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  1. eric21

    Full Moon Rising Part 1

    Hot as hell, go on with this story.
  2. eric21

    A new Superman- Roger

    Good start, keep it up, bro. Exciting story!
  3. eric21

    Father and son (ch 1)

    I look forward to the continuation, I hope that the child grow up as the father and build a good relationship.
  4. eric21


    Great, man.
  5. Is there a continuation of the "Bonded" story, written by TJDogwood and Muscl4life, plus the fourth part? Thanks for posting a link. Sorry if something was confusing, English is not my language.
  6. Olá, sou de SP também. Vamos conversar?

  7. eric21

    Family secrets: Talk

    number 2
  8. eric21

    Awakening the Shy Muscleman

    where are a continuation? More please
  9. Welcome to the forums eric21 :)


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