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    werewolves and werebears and musclegrowth
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    5'9" 200lbs
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    like-minded stud to share stories with and chat
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    6'2" 255lbs
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    lou ferrigno, Mike Sausedo, Konstantin Konstantinovs, Brad Hollibaugh
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    fur and massive muscle

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  1. Mighty sexy profile pic. Slurp 

  2. Looking good buddy! Love that wide back

    1. barbellwalters


      Haha thanks man ? I’m try to build myself a delta wing so I can fly. 

  3. Hot transformation vid

  4. Thanks for following me.

    1. bighryboy4me


      You're welcome stud! Looking good!

  5. After a great week lifting weights feeling I need to show off

  6. Just plowed through working out back and biceps and feeling pumped.

  7. Hot pics! Glad to come across them. Merry Christmas bigman!

  8. Had a great workout at the gym... Feeling stronger

  9. Welcome to the forums bighryboy4me :)

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