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  1. wjlepetomane

    Billy Herrington's death

  2. wjlepetomane

    Strong teen with scientist guardian

    Thanks. My phrase does go with the story you mentioned, but it's not that story. There were no deaths in the one I described. Just a teenager showing off his strength.
  3. Does anyone know where I can find a two-part story about a strong teen who has a scientist guardian? The first part of the story had the teen showing off his strength to a group of journalists, one of whom was mocking him. The teen and his guardian were staying at a hotel where the teen showed off his strength to a young man who worked there. The second part was the teen meeting up with the journalist who mocked him and crushing his handheld tape recorder and camera in his hands. Thanks.
  4. wjlepetomane

    "F.Y. Corporate America" shirt ripping clip(s)

    Found the video. http://mymusclevideo.com/53303/mafiaartist-with-longer-hair/#.V3R2bbgrK00
  5. wjlepetomane

    "F.Y. Corporate America" shirt ripping clip(s)

    Are you talking about Mafiaartist?

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