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  1. acd889

    Twelve Stories of Muscle Growth (Four)

    hehe great stuff 😀
  2. acd889

    Flexing and pumping

    I am convinced that consistent, intense flexing has a supplementary, positive effect on size & vascularity. 🤨
  3. acd889

    Incredible Hulk

  4. acd889

    Incredible Hulk

    this one in particular .. it's pretty awesome how he comes back in and just dominates those guys, taking his time, extended flex-taunting.. and Lou's just ripped.
  5. acd889

    Just Add Water

    Agree with previous responses -- this is really great, hope you keep writing! Really sexy stuff. 😉
  6. acd889

    Weight Gain and Weight Loss

    Thanks for posting, this is a great read and it takes courage to share detail like that. I'm 46 and have only really had any muscle on me for a couple years, and can't help but wonder where I'd be if I'd gotten more serious about it before turning 40 (...before turning 30? 25?). Point being - you're absolutely right, it's never too late. If you have decent health care, I can't recommend enough that you verify your endocrine system is in balance (pituitary, thyroid, adrenals, testicles/testosterone). From what I've seen personally and via endless forum surfing, you will waste a lot of energy chasing your goals if glandular imbalances are left unaddressed. Good luck!
  7. Just had to jump in here and say, Dave we are verrry similar and I love how you described this. I feel exactly the same. This is not meant in any way to be derogatory some sort of brag, but I feel like *true* muscle fetishism means being turned on by *any* display of unusual muscularity whether male, female, or on one's self. This is usually the definition of sthenolagnia .. "sexual arousal from displays of strength or muscles" Honestly sometimes it feels like a curse because I am so uncontrollably fascinated and aroused by muscular displays. I identify as straight (despite what my profile might say this week, or next week, etc ) because when it comes to actual, live sexual contact it's women that turn me on by default, and they don't have to be muscular. But I am also turned on by most muscular men, and I would get off worshiping their muscles, and yet .. don't feel an urge for sex with them. Same arousal really when I'm getting attention for my own physique. <sigh> it's very complicated, like Dave said.... any case, it's very cool to have a forum to air this stuff out with others who feel the same urges, sometimes the same way, sometimes differently but there's always that unifying base-level fascination we have in common.
  8. acd889

    Steven's muscle building project Ch.1

    great stuff, keep goin!
  9. acd889

    Today's Gripe: Gym Etiquette

    Adding to that - how about when there are used towels ALL OVER THE PLACE in the locker room. sheeesh, people, how hard is it??
  10. acd889

    Today's Gripe: Gym Etiquette

    That is fantastic. It's January, which means my (shitty but logistically appealing) LA Fitness here is busy as shit with an influx of resolutioneers, most of whom stare at their fookin' phone for 4 minutes between sets. It's really irritating .. sometimes I really, really miss the pre-smartphones era. <sigh>
  11. acd889

    Using clothes as motivation

    I love to buy super cheap shirts on alibaba, a size or 2 small and just flex and tear through em. all the motivation I need heheh
  12. acd889

    How long do/would you spend in the gym?

    I seem to spend a lot less time than many others in the gym - the ones who stare at their phone for 3.5 minutes between sets or stand around chatting. Hey, go nuts if that's what you wanna do, just saying I think if the equipment you need is available and you stay focused, you can thoroughly blast a major muscle group in 45 minutes easily. Get in, BUST YOUR ASS, and GTFO. I also think distance to the gym and overall hassle coefficient are a huge factor given the amount of time and *consistency* it takes to build muscle. For example, the tenant-gym in my workplace building is a bit crowded and lacks a lot of the gear compared to the LA Fitness a couple blocks away, but .. I can go from my work chair to the the workplace gym bench in roughly 12 minutes; guess which one I actually end up using most often. Make it reasonably painless to access your gym equipment and you'll be SO much more likely to stick to your schedule and be consistent and build muscle. It's a heuuuge factor for me, anyway..
  13. acd889

    Incredible Hulk

    There's just something arousing about the TV series in particular. I think, for me at least, it's that David most often hulks out due to pain/torture/fear, rather than anger (notable exception: the taxi hulkout haha). I'm unfamiliar with BDSM generally, but seems to me it's the hulk "reversing" a situation where David's being tortured or getting dominated that makes the hulkouts so exciting. hmm..
  14. You look great man!  Where are you?

    1. acd889


      thanks :)  midwest USA.

  15. acd889

    testosterone level

    It's not that being at the bottom of the range will "inhibit" - it's more that being mid-high range will provide a much larger and more accessible "potential" for gains. BTDT myself..

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