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    drawing muscle freaks, composing muscle fantasy stories
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    a fantasy muscle freak story in which the stats of a bodybuilder are described in detail; height, weight, age, pec size, arm/leg size, cock size, etc. commissions are welcomed.

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  1. just love this story so much I did a little doodle trying to visualize how Seth looked at the end the drawing was meant to follow the stats at first but it ended up with lots of exaggerations (sorry, couldn’t help! I’m addicted to biceps that defeat almost all other muscle groups, and of course a HUGE cock) there are Seth’s flaccid/ half-erect/ full-erect dicks and a 5’4 man figure to be compared took a lot longer than I expected to get this done, too horny to focus on drawing (happened quite a few times) just gonna say thank you to Dredlifter for such amazing story and all your previous works! (also have a doodle for Dad’s Lost Glory Years lol)
  2. I think Old Man Stevens by Londonboy will definitely satisfy you. Hottest feats of strength and super power story I’ve read.
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