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  1. PhantomderOma

    AJ & Noah

    I'm really speechless. I think I have never been more that emotionally invested in a story before. And that's a sign of your formidable storytelling skills. For me, this story pushes every damn button! And I mean it. I think I have never been more excited for a chapter of your story. And it gave me so much more thank I hoped for. So, thank you! P.S. You bet I will read that chapter over and over again. Right now I cannot think of any way this story could get any better...
  2. PhantomderOma

    Teen-Muscle-Monster [GERMAN]

    Die erste Geschichte auf Deutsch, die ich hier lese! Weiter so! 💪
  3. PhantomderOma

    Anyone to translate this MG story from German to English?

    So Sorry! Real life was a bitch. I'm halfway through but translating it in a good way is easier said than done as I had to realize 😅 If you're still interested, I'll try to speed it up a little bit... Beste Grüße!
  4. PhantomderOma

    Ready for bodybuilding competition

    So, any news?
  5. PhantomderOma

    Anyone to translate this MG story from German to English?

    I'll give It a try in the next couple of days
  6. PhantomderOma

    Ready for bodybuilding competition

    I have to shamefully admit, you surpass my expectations by far 😱
  7. PhantomderOma

    Ready for bodybuilding competition

    I am really excited for the results! Please keep us updated. And if you need any motivation, we're here for you
  8. Thanks for the "follow", big man


    1. PhantomderOma


      You'really welcome, impressive alpha male!

    2. MuscleStrengthFreak
  9. Great bicep pic.  It's almost as big as mine!!  ;)


  10. PhantomderOma

    Flex Thursday

    I know that feel, bro. What a hard decision...
  11. PhantomderOma

    If the Shoe Fits.

    First, I fucking LOVE your story. I don't know how to emphazise that, but it really is perfect. But at this point I was like 'Hold on! HOLD ON! Wait a moment!' Patrick is a gamer, right? Is that safe word what I think it is? If it was what I think it is, this story got even more awesome - if this was even remotely possible.
  12. PhantomderOma

    Jeff: How it all started

    LOVE IT! I love to know what makes a guy want to get a muscle monster, getting to know the whole picture. And the part where he slowly turns into a shredded freak and get proud of his achievment, instant boner material. More of Jeff!
  13. I really like your pic, PhantomderOma.  I think of images of how you and other big muscle men look when I do my sets in the gym.  It allows me to put more effort into my sets and gives me a bigger natural high.

  14. PhantomderOma

    Self worship: Pecs

    I personally would love a longer one. But either way, I know it's gonna ne awesome

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