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  1. JTCmgf

    Mike n Me

    **The next few days were a whirlwind of activity. We ate, worked out, fucked, sucked and GREW. We were both hovering near seven feet tall. Mike had about an inch on me now he loved being taller. He strutted his stuff around when he realized he had edged me out. Looking at him, he was a muscle god. Everything was huge, his shoulders looked like beach balls, his pecs were a huge shelf sticking out from his body, his abs were a deep set ten pack. His back was so wide and his arms pushed to side with his width. His waist was tight, no fat at all. His ass was monstrous, literally sticking out a foot or more. Some people have a shelf ass he now had a banquet table ass. His legs were so thick they were constantly fighting for space. Each quad was wider around than his waist. His calves were also just magnificent, sculpted and huge. I was no slouch just to be clear. I was just as big as him in the shoulders and arms, my chest was actually a little bigger than his, barely. my abs had also turned into a ten pack but not as deeply cut as Mike but still equally impressive. My back was wide as well but slightly smaller than his. But the real difference was in the lower body, my waist was tighter, my ass while incredibly impressive , was not even in the same league as his. My legs while again way bigger than 90% of the world were small compared to him. My calves were olympian class but again smaller than his. I was thrilled with my size and strength, it was amazing but I was in awe of Mike. I was sleeping next to him in my king size bed and we took up every inch of space even while partially on top of one another. I could feel the heat coming off his muscles and he smelled so good. Its hard to describe how masculine and strong he smelled, it was intoxicating. His cock had grown along with him. I remember when I first saw his cock, it was below average, it even looked a little small on his original frame. His growth had fixed that issue. He was hung like a porn star on steroids. His balls hung low and they have grown to the size of grapefruit in his ever expanding sack. Mine was impressive as well but again I was falling short of Mike. I couldn’t resist any longer. I went down and stretched my lips around the head of his cock. I wrapped my hands around the shaft and took in as much as I could. He moaned and spread his legs a bit. I sucked and sucked and sucked some more and his cock rose to its full size. I went to town on his manhood working it hard and fast. Deep throating his rod was absolutely amazing, he felt so powerful inside me. As he began to reach climax his balls pulled close to his body his cok becoming more rigid and his hips started to buck. I did not relent for a second sucking harder and keeping a firm grip with my hands around the base of the shaft. When he finally blew his load it was like a firehose putting out a fire. I swallowed as fast as I could taking in as much of his seed as I could. After a few minutes I felt my gut expanding it was so full it was pushing me away from Mike. I kept swallowing until he stopped pouring out cum. I felt the sensation again going through my entire body. My chest heaved and with each breath expanded a bit further. I felt a huge pop n crack in my back and it stretched wider and thicker. My legs were pushing against each other fighting for space. My cock was at full mast and my ball sack was throbbing. My biceps were stretching out like balloons being filled with helium. My forearms looked like several cords of rope intertwined. My gut receded as I stood to my full height, my abs popping out as the bloat melted away. The energy I felt coursing through my body was orgasmic. I felt like I could lift the entire world on my back. This was glorious. Mike stood up and looked at me with that smile that I had fallen in love with. He was still taller than me, looking down on me from his full height. He looked magnificent as usual. He stretched his arms to the side pushing his chest out as he did so. As he brought his arms back he flexed his massive biceps ans licked his lips as he looked me up and down. He grabbed me by the hips, his massive hands engulfing me. He lifted me up effortlessly and stuck his mouth around my throbbing cock. He started pushing and pulling my cock in and out of his mouth. It was such a strong vacuum sensation I was in complete ecstasy. After several minutes I felt the sensation become overwhelming and I shot load after load into his mouth. He sucked down every drop, not leaving any to waste. His flat gut started to stretch out at first like a balloon, then a basketball then finally like a beach ball. As I finished squirting he gently set me down and moaned like an animal, deep and gutteral. He arched backward and I heard pops and cracks as he grew before my eyes. He inched taller and his entire body rippled larger. In moments his gut receded into the abs I so loved. His muscles were so prominent they fought each other for space on his massive frame. He looked down on me from even higher now. He smiled and put his hands on my shoulders. “Thats’s better.” he said in his deep baritone voice. “Ready for some breakfast?” He said as he strutted toward the kitchen. I jumped in the shower feeling the heat of the water against my well muscled body. I really enjoyed the sensation as I rubbed my body with soap and water. I couldn’t really wrap my head around how we had become so jacked in such a relatively short amount of time. It was remarkable, everything I had always dreamed of becoming. Mike was amazing and everything I had always wanted in a partner. Life was going well, maybe too well. But I was loving every minute of it. When I stepped out of the shower I smelled the familiar smell of breakfast cooking. I grabbed a pair of basketaball shorts and struggled to pull them up to my waist, my quads and ass stretching them out as I did so. Note to self: go online and order some new clothes! I grabbed another pair of shorts for Mike, the biggest ones we had. Hopefully he could cover up with them! I headed to the kitchen and saw an enormous spread on the island. Mike smiled as he walked over with my cup of supplements and a pitcher of protein shake. He smiled and grabbed the shorts. He was pulling them up with a bit of a struggle. His glutes and quads took up every inch of space. But he got em up. He sat down at the island and started eating. I joined him in our morning ritual or gorging. It took us about an hour every morning to eat all our breakfast. We had been talking about buying some warehouse space and building our own gym. Seemed like a natural progression, as we needed a bigger facility to continue our gains. Also Mike really wanted to try his hand at training others. Seemed like a good plan. I had set up a few appointments to look at spaces today. As we finished cleaning up the kitchen we headed upstairs to get dressed. Mike tried on a few shirts, none of them fit. Finally I found an oversized hoodie, he was able to pull it on and it covered him but was snug. He finally found a pair of pants that stretched over his quads and ass. I found a pair of dress pants and a 4x button down shirt that barely covered my body. We hopped in my truck and headed to look at the first space. Mike had packed a bag full of protein bars and shakes and other assorted snacks. We pulled up to the space, it was an old warehouse looks like it had been abandoned for a while. We went inside and it was about 12000 square feet with 20 foot ceilings. Mike looked around with a big grin on his face. The place was basically a big empty room. There were bathrooms and a few offices but other than just wide open space. “This is perfect!” he said with excitement. He began pointing where he wanted to put what machines, weights and equipment. He pointed out where he wanted to build out a locker room, showers and steam room. He had the whole thing mapped out in his head. His excitement was contagious. I called the realtor and told him we would like to purchase the warehouse, I called in my team of contractors and we got the plan laid out. Mike and I ordered all the equipment. It was gonna take a few weeks, paying triple overtime to the contractor, but it was worth it. The next few days were pretty uneventful, we did more of the same, eat, lift, fuck, suck, eat lift and sleep. Our growth had tapered off a bit, we were still gaining weight but it had slowed down. We were enjoying our new sizes and loving the feeling of power our bodies gave us. Mike received a phone call from his aunt back home. His mother was ill and his aunt thought it was not going to be long and he should head home. MIke wanted to go home to be with her. For the first time ever Mike looked sad. I hugged him and pulled him in tight. I called the airline and booked him a flight home the next morning. I spent the night holding MIke. He didn’t talk much, just cried and held me close. In all of our time together he had never talked much about his family but he had always said his mother had raised him by herself. As the sun rose the next morning, I got up and made a couple quick pitchers of protein shakes for us. MIke came out of the shower a few minutes later. He grabbed his morning supplements and chugged them down with the shake. He packed a bag with some of the biggest clothes we had and of course his pills and vitamins. I stuffed a couple thousand dollars in his bag, ya know for expenses. I drove him to the airport saying goodbye was very difficult. As he walked in to the airport and out of my view I had a strange feeling flow through my entire body. In the 2 weeks Mike had been gone I threw myself into the construction of the gym. The work at the gym was going quickly, it was really taking shape. The equipment had mostly been built and installed. The kitchen had been built and appliances installed. The locker room and showers were almost done as well. Overall everything would be up and running in less than a week. I placed some ads for staff and had interviews set up for the next couple days. I was targeting trainers that could bring a following with them. Also needed to hire a support team, counter girls, janitorial staff and a couple cooks. I hadn’t been working out as much without Mike around. I was still pretty amazing looking but had not made much in the way of gains. I was still following the supplement plan every day. My appetite wasn’t what it had been but I was still putting away the food. I had thinned out a bit, not so pumped all the time. I was still a freaking beast but being without MIke had slowed me down a bit. I have spoken on the phone and texted Mike a lot while he was away but it just wasn’t the same. His Mothers condition was deteriorating rapidly and Mike seemed sad and a bit glad. Glad that she wouldn’t be suffering and that he was able to be there for her. I offered to come down and be with him but he thought it best to do this with his family. I had set up a makeshift office in the construction zone to do the interviews. It was in a back corner away from where most of the work was going on today. I had a stack of resumes and my laptop. Should be all I needed to get through these people. My first interview was for a trainer, the applicant’s name was Brian, a 32 year old man who had about 10 years of personal training under his belt. According to his instagram and facebook he was well liked by his clients and he was quite a specimen himself, not big at all-just very fit. He looked about 5’9 160 lbs. Very low bodyfat and well defined all up and down. His clients were mostly soccer moms and young ladies. A great clientele to get in the door here, they always talk and word of mouth is huge. He arrives a few minutes early and need I say he was everything I hoped for. He was dressed in workout gear; a sleeveless hoodie, athletic tights and shorts. He looked tight and toned. A fine specimen of a man. I extended my hand to him and gave him a firm welcoming handshake. He looked up at me and the look in his eyes was so blatantly envious it was amusing. I was dressed in slacks and a button down, tucked in of course. He looked me up and down for a moment and then tried to compose himself. We sat down and discussed what he was looking for in a new job and what he could bring to the table. After a few minutes I asked him to give me a demonstration of a typical session with one of his clients. He seemed pretty nervous about it but proceeded to take me through a cardio session. After about 15 minutes I was sweating like a beast, which happened a lot to me since I put on so much mass. I took my shirt off revealing my skin tight tank top underneath. He audibly gasped when he got a look at my body through the tank top. I nodded and pretended not to be affected by his awe. Inside I was beaming because I never felt someone being so impressed by me. He took me through a few more sets and we agreed he would be a great addition to the team I asked him to come back the next day and we would go through the compensation package, contracts and the rest of the details. As he left he looked back at me and smiled and scurried off like a school girl. The rest of the interviews went well and I was able to fill many of the positions. I was packing up to go home and noticed someone lingering in front of the building. I stepped outside and it was Brian, he was on his phone pacing back and forth in front of the building. He made eye contact with me and smiled. He quickly said goodbye and walked over towards me. “Hey sorry. I’m having some car trouble, do you know anything about cars?” Brian said sheepishly. I smiled back and looked him up and down. “Sorry Brian I don’t know a thing about cars, but I could give you a lift?” “That’d be great. I really appreciate it.” I went back inside grabbed my stuff and we headed to my truck. Brian jumped in the passenger side. I asked where I should take him and he smiled back at me. “Anywhere you want big stud!” He replied quickly. “Listen, are you busy tonight? Let me buy you dinner tonight.” I laughed “Are you asking me out to dinner little guy?” I looked over at him and laughed some more. “What the hell, let’s do this!” I was hungry and pretty lonely these days since Mike had gone home. Brian was good looking and kind of cute. He seemed interested in me so why not? “What do you have a taste for?” “Buffet? There’s a nice one over on Ogden.” It was the same buffet me and Mike ate at the first time we hung out together. I was famished so that sounded like a great idea. As we got there I stepped out of the truck and Brian walked around and put out his hand, like he wanted me to hold hands. Instinctively I reached out and grabbed his hand. It felt very natural, comfortable even. We walked inside and took our seats at a booth. I went up to the buffet and filled three plates, over filled really but damn I was starving. Brian took one modest plate and sat back down. He was talking as he ate, polite conversation mostly. I wolfed down the three plates as he talked. I politely excused myself and came back with 3 more plates. Brian stared at me while I shoveled them down. He had that speechless and shocked look on his face again. I kept downing the food, my gut swelling up as I stuffed the food down my throat, Brian went back for second plate as I went for round 3. He just stared at me in awe. As I finished up round 3 I placed my hand on my bloated belly patting it hard. My shirt had crept up unable to contain my current girth. I had to pop open the button on my pants to relieve the pressure. I sat there looking across the table at Brian. He was staring at me so intensly, his eyes locked on me. His bulge in his pants was becoming quite noticeable. I decided to have some fun. I stretched my arms out and brought them back in double biceps pose. His eyes nearly pop out of his head. I take a deep breath and puff my chest up a little. Then I reach my arm down and rub my belly pulling up the shirt a bit. Brian is practically panting in his seat. I continue on teasing him for a few more minutes then I ask him if he wants to go to my place for a night cap. He practically jumps out of his seat at the prospect. The drive to my house was pretty quick, Brian was now painfully hard in his pants he couldn’t hide it. He must be packing down there looking at the size of his bulge. I can’t really wait to find out! As we walked in I drop my pants quickly wearing a pair of boxer briefs hugging my ass and quads. Brian looks at the size of my legs and smiles in amazement, I did a quick flex of my quads blowing out the legs in my boxer briefs. I pull off my shirt and do a quick most muscular pose for Brian. He squeals with delight. I pull Brian in and bent down to kiss him. Pressing him against me. I look at him and grab his shirt and rip it off him. As I thought he was ripped, nice pecs, tight abs- but man was he tiny looking. I reach down, way down and grab his waistband pulling off his pants. I look down and see his sculpted legs and man he was hung like a bear. Man he won the genetic lottery down there. He had the biggest cock I had ever seen, well excluding Mike and I. I reached down and wrapped my hands around his tight ass and lifted him up so his cock was right at my mouth. I take it in my mouth and begin to suck him down from tip to base. He moans louder than I have ever heard anyone do before. I bring him to the point of ecstasy and pull him outta my mouth. I set him down and tell him to fuck me as I get down on all fours for him. He gets right up behind me and without hesitation slams his ample cock into my giant ass. He plows my ass for a few minutes and then he unloads into me. Just like with MIke none of it pours out, my body absorbs every drop. His load is substantial quickly filling me up. I stand up after he pulls out and look down at him, he looks so spent. I pick him up again and carry him to the bedroom, like a parent carries a toddler. I quickly grab him by the hips and lower him on to my throbbing cock. Amazingly his hard and very tight ass is able to take quite a bit of my throbbing cock. I fuck him hard and he is the throws of ecstacy. After several minutes I unload into him a massive load he is taking it in like a champ. His gut swells up like three times as big as it was. He screams so loud it shook the windows. I give a few more thrusts and finally pull my fuck pole out of his ass. I lay him on the bed, he is panting and moaning. I lay next to him and start pinching his nipples and rubbing his distended gut. We laid there for the better part of an hour, he was snuggled up next to me. He smelled good like nice cologne and musk. I was fondling every part of him, gently, getting a good feel of his body. He was hard in all the right places, and his skin was soft and smooth. He was relatively hairless except his arm pits and a neatly trimmed patch around his cock and balls. I noticed his cock rising back to attention as we cuddled, it was looking for more! I felt a heat building up inside me and felt my body doing its growth thing. Everything swelled a little bigger, muscles getting pumped and full, veins popping out. My gut was pulling back into a tight ten pack. It felt pretty amazing, but unlike with MIke the growth was pretty modest. Then I felt something next to me, Brian was getting warmer, much warmer. His chest was first popping up like 2 balloons filling with helium. Then his shoulders popped out on both sides, his delts swelling up like cannon balls. The growth flowed down his arms making his 16 inch arms easily pass 19 on their way to 20. His forearms corded up with muscle next. Then his abs popped out into a well defined six pack with nice deep cuts. His ass must’ve been next because his waist and hips rose up from the bed. His legs were swelling and veins popped out all over. His already massive cock and balls started expanding as well, still hard as a rock. Then the height growth started slowly as his feet pushed to the end of the bed. He opened his eyes and looked into mine. “That felt groovy. . .” He said with a smile.
  2. JTCmgf

    Mike n Me

    Here is part 2! The next few weeks flew by and we were like a well-oiled machine. We really got a solid routine down and stuck to it. Mike had practically moved in to my house, it just made sense. Week 3 weigh in Mike 211 pounds-and somehow 5’11 tall now. Me 195 pounds and again surprisingly I was 6’3 now. Week 4 weigh in Mike 218 pounds still 5’11 and I was 209 pounds still hanging at 6’3”. Week 5 weigh in Mike 223 pounds and hit 6’0 and I was 220 up to 6’4” Work was becoming an issue. It seemed to cut in on our workout time, eating time and frankly a distraction to our mission. I had to order specially made chef jackets for Mike, he had outgrown the largest ones we had. My shirts were so snug, even the ones that used to be big on me. I have blown out several pair of pants just doing daily tasks. Mike has taken to wearing sweatpants at work, at least they had some give. The reaction from the people we work with has been crazy, the guys in the kitchen have been making comments about steroids. We aren’t even juicing, but imagine if we were. . . I eat constantly, every moment I can. The hunger is more overwhelming every day. I see it in Mike too. He eats all the time while he’s in the kitchen. We eat, sleep, workout and work. That’s been our whole life for the last 5 weeks. Mike is starting to show signs of jealousy that I had previously not seen in him. As I have been edging closer to his size and strength, he seems to be somewhat threatened. He was pushing harder every workout in what seems like an effort to show me he’s the big dog still. Making a point to tell me how he did more reps or lifted heavier weight. Seemed a little petty but I guess it was tough on him making all these gains and I am advancing faster getting ready to surpass him. He definitely enjoyed his role as the alpha. I had a meeting with my partners today and told them I needed to take a leave of absence from my day to day duties at the restaurant as the managing partner. I also informed them that Mike will be on a leave as well. They thought it was odd but agreed, my partner Tommy was gonna take up the day to day role until a suitable manager could be hired. We just had to finish out the week. I know what you’re thinking how the hell were we going to survive? I had a nice sized savings account and a trust fund from my grandparents I had never touched since they died about 20 years ago. I also had the rental income from a few apartment buildings I owned. I could easily support Mike and I for as long as the adventure went. As we finished out the last shift of the week, the excitement was showing on both our faces. After tonight we would be able to work out several more hours a day and eat without interruption. This journey was just getting started. Dreams sometimes do come true. This last week I had literally busted out of 3 shirts, my chest was so big now I had to bend my head way down to see past them. My ass and quads had blown out my last decent pair of dress pants. Mike’s sweatpants were straining at the size of his thighs. His huge chef coat buttons were straining across his chest. He had those bodybuilders legs now. Every inch of space taken up by huge muscles. He waddled even more than before, but could still move surprisingly quick. We both had what most people would call roid gut. The constant eating had made our large guts stick out, still covered by walls of rock-hard abs. Just constantly distended. We headed home, I had told mike to give up his apartment, it just didn’t make sense anymore. We stopped through a drive through chicken place and bought over 100 bucks worth of food for just the 2 of us as a pre workout snack. We got home, changed into workout clothes and headed over to the workout room. We had definitely outgrown the little community workout room but hadn’t decided on what we should do next. We were still utilizing it well, still challenging ourselves to the limits. Then something new happened during our workout a moment I had been hoping for since this all began. I outlifted Mike on several exercises. He tried to outlift me several times but just fell a bit short. I smiled from ear to ear but I didn’t rub it in. After several hours we went back to the house to eat and shower. It was weigh in night too, I know I had made some gains this week but no clue how much. Mike was looking huge as well, bigger than ever. We both jumped into my shower, as usual, and washed the gym stink off. I looked over and saw mike completely naked standing across from me. He was the finest specimen of manhood I had ever seen. Big thick muscles covered his entire frame. At this point he had almost zero fat on his body. His waist had actually tightened up over this process, his shoulders were wide, very wide and his V shape was striking. His ass was bigger than before and literally hard as a rock. Looked like a couple of bowling balls sitting on his backside. His legs were just monstrous quads fighting each other for space. Even his calves were massive, We finished up and headed downstairs to prepare our dinner. We had worked out a pretty solid system and silently went to work. We drank down pitchers of shakes while we prepared the food. We ate and ate until we had cleared the island of every scrap. IT WAS WEIGH IN TIME!! We went into the downstairs bathroom Mike went first. He came in at 231, 8 pounds of solid muscle in week. On top of that he gained another inch, 6’1” now. He seemed ecstatic. All smiles and flexing everything. He had stripped down naked for the weigh in and didn’t seem to wanna put em back on. That was cool with me, he looked amazing. I pulled my shirt off and dropped my shorts. Looking in the mirror I looked jacked. Muscles on top of bulging muscles. I stepped onto the scale and looked down at the number. 235!! I was heavier than Mike for the first time. Height was even more shocking 6’6”. I did a few poses, a most muscular and double biceps pose. Mike looked at me and smiled a truly happy smile. “Wow man that is awesome! I guess I gotta work even harder. Proud of you buddy!” I didn’t bother to get dressed either. We both went back to the kitchen, snacked on whatever we could find and drank down some more shakes. We watched tv together in the family room for a while. Laying around naked eating and resting. Around 1 am Mike stood up took a big stretch and said goodnight. When he took in a deep breath his chest literally pushed out so far I thought it was going to explode. His nipples were sticking straight out, I had never noticed before but they were really large, His stomach went in like a vacuum while he sucked in air. making his chest appear even larger. While he stretched I noticed his cock was hard and smacked up against his wall of abs. It was huge, easily 10 or 11 inches and thick like a can of monster. His balls hung low and were easily the size of lemons. He was a man rising well above all other men. I got up too, headed to bed myself. I passed out the second my head hit the pillow. Our plan for the next morning was to hit the supplement store and the grocery store. We also needed to get some clothes, neither one of really fit in anything we owned. Even baggy gym shorts were getting snug. But we had planned on sleeping in until 11 or noon. I rolled over and looked at my phone, it was noon already. I felt like I had just laid down but I also felt great. There was also a text message from Mike. The text read: HEY I WOKE UP EARLY. WENT TO GET THE LAST OF MY STUFF FROM MY APARTMENT. SHOULD BE BACK AROUND NOON. I headed downstairs into the kitchen. After a pitcher of shake I looked through the fridge, Mike must have eaten a huge breakfast. There was almost nothing in there. I grabbed my laptop and started putting in a grocery order. When I was done the bill was about 500 bucks, and would probably only last a day or two. It was all worth it though. I cleaned up a bit and turned on the news. I started doing pushups, crunches and sit ups while I waited. Then I felt a shooting pain in my gut. It was a hunger pain but like times a thousand. I went back to the kitchen and grabbed a protein bar mixed up another pitcher of shake. It satiated me but in no way satisfied me. Mike pulled in the driveway his little car packed full of the last of his belongings. I had never noticed how big he looked in his little car. He looked jammed in. He opened the door and I could see the car raising up as he stood. I’m not sure but from my vantage point he looked even bigger than yesterday, He was wearing a t-shirt and pair of jeans. The jeans looked stressed in every direction, His leg muscles pushing out in every direction. His ass was pushing out like a shelf and the waist was too big. The t shirt was also skin tight around his chest and shoulders, his lats forcing a snug fit along the sides. The bottom of the shirt not quite covering his stomach, bottom row of his abs completely visible. He needed new clothes but I can’t say I hated the view of him squeezed in to his clothes. I walked out to the driveway and started to help him unload his stuff. We made short work of it, loading all the stuff into the garage and then sorting it out. Putting his stuff away made me hungry as hell. We still had no food to speak of, and my stomach was rumbling. I could see Mike looked hungry too. He kept rubbing his belly like crazy. “We need to eat!” I said loudly to him. He looked at me and smiled and nodded. We got in my truck and headed to the diner down the street. We walked in and sat in a booth. A waitress came by our table and asked if we wanted coffee. We immediately ordered enough food for a family of five. We both ate with a ferocious passion. Grunting and shoveling food in as quick as possible. After we finished the first round, we ordered a larger round of food for round 2. As Mike shoveled it in I noticed him staring at my chest. The look on his face was, for lack of a better word, lust. He kept eating plate after plate and staring at me the whole time. I felt a snugness from my shirt as I reached for more bacon. Then I heard an audible tear. My shirt tore from the collar down the middle of my pecs. I looked down in shock then back at Mike. His eyes were nearly popping out of their sockets. He reached right across the table and squeezed my pecs. They were rock solid and when he touched them they bounced up and down, tearing the shirt even further. Mikes large hands squeezed them hard for a moment then he just smiled that amazing grin of his. He pulled his arms back and grabbed his own chest and bounced his pecs a few times then came another audible ripping noise, but it wasn’t me this time. His shirt blew wide open exposing his chest. He looked massive, and might I even say taller as well. We quickly finished up round two of breakfast. As I went to get out of the booth I realized it was difficult, I was kind of jammed in. I maneuvered a bit and shoved the table a bit but managed to get to my feet. I noticed Mike having the same trouble. As mike stood up I heard another audible rip, Mikes jeans had split around his quads, they just couldn’t take the pressure any more. Looking over they didn’t even reach past his calves any more. I heard another pop n rip and realized he just blew out the seat of them too. His shirt was now showing 3 rows of abs and the waist on the jeans was looser than before. Instead of the usual distended gut he had after eating was now a tight wall of abs. He looked down then back at me and smiled from ear to ear. My gut was flat as well, and with all I just ate I should have been massively bloated. Then I felt a rush of heat in my legs and then relief as my sweat pants stretched thinner and thinner over my legs. They rose up from my ankles and the cuffs at the bottom blew apart. My shirt was now also too short to cover me, my stomach almost completely in view. I pulled the shirt down as a reflex and futilely tried to cover up, but there just wasn’t enough shirt to go around. There were a few gasps from the other patrons and whispers. We just went up to the front, paid the bill and went to my truck. As soon as we left the diner Mike started laughing uncontrollably. He looked at me with that amazing smile and grabbed me by the shoulder. “I told you we were going to be huge!” He was right he had said that on more than one occasion, and he had delivered in abundance. We were huge. I also felt like this was just the beginning, there was a lot more to come. We headed to the mall, clothes were a priority now, we literally had nothing to fit us any longer. We went to the big n tall shop, hoping to find stuff that would give us a little breathing room. I didn’t want to have to buy clothes in another week. As we walked in to the store, there was no one in there except the clerk, a really short fat dude. He looked at us as we came in with our shredded clothes, his jaw dropped as he took in the full sight of us. “We need some clothes!” Mike said in a deeper voice than he had previously had. The man helped us by handing us several things to try on. He handed me a 3xl shirt, I pulled it on and realized I couldn’t make the buttons close over my chest, and it was swimming around my stomach. I put it aside and grabbed a 4xl which buttoned, but just barely. MIke was trying on some pants, but they were too snug in the legs and he couldn’t even pull them over his glutes. He looked down at the man and said” BIGGER!” The man scurried off to find a larger pair. MIke stepped out of the dressing room and in front of the mirror next to me. He was a mountain of a man now. Muscles everywhere, he was just massive. As he stood next to me, in only his boxer briefs-which were easily 4 sizes too small. His ass had the fabric stretched beyond their limit making them almost see through. His sizable package pulling them low on the front. He hit a double biceps pose in the mirror and that’s when I realized it. He was as tall as me now. Maybe even a hair or two taller. I took off the clothes I was wearing and looked in the mirror at the 2 of us. I was just as big as him, my chest maybe a bit larger. My waist was narrower and I had an eight pack, his still a six pack. But he was easily as tall as me and his legs were thicker. He had a growth spurt after our weigh in last night, that’s for sure. The man brought us a bunch of clothes to try on and we finally found some stuff that we could wear. We bought a ton of basketball shorts, tank tops and oh yeah new underwear-we both needed it. I paid the bill and we carried out a dozen stuffed bags. We changed into tank tops and basketball shorts while we were in there and left the man with the shredded outfits we came in with. We dropped the bags at the truck and headed to the supplement store. We were running low on stuff and needed to restock. Mike and I strutted in the supplement store side by side, a wall of manly muscle. There were a couple of gym rats in the store and the clerk was a pretty big guy himself. They were all small looking to us now. We grabbed our supplies and started piling them up on the counter. We tore into a dozen protein bars each as we shopped, telling the clerk to put it on our bill. We were ravenous with hunger again. I could hear Mike’s stomach growling and I was a few feet away from him. Mine was churning like I hadn’t eaten in days. We paid for our stuff and headed back to the truck. We quickly went home, luckily the grocery delivery had come while we were out. We brought in the bags and bags of stuff and Mike got to work cooking up a meal for us. I unpacked the groceries and supplements while he worked. I went to bring the clothes to my room and his. I was putting the clothes in my dresser when I felt another huge pain in my stomach, like nothing I had felt before. I went to the kitchen and Mike handed me a pitcher of protein shake, He started putting platter after platter of food up on the island for us. He kept working and working more and more food coming up. When he finished we both sat down and started gorging ourselves. I ate so much and so fast. Easily a dozen pitchers of shake went down my throat with that meal and Mike was eating even more than I was. I looked over at him and noticed his gut was so stretched out that it was forcing him away from the island. This didn’t slow him down a bit though he just kept shoveling the food into his mouth. With each plateful his gut pushed out more and more. I looked down at my gut and realized mine was doing the same thing. I just hadn’t noticed. I backed my stool up a bit and felt some relief. I kept eating though, I was famished. Mike looked my way as I scooted back and smiled ear to ear. “Looks like we need longer arms!” He bellowed. We polished what was left and then a couple more pitchers of shake each. MIke stood up from the counter and belched loudly. Rubbing his boulder sized gut and smiling again. “Now that’s what I call lunch!” He waddled over and started putting the empty platters in the dishwasher, barely able to bend over. As he bent I noticed the basketball shorts we had just bought were no longer loose. His glutes were filling them out and his quads were filling the leg holes out. An hour ago they were loose. Is it possible he got that much bigger in an hour? I stood up and realized my gut had pushed the waistband of my shorts down and I felt taller. I was full and bloated for sure but I was also taller, I could see over the upper cabinets without effort. I had never been able to do that before, I helped Mike finish cleaning up as we snacked on protein bars and shakes. Mike prepped a few things for our next meal, 2 whole hams went in the oven and he whipped up 3 pans of lasagna. These would take a while to cook so he was just getting them ready for later. Truth be told I felt like I could eat them now. Mike and I went into the living room and plopped down on the couch next to each other. I felt the heat coming off his body. There was also an amazing smell emanating from him. I couldn’t stop inhaling it. I moved my hand to his gut and started rubbing it gently at first but more and more forcefully It seemed to be shrinking down as I touched it, his abs slowly coming back into focus. I flipped over on top of him and we began kissing, passionately at first then more and more aggressively. I felt so warm and tingly all over, my body pulsing with energy, My gut had begun to recede as well and we no longer being pushed apart by round ball guts, I moved down and pulled his shorts down, then his boxers and I saw the prize I was craving. His cock was hard already and big, it was screaming to be sucked. I started licking the tips and put my hand around the base. Before too long I had pulled that huge salami down my throat deep throating every last inch. I cupped his enormous balls as I sucked his man meat. He was bucking and moaning his hands on my head pushing me closer and closer to him. Felt heat in my mouth and throat and that smell was still intoxicating me. I felt his balls pull up and his cock starting to pulse. He unleashed a river of cum down my throat screaming like a primal beast. My gut immediately started to push out again even more stretched out than after lunch. He dumped what felt like gallons into me. It went on for several minutes until I finally released his python from my mouth. He laid there momentarily spent and panting. His eyes closed and his chest heaving up and down. He never looked so hot! Looking at him he looked big and lean, no visible fat anywhere. His abs protuded like stacked stone off his midsection. Deep cuts between them. His chest was pumped up and just fucking huge. He caught his breath and reached up for me. He kissed me passionately and forcefully. He grabbed hold of my torso and flipped me over. His large hand smacking my hard glutes. He pulled down my shorts and underwear. He bent me over and stuck 2 fingers right up my ass. I jumped and he smacked my ass again. He placed his large hands on my waist and then without hesitation just jammed his fuck rod right into me. I squealed and screamed and took it all in. He started fucking my ass with fierce determination riding me like a prized pony. It felt like he kept going for hours and hours. I was lost in the throws of ecstacy. I felt a warm feeling in my ass and then he started to buck faster and harder into me. Then I felt him blow inside me. instead of leaking out I felt my body taking it all inside of me. My gut stretched further, heavier. I was in all my glory. I felt full, satisified and so warm and tingly all over. After a few minutes I stood up and stretched, looking down my gut was absolutley massive, like I had been a hardcore gainer for years. I grabbed mike by the hand and brought him up to my room. I laid on the bed and pulled him in close next to me. Then as we held each other I drifted off to sleep. I awoke to mike slapping my bulbous ass. He flipped me over onto my gut and mounted me again. I could feel his hard cock pressing against me. Then it was inside me again, pushing and bucking even harder than the last time. He moved with strength and energy and pace that made me melt as he fucked me like I had never felt before. Again he went on for what seemed like hours and then let out a moan that shook the windows. I felt him dumping into me again filling me up and making me so dizzy from the rush of pleasure. I felt my already bloated gut grow larger still. I felt so good, warm and then something else took me over. I felt every muscle in my body growing. I was getting bigger, all over. My shoulders spread further apart my back thickened and widened. My arms were blowing up like balloons and my chest started to push itself forward. I felt my legs growing closer together and my clenched ass was pushing itself out. As Mike dismounted me I stood up and up and up. I was now at least a foot higher than Mike looking down on him. And I kept rising several more inches. I was throbbing from every muscle and the heat was pouring off me, I think I saw steam. Mike looked up at me in awe and lust filled his eyes. My gut receded into a solid ten pack making my chest appear even larger. I looked down and saw my cock, well my new cock. It was hard as a rock and easily 12 inches long and thick as a beer can. The growth subsided and I just stood there in awe. I saw Mike looking up at me and I couldn’t resist one more minute. I grabbed him and flipped him around. I smacked that ass and bent him over. I thrust my cock inside him and just went crazy with the thrusting, over and over I impaled mike on my cock. I felt him squeeze himself on my rod. I just kept thrusting deeper and deeper into him. After what seemed like an eternity I unloaded into him. Just as with me he absorbed my seed and his gut began to expand and expand. It seemed like it took so long to empty into him. By the time I was done I felt like I could go again, so I began thrusting again. After several minutes I dumped into him again. His gut was stretching to enormous sizes, taking everything I was giving him. He moaned like I had never heard a man moan before, Low and guttural and I could feel the vibration of it throughout his body. Then while I was still inside him his body began to pulse and grow. His Shoulders popped and widened and his back just exploded with muscle. I felt his ass expand on my cock. speaking of cocks his jumped to attention, lengthening and thickening. His balls pulling down lower and lower, easily in the navel orange size now. His legs were lengthening I didn’t even have hold him up anymore His feet now reached the ground. I Started riding his ass again harder and even more forcefully than before. I was no longer holding back at all. I felt him growing as I hammered my pole deep inside him. He was so warm and I felt so amazing I blew another load deep inside him. I poured my seed into him gallons of it. I felt his gut swell and his back arched. He screamed with reckless abandon. I slowly pulled my cock out of him and smacked his ass, it was like punching a wall of rock. As I pulled out he stood to his new height, stretching his massive form out as he rose.
  3. JTCmgf

    Mike n Me

    I have always wanted to be big and strong. It has been a private obsession of mine as long as I could remember. I had attempted to work out several times over the years but something always got in the way one excuse after another, I was a bit of a loner, not too many friends to speak of and certainly none that work out. I had tried pills and creams and all sort of get big quick schemes, I’m sure you can guess they never worked. Then I met Mike. He was a line cook at my restaurant. He was a hustler, always doing something, working hard and pushing the other cooks to work harder. Everything was a competition with him, always trying to prove he was better than everyone else around him. He had a way of making others engage in these competitions and enjoy it. His attitude was contagious. One day he was shooting his mouth off like he loved to do with the other guys. He was asking the biggest guy in the kitchen where there was a good gym around as he was new to the area. Junior, the big guy, was just naturally blessed with big muscles he didn’t work out. Mike kept talking to the guys about missing his workouts. Then he would say things like “Just wait till I start making them gains!” “I’m gonna be even more of a beast then I am now!” The guys were all laughing at him, throwing digs back at him. He just kept saying this stuff over and over, Mike was a young guy, 25 years old. He was handsome, with a bright smile, beautiful brown eyes and short brown hair. He was on the short side barely 5’9”. He was naturally beefy, not fat but stocky. Broad shoulders, big forearms and healthy biceps. Everything was covered with a layer of fat, but he wasn’t obese or anything, his chest stuck out more than his gut, gave him a nice look. He had a wide waist and a big ass sitting on top of large strong legs. When he walked he kind of waddled like his legs were too big to walk straight. I was a bit older than Mike, just turned the BIG THREE O. I was pretty tall about 6’2”. I was the definition of “skinny fat”. Thin shoulders and arms, flat chest round belly and pancake ass. Skinny bird legs, and a small 28 inch waist. I was handsome though with a nice smile and bright blue eyes, So after a long crazy dinner shift I went outside for a smoke, Mike was out there looking at his phone. I sat down on the sidewalk next to him. We started shooting the shit talking about the usual, the craziness of the shift and things like that. He kept looking ack at his phone, so I asked what he was looking at. “I gotta find a gym! I need to start working out. Can’t seem to find one I can afford.” I thought to myself this might be my chance. I had to play this just right, make sure I locked myself in with him to start my journey to being what I always dreamed I was going to become. I had a small gym in the rec center at my housing community, Considering most of the community was senior citizens it was rare that anyone used it. “You know I have a gym at my community center. I have 24 hour access and I can bring guests. I’ve been looking to get in shape too, wanna partner up?” Mike smiled this light up the world smile and stood up. “Hell Yeah! You’re the best man!” And so it began. . . We started working out together 3 days a week, Mike was in charge and I did whatever he told me to. He set up the exercises, weights, sets, reps. He said when we were done, and I listened. He was stronger than me in every lift. He knew his way around the weight room. He taught me form and told me the weight I should lift. He was a good teacher but at the same time a very competitive partner and just loved that he was better than me at this whole thing. But I was learning a lot. I was researching in my spare time and listening to everything Mike taught me. The first few weeks were rough. My body was just shocked by the sudden change. Mike and I decided we were gonna weigh in every week. So at our first weigh in I was 188 pounds of flabby and weak. Mike was 190 but much more solid. I was loving every minute of it. Mike was too, he was excited and driven, making every workout and every exercise important. By week 2 our weigh in was not exactly mind blowing. I had lost 3 pounds which was the opposite of what my goals were. However I was feeling tighter, maybe even stronger. Mike patted me on the back and said “Looking good brother”, putting his hand on my shoulder. Mike stripped down to his boxer briefs, he looked bigger, muscles looked rounder. He smiled as he stepped up on the scale. 198! He looked over at me and winked not being able to hold his excitement in at all. He flexed his arms up into a double bicep pose. I swear they were bigger than last week. 8 pounds in a week and he didn’t look fatter if anything he had leaned up a bit. How is that even possible. His chest seemed to stick out further his shoulders seemed thicker and wider. His briefs stretched taut over his glutes. He looked at me and raised his finger. “I think I know what your problem is, you’re not eating enough. Muscles can’t grow without the food. I’m gonna help you eat right.” We went through our workout and Mike pushed harder than before. Hard on me and even harder on himself. He was lifting heavier weights and making me do so as well. I was struggling but I never stopped, giving it everything I had. The workout seemed to go on forever. Before we realized we had hit the 5 hour mark. Mike looked at me and smiled. “I think that’s good for tonight. You hungry?” “Yeah I’m starving Mike.” “Good let’s go get something to eat. There’s a buffet down the street let’s go load up on protein and carbs.” We got cleaned up and went to the buffet. It was a big place with a lot of people. We got a booth near the buffet. Mike wasted no time and grabbed a plate, piling so much food on it I feared it would break. I loaded up too, lots of meat they had quite a selection, and I had some of all of it. I watched mike eat and eat clearing his plate in minutes. He went up again and again. Each plate loaded heavier and heavier than the last, I tried to keep up but was easily a plate or two behind. He just kept shoveling in plate after plate. The look on his face as he swallowed bite after bite was animalistic with grunts and groans accompanying each swallow. I had a few more plates but that was it. My stomach was so distended I was relieved I was wearing an elastic waist band, My shirt was riding up over my gut just a bit. My gut reaching out far enough to touch the table. I let out a big belch and patted my gut. MIke looked over and smiled between bites. He polished off the plate he was working on and moved to stand up. As he stood up I noticed his gut, it was extremely distended. His shirt was struggling to hold it in. His pants were low, waistband under his distended belly. He waddled a little more than usual. Somehow even all blown up he was sexy. He returned to the table holding three plates. He put one in front of me and 2 in front of him, “EAT!!” He said in a demanding even savage tone. It seemed like an order more than a request. I felt obligated to eat it. He shoveled down the 2 plates at a ravenous pace. When he had cleared both he leaned back and stretched his arms in the air. His shirt pulled straight up over his gut. What was crazy was that as distended as it was I could see faint lines of abs on him, He lowered his arms and patted his gut. A look of accomplishment going across his face. “That felt good!” He spat out between burps. I offered to let him stay the night since we both had to work the morning shift and he lived across town. When we arrived at my place I really wasn’t feeling great. I showed Mike where the guest room was and headed up to take a shower. I took off my clothes and looked in the mirror, My gut was still distended and huge. However looking in the mirror my whole body looked fuller, more muscular. I think this is actually working! After a long shower I threw on some basketball shorts and a tank top and headed to the kitchen to get something to drink. I wasn’t expecting the sight I walked in onto say the least. Sitting at the island was Mike, in just his boxer briefs, eating a huge snack. His shoulders looked extremely big from this angle and as he bent his arms to shovel food in his mouth his arms were looking huge. He smiled when I walked in. “I hope you don’t mind. I was starving again.” I just laughed and patted him on the shoulder, “It’s all good man. Help yourself to anything you want.” I reached in the fridge and grabbed a bottle of water. Turned around and faced Mike from the other side of the island. He was still shoveling in the food in front of him. The same look in his eyes as I saw at the buffet, like some kind of starving animal. He quickly polished off what was in front of him. He picked up some of the trash and stood up. His gut was flat, flatter than usual. The bloat from dinner completely gone. His chest and shoulders looked pumped and swollen. HIs biceps looked like softballs and there were half a dozen swollen veins criss crossing his ballooned forearms, His legs were Looking beefy and several huge veins popping out on his thighs. His glutes were looking big and firm. Stretching out his briefs to their limit. He was a specimen to behold. As he walked over to the fridge he grabbed a gallon of milk and smiled. “You got any protein powder bro?” “Yeah in the cabinet next to the fridge, top shelf.” “Sweet! My body is just screaming for protein. You should have some too.” He mixed up a pitcher of protein shakes and poured us each a large glass. He drank the thick mixture like it was water and poured himself another. I sipped on mine just shaking my head in disbelief at Mike as he polished off the pitcher. He started mixing another pitcher this time doubling the scoops. He started looking in the cabinets and added half a jar of peanut butter and 2 bananas to the shake. He looked at me and told me thanks, I smiled back at him. He asked if I wanted a refill, so I nodded afraid he would yell at me again. He filled my glass and then didn’t even bother to pour his, just downed the pitcher, Then mixed another, and another. Until the powder ran out. He plopped down at the island again and let out what was possibly the loudest, most satisfying burp I ever heard. His belly was distended again, bigger than it was at the buffet. He slapped it hard and rubbed it and let out a loud sigh, He stretched his arms out to his sides and took in a really deep breath, “I’m gonna take a shower and turn in man. I’ll see ya in the morning. I went up to my room and grabbed some of my clothes for him. I walked in the bathroom and he was in the shower. I got a brief look at him through the steam and man did his sihloutte look amazing. Big strong back, on top of a strong bubble butt and those legs looked like he was a mountain biker. He was lathering up and singing some weird rap song. I left the clothes and headed up to bed. My alarm went off and I rolled over and got outta bed. I headed to go drain my bladder and I passed the mirror I had to stop and pause, I looked better than last night. My chest was pumped and my stomach was flat and I could see the beginning of abs forming. My ass actually looked bigger and fuller and my legs were definitely pumped up. I did a quick bicep flex and they looked like baseballs on the way to softballs. This situation is actually doing more in a few weeks then I had ever experienced in my life. I quickly got ready and headed downstairs. I was really hungry and couldn’t wait for breakfast. I got in the kitchen and opened the fridge. It was looking pretty ravaged but I found a dozen eggs, some bacon and sausage. I started cooking everything as well as some pancakes. I heard some noise coming from the guest room, looks like mike is waking up. A few minutes later the door to the guest room opened and Mike came strutting out. He was wearing the clothes I left out for him last night. I knew they would be a little small on him but they should have fit reasonably well. The shirt was stretched tight over his shoulders and draped over his stomach. His pecs were stretching the front out, His nipples looked like they were gonna poke through the fabric. The shirt didn’t quite reach the pants, he was covered but no excess fabric past the waist. The button on the pants was unbuttoned and they looked glued on to his thighs but they had extra length to them. He smiled ear to ear and strutted towards me. “Is that breakfast I smell?” We ate everything I cooked and all the fruit in the fridge. He found some oatmeal and we ate that as well. We grabbed all of the protein bars I had for the car ride and headed off to work. We polished those off in the short fifteen minute ride to the restaurant. We started our morning routines getting the restaurant prepped for lunch. Mike threw on his chef jacket when we arrived and it fit him, a little snugger than I remembered but still looked better than he did in my clothes. We worked the lunch shift, it was busy as fuck, and then after the rush we started the clean up process. Today was supposed to be an off day from working out. I was craving the weights though, I needed to exert myself. I went on the kitchen looking for Mike to see if he wanted to hit the gym. He was talking to the night cook letting him know where we were at and what he needed to do. I did my usual walk through the kitchen, everything looked good, great actually. All the morning prep was done, the kitchen was immaculate. I nodded at Mike and gestured towards my office. I went in my office and he soon followed and closed the door behind him. He stood there for a second looking at me, up and down. “You’re looking swole today dude!” He stretched his arms out and then lifted them up stretching his torso back. The chef coat creeped up and exposed his stomach a bit. As he straightened out I looked at him, the coat was pretty snug on him, you could almost see the shape of his upper arm through the sleeve. He had the top three buttons down as the coat stretched over his shoulders and pecs. He was still wearing the pants from this morning, only now not only were they unbuttoned now the zipper was all the way down. They were tight over his bulbous backside almost too tight, like they could split at any moment. Like his sleeves the legs of the pants were showing some large legs pushing at the fabric. Strangely they didn’t look as long as they did this morning, still pretty long but not too excessive. I stood up and walked over to him. Yep it was just as I thought. . .he was taller than before. Still shorter than me, but there wasn’t a big of a gap between us any longer. I reached out and put my hand on his shoulder, wow did it feel big, and hard. Also he felt very warm, like heat was pouring out his skin. “Great job today, you really busted out that rush, much appreciated.” I looked him up and down again and then sat down behind my desk again. My shirt felt a little uncomfortable tight on my back and coming untucked a bit at the waist. My pants were feeling tight on my legs. They were still pretty loose around the waist, but my ass was filling them more than usual. Also they seemed shorter than before but was probably just my imagination. Mike reached across his torso and pulled the remaining buttons open on his coat. He wasn’t wearing anything underneath and quickly exposed his torso. He had massive pecs sitting on top of a solid six pack. Not just faint lines but actual abs were there. He looked impressive like those goes on the fitness magazine covers. He rubbed his stomach and smiled at me. “I know this will surprise you but I’m starving!” I looked at the impressive figure he was becoming and enjoyed every second of it. “I just ate like an hour ago and it feels like I haven’t eaten in days. I really must have amped up my metabolism or something. Wanna go grab something to eat when we finish up here?” He was rubbing his stomach as he spoke. “Hell yeah I would. But I was thinking I could really use a workout too. Why don’t we grab some drive thru food, go do a workout and then have a meal after?” “You got the lifting bug don’t ya? I’m down with that, but I gotta run home and get my workout clothes, these pants are too damn tight on me. I ripped the shirt earlier too, sorry bout that.” “No worries, they were old clothes anyway. I’ll head to the supplement store and grab some groceries and meet ya at the gym. Anything specific you need from the supplement store?” Mike smiled that broad smile again. He gave me a list of stuff he wanted me to pick up, a long list. I was more than happy to oblige as it will get me to my goal sooner. Not sure what will happen putting so much into our systems but he hasn’t lead me wrong yet. I trust him implicitly. He was gonna make us huge! I got to the supplement store and started knocking out my list, item by item. The big jock kid at the register was blown away by how much I was buying. On top of what Mike told me I picked up an extra dozen tubs of protein powder and several boxes of protein bars. Just to be safe. The grocery store was a similar situation I bought and bought and bought. My cart was full and then some. I pulled in my driveway and Mike was already standing there, with his gym bag. I was actually kind of glad he was there, he could help me unload all this stuff. He was chewing on a protein bar again with that big smile. I pointed to the back of the truck and he nodded and headed back there. He literally grabbed ¾ of the bags himself only stopped by lack of arm space. I grabbed the rest of the stuff and followed the man inside to the kitchen. Mike looked like the fat kid in the candy store. He was looking at all the stuff, reading labels and saying oh yeah baby after each one. We got all the food in the fridge and pantry and laid out the supplements on the island. We mixed up some pre-workout drinks and a protein shake for after the workout. I quickly ran up to my room and got into some workout clothes, doing a quick pose in the mirror. My gut was looking pretty flat and my pecs were firmer than I remember. As I came down the stairs I see mike drinking a pitcher of protein shake holding a protein bar in his other hand. He looked over at me a bit sheepishly and then busted out laughing. We headed to the gym, as usual it was empty. We started doing our circuits and the workout was going awesome. I was lifting more weight than ever before, shocking myself with every exercise. Mike was a fucking animal just killing the workout. We worked out for about 3 hours. We were both looking pretty fatigued so we decided to call it. I invited Mike home with me to eat together as I didn’t feel like going anywhere. He gladly accepted. We cooked up a huge meal and ate it all. My appetite was growing exponentially I pretty much kept up with Mike bite for bite. After the workout looking over at Mike across the table he looked pumped as hell. He was wearing a tank top that was being stretched out by his massive pecs. His biceps were swollen bigger than a softball. His shoulders looking like cantelopes and his forearms were just huge. The veins on his arms were thick, visible and pulsing. The tank was so pushed out by his pecs that the tank hung over his stomach fairly loosely. We talked for hours and kept eating almost unconsciously. Mike kept mixing up protein shake pitcher after pitcher. We talked over and laid out our supplement plan moving forward. I stood up patting my distended belly as I did. I took off my shirt and headed upstairs to take a shower. I invite mike to stay over again, we both had the next few days off work so we thought we could get an early workout the next morning. I Walked past the mirror in my room again looking intensely at my pump. Most impressive was my torso pecs and abs taking shape in a good way. Turned sideways I could see my ass firm and sticking out noticeably. My legs were looking solid and firm. Even my biceps looked much bigger than normal. Felt pretty awesome. I turn on the shower and head back to my room to grab something to sleep in. I used to sleep naked but with Mike in the house seems like I should cover up. I turn around and there’s mike standing in my doorway in just a towel. Holding a pitcher of protein shake, He looks me up and down his eyes lingering on my ass. “I thought I would use your steam shower to relax my sore muscles. If you don’t mind?” I had a really large steam shower, it was an indulgence for sure. It was large with benches and jets all over. It was one of my favorite places in the whole world. I had talked about it with MIke and now he really wanted to try it. There was plenty of room for 2, heck probably a half dozen could fit. Like I said it’s an indulgence. I nod and wave him in. I grab the pitcher from him and take a huge swig. I reach to pass it back to him and my hand hits a brick wall. It slammed into his chest, damn it felt like marble. He smiled and flexed his chest against my lingering hand. Holy shit it pushed my hand out it got so much bigger flexed. he took the pitcher and gulped down ¾ of what was left then passed it back to me. I headed back in to the shower. Mike followed, dropping his towel on the floor and walking right in. He planted himself on the bench. There was good amount of steam in there so I could only make out a sillhouette. He was moaning a little here and there, you could tell he really enjoyed it. I finished my shower and sat on the bench across from him. The steam was feeling really good right now. We talked for a few minutes and then I got up to go to bed. I made it to the bed and just crashed. The next morning I woke up to the best smell in the world- - -BACON! Mike must have been cooking already-woo hoo! I got up and headed to the bathroom. As I passed the mirror I saw myself I was looking good! I quickly did my business threw on some shorts and headed downstairs. There he standing in boxer briefs looking 2 sizes too small for him. He was piling food up on the island, plate after plate of stuff. It looked like a feast built for a king. I walked and smiled at him. He hands me a cup full of pills, like 20 pills. I swallow the assorted vitamins and supplements and see mike finish up cooking. He hands me a pitcher of shake and one for himself. We sit down and start in on the feast. We eat fast, both of us grunting like animals and just non stop shoving fuel down our throats. Mike was such a talented cook he just out did himself. We finished eating both of having a turtle shell looking belly at the end. Mike mixes up a couple more pitchers of shake. We down those as we get dressed to go to the gym. I was feeling really good, full was a good feeling and all the supps and vitamins were getting me going. We got to the gym and really pushed ourselves, lifting the heaviest weights we ever did. We were so intensely working we lost all track of time. Before we knew it it had been 6 hours. Mike dropped the barbell he was holding and looked over at me. “We need to eat” he spat out. We went back to my place and ate another feast. Even after that intense workout Mike atill worked his ass off to make lunch for us, and a lot of it. While he cooked I made a shopping list and ordered it online to be delivered tonight. The bill was large but it was well worth it. After lunch and plenty of shakes we took a jog around the community. We were jogging at a steady pace for a while then Mike tags me and says “You’re it.” And sprints ahead. I chase him as fast as I can muster. He is just moving so fast he is far ahead of me and making more ground every minute. He beats me back to the house and as I get home I smell some more food cooking. I was glad cause after that sprint I was starving. As I stepped in mike hands me another cup of pills. He passes me a pitcher of shake as well. The groceries had arrived so as Mike was cooking I was bringing in the bags and putting stuff away. By the time I was done there was another buffet of food spread out all over the island. This was the life.
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