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  1. muscle405

    Liquid Manhood- Chapter Six

    *Bump* Can't wait to see what the next chapter holds!
  2. muscle405

    Growth Beyond reason

    Anyone have a link to parts 10 through the ending?
  3. muscle405

    Never met a muscle guy before

    I've met a few, but never had a chance to really befriend them. Maintaining muscle eats up your schedule.
  4. muscle405

    Second service.

    Any chance of a part 2 where the protagonist grows bigger after finding his pill stash?
  5. muscle405

    Muscle Cream

    Nice buildup, can't wait to see who's gonna end up bigger between the two groups. One of my favorite stories, seriously.
  6. muscle405

    Muscle Cream

    Any new chapters in the works, or is this story finished?
  7. muscle405

    Muscle Cream

    This is one of my top favorite stories. I can't tell you how many times I've reread it. Hope you get a chance to finish this soon.
  8. muscle405

    Cum growth fat and muscle

    That's it, thank you!
  9. muscle405

    Cum growth fat and muscle

    There's a story I forgot the title to that involves a guy who's cum has a different effect on different people. One of them grows fat, the other gets buff but his dick shrinks. There's a hot scene at the end where the muscle guy forces the cum guy into the bathroom to suck him off. Does anyone remember the title to this story? Any help would be appreciated as I've been trying to find it in the archive for ages.
  10. muscle405

    Ibuprofen & other NSAIDs may inhibit muscle growth

    I came to this conclusion after reading about inflammation being important in the muscle growth process. It's amazing how much more we can learn today compared to 20 years ago.
  11. muscle405

    Muscle Cream

    Any updates?
  12. muscle405

    An Adverse Reaction (Part 2)

    That was amazing! Hope there's a sequel where there's a power play.
  13. muscle405

    An Adverse Reaction (Part 1)

    Nice to see more theft stories like this!
  14. muscle405

    Muscle Cream

    He always leaves it off with such a tease, but it's always worth it. I've reread this story at least 20 times throughout its creation.