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    “You never know when a chance like this is going to come along, do you?” “I beg your pardon?” Sam couldn’t believe he hadn’t noticed the beefy stud leaning against the pole on the side of the bike path when he stopped to fix his slipped chain. This was the third time today that the bloody thing had come undone. Marco, however, had noticed Sam before he had even stopped – when he was pedaling down the path from the direction of Malibu. The ‘gaydar’ of both men was instantly shooting off the charts. An unspoken understanding naturally connected them. It felt like you had just put on a warm jacket in the middle of winter. “Your bike, breaking down right here. Right in front of me.” “I don’t really believe in the idea of fate . . . you know, a pre-determined course of events.” “Ah, I see, but do you believe in seizing opportunities if they come when least expected. Are you one of those people that can be ‘in the moment’ and see a potential path unfolding even before it does?” “Who knew stopping to fix the chain on my bike would lead to such a philosophical conversation.” Sam immediately liked the banter. This guy wasn’t just a pretty pair of pecs and veiny biceps. He had a personality. He briefly worried that the man might be a hustler – the package seemed just too perfect to be a random conversation. Sam pushed the thought out of his mind – he decided he should just be ‘in the moment.’ Marco had anticipated the tall, lanky, nicely muscled, dirty-blonde biker would be interesting. There had been something about the intensity of his pedaling and his furrowed brow as he zoomed up the path. “Life is like a box of chocolates…” “You nevuh know what you’re gonna git.” “That southern accent sounds authentic.” “I’m originally from Tennessee.” “I’m originally from Los Angeles.” “I can tell.” “How can you tell?” “Those biceps weren’t grown in Toledo. Trust me, that body is authentically Californian. And all natural, I might add.” “How do you know that?” “I’m in pharmaceuticals. I know the difference between store-bought muscles and those made the good old-fashioned way. It’s a gift that helps me at dinner parties – or gets me in trouble.” “Not into all that fake stuff, huh?” “I’m not one to be impressed by ‘stuff’ – and it seems, to me, if you have to add stuff to your body the way you might stock your wardrobe, then chances are you’re not going to be too authentic. I’m into natural. Chemically enhanced vegetables tend to lose a lot of their flavor. The same thing can happen to a guy, too.” “Listen to you, our little Tennessean philosopher.” “Another gift that rarely makes me popular at dinner parties.” “You seem to go to a lot of those . . . dinner parties.” “I’m perpetually making tables even out – the forever pitied single friend.” “Why is that, Mr. Tennessee?” “People say I’m too picky. Too cynical. Too OCD. Too demanding. Too detached. Take your pick.” “Could it be . . . you’re just waiting.” “For what? My fate? Remember, I’m not one to believe that just around the corner is my destiny sitting on a nice romantic white horse.” “Why is it always a white horse?” “Not sure – if it’s somehow supposed to signify purity I’m afraid I’m not buying into that fantasy. Give me a dark beast over that any day. And what about you? Single?” “As solo as they come, I’m happy to say.” “Why is that happy?” “Let’s just say it leaves me open to opportunities. It helps me live ‘in the moment’.” “Annnnnd we’re back to being philosophical.” “Or something like that. Maybe more like metaphorical.” Sam looked up from his squatting position beside the bike. Both men stared at each other without breathing for a few seconds. The euphoria that comes from easy flirtation overwhelmed both of them. Marco marveled at how simple it was sometimes for a conversation to float into undercurrents that stirred the loins. He found Mr. Tennessee charming even if he was on a Schwinn instead of a white horse. Sam was the first to break the magical moment. “I bet you’re popular at dinner parties, though. You have the perfect build for it.” “I’m really more of a backyard BBQ kind of guy. Being shirtless suits me more than dressing up.” “I can see why.” “Thanks for the compliment. I actually didn’t think you were that impressed, Mr. Tennessee.” “Why’s that?” “You didn’t stare at me like I was a piece of beef being offered to a pack of wolves. As a matter of fact, you didn’t stare at all – only glanced.” “Traps for days, rounded pecs dusted with gorgeous fur, bulging biceps with thick veins snaking across them, a washboard stomach just screaming for laundry, sexy hard-bristled beard that doesn’t fully connect with the handsome mustache, a thick bottom lip just ripe for chewing, charcoal bedroom eyes, and a lovely watch. Staring is overrated. I say learn how to notice details quickly.” “Man, you could be a spy.” “Maybe I am.” Eyes locked again. The stirring in the groin had gotten even more noticeable for both men. Marco kept looking for some flaw to reveal itself in the man before him. He carefully looked for something that would signal the guy was a psychopath or, even worse, an actual total bore. At the same time, Sam was waiting for dialogue that would expose deeply rooted narcissistic tendencies that usually came with a body like the one before him. The back of his mind also kept expecting the conversation to smoothly move to the topic of payment and the fact that credit cards were not accepted. It was just a fact that both men knew that banter like this was frequently too good to be true. This kind of immediate attraction was only available in chick-flicks or hazy, alcohol-influenced, bar hookups that turn into ‘what the hell was I thinking’ mornings. Today had been just a regular Saturday for both men until that glorious chain had slipped. “I like details. Especially when they are very handsome details.” Normally, Marco would find a line like that very cheesy, but it wasn’t out of place coming from this gorgeous Tennessean. The guy had returned to working on his bike and Marco could see it hadn’t been a really bad pick-up line. The tall guy had just been speaking honestly. This realization made the compliment so genuine – so authentic. “You want some help with that chain, man?” “No thanks, I’ve got it, but having lunch with you would be nice.” “Funny, I was thinking the same thing. I’m Marco.” “I’m Sam. Don’t squeeze my hand too hard. A firm grip turns me on.” Marco had held out his hand for a shake and he immediately knew that Sam’s request was, in fact, an invitation for the well-built man to squeeze Sam’s hand as hard as he wanted . . . so he did. Sam winced and let out a soft moan at the same time. His tall lanky body shivered a little. This thrilled Marco, so he held the tight grip even longer than was normally acceptable. In turn, Sam got a little wobbly in the knees and light-headed. Sam also took a moment to glance at the vein snaking down Marco’s left biceps, a particular fetish of the Tennessean. It enhanced the overall effect of the handshake even more. Marco gripped even tighter right before he let go. “A handshake like that will get me to do almost anything.” “Right now, I’m hoping it will just get you to the lunch table.” “It will. Let me guess, you’re a vegan.” “It’s funny how some people assume that just because I have a six-pack I don’t like hamburgers.” “Well, to be fair, bodies like yours are not easily created if all you ate were hamburgers.” “True. Let’s just say I work out enough to make it possible for me to eat whatever I like. And you . . . a tall, trim biker could be a vegan, too.” “That’s true, as well. Tennesseans don’t tend to be vegan, though. I do like my salads, but I like meat, as well.” “And how do you like your meat, Sam?” “Packed hard and bulging.” It was unclear who had started this particular vein of banter. Both men had easily skipped down the flirtatious raunchy path – intending to show the other man that they weren’t these uptight straight-laced guys you often met. This time, the staring between them was more intense . . . more direct. It was as if an unspoken barrier had been passed. It was clear that this day would not end with just the meal. This knowledge eased unseen tension, dissolved doubt, and opened up a whole new avenue of interaction. The spark was now a raging flame. “Your eyes are bluer than the sky, Mr. Tennessee.” “And your pecs look firmer than concrete, Mr. California.” Marco knew this was an indication that he should somehow show off his chest, so he obligingly rolled the protruding mounds of beef up and down a few times, enjoying the pleasure his show gave the tall lanky dude in front of him. The thought of skipping lunch and going straight for sex entered the mind of both men at almost the exact same moment. There was so much ‘connection’ in the air and morning exercise had energized both men to a point of needing much release. However, the nudging thought that there was something much more than just a primal tug between them, made each man long for more and they both refused to give into immediate gratification. They knew good things come to those who wait. “I’m thinking I might need some stamina this afternoon, Sam, so how about a hamburger at Shakes and Burgers up the bike path a little.” “I like that place. It sounds perfect.” They started walking in the direction of the restaurant. Sam was pushing his bike and Marco walked on the other side. Marco reached around to his back pocket and pulled out the tank top that dangled there. He started to put it on, but Sam cleared his throat loudly and shook his head no when the chiseled bodybuilder looked in his direction. Marco smiled and returned the shirt to his pocket. The built man breathed in deeply, to make his pecs swell even more and rolled his shoulders back to emphasize his chest. Sam got a good long glance in and then turned to look ahead on the bike path. “You would definitely be a hit a dinner parties.” “You should take me to one, sometime.” “Well, as a matter of fact, I have a get together tonight at the home of one of my best friends and I know he’d be overjoyed if I called and told him I was bringing someone. Adding another plate to a dinner party for thirty is a lot less troublesome than one for, let’s say, six or eight. It’s a fundraiser . . . a very formal affair. I’m sure you’ll look great in your tux.” “That’s pretty presumptuous on two counts, Sam. First, that I’m available to go with you and second, that I own a tux.” “The shoes, the shorts, and the watch immediately tell me you have an impeccable wardrobe at home. A man as neatly groomed and obviously cultured as you would probably have a couple of tuxedos. You are not new to classy affairs. As for the first . . . I’m merely hoping like a kid before Christmas that you’re available. I’m pretty sure I’m not going to want this day to end . . . maybe for a really long time.” “You really might be a spy.” “The pleasure is in the details, Marco. The pleasure is in the details. And what do you say, my handsome beefy friend.” “You’ve clearly also picked up that I’m a sucker for flattery, haven’t you?” “With a body like that, sir, you’d be crazy not to like it.” “I’d be honored to accompany you, Sam. It sounds like an awesome first date.” “Um, second date. We’re going to lunch.” “Okayyyy, second date, if you insist.” “I do. I don’t sleep with anyone on the first date, Marco.” “Oh, well then, tonight will definitely be our second date, then. A man of principles. I like that.” “You like principles, I like muscles. It seems like a match made in heaven.” “It certainly does. And here we are. I’m famished . . . and horny.” “I’m pretty sure this particular establishment will only help you with your first need, Marco.” “You never know, Sam. I’m friends with the owner and he’s a powerlifter. I might just be his type.” “I think you’re everyone’s type, Marco.”
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    Chapter 19 “I’m delighted you see things my way, dear boy. Why don’t you join me on this side of the table?” I rose from the chair, momentarily startled by the higher vantage point, and twirled around to join him on the cushioned booth seat, never releasing Vernon’s hand, to sit by his left side. With my free hand, I began stroking his face. The coarse sensation of his stubble was sandpaper lightning under my fingertips. I pulled him in close for a kiss, and I could feel his lips pressed against mine. The intensity increased, and soon I could feel his rough beard scratching my face. I let go of his hand and held the back of his head with both of mine. His kiss was life-giving and vital. As it reached a crescendo, he pulled back. “I owe you gramercy,” he said, a little short of breath. “While I have enjoyed the company of many-a gentlemen before you, it was always a sweaty, dirty shame perpetrated behind locked doors. That was liberating.” I rubbed his cheek affectionately, slowly lowering my hand until it was down the front of his shirt, swirling his chest hair, admiring just how firm his chest was. His muscles weren’t large, but they were solid, dense, and present. I drew closer to him, preparing to pull him into me, when our waiter returned. Unfazed, he placed our drink orders on the table, saw that we were mid-embrace, and simply said, “I’ll give you two another minute before you order.” Without fanfare, he turned and left. “What are you in the mood for?” I whispered into his ear. “You can never err with the seafood at this establishment. Perhaps a seafood tower to celebrate our coming together in a kiss.” “That’s not what I meant,” I said, practically breathed, into his ear. “It’s all on the menu, Vernon.” After I moment, I added, pausing after each word, “You need but to ask.” “Something more insouciant, then,” he said. His left hand crawled down my front, stopping only momentarily to appreciate the firmness of my abs, until he reached my zipper. With one deft pull, he released the pressure on my bulge, and some of my underwear-clad cock seeped out of the opening. His agile fingers lowered my boxer briefs and began drawing out all of my rigid cock, right there at the table, until it was entirely free. The table barely obscured what he was doing. At any moment, we could be discovered. Undaunted, he began to stroke my entire length, using his thumb and forefinger to apply precise, gentle, concentrated pressure to my head whenever he reached the tip. As he began his ministrations, the waiter came back over. “And what will you be having for lunch this afternoon?” Vernon intensified his attention on my cock head, and my whole body spasmed. “Sir, are you okay?” the waiter asked. “So good,” I managed. I could feel the flush rise higher in my cheeks into my forehead. “We’ll have the seafood tower,” Vernon said. “Right away,” the waiter said, taking our menus and leaving. The entire time, Vernon’s hand never left my cock. “We’re going to get in trouble,” I told him. “I’ve yearned for some decent trouble. I’ve too long languished in propriety.” “This is public indecency,” I pointed out. “This is an arrestable offense.” Vernon cast a furtive glance around the restaurant. The customers who were there were engaged in their own conversations, hardly looking up from the tables. With a devilish glint in his eye, he went down on one knee, then the other. “May as well hang for a sheep as a lamb,” Vernon said. With a wink, he put his mouth on the head of my cock and began teasing it with his tongue and lips. Slowly, he worked his mouth down my shaft until half my cock was inside. He licked its length as though it were a succulent feast. Involuntarily, I began moaning lowly and clenching my ass. A woman at a table not far from the booths turned to look because of the noise I was making. “I thought I was going to sneeze,” I said, my voice wavering up and down as Vernon varied his speed. He then tickled my bounteous balls with one of his hands, and I moaned again. “Another false alarm,” I said. The woman looked unconvinced, but turned around to finish her lunch. “If you’re not done when the waiter comes back…” I said. There was a faint popping sound as he pulled his mouth off my cock. “You mean if you’re not done.” With that, the warmth of his mouth once again encompassed my cock, and he pulled more and more of me into him until the entirety of my cock was secured by his throat. I began whimpering and gripped the table. Vernon’s head was fully in my lap, his nose pressed against the copious bush of pubic hair that spread forth from my open fly. Suddenly, the waiter returned with our food. The tower was just tall enough to obscure his view of what was going on, but as soon as he put it down, we would be caught. “Where did your dining companion go?” the waiter asked. In one fluid motion, Vernon was off my cock and sitting back in his chair. “My apologies, good sir. There was a pressing engagement I had to attend to under the table.” My cock, slick with his saliva, red and engorged at full mast, stood out in front of me. I quickly threw a napkin over it, but it made no difference because it made an obvious tent and stuck up obscenely. I shifted forward in my seat, hoping to hide it. “My gentlemen friend and I are actually planning on finishing this meeting in my bedchamber. Would it be too much of a hassle to keep our order on ice and have it sent up in half an hour? If it contravenes some sort of established protocol, I could make it worth your while.” With that, he produced his wallet and placed a $100 bill on the table. “I’d be glad to,” the waiter said. “The room is listed under Bailey,” he said. With that, the waiter took his money and left us be. “Come along, turtledove,” he said to me, rising to his feet. I went to tuck in my cock—as much as I could, given its turgidity—when he stopped me. “That wouldn’t be sporting, now would it?” “You want me to walk through a restaurant and a crowded hotel with a massive hardon sticking out of my pants?” “You make it sound so salacious. I’ll be beside you the entire time.” I knew there was no way out of this, so I rose to my feet and positioned Vernon so he was standing in front of me. I had already been head-and-shoulders taller than him, and after my most recent growth, I was that little bit more. I was also significantly wider than him, but he was a solid enough man to block my exposed member. As he stood, facing away from me, I grabbed him around the chest and held him close to me, hiding my cock between the fabric of my turtleneck and the silk of his shirt. “Your chest is heavenly,” he said, resting his head against my left pec. “Brusque and forthright, peaked like mountains, and emanating an enticing aroma of seduction.” I flexed my arms around his torso. “Most of me can be described as mountainous.” Precariously, we made our way to the elevator in the hotel lobby. A handful of people, mostly staff, looked at us, aware that something odd was happening, but not certain what it exactly was. “Have you never seen two paramours engaged in public affection?” he asked one particularly brazen woman who pointed at us. Fortune favored us, and we were the only two passengers on the elevator. As we were alone, he stepped away from me. My cock had softened ever so slightly, but it was still obviously erect. “I do admire the duration with which you can maintain that massive edifice,” he said. “A lesser man would be drooping with shame and timidity by now.” That little bit of attention reinvigorated my erection, and it surged to its full glory. “Blessed mercy,” Vernon said. “It seems I have swollen your ego, among other things.” When the elevator doors opened—on the 6th floor—Vernon stepped off without so much as a quick look to see if the coast was clear. I followed him, my dick emerging from the doors before even my bounteous pecs. After I’d gotten ten feet away from the elevator, a man in a business suit rounded the corner at the end of the hall, and I felt a flash of dread. I was going to be caught with my dick out by a complete stranger in a fancy hotel. Vernon either didn’t notice or didn’t care. He just kept walking. Acting on impulse, I turned to face the wall and smashed myself up against it, naively acting as though I could hide my cock before he saw it. I stood there, hoping against hope that the stranger would just keep walking, but instead, he stopped and said hello to me. “Hello,” I said as innocently as I could muster. “I noticed your member is out for the world to see.” “Sorry about that. I...” He cut me off. “Don’t apologize. Never apologize for a member like that. You’re some sort of high-end escort, right? With a body like that, and equipment like that, you must be.” He looked me up and down, marveling at my height and openly admiring the size of my muscles. He was practically licking his lips. “If what I saw is actually yours, and not some latex phony,” he continued, “I would like to hire you for later this evening. Do you have a card?” I turned to face him, showing him the full length of my erect cock. I stepped a little closer to him. The man was slight, but heavy. He was at most 5’7”. In other words, I was twice as wide as him and practically a foot taller. “It’s real, but I’m not for sale,” I clarified. It was half-growl, half-implied-threat. “Right, sorry, my mistake,” he said, and then finished his trip to the elevator. At the end of the hall, I saw Vernon waiting patiently next to his open door. In a dozen quick steps, I was at his side. I lifted him off the ground. With my new musculature, the man felt incredibly light. He was a full-grown, athletic man, and I could pick him up effortlessly. I carried him into his suite. I was worried I would have to duck under the doorway, but I didn’t have to… yet. If I kept growing, it would soon be an inevitability. I tossed Vernon to his bed and pounced on him. I tore open his shirt, revealing a small but strong, well-manicured chest. With a firm tug, I had his pants off, and his thick 6 inches came forth. I got off the bed to disrobe. I kicked off my shoes; he did the same. I struggled a little bit to get my pants past my thighs, but once they were all the way to the ground, I flexed my thighs for him one by one, just to show him how powerful they actually were. Then, I grabbed my turtleneck, and wrestled it off my torso. It fought me so hard that by the time I had it over my head, I was breathing heavily, my chest bounding up and down. I rejoined Vernon on the bed, and he started stroking my Adonis belt with his index finger. “You are perfection,” he said. “You haven’t gotten the whole package yet,” I said, flipping him over. My cock was slick with his saliva and my own copious pre. Before he could resist, I had entered him. Clearly, Vernon was a well-trained bottom, for I was able to get almost all of my entirety into him on the first stroke. As I thrust in and out, Vernon moaned and murmured appreciatively. He had a runner’s endurance; we were still going hot and heavy half an hour later when there was a knock at the door. “That’s our lunch,” I said, leaving him on the bed. I strolled to the door, completely naked and fully erect. I opened it, and there was our waiter with our food and drinks on a cart, Vernon’s navy suit jacket folded neatly on top. The waiter couldn’t help but look at my cock. Who could turn away, honestly? Without breaking focus, he said, “I’m going to need Mr. Bailey’s signature on this bill." Vernon came to the door, also completely naked and fully erect, and signed the bill. “I included another hundred as gratuity. Kindly leave the cart there,” Vernon said. “We will bring it inside when we’ve concluded.” The waiter walked away, not entirely sure how to take the transaction. I closed the door, and Vernon led me back to the bed, his hand around my cock as though it were my leash. “Ready for the grand finale?” I said when we reached the bed. “Am I ever,” he said, and guided me into his waiting ass. I began bucking wildly. Vernon exploded all over himself, causing his ass to tighten around my cock. Feeling his enjoyment, I was about to burst myself. “Here are your drinks, sirs,” the waiter said. I was back at the table in the restaurant; the fantasy was over. It had felt like over an hour had passed, but barely five seconds had.
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    My sincere apologies for the delay - I really have been just too mentally exhausted to do "fun writing." But it has always been my intention to get this story wrapped up. Here is chapter 15 - and I promise not to have such a long delay again. If you haven't ready Chapters 1 through 14 - here are links: Chapter 1-7: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/1689-the-symbiote-war/ Chapter 8: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/4428-the-symbiote-war-chapter-8/ Chapters 9-10: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/5517-the-symbiote-war-chps-9-10-and-eventually-the-rest/ Chapter 11 is on page 3 of the previous thread. Chapter 12 is on page 4 of the previous thread. Chapter 13 is on page 5 of the previous thread. Chapter 14: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/15351-the-symbiote-war-chapter-14/ Chapter 15: Sunday evening – still here… I feel as if I’ve been stuck here forever... (see what I did there?) I’ve no idea how long I’ve been tied to my bedframe – waiting for Shawn’s return. I have no idea what time it is – I don’t have an angle to be able to see the time on my clock – and I’ve drifted in-and-out of sleep a few times. But it’s still daylight out, and I my need to take a piss isn’t yet unbearable, so I suspect that it’s still Sunday. However, whatever drug Shawn gave me still isn’t out of my system, I’m lying here in bed with an achingly hard boner driving me crazy – but with my hands tied up, I can’t so much as touch it. Shawn’s growth is already on the scary side – but I’m starting to fantasize about him returning from the gym and giving my boner the attention it craves. Of course, my fantasizing is just making my boner throb… and throb… When will he return? …Hellooooooo???? I’m debating screaming for help. But I really don’t want just anyone coming into the room and finding me like this – I don’t think the dictionary has enough words to describe that much embarrassment. Humiliation… Shame… Awkardness… Mortified… That’s a good one! Bored? Yes, I’m bored. And trying to take my mind off my aching boner is doing nothing to help the ache in my rock-hard erection. Wait! What am I hearing? A bit of scraping at the door? Is Shawn back from the gym? His muscles all sweaty and pumped? Has he finally returned to give me release? …I mean, release me? The scrabbling at the door stops. I can faintly hear the doorknob turning. I can see the door begin to swing open, the light from the hallway framing a figure. But my eyes must be playing a trick on me, Shawn has shrunk back to his smaller self – he’s no longer the massive muscle monster! “Corrigan?” Mark’s voice! It’s Mark! “Mark? Is that you?” The figure steps into the room and closes the door. A flood of relief – I can see it’s Mark. All this time, me and my throbbing boner have been fantasizing about Shawn’s return – and now it turns out that my saviour is Mark. I am feeling more than just a little guilty about my fantasies running amok – but I am also overwhelmed with relief that Mark is here to rescue me. “How? How did you know to come looking for me?” “Holy crap! Did Shawn do this to you? I didn’t actually realize you were in trouble – I just thought I would come and check up on you – I’ve been worrying since you left this morning.” “How did you get in?” “Your RA is an old friend. And maybe we have a more pressing issue. Let’s see if we can get you untied.” “Oh yeah. That would be good. Thanks.” Mark sits on the bed and reaches up to my bedframe. “Wow! What are you tied up with?” “Shawn bent the chair frame and turned it into a makeshift set of handcuffs.” “Under other circumstances, this would be kinky.” He grins. His adorable, kind of shy smile makes my aching boner throb. Shawn is struggling with my bonds. “I can’t get them to budge. I can’t imagine the power that Shawn has in order to be able to bend this frame so easily into a set of handcuffs. I can’t even unbend it enough to get your hand out.” He’s now climbed up fully on the bed, sitting on top of me, grimacing and grunting. Even under these circumstances, I am still finding this sexy. My aching boner throbs again. “I can’t stay here until Shawn returns. I need to escape.” “Corr. I really am trying, I’m just not strong enough.” After a bit of a dramatic pause… “Maybe I can help with that.” Mark stops struggling with the cuffs, sits back, and looks me in the eye. “Are you serious?” “Can you think of another way?” “Well…no.” “And it would sort of help with another problem I’m having…” I give him a shy/awkward grin. “Yes, I noticed when I came in the room. There’s no hiding your massive erection. But we don’t really know all of the possible effects this could have. You suspect your cum causes muscle growth, but what if there are other changes?” “I agree that it’s a possibility. However, Shawn still seems to be his same self. He always did have a hunger for muscles. And his current personality still seems consistent with the person he was when I first met him. Plus, other than waiting for Shawn to return, I don’t see another way out.” “Well… I agree that we want to get you out. And I can’t pretend that this isn’t a sexy-exciting turn of events.” Mark adjusts his position, snuggling up alongside me in bed. His one hand is caressing my chest. He leans in and gives me a kiss. My erection is now throbbing to a steady beat, and I can feel the pre-cum oozing out the tip. His hand slides down my abs toward the waistband of my tented briefs. I can see the flared head of my cock outlined through my briefs – made slightly transparent by the steady flow of pre-cum. Mark caresses my abs a bit and then reaches down to cup my aching balls. They’re sensitive and feel full of cum – and they clench up tight in his hand. Mark leans down and plants a kiss on the tip of my cock. It throbs, and more pre-cum oozes out. Mark peels back the waistband of my briefs, exposing my glistening member – it’s so hard, I think I can see the veins pulsing. He cinches the waistband below my balls. My rigid cock is freed, sticking up at a 45-degree angle between my head and the ceiling. Mark gently caresses the length of the shaft. Some of the pre-cum comes away on his finger, I can see the glistening trail of cum sparkling in the light from the window. And I can also see the cum disappear as it quickly gets absorbed. It was such a small amount that I can’t really see any changes in Mark. However, I can feel his sharp intake of breath as he realizes what’s happened – and I can also feel the lump of his boner against my thigh. Mark sits up and removes his shirt. His lean frame is pale where it catches the sun from the window His muscles pump and move as he takes off the shirt and tosses it aside. And then he bends down and pops the head of my cock in his mouth. It feels so good! I feel as if I’ve been edging all day – and finally I’m getting relief! Mark’s tongue is caressing the head… his lips are running along the shaft… he’s sucking hard… pulling at the shaft… he’s gently kneading my balls… So good! I can feel the edge approaching! It starts deep in my balls, they churn with anticipation! He’s pumping the shaft, putting pressure on the base of my cock. I can feel an earth-shattering orgasm approaching as my cock flexes in preparation! The surge is rising up my shaft! The head flares! And with a primal grunt, I am cumming! Mark’s mouth eagerly vacuums it all up. Through the haze of bliss, I can already see Mark’s growth. His traps start to bulge from the rest of his back, his delts begin to expand and round out. Mark sits up straight, licking his lips. I can see the striations of the muscles in his chest dancing as they compete for space. His arms are filling out, the growth of the biceps creates a bit of a cleft with his expanding deltoids – and I can see the fullness of his triceps creating width – a well-rounded set of muscular arms. Mark was always lean, but now his abdominal ridges are pronounced, a well-defined, muscular six-pack. He’s still wearing his pants, but I can clearly see his legs expanding – the fabric tightening. And I can also see a very pronounced erection running along one hip. I can also tell that he’s now heavier – given that he’s sitting on me. “Wow.” Awe in his voice. “You look good with those muscles.” I couldn’t lie, he was a turn on before, but now he’s downright hot! “This feels amazing.” He cups the bicep of his flexed right arm – his fingers can’t reach around the mound of his bicep. “Umm… You’re sort of crushing me.” “Oh right!” Mark leans forward, his newly grown pecs are right in my face. I can feel his thighs squeezing my torso – and I can feel his erection through his pants. He reaches over my head, and manages to bend the handcuffs enough for me to get my hands out. “No struggle. Clearly it worked.” He grins as he lifts himself off me. “Pack a bag – we’re getting you out of here.”
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    Part 2 The General was amazed as he moved from the total unconsciousness of sleep to being somewhat awake and realizing he didn’t have a hangover. There was no dull headache or cloudiness of mind. He actually felt good – great, as a matter of fact. He could tell he had gotten a wonderful night’s sleep. He felt energetic – charged in some way. And there were no noticeable aches or pains – as there were on most mornings. Instead, he noticed something that had not happened in a very long time – his friend, Oscar, the cock, was fully and slightly uncomfortably engorged. Artemis had a raging hard-on. Sprouting morning wood had disappeared for the most part somewhere in is late fifties. There was the occasional surprise when he woke up, but it was usually gone by the time he stretched and yawned. This present boner, however, showed no sign of going away any time soon. Art was seriously surprised at how hard his cock was when he slipped his hand beneath the band of his boxers to grab his faithful friend, Oscar. The name had been adorned on his dick a few years ago when the General had become frustrated that perusing porn on the computer could not make his grouchy penis come to attention. The moniker had fit perfectly and the elder man had finally given up trying to use pictures to arouse Oscar. He had finally given up on trying to be sexually aroused at all. “What gives, Oscar? You been taking steroids? You’re hard as a rock and seem weirdly larger than usual. You need to lay of the drugs, son.” The General’s hand had started to move up and down the firm shaft, causing him to emit a low, hoarse-sounding moan. In the midst of the pleasure shooting through his body, Art let his mind drift back to some fuzzy images that had been in his dreams. Most of it was unclear – or he couldn’t recall – but there were definite feelings and desires awakened by this search of nighttime snippets. He suddenly thought of a huge, smooth, bubbled ass – and that made Oscar leak some sweet pre-cum – but then the ass hardened and became something much different than a woman’s backside in fishnet stockings. The General’s hand immediately stopped stroking his hard-on. The elder man shook his head – a lifetime of suppressing unwanted images returning in an instant. He let go of his penis, hoping with some desperation that the hard thing would quickly soften. However, it did not. He slid out of bed and moved to the shower with much more speed – and ease – than usual. Cold water hit his waiting body and this shocked him back to reality. A brief lapse of decorum had been ended. Something had been stuffed away – tightly. The General would explore these bits and images much more freely in forty-five days. He promised himself. For now, he simply let his still engorged cock flop around pornographically as he hopped energetically under the cold water. *********** Even in the midst of a pounding headache, terrible dry mouth, and a nauseous stomach, Ron found himself moving his fingers to his nipples and pinching them hard as he awakened to the new day. His intense hangover – caused by trying to keep up with a seasoned elder drinker – could not prevent his waking thoughts from being about the General. From the moment Artemis Scala had put his arm around the young private outside the lab, Ron had been fully hard, fully nervous, and fully sure of wanting to give his boss the enhancement fluid. The tweaking of hard nips stopped immediately as his mind allowed the thought that the drug could have killed the General during the night. Ron turned to his nightstand and grabbed his phone – registering quickly that his head felt like it had exploded. He dropped back onto his pillow as soon as he saw the locked screen of his phone. General Scala had sent a text ten minutes ago that said, ‘See your ass at the gym, First Lieutenant, in thirty minutes. That’s an order.’ Ron was immediately relieved – he had killed no one. His hands returned to his nipples and fingernails scraped back and forth, quickly. Then, Ron stopped and grabbed the phone again – re-reading the message. The General had actually typed, ‘see your ass.’ It wasn’t a lustful dream. The General never said things like that – not to Ron, well, not to anyone. What the fuck, Ron thought. Could this be some kind of reaction to the enhancement formula. That thought made Ron sit up, quickly – the action almost causing him to lose the contents of his stomach. A stupid hangover . . . hell, not even wild horses . . . no, nothing was going to keep Ron Sanders away from the gym today. He had to see if Dr. Brown’s formula had changed the General in any way. He had to see if the older man had been enhanced. Suddenly, his phone buzzed and the General’s exact message came through a second time. ********** Damn, damn, damn! Why hadn’t he paid more attention when Ron had explained how to delete a text. Everything he tried was wrong. He even accidently sent it again. What in the world had possessed him to write ‘see your ass.’ How could a seasoned army man make that kind of foolish mistake. That could be viewed as sexual harassment . . . couldn’t it? Oh shit, should he send an apology. Would that be bringing too much attention to something that didn’t matter. Was Ron the kind of guy that just saw this as regular banter between two guys or had he read something into it. And why in the hell was it bothering Art so much – that was really the question. The only good thing about all his worrying was the fact that it had soothed the beast, Oscar, and the General was actually able to put on some workout shorts. He threw on an old t-shirt, too, noticing that it had gotten pretty thin and tight from too much time in the washing machine and dryer. It was one of his favorites, too. What a pity – it would be hard to get rid of this shirt. *********** It is a nice ass, the General found himself thinking as he drove to the large gym that was on the other side of the base. Ron Sanders had the kind of butt that shot out and then curved nicely down, as if waiting for you to rest a tray of drinks on it. And the way his uniform pants rode way up into the crack emphasized the bubbliness in the same manner a well-worn glove fits your hand perfectly. A stop sign was passed unnoticed as Artemis realized where his mind had drifted off to. He couldn’t believe he had briefly contemplated Ron’s butt so intently. He, of course, had noticed it – everyone did – but he had never thought about it in exactly the way his mind had just taken him. He had overheard the girls in the front office talking about the private’s ass one day using words like ‘mighty fine,’ and ‘so deliciously perky.’ He had even seen it uncovered by clothes once in the locker room when Ron’s towel had come undone. The General had always been able to steer clear of focusing on that part of his assistant’s body – or any part of his assistant’s body. What the hell was going on with his brain . . . and his imagination . . . today. Was it because he was so close to retirement. Was his subconscious slowly getting ready for freedoms he had never known before. Suddenly, all these thoughts were put aside as the General noticed the guys down hat the car was had been playing with the features in his Lexus again. The seat was way too close to the steering wheel and the mirrors were set for someone shorter. Why did they change everything? They merely drove it for two seconds as they took it to the drying station. Why was it necessary to move things around? By the time Art had everything back in a place in a way that was comfortable for him, he was driving into the parking lot of the gym. That’s also when he noticed a familiar looking ass poking out of the back seat of a car as someone grabbed their bag. Oscar – having only today remembered what hard-ons were – skyrocketed painfully to full attention as the General beheld Ron Sanders’ glorious butt. Art thought quickly, grabbing his phone so when Ron turned and saw him he could wave the younger man on into the gym – acting like he was on a call. The General would need a few minutes for Oscar to calm down. Cotton shorts with a deep crevice between the cheeks was too much to handle. ********** Even in the midst of a painful hangover, Ron could tell there was something different about the General. He couldn’t put his finger on it perfectly, but as the older man walked across the almost empty spacious floor of the gym he had a very different air about him. Was it Ron’s imagination or did the General look taller. Also, was he bigger? The flimsy t-shirt covering his daddy body was pulled tight, stretching so much that you could see the thick salt-and-pepper hair of the General’s chest through it. Was that something new? It must have been because Ron was sure he would have noticed it before. The General also seemed to move more freely – as if he were younger or not as stiff as he used to be. “You look like something the cat dragged in, young fella.” Young fella? Where the hell did that come from, the General thought. It was not like him to say things like that – yet it just came out, as natural as breathing. Ron’s face changed briefly, as if noting the weird greeting, but then immediately went back to his professional ‘good morning, sir’ face. Art resisted the urge to hug the younger man, squeezing him hard and lifting him off the floor in his arms. He couldn’t even believe this idea lodged in his brain as he beheld his assistant. What the hell was going on with him – and why was Oscar starting to awaken again as Art beheld the nice firm torso of Ron Sanders. This was getting seriously out of control. He immediately moved his big bag in front of his crotch and acted like he was looking for something. “Good morning, sir. I’m afraid I’m not feeling one hundred percent this morning, sir. I had a few too many whiskeys.” “Ahhhh, it’s good for you, youngster! It will put hair on your chest. Make a man out of you!” As soon as the words were out of his mouth, Art wanted to reach out, grab them, and shove them back in. This was not the way he spoke. He would never say something like this to his assistant. He sounded like some arrogant cocky asshole. And at the same time, there was something so familiar about it, too. It was as if he had been wanting to talk this way for a long time . . . as if he actually liked it. At the same time, the General realized his body was itching all over – as if he were covered in poison ivy or something. He also could feel how tight his clothes seemed – around his chest, around his biceps, around his thighs – hell, even his toes felt cramped inside his shoes. He pushed all of this out of his mind, however, as he forced himself to lead the way to the locker room. He was intentionally silent – so he wouldn’t say anything else he’d regret. He also avoided looking at Ron’s hot body.
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    It was late at night, when the stream finally came on. Seth77 was something of a legend in the muscle camming world. His streams were rare, but the recordings were something many guys got themselves off every night. Many donated hundreds to his account with every stream. What was so special about Seth? Well... The camera was on. A large well built white male played with the focus and framing until, finally, he managed to get a shot of his liking and stepped away from the lens. His body was quite a pleasure to look at, his arms were nice and thick, his pecs formed clear outlines pressed against his shirt, his clear-cut abs were visible as the white top wasn't long enough to cover them. Seth stroke a pose, flexing his muscles and showing them off to the camera, before he stepped away from the frame with the words: "Look who I got. This guy is a fighter!" The camera focused on a black bodybuilder, tied to the bed, struggling to break free. His smooth black skin covered his thick, beefy pecs, outlined his thick, bulging biceps, wrapped around each individual brick of his array of abdominals. His thighs were bigger than people's heads. His exposed shaft was flaccid, but was clearly at least good 7 inches. His heavy sack layed on the clear white sheets and his face was covered by a black mask. The guy was at least 6'8"! And all of that muscle could've been at least 380 pounds!! But for how glad the chat seemed to see the guy, he was using every last fibre of his huge body to break from the restrains around his wrists and ankles and take down Seth, his captor. ""As always, a straight strong guy from the street. Bet how long that will last, hehe." Seth said before moving towards the bed. Seth was sizeable but nowhere near the guy he had within his restrains. Seth's profile said that he was 6'2" but he was probably even shorter than that. 220lbs was probably also a bit too much, but it was not Seth who everybody came to enjoy, it was what Seth was capable of doing. The host of the stream was standing at the side of the bed, looming down at his perfect catch. Seth reached forward, his hand engulfing the guy's pectoral, giving it a tight squish. The guy struggled in protest, unable to say anything as it seemed he had something stuck in his mouth. He just violently jerked his body back and forth. Seth outstretched his other arm, cupping the other pec with it, enjoying the beefy muscle. Once he played around with the sensitive nipples, forcing them to harden, he slipped his fingers down the bodybuilder's torso, down to his abdominals. The host spent a good amount of time, rubbing every single brick. Each one individually. Pressing against it, circling around it with his finger, rubbing it with his palm. Once he was done there, he moved his palms lower, across the guy's exposed crotch, to his tree-trunk thighs. Rubbing the smooth skin that covered the mighty muscles, Seth turned towards the guy's head. "You like that, don't ya'?" he asked, returning his hands back up to the guys shoulders, "Being touched." The warm palms slipped under his armpits, "Admired." Seth continued down the arms, finally pressing the bulging, all pent up biceps, "Being worshipped." The host then lowered his head, sticking out his tongue and licking one of the hard nipples, playing with it, sucking at it, all the while he was caressing those strong biceps. The guy seemed to struggle more and more as he had realized what he had gotten himself into. Seth tended to that nipple, moving over the balloon-like pecs to taste the other. His hands moved to the guy's free pectoral and his abdominals. His fingers rubbed up and down across them, while the other hand groped the meaty slab. The bodybuilder grunted loudly. More in anger than anything else. Seth pulled away and then heaved himself over the guy, sitting at his massive thighs, facing him. He turned around, to grab onto the camera and pull it to the side of the bed, giving it a clear view of the bodybuilder's massive torso and his exposed crotch. The captured guy had two holes to look through in that black mask. And he couldn't do anything else but to watch the strong body of his captor. Seth was clearly hard. That much his leathery jockstrap showed. Seth took that thick bulge of his and started rubbing it against the bodybuilder's meat, nicely grinding it against it, while he reached for the bodybuilder's pecs, squeezing them and lowering his head to lick the guy's abdominals, all the way from his crotch to the valley between his pectorals. The guy was stopping to struggle as he was tended to. That was a good sign for Seth, who smirked and straightened himself again. He raised his arms and showed off his bulging biceps as well, still swaying his hips and grinding his bulge against the bodybuilder's massive shaft. The white host was showing off his muscles, licking his own biceps, showing off his bouncing pecs, playing with his abdominals, showing off in all possible angles. The helpless bodybuilder couldn't do anything else but just watch. "Ah, what's this? Did I just get a straight guy hard?" Seth asked rhetorically with a fiendish smile. The bodybuilder was silent, while his already long meat was hardening. Once Seth was done with his display, he reached down for the thick black meat and gave it a rub. "Would you look at that! That's at least a foot of a cock!" he said excitedly. Seth had a gift. Well... two big gifts, actually. And the first was clearly demonstrated now; he could make even the straightest of guys all worked up for his muscled gay self. The captor now lowered his chest, pressing the bodybuilder's meat right in between his pecs, and he flexed them. He then pulled his torso forward, forcing the guy's shaft to rub all over his muscled chest. He tickled the tip with his nipple, then pushed against it with a flex, he let the tip explore his abdominals, and at the end, he lowered completely, and grinded his abs against the twitching shaft for a while, pressing it in between his own and the bodybuilder's. When Seth pulled away, there was a column of pre that stretched from his abdominals to the throbbing meat. "I can't believe you have a girlfriend, hehe." the host noted with satisfaction. When Seth straightened again, the tip of his meat was poking from under the blue band of his jocks. His own shaft was calling to him, begging to be tended to. But the captor resisted his temptations and returned back to teasing his catch. This time, he lowered his arm. He showed off his thick bicep right behind the bodybuilder's throbbing shaft. He flexed the bulge a few times, before he forced the tip in between the muscles of his hand, squeezing it tight and rubbing it up and down. There was a grunt that came from the captured guy. This time it was a grunt of pleasure. Seth truly managed it; he took a larger guy than him, a straight guy that is, and forced him to leak pre all over his biceps. The guy struggled, shivered as he felt his shaft being jerked off by the strong muscles of his captor. He was getting so close. How? How is he this close?! He's straight!! Seth could feel the shivers, the tell tale signs of approaching climax. He let go off that eager meat. Seth then could swear he hard a cry of disappointment, which only made him hornier. "I think it's time, guys!" he noted, announcing the moment all the viewers came for. That other big gift of his. The host moved his head downward, his tongue gave the twitching tip a lick, scooping off that big drop of pre that formed there. Then he pushed all of that meat up into his mouth. The entire foot of shaft we up his mouth and down his throat, bulging out at a spot on his neck. And finally, Seth would start sucking, swallowing, coiling his tongue around the thick meat, slowly pushing and pulling, doing anything he could to force the bodybuilder to cum. It was no hard task as the bodybuilder was practically begging for a release now. A squirt of thick pre gushed out of Seth's own meat and fell onto the bodybuilder's thighs. Seth swallowed. And that was the last bit. The last nudge. The last push the captured and helpless bodybuilder needed to be sent right over the edge. His shaft started sending waves after waves of the bodybuilder's nice, warm, fresh and thick cum, right down Seth's throat. He gulped it down all with ease. And even though that was the bodybuilder's climax, the audience was only getting more and more excited, in anticipation of what's to come. The captured guy was starting to run dry, but Seth was still firmly holding that shaft, sucking and swallowing. "What was he doing?" the bodybuilder wondered. Seth then extended his arms and grabbed onto the guy's thick pecs. Seth sucked hard, powerfully, like a thick drink. There was a tingling sensation on the bodybuilder's chest, right where those unwelcome palms were. Seth seemed to want to suck the bodybuilder completely dry, but then he noticed something. And he was speechless. "It's happening!" somebody typed in the chat. The bodybuilder's pecs were shrinking. The round balloony shape was disappearing. Seth continued to literally suck, as if nothing was amiss. The pecs continued on shirking and shrinking, all of that hard work seemed to be just disappearing. All of the hours on bench press were slipping through the bodybuilder's fingers. It didn't take that long, until the pecs were no more. Just two nipples on a flat ribcage. Seth finally pulled away, released the guy's meat and straightened a bit. The bodybuilder was shocked, while the audience was having the time of their lives. Seth has somehow gained a loot of beef. His pecs were massive compared to the rest of his body. They were not his. They were of his captured bodybuilder! He stole them! Seth flexed those massive pectorals, he cupped them and rubbed them a couple of times, pressed them between his arms to make them super pop out. They were magnificent! Even larger than the bodybuilder's! Seth smirked for a while, displaying his new muscles, only to return to wrapping his lips around the black shaft of his capture, moments later. This time Seth didn't take all of that shaft. Only the head. And he sucked. His hands wrapped around that thick meat. And as if by magic, the shaft was shrinking. Shortening and becoming thinner. One could only imagine where that mass was going. Seth's own shaft was expanding, growing and stretching more and more from under the band of the jockstraps. Seth reached for the heavy orbs, stealing them for himself as well, making his own grow to the size of apples. Seth systematically was sucking all of the bodybuilder's size right out of him. He touched his thighs and he siphoned them right out. Making the tree-trunks look more like toothpicks. He reached for the bodybuilder's shoulder and stole the wide round joints for himself. He slipped to the guy's biceps and started expanding his own. Forcing them to grow so massive, many veins started to pop out, and the arms to look like they didn't belong to that small body. Once he was done making the guy's arms look like sticks, he reached for his abs, and with just a few sucks at his shaft, Seth had all of that mass on his torso, sporting a proud eight-pack, so very cleanly chiseled into his smooth skin. Only thing left in the bodybuilder was his overall size, and that was exactly what Seth lusted for right now. He grabbed onto the guy's hips and started sucking. His frame grew larger and the "bodybuilder's" shrunk. The weight of his growing body was harder and harder for the captured guy to take, as his size reduced to 6'4" then 6'1" followed by 5'8" and all the way down to 5'2". The guy who used to be a massive bodybuilder was just a short black twink now. A twink who had a 8'2" tall, 550lbs bodybuilder on top of him, just barely crushing his bones. Seth finally released the twink's shaft. He straightened and started admiring his newfound size. He explored that gained height, his head firmly pressed against the ceiling, and his arms holding it as if he was Atlas. The jockstraps were long gone, the band snapped and the leathery cloth was laying beside Seth. Finally, there was one last matter to be resolved. Set's massive 1'4" shaft was calling to him. He firmly grasped it and rubbed it right above the tired fellow he captured. He beat that meat vigorously, covering the guy's bare flat chest with his sticky pre. Seth reached for his nipples with his free hand and pushed onto them. Then he cupped his massive meaty pectoral. Then he groped his apple sized orbs, enjoying the heft of his sack. He showed off his biceps, all round and veiny, thicker than the guy's head. He jerked more and more violently, until his orbs started releasing rope after rope of his thick cum, splashing it right into the helpless guy's face, and all over his torso, just before Seth forcefully opened the guy's jaw and forced that meat in. He tried to seal his mouth as tightly with his free hand as he could, forcing the helpless guy to swallow all of the never ending stream of cum gulp by gulp. Seth spent at least a good minute and a half intensively cumming, until the stream finally thinned and slowed down into a leaking trickle which he let drip over the former biceps of his helpless companion. That was it. That was why people loved to watch Seth's streams so much. That is his unmatched gift! "So who wants to be next?" the massive beast of a man asked towards the camera.
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    Chapter 15 The rest of the day was thankfully uneventful. That was, of course, until Mo and I drove home. Even just approaching my little blue car, it looked laughably small. I got to the door and just stood there. Mo did too. “Aren’t you going to get in?” I asked him. “After you. I want to make sure there’s room for me first.” With an exasperated grunt, I opened the door. When I got in, the door didn’t want to close. I had to turn to the side to get my car door to close. That task accomplished, I realized my legs were pressed tightly together, and the brawn of my ass was pushing me forward, ramming my bulge uncomfortably into the wheel. I hadn’t gotten any taller, but I had to move my seat back just to accommodate my ass. When I buckled my seatbelt, the fabric of the belt landed in the canyon between my pecs, separating them further, making them look bigger. If I got any more muscular, I wasn’t going to fit into my own car. “You can get in now, Mo,” I told him. “Can I?” he asked comically. “I mean, I’m a pretty big fellow myself. I’m no Ian Myers, but I’ve got some heft on me.” “Just get in.” When Mo sat next to me, my shoulder pressed into his. I could swear I heard Mo let out a sigh of relief. Then it hit me: the entire time he was helping me get dressed in my office, Mo had never touched me. Not once. No hugs, tickles, punches—nothing. Had he been scared to touch me? I laughed to myself and started the car. Neither of us really had any room, but I had just enough space to steer. “Intimate,” he said. “When Oz gets home, make sure to drive him somewhere. Anywhere. He’ll pop his cork before you get down the street.” “Very funny.” We drove home, made dinner, and started to get ready for Alexander’s visit. At the last minute, Mo decided he had to shower and change into something comfy. To his logic, this was a casual hangout, not a proper date. No sooner was he in the shower then Alexander showed up. I had just put out a bowl of popcorn in a big red ceramic monstrosity that looked like it belonged in a 1950s issue of Good Housekeeping. If we’re going campy, we’re going all the way. “I brought wine that goes great with snack food,” Alexander said, holding up a bottle of red wine. Having been raised in the lap of luxury, Alexander always brought the best wines to hang-outs, and I’d long ago learned to trust his choices. Alexander planted himself on the couch while I went to get some glasses. “Any idea what you want to watch?” I asked from the kitchen. “Something with no more than a 30% approval rating.” “Sounds perfect,” I said, returning with the glasses. Normally, I would just sit right down next to Alexander—sometimes we’d even cuddle while watching movies. Not tonight. I sat on the armchair opposite the couch. “What sort of movies does Cayden like?” Alexander asked. There may have been a leading tone, but it was equally likely I imagined it. “He might say 30% is a bit too high of a rating.” Mo walked in with a towel around his waist, his buff, hairless torso completely exposed, and his hair still dripping. He was red and glowing from the shower. “I only like things that are godawful crap or sublime art.” “Got it,” Alexander said, averting his eyes. “I’ll just be a second,” Mo said, running to go get changed. “If you’re wondering,” I said, “yes, he was flirting with you just then.” “Really?” “Yeah.” “Good to know,” Alexander said. Mo came back out dressed in a tight sweatshirt and pajama pants. “Let’s get this shit-fest started!” he shouted, taking my usual seat next to Alexander on the couch. While the movie was playing, Alexander held the bowl of popcorn in his lap. Mo would occasionally reach over and grab a handful suggestively, and then eat the kernels one by one, only to repeat the move a few moments later. Each time, he scooted just a bit closer to Alexander until, eventually, his legs and Alexander’s were intertwined and Mo had his arm around Alexander’s shoulders. After the first movie ended, a gloriously debauched gay slasher film, we were in the mood for something funnier. Scrolling through the suggestions, Alexander asked, “So, Cayden, I know you’re only at C&G for a week or so. Where do you normally work?” “An international law firm,” he said. “I could tell you its name, but I doubt you’ve heard of it.” “Cool. What do you know about estate law?” “Enough. Why? You making a will?” Alexander nodded vaguely. “Something like that.” “Well, if you have any questions, I’d be more than happy to answer.” Alexander turned to Mo and said bluntly, “If I asked the question I really wanted to ask, you’d think I was proposing to you.” “Let’s see how tonight goes first,” Mo joked. Obviously a little embarrassed, Alexander offered me the bowl of popcorn. “You haven’t had any all night,” he insisted. I hesitated, looking at Mo. Surreptitiously, Mo nodded, encouraging me to go for it. I reached into the bowl, intentionally grazing Alexander’s hand. “Get out of here, Mo,” I said, and Mo complied. Alexander put the bowl of popcorn to the side, and began slipping out of his clothes. I stood there stolidly, watching him disrobe, revealing his creamy skin, his pink nipples, his appreciative cock. When he’d finished stripping himself, he stripped me. I put up no resistance, but I gave him no help. I was so much taller than him, he had to jump to get my shirt off. Once we were both completely naked, he led me to the couch, and we curled up under the same blanket. He rested his head on my chest, and I held him close. It felt so safe, so cozy. My hand lightly gripped his cock, and he already was so close to orgasm. I squeezed his cock just a little, and he let out a high-pitched squeaking noise, almost mouse-like, and then my hand was wet with his cum. As soon as he had reached his climax, I felt his hand slowly trace down my hairy abs, gently fluffing the hair and playing with my muscular midsection. I bent over and kissed him on the forehead, and his hand continued its journey down my body. When it hit my cock, I was surprised just how warm Alexander’s hand was. He slowly stroked my cock, up and down, and it responded by lazily thickening and hardening. I leaned over a little further, tilting his head up with the arm I had around his shoulder, and began kissing him softly and sweetly on the lips. His grip on my cock tightened, and suddenly my cock was at full mast. Alexander ran his hand all the way down its length, stroked the top with just two fingers, then ran his hand all the way back up. Every now and again, he tugged at my balls, just hard enough that it was on the pleasurable side of pain. The whole time, we never stopped kissing. As I drew closer to climax, his speed picked up. At the same time, though, I heard a noise coming from the far side of the apartment. I stopped kissing so I could look up. Into the living room walked Mo, completely naked, his 8-inch cock fully hard. He sauntered across the room and sat down on the couch behind Alexander. As soon as he was under the blanket with us, he guided his cock into Alexander and began to slowly thrust in and out. At the same time, he was kissing the back of Alexander’s neck, his hands slowly sliding down until they enveloped Alexander’s cock. Mo’s hands were too large to both fit on Alexander’s cock, a pert 5.5 inches, so one reached across Alexander’s lap until it found my cock, gently caressing the tip, and then… The popcorn bowl tumbled to the floor, shattering. Mo was on the couch, dressed. Alexander was dressed. I was dressed. None of it had happened, but my cock was humming as though it had. I withdrew my hand from Alexander’s so quickly that I had knocked the popcorn bowl clear out of his hand. “Sorry,” I said. I dropped to the floor and began picking up my mess, my ass and erection pulling my pants in two separate directions as I bent. The base of the bowl was still mostly intact, so I used it to hold the ceramic shards and stray kernels. “I loved that bowl,” Alexander said despondently. “I’ve got two more just like it. One blue, one yellow.” “I’m sure it was my fault,” Alexander said. “It really wasn’t,” I said. “Mo, could you come into the kitchen and help me make a fresh bowl?” With that, I was carrying the broken bowl into the kitchen. “Sure thing,” Mo answered, extricating himself from Alexander’s embrace. I put a new serving of kernels in the air popper, and as soon as I turned it on, it made enough noise that Mo and I could talk without Alexander hearing. “What up, Eenie?” Mo asked. “Did you learn anything helpful?” “I doubt it. But I didn’t finish watching his fantasy.” “What could have been so bad?” “He wants a three-way with the two of us.” Mo smirked. “That dirty little minx.” I put the yellow ceramic bowl in front of the popper to catch the popcorn. “Don’t joke. You don’t know how real these visions are. I felt your hand on my cock.” Mo rolled his eyes and placed a hand on my arm. “No vision, right?” I nodded. “That’s Alexander’s fantasy. Not mine.” “You said these visions couldn’t lie to me.” Mo grunted. “Fine. If Alexander wanted to have a ménage a trois with the both of us, he could be Lucky Pierre. But outside of that, I don’t want to fuck you, Eenie.” After a moment, he added, so quietly I could have imagined it, “Not yet at least.” “Well,” I said, still reeling a little, “now I know what a handjob from Alexander would feel like.” “Was I good?” Mo asked. “That’s your question? That is your question?” “So, he’s got a thing for brothers. It’s not the weirdest thing I’ve ever heard. Don’t be such a prude.” “You said it was a possible future, Mo.” “One possible future. Yes. I didn’t say a likely future.” “Please. You strutted around the apartment half-naked when Alexander showed up. You want him bad.” “Guilty as charged. But just because I want to fuck him does not mean you and I are getting it on, brother.” “You still plan on fucking him tonight?” “If he’s willing.” “He’s willing. Oh, is he ever willing. Go slow and romantic.” “Thanks for the tip.” I cringed a little. “Don’t say ‘tip’ around me for a little bit.” The popcorn was finished, so I turned off the popper. “I know you have lube in your nightstand. But, do you and Austin have any spare condoms?” Mo asked. “We stopped using those when we got married,” I said. “I used my last condom on my Grindr date on Friday. Where’s the nearest drugstore?” “It’s like three blocks that way,” I said, pointing east. Mo dashed into the living room. “Hey, Alexander, I’m going to pop out to buy some condoms. That cool with you?” Alexander nodded, suppressing a grin. “You want anything?” Mo asked. Alexander shook his head. When Mo left, I came back out into the living room and sat a safe arm’s distance away from Alexander on the couch. “You okay with us doing that here?” Alexander asked. “Better here than your shoebox apartment.” I could still feel Alexander’s lips pressed against mine. And part of me, a small but loud part of me, wanted to just pick him up and start kissing him. It would be so easy to give in. The whole thing was surreal. “You are too cool. Both of you are.” “Because he’s willing to have sex at his brother’s apartment?” “Well, you know he hates Oz.” I knew it. I knew it! I blurted out, “I knew it!” “Yeah. He told me at lunch yesterday,” Alexander said through a mouthful of popcorn. “You didn’t hear it from me,” Alexander continued, leaning in, “but he wouldn’t have come to visit if Oz was here. Cayden spent a good five minutes talking about how he wished you and Oz would get divorced. He even said he’d help you get laid if that’s what you wanted.” My brother wanted me to cheat on Oz. Well, fuck. “Excuse me,” I said, leaving Alexander alone in the living room. It was only three minutes before Mo returned. I hid in my bedroom and made myself scarce for a few hours. I had to gather my thoughts.
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    The perfect date "Not this ... not this ... not this either ... damn it! None of these guys seem to be interesting ” I mumbled leaving the phone on the couch. I sank down on the couch after spending a good, long minute trying to find the perfect match. Well, the app promised to help me find a perfect boyfriend that would fit my profile. Let's say I'm a little bit exotic by normal standards. My physical characteristics are very ... say, low. I am only 4’8” tall, I have a thin, pale body, with some shy abs, dark hair and glasses. At school I suffered from bullies bigger than me. Today, at the age of 20, I still suffer from jokes about my small size. When I found the “Perfect Match” app, I had no expectations about my love life anymore. I've always been a failure with dates, dating and I don't even know how to kiss on the lips. I made my profile on the app and waited. I waited. I waited and waited until I didn't find anything interesting. I thought about deactivating my account, but a light flashed on my phone screen. I had just received a like on my profile. Frowning and eyes wide with surprise, I clicked on the screen and opened the app. When the picture of the man who liked my profile appeared, I almost had a heart attack. He was just beautiful. His green eyes, tanned skin, like a surfer's skin, blond and well-groomed hair, a captivating smile that showed how young he was. I read in his profile that he was only 19 years old, lived out of town, in a safe place. Safe place? I found this tip strange, but everything in the virtual world of dating is strange, isn't it? I slid my finger across his pictures. His name was Gabriel and he had the body of a bodybuilder who just came down from Mr. Olympia's stage. He had a pair of pecs so swollen, stuffed with massive flesh that the nipples were pointed down. In some photos he flexed the pair of massive pecs. The visible muscle fibers showed how his muscles were the result of hard work. The valley in the middle of the pecs could house my entire head or almost my entire head. I wiped a thread of drool that ran down the corner of my mouth. “Damn! He has the body of a muscle god ” I slid in to see more photos, and there are a lot of photos where he is posing with nothing but underwear. His thick thighs were bigger than my waist, his abs had a shredded, shredded 8 pack (I've heard some bodybuilder talk about his abs like that). Gabriel had no hair on his body, just a small trail of hair that ran from his navel to his groin, and his tanned skin further accentuated the extreme definition of his enviable musculature. In some photos, he was flexing his arms and his biceps looked so big that I can't compare ... it's as if the footballs got even smaller in front of the mountains that were his biceps. I slid more pics and saw Gabriel wearing swimwear. They were tight and their balls and stick were almost tearing the fabric. In a short video, he moves his hips and his cock sways almost jumping out of his underwear. Its balls look bigger than lemons and its stick is as big as that of a race horse. Shit! That is the biggest stick I've ever seen in my life. I felt my cheeks flush. Gabriel was a god of muscles, perfect, with a cute smile, a boy's face and the body of a real man. His shoulders could effortlessly carry hundreds of pounds, and his V-shaped back further accentuated his perfect muscle definition. “Fuck it! He's a beast, ” I muttered. My heart skipped a beat when I saw a message from him to me. It was impossible. Nobody was interested in someone as pathetic as me. With shaking hands, I opened the messaging app and saw your message a little ... cute. "Hm ... hello! I'm Gabriel. I hope I didn't scare you with any pictures ” he keyed. "Creeped out? Oh yes, shit. Dude ... you are a young muscular beast. Of course you scared me” I said looking at the phone. I couldn't keep the boy waiting for me. If I can call that big muscular guy a boy. I stared at the phone for a few minutes until I decided to answer. “Erm… hi… sorry… I saw your message now. And you didn't scare me, big guy ” I typed back. Three dots appeared on the screen, that meant he was typing. I started to bite my nails. Drops of sweat broke out on my forehead until his answer came. We then started a conversation about how big he was, but it looked like there was something he wasn't talking about. "Hahaha ... I'm relieved. I'm glad you weren't scared ” at the end of the sentence he put a wink emoji. I noticed that Gabriel did not use abbreviations in his messages. He seemed to be a boy who didn't know how to use his cell phone well. Just imagine! In the 21st century and a young man sends messages without abbreviations. Something strange with this guy. “Are you 19 years old? Wow! You are so ... BIG ” I replied the message. Three points and the answer came. “Well ... I'm really 19 and the doctors say I'm still growing up. If I can grow more hahaha. But, did you like what you saw? ” I almost choked. Grow more? Which doctor would give such a diagnosis? Gabriel was muscularly huge, clothes would be a problem if this boy continued to grow. “I'm impressed with everything I saw, big boy! You are HUUUUGE ” Three points and then came his answer. “I can send you more pictures if you want. I liked you, little man ” Little man? It had been so long since I heard that joke. All my life I was called a little man. At school, until last year, I was called a little squirrel. At only 4’8 ”tall, I’m considered a“ short man ”by male standards. I learned to live with the short stature I have. I learned to take care of myself by being short. Today I live alone and work in a popular cafeteria in the city center. Everything is BIG around me, but I manage to survive being the “Little Man”. "You can send as many pictures as you want, big boy!" I sent the answer with a wink emoji. The conversation with Gabriel went on smoothly, fun and without many bad surprises. He still sent messages without abbreviations, so I started to respond in the same way. He said that he lives with his father and older brother and that he lives far from urban centers. I thought he lived on the farms that are miles from the city, but he didn't respond. Gabriel always shied away from questions like, "What city do you live in?" "How tall are you?" "You already had other boyfriends". I always had the feeling that he wasn't telling me anything. The days passed and I talked to Gabriel almost every day. Always in the morning and sometimes late in the evening when I left work and came home. We exchanged a few more pictures and he looked more bloated, more massive, more ripped muscle speaking, every day. He said he trained hard and with very heavy weights. I found it hot and exciting. I never dated someone who was crazy about gym and weightlifting. Gabriel was excited when talking about his workouts. I found that excitement and determination so compelling that I even thought about enrolling in a weight training academy. What does passion not do to you, no? After almost a month of talking on the cell phone, the decision came. Gabriel wanted to meet me in person. He bombarded me with messages like, "I need to see you up close, dude!" "I love to talk to you, little friend!" "I want to date you". That last message took me by surprise. He wanted to date me and needed to make the request personally. Gabriel also told me that he got a permit to visit the city without causing damage. Well ... I didn't question that. But, what damage would it cause by visiting the city? And why did you have to ask permission to visit the city? I was worried, but the desire to meet Gabriel for the first time took away all worry. We set the day. "See you at the weekend, Tonny" He sent a message with many colored hearts. "I can't wait, big guy" I sent a message back with only two hearts, I was nervous for the meeting. I took a deep breath and put the phone on the pillow. "Am I getting in trouble?" I looked at the ceiling and ended up falling asleep. ***************************************************************************** The day was sunny, the birds were singing, the horns screamed through the city streets as I walked towards the BR. Club. A restaurant that was on the roof of a 10-story building in the city center. It was a restaurant known for having live music, an outdoor space and one of the best ribs with barbecue sauce in the entire region. I was excited and hungry when the elevator went up to the top floor of the building. The table Gabriel had booked at the restaurant was open air. I leaned a little on the porch and looked down. Everything was so tiny down there. I was looking forward to meeting my future boyfriend if I decide to stay with him. I still hadn't decided on anything. The waiter brought me a drink, a lemon juice with a hint of pineapple and vodka. It was tasty and helped me pass the time while he was not there. I took a deep breath and tried to relax, until my cell beeped. I pulled it out of my pocket and saw that it was a message from Gabriel. “Hey Tonny ... I'm just a few feet from the city entrance. I will arrive in 2 minutes ” "Waiting for you, buddy!" I sent the answer quickly. But, something was not right in Gabriel's message. Even if he was in a car or on a motorcycle, he would not be able to reach the city center in two minutes. The city was a large metropolis, with long, crowded streets. It would take more than an hour to get to where I was. I shook my head trying to understand the message. That's when I noticed something. The liquid inside my glass started to flutter in small waves. I leaned over to watch the glass when the building's porch floor started to shake. Some people were scared and started to get up thinking that an earthquake was happening in the center of the city. I looked down, I had that courage, and I watched as some people stopped their cars and got out of them looking south. The south side was for those who came from the city entrance. The fears were growing and I was paralyzed when the people on the restaurant's balcony started running in panic. I tightened my grip on the porch bar and saw more people on the street running in fear when a shadow appeared in a larger building. It was the silhouette of a ... man. “Oh shit! What the fuck is that? ” I shouted for shade. The giant shadow was projected on the building that was on the same street where I was. My cell phone rang again and it was Gabriel calling. I was relieved to receive your call, because I would have time to warn you not to enter the city. "Oh thank goodness ... Gabriel ... you better get back ... there is something going on here ... it looks like some kind of earthquake ..." "HMM ... EARTHQUAKE? BOOOM HAHAHA ... I didn't know it could cause tremors. Sorry if I got scared, little friend ... where is the building you are in? I made the reservation, but I don't know how to walk around this city ” Over the phone I heard something being ... crushed and Gabriel letting out a curse because his shoe had stepped on something metallic. He had smashed a car. I was not believing what I saw and heard. "Ga-G-a-Gabriel ... what's going on?" my voice was shaking and my hands too. I looked to the side where the shadow was casting and saw a building leaning. That's when I saw the biggest biceps and forearms in the world. In fact, they were two huge arms, with protruding veins bigger and thicker than the pipe that cut through the city. The powerful arms encircled the building, putting it in place with a loud thud. Dust rose from the building's foundations and the owner of the massive arms appeared to everyone. The people who were still on the street started to run when the muscular monster appeared in the sight of all of us. I swallowed when I recognized that giant. Shit, are there giants? Yes, and the boy I talked to for so long through the dating app was one of them, if not the giant who had just invaded the city. The waiter approached me and pulled me to hide. "We need to get out of here, young man ... it's not safe" he was shaking with fear. "I ... well ... I know that giant ..." I pointed to the titan. Gabriel had blond hair, cut with a short tuft at the top of his head. It seemed to be wet. The perfume that emanated from that monstrously muscular body was woody. He had just showered and perfumed himself to find me, for a moment I thought it was so cute ... but, there was still a problem, Gabriel was a 125ft tall giant. His pecs were marked by the short-sleeved shirt he wore, but I could see the outline of those muscular plaques, everyone could see. Even the greatest bodybuilder on earth would feel nothing near Gabriel's body. His abs I couldn't see, but I knew from the pictures he sent during our conversations that it was a ripped abdomen, well cut and with a trail of golden hair that went down to the middle of his legs. And speaking of legs ... His calves were bigger than a car, and his thighs were fighting for freedom from his shorts. On Gabriel's shirt it was written in big black letters: I LOVE BEING BIG. That was an understatement. He was huge, titanic, with thick arms and swollen veins. His shoulders had the ideal space to place a small house in each one. Stone shoulders. My blood froze when Gabriel, the Titan, narrowed his eyes in my direction. He had seen me and had no escape. He started to approach. Each step causing a crash making the cars jump on the asphalt. Its powerful and intimidating shadow hung over the building where I was. Smiling, he leaned over and I jumped back when his perfectly handsome magazine model face was right in front of me. His nose was big and his mouth could swallow me without any difficulty. Shit! The thought of being swallowed up by a muscle god like Gabriel was ... exciting. He smiled and winked. "Sorry ... I didn't want to cause such a mess hehehe" smiled sheepishly "My father warned me to be careful when I entered the city ... and shit ... I almost knocked over a building" He scratched his head and his biceps nearly tore the sleeve of his shirt. I spend many seconds watching Gabriel look at me. He did not understand my fear and excitement ... yes, I was excited by everything that was going on. He looked at me oddly, trying to decipher me. “HEY ... did I scare you? Oh shit! ” With an expression of sadness, he stood up and I almost broke my neck to look beyond the mountains that were his pecs. Gabriel's neck was thick as a pair of oak trunks. Everything about Gabriel was huge. And I was unable to speak or express all my admiration, fear and excitement. "Oh my god ... is this real?" I stammered. "Well ... I'm a BIG guy, buddy" he did a double bicep pose. "When you said it was big ... I didn't think about it ..." I pointed to him. Relaxing his pose, he leaned in again and his face moved closer to me. But this time, I did not back down in fear. Even though fear was still taking over my body, I was excited to meet a giant and fulfill my macrofile dream. Fuck! A giant wants to date me and I was shaking like a pathetic rat. "It is an orientation we have received since the Goliath program was created: do not talk about our sizes" Gabriel twisted his mouth, as if he had said something he shouldn't have said, but I insisted that he tell me more about it. “Goliath Project? I thought the army had shelved ... Wait ... did you say ours? Are there more like you? ” my blood froze. The Goliath project was announced many years ago. The congress considered the genetic project to be risky and surreal. It would be a lot of public money spent. The population voted against it. So it was shelved. But, now ... one of the subjects of this project was before me and it almost brought down an entire building just by touching it. “Wow! How many questions, little friend! I'll tell you a little bit about it. ” He lifted his thumb. “Well ... A secret army unit received financial support and decided to continue the project. They chose a family to start testing ... so ... I got that big. I'm 125ft tall, weighing over 50,000 tons of pure ripped muscle. And let's say I'm the smallest. My dad is even bigger hehehehe ” "Jesus Christ! You are huge ... and there are still others bigger than you? This is ... AMAZING! ” I shouted. "I'll show you, little friend" Gabriel, like every bodybuilder, liked to show off. He liked to show off his powerful muscles. He pulled his shirt off and placed it on top of a building. The top of the building next door was covered by Gabriel's shirt. The late afternoon sun bathed his sculptural and massive body. The first pose was a replay of the double biceps, but now I could see each muscle fiber being contracted in each push-up. The peak of Gabriel's biceps were so big that for me it was like a small hill to be climbed. "Look at these arms, my little Tonny GRRRR" "Oh my ..." I opened my eyes wide. Changing his pose, he grunted and the windows of the building where I was cracked. The titan flexed the mountainous pecs and I could hear the banging of his breasts crashing. He could crush a bus in the middle of those mountains. Then he flexed his abdomen. It was a giant brick wall. Then Gabriel expanded the dorsals. His lats cast a huge shadow and people were more frightened. When the pose routine was over, hands on hips, in a Superman pose, Gabriel leaned over. "Some people take a piss when I go through a pose routine ... hehehe ... with you it was different, little friend" pointed to my groin "You seem to have really liked what you saw, huh?" "I ... well ..." I tried to hide it, but my lust betrayed me "You talked about the project choosing you ... so ... who are the other giants?" I changed the subject, but my spine froze at the idea of having more giants like Gabriel living in the world. “OH YES ... it's me, my dad, and my older brother. We are a family of BIG men ” flexed the pecs. "I wanted to know more about your world" I said at once, without thinking. I definitely gave in to my macrofile desires. Gabriel smiled and offered his palm. I climbed on the porch bars and fell into the calloused expanse that was Gabriel's hand. "I will take you on the greatest adventure, little friend ... you will never forget HAHAHA" His booming voice echoed through the city. He took the shirt that was on top of the building, put it on his shoulders and very carefully, he carried me out of town. That first date was perfect.
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    Chapter 14 As I stood there, uncertain what to do, there was a knock on the door. I turned around and looked through the window. It was Quincy. He held up a spare laptop and gestured for me to unlock the door. I opened it, and he marched in, looking squarely at the floor. He placed the laptop on my desk, pulled my cell phone out of his pocket, and placed it on the laptop. “You should have your computer back by the end of the week. This should last you until then. If that’s too long, I’d bring in a laptop from home. These loaners are absolutely terrible. As for the phone, you should contact your phone provider and get a new one. The one you gave me is shot. Have a funeral and bury it. It’s dead.” With that, Quincy left the room. He had never looked at me the entire time. I quickly booted the laptop to check my email. There was one from Oz asking what had happened, but I put that to the side. I emailed Mo, filling him in and asking if he could swing by some store and pick me up bigger clothes. I knew I could get to my car without being noticed, but the outside world would stare at the nearly naked muscleman with a huge jizz stain running down the length of his torn pants. Mo let me know that he was already out of the building, on his way back from a meeting with Mr. Tyler. If I could hang tight, he’d be happy to get clothes for me. With that sorted, I constructed an email to Oz, letting him know that both my laptop and phone had died and that I was using a loaner laptop at work and needed a new phone. His sympathetic response was touching, but I could internally hear Oz laughing all the way from Germany. All that was left to do was sit in my ruined clothes and wait for Mo. It was the most excruciating wait of my life, but Mo came back bearing gifts. He’d apparently gone to Copley Place, and he had half a dozen bags with him. When I opened the door to let him in, he looked shocked. “You said you’d gotten bigger, but you’ve seriously gotten swole, Eenie.” I flexed my arm and held it close to his face. “You think so?” Mo put down the bags and closed my door behind him, pulling down the curtain so I could dress unobserved. Out of one of the bags, he produced a bathroom scale. “Let’s see just how big you’ve gotten.” I stripped naked and stepped on the scale. It hovered around 240. “Another 30 pounds,” Mo said. “And you should see your back. You know how serious bodybuilders have backs that look like ski slopes?” After a pause, he added, “Of course you do. I checked your Pornhub search history.” I was unsurprised Mo had looked through my porn. He’d been doing that since high school. “My back has that look? That anatomy chart look?” Mo just nodded and tossed me a box of baby wipes. “Now clean yourself up, you dirty, dirty bird.” I was relieved to clean the length of my leg and my foot, and especially my cock. “What clothes did you get me?” I asked. Mo produced a pair of socks from a bag and threw them at me. “Just what you’ve always wanted. Socks.” “Very droll,” I added. “And?” From the same bag, Mo brough out some boxer briefs for me. “This should keep your cock under wraps. As for your clothes, I didn’t know just how big you’d gotten, so I got some stuff in various sizes.” He handed me the second bag in. “These should fit you just fine. I got some bigger ones too, just in case, but they’re in your car.” I put on the boxer briefs and a pair of grey dress slacks. They hugged my ass and thighs, but they fit well enough that I could sit down without exploding. The waist was a little big for me, but I think that was going to be the new normal. “I avoided buying shirts with buttons,” Mo said. “Until this spell ends, they would all end up as shrapnel. The employee dress code, which HR read me at length, allows its managers to wear turtlenecks so long as they are business formal. I think they’re going to be your best friends until the spell ends.” I pulled down a deep maroon turtleneck. It stretched to accentuate the size and definition of my shoulders, biceps, pecs, and neck, but it tapered down to my waist. “I got you a dozen sizes and colors,” Mo bragged. Now that I was dressed, I sat down at my desk. The wheels shifted suddenly to the side—I’d sat down with too much force, unaccustomed to my new mass. Mo reached into one of the bags and pulled out a box containing a new cell phone. From across the room, he tossed it to me. “How’d you get this?” I asked. “I said I was you. And that I dropped my phone in the toilet. They don’t ask questions after that. You were due for an upgrade, anyways.” Mo sat down opposite me in my visitor’s chair. “I’ve been running around all morning.” “How was Mr. Tyler?” I asked. “Sick. He actually has full on pneumonia, and the nurse who was tending him said it got so bad because he ignored it for so long.” “Huh” I said. “So, is he off our list of suspects?” “Mostly, yes,” Mo said. “I asked him about that strange budget code that was used to hire the porn star and the bodybuilder, and he said it was one of a dozen or so codes that indicated that the money came from a discretionary fund.” “What does that even mean?” “The money came from outside the company. Whoever paid to hire the porn star and the bodybuilder likely also paid to have the spell cast. As far as I’m concerned, this is the first concrete evidence that Austin’s innocent.” “How’s that?” “Whoever paid for these two to be hired gives money to the company often enough to need their own budget code.” “Did you look up the budget codes to find out who they belong to?” Mo shook his head. “I tried to. Discretionary budget codes are confidential. The only people who would know them are a nearly impenetrable computer database and the investor themselves.” “Vernon.” “That’s what I thought immediately.” “So, Vernon had Mr. Tyler hire these people?” “Hugo claims to have no memory of hiring either of these people.” “Do you believe him?” “He said this in between fits of hacking coughs. This was not a man who was concerned about upholding a malediction.” “Do you think Vernon is the one who got Quincy to spy on me too?” Mo got up and went over to the framed picture, and pulled it off the wall. True enough, there was a camera behind it. Right next to the camera was the old nail hole two inches lower from before Quincy raised the painting three inches up. Quincy had been completely forthcoming. “That is odd,” Mo said under his breath, putting the painting back. “What is?” “Quincy’s involvement in general. The contractor had it built into the spell that your coworkers wouldn’t notice your transformations, and then had someone secretly film the whole thing. That feels like opposite goals, doesn’t it? What’s the endgame?” As Mo stood there, thinking, my door opened, and without announcing himself, someone came in. I recognized him from the employee file Mo had shown me. It was Izaiah Bernal. The man was about six feet tall, and seriously ripped. He had close-shorn brown hair and deep brown eyes that sparkled innocently. But his crooked smile and cocky swagger belied that innocence. Mo smiled meekly, and I stood up, cock first. The man radiated such strength that I was practically at full mast just seeing him walk into a room. Whoever hired him knew how to hire a temptation. Then I realized, even from across the room, not only was I five inches taller than him, but I was bigger than him everywhere. I diminished that wall of muscle. “Sorry for crashing,” he said. His ill-fitting button-down was clearly purchased before he’d reached his current size. “I’m Izzy. Temp. Mailroom.” “Hello, Izzy,” Mo said, a lascivious note in his voice. “Hey.” Izzy scanned Mo up and down, practically licking my brother with his eyes. “’Sup?” Then, he turned to me and said, “Your door was closed, but I got mail for you. Looked important. Do I just…” He trailed off. “Bring it in, Izzy,” I said. Izzy ducked out of the office and came back in with an armful of envelopes. “Just put it here,” I pointed to my desk. Once he’d put down my mail, he looked at me and admired my arms. “Happy to see some other big guys at this company.” He flexed his right pec, and it threatened to rip open his shirt. Mo grabbed a receipt from one of his shopping bags and scribbled something down on the back of it. “Are you busy on Friday, Izzy?” “Yeah,” he sounded disappointed. “Free Saturday.” “Excellent,” Mo said, handing him the receipt. “We’re having a party on Saturday night. Come on by. This is the address. My brother Ian would love to spend some one on one time with you.” “Sweet,” Izzy said as he left the room. His ass canted back and forth as he walked—he was swaying his hips on purpose to draw attention to his powerful hind quarters. It worked; neither Mo nor I could look away. When Izzy closed the door behind him, I asked, “Did you really give him my address?” “Of course. We need to drill him for information about who hired him. And, if I get to actually drill him afterwards, that’ll just be a plus.” “He did seem ready to jump us both,” I acknowledged. I sat back down and crossed my legs, trying to hide my erection. “And if he stayed in here much longer, I just might have jumped him.” “Geronimo,” Mo said. “That might be why there’s a camera,” I said, redirecting the conversation. “I don’t follow,” Mo replied. He was obviously still thinking about drilling Izzy. “If they’re trying to ruin my marriage, don’t they want evidence? Evidence that I cheated. Catch me in the act.” “And then they hired two people you were likely to cheat on your husband with. I guess that could work.” “Which might explain why Vernon wants me to meet with him offsite. Someplace with no cameras. If I sleep with him, he can stay safely in the closet.” Mo returned to my visitor’s chair. He looked like he was going to say something, when there was a knock at the door. “Come in,” I said. Quickly and efficiently, Alexander came into the room and closed the door behind him. “Ian. Hey. There’s a rumor circling about you, and I had to see if it was true.” “Oh?” I asked, genuinely curious. “Are you sleeping with Vernon Bailey?” I shook my head. “No. No, I’m not.” Alexander looked relieved. “Good. ‘Cause it’s all over the office. Apparently, the two of you were getting quite cozy in the parking garage yesterday. And now people are saying you’re meeting at a hotel for your meeting tomorrow. What with Oz being abroad, people are talking.” “Vernon snuck up on me in the parking garage,” I said. “And we’re meeting at a restaurant at a hotel tomorrow. I’ve taken dozens of clients out for lunch, including female ones.” “So, I should squash the rumor?” “If you need some juicy gossip,” Mo suggested, “supposedly the company hired a bodybuilder and a porn star to work in the mailroom.” “Really?” Alexander said. “Really,” I confirmed. “But you didn’t hear it from us.” “Thanks, Cayden,” Alexander said. Suddenly, Alexander looked incredibly nervous. “Are we still on for tonight, Ian?” “What about tonight?” “I was supposed to come over and watch something gay and trashy on Netflix with you. After you got out of the gym, of course.” I had made those plans so long ago, it felt like a different person had made them. I had completely forgotten. “I didn’t know Mo would still be here when I made those plans.” I said honestly. “Cayden’s welcome to join,” Alexander said. “Gay and trashy?” Mo said. “My two favorite adjectives. Color me invited.” Alexander scurried away, pleased with himself. “He would have been more than happy to reschedule,” I said after Alexander left. “But you still need to see his fantasy. And where better to do that than in the comfort of your own home?”
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    Chapter 18 Normally, I’d take business lunches to the Black & Blue or the Public House, but Vernon, via his mawkish secretary, had insisted on the Bristol. I didn’t look forward to explaining the receipts to Mr. Tyler (or more likely Mr. Carr). This lunch was far too pricy for my budget, but I was sure the company would turn a blind eye if it was for Vernon. When I arrived, Vernon was already there. He was wearing a perfectly fitted navy-blue suit with a peach dress shirt underneath. He had a three days’ growth of beard on his face and smiled brightly when he saw me. Why did he have to be so attractive when every third thought I had was fucking? Vernon waved me over to the booth. The booths at the Bristol look are arranged in a wide rectangle with one of the long sides cut off. The red booth surrounds round brown tables—several small tables, each with an ordinary chair on the other side. Vernon had secured for himself one of the cushioned booth seats, forcing me to one of two choices. I could sit next to him on the booth, where I’d be practically cozying up to him. Or, I could sit in the chair on the opposite side of the table, where I’d be on full display. The former would be seen as an invitation. The latter would be seen as an insult. I knew there was no right choice, so, as this was a business lunch and I needed to keep a table between us not to jump him, I chose the chair opposite him. As I pulled out the chair, a broad smile spread across his face. “Lovely, are you really going to leave me so cold, sitting so far away from me?” I sat down and firmly stated, “You may call me Ian. You may call me Mr. Myers. The pet names have to stop.” Vernon pouted, but I could tell it was all a sham. Sadly, it was adorable. If Oz had made a face like that, I wouldn’t be able to resist kissing it. When I didn’t externally react to his pout, Vernon took off his suit jacket and folded it neatly on the chair next to him. I had to remain steadfast. Vernon was pulling out all the stops. He wasn’t wearing a tie, and up close, the peach dress shirt was sheer; I could see his prodigious chest hair through the material. His dense musculature was highlighted by every gentle flow of fabric, and the color practically made him look shirtless. Vernon normally was clean-shaven, but he knew Oz had a beard, so he purposely hadn’t shaved, and a gorgeous crop of black stubble had had blossomed across his face. His cologne was even enticing: a heady mixture of leather with woodsy undertones. After a second, I recognized it. It was Oz’s cologne. My fists clenched. My face reddened. My balls roiled. Seeing that his teasing was having its desired effects, Vernon unbuttoned the top two buttons of his shirt and pulled it open. “I remind you, Vernon, this is a business lunch.” “Are you so uncouth? We haven’t yet even ordered our libations, and you want to dive headlong into business?” His voice shivered down my spine, sending flares of pleasure to my extremities. Afraid of losing my defenses, I flagged down our waiter. I was ready to order, but Vernon spoke for me. “My dining companion will have a glass of the Sauvignon blanc, and I’ll have a Macallan neat.” The waiter was off before I could stop him. I turned to Vernon and scolded him. “I normally don’t drink during business meetings.” “Folderol and twaddle,” Vernon returned. “One glass of wine is not going to diminish your capacity to effectively negotiate our trifling business affairs. Look at you—your robust and virile physique can easily metabolize one teensy little glass. Besides, I have it on high authority that you are a lover of wine.” The word “lover” rolled off his tongue like a waterfall. “If I didn’t know better, I’d think you were trying to get me drunk.” “That can be arranged, sweetness,” he said. “What did I say about the pet names?” “That they are pleasurable and uncannily accurate?” I had to stifle a laugh. Damn him. That shouldn’t have been charming, but he made it work. “Did you at least bring the signed documents?” I asked. “I would be derelict in my duties had I not.” “That’s a yes?” I asked. “Yes, gorgeous. It’s a yes.” When the word “gorgeous” hit my ears, I had to suppress a small quiver. The only way I knew to shut down his advances was veiled insults, so I responded with, “You’re not a fan of word economy, are you?” He leaned in and stroked his facial hair with the back of his hand. It was a studied gesture designed to accentuate his shoulders and face at the same time. It worked. He looked like a painting by Gauguin. While he stroked, he said, “Over the years, I have grown so fond of your ripostes, but it just now occurs to me that you may think my overtures have been in jest.” I braced myself. Whatever came after that was not going to be good. “I assure you, my orchid, that my aim is true. I desire to bed you.” I swallowed hard. While I was still trying to figure out how to respond, I felt a familiar buzzing that told me I was about to change again. In front of Vernon, I was about to grow. This time, the buzzing was limited almost entirely to just my cock and balls, and it was intense. I could feel my cock harden and lengthen, until it reached further down my pant leg than it ever had before. It was well over half way to my knee. I couldn’t really look at it without drawing attention to it, but it seemed to be a whole inch bigger. My balls, already quite hefty, inflated, growing intense and leaden, pushing my ramrod stiff cock forward even further. The little bit of tingling not in my cock settled into my ass, encouraging it just a bit rounder, just a bit fuller. I felt myself rise slightly in the chair as the meaty heft of my ass lifted me noticeably upwards. Then I realized it wasn’t just my ass getting bigger. The tingling sensation dashed around my body, and I grew the smallest bit taller. Oz’s shoes now fit me perfectly. I could tell that my turtleneck didn’t go down quite as far as it had. The pants that had mostly fit this morning now clung around my ass and genitals. When I stood up, I would be obscene. But I didn’t care. I just wanted to fuck. Every thought was fucking. My muscles tensed, and I wanted to use them to fuck. I could feel a flush returning to my face, darkening my lips, and I wanted to kiss a man while fucking. My breath caught a little quicker, and I wanted to pant while fucking. My mouth watered, and I wanted to lick a man’s nipples while fucking. My anus twitched, and I wanted it to be fucked. I just wanted to stick my dick in the nearest willing person and ride him until I exploded. And I was facing a beautiful man who had wanted me for years. One little voice at the back of my head reminded me that this was the spell talking, not my actual desires. If I actually had sex with Vernon, the consequences would be dire. “Have I scandalized you?” Vernon asked, snapping me out of my reverie. “No. It’s just…” I had no idea how I was going to finish that thought. All that was running through my head was how much of a relief it would be to plow Vernon into the next century. “If you’ve caught feelings for me, never fret.” As he said this, Vernon stretched out his left hand across the table, but rather than presumptuous, the move struck me as romantic. This was Vernon being genuinely sweet. He wanted more than just a fuck. But he definitely wanted to start there. I had no idea if this was the right move, but I had to find out, one way or another. If I could resist this, I doubt there was anything I couldn’t resist. I put my hand in his.
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    Chapter 16 Around midnight, Alexander gathered his things and left. Now that it was just Mo and me in the apartment, I knocked on the door to the guest room. “Back so soon, lover?” Mo called through the door. “It’s me, Mo,” I responded. “Let me get dressed, and then you can come on in.” A minute later, the door opened, and I went into the guest room. “Have fun?” “Alexander is a sweetie. If I were in town for longer, I could see myself dating that lovely little man.” I sat on the foot of the bed. Mo joined me. “He told me what you two talked about at lunch yesterday.” “You’ll have to be more specific. We talked about a million things yesterday. I was trying to get all the office gossip. And he is the fount of all tea.” “He told me that you hate Oz.” Mo looked confused. “You knew that already. Yeah, I lied about it. Because I’m polite. But, you had to know.” “He told me that you wanted me to get a divorce and would help me cheat on Oz. And now I find myself under a spell that will likely result in both of those two things. And my brother can do magic.” “Barely,” he said. “I am barely magical.” “I only have your word for that.” “Come on, Eenie. If I were good at it, I’d brag about it. I’d rub it in your face.” That did sound like Mo. “And think about it. If I was trying to get you to cheat on Austin, why would I explain to you the spell? Why would I warn you about all the consequences of cheating on him? Hell, why would I even have a spell on you at all? And why would I make your coworkers blind to it? And do you really think I’d cast a spell to make you bigger and hotter than me? With my ego?” These were all good points. I felt a little foolish for suspecting him. But it didn’t answer all my questions. I asked, “Then why did you tell him all that stuff about hating Oz and getting me to cheat on him?” “Gossip is like head. You don’t get any until you give a little.” “So, it’s not true, then?” “I would’ve said anything to get Alexander to spill. Hell, I told him I’m terrified of flightless birds.” I tilted my head inquisitively. That was Mo’s most embarrassing fear. “They’re dinosaurs, Eenie. I’m allowed to be scared of dinosaurs,” Mo said. “You’re scared of flightless birds. That’s true. You hate Oz. That’s also true. I’m guessing it’s all true. You wish I’d divorce Oz and you’d help me cheat on him.” Mo didn’t want to answer that. “Tell me, or I kick you out,” I said flatly. Mo looked me square and the eyes and admitted, “I wish you’d never married him.” On some level, I’d always known it. But hearing it out loud hurt. That was a knife to the chest. Mo continued. “You were my gay Sherpa. You helped me come out to mom and dad, you snuck me in to my first gay club, you got me condoms and lube, you took me out for breakfast when I popped my cherry.” “How did me marrying Oz change any of that?” “We were the Todd Brothers!” Mo seethed, shaking his hands in front of him for emphasis. “Two hot gay brothers? We were legendary. Doors opened for us. Lesser homos bowed down.” “That’s not how I remember it,” I shared. “It was such a short window,” Mo said. “I came out when I was 16 and you were 18. You started dating Austin when you were 19. That’s one year. That’s one year we got to be the Todd Brothers. We never even legally went to a bar together, Eenie.” “Yeah, we have.” “After you became a boring married woman. That’s entirely different.” “You wanted me to be your wingman? Is that what his is?” “You’re not even a Todd anymore,” Mo said. “You’re Ian Myers. Austin owns you. He bought you when you were twenty, and you don’t even know it.” “Oz loves me. I’m sorry if you can’t see it, but Oz loves me.” “He loves you so much he paid someone to put a malediction on you.” “We don’t know that for certain.” “I admit some weird stuff is going down at your office, but I’m just following every dead end so you’ll accept the truth when I prove it’s Austin.” “If you don’t trust him, why not search his office?” I said, pointing to the door. “I’ve already done that. Three times. Anything incriminating is likely with him in Germany.” “How do I know you’re not framing Oz?” “If I were going to put a malediction on you,” Mo confessed, “you’d have left him. This malediction makes him leave you. I wouldn’t give him that power. He has too fucking much already.” That was enough. I was convinced it wasn’t Mo. Some whispering corner of my thoughts might continue to suspect him until I knew who actually did it, but in a more visceral way, he had convinced me of his innocence. My goal became to convince him of Oz’s. “You’ve barely spent any time with Oz.” I looked at the clock. “It’s 6:30 AM in Germany. He’ll just be getting up.” I handed Mo my phone. “Call him. Ask him whatever you have to ask him to prove he’s guilty or clear his name.” I left him alone in his room and began surfing my laptop in the living room. Twenty minutes later, Mo came out and handed me my phone. “I don’t think it’s Oz anymore,” he said. He just called my husband Oz. “No?” “No. I never came right out and accused him, but I laid a trap, and he avoided it. He’s either an evil genius or completely innocent.” “And you don’t think he’s an evil genius.” “He loves you. He really loves you.” “Aww,” I blushed. “He invited me to the birthday party Vinnie’s throwing him. He wants us to start over.” I threw my arms around Mo and held him tight. Breaking the embrace, Mo said, “Which means our number one suspect is now Vernon Bailey, and you have a lunch meeting with him at a hotel tomorrow.” That brought me right back to reality.
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    I took this pic last night. It was the first one of about 20. My brother-in-law just got back from the gym and he was really pumped, both physically and mentally, as I could tell he must have had a huge amount of testosterone coursing through him as he was in Extreme Alpha mode. He had said that one of the guys gave him a new injection supplement with 15 other syringes of the stuff to use later. He said that he only took one, but when he took it, he could feel the power of it coursing through him immediately and it made him have the most gains he ever had. He certainly did look more buff then he was earlier that day. My sister was gone for the weekend and I was staying with Jax at their place. It was just the two of us and he knew I was gay, but he neve seemed to care or talk about it and even though I had a super crush on the brute, I never acted on it either, out of respect for my sister. Still, when he got back, he was jacked more then I'd ever seen him. He just shucked off all his clothes expect his underwear and began walking around the house grunting and running his hands all over himself. Anytime he's get close to me, he would begin to pose right in front of me. He told me to, not demanded that I touch his muscles. I grabbed onto his biceps and they were hard as stone. It was so fucking hot and I tried my damnedest to keep my cool. Then he commanded me to get the camera and take pics of him. As I looked at him, I was certainly amazed at his larger muscles, but what got me really turned on was his authoritarian attitude. He was in complete Alpha mode. I eagerly did as I was told and got the camera. As I began taking pics of him, there was no doubt that both of us were getting excited by the whole scenario. His cock was definitely getting plump, but not really hard yet, while I was completely as hard as I could possible get. He barked orders to get close ups of his chest, then his arms. At one point he had me on a chair and he straddled it over me. I know he saw my reaction as there was no denying my hard on in my shorts. I did as I was told, he looked at me saying shit like “Yeah, boy. You think your gonna get it? I know you fucking want it...look at your hard cock in your little bitty shorts as my big fucking body turns you on!! It's fucking making you salivate, doesn't it?" I nodded in agreement. "Yeah fucker, get down on the floor and look up at me as I'm your new God. You're gonna be begging to worship me!! If your a good little obedient puppy, maybe, I'll let you." The front of his shorts started to show a wet stain as he cock got bigger inside. He flexed his right arm and I couldn't help but moan. By the time I got down on the floor to take the above shot, he was really barking orders at me and I knew it was turning him on as much as it was me, so I didn’t care if he saw how turned on I was. I started kneading my cock in my shorts as I took the pics. He loved it saying, "Yeah, pussy...get off on me, you fag!!" In fact, he lifted his foot up and pressed down on my hard cock saying, “Yeah, you little faggot, You’re really getting into me aren’t you…in fact, I know you’ve always had the hots for me. I've seen you sneak looks at me in the shower. I knew once you watched me fuck your sister...jerking off as you watched my ass going up and down into her pussy. You're nothing more than a muscle crazed cum slut and I think it’s time you earn my respect and put the camera down and lick my feet!” I quickly put down the camera and eagerly did as I was commanded as I confessed, “Yes, Sir. I am here to serve you, Sir!!” and with that I began to lick his feet and suck on his toes. As I serviced his foot and then up his leg, licking his calves, he began to grope his cock. I was becoming more turned on than ever as my cock was so hard that I was leaking precum for days and my underwear and shorts were wet as fuck. I began to go fucking crazy over his feet and, honestly, I had never in my life had a foot fetish, but I literally couldn't get enough of his. After a few minutes, he was starting to get really dominate with me as he pushed his feet down on my face. At one point he shoved four of his toes into my mouth and sucked on them like my life literally depended on it. I was leaking so much precum that my outside shorts were literally dripping and he saw this and barked at me to stand back up and disrobe in front of him, down to nothing. I did so, taking off my shorts and underwear as my 6 inch cock bobbed in front of me, pulsating with the blood that was pumping it. He glanced down on my crotch and said, “Yeah, pussy boy, I think we’ve both been wanting this. We’re gonna keep this between us, right? You're not gonna be a bitch and tell your sissy about our arrangement, yes?” I nodded yes, but inside I was still a bit conflicted about him cheating on my sister…even more so with her brother, but that feeling went away when he ordered me to go back down and continue worshiping him. Back on the floor, I began to lick up and down his legs and I looked up at him, pleading with my eyes to have him own me and make me his. Insane feelings of lust were overcoming me as I again began to worship his feet, legs and ass. He would bend over and smack my cock which only made me hornier and then he began to fuck my mouth with his right foot, telling me I was his fucking whore pig. I had never been so turned on in my life and I couldn't take it any more as my cock started convulsing and I came all over myself. He must've loved this because as I came, I heard the fabric begin to rip on his shorts and I looked up to see him not only getting bigger muscles, but I could see that his cock was literally pushing hard against the fabric so in one swift move he tore off his shorts as his cock shot out rock hard, leaking and throwing precum that showered over me. I opened my mouth and received a few drops, tasting their sweet goodness, and instantly, I couldn't explain it, but I felt better, hornier, sexier and with more energy. He grabbed my face, pinching my cheeks as he ordered me to lick up my cum off of him, myself and the floor, which I turned over and eagerly did. I felt him take his one foot and stick up between the crack of my ass and I moaned as his big toe entered my hole. Once I had licked up my own salty goodness, I turned around and noticed he was sweating like crazy. He said that he was burning up and told me to grab the camera for some shots while he took a shower to try and cool down. When we got to the shower I could see that his cock was literally throbbing as it was so fucking hard it...it was like a steel pole. I took some more shots of him and then I noticed his hair was beginning to grow all over him, especially on his head and beard. His once cropped head and face were turning into a bear of a man. His pecs were getting fuller and his traps were definitely getting bigger and he was getting more definition. He started moaning, a few octaves lower then I had ever heard him and then he began growling and he yelled at me to, again, drop the camera and begin to worship his body, starting with his bigger thicker pecs. As I sucked on his nipple, I was in complete ecstasy as I felt a bit of milk come out of them into my mouth. Again, instantly I had a new feeling come over me. This time, I had a feeling in me that I couldn't explain, but I had never felt anything like it before. I literally felt my asshole puckering uncontrollably, as I felt myself yearning for his cock to fuck me, more than I had ever wanted to be fucked from any other man. I couldn't control myself as I blurted out, "OH GOD, JAX, PLEASE FUCK ME!!" as I was sucking on his nipple, taking in more of his milk. Then I felt his hand reach around and he inserted 2 fingers into my ass with a force that brought me off the ground and off his nipple. His hand began fucking me hard as he held me up off the ground and as I looked at him, he said, "I will fuck you when I want too, not when you want it!! YOU are my bitch now and I'M the one in charge!!! Get on your knees, cunt, and suck me!!" I did as I was told, and got on my knees. His cock was wide and incredibly hard but I was able to get him inside me. He began to move his hips, impaling my mouth, and the longer he was orally fucking me the easier it was to take him all the way down. I looked up into his eyes and the look of lust was still there, but there was more...it was appreciation. He began to caress my head and face as he face fucked me and I could see he was still growing where his beard and hair were full and curly with his arms getting bigger and insanely pumped, as well. Then, I'm guessing, just before he was about to cum as I could feel it literally rising up his shaft, he pulled me off of him, pushing me against the shower wall, and I could tell he was holding back his orgasm. The he told me to get a towel. We both left the shower and he entered the bedroom. As I got a towel, he grabbed a hat and put it on. Then he leaned against a chair and he told me to lick and towel him dry. I did as I was told, only to have him shove his cock down my throat again. He bellowed, "You are one fucking amazing cocksucker. You sis has nothing on you, bitch. You're gonna suck me cock from now on!!" I sucked him for another 5 or so minutes and then he commanded that I take more pics. I had never felt so used and happy at the same time. The feeling of wanting to be fucked was stronger than ever now. He must have sensed it, because he took his hand again and inserted it into my hole. Then he told me to ride his hand and I did moving up and down on it as I continued to suck him. I could now see the veins in his arm becoming more pronounced as his muscles increased. I also noticed that it was getting easier for him to be reaching around me as he finger fucked me. He was actually growing taller as well. Curly hair covered about 85% of him now and as he did before, he picked me up by my asshole and flung me over his shoulders. As he did his hat came off and the camera got knocked over and the flash went off a few times. Then he said it was time to breed me. He laid me on the bed face down and stood in front of me. He ordered me to look at him and the beast that I now saw was not Jax, but some Superhuman Bear of a being that was now my new God. Any question of what I had about my sister, went right out the window. I wanted him in me. I wanted his cum shooting up in me multiple times. I wanted to be his bitch, pussy boy…and he wanted it too. He looked at me and said, "You are now mine, boy. Your sister will never be able to handle the new me. You and I will leave this town and go off and start a new life together. I have more of the supplement that the guy gave me and I'm sure that both of us will become Gods amongst men, but I will always be your master and you will always be my boy. Now it is time to change you as well" and with that he walked behind me and for the next 5 hours. he fucked me, cumming in me 4 times!! Each time both of our bodies grew and just shy of midnight, we had become bigger, stronger, hairier and more fertile then most any man.
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    "Maybe this will help you decide if I'm worth the amount I quoted."
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    PART 8c By the time I finished showering, the sun had already set, letting the moon’s pale light cast a magical glow all across the resort. It was entirely silent when I left. All I could hear were the gentle sounds of ocean waves crashing into the shore. Somehow Marcus left the shower before I did because not a sound nor soul was there but me. I must’ve lost track of time. I headed back to the beach house and got dressed: shorts, shirt, sandals—the usual. The mess Froy and I made that morning was out of sight, and so thankfully, out of mind. It seemed he’d cleaned it all up himself. Not even a professional housekeeper would’ve gotten anywhere near as spotless as Froy did. Everything was where it needed to be, and Froy’s and my things were arranged according to owner, name, color, and size. I reminded myself to ask him about what other messes he could clean up. He was a real whiz, he was. I checked the other rooms and both Wes and Marcus were nowhere to be found—which only meant that they were both already at or headed to the buffet. It was eight in the evening when I finished freshening up, an hour past dinner time. I wondered what I missed. If I missed anything at all. As I was walking, I caught up with Avery. He was fully clothed and—considering it was a resort—totally overdressed. His sleek black hair was ungroomed and hung over his eyes like a helmet. He was adorable in his naiveté, much like Froy. In fact, I almost forgot how old Froy actually was! 20, not 15. I patted him on the shoulder and caught up next to him. Thankfully, he wasn’t going very fast. I was already so used to jogging from following Froy and Marcus around. “Hey! What are you doing out here? Thought you’d be at the buffet with your dad or Lisa,” I said. He hecked. “Well… uh, I decided to take a walk around. My dad somehow grew again, and now he's got this pasty white twink wrapped around his finger.” I forgot Wes was married. “Ah, well, nothing to worry about. He’s just an old college friend of his.” I did my best to hide any possibility of cheating, but judging by the way he looked at me—which is not at all—I could tell he wasn’t buying it. “I’m not buying it,” he said. “And, uh… you don’t have to lie. I know about him.” “What? How?” “My real mother told me before she left. She told me a lot of things.” He sighed. “But nothing about growth spurts and shrinking.” “I can’t believe your dad hasn’t told you anything. You of all people deserve to know.” “I wish.” “Well, hey, maybe someday he’ll tell you.” He smiled. For the first time that night, he smiled. “I doubt it. But thanks for believing in him.” We got to the restaurant around half past eight in the evening. I didn’t get a chance to visit it in the daytime, so I didn’t get to see it at all beforehand. Much like the rest of the resort, it was luxuriously decked out in marble and mahogany. It came in three parts: a bar, a patio, and the main area. The entire thing looked like it could house about 400 people, but our department made it look like a ghost town. Avery brought me to his dad who was sitting out on the patio, surrounded by his own miniature buffet. Sammy kept his word and made sure Wes didn’t ingest any more spunk, thankfully. I could only imagine the willpower it took him not to make Wes grow even more than he already had. I doubt he would’ve fit into the muscle shirt he was packed into otherwise. Fortunately, he wasn’t so big that the patio chairs couldn’t handle him and his immensity. He was a real south-east Asian bear with all his muscles and faint traces of unshaven body hair. Avery sat down at his side, making sure to avoid looking at him. Next to his dad, the poor kid looked downright anemic. Even more so Sammy who was sitting on Wes’ lap. His curly ginger hair was brushed aside, groomed to the nines, as was his button down and shorts. He looked as cheeky as ever, seated on his biggest crush yet—literally. “Well, hello there, Dorian. Nice to see you could join the party!” Sammy said, sipping his cocktail. Wes chuckled and smirked. “It’s more like a funeral.” Sammy limply slapped Wes’ thick shoulder to no effect. “Oh, shut your self. It was a funeral, but now Dorian’s here, so we can get the party started for real!” I shook my head. “So how are you feeling, Wes? Any… strange feelings? Or urges?” Wes also shook his head. “Right now? Besides my stomach threatening to eat itself, no, why?” Sammy followed and shook his own head—the other one. He adjusted his crotch. “Oh, you know why.” Wes’ eyes bugged out. “Not in front of my son,” he mumbled. “It’s fine, dad,” Avery said. “No, it’s not! You’re too young to… know these things.” Avery sighed. Sammy rolled his eyes. “Anyway, how’d the rest of your day go, Dorian?” Another sip. “Uh, pretty good, I guess. I got to see the pool with Avery here.” Then he looked at me strangely, with an eyebrow raised and his eyes staring into my soul. “Is that all?” “Uh…” “Yes?” “I also, um, went to the spa.” “And what exactly did you do at my spa if you don’t mind me asking?” “Well, I, uh, booked an appointment, then I walked around a bit—fine architecture by the way—before I actually got my massage. And that artisanal oil? Wow, it did marvels for my back and—“ Then Sammy threw his arms up in a fit. “Jesus Christ, get to the point! What the hell did you do to my masseuses, and why are they all now suddenly filing for emergency leaves?!” “Whoa, Sammy, relax. I’m sure Dory’s got a good answer like he always does,” Wes said. “Ah, I think you’d better ask Marcus, not me,” I said. “He could probably paint you a better picture.” Sammy groaned in his seat, throwing a bit of a temper tantrum. “Ugh, but you’re already here! Just tell me. Tell your good friend Sammy what the fuck you did in my spa.” I did my best to delay my response with exaggerated ‘oohs’ and ‘ahs’. But the more time I wasted, the angrier Sammy seemed to get. He was so pale, in fact, that his blood looked as though it was literally boiling under his skin. Wes sighed. “Come on, Dory. Just tell Sammy what you and Marcus did.” Then out of nowhere, a loud bellowing voice rang out. “Did someone say my name?” I turned around and saw an enormous mountain of muscle and flesh walk around the corner of the restaurant. It could only have been Marcus because he was downright titanic. I don’t even know how he managed to move his body around at all. If he grew anymore, there was no doubt he would’ve become immobile. In fact, I’m not even sure how he managed to wrap a bedsheet around himself like a toga considering it looked impossible for his engorged limbs to have been able to bend more than 45 degrees. And on his neck, the same necklace. He walked up to the rest of us and waved a large hand, beaming a smile. “‘Sup!” Sammy was shit-frozen, staring googly-eyed at the blonde god before him, completely forgetting he was sitting on Wes—who, by the way, was completely oblivious to the unnaturality of Marcus’ size. Little Avery just rolled his eyes and groaned. “Oh, my god, he grew again,” Avery muttered, annoyed. He stood behind me, looming over me like a parent to their child. “What’re you guys up to?” His eyes darted to the assortment of food laid out for Wes. “And why does Wes get to have his own mini-buffet?” Wes grabbed another plate of steak off the cart. “Because I’m hungry, that’s why. Is that even a real question?” Sammy was tongue-tied, stuttering left and right like a machine gun. “Did—does—duh—he… does he look bigger to anyone? I swear he wasn’t this big when I saw him on the cameras this morning.” He chuckled nervously. As if by instinct, Marcus raised his arms into a power double bicep pose—his favorite move, it seemed. With a cocky grin and hearty sigh, he nodded. “Yup.” “Nope,” Wes said, munching down on his steak. “So do you, uh, mind telling us exactly what happened in the spa? What did you do to my employees?” Sammy asked, sweating. Marcus lowered his arms. “Nothing without their consent.” He walked over to the others after patting me on the back and wrapped his arms around Sammy and Wes, enveloping them in his mass. “So what’s for dinner?” Sammy couldn’t speak. He could barely utter a word. Not just because Marcus intimidated the ever-living shit out of him, but because his mouth was literally getting crushed by Marcus’ forearm. Meanwhile, Wes only continued chowing down on his dinner, totally unbothered. Avery just watched from the sidelines, enjoying his chicken drumstick in silence. “Everything. It’s a buffet,” I said. Then he chuckled. “You say that as if they’ll never run out of food,” Marcus said. “What, you’re gonna try eating out the entire resort?” I asked. “Wanna bet on it?” I could hear Sammy struggling to speak as he violently and quite tellingly shook his head in what I assumed was disapproval. But he still couldn’t pry off Marcus’ arm with his puny fingers. If I didn’t know any better, I would’ve guessed that there was as much muscle in Marcus’ arm as there was in Sammy’s whole body. So just to spite him, I agreed. “Sure. And Wes can join too. Just to give you a fighting chance.” Wes gave a hearty laugh. “Please, you say that as if I wouldn’t eat this place out without his help!” His mouth still full, chewed up food was spilling out as he spoke. “Aw, dad, gross,” Avery groaned. Sammy’s groaning only grew louder. We didn’t really care though. “You play a mean game! Fine. If I win, uh, you strip naked in the office during work hours when we get back on Thursday,” Marcus said. “And if I win?” Marcus thought about it for a second. Then he gave me an answer I never expected to hear out of him. “I’ll let you blow me again. Sober this time.” Gotta admit, I was aroused. “Deal.” An incredible grin stretched along his handsome face. “Deal!” Then he released Sammy, letting him lean against the table as he caught his breath in exasperation. The poor twink looked like he was going to faint from all the coughing. “Whoa, hey, you alright?” Marcus asked. “Bitch, do I look alright to you?!” Sammy yelled, swatting Marcus’ hand away. “Sorry, guess I didn’t notice. My bad.” Sammy yelled. “And no way in hell am I letting you eat out my entire supply of food! Are you insane?! Do you have any idea how much a single kilogram of meat costs?” Marcus turned to me and gave a look of exasperation. “I kinda liked him more when he was quiet.” “Nothing we can do about that,” I said. “So why are you two talking as if I’m not here?” Sammy asked. “Jeez! Stop the goddamn fighting and let me eat in peace!” Wes exclaimed. We all stopped bickering and settled down in our seats. Except Marcus, of course. He carried over a nearby boulder instead. No doubt he would’ve obliterated any chair he sat his big ass on. While Wes and Sammy continued to eat, Marcus and Avery headed inside the main hall for more food. I stayed outside on the patio with Wes and Sammy. I hadn’t seen Froy or Lisa all night up to that point, so I was starting to wonder where the hell they went off to since I didn’t see them in the main hall. It’s kind of impossible to miss a 6’5” tall teen, after all. As I was drifting in my thoughts, I noticed Wes was sitting back in his seat, staring at me with knowing eyes as he chewed whatever was in his mouth. Then he swallowed in a loud gulp. His entire plate and cart of food had been emptied, and his gut had bloated from all the food, pushing his abs outward. Sammy grabbed a tissue and wiped his mouth clean. “So how was the food? Seemed like you liked it considering you ate roughly $6,000 worth in one go.” I was in shock. “How much?!” I’d never seen a meal so expensive before. “It’s not much, really. But still.” Then Wes opened his mouth. “I liked Marcus’ little necklace. Did you see it, Dory?” he asked. “Yeah, I wanted to ask you about it.” Sammy looked puzzled. “What’s this about? Oh, wait, is it that necklace you were looking for earlier? The one wrapped around your employee’s neck?” “Keep it a secret, okay?” I said. “He doesn’t know it was Wes’ and he doesn’t know what it does. Actually, I don’t think even I know what it does. But as long as he’s not growing, we can’t let him know about it.” Wes burped loudly. “But how am I supposed to know you’re telling the truth? All I can think about is how you’ve been lying to me all day about how much bigger I am,” he said. “Are you suggesting we keep him this way?” Sammy asked me. “Okay, let’s not argue about this again. Agree to disagree,” Wes said. “Fine,” I said. “But when we get back, the first thing I’m doing is making you a new necklace. Anyway, have either of you seen Lisa or Froy anywhere?” They shook their heads. “You haven’t seen Froy?” Wes asked. “You lost your intern?” “Yeah, I thought I was going to find him here, but from where we are, I don’t see him anywhere outside or in the main hall,” I said. Sammy tapped his finger on the table. “But have you checked the bar?” It was then I realized I’d forgotten to check the bar. I knew Lisa and Froy were drinking all afternoon, so how could I have been so stupid. And man, if Marcus getting drunk was any indication of what the meteor would do, I had to make sure Froy was okay before he did something he’d regret. “Shit, you’re right.” I leapt off my seat. “I’ll be right back. Where’s the bar again?” Sammy pointed at the other end of the restaurant’s main hall, to a door next to the buffet table where Marcus and Avery were. “Through there, you can’t miss it.” “Thanks!” Then Wes also stood up. “Wait, I’ll come with you.” “Oh, you wanna check up on Froy too?” “Hell, no. I want more food!” Of course, he did. Together, the two of us headed into the main hall. There weren’t many people, but there were enough standing up for whatever fucking reason that it became hard to maneuvre through the seemingly endless flurry of people. Thankfully, Wes’ new body demanded so much space that he was parting the crowd with every step as if it were the Red Sea. When we got to the buffet table, I caught up with Marcus and Avery. The striking difference in how much food they had on their trays was laughable. Meanwhile, Wes left to join the line with everyone else. “Hey, have either of you been to the bar yet?” I asked. Marcus and Avery shook their heads. “No, why?” Marcus asked. “Haven’t you had enough alcohol for today?” “I have, but I don’t think your girlfriend and my intern have.” As soon as I uttered those words, Marcus’ joyful expression soured into one of worry. “Lisa? What, has she been drinking again?” “Oh, yeah. That’s what I came to the spa to tell you. Now, I remember. We had a whole bunch of drinks at the pool earlier, and now I think she’s in the bar with Froy. I haven’t seen them all night, so I got worried.” I could see Marcus trying to contain something in his chest. Then he let out an ear-shattering groan. “Fuck! I told her to lay off the alcohol. Why won’t she listen to me?” “You don’t want her drinking?” “Fuck no! She’s been an alcoholic since I met her. I’ve been trying to help her break her fucking addiction. God damn it.” In an instant, he turned to face Avery, and, without warning, dumped his entire tray of food on the young boy to carry. As expected, Avery nearly collapsed onto the ground from the sheer amount of weight in his skinny arms. It was a good thing Wes rushed over to help his son before he got hurt. “Hey! What do you think you’re doing, Marcus?! My son can’t hold all your food!” Wes yelled. “Hng… Yes, I can—ugh—dad!” Avery cried. Without responding, Marcus grabbed my wrist in a vice-like grip and dragged me towards the bar. There was an anger in his eyes, something I hadn’t seen from him in years. It scared me almost. “Come on, Dory, let’s go find them,” he said. His ridiculous lunge-like steps caught me by surprise. I nearly fell to the floor from how fast he was moving, and I wouldn’t have been shocked if he didn’t notice he was dragging me. Thankfully, I caught myself in time, but at that point, we were already at the door. All that was left to do was slide it open. In no time at all, Marcus grabbed it and slammed it into the wall with such aggression that the entire restaurant suddenly had all eyes on us. While he didn’t seem to care, I did. The moment we entered the bar — which was decked out in luxurious gold and red velvet, by the way — I saw Lisa, frantic, running down the steps leading to the raised section behind the bar. She’d looked like she’d seen a ghost with nothing but fear in her eyes. She didn’t even notice us walk in until she turned around and screamed at the sight of Marcus who was literally blocking her entire view. When I smelled the vodka coming off her face, I knew she was plastered as shit. “Oh, Christ!” she said. “D’you get even bigg’rer?” Marcus bent over and grabbed her, holding her in place. She feigned a struggle but was clearly too out of it to give any effort. “Let me go-o-o!” she yelled. Wes and Avery then headed in after hearing all the commotion, closing and locking the door behind them. Avery walked up next to me and, without a word, looked at me as if to ask what was happening. And to be honest, I didn’t know how to answer. “What the hell was that scream, Marcus?!” Wes yelled. “Lisa, are you okay?! How much did you drink? Damn it, I told you not to drink too much! Lisa! Hey! Can you hear me?” Marcus said. “Marcus! What happened to Lisa?!” Wes asked. Then Avery chimed in unexpectedly. “Dad, I don’t think you need to butt in.” Wes became furious. “Just mind your own business, Avery! I don’t want to hear you talk right now, okay?! Just go sit over there and be quiet.” I could see Avery was taken aback by what he said. It didn’t seem like something he was used to. And so, he obeyed, walking over to the side and sitting on the couch in silence, his expression unbending. “Marcus…?” Lisa asked. “You gotta help me.” Wes walked up to them and joined Marcus at his side. “Hey, is she okay?” Marcus started becoming frantic. “What’s wrong? What happened? Talk to me, Lis’.” “I-i-it’s Fro-yo… I-We are drinking all afternoon, so-o-o we went here. Then, he just, kinda, blacked out on the bar back there, so I slept with ‘im. Not sex. No, not sex.” Marcus glared at me. “Then what happened? What did he do?” Lisa shook her head nauseatingly. “Nothing. I woke up a few minutes ago and saw him talking to himself or something. Naming names I never ‘eard of. Sounded really angry.” “Then what?” Wes asked. “He didn’t open his eyes yet, so I think he was-s-zzz… sleeping. Sleep… talking? But then he grabbed my arm and threw me on the floor. He got up, and I thought he was going to kill me. So I ran, and now here I am… in your big, big hands. Too big. Your too big hands.” “Froy hurt you?” I asked. I refused to believe it. “That shit. I’m gonna kill him!” Marcus cried out. Wes tried stopping him, but Marcus was pushed past Wes with ease. “Marcus, stop! He’s just a kid!” “Do I look like I give a fuck? Nobody hurts my fucking girlfriend!” Shit. Wes and I chased after him while Avery helped Lisa follow, all the way to the back of the bar where there was no one around. The jazz playing on the speakers wasn’t comforting in the slightest. Then there, in the corner of the bar, was a large shadow. It could only have been Froy, wearing a black skintight shirt with sleeves that didn’t reach his biceps. He was knocked out over the bar, sleeping in his arms. As we approached, I ran ahead of Marcus and spread my arms out. “Marcus, don’t do this!” “Get out of my way, Dory. I don’t want to hurt you.” “At least let me talk to him. He’s obviously drunk. Do you really think he would ever want to hurt Lisa?” Marcus was silent, huffing and puffing as he glared at me. It took him some time, but he eventually sighed and folded his arms across his chest. “Fucking fine. Go do your stupid HR shit. But I want an answer,” Marcus said. “Will do.” Meanwhile behind us, Wes and Avery helped Lisa sit on a nearby stool. “Nice job,” Wes said. “Oh, shut the fuck up, Wes,” Marcus said. With their approval, I approached Froy as carefully as I could. I didn’t want to wake him while he was drunk. If he hurt Lisa without so much as a second thought, I could only imagine what he would do to me if I surprised him. When I was within arm’s reach, I called out to him. “Hey, Froy? Are you okay?” I asked. “Froy?” It took a couple of tries, but by the fifth mention of his name, he started groaning. So, I kept at it, I didn’t stop calling out to him. Soon enough, he was moaning louder, until he finally — and quite groggily — raised his head. He looked around with half-shut eyes. Then, his gaze stopped on me. He wasn’t speaking, and I didn’t know what he was going to do next. “What do you want?” he mumbled. “I just came to check up on you. I didn’t know you would still be drinking. I thought you didn’t drink,” I said. “I don’t! And what’s it to you, huh? Since when’d you ever care about me, dick.” I was caught off-guard. He’d never called me that — or even said it — before. “What are you talking about, I’ve always cared about you.” I walked up closer to try and sedate him, “Are you okay? Is something wrong?” I asked. Then as I tried resting a hand on his shoulder, he suddenly yelled and knocked me onto the ground with a single swing of his arm. “Fuck off, Jeremy!” he yelled. I was on the floor when he started standing from the stool. My chest was in pain, and so were my legs. His eyes were still half-shut, and his face was more bloodshot than ever. Nothing could’ve prepared me for what he did. Marcus and Wes rushed to my side. They asked if I was okay, and all I could tell them was to let me handle it. I was fine. “If he tries to hurt you again, I really will kill him,” Marcus said. “Don’t. We can’t afford a lawsuit,” Wes said. I stood back up to my feet and approached Froy. He was stumbling even while standing in place, as if his body were too heavy for his legs. He was huffing too. I didn’t know what could have prompted him to become so violent. Was it the alcohol? “What was that for?” I asked. “If you wanted some space, you could’ve just said so.” He tightened his fists as he took a deep breath. “Stop fucking telling me what to do! I’m tired of your shit!” I was confused. And why did he call me Jeremy? “What are you talking about? I’ve never hurt you!” I said. “When did I hurt you?!” Then again, he yelled. “Don’t lie to me!” With a single motion, he lifted his leg and kicked me right in the gut, sending me flying across the floor and into Marcus’ feet. He caught me and kept me safe while I was paralyzed with fear and pain. The next thing I knew, Wes was storming up to Froy, furious and spouting words I couldn’t quite hear. The ringing in my head was louder than anything else in the room. Wes was only an inch shorter than Froy, so it was hard to distinguish between them. When Wes stood in front of Froy, without a moment’s hesitation, Froy grabbed Wes’ arm, holding him in place. Then he said something I didn’t understand. I mean, I heard it—but the meaning was lost on me. “I’m not your little tyke anymore!” Then Froy crushed Wes’ arm. Wes cried out in pain, with such ear-shattering volume that I was sure it echoed throughout the restaurant. One thing after another, from where I was on the floor with Marcus, I didn’t want to believe what I was seeing. But when Wes’ shirt started loosening, I knew what was happening. It was a lot faster than it had been before with Fonz and Wes. Wes started shrinking, already powerless in his grip, while Froy’s already large body began to grow. Inch by inch, Wes was slimming back down. His once oversized muscles were dwindling. Meanwhile, Froy was expanding in all directions, his shirt tearing down his collar, and his sleeves being ripped off his shirt. He didn’t seem to be growing any taller, but his muscles were straight-up exploding from under his skin. His shirt was getting pulled apart by his ever-broadening shoulders, riding up his abs until getting snagged on his mountainous pecs. When Wes had lost a good few inches in height, Marcus dropped me. Without a moment’s hesitation, he rushed over. He broke Froy’s grip and let the shrunken Wes fall to the floor in front of me, no more than 5’11”, but still with the body of an off-season bodybuilder. “What the fuck do you think you’re doing?!” Marcus yelled. With his latest spurt, Froy had inched up only to 6’6” but was loaded with so much meat that he looked unreal. He’d broken past the realm of realistic proportions and was touching morph territory. I looked behind me and saw Avery and Lisa’s horrified expressions. They were full of confusion and fear, frozen in place as they watched Marcus try and contain Froy’s rampage. Fuck off!” Froy cried out. “Wh—“ In Marcus’ stupor, Froy caught both his forearms and was starting to hyperventilate. Even with Marcus’ 8” height advantage, he was no match for Froy’s empowered grip. In seconds, he started losing his balance and his posture was weakening. I couldn’t believe it. Froy was trying to shrink Marcus. “Wh-what are you doing? Hey, man, let me go! S… stop… !” Marcus cried out. It was futile. No matter how much Marcus tried to break free of Froy’s grip, both his arms were locked tight. And it didn’t take long for Froy to start moaning in pleasure. In seconds, Marcus was starting to shrink. It wasn’t noticeable at first, but it didn’t take long for him to visibly diminish. All the muscle he’d stored up for the past few weeks was melting right off his body. His arms slimmed down to how they were this morning, but even then, the rest of his body quickly followed, causing the bed sheet wrapped around his body to become less of a toga and more of a tent. As his bloated body began to wither, he also started shrinking in height. It didn’t take long for him to start losing inches, going from 7’2” to 7’1”... then 7 '0”... Meanwhile, Froy was enjoying yet another growth spurt. His body responded better to Marcus’ than Wes’. Now, his growth was far more intense. It started in his shorts, his thighs expanding wildly until they started breaking free of his trunks. The rest of his upper body ballooned out of control, growing even wider as his ribcage expanded in all directions. His poor tattered shirt disintegrated into a pile of rags on his ever-growing body. He also started inching up, albeit much slower than Marcus shortened. “Oh, my god,” Lisa mumbled. “Marcus!” “Agh, let me go!” Marcus cried out. “Please…!” Then the growth picked up the pace. Froy had grown to 6’7” at this point and was only continuing to inch further upwards. He didn’t respond when we called out to him. He was so out of it that he didn’t even care that his engorging cock was slinking out of his tightening underwear, hardening and standing at full mast. Within seconds, Marcus was back down to 6’9”, but he only kept going. The bed sheet had fallen off his body completely, revealing his muscular body diminishing by the second. He was starting to stagger as well, unable to withstand his energy being drained. Froy, on the other hand, had increased by another inch and a half, up to 6’8.5” now. They were practically the same height, but Froy’s body had just been pumped with two enormous amounts of muscle. He was wider, stronger, and just straight-up bigger than Marcus now. But even then, he didn’t stop. No one could stop him. In the next few seconds, Froy outgrew Marcus completely. Froy’s growing body eclipsed Marcus and the size difference only continued becoming more and more apparent. None of us were able to stop it from happening. Marcus had hit the 6’5” mark and Froy rose up to 6’9”. For the first time in weeks, Marcus was shorter than Froy again — and he only continued getting smaller. Froy was becoming so muscular that it was difficult to stomach what might happen if he continued swelling. He was bigger than he ever had been before. Both he and Marcus were buck naked, which only made the growth all the more apparent. His arms had doubled in size, and his chest was packed with so much strength that each muscle was visibly outgrowing each other, his pecs jutting out by at least a good six inches. And it was even harder to ignore his ever-growing legs. Each thigh was nearly as thick as my entire torso, and his feet were — no doubt — almost twice as long as mine. Even his already-huge cock continued to inflate and grow beyond human comprehension. It had to have been longer than my entire forearm and only got increasingly larger the more he drained Marcus. “Ungh…” Marcus whimpered. He was only 6’2” at this point. With a triumphant roar, Froy squeezed Marcus’ arms and sent him to his knees, speeding up the process. Even on the ground, as Froy got bigger, Marcus was getting pulled up by Froy’s broadening grip. But he didn’t stop. Froy didn’t let go. He wanted more. As more and more muscle packed itself onto Froy’s body, Marcus returned to his 5’11” body but didn’t stop getting smaller. Froy had hit 6’10” and was inching close to the ceiling. His width already blocked the entire walkway we were standing in. Wes was out of commission, so I knew I was the only one who could stop Froy before he did any permanent damage to Marcus. He was already smaller than Wes. I stood up and, even in my pained state, walked over to Froy. His new growth had turned him into a monster. He was still childishly handsome and maintained his modelesque V-shape — except blown up to ridiculous proportions. I was staring directly at his nipples, which had become plump from all the growth. “Hey, what are you doing?!” Avery asked. “I have to help,” I said. I looked down at Wes, and he was barely able to catch a breath. Marcus was nearly down to my height, and Froy was hitting Marcus levels of insane growth. “Froy! Stop!” I yelled. When I finally reached them, Marcus had lost practically all his muscle and was barely my height, a mere shadow of his former self. While Froy was lost in his stupor, I pried open Froy’s grip and let one of Marcus’ hands go. When I got Marcus free, he was no more than 5’6”, an insane loss of nearly two feet in height and several hundred pounds. He came tumbling onto the ground and was barely functional. I looked up at Froy and hit him in the chest — to no impact. “What the fuck did you just do?! Froy! Are you even fucking listening to me?” I asked. Then he got angry. “Why won’t you just leave me alone?! I don’t want to play your stupid games anymore!” One look in his eyes, to see if he was even conscious, and I saw nothing but the same fogginess I saw in Wes and Marcus. I thought he would hit me. Instead, he lunged forward and wrapped a huge hand around my neck. My mind went blank. All I could think about was how easy it would be for him to snap my windpipe like a plastic straw. Then I felt it. An instant fatigue washed over my entire body, as if all my energy dissipated into thin air. I tried breaking free of Froy’s grip, but the more I struggled, the harder it became to even raise my arms. I couldn’t believe it. I was caught in the arms of someone I loved — but this isn’t how I expected things to turn out. He was draining me. It felt okay at first, all my baby fat in my gut had melted away, but then I started feeling lethargic. The clothes I had on were becoming a burden to wear. My legs were giving out, and I could tell that any muscle I did have was shriveling into weeds. I used up all my strength to open my eyes and watch as Froy’s body went into overdrive. He was growing exponentially faster than he did with anyone else. Pounds upon pounds of raw muscle were swelling his already gigantic body into uncharted territory. He was breaking into Marcus’ former size. And I knew it wouldn’t be long ‘til he outgrew Wes even at his biggest. As I continued to shrink, his chest rose higher and higher, inch by inch. His basketball shoulders were starting to hit the decor around the bar as his body expanded in every possible direction. My feet weren’t even touching the floor anymore. He was holding me up with nothing but his grip on my neck. I didn’t know how much shorter I’d become, but his hand was starting to envelop my head too. In fact, everything around me was bigger than I’d ever seen it before. I felt like a child — caught in the grip of a living giant. The bigger he got, and the smaller I was, the more his cock seemed to threaten surpassing me in size. It had to be way over a foot long, probably one and a half feet of pure meat. I looked further down and saw my feet dangerously high off the ground. Then I heard a thud. Froy’s bedhead had hit the ceiling, and his arms were breaking everything he bumped into. His entire torso was larger than me now — many times over. Just one of his bulging pecs alone looked like it held more mass than my entire body, with nipples that wouldn’t even fit in my mouth anymore. In fact, his chest and arms seemed to have the biggest changes. The hefty muscle underneath his pecs and upper arms was threatening to tear through his tan skin from the sheer uncontrolled growth. His abs were so tight that my fingers could run valleys through each crevice, and each of his legs was undoubtedly taller and heavier than I was. I wasn’t even sure if I could wrap my hands around his cock anymore. I thought I would black out, but thankfully, Froy let go of me. I was relieved, but what I didn’t think about was the fall. It felt like I’d been pushed off a building. At the last second, Wes was able to catch me just in time. His hands nearly enveloped my entire body, and I knew he was only 5’11”. I was literally a small child to him. If I had to guess, with the way I was staring right at his crotch, I was no more than 2’5”. “Wh—“ Froy muttered. “Hey, are you okay?” Wes asked me. “Christ, you’re small.” “Yeah, I’m fine, but…” “Yeah, I don’t know what we’re going to do about you.” I looked back up at Froy to assess the damage. From where I was on the floor, he was an absolute colossus of muscle, way bigger than any of us had ever been before. Not even Wes was ever this humongous. He left no breathing room in the confined walkway and was crashing and smashing things with barely any movement. Yet, somehow, he was still impossibly mobile. It was like he was completely unfazed by the way all his new strength forced his arms and legs to spread out. Froy rubbed his head, as if straight out of a migraine. “Huh…?” He raised his head again but collided with the ceiling. “Ach! What?” “Froy?” I called out. He looked down at me for the first time and nearly fell on his back in surprise. He broke a few more cabinets and wine glasses that were hanging over the bar, just from his flailing. The kid didn’t even look like he could catch a breath. All around him was debris from the aftermath of his outbursts — and his co-workers, painfully shrunken down on the ground. “Sir?! What happened?” “You got drunk. That’s what happened,” I said. “I-I-I-Why am I so… so big?! Did I drain you? All of you?” Then Marcus rose from the ground. “Holy shit, look at me! Look at what you fucking did to me, you asshole!” Froy looked like a deer in headlights — a really, really big deer. “I didn’t mean it, sir! I swear!” Marcus looked like he was about to cry. “Oh, shut up! I don’t want to hear you talk right now.” Then he looked down and saw me. “Holy fuck, Dory?” “I’m sorry!” Froy cried. “I said shut up!” Marcus yelled. The door leading to the bar then swung open, and Sammy came rushing in with a bunch of guards and co-workers. Avery and Lisa tried stopping them, but they were pushed aside like toilet paper. Sammy stood a few feet away, close enough to paint a very good idea of what just happened. Wes, Marcus, and I were all shrunk down while Froy was a towering wall of muscle. Then he saw the damages. “Holy shit, what the fuck did you four do in my bar?!” I couldn’t breathe. All four of us were buck naked, and we were all our entire office was staring at. It was a living nightmare. “I’ll explain it to you later,” Wes said, “but for now, could you please get them out of here?!” Before anyone else could say anything, Froy whimpered. He was absolutely broken. We all turned to him and watched him barrel through the crowd, head and shoulders above everyone. I called out to him, but he wasn’t listening. He smashed through the doorway and headed into the restaurant, out of our sight. “Hey, stop!” Sammy cried out. “God damn it, why do I always have to be one cleaning up after other men’s messes?” Lisa and Avery rushed over to our side and immediately offered their coats. It was strange, standing on my two feet again, only to be looking up at Avery. Everything felt painfully surreal. I looked over at Marcus and saw that he was nearly the same height as Lisa, only four inches off. He was shaking his hands, refusing to accept Lisa’s jacket — refusing to even look at her. “No! This isn’t happening!” he yelled. “This is not okay!” “What are you talking about?” Lisa asked. “Just take my damn jacket and cover yourself up.” But Marcus persisted. “No… no, this isn’t right. Just leave me alone, Lis’.” She shook her head. “What, why?” “Oh, don’t act like you aren’t happy about this! I know you’ve always hated me.” Lisa couldn’t help but laugh. “What the fuck does that have to do with now? I’m trying to help you, you idiot!” She tried offering her jacket again. “I still love you.” But Marcus smacked her hands away, causing the jacket to fall to the floor. “And I don’t want your help right now, okay?!” It was at this point that Marcus noticed the painful silence in the room. All eyes were on him. For a minute, all we did was stare at him, listening, watching everything he said and did. Then he panicked. “God, fuck!” He turned around and sprinted out the glass doors leading to the beach. Lisa groaned. “Why does he always have to make things harder than they have to be?!” she yelled, picking up her jacket and rushing out the doors to follow him. “I have to check up on Froy,” I said. But Wes stopped me, holding me in place with his muscled arms. “No, it’s too dangerous.” “I have to help him, what if he’s doing something stupid?!” Then Sammy butted in. “Don’t worry about your intern. Just go keep the other one safe.” He whipped out a walkie-talkie and quickly headed back into the restaurant. “We’ve got a Code: Godzilla on the premises, boys! I repeat, a Code: Godzilla!” Sammy’s security guards wasted no time and started evacuating the bar, leaving only us behind. “Hear that? Sammy has an entire emergency protocol just for… godzilla… or something. Your Fro-yo will be fine, okay? Let’s go check up on Marcus,” Wes said. I didn’t have a choice. I would just have to go see if he was okay later. “Fine. Let’s go,” I said. Wes smiled at me and nodded. “Thanks. Here,” he said, picking me up in a bridal carry, “I’ll carry you. You’re even lighter than you look!” “Or you’re just too strong.” Avery stood at the glass doors and looked at us. “Should I lead the way?” “Yes, please. Thank you, Avery,” Wes said. The three of us headed out onto the beach in the middle of the night to follow Marcus’ trail. It was painfully cold out, what with the ocean breeze and chilled air — plus, I was nude. I asked Wes for something to cover myself with, and he took off his muscle shirt. He wrapped it around my like a baby as he coddled me against his well-developed chest. It was a macrophile’s wet dream. Avery didn’t turn around to check up on us throughout the walk. He seemed dead set on finding Marcus — that, or he was avoiding talking to his dad. Either way, I was glad he was helping us out. The shore was surprisingly expansive and sprawled all the way out to no man’s land, so it was a very long, quiet trek. When we eventually found Lisa and Marcus, they were standing at the edge of the shoreline, just before the water brushed their feet. Marcus — oh, Marcus — he was being painfully stubborn. He was still naked, hunching his back and folding his arms, tucked in his armpits. But even when he was freezing, he was still swinging a weapon in-between his thighs. Wes walked up to them and everyone looked up to him — literally. At 5’11”, he was now the tallest among us, with only Marcus at 5’6”. He had a body of a bodybuilder but was nowhere as slim, with his chub making his muscles look larger than they were, making him appear even bigger to the rest of us who looked like kids. “Hey, what’s happening? Come back to the resort, Marcus,” Wes said. “He won’t listen,” Lisa said. “He thinks everyone’s going to make fun of him.” “They will!” Marcus yelled. Wes shook his head. “No, they won’t. I’m the boss around here, so if you’ve got any complaints about someone, then you tell me, okay?” “Oh, come on, Wes! Don’t treat me like a child. I’m not going to get bullied. I’m not Froy!” “Please leave him out of this,” I said. “Wh—what you’re just going to ignore what he just did to you?! As if he didn’t just shrink you down into a fucking eggplant?” “Marcus, come on, you’re being hysterical,” Lisa said. “Whatever your problem is, we can work on it together, alright?” She tried reaching out to him again. But Marcus stepped back. “No, I don’t think so. Do you have any idea how happy I was? How great it felt to have the body I had? I loved you then, and I still love you now, but I don’t think you have any idea how to help me right now, okay?” Wes approached. “Then what about me? What about I talk to you, hm?” Avery scoffed. “You wouldn’t know how to help a dog, dad,” he muttered. In an instant, Wes pushed his son away. “What did I tell you about shutting up?!” Avery fell onto the sand and stared at his dad in fear, his breathing abnormal. He raised his hands almost instinctively as if to defend himself. “Fuck, no, I didn’t mean to do that,” Wes said. All the tangents we were going on weren’t getting us anywhere. Clearly, Marcus didn’t want to talk to Lisa or Wes, and Avery was out of the question. I just wanted to get back to the resort and actually gather my thoughts. I jumped off Wes and crashed onto the sand. It felt like my feet were about to shatter, but I had to speak up. “Why don’t you talk to me, Marcus,” I said. “If you think you lost a lot, just look at me for a second.” “Thanks, Dory,” Lisa said. Marcus took a deep breath and sighed. “Fine. But I only want to talk to you. I don’t know what I’d do without you sometimes.” I walked over to him, and he picked me up. He held me out in front of him like a doll and chuckled. “Man, even with all the shit that happened tonight, somehow you still make me feel like a big guy.” “Glad to help.” After I convinced Marcus to take Lisa’s jacket, and once Wes helped his son back onto his feet, I thought we were done. I thought we were finally going to get to go back to the resort, settle in for the night, talk amongst ourselves, and go to sleep. There weren’t supposed to be any more problems. Unfortunately for me, it seemed like nothing was ever going to be normal and predictable again. No disaster response training could have ever prepared me for what happened in the next few moments. As we were about to head back, Avery stopped and looked up at the sky. He raised a finger and pointed at something. “Hey, dad. Look, a shooting star.” Suddenly, I had deja vu. My anxiety was at an all-time high all over again. I didn’t want to look up, but something in my gut told me I had to. So, I did. And there, falling from the sky, was another motherfucking meteor. It was just like last time, except now, there weren’t any trees to protect us, no. It didn’t seem like we had any time to hide either. The meteor looked dangerously close, and it wasn’t like the first one at all. The original meteor was still contained in a rock, but this one looked like it was glowing, with purple cracks all around it. If it landed, there was no doubt it would’ve exploded on impact. “Holy fuck! That’s not a shooting star!” Wes yelled. “Is this seriously happening again?!” “Oh, no, no, this can’t be happening. You’ve got to be kidding me,” Lisa said. I looked in Marcus’ eyes and saw them glimmer. “Another meteor...?” Before any of us could say anything else, we tried getting out of the way. But it was too late. While everyone else tried to escape the impact, Marcus stood still, his eyes glued to the meteor. No way did I want to get killed. I thought about jumping again, but my feet were still aching from the last time. I was worried I was going to get caught up in the blast if I didn’t get away from Marcus. Then I wondered… what would happen if I got slimed? Me? The next thing I knew, Avery grabbed me from Marcus’ arms and tried taking me with him to safety. As the meteor crashed mere inches away from Marcus, Avery tripped over his feet and sent me flying several meters away, straight out of the blast zone. I watched in mid-air as everyone — Marcus, Wes, Lisa, and Avery — disappeared in a thick purple sludge that erupted from the meteor. They were all thrown back from the explosion, with black rock and charred sand in a storm of violet debris. All I could hear were their screams. I blacked out in an instant the moment my body hit the sand. What woke me up from unconsciousness wasn’t someone’s voice, the sweet smell of cinnamon, or any lights at the end of some tunnel. No, it was just me, still on the beach — drowning. The tide washed over me while I was knocked out, probably from the meteor, if I had to make a wild guess. My head was in immense pain and so was my back. I didn’t know what time it was anymore or how long I’d been out cold. “Oh, sweet cheeks!” Only when someone’s huge hands picked me up from the sand did I remember how small I was. Everything was still painfully foggy, even my sight was blurred. I achingly looked to see whose hands I was in and found Sammy’s face looking worriedly at mine. He was mouthing orders to some other people, but I didn’t know who they were — nor could I even see them. There was only one thing I heard before I fainted again. “Get them all to the infirmary, alright, boys? I don’t know what the hell happened here, but no one else can ever know about this. Holy mama.” As he carried me away, back to the resort I assumed, I looked back at the crash site. I didn’t know if it was the memory fog, the blurry vision, or the general exhaustion, but… there was nothing. Nothing there — only sand. As if the meteor had never crashed in the first place. There was no sign of debris or purple slime, nothing. I could only wonder what was going on in Sammy’s mind. Just how was he going to make sense of any of this? And where the fuck did the meteor go?
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    Not saying any of these guys are real hustlers. I'm just saying they'd be what I'd choose and why.
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    Like many of you, I'm social distancing, and had a little time to write. This Coronavirus pandemic inspired me to write a series of short stories, each with muscle-obsessed characters having a little fun (or maybe not, in the case of one), while the pandemic rages in the larger world around them. There are 5 stories that all take place in the same un-named New York neighborhood. Growth: Scott and James are two friends, bored out of their minds while in isolation. When they decide to workout to pass the time, James reveals a new supplement that promises miraculous results. Sex: Seamus is Gay and obsessed with his huge alpha-male friend, Jamie. The only problem: Jamie is straight. But luckily for Seamus, Jamie's girlfriend, Carmen, has a surprise request for both of them. Theft: Nick is young, buff, and hot. His life couldn't get any better. But it could get worst. Does the sexy MILF, Grace, want to fuck him or does she want something else. Strength: Nathan is a skinny, lazy teen, stuck at home with his annoying kid sister. Suddenly, life get's interesting when he sees the size of his neighbor's two friends, and the things they can do. Domination: Little Wayne is a slave to his demanding 330-lb boyfriend, Connor, whom he calls master. Master wants to have some fun! Read all the stories or only the one that piques your interest the choice is yours. These are: "Corona Tales" Growth “What the fuck are we gonna do, Scott?” James said. “Nothing’s open except the grocery store and they’re pretty much empty.” “We have Netflix,” I said. James let out a grunt of disapproval. “This is a boredom not even Netflix can solve. I can’t believe we have 2 weeks of this shit. No movie theaters. No clubs. No parades, concerts, restaurants!” He grabbed his hair and pulled dramatically, letting his head fall back onto the couch cushion. I shook my head and smiled sympathetically. The governor had shut down the state due to a viral pandemic that was sweeping the globe. With 20,000 reported cases and 1500 deaths in New York alone it was too little too late, but oh well. Honestly, I didn’t mind being shut in. I was a homebody anyway. My roommate, James, however had to be out doing something. He liked to be around people. I just liked being around him. To put it plainly: James was hot, a total package. While my looks were average, he was an 11 out of 10. It was really no wonder that he enjoyed being around people. Wherever he went he was the center of attention, like a great celestial body pulling everything around him into his gravitational field. James had dark hair, ‘styled’ messy and olive skin that belied his Mediterranean roots. His jaw was square and peppered with a five-o clock shadow and his eyes were honey brown. And don’t get me started on his body, a sight I was blessed to see on several occasions. He liked to work out. and it showed in how he filled out a shirt, bulging in all the right places. I worked out as well so I looked fit, but James had the genetics of a top-level physique competitor. He’d rival any pro if only he were bigger. Now that was a thought. If only he were bigger. My eyes wondered over his body as he sat their staring blankly at the TV. If only he were bigger… Let me stop and tell you I’m not gay. You may think I am, with the way I’m obsessing over James right now, but trust me I’m bisexual. I actually lean towards woman more often than not, but James could make even a straight man question himself. “Hello. Earth to Scott. What are you staring at?” James asked. I blinked. I was imagining you growing, every muscle on you swelling with size and power until your clothes couldn’t take it anymore and they burst at the seams. Your swelling form set free from the prison of those confining threads to expand ever outward with lean, hard, striated, veiny muscle. Your body growing so large it would never ever again be contained by clothes, not only because no clothes would fit you, but because it would be a disservice to mankind to cover you god-like magnificence with clothing ever again. “Nothing dude. I just spaced out for a minute,” I said. Then I had an idea. The apartment had a gym in the basement. It was pretty well stocked, for an apartment gym, and always empty. Maybe I could get him to develop a pump and that would satisfy my desire to see him grow. My cock grew stiff at the thought. “I know what we can do.” I said, smiling. “Let’s go down to the gym and do a full body workout.” James stared at me, tilting his beautiful head, obviously considering it deeply. He shrugged his shoulders and said “Fuck it. It’s better than sitting around doing nothing.” “Great!” “There’s a new supplement I just got that I’ve been meaning to try anyway,” James said. “New supplement?” I raised my eyebrows. “Yeah,” He pushed himself up and darted into his room. He returned with a small grey container in hand, and passed it to me. “Superpump,” I read aloud. The rest of it was in a foreign language. “What language is this.” “Not really sure. Maybe Russian or some other language in that family. I think it’s Russian, though, because it was that huge ass Russian guy at our gym that told me about it one day. You know who I’m talking about?” I nodded, my eyes still fixed on the container. There was a picture of a grotesquely sexy muscle man on the label, who had to be photoshopped because h looked bigger than Greg Golias. “The dude said this stuff works like magic. One scoop in a shake before working out and you’ll be amazed. Those were his exact words. You’ll be amazed. I whipped my phone out and ordered right on the spot.” “Cool.” I nodded. “Let’s see if it works.” The Russian guy James was talking about was the largest man I had ever seen outside of the Olympia. His arms had to be over 25 inches. And the dude seemed to grow consistently all year without ever putting on fat. We changed into out workout clothes: tanks, sweatpants, and sneakers. James mixed up a protein shake and added one heaping scoop of the Superpump. He poured a little into a glass for me, but he drank the lion’s share of it straight from the blender. The stuff didn’t taste bad. “Ready to get pumped!” I exclaimed, psyching him up. “Fuck yeah!” He slapped his hands down on my shoulders. “Let’s go!” We grabbed a couple of water bottles and James did a most muscular pose before we headed out the door. The second he turned around I adjusted my swelling cock. This was going to be an awkward workout. It’s so difficult to hide a hardon in sweats. We found the gym empty, as expected. After a quick stretch and a warmup with light weights, we got straight to work. James grabbed two 60 lb. dumb-bells, sat on a weight bench and began pumping out rep after rep of shoulder presses. I was doing standing curls with 40 lbs. in each hand, while stealing glances at James. The cords of muscle in his arms rippled beneath the skin, contracting with each rep. His arms were a thing of beauty. Each muscle group was clearly defined, from the upside-down teardrops that formed his delts, to the croissant-like triceps. He let out guttural grunts on his final reps as he strained to finish his set. I always loved how hard he pushed himself when working out. “Yah!” He called out in pain and satisfaction as his arms fell to his sides and he dropped the weights to the mat. He leaned forward, shoulders pumped and glistening with sebum and sweat. I put my dumb-bells back on the rack, and felt the telltale tightness of a pump in my own arms. “Feels good doesn’t it?” James asked, between breaths. “What?” “Getting a pump.” “Yeah, man. It does.” I flexed my biceps, knowing that he would do the same. James bought his arms up into a double bicep pose, forming two perfect peaks wrapped in a near symmetrical network of blue veins. He was so symmetrical it was like an artist had painted half of him and while the paint was still wet, folded the paper in two, to form the other half. “I don’t know why you don’t compete,” I said. “I’m not big enough for that.” I impulsively reached out and squeezed his bicep. A quick, playful squeeze between bros. Just long enough to feel it hardness in my hand. “You’re big enough for a local show,” I said. Though I agree, you should be bigger. “I’ll think about it.” He grinned. “Who knows, if this Superpump works as good as the Russian says I might just do it.” We continued our workout, moving from exercise to exercising with no real order, just having fun and passing time. Throughout the workout James’ pump went from the normal to the insane. Every muscle was swollen. I had developed a pump as well, but nothing like what I was witnessing on James. I was doing lateral raises while James was laying on the bench doing dumb-bell presses with 100 lbs. in each hand. As I watched the mounds of meat that were his pecs contract It seemed the cleavage between them was growing deeper with each rep. The slabs of muscle widened as well, right before my eyes, pushing his nipples out from behind the straps of his tank. Impossible. This was no ordinary pump. Looking down at my own body, I could see changes as well. I looked a little bigger here and there, but James was flat out inflating. He seemed oblivious to it. It had to be the Superpump. James had taken more of it than I did, so he was getting a greater effect. Combine that with his superior muscle building genetics and… James let the weight fall and sat up on the bench. “God! This fucking pump is unbelievable! And I feel like I could lift all night!” My cock sprung to attention. It was the fasted boner I had ever had, going from flaccid to turgid in the time it took James to utter his sentence. I quickly adjusted it, hoping he hadn’t seen the pitched tent in my sweats. “You know, I’m not sure that’s a normal pump.” “What do you mean?” James looked at me expectantly. “I think that Superpump is making you physically grow.” “Get the fuck outta here.” He laughed. “You can’t physically grow more mass by a noticeable amount in less than an hour. There’s laws of physics and shit.” “Didn’t the Russian say it worked like magic?” “Figure of speech,” James said, dismissively. “How much did you weigh this morning?” “190.” He said. “There’s a scale over there. Weigh yourself.” He stared blankly at me, then shook his head. “Ok, just to prove you wrong.” He rose, and I could see his cobra back was pushing his arms away from his side. He stepped on the scale and his eyes nearly popped out of his skull. “210!” “210!” I repeated. “A full 20 pounds more.” “No way!” He hopped off the scale and began looking himself over in the mirror, flexing, poking, and rubbing. Then he peeled off his sweat soaked tank, revealing the divine sight of his brick-like abs. “Fuuck!” I said aloud. My hardon was painful, stretched to its limits, rising above my waistband onto my stomach. “Fuck is right, dude. The Russian said that stuff was like magic and he wasn’t lying. This is incredible.” James was clearly infatuated with his own body. He nipples had swollen, looking like hard little pacifiers, pushed downward by the bulk of his pecs. A bulge was growing in his sweats, snaking down his left thigh, thick as a toilet paper tube. God! Everything about him was perfect! Then a though struck me. “James, It’s obviously the working out that’s activating the Superpump. So how about we keep going and see just how big you can get?” “I like the way you think, man.” And so, James continued lifting, more and more reps with more and more weights, until he had maxed out every machine and lifted the heaviest dumb-bells. Several times I caught myself absentmindedly stroking my raging hardon through my sweats, but James was so focused on his own growth that he never seemed to notice. After an hour of intense pumping James’ body was nearly unrecognizable. Just mounds upon mounds of striated veiny muscle fighting for space on his frame. His legs had grown so large his sweats now looked like legging stretched tight across his shelf-like glutes and quads like loafs of bread pressed together. The growth had stopped and I suggested he weigh himself. He was all too eager. He swaggered over to the scale and stepped on it. 260 lbs. of solid beef. I nearly fainted. James began flexing, smiling widely as I looked him over. The finest specimen of a man I had ever laid eyes upon. “Well come on dude and have a feel,” James said. “And not like you grabbed my bicep before. Really feel me up. I know you want to.” “Whaa?” I temporarily lost the ability to speak. “I’ve got two working eyes you know. You’ve been eyeing my muscles, practically salivating, for the longest time, even before we got down here. And that hardon! Dude, you know if they last this long your supposed to call a doctor.” He laughed. I blushed. “Are you asking me to worship your muscles?” “It’s what you want isn’t it?” Jason grabbed his sweats and with one quick yank pulled them off revealing his stunning legs. He tossed the torn fabric aside. “It’s alright.” I placed a hand on each pec. He bounced them. The vibration of those thick slabs of meat was enough to send waves of pleasure through me. The size. The power. It was all so much and it was all in my grasp. My fantasy had come to life by way of some magic. As the world outside descended into chaos my world in here was perfect. My hands wandered to the mounds of his shoulders and squeezed the hard muscle. “I’m so fucking horny,” James said. “Suck my nipples.” I did, taking his tender nipples into my mouth, tasting his salty skin, caressing his pecs with my tongue. He moaned in pleasure. His strong arms enveloped me. “We’ve got two weeks of quarantine,” James said. “Just you and me and the rest of that container of Superpump. I think I finally know what we’re gonna be doing.”
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    Chapter 17 Getting dressed for work the next morning was an impossible task. I looked fucking hot in everything. No matter what pair of paints I tried on, my thighs filled out the legs, my ass perked out the back, and my cock and balls bulged out the crotch. No matter which of my new turtlenecks I tried on, my shoulders stretched it taut across my chest, my chest perkily jutted out, my arms rounded out the sleeves with muscle, and the fabric tapered in at my waist, showing off my tight abs. I shaved twice that morning, but nothing could get rid of my beard shadow, which rakishly highlighted my jaw and cheekbones. I looked so good that I had to stop and masturbate three times just so I could get my cock to deflate and fit into my pants. Normally, I’d revel in looking so fuckable, but I had to meet with Vernon today, and with my sex drive at an 11, I wanted to reduce his temptations. I even asked Mo if he could chaperone us. That way, if Vernon got too randy, I had someone I could fob him off on. “Thank you for considering me,” Mo said, “but I unfortunately have other plans for lunch today.” “Alexander?” I asked. Mo flitted his eyelashes and purred, “Whatever gave me away?” I would just have to forbear. When I got to my office, Garrett was hovering around my door, obviously waiting for me to show up. Garrett was normally the best dressed man in the office, so I was used to him wearing more formal clothing than the rest of us, but this morning he was decked in a three-piece suit. It was slate grey with a pastel pink tie. The suit made him look imposing, highlighting the musculature he still had despite his slightly thickened middle. But who was I kidding? In that moment, with my brain swimming in sex hormones, Garrett looked delectable. Just look at my husband—I like a man with a little belly. Everything about him looked powerful and masculine. “It’s about time you showed up,” Garrett said. “It’s five minutes to 9,” I pointed out. “Work doesn’t start for five minutes.” I let him into my office and offered him the guest chair, but he did not take it. “As a manager, you should be in at least half an hour early in case people in your department need you,” he rattled off. “At least, that’s what I’d do if I were the manager.” Resignedly, I took my seat and asked, “How can I help you?” “My in-laws are going to be in town next week, so I am requesting next Wednesday afternoon off.” “Sure. I don’t see a problem with that.” “You see how it’s done? I cleared it with my manager a week in advance, rather than foisting it off on an underling the morning of while hoping my superiors don’t notice.” “You don’t have any underlings,” I reminded him. “I have Alexander.” “He is your coworker.” Garrett snorted derisively. The noise was charmless and distorted his otherwise handsome face. He began looking around my office. He stalked it predatorily, like a wolf about to mark his territory. He’d done this a handful of times before. Ever since I was promoted over him, Garrett had been convinced that one day my office would be his. He did everything short of pulling out a tape measure and fabric swatches. The ritual was just as repulsive this time as ever. Still, now was a good a time as any to see his fantasy. As I was about to offer him a handshake, though, he started talking again. “You don’t have a picture of your husband in your office.” “No, I don’t,” I said. “I have pictures of him on my phone if you want to see them.” “I wouldn’t brook that sort of disrespect if you were my husband.” “I guarantee you Oz doesn’t care.” “My cubicle is half the size of your office, and I share it with Alexander, and I still have a picture of my wife and our three kids on my desk.” Right. Garrett’s straight. My thoughts were thick with so much gay sex that I’d forgotten this preening drama queen had a wife and fancied himself an alpha bro. He continued. “That’s four pictures, not one. I’m sure you can find some corner of the desk for your husband.” “If you’re done critiquing my office décor, it’s 9 o’clock,” I reminded him. “Enjoy the office while it’s yours.” With that, Garrett left. As soon as he was gone, Mo ducked into the office. “Well? Did you Eye of Horus him?” “He’s straight.” Mo chuckled throatily. “You’re kidding.” “He has a wife and kids.” Mo shrugged. “So did my Grindr date on Friday.” “Garrett wants to destroy me, not fuck me.” “Those aren’t mutually exclusive,” Mo said, plopping into my guest chair. “I’m not saying he doesn’t love his wife. I’m not saying he’s not attracted to women. I am saying that a guy doesn’t hunt another guy like a caveman unless he wants to drag him back to his cave.” “Well, just in case he’s a Kinsey 0, we should have a back-up plan.” “I’m open to suggestions,” Mo said, spreading his arms in a posture of surrender. Inspiration hit me. “He asked for a favor on the 8th.” “And?” “Let’s throw an obstacle in his way, see if resorts to magic to overcome it.” “You still think he’s a magic user? Really?” “You said it was worth pursuing.” “Let’s just assume Garrett is the sort of magic user who would use magic to resolve office squabbles. I know my magic history—there are some real petty jerks spread across its pages. Assuming that, if Garrett was going to cast another spell, I’m pretty sure he would’ve cast it by now.” “He asked for the afternoon off. I can ask to meet his in-laws.” Mo dripped with sarcasm. “Yeah, that’s an obstacle.” “Ye of little faith,” I said, quieting Mo. I picked up the receiver of my work phone, punched in Garrett’s extension, pressed speaker phone, and returned the receiver to its handle. It didn’t take long to get from my office to his desk. Sure enough, he picked up on the third ring. “Garrett Duarte,” he said. “Hey, Garrett. It’s Ian. I’ve decided that I’m not going to give you Wednesday afternoon off.” “But you already approved it,” Garrett said. “Two minutes ago.” “That was before I realized you were lying to me.” “Are you accusing me of lying to my superior?” “I’m glad you acknowledge me as your superior,” I said disdainfully, flexing my pecs reflexively. Mo covered his mouth to stop himself from laughing, and I proceeded. “No one wants to spend time with their in-laws. You must be lying. Therefore, no time off.” “But you already approved it.” “Check your calendar,” I said. “What does the date have to do with…” Interrupting him, I said, “April Fools.” “A good prank is less confusing,” Garrett said. “Is the prank that you are cancelling my afternoon off, or is the prank that you pretended to cancel my afternoon off?” “I’m not giving you the time off.” “You already approved it,” he repeated. “You can’t do that.” “I can totally do that. This is me doing that right now. I’m your boss. Your boss who is doing that.” “This is a hollow power play,” Garrett steamed. “Like deserves like,” I replied. Fucking with Garrett was a heady trip. I felt a power deep in my balls. I couldn’t help but spread my shoulders and bring my arms down to flex them. I’d missed sparring with him. “Between the kids and work, my wife can’t pick her parents up from the airport. It’s not like I’m dying to spend time with them, but I promised. What can I do to get that afternoon off?” “Produce one or both in-laws on Wednesday morning in person, and I’ll be glad to give you the afternoon off.” “I need the afternoon off to pick them up from the airport. They’re not getting in until the afternoon. You’ve got to be joking.” “Not at all.” “That’s impossible.” “As an employee, you should do whatever it takes to make your manager happy.” I ran my hand up and down my abs. “That’s your angle,” Garrett said. “Angle? What angle? I’m just doing my due diligence before approving employee time off.” Garrett sighed loudly. “Fine. I’ll figure it out.” “I’ll believe it when I see it.” “Is there anything else?” “Nope. Smooches.” With that, I ended the call. “Bravo,” Mo said. “I gave him a problem with no solution. If it magically gets solved, well, then maybe it was magic.” “That’s all well and good. But, the bravo was for your master manipulation. He fell right into your trap.” “I’ve been his boss for years,” I explained. “I know how to push his buttons.” “I’m even more convinced that he wants to fuck you now.” “I’m meeting with Vernon Bailey for lunch. Garrett will have to get in line.”
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    "If you want us to, dude, we can make your car small enough to fit in the truck with all your furniture. You just won't be able to use it when you get to your new home. How's the public transportation there?
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    "Okay you. Yeah you. Come be my barbell."
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    "I'm sorry, but sometimes I hate your friends. They think they're better than me just because they went to university and have a lot of money." "That's not it at all, babe. It's because you can lift them over your head with one hand. All their money doesn't equal your strength. They're jealous."
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    "Let me make sure I've got this right. You don't want sex - you just want me to work out all night using you as my weights. You're basically paying me to toss you around. Sounds good to me."
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    "So, who are you paying me to intimidate?"
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    “Go on. Feel it,” Eli demanded. He flexed his powerful arm showing it off to his friend. “It’s gotten so big. And strong.” “Eli…” Brad groaned as he looked at the other guy showing off. “I don’t want to feel your muscles…” “Quit being a fuckin homophobe. I ain’t sayin I’m wanna fuck ya,” Eli grinned. He made his bicep bounce. “Yet…” Brad’s face flattened at the ‘joke.’ He’d been working out with Eli for a while now and only recently did he start to be so commanding. It was starting to get a bit frustrating as Eli started showing off more and more. Of course he did have a lot to show off, but Brad wasn’t one who really cared too much about doing that. He was just as big and strong, but that didn’t mean he felt like he needed to show it off all the time. He was satisfied with his size and didn't feel like it was the only part that made him, him. “Dude… I don’t want to feel your body…” Eli ignored it. He just kept making the thick bicep bounce. “C’mon man. Look at that peak. I’ve got such a fuckin pump goin on right now. Just feel it.” “Fine!” Brad finally gave in. He tossed his hands up and then grabbed the bicep. It was firm under his grasp but that’s when he saw the devious grin on Eli’s face. “Dude… What’s up?” he asked but couldn’t tell why his friend was looking at him so weirdly. That’s when he noticed his hand. There was something wrong with it. It didn’t look as big. Or strong. It gripped Eli’s 18 inch bicep but didn’t cover it up as much as it had just seconds before. The thick fingers were smaller. “What?!” he tried to pull away but his hand was stuck. “Just go with it man. You said you wanted to help me get bigger right?” Eli mocked. His bicep was slowly starting to swell a bit more. It was quickly encroaching on 19 inches. But it was the same with his forearm and shoulder as well. They looked bigger. The already large defined muscle only seemed to be getting bigger. All the while Brad’s were getting smaller. He could see his thick arm starting to dwindle away. The firm muscles in his body turning soft and shrinking in on themselves. He tried to use his other hand to pull himself away, but it didn’t work. He just kept losing more and more weight. He looked up at Eli. “What’s going on?!” he begged. Fear filled his face as he felt his strength disappearing. The thick bicep in his right arm was almost completely gone and he could see his right pec starting to go too. “C’mon buddy. Don’t tell me you didn’t notice the way I look at cha. But I have ta say yer a bit too big for my liking. But that won’t be a problem in too long,” Eli laughed. “Cause yer gonna help me git bigger. Man. Just look at that arm. So much bigger already!” He gave the firm muscle a slap. The sound reverberated off the empty gym’s mirrors. Brad tried to use his other hand to push off of Eli’s powerful muscle but that one ended up getting stuck as well. “That’s… Not… What… I… Meant…” he struggled to pull away but nothing seemed to come loose. His body was stuck onto Eli’s. He could see his hands unable to cover up the bicep any more. Even together, they couldn’t cover nearly anything on the 21 inch arm. “Don’t matter much now,” Eli laughed. He raised his arm up, standing at his full 6’6” height. It lifted Brad off the ground. The magic released and Brad fell back down. “Damn!” Eli shouted the curse excited at what he was feeling. The shoes Brad was wearing fell off his feet and he had to hold up his shorts to keep them from falling down. He stared up at Eli’s massive body. “What the hell man!” he shouted in defiance. “Oh shit bud,” Eli’s attention went back to Brad. He went to a bit of a squatting position to be eye level with the other man. The near foot height difference made him tower over Brad. Eli put his massive mitt of a hand on top of Brad’s head and smiled. “Man… I’m sorry that I had ta do that to ya.” “No you’re not,” Brad grumbled. “HAHA!” Eli laughed loudly. “You’re right! But don’t worry buddy. I’ll make sure you enjoy it too. Plus I can help you work out now. I can make you bigger!” He popped his bicep out again, showing it off. “You wanna be like me don’tcha?” Brad felt his mouth go dry. It hung open slightly as he watched the muscle bounce. The annoyed feeling he’d had was completely changed. Now it was lust. “I know how to work out myself,” he crossed his arms, fighting the urge to touch the massive bicep. “Oh that’s right buddy. I forgot. Seein ya so small an' helpless like that just make me think ya needed some help,” he ran his fingers across his face and then must have gotten an idea. “Hey. How bout I make ya a deal. If you can lift them 20 pound weights, I’ll turn ya back. How’s that sound?” “G-g-good,” Brad stammered out. “That sounds good.” “Alright! Let’s do it!” Eli cheered. His thick muscular body wrapped around Brad’s. His firm hands ran down Brad’s thin arms and gripped the back of his even smaller hands. “You’re sooo smooth…” he whispered in Brad’s ear. Brad felt all kinds of sounds get caught in the back of his throat. He could feel the massive member running up against his back side. All the while he didn’t notice his body was moving towards the weights. It wasn’t until Eli whispered, “Go on…” that Brad noticed his hands were currently wrapped around the twenty pound weights. Feeling the bristles of Eli’s face nuzzle against his bare neck made his body go weak. “Is sumthin wrong?” Eli kept his voice low, but the lack of volume didn’t get rid of any of the depth or strength behind it. “I promise I won’t hold you down. I just want to make sure you don’t drop the weights. That’s all.” Brad felt his large calloused hands wrapped around his own. They easily wrapped around his and then the weights. Brad's eyes raised. He could see the massive bodybuilder enveloping him as he leaned over his small weak body. Everything was telling Brad he had to try, but he felt so weak. Weaker than he should have. It was just all his blood was flowing to the wrong place. Far away from any of his muscles. He felt his dick throb. “Go on,” Eli encouraged. His lips kissed the side of Brad’s soft cheek. His hips gently grinded against his back. “You can do it. I believe in you…” Brad’s breathing grew haggard. He couldn’t think about lifting weights. He couldn’t think about anything. Anything other than Eli on top of him. That thick cock drifted up and down his backside. “Oh fuck…” Brad cursed. It was getting even harder to breath. His thoughts were running wild. Eli was so big. He was so small. “Oh fuck…” Brad’s couldn’t believe how much he liked feeling Eli’s beard run against his soft face. Or Eli’s firm hands wrap around his. Or those thick sturdy muscles just gently pushing him down. Brad’s hips writhed in the sensation. “Oh fuck…” Brad felt his hips buck as he gave in. The sensation was just too much to handle. He had to release. A stain quickly started to form on the front of his shirt as his shorts were about three steps behind him. “Oh fuck!” he squirmed in Eli’s grasp. The bodybuilder just held him tighter. “Calm down. Calm down,” he gently kissed the side of Brad’s face as the small guy wore himself out. “It’ll be okay. That’s what the guy said was going to happen. It’ll be fine.” “FINE!?” Brad shouted. “Look at me!” Eli paused and looked in the mirror. Brad was still wearing his sleeveless shirt but the strap was starting to slide down his thin shoulder. The large wet spot just made a smile come to his face. “I think you look amazing.” Brad felt all kinds of words caught in his throat as Eli continued to kiss him. He looked over his thinner body and started to feel like maybe he was right. He tried to pout but only a smile kept coming on his face as the dumbass kept playing with his body. "Well... Maybe you can change me back later..."
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    Chapter 16 Seth, Rudy, and Eric headed towards the barn, where the horse stalls were and Seth pointed to a bag of chicken feed and a bucket, sitting near it. "The first thing, Rudy and I are going to have you do," Seth said. "Is feed the chickens, so pour some of that chicken feed into the bucket and take it to the chicken coop. It's fenced in to protect the chickens from predators like wolves and coyotes,s o you'll have to open the door and walk inside to sprinkle the feed around to feed them." Eric gulped. "There are coyotes and wolves around here?" "Not usually, since this is California." Seth said. "But hungry wolves and coyotes will travel a long way to find their next meal, if they have to." "Yes, and that's why Seth, and I, both, are always prepared for that." Rudy said, to Eric. "We both keep rifles, on hand, in the back of our trucks, even when we go down to the dairy barn, where the cows, and the pigs are. You just never know when danger may strike." "Well, that's good to know." Eric said, his eyes widening as he turned away from Rudy and Seth. As he closed his eyes, his mind drifted back to another painful memory of his past. <<FLASHBACK>> "STOP, TOM!" Eric cried out. "YOU'RE HURTING ME!!" Instead of letting go of him, Tom yanked Eric towards him and threw him, over to the couch. Eric fell against it and tried to turn around to make a getaway attempt, but Tom was already pushing him down, on the couch and pinned his arms down. Eric struggled against Tom's grip, trying to free himself, but given how much bigger Tom was than him, Eric was completely overpowered. "Let me make something clear to you, Eric." Tom said, in a very dangerously quiet sinister voice. "If you even think about trying to leave me, again....." Eric looked up into Tom's eyes, his fear increasing. His heart was pounding. He had no idea was Tom was going to do next. But all he knew was that it wasn't good. ".....I'll feed you to the wolves!" Tom finished, with an evil look in his eyes. Eric couldn't do anything, except stare back at Tom, in complete and utter terror. <<END OF FLASHBACK>> As Eric opened his eyes, after re-living that flashback, his breathing started to quicken and he brought a hand up to his chest. Seth and Rudy, who had been talking to each other turned towards Eric to see him, double over, breathing heavily, and they were immediately concerned. "Eric, what is it?" Rudy asked, worriedly. "What's wrong?" Eric turned and saw both Rudy and Seth starting to come towards him, but with his vision being blurred, and his head feeling dizzy, he held up his hands. "Stay away from me! Please!" Eric begged. "Just stay away from me!" Not knowing what else to do, and feeling like his panic attack was going to swallow him, whole, Eric just turned and started running out of the barn. Eric!" Seth shouted out. Eric kept on running. Seth turned to Rudy. "I have to go after him!" He said, quickly. "Stay here and start the chores! I'll be back!" "Don't worry, man, I got this." Rudy said, as Seth started running out of the barn. "Go!" Eric, who had already had a head start, outside the barn, had looked over towards the horse trails, and took off running in that direction, as fast as he could. Seth ran around the corner of the barn and starting looking around the driveway, looking for Eric. As he looked, in the direction of the horse trails, he saw Eric running up them, towards the fields. "Eric!" Seth called out to him, again, as he took off running after him, at full speed, trying to catch up with him. Eric kept running. His panic attack was now in full force, which was slowing him down, giving Seth more time to catch up with him. By now, Eric had tears streaming down his face. Eric made it to the fence, and managed to open the gate to the fields and started running up them, in the direction of the corn fields, with Seth quickly gaining on him. "Eric, stop!" Seth yelled out. Hearing Seth's voice, right behind him, Eric slowed down and stopped running, bringing his hands to his abdomen, as he started to sob. And just at that same moment, Seth's strong arms wrapped around him from behind. "Eric?" Seth panted, as he held Eric tight. "What's going on?" Eric turned around and looked at Seth. When he did, Seth could see what a mess he was. Eric's face was streaming with tears, even now, and his breathing was coming out, in quick hard gasps, and his face was wet also from sweating. "Come here." Seth said, outstretching his arms. Eric wrapped his arms around Seth's torso, and started sobbing into his chest. Seth, still panting a bit, rubbing his back to try to calm him down. BACK AT THE HOUSE, IN THE BARN **************************** Rudy, who had finished feeding the chickens the feed, had come out of the coop and shut the door, securely. He pulled out his phone and dialed Amy's number. "Hello?" Amy's voice answered. "Hi, Amy, it's Rudy." Rudy said to her. "What time does your class start this morning?" "8:00a.m." Amy said. "Why? Rudy hesitated, not sure if he should tell her, after all. He didn't want to worry her and make her lose her focus on her classes. "Rudy, is something wrong?" Amy asked him. "Yeah, umm.." Rudy said. "Something happened, earlier, with Eric. We were getting ready to train him for the job, and all of sudden, he just freaked out, for some reason and took off running. Seth went after him to try to catch up to him." "What?!" Amy asked him, then said. "Ok, listen. I"m going to head over there, just as soon as I talk to my Anthropology Professor, alright?" I'll see you soon!" "Ok." Rudy replied to her. "Bye." He hung up the phone and then walked to the door of the house and called in to Deborah. "Hey Deb, can I get a basket from you to gather the eggs?" BACK IN THE FIELDS **************** Eric pulled back from his embrace with Seth. His sobbing had subsided, and his breathing had calmed down and gotten back to normal again. His panic attack was gone. "What happened back there?" Seth asked him. "What made you freak out and run away like that? Eric was still looking down, at the ground, as he wiped at his face, trying to dry it of his tears. His eyes were now red from crying, as were his cheeks, which were flushed again, whenever he was upset. "And the way you told me and Rudy to stay away from you, before that?" Seth asked. "It was like you were afraid that we were going to hurt you or something." "I'm sorry." Eric said. "I don't know why I did that. I know that you would never hurt me. It wasn't that." "Well then..what?" Seth asked, the worry showing in his gorgeous face. Eric sat down, in the grass and folded his hands in his lap, as he crossed his legs. Seth sat down, next to him. Eric looked over at him. "I was having another panic attack." Eric said. "Except, this one was much worse than the one I had in the shower, earlier this morning, before breakfast. Eric balled up his fist, in frustration. He thought he'd been doing so well and that he'd finally put his past with Tom, behind him. But ever since Amy had brought it up, Eric had been having a hard time, dealing with it. And now that he'd had one, in front of Seth and Rudy, he knew that they were all going to want an explanation, including Deborah, which made Eric realize that what Amy was right when she suggested that he tell Seth about it. Eric realized now that he was going to have to tell Seth, about his past, with Tom, whether he liked it or not. "Damn it!" Eric cursed, in frustration. "I thought I had these panic attacks under control! Why are they plaguing me, now?" "What's causing them?" Seth asked, putting his arm around Eric's shoulders. Eric's eyes closed, momentarily. Then he turned towards Seth and grasped his hand, in his. "Seth, there's something that I have to tell you." Eric said. "I'm listening." Seth said, squeezing his hand, affectionately. Eric took a deep breath and looked Seth, in the eyes. "The reason why my panic attacks are happening again, now," Eric revealed. "Is because of something that Amy and I talked about, yesterday. Something that happened to me, 5 years ago. I thought I'd finally put it to rest, but now, It's coming back to haunt me, all over again." Eric looked over at Seth, who was looking at him, nodding his head. He brought his hand down, on top of Eric's hand. 'Go on." Seth urged him. Eric didn't want to have to tell Seth any of what happened, in his past. But now, since the panic attacks were back, again, and would only get worse if he kept his feelings bottled up, Eric knew that he had to help Seth understand what was causing his panic attacks and how he could help Eric through one, whenever it would come upon him. "God, I hate having to re-live this!" Eric said, through gritted teeth. "I can't let that bastard do this to me, again!" "Who, are you talking about, Eric?" Seth asked. Eric sighed, in frustration, closing his eyes. He decided that the sooner that he told Seth the story, the sooner he could get it over with, so that he would never have to talk about it, again. "Tom." Eric revealed, as he began his story. "5 years ago, I met Tom Anderson. It was my senior year of high school, and my guidance counselors were having some of us students visit colleges early so we'd have an idea of what colleges we'd want to go to, once we graduated high school. So, I went to a few of the state colleges to submit my SAT scores and see which college I would get into. The first college I applied to was UCLA, in Los Angeles, California. I was there filing out some stuff, at one of the tables and when I turned around to go over to another table......that's when I saw him." "Tom?" Seth asked him. "Yeah, Eric said, nodding. "I was leaving the table, after filling out the papers I needed to fill out, and when I turned to walk away, I bumped into him, as he was coming towards the table. When I looked up and saw him, my heart literally started pounding and I felt like I was going to go weak, in the knees." Seth's eyebrows raised, knowing that Tom must have been very attractive, the way Eric was talking about him. "Was he a stud?" He asked Eric. Eric nodded. And despite what he'd been through, with Tom, he couldn't help but crack a smile, remembering when things were good, between them, before things went sour. "He was a fucking Adonis!" Eric said. "Dark brown hair, with the sexiest bedroom brown eyes. He was 5' 10 and 200 lbs of solid muscle. I was smitten by him, the first time I laid eyes on him." "It sounds like I have some competition." Seth said, with a slight grin on his face. Eric looked up at him, in shock. "Are you kidding me?" Eric asked him. "Seth, when it comes to you, and Tom, there is no contest. You're even more gorgeous and 100 times a better man than he is. And you have a bigger, and better body, so trust me, Tom is no competition for you." Seth was truly touched by Eric's words, and put his thumb and forefinger under Eric's chin, stroking his cheek with his thumb. "Thank you." Seth said, gratefully. "I'm glad you feel that way about me." Seth leaned in and gave Eric a light, gentle kiss, on the lips, which Eric reciprocated. "You're welcome." Eric said, smiling, as he gazed into Seth's eyes. "Please, continue." Seth said, pulling back, to a sitting postion. Eric nodded. "Anyway, Tom and I really hit it off and we became friends pretty fast. I started hanging out, with him, after school. I would meet him, at his college dorm. He'd had his own room, being a senior in college, so we had plenty of privacy, together. He would help me with my homework and basically just hang out with me. We would talk for hours, with each other about ourselves and our dreams and goals for our futures. Eric's smile faded a little bit, as he looked down at the grass. "I remember Tom saying to me that he liked my eyes." Eric told Seth. "And that he thought that I had a great smile. And that I was really cute." "Well, you definitely are cute, Eric." Seth said. "And it's definitely something about your eyes that is irresistable. Eric looked at Seth, sheepishly and rolled his eyes. Then shoved Seth, in the arm, pushing him, sideways, a bit. "Stop it!" Eric said, yet was smiling profusely. "You're making me blush!" "What?" Seth chuckled. "I'm just telling it like it is." Eric chuckled a bit, too. Then continued, talking. "Of course, I told Tom that I was a geek and that I didn't believe him. That's when he told me that I was really the cutest, most intriguing young man, he'd ever met. He told me that he would tell me everyday, how handsome I was, when we were together. And he did, too. And eventually, I started to believe it, myself, whenever I looked into the mirror. And although I started to believe I was handsome, I still wasn't satisfied with my skinny body. I wanted to get big muscles like Tom, because I really admired his football player build. He wasn't as big and as built as you are, Seth, but his body was beautiful, nonetheless. Tom helped me, with working out too, and taught me everything there was about fitness, about eating right, and getting enough rest. I remember, right after our workout, we went into the locker room to change and being the only two guys, in the locker room, at that time, that's where Tom and I shared our first kiss." "Well, it sounds like Tom was decent guy for awhile." Seth said, then wondered. "What happened that made things go bad between you two?" Eric's smile faded as he was coming to the more depressing part of his story. "Well, one of the issues that kept us from being together was the fact that I was 17 years old. Not exactly of legal age to be involved with a college senior. Tom said that he didn't care about my age, because I wasn't going to be 17 forever. And that was true because I would turn 18 years old, just before I graduated high school. And I told him that as long as we didn't get sexually involved, He and I would be ok. I swore to him that I would protect him, if anyone ever found out about our relationship. Tom told me that as long as I never said anything about it, He wouldn't be opposed to having sex with me, once I felt the time was right. He knew I wasn't ready, yet, so he never pressured me to sleep with him. At least not yet." Seth frowned at that. "Not yet?" He asked. "Meaning, he did, eventually, and you still weren't ready?" Eric nodded. "Yeah." He said, lowly. "Everything had been going so great for us, until about six months later. During one of his football practices, Tom was having chest pains and collapsed, on the field, unconscious, during a practice run for a touchdown. I didn't even know about it, because I didn't find out about it, until a few days later, when Tom called me, after getting out of the hospital. He said he wanted to see me, so I drove to his apartment, which he now had, after getting a job, as a bartender. When I got there, He opened the door and I could see that he was upset about something, because he looked like he'd been crying. When he invited me in, I asked him what was wrong. That's when he told me that the doctor had told him that the reason that he was having chest pains and collapsed. on the football field was because he had developed a heart condition called "Myocarditis" which is an inflammation of the heart muscle. I asked Tom what that meant for him, and that's when he told me that he could no longer play sports, or work out heavily, or do any kind of strenuous activity that could cause his heart to give out on him. So needless to say, Tom was devastated, because that meant that all of his dreams, everything that he'd planned, for his future, was over. He wanted to play in the NFL and eventually become a football coach. And now, that was no longer an option for him." "Wow." Seth said. "That sucks for him." Eric nodded, as he stared out, into the fields. he wiped at a tear that had started to fall down his cheek. "That's when Tom started spiraling out of control." Eric said, trying to keep from losing his composure, since he was coming to the hardest parts of his story to tell. "He started to become depressed, and started drinking a lot to numb his pain, over losing his dreams. I tried to be there for him, and told him that he still had me, even if he'd lost out on his dreams of a career in the NFL. And that night was the night that I told him that I loved him, for the very first time. He started crying and broke down, in my arms. Then, the next thing I knew, we started kissing. And by this time, Tom didn't want to wait anymore. He wanted to have sex with me. And I told him that it still wasn't the right time. When he heard that, he got really upset with me and after that, he told me to get out of his apartment, so I left, even though I was incredibly hurt by how he treated me. After that, the more I visited with him, every day, the more and more he seemed to sink deeper into his depression. He started pushing me away and told me that I need to get on with my life and finish school and go on to college." Eric's tears were freely flowing now. "Eventually, Tom stopped answering my calls, wouldn't return my texts, and wouldn't even let me into his apartment whenever I wanted to see him. Not knowing what to do, I started confiding in one of my gay friends from high school. His name was Sam Lancaster. I was feeling rejected and alone, and Sam was there for me, when I needed a friend. I talked to him about Tom and about his situation, and his heart went out to me, and to Tom, for what he was going through. Sam was a good friend to me, but what I wasn't aware of was the fact that Sam had his own little crush on me. I didn't learn that until the day that Tom drove to my school to pick me up. Sam and I were talking, outside the school, and that's when Sam confessed to me that he had feelings for me and before I could process anything he was telling me, he just kissed me, out of the blue. I didn't know what to do, at first, but once I realized what was happening, all those feelings I'd been experiencing about being alone, and rejected took over, and I started kissing Sam back. That was the first time I'd been shown any affection since Tom shut me out. And unfortunately, Tom had driven by the school, to surprise me, and pick me up, and he saw Sam, and I, kissing. I didn't even know he was even there, until I heard squealing tires and then when Sam and I looked towards the road, we saw his car, speeding away. So, apparently, Tom was furious, after what he saw." Seth nodded. "It's not your fault." Seth said. "I understand that you were vulnerable. Tom was pushing you, away at a time when you felt that you needed him, just as much as he needed you. I can understand that." Eric nodded again. "Anyway, when I saw Tom's car speeding off, I said good-bye, to Sam, and got in my car and drove after him. When I got to his house, I opened the door and Tom was standing in the kitchen, with a bottle of whiskey in his hands. He was drinking straight from the bottle. And when I saw the pain, and the anger, in his eyes, I immediately felt so guilty for my part in kissing Sam. I asked Tom what he was doing at the school and he said that he'd missed me and he'd wanted to come and apologize for shutting me out the way that he had been. But when he got there, he saw me, kissing Sam and that it hurt him to see. Then he started shouting at me, accusing me of not loving him or wanting him anymore, which hurt me, to the core, because I loved Tom very much. I told Tom that I still loved him as much as I ever had. Then, once again, he asked me to prove it to him, by making love with him. And once again, I told him that I wasn't ready. When I did, he hit the roof and got all over me about that kiss, with Sam again. I asked him what was wrong with him and that he was acting like a jealous, insecure boyfriend. He asked me if I could blame him after what he saw and that I should be kissing, only him, and nobody else. I told him he was blowing it out of proportion, and that Sam has kissed me, and not the other way around. Tom then asked me why I kissed him back when I should have pushed him away..... Here, Eric paused, knowing he was reaching the most crucial part of the story and he had to be strong, in order to be able to tell it to Seth. "Don't stop, now, Eric." Seth urged him. "What happened next?" "Well," Eric said. "I wasn't just feeling guilty for my part in that kiss. I was also, feeling guilty, because I was starting to develop genuine feelings for Sam. He was the same age as me, and we had a lot more in common. Well, Tom then realized that I had feelings for Sam and he called me out on it. I begged him to believe me when I told him that my kiss with Sam didn't mean anything. And then...." "And then....what?" Seth asked, now riveted. Biting his lip, Eric was intent on finishing the story. "And then, Tom backhanded me, right in the face." Eric revealed. "He yelled at me not to lie to him and that my kiss, with Sam, didn't look like nothing." Seth's expression turned to shock. "Whoa!" He exclaimed, in disbelief. "He hit you?" "Yep." Eric said, seriously, eyebrows raised, as another tear slid down his cheek. "Hit me, in the face, so hard, I almost fell to the floor." Seth grimaced, as he clenched his jaw. "Bastard!" Seth cursed, looking away a moment. Eric sighed. "That's the first time Tom ever hit me, in our relationship, together. And when he realized what he'd done and saw what he did, to my face, he was horrified, and he told me that he was sorry." Looking back at Eric, Seth proceeded to ask him, his next question. "Ok, so he hit you, once." Seth said, then said. "Please, tell me he didn't hit you again, after that?" Eric didn't answer him. Instead he looked up into Seth's eyes. Seth could see the tears slide down Eric's face, at that moment. "Eric?" Seth asked. Eric, sniffing, just continued to stare at Seth, his cheeks still wet with tears. BACK AT THE LOMBARDO HOUSE *********************************** "What's going on, with Eric?" Deborah asked, as Rudy came into the house, with the basket of freshly laid eggs, he'd gotten from the chicken coop. "I don't know, Ma'am." Rudy said, looking confused. "We were talking to him about the farm chores and then, all of a sudden, he double over, clutching his chest, and was breathing really hard. And when Seth and I walked towards him, to try to help him, he told us to stay away from him, and then took off running. Seth told me to handle the farm chores, and ran after him." "Oh dear." Deborah said, the concern evident in her face. "He must be having an attack of anxiety or something. I'm sure Seth will be able to calm him down." "Let's hope so." Rudy then, then handed her the basket. "Here are the eggs." "Thank you, Rudy." Deborah said, accepting them. "Why don't you go ahead back out and get back to doing the chores, until Eric and Seth come back." "Yes, Ma'am." Rudy replied, respectfully. "And, I should let you know that Amy will be here, shortly. I called her and told her what happened, with Eric, and she said she'd be here, after she talked to one of her professors. She's worried about Eric, too." "Ok, I'll be on the look-out for her." Deborah assured him. "Go on, back out, Rudy." "Ok." Rudy replied, turning and walking back outside the house. Rudy walked into the barn to check on the horses. As he did, he looked inside the horse stalls and saw that there was horse manure in there, that needed mucked out and taken to the manure pile. "Well, it's a dirty job, but someone has to do it." Rudy said, as he grabbed a nearby shovel and got ready to start cleaning on Eli's stall, first. Since he was the bigger horse, he made the most mess. Rudy also grabbed a wheelbarrow, that was sitting, nearby, and sat it near the door to the horse stall. He started shoveling the manure into the wheelbarrow, when he heard a car horn, honking, as it approached the house. Knowing that it was Amy, he stopped what he was doing and walked out of the barn to greet her. Amy got out of Eric's car and shut the door. She started walking up towards the house, just as Rudy came out of the barn. "Well, good morning." Rudy said, walking over to her. Amy smiled. "Good morning to you, too." Amy replied back, to him. Rudy leaned down and kissed her, wrapping his arms around her waist. Amy threw her arms around Rudy's broad shoulders, returning his kisses. When they pulled back, Amy looked into Rudy's eyes. "Where's Eric?" Amy asked him. "Have he and Seth come back, yet?" "No, not yet." Rudy said, to her. "Eric ran up the trails, towards the fields, and Seth went after him. They've been gone for quite a while." Amy looked at Rudy, her face filled with worry. "You think we should go check on them?" She asked him. At that moment, Deborah came out of the house, hearing Amy's last question. "Good morning, Amy." Deborah greeted her. "It's nice to see you again." "Good morning, Deborah." Amy said, to her. 'It's nice to see you again, as well." "Don't worry about Eric, Honey." Deborah told her. "I'm sure Seth is with him, right now, helping calm him down. Why don't you come in and have some breakfast? You must be hungry." "Famished, actually."Amy said. "I'd love some breakfast. Thank you." "Actually, Deborah, would you mind if I joined you two?" Rudy asked. "Until Seth and Eric come back?" Deborah and Amy looked at each other, and Deborah smiled. She knew Rudy had it bad, for Amy and she knew Amy really liked him, too. "I'm sure I can make an exception, just this once." Deborah told him, then pointed a finger at him. "But, just until the boys come back. Then, it's back to doing the farm chores. Understood?" Rudy beamed. "Yes, Ma'am." He said, cheerfully, looking back, at Amy, who was smiling at him. "Come on, let's go in." Deborah said, and motioned for Rudy and Amy to go inside the house. Amy went in, first, followed by Rudy, and then Deborah went in, behind him, shutting the door, to the house, tight. BACK IN THE FIELDS **************** "Eric, please tell me that Tom didn't hit you, again?" Seth begged Eric. Eric looked at Seth and saw that he looked absolutely terrified of what Eric's answer would be. He could see from the look in Seth's eyes, how much Seth really cared for him. Eric looked away, as he wiped at his face, trying to clear it of the tears, but it was futile since more tears replaced the ones he wiped away. "Well," Eric started saying. "After he told me that he was sorry for hitting me, that's when I knew, right then and there, that I couldn't be with Tom, anymore. As much as I loved him, I wasn't about to stay with a man, who would abuse me like that. So, I told him that, that was the first time he hit me, and that it was also the last time. When he asked me what that meant, that's when I told him that it was over and that I was leaving. I started walking to the door....." Eric paused, pursing his lips together, tightly. Then he finished what he was going to say as his mind flashed back to that memory. ".....and that's when he grabbed me." <<FLASHBACK>> "Do not walk away from me!" Tom yelled. "I'm not done with you, yet!" "OW!" Eric cried out, as he felt Tom's grip tighten around his very skinny arm. "LET GO OF ME!" "NOT UNTIL YOU LISTEN TO ME!" Tom shouted, angrily. "YOU ARE NOT LEAVING ME! WE ARE NOT OVER, SO YOU JUST GET THAT THROUGH YOUR HEAD, RIGHT NOW!!" Eric's face was contorted in pain, as Tom's grip around his arm, was getting so tight, it felt like Tom was about to break the bone, in his arm. "STOP, TOM!" Eric cried, looking into Tom's eyes, in utter fear. "YOU'RE HURTING ME!!" Instead of letting go of him, Tom yanked Eric towards him and threw him, over to the couch. Eric fell against it and tried to turn around to make a getaway attempt, but Tom was already pushing him down, on the couch and pinned his arms down. Eric struggled against Tom's grip, trying to free himself, but given how much bigger Tom was than him, Eric was completely overpowered. "Let me make something clear to you, Eric." Tom said, in a very dangerously quiet sinister voice. "If you even think about trying to leave me, again....." Eric looked up into Tom's eyes, his fear increasing. His heart was pounding. He had no idea was Tom was going to do next. But all he knew was that it wasn't good. ".....I'll feed you to the wolves!" Tom finished, with an evil look in his eyes. <<END OF FLASHBACK>> "So, that's why you freaked out when Rudy and I mentioned wolves and coyotes, earlier." Seth said. "What happened next?" Eric continued, the memories, flashing through his mind as he told Seth, the final part of the story. "Well, after he said what he said, to me," Eric said, starting to sob. "I was trapped beneath him, completely powerless to do anything. It was then that Tom started to kiss my face and then my neck, and....." Seth's eyes widened. "No!" He said, feeling like he was going to lose his composure, any minute. "Eric, please tell me, he didn't...." Eric's eyes closed, and he started sobbing, immediately. "Seth, he wanted to have sex....right then and there! I told him, no, that I didn't want it this way......but he didn't listen to me! Eric said, in between sobs. "Oh, God!" Seth said, as he, tried to keep his composure. "He raped you?" Eric could only nod his head. He was crying so hard, he couldn't say any more. Seth put his arms around Eric and pulled him into his chest, holding him, close. "It's ok, Eric." Seth said, as a tear started sliding down his face. "I've got you, Baby. Just let it go. Let it all out. Get it all out of your system. And just know, that I've got you." Seth continued to hold Eric, while Eric cried his heart out. "Oh God, Seth, it was horrible!" Eric said, as he sobbed into Seth's chest.. "He went to turn me on my stomach, and that's when I tried to fight him off! And when I did, he lashed my face two more times, which took the fight completely out of me. And then he forced himself on me...and it hurt! It hurt so bad! He was really rough! And afterwards, he just got dressed and walked into the kitchen and finished drinking his booze, like nothing had just happened! And not long after that, he passed out, with his head on the table. All the while, I just laid there, and wanted to die. After Tom had passed out, I got dressed and left the house, without him knowing. That's how I got away from him." Seth's face contorted from pain, to anger, over what Tom had done to Eric. "What happened to Tom, after that?" Seth asked Eric. Eric lifted his head. His sobs had calmed down, enough, that he could talk again. "Well, after I went to the police and reported him for aggravated assault and rape, I was taken to the hospital, where I was examined, and also tested for HIV, since Tom didn't use protection when he raped me. The cops went and arrested him, that same night. After getting a sample of his DNA, which matched his DNA found on me...and within me, Tom pretty much lost everything else, along with his dreams of becoming an NFL pro football player. He lost his apartment, and he lost his job, as a bartender, at 'The Hollywood Men" nightclub." Seth's eyes bulged when he heard Eric mention that place. And not only that, when Eric had first mentioned Tom, who he was and where he went to college, as well as his description of Tom's looks, he'd been able to put the pieces together. "Oh my God!" Seth exclaimed, in disbelief. "Eric, are you telling me that Tom Anderson, who worked at 'The Hollywood Men" nightclub is the same Tom Anderson who you were dating, 5 years ago?" "Yeah." Eric said, to him, frowning. "Why?" Seth looked at Eric, knowing that what he was about to reveal to Eric was going to be a shocker. "Because 'The Hollywood Men" nightclub is where I worked, as a male stripper." Seth revealed. Eric's eyes widened. "What?!" Eric asked, in complete shock. "So, you're saying that you knew Tom Anderson?" "Oh yes!" Seth said, that angry expression coming back to his face. "I knew Tom very well. I worked many of the same nights that he was bartending. He used to hit on me, all the time, and he also would tip me, generously, and afterwards, he would always give my ass the usual squeeze. But of course, I was never offended because I was always used to the attention that my body got me, so I thought nothing of it, at the time. And he never squeezed my ass, more than one time, after tipping me." Eric rolled his eyes, and shook his head. "Ironic, isn't it?" He asked Seth. "What?" Seth asked. Eric looked up at him. "That if I hadn't been 17 years old, at that time," Eric said, to him. "we might have met each other, even sooner in our lives." Seth, with his eyebrows, raised, nodded, agreeing at the possibility of that. "I can see how that could have been possible." Seth said. "But, knowing now, what that bastard did to you, it makes me sick, now, to think that I ever let him touch me." "I know, right?" Eric said to him. "And it makes me sick that he only got sentenced to 5 years, in prison, for what did to me. I haven't seen him since he was sent to prison." Seth looked over at him. "Have you ever wanted to visit him?" He asked. Eric nodded. "Many times." Eric said. "But after what he did to me, I was afraid of him." As Seth looked at Eric, he saw a look of determination in his eyes that he'd never seen before. "After Tom went to prison, I went for counseling to help me deal with what he did to me. I took self defense classes, and started working out, with a fiery passion. And little by little, I started putting on, more muscle. I kept working at it, and I swore, after that, that I would never be a victim to Tom Anderson, or any abusive man, ever again." Eric pulled his shirt sleeve up, and flexed his right bicep muscle, while looking up at Seth. "Never again!" Eric said, his face, dead serious. Seth smiled, as he admired Eric's bicep and noticed the seriousness in his face. Then, he reached over and wrapped his hand, around Eric's bicep, while looking into Eric's eyes, nodding. "Never again." Seth said, softly. Eric smiled at him. Seth pulled Eric, into him, and gave him a gentle, kiss, on the lips. "You're not alone, anymore, Eric." Seth said. "You have me, now. I'll be your protector, if you'll let me." Eric smiled at Seth. His heart was filled with joy, whenever he was around him. Eric knew that he could trust Seth. "And I want you to know, Eric." Seth said, as he cupped Eric's cheek. "I would never hurt you the way that Tom did." "I know, Seth." Eric said, as he cupped his hand, over Seth's. "I trust you, with my life." Seth's beautiful smile came out, full force, once again, making Eric's heart skip a beat. He still couldn't believe that a man, as gorgeous as Seth, was interested in a guy like him. "Good." Seth said, putting an arm around Eric's shoulders. "Are you feeling better now?" Eric nodded. "I'm good." He said, looking at Seth. "Thank you, Seth, for everything." Seth nodded. "Come on." He said, standing up. "You ready to work now?" Eric stood up and looked up at Seth. When he did, he noticed that the sunrise was just starting and it was casting a warm, golden glow down on both of them. He noticed how the sunlight shined on Seth's face, illuminating his eyes, and face. "I sure am." Eric said, as he gazed at Seth. The two of them, stood there, just gazing at each other, in momentary silence. "You're so beautiful, Seth." Eric gushed. Seth chuckled, as his smile broadened. "What did I ever do to deserve you?" Eric asked him. Seth reached forward, laid his hand on Eric's hip and pulled him closer to him. "You allowed yourself to care for me." Seth said. "And put your trust in me. I think that, alone, is deserving enough." Eric smiled. Then Seth leaned towards him, and started kissing him again. As they kissed, Eric slid hi hands up to Seth's pecs and started squeezing them, eliciting a sexy satisfactory moan from Seth. "Fuck, yeah!" Seth moaned, closing his eyes. "That feels so good!" Eric leaned up and started kissing Seth's neck, as his hands started playing with Seth's delts, and triceps. "Eric," Seth said, his voice getting huskier. "Down, Tiger! We have work to get done." Eric sighed, as he pulled away from Seth and looked into his eyes. He could see the lust and desire within them. And he was sure Seth could see it in his, too. "I can't help it, Seth." Eric said, his breathing getting a little harder. "I look at you, sometimes, and I want you so bad. Like right now." Seth stared into Eric's eyes. His pecs tensed as he took in a breath. "You think it's any easier for me to look at you, right now, and not want to take you down, right here, in these grassy fields and let you have your way with me? My muscles are literally twitching right now, begging to be given attention. I want to be worshipped so bad, right now, I can taste it!" Here, Seth looked at Eric, and sighed, in disappointment. "But we can't, right now." Seth said. "Rudy and Amy could be on their way, looking for us. We can't be careless enough to allow our raging libidos to control us and risk us getting caught, in the act." "I understand." Eric said. "I guess I'll have to wait, until tonight to worship those Incredible muscles." "It will be worth the wait." Seth said. "Trust me." "I do, Seth." Eric said to him, smiling. "Come on, let's head back to the house." "Let's, go." Seth said, with a gorgeous smile, in his face. Seth put his arm around Eric's shoulders, and Eric's arm went around Seth's sexy V tapered torso, as they walked back towards the fence. Eric and Seth walked through the gate and Seth closed the gate to the fence, leading into the fields, and he and he and Eric, with their arms around each other, again, starting walking back down the trails, back to the house, where Deborah, Rudy, and Amy were waiting for them to return.
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    "Dude, you can hire me to freak out an ex-boyfriend, convince your boss to give you a vacation, take on a group of bullies you don't like, or just to sit on the sofa so you can grope these mountains. No matter what, man, the night's going to end with me causing you orgasmic joy. You can count on that."
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    When I want to seal the deal.
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    "Some people say I'm too old to be a hustler. Then, I take off my shirt and they immediately fork over some dough."
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    "I love how you are brave enough to hire me to come to your office. The secretaries loved my outfit."
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    "See, kid, I told you I could pass for a college student - even though I'm almost twenty-seven. So, your friends impressed with your boyfriend? Am I being cocky enough? This is fun. I hope your daddy's money doesn't run out soon, I like playing your dream man."
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    "It's your hour, dude. I'll dress any way you want me to."
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    "How about I do this at the party, mister. Will that be enough to impress your friends and make your ex jealous?"
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    "Okay, let me get this straight so I don't mess it up. You're paying me to help you come out to your parents in that big house right there. I'm supposed to play it up real butch, because your dad will be impressed, but I need to be sensitive, too, to win your mom over. And I'm supposed to flirt openly with your sister and brother. Did I miss anything?"
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    "I don't mind if you introduce me to people as your husband, if that kind of thing turns you on."
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    I loved how the little guys locked their doors - as if puny metal could keep me out. I decided to walk to the back of the truck to lift it so I could freak them out. I held one arm up, so they knew I was picking up the vehicle with one hand. With my free hand I grabbed the tailgate of the truck and ripped it off with one quick jerk, tossing it to the side and smiling at the occupants inside. Then, with just a mere flick of my hand I sent the back of the truck flying in the air and flipped it over.
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    Selected Don't struggle lad. Resistance is futile. I will not let you down, but rest assured, that I don't mean any harm. Will you just relax, while I carry you over my shoulder, to ... Huge? Yes, I know: My shoulders are huge. Yes, like an ultra-wrestler or a Hyper Guard. You watch ultra-wrestling shows a lot, don't you? How I know? Well, to begin with, you have spent most of your life in Area F. Ultra-wrestling shows are not particularly popular among earners in Area E or entertainers in Area B, and the shareholders in Area A are able to send for entertainment in a private setting, if they want to. I know. Not everyone in Area F, but you are not your Nan. Secondly, I abducted you because you have been selected, and the profile of the selected ones often includes a likeliness of watching ultra-wrestling, so that's why I know. Selected to what? I don't know if you have heard any of the rumours – there are so many rumours circulating out there: Some of them ... Sorry, I have to take care of this ... Yes, the lift descends. Illegal hideouts of criminals and the deserted underground are not the only things down there. Tell you? I have no obligations to tell you anything, sport, but if it makes it easier to undergo The Process, I am allowed to reveal a few basic facts. It's not like you would be able to tell anyone else, until you have undergone The Process yourself. Not want to? This is not a matter of what you want or not. It is a matter of what The Corporation deem you suitable for. You should be happy: After this, you will leave Area F, and you will no longer die of diabetes, obesity or cholera like all those other residents of Area F will probably do. A diet of Nutri-Cheap, surplus whitebread and soda isn't helpful in the long run, and hadn't it been for the free lunches at the Sikh gurdwara and the Catholic vegetable foodbanks, I wonder how people in Area F had survived at all. Sorry, I have to press these buttons, to ... So. Where was I? Stop hitting my back like that. It's useless. As you probably know, The Corporation owns all information about which TV programmes you watch and which websites you browse. Since your ability to spend on consumer goods is low, information about you and your neighbours is of course less valuable, than similar information about residents in Area B, C or E, but it may help the Board to decide if any consumer match the profiles for recruitment to earner-status, extended abortion (up to the seventy-second trimester), euthanasia in advance (from the age of 18) or selection to Processing. Kill you? No one will kill you. You have been selected for The Process. As I tried to explain earlier ... wait ... Sit down, and take your shirt off. I'll explain while I cut your hair. Just take your shirt off and sit down. No need to look surly. If it makes you feel better, I'll let you know, that I went through all the things you go through now. Yes, really. I grew up in Area F, too, and The Process saved my life. I don't give a fuck about how you prefer your hair. Sit. It has to go. Have you any favourite ultra-wrestlers? Stud Brawn? Yeah, lot's of people like him. What do you think about Mega-Mass? Yes. Yes. A lot of people say that about him. Now. What would you say, if I told you, that there's a reason why ultra-wrestlers and Hyper Guards look like they do? No, it's not just steroids. Conventional steroids alone wouldn't cause that level of mass, even on the genetically gifted, and have you noticed, that they are able to stay fat-free and with low water-retention 24/7 all the year round? Like these. Yes, I like my forearms, too. You're allowed to call it a miracle if you want to, but The Process is real, and The Corporation use similar, but not identical, versions of it on those who are selected. Some become Hyper Guards, other become ultra-wrestlers and some, like me, stay in the production line between Selection and Process. Have you ever heard those tales about the Ghost Van of Area F? Yeah. I grew up with the same stories. They have been around for awhile. Some ghost stories were probably around before Hyper Guards and ultra-wrestlers existed, and not everyone rumoured to have been taken by the Ghost Van where abducted for The Process, but a fair amount of those whose disappearance is blamed on the Ghost Van were probably brought away because the had been selected. Look in that mirror. Not so bad, is it? Buzzcut suits you. Don't blush. Legend says, that in the past, The Corporation selected subjects regardless of if the subjects feared The Process or if it was likely, that they would readily accept it, but the fear caused some subjects to die or become mentally damaged by the process. For a short while, The Corporations used surveys, but the candidates didn't answer the surveys truthfully. Today, selection is entirely automatic, and based on the psychological profile. The selection program wouldn't have selected you if it wasn't probable, that you would unconsciously cooperate with The Process. Follow me. Because I will give you the preparation treatment. Oh come on! You can shout at me all day, and deny that you want it, but that bulge in your trousers and your blush betray you. You are welcome. Some people have called me much worse things. This way. Yes, I know, but it's real. I'm not interested in that. This is just how The Corporation works. I'm not a shareholder, so why should I have an opinion? Someone need to keep people safe, and it's nice to watch a show, so both Hyper Guards and ultra-wrestlers are needed to keep The Corporation running. Keep dreaming. Wouldn't happen. This is how it is. Even if you had a choice, would you really want to return to that drone life with bad flats, unhealthy food, bad tapwater and street crime? Negative. Take it easy, or I have to force this needle. So. Nothing to worry about. Yes. That first reaction comes quickly, but it will feel even better within twenty minutes or so. Drink this. Still reluctant? Drink this and think of Stud Brawn. There you go! Feel good? Yeah. Most of the lads tell me that after their shot and their cup. I felt good, too. We are going to the Process Pod. Each of the selected enter their pod individually, and when their Process has begun they are connected to the collective network of the selected. Don't worry. You don't need to understand in order to undergo it. Just relax. Yes, I can hear you. Even when the lid is closed, I will hear your voice from the loudspeaker on the outside. Yes, it's good. Lots of selected units agree with you. Hard and horny? You're not the first. What did you say? That's because I'm moving your pod to the main hall. Easy. Easy, sport. You are bigger already, if you want to know. Just relax. The network will speed it up. You will join us. You will become one of us. Don't worry. You are allowed to enjoy it. Just relax. Connect to the network.
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    "I must not get angry. I must remember I'm not other men. I can rip steel apart and crush concrete. I could hurt someone. Do not get angry."
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    Chapter One "Good evening, gentlemen, and may I say before I begin how very kind and indeed a little unexpected it is to be addressing this evening. When I received the invitation to address this inaugural meeting of the British Archaeological Society, I did wonder whether or not there had been a spelling mistake and I was to address the British Physical Culturist Society, but no, the invitation was indeed to this august society and therefore enough though I must stick out like a sore thumb, I shall address you as if I were one of your own" There was a polite ripple of applause as the speaker opened his bag and pulled out the biggest lump of gold ever seen in England. It was at least a foot in all directions and as the speaker noted "is twenty four karat gold and weighs 1,204 lbs, and let me tell you I am glad that my bag managed to contain it" which prompted a chuckle from the audience and with that the speaker gave a polite cough and formally started his talk. "My name is Henry Cardigan, the seventh man to bear that name since the first Henry Cardigan, known as Henri de Ceredigion, in the seventeenth century. He was a Musketeer in the army of King Louis XIII and was said to have strength that matched or even rivalled the Titan, Porthos, himself. He disappeared in 1650 leaving no trace, save his son, Christophe. Since then there have been five other Henry's all of whom have excelled at some aspect of strength. The second Henry Cardigan was said to be the strongest man in all of France, the third was said to be stronger that Paul Bunyan, the fourth was formally declared the strongest man in England by Louis Stevenson, the fifth, my grandfather, was the first man to pull a steam locomotive and the sixth, my father, was formally declared to be the most powerful man in the world by none other than Sir Arthur Conan Doyle himself. Therefore you might look at me and wonder why I am talking to an archaeological society and not to the physical culture society founded by Mr. Sandow. Gentlemen, the picture I am about to show you was taken two years ago, in 1920, and despite appearances is me" and with that the speaker raised a photograph and gasps emerged. "Gentlemen" announced the speaker, who stood nearly seven feet tall, "that was me two years ago" Because both myself and @GymJunkieMuscle are in the same boat at the moment (both under a government ordered lockdown to prevent the spread of Covid-19 in our communities, I decided the best way to support him was to join his Patreon and asked if he wouldn't mind illustrating a story. He didn't seem to object and so am giving him carte blanche to take this photo (taken for a virtual cosplay competition) and go to town as much as he likes to turn it into the descriptions that will appear in this story.
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    "i'm double your age, son, and double your size. Life is good."
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    Don't be fooled, dude. He's not taking them over there to lift. He's going to rip them apart with his hands. I think he expects you to watch.
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    "Heard you guys talking about how older men can't really get that big. I'd like to respectfully disagree."
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    "Trust me, man . . . I'm good at foreplay."
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    "You can't back out now, dude, my pants are undone."
  42. 6 points
    "I'm feeling so jacked I'm going to have to punch a building off its foundation."
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    "If you're into that sort of thing, I could lift it with one arm for you. You know, if that would turn you on."
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    "I'd offer you a face massage, but I don't want you to end up looking like you were beaten up."
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    When he says, "It's time to floss, son."
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    Here's a "hustler" for you, Londonboy!
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    "I don't know why I even compete, anymore. Everyone is so small and weak. I feel like the sun surrounded by little planets."
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    "Wait for it, fellas," I said as I crossed my arms. Suddenly, the remains of their truck came crashing to the ground with a loud bang. The four of them jumped at the sound and the sight of a demolished truck screaming down to earth. "I told you not to mess with me. Here's your chance to walk away or would you like to end up like your truck?"
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    Chapter 2: One week had passed since Stephan and Ophelia were infected, but their progress couldn't have been more different. Stephan and Armageddon Sr were getting along well. They worked together. They helped one another. They're minds aligned a lot. Both were trouble makers, and both were so excited of what they could do in each others hands. To their credit they would often go through various forms of training. Combat, teamwork, and physical augmentation. As Armageddon had guessed, Stephan wanted to grow stronger more then anything else, and that did mean physically more then any other area. Together they worked on growing his body, forcing the blood to expand him, and grow different areas. It was not so easy as may have been thought, but together they grew him a few inches taller in the week. Even beyond that he was beginning to fill out a build, comparable to that of a swimmer. Meanwhile Ophelia was having a very different experience. Armageddon Jr spent his time bullying her, berating her, and ultimately attempting to control her. As Stephen had said, she was not mentally very strong, and Armageddon broke her down easily. With every session of taunting he gained more control over Ophelia, and it showed in how he manifested. Armageddon Jr towered above Ophelia in a mass of pitch black mass. Even still the vascularity was clearly visible, giving the impression this manifest of black blood had blood himself. It was interesting to see the scale at which both Armageddon's grew. Sr grew slowly, as his and Stephan's relationship grew, whereas Jr grew by leaps and bounds every day. By the time Stephan called for Jr to join him for something, Jr easily could raise himself up higher out of Ophelia then Ophelia herself was tall, and was just as wide in the shoulders as that. He was completely filled in with so much muscle no human could ever hope to obtain those proportions. Jr, true to his name, reveled in being larger then his "parent" and laughed as he looked down at the other 2. "Morning pipsqueaks. What's so important you had to drag me out? I was just telling Ophelia how worthless she was, and going through her childhood diary. You should hear about the time she asked this guy out, and he publicly announced to everyone about how she would never find anyone to be with, and she is still single." Jr laughed very hard as Ophelia shed a tear, and Jr thumped with more power. Stephan chuckled a little, but stopped after a second. "Armageddon, I'm glad you like the sacrifice I have offered you. But you know what. You have done so well with her, I think you deserve more to work with." Jr's face twisted in confusion, but Stephan took him into the living room with him. Just before entering he asked both Armageddon's to retreat for now, to which they obliged. As Stephan and Ophelia walked in, 30 various people were sitting around the room. Stephan took that opportunity to walk up in front of them and address them. "Good morning, ladies and gentleman. As you know, I have invited you all here to host a help meeting. You all are addicts to various things. Alcohol, drugs, gambling, etc. We are here to help... in a way. Essentially the reason you are here for this meeting is because your minds are often too weak to fight the voices in your head. I am however afraid to tell you all that sadly, I have not come here to help your issue." Everyone looked around quite confused and nervous. With that Stephan walked amidst them and Armageddon emerged from his back. Stephan brought his hands in close to him, and just as people began to scream, Stephan Shove his arms to the sides, and Armageddon oozed out along the ground in a line to each person, and then ran up them in tendrils and veins, all in the space of a half second. Everything froze except for Ophelia as Jr emerged from her back to stare in wonder at the scene. From his pose, Stephan turned his head over to look at Jr, and opened his eyes to reveal pure black voids in their place. Stephan's mouth made words, but the voice was neither his, nor Sr's. It was some amalgamation of the 2 echoing off of each other. "Listen here Armageddon. You are doing well, and will continue to do well, but here me now. If you simply consider this type of growth to be the only kind worthwhile, you will perish. One day, you will need me, because despite all you have you will remember that I am powerful as well. Don't forget that." Two heartbeats later, the veins that were holding all the people in place pulsed again and again. It was as if time started as everyone began to scream in pain as black blood flooded their bodies. Armageddon Jr had been a little afraid of Stephan's speech, but now laughed at the scene coming out before him, and about the mastermind plan that was unfolding. Stephan eventually broke his pose and the lines that had shot out from him retreated back and Armageddon Sr, formed once more from him. Sr looked very pleased with himself but very tired, but Stephan congratulated him, though Jr was unsure how they could carry a conversation amidst this chaos. Now that Sr had retreated, the people were running, hiding, screaming, talking to themselves. One person had retreated to a corner and was hugging herself and rocking back and forth, all with black blood vessels clear on their bodies. After a minute the first new Armageddon emerged, and this was the catalyst to more and more bursting out. All huge, identical, and ripped as Jr had been at first creation. All looked around, confused and excited to see all of their brethren. With that Stephan looked over at Jr, this time with his usual hazel eyes. "Armageddon, these are not your brothers, these are pieces of you. Join together with them into one great being." Jr looked so confused. "Wait, what are you saying?" Stephan looked over as it dawned on Sr what Stephan was saying. "Why can you only control one person at a time? You are blood, they are blood. Combine yourselves." Ophelia whimpered at the idea and Jr saw what she was thinking of, and he licked his lips. The other Armageddons had heard what Stephen had said and had gathered their humans together by whatever means necessary. Jr looked over all 30 of his smaller counterparts and they all looked at him expectantly. With that he walked Ophelia into the center of them, and all the Armageddons melded together. At first it was just a large blob, but suddenly the group of humans felt a large force pull them in closer. The black form was still supported from their backs, and after a minute it began to take shape. A solid round core of abs and obliques formed above the humans, and just above that muscle burst out from all sides. Pecs, lats, and back muscles ballooned out from the core, all displaying hills and valleys where one muscle ended and another started. Two large, heavy arms burst from the ever more defined mass. Each one bigger then any given person below the black beast. Veins streaked along every inch of the arms, from the defined strong fingers up the bulbous bicep and even across the massive tricep head behind it. Traps began rising up higher and higher out of the top of this monster. Finally After everything had formed and solidified, a normal sized Armageddon head popped out in front of the traps. He seemed to take himself in, as did Stephan and Armageddon Sr. Jr was huge. All the humans below him took that opportunity to move out a little and look up at the creature attached to them. Jr saw all of them and could feel their thoughts of fear. It felt like a rush to him, and he flexed. He reached down and picked up one of the men who was proving more resilient to his imposing figure. It only took one arm to bring him up to his face. "Listen little shit. I own you now. You can resist me, I'm fine with that, but know that I will broke you down. I will make your five times through rehab withdrawal look like the happiest day of your life. You get a choice. You can let me have my way and listen to me, or I can get... creative." The man's face sunk, as did several others in the group at the implication of what that meant for them. Jr felt their hopelessness feed him more. It pumped him bigger and bigger, and he even noticed a residual effect as his captives noticed the size increase and lost even more hope. His arms extended longer and more so even thicker and stronger. His chest pumped out, taking up more of his view but he felt his back expand as a counterbalance. He couldn't help but laugh at the sheer power he felt, and looked over at Stephan and Armageddon Sr. "Boys... This is... I have never felt this good. It's amazing. Join me." Jr's giant hand reached out to them. Armageddon Sr began to reach out subconsciously, until Stephan grabbed his wrist. "That's fine Armageddon. We are glad you are excited, but I don't want to become one of your slaves. We have other priorities in mind. You will appreciate them in time I think, but please, let me be me. If not for my benefit, please do it in thank you for bringing you these people and this idea." Sr looked down at Stephan, incredulous. "Boy, you have wanted nothing more since day one then strength. You go to great lengths to create this powerful creature, and he offers you assistance, and you say NO?!" Stephan laughed. "You think he was going to let me be in control? He wanted me to be another drone to feed him. That's not what I need." Jr laughed and nodded his head. "He's not wrong, but then ask me this. Why give me all this strength when you are the one who wants it?" With that Stephan grinned. "I have a plan, and you play front and centre." With that Stephan dropped his mental barriers he had kept from Sr. Sr saw Stephan's vision in full for the first time. He went wide eyed. "HAHAHA My boy. That's risky. It's bold. I love it!" Jr looked on in confusion, like a child who couldn't understand what his parents were talking about. "I can't say I understand, but it's fine I guess. I'm benefiting after all. But can I at least know what your plan for me is?" Stephan's eyes lit up with both the Armageddon's accepting his plan. "Well Jr. Think of it this way. 30 people is just the beginning..." The humans attached to Jr gulped, and Jr moaned as he felt another wave of power surge into him, as he began to fill the room even more, nearing the ceiling. He couldn't help but laugh at the thought of multiplying in strength, and Stephan and Sr laughed with him.
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