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    Love the gym. Cooking.
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    I'm 5"4 170 pounds
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    Chat buddies friends etc I love big strong guys :)
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    6"5 280 but in reality I'd be happy with 5"4 180
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    Hulk pill. Jp I like transformation storeys
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    Love to be picked up.

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  1. Studio77

    AJ & Noah

    Absolutely awesome. Can’t wait until Aj decides to let out his inner beast and do his most muscular. Its great to have a story based in the uk too. I wish there was a Muscle man like AJ in my local Tesco lol
  2. Studio77

    AJ & Noah

    Made my day mate. This is a brilliant story. Can’t wait until the next instalment. I am hoping AJ gets even bigger
  3. Studio77

    Destiny - Worship My New Muscular Roommate

    Absolutely amazing story. Can’t wait for Kyle to transform. 😃
  4. Studio77

    Dad's Lost Glory Years (Updated MAY 26: CH 20)

    Amazing story. I love the fact he is growing each wk. I hope his attitude grows too and decides to show off his increasing strength.😄
  5. Studio77


    I can not wait untill the next part. This is an amazing story.
  6. Studio77

    Dominant muscular guys

    I'd like a muscled guy to use his strength to show me who's the boss

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