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    LA, CA
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    real profile.
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    bodybuilder, personal trainer, model and porn actor, both straight and gay.
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    6'2", 270 lb. bodybuilder with 19.5 bis, 53 chest, 34 waist, 30 quads
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    Bodybuilder sponsor required to grow me into a huge steroid freak muscle beast. Been up to 292 but goal is to be 315 lb. freak Get me huge send $ to my cash. Aggressive top man here. Deep voice, big feet 12.5 EEE.
  • What are your dream stats?
    315 lb. roided freak bber. GRR! Ready for Worship and Service. On your fuckin' needs
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    no stories
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    Dennis Wolf, Marcus Ruhl, Cameron Mitchell, Dallas Carver, Zeb Atlas, and Derrick Rigg
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    oh yeah

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  1. Hey big sexy.  Glad to see you on here!

    1. DerrickRiggs


      Fuck. You are the big fuckin muscle guy I always wanted to be. Never got to be more than 292 lbs. Grr! Pissed about that. Gotta get to your fracking size. 

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