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  1. Hi everyone, Once upon a time, there was a website titled "Gay Male Transformation Story Archive". It was moderated by "Musclehed". There was a story called "A Change Could Do You Good". There are 12 chapters of it on O'Melissocomos's website under the the name of "Flashpoint". I recall that there was at least a 13th Chapter on the website (which completed the story) before it was taken down. It's supposed to be accessible through the Wayback Machine, but I can't seem to find it. Does anyone happen to have the 13th chapter?
  2. Hi Londonboy, I came back to look at this story after 5 years, to see if it had been continued. No such luck, but I'll keep checking back just in case you get the urge to complete it.
  3. I love this story too. I've always thought that it stopped much too soon, just when it was really getting interesting. I would love to see how the relationship between Norman and Toby develops. I would guess that Norman will be spending a lot less time in therapy (or not, depending on how you define therapy).
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