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  1. walshie

    First time you saw huge muscle!!

    awesome experiences.
  2. walshie

    Incredible Hulk

    The way he mangles this shirt!!
  3. walshie

    Incredible Hulk

    The thickness of Lou's pecs!!! He looked truly incredible!
  4. walshie

    Incredible Hulk

    When he did that pose at 4.56!!! Just how big was that chest? Looks absolutely enormous here!
  5. walshie

    Aesthetic generation

    Looks about to explode out of that top!!
  6. walshie

    First time you saw huge muscle!!

    Was this sort of size in the arms.
  7. Wondered when that first sighting came that changed things forever from that point. Mine was at school, waiting for a French class. The corridor off from the class led to where you could see the year 13 boys doing a weights session. Most were average size but there was one boy who was curling a heavy looking barbell and I was just mesmerised by the size of ball in his arm contracting and tensing. He must have been 17/18 inches and I was just hypnotised by the movement of such a large mass moving in his arm. Almost missed the start of my class as was so transfixed. Tried to catch a glimpse of him every time I could around the school. His blazer looked to be always straining given his arm size. Wondered if others had similar experiences.
  8. walshie

    Aesthetic generation

    Another aesthetic guy with huge biceps.
  9. walshie

    Aesthetic generation

    Stunning guy from UK.
  10. walshie

    Aesthetic generation

    Never had it so good! Qwin just looks amazing.
  11. walshie

    Incredible Hulk

  12. walshie

    coming home

    Wow, his chest and arms look incredible!
  13. Those eyes!! The knowledge of what was coming next!

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