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    mountain biking, indoor rock climbing, gym/training, outdoor sports, armwrestling
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    179cms, 83kg, 38.5 cms arms, 80kg bench, 40kg bicep curl
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    friends, training buddies, rock climbing buddies
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    42cm arms, 100kg bench, 45kg bicep curl
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    muscle growth, muscle worship

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  1. evoflex

    Peter's Pecs Series by Mdlftr

    Thanks Mdlftr. Does the story continue or is that all you have written?
  2. Im looking for a series from the old forum called Peter's Pecs. It was written by Mdlftr.
  3. evoflex

    Stronger than superman?

    thanks, that's the one
  4. evoflex

    Stronger than superman?

    looking for a story which I think is about superman vs some villain where the villain is able to cause an earthquake by punching the ground. Superman tries to stop his arm from moving downward and punching the ground, and fails. Anyone know the story???

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