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  1. Unlike some of the other authors, Jaypat's stories do sometimes have multiple characters growing. So, I'm definitely with you on wanting to pump Mitch for information ASAP, which is closest to Option 2.
  2. Take your time, but thank you for letting us know the story isn't dead. As long as there's hope for a new chapter, most of us don't mind waiting when your "real life" gets in the way of our fun.
  3. Oh, it's not that it didn't make any sense. It just took a minute to catch up to it. Maybe the washing machine should have given Owen an electric shock to clue in us dullards, lol.
  4. Totally scorching hot chapter. I want whatever is in our narrator's genes!
  5. He is painfully hot to look at. This falls into that category of picture (or gif) that's hard to decide if it's had a little morphing or not, but I think he's just that darn big! Of course, he's off-season which helps size wise, but he's not all bloated out like some bodybuilders get and still has abs. Just too much goodness. Also, ABSQRST ,·I really liked the story, although it took it me a minute to figure out what was going on with the switcheroo in who was big and who was small in the second act. I only wish the English and Irish had that stereotype! Maybe I'm just not Celtic enough.
  6. Sadly, the author announced in another thread that he wouldn't be writing much if at all any more. I think it was during the whole deal with the security breach and loss and non replacement of the Unfiltered Section, although I'm not sure if that was his reason. He just said this community isn't what it used to be. Hopefully, he will see comments from his fans and continue this story and Infinity Breakers. He's a great writer and a nice guy. If he's gone, it's a loss to the site.
  7. I gave this one a like just for the hot, hot gif. Looking forward to reading the story a little later!
  8. You and me both, sir. You and me both. I haven't seen GeektoFreak on the forum for a while. I hope he's still around.
  9. Another hot chapter with scorching hot descriptions of Dr. Breneth. At some point, I hope we get to revisit Mr. Branson, Sr. If he was the doctor's size the last time Branson, Jr. saw him two and a half years ago, just how huge is he now? How big did his sons get before entering puberty, and how does puberty affect a kid who's taken the "V"? There are still a lot of open questions that would be awesome to read the outcomes. I'll remain the voice of dissent and say that I wish Mr. Branson, Jr. wasn't forever barred from effectively using the "V" when he's old enough. If I remember correctly, he would still have 20-25 years before he could use it. That's a long time to live as a muscle obsessed "tiny" in a world of giant older men and women (and some kids) before he'd get his chance. To sentence him to know that he can never have it seems cruel. I'm glad you addressed the possibility of younger men trying to cheat mother nature and use the formula before their time. I had that thought before as well. If Branson, Jr. really is stuck small forever, maybe an explanation of how he tried to take the drug early and why it didn't work would help it make sense. That said, I'm still very much enjoying the story. Every chapter is like a little present on my computer screen.
  10. Without more detail, it could be either of those two, but I'm guessing the OP is talking about "Dwarfed by Dad" by GeektoFreak, as it was written since this site's been active. It's the second link, and if anyone into muscle dad stories hasn't read it, they desperately need to!
  11. This brings up one of the questions I've had for at least the last few chapters. Will the effects of Elongro be passed on to their offspring? It's been such a long story arc, I don't remember if there was a genetic component mentioned when describing how Elongro works. If not, and we're sticking to the original premise that it only works for a small percentage of people, then it's very likely that couples who have grown will end up having children for whom Elongro doesn't work. If anyone knows, the author does. So, we should probably take his word for it. Overall, I'm very happy with the ending of the story, and I LOVED the story overall. Part of me was hoping for some promise for Trevor to be cured and grow at least back to his original size (and ideally larger than Jack) now that Seth (and now Trevor too) are working for Elongro. I guess the way the story ends, that hope is technically still there. I want to commend Dredlifter and JSmith for coming up with a great idea and dred for turning it into a fantastic narrative. I also want to restate one last time that any complaining I did was out of concern or irritation with the characters was aimed at them and is a testament to how well this was written. I'm sad to see it end, but excited for whatever you come up with next!
  12. I LOVE the way this is developing! Our new main character does have starting measurements to be jealous of. He's a hoss starting out. It will be interesting to see how strong he is. Will he be happy staying short but massive, or will he also feel the need to grow in height somehow??? I can't wait to see how the story develops and if the first bodybuilder and the new one ever face off...
  13. This was an awesome story. Even though these are supposed to be short, this one is begging for a Part Two!
  14. Awesome story! I love the different play on the muscle theft, the fact that the thief ended up bigger than the "victim's" original size and the donor ended up smaller than the thief's original size, and the fact that there was an element of justice to the story. Sometimes it's a naughty pleasure to see a bad guy or bully get bigger or for the donor to have done nothing to deserve his fate, but it's also nice when the donor at least somewhat deserves a comeuppance for a wrong they've committed against the muscle thief.
  15. You could NEVER fade into irrelevance on this forum! Many of us eagerly await the muse to strike you again and to have one of your wonderful stories. As for this one, I eagerly look forward to reading it in about 20 minutes!
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