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    Massive muscle growth, height growth (but close to the realm of what would be humanly possible usually), smaller outgrowing bigger, and any great story!
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    6'0", working on weight loss
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    Great muscle stories, friends with similar interests, weight lifting and muscle building advice, hot pictures
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    Semi-Realistic - 6'0", 230 pretty lean
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    Anything by Jaypat or Xgyurat and so many others that I fear I'm insulting by leaving off this list.
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    Dallas McCarver, Dorian Yates, Evan Centopani, Regan Grimes
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    MUSCLE growth, theft, role reversal, feats of super strength, and any good story

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  1. Kymuscleboy

    The Librarian - Chapter 4

    Well I feel bad. I was coming to comment to "encourage" another chapter and noticed I never commented on this one when I read it. My apologies to dredlifter, because this chapter was fantastic. It sounds cliche to say it, but the story really does get better with each chapter, not just because Tom keeps getting bigger and better, but the characters and plot continue to get better and more interesting as well. The descriptions of the growth and the ever tightening clothes are some of the best on the site. So, while I know it's summer and people have better things to do (including comment on good work apparently 😉), I hope to see this fantastic story continued sometime soon!
  2. Kymuscleboy

    Frank DeFeo, you forever rest in our memories.

    Such sad, sad news. Besides being incredibly hot, it seems like he was a truly good guy and leaves behind a young daughter. His Facebook page says in a couple of places that he died of congestive heart failure.
  3. Kymuscleboy

    You're Fired!

    Umm, what they said! Please, sir, may I have some more???
  4. Kymuscleboy

    Dad’s Changes - Part 1: Pick Up

    I'm late to the party, but this was super hot! I hope to see it continued!
  5. Kymuscleboy

    Symbiotic Bonding Part 07

    I just saw the new series, Infinity Breakers, and am eagerly looking forward to starting it. However, that reminded me that it's been oh so long since this fabulous story has had an update. I hope you still plan to continue it and give it an ending!
  6. Thanks for the follow. 

    1. Kymuscleboy


      Likewise! I thought I had already followed you, as I often like your comments. I think we just follow many of the same threads!

  7. As I get GQ (if you saw me you'd wonder why, lol) in addition to my fitness mags, I can tell you they are called "Square cut," and I agree they are absolutely super hot! I think they, however, are what the new "Men's Classic Physique Division" is wearing. So, I guess they want to differentiate the Physique guys with even "more regular guy" wear. Still, I think my prior comment would be a good compromise. I think your "follow the money" comment is exactly on point. And that's okay, as long as they don't phase out bodybuilding completely. I was looking at the newsstand, and noticed that FLEX Magazine has now been absorbed into MUSCLE & FITNESS. I don't buy them often, but if I did I always went for the one with the big guys in it. Now it's gone. I agree with you that a Physique competition that hides practically half a man's body isn't really much of a physique competition. And that is a shame. There are a couple of guys who are members on this site and have competed in that class. I know they don't skip leg day. Some even have nice calves! Those overly long shorts are covering up their hard work.
  8. Kymuscleboy

    (un)identical twins (1)

    You're delayed in writing your second part, and I was very delayed in reading the first, but it was fantastic! I guess the only benefit for me is that I won't be waiting as long as some others for that part two, because i am really looking forward to it!
  9. Some very good points, but I still think those of us who dislike board shorts have a point. What's the point of bodybuilding OR physique if you're going to cover your entire upper leg? It plays into the stereotype of the gym bro who only works the show muscles and doesn't work his legs. I understand not wearing posers. It's a way to differentiate that division from bodybuilding and have the competitors wear something more "normal" for the average guy. However, something like trunks that hit on the mid or upper thigh, preferably in a solid color, or at least less garish designs, would still show that the guys have not ignored working their legs, yet would still fit the criteria of being "regular guy" beach wear.
  10. I feel like I should print this out and put it on the refrigerator and in my car. It's stuff I know, but this really puts it succinctly and bluntly, and I know I can never be reminded enough! Thanks, muscledrain, for some great, user friendly advice that applies to everyone from beginner to advanced.
  11. Kymuscleboy

    Fat Acceptance - A Social Movement

    I agree with you too. I guess I should clarify to say that people should be encouraged, in a positive non shaming way, to eat healthy and get some exercise for health reasons, even if it isn't for the goal of being in perfect shape. There have been several studies that have shown over weight people who get some exercise and eat well can be as healthy or more so than people who are naturally thin but eat like crap and don't exercise at all. I do think that healthy living, without a focus on appearance or size, is an admirable goal from a public health standpoint. However, I hope that people see that differently from fat shaming or saying everyone has to have a perfect gym body. I am far from having one of those myself.
  12. Kymuscleboy

    Fat Acceptance - A Social Movement

    My thoughts basically align with what flamedelft said. As someone who constantly battles with my weight, I think fat shaming is horrible. However, I think before and after pictures and pictures of fit, muscular bodies are inspiring (as well as hot of course). To say someone shouldn't post a picture of themselves because their thinness or fitness is as bad as shaming someone for being overweight. I'm all for an increased awareness among people that many people are not overweight solely due to bad habits, or if it is due to bad habits, they are so ingrained as to be subconscious. Most thin people I know do not consciously try to keep their weight down. It's just the weight they are. That doesn't apply to people who are weight lifting, really into exercise and in exceptional shape. I exercise and watch what I eat. I'm far from perfect, but even when I am perfect, weight loss is slow and arduous. So the "fat acceptance" movement shouldn't go too far as to shame people who are thin or in shape or discourage people from healthy eating and exercise. Healthy living and self acceptance should be the goal for everyone.
  13. Kymuscleboy

    The Olympia Bar - Chapter 3

    It's been so long, that this story had slipped my mind. It really IS awesome. I also hope you decide to finish it!
  14. Kymuscleboy

    Workout With Superman

    Believe it or not, I had a copy of the email from the Yahoo Group where this story was originally posted. The author's name was "catbatbom900900." I'm pretty sure he was also on our site, although I'm not sure if his name was exactly the same. Anyway, as you can see, he himself had converted the story from a female overpowering Superman. I saw that story too, a million years ago, but I have no clue as if it was on the same group or somewhere else, nor do I know who the original, original author was. From: "catbatbom900900" <[email protected]> To: <[email protected]> Subject: [SupermanEroticStories] Weightlifting with Superman Date: Friday, October 27, 2006 10:28 PM ***Ok so i worked insanely hard in changing this story to a male/male form from the female/male for it was originally. It was surprisingly really hard to do. It's a muscle growth story, so i hope you guys like it and that's about it :P*** Also, thanks to goremeridan for the vastly more readable version. It's so much better than the text version I have.
  15. Kymuscleboy

    Me and Mr. K

    Ha! I hit "like" just based on the description and the first couple of paragraphs. Now that I've actually read the entire story, I must say I loved it! The thought of being that big and strong at 14 would have been my high school fantasy (and I'm sure many others) come to life. I know these are supposed to be complete stories, but maybe it would be awesome to see how big Roger is at 15!