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  1. Not ridiculous at all @ravenweremuscle!!! That is totally the goal. Massive ballooning pecs full and heavy that scrape my chin. My goal is a muscle rack like beastpup! One that I can flex with him pec to pec and hold my own. I have this pic that I look at most days before my chest session for motivation. I still have a very long way to achieve what he did 😳
  2. Thanks! Still a long way from big enough though. I’m going to keep pumping it until am a massive pile of freaky muscle
  3. Around 98kg at the moment which is lighter for me. Like to be about 105kg
  4. Thanks mate. I’m nearly ready for the 2xl shirt
  5. I would love to do that @ravenweremuscle. Just train chest all day only breaking to eat. I’ve done a session like that for arms before. Had a friend who pushed me for the day. Got 4 x 1 hour sessions in through the day hitting biceps triceps and forearms.Stopping to steam room massage if needed and eat. By the end I couldn’t even feel the pump. My arms were just thick bloated numb logs
  6. Glad you like it! Sometimes it becomes really difficult to concentrate at work when I’m letting the testosterone build up. Yesterday I trained chest with a massive dose of creatine and glutamine both before and after my session. Had a press decent carb load before and a massive 5 hours of post workout eating before bed. I woke up and my pecs felt nearly as full and pumped as when I walked out of the gym. Here I am now at work and it feels like every movement my arms make seems to contract and bounce my pecs under my tee. My nips are hyper sensitive and the DOMS is really starting to set in to my pecs. I’ve been trying to satisfy the pecs by flexing them and massaging them in the office when I get a chance to be alone. It wasn’t enough. I had to take a long lunch and race down to the gym to do extra chest work. The chest press machine and fly machine are perfect placed next to each other super sets. So Istarted moderate weight getting to that heavy as fuck can only push out 4 or five reps. Then worked my way back up the stacks lightening up each time until the last set was 40 reps of press and 35 of flys. But my pecs weren’t satisfied yet. I went down to change quickly. Struggling to get a tiny tank off. When I looked in the mirror I was gobsmacked by the pump I had achieved in only 40 min with two exercises. Massive full heavy pecs looking back at me. Nips overly sensitive and aching from the tightness and the cool breeze running over them. It was pretty quiet in the changing room so I started hitting some poses and flexing as hard as I possible. One guy said go easy there mate. And the guy next to him said you don’t get to that size going easy. I looked down and the bulge in my pants was massive. Everything was aching with pleasure and pain. But I still have to train back tonight so held out on any release. Back at work I shoveled in food and spent the afternoon taking bathroom breaks in the disabled bathrooms so I could get my shirt off and flex
  7. My morning routine used to be pretty easy. Toast, shower, dressed for work. Since I’ve grown I’ve had to allow a lot more time in the mornings to get ready. Wondering if anyone else experiences the same. Pretty much starts from the moment I walk in the bathroom. I see the way the down lighting hits my pecs and casts a nice shadow under them. I usually just turn Sid to side seeing how thick things are looking without a pump or a flex. The pecs start bouncing almost like a reflex to the reflection. Feeling the weight of them rise and fall starts the aching for a pump. I try to put it out of my mind and start brushing my teeth but it imposssible to ignore the progress in the shape of my arms. Veins running the length of my biceps and spider webed around my forearms. At this point is as if the muscle takes control of my plans. My pecs are aching to feel the tightness of a pump so I drop and hit a set of 50 pressups as quickly as I can. I will check the progress in the mirror. Usually a combination of pec bounching to feel the weight and long hard posing to push in as much blood as possible. But it’s not enough. I prop my feet up on the bed and start long slow incline press ups hitting more of the upper pecs. Now I’m feeling the tightness and the blood flowing into them. Straight back to the mirror and I already notice that my inner pecs is deeper, fuller and tighter. I start really flexing the hell out of a most muscular abs see the pecs traps delts and biceps bulging. Veins starting to thicken up and bulge across them. I start hitting side chest. I’m sure you have noticed from my albums that this is one of my favourite poses. I notice the upper pec fuller since last week and a bit higher. I pull my shoulder back and see the outer sweep of my pec pressing against the skin and casting a nice shadow. As usual though it’s not enough. I wrap a thick resistance band around my back and drop to do another set of press ups. I enter a trance of muscle and counting and before I know it I’ve dropped at 75 reps and for the first time notice the raging vascular skin splitting erection. I stand up and hit a lay spread admiring the full package. Wide delts, lats hanging low, square pecs the thick quad sweep and a massive erection begging to be grabbed and jacked. I start grabbing my pecs and squeezing them. Flexing my biceps as hard as possible until they cramp while I grab them as hard as possible with my grip. Anything to distract myself from my cock that’s starting to drip. I have a choice..... give in and jack or hold off and experience being consumed by muscle for the rest of the day. I think a lot of guys go with the first option but I want to grow. I hold off today and use it to build up to an explosive workout later in the day. I know it’s going to make it hard to concentrate at work. I’ll be thinking about that workout all day and shoveling food in constantly to prepare for that workout but it’s worth it for an extra inch or kg.
  8. Hell yes your a bodybuilder! Youve been looking like one for a long time now. When you hit those pecs or spread those lats no one would question in. And then there’s the massive sweeping quads you have built
  9. Awesome build and progress man.

    1. Mrman


      Thanks!! Good to see your on here where you belong @beefynmuscled

    2. beefynmuscled


      Ya man, I'm pretty new here. Didn't know about this site. I have to say that u got REALLY big since last time I saw your pics. Great job bro. I envy your size!

  10. Great pics. I'm loving your physique.

  11. i just ignore it and finish my set. If people want to look that's their problem
  12. Long slow press ups are awesome combo with weed. It's like you can feel all the fibres in your pecs tearing down. Then flexing between set making them swell even more. Or try put your feet up on a chair when you do them and give your upper pecs an epic pump
  13. Your profile sounds like the kind of person I want to know. I really want to try pump my cock. It's decent but I want it ridiculous 

    1. EnormousMuscle


      You and I definitely have some wonderful, deep stuff in common!  Email me all about your interests and let's discuss the possibilities.  I'm at [email protected]  I'm definitely open to a real relationship with someone like you if we're compatible enough.


      BIG ZON

    2. EnormousMuscle


      Ridiculous, huh?  Yeah, I think ridiculous is just magnificent, buddy.  So tell me about yourself.  You live in California like I do?  How big do you want to be if you could have any size at all?  I like to get to know where a guy's passions are at.  How hardcore about your training and your pumping, etc. are you prepared to be?  I'm interested.

  14. Damn dude! You are seriously blowing up! Love the size and thickness. 

  15. Huge guy, one of the few real bodybuilders on here!

    1. Mrman


      Thanks mate.... I try my best to get big and stay reasonably tight

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