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  1. Thanks very much that’s the one.
  2. Hello I’m looking for a story where a man takes in a boy from the streets. The man has to go away on business and when he returns the boy has transformed into a massive stud who takes over his life.
  3. Loved this chapter so much. I liked the time shift. And not knowing how much everyone had grown. I love the scenes where Seth seams to read Trevor’s thoughts. When Seth lifted up Trevor into his arms and explained that they where doing this for him. I wonder what that conversation was like with Seth asking the others to do this for Trevor. Is was so awesome Trevor Being held in Seth’s arms like that. Feeling his biceps next to his torso. The fact jack went and got a ladder to help Trevor measur was amazing. Trevor having to climb up to the top and still not being able to reach Seth was very hot. I cant belive Trevor is 5”4 that is exactly the same height as myself, so I felt like I could really relate to his perspective. And seeing the giants way way up above. I’m still unsure if the elongro has made Seth smarter or has he just been helped along the way by people in awe of his new stature. I hope this is not quite the end. I would love to have the wedding day and the speeches. It would be nice to hear Seth tell everyone at the reception That if it was. It for Trevor he would not be the man he is today or be with the woman he has just married. And maybe just maybe have jack say a few kind words. Another time shift would be awesome too to find out if in fact Trevor does start to grow now that he has come to terms with his stature.. I would love to see Trevor happy and maybe meet someone special. What happened to that hottie at spring break. And did Seth arrange it. Whatever happens this has been an awesome story one that I will read from the start again and again. Thanks dreadlifter
  4. Loved this chapter. I was in two minds reading about they way jack just took control of Trevor. I loved the way he easily dominated Trevor, Lifting him and using him as a weight. I loved the way you made it clear just how strong jack is. At the same time I was like thinking Trevor come on step up for yourself,make jack understand that he is acting like a dick. Be a man in front of brook. But he just let him belittle him. I still hope that either Trevor himself or Seth finally makes Jake and others realise how bad they have been treating Trevor. Especially jack as he owes all that he has to Trevor. I loved the last part where it seemed that finally someone liked Trevor for being just himself. Or did Seth arrange this to happen out of guilt for not helping out his buddy earlier in the day. How hurt would Trevor feel if he found this out. Nooo the saga starts to wind down next chapter. I hope you mean just at the spring break and not as a whole. A major life event. What could that be.
  5. Awesome good to hear it will continue. I love this story ?
  6. Absolutely brilliant story I can’t wait to see what further feats of strength will be discovered. I think his whole body is about to be upgraded . ?
  7. Loved this chapter. I love the way Seth has seemed to step by his protection of Trevor and has made it clear that he will always be there for him no matter what. I love the size comparison of not just Seth and Trevor but with all the others too. I am only 5”4 myself so I can understand how Trevor must be feeling being around these new giants. I get where Trevor’s head is at as with Seth as I also love to compare myself to bigger guys and marvel at the size difference. As for jack he is really becoming a nasty piece of work . I think it’s time he was taken down a peg to two. i also think that There would be a situation where brook gets to see what he is really like. I am still hopeful that Trevor seeks help, Or maybe Seth goes out his way to find help for Trevor. Tracks down the scientist that developed it and helps work,out why it is having a reverse effect on Trevor. My dream for Trevor is that he stabalized and starts to respond to the second dose. I cant wait till the next chapter ?
  8. I would love to see something major happen between jack and Trevor that both makes it clear that Seth is in jakes corner. And maybe is the catalyst to start up jakes growth. I would love to eventually see Trevor finally grow. He could maybe go away and return huge. Or start to grow slow at first but then sky rocket with size. Maybe brook would start to regret her decision to move on. especially if jack starts to treat here poorly. Not sure if I would like jack to get back with brook I think he deserves someone better. If Jake does not grow I would like Seth to become protective over jake but at the same time encourage him to be the best that he can be.
  9. I keep checking like twice a day to see if the next chapter is up. You are an amazing author. It’s shows with all these comments. I am Loving the size difference thing. I personally love standing next to taller body builders and comparing them to myself. And I think they get a kick out of it too. Looking down at me. I can only imagine the feelings both Trevor and Seth are having. I would love for Seth to maybe be in a situation where he has no weights to train with and decides to use Trevor for a light session. I hope that in the future there is something that happens that makes it clear that Trevor is off limits to people bullying him and that Seth is going to protect him no matter what.
  10. So I just finished a hard shift at work so I was super excited to find another chapter had been posted so quick. I was really hoping it would help me unwind. But it had only got me all excited and wound up at the same time. Last chapter I was so pleased with Seth for being the bigger man and I don’t mean in size. He really came across as being the friend that anyone would want to have around. I thought he had finally realised how hard Trevor had been finding things. This chapter had me going up and down with emotion towards Seth. At one point he seamed to really care about Trevor but in the next he was dam right mean to him.” No wonder brook stopped fucking you” that is just cruel. I wish Trev would make it clear to Seth that he is a complete dick sometimes. maybe a test of his loyalties as a friend would be nice to see. What If Seth discovers jack has been tormenting Trevor with his new size and strength. It would be nice to see Trevor grow both in personality and in size. It would be nice if maybe Seth is maybe being so mean to Trev just to cover the fact he is starting to have feelings for Trevor too. One thing I would like to see happen, is that Trevor discovers he is getting smaller but at the same time is becoming more dense with Muscle ready to explode in size at a later date. maybe he could keep this discovery a secret until his real growth starts This Elongro does work differently on each person. I can’t belive I have so much to say about this story , I hope you take this as a compliment Dreadlifter you are a fantastic writer. keep the good work up. I can’t wait to read the next chapter.
  11. I agree keep going with this story. I love the way they don’t see each other every day. That way you get to hear about Trevor’s reaction to the size difference. I hope jake keeps growing. And I hope they both realise the effect it is having on Trevor.
  12. Absolutely an amazing chapter. Loved the part where Seth picked Trev up onto the chair and they both notice that they were nearly the same height. I am also feeling for Trev at the moment. I am sure him and Brook will be parting ways, as she is obviously in to bigger guys like Jake. i can’t wait for the next chapter. I would love to see jack get even bigger. It would be nice to see both jack and Seth protect Trev in some sort of way.Just to let him know that deep down that they do still deeply care for him. a bar fight or intruder might be cool. Or maybe Trev protects all of them in some sort of way showing everyone that you don’t have to be massive to save the day. stupid ideas I know but your story sure gets my imagination going . Love it. Thanks dredlifter
  13. Absolutely amazing story so far. Can’t wait to see how big and strong Lewis will get. Would be great to find out exactly how he is doing it.
  14. studio77

    AJ & Noah

    Absolutely awesome. Can’t wait until Aj decides to let out his inner beast and do his most muscular. Its great to have a story based in the uk too. I wish there was a Muscle man like AJ in my local Tesco lol
  15. studio77

    AJ & Noah

    Made my day mate. This is a brilliant story. Can’t wait until the next instalment. I am hoping AJ gets even bigger
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