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    Massive muscle growth, height growth (but close to the realm of what would be humanly possible usually), smaller outgrowing bigger, and any great story!
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    Great muscle stories, friends with similar interests, weight lifting and muscle building advice, hot pictures
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    MUSCLE growth, theft, role reversal, feats of super strength, and any good story

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  1. Check your inbox. The story cannot be reposted here since it now violates forum rules. As far as I can tell, it is not in the archives.
  2. I loved it! Very interesting so far. It is sad that the scientist so callously "eliminated" his failed experiment, but adds depth to the characters. The growth scenes were fantastic!
  3. Hey kymuscleboy...  greetings from Louisville.  🙂

    1. Kymuscleboy


      Hello! Greetings from just outside of Louisville. I used to live in St. Matthews. Now one county south in Bullitt. 

  4. You make a lot of good points. One reason I specifically mentioned this one was I thought of the way the roles reversed between the main character and his trainer without the main character becoming a total aggressive a-hole. So many of John D's stories have a little brother immediately become stronger and dominate his older brother after like one workout, that I didn't think that was really what you were looking for. It's hard, really, to find the stories you describe, and I'd be interested in reading more of them too.
  5. https://www.misterpoll.com/forums/70736/topics/182685/pg/1 I can't believe I found it again. And yes, it is incredibly hot, if a little weird on the roles and family dynamics the guy depicts.
  6. Lots of stories by JohnD kind of fit the description. He mostly writes about younger brothers, neighbors, etc.. outgrowing their older, teenage brothers. However, some are different. This one in particular, http://www.pridesites.com/omelissokomos/johnd/before-and-after.html , is really good. It starts with a really skinny guy being trained by a hunky personal trainer in his company's gym. I won't spoil it, but it fits the desired story type!
  7. I loved this. Why have you deleted all of your stories? I hope you intend to write again.
  8. That's a valid point. I guess I meant more in the sense of using that photo and profile stats to try and engage people romantically, which he may or may not have done. I have no idea. But yes, there's still a level of dishonesty there. I think what shadownexus and I are saying is that if he didn't screw with us too bad on a personal level, we're willing to forgive and forget in order to have him back. Obviously, if you or someone else was victimized by him (I consider romantic catfishing predatory behavior), then you would rightfully have a different opinion. If he was really messing with people in that way, then I would rethink my position as well, but so far, no one has indicated as such.
  9. Can we ask what you liked about the story? Why are you looking for it? Maybe that will help somebody recognize it.
  10. I agree. Unless he was using those pictures to catfish someone, you are even allowed to have a fantasy profile on the site. Of course I think it's better if people use pictures of themselves or something that obviously isn't (Disclaimer: I am not 1980's era He-man, lol), but there are situations where I can see a person using a picture of their "ideal self" if they want. What cannot be faked is the incredible talent and imagination that it took to write the stories written by Ncgazza/Quinn. To lose that is a serious loss to our little community here, and it probably doesn't help Ncgazza to not have an outlet for his works either.
  11. Great story! I absolutely loved it. It's very different from some of your other recent humiliation/outgrown centered stuff, but that's part of what makes it so good. You can write vastly different types of stories equally well. I loved the fact that Miller was continuing to spin fantasies in his head about Hank even after it became apparent that they were actually together and even married. We should all be so lucky as to find a partner who is so much of our ideal that we continue to fantasize about them. Thanks for a swee, if a little late, Valentine's tale. One question. When talking about possible fantasy scenarios for Miller, you used your actual stories except for this one. "Something with two long separated friends and one is now Olympia-esque." Did I miss something, and you've written a story like this? If so, please let me know. If you haven't written it yet, it sounds like a great idea!
  12. Oh, man! This is tragic! He was one of the most creative, interesting writers to come along in quite a while. He's left the site altogether? I wonder what happened? There seemed to be a lot of support for him and his work. If you are still lurking, please come back! We miss you.
  13. That was an incredible ending to the story! I too was afraid it would be too rushed feeling, going from William being reluctant to accepting his growth all in one chapter, but it wasn't at all. The pace was actually very good. I'm glad too that the wife like the change. I thought it could go one of two ways, either she could like it, or she could have wanted her man to be the opposite of her dad and brothers. So, I'm glad she was happy. Of course, if Will had decided he liked fellow big muscle men, that would have been cool too. I really hope you write again as soon as you are possibly ready!
  14. I know you've been through some very tough times, muscledrain. Although I didn't know about you having to come home due to the virus. I sincerely hope all is well. And when I mention you finishing your stories, please don't take it as pressure, just a wish on my part. I know you will get back to them if you can. Taking care of yourself is far more important.
  15. Yes! I was thinking that was the story, but I wasn't 100 percent positive. Now, if only we could convince @muscledrain to finish it... It is a masterwork.
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