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    Massive muscle growth, height growth (but close to the realm of what would be humanly possible usually), smaller outgrowing bigger, and any great story!
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    6'0", working on weight loss
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    Great muscle stories, friends with similar interests, weight lifting and muscle building advice, hot pictures
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    Semi-Realistic - 6'0", 230 pretty lean
    Dream - 7'6" 950 ripped and massive
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    Anything by Jaypat or Xgyurat and so many others that I fear I'm insulting by leaving off this list.
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    Dallas McCarver, Dorian Yates, Evan Centopani, Regan Grimes
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    MUSCLE growth, theft, role reversal, feats of super strength, and any good story

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  1. Awesome story so far! I hope you continue... and hook me up with some of that stuff, lol.
  2. Awesome idea for a story and a great start so far! I'm looking forward to how it develops.
  3. This is a great story, Dredlifter! Anyone who is at all a fan of the Elongro series would love it. While that story generated a lot of discussion, I think the reaction was overall really positive to it. I know I said some things about how I felt bad for Trevor, but I just considered that my empathizing with the character. The story itself was fantastic all the way through. So, my vote would be for you to post The New Performance Incentive here. If you decide not to, can you announce on this page when you've added to the story at the Coiled Fist (which I hope is soon and often!)?
  4. This has been amazing so far! I hadn't commented after the first couple of parts, because i've been behind in reading the story. Of course, now I'm eagerly awaiting the next part! While I may not agree with all of the characters' decisions and how they act in all circumstances (I also realize it's fiction and not real life), the descriptions of both the mental and physical changes have been phenomenal and incredibly hot. I can't wait to see how giant Logan grows now that he has the myostatin formula in his possession and what adventures and situations he gets into as a mercenary.
  5. It sounds like it might be "Muscle thief on the loose" By Astromuscle, and that is in the Continuous Story section, towards the bottom of the first page. i love it and hope it's continued, as I think it was getting near the climax of the story when it stopped being updated.
  6. It's so great to see you back! The awesome story is just a bonus.
  7. Awesome story so far! I have a question, that I think I know the answer to, but is Jacob on any kind of gear, or is he just a supreme genetic freak coupled with incredible dedication to bodybuilding? I've been leaning on the genetic freak answer, but haven't been 100 percent sure. And even though he hadn't been on his new stuff very long, it seems like Mark will have to find something even much better if he ever has any hope of surpassing the almighty Jacob. I was surprised by, and loved, the dark turn it took toward the end. I think I actually gasped the first time Mark swung the weight at Jacob and hit his temple. A lesser man than Jacob would probably be dead. I can't wait to see what direction you take it from here.
  8. This story remains wildly entertaining and creative, with all kinds of unexpected turns! While I won't demand it, I can't wait for the next chapter, that is unless demanding it will make it appear sooner.
  9. Twin stories are awesome! And I know you will do a fantastic take on the genre. I'm looking forward to it! Yes! This should make for an interesting next chapter. You get the shifting power dynamic part of the what's happening, but he might just like it!
  10. Awesome! I said it after the first part. FMG are not usually my thing, but good writing is good writing. This is a very hot story!
  11. Very, very hot story! I would love to see what happens if Rhett finds the clearing a while later after those new bushes have matured!
  12. Kymuscleboy

    Gene Hack

    According to his profile page, the author is still visiting the site (as recently as Saturday), and he hasn't deleted his account like several other people. So, I refuse to give up all hope!
  13. Kymuscleboy


    Weird, with the recent server issue, it seems my response disappeared. Anyway, that was a hot chapter with a nice dose of macro. But, whoa! What a plot leap! I'm looking forward to seeing how we got from where the story was at the end of Chapter 16 to here.
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