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  1. It's called the Facility by AbsMan420 and it's in the Story Archive. https://archive2007.muscle-growth.org/stories/3926.html
  2. This is technically my story, my friend VGA518 just forgot to post all the relative info in the top before the story. Just wanted to let people know who actually wrote the story. VGA518 is my editor of sorts. I type them out very fast and then save and quit. I usually don't look back. I have SO many that I've written that VGA518 now edits them for me and posts them. ?
  3. My new story titled Muscle Pack edited by VGA518 is up in the Stories section. Check it out ;-)

  4. Yeah I give @vga518 all my stories when I'm done and he edits and changes things. I have a crap load of stories that I had given him.
  5. Thanks again @vga518 I get SO many story ideas in my head that I type them out SO fast. I have my friend @vga518 look them over. I usually just type them out and save them and then let them sit on my hard drive doing nothing. It's nice to finally get them out onto the forum. ;-)
  6. I'm not joining the Discord channel and I don't role play. No amount of pestering me is gonna change that. Doing so is gonna make me leave perma. Sorry but I needed to get that off my chest. 

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. CaptainMuscle


      I don't mean to be mean about it. But wholly crap I get SO many people asking to role play and it's gotten to the point where I wanna scream. I went into the Discord server and it took all of 1.5 minutes to get 2 people wanting to role play. Like NO that's not what Discord is for. It's a gaming voice chat.

    3. ThatWeremuscleGuy


      True about the gaming. Of course you know that if you are a member here as well, you are going to get people from here wanting to talk as well.

    4. CaptainMuscle


      Oh yeah of course, I don't mind chit chat but role playing I do not do. LOL

  7. Thanks! VGA518 is my editor. I have this flow of stories in my head and pound them out very quickly. I never look at my grammar or sentence structure. When I'm done I hand them off to VGA518 to proof. I have SO many stories it's nucking futs. ;-)
  8. I could watch your profile photo on repeat forEVER!  Thanks for that. 

    btw...msg me and let me know your fetishes, big guy.  I'd love to know.

    1. CaptainMuscle


      SO sorry, I literally just saw your post. Thanks! LOVE pec bounching, LOL. 

    2. MuscleStrengthFreak


      yeah, man.  pec bouncing is damn hot.  love to do it, and i love even more to watch a guy doing it...could watch nonstop.

  9. It sucks when you have to say goodbye to a friend and not just like the everyday kinda bye I mean like have a good life kinda bye.

    1. mikecanuck13


      it's incredibly sad.  I had this happen just last night. hurts deep.    /hugs

    2. argomac


      Sorry to hear it man

  10. Love your profile pic, man!  major WOOF.

    1. CaptainMuscle


      Oh it's not me. LOL It's a random pic I found on the internet. Thanks though. ;-)

    2. MuscleStrengthFreak


      hey...still hot as hell.  you have good taste!  cheers!

  11. Sorry I have no way to contact me. I HATE yahoo messenger with a passion. If you really wanna talk to me I can give you my email and if you have an iPhone you can use iMessage. OR use Facebook Messenger (you don't need a profile to use it).

    1. musclevirus


      Do you have   Skype?

    2. CaptainMuscle


      No I don't cause I don't have a camera or cam for it.

  12. I'm looking for stories where the main male character gets turned into a barbarian. I know of one but for the life of me can't remember the name. If you could help me and maybe list others that would be peachy keen! Please and a hardy thank you! ;-)
  13. I love these stories! I've been reading them here and there when I remember to. I keep forgetting to post my response in here LOL. I hope they continue as well there all awesome.
  14. I'm the writer of the story and love when people have feedback. With this story and the last story I typed them short for a reason. I really was testing the waters. I have alot of stories that I have written but never posted. Just typed out and then saved away cause of the ideas in my head. A story idea that is in my head stays there forever until I type it out. I had my friend post them so I can figure some stuff out. My next story is going to be a lot longer. I really wanted to see what people would say about my story ideas and how they liked them before I start a long one. ;-D
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