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    I'm a gay guy, but so what! And I'm really a muscle worshiping freak. With very little actual Muscle worshiping experience :( So I get all my excitement through stories, pictures, and videos. It's the best I can do. But GOD, there's nothing better than a man with a tight, ripped body that loves to flex. And if he'll do it Naked with a Hard On and let me touch every part of his hard flexed body, well ... it doesn't get any better.
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    I'm a long time member of the OLD MuscleGrowth.org - Evolution Forum (Different Username) and I wanted to be one of the 1st to sign up here. I'll tell ya I more love the stories about strength and showing of for other men, rather than super duper growth and double dick type of stories. But, that's just me and to each his own. I was pretty much a 'Lurker' over on the other board, but hope to change that here. Thanks for continuing the Evolution...

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  1. LondonBoy, LondonBoy ... How do you do it? You have this mind that just knows how to take the world of MUSCLE FANTASY put that world into words that work so well. We all love your stories and this one, my friend is a KEEPER! It had me all worked up, and in my mind I was the little guy about to experience everything I have always dreamed about. Thanks.
  2. Made us HORNY as hell too! Gayboywag And your response to this on is just a good. You go boy ... more is definitely needed.
  3. Gawd! That was a great 1st story, that for sure. We do need more! They only thing I'd say is slow down a little ... more details on the beauty of the new Trey, more details on James' muscle worshipping of him, and of course, more detail on the SEX. But that's just me
  4. Very cool. I went over there and just kept reading and reading ... The whole lifestyle was very HOT indeed! I'll try to get back there from time to time. Thanks for bringing that up.
  5. It's all about the ABCD's for me!

  6. How about Super Strength (for strength without the growth) Brief Encounter Historical Celebrity Military or stuff like that - taking the last 4 from section heading over at Nifty
  7. Nice update on the HEADER at the top of the page! I go off to work and 10+ hours later your still making changes.
  8. Good God man. You must be one of the Super Human Guys we all like reading about, cause you sure are doing a SUPER HUMAN JOG here. Thanks. ps. For once I kept my relpy down to 1 sentence.
  9. I love the ABCD's, of sex! Abs - Biceps - Chest - Dick

  10. Yes a BIG thank you from me as well! I so glad you had the resources to continue and probably expand on the "Evolution" concept! I'm a big fan of the stories from the old site and will do whatever I can to help bring some of those over here/
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