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  1. Gymaddict78

    Miami Pro UK

    My bad. Typical Brit with zero geographical knowledge.
  2. Gymaddict78

    Miami Pro UK

    You’d fly from Sweden to do that?
  3. Gymaddict78

    Miami Pro UK

    Ha don’t let the pump fool you. But thank you.
  4. Gymaddict78

    Miami Pro UK

  5. Gymaddict78

    Miami Pro UK

    Buddy you definitely should. You would smash it with your conditioning 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
  6. Gymaddict78

    Miami Pro UK

    Same buddy. I have prepped for holidays and photo shoots. I need a target or else I find my training/diet is unfocused and drifts somewhat. Also a show means I'll have to step up a lot. I would hate it if I turned into meme.
  7. Gymaddict78

    Miami Pro UK

    Hey has anyone competed at or even just attended the Miami Pro events in the U.K.? I'm thinking of entering the over 35's fitness model competition in the Autumn and was wondering if anyone has any useful experiences they would be prepared to share. This was me last August. I'm hoping that I will have added a couple of kg of muscle by October. Cheers guys
  8. do you have instagram? :)

  9. Awesome build mate. Keep doing what you're doing.

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    2. John200


      I'll trade some size for some of your conditioning..

    3. Gymaddict78


      Omg happily. To walk a day in your shorts would be awesome. 

    4. John200


      You wouldn't. They smell.

  10. Looking hella solid and ripped dude! :)

  11. Hi, how are you...

    what you looking for?

  12. What a beautiful body!  Would love to know more about you.  Where do you live?

  13. You have done an amazing job with that cut!


    1. Gymaddict78


      Thanks mate. Appreciate the support. I'm really pleased with how it's gone. Ok, I'm feeling small but that's goes with the territory I guess. 

  14. Logged on and checked out your new avatar.  Damn good set of abs!  The effect was  pretty instant.:)


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    2. Gymaddict78
    3. Mguy


      Thanks Muscleinatl.

    4. Muscleinatl


      I just call them as I see them.  Lol.


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