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  1. LOVE the first two chapters! I thought a chapter three was posted? What happened to it? It didn't hurt that I just happened to finally get around to reading the first part right when I was looking at Men's Health (US edition) with "HC" on the front cover. You can tell by the size of that dude's thighs that he doesn't just lift to look good in a tight shirt. His legs are massive. Something tells me he might go for the HGE if given the chance. One remark, I think you can use the guys' names rather than just initials, as long as you say that it's fan fiction, no similarity to any real person is intended or some other such disclaimer. Plus, we promise not to tattle to their agents! I would love to see this continued,. Whether you repost what you had written originally or decide to write something else and take the story in a bit of a different direction, I'm sure it will be fantastic!
  2. Awesome chapter! It was a little on the short side, (just like Parker!) but it was very fun to read. Looking forward to more. Wrote a longer comment on CF.
  3. Kymuscleboy

    m/m The Tank

    Great story! It captures both the benefits and costs of being a massively muscled superhero..
  4. Awesome beginning! I hope you continue it. Of course my question is why, oh why doesn't the scientist try it on himself??? But it will still be exciting to see the already huge guys get even bigger!
  5. That last part was fantastic! Even better, it was almost two parts in one, with the scene at the picnic and the scene at Jeff's house. I like how there was focus on a second guy growing, and it even touched on Parker's and Jeff's older boss looking better and growing as well. I definitely hope there's more on that angle in the future! Parker being played with and dominated by a huge, sexy older man would be uber hot. And maybe that 15 year old needs a summer job! The story is so great, and every chapter you introduce a character or idea that could shoot off into even more story threads. While I don't get as much out of the women growing (just not my thing) it's still super well done and works for the story you're telling.
  6. This story is just begging for a Part III. With the way it ended, there's definitely room for more confrontation between Liam and Justin and/or an incredible growth scene and battle with Peter. I really hope there is a concluding part!
  7. Likewise. The author is still around. He isn't one of those who deleted their account and disappeared. So, I haven't given up hope! @Florida20 if you see this, we miss you and eagerly look forward to more!
  8. Seriously? You've made your point. There's no need to keep doubling down and insulting the author of the story. If you don't like it, don't read it. And remember what most of our mothers taught us, "if you don't have anything nice to say, it's better to say nothing at all." I would much rather read an exciting, interesting story with a great plot and characters, even if the grammar isn't perfect, than a perfectly written story that bores me to death. That's one of the reasons why I don't write fiction. What I don't want is for this author to get discouraged like so many others and just leave a great story hanging without an ending. Over the past year, numerous authors, some who were new and some who have been around since the early days of the Internet, have left this site without a word. Maybe people feeling their work, which they share for free and write in their spare time, isn't appreciated is a big factor in that. I'm sorry my rant comes in response to your post, Arpeejay. You are a good guy. But I really don't want to lose who I think is one of the best writers to post stories in the past couple of years. Also, sometimes the non standard punctuation conveys how people speak more accurately than standard punctuation does. As for the story, I have LOVED it so far. The descriptions of the characters' growth and their greed for more is one of the hottest things I've read in ages. I do want to wring Justin's neck, assuming he's survived, for being so stupid and careless and tackling his brother to stop him from drinking his "protein powder."
  9. About posting it without the other author or about how it will be received? Either way, I would say you have nothing to worry about. I'm sure a lot of people will like it, and since Adonisobsessed has gone MIA, I wouldn't think there is any issue with posting. However, do what feels right to you.
  10. Oh, I don't have any good ideas for continuing the story. I was just offering my thoughts on how someone else could best continue it while giving all due credit to the original author. Given that we know another chapter is written, maybe people should give it just a little while longer? Maybe I'm an eternal optimist that adonisobsessed will come back. In the meantime, if the prequel was finished, and you have a copy, I think that would be fair game to post, since it is your work as well.
  11. That's a bummer. I didn't realize that the author "AdonisObsessed" had left the forum completely. My personal view is that if the story has been abandoned unfinished by its original author then it would be fair game for someone else to take it up. If the author has left the forum completely, not just taken a break for a while, it's fair to assume they aren't going to finish. Still, the continuation needs to be posted to a different thread and clearly marked that it's by a different author in my opinion. That way it's clear in case the original author resurfaces and decides to continue. Kind of a win-win.
  12. This was a great story! It was hot beginning to end with several twists and turns that were unexpected. If you don't continue this, I can't wait to see what you come up with next.
  13. It just gets better and better! I wrote a pretty long comment after Chapter 5 just now. I should have said of the questions I have, I hope they are addressed within the story not as an answer to my comment. But I seriously can't wait for the next chapter. It promises to be awesome!
  14. I've absolutely loved the story so far as well! You had me going for a minute. When William got up and he still was in the zone with loving his size, I thought maybe a permanent change in mental attitude had overtaken him. It was a good twist having him come out of it during the workout at the gym. I can't wait for the final chapter, but I hope it's a long one. It seems like there is a lot still to go through, Will getting hopefully bigger (much) than the other two brothers, his wife's reaction to his new size, whether he truly learns to accept and even embrace his size. Thanks for a terrific story!
  15. I love where this is going! As foreign as the concept is to me, the idea of the guy being reluctant to grow muscular and bigger is really interesting. I like how some of the guys don't know how to react to the growth as well. That's very realistic. If we were to suddenly grow from skinny or average to extremely huge and muscular, it would be very disorienting to our sense of the space we take up and the strength we have. I really hope you continue.
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