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  1. Damn SEND button! lol. If had a Dollar for every time I sent a message early, especially on my iPhone, I would be a rich man. I agree that this is an interesting topic. I will definitely be following to see how people's experiences go. I may try some of the supps myself. I think the pygeum is supposed to be pretty healthy anyway.
  2. That was a great, inventive first chapter. It puts a really interesting spin on both cuckold stories and muscle dad (actual father being bigger) stories, both of which are extremely hot in their own right. This is more than just hot though. It also has a really interesting plot developing that I can't wait to see continued. Luke's varied feelings and premonitions add yet another great twist. I can't wait to see where it goes from here!
  3. I have to stick with Regan. If I was going solely based on bi's, I think it would go to Dan, but when considering forearms, lats and triceps too, Regan has the better package in my opinion. It's close though. It's a choice where either one is a winner.
  4. That's how I used to feel about Jack, but my mind has changed over the last couple of chapters, especially the most recent. For starters, it's one thing for Jack to point out the difference in their heights, seeing as how they started out almost equal, but for Jack to keep pushing further and further even after finding out that Trevor is shrinking is just appalling. It's like making fun of a kid with cancer or something. Jack never even exhibits a hint of concern for Trevor or his situation. And while we all have a right to our opinions, I think Jack's malice toward Trevor is blatantly obvious. Trevor used to date Brooke, and Jack wants to make Trevor suffer for that, even though Trevor has done nothing to try and hold on to their relationship and is not a threat, given Brooke's clear preference for her "big man." As far as Trevor not taking it as bullying, I think he's decided to face his torment with some dignity, but that doesn't mean it's not bullying. He enjoys the play and comparisons with Seth, because he knows Seth actually cares about him. That is absolutely not the case with Jack. If Jack's behavior doesn't qualify as bullying, I don't know what would. I used to like the idea of Jack really growing and maybe even surpassing Seth, but now I really want him to have SOME kind of comeuppance before the end of the story. It will likely not be being outgrown by Trevor, but he desperately needs to be taken down a few pegs, maybe a hundred pegs. There's not much to say about Brooke this chapter except that complete change when Jack is around cements what I've thought about her for the last few chapters as well. The fact that she stands by and even encourages Jack's treatment of Trevor when she could easily put a stop to it, says a lot about her character, and none of it is good. It's funny you mention that. I think people get all anti-steroid when it's really obvious, such as with competition level bodybuilders. However, two groups that have the largest usage of steroids are police and military. So, you get one group that's at least nominally supposed to enforce the laws against steroid possession being heavy users of them, and another group for whom they are explicitly banned, but their usage is commonly overlooked. So, basically, it's not that all people are so anti-steroid as much as they are anti anybody knowing they are doing them. Never underestimate the capacity for hypocrisy, especially in the US. My screed against Jack not withstanding, I thoroughly enjoyed this chapter. The Jetski scene was exceptionally awesome. I also liked that Stacy seemed to be a kinder, gentler version of herself. She reacted the way one would expect someone to react to a person going through what is essentially a horrible health issue, even if it was a little too motherly for Trevor's taste. Side note: for some reason I've been picturing her with dark hair this whole story. I don't know if I misread something, or if that was just the picture my mind made. So I was kind of shocked to read that she was blonde, lol. And while I didn't like Jack's attitude, the actual scenes of him showing off his strength for Brooke using Trevor were extremely inventive and hot. Although, as someone who's had fusion on my cervical spine at two levels, the "basketball hold" made me cringe (but with delight). Lastly, I'm glad Trevor met a different knight in shining armor, or at least with a talented mouth, to make his Spring Break trip enjoyable and memorable. Poor boy deserves it!
  5. I would be extremely disappointed if Seth was playing Trevor this whole time. That would almost unimaginably cruel. Right now, they are both getting enjoyment out of the size difference while still being friends. Based on what Dredlifter has said, it would be completely out of character, unless he's been toying with us in the comments. The idea of someone giving Trevor altered Elongro or a different drug is intriguing, but if I remember correctly, all of the doses were drawn from the same vial. So, Trevor's dose would have to be the same thing the others took. When I first read the chapter I was just sad. I was hoping that Trevor would get at least a slight benefit from the partial dose of Elongro or at the very least not suffer even further harm. However, upon reflection and reading the comments, my focus moved more to Trevor's mental fortitude in being able to deal with his situation. Of course, everytime Trevor and Seth explore their feelings together, the story is really hot too. I also like the new female character (blanking on her name at the moment), and I think it will be interesting when Jack's brother shows up. This remains such a wonderfully engaging and well written story.
  6. Regan, just because he's so damn beautiful.
  7. Many thanks! I didn't know about the live stream, but I will be sure to check out some of these videos. Agreed! I just discovered this wonderful guy after his picture was posted in another thread. He is absolutely amazing. I do think there's some truth that politics play a part in who places where at the super big shows like the Arnold and the Olympia. I don't consider myself a judge, but this guy looks like he should have placed higher. His shape and conditioning were just wonderful.
  8. I knew the story you were thinking of, but couldn't remember the name for the life of me! That's even more sad, as I was re-rereading somewhat recently. Thanks to Spacevlad for giving the name! It's an all time favorite.
  9. Thank you for your comments on Brooke and for addressing my questions. I thought it was mostly Trevor's perception about the other students' height at the game, but when Seth said it, it made me wonder. Dredlifter addressed the second issue and multi dosing thing. I'm glad the other stuff is speculation. I was wondering if I missed something. I can't wait for the next chapter! 1. That's what I thought, but when Seth agreed it made me wonder. 2. It's a super small error for a long story. Actually, I went back to Chapter One, and it does clearly say just five doses. I think what was throwing us was that it was $1,200.00, but Trevor only charged each person $200.00 for their dose. BUT, he also says that $200.00 is not the full cost. Still, I think that led me, and probably others, to think there were six doses. 3. This is a burning question, and it has me so excited for the next few chapters! Oh, dredlifter. I can't decide if you don't know women at all or if you know them far better than you realize. You might write with the intention that Brooke has no ill will with her comments, but if you have two sisters and have worked primarily with women for 15 years, you can't help but read more into Brooke's comments. Women don't say things without knowing how they want to be perceived. The fact that she forgot that the guy she dated for over a year was even there also adds insult to her injury. Most women I know would be acutely aware that a guy they just broke up with a month ago was present, even if he was the size of a mouse. That is some pretty deep societal commentary and right on the mark. As for Trevor running away, I don't know if that's the best solution for him. It might get him out of the situation where he constantly feels inadequate, but he would forever feel as if he gave up. That sense of defeat could follow him forever.
  10. The first two parts are awesome! I can't wait for more. 85 pounds gained would already make Jake a 305 pound monster, and he's only one month in. I like where this is going!
  11. I'm not referring to Brooke breaking up with Trevor as the reason why I've come to loathe her. I think that was inevitable and as much Trevor's fault as hers. I'm referring to her belittling remarks at the basketball game. She knows (or should know) they are going to make Trevor feel even more inferior and less confident. She referred to him as Seth's "little buddy," she talked about how "fulfilling" sex was with Jack, and that's when she acknowledged Trevor's existence at the ball game in the first place. Any woman who dated a guy for over a year would not treat him that way without intending to hurt him. All this after the old, "I still want us to be friends" remark and telling him that his lack of confidence and obsession with height was the reason for her leaving him. I'm not going to try and guess as to whether she was cheating on him with Jack before their break-up, and I don't think it matters too much at this point. I will say that if she did, I doubt it was until after Jack started his own growth spurt. I accidentally deleted from your quote, but I'm also quite surprised that Trevor was able to recover after the emasculation in the shower. I think that as long as it comes from Seth, he kind of enjoys it. If he stops to think about things, he will realize that at 6.5 inches long, he's still quite a bit above average in the penile department. Did anyone have thoughts on the questions I posted? I know it's late in the game, and (hopefully) almost time for another chapter, but I would really like some thoughts on these.
  12. I wish I could go, and it's not even that far of a drive for me. However, the funds are not available this year. One of these years, I will go, if only for the festival. That's a ton of beef in one place. Is it available on TV or online? I would like to watch it.
  13. Brooke made me very mad this chapter. Whether intentional or not, women usually know when they are being passive aggressive and how their remarks are going to be taken. She may as well have stabbed Trevor with a knife. The measurement scene was as hot as it could be! The muscles, the dick size, all of it was just nonstop awesome. As for the comment about the same height kneeling, that made me realize we haven't had an update on Seth's height in a couple of chapters. From the observation Trevor makes about Seth being significantly taller than Jack, who has grown two more inches since last measurement, it's clear that Seth is still growing and now may be at or close to Seven feet. A couple of questions. Both Seth and Trevor remarked on how tall everyone was at the basketball game. At first I thought that meant that Elongro use was becoming widespread. However, the story then mentions that it is now selling for around $20,000, which is way beyond the means of most college students. It would be easy to dismiss Trevor's observation as paranoia coupled with actual shrinkage, but it's not that way for Seth. So, what's going on? Is just college students getting taller than average or is something else happening? In the chapter where Jack gets his Elongro dose, it says there is one more left. Now there is only half. Is that just a continuity issue, or did I miss something? Of course if it's going to cause negative effects for Trevor, then I hope it's only half a dose! Also, someone mentioned the other characters taking multiple doses. As far as i can tell, that has not happened. One dose per person so far. Finally, where are people getting the idea that Trevor hasn't finished puberty? Is that just because of his negative reaction to the Elongro so far, or is there some other reason? In nine chapters, I'm always afraid I may have missed or forgotten a detail. Thanks, dredlifter, for another awesome chapter. I was a few days late in reading it. So, while we're always waiting for a new one, I'm glad I got to read the chapter, comments and make my own before Chapter 10 is posted!
  14. So very awesome! I love the fact that he decided to keep going when he had the chance to go back to a regular size. Who wouldn't want to dominate the earth if given the chance???
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