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  1. Part Six: During his six months training with Eric and being monitored by Dr. Harolds, Joe had gotten used to not knowing what was going on. And so, the day he left for the Facility he didn't bother asking any questions. Dr. Harolds followed him onto an airplane (with a spacious cargo hold in case Joe transformed during flight) and four hours later they landed at another nondescript sort of warehouse in a heavily forested area. "This is it," Dr. Harolds says, smiling at Joe. The two disembarked from the plane together and walked along to the landing field to what resembled an open garage door. There, a woman with a clipboard greeted them. "Hello, Dr. Harolds," she said. Then she turned to Joe. "You must be Joe." She reached out her hand. Joe shook her hand. It have been several months since he had been around a woman, and he was surprised at how small her hand felt in his newly muscles fingers. It sent a slight jolt down his cock. It didn't help that Dr. Lee was beautiful, although he couldn't quite place her age. "Nice to meet you," he said. "You'll be working with Dr. Lee now," Dr. Harolds said. "She's got a little more experience with people like you." Joe didn't bother asking any of the many questions he had. "I'll be in contact from time to time," Dr. Harolds continued. "But you cant trust that you are in very good hands." "Why don't you get settled," Dr. Lee said. "Dr. Harolds and I are going to debrief and I'll come find you in your dormitory later. Go through that door," Dr. Lee said, "And they'll get you registered. Joe obeyed, shaking Dr. Harold's hand and saying goodbye before picking up his duffle-bag and going through the designated door. On the other side, he was greeted by several medical assistants, who took his vitals (for the millionth time, it seemed to Joe) then asked him to change into what looked like a jumpsuit. Joe obeyed, disrobing in front of the medical staff (something he had gotten used to of late) then pulled the suit on. He found it was made of an elastic material. "It should accommodate any growth you experience," of the assistants said. Joe was then ushered to his dorm, which consisted of a large bed, a window that overlooked the woods, and a private bathroom. The shower, he noticed, was big enough to be a small locker room. Joe had just enough time to put hi bag on this bed when Dr. Lee appeared, this time with another man. Although Joe had noticed that Dr. Lee was beautiful before, she seemed to have become even more beautiful since their last meeting. The man next her, likewise, was excruciatingly handsome. And, it appeared, muscular. Joe felt the jolt in his pants and worried he might start inflating. "Better tone it down," Dr. Lee said to the man, and suddenly something shifted and both people, though beautiful, stopped arousing Joe. He had a feeling these two people were the "people like him" Dr. Harolds had mentioned. "Joe, this is Adonis." Dr. Lee said. Adonis smiled. "We're going to do a preliminary assessment, if that's all right. Joe didn't bother accepting. "I can't tell, it seems like he's on the edge," Adonis mumbled, eyeing Joe. "That's good for us," Dr. Lee replied. "I think I should go first," Adonis said. "I think his recent developments have put him closer to my side. I just can't tell how he'll want me." "Try both out." "Sounds good." Dr. Lee stood and left the room, leaving Joe alone with Adonis. "First things first," Adonis said, grabbing a chair and sitting in front of Joe. "Adonis isn't my real name. We try to conceal our identities for security. So you'll need a nickname. I'm going to call you Hercules. Our director has a thing for Greek Mythology." As Adonis spoke, he again became painfully handsome. This time, however, the transformation was far more obvious. And as his face and body shifted, Joe noticed that pieces of him resembled Mr. Durham, such as the sudden, thick beard that formed on his face, and the blue eyes of Eric, and the cocky air that Ben carried with him. "As you may have guessed," Adonis continued. "I'm a little like you. Different, but similar." His voice was becoming painfully attractive. Deep and powerful. His chest was filling out beneath his shirt. "You see, me and Dr. Lee have a similar ability. We can read people, sense what is most arousing to them, and then become that." By now, Adonis's body was an echo of Eric's body, except that he was closer to Joe's size. "Only thing is, can't change the X/Y chromosome. So both of us need to try you out. Want to see who can make you bigger." Joe felt the familiar jolt in his crotch, and his own body began inflating. "I think this is gonna be a lot of fun," Adonis said. By now he had surpassed Eric in size, both in build and height. Joe felt his own body swelling, felt his arms grow heavy under pounds of muscle. Unlike most times, however, his shirt did not begin to rip. Instead, his new suit stretched along the contours of his new body, allowing for his chest, ass and cock to grow uninhibited. "Bigger," Adonis said. He seemed to be enjoying the growth as much as Joe. His own clothes began to tear, first down the middle of his shirt, then down the seams of his pants. He growled, drunk on the feeling of growing, and ripped his clothes off. He revealed a hairy chest, and cock bigger, thicker and longer than Ben's had been. The two men were much taller than before, and the dorm was getting cramped with the two of them growing so quickly. Adonis stepped forward, and pulled the jumpsuit off of Joe's swelling frame. Joe looked down proudly at his thick, pounding cock. It was about as big as he had ever seen it. "Fuck," Adonis said. "You're a real fucking man." Joe felt his body rev at this. His head less than a foot from the ceiling. "Fuck me," Adonis commanded, and Joe complied. Lying on the bed, Joe pushed his cock into Adonis's tight hole, their thick chests pressing against each other. Joe got into a good rhythm, pumping harder and harder, his massive, veiny quads smacking Adonis's ass loudly. "That's right, fuck me. Oh shit yes. Fuck my ass, pound me. Fuck. Your cock is so fucking powerful. Fuck, FUCK." Joe felt himself swelling, larger and larger. Adonis had apparently stopped growing, his massive, defined abs and shoulders apparently satisfied with their size. Joe liked the feeling of overpowering Adonis, of outsizing this muscle God. He felt his heavy balls smack against Adonis's ass, felt his muscles getting bigger with every moment. He stood up, and lifted Adonis against the wall, holding him in the air while his massive cock fucked him harder and harder. "Fuck," Joe said. His voice low and commanding. "Fuck." And just as he was about to cum, Adonis's began to grow again. His quads exploded, his massive ass pressing against Joe's cock. His chest pressed out against Joe's, and his lats flared against Joe's hands. His feet touched the ground as he suddenly grew taller. Joe stopped mid-fuck, mesmerized by the god that now stood in front of him. He had easy attained Eric's impressive size, with a thick, heavy cock swinging low between his legs. His head nearly touched the ceiling. Adonis smiled, a raw hunger in his face. "My turn," he said.
  2. Part Five: When Joe started training with Eric, he was 5'11 and 145 lbs. During his first episodes, his stats shot up to 6'2 and 180lbs. It was not uncommon for Joe to grow while lifting: he had never trained in his life, and the inevitable spike in testosterone that resulted from lifting tended to make him swell beyond a pump. Once, Joe was flat on his back, Eric spotting him on a bench press. Joe couldn't help but notice Eric's bulge just above his forehead, and it wasn't long before he had swelled up to his biggest size. The thought of showing Eric his biggest form excited him, but Eric was unimpressed. When he finished his set, Eric looked down at him with disappointment. "You got this unnatural talent," he said. "But even when you are as big as you can get, you're still not half as big as me." Eric flexed one of his biceps. Joe, who was still inflated from lifting, glanced down at his arms. It was true, Eric still dwarfed him. "I want you big as we can get, even when you aren't infated." And so they worked hard. Eric spent his mornings lifting and eating, then took a break mid-day for college coursework. The Program was going to keep him long term, it seemed, and they didn't want him to get set back. Then, in the evenings, he would lift and eat again, followed by a full body massage. At first, they force fed him 3,000 calories a day. Then they upped it to 4,000, and finally 6,000. Eric felt the weight come on to his natural form slowly. He was lonely, at times. He had been a lonely teenager, and so he wasn't necessarily sure what he missed about being away from home. But as the days went on to weeks, he started to rely on Eric as his main source of socializing. During his second month, they started testosterone injections at 500ml. "Is that safe?" Joe asked Eric as a nurse prepared the injection. "We think it will be for you," Eric replied. "You clearly respond well to testosterone." Joe watched with satisfaction as his lifts increased. The food, training and injections seemed to have the desired effect. At the end of six months, Eric seemed like he was nearing satisfaction. Joe was eating 8,000 calories a day, and injecting 800 ml of testosterone a week. He had gone from 145lbs to 180lbs in his natural state. But it was his inflated state that had seen the most progress. The biggest episode they had recorded was 6'4, 210 lbs, but Joe had felt even then that there was more growth inside him waiting to appear. At the end of his sixth month, Dr. Harolds told Joe they were going to move him to a new facility at the end of the month, where he would meet "other people like him." "What does that mean?" Joe had asked. "You'll see." What this meant, unfortunately, is that Eric would no longer be Joe's trainer. Joe was surprised at how attached he had become to his trainer. Eric had kept a professional distance during the duration of their time together, and Joe wondered wither Eric would miss him. During their last training session, however, Joe had little time to reflect on this. Eric was merciless. "Harder," he kept shouting. "Push it." Joe had never lifted so much weight so quickly. He felt himself growing bigger than he'd ever been before. "Come on," Eric shouted. "What we gotta do to get you bigger? Push it." The size was intoxicating. Joe's arms felt like they were going to burst, and when he stood up from his bench press he towered over Eric's 6'0 frame. "I want to see the limit," Eric said, looking Joe square in the eyes. "I want to see how fucking big you can get." Eric's eyes glanced down at Joe's crotch, which was straining against the gym clothes the Program had given him. Eric had never done anything like this before, and the thrill of it sent a jolt of growth through Joe's body. He could feel it, everything in his body filling with the orgasmic rush of growth. He delts began to press against the fabric of his shirt, while his neck filled the opening at its top. "There's only one way to find out," Joe said, and his voice resonated in the gym. Eric, a look of awe and hunger in his eyes, stepped forward and pulled Joe's pants down. His massive shaft, bigger than it had ever been, shot out in front of him, and Eric began sucking its fat head. "Fuck," Joe said. He'd never had a blow job before, and the feeling was so powerful he had to pull his cock out of Eric's mouth. "Lie down," Eric said, and Joe obeyed. Lying on his back, he could feel his lats press against him, inflating bigger and bigger as Eric worshiped his body. "Fuck," Joe said, and involuntarily flexed. His clothes tore off his body, and Eric pulled his face off Joe's dick for a moment to look at the monster in front of him. He smiled, and pulled off his shirt. In the six months they had been training together, Joe had never seen Eric shirtless. It was the most perfect body he had ever seen. Though Eric was much taller, at this point, the size and definition of Eric's body exceeded his own, and the reality of what was happened caused another jolt to shoo through his body. He felt his balls inflating against his thighs. His ass inflated beneath him, as he grabbed the back of Eric's head and started pushing it down against is cock. "Fuck," he shouted, his voice deep and commanding. "Oh fuck." Eric pulled off his pants, revealing a throbbing, dripping cock. "You like this shit?" Eric asked. Joe couldn't respond. He had never been so aroused in his entire life. Eric flexed his arms from Joe again, then bounced his pecs. "You like this?" Joe nodded. "We're gonna get you here," Eric said. Then pushed his cock into Joe's ass. Joe had fingered himself before, but the feeling of Eric's cock pushing into him filled him with blinding pleasure. He felt every part of him inflate, his muscles crowding his frame. "Fuck, oh fuck," he shouted. "You like that shit?" Eric said as he pumped against Joe's ass, his thighs hitting loudly against Joe's massive glutes. When the orgasm came, Joe felt like his skin was goin to rip off hi body. He had never felt so big, so powerful. A massive rope of cum shot right into Eric's mouth, then another, and another, and another. In all, ten thick ropes of cum shot out of Joe's cock, which had grown to its biggest size ever. Shortly after, Eric came inside of Joe's shaking with pleasure and moaning loudly. Unlike most other times, Joe did not immediately begin to shrink again. He and Eric lay on the gym floor, cum all around them, and cuddled for a long time. "Fuck. Regret not doing that more," Eric said. Joe laughed. "You keep growing like you have been, and you'r gonna be a literal God on Earth."
  3. Part Four: Joe had been at The Facility for a week now. The man who had arrived at his home the week prior had explained that Joe's "episodes" were unusual, but not unprecedented, and that the government was interested in having him participate in some research. In return, Joe would receive impressive financial compensation, and the opportunity to "serve his country." Joe's parents had been informed that their son had been selected for a special government program based on his academic performance, but that he would need to leave immediately. Joe's parents, amazed that their son had achieved something so impressive (he hadn't) happily agreed to let Joe go, with the expectation that the opportunity would last one year, and then he could go to college with a generous scholarship provided by the program. After a brief plane ride to an undisclosed location, people had dressed Joe in a hospital gown, and measured his blood pressure, weight, height, cholesterol. They had taken blood samples, urine samples, vision tests, measured his testicles, taken saliva. They had discussed taking a semen sample, but Joe explained that he wasn't sure he would be able to cum without having an episode, and so this test was delayed. The tests went on an on until Joe marveled that there was anything else in his lean frame that could be tested. At night, Joe was left alone in a small room with a bed, bathroom and a television. Despite his boredom, he was perhaps most thankful that he didn't have to go back to school again, and that in the privacy of The Facility he wouldn't be humiliated by another public episode. Then, on his third day, Joe was given over to a man named Dr. Harolds who attached him to several electrodes, and then instructed him to masturbate. "I don't...." Joe said. "I know it's awkward. But I have to be here to take a blood sample during your episode," the doctor said. Joe began to stroke himself, with Dr. Harolds watching interestedly. The doctor was older, and not terribly attractive, but as Joe felt his cock begin to swell, and he remembered the coursing, full body orgasms he had experienced just three days prior, he quickly felt his body growing larger and larger until his hospital gown tore off his tall, muscular frame as he tried to stop jacking off long enough for the doctor to take a blood sample. The doctor also collected a full two pints of cum from Joe's load before he shrunk back to his usual size. The test results came back the next day, and Dr. Harold met Joe in his small room to discuss them. "I'm sorry we've kept you in the dark for so long," Dr. Harold said. "We're dealing with a lot of classified information, and we don't want to divulge more than we have to." Dr. Harold looked down a his clipboard for a moment. "We've been researching cases like you for a lite while, now. There seems to be some sort of evolutionary shift taking place, with a particular focus on the reproductive system. You appear to fall into this category." "What does that mean?" Joe asked. "I'll tell you some data," the doctor said. "The average sperm count is between 15 million and 200 million per milliliter. The sample we got from you had 800 million sperm per milliliter. The average man has testosterone levels between 240 and 950 nanograms per deciliter. In your normal state, your testosterone levels are around 260 ng/dl. During the episode, that number rose to 2,000 ng/dl." The numbers mostly went over Joe's head. "What we believe," Dr. Harolds said, "Is that you seem to have a sensitivity to testosterone. As your levels increase, your body goes into a sort of hyperdrive, reacting to testosterone by increasing muscle mass, bone mass, libido and testosterone output. After ejaculating, during your refractory phase, your body returns to normal until your next episode." "Is there a cure?" Joe asked. The doctor laughed. "We don't want to cure you," he said. "We want to train you. We've got big plans for you." The next day, Joe was taken by Dr. Harolds to a part of the facility he did not recognize. It was a gym of sorts, filled with innumerable weights and machines. "Our goal is to increase your baseline testosterone levels to see what effect it has on your episodes," Dr. Harold said. "And that starts with increasing your muscle mass." Joe, who had never set foot in a gym before, felt vaguely excited at the thought of growing bigger. "Let me introduce you to Mr. Thomas," Dr. Harolds said. Turning, Joe saw perhaps the biggest man he had ever seen walking into the gym. He looked like the bodybuilders on the front of magazines at the grocery store, and his large T-shirt and lose gym short barely concealed the impressive, meaty muscle beneath his shirt. "Call me Eric," the man said, looking at Joe, then extended his hand. Joe shook it, feeling the full muscles of Eric's hand envelope his weak, thin fingers. He met Eric's eyes, which were a piercing blue. They contrasted with his dark facial hair. "I'll leave you two to it," Dr. Haroldson said, and left the gym. "Fuck," Eric said, looking at Joe up and down. "We've got out work cut out for us." But already Joe could feel his cock swelling, and with it, every muscle in his body.
  4. Part Three: Mr. Durham had dismissed class after Joe's episode. As the student's filed out of the room, Mr. Durham had approached Joe and said, "I've seen some strange things during my eight years as a teacher, but this probably takes the cake. I recommend you don't let anything like this happen again." Joe had nodded silently, face red with shame, as he tried not to notice the bulge in Mr. Durham's tight pants. Afterwards, Joe had skipped his last two periods and instead gone to the parking lot, ignoring the giggles that erupted as he walked the hallways with his ripped clothes, bare ass, and stained shirt. Now, as he pulled into the driveway of his home, his last week of high school felt like it would be an eternity. He had suffered a series of what were likely the most embarrassing moments of his life, and he was grateful that he would never have to see any of these people again after next Wednesday. If he could make it that far. Joe's parent's both worked, and they wouldn't be home for another several hours. He quickly went upstairs to his room and took of his clothes, marveling at how much jizz covered them. He had to have shot a full pint of cum, if not more. The tear in his pants were also so large he wondered how what had happened to him in English class could have been real. Naked, he lay down on his bed and opened his phone. There were a series of notifications: "Ashley Brahms tagged you in a video." "Cory Finn commented on a video you were tagged in." "365 people reacted to a video you were tagged in." Joe opened Facebook only to see a video of him in Mr. Durham's class from the hour before. Someone in class had captured the moment on their cellphone and uploaded it, a video of Joe, pale and thin looking nervously around as suddenly his whole body pulsed, his back stretching wide and his arms inflating. From this angle, his penis is not visible, but the dark stain erupting in the front of his shirt, and the sudden squareness of his jaw is obvious. Joe also notices that he seems to have grown taller during the episode. The comments are already in the hundreds: "What a freak!" "Damn, what kind of roids is this kid on?" "Wtf???" "That's some hot shit right there." And this last comment, despite all of Joe's embarrassment and fear, sends a pulse of blood into Joe's cock. He watches the video again, and realizes how hot it is, how unbelievably manly Joe's inflated form looks, how powerful and muscular his frame becomes. And before he realizes is, he is stroking his cock, feeling the same orgasmic waves coursing through his body as before. Naked on his bed, he can see the transformation take place up close. His quads expanding from thin, undefined branches in to powerfully striated tree trunks, his abs cutting into his stomach, his ass inflating under him. He flexes one of his arms as it begins to swell, feels his chest getting heavy on top of him. "Fuck," he said, and his voice is lower. He stands up and walks into his bathroom. The mirror reveals an unfamiliar muscle god, at least as big as Ben Smith, somewhere around 6'2" with abs cut like steel and shoulders round and full. His jaw is square, his neck wide. "Fuck," he says again, and his voice is even lower. It is then that he notices his cock. Like most men, Joe had measured his dick from time to time growing up. there were days when he had held the ruler next to his dick and wished that the 4 inches would turn to 5, or 6. Now when he looked down at his piece, it looked like it was at least 7 or 8 inches, and thick as a pipe. He started stroking. His balls, newly full and large, hung heavy, swinging against his thick, muscular quads. Every part of his body continued to swell, and as he stroked he only looked fuller and fuller in the bathroom mirror until finally, with a knee-weakening jolt, a thick rope of cum shot right onto the mirror, then another, and another. Joe only just managed to point his cock into the sink as pulse after blinding pulse of cum nearly filled the sink. "Fuck, oh fuck," he said, is voice as low as it had ever been. "OH fuck" Slowly the jizz stopped flowing, and when Joe looked through the cum on the mirror to see himself again, he saw that he was no longer as big as he had been. He was his thin, skinny self. Before Joe could think about how to clean up this mess, he heard the doorbell ring downstairs. "Shit." He quickly ran to put some clothes on, thankful he had not came on himself. When he opened the front door downstairs, sill slightly out of breath from his recent orgasm, he saw a tall man in a suit standing before him. "Joe Simmons?" the man said. "Yes." Joe said. "Is this you?" The man held up a phone to Joe's face. It was playing the video from his English class earlier that day. The view count was already over 300,000. "I'm here on behalf of a special program for people like you. I think we have quite a bit to talk about," the man said, and smiled widely.
  5. Part One: There was one more week of High school left when Joe caught two of his classmates having sex in the locker room after gym class. He had been hiding in a bathroom stall waiting for a particularly persistent boner to subside (he had been getting throbbing erections about every two hours lately—a new phenomenon he couldn’t explain) when he heard them whispering, then undressing, and then moaning. It was Sarah Thomas (a cheerleader) and Ben Smith (captain of the basketball team). Joe couldn’t see them, but he could picture them. Ben’s sinewy, 6’4 frame riding Sarah’s petite 5’4 body. Joe didn’t want to generalize, but he had seen Joe in the showers before and, at least in this case, the reputation of big black cocks held up. Ben’s uncircumcised meat was thick as an arm and had to be six or seven inches soft. As Sarah’s moaning got louder, Joe’s erection began to swell to an almost painful degree. He pictured Ben holding Sarah in the air and thrusting, Sarah’s long blonde hair waving back and forth as Ben’s massive tool went in and out of her. It wasn’t long before Joe felt a powerful orgasm begin, and before he could catch himself, he let out a loud moan. “Did you hear that?” Sarah said. Ben kept grunting. “Ben, stop. Did you hear that?” “Hear what?” “It sounds like someone’s in here.” Joe lifted his feet up so they were not visible under the stall as Ben walked toward him. There were five stalls in the bathroom and Joe listened as Ben opened each one. After a moment, Ben’s two gargantuan feet stood in front of Joe’s stall and pushed the door open. Joe was situated on the toilet, cum all over his still-throbbing erection. “What the fuck,” Ben said. He was completely naked, abs glistening with sweat above his massive piece. Joe had never seen it fully erect: it looked like it was nine or ten inches. Joe couldn’t believe anyone could take a dick that big. Sarah appeared next to Ben, also naked, hair messy and tits large and perky. “Oh my God,” she said, giggling. “Look how small it is.” Joe could feel his face getting hot. To be fair, any dick in comparison to Ben’s looked small, but Joe’s four incher wasn’t anything to write home about. It looked pink and pale in comparison to Ben’s dark, throbbing cock. “You getting off on us?” Ben said, threateningly. “You some kind of sick fuck?” “Babe, calm down,” Sarah said. “Who can blame him?” Ben towered over Joe, who was still seated. He was now standing partially in the stall, his dick only a foot or so away from Joe’s face. His muscles were well defined, and Joe was thankful he was wearing clothes. His skinny, 5’11 frame would be dwarfed by Ben’s immaculate body. “You like this? You like this big fucking cock?” he said. “You like these abs?” He slapped his six pack. Joe was paralyzed. He did like Joe’s cock. And he liked Sarah’s breasts. And for a moment he wanted to ask them to start fucking again so he could watch. He thought better of it. Ben stepped forward and struck Joe in the face with his dick. “You like that? You like that, you sick fuck?” “Make him eat it,” Sarah said. Her hand was in her crotch now, tits hard as rocks. “You wanna eat this? You think you could handle it?” Ben said. Joe nodded his head very slowly, eyes wide with hunger. “Yeah, that’s right, I bet you do. You want a taste of what a real man feels like. Look at your dick, fucking tiny.” Ben hit him in the face again with his piece, hard enough that Joe’s face moved sideways slightly. “Come one, Sarah.” He said. “He’s a fucking queer.” “One sec,” Sarah said. She left for a moment and came back with a cell phone. “Say cheese,” she said, and took a picture of Joe, pants around his ankles, cum dripping of his throbbing dick. “If you tell anyone you caught us, I’ll send this picture to the whole school,” she said. Part Two: After Ben and Sarah got dressed and left, Joe was left alone in the bathroom with his cum-covered erection. Something strange was happening. In his eighteen years, Joe had certainly gotten random erections. But lately things had been different. He frequently found himself rock hard for hours, and no matter how many times he jacked-off, his dick remained firm. Thankfully, his cock wasn’t so big that he couldn’t hide his erections for the most part, but at times he wished desperately that he could get it to subside. As he left the locker room to get to his English class, Joe noticed that along with the crotch of his pants, his shirt also felt tighter (perhaps it had shrunk in the wash) and he felt tired of feeling so restricted by his clothing. English was taught by Mr. Durham, who was in his mid-thirties and was universally agreed to be the most attractive teacher in the school. One girl had been reprimanded for fingering herself during his class, and since then it was widely known that most girls in the school would be happy to call Mr. Durham ‘daddy’. Joe likewise found Mr. Durham to be very attractive, which was bad luck for him because he was still having a hard time keeping his mind off of Ben’s cock and Sarah’s tits. Today, Mr. Durham was wearing a fitted shirt with a pair of tight, grey pants. From his seat in the back of the classroom, Joe could see that Mr. Durham’s full beard had been recently trimmed. Joe tried to distract himself by focusing on his notebook. His erection, which he had tucked into his belt, throbbed painfully. Mr. Durham began his review on The Sound and the Fury, which Joe only caught bits and pieces of. His boner continued to press hard against his belt, and when Joe glanced down at his cock, he noticed a dark spot of precum had begun to show through his shirt. Shit. He thought. Shit, shit, shit. “Joe,” Mr. Durham said. “What do you think about what Jared said?” Joe looked up. He had not been listening. Mr. Durham, with his square jaw, with his dark chest hair peeking out of the top of his shirt, was sitting on his desk at the front of the room. He legs spread wide, his obscene bulge was on full display. It seemed that everyone in the class was looking at it, and some of the girls were giggling. Mr. Durham seemed to be unaware. It was too much. Joe’s erection intensified so immediately he gasped. The orgasmic feeling coming from his cock suddenly began to spread, engulfing his balls and flowing into his quads, hamstrings, and glutes. His pants began to tighten around his legs, while his calves and stomach began to reshape. Then suddenly, Joe exploded. His arms, once the skinny, undefined arms of a cross-country runner, expanded until they filled his shirt sleeves. His chest, flat and unremarkable, suddenly pressed against his shirt, straining to tear through. The seat of his pants, incapable of restraining his new, massive ass, ripped down the middle as, in one final pulse, Joe’s back exploded into a wall of meat. His fellow classmates began to turn their heads, shocked at what was happening to Joe. For a brief moment, Joe was mortified, embarrassed beyond imagination. And then he caught a glimpse of Mr. Durham, who had stood up from his desk, in obvious amazement of Joe’s inexplicable transformation. Mr. Durham had a clear, pulsing erection creeping down his pant leg. With another swell, the back of Joe’s shirt began to rip as his erection, still tied down by his belt, began to spew cum. “Fuck,” Joe shouted. “Oh fuck.” Pulse after pulse shot up his shirt, darkening it’s front with rope after rope of violent cum. The classroom was silent, in shock of what was happening. Or maybe awe. And suddenly the episode stopped. In seconds, Joe was his regular, skinny self again. His clothes were ripped and he was covered in cum. The classroom stared.
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