to scream at Bruce “What the FUCK is your problem? Why are you such an asshole.” “Because I can BE.” Bruce yelled back “The bigger I get, the less I give a fuck about other people.” Mitch just shook his head as Bruce loaded two more plates onto each side of the bar. He noticed a look of concern in Mitch’s face and chuckled. “Too heavy for you?” “Fuck you. Add one more.” Mitch commanded. Bruce smiled and complied. There might have even been a look of admiration in his eyes… “765lb is a lot of weight. I’ve only lifted for a few reps before. Think you can handle that?” Mitch didn’t respond, instead he positioned himself under the weight. With a primal grunt, he lifted the weight off the rack. The weight fell fast but Mitch was able to keep it under control. Bruce positioned himself over Mitch to spot him if needed but to his surprise, Mitch didn’t need help. The older man stared at Bruce and continued to lift the massive weight. At four reps his arms were violently shaking. His chest was swelling with unheard of levels of muscle. Just as he thought he could not move the weight again he heard Bruce speak. “COME ON! PUSH IT!” Mitch screamed and managed one more rep before slamming the weight down and sitting up. “FUCK” was all Mitch heard from Bruce. Catching his reflection in the mirror caused Mitch to smile. His once titanic chest was bulging to a new level of huge. Mitch tried to flex but the pump was so intense, he could barely move. “My turn” Bruce said and nudged Mitch out the way. He grunted and started to lift the massive bar. With staggering speed, Bruce cranked out eight reps before starting to slow down. He managed three more reps before letting the bar crash. He leapt from the bench and flexed his pecs. “They have to be over 80 inched now!” he screamed. Not one to back down from a challenge, Mitch got under the bar again and started to move the huge weight. Bruce looked on in shock as the massive older man cranked out six easy reps. He managed to reach eight before racking the weight and sliding off the bench. He was panting heavily but didn’t waste any time. He rolled onto his stomach and started to do push-ups. After preforming 30 in quick succession he struggled to get to his feet. He looked at Bruce and started to pose. Bruce never felt intimidated by another man but Mitch’s swollen and pumped chest caused him to worry. The sight before him was straight out of his wildest fantasies; a body so huge it caused him to feel small. Mitch’s upper body no longer looked to be of this planet. His brutally pumped chest almost eclipsed his head. His mammoth shoulders quivered and swelled. His powerful lats where so inflated, they came into view from his back. Bruce could always control his attraction to other men in public but Mitch’s fully-flexed body was too much for him to handle. At that moment, there was only one thing Bruce wanted; Mitch. With a primal look in his eyes, Bruce advanced on the massive man. With surprising speed, Bruce pounced on Mitch. He wrapped his hulking arms around Mitch’s inflated chest and leaned in for a kiss. Mitch shoved Bruce hard and stepped back. “What the fuck are you doing?” Mitch yelled.
  14. Chapter 6 - The Meeting “Scale fist, then measuring” I instructed. The digital display flashed 372lb and Mitch let out an ecstatic moan. “FUCK Mitch. I knew you had packed on some size but that’s incredible!” He just grunted and stepped off the scale. I got down on the floor and wrapped the measuring tape around his left calf. I started by caressing the smooth skin and marvelling at how small my hand looked in comparison. I wrapped the tape around the huge muscle and blurted out “23 inches”. Mitch moaned with satisfaction. I moved up to his keg-sized quad. Even standing up straight, his hamstrings showed amazing definition. I took a moment to stare at his equally inhuman glutes. He must have noticed because suddenly they flexed and deep striations appears all over them. I bit my lip and wrapped the tape around his leg. I couldn’t help but notice how wide I had to part my arms to wrap the tape around them. “39 inches” I exclaimed. I swear there was an audible rumble as Mitch flexed his quads hard. From my vantage point, I could no longer see his knee from the slabs of muscle hanging off him. “Again” he said. I looked at the tape and let out a groan. “41 inches!” “FUCK” was all Mitch said. I stood to face the massive freak. With a little smirk, I wrapped the tape around his waist; purposely grasping his glute as I did. “34 inches.” I licked my lips before continuing. I slid the tape under his arms (which he didn’t even have to raise because his enormous lats already pushed his arms unnaturally high). I had to physically move to his side to locate the end of the tape; there was no way I could reach it otherwise. I centred the tape between his beachball-sized pecs; resisting the urge to lean in a bite his exposed nipple. My hands started to tremble as I read out the number “65 inches! That’s 5 and a half feet of just pec and lat!” I screamed. Mitch just chuckled and lightly flexed. Just that simple movement caused me to loose my grip on the tape and it fell to the floor. I picked the tape up and wrapped it around his right arm. It was hanging un-flexed at his side. “27 inches” I said. Without a word, Mitch extended his arm and glanced at his forearm. Just that small movement caused a flood of newly exposed veins to appear. I ran my hand over the hard, smooth surface while exhaling slowly. I adjusted the tape and said “22 inches.” “My god you are truly massive” I said with a mixture of lust and fear. “One more week” Mitch said and waddled the kitchen, took out a full tray of chicken and started to devour it. “You think he’ll show?” “Absolutely” I replied “when he sees an invitation from the owner of an hardcore gym asking if he would be interested in a free membership along with a spokesperson gig, he’ll jump at the chance.” With a mouth full of food, Mitch laughed. “One more week and I’ll be 380lbs.” I couldn’t help but let out a moan. I would doubt that anyone could gain that much size in such a sort time but if anyone was able to do it, Mitch could. --- I was too nervous to sleep. Bruce was supposed to be at the gym later today. Mitch on the other hand, was more than ready. He weighed in at 382lbs the night before. He was so turned on by that number, he shot a load all over the scale. The monstrous freak had spend most of the night and morning, posing in front of the mirror. As anxious as I was, I could not help but get distracted as Mitch swelled and flexed. I had just cum for the fourth time. “You think Bruce can match this mass and power?” Mitch said as he raised his 27 inch left arm. With his right hand, he rubbed it’s smooth, veiny surface. Mitch approached me as I lay in bed and scooped me up. His mind-bogglingly huge body completely surrounded me. With a simple movement, he hoisted me up so my cock was level with his mouth. I placed my hands on his flexed arms. I marvelled at how steady they were while holding my entire bodyweight. “One final meal” he said and engulfed my cock. I placed my hands on his outrageously thick traps and felt them swell as he flexed. With one long, powerful suck, I filled his mouth with a huge load of cum. Mitch licked his lips and lowered me to the ground. He then produced four vials of steroids. “Fill me up with every last drop” he commanded. I filled the first syringe as Mitch watched impatiently. It took six syringes before the drugs were all injected. My hand was physically shaking as the last drop was injected. Mitch stumbled back as the intense cocktail flooded his system. He had never had such a massive dose. His nostrils flared and his eyes went wide. He steadied himself and stood to face the mirror. With a load grunt he hit a most muscular pose. His entire body swelled to mind-boggling proportions. He looked like the most extreme photoshopped image found on the internet. Hell, he looked like a fucking mutant. Even my most extreme fantasies could barely come close to what was directly in front of me. We were both immediately hard again. I started stroking myself vigorously as Mitch’s huge cock stood a full mast and started to drip pre-cum. With one final grunt, Mitch flexed even harder, his whole body shaking violently as a huge load of cum started to spew without him having touch it. He dropped the pose, scooped me up and carried me to the shower were I spent an hour cleaning and worshipping every inch of his magnificent body. We had just gotten dressed when the buzzer at the front door of the gym sounded.I shot a anxious look at Mitch. He leaned over and gave me a long kiss. “Show time.” --- Mitch was wearing his largest sweatshirt and baggiest pants. It obscured his staggering mass as best it could but did nothing to conceal his unnatural width. I stood back as he walked to front the door and let Bruce in. I heard the two men exchange a quick greeting and then Bruce appeared. He too was wearing large, over-sized clothes that did very little to hide his mass. Seeing him this close-up made my mouth go dry. He waddled into the gym and started to survey the equipment. He glanced across the room and made eye contact with me. With my added size it did not appear that he recognized me. Mitch approached and stood next to Bruce. I momentarily felt my knees go weak as the two behemoths stood so close together. “Nice place. What type of sponsorship deal are we talking about?” Bruce asked with his trademark level of cockiness. Mitch moved between me and Bruce. “We’ll get to that” he replied “let’s talk about your reputation first.” “My reputation?” Bruce asked. “Yeah. Word around town is that you have a bit of an attitude problem. I’ve heard you like to pick on smaller guys.” Mitch said in a calm voice. “Yeah, so; who the fuck cares? Besides; everyone is smaller than me.” Bruce said and unzipped his sweater. He struggled to pull the sleeves over his arms but within seconds he had shed the shirt and tossed it to the ground. He squared his shoulders and looked at Mitch and myself. I couldn’t help but let out a gasp. Bruce looked enormous. “Cracked 392lbs yesterday” Bruce said “That’s right. I’m the biggest fucking freak you’ve every seen. No one can even come close to this.” To emphasize his point, Bruce raised his arms into a double bicep pose that defied all logic. Thick, vein covered arms exploded with size. His titanic lats flared multiple feet from his sides. His tiny waist flexed and constricted to minuscule proportions. His entire upper body swelled. If Big Ramy was standing next to him he’d look like a malnourished child. Mitch flashed my a look of concern but tried to regain his confidence. “Fuck Bruce. You are one massive freak, that’s for damn sure but you should be careful making clams like that.” In one swift motion, Mitch tore his shirt off. He squared his shoulders and hit a brutal most muscular pose. His mammoth body exploded with muscle and power. Bruce didn’t look the least bit surprised. In fact, I swear I saw a look of desire in his eyes. “Damn old man, I figured you had a good body under that shirt but I wasn’t quite expecting that.” Mitch released his pose and dropped his pants. He took a step back and flexed his 41 inch quads. I couldn’t help but get hard at the sight. Bruce looked Mitch’s outrageously massive body up and down but didn’t look phased. Instead he placed his hands on his hips and flexed. His upper body morphed into a network of muscle and veins as he swelled even bigger. His traps pressed against his ears as his chest inflated until it appeared to stick three feet from his body. He extended his left leg and growled. I looked at the once baggy material only to realize it was suddenly skin tight. Even thought the heavy fabric, I could the outline of hundreds of veins. With another primal growl, the seams started to rip. Though gritted teeth Bruce said “I said NO ONE is bigger than me.” And with that, the seams disintegrated and exposed quads and calves well beyond anything either of us had ever witnessed. I looked on in horror as Bruce was now clad in only a small pair of posers. He adjusted his position and moved into a full body front lat spread. His quads and calves looked to shake just to support his massive frame. His already inhuman lats grew and spread well past his 5’11” height. The effort it took for him to control so much muscle was visible on his face but he was somehow able to talk though the strain “392lbs, 26” calves, 44” quads, 36” waist, 30” arms and 74” chest.” I couldn’t handle it any more. I moved to Mitch and placed my hand on his shoulder. “Mitch; we’ve made a mistake.” Bruce relaxed his pose and stood breathing heavy. Each breath seems to cause new muscles to swell and flex. “What the fuck is going on here?” He asked. “Oh I see, you too are together aren’t you?” “That’s right” Mitch said “Don’t you remember him?” Glancing at me. “Why would I remember this little guy” I felt Mitch tense “You humiliated Andy here a while ago at your gym. You destroyed his confidence. It was until he met me that he was able to start building his body into the BIG stud you see today.” Bruce stepped closed and looked me over. I could see him searching his memory. “Oh yeah! I remember this little bitch. He couldn’t handle the sight of my massive body and sprayed a load all over himself and the gym floor. Man that was a fun day. Fuck, I was small back then. I can’t believe you haven’t cum again at how huge I am now.” “ENOUGH!” Mitch screamed “You need to me taught a lesson.” Bruce laughed loudly “You think you can do that old man?” With staggering speed, Mitch moved towards Bruce and tackled the giant man. He drove his huge shoulder into Bruce’s shredded abs. The impact shook the walls of the gym. Bruce was driven four feet back where he stumbled on a weight bench and fell over. Mitch wasted no time, he pounced on Bruce, straddled his mid-section and started to land powerful blows to his face. Mitch then stood up and grabbed a 45lb weight plate. I watched in fear as Mitch’s rage took over. He raised the plate over his head and slammed it onto to Bruce’s huddled body. It ricocheted off the big mans shoulder and crashed onto the ground. Mitch gabbed more plates and continued to throw them at the motionless heap on the ground. After a few minutes, Mitch stepped away, breathing heavily and looking as pumped as ever. His eyes were wild with anger and triumph. It was at that moment I started to hear a low chuckle coming from Bruce. I looked down and saw the huge man roll onto his back. He slowly rose like he was performing a sit-up. As he moved, his laughter got louder. With an astounding display of power, the 392lb monster jumped up so he was standing. I stumbled back at his display of agility. How could so much muscle be that nimble? Aside from some red marks from where the metal plates had made contact, he looked unharmed. He squared his shoulders and his body swelled to mind-boggling proportions. “That all you got?” He asked. I’m sure my face was white as a ghost but Mitch seems unfazed. He reached for another weight plate and hurled it at Bruce. With lightenings speed, the massive man caught the weight with one hand. He grabbed it with both hands and started to bend it. Without any hesitation, the thick metal bent to his will. His monstrous forearms swelled with incredible power as the plate was reduced to a twisted metal ball within seconds. “You two think you can hurt this body? Like I said, I’m the BIGGEST FUCKING BEAST on the planet!” He screamed and lifted his arms over his head. He hit a victory pose that would have won every bodybuilding show ever held. There was no visible space between his forearms, biceps, shoulders, neck and traps; just a wall of muscle. Mitch made another move towards the big man, hoping catch him off guard as he flexed. With one slight movement of his right arm, Bruce caught Mitch around his thick bull-neck. I yelped in horror as Mitch came to a hard stop. With little effort, Bruce started to lift. Mitch’s body rose a foot off the ground. Bruce’s arm and shoulder swelled with power but looked to have no problem holding Mitch’s 372lb body off the ground. Mitch tried to pry Bruce’s hand away but his grip was like a vice. “You’re definitely the heaviest man I’ve ever lifted but you are still light as FUCK for me.” Bruce said and a maniacal look came over his face. Mitch was gaging as Bruce turned to look at me. “Strip!” He commanded. I hesitated but Bruce applied more pressure to Mitch’s neck. I quickly complied. I removed my sweater and sweats and stood clad only in my briefs in front of Bruce. “Looks like you’ve put on some weight. Too bad I still outweigh you by over 100lbs.” As if he forgot that he was still holding Mitch, Bruce let him drop. Mitch stumbled back but remained on his feet. He rubbed his red neck. “So let me guess; you two thought you could lure me here to get some kind of revenge. I bet you thought your beefy man here could take me on. Well, I have to give you credit, if there was any hope of taking me down, this big guy would be your best bet. Too bad NO ONE can take me on.” Bruce roared and moved towards the nearest bench press station. The bar was loaded with four 45lb plates per side. He eyed the 405lb weight. He grabbed the metal bar and with little effort, hoisted it off the rack and started to curl. Instantly his already massive arms swelled to new size. He stared at his 30” arms with lust. Each rep caused the muscles to bunch and flex. Their already staggering size was eclipsed by new, scarer growth. He was lost in his self admiration and did not hear Mitch approach. With a deafening growl, Mitch swung his huge leg and connected with Bruce’s incredibly dense lower back. There was a load smack as Mitch hit the beast with all his power. Bruce rocketed forward, causing the weight to crash onto the ground. Bruce however, stayed standing. He spun around to find Mitch already in position for another attach. Mitch had grabbed an empty squat bar and was swinging it like a baseball bat. With a gut-wrenching crash, the heavy metal bar made contact with the side of Bruce’s head. The monster’s eyes rolled back in his head and he collapsed on the floor. I was too shocked to move. It was Mitch’s voice that brought me back to reality. “ANDY! Grab his feet!” Mitch screamed. I ran to help. Mitch placed his hand under Bruce’s arms and started to drag him towards the far wall. I couldn’t help but notice the strain on Mitch’s face as he moved the massive man. I grabbed Bruce’s feet and within seconds, he was propped up on the wall. “What now?” I asked in a panic. Mitch looked around the room and settled his stare on the weight chains hanging on the far wall. They were used when doing dips and made from industrial grade metal. “The chains! Hurry and bring them over here.” When I returned with the chains, Mitch had moved Bruce to a nearby metal beam. It was over three feet wide and was part of the buildings support structure. He grabbed the chains and started to wrap them around Bruce’s still unconscious body. With four separate pieces of chain wrapped tightly around Bruce, Mitch searched for something secure them. He returned with a number of metal weight plate clamps, used to secure weights on the bar. With little effort, Mitch started to bend the heavy metal. He twisted four clamps around the metal chains. Bruce was secure. The chains were wrapped so tight, Bruce’s ample muscles showed indents. Mitch stood up and I immediately moved to embrace him. His skin was sweaty and warm while every muscle in his body twitched with anger. “Are you ok?” I asked. “I’m fine. I can’t believe how powerful this freak is.” Mitch said and wiped sweat from his face, exhaling deeply as he did. “What do we do now?” “I don’t know. He’ll wake up soon. FUCK!” Mitch replied, clearly frustrated and without a plan.
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