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    Massive muscle growth, height growth (but close to the realm of what would be humanly possible usually), smaller outgrowing bigger, and any great story!
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    6'0", working on weight loss
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    Great muscle stories, friends with similar interests, weight lifting and muscle building advice, hot pictures
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    Semi-Realistic - 6'0", 230 pretty lean
    Dream - 7'6" 950 ripped and massive
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    Anything by Jaypat or Xgyurat and so many others that I fear I'm insulting by leaving off this list.
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    Dallas McCarver, Dorian Yates, Evan Centopani, Regan Grimes
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    MUSCLE growth, theft, role reversal, feats of super strength, and any good story

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  1. Many thanks! This dude is such a monster.
  2. Kymuscleboy

    Handyman Muscle

    Awesome, awesome, awesome! I read the first chapter, then got behind during the holidays. What a treat it was to read 2-4 all together! I'm glad Doc is getting big too, and yes, like everyone else, I'm dying to see how big Ruben has gotten after a month on the new gear. The demonstrations of strength are also fantastic, particularly Ruben running while using the car as a weight and the ease with which the doc handles his patients, even the huge power lifter. I'm looking forward to Dino's encounter with Ruben and of course more growth!
  3. Unless it's just something with my Internet or browser, I get a message saying "URL signature expired" for all of the links. I'd love to see them.
  4. Kymuscleboy

    Elongro - Added Part 4 on 17-Jan-2019

    After reading parts two and three, the story is just as good as I thought it would be after reading part one! I love the interplay between Seth and Trevor. I, like several others, feel sorry for Trevor and can empathize with him. It has to be hard seeing his friend who was so much smaller suddenly pass him in both muscle size and height. I kind of hope that Trevor does get another growth spurt but that Seth keeps ahead. It would be interesting to see how Trevor reacts if he gets as much size as he wanted but is still out sized by a HUGE Seth. As an aside, I was playing with an idea in my head where Seth doesn't know the men in his family all grow and fill out late (maybe he wasn't raised by his biological father for some reason), and he was destined to outgrow Trevor and get to well over 6 feet tall even without the Elongro. Since the Elongro extends the growth that they're in at the time they take it, Seth would have an incredible amount of growing left to do! Of course, I don't expect to see any of this end up in the story, unless dred was already thinking something similar, but you know sometimes between chapters we write our own little continuations in our heads. 😉 I love reading everyone else's comments almost as much as the story itself. I see I'm not the only one who thought about Trevor taking another dose (or two) of the Elongro. Is it advisable? Probably not. Would I do it if I was Trevor in this situation? Absolutely! Someone mentioned him giving one of the doses to Seth, and I have to say I don't see that happening, at east not as things are now. Trevor is already so insecure and jealous of Seth's size, that I don't think he would want to do anything to help his growth.
  5. Kymuscleboy

    Elongro - Added Part 4 on 17-Jan-2019

    I am a little late to this, as I have only read the first part so far. However, I wanted to chime in and state how much I love it! The dynamic between Seth and Trevor is great. At first it appears it is going to be an "outgrown" or "role reversal" story, but then there's the twist of Trevor starting to grow at the end of the chapter. I don't know if they will switch places, or maybe Seth outgrows but then is overtaken by Trevor. It's left open for any possibility. The addition of the growing girlfriend (Brooke?) also throws a neat curve ball in the story. I can't wait to read the next two chapters tonight/this morning and see how things develop. Then I can come back and read all the comments I had to skip trying to avoid spoilers!
  6. Kymuscleboy

    Super Soldier (Chapter 5-6)

    Awesome, awesome, awesome! But, oh, what a cliffhanger! So, does the way Alex took the drug mean it's going to fizzle out, or is it going to be super duper effective? Or, is it going to have some other effect altogether? I can't wait for the next chapter!
  7. Kymuscleboy

    The Librarian - Chapter Seven

    Thanks for an amazing story! Of course those of us who are greedy would love to read about Tom after he's polished off another tub or two of that powder... 😉
  8. Kymuscleboy

    Post Millennial Muscle

    Wow! Awesome physiques for guys only 19 years old. It's hard to believe they were born around the turn of the millennium.
  9. Kymuscleboy

    Dad's Best Friend Stu

    That was hot, as are all of your stories, but it was also very emotionally touching and sweet. Absolutely lovely.
  10. Kymuscleboy

    Super Soldier (Chapter 2-4)

    Awesome, awesome, awesome! I've been hoping you would return to writing, and it looks like I (and the rest of the site) got a great Christmas present. So far, this story is definitely not disappointing. I love the premise and setting. They are both original takes on the muscle growth genre. It will be interesting to learn how Lewis tracked down the Iraqi "Superman" formula and exactly what it is. Hopefully, he will put Whitaker in his place before Whitaker can find it for himself. Maybe the Commanding Officer can even get a little growth in to be as big or bigger than the other Navy guy! So many possibilities! That's also what I thought. After all, Lewis needs somebody to work out with that can keep up with him. It stands to reason he would help out his fellow geeks, even if they don't realize it.
  11. Kymuscleboy

    John's Growth Log

    I LOVE this type of story. I haven't even read it up to current yet, and I can already tell I love it.
  12. Kymuscleboy


    So great to see a new chapter of this story! I love Jordan and how he's enjoying his massive growth. I wonder just how prophetic was his dream??? I'm feeling sorry for poor John. At one point, the story mentions that their viruses might be different strains. So, here's hoping John just got infected with Jordan's strain in the final scenes of this latest chapter!
  13. Kymuscleboy

    Tumblr is removing all porn on December 17th

    Ha! Good point. Actually, they'll probably change their name to "Out of Business." Even their non adult users will get sick of the hassle of non "adult" content being flagged.
  14. Kymuscleboy

    Tumblr is removing all porn on December 17th

    That's a very good observation and question.
  15. Kymuscleboy

    Gene Hack

    That is a fantastic story. I like the dark overtones, although it can have a happy or sad ending in my opinion. The idea of getting what you want and then getting too much is still exciting no matter how it ends up. Your writing is excellent!

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