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    All kinds of muscles; the athletic lean, the monstrously huge beasts, and everything in between. Muscles are the physical manifestation of a real man's hard work, determination, dedication, confidence and power; to me, they are much more tham just good to look at.<br /><br />
    <br /><br />
    Love muscle worship, domination, alphamale, strength displays and showing off, size difference, watching guys workout, flexing and loving their own muscles, being worshipped. I'm exclusively a sub/worshiper/bottom, serving, worshiping and admiring musclemen.<br /><br />
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    Other interests include, chatting and getting to know more people here, reading stories, drawing muscles, videogames and TV. Hoping to create a comic and video games someday
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    Chat, get to know more muscles studs and admirers and then artists. RP sometimes when I'm in the mood. Some workout tips and motivation.
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    Same weight but trading fats for lean muscles.
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    as long as there's muscle worship, flexing, show off, i'm good :D
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    which bodybuilder is not to love?
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    Plenty, I'm adventurous and eager to try new stuff.

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  1. Thanks man. No this the first time for me. My encounters are mostly like this one, where it is some encounter that is not a muscle worship session, turning into one.
  2. Did one this week that was a massage that turned into a worship session. A local skype friend was having some neck problems, so I offered to help him out with a neck and body massage. I got to worship and admire his body while I massaged this body. When it was time to work on his neck, we moved to his dressing area in his room, which had a huge full length mirror. He sat on a stool facing the mirror, completely naked with his hard cock dripping with precum. After working on his neck, I got completely distracted by his pecs, and ended up feeling and worshiping his pecs. Cupping, kissing, licking every inch of his pecs. He later let me worship the rest of his body, flexed for me, made me suck him while worshiping his muscles and more. We had to end the session short because he has to meet his bf, and was saving his cum for his bf during sex that night.
  3. (duplicate post, any mod that sees this, feel free to delete this)
  4. Happy New Year guys! Hope your this year everyone gets to achieve as many muscle worship goals as possible!
  5. I'm so fucking glad this thread getting some activity again, haha. I really love muscle and muscle worship, and I would like to share my thoughts. 1. As MuscleDaddyMark and Londonlad have pointed out, it is really difficult to find any bodybuilder (pro or not) who is truly into muscle worship, and not just looking to get paid for their bodybuilding expenses. My guess is that if you arent deep within the bodybuilding circles, you probably wont even find your unicorn. 2. For me, instead of looking for muscle worship, I try to steal as many opportunities to worship muscles whenever I can. Hook-ups apps, gay saunas/bath-houses, cruising, parties etc. Whenever I manage to score a hunky, muscular or even decently athletic guy, I would always make sure I try to worship their body during foreplay and even during sex. There's no need to keep going for the most muscular guys. As long as theres something you appreciate about the guy's physique, just go for it. 3. Look good. Sadly, the same superficial shit applies. Gotta give those hunks some reason to pay attention to you before they get to know the great muscle worshipper you are. Workout, dress-up, whatever. You dont need to look the best, but showing that you make an effort does go a long way. 4. Some muscular guys don't realise how much they like muscle worship until they actually experience first hand for themselves. So sneaking in some muscle worship during hookups some times do lead to a full on worship for me. Usually a good pec and nipple worship, kissing and licking and rubbing my face over every inch of his pecs, usually makes a good muscle guy moan and tempt him to do more. 5. Be patient, show appreciation and enthusiasm and dont just lust all over him. Admire the visual spectacle in front of you and compliment him as you go. Works of me. If the guy gives you the time to play with his body, he is probably a good muscle god candidate. If he brushes over this process and wants yo get into the fucking, then probably not worth your time worshipping. I had my muscle worship fun this way, despite not actually ever having a real and proper muscle worship session before. A guy even let me just jerk off to him flexing his muscles. I take what I can and hopefor the best.
  6. 1. I feel that it's hard to discuss about blog without knowing how the feature would be implemented into the existing site ? What form will it take on within the site? Is it an extra tab on your profile where you can make posts and people reply to it(mini blogspot within the site)? A forum sub section, where threads are individual blogs? Or would it look/function differently? 2. Whatever form this blog feature would take, my guess is that the people who would use this feature are Content creators (writers, artists, animators, photographers, or user who just wanna share their training, muscle growth journey updates, (NSFW) videos of flexing/worship/etc.) 3. This format would help put all the contents(from cross medium, like galleries photos and written stories) from one creator 'under one roof', and helps other users to access those contents more quickly and post their responses easily, without the need to search through forums/gallery/posts/threads. This would enable the content creators to keep track and be aware of the attention and responses for their works more easily. I think this feature would benefits these type of users the most. 4. If what I'm speculating so far is correct, the questions then becomes how many of the users here are and likely to become Content creators and are interested in ACTIVELY using this feature, and will this assist them in helping them better gaining of audience? Would this feature allow users to follow the creators they love? Would this encourage more users to start creating content themselves? Would people stick to this for long(uptake)? 5. As for the big picture, if this blog feature is added, does this add or remove any of the existing functionalities of the forum? Are the gonna be changes to how the forum works to remove redundancies? How helpful is this new setup to growing the MGF community as a whole? Would this bring about more content, more conversation, more interactions? Besides just mere posting and replying threads? Final words. I wanted to reply earlier but I wanted to gather my thoughts first. I really love the idea, I think it might be helpful for me, and it might give me the encouragement I need to do more muscle related art. Apologies if I have opened up more messy questions instead of answering. I hope this post helps.
  7. Thanks for following me.

  8. (Hey guys, this story is a collaboration by Mguy and Gaiser. We came up with the story, Mguy wrote it, I did the art work. I may be the one posting the story, please remember to credit and give your compliments to Mguy as well. Enjoy. Mguy: https://muscle-growth.org/profile/183-mguy/ ) Erik got to the gym later than most. It had been a long day at work. As usual he was the last to leave the office, working longer on his projects than anyone else. Not that his co-workers would notice as they routinely left him on his own, not trusting him to be able to think about anything but his next meal. This same isolating social behavior had dogged Erik since high school. Starting out small, Erik took to weights like a duck to water. It was only a matter of time before he fell in love with bodybuilding, and when he did, he fell hard. Never a social butterfly, the discipline required to be a success in bodybuilding isolated Erik at a time when his peers could be their cruelest. Though college was easier than high school on a social level, Erik stuck with his true love, the love of muscle. He took his body to the limits, broke through all barriers, and then went beyond until there was no going back. As he became big and then even bigger, Erik was able to get his way simply by using his muscles to intimidate and at times outright bully others. If people couldn’t appreciate what he had accomplished or shunned him because they thought he was a brainless musclehead, why not give them a taste of what they expected. ”The gym feels cool tonight,” thought Erik, "but I’ll be overheated and dripping with sweat inside of a quarter hour anyway." Walking down the hallway into the locker room, Erik felt like a gladiator entering the arena from the tunnel under the bleachers, the strong, chosen one, ready for all challenges. Erik was at his best when alone. He barely noticed that there was a new kid, who was working the late shift at the gym. As he passed the mirrors, Erik checked out the physique that would give any guy whiplash as he walked by. Erik raised his left arm, creating a peak of absolute perfection as the steely hard bicep bulged skyward. He swung the other arm into a stunning front double-biceps pose. Erik flexed his huge upper body followed by the sound of fabric tearing. His tight dress shirt, once capable of containing his torso, lost its ability to do so. Erik's 23.5 inch biceps exploded out of the seams. The tear in the sleeves grew and opened up like a peeling banana. He began twisting his wrists to show the thickness of his bowling pin forearms. Erik grabbed his left wrist and brought his arms under his chest for an outstanding side-chest pose. His flimsy shirt stretched to its limits as his huge pecs ballooned outwards. The buttons began to vibrate like a glass in an earthquake. Erik struck a jaw dropping lat-spread that defined the letter V. He then did an impressive most-muscular which ripped the shirt collar around his neck and exposed his mountainous trapezius muscles. His massive deltoids literally capped off the top of his V. Erik tore the remains of his shirt off tossing them in the trash not noticing that there was a new guy working the late shift and that he had seen everything. Erik turned his attention to his lower body. Removing his dress shoes, socks and slacks, he flexed his feet, calves and massive quads. He extended his right leg forward shaking his thigh into a rippling mass of superhuman muscle. His quads, like his biceps which filled out the shirt sleeve, filled out the shorts he has squeezed into. His calves were ripped and finished with feet that could only be described as equally ripped and muscular. Erik flexed his hamstrings bulging rearward and his rounded glutes which were high and tight and reeked of power. Before the mirror stood one god of a man: blond haired and 6'2, 265 lbs of rippled striated contest muscle that only top pros achieved – but better. At 25 years old, Erik was proud of his achievement. He flexed so hard that his veins were engorged with blood. Erik took pride in his well developed and defined abs which were hard and taut, forming an 8-pack with very well defined obliques. As Erik flexed, his red shorts grew tighter as his crotch bulged outward. Erik's glutes were stretching out the ass of his shorts. Erik was fucking pumped! He knew he could spew hot cum all over the mirror, but that would have to wait. First Erik needed to attack the weights which would reward him with the muscle he was so in love with. Erik set his bag down pulled out his water bottle, shake bottle, workout log, pen, sweat towel, gloves, and tank top. He slipped the top on adjusting it so that it fit snug accentuating each muscle on his torso and entered the gym. Erik moved through his workout with the precision of a skilled athlete. He instinctively knew what his body needed. An extra rep here and additional weight there. His body hummed like a powerful BMW. Nearing the end of his workout, Erik grabbed the 90 lb. Dumbbells , taking deep breaths…Clang! “Shit, that new kid banged some weights.” Erik looked over to see if the kid was OK and started over. Erik said to himself, "Focus. Fall back and leverage the weights above shoulders. How bad do you want it?" Nine reps. Rest for ten to fifteen deep breaths. Twelve, thirteen go! Heave the dumbbells up. At least four this time, dammit. AAARGH. Four. Drop the weights. Rest again. Longer. Fourteen deep breaths. Three reps, fouuuuuuur, slow slow slow down… fuck! Now extreme stretch with the 35s. Arms hanging off the sides of the bench. Stretched out like a crucifix. Fuck, the pec muscles feel like they are ripping off the sternum … pain… 58… 59… 60 seconds! Chest done! The workout complete. Erik sat up and flexed in the mirror. The tank top stretched so tight that you could see the upper pecs all engorged and vascular. Erik flexed again. He told himself that he wasn't showing off, but hell, yeah he was! "But it’s also good to squeeze and force the blood into the muscle after hitting it," Erik said to himself, "Most guys are too shy to do this, but fuck shy, fuck what anyone thinks. Is this not bodybuilding?" Erik thought about the other guys he had seen while working his way up just flailing about. Erik didn't look down on anyone, but if they want big muscles, why couldn't they be honest and train for that, instead of just doing the same useless crap over and over. Erik focused in the mirror and told himself, “I mean, Fuck! Look at me! You know what I am about. You see me train, and everything is focused on one goal: MASS. You gotta have it in you. They just don’t get it. They want to know my ‘secret’. Fuck Dudes! It’s a feeling, the way you move the weights. Takes years of dedication. Few guys make it that far.” By the time Erik left college, he knew he had crossed over. Erik was a stunning mountain of muscle. Erik peeled off his sweaty tank top, tossed it on the bench, and centered himself in the mirror. He brings his arms up for a front double biceps. Not bad, he says to himself, maybe arms farther back. Yeah, there it is. The peaks were high and sharp. Erik noticed that kid was looking on. “Damn!!!” was all the smaller man could muster. He looked at Erik's legs. “Fuck, your wheels are sick!” Erik jiggled his huge quad muscle like a huge piece of meat from one side to the other, then he tensed “Bam!” His thigh rippled into a solid, corded mass. Stupid bodybuilder tricks. Erik just smiled, and started over. Front double biceps, front lat spread, turn to the side, side chest pose, side triceps… Erik couldn't see his own back, but he did the poses anyway. He hit the “most-muscular” pose, and the look on that twinky gym employee’s face said it all! The kid straightened up shaking out the tension. He looked like he was deciding whether to flee, but in truth he was hooked. “Damn you look good! How much longer till your contest?” Erik gave himself an appraising look in the mirror and snarled, “Fuck! I do this for me!” “Well, you look… good now… to me… “Yeah? Who made you the expert? What’s your name?” "Tim." Tim was not here by chance. He had taken this job in the hopes of finding a big man. Tim wanted muscle – and lots of it. He was working this shift because he had heard about the mysterious mountain of muscle called Erik and needed to check him out for himself. As Tim watched Erik in the mirrors, he took a look at himself in one of the mirrors. He was medium height, on the thin side, but tight and nicely defined. His legs were a little thicker than you would expect from the size of the rest of him, because he was a dedicated biker. His hair was closely cropped and was a light brown color. From an early age, Tim had been fascinated by musclemen, he collected old comics, but paid more attention to the Weider ads in the back of comics than he did to the Marvel superheroes. He had a collection of muscle magazines and YouTube clips, but he always hungered for the real thing. A few times he had been lucky enough to meet up with a guy who was muscular, but only once or twice were they really into showing off. Tim loved the thought of a big strong man posing for him, getting off on how much Tim was turned on by the muscle display. He didn't have to be Mr. Olympia – though that would be great! – he just had to have an attitude! When he first saw Erik enter tonight, Tim's heart immediately started hammering in his chest. The man's back was wide from the sweep of well-developed lats, and tapered down to a taut looking waist. The stud's triceps flexed slightly as his arms swung at his sides as he swaggered down the hall. Thick deltoids capped his torso, and as he turned the corner Tim got a quick look at a broad chest. Tim continued following the guy ahead, and his cock was already beginning to fill out a little. When Tim turned the corner he saw that the big man finishing his work out, he was hooked. Watching Erik pose, Tim could make out the definition of the slightly flexed thick quad muscles and a nicely defined six pack which gave way to the thick muscles of his pecs. Tim guessed that Erik was a tad taller than his 5'10", and far outweighed him and all of that was muscle! Eric looked at Tim, and then he tensed his arm straight down. If Tim had been impressed with the rippling triceps before, now that the horseshoe was fully flexed he became excited. Even from this distance Tim could see the veins in the guy's forearms starkly revealed, and the tie-in between the delts and the triceps was like a chasm between two mountains of muscle. Tim's mouth was dry. He didn't want to get his hopes up, but this guy was so hot. As Erik stared into the mirror, he realized that Tim was quite good looking and had a good build, but there was something else. Erik sensed that Tim had a profound appreciation of muscle. A few more poses validated that thought. Tim was in awe. And what's more – the growing mound in his shorts proved it. Having done every conceivable pose, Erik's body was pumped! All of his muscles bulged with power. Erik knew he had done well as he left the gym and headed to the showers. Tim followed Erik, this time even more in unafraid of the pumped physique that stood before him. Tim started to slowly walk toward the beefy man, who suddenly turned his way, now with a little smirk on his face. Eric immediately flexed his pecs. Tim sucked in his breath as he saw them bunch up into humps of sexy muscle. Erik's arms rested at a different angle than they had before, pushed out by his flared back, and his steps had taken on a rolling gait so that his thighs could get around each other. In the shower, Erik lifted his face to the spray, feeling his biceps flex and grow as he brushed his hair back. Slowly, he let his hands roam down his water-slick body, feeling his pecs as they heaved with each breath. He gently squeezed his left nipple with his right hand, and then twisted it fiercely, gasping with pain and pleasure. The muscle beneath his flesh was rock-hard, his chest two massive slabs. As his right hand played with his nipple, his left dropped below his rib cage, moving up and down his abs, feeling each mound. He flexed, stretched, then flexed again, his whole body absorbed with the pleasure and the feeling of this pumped muscles. He was oblivious to everything as his right hand left his chest and slowly grasped and squeezed his hard dick. A lightning bolt of pleasure filled him at the contact, and slowly he began to stroke. His dick was long and thick. It pulled at his groin and was such an incredible sight which grew with every lengthened stroke. It felt so sexy, and that with his pumped up muscle, made him feel so masculine and powerful. He felt like there was nothing he couldn’t do. The only thoughts in his mind were about how good this felt. His breathing and stroking sped up, as he realized that his whole body felt made for this, for the approaching orgasm. He felt like someone had injected pure sex into his body. The weight of his body and cock made him feel like a lumbering giant, a beast of raw sexual energy, sated for now, but he could feel the stirrings of arousal rising in him. Erik opened his eyes and saw Tim buck naked outside the shower and staring at him, his own hand covering his mound. Erik opened his eyes and grinned lustfully at Tim. "I know you want to touch me," the hunk said. Tim tore his eyes away from the huge muscles and looked Erik in the eyes. "Can I?" "I don't know. What makes you think you are worthy to touch these muscles?" “Fuck!! I am a complete muscleaddict!" "Yeah I can tell," Erik said, and smirked. “I’ll bet you dreamed about meeting someone like me." Tim's heart was pounding. "Oh Fuck, yes!" "Your dream is about to come true,” said Erik, as he flexed his pecs and spread his thick lats. Without waiting for a reply, Erik reached down and grabbed Tim's perky ass in his hands and lifted the smaller man up. Tim placed his hands around Erik’s thick muscular neck and wrapped his legs around his waist. Erik stood in the shower and held Tim up with ease. Tim felt the powerful trapezius muscles as he slid his hands down and moved one over to Erik's shoulder. Tim was getting excited by the feel of the solid flesh underneath his hand. He thought of the power contained in those muscles. “Check out this bicep,” Erik said. He raised his arm out straight and clenched his fist. Tim saw the cords in Erik's forearm appear. Then Erik suddenly brought his fist toward his shoulder and the bicep muscle jumped and thickened into a hard, round mass. There was a small knot on top; Erik worked hard for that great peak on his bicep. Tim felt his mouth going dry as Erik relaxed his arm, then slowly flexed it again, so that the bicep contracted just inches away from Tim's face. "So what do you think?" Erik asked. “Fuck it’s so thick!” Tim said. "Yeah, and cut too. Look at that vein crossing the top there. Just waiting for your tongue." Erik needed no further invitation and his face dove toward the muscle in front of him. He traced the length of the vein as Erik whispered, "Suck it boy.” Tim placed his mouth on the hard peak of muscle which flowed under his lips as Erik relaxed and flexed it a few times. Erik lifted up his arm and Tim’s mouth instinctively travelled down to the hairy pit that was revealed. Tim rubbed his nose and face there, breathing in the musty male scent. Tim’s eyes were wide open as he continued his exploration of Erik's hard body. His hot mouth moved over to Erik's rippling right pec, and the big man tensed it so that it hardened underneath his lips. "Suck my tits, boy! Work this big man's chest!" Tim felt Erik's hand clamp onto the back of his head and then his face was pressed against the unyielding pec muscle. Tim's head was surrounded by muscle as Erik worked his arm behind his head and smashed his face into the side of his muscular chest, and into the armpit. After breathing in the musky scent of Erik’s pit, Tim had to gasp for air through his mouth, not wanting to let go of the nipple he had been sucking on, but needing to breathe nonetheless. Tim reached his hand up to run along Erik's side and around his back as far as he could reach. "Yeah feel those lats. Wide as a handball court," said Erik. He arched his back slightly and spread his lats, which Tim now stroked on both sides. "God, you are so hot!" Tim moaned. "I could feel your muscles all night long." "I bet you could, little man," Erik replied. "A fucking stud flexing, posing – you would spend all week worshipping me if I let you." Tim had a raging hard on at this point. His 7 inch dick was pulsing, pressed hard against Erik’s pecs. His cock stuck out stiffly, a bead of pre-cum glistening at the piss slit. Erik reached over and brushed Tim's hand aside and squeezed Tim's cockhead. After that, Tim was lost to sensation. Erik smirked and said, "Not bad for a little guy,” but in reality, Tim had reached a depth that Erik didn't know existed. Erik knew how to build muscle, but Tim masterfully worked them into a sexual frenzy. Erik lowered Tim he pressed his fingers around Tim’s cock. Tim’s hand brushed against the ridges of the abdominal muscles that rose above the Erik’s pubic hairs. Erik’s cock was not quite erect yet. Tim watched as it grew longer and thicker. It was a beauty, very thick around with a large mushroom head that was a deep purple as more blood pumped into the cock. Veins ran along the shaft, as prominent as the veins that ran along Erik's forearms. Tim saw the heavy balls hanging amid a bush of pubic hair. Tim attempted to encircle the big tool with the fingers of his right hand, while his left continued to play along Erik's solid midsection. The sensations from Erik’s cock and his muscles melded together exploding into a sexual sensation that Erik never experienced. As Erik had been talking Tim had continued to stroke Erik's cock until it was its full rigid length, at least two inches longer than Tim's and much bigger around. Tim looked up from the cock into Erik's eyes. "I will do anything you want, just as long as you flex for me, pose and show off for me, and keep talking!" "For starters, get on your knees before your musclegod," Erik said. Tim immediately dropped down and pressed his cheek against one of Erik’s heavy thighs. His hand caressed Erik's calf muscle, which felt like a rock when Erik stood on his toes to flex it. "You know what to do boy," Erik said coldly. Tim slid his face across the muscular leg, appreciating the definition of the quads, until he was facing the stiff cock. He opened his mouth wide and started to take the dick in. A drop of pre-cum on the tongue tasted slightly salty as Tim took the whole tool into his mouth. Then he began to suck on the big man's dick, taking the balls in one hand while his other felt along the semi-flexed quad muscle of Erik's right leg. "Ooh yeah, baby, you like to suck a muscleman's cock. Love to give me head, make this man feel good." "Mmmmmm," came out of Tim's throat as he continued to work on the rod. He looked up and saw that Erik was looking down at him. Erik's thick pecs jutted out over the rippling ab muscles and Tim reached a hand up to stroke the bottom of the heavy chest muscles. Erik brought his arms up and did a double biceps pose, which made Tim start to emit high pitched snorts. "Jesus, what a stud this guy turned out to be!" Tim thought. "Look at those fucking arms. They are so strong, the way he picked me up like I was nothing!" Erik pulled Tim up to his feet, and the smaller man actually felt wobbly from the intensity of the experience. Erik wrapped his big arms around Tim and squeezed him tightly. Then he brought his face down and started a long passionate kiss. Their tongues were swirling against each other, Erik’s tongue thrusting into Tim's mouth. During the kiss Erik looked directly into Tim's eyes. Erik was hooked. Tim had the whole cock slick with saliva, and had been jerking the base of it while he tongued the purple head. Now Erik put his hands on the sides of Tim's head and pushed Tim forward all the way on his dick. Tim started to gag a little, but then he was able to get a breath and keep up the suction as Erik grabbed his head and held it in place while he used his hips to thrust his cock down Tim's throat. Tim's nose was being slammed into the bush above Erik's cock every time the muscle man powered his crotch forward. He took in deep breaths of the acrid smell and once more tried to look upward. He was grabbing onto Erik's thick thighs to help keep his balance from the onslaught of Erik's hard thrusts. “Enjoying your face fuck?" Erik asked. “Big muscleman shoving his horsedick into your mouth, so you get an idea of what power can do. Yeah, take this cock all the way. I said all the way!" and Erik rammed his dick extra hard into Tim's eager mouth. "Oh yeah man, stroke my balls so I can work up a big load for you. Big load of cum to shoot into your cocksucking mouth. Service this muscleman like he deserves. Oh yeah, feel it, dude. Feel my cum getting ready to shoot. I see you watching me, big fucking muscles flexed, know that you love it man, love to suck a muscleman's dick. Shit, feel my nuts tightening up, here if comes! Unh, unh, UNH, aww FUCK!" Tim felt the first gush of cum out of Erik's cock and made a whimpering noise. He kept his lips firmly clamped around the dick as Erik bucked and squirted more jism into his mouth. Tim was surprised that Erik's leg muscles got even harder as they flexed during his orgasm. As the cum kept squirting into him, Tim looked up again at the rolling ab muscles just above his head, rippling each time Erik shot, his dick now shoved all the way down Tim’s throat. "Shit! Drink my cum," Erik commanded as he pressed Tim's face against his crotch. Finally he released his hold, but Tim kept the slowly softening dick in his mouth. "Oooh yeah, I knew that you would be a good cocksucker. Here's a little reward for you," Erik said. Then he stepped back so that Tim had to reluctantly let Erik's cock slip out of him, a thread of cum and saliva dripping off it. As Tim, still on his knees, looked up, Erik did his version of a most muscular pose. The muscles seemed to explode on his body: striations fanning across his pecs, the three heads of the deltoid muscles starkly exposed, Erik's dense biceps hardened into baseballs, and everywhere a network of veins lay beneath the thin skin. Tim grabbed his own cock in his hand and started jerking it. It felt like he had a nightstick in his hand. He was so turned on from the face fucking service he had just given that this final display of raw muscle was all it took to have him shooting his load after fisting his cock just a few times. The cum flew out of his rigid boner further than he had ever shot before. Landing on Erik’s solid wall of bricks. "You fucking hot animal!" Tim gasped. His eyes were darting everywhere, trying to catch every inch of flexed muscle, and then they lingered on Erik’s face. Erik had a smile again, that look of superiority that made Tim's balls pump as hard on the fourth squirt as they did on the first. Erik stood straight up, flexed his right arm, and sticking his tongue out, licked along the hump of muscle as he looked out of the corner of his eye at Tim. Tim moaned as the last drops of cum dribbled out of his dick. Erik pulled Tim up to his feet, and the smaller man actually felt wobbly from the intensity of the experience. Erik wrapped his big arms around Tim and squeezed him tightly. Again, Erik brought his face down to Tim’s and he locked his lips onto Tim’s and gave him a long, passionate kiss. Erik looked directly into Tim's eyes again, but this time with a tenderness that belied his strength. He knew he had found his man. When Erik released Tim from his grip, Tim raised one hand so that it rested lightly against the huge pec of the man before him. He had also found his man. His muscleman! "God, that was so hot. Fuck you are my fantasy come true! I could give you the adoration you really deserve at my place," Tim said. Erik smiled and said, "Sure, why not?” Erik thought to himself, “Who knew a fucking twink could be so hot!”
  9. I'll be working in a collab with Mguy. We'll take the 18th.
  10. Thanks for the responses guy, but I think my original intention for my opening post is missed (I may be wrong, do let me know). I was only referring to making friends and not necessarily for hooking up/sex/worship etc. I think I will edit for more clarity. I know that there are many people (admirers and such) who are into muscles for various reasons, but the question was for those truly into muscle and wants to start a genuine friendship/ establishing a connection with a musclestud, and looking for tips and tricks to express our interests to them and not appear as cringing muscle-obsessed. (I assume to make friends, leaving urges at the door was a given, but I guess it's a good advice nonetheless) Sadly, I do have to agree that the odds are indeed stacked against the non-muscled admirer, and musclestuds do hold all the power. Thus, the purpose of this thread, is the help the truly muscle-sexual guys to show that they have interests for the musclestuds beyond just their physique and get a chance to know them better. (I hope this helps ><) The Netflix and chill is pretty good idea. Haha
  11. So I've chatted with a few other members here about a thread that would help admirers/fans get to know and make friends with muscular guys and vice versa. Many of us would love to take the first step of becoming genuine friends, without trying to seem creepy or stalker-like or offensive. I'm also sure there are musclestuds here hoping to find their admirers/fans/worshipers of their physiques. I hope this thread can discuss the different tips, tricks, advice, warnings etc. The musclestuds here give some insights to what topics they like brought up during encounters with strangers, and the fans/admirers can share any successful tricks to getting the attention of musclestuds. I'm sorry if this thread seems vague, and there's plenty of ways this discussion can evolve, but I'm hoping to just kick start something helpful. Any thoughts/opinions are welcomed.
  12. This is definitely what I will do, if I'm ever lucky to find a partner, let alone a partner who is built...
  13. Just boarded a train and saw a real Muscle Beast, in a loose tank top, revealing practically all his muscles . What a sight! Wanted to get close but was too scared that appear like a creeper.

  14. Hi everyone, fellow fan of games here I don't really have a fixed genre of game that I tie myself to, just enjoy which ever game I can my hands on. I love game design and development, and I'm currently trying to create my own game. Here is a suggestion: Why not create a group, where members can organize and host regular(weekly/monthly etc) "Game Nights" for players to gather, play a multiplayer games have fun together. Members can even sort themselves into different threads for different platforms games (steam, b.net, PSN, XBL etc.) and players can discuss how often to meet or suggest games titles to play. I think this is a good excuse for more interaction and get to know one another better beyond this thread. There may be potentials issues (like members using shared accounts etc), so there need for dedicated group admin(s) to discuss and draft some rules to address these issues. Just a thought
  15. Make me your Altar Boy, Musclegods :)

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