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    Love the gym. Cooking.
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    I'm 5"4 170 pounds
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    Chat buddies friends etc I love big strong guys :)
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    6"5 280 but in reality I'd be happy with 5"4 180
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    Hulk pill. Jp I like transformation storeys
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    Love to be picked up.

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  1. Studio77

    Super Soldier (Chapter 2-4)

    Absolutely amazing story so far. Can’t wait to see how big and strong Lewis will get. Would be great to find out exactly how he is doing it.
  2. Studio77

    AJ & Noah

    Absolutely awesome. Can’t wait until Aj decides to let out his inner beast and do his most muscular. Its great to have a story based in the uk too. I wish there was a Muscle man like AJ in my local Tesco lol
  3. Studio77

    AJ & Noah

    Made my day mate. This is a brilliant story. Can’t wait until the next instalment. I am hoping AJ gets even bigger
  4. Studio77

    Destiny - Worship My New Muscular Roommate

    Absolutely amazing story. Can’t wait for Kyle to transform. 😃
  5. Studio77

    Dad's Lost Glory Years (Updated MAY 26: CH 20)

    Amazing story. I love the fact he is growing each wk. I hope his attitude grows too and decides to show off his increasing strength.😄
  6. Studio77


    I can not wait untill the next part. This is an amazing story.
  7. Studio77

    Dominant muscular guys

    I'd like a muscled guy to use his strength to show me who's the boss

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