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    Muscles, Nerdy stuff, Gaming, Reading, Outdoors.
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    Small/Weak, Short, very opinionated.
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    Muscular guy, Protective guy, Jocks, Toned, Athletes who want to talk to a small, not muscular guy.
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    Muscles, Big dicks, Armpits, Flexing, protective guys

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  1. Damn, these avatars are amazing. It makes me think that you can achieve that look. :)

  2. Hi thanks for following, I feel honored. ^_^

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    2. raphi0508


      Thanks, but to be honest, right now, you don't know my personality. But I am blushing cause you like my face ^_^

    3. JDavid


      Haha, I didn't mean it like I knew your personality but yeah you've got a nice face :3

    4. raphi0508


      I see, but hey, now you start to get to know my personality too :P And you look super cute too, especially wearing your muscle suit.

  3. Thanks for following me! I'd like to return the favor! :D

    1. JDavid


      Hehe I thank you :D

  4. I want one of those flex design muscle costumes, but literally have no money. Whyyyyyy

  5. Welcome to the forums JDavid :)

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