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  1. idealmuscle

    I am the god, you refuse to love

  2. idealmuscle

    The History of Human Muscle

    Awesome. When's the next post? I can't wait to read it.
  3. idealmuscle

    The History of Human Muscle

    I love this story. There's something really refreshing about it. I've got to be honest. I prefered the earlier scenes with the muscle growth more. Will there be any more in the next chapter?
  4. idealmuscle

    New Theme, Shoutbox, & Upcoming Logo Contest

    Don't like this theme at all. Last colour was clean and slick. This looks like crap lol sorry... Please can we have a function to change back to old theme. Thanks.
  5. idealmuscle

    Body To Match The Package

    Not to keen on the smoking part.
  6. idealmuscle

    A new kind of power source: Part 1

    Awesome. When can we expect the next part?
  7. idealmuscle

    Brothers Magic

    Can you link to it?
  8. Hi fella, loving the new look forum. Big fan of jacked up muscle guys myself. Love cartoon muscle inflation also.


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