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    Bodybuilding (duh), eating, spewing cum, aggressive sex, dancing, porn, reading and travel
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    6'2", 280 lb. bodybuilder with 19.5 bis, 53 chest, 34 waist, 30 quads
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    Bodybuilder for Hire
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    315 lb. roided freak bber. GRR! Ready for Worship and Service
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    Dennis Wolf, Marcus Ruhl, Cameron Mitchell, Dallas Carver, Zeb Atlas, and Derrick Rigg
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  1. How you been?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. SexyMuscleGod


      Nice.. Saving for cycle here. What show you thinking? You are never on discord anymore. Miss chatting.


    3. DerrickRiggs


      I am not sure how to use discord. I can't get into muscle for chat anymore. Guess I am not real techy guy.

    4. SexyMuscleGod


      I use the web version. Just log in and chat. I seen you pop in and said hi but didn't get a response. 


  2. Bodybuilding, strength, aggression, and sex are prime values for me.

  3. Thanks for following me. Hope I live up to your expectations.

  4. Got done with workout. Went into locker room after to flex and pose in mirrors by sinks.

    Guy follows me in and says to me, "Bodybuilders want big muscles to have sex."

    Still sweaty and a little smelly, I take a step toward the shorter guy and told him "Yeah, i need sex sometimes five times a day.  

    He says to me, "guess its working."


    1. MrMuscleWorship


      Is this for real?!


      who even cares, cos it’s fucking hot

  5. As an aggressive Bodybuilder, do you grunt a lot when you lift?

    1. DerrickRiggs


      when it is needed. 

  6. thanks for following me. Appreciated.

  7. Just wanted to drop a note to say hi from Houston. Hope all is good with you. DR

    1. arpeejay


      Great here, thanks! Enjoying my new personal trainer, looking forward to being a first time grandfather in a few weeks! Hope you survived the storm intact!

  8. Greetings, Nice to see a place for being a tall bodybuilder. As I have experienced, being a tall bodybuilder is a lot more tough than being a 5'6" or 5'10" bodybuilder. I'm 6'2" and now at 268 lbs. bodybuilder. I have been up to 295 lbs. as a powerlifter and at that time, I was being sponsored so the additional income allowed me to put on a lot of size. But I still want to hit the 305-310 mark now as a bodybuilder. Putting on muscle size is still tough for me. I have to take appetite enhancers to stimulate my wanting to stuff myself. Luckily, I have been bodybuilding for a while and have lived in Los Angeles and Houston and have learned a lot from other bodybuilders. You can't do bodybuilding alone.
  9. Shaved off the beard and eliminated the chest hair Thursday. Been dealing with itchy skin since. Some Eucerin seems to help. Next, I will shave my traps and above the elbows. Going for the clean, smooth look for a while.

  10.  Just a big oversexed alpha stud with testosterone oozing

    1. Astromuscle


      Well I mean that is the best type of alpha stud

    2. muscledoz


      Derrick, you're a muscle cum fountain!

  11. Shaved down chest this morning and hit right nipple with razor. Haven't shaved down with razor in a while. Had been just buzzing with clippers . 

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. DerrickRiggs


      Yes, it did and I bled. I hate that. GRR!

    3. roboprobo


      Make sure you're applying a softer aftershave (pomade/after-lotion) so it doesn't get infected.

    4. Dentistclark


      Ouch, ouch, ouch!

  12. Watched TV Saturday and Arnold, Ferrigno, and the Barbarian Brothers were on TV.  Unrealistic that every guy in shaved down face-to-ankle. Hmm!



    1. Mdlftr


      ..or that so called "Barbarians" all have perfect teeth with no gaps or broken snaggly teeth!


      "Willing suspension of Disbelief" for the movies!


  13. Great slogan for me! Where do I sign up?

    tshirt slogan.jpg

  14. Shaved the beard last month.

    Got a short haircut last week. 

    What next??

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