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  1. Not really? Like I just look buffer, not more confident or anything. I'm confident with or without I guess. I wouldn't really know what to explain it as lol
  2. Well duh, but prince/princess fits better
  3. Also should totally call it “Muscle Princes/Muscle Princesses”
  4. Oh why thank you haha, probs my favorite shot of my back.
  5. Y know, that’s a good question. Not sure. Drag Queens are men as women, Drag Kings are women as men, not sure what this would be considered as. So new idea guys and gals, what should we call this??
  6. Updated pecs and arms. They look way better. Any other issues you see please let me know.
  7. It all varies. I can’t give an exact time.
  8. The mobility and comfort have increased alot haha, way better, also easier to get into clothes.
  9. Like, I know it looks real, but being a bit of an artist I know there are flaws I can fix.
  10. I hope, still some work to do but it’s getting there.
  11. Redid the suit and made the muscles smaller and a bit more leaner for a more natural less bulky appearance. I think I like this better tbh.
  12. I have with the earlier versions, I havent tried yet with the full body.
  13. Yeah, that was another down side, but easily fixable, I think its more the quads that need to be bulked. Also the quads need to make the ass look a bit smaller and seamlessly blend in better lol
  14. The updates I needed to do, still a few minor adjustments but it’s getting there!
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