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  1. EeveeDixit

    snapchat muscles

  2. Thanks for the follow, and welcome to the Superstrength & Crushing Club.

  3. EeveeDixit

    Story with Legs strength and/or headscissors

    Where can I find it ?
  4. Does anyone know a story where a guy scissors, or headscissors another one. Or a story with feats of legs strength ?
  5. EeveeDixit

    Punch on Abs of Steel

    The link don't work
  6. EeveeDixit

    Punch on Abs of Steel

    Damn ! I love i. Always a fan of feats of strengh like that. There is this too where the red guy has bullet proofed abs. Sorry it's very brieve
  7. EeveeDixit

    Punch on Abs of Steel

    Yeah I've seen it. Do you now where I can found other things like that. Blogs ?
  8. EeveeDixit

    Punch on Abs of Steel

    Does anyone has a scene of a movie/tv-show, a story, a picture, a comics, or gif where person A punch Person B'abs and for Person A it's like to punch bricks. In short something like the gif
  9. EeveeDixit

    Rule34 Stories

    There are Deadpool8111 works : http://archiveofourown.org/series/49728 It's three Supernatural fanfiction (they are another one who's similar, you can found it in the autor profil's), Basically Sam and Dean go into a mansion, and they get curse by witches. It's really really good, they are muscle growth, one get like a bodybuilder, the other get less huger, but he become hairier. It's M/M Go see yourself, I can't do a good summary but I think a lot of people here gonna like it. Sorry for bad english

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