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    5'11" 210-212 a17.5/17, ch 48, q26, w34
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    5'11'' 240-250, a20, ch54, q 30 w31
    squat 495, deadlift 600+ and bench 405+ for reps like it was an empty bar.
    All just for ... A warm-up

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  1. Thnks for the follow

    1. Megahuge


      Thank you too!

  2. BuiltNstrong

    Stashed Gainz

    Access to that board requested....
  3. Really like your profile, big guy.  I am crazy about freaky strength...and guys who have it!  Love to chat sometime...usually in the chat rooms. 

  4. Nice profile and nic, big guy.  I am very into the strength thing too, as well as muscle, of course.  Love superstrength fantasies, especially man-to-man.  If you'd like to chat, pvt. me, bud. 


  5. happy birthday !

  6. me encata esta historia...
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