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  1. A commissioned story, this contains a bit more furry than muscle, but still enough that I feel comfortable posting it here. Hope you enjoy! “Another day, another dollar…” Shu sighed heavily, blowing a stray black hair out of his eyes as he picked up his coat and started to leave for the day. “Just like yesterday and every day before…” Another heavy sigh escaped Shu as he looked over the rows of cubicles that surrounded his, all belonging to his fellow office drones. Day in and day out, it was the same routine for all of them. Punch in, file reports, call customers, file MORE reports, and do the same thing again the next day. There wasn’t anything wrong with it; it was just so… routine. How much could Shu really blame his job for that, though? He was hardly the definition of exciting or adventurous outside the workplace either. An exciting night for him involved picking up something for dinner on the way home instead of cooking something; if he was feeling REALLY crazy he might stop at a bar. That was about as wild as his nights ever got. Even on a purely physical level, Shu was the antithesis of exciting. Thin black hair, tan skin, brown eyes, a little overweight but not obese; nothing about him stood out. Neither good nor bad, it felt like most people viewed him as indifferent. Hell, his boss couldn’t even remember his name despite the fact Shu had been reporting to him for nearly a decade now. “I really need to do…SOMETHING.” Shu said to no one as he entered the elevator and pressed the button for the lobby. What should that something be, though? Going to the movies wasn’t anything new and different(plus he’d already seen anything worth seeing at the moment). Pulling out his phone, Shu punched in, “Exciting places locally” into a search engine as the elevator doors began to close. “Dance club, no…hibachi restaurant, no… strip club? No!” Shu felt himself blush at the thought of setting foot into one of those kind of establishments. He’d barely even dated since college and hadn’t really thought about it much since. He did want to meet someone one day and have some kind of serious relationship, but it never seemed to be the right time or the right person. DING! Shu stepped forward at the sound of the elevator doors opening, still desperately searching through his phone for something, anything that felt right. So absorbed was he in his search that he ran straight into a wall, or at least what felt like one the way he bounced off it. The object was so solid it didn’t yield a bit to him running into it at a not insignificant speed. More out of shock than anything else, Shu stumbled back into the elevator, dropping his phone onto the floor as he gripped the railing in the elevator to keep himself from falling on his butt. “Whoops. Sorry about that; didn’t see you there.” The, “wall” apologized as Shu tried to compose himself. Given how the man’s broad shoulders seemed to fill the wide elevator doors, Shu could probably be forgiven for that mistake. The golden-brown haired man smiled warmly at him, squatting down and picking up Shu’s dropped phone before holding it out toward him. “This is yours, right?” “Um, right…” Shu gulped a little as he saw how massive this man’s hands were; the phone looked like a child’s toy as it sat there in his hand. He looked like he could crush the phone and probably a couple more with ease, or every bone in Shu’s hand if he so desired. He may have been beastly in size, but his kindness was equally massive; his smile was so warm and bright that Shu couldn’t help but be at ease as he gently took it back. Heck, the guy had apologized even though Shu was the one who’d bumped into him. “T-Thank you…” “No problem.” The gentle giant of a man smiled warmly as he shifted his hand, extending his suit covered arm for a handshake and making the smart but tight looking outfit strain even more around him. “I’m Jason; what’s your name, friend?” “Friend?” This was happening rather fast for Shu, though despite himself he couldn’t help but smile a little himself and return the handshake. Even his blue eyes looked warm and friendly, making it easier for Shu to relax despite Jason’s intimidating figure. He felt like he had the strength to rip Shu’s arm right out of its socket with ease, though his grip was gentle and almost reassuringly firm. “I’m Shu. Nice to meet you.” “And you as well, Shu. Sorry to bump into you as you’re heading out for the night; I was just getting in myself.” Jason explained as the two continued to shake hands. Shu’s arm was starting to get a little tired when Jason finally released his grip. “At this hour? Mind if I ask what you do?” Shu asked as he flexed his fingers to try and restore some of the feeling in them. At the mention of that, Jason produced a business card from the pocket of his suit coat and presented it toward Shu. The card had the basic information you’d expect on any business card; address, phone number, all the like. “Leonine Counseling?” “Indeed. We help you take pride in who you are by accepting you into our pride.” Pride? Like in a grouping of lion’s kind of pride? Well, that would explain the smiling lion icon that served as the company logo in the corner of the card. “If you or anybody you know could use a little boost in confidence, call and make an appointment. That number on there is a direct line to my office.” “Thanks…” Shu took the card from Jason’s hand, though his attention was drawn toward the large ring on Jason’s hand. It was a thick silver band with an amber gem set in the middle of it, though it was its placement on Jason’s index finger instead of his ring finger that drew Shu’s attention more if only for the unusual placement. He’d never been much of one for jewelry, but Shu couldn’t help but find himself drawn to the gem for some reason as he studied it in detail. It was only when Jason spoke again that Shu snapped out of his trance. “It’s a company perk, provided by Maste… I mean, the master chief of staff.” Shu was shaking off his brief trance and didn’t notice the slight change in phrase used by Jason. “Come visit me in my office and maybe you can take a closer look at it if you’d like. Just make sure you call for an appointment first so I can block out the proper amount of time.” “Huh? Oh! S-Sure!” What the hell’s the matter with me?, Shu thought as he tried to gather his thoughts. He was acting so weird, and Jason was being such a nice guy about it to not mention anything. Shu hurriedly stuck the card in his coat pocket before slowly edging his way around Jason out the elevator. “N-Nice meeting you, Jason!” “And you as well, Shu…” Shu was too far away to hear the soft purr that slipped out of Jason’s throat as the elevator doors closed. “I’m certain we’ll meet again very soon, as long as Master approves…” ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ After his encounter Shu decided to just head home and try to forget about what happened with Jason. He was nice and friendly, but something about him seemed… off to Shu. He couldn’t put his finger on what exactly it was; it didn’t seem like anything necessarily bad or wrong. He just… Shu couldn’t even explain it to himself, but something just felt different about Jason. Maybe that unexplainable difference was what kept Shu tossing and turning that night as he lay in bed, trying and failing to put the big man out of his mind. Maybe it was just because Jason was so different from Shu in almost every way; Jason practically glowed with confidence and strength, whereas Shu barely even seemed to register to most people when he was standing right in front of them. It must be nice to be so positive and confident in yourself, Shu thought dejectedly as he tossed and turned in bed. If only he had half, or maybe even a quarter of that himself he could really do something with his life. Thoughts of Jason continued into the next morning as Shu sat at his cubicle desk. Using the company computers for anything other than company work was forbidden, though Shu was the only one who seemed to take that seriously. Everyone else would sneak some time browsing social media or playing games, though even that minor act of rebellion was something Shu would never feel comfortable with. It showed how badly Jason was still stuck in his mind that Shu ended up doing some research on Leonine Counseling on company time. The site presented itself in being a large company with offices around the world, though prior to meeting Jason last night Shu had never even heard of it before. Apparently that was intentional according to the details on the site; despite their world wide success, the company wanted their clients to know that every individual was important. They didn’t advertise anywhere, and new clients were only taken on by referral by other clients or counselors. The site even made note that by finding their webpage that Shu had been selected as a potential client, referencing him by name in several sections. It was a little creepy in a way to think the website seemed to be almost talking to him and knew his name, though it wasn’t impossible to imagine it was just designed that way. Shu figured that they must have had some sort of feature that pulled his name from somewhere in the computer and just placed it in the right spots. While it did make him a little concerned, it did also feel nice to imagine that the site had been designed personally for him. It was probably just a trick of the site design trying to lure me in, Shu thought as he clicked on a tab called, “Your Growth Plan”. “Spiritual and physical growth through submission?” Shu raised an eyebrow at the description that followed. The Leonine path, as the site titled it, involved making once better by submitting to the guidance of another. It was quick to point out that submission didn’t mean slavery or surrendering oneself like in a cult, but rather allowing someone to guide them and ultimately remake them into something better than they were before. All that was asked for in return was trust in the process(and a small fee). Shu glanced around nervously as he clicked over to the testimonials of former clients. All spoke highly of their time using the Leonine path, many of them speaking to how nervous they were when they first signed up but ultimately were amazed and thrilled with the process. They all said how they’d happily refer any male(that was another weird detail Shu noticed; not anyone or any person, but any male specifically) that they thought would be deserving to joining The Pride. That was the first time Shu heard that term mentioned, but every testimonial mentioned how proud they were to be a part of The Pride. Shu was really on the fence about his; a part of him was screaming at him to call Jason right now and set up an appointment, while another part of him was getting seriously weirded out by the whole thing. The site didn’t go into much detail about what exactly would be involved in this, “Growth Through Submission” thing, and the testimonials could just be fake. That same oddness was also intriguing to Shu; for someone who was getting fed up with his humdrum life, this was something new and intriguing. He shouldn’t do this, though… no, he should!... No, he shouldn’t… Shu waffled back and forth for what felt like hours, Jason’s card feeling almost warm in his wallet as he pondered whether to make the call. He had been selected by Jason; it would be rude to not at least follow up with him. Maybe this is exactly what he needed to break out, to do more with his life. Gah; why was this so hard?! He’d barely gotten any work done by the time his lunch hour came around, still wondering what he was going to do. It was just a simple invitation, and yet it was weighing so heavily on his mind it was making it hard to concentrate on anything else. Shu pulled Jason’s card out as he walked toward the cafeteria, still unsure about whether he was going to call him or toss out the card and wash his hands of all this. Standing near a trash can outside the cafeteria entrance, Shu turned and rotated the card in his hands as he continued to wrestle with his decision. Shu was leaning toward tossing the card away when he saw something on the back of it. It was a handwritten note, one that he was certain hadn’t been there a moment ago given how long he’d been turning it over. Yet there it was now, clear as day and filling up almost the entire back of the card in a way that would’ve been impossible for Shu to have missed earlier. “I’ll be there with you every step of the way -Jason” Pulling out his phone, Shu made the call to Jason. He’d picked up on the first ring, and thanked Shu for calling him before Shu could even get a word out. They’d arranged to meet that night right after Shu got out of work at Jason’s office on the top floor. Jason told Shu to hurry up before his lunch hour was over and to eat well; he would need his energy for tonight. “O.K; thank you. See you tonight…wait; how did you-“ Jason said his goodbyes and hung up before Shu could finish. “-you know I was on my lunch break?...” Maybe he’d just assumed; it was a common lunch hour for most people, after all. Anyway, Shu was committed now. This would be a fresh start for him, though he wondered what exactly was involved in the Leonine path. It mentioned growth both spiritual and physical; did it include an exercise program as well as therapy? Well, he’d find out soon enough… The rest of the day seemed to drag even worse than the first part as Shu previous nervousness was now mixed with anticipation at what was to come. Throwing himself into his work did little to alleviate that stress as the minutes seem to crawl by. He made up for his slow start and then some; by the time he’d finished the day’s tasks he still had over an hour left. He felt like a kid watching the clock on the last day of school before summer vacation, and when it was finally time to leave he was so full of nervous energy he nearly exploded out of his chair toward the elevators. Shu had never been to the top floor of the building before; he’d never had a reason to, after all. He knew generally that the top floors of high-rise buildings were usually reserved for executives and the well to do, though as far he knew this was just a basic office building for various corporations. He expected it to be a little nicer than the basic white walls and carpeted floors of his own company, but nothing too fancy. What he hadn’t expected was pearl white marble floors and fine wooden walls when the doors opened to the top floor. “Welcome, Shu.” Neither had he’d been expecting a pair of men right outside the elevator speaking in perfect unison. They wore matching blue suits, and while they didn’t seem quite as large as Jason they were also significantly buff looking individuals. They stood with their hands clasped in front of them, almost showing off the rings that looked identical to Jason’s(and also on their index fingers). The moment of intimidation Shu felt evaporated as the two stepped away and motioned him to come forward. “Please; Jason is expecting you.” “Um, thank you…” Were they bodyguards? Shu couldn’t imagine what else these two gentlemen could be, though why a counselor would need bodyguards in the first place was equally confusing. Still, despite the initial surprise they were quite welcoming just like Jason had been. Gulping and shoving down his fear, he slowly stepped forward toward the door at the end of the hall. The two men returned to their previous position as Shu made his way toward Jason’s office, reinforcing Shu’s initial body guard impression. Shu noticed several office doors with golden name plates on them; apparently there were several counselors who worked in this office. None of the other counselors seemed to be in, but all mentioned how they were proud counselors of Leonine Counseling. Assuming they weren’t just for show, they must have been very prosperous indeed. Shu wondered in the back of his mind if he would meet any of the other counselors in the future, though right now he figured he’d best focus on his upcoming meeting with Jason first. Shu had barely bought his hand up to knock on the office door when it opened up, Shu greeted by Jason’s warm, smiling face. Jason ushered Shu into his office, which cemented the prosperous, exquisite vibe that the hallway started. If Shu thought Jason was friendly before, the firm hug that Jason gave him really cemented that impression in his mind. The hug was strong and firm, and yet Shu also felt himself wrapped in a gentle warmth that seemed to evaporate any of Shu’s nervousness. “Please, sit.” Jason’s warmth seemed to linger even after he let go, Shu taking a moment to shake himself back to his senses. His eyes lingered over the beautiful designed office as Jason made his way behind his desk, motioning toward the plush chair that sat across from him. Shu eased himself into the chair, nearly sinking into the wonderfully comfortable chair as Jason continued. “I’m so glad you decided to join us.” “Well, your website looked promising, and I really could use a change.” Shu thought it was a little fast to say he was joining them, but he figured that was just Jason’s way of welcoming him. “I’m just glad you’re willing to have me.” “It’s you who’s doing us the favor, Shu. I’ve already received confirmation that you’re to be welcomed with open arms.” Jason reached into a drawer in his desk and pulled out a small felt covered box, gently placing it in front of Shu. “In fact, your ring is already prepared.” “Oh?” Shu gently opened the box, revealing a ring identical to the one on Jason and the men outside wore. “Thank you, but isn’t this a little fast? Our first meeting wasn’t even 24 hours ago.” “Perhaps, but when someone’s right, we know. Please, try it on.” Shu slowly eased the ring out of the box. This was weird and way too fast, but in a way that made it more exciting. Besides, it was just a ring; it’s not like rings were given as a sign of commitment to something. Shu was about to mimic Jason and the men outside when Jason spoke up. “Place it on your middle finger, please.” “The middle?” Shu was confused, but did as he was instructed. The ring slid on easily, tight but not too tight. Ring sizes didn’t exactly offer a lot of wiggle room, how did Jason get hi- *Hello, Shu.* “W-What the?!” Shu looked around frantically for the source of this new voice. Jason didn’t seem at all alarmed, leaning back in his chair and smiling gently as he watched the alarmed Shu glancing frantically around the room. *It’s alright, Shu. I’m not physically there; it’s the ring that’s providing the link between us. It’s how I keep in constant contact with you and all my other pets. It’s alright if you’re a little frightened; this is a new experience for you, after all. Alister bought you to my attention after he met you last night, and I agreed with him that you would be perfect to join us.* “Pet? What are you talking about?! And who’s Alister?!” Shu attempted to tug off the ring but found it firmly locked around his finger. *Why, he’s sitting right across from you… oh; silly me. You haven’t been introduced properly. Jason, if you’d be so kind…* “Of course, Master.” Shu didn’t know if it was shock or surprise that kept him from just running out the door as he watched Jason slide his own ring off his index finger, quickly sliding it down onto his middle finger. A deep rumbling sound, almost like a purr emanated from Jason’s chest as he leaned back in his chair. “Just watch, Shu; you’ll understand soon enough.” “Understand? Understand what?!” Jason closed his, seemingly ignoring Shu’s questions as his body started to go limp. A moment passed, then another. Shu was finally about to start running when Jason’s eyes shot open, his soft blue eyes suddenly glowing the same amber color as his ring. *There it is, Shu. Alister is starting to awaken now.* The Master’s voice continued to speak as Jason gently licked his lips. His slight smile was getting bigger… no, it wasn’t his smile; it was his mouth that was getting larger! Or at least longer, his jaw stretching forward in a way Shu could only imagine was uncomfortable at best but if anything seemed wonderful to Jason. Despite having been completely clean shaven when he first sat down, Jason was also showing signs of thick stubble along his mouth that seemed to be getting thicker by the second. “W-What’s happening to you, Jason?!” Jason just smiled in response, slowly standing up from his chair and beginning to undo the top button of his white collared shirt. “Showing you the benefits of being a good pet for Master, Shu.” Jason undid the top button of his shirt, then suddenly paused as his hands slid down to the next one. His head tilted as if he was listening for something, though what it was Shu couldn’t hear. Another purr slipped out before he nodded knowingly. “Of course, Master; as you wish.” *As you may have guessed, Shu, I can speak to my pets individually or as a group. Jason was just concurring with my suggestion; he loves doing it anyway, though it can rack up the new clothing bills quickly. Like most things, it’s best enjoyed in moderation.* Shu had no idea what this, “Master” was talking about as Jason stood before him, breathing in a slow, steady manner. His chest rose and fell gently with each breath, his tight shirt straining to contain his formidable frame. The buttons around his chest look especially tight… and was there that much of a gap between the buttons a moment ago? It was almost as if Jason was getting… bigger? *Yes, my pet; he is, and so will you. The Leonine way involves improving you spiritually, emotionally AND physically, remember? Being held by one of my fully changed pets is like being wrapped in a warm blanket, one that you just can’t help but feel safe being with.* “It’s true, Shu. I was frightened at first as well, but once you let Master’s influence effect you, it feels amazing.” Jason smiled as he flexed his arms in a double biceps pose, the sleeves of his shirt looking strained with the muscles bulging within. The bottom of his shirt pulled up as well, revealing a hint of Jason’s abs covered with a fine lair of hair. “More than amazing…” The desk suddenly jumped a little as something slammed into the underside of it. Jason stepped back a little to reveal the culprit; his growing erection. Though still contained in his pants, it too was yearning to break free and seemed like it would do so soon. Shu could already see the head of the bulge starting to grow damp with precum, Shu’s eyes following the bouncing bulge as Jason took a moment to slide out of his tighten shoes before they burst under his growing feet. Did the transformation really feel that arousing? *It does, my pet, as you’ll find out soon enough. It may not be something you thought of at first, but deep down you know watching him grow and transform is hot. You’ve always associated size and power with confidence, and while not a universal constant there is more than some truth to that statement. You may deny it in your head, though the head below your waist is telling me otherwise…* “What?!” Shu blushed and tried to covered his own erection as though it would help. He hadn’t really thought about if he was bi, gay, straight or anything in between much before, though watching Jason now he wasn’t in much of a position to deny he had at least some desire for other males. The way his cock surged as his hands brushed across didn’t do him any favors concealing that fact either. *There’s nothing to be ashamed of, Shu; in fact, I’m sure Alister approves of it very much. Don’t you, my pet?* “Yes, Master.” Jason, or Alister now, smiled as he relaxed his arms. It relieved a little bit of the strain on his sleeves, though not by much as another loud purr made his chest rumble and shirt strain even more. “I can already see it now, the lion in Shu straining to come out. He’s going to look so beautiful, even more so than he does now…” “M-More beautiful?” The compliment made Shu’s face flush; no one had complimented him on his looks before, or at least not for a very long time. The heat of his blush also helped to conceal the small pin-prick like feelings of his own fur starting to push through the skin of his face. “I-I…” *You are beautiful, Shu. So many men have such beautiful, powerful beasts inside them that they just don’t know how to set free. That’s what I do; I help them unleash themselves, let the lion inside them come roaring out. All I ask for in return is loyalty, to me and to The Pride.* “Exactly, Shu. Look at what Master has done for me.” Alister’s brown hair was starting to lighten in color, his sideburns growing thicker as they also grew down the sides of his face. The rest of his face was taking on a tawny yellow coat, and along with his growing mane was making him look more and more like a proper lion. Though he was a lion, the way his tongue hung from his muzzle as he panted was almost canine-like as his body began to quiver. “Here it comes…” Alister flexed again in another double biceps pose, though it looked like his entire upper body flexed along with him. The buttons on his chest probably would’ve shot across the room if the back of his shirt hadn’t given out first, the cloth tearing with an audible, “SHRRRIIPP!” before the remains hung loosely around his arms. Grabbing the remains of the sleeves in fur covered hands(well, they did look closer to a paw, though he still had five fingers), he tore the remains of his shirt away as if it was tissue paper. His white undershirt fluttered to the floor in front of him until another, “SHRRRIIPP!” sound occurred before the shirt got caught up around his waist. *As you can see, Shu, the change can be quite intense.* Shu watched in stunned awe as Alister removed the shirt from his cock that had torn free of its own confinement. It had to be a least a foot in length, and even from across the table Shu could see veins visibly bulging across the massive tower of flesh. Shu was having trouble taking his eyes off it, his hands slowly sliding across the desk before he caught himself about halfway there and stopped. “I-I…” Shu watched as Alister slowly made his way around the desk toward him, his fur covered muscles rippling with each slow step. His legs were also thick with powerful muscle and fur, a long ropey tail also waving slowly behind him as Alister stepped close to him. His pants must have been destroyed while he was behind the desk considering he was now completely nude, and was he STILL getting bigger?! His cock certainly seemed to be, the head dripping a small amount of precum that barely missed landing on Shu as Alister stood before him. “This is all thanks to Master, Shu. You’ll need to support The Pride, but he’ll never ask of you anything you aren’t comfortable doing. He’ll give you so much in return, like he has me.” Alister’s paw looked like it could engulf Shu’s head as it gently stroked the thickening white hairs on his cheek. “You’ll accept his offer, won’t you?” “I-I…” This was all so strange and happening so fast, and a more logical part of Shu told him to rip the ring off his finger and make a break for it even if that meant having to break his finger to get the ring off. Another much more primal part of him was telling him to accept this, to just surrender and take what was being offered. His heart was going a million miles an hour in his chest, his thoughts fluctuating between fear, anticipation and arousal. “I-I… accept…” *Very good, Shu.* The ring around Shu’s finger felt incredibly warm for a moment as the pact was sealed. Alister smiled as he lifted Shu from the chair and wrapped his massive arms around him tightly, wrapping the smaller male in a cage of fur and muscle that felt quite comfortable. Shu found himself joining in with Alister’s purrs, though they were mostly lost under the bigger man’s much deeper purrs. *Now, we must complete the ritual to properly introduce your new form. Repeat this mantra until instructed otherwise.* Shu listened to the words as Alister thrust his cock against his scrawny body. The anticipation of seeing a new pet being created was extremely arousing, though Shu would need to be changed first before the two could truly interact; Alister was libel to hurt Shu in his current state. Instead he merely held Shu by his rear, closing his eyes and enjoying the sound of Shu chanting the mantra Master was feeding into his mind. “With this ring, I submit. To Master, I commit.” Shu’s eyelids felt heavy as he started to chant, his mind more than his body starting to feel tired. Alister gently nuzzled the thickening wisps of white fur that were dotting Shu’s cheeks as he held his soon to be lion brother. “Mane grows wild, body builds brawn, as I turn to lion.” Shu wanted desperately to watch his transformation, especially as he felt his shirt starting to pull tightly across his shirt. Feeling actual weight and firmness in his pecs was amazing, and imaging how this would only be the beginning was making him squirm in Alister’s paws in anticipation. Alister’s cock rubbing against his own straining bulge was making it even harder to concentrate, but Shu kept himself together. “Confidence hardens strong. To Master, I belong.” A warm wave of energy washed over Shu as he finished the mantra. Belonging to someone, being cared for and loved; it just made him feel so happy and content. His Master would love him no matter what, and he wanted to make himself better to serve his Master better. It was a feedback loop that would make his Master happier and himself better; what could possibly be wrong with that? Shu began to repeat the mantra as instructed, body and mind continuing to change. By focusing on the mantra, it let Master work inside his mind past mental defenses that would normally resist such influence and his body to change him into a proper pet, more so when Alister began to chant along with Shu. Hearing his brother lion’s voice joining his own was making Shu’s affection for Alister grow along with his body. Shu slipped his hands around Alister’s neck, making Alister purr as they slowly stroked through his thick mane. *That’s it, Shu. Just relax, and chant, and grow.* Invisible hands began to tickle along the top of Shu’s head, gently playing with the rounded lion ears that were beginning to emerge. Being touch by Alister was amazing, but feeling Master’s invisible touch made Shu spurt a small load of precum. Shivers began to work its way down his spine as Master’s stroking continued, covering the sensation of a small nub of flesh beginning to form at the base of his spine. It began to swish back and forth as it started to grow out into a proper lion’s tail, a silver and white tuft at the end of an otherwise snow white furred tail. *Looks at Alister, my pet.* Shu’s eyes fluttered open slowly, his eyes looking glassy and distant as he looked over his brother lion. *Look at how powerful, how massive, how happy he is. You’re like a child in his paws now, but soon you’ll be almost as big as him, perhaps even bigger. You want that, don’t you?* Shu nodded dimly without breaking his chant, even as his tongue and teeth began to feel a bit wrong for his mouth. His stretching muzzle made a few words come out a little off, but apparently not enough to break the chant as he continued to change. So deep was he in a hypnotic haze that it took him more than a few moments to recognize when a deeper, more powerful voice repeating the same mantra was now in the same room. It took him even longer to recognize the deep baritone voice was his own, though the smile on his muzzle showed he quite enjoyed it. *Show me how much you want to be loved, to be my pet. Grow out of those clothes. Shed that old, weak self, and show me how powerful a beast you can be.* Alister was thrusting his cock against Shu’s stomach, the head of his shaft rubbing over the hardening bumps that were his abs that were being slowly revealed as his thickening back and tightening arms made his dress and undershirt pull up. Shu’s own shaft was almost painful trapped in his pants, what little space that had been in there originally rapidly filling up between his throbbing erection and his swelling testicles. Even his butt felt firmer as Alister squeezed it, making Shu moan and the button of his pants bulge dangerously close to bursting. It wasn’t exactly comfortable, but there couldn’t be growth without some growing pains. *Yes, my pet. Let your body grow as your submission to me grows. Feel strength in my guidance, and in the warm embrace of your fellow pet* “Master is right, Shu. I can see what you really are, and it’s amazing.” Shu pulled himself tightly against Alister, giving Alister the perfect chance to bury his nose in Shu’s thickening silverly-white mane. The weight of his thick mane resting against his expanding shoulders felt quite nice, even if it did tickle a little as it brushed against his upper back. It felt almost like a collar reminding him that he was owned by Master, but with something much nicer and fitting than a piece of leather wrapped around his neck. A loud, “SHRRIIPP!” followed by a deep gasp slipped out of Shu as his cock finally burst through his pants, making his pants tear all the way down to his knees as the remains of his underwear fluttered to the ground. His orange-sized testicles were nestled comfortably in his fur covered thighs, the corded pillars of muscle flexing as he wrapped his legs around Alister to better support himself. His chanting didn’t drop for an instant even as he felt his cock rubbing against Alister’s, each frotting thrust making his cock and the rest of his body surge more and more. The sleeves of his shirt were wrapped around his forearms at this point, the buttons of his sleeves starting to quake as they tried and failed to contain the growing columns of muscle within. Shu was so close to finalizing his transformation; he could FEEL it. *You’re right, Shu. The ritual is all but complete now. There’s only one thing left for you to do; cum. Fall to your knees and cum with Alister. That will seal the spell and make you my pet.* Alister let Shu go out of his grip, Shu only vaguely noticing how the floor seemed further away than it did when he was first picked up thanks to his increased height. He felt to his knees almost instantly, the remains of his pants giving up the ghost as his thick, rounded calves flexed. His shoes were still holding on despite everything, the constricting pain being over-ridden with all the pleasure of growth and submission. Alister joined his brother lion in kneeling as the two continued to thrust against each other. “Join me, brother. Join us in our service to Master. Join The Pride.” Shu looked up toward Alister just in time for Alister’s lips to meet his own in a kiss. The touch was brief, though it felt like it had hit Shu with the force of a lightning bolt. Every hair on his body stood on end(and given how he was almost completely covered in white fur now, it was quite a lot of hair) as the touch seemed to work its way down his muzzle and across the rest of his body. An explosion of power, of size, of submission, of lust; all of it hit Shu at once, and with more force than if he’d been caught in an actual explosion. Shu threw his head back, clenching his fists as the surge hit his cock first and hardest. Having gotten to a little over ten inches now, his cock began to spurt against Alister as each spray add a little more length and width to his member. Shu let out a massive roar that seemed to shake everything in the room that wasn’t nailed down as every muscle fiber flexed in response, drowning out the slight cracking and popping as his bones shifted to support his furry, bulky body. His shirt finally gave up its futile resistance, the buttons shooting off his chest and hitting Alister square in the face as his pecs surged forward. Alister was too busy coating Shu’s new fur coat with his own seed as he came to be bothered by it. *And with that, the ritual is complete. You still have some growing to do, but you are now my pet. Welcome to The Pride, Ajani.” He was getting more powerful, more furry, and thrusting his cock against a similar handsome beast, but the former Shu getting his new name was the hottest thing of all. He was properly owned now, properly loved by his Master. Everything else came second to Master’s approval. That being said, if Master’s approval meant becoming a furry muscular beast with a massive cock Ajani was certainly not going to complain. Alister seemed quite happy with it too as he practically tackled Ajani to the ground, his paws roaming over the powerful back of his fellow white furred pet as his cock continued to dribble its seed over him. The two rolled about playfully on the floor, both their cocks still as stiff as steel even as their orgasms died down as they explored each other’s bodies. Neither noticed the bursting sound of Ajani’s shoes finally giving way to his big paw like feet; by then their attention was focused elsewhere mouths as they nuzzled and licked up bits of their own seed off the other. “Ajani, you look so amazing!” Alister smiled up as he was rolled onto his back, Ajani straddling his thighs as he smiled down at his golden-brown furred companion. “Master did such a good job with you.” “Yes he did. I only wish there was a way I could thank him more directly for it…” Ajani’s brief look of disappointment was quickly replaced with a smile as he felt Master’s invisible hand stroking his mane. *You will soon, my pet, although not today. Though I am always with you in spirit, I can only physically be in one place at a time… for now, at least. Although, there is something you could do now that I would very much like.* “Oh? And what would that be, Master?” Alister seemed to already know the answer to Ajani’s question as one of his paws began to stroke along Ajani’s cock, getting his shaft nice and slick with some of their previously spilled seed. *I love it when my pets make me happy, but also watching them make each other happy. Why don’t you take that sexy new body of yours and have some fun with your brother lion there?* Ajani let out a big, sarcastically exaggerated sigh as he looked down at Alister. “If I MUST, Master, I will take on this burden for you…” Alister smirked before Ajani’s lips locked around his for a deep kiss, made a bit easier now that the two were almost physically equal. The two continued to stroke and caress each other as they began to shift upward into a sitting position. Their rough feline tongues danced and pushed against each other before Alister broke the kiss to start moving his mouth down along Ajani’s body, nuzzling briefly into his mane before moving to his chest. Ajani gasped when Alister began to gently nibble on his nipples like a hungry kitten looking for milk, his cock starting to throb again in response. Ajani’s paws traced over the thick knots and bumps of muscle in Alister’s shoulders as he switched to his other pec while also enjoying how his thick arms bulged and rippled with even those slight movements. Ajani couldn’t help but flex and grope his upper body as Alister continued to suckle, his mind running wild with feats of strength he could perform for Master with biceps that seemed to bulge almost as big as his head when he flexed. His paws replaced Alister’s mouth as his golden brother started working over his brick-like abs, the sight of his ring(which had been the only piece of clothing to survive the transformation and had grown along with his bigger hands) making him feel a wave of pleasure on top of his paws and Ajani’s work. Ajani eyes shot wide open as Alister’s tongue flicked across the head of his cock, already sensitive from his first orgasm. Ajani’s paw worked through his brother lion’s mane as Alister slowly worked over every inch of his shaft, Alister’s paws roaming over his thighs as his muzzle slowly worked its way down his shaft. Another orgasm was quickly approaching as Ajani braced himself, and was quite confused when Alister suddenly pulled off of him. Standing up, Alister helped Ajani to his feet. “Let’s show Master how strong you’ve gotten, Ajani.” Ajani was still confused until Alister practically leapt into his arms, forcing Ajani to hold Alister under his thighs to keep them from tipping over. It finally started to dawn on him what Alister was aiming for as he shifted around, maneuvering himself so Ajani’s cock was pressed against his rear. Alister wrapped his paws around Ajani’s waist while he got a better grip, sliding his paws under Alister’s arms so he could lift him up before slowly pushing himself into Alister’s tailhole. The strain on Ajani trying to hold up his fellow lion was tough, especially when Alister went mostly limp, though the fact that he could bear such strain turned him on even more. Alister going limp also meant he sunk deeper on Ajani’s cock, the warmth and tightness making both lion men purr. The previous work Alister had done with his muzzle meant that Ajani could move him up and down with relative ease, his arms getting a good workout while his cock did the same for Alister’s rear. Now it would simply be a test to see how long each could hold out before orgasming again. Ajani tried to keep his thrusts slow at first to prolong his orgasm, though feeling Alister’s cock thrusting against his chest and abs was making that rather difficult. There was a moment of concern that Master would be upset if he came too soon, though almost as soon as the thought entered his head he dismissed it; Master understood this was his first time. He didn’t hear Master’s words anymore, but Ajani could still feel his influence and appreciation for what Ajani had done already. That was good, considering it wasn’t long before Ajani felt the familiar churning of his testicles as another orgasm was preparing. Though Alister was making a decent mess on him with his precum, Ajani could sense he would cum ahead of his brother lion if he didn’t do something. With a mighty heave Ajani tossed Alister into the air, just high enough so he could hold Alister by his sides and reach his cock with his muzzle. Whether it was the sudden display of strength or the quick work of Ajani’s muzzle as he engulfed his shaft, Alister was quickly on edge himself a few seconds later. Both lions went over that edge when Ajani dropped Alister onto his cock, thrusting nearly his full length into the golden pet. Both lions roared as they came together, Alister’s cock spraying wildly over them both as Ajani’s seed shot deep into Alister. They knew Master would approve of their display of raw strength and sexual energy, and if the floor hadn’t been soundproofed said display might have been witnessed by the entire building. They may have been owned by Master, but they were by no means domesticated. They were wild and passionate beasts, and they reveled in it. Ajani leaned up toward Alister for another kiss once their roars settled, though a knock at the door pulled his attention away for a moment. “Alister? We’ve called for backup.” Was that one of the guards? He sounded different to Ajani’s ears. “Backup? Are we in danger?” Alister smiled and gently kissed Ajani before answering his question. “A side effect of being Master’s pet is that it can affect other pets nearby to change as well when they start getting passionate. They’re informing us they’ve called for backup to replace them.” Alister purred as he looked toward the door. “They wish to join us.” “Well, only if Master orders it…” Ajani smiled as he kissed Alister again, Master confirming what Ajani had expected would be his answer. *I do, my pet; I do.*
  2. A continuation of my Bracers Of Greed story. Part 1 is here: Not as much muscle growth in this one, but there will be more in future installments. In the meantime, hope you enjoy! So my grandfather had given me some kind of magical bracers that turned me into a giant, muscular bull monster. I smashed the floor, destroyed the couch, and blew a load big enough to hit the ceiling. I should be calling him asking what these were, how to get them off; SOMETHING before my mother or somebody else stumbled in on the disaster I made or the thing I was. The last thing I needed right now was another person seeing me like this. “So…” I asked of the terrified mailman I’d just grabbed and hurled from the front door to the couch, “…What’s your name?” The poor guy looked about as white as a sheet, or at least as close to it as someone of African American descent I loomed over him, thick hoof-like hands on either side of his head. Couldn’t really blame him for being terrified, though. Considering how easily he’d been thrown, it was no wonder his brown eyes we locked dead on me, and I had to give him credit that he hadn’t screamed or pissed himself in fear or anything like that. Course, if he’d seen what this place had looked like a couple of minutes ago he might not have been so calm. I don’t know if it was just the sheer amount of pleasure or too much blood going to my cock and not enough to my brain, but eventually I must have blacked out. It was roughly an hour later when I came to a living room smashed to bits and covered in my cum, myself included as my fur unglued itself from the floor as I sat up. First things first; I needed a shower. Perhaps the weirdest thing about all of this was how NOT weirded out I was. My body, the destroyed living room, the bracers that I couldn’t remove; any of that should’ve been freaking me out. I didn’t know how to fix myself or anything I’d broken, and the strongest concern I could muster was a solid, “meh”. I was more upset when I banged my horns against the doorway trying to squeeze into the bathroom for my shower than anything else. In front of a mirror for the first time, I got a proper assessment of myself. I stood about 6 and half inches tall now, up a little more than half a foot from my previous height, with thick brown fur covering pretty much every inch of me. My hair was a very dark shade of brown and flowed down over my shoulders to about midway down my back. I had a short bovine like muzzle and thick pearl white horns on either side of my head, about an inch in length emerging perpendicular to my head before turning upwards and becoming mostly straight save for a slight curve in the middle of each horn. Finally I made note of the firey red eyes, which I could swear were almost glowing slightly. What really stood out(Well, besides all the non-human stuff) were my muscles. Every inch of me looked like it was practically bursting with power and size, and damn if it didn’t feel amazing. Though the fur blocked it a little, only an idiot would fail to miss pecs that felt like slabs of concrete, or shoulders thick enough that it looked like I was wearing pads underneath them, or biceps that peaked like a mountain top when I flexed. My cock started to stir as I ran my hooves over the stone-hard abs while I admired the rippling cords of muscle on my back as I turned my back toward the mirror. Speaking of my cock, it had gone down in size quite a bit from when I last left it. A bit disappointing, but considering how I passed out beating it off earlier I could see the downsides of it being that big constantly. It was still bigger than normal in its flaccid state, roughly six or seven inches, though it was starting to reach about a foot in length especially as I gripped my tight, firm butt(and also noticed the thick brown tail that ended in a tuft of fur that I’d somehow missed earlier). It had taken some real effort not to start pumping my cock right there, and I could feel it starting to stir now as I looked over the mailman in front of me. “What’s your name?” I asked again. “R-Rod…” The frightened mail carrier finally stammered out. The guy looked like he was in his late 30s or early 40’s, with a bit of a belly to boot. “Hi Rod. I’m…Sirbeus.” Giving him my real name seemed like a bad idea, and the only one that popped into mind was an old online handle I used to use when I was a teenager. “How’s your day going?” “O-O.K., I guess…” I could hear his massive gulp as he looked around nervously. “T-This is a nice p-place here…” “Thanks. You should’ve seen it a couple of minutes ago, though; it was a disaster.” I glanced back at the living room, which looked pristine and not like I had just destroyed it a little while ago. I first noticed some other abilities I had while I was in the shower earlier. The shower head was barely high enough to hit me when I was my normal human self, and now the stream barely made it up to my chest. The shower was too small and I was too bulky to get my body any lower, and I was rapidly getting annoyed. With a snort, I grabbed the pipe behind the shower head and twisted it. I could feel the metal yielding to my grip like clay, and despite that the pipe remained undamaged. The metal screeched and protested as it moved, but the water flow was never interrupted. I was even able to stretch the metal and treat the shower head like it was a hand held one despite clearly not being one. When I finished washing off and let it go, it snapped back into place like nothing had happened. I was able to repeat the same repairing process on the floor and even the couch once I’d grabbed the two pieces and held them together. I also noticed a dull red glow each time, on the shower head pipe, the cracks in the floor, and the gap between the broken pieces of couch while I was manipulating them. The bracer on my right arm, the one with all the red jewels in it, seemed to be reacting as well. The one gem that had been glowing slightly was growing dimmer with each use; clearly there was some connection. My cum evaporated like steam when I concentrated on removing it, but the glow in the gem faded out entirely just as I finished. I knew that was bad; I wouldn’t be able to change back without repowering that gem. I didn’t know HOW I knew, but I knew for certain, and even if I didn’t understand how, I knew I needed another person to help me recharge it. Rod knocked on the door with a delivery soon after, and the bushes that surrounded the front door kept anybody from seeing as I yanked him inside. “You look tense, Rod.” That was putting it mildly. “Tell you what; let’s make a deal. You promise to calm down and talk with me a bit, and not tell anybody about what you saw here today. In exchange, I promise I won’t hurt you, kill you, or lie to you. Deal?” “D-Deal…” Something happened when that word came out of Rod’s mouth. There wasn’t some big explosion or alarm or anything like that, but something felt different. Rod seemed as confused as I felt as his breathing started to come in a more normal, controlled manner. He seemed to be calming down, almost to his surprise. For my part, I felt kind of weird. I didn’t really have any desire to hurt, kill, or lie to Rod anyway, but now it felt like I simply couldn’t even if I did. I understood Rod as a person, and I understood how to punch, kick or otherwise injure people and lie to them as a separate act, but when it came to combining him and any of those ideas, it was like my brain just didn’t understand the concept. I just…couldn’t do it. Not that I showed it as I sat on the easy chair across from him. Rod straightened up on the couch as the chair protested under my bulk. Keeping up the appearance of control and certainty was important in this situation if I was going to get what I needed, but I also couldn’t push him too hard or I’d scare him off and lose my chance. Where all this knowledge was coming from and what was happening I wasn’t entirely sure, but I was finally starting to get an idea. “Wow. I feel… weird.” Rod sounded much calmer as he looked me over, seemingly unbothered by my nude form or anything else. “I feel like I should be terrified, but I’m just… not. What ARE you?” “A demon. Or at least, partly one.” That was the best explanation I could come up with; the strange red glow on everything I did earlier, the small wisps of smoke that continually came off the bracers, the deal I had just made, all this strange knowledge that seemed to be at my fingertips… it practically screamed demonic. “You’re a demon? Like, from Hell?” Rod shifted a little in his seat but otherwise didn’t seem too distressed; the deal we just made was probably binding his panic like it bound my ability to do any of the negative things I said I wouldn’t do to him earlier. “Maybe? I haven’t been at this too long. I don’t feel evil or anything. Different, definitely, but not evil.” That was true; whatever had happened to me, I didn’t feel like making sacrifices to Satan or burning the world in hellfire or anything like that. I was more concerned about getting things for myself than I was sacrificing myself for others, yes, but not at the expense of ruining others just to get it. I was just a bit more… greedy, maybe? “Rod, I’d like to make you another offer. Is there something that you want? Something that you’d desire more than anything else? Something you’ve tried forever to obtain and keep falling short? I can give you that, Rod. All I need from you in exchange is a little bit of your soul.” I held up a hoofed hand as his eyes shot up in surprise. “Relax; it’ll grow back.” “But it’s my soul! I kinda need that!” Rod remained still on the couch, and though his voice still had a hint of alarm he didn’t make a break for the door or anything. “You need some portion of it. Technically any encounter you have with an individual is an exchanging of souls, though the level of the exchange varies depending on the interaction. Saying hello to someone involves quite a bit less of soul expenditure than if you had sex with them, for example, and any interaction can be positive or negative depending on the circumstances. That’s how it works for humans, whereas demons work a little differently.” Souls are sources of power, one that demons can use a source of fuel for their own abilities. While stealing souls isn’t impossible, the trauma and damage caused by doing so makes the hassle of doing so not worth the effort. That’s why demons make deals with people to give up parts of their souls willingly. It felt like someone was whispering this in my ear as I explained it to Rod, and confirmed that I was probably dealing with some kind of demon myself. I had to wonder a little how much of what I was doing was by choice and being guided by someone else, but that didn’t change the fact I still needed Rod to help me get back to normal. “The more you give the more side effects you’ll see, but as long as you don’t sign over your whole soul in a single shot you’ll recover in time. And I agreed not to lie to you, so you know I’m telling you the truth. Now, tell me; what is it you desire?...” Rod remained silent for what felt like ages. I had to remain strong and confident looking as I gently folded my arms over my chest and leaned back on the easy chair, though internally I was starting to sweat a little. What if he was still worried about the consequences? What if he had no desires? I didn’t need a demon in my head to tell me that mentioning we needed to finish this up before my mother got home would put a dent in the brave face I was putting on. “I want a better body.” I felt a smile curling on the edge of my lips as Rod spoke. “I’m tired of always being tired. I want to be able to run again without needing to catch my breath after a couple of steps.” “I think that could be arranged.” I rubbed my muzzle as I mulled over how to play this before coming up with an answer. “How about this; I’ll give you the ability to modify your own body at will, with some limits. In exchange, you come by here once a week and let me take a portion of your soul. Think of it as buying something on credit, only you’re getting something that money just can’t buy. We’ll keep it small; say, 5% of your soul over the next 12 weeks? We can arrange meet up times and set conditions later, but under no circumstances will I leave you a soulless husk of a man. Deal?” Yes, this was good. A small but steady source of soul power would be perfect to keep me going, and hey, maybe it might lead to further deals down the line. Rod could spread the word, and I could use him to show other potential customers that making deals with me would be perfectly safe. Everyone’s a winner then! …I REALLY feel like I should be bothered I’m thinking about the exchanging of souls in terms of networking and marketing... The word, “Deal” had barely left Rod’s mouth when he suddenly began to look glassy-eyed. Before I could ask what was wrong, a small mote of white light emerged from his chest, probably no bigger than a baseball. I held out a hand and watched as the mote slowly floated into my palm. As I rolled it around in my palm, I felt images and memories from Rod’s life flashing through my mind. I was learning all about him, his life, the good parts and the bad; it was frankly amazing. All of that paled in comparison to when I closed my hand around the portion of his soul and absorbed its power. Every muscle in my body surged as the power ran through me, pumping slightly larger before reverting down to their normal size. The feeling was orgasmic to the point that my cock went from soft to over a foot long in an instant, a small bit of precum shooting out onto the floor between us. Fuck, I could get hooked on that. One of the red gems was glowing brightly again, but for what was next I needed the blue gems on my left arm. Holding out my left hand, another mote of light like the one I just absorbed sprung to life in my hand. This one looked like a small fireball in both color and the intense heat coming off it, and I half expected it to burn Rod as it floated toward him and entered his chest. Rod started to come around again as the fireball entered him without harm to either him or his clothes. “How do you feel?” I asked Rod as the glassy look left his eyes. “A little dizzy…and hot…” Rod started to pant and fan himself rapidly; within seconds he was sweating up a storm. “Fuck, why is it so hot?!” Rod tried to stand, only to have his legs buckle under him as soon as soon as he tried to straighten up. He managed to get his hands out in front of him to keep from face planting onto the floor, though I couldn’t help but notice the odd, “CLOP-CLOP!” sound his hands made as they landed. Rising off the easy chair to kneel next to him, I noticed the hoof-like hand structure like my own. His hooves were a deep charcoal black color, though my eyes were drawn to a much more distinct transformation. At first I was worried something had gone horribly wrong when flames started to grow along the back of Rod’s body. The fire burned in a straight line from the top of his head to slightly down behind his shoulders, with another geyser of flame erupting from just above his ass. His clothes ignited and fell to the ground in a pile of ash and burnt cloth, soon joined by the hair on his head. The small hairs on his back were burnt away as well, though oddly his skin seemed undamaged nor did Rod seem to even notice the fire that burned on its own accord. His skin did look like it was bubbling a few moments later, his shoulders starting to look fuller and rounder. It took me a few moments to realize it was new muscle forming in the same way as my own had earlier. It was clear he wasn’t getting the same size as I had as the transformation moved down his shoulders and into his arms and chest, though what he lacked in sheer size he made up for in leanness. I could make out veins on his biceps as they started to bulge larger, looking as though his skin was almost shrink-wrapped around them. Rod’s breathing had been coming in kind of rough since he hit the floor, but soon it started to take on a new level of deepness as a cracking sound started emanating from his face. His lips were pulled back, and I couldn’t help but notice how his teeth looked wide and flat. It looked like his canine teeth had simply disappeared, something that only seemed to become more obvious as his mouth cracked and started pushing out from his face. His nose was pulled along for the ride, the ridge of it shrinking down as his nostrils started to flare larger and larger. The way his mouth was shaping, the snorting sounds, and the hooves were feeling to me like Rod was turning into a horse morph of some kind. That feeling became fact when the muscles that had been filling out down Rod’s arm reached his hands; true black hairs started to grow back up along his arm in a reverse of the muscle growth. They covered him rapidly, though the flames that seemed to encircle his wrists held my attention for a while. Again, Rod seem unbothered, and in fact seem to be getting better he pushed himself up to a kneeling position. The hair and muscle was spreading about evenly across his chest, his man-boobs spreading and shrinking back into his skin as they became a pair of slim, solid pecs. His abs came in an odd manner; the top of his stomach started to form a set of abs on top of his belly, then the abs seemed like they were pressed flat as they banished the fat underneath to…somewhere. Once one set came in, the next would follow the same pattern. He was developing a solid eight pack, or at least I thought so until his cock started getting in the way. My own penis had been largely untouched save for the size increase; Rod’s rod had a bit of a different reaction. The head of his cock was a solid ring of flesh with his cockhead square in the middle, his shaft purely pink save for the occasional spot of black in odd places. There also seemed to be a sheath of some sort at the base of his cock, covered in more black hair along with his nuts. Without getting in an actual dick measuring contest it was hard to say for sure, but he did seem a bit longer than I was now. Before I could really think about that, Rod just…disappeared. Well, that wasn’t quite right; he wasn’t on the floor anymore, but the front door had suddenly slammed open and I caught a glimpse of something red and black running outside the living room window. It felt like my brain barely had time to process the thought, “Wait, did he just run outside like that?” when he reappeared, the front door slamming behind him as he re-entered, tongue hanging slightly from his equine muzzle. “I just ran around the building!” He exclaimed. Seriously? He had the build of a really buff runner, but that should’ve been impossible. The building was a collection of over a half dozen apartments like this one. Even a championship sprinter would probably need a good thirty seconds to make a lap around the building; Rod had been gone maybe ten seconds max. “Sorry about running out, but I just felt like I had to move! I just felt so light, so full of energy like a spring that just had to be uncoiled!” Rod continued to pant slightly, though it seemed less from exertion and more from arousal as his hands roamed over his body, squeezing and groping occasionally. “Well, you certainly look like you’re made out of steel.” I smiled as I rose up and approached the anthropomorphic horse as he felt the tense, pulsing muscles of his quads. “Fuck, I feel so hot…” Well, he WAS kind of on fire. The flames on his head and neck did look sort of like a mane, and the column of fire above his butt did look a bit like a horse’s tail as it flicked and moved about behind his butt. Or maybe he was referring to something else as his now red eyes looked up at me, looking a bit surprised and confused. “Fuck; YOU’RE hot…” “Rod?...” A small gasp of surprise escaped me as I felt one of Rod’s hand slowly stroking the top my already erect cock. His own started to press against me as he stepped closer. “I never really thought about other guys before… well, never did anything with other guys before, at least, but you…” Rod’s other hand slowly slid over my chest as he continued to stroke my shaft with the other. “Did you do this to me?...” If I had, I hadn’t meant to. Rod didn’t seem too bothered by it as he fell to his knees in front of my cock, looking curiously at the slightly smoking bit of precum that had formed at the tip. A groan escaped me as he took a slow, cautious lick. His eyes went wide, and a second later his hands were gripping my ass as he wrapped his muzzle around my foot-long member. “Whoa! Sucking my cock wasn’t a part of our deal!” Rod’s mouth started pull off my member before I gently gripped the back of his head, the flames of his mane doing little more than tickling me as I slowly pulled him back onto me. “That was NOT a complaint; merely an observation.” Fuck; is he SURE he hasn’t done this before?! I’m sure having the longer than normal tongue is helping, but he doesn’t look like he’s hesitating or seems unsure of himself. He seems almost desperate for my cum the way he was slurping up every bit that was coming out, and between his tongue and his hot breath there was quite a bit for him to swallow. My cock didn’t seem to be getting any larger, much less to the size where I could’ve sucked myself off like I was earlier; maybe my deal to not hurt him earlier extended to not accidently doing so either. I hadn’t really thought about my sexuality that much before now; I had to spend too much time just getting through life to worry much about that. Did this mean I was gay now? I mean, obviously this felt amazing having Rod do this to me, and judging from how one of his hands left my butt to start stroking his own cock he’s enjoying himself quite a bit too. It feels like he’s worshiping me, addicted to me, and the thought of that was making me thrust my hips against him as I felt my nuts start to clench. If there was a woman, I’d have some breasts to grab, but then there’d only be my cock involved. But what if I got a woman AND a guy together? Or two women or two guys? More and more sexual scenarios raced through my head, and that’s why I realized; it didn’t matter the gender of the other individuals involved. It would still be sex, just sex in different ways. “More…” That word was filling my head again as I closed my eyes to bask in the pleasure. There was certainly an element of lust to it, but it was the idea of having more partners, more people desiring me, giving themselves to me, giving me pleasure that was starting to push me over the edge. Rod would just be the beginning of a long line of people giving me more of what I wanted. THAT’s what I really wanted; the sex was just a very, very nice bonus. The feeling of something hot and wet splashing against my leg caused me to open my eyes. Rod’s cock was spewing quite the load all of me and the floor, his own eyes half open in his pleasured haze. He was hot, horny and spewing his load like a firehose all thanks to me, and he’d be eternally grateful for it. He’d be just as grateful as I threw my head back, letting out a deep moan as I unleashed my own load into him. Rod’s eyes went from half-open haze to fully open surprised as the first blast hit, feeling like it shot straight down his throat. His tongue worked quickly to get the second spurt, his own cock still making a mess on the floor. My own seed soon joined that mess as Rod tried and failed to fully keep up with the floor, bits of my cum dribbling out of his muzzle and down onto the floor as he desperately tried to slurp up as much as he could. My cum continued to come to the point Rod’s abs seemed to be doming a little trying to take it all in, though he didn’t seem to mind. In fact, he looked almost disappointed when about a minute later my orgasm finally started to ebb. I was still as stiff as stone, though. Rod seemed to approve as he stood up, our cock rubbing against each other as his hands started to roam over my big arms. Sure, I should probably stop this now. My mother would be home soon, and I still had to show Rod how he could revert between this and his human form. Still, I also just had to know if his butt would stay as tight as it was now once I rammed my cock into it a few dozen times. Maybe I was becoming a greed demon, but I only had one thought as I licked up some of my own sweet cum from what I imagined was the first of many customers. Greed was good.
  3. I've been spending a lot of time lately taking care of others, saying how I'm being such a good person by giving up so much. Well, I decided to make a story where the protagonist can be a little greedy... Another day, another time where somebody else besides me gets taken care of. A heavy sigh escaped me as I tossed my bag onto a nearby chair, having just returned home from yet another shift looking after my grandfather. It’s not like I don’t want to help, don’t me wrong. It just get frustrating when it seems like everyone and anyone wants me to take care of stuff for them at the expense of any kind of concern for my health and well-being. It’s bad enough when I have to do it at work; at least there, I’m getting paid to spend most of my time cleaning up my co-workers messes. Not nearly enough, of course, but I am paid. No, what’s worse is all the uncompensated work I have to do when I’m off the clock. Running chores for my mother/landlord, having my niece and nephew dumped on me by my brother, friends always expecting me to chip in equally for group purchases that I barely get to use; it sucks. It feels so often like all I do is give and give and give, and get nothing back in return. I’m not asking for a reward or compensation every time, but to never get it at all is quite annoying. Really, what probably bothers me about it more than anything else is that it’s rarely ASKED if I’d be willing to help/do someone a favor. It’s just assumed I’ll put up with it without question, even if it’s at the very last minute and interferes with my own plans. On the rare instance when I push back, I get crap and made to feel like I’m a monster for turning them down no matter how unreasonable the request is. It’s hard not to feel like an afterthought even when what I’m asked to do is important. Take last night’s request for example, the reason I was walking in the door so early in the morning. My grandfather, who I’ve always known as Pop, is over 90 years old now. My mother(his daughter) wants him to feel as independent as possible despite dealing with severe memory loss and early dementia. His wife passed away long ago before I was even born 26 years ago, and despite most of his other children living closer than us, they always have a reason that they can’t help with his needs or even keep him company. She does a bulk of my grandfather’s caretaking, but she also expects me to pick up shifts looking after him as well, often with barely a moment’s notice. I sorta can’t blame her, but I really can’t blame Pop despite him ultimately being the source of my frustration. It’s not like he asked for his current condition, and taking care of him isn’t really difficult either. All I really have to do is make sure he takes his medicine, make him some dinner and breakfast, and stay overnight in case of an emergency. Otherwise, all he wants to do is watch TV and tell stories of dubious levels of truth and ever changing details, something everyone’s owed in large part to his dementia. He did have a new story for me yesterday, though, and one that came with souvenirs. Shifting through my overnight bag, I pulled out the long wooden box Pop had given me. It was about a foot long on each side and a little more than that in depth. From one of the pockets of my bag I pulled out the small metal key that matched the lock on the front. Pop said it was something special, something I deserved. I wasn’t sure about that, but the whole exchange in which he gave me this box was just plain weird. “You’re a good looking guy, Xavier.” I never really thought of myself as that, being a bit over 200 pounds and not much of it being muscle. The fact that he was also bringing this up out of nowhere in the middle of the string of game shows we were watching on TV also caught me off guard. “And you’re a good person, taking care of an old man like me when you should be out there, living your life.” Lately Pop only responds when he’s spoken to, so him talking to me at all without prompting was weird enough. My blue eyes followed him when he rose out of his easy chair and wobbled over to a nearby brick wall and stared very intently at it, I was worried he was having a mental episode. He knew what he was doing as he pulled on one of the bricks, which slid out with ease. Reaching his hand in, he pulled out the box I was holding now and motioned for me to come over. He said it was an artifact he’d gotten when he went overseas during WWII(Mom said he never actually got deployed, so this claim seemed dubious at best), and was something he’d keep for safe keeping. “You’ve been giving a lot of yourself to others. I think you’ve earned the right to be a little greedy.” With that, he handed the odd box to me. The whole time he sounded oddly lucid, at least compared to how he’s been lately. Soon after the box was in my hands, he seemed to go back to normal(or his version of it), asking where the box he’d just given me came from. I figured it was best not to tell him that he was the one who’d handed it to me and guided him back to the chair before storing the box away in my bag. The story was weird, but the box did have something in it judging from the sound it made when I shook it gently. I had the place to myself for the moment, and Pop did specifically give it to me. If it was something valuable, I could always ask Mom what she thought we should do with it. Might as well see what this is, I thought as I stuck the key in the lock… …and my next conscious thought was noticing the golden, jewel adorned bracers around my forearms. “…Wait, what the hell?!” The box was on the floor, though I didn’t remember hearing it hitting against the hardwood as it feel. Nor did I remember taking out or putting on the strange things now on my arms, but there they were. And around the edges of my arm around them…are those burns?! And smoke coming up from under the bracers?! “What the hell?!” I repeated, looking over my arms. Both forearm bracers seemed to be made of solid gold, with a set of 4 large jewels spaced roughly an equal distance around each bracer. Each of the gems were roughly the size of a golf ball, the ones on my right arm a deep red color and the ones on the left were all deep blue. And the bracers seemed solid to a point that I had no idea how they got on or how to get them off. There seemed to be no seam or anything that I could use to open it, nor when they move when I tried to slide them off. It seemed like they had fused to my skin judging from the burns and smoke, but weirdly I felt no pain from them either. I supposed the nerves could’ve just been fried to the point that I couldn’t feel pain, but my hands and arms felt and moved normally, and I could feel the muscles of my forearms moving under the bracers without pain. So they were smoking, had apparently burned my skin, and yet I felt no pain…again; WHAT THE HELL?! Well, whatever was going on, I needed to get these stupid things off. No amount of physical force was making them move, so maybe there was another way? Maybe one of these jewels activated a mechanism that opened them, somehow. How about this one here on my right arm; this one jewel seems to be a little differently colored than the others… Uh-oh; that did something, though given how the bracers began to glow it wasn’t what I wanted to happen. Soon the glow started to turn into an intense heat, the smoke coming off the bracers starting to grow thicker as well. The heat surged downwards into my hands, and though still not necessarily painful it definitely didn’t feel good either as they started to go from normal pink skin to boiled lobster red in a matter of seconds while swelling like an overcooked hotdog. Just as they felt like they were about to explode… well, they kind of did, but not in the way I expected. I could only stare in numb shock as thick brown hair suddenly burst through my skin, covering both of my hands instantly in a thick coat of brown fur. My fingernails were lost under the new fur coat, replaced with the end of each finger becoming hard, flat and coarse. My hands looked almost hoof like, though despite their increased size and thickness I hadn’t lost any kind of dexterity. It looked like I was wearing the gloves from a sports mascot. The thought, “Is it over?” had barely crossed my mind before I realized that it was nowhere near over as the heat started working its way up my arms. The same reddening and heating up feeling that had gone through my hands was being matched on my arms. It wasn’t content to stop when it reached my shoulders, spreading to my chest and core quickly thereafter. The heat was becoming unbearable as I tried to make it to the nearby couch before my legs gave out, only able to get behind the couch and grip the back of it before I felt too dizzy to move. I heard the wooden frame of the couch creaking as I gripped it in my hoof-hands, growing louder as my forearms starting to swell. The bracers seemed to enlarge and swell along with them, remaining about the only part of my body that wasn’t feeling like it was submerged in boiling water. I assumed the bulging veins along my arms were what was making it look larger, but no, my arms weren’t just growing in proportion to my hands. There was a noticeable increase in their definition and thickness, and that was before the explosion of fur and size hit them like they did my hands. When they did… CRUNCH! That was the sound of the couch frame crumbling to splinters in my hands, sending me crashing into the back of the couch as my arms suddenly surged with muscle. Even the new fur coat that stopped just below my shoulder did little to downplay the size of my biceps, the bulge seeming as big as my head as I flexed. My triceps looked equally powerful, and somewhere in the back of my mind I wondered how ridiculous I must look with the massive furry arms on my human body as I struggled back to my feet. Even aware of my strength, the unbroken parts of the couch I gripped when I tried to get back to my feet felt like they would snap with just a little more effort. “AH!” A sudden spasm down my spine made me arch my back, almost breaking the couch again at the shock. The feeling almost, but not entirely drew my attention away from the bubbling sensation that was building along my upper and back and shoulders. The sweat pouring off my body made my t-shirt cling tightly to me, though my shirt was the least of my concerns now. My heart was pounding in my chest in a way I never felt before, each beat pounding in my ears. What happened next occurred in a few seconds, but in my mind it felt like it had taken an eternity. The first was the, “SHRRIP!” sound of my t-shirt splitting down my back as my shoulders and upper back exploded with size, my neck feeling like it was trapped between a pair of fur covered boulders. The second was the, “SHRRIP!” of the couch being torn in half as my newly expanded back forced my arms and hence my grip further apart, holding a half of the broken couch in each hand. The next was the, “BOOM!” of what felt like a bomb going off in my chest, drowning out the sound of the couch remains getting tossed aside as more changes occurred. I couldn’t tell if the noticeable flabs of fat on my chest disappeared or simply blended in so deeply with my filling pecs that it looks that way as my chest pushed forward. As fast as my chest was bulking up, my gut was slimming down and tightening as the heat seemed to boil away all the fat around my belly and sides. Soon the size of my pecs and the thick mat of fur made it impossible to see my abdominal development, though I could still feel the solidness and firmness I’d never known before in them as they flexed. If I had any means of conscious thought I might have been ecstatic with them, though nothing compared to the feeling as the heat reached my groin. The changes hadn’t been painful, but they hadn’t exactly felt good either until the heat started to permeate my cock. As soon as the heat touched it I was hard, the jolt of pleasure combined with my heavy upper body and normal human legs finally causing my knees to give out and send me crashing toward the floor. I couldn’t tell if it was just my hardening cock that was making the seat of my pants feel tight, but in the time from when my butt flexed as it started to head toward the ground and the moment it made contact with the ground, my jeans had split at the seat and my fully exposed ass was hitting the floor. The firmness made me bounce up a little at first, and in the milliseconds between bounces my butt was cushioned by fur on the second hit My cock surged again, and it might have been painful if my quads hadn’t quadrupled in size to split the denim even more to relieve the growing stress on my cock. O.K; quadrupled may have been a bit of an overstatement, but my thighs were two thick pillars of corded muscle that were now rubbing up against each other. The changes continued further down my legs as my calves were starting to feel closer to cows, though I barely noticed. My attention was instead fully locked on what had happened to my groin. What had happened was surprisingly little; yes, I was hard as hell, but other than that my cock and balls had escaped the changes that had hit the rest of my body save for my head. It was almost disappointing that my normal 6 or so inches was still just so, and I felt like I could go off at any moment. When I prodded it with one of my hoof hands, the familiar feelings of an approaching orgasm started to rush through me. My butt clenched as the orgasm hit… and then things got weird(Well, weirdER). My cock started to throb and pulse like normal, but instead of my seed shooting out of my dick, my cock just… grew. I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me for the first few pulses, but by the forth my cock was noticeably bigger. My nuts also started to feel heavier as they rested against my thighs, but no cum seemed to be coming. Soon my cock seemed to be pushing double digits while being about as thick round as a bratwurst. For the first time in a while, a conscious thought passed through my mind. It wasn’t why this was happening, or how I could stop this strange transformation. It was just one simple word that went through my mind as I wrapped my hands around my member. More. “More.” I gave voice to my desires as I started to pump my dick, the rough hoof structure of my hands feeling weird but not unpleasant as I stroked. I pulled my cock against my body, feeling the head rubbing between the ridges of my 8-pack under the fur as it continued to creep its way up. A piece of my shoe flew past my face as my feet changed, though I didn’t see nor care what was happening there. My cock was the only thing that mattered now. “More!” My cock started to reach the bottom of my pecs, my hands slowly being prevented from fully encircling my cock as it continued to grow wider and longer. I could feel the bubbling feeling of transformation at the base of my neck, but it wasn’t my cock, so it wasn’t important in the slightest. I had to use both hands together on the same spot to continuing beating myself off, my legs kicking and squirming as my nuts continued to grow. It felt like a pair of oranges were stuffed in there, and yet I still didn’t feel like I was done. “MORE!” My voice sounded deeper that time, most likely owing to whatever was happening to my face. Another mini-explosion hit at the base of my neck, the fur seemed to grow up from my thickening neck in an instant as I went from clean shaven to full beard and mustache to coat of fur in seconds. Even my mouth and nose started to push out from my face, soon giving me a short furry muzzle. I should’ve thought it was awful that I was definitely no longer human, but the extra length of my mouth meant I could get the head of my cock into my mouth now, so it was the greatest thing in the world. “MPPH!” My muffled demand for more was not met this time, though perhaps that was for the best as my cockhead filled my muzzle. Even with the increased width and length of my mouth I could barely fit it in my mouth, the flesh so thick I had to use my teeth to even make a dent in the thick column of flesh. I still continued anyway to stroke the underside of my cock with one of my hands while the other slid down to my balls. Each of them were about a big as a softball and covered in the same fur as the rest of me. I was a virgin, inexperienced with either sex. Still, I was pretty sure men’s semen didn’t take like… well, the closest I could imagine to was thick, gooey honey that started to finally form at the tip of my cock. Neither was it supposed to be so hot that I probably should’ve been worried about burning myself as I eagerly lapped up the ambrosia. The heat continued to persist as it slid down my throat, down into the pit of my stomach, and fuck, did I need more. The more I drank, the more my cock seemed willing to provide. This was so, so wrong. I was some massive, muscular bull thing, who was becoming more bullish by the second if the strange itching sensation emerging from either side of my head. I was growing pointed horns that continued to push out from my skull with every passing second. My normally short and neatly trimmed hair was becoming a wild, thick mane that was flowing down my back. And somehow without even being able to see them, I knew my eyes were now a deep blood red, wiping away pretty much any trace of the human I once was. This was on top of the small puffs of smoke coming out of mouth from either my strange seed or something else. This was so, so wrong, and I was loving every bit of it. I was a monster, with a monster’s strength and size. I felt like my muscles could bend steel and break blades if someone were to strike me, and that was if said blade could even make it through the thick coat of fur. I felt so masculine, so powerful, so fucking STRONG! And not to mention my massive cock; how could THAT be really be so wrong? “FFFFUUCCCK!!” A sudden swelling of my cock forced my member out of my mouth lest I choke on it, letting my three foot length that was about as big around as a 2-liter soda bottle jut straight into the air. My hips bucked as my cockhead swelled again, slamming my fists into the ground and splintering the wood underneath them. The massive balls that were now my testicles clenched, the veins of my cock throbbing angrily and visibly underneath. And finally, I came. The windows rattled with the roar I let out as my cock exploded, seed shooting like a geyser from my monstrous member. The living room ceiling of the condo had to be at least 12 feet or more from the floor, and the first burst of my seed nearly hit the ceiling. The second one did reach as gravity took hold of the first burst, making it drop back on me and the surrounding floor. The seed felt warm as it covered my fur, small wisps of steam coming from the puddles that were forming around me. Thirty seconds in, and it showed no signs of slowing down. The seed covering my fur made my muscles seem even larger, and I couldn’t help but rub and squeeze my muscles as my cock continued to spew. As I flexed my left arm and licked my bulging bicep, I noticed in the corner of my eye one of the blue gems on that bracer were glowing softly. Something had changed, though what had made it happen or what it meant I wasn’t sure. I wasn’t sure of really anything at this point, except for one thing as I looked at my still spewing cock and bought my hands to it again. “More…”
  4. Hello, everyone. Just thought I'd share some of my story work with everyone here for their hopeful enjoyment. Most of the stuff I write is furry in nature, but I also deal a fair bit in muscle growth as well. Hope you find the combination of these two subjects to your liking; all constructive criticism is welcome. Enjoy! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Junk mail, junk mail, junk mail… ah! Here’s the packet for that self-help thing Greg was talking about. He used to be the only guy at work more reserved and shy than me, but now he’s really starting to rise up. His work’s been getting better, he seems happier, and he even looks like he’s starting to get in better shape. A couple of the girls have really started to notice him all the sudden. When I asked him what his secret was, he smiled and told me about joining this self help group. He said it really helped him turn things around, and that maybe I could use a little boost myself. He said he’d refer me to Mr. Leo’s service. That was only yesterday; surprised it got here so fast. Let’s get inside and take a look at this thing. So this group is called The Pride, huh? They’ve got a picture of a lion on the cover of this packet; seems about right for The Pride. Seems a little thin for a self help group flier; this thing’s barely a dozen pages. Let me just glance through here real fast… letting out your inner animal? Growing through submission? O.K.; seems a little weird. I thought I just heard him wrong when he said Master Leo the first time, but maybe I didn’t. Wait, there’s still something else in the packet. I did notice that new ring on Greg’s finger when he gave me that firm pat on the shoulder, and this looks just like a ring box. It’s just one solid cube, though; no seam or lid for me to open. There’s this thing I’m seeing here on this sheet at the end. “Sign here to claim your ring and begin your personal transformation?” Seriously? …SKRITCH-SKRITCH Alright, I signed it. It’s not like signing a piece of paper is going to magically open a completely sealed box or anything; I just want to prove how stupid this whole thing is. I should just gather up all this crap and throw it out. The paper work, the envelope, and the box… that’s now open and has a ring sitting neatly inside… O.K, this is just getting weird now. This thing doesn’t look like some cheap piece of costume jewelry; it’s got a thick, solid silver band, with a bright orange stone set inside. The gem’s got a rectangular shape to it, think that’s called an emerald cut? I’ll have to check that later. Does it actually fit me? … Wow; fits like a glove. For a weird motivational group, membership certainly does seem to have its benefits. <Yes; it’s just one of the many benefits of being a part of The Pride, my pet.> Huh? Who said that? <I did, pet. So, you’re the young man Greg mentioned. I must say, I think you’ll take to the change well.> Change? What the hell’s going on? Where are you?! <I’m right here in your head, pet. You signed the agreement, and now you’re a member of The Pride. Now, let’s get started on your personal transformation.> O.K., this is insane! I got some weird guy talking to me in my head, calling me his pet. Is this thing laced with some kind of weird drug that’s making me hallucinate? <No drugs, pet; just magic. You’re linked to me now through the ring and the contract that you signed. Now, do you live alone?> What? Yes, I do, but what does tha- <Excellent; the first transformation is always very intense. Now then, let’s begin.> Begin wh-OW! What was that?! <The beginning of the change. First the shock, then the warmth begins to spread. You may wish to remove your shoes, pet.> My shoes? Why? And why does my hand feel so numb? <That’s because it’s starting to become more paw-like. See how the tips are starting to round out and grow?> What the hel-OH GOD! You’re right; they’re changing! How are you doing this?! Make it stop! <I’m afraid that’s impossible, pet. Once the change starts, there’s no stopping it. You might as well relax and enjoy it.> Relax?! Enjoy?! What are you turning me into?! <A lion, my pet. Or more specifically, a lion man.> A lion man? Like, some kind of anthropomorphic cat? <Exactly. You can feel the hairs on your body starting to grow thicker and longer, can’t you? Soon more will join them, giving you a nice, thick coat of fur.> Is that why it feels like I’m itching all over? Oh crap; there’s even hairs on my hand now! <Yes, your coat is coming along nicely, pet. Look at that soft, tawny yellow fur slowly creeping along your body. Doesn’t it feel nice?> It feels weird, that’s for sure. Watching this stuff growing over my hand, watching my hand turn into an oversized paw… wait; it’s not just the shape that’s making it look bigger. It IS bigger, and it’s still growing! <Indeed. When the contract talked about growth through submission, it wasn’t just referring to spiritual or emotional growth. I like my pets big and powerful, though I must warn you again about the shoes. Though I would personally enjoy watching the sight of your massive paws bursting through them, it will be quite painful for you.> Alright, alright! It does feel like it’s getting pretty tight in there… while I work on this, can you at least tell me why you’re turning me into some sort of animal slave? <Well, pet, I’ve noticed most people in the world fall into two groups. They are either kind and weak, or rough and strong. I seek another kind of person; one who is kind in spirit and strong in body. Though I ask for submission from my subject, do not misunderstand what I’m making you into. You will be my pet, not my slave.> Pet, slave, what’s the difference?! Damn it, my feet feel like they’re gonna explode! <A slave is someone who has no will of his own, someone who is forced into service by someone with no true concern for their well being. By contrast, a pet is someone who their owner loves and cares for. A pet is submissive to their master because they love and appreciate their owner, and their master loves them in return.> So you turn guys into lion men and you expect them to just fall in love you in return? Come on, come on… Gah! Finally got my shoes off. It looks like my toes are starting to round out like my fingers. Something’s poking through my socks too, right at the tips of my toes. What are they? <That would be your new claws, pet. Big, powerful claws for a big, powerful pet. And no, I do not expect my pets to automatically fall in love and be mine forever. You will feel some affection for me initially as a side effect of my magic, but that will just allow time for our relationship to develop.> Our relationship? I don’t even know you! <Not yet, but I can see potential in you. Some people lack the courage to put themselves out there, to become more because of fear of exposure and rejection. With the encouragement and help of another it becomes much easier. See how the hairs on your arm are starting to grow longer and fuller? Soon it will be a thick, fur coat that keeps you nice and warm. Just imagine that warmth as my encouragement, wrapping around you and keeping you safe.> So you’re my protector and my master now? What if I don’t want to be a pet? And how the hell is this ring still on? My paws are huge now, but the ring still fits perfectly. <It’s a part of my magic; I don’t wish to cause my pets any pain, so it’s enchanted to grow with you. And do not think of this as a permanent life change, more like an extra hobby. I usually only have a few active pets at a time, spending one or two nights a week with them while we feel out our relationship. And I don’t think we’re quite as incompatible as you think. Few of my pets are so quick to call their new hands paws.> Well, that’s what they are now. Big, thick paws covered in golden yellow fur. Even my arm is almost totally covered in it. Damn, it feels so thick… <Exactly, and it’s just beginning. Do you feel how warm your body is starting to get?> Yeah, it feels like I’m starting to burn up. Is this from my fur? <No, it’s from the next change you’re about to experience. Just take nice, slow deep breaths, and relax. You’ll see what’s happening soon enough.> Alright, I can handle that. In, and out. In, and out... <Good, pet, good. Feel how your chest fills out with each breath, pushing out more and more. That’s the beginning of your next change.> You mean how my shirt is pulling tighter across my chest? Holy crap, I have pecs! <Yes, my pet. When I said I like my pets big and confident, I meant it. And this is just the beginning. Leave your clothes on for this. It might sting a little, but the feeling of bursting out of your clothes will be worth it.> Damn, this feels so weird, but I kinda like it. I’ve always wanted to get a little stronger, but I’ve never found the time to hit the gym. Now it looks like I’m about to start popping buttons off my shirt. <Mmm, yes, and that’s just the beginning. Feel my power flowing into you. It’s reshaping you, making you into a proud, powerful beast of a man. You love that idea, don’t you?> I love the idea of being stronger, I’ll admit that. That button’s gonna go at any second, maybe with one more deep breath… PEW! TINK-TINK! Fuck, that button shot across the room! My t-shirt’s still holding on, but just barely. <Not for long, it won’t. About now the growth should start spreading out, filling your shoulders and arms. You’re getting so big and bulky already, and there’s still so much to come.> Seriously? I’m popping buttons off my shirt and feeling like a hardcore bodybuilder. How big am I going to get? <Much, much bigger, my pet. You’re a little under six feet now, correct? Well, most add a few extra inches of height, but you’re taking so well to the transformation, I imagine you’ll get much, much bigger.> Bigger that that? Damn it, I’m gonna be freaking huge! It sounds so weird and so good at the same time… <Don’t worry; soon it will just feel good and right. Look at how thick and rounded your shoulders are now, and how pumped your biceps are. Even unflexed, your shirt sleeves can barely contain them.> Yeah, feels like they’re gonna pop at any minute. Even my t-shirt’s starting to tear under the strain. In fact… SHRRIPP! That felt amazing! As soon as I hit that double biceps pose, both my shirts just exploded off my body. I’m naked from the waist up now, but who would want to hide this? I’m so strong and thick, even the fur can’t hide it all. Mmm… <You know, for someone who protested so much about being a big lion man, you’re taking to it pretty well. Unless the way you’re groping your chest is a sign of displeasure.> No, M-Mas… I mean, fuck; I can’t help it! I know I shouldn’t like this, but the further it goes, the more I want. I can feel fangs in my mouth now, and it feels like my face is stretching forward. I’m getting a muzzle, and I know it’s all wrong, but it feels so good… <Then just enjoy it, pet. You can’t stop it, so you might as well embrace it. Accept your new form, and enjoy it to its fullest extent.> I-I really shouldn’t, but damn it, I can’t resist. I’m getting all these new smells, and this thick aroma… oh man, that thick, musky aroma, and it’s coming from me! The fur’s going over my face now, and now I’ve got this thick hair sprouting all around my chin. It feels kinda like a beard, but it’s so much thicker, and it’s going around my whole head. <That would be your new mane, pet. All my pets have nice, thick manes that I absolutely just love to touch and caress, and scratch their little kitty ears as I do. You can feel my hand doing that to you now, can’t you?> I can, and it does feel so good. Your hand feels so warm and soft, strong yet gentle, I can’t help but relax. Purr… <That’s it, my pet. Purr and relax, and know that I will take care of you. Just relax, and grow in your submission as your body grows in strength and size.> Yes, Master… Wait, I didn’t mean to… but it felt so right, so good…Master… <Yes, I am your Master, and you are my pet. Doesn’t it feel good to know you’re loved and cared for?> Yes, it does… I’m so nervous about what this all means, but I’m excited, too. My Master’s pet… <Good, pet, good…now we must complete the spell, to make sure your lion form will always stay with you. Fortunately, you’ve already taken care of the first step when you fell to your knees.> Wait, I did? Geez, you’re right. I don’t even remember doing it… <That’s because it’s just so natural for a pet to kneel in front of their Master, that it never even registered in your mind that you had to do it. Now comes the next step, removing the rest of your clothes.> Easy enough; they’re about to pop off under the pressure anyway. I’ll just make use of the new claws you gifted me… SHRRIP! SHRRIP! There we go. Damn, my legs look like marble columns, and about as hard as them too. My calves are huge, too; I think I’d put some horses to shame with how big and hard they are. <Yes, and speaking of large parts generally associates with horses, you should bring your paw to your cock now, so we can begin the final part of the change.> My cock? Oh my… it has this furry sheath around it now. And my nuts… it feels like I’ve got a furry pair of pool balls hanging under my cock. Even my big paw can’t contain it all in one hand. <Yes, you’re going to be quite the virile beast. Now comes the last part, to seal the spell. Cum, my pet. Bring yourself to orgasm and seal your new self permanently. > If I cum, I’ll be this way forever?... Forever this big, and strong, and furry… <And already you’re stroking away, rubbing that powerful paw over your giant cock. Very good, my pet.> Thank you, Master. It feels so good, so right to be doing this, and I’m still getting bigger. My back’s filling up, getting thicker and stronger, and I’m still getting taller. Everything looks so much smaller… oh fuck, this feels so good… <It’s a joy to watch, as well. Mmm; I think you’ll be the alpha among my new pets. You’re already bulkier that the strongest one, and now you’re getting even taller than my tallest.> Other lion men like me? Oh god, the idea of meeting them, seeing them, feeling them… I can only imagine what that will feel like. <Well, you won’t have to imagine soon, my pet. Occasionally I’ll bring a pair of my pets together, and they tend to get along quite well. Nuzzling and licking, feeling each others soft fur, your strong muscles…> Oh fuck, that sounds so hot. I can feel his muzzle on my cock, licking and sucking it, his tongue so rough, but soft. Nggh; getting so close... <Yes, my pet. Feel that mighty cock twitch and tense. You’re going to shoot a huge load out of that cannon between your legs. And when you do, I want you to roar. Show me how proud you are to be mine.> F-Fuck, my cock IS huge. It’s more than a foot, easy. I’m bigger everywhere; huge muscles, huge cock, and I think my head might scrape the ceiling if I stood up now. You’ve made me so strong, so furry, and so masculine. M-Master, I-I… RRROOOOOOAAAARRRR! <Yes, my pet! Feel the orgasmic bliss of being so strong, so loyal, so mine. Look how your cum shoots clear across the room, how your powerful body flexes and throbs with each blast.> Yes, Master! I’m so strong, so confident, and it’s all because of you. Thank you, Master. Thank you for this! <You’re very welcome, my pet. My, you’re making quite the mess…> I’m sorry, Master, but it just feels too good. Why did I ever resist this? <Don’t worry, my pet; it’s a perfectly natural reaction to be a little hesitant. Now, once you finish, you can remove the ring and return to your normal self almost instantly. As much as I’m sure you love being my pet, a nearly 7 foot lion man waking around WILL cause a bit of a scene…> Y-Yes, I suppose it will. Damn, I’ll miss this body. <You’ll have it again soon enough, pet. My magic is reaching its limits, so I’m afraid I must depart for now. You’ll know when I’m ready for you again, and then you can wear the ring again, and return to your lion man form.> Yes, Master. I’ll wait until that time. <Good, my pet. Now, make sure you clean up the mess you made… although I suppose as long as you don’t leave your house or have company over, you could stay in your new form a little longer…> Purr; thank you, Master. I’m still so horny... <Then enjoy yourself, my pet. I’ll speak with you again soon.> Thank you, Master. Thank you for everything...Master? Master? Guess he’s gone. Damn, I miss him already. Oh well; he said he’d let me know when he was ready for me. I’ll have to change back in the morning when I go to work. In the meantime, my cock’s still as hard as steel, and my big paw feels so good stroking it… Thank you, Master, for making me your pet.
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