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  1. JohnnyAdams

    gay porn transformation

    You and me both! It's a sweet story.
  2. JohnnyAdams

    gay porn transformation

    You’re thinking of VGL - Hung its somewhere online, but I can’t find it atm
  3. JohnnyAdams

    D&D for Life

    This story has some real potential! As an avid D&D player I'm intrigued! Any plans on continuing it?
  4. Thanks for the massive support :) 

    Hope you enjoyed my stories!

    1. JohnnyAdams


      No problem! You're amazing when it comes to storytelling.  I've enjoyed all of your stuff! Even followed you on tumblr.

    2. goggletan


      Thank you for the support bro :) !!!

    3. JohnnyAdams


      Anytime dude!  Can't wait to see what you think of next.

  5. JohnnyAdams

    The Hourglass

    Thanks for the update Derek! Take as much time as you need! Can't rush perfection 😉
  6. JohnnyAdams

    The Hourglass

    This is an amazing story! From start to finish I couldn't help but be totally enthralled by your story telling!
  7. JohnnyAdams

    Great boyfriend

    And I'm honored to have met such a good author!
  8. JohnnyAdams

    Great boyfriend

    This is definitely my new couples goals! Newly inspired to find a dnd playing boyfriend who can shapeshift!
  9. Welcome to the forums JohnnyAdams :)


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