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  1. Sweet Revenge - CHAPTER THREE ADDED

    I didn't have a chance to comment on the first two chapters before reading Chapter Three, but WOW! All three chapters are mind blowingly good. The firs two are some of the best muscle domination scenes ever, and they really set it up to make us hate (yet grudgingly admire) Bruce the Beast. The third chapter with Mitch was just straight up HOT all the way through. He's the ultimate muscle daddy come to life. I can't wait for Andy's growth to really take off! I also love how your guys aren't just massive, but super vascular as well. Looking forward to more!
  2. 1st gym workout

    I had thought about how a program training three days in a row should look and was having trouble. What Hialmar has come up with seems like a really great solution! The experts always say to start with full body workouts, but that obviously won't work with the consecutive days training schedule. The groupings listed above seem like a great way to combine body parts so that some large and small muscle groups are trained each day and still allow rest. To be honest, I've never liked full body anyway. If you're trying to gain muscle, I think full body focuses more on burning calories rather than working each muscle sufficiently.
  3. 1st gym workout

    That's awesome dude! There are people on here who can give you much better advice than I can, but maybe a couple of things. If time and finances permit, maybe hire a personal trainer, even if just for a couple of sessions, to show you how to do the basic exercises, get your form down, and come up with a workout plan that will work with your schedule. If that's not possible, I would avoid something like the barbell bench press to start, at least unless there's another person who can spot you and correct your form. Otherwise use machines and/or dumbbells. Don't push to lift really heavy until you get the hang of the movements. For legs, use the leg press if they have one, just remember not to round your back. You can also do goblet squats, where you hold a dumbbell in front of you with both hands (like you're holding a heavy goblet), and squat that way. You can always do a YouTube search for any exercise to see it. Most gym's have a lat pulldown that kind of mimics pull ups. I'm sure others will chime in with some better advice. Good luck!
  4. AWESOME! Thank you. I hope the other people are still following this thread and find these stories as you post them. I know I will be looking for any I haven't already read and for some to read again!
  5. Sometimes I amaze myself with my detective skills, lol. I loved "The Jamesborough Murders"! I keep hoping you decide to write a sequel to it. Would it be possible for you to post all of your older stories here or maybe provide links to where we can find them? I know at one time Jaypat was posting his to a club page. Unfortunately, that was the first version of clubs that disappeared during one of the forum updates, but it was a great idea. Or you could just post them in the Unfiltered section if it's less trouble. I think there are lots of people here, myself included, who would enjoy them.
  6. After looking around, I think the author who wrote the author who wrote "The Tiniest Bully" is on this forum as https://muscle-growth.org/profile/154-iceman751/ . I'm not 100% sure though. Unfortunately, he only has a few stories on this site.
  7. Imprisoned little brother

    I believe this one has been asked and got an answer... if this is the same story to which you are referring.
  8. The Librarian

    This is fantastic! Tom is growing so fast and he hasn't even tried the unlabeled supplements yet! The interactions between him and the trainer and him and Susan are awesome too. It really seems genuine. Looking forward to more!
  9. The Hourglass

    Your life sounds much more exciting than mine! I still very much want to see the conclusion to this story as well. Whenever you have the time, I'm sure it will be worth the wait. It may require some re-reading for a refresher though!
  10. …And Sometimes, I Watch My Dad Go to Work…

    Hot, hot, hot! It was great to see the dad's growth from regular, pudgy guy to muscle god and get examples of him showing his strength. It's even hotter to realize that all of this was before his most recent growth spurt, and the cliffhanger promises a fantastic next chapter!
  11. Steven's muscle building project Ch.2

    This chapter was fantastic! I love the challenges Steven faces as he grows bigger. On the surface it might seem like it would make being so large a pain, but it somehow makes it all even hotter! Looking forward to more.
  12. Thanks for the follow, and not splooging lol.

    1. Kymuscleboy


      You're welcome! lol, sorry if that was a little risqué.

    2. Vinny190


      No worries. I’ve read a whole lot worse.

  13. That guy's stories are great! Too bad he seems to have disappeared from the Internet. If he's still around by another name or has another site that anyone knows of, please share the info.
  14. ...And Sometimes, I Find Out My Dad's a Growing Freak...

    Incredible! I agree with what everyone else said. I can't wait to read more, especially about how Corey and his dad react to Corey "officially" seeing his new size, what happened to the car, and maybe Corey's dad working out with those incredibly heavy weights (awesome detail, by the way)! Oh, and that doesn't even include the basement mystery. There's so much to look forward to, and it's been fantastic so far.
  15. Greed Demon Pt.4 Finale

    Really a fantastic story and fantastic ending. I love all the different parts of the underworld and the rulers and how they each react to being overtaken by Damon. The muscle growth descriptions were amazing as well. Thanks for an awesome story!