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  1. He looks good. I find his dad to be cuter though.
  2. Kendoll112

    Real Life Bullying in Gyms

    Going through high school, the only bullies were skinny guys, the big guys (Be it muscular or fat) were the sweetest things!!
  3. Thanks for the follow! Also , nice profile pic

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    2. Kinnikunonaku


      Just the one chapter with the bodybuilder/fake teacher! I would be completely debilitated too if I was in her situation haha

    3. Kendoll112


      I know haha. Do you have discord?

    4. Kinnikunonaku


      I do, are you on the forum's discord server?

  4. Kendoll112

    Visual Novel Maker

    This is great news. I'm surprised that this wasn't made earlier.
  5. Kendoll112

    Gay Erotic Wrestling Companies

    I was wondering if anyone was familiar with these wrestlers or the video.
  6. Kendoll112

    Gay Erotic Wrestling Companies

    He is quite cute Thunders Arena is the first one I ever came across. I saw videos with Z-man (Zack Johnathan Vazquez) and was hooked. I have also noticed this newcomer So from Gayhoopla to All American Guys to Thunders Arena.... Maybe Stu's next.
  7. Over the years I have come to love gay Erotic Wrestling along with professional wrestling and I have been loving all these videos from all these different companies. Thunders Arena, Rock Hard Wrestling, No Rules Wrestling, Muscle Domination Wrestling and Cyberfights are all very similar. Mainly a bunch of hot guys ranging from well muscled to bodybuilders wrestle, grunt, groan and focus most of their punishment on pecs/abs while putting their victims in somewhat Erotic submission holds. The match usually ends with an oddly Erotic submission with the victim most likely being put to sleep while the winner flexes for our enjoyment and may even compliment the losers physique. They also have a lot of the same models. MDW and CF stand out a little bit. MDW has muscle master Kevin and clearly caters more to the ultimate domination fetish that he gives. Cyberfights is basically a PG Can-Am for models that don't want to get naked. Can-Am, Bg east, Zeus and BG enterprise are another set. These videos range from regular pg Wrestling to loser gets fucked to other things. The two BG studios are really hot. I mainly like them for not just having Wrestling but Wrestling for sexual domination (there are many videos where the dudes are not so much fighting, but more trying to arouse the other to a point where he wants to submit sexually). Zeus is more about BDSM with wrestling thrown in which is also hot. Can-Am is admittedly....hot guys molesting each other (most of their models are well known porn stars). Wrestlehard and SWN are similar except Wrestlehard has sex Black Wrestling Network stands out for featuring only Black men (something lacking in all the other studios for the most part). For the most part there is no sex but a few of the videos have a cumshot (not many). These videos are more Erotic than say Thunders Arena. The men seem to at some point get drenched in oil and rub against each other very intimately and the footage even shows this in slow motion while zooming in on the men's assets. I have heard bad things about this studio if you are trying to buy a DVD from them, so I would just stick to their digital downloads. Last but not least is Naked Kombat. This is actually my least favorite. Firstly the wrestling is more of the sport wrestling as opposed to the pro wrestling style. But that's not where I have issues. The main problem is that I don't find many of their models attractive. Their models body types go between Bear and somewhat athletic, with me being a member of this site I'm sure you all know that I like my men nice and muscley, which admittedly some of their models are, just not enough to fit my tastes. Another thing is that the wrestling still comes off a bit choreographed even though this is not the choreographed type of wrestling. Lastly no one really submits, the ref chooses a winner and the loser does whatever the winner wants without hesitation, kinda takes the fun out of it for me. Honorable mention to On Top Wrestling but they don't ship to where I live I want to know what others think of these companies.
  8. Kendoll112

    Barbarian Movies

    As bad as that movie was, I must say Kellan looked pretty damn yummy. The muscle bound sword and sorcery (peplum), sword and sandal genre is unfortunately dead and I don't see major companies trying to revive it anytime soon. So I agree with what was stated before. It's up to indie movie studios.
  9. Kendoll112

    Secret Hunks

    I found another one I just imagine grabing his arm (to get his attention) and being in disbelief at what I was feeling. He then lifts his sleeve up to show me the goods.
  10. Kendoll112

    Jake Dalton

    I saw this dude on the last Olympics. His arms are really something!
  11. Kendoll112

    Love Muscles, But Living In Wrong Place?

    Ahh. Well you're close...ish
  12. Kendoll112

    Secret Hunks

    It's exciting!!! Straight Pornstar Brick Danger I found myself surprised at how toned his body is.
  13. Kendoll112

    Love Muscles, But Living In Wrong Place?

    I heard NY has a lot of Muscly male models.
  14. Kendoll112

    Secret Hunks

    If you're saying that Fousey is the shirtless guy, nah thats not him (I could have read your post wrong)
  15. Kendoll112

    Club Megapecs

    I know this is an older thread but I though id give a review. While I love this website, I can't really recommend it The best sections are the story section and the section (Mainly the Art of Cacentcst ) other than those, all the videos you have either already seen or can easily be seen somewhere else. The selling point is the Pec worship stories, which are pretty decent.

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