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  1. growboybrow

    Muscle suit version 2

    Dang! Morph material
  2. growboybrow

    Sometimes, I Drink My Dad's Cum...

    This is the best story I've read in a WHILE!
  3. growboybrow

    Muscle suit version 2

    I saw you were asking to be morphed in another thread so i thought id take a quick, rough stab at it using the muscle suit as a base
  4. growboybrow

    Gym & Depression

    Hey guys, update: stepped foot into the gym yesterday for the first time all year! I'm so sore and it feels so good. I've been on antidepressants for a month and go to a therapist once a week and a half now and I feel like my old self again. I'd forgotten what it felt like to not have the weight of the world crushing down on your hopes and dreams and pursuit of the tiniest bit of happiness. I can't believe how bad I let it get. Thank you guys for all the advice. You really helped me stick in there and not give up on everything. Gonna ramp back up to 3-4 workouts a week.:)
  5. growboybrow

    Gym & Depression

    I've been out of the gym since last year since coming down with a bad case of depression, which I've been in denial about for about a year and just recently started medicating for. We'll see if treatment helps lift my mood back up but I'm curious if anyone has faced this situation and had any tips on getting back into the routine. I'm not motivated to get to the gym because I'm miserable, and I'm miserable because I'm not motivated to get to the gym! CHICKEN OR THE EGG??? I've also been struck with weird gym anxiety, like "what if I see the regulars that go to the gym at the same time as I do and they all notice how much I shrunk since they last saw me?" I've never had this problem before and it's so deflating!
  6. Nice new growing site of yours.  Hope to see more!

    1. growboybrow


      thanks! working on some good stuff

  7. growboybrow

    Cock pumping

    Just ordered a pump kit and tubes. Let's get this started
  8. growboybrow

    Any stories about uncontrollable horniness?

    Bumping this, looking for same
  9. growboybrow

    Cock pumping

    Woof!!! Yours is the perfect example of what I want.
  10. growboybrow

    Cock pumping

    How does it work!? Anyone have any go-to guides or first hand experiences with pumping their cocks with a penis pump? I'm perfectly fine with my dick size but love the look that some mildly pumped cocks have. At what point does it become irreversible, if at all? Can you have a pumped cock and still have a satisfying fuck at a top? Conversely, is it possible to pump/inflate balls without injections? How permanent are injections? So many Q's! Any help here or on skype appreciated. (photo obv not me. Sorry if this isn't the right place to ask this)
  11. Why I'm fascinated with extreme muscle growth and building my own muscle is something I think about a lot and am interested to hear if/how you guys have your own theories as to why you're fascinated as well. I thought of asking y'all because I just recently came across a game from my childhood, Altered Beast on the Sega Genesis, that set off a nostalgia alarm and recalled some interesting feelings I had watching a guy burst out of his clothes with muscle as a child. I don't know if I could get boners that young but there was definitely a mind-boner from the imagery... and you got to PLAY as him! This game definitely had a play in me ending up at these forums haha.
  12. growboybrow

    Guilt/Shame/Embarrassment in Bodybuilding/Muscle Growth?

    Thank you guys for all the thoughts and feedback! Very enlightening and good to know I'm not alone on this. To further address the judgement of jocks/bodybuilders by friends, I'm not sure how to explain it: it's kind of a play on the attempt to rectify body-image issues inflicted on younger kids. A shift to a PC kind of thinking where you look down on those dedicated to adding large amounts of muscle to their body so that kids do not feel inclined to do the same or have to grow up with that kind of pressure on them (a retaliation we now see in advertising directed towards women). "Glorification of intellectual over physical" as said above. I can see how people against muscle-for-the-sake-of-muscle would think this is a good tactic but not when it involves it's own form of judgement. It's just an excuse for another form of hate. But you're right. It ultimately comes down to having my own opinions of things and not letting the judgment of others interfere with what makes me happy.
  13. growboybrow

    Best app for training

    An excel spreadsheet lol. Basically digital pen and paper. But the Numbers app makes spreadsheets so easy on a phone.
  14. growboybrow

    Guilt/Shame/Embarrassment in Bodybuilding/Muscle Growth?

    Another component of this may be my homosexuality. Even now when I see a hot, muscular guy on the street that I'm attracted to it's hard for me to distinguish if I want to be WITH the guy or if I want to BE the guy. The possible admission of such narcissism is scary.
  15. It took me a long time to admit that I was into muscular/buff/bodybuilder-type guys growing up, all the way until now. It was a deep-rooted shame that is for the most part untraceable. I remember my older sister, someone who I looked up to a lot, talking about guys with her friends and mentioning that she wasn't into a certain male because of his "gross man-boobs," even though what she was referring to was really just well-developed pecs. She and other female influences in my life also introduced the concept of "too muscular" guys; fitness-oriented men who, somehow, were too muscular/attractive. Even today, I'm still surrounded by friends/peers/fellow gays who judge buff guys at bars/in public, saying that they absolutely have a small penis, are obscenely dumb, and incredibly narcissistic for investing that much effort into their bodies. It's not hard to see that their preconceived notions are veiled with jealousy but it still makes it hard to admit that I love working out, love improving my body, love guys who love their body, and love being big/getting bigger. It sucks to see kids that are 14+ and already getting into bodybuilding because I would have too if I wasn't trapped in such a toxic environment that saw bodybuilding simply as overcompensation for [insert insecurity here]. Now at 26 I'm finally comfortable with declaring I'm going to the gym or even saying the word "muscles" without shame-cringing, but I know that the guilt and embarrassment still reside in me because I doublethink about meeting up with a super buff guy because my friends might find photos of him, or even because I have an intense fear of someone I know finding me on this site. My co-worker is pretty well-built but I've resisted asking about his routine and stuff because I don't want my extremely smart co-workers to think I'm some dumb "pick things up and put them down" meathead. Does any of that sound familiar? Do any of you have this guilt/shame/embarrassment? Did you get over it?

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