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  1. Mrman

    Self Reflection

    Hell yes your a bodybuilder! Youve been looking like one for a long time now. When you hit those pecs or spread those lats no one would question in. And then there’s the massive sweeping quads you have built
  2. Awesome build and progress man.

    1. Mrman


      Thanks!! Good to see your on here where you belong @beefynmuscled

    2. beefynmuscled


      Ya man, I'm pretty new here. Didn't know about this site. I have to say that u got REALLY big since last time I saw your pics. Great job bro. I envy your size!

  3. Great pics. I'm loving your physique.

  4. Thanks for the follow big guy.

    1. Mrman


      Thanks. I'm a huge fan of yours. Your size is awesome especially your pecs. I want to get mine like that over the next few months 

    2. Vinny190


      That's a big compliment - it'll get me through my dreaded leg session tonight. Thanks.

    3. Mrman


      Squat till you drop!

  5. Mrman

    That Testosterone Rush

    i just ignore it and finish my set. If people want to look that's their problem
  6. Mrman

    Swole and High

    Long slow press ups are awesome combo with weed. It's like you can feel all the fibres in your pecs tearing down. Then flexing between set making them swell even more. Or try put your feet up on a chair when you do them and give your upper pecs an epic pump
  7. Your profile sounds like the kind of person I want to know. I really want to try pump my cock. It's decent but I want it ridiculous 

    1. EnormousMuscle


      You and I definitely have some wonderful, deep stuff in common!  Email me all about your interests and let's discuss the possibilities.  I'm at [email protected]  I'm definitely open to a real relationship with someone like you if we're compatible enough.


      BIG ZON

    2. EnormousMuscle


      Ridiculous, huh?  Yeah, I think ridiculous is just magnificent, buddy.  So tell me about yourself.  You live in California like I do?  How big do you want to be if you could have any size at all?  I like to get to know where a guy's passions are at.  How hardcore about your training and your pumping, etc. are you prepared to be?  I'm interested.

  8. Damn dude! You are seriously blowing up! Love the size and thickness. 

  9. Huge guy, one of the few real bodybuilders on here!

    1. Mrman


      Thanks mate.... I try my best to get big and stay reasonably tight

  10. Welcome to the forums Mrman :)