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    Massive muscle growth, height growth (but close to the realm of what would be humanly possible usually), smaller outgrowing bigger, and any great story!
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    Dallas McCarver, Dorian Yates, Evan Centopani, Regan Grimes
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    MUSCLE growth, theft, role reversal, feats of super strength, and any good story

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  1. Kymuscleboy

    Metric vs. U.S. Standard

    Thanks. for the clarification. I misread that in the prior post. That must be tricky using a mixed system though. I guess you all in the UK have a little bit of a nostalgia problem too. That must be where ours comes from! 😀 There's no shame in learning from Batman. I take my knowledge wherever I find it. I have answered "Jeopardy!" (quiz show if you don't have a UK version) questions with facts I learned from "Family Guy" and "Futurama," and those are cartoons! Your way of thinking of what constitutes tall makes perfect sense, and I surely like your 200 kilograms and over two meters tall measurement! Notice I included the Americanized spellings for your reference. It's funny that the British spell those words like the French, and yet somehow the US and UK versions diverged at some point. Theater/theatre is the same way. I don't know if the spell check is within my Web browser or the site, but it lights up red for all of the British/European spellings trying to tell me they are wrong. International communication is endlessly fascinating! Louisville has a large Irish descendant population, and so Irish pubs are a very popular type of bar here as well. Unfortunately, it's not the same for English pubs. So, yes a beer, ale, lager, etcetera must be served in a proper pint glass! You do raise a good point about the difference in the foot measurement though. I thought it had been standardized at some point before the metric system was adopted. Regardless of the system, uniformity is pretty important. Maybe the US will get around to adopting the metric system at some point between now and the end of the world.
  2. Kymuscleboy

    Metric vs. U.S. Standard

    Thanks guys for your input. So, I think what I'm gathering is that those emotional triggers of height and what makes a man are still there, even if the numbers don't seem as clearly delineated to me, such as being at a new foot or a new 100 pound threshold. I guess when you grow up with a system, whether it be US or metric, you get used to it. It is interesting, although logical, that what is considered tall stays about the same, regardless of the measurement system. I'm surprised that it doesn't take much more to be considered "tall" in Northern Europe, considering their average heights are quite a bit taller than the US. CardiMuscleman, I didn't realize that the UK still used the gallon. I knew that you all still used some mixed weights and measures, but that one is news to me. The entire Brexit plan is probably going to be much more complicated than people realized. Whether you were for it or against it, I don't think everyone realizes that after working for years to integrate economies, travel, and everything else that goes with it, it will take a lot of work to disentangle and set up new agreements.
  3. Kymuscleboy

    Metric vs. U.S. Standard

    Thank you for responding. It's funny. You're using the metric system, but yet "tall" still starts at 6 feet American. So, is it deeply, psychologically ingrained in you to look for guy growing beyond those numbers in an MG story (assuming it's written in metric and not US measurements), or is it more academic? You know it, but do you "feel" it? Or is that an American thing to be so hung up on certain benchmarks/milestones? I think that may be why we've been so reluctant to finally switch over. Part of it is laziness and resistance to change in general, but part of it is giving up things that we have an emotional connection to. Like our car culture. I'd dare say Americans are more into their cars than any other country on average, with the possible exception of Germany. Giving up "miles per hour" as our speed measure when we've always obsessed over it would be hard.
  4. Kymuscleboy

    Metric vs. U.S. Standard

    Hey guys, I've been pondering this for a while. I've enjoyed the increasing members of non US members in our community. One effect of this that has thrown me a little bit though is the increased number of stories using metric measurements for the characters' growth and stats. I don't mind or expect anyone to write a story and have to translate all of the measurements into the US system. If I want to look up the US equivalent, I'll do it. Otherwise, I'm getting better at estimating roughly what the equivalent would be. It's odd. I remember as a child in the early '80's (showing my age here) hearing that we would have to learn metric and switch within a few years. However, that fell by the wayside. I will say for the purposes of our stories, there is something deeply ingrained in me to get excited when a guy grows past a hundred pound milestone (200, 300, 400 lbs. etc.) or past a new foot in height (6 ft., 7 ft., ) that is just not as exciting for me when rendered in metric measurements. Those milestone numbers are not there that I can see. I've meant to post a topic on this or ask some non US members forever: THE ACTUAL QUESTION are there certain numbers in centimeters or kilograms that signify "big," "tall," "muscular," etc... for you guys? I'd be interested to know what numbers you look for.
  5. Kymuscleboy

    Political colours

    I'm sure most every country has areas where it thinks it is superior to the rest of the world. The problem with the US is that too often that comes with the attitude that our way is the only way, and all other countries can change to match us or piss off (as the British would say). One very important area where the rest of the world changed regardless of the US's refusal to do so is the metric system. I remember as a child in the early '80's hearing that we would have to learn metric and switch within a few years. However, that fell by the wayside. I will say for the purposes of our stories, there is something deeply ingrained when a guy grows past a hundred pound milestone (200, 300, 400 lbs. etc.) or past a new foot in height (6 ft., 7 ft., ) that is just not exciting for me when rendered in metric. Those milestone numbers are not there. I've meant to post a topic on this or ask some European members: are there certain numbers in centimeters or kilograms that signify "big," "tall," "muscular," etc... for you guys? I'd be interested to know what numbers you look for. In fact, now that I've typed this out, I will probably copy it and post the question. Time-zones can be a challenge. I have never noticed it too much, as I primarily use the regular board. I don't use live chat very often. Teaching of second languages varies in the US, as control of schools is heavily localized to the town or county level, and it varies greatly among the different states, who are the primary funding source of the educational system. When I was in school. no foreign language was even offered until the high school level. That's about 14 years of age if the term "high school" doesn't apply. As most experts will agree, that is far past the prime age to begin learning a language. Starting early like most European and many Asian countries do is a far better way to teach multiple languages. I think things have improved here somewhat, but they are still not teaching foreign languages with the regularity of other countries at the primary education level. English as a second language can be tricky, as there are so many exceptions to almost every rule. Plus, we have words with multiple meanings, and words that sound similar with slightly different spellings to complicate things. I believe you have which prepositions to use figured out. I don't think I have ever noticed a mistake. Your English is better than many native speakers'.
  6. Kymuscleboy

    Political colours

    Well, like Ravenweremuscle said, we in the US just have to be contrary (or as some of our politicians put it, our way is always better, lol). I appreciate the knowledge about how other countries, at least in Europe, do it. I'll take this opportunity to say that I really enjoy the increased numbers of non-Americans (USA) on this board. It seems like in the old days under the predecessor sites the vast majority of the guys were Americans, or at least I didn't realize it if they weren't. It makes for a richer experience having more members from other parts of the world. I'm just glad the rest of the world is so good about teaching English even if it isn't their primary language! Even the worst English writer on this board is better than my best at any language OTHER than English.
  7. Kymuscleboy

    Political colours

    I had no idea we were opposite or that other countries even used the same colors to represent conservative and liberal at all. In the United States, I believe it come from one television network's choice several years ago (I can't remember which network or when, although it was in the 1970's or 1980's I think), to use red to represent the Republican Party and blue for the Democratic Party on their presidential election graphics. I can see them using those colors, as they are primary in our flag and national colors. Choosing which color for which party was probably as simple as both Republican and red being with "R" or something similar. Although I haven't heard the history on that part.
  8. Kymuscleboy

    Entire Body is a Cock

    To request membership in the Unfiltered area go to https://muscle-growth.org/forms/2-member-subscription/, or click on "Subscriptions" at the top top of the page and follow the links from there. Some stories feature characters that are under 18, but not all, and not all of them involve sexual situations. However, the Unfiltered section was added for those members who were afraid or uncomfortable with stories featuring underage characters (even though your average network show will feature teenagers having sex).
  9. Kymuscleboy

    An updated index of the Old Story Archive

    Thanks so much for the enormous amount of work you've put into this. It really is amazing and very helpful to find stories in the archive. As for the mistake muslceaz found, the story wouldn't open for me either. The format looks right, but it leads to a "404" error.
  10. Kymuscleboy

    Mind control

    Not to lead you off-site, but I think Metabods has hypno as one of its searchable tags. That may help. I'm not sure if there are any hypno tags on this site, but tags are searchable.
  11. Kymuscleboy

    Mind control

    I'm not entirely clear what you are looking for. I can't recall any stories where an already strong person who is hypnotized, although I'm sure they exist. There is a great story by BBMSN where a regular guy BECOMES strong through hypnosis. It is "Robbie's Hypnosis." It's probably in the archives here, but an easier link is: http://www.pridesites.com/omelissokomos/bbmsn/robbie-01.html NOTE: people have reported having problems viewing the site on mobile/tablet devices. If you use one, be sure to select the desktop version of the site.
  12. Kymuscleboy

    teenage destroyers or muscle snuff stories

    This sounds like a fantastic idea! If you want help, I am not a very good fiction writer, but I am a pretty good editor.
  13. Kymuscleboy


    A classic and one of my favorite John D stories, because the good guy is the one who gets big.
  14. Kymuscleboy

    Real Myostatin Kid, Now age (Year - 2000)

    It's funny this topic showed up, as it crossed my mind not long ago as well. Apparently, we all had a subconscious 18 year clock that began running when we read about the kid! It definitely fits some of the favorite themes here about a super muscular, super strong high school or college student, only it's real.
  15. Kymuscleboy

    teenage destroyers or muscle snuff stories

    Thanks for that link! I had a link to an archive of this site, but this one seems more complete and recent than the one I had. If you all come up with some good role plays, please put them on here! I'm not much of a role player, but I love reading other people's.

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