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  1. goggletan

    Exchange gone wrong

    Story on my old tumblr before they deleted it.
  2. goggletan

    Alpha Frat

    Sometimes its such a turn on when the bad guys still win right? lol. you should check out my other stories if you like this one
  3. Muscle theft, body swap, role reversal, humilation
  4. goggletan

    Yes Sir

    This wasn’t any other day. It was the day I finally got posted to a new unit as a military officer. It had been a tough year previously training in cadet school. We had to endure mental and physical challenges as part of the training. But there were some things I clearly enjoyed more than others. Being the oldest son in the family, leadership was a very natural thing. This might sound sadistic but pushing cadets of a lower rank around made me feel so good. To command someone else to do your bidding, looking down at their miserable faces in the dirt as you hold your head high and forcing them to address you as SIR! Damm I can’t wait to go to my military camp. But for all that anticipation, I had one more thing to do… Sending my brat of a younger brother to military camp. And as coincidental as that might be, he would be going to the same camp as me. And I would be his new military officer Like me, he had signed on into the military. But the fact is, we will be worlds apart. He was a rebellious soldier and was rude to his superiors. Even though he was a sporty kid the army made sure he would never be promoted to a high rank and most likely he will never be an officer like be. Being still considered a recruit in the military. He was the lowest in the system and I will literally be his boss. While i would be pushing others around he would most likely be doing the dirty work like cleaning toilets and serving dishes to officers like myself. He was always the playful one. He was even termed the neighborhood fuckboy. The one taking risks and coming home drunk. He liked to experiment with everything. Some were dangerous, some were taboo and some were just plain stupid. But being smaller and shorter than me I was always physically able to overpower him whenever he got too mischievous. Secretly I liked bullying him too! Driving the car towards the front porch of our house I noticed a man infront with a suitcase. But for some reason he did not look like my brother. Coming out I realized how much a year had changed him. He seemed to have grown an 2 or 3 inches taller than me. And his frame looked overall bigger. His shoulders were broad, his pecs were showing through his tight shirt and his arms were veiny and bulging. I had to do a double take. No way could that be my little bro! I was shocked to say the least. I knew he was an athletic kid but he was seriously buffed out! He must have been taking drugs or steroids or some shit. No way that little punk could have grown so much in just a year! Pretending to not notice anything I spoke to my brother in my usual tone. An in-charge Big Brother voice and a commanding officer’s tone. “Get in loser, I wanna get to camp as soon as possible” He was a jocked out soldier now. But the fact remains the same. I was still his superior military officer. I can’t wait to start yelling at him and bossing him around when we reached the military camp. To my surprise, he didn’t say anything like how he would usually complain. But this time he gave me a smug and just placed his suitcase in the car before entering the front seat quietly. Not caring I simply put on my dark sunglasses and prepared to drive away. First stop was the barbershop to shave his head. Although I now spot a full head of hair, a lowly recruit like my brother had to shave off his heads first. On the way there, we did not speak. Nothing unusual. Our relationship had always been cold. With me being the domineering one obviously. But this time felt different. He seemed to emit a sense of awe that I could not stop but notice silently. I did not want to ask but I knew there was something different about him besides his larger and taller physique. I didnt want to admit it, but even his hot breath smelling of protein as he breathed was intimidating me. I just tried to stay cool. After parking the car we both left and walked towards the direction of the barbershop. He suddenly came up to me. I clinched my palms nervously for I had never had to look up at my own “little” brother who now was looking down at me. “Your military officer top looks really cool. Can I try it on? Without thinking or saying anything I just took of my top right there at the carpark. And exchanged mine for his civilian tee. His tee hanged off my smaller frame. But my military top hugged on to his body perfectly showing off his pecs and huge arms. But his body was just way too muscular. he could not button up his shirt and smirked at me before he just left his shirt unbuttoned. It was amazing looking at his pecs and abs in its full glory. His shoulders were so huge that it was stretching the top part of my military top. We continued walking down the path like this to the shop when we passed a public toilet. He suddenly said he needed to pee badly and suggested we use the toilet first. There while pulling my pants down to pee he asked again “Bro, I think I’ll look better with your military pants and boots as well” Again! What was I thinking? I immediately took off my boots followed by my pants and exchanged mine for his sweat pants and track shoes. I was feeling very uncomfortable now. And there was small sense of humiliation as he walked down the street showing off my uniform in his perfect body while letting everyone know what a great body he had with his unbuttoned shirt. He looked more like a soldier than me now. And that intimidated me so much. At the barbershop just before he sat down on the chair to shave his hair he looked back at me and looked me deep in the eye. “I think you need a haircut more than me” He got off the chair, moved behind me and ushered me instead to the chair. This was starting to freak me out so badly. I did’nt know why, but I had not the slightest urge to rebel against his actions. I just stared there blankly at the mirror as the barber cut off my locks. Leaving me with a bald head instead. He climbed on to a different chair and asked not for a haircut but a hairstyle change that was strangely close to mine before i had it cut off. He smiled at me and asked. “You look good bro. Why not you try carrying my backpack?” For some reason I felt inclined to actually carry the backpack. Slipping on the heavy bag. I suddenly felt this strange sense of being normal. The uncomfortable feeling I had previously vanished into thin air. In fact i felt so natural. Getting back to the car, I Instinctively never even felt like I should drive the car and I simply went to the other seat. He naturally and casually walked to the driver’s seat and made himself comfortable. He gave me a cocky smirk before taking off the dark sunglasses on my face and slipped them over his own eyes. From the reflection of the dark shades he was wearing I could look at myself. There was a huge sense of humiliation now. How much I looked like a lowly recruit now. But at the same time this feeling of how natural everything seemed to be. I was so confused…… He drove the car down to the military camp in silence while I looked blankly at my surroundings. Things were different… Just after we reached the camp and he parked the car in my allocated officer’s spot I naturally reached for my backpack and pulled out my recruit’s shirt. “Stop bro. I need to wear my recruit shirt first” He snicked while nodding his head giving me the time to wear my shirt. It was so natural. He stared at me for a second before taking off his sunglasses and with an intimidating tone he commanded me “Get your ass back into camp recruit…” This was all wrong. I was supposed to be the officer. I was supposed to be the one giving the orders. But my mouth betrayed me and i gave up fighting. I replied my officer like the lowly recruit I was now…. “YESSSSIRRRRR!!”
  5. goggletan

    Impostor Stud

    My Slave Journey Part 1: Unlearning my past As most of you already know, through a cruel twist of fate I was instantly tricked into becoming a slave just at the time of my life when i was supposed to blossom into my muscled manhood. And as ironic as this might sound me the master, and my slave traded places. He became my master. And me, his lowly slave. This series of small diary entries will serve to record my transition to becoming a slave and how my relationship with my former slave and unknowing father changed. I will start with how i learn to adapt to my new role. Not by learning to be a slave. But rather by unlearning my past. But how you may ask, how does a cocky arrogant 19 year old who has until this time had everything perfect in his life. Born with good looks, the potential to be more than 6 feet in height, on the cusp of becoming the next muscled bodybuilder hunk of the century unlearn all he has known in his life? One day i was looking down on my slave with all the power to destroy him. The next i was bound up blindfolded and ball gagged like a squeeling pig unkowning that I would be spending the rest of my life in complete bondage and servitude. I had to unlearn my dominance, pride and jock boy attitude first. At first I thought that i would be rescued soon and tried to be rebellious and escape. But the more i resisted the more he got hard on me. He would hit me, slap my face, spit on me and even threaten to castrate me. Once I almost escaped by unlocking my handcuffs. He found out just at the last second and as punishment he grabbed one of my balls and gave it a tight squeeze. Till this day that ball sack of mine still hurts and i think it no longer produces cum. So you could say Im one ball sack down.... Days became weeks, weeks became months and months became years..... It was heartbreaking to see myself slowly losing my Alpha spirit at first but i had no choice. When you become a slave i learn it was best to keep your head low and obey your new master's command lest i lose my other ball and end up completely sterile. I quickly lost my rebellious and free spirited personality and adopted a submissive and meek behavior on my part. I had to unlearn my previous way of cocky talk and learn to speak softly and call my new master Sir. As the months passed i also had to unlearn my urge to hit the gym. You see before i became a slave i was an Alpha Master who knew i was destined to one day become a champion bodybuilder and begin to spend days in the gym. So it was hard to be chained down all the time watching your muscles that you have worked so hard to gain all waste away and see your once glorious pecs and biceps become smaller and smaller. I had to unlearn my dreams and goals of becoming a jock bodybuilder and settle to being a slave destined to spend my days cleaning my master's stinky feet and pits with my tongue instead. And why has my new master become so stinky you may ask? Well, he has taken my identity and as the months passed I could see his body transform. Just as i was becoming weaker, smaller and shorter. He was becoming buff, bigger and taller by hitting the gym, going for weight classes and on round building up his body. And he knew how much i was affected by seeing the role reversal between the both of us. On our first year of swapping roles, he brought me to the gym to show me off to everyone as his "slave". But really i knew his real purpose of bringing me to the gym was to force me to look myself in the many gym mirrors and see how low i had fallen and to compare how much he has dominated me and stolen my dreams and identity. You can see how fucking cocky he is. What a fucker Now you see why the process of transitioning to a slave required me to unlearn my past. I had to do lose my Alpha personality, my cocky spirit and all the dominance that came naturally to me. Because if i did not i would most likely lose my sanity from all the constant humiliation and abuse he puts me through. I end of this diary entry but hating myself yet again. He was an asshole for tricking me into a lifetime of bondage and slavery But in my arrogance thinking that i would never fall from grace, I ironically fell into his trap. Whenever i see him sticking out his tongue showing off his cocky muscles, i hate myself even more knowing that could have been me.........
  6. Thanks guys. Cant believe i wrote this story years ago and its still having fans reading part 1 and this part 2. Hope to write more in future
  7. goggletan

    Impostor Stud

    Thanks man. Looking to flash out this character more through smaller stories i'll post here. About his transition from a master to a slave, his relationship with his dad...
  8. goggletan

    Impostor Stud

    The story i am about to tell you details my life and how i found some small happiness even though i was dealt a cruel twist of fate. It may make your penis hard with an uncontrollable cum explosion or a heart rock hard with sorrow for my position. You have been warned. See that skinny weak little guy kneeling on the ground? His saliva uncontrollably dripping from his mouth gag as his naked body is bound by metal chains. Stripped of not just his clothes but also his freedom and ability to be a human being. This pathetic slave is obviously malnourished and most likely has not been fed proper food in a long time. You occasionally hear groans and moans from him but you are unable to hear what he is trying to say with the mouth gag forced deep into his mouth and throat. When he finally does hear an order to move, he does not stand up but gets on all fours and crawls on the ground in the most humiliating way. It hurts to say this. But this pathetic slave is me. But the truth of the matter is, my life was never always like this. Would it shock youi to tell that, In fact i was born for greatness. My dad was a stud. He was a born leader. Tall, handsome and a champion bodybuilder. He was a true Alpha. And I was destined to follow in his path too. The men in my family had late but long lasting puberty. We start out late and our puberty blast out in full swing by 18 years of age morphing us into muscualr tall studs. Resulting us becoming taller, bigger and strong than your average joe. Not just good looks and strong genetics run through my fathers veins. He was also rich and inherited millions from his stud father before him as well. And i in turn was supposed to inherit the millions from him. I had my whole life to look forward too. At the stroke of my 23rd birthday i would inherit my millions from my dad. By then my puberty and growth would be complete too. I was simply waiting to reach my promised life. To be a cocky, hot headed and jock Stud Boy However my story begins at 19 years of age. Thats when my story truely begins. My puberty was in full swing and I was celebrating my 19th birthday awaiting to enter college as a freshman. Cocky, dashing, and straight up arrogant i asked my father for a slave as a birthday present. As much as i could fuck any girl i wanted, my puberty was not complete and my cock was not in its prime. I simply wanted a butthole to practice fucking in the morning with my morning wood. I could feel my testesterone levels rise with my late puberty enlarging my ever growing cock and my balls were getting heavier and heavier with cum everyday and i needed a mouth to deposit all that cum. A lowly male slave would provide all the sexual practice and needs i needed to hone my skills as a sex beast before i unleash my cock on the women of the world. My dad gladly took me to the slave market and we purchased a malnourished small little guy who was exactly my age. As a slave he came naked with a cock cage and was trained to be completely submissive to me. I still remembered the moment i brought him home....excuse me.... the moment i dragged him by his hair through my front door. Testing out my new purchase i face fucked him hard and he was so blown away by my ejaculation that he immediately fell to the ground after my first shoot. Oh how i missed those days. I was the master and i made sure my little slave knew that fact. It was such a power trip for me. I never had to shower after my gym sessions anymore. I could force him to lick up my pit sweat and clean my stinky toes with his tongue. Adding to my already dominant personality I made sure i always wore my mirrored sunglasses to make myself look even more dominant. It was so fun, and at that time i believed this would be how my life would be forever. As a dominant master. At just 19 years of age and with the power and control over another 19 year old human being's freedom and life was such a turn on for me. Some times he would beg for mercy, other times his pleas would be silenced as i practiced face fucking his pussy slave mouth. Power over another human being can be such an addictive thing. And i was enjoying every moment of it. But how would I have ever thought my confidence would get the better of me.... I loved sex and i loved the rush of my cum pumping through my heavy ball sacks and into my cock as it explodes out in a forceful ejaculation. So i would force my slave to suck me off or give me a handjob when ever i got horny. It just turns out that this time he would massaging my cock in such a pleasurable way. The feeling was so good. I turned my head around in pure estacy just from the pleasure of it. And when that moment arrived, that moment when all my cum had gathered around my cock head waiting to be ejaculated i opened my mouth and roared like the manly dominant master i was. And than i could feel it. A shot of my cum hit my right eye. It stinged alittle but it was alright. And than a second shot. Harder and much more powerful shot hit my left eye. I always knew my ball sacks were a mass cum producing twin machine. But that was alot of cum being shot at my eyes. I looked down briefly to glance at my slave and noticed he was aiming my cock directly at my face! Fuck he was blinding me with my own cum!!! I guess i was too confident. I was born with a silver spoon. I was promised an easy life. I never had to worry about any hardship. I was the guy everyone said was destined to take after my muscular hunky father and become a stud myself too. And after all my slave looked ever so weak and submissive. There was no way he would betray me...... But yet he did. With my own cum as his ammunition. I still can't remember all the details after that. The memories were painful, but more so humiliating and depressing to bring up. He was a fast one. He knew he only had minutes before i could wipe the cum of my eyes and regained my vision. He quickly tied my arms up. My mouth was quickly stuffed with my own dirty stinky cum stained underwear, my eyes were covered with a thick blindfold still with my creamy cum around my eyes, my prepubescent dick was locked up while i yelled in pain and i could feel my head being shaved. I knew he took my mirrored sunglasses and my frat boy cap to wear as i could hear the sounds of my cabinet being ransacked. He forced me on the ground and made me kneel like a slave. For the first time i had to kneel on the ground. And it was the most humiliating thing i had ever done. Opening the door to my father he faked his voice and introduced me as the slave and him as my father's own son. I could picture it all even though my eyes were blindfolded. He was hiding his face with my dark sunglasses and cap. The moment i heard my father call that fake "son" was went i knew things were never going to be the same.... 4 years later - Present Day In the begging of my captivity i struggled alot. I was still confident and hoping that i would be rescued soon. That someone at school would know that our identities were swapped. I prayed hard that my father would notice something wrong with his "son" Keeping my mind busy with escape plans, i knew in my heart that even though i was bound and tied up like a slave i was always a free jock boy inside. And i would attain my freedom again soon. I was a rebellious slave and took every opportunity to fight for my rights or run for my freedom. But sadly i was always one key away from opening a lock or one step away from running to my father. During my captivity he never fed me well. And my diet consisted of watery bland porridge and a mouthful of his cum for my daily dose of protein. As you can already tell this diet took me months to get used too. I was used to the best most nutritious food like beef steak and expensive champagne. Now the only time my mouth was free from any ball gag was when i was eating on the ground like a dog or when he was fucking my face. I never got the chance to stand and sit like a human being since that day too, always forced to be kneeling or crawling on all fours. He started out simply trying to force his dominance over me , but as time passed i could tell he was becoming more than dominant. He learnt to get his way with me by humiliating and threatening me. I could sense his personality change too. From the meek little submissive slave he had now morphed into a loud cocky slave master who would not take kindly to any show of disrespect to him. As you already know, those 4 years of abuse and mistreatment by him has left its scars on my body. Puberty only happens once in a person's life time and as i was going through my late puberty he robbed me of that as well.. My height was stunted by him forcing me to kneel and crawl and i can never get taller than what i am now, worst still i was shrinking due to his mistreatment of my body. My muscles never developed due to the poor diet i had and he made sure i never inherited my father's handsome face by personally misshaping my face. And i had a strong feeling he was doing all this on purpose. 4 years is a long time. After not being able to escape all these years and with the mistreatment he has done on me. I had literally cracked. I hate to say this. But he broke me. My spirit begin to die and over time i came to see myself not as a free jock boy destined to become a Stud. But a lowly disgusting slave. And a slave i am now. Its kindda ironic and tragic at the same time that i bought him as a slave. And now I had competency accepted my new destiny in life. To assume the very identity of that very slave i bought years ago. But the most humiliating aspect of being in my position was not the abuse and mistreatment. Imagine growing up your entire life till 19 years of age. So sure of your destiny as an alpha stud for the rest of your life and waiting to inherit millions from your father only to watch someone else live that life you had been eagerly awaiting. I dreamed of the day i would compete in a champion bodybuilding competition. I looked forward to the day i would become a cocky frat boy jock leader I knew i was the one who would be the pussy destroyer... I would make my father proud for following in his steps. And now you can only watch in jealous tears as your former slave was now living that life. Assuming my identity, my former slave took my name for his own and begin abusing his position now as a rich man's son. He had all the cash in the world and even though he did not have my father's blood he could pump his body up with all sorts of steroids, protein shakes and hormone treatment. Using all the wealth now available to him he could employ the best personal trainers and health analyst. My father thinking he was the real son made sure he had the best nutritious food, most expensive and luxurious living conditions and got into the best college and frat houses. He was destined to be a small weak and short slave but through this twist of fate he has now been given a new chance at a new life. A handsome face begin to develop, a muscular body was showing, his height exploded from all that nutritious diet and a confidence so fucking cocky grew in his heart that even i had to admit it was so fucking sexy. Moving on as me, he entered college as a freshman fratboy. And through my captivity as his slave i had to watch as he did everything i always wanted to. Attending parties as an arrogant muscled fratboy, having blowjobs by girls who than beg to be fucked in their pussy girl holes and becoming bigger and stronger at the gym. He really was living my life. And fulfilling my destiny. And i in turn was now living his life and fulfilling his destiny Forced to watch him live my life as my ass was constantly pounded for his sheer amusement and frat boy entertainment. As we both grew older and reached 23 together we both had our firsts. He participated in his first bodybuilding competition at 20 years of age. I got my first taste of freedom by being free of my mouth ball gag for a full day as a birthday present. He had a threesome with 2 hot chicks with giant breast and tight asses at 21. I managed to be facefucked deepthroat hard without gagging when i was 21. He went for his first largescale shopping spree sponsored by my dad buying sexy new gym stringers, getting a fresh new haircut, new pair of expensive sunglasses and a new Lamborghini car at 22. I finally got some new clothes which were his leftovers at 22. And they were torn, stinky and way too big for me. But being a slave for years i had learn that having clothes to wear was a luxury and humbly accept his clothes no matter the humiliation. He finally won the state bodybuilding competition at 23 and was featured on countless magazines He was doing everything i had wanted to achieve for myself. He was literally stealing my hopes and dreams. My father was so proud of him. Of course he didnt know that was'nt his real son. And he rejoiced that his "son" was taking after him. A champion bodybuilder, dominant slave master and a true alpha just like him. It broke my heart when i heard my father call him "My stud boy" I was supposed to be my dad's "Stud Boy" Not a moment goes by in my captivity that i imagine what my life would be like, had I not made the small but foolish mistake years ago. That could be me right now. I was supossed to be living this glorious life.... I was so jealous. So fucking crazy jealous. I was my father's real son! I had everything robbed. Even my dad.... And maybe thats why i feel an ounce of happiness telling all of you this now. On days when im left alone at home bound in chains and blindfolded with a gag in my mouth, dripping with saliva. Sometimes i can hear the door opening. A powerful footstep breaks into the room and i will feel a powerful muscular arm feeling my naked body up. The blindfold covering my eyes would sometimes then be lifted up over my forehead. And i would see the most handsome face in the world. You see, my father was always a horny man. With all that muscles and testosterone pumping through his veins he always needed to fuck someone With no twink or female in the surrounding neighbourhood... And thinking that i was always the slave his son bought from the slave market 5 years ago he would come to me whenever he needed to fulfill his urges. After all. I was just a pathetic slave boy. To be fucked, slapped and humiliated. I could not even speak to him because the keys for the locks on my mouth ball gag were always carried by my fake twin. And the pain of being so close to him and still being unable to tell him the truth of the situation..... But sometimes,,, just sometimes.... If i provided him a good fuck My father might just call me his "Stud Boy" too. And for a lowly slave robbed of his true destiny and degraded into this humiliating thing. Forced to lose not just his identity but also his father... With that giant daddy cock in my tight slave ass. Thats the closest I can ever get to being with my dad. And it makes me happy that at least I can still make him proud as his Stud Boy. "I wish i can one day make you truly proud dad Im sorry. Please forgive me. Signing off. Your Forever Stud Boy" END
  9. goggletan

    Alpha Frat

    Woah thanks man. I love it when the villain wins too lol. If you like such stories you will love another one of my other story Thats what Bros are for Part 1 https://muscle-growth.org/topic/12973-thats-what-bros-are-for-part-1/ Part 2 https://muscle-growth.org/topic/13000-thats-what-bros-are-for-part-2/
  10. goggletan

    Alpha Frat

    Jamie Ask: Hey goggletan i got a simple request for you. I've been in college for some time now and im doing well. But the problem is these group of frat boys keep making my life hell. You know the kind of boys whos daddies are all rich banker CEOs. They basically won the lottery when it comes to family and are wealthy by birth. And are so cocky and arrogant because they know they can get away with everything with money. Im not rich. Kindda poor actually, and those frat boys know it. Im a rural white boy born to a low class redneck family. They humiliate me and make me come to their parties with the allure of money. Promising to pay me tons of cash. Than they force me to do the most embarrassing things. Sucking them off while kneeling on the ground and forced to look up at them when they pull my hair and make me watch them smirk and spit on my face.. Occasionally being blindfolded, tied and gagged and bound to a spinning chair with my man hole exposed while they take turns to fuck me in the ass. When they finish their tennis sports in the courtyard they also like to use me as a way to clean their stinky pits and feet. By making me lick it all up. It hurts like hell and I know they take pleasure in treating me like a slave bitch. To dominate me and show me who is in power. To use my mouth and ass only as holes for their cocks to fuck. But i have no choice, Im poor and need the money. But you can see that im not exactly weak and small either. Im actually quite tall and well built. I go to the gym 5 times a week to maintain my muscles and i know im a handsome boy. In fact i consider myself an Alpha Male. And i have even been respected as one when i go out with my beta friends. Just look how hot i actually am when i dont have to suck cocks for money! If i were rich like those spoiled frat boys i would make them all lick my stinky pits clean and force them to suck my big meat between my knees. And i have a feeling that this is one of the reason why it gives those rich boys such a power trip. To have a big strong alpha like me turned into a beta slave for their money. It turns them fucking on to feel that power! Those fucking preppy frat boys and their fucking money. You know one when you see one. Wearing their expensive preppy clothes, looking all snobby with their bright loud khaki shorts. Always making a scene on campus acting like they Alpha. But look at them! They are not Alpha at all. In fact i tower over some of them in height and i have to act weak and small. They are all lazy and make no effort to go to the gym and their bodies are either skinny and weak or flabby and fat. As much as i know that life is unfair and im poor and need their money I think its disgusting that an Alpha boy like me has to be treated as a beta male while they are not deserving of being treated like Alphas simply because they have money. They need to learn that money can't buy them everything. Please make this right. They are not Alpha enough. Goggletan Reply: Hi Jamie, I read your letter and im shocked to hear that you have been treated as such. Do not worry I have already made changes. Those Alpha boys will be given a makeover. Their height will now all be above 6'3 Their shoulders will be broadened Their muscles mass will increase greatly. I have also taken the liberty to give their wardrobe a makeover. Sexy gym stringers to show off their now huge muscled chest and loud flashy sunglasses to adorn their newly sculpted good looking faces and of courses a heavy tanning session to make them look like the Alpha sports frat boys they are now. Oh how could i have forgot, i have also made their pits and feets extra stinky, The stink will however smell like heaven to beta males and desperate blonde chicks due to the high testosterone and heavy protein in their sweat glands. I hope they are Alpha enough for you now. Of course those frat boys had to get their new muscles and strength from someone. I took it from you. I have reduced your height, drained your muscle mass, touched up on your face so that you do not look as good looking as you once did and also make your voice go high and squeaky I hope your little pussy mouth is beta enough to be fucked hard now. And yes, they paid me.
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