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    Dallas McCarver, Dorian Yates, Evan Centopani, Regan Grimes
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    MUSCLE growth, theft, role reversal, feats of super strength, and any good story

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  1. The Trainer, Part I

    Sorry, that double posted.
  2. The Trainer, Part I

    Okay, we really need to add the "LOL" response in addition to Like, Upvote and Thanks! Some of you talented writers could probably turn that in to an actual, good story.
  3. The Trainer, Part I

    Or a Christmas present! Yes, and no nuclear war would be nice.
  4. So you wake up tomorrow looking like this...

    I'd probably spend at least the first day staring in the mirror, worshipping myself.
  5. Thanks for the follow! Also, I thought I was already following you to see your great posts, but realized I wasn't. I am now!

  6. My Roommate's a Growing Beast: Ch 1

    This is fantastic so far! I hope you continue it soon.
  7. Dick strength

    Thanks for the links and info!
  8. ThanksGROWING

    This was awesome! I love how each guy was affected differently. I know that holiday stories are often one offs, but this could definitely use another chapter!
  9. Ophiucus Meets Alabaster

    That was extremely hot! I hope you continue it or write something else soon.
  10. Father on steroids?

    Maybe my favorite story of all time. Definitely up there.
  11. Evan, the making of an Amerasian god Part 10

    Worth the wait!
  12. New member to group

    Dude, your size is super impressive! I surely don't mind shorter muscle guys (I'm at an average to very slightly above 6ft even), but it is true what you say about taller guys having trouble adding thickness. You're pretty huge, but good luck on your path to mega 300 pounds+ hugeness!
  13. Greed Demon Pt.2

    I agree with darkluster4 about Landon's issues getting used to his new body. That was a great twist. I mean, how many of us fantasize about the kind of growth in these stories, but then might have pause when faced with the reality of being almost a foot taller and hundreds of pounds heavier with solid muscle? Of course it's a dilemma I'd like to face (I think)! Another great move was the use of male and female articles for the demons in this chapter and their own reactions to it. It kind of threw me for a loop in the first chapter, using "it" for Damon, but then when I saw what you were doing with it in the second, I really appreciated the detail. Overall, the story has been fantastic so far! I'm definitely looking forward to more.
  14. Jon Snow's revenge against Theon Greyjoy (Edited 8-26-2017)

    SUPER DUPER MEGA SPOILER FOR SEASON 7 FINALE! If you watch GoT and haven't watched the season finale yet, you have been warned... Given what we find out about Jon in the season finale, I'm not so sure that he wouldn't be immune to the effects of dragon or any other fire. He won't crush the dragon's throat, but he may have command of them! Great story! With and 18 month to two year void to fill, gobiology may need to keep writing this for a long time!
  15. Younger bro picks up older bro at airport

    Thanks to skumbum for finding this! Just a note: The link didn't work when I clicked on it, but I tried copying and pasting it, and it works fine that way!