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    This chapter sees the return of a few familiar faces; Mark Green, the local muscle monster daddy and regional bodybuilding champion from Scorpio's who AJ introduced to Noah and called "the bodybuilder version" (gentle/shy) of him and also Liam "The Guns" Watson. Liam was mentioned earlier on in the story and was the bodybuilder featured in my "Have You Seen These Posing Trunks?" story. Anyone who read that one might recognise the posing trunks he's wearing! Thirty One “OK, lads, you’re all signed in. Here are your backstage passes!” OH FUCK! Yep. This is happening. This is actually fucking happening! My head felt like it was going to explode when a guy at the venue of the bodybuilding show handed me and AJ each a backstage pass on a bright orange lanyard. I looked at AJ, who was giving me a mischievous, knowing smirk with a wide eyed look. He knew exactly what this meant to me, and how both excited and admittedly pretty nervous I must have been feeling in that moment. I wrapped the lanyard around my neck and followed AJ, still in shock and disbelief at what was happening. That I, Noah Cook, who’d been fantasising about huge, shredded, competition conditioned muscle freaks since about the age of fifteen, was going backstage at an actual bodybuilding show with my actual bodybuilder boyfriend. “Hmmm. I wonder how Mark’s looking?” AJ mysteriously said. I shot him a confused look. “Oh, I forgot to tell you. Scorpio’s resident muscle monster Mark Green is competing!” HOLY FUCKING HELL! “Ready to see the bodybuilder version of you in shredded, competition condition?” AJ asked me. I bit my lip and grinned, internally melting at the reference to one of our old Facebook conversations. I suddenly recalled the day AJ had sent me a picture of local monster Mark Green, in all his bald, monstrous, daddy-esque glory, cranking out a most muscular on stage in his shiny purple posers. It felt like such a long time ago, even though it hadn’t been. So much had happened between me and AJ since that day. I don’t think anything could have really prepared me for what it would be like to be stood in a pump room backstage at a bodybuilding show. It was like I’d slipped into one of the videos I watched on YouTube, which usually resulted in me blowing a huge load into my undies. Everywhere I looked I saw huge, bronzed, shredded muscle freaks in tiny, colourful posing trunks. FUCK! Some were getting tanned up, some just standing around, some were pumping up with weights and a couple were even flexing and hitting poses (JESUS CHRIST)! I didn’t know where the fuck to look. I’m sure I must have looked like a rabbit in headlights. AJ, meanwhile, seemed to be getting a kick out of seeing my reaction as he was looking at me with this cheeky, knowing grin on his face. Not only were the sights amazingly horny and surreal, but the whole room had this unique kind of energy. I could just feel the testosterone, heat, power and attitude which came from being in a room full of assorted, superhuman muscle monsters who’d pushed their bodies to unthinkable limits, and who just wanted to flex and pose and show off what indecently muscular freaks they’d become. I’m sure I even noticed a few familiar faces amongst the competitors. I may have even wanked off over one or two of them in the past. And then, a man I very much recognised came waddling up to AJ and I. All 6’3, two hundred and fifty plus pounds of him. A man I’d met about a month ago in Scorpio’s Gym back home, and was now shredded to fuck and wearing nothing but a pair of shiny purple posing trunks. Presumably the same ones from the picture AJ had cheekily sent me over Facebook all those weeks ago. Mark Green gave AJ a friendly squeeze on his shoulder as the two of them began to converse in conversation. All the time I just couldn’t stop staring at the mountain of shredded, tanned muscle I was suddenly inches away from. His tits were fucking HUGE. Just two thick plates of bronzed pec muscle hanging off his frame. Meanwhile, his shredded, wonky shaped abs protruded from his stomach and his ridiculously thick arms had these freakish veins running up and down them. Even his shiny purple posers were insanely hot close up. “Mark, remember my mate, Noah, from Scorpio’s?” OH GOD! “Oh, hey, mate!” Mark said casually. I couldn’t speak. I was just completely transfixed on the thick, shredded, competition conditioned muscle mass before me. I feebly nodded, and AJ shot me an amused, knowing grin. “Super Heavyweight competitors! All Super Heavyweight competitors! Can you queue up to hit the stage please?” announced a loud voice. “That’s me, mate!” Mark announced. “Good luck up there, dude!” AJ said. Mark gave me a friendly nod and then waddled off to the other end of the pump room, his shiny purple posers barely covering even a third of ginormous sized glutes. Jesus CHRIST! AJ was just continuing to smirk at me. I playfully shook my head at him. “Shut it, you!” I quietly said, while grinning back. A well built but fully clothed man wearing a similar lanyard to the one around my neck walked up to us, introduced himself as Larry and thanked AJ for agreeing to guest pose at the show. Apparently AJ would be hitting the stage in about half an hour, after the Super Heavyweight competitors had finished their prejudging round. “Do you wanna use the tanning tents, AJ?” Larry asked. “Can my friend come with me?” AJ asked. My chest expanded. Oh fuck. Was I about to help my cute, bodybuilder boyfriend tan up before he went out on to a bodybuilding stage? “Sure!” Larry replied, casually. Answer: yes, I bloody was. FUUUUCKKK!! AJ shot me a wide eyed look as Larry led us to the tanning tents. I didn’t really have time to form much of a picture in my mind of where we were heading. It all happened so quickly. But I presumed I was about to witness a bunch of shredded muscle monsters standing in some tenets getting sprayed with bronzed competition tan. What I hadn’t expected to be faced with, almost the second we entered the area, was a bodybuilder with his back to us, and his gigantic sized arse on full, naked display. FUCKING HELL! It became apparent that not even posing trunks were common attire when getting spray tanned for a bodybuilding show. Some of the lads were wearing these sort of paper-like black posing pouches with ridiculously thin straps which looked like they were made from a bin bag. Other competitors were just were stark bollock naked, with their arses on show and clutching their dicks with their hands. I wondered whether AJ was about to get naked too. I was about find out, because his bag was on the floor and he was removing his t-shirt and then his gorgeous, thick pecs and blocky abs, which looked just a little more shredded than they’d been earlier in the week (FUCK!) were suddenly on full display. Then AJ took his trackies off and he was standing in nothing but a pair of crisp white, tight fitted boxer shorts, which contrasted with his already tanned skin. I didn’t know what AJ had done during the previous few days leading up to the competition, but he looked fuller and more pumped than ever. I wasn’t sure whether it was being in the setting of a pump room at a bodybuilding show, but there was a definite air of cockiness about AJ. I could tell he was getting a kick out of the whole thing. Meanwhile, I couldn’t help but feel a buzz from seeing AJ’s body in a public setting. Even though I’d seen that body a dozen times before in the weeks leading up to the show. Been intertwined with it. Cuddled up to it. Done things to it that no one else had ever done before. I had no idea what AJ’s next move would be. Was he really about to get naked in a room full of strangers? Granted, strangers who were all very busy either getting their freakishly muscular, competition ready bodies tanned up, or the lucky buggers doing the tanning. AJ turned around and reached into his bag, pulled something out, and starting playing with his boxers. What the fuck?! Then he turned back to me face me again and my heart jumped into my throat when he pulled down his underwear to reveal he was wearing nothing but a black sock over his cock. I looked at him wide eyed, both amused and shocked. It was such a cute, but also fucking horny image. AJ in a public setting, wearing nothing but a sock covering his cock. Ready to be tanned up by me. All the while, he had this mischievous, smug grin on his face. The cocky little bugger. I followed him to a free tanning tent, and when he spun around I swear I fucking blushed, because there it was; AJ’s big, beefy, gorgeous arse on full, outrageous, naked display, for everyone in the tanning area to ogle at. Fucking GRRRRR! Several weeks ago I was checking out that arse bulging out of AJ’s Tesco work trousers, and now here I was, watching it bounce and jiggle in all its naked glory as I followed him to a tent where I was about to tan him up in preparation for stepping on to a bodybuilding stage. AJ stood in the tanning tent, and I started to do my job. It was such a fucking rush. Not only was I backstage at a bodybuilding show surrounded by the kind of competition conditioned muscle freaks I’d spent years blasting loads over, some of them fucking naked as they got tanned up, but I was inches away from one very such bodybuilder, who was wearing nothing but a sock crazily covering his dangly bits. It was insane how much AJ’s body transformed as I worked the spray tan over his physique. His abs become more shredded, the lines in his quads became more prominent. FUCK! I literally watched him transform into the tanned up muscle freak whose photo I’d wanked off over just a few months before. Only a little less shredded. It was so insanely fucking erotic. Not least of all when AJ spun around and I was suddenly faced with the task of tanning up his bare naked arse. I kept wondering whether people were looking at me, and could tell from my flustered face that my feeling towards the bodybuilder I was tanning up were not exactly platonic. All the time I was tanning him, AJ had this smug grin on his face. He was absolutely fucking loving it. When we were done, the transformation from lightly tanned AJ to competition bronzed AJ was so extreme that I actually started to feel a little shy in his presence. And as if he hadn’t looked hot enough, AJ then fetched his shiny, lime green posing trunks out of his bag and put them on, removing the sock once he’d buried himself in the pouch. Just to complete the look which literally turned me on more than any other image in the world. FUCK! I didn’t even care that he wasn’t wearing the new, hot pink posers I’d gifted him earlier that day, even though in the lead up to show there had been a part of me that had been wondering if, even hoping that, he would be brave enough to wear them on stage. “Hey, I’ll be on soon! You should head out to the theatre!” the fully tanned up, posing trunk wearing version of AJ said. My stomach tightened. I had known that at some point I was going to be sat alone watching the bodybuilding show, but I still felt nervous at the prospect of doing so. I nodded at AJ and he could clearly sense my apprehension. “You gonna be okay?! I would come out but, I’m not sure they’d let me looking like this!” he said, giving me a cheeky grin. I couldn’t help but giddily grin. “I’ll text you in a bit!” he told me, with smirking mischievously. And so I left my fully tanned up bodybuilder boyfriend in his shiny, lime green posing trunks in the pump room and headed out to take my seat at my very first bodybuilding show. One of the things I had always feared about going to one such competition was that people would be giving me strange looks, and wondering what a slim built guy like me was doing at such an event. Making my way through the seating though, I realised those fears were completely ridiculous. Not only because half of the audience seemed to be regular sized, non muscle freaks, but because I was suddenly questioning who the fuck would look at, or pay any attention to little old me when there was a bunch of shredded muscle freaks on stage flexing in tiny, shiny posers? FUCK! As I took my seat next to a rather hot, meathead looking guy, who paid absolutely no attention to me whatsoever, the commentator called for the five competitors at the front of the stage to hit a front double bicep pose in a strong Yorkshire accent. I watched in awe and amazement as ten huge, bronzed biceps blew up on stage and from one of the competitors, came a loud audible grunt. FUCKING HELL! As I studied the tan drenched muscle freaks more closely, I suddenly realised I was very familiar with more than one of them. Standing second from the left was Liam “The Guns” Watson, an absolutely gorgeous British muscle bull, famous for his insanely sized biceps, wearing a pair of the shiniest bright blue posing trunks imaginable. And right next to him, smack bang in the middle of the line up, was the man I’d chatted to backstage not half an hour before. Scorpio’s resident muscle monster daddy Mark Green looking bigger, freakier and even more shredded under the hot, bright lights of the stage. It was when the bodybuilders were instructed to hit a front lat spread that I realised who was responsible for the earlier grunt. None other than Liam “The Guns” Watson, who hit his front lat spread with a similar loud noise. I had always wondered whether I’d get a hard on in the setting of a bodybuilding show, sitting in a theatre packed full of strangers. I now knew the answer and it was a resounding yes. My dick was clearly hard wired to become erect whenever I saw such images of freaky muscle. No matter where I was or who was around me. Just as the commentator called for the bodybuilders to hit a side chest pose, my phone vibrated in my pocket. My heart fluttered and I grinned excitedly. Because I knew straight away who it was. “Have you spunked in your undies yet?” I bit my lip to suppress a chuckle and dreamily gazed at AJ’s text on my phone. “Hehe! No but I genuinely think I might do in a minute! Liam “The Guns” Watson keeps grunting with every bloody pose!” I replied. AJ sent through an emoji. The little monkey covering his mouth, followed by a message. “Want me to have a word with him backstage? Oi! Watson! Stop trying to make my boyfriend cum in his pants. That’s MY job!” And then he sent through the AJ emoji. I wanted to melt. It was the first time either of us had actually used the word boyfriend. “Hehe!! Are you excited about going on stage?” I typed. “Hell yeah!! But a little nervous too!” And then AJ sent the blushing face with eyes wide open emoji. I had the overwhelming urge to run backstage just so I could give him a big hug, before running back to my seat, probably with bronzed competition tan all down the front my clothes. “Awwww! Baby! You’re gonna be awesome!” I typed. “You look fucking INSANE tanned up by the way!” Three dots. “Hehe! I thought it might have freaked you out? You went all quiet on me!” “NO! Sorry! I was, erm…just struggling a bit!!” And then I sent the blushing face emoji. “Haha! GRRRRRR!! Can’t wait to flex for ya later!” I started typing, but another message came through. “By the way, I usually feel really horny when I’ve come off stage!” JESUS FUCKING CHRIST!! I started typing again but he sent another message. “Shit! They’re calling me! Gotta go!” “OMG!! Eeeeek! Good luck!” I messaged. “And your final pose, lads,” the commentator called. “Most muscular!” “EURGGHH! ARRGGHH!!” HOLY FUCK!! My hard on juddered as Mark Green, Liam Watson and three of the other biggest monsters in the competition belted out their crab most musculars, Liam releasing his loudest and most outrageous groan yet, and a few of the other lads joining in with the grunting. “And that concludes the prejudging, folks!” As all of the bodybuilders made their way off the stage, my chest tightened and my stomach twisted in knots, because I knew exactly what was coming next. “Right, folks, we have the first of our guest posers this afternoon. This young fella won his regional juniour bodybuilding category back in May. He’s come all the way down from a town called Little Denton to be with us today. Please put your hands together and give some support to AJ Jones.”
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    Well, I'm back. Tho I'm still trying to figure out why I traded in a castle and warm, sandy beaches for the soul-sucking snow. It was an interesting trip- shared a few drinks with a flirty 'Gaston', worked on some writing projects, swam with the dolphins, joined the 'Dark side' of the force. Honestly, if the last part surprises you, you should probably spend a little time getting to know me more. 😉 Anyways, just posted 'Part 3 of The Price of Milk.' Part 4 to follow shortly but then I'll be taking a little break. Don't worry though, I plan to upload a bunch of mini shots the first of December. So enjoy! 💋Rose
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    If someone can't, they aren't worthy to worship me or get fucked by me.
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    This is a story I wrote a while back when I first got into lifting in college and was reading stories on Metabods. It's inspired by my first favorite story of muscle growth - Captain America. Synopsis Two young men sign up for a top secret super-soldier program. But are they aware of the magnitude of genetic enhancement? SOLDIERS OF M.E.N. PART 1 Pinned! Cliff locked down him opponent on the wrestling mat, panting heavily as sweat ran down his neck. Brock struggled against his weight, but it was no use. Cliff's lock was too strong, and he had the advantage of being the heaviest for his weight class, albeit a mid-ranged one. Nonetheless Cliff maintained absolute focus in asserting his position, despite this just being a practice match. "Cliff!" shouted coach, making haste towards his mat. "It's four o' clock!" Cliff's green eyes widened under the shade of his thick brown shag of hair. He hadn't taken them off Brock's. "Good match bro," he said, releasing his hold and helping Brock after getting up himself. Sweat dripped from hit pits down his now vertical arms, significantly pumped, but by no means as large as the bigger guys' on the team. His chest heaved up and down as he caught wind. "Better hurry Cliff - that meeting you've been raving about all week is coming up and you haven't even showered. You wanna make a good impression, right man?" said Brock. "You know it dude; been waiting all month for this," shouted Cliff as he grabbed his towel and ran out the door. With quickened stride, towel over shoulder, Cliff made his way down the athletic hall of Rockwell High. He was on his way to the locker room, but had to make one last stop before showering. He took a sharp right into the pool room, entering at the highest point on the bleachers. He squinted his eyes (he knew he needed glasses) and looked for his friend Lucas, a natural on the swim team. He spotted his uncapped dirty blonde hair moving from one end of the pool to the next. Lucas was doing butterflies, his best stroke while competing. "Lucas!" shouted Cliff, "It's time bro!" As Lucas reached the end of the pool he grabbed the edge and, removing his goggles, looked up at Lucas with his ocean blue eyes. "Dude, it's four already?" he shouted back. "Yeah man, let's get a move on! I'm not gonna be late cause of your slow ass!" jested Cliff. And it was a joke; everyone knew Lucas was the fastest swimmer in the school. This was something Cliff was somewhat envious of. Although they competed in different sports, and Cliff was by far the alpha of his weight class, he was never big enough to be superior to the heaviest guys on the team. He was in good shape, but not the right shape. He always wanted to be bigger, better, stronger, huge. Lucas was the best at his sport, the fastest of anyone in Rockwell. The 18 year old seniors both wanted to leave a mark in their hometown. Cliff made his way to the locker room and started taking off his uniform. Entering shortly after him was Lucas, wearing his tight speedo. The chlorine smell permeated the room; Lucas hadn't bother to dry himself before showering. The water streamed down from his dirty golden locks, face, and torso, then following the ridges that outlined his notable six pack and V right into his speedo. His thumbs fit through on each side of the V as he slid it off with ease. His package, now freed, swung freely. Both Lucas and Cliff were well endowed with above average cocks, but each would assert his own was bigger than the other's. The boys made their way to the shower heads, turning up the heat and letting the room fill up with steam. "How'd you do today bro?" asked Lucas. "Pinned every single guy in my weight class today man. It felt fucking incredible." Cliff shampooed his hair, his triceps extending as he lifted his arms above his head. On the way down he gave his pecs a nice flex; they worked hard today. "Damn dude, you must be pretty fucking pumped for this seminar!" asserted Lucas, twisting his obliques to scrub his back. His already apparent abs cut deeper as he made the turn. That was Cliff and Lucas for you. Cliff had the chest and Lucas had the abs. Cliff had the bulk and Lucas had the cut. Cliff had the power and Lucas had the speed. The two made a perfect team. "You know it! Fuck man, how long have we waited for this? It's been all year! Graduation is in a week; we're finally gonna get out of this place and do something with our lives." Rockwell was by know means a bustling place to be; barely anyone knew about the northern Midwest American small town that you couldn't even pin on a map. There was the school, some residences, the library-town-hall, a local grocer, a clinic, and the orphanage Cliff and Lucas had grown up at. If you happened to travel about 20 miles further north past the hardly functioning farms, you'd come across the Rockwell Military Base. But nobody ever went up there. Occasionally when waking up very early for practice, or staying up late at night playing video games, Cliff would see one or two military vehicles making their way down his road, which was on the direct route towards it. Once, just once, he took notice at an armored vehicle, led and followed by two armed convoy units, making its way to the compound. This was when he had stayed up as late as 4 a.m. The sight wouldn't have been particularly out of the ordinary if it hadn't been for one thing. Through his blurry vision and the dark of the early morning Cliff saw a hulking figure sitting in the back of the last convoy. Soldiers go through intense training, but this one looked much bigger than even the bulkier troops he'd seen. He had tried to get a better look, for he had always been envious and somewhat drawn to men who could achieve the size he had always wanted, but the convoy was quickly out of range of his sight. "Shit bro!" said Lucas, staring up at the clock. "It's almost five! Let's get going!" The boys twisted the water off and, still wet, squeezed into their clean clothes. PART 2 Cliff and Lucas sat next to each other, front row of the auditorium. On screen rolled the credits of a lengthy and empowering military video. Today was recruitment day: the day military personnel came to Rockwell High to recruit starry-eyed seniors into their ranks. The boys hearts were racing; they had lived vicariously through the struggles and triumphs of the brave men onscreen. There were no men they respected more; no other person they wanted to become. When they were young, Cliff and Lucas became friends at the orphanage when they discovered a mutual interest in G.I. Joe. Ever since then their love for the military had grown with their friendship. They knew if they were never adopted, they would enter adulthood together in arms. They were strong, but the military would make them stronger. "Bro, I'm riled up right now. I feel like my testosterone is through the fucking roof!" whispered Lucas to Cliff. Two men in uniform stood next to each other onstage. "So if anyone here is interested in becoming a real man, come see us outside the auditorium!" said one. With that, they exited the stage and the projector shut off, cutting off the credits. It didn't matter. Cliff and Lucas were already out of their seats rushing towards the lobby doors. They were first in line to sign up. Each one stood signing the papers in front of each of the two seated men. As 18 year olds they were free to do what they wanted; free to finally become men. As they flipped through the papers filling out their information and signing on the dotted lines, they came to a page requesting parental information. "Sir, what do we do for this page? My friend and I are orphans. Should we just put the name of the orphanage?" inquired Cliff. The man seated in front of him's eyes lit up. "That's fine. We actually have separate forms for that. You could fill them out now, but we actually like to speak more personally with orphans. There is a special opportunity for them that the military has set up. We'd be happy to tell you two more about it in private. Interested?" Cliff and Lucas shot a quick glance in each other's direction. From the look on each other's face they knew they didn't need to discuss a thing. "Yes sir!" --- The boys sat across the table from the two officers they had spoke to before, now in one of the school's private conference rooms. The officers had finished signing up the rest of Rockwell's future cadets and were ready to disclose their offer to Cliff and Lucas. "My name is Sergeant Steele," said the officer with black hair, "and this is Doctor Atlas," gesturing to the officer with blonde. "So you're not a soldier?" inquired Lucas to Doctor Atlas. "Not quite, but i have devoted years of service to the military. We brought you two here today to discuss an opportunity we rarely get to offer, as it is only available to orphans here in Rockwell." Sergeant Steele continued. "Let's be blunt boys. As un-adopted orphans entering adulthood you have no family ties. This makes you truly free agents; agents without barriers in participating in special... covert operations." Cliff and Lucas looked at each other, clearly confused. "We're not sure we understand sir," responded Cliff. "We want to invite you boys to join a special experimental military unit for elite soldiers. The training and responsibility is intense, so much so that we cannot allow our soldiers to make contact with anyone from outside, mainly for two reasons. One, information of the training regime in the wrong hands could be catastrophic for society. Two, our soldiers may become very powerful, and must be kept disciplined at all times under our surveillance. You'll be dedicating your lives to the military, but you'll be the strongest, most capable soldiers in history. It's guaranteed. You'll be legends." explained Steele with assertive confidence. "Bro, I don't know about this," said Lucas. Cliff pondered for a moment. Was this a good move? They wouldn't be able to see their old classmates ever again. But then everyone they knew were seniors, all going off to college or work around the country. All the two of them really had was each other, and the military. They knew they'd always join, but what was this offer? Legends? Powerful enough that they'd be cut off from normal life? Cliff remembered seeing the soldier in the back of the convoy. Could it be? "Tell us more," said Cliff. Steele withdrew longer contracts from the drawer. "It's simple," he began. "For years the military has been inventing stronger artillery and machinery; things our soldiers use to put them at an advantage. But we've come to a point where stronger external forces may not be what we need. We aren't interested in tanks, we're interested in training our soldiers to BE tanks. Imagine a man who could walk into open gunfire without armor and come out unharmed." "That's impossible!" asserted Lucas. "Even with intense training you can't become immortal. Bullets beat the strongest man." "Our methods of training are supplemented," said Atlas. "We don't just train our soldiers, we enhance them. Sergeant Steele is hopeful one day we could achieve bulletproof men, but for now we are merely making progress towards that goal." Steroids? Cliff remembered how often coach would preach against the use of them; he and his teammates had always been against them and would pride themselves in natural training. His concerns were dismissed, however, as Steele seemed to know what he was thinking and explained. "We aren't going to be using typical steroids on you boys, don't worry. These supplements have been tested before, and are military approved. This is a huge opportunity boys, and this is your one chance," said Steele, sliding the paper and pens forward. "Bro..." began Lucas, but Cliff's mind was made up. He remembered his desire to be in the highest weight class, the man in the convoy, his dream of being an elite soldier. He flipped through the pages and began signing. Lucas hesitated at first, but when he realized Cliff's mind was made up he knew what he had to do. He wasn't leaving his best bro behind. Cliff didn't even look over the contract, but he caught glances of it. He noticed strange clauses mentioning things like "modification of existing genetic structures," but he knew it was all just legal technicalities. He and Lucas finished signing, and shook hands with the men. They explained what would happen next. On the day after graduation a convoy would come to pick them up from the orphanage early in the morning. They were to bring no personal belongings with them; the military would provide everything they needed from here on forth. PART 3 The day after graduation Cliff couldn't seem to get to sleep. He was too excited, but at the same time nervous of his uncertain future in the hands of the military. He was lying in the silence of his room at the orphanage when suddenly the clock struck three. At that exact moment, with incredible force but shocking silence, his door was thrown open. There stood the man from the convoy, blocking about 90 percent of the light from the hall with his massive frame. Cliff could only make out the dark outline of him since no light could illuminate his front. He stood above six feet, and the width of his lats forced his arms at a 45 degree angle from his sides. Cliff scanned the man from bottom to top. He wore large combat boots, easily size 13. His dark camo pants covered the top and ran up to his waist, where a thick black belt held them and concealed the bottom of a standard white military shirt. It was almost impossible to see the shirt, which was so tight on the main you could see the outline of each of his six abs pressing against it, followed by two oblong pecs trying to break free. The soldier's face was indeterminable, but what the light did expose was a thick jawline and blade sharp crew cut. The soldier said nothing, and pointed his finger at Cliff. Cliff knew what he meant. Terrified, he rose from his beds, letting the sheets fall onto the floor. He stood in front of the hulk, trembling in his boxers and night tee. The man grabbed his shoulders and with ease twisted him 180 degrees. With two hands he grabbed Cliff's shirt at the neck and ripped it clean off his body. Cliff gasped. His muscles tightened in fear. His pecs squeezed together as his arms pressed against his sides, biceps involuntarily flexed. Next came the boxers, leaving Cliff naked in front of the soldier, facing away. Maybe from the fear paired with the sudden sensation of being touched at the waist, Cliff's cock became half-erect. Cliff became aware of the man's stench; it was potent in two ways. He smelt as if he had spent hours at the gym and instead of showering covered himself in Axe spray. The soldier handed something to Cliff: they were standard white briefs. After he slipped them on, with shaking hands, the soldier grabbed him by his neck, leading him out of the room and into the blaring light of the hallway, blood pumping at a quickened pace all throughout his body, resulting in a full blown erection confined to his tight white briefs. It was so bright in the hall Cliff felt like it would blind him. It became brighter and brighter until... --- "Bro, wake up! It's almost 0500 hours!" Lucas was in Cliff's room shaking him. Cliff jumped up and looked at the clock: it read 4:50 a.m. He recovered from what he though he had just experienced; it was just a dream. Cliff caught his breathe and started getting dressed. He only had two minutes left when he finished, and the boys used them to sprint downstairs and out to the front of the orphanage. This was it. They had graduated. They had signed the papers. They had informed the orphanage of their departure the week before. All they had to do now was wait. It was frigid outside in the cold winter Rockwell morning. The two boys shivered and blew hot air into their hands. Despite the fact they were wearing coats, their nipples were hardened to the likes of rock from the temperature. Right on time, a single military convoy pulled up. The man driving it was a standard soldier, and in the back was another. There was no hulk from Cliff's dream coming to take him away by force after all. Maybe he had been wrong. Maybe he had imagined that soldier from before. He was somewhat relieved, but also slightly disappointed. Maybe this training program wouldn't be as thrilling as he thought. The boys joined the soldier in the back. "Cliff and Lucas?" asked the soldier. They nodded their heads and took a seat. The soldier banged on the back of the cab, which alerted the soldier in front to proceed. The convoy sped up in the direction of the compound. On their way there, the soldier in back kept looking Cliff and Lucas up and down without saying anything. It was easy to ignore at first, since the boys had so many other things on their minds. Eventually though, Cliff couldn't help but ask, "Is there something on us? Why do you keep staring at us?" The soldier gave a chuckle, his lips on one end curling up. "Just trying to keep a mental image of what you boys look like now," was his only response, after which he fell silent. The convoy had pulled in the garage of the compound, and the boys were led out. Sergeant Steele was there to meet them, but Atlas was missing. "Glad you boys made it on time," began Steele as he led them into and through the grey halls of the compound. "We have much to discuss, but first we'll need to get you prepared. Due to the covert nature of our operations, you'll be training underground for your initiation into our unit, which will last about one week," he said as they entered a large aluminum elevator located in the center of the compound. After the doors closed, instead of pressing a button Steele removed a small key from his pocket in inserted it into a keyhole located on the bottom of the panel. The keyhole was surrounded by a yellow and black warning sign. Cliff stared at it and gulped. He began to realize how serious the military was. When they signed, it was as if in a dream. Only now did the two boys realize the implications of their actions. But it was too late to turn back. They were here. They had to honor their commitment. They had to be men. PART 4 The doors of the elevator opened up to reveal a sterile white hallway, the only embellishment being double doors at the end and a single door to its right. There was a note on the double doors framed in black and yellow caution lines. Cliff couldn't make out what it read due to his eyesight until Steele led them close enough. Then he was able to see: CRITICAL! ALL RECRUITS MUST BE STERILIZED AND PREPPED BEFORE ENTRANCE. THIS IS A LEVEL 5 SECURITY MEASURE. FAILURE TO COMPLY WILL RESULT IN DISCIPLINARY ACTION. "You boys will have to enter through this single door, where you'll strip, clean yourselves, and put on your uniform. It'll be the only one you'll need for the rest of this week," said Steele, as he entered the double doors. Cliff and Lucas Made their way through the single door and into another equally sterile white room. In the middle was a black table. On the wall was a notice that read: STEP 1. REMOVE ALL CLOTHES AND PLACE ON TABLE. THEN PROCEED TO NEXT ROOM. FAILURE TO COMPLY WILL RESULT IN DISCIPLINARY ACTION. The boys did not doubt the seriousness of the message. They started stripping their clothes off. Cliff was the first to finish. He gave a quick scan down his body, something he was in the habit of doing ever since he started lifting. Nice pecs, nice stomach, nice cock nestled in a thick mat of brown curls. He looked over at Lucas, who was finishing undressing with his shirt last. As he pulled the shirt over his head, Cliff gave Lucas' package a quick glance. It was a good seven inches flaccid, jetting out of dirty golden blades of hair. Cliff always envied Lucas' cock for its length. Lucas placed his shirt on the table and extended his slim, solid body. He needed a good stretch. As he turned from side to side, he shot a quick look at Cliff. Lucas was always somewhat envious of Cliff's size. Sure Lucas was somewhat shredded and by far the fastest swimmer in Rockwell, but he always wondered what it'd be like to have Cliff's raw power. As Cliff turned to read the sign again, Lucas shot a look at cliff's package. It was a good 6 inches, but definitely thicker than Lucas'. He always wondered what it'd be like to have a girth like Cliffs'. He bet it'd feel amazing during a fuck. After the boys had put all their clothes on the table, the electronic door to the next room opened. A voice coming from a speaker announced, in a commanding baritone voice: "REPORT TO NEXT ROOM RECRUITS." Cliff and Lucas made way towards the next room, not quite as excited as they had been at the start of their journey. They didn't lag, but they took their time. As they entered the next room, the door quickly shut, and Cliff could hear by the mechanisms that the door had locked. He wondered if they'd ever see their clothes again. This room was the same size and color as the last. Instead of a black table in the center, however, there were two black barber chairs facing each other. This time the notice on the wall read: STEP 2. TAKE A SEAT AND EXTEND ARMS AND LEGS OVER THE CHAIR RESTS. REMAIN SEATED AND WAIT FOR INSTRUCTIONS. FAILURE TO COMPLY WILL RESULT IN DISCIPLINARY ACTION. The boys weren't sure exactly what was going to happen here, but they had no choice. There was literally no turning back. The door behind them, which Cliff was sure had locked, didn't even have a doorknob or button. And there weren't any windows this far underground. They each took a seat, extended their arms and legs, and relaxed, waiting for instructions. But instructions did not come. Instead, metal restraints at their waist, wrists, and ankles locked them into position in their seats. The boys looked desperately at one another. Suddenly the voice from before boomed: "REMAIN CALM. INITIATING HAIR REMOVAL." Out of the hidden compartments of the chair came a buzzing noise, and suddenly Cliff and Lucas felt buzzers removing their locks. As the hair fell onto the chair and floor a stream of air removed it from the vicinity. After the heads came the face. Lucas had no facial hair, so his chair waited for Cliff's to remove the short black start of a beard growing on his jaw and cheeks. Next were the pits. Buzzers from under the boys' arms came and with speed removed the sweaty shag from them. While Lucas only had some and was done very quickly, Cliff's took more time. The wrestlers at Rockwell rarely shaved their pits; hairy pits were a sign of dominance. The hairier your pits, the more of an alpha you were. Lucas, on the other hand as a swimmer, was constantly shaving his body. The slicker the body, the less water resistance. Sometimes he was so bare that when he exited the pool after a meet, even his pits would gleam against the light as much as his abs and torso when he'd put his arms up holding a gold medal in victory. The last area to be shaved, as the boys expected, were their crouches. For this a small metal arm extended from the bottom of the chair and lifted their cocks straight up, so they wouldn't get in the way of the buzzer. The cold touch of the arm excited Lucas a little bit, and Cliff could see his cock thicken and extended a little bit. It figured Lucas was a grower in addition to having the longer package. Once all hair removal was complete, the restraints on the chairs retracted, freeing the boys. As they moved from the chairs they felt the air much more in the areas that had been trimmed down to mere stubble. "Military hates hair," said Lucas. It really wasn't out of the ordinary that this should happen. What really stood out was how technically advanced the process was. This really must be a state of the art facility. Just how much money was being spent on this covert unit in a northern small town? The next door opened and the same voice came on speaker instructing the boys to proceed to the next room. Once again, the two made their way through, a little slower this time. They were definitely becoming more nervous about what may be next. They entered. The door shut and locked. In the center of this room was a shower head, and the floor had many holes for draining. The boys looked to the instructions on the wall. They read: STEP 3. ENTER CENTER OF ROOM AND PREPARE FOR CLEANING. FAILURE TO COMPLY WILL RESULT IN DISCIPLINARY ACTION. The boys did as the sign commanded, and a glass cylinder from the ceiling slid down, confining them to the shower area. Then the water came out, but it felt odd. The warm water was somewhat viscous, and as the boys ran their hands over their now sticky bodies they realized from the suds being created it was infused with soap. It lacked any sent. They rubbed their chests, under their pits, alongside their toned arms, down their stomach in circular motions, around their now bare cocks, and down their legs all the way to their feet. The boys stood in the shower now, waiting for the rinse. Their entire bodies covered, they gave off a sheen like well oiled bodybuilders, ready to pose. The light reflected off of the definition of Cliff's impressive chest, as well as the divets in his triceps. Lucas's V was accentuated by the light, along with his bulging calves. The water without soap finally came and finished cleaning the boys. After that, hot air blew form above and below them, completely drying off their bodies. They felt good, really good. They hadn't showered the night before and needed it badly. The glass cylinder raised, the next door opened, and the voice commanded them to proceed. The next room had chair similar to the hair removal room, except they were white. The boys were confused. Was this extra trimming? Were they going to be waxed? They looked to the sign on the wall for help: STEP 4. SIT AS BEFORE AND RELAX. FINAL STEP. As they sat down facing each other and extending their arms, the restraints once again came out. However, this time there were also shoulder and head restraints. The boys could make no movements whatsoever aside from a few meaningless jerks. The boys became frightened by this change from the last chairs, and suddenly the voice said: "RELAX. INITIATING FINAL PHASE: RELEASE." Suddenly gas masks from around the chair mechanically placed themselves on the boys' faces. Cliff could hear the chair's mechanisms start pumping some sort of air into it. It smelt... good. REALLY GOOD. Cliff started to sweat a little bit, and his body started to get goose bumps. His nipples hardened at the sensation. He squeezed his eyes shut at first, but relaxed when he got comfortable and noticed Lucas was responding similarly, his nipples tightened too, but also extended a little bit forward. At this point the chair didn't even need restraints - he could sit there for hours. That's when he realized what the air was - sex pheromones. He became startled by it, but its effect became more intense as more air was pumped into his lungs. His cock became erect, extended straight up, and thickened so no skin on it was left flaccid. The veins on his cock seemed to pop out: it wanted more blood. He wanted to fuck, badly. "Uhh!" cried Lucas, his eyes shut. He couldn't remain in-auditory any longer. It was clear from his blushing Lucas was embarrassed he was this horny in front of his best bro. Nonetheless his cock kept throbbing, as if it were desperately looking for something to fuck. He produced some pre-cum, which proceeded to slide down his lengthy cock. Logically Cliff and Lucas should be wondering what the purpose of this procedure was, but the chemicals prevented them from such thoughts. Instead the boys sat in ecstasy as more and more pheromones were pumped into them. In reality only a minute or two had passed, but it might as well have been an hour. Cliff quickly had developed blue balls, but not like anything he had experienced before. The pain was incredible. He grit his teeth as he endured both the sensation his testicles might explode on the spot and the unrelenting pleasure of an edging that would never end. These couldn't be normal pheromones. These were military grade pheromones. As a tear rolled down his check Cliff peered over at Lucas. "FUCK! LET ME CUM!" cried Lucas, this time shooting a visible stream of pre-cum out of his package. The urge was so powerful it flew halfway between him and Cliff. Lucas started contracting his body in his seat, his veins visible between the muscles which seemed as if they were trying to break out of his skin. His six pack, already visible, grew deep cuts as he tried to use his core to free himself. His body turned red as he struggled against the metal constraints. While Cliff watched Lucas writhe, he noticed though his blurry eyes something different about his balls. Were they bigger? They were! Lucas' balls had inflated to at least three times their size, obviously to make room for the tremendous amount of cum the pheromones were producing. "Fuck..." moaned Cliff as he felt more cum being spawned in his own balls. They must be fucking enormous as well. His cock began throbbing with every heartbeat; he could see it running through its veins. The machine seemed to respond to Lucas' struggles. it started beeping, and then the sound of more air being pumped into Lucas was apparent. The pheromones forced him again into a relaxed state. He slid back into his chair, his muscles a little more pumped than before. "Oh yeah..." said Lucas. "Keep it fuckin' comin." An indeterminate amount of time passed, maybe an hour. The guys didn't know. Their throbbing cocks, red from the pressure of blood, were shining in the light of the white room due to all the pre-cum that their balls had forced out in attempt to make more room. Each of them also had spots of pre-cum on their lower stomachs from the multiple small releases they would experience. They lay panting with their eyes shut, gasping in the combination of air and super pheromones they were being given. Their balls were massive, the size of melons. Cliff fantasized continuously about breaking free from the restraints and squeezing the cum out of them, setting himself free from this erotic torment. But he could do nothing. He was too weak. Suddenly the voice came on: "ATTENTION RECRUITS. PREPARE FOR RELEASE." The boys shot their eyes open. Finally. FINALLY! They looked at each other, mouths smiling agape in excitement to be freed. They couldn't wait to fucking cum. It was the only thing in the world right now. Out of the bottom of the chair came mechanical tubes, which extended themselves first up and then over each of the boys' cocks. The tube contracted and became snug, then simulated a sucking sensation. "ARRRGH!" Both Cliff and Lucas wanted to come so badly at this action, but they still couldn't. It was then Cliff realized the pheromones were also keeping them from releasing prematurely. He heard a clink in the back of the chair. The air had stopped and the masks were removed from the boys. After about ten seconds of breathing fresh air, it happened. It was fucking incredible. "Uh, uhh, fuck. Yes, yes. Fuck yes. FUCK! FUCK YES!" Lucas became un-tamable in the ecstasy of his release. Cliff, on the other hand, was at a loss for words. The stud lay in the chair, all muscles flexed, pecs pointing his rock hard nipples up as far as possible as an unending stream of cum flew out of his balls and into the tube. His mouth stayed ajar. The boys came and came, not for a few seconds but minutes. At first there was not even throbbing, just a constant stream of cum. Then, towards the end, their grateful cocks started compulsing to release what was left of their cum, and with the even more increasing sensation, now too much to stand, they passed out. PART 5 Doctor Atlas was in the black control room of the compound on his terminal when Sergeant Steele entered the room, followed by two soldiers holding cylindrical glass containers of the boy's genetic material. "You've prepped the new recruits Sergeant?" asked Atlas. Steele nodded. "Excellent. Place the DNA into position." The soldiers took the containers of the boys' cum and locked them into a spot on the wall. Once they were locked in, Atlas typed in a few commands and the cum was drained from the containers. Two virtual constructions of the boys' bodies appeared on the large screen which took up an entire wall of the control room. "We'll need a complete analysis, but I think I know just which serum each of them should receive based on their existing genetic structure," said Atlas. "I know what you mean," responded Steele. "Nonetheless we have one week. I'll debrief the boys." --- Cliff and Lucas awoke in another white room, feeling better than ever. They were each on a bed. Another open door in the corner clearly led to a bathroom. They were both wearing white briefs. Cliff remembered his dream. Could it have been a sign? No, they were just generic white briefs. He looked again and realized there was something different about these. In bold black threading on the elastic front of the briefs read: M.E.N. SOLDIER #014 He glanced over at Lucas'. His read the same, but one number higher. The briefs were tight. His cock's outline was almost completely visible against it, and his glutes felt as if they were being flexed just from the pressure. He tried to shove his hands into them, to see if he could stretch them out, but they wouldn't budge enough to allow it in. In fact, the briefs were like steel - he couldn't move them at all as he ran his hands over them. Suddenly the door to their room opened and Sergeant Steele came in. "ATTENTION!" shouted Steele. The boys sprang to their feet and saluted. The briefs were tight and hard as fuck, but restricted no movement whatsoever. They seemed to conform to whatever happened inside them. "Consider yourself lucky boys. You've been selected for the finest unit in all the military. Are you ready to serve as elite soldiers?" "SIR, YES SIR!" "Are you ready to become well oiled machines?" "SIR, YES SIR!" "The treatment before was to extract perfect genetic structures from you so that the correct supplementation could be provided. Like I said before, these are military grade supplements, not steroids, and in order to provide such high quality we need to tailor them to your specific strengths. We acquired a copious amount of your cum in order to also utilize it in the supplement; testosterone is a key component. For the next week you'll be doing some physical exercises in order for us to gauge your strengths. Is everything clear?" Everything wasn't clear, but the boys did not even know were to start. "After the week you'll be given the supplementation we've engineered for you, and you'll finally be initiated as Soldiers of M.E.N." Cliff remembered the writing on the underwear. "Sir, what does M.E.N. mean?" he asked. "It stands for our organizations name: Militaristic Enhancements on the Navy. We gave it this acronym since only men can participate due to the need for copious amounts of testosterone required for effective supplementation." Suddenly it began to make more sense to Cliff what their cum was being used for. It mildly disturbed him, but he was also curious towards what might be the result. A steroid tailored perfectly to his genetic structure? It sounded too good to be true. Steele continued, "And your underwear are to prevent you from masturbating this week. A man's testosterone spikes on the seventh day of abstinence, which is critical for our procedure, so you'll be wearing those all week." "What about using the bathroom?" asked Lucas. "You'll find you won't need to; you'll see. Training starts tomorrow boys. Be up at 0500 sharp!" responded Steele. "SIR, YES SIR!" --- For the next week the boys trained in another white room with weights and cardio machines. While they worked they were hooked up to machines taking analytics and were watched by soldiers taking notes. When they weren't lifting or running, they were being fed a viscous gray mush. Steele informed them it was all their required nutrients and no excess. While eating this and drinking only water, the boys found they never needed to use the bathroom. Their bodies were just holding onto all the mass they were gaining and reserving the water as well. this became more apparent as Lucas lost the definition of his abs, despite doing intense ab workouts and lengthy cardio sessions. When it came to weights, Cliff was clearly dominant. He benched much more than Lucas, pumped more iron during bicep curls and front lifts. When it came to cardio, Lucas was clearly in the lead. He was able to run faster than Cliff and for a longer amount of time. When they trained in the facility's pool, he was always in the lead. As they trained they developed a competitive attitude towards one another. One day Cliff watched as Lucas did stair climbers in front of him, as always in nothing but the skin tight briefs. He watched Lucas sweat as he pushed himself harder and harder climbing the stairs his rounded glutes slid against each other through the briefs. He became envious of Lucas' near perfect ass, and grunted as he hopped on the bench. He started putting up his six rep max, pushing it to eight, making loud grunts each time. Lucas turned around to see Cliff, veins popping out of his red torso. His biceps flared as his pecs struggled against the weight, ultimately winning with each rep. The pump gave Cliff a fully erect cock, which the briefs conformed too. Lucas became envious of Cliff's raw power. Then the night of the sixth day came. The boys sat facing each other off the side of their beds. "Tomorrow's the day," said Cliff. "Yeah man," responded Lucas. "What do you think this 'supplementation' is? Will it hurt, you think?" "No idea man. Listen, if shit goes south though, just know you're my bro." "Fuck dude, don't say that. We gonna come out of this more than soldiers - super soldiers man!" "Yeah... It's pretty fucking cool actually," Cliff thought out loud. "You know it bro," said Lucas, "put it there." He extended his hand. Cliff smiled and extended his. This two buds grasped hands tight. Then they hit the light and went to bed. --- "Atlas, are the serums ready for tomorrow's transformations?" said Steele as he entered the control room. "Just about. It's just as we thought. Clifford's body is perfect for the TANK soldier serum." "And Lucas' makes an immaculate candidate for JET." "Exactly." Atlas typed in some commands and two small vials on the wall were filled with two thick serums. In the vial labeled TANK SERUM there was a dark red liquid, and in the vial labeled JET SERUM a bright yellow one which almost glowed. Steele retrieved the vials from the wall and brought them to Atlas. Atlas then loaded the vials into another compartment closer to him and typed in a few more commands. The screen's camera cut to two vats which were storing the boys' loads. Then the serums slowly drained from the vials in the control room, must have followed some tubes in the walls, and were dispensed into the vats displayed onscreen. The combination of serum and cum in each vat started bubbling, and then expanding. As it expanded the color of the resulting liquid became more and more clear. Eventually, once it filled the vats, the liquid was only clear. It was full of bubbles which moved in every direction, but at a very slow pace. "One more thing," started Steele. "We have orders from higher up to push the limits. They want 50 percent tomorrow." "FIFTY!" said Atlas. "We haven't even tried 40! We have no idea what that will do to them." "It's not your call, or mine. You know the rules. Failure to comply will result in disciplinary action. Looks like they finally want to see bullet proof men." "So be it. I hope those boys are strong." PART 6 The alarm blared at 0500. Cliff and Lucas shot up from bed. This was it. Finally, after all this waiting they were about to find out what was in store for them. What Steele had said about the spike in their testosterone must have been right. Cliff felt riled up, completely ready to go. Ready to compete, lift, fuck, whatever. He and Lucas had a flex off to hype each other up, made a few harmless taunts, and bumped chests. A soldier opened the door and motioned for them to follow. They were led down some corridors and finally came to large white double doors with yellow and black caution symbols painted on each one. A sign on each side of the door read: EXPERIMENTATION ROOM 005. UNAUTHORIZED ACCESS IS PROHIBITED AND WILL RESULT IN DISCIPLINARY ACTION. ALL NEW RECRUITS MUST BE ACCOMPANIED BY NON-RESTRICTED PERSONNEL. The soldier typed a code into the key pad and opened the doors for the boys. Cliff and Lucas entered the room, and stood in awe of what they saw. In this much larger white room was a wall full of controls, by which Doctor Atlas stood reading analytics and making adjustments. In the center of the room was Sergeant Steele, there to greet the boys. Scattered throughout the room were more soldiers, some with heavy weaponry, others with notepads and pencils. They all had their eyes on Cliff and Lucas. But Cliff and Lucas weren't staring at them; they were staring at the two main structures centered in the room. They were two very large cylindrical chambers, entirely made of bulletproof glass, each with a handles door that led inside. On the tops and bottoms of the chambers were many metallic tubes, running off in different directions into the walls, floor, and ceiling. On the metal perimeter of the bottom of the left chamber Cliff could make out the inscription: TRANSFORMATION CHAMBER ALPHA And on the other: TRANSFORMATION CHAMBER BETA The boys knew these were for them. Two soldiers with metal rods came over to Cliff and Lucas. They inserted the rods into the backs of the elastic of their briefs. The briefs seemed to unlock and contract into the rods, leaving Cliff and Lucas bare in the room full of soldiers. The air felt cold on their now exposed cocks. "ATTENTION!" commanded Sargent Steele. Cliff and Lucas stood at the ready. "Cliff is to report into Transformation Chamber Alpha." With that, the glass door of the first chamber opened for Cliff. Cliff turned to Lucas, who with a solid expression gave him a nod of approval. Cliff made his way into the chamber and stood up straight, chest out, as the door closed and sealed him in. Lucas was then told to report to the other chamber, and did so. Once the doors were both closed the same deep voice from before boomed inside the tubes: "ATTENTION NEW RECRUIT. PREPARE FOR TRANSFORMATION. ADMINISTERING MASKS." Oxygen masks were lowered from the tops of the chambers. Both boys knew what they had to do, and slipped the masks on. The straps seemed to tighten as they were locked in, and the mask itself completely sealed itself on their faces. Cliff wondered if this would be more pheromones, but after a few seconds he realized it was only oxygen. "DOORS LOCKED. ADMINISTERING SOLDIER SERUM." Red lights started flashing on and off in the room. It startled Cliff and Lucas, but every other soldier seemed to be used to it. Suddenly from top and bottom tubes a thick clear liquid started pouring into the chambers. Cliff noticed as it gathered on the floor that it was moving towards his feet, as if it was somehow attracted to him specifically. He moved back instinctively, but there was no escaping it. As more liquid filled the chambers it finally made contact with his skin. "Ahh..." said cliff. The liquid was clinging to him and moving up his legs. It was warm, sticky, but most oddly seemed to actually SUCK on him. It was as if the liquid wanted to simultaneously get inside him and get something inside him out. He realized that something was his muscle fibers – they seemed to be almost magnetically attracted to the serum. More and more liquid filled the chamber, and he could no longer avoid the half falling from the ceiling. It ran down his shoulders and over his chest. It ran in different directions, trying to find dry places on his body to occupy. What really startled him was when the liquid reached his nipples. Instead of being a warm sensation like on the rest of his body, it felt very cold. Not only that, but for some inexplicable reason it REALLY sucked on his nipples. "Fuck!" he shouted, grasping the viscous material on his nips and clearing it off his body. The serum had filled the chamber up to the boys' waists at this point. As it began sucking on every bit of their flaccid cocks, they became a little erect. Cliff couldn't help but think back to the experience he had a week earlier. He wondered if he was going to cum again, but realized it would be impossible, for the serum was making its way into his rod. He thought it would feel terrible, but it almost felt ... good. In fact, it even felt like he was slowly cumming. “Mmmph...” Cliff moaned as he became fully erect from the sensation. The serum was persistent to cover him, but not aggressive. He felt it ease its way between his glutes, which he was clamping in hopes he could stop the serum from going there. He realized at this point there was no stopping it, and relaxed his legs. The serum made its way through him, and he moaned as it found and started stimulating his prostate. By the time the serum made it up to his nipples, Cliff was ready for it. He braced himself and let the stuff latch on. Despite his best effort he stilled clenched his teeth and grunted a bit. He looked over at Lucas, who was having a similar struggle having his nipples abused like this. Lucas was trying to swim to the top of the serum, which was now quickly filling his chamber. As he projected himself upwards with his arms he would tighten his abs and puff up his chest, desperately trying to keep his nipples dry. Cliff thought how impressive of a swimmer Lucas was to be able to fight this hard against the pull of the viscous serum. Eventually Lucas grew restless and succumbed to let himself float. Cliff noticed as he let the serum latch onto his nipples, he gritted his teeth especially hard. Cliff became aware that for some reason Lucas' serum was treating him differently. Was it possible M.E.N. had given them two different super soldier prescriptions? Finally, after a few minutes, they were covered. The chambers were completely filled with the liquid. It was still full of bubbles, but the bubbles were only moving towards and over the boys' bodies. They also weren't bubbles of air, but just thicker serum. Even now it seemed to be trying to cover them more. It lifted them off the ground; they began floating in the middle of the chamber. It tore their arms and legs from their sides so as to expose every inch of skin that might be hidden. The boys found they could not move at all; the serum was to strong. All they could do was float there, letting it writhe its way over and inside them. "SOLDIER SERUM ADMINISTERED. APPLYING RADIATION." Cliff looked over at Atlas, who was manning the controls. He saw him turn a dial. "TWENTY-FIVE PERCENT." Suddenly the bubbles started become much more active, and their attraction to the boys' bodies much greater. "Arghhh.." Cliff started feeling his muscles contract and release, as if he was working out every single muscle at the same time. He looked at his biceps, which were receiving most of the stress. The veins on them were strained to the max. They were pulsating, and with each pulse remained a little bigger than before. His peaks were growing, and he started to see a very clear separation of his bicep from the rest of his arm. His forearms responded in a similar manner. He drew his attention to his torso. It seemed his already impressive chest was becoming wider. he watched as his pecs grew outward and to the sides, his nipples stretching a bit to match their new size. The only thing more distracting than the serum sucking on his now bigger nipples was the burning sensation in his abs. He looked down and could now visibly see a defined six pack, with some veins running straight down to his erect cock. He was all muscle! He wondered what his body fat percentage was now. "Fuck yeah!" said Cliff as he endured the pump the serum was giving to him. He also noticed something incredible; his bad eyesight was gone! The serum had fixed his vision. He looked over at his bud in the next chamber to see what alterations he was experiencing. Lucas was experiencing similar changes, but more impressively in his legs. The serum worked his calves first, creating muscles which jettisoned out and matched the size of his thighs before. His thighs, however, took on a new size more impressive than any bicyclist's. "Ahh, fuck..." said Lucas as he realized what the serum was doing to his glutes. He felt each glute blow up a little, as if being inflated. They become not only bigger, but more rounded out. Lucas flexed his glutes, enjoying the ecstasy of their sudden growth in conjunction with the stimulation the serum was providing to his prostate. His cock throbbed a little. Cliff and Lucas were thinking it might be over when suddenly they heard: "THIRTY-FIVE PERCENT." Cliff looked over at Atlas, who had just turned the dial. He clenched his teeth as the serum became much more aggressive. He shot up his head, his newly defined pecs sticking straight out while his arms were thrown back. The contractions his muscles were feeling grew stronger and more frequent. He felt as if not only he was working out, but working out way beyond his limit. It was as if he was pushing his one rep max multiple times, but for some reason his muscles weren't failing. And he had no choice but to keep going. His pecs became rock hard and grew even more. His lats, responding to the sudden growth of his front, widened themselves at an incredible pace. He wouldn't be able to put his arms down now even without the serum obstructing their way. His traps pulsed up to match the size of his shoulders, which were starting to look comparable to football padding. The veins from his chest shot up what used to be his neck, reaching a face that started to regrow its facial hair. The sensation of hair growing this fast on his jaw felt tingly; it was as if his testosterone had nowhere else to go. He started to feel the sensation on his chest. He forced himself to look down. His chest and stomach were covered in fine brown hair follicles; it looked incredibly manly. He watched as more and more grew, filling in the deepening cracks of his mighty six pack and incredible V. Then he noticed his cock. His fucking cock! It was growing, getting thicker too. It stood erect in the serum at not 6 or 7, but 10 inches. Cliff grinned, happy to have received a hairy 10 inch masterpiece. His upper torso was enormous now compared to his lower body, which was also impressive. Cliff grunted; the pain of his transformation started to feel good. Lucas writhed in pain of the forced workout as he received the higher dosage of radiation. He felt as if his abs were being torn apart. Looking down at his body, he too noticed hair follicles growing all over his chest. They were not as frequent as Cliffs', but longer. "Fuck yeah!" he thought. Finally he had chest hair. This chest hair was also a golden blond, unlike his dirty blond hair. He turned his attention to the burning sensation in his abs, and stared in awe. He no longer had a six pack, but a godly eight pack which connected his now mighty pecs to his cock. His cock! He couldn't believe it; the serum was affecting that too! Not only was it thicker like he had always wanted, but stood erect at an unbelievable 12 inches. A whole foot! As the serum sucked on his nipples they too grew. While they became wider, they were not nearly as wide as Cliffs'. Instead Lucas' nipples became perkier and started to jut out from his pecs, which with every pulse of the transformation become not wider but more round and aesthetically independent of Lucas' body. The only thing comparable to his supple chest was his even larger glutes, which too seemed to almost want to detach themselves from him. They were thick as fuck, but smoother than ever. Lucas welcomed the change; it matched his 12 inch package well. "Uhhhh.." moaned Lucas as the serum started beating on his prostate. His body lengthened to make room for his eight pack. While Cliff had become a good seven feet tall due to the transformation, Lucas easily stood at eight. Both the boys basked in the glory of their metamorphosis, letting their muscles involuntarily work themselves into rock hard pieces of meat. Their jaws become thicker, follicles of hair popping up all over their lower faces. Lucas even developed a cleft chin, while Cliff's become even wider and more defined. The boys now had faces of burly 25 year olds. Hair quickly grew out around their outstanding cocks, replacing that which had been lost before. And Cliff's pit hair grew back three times as thick as before. He laughed. Had he known he'd be turned into this absolute fucking beast one day he wouldn't have cared about keeping long pit hair before. Cliff looked over at Atlas, who was talking with Steele. He gave him a nod, and turned the dial once more... PART 7 "FIFTY PERCENT." Fifty percent radiation. The serum was uncontrollable. It moved in every direction, tried to make its way into every pore on the boys' bodies. They gasped in sheer pain. It was as if every muscle fiber in their bodies were being torn apart and regrown a little bigger, a little stronger. Then torn apart again as the next pump came. The serum was sucking so hard on their nipples that, with their massive new arms, they tried to reach their chest with their hands. They actually were able to put up a fight against the serum at this point, making some progress, but ultimately failing. It was still stronger, and everywhere in the chamber. they had nowhere to go. Cliff's biceps blew up. He could feel as they seemed to tear themselves apart from him, growing to the size of bowling balls. Likewise his shoulders grew again, fully asserting Cliff no longer had a neck. Hair covered his arms and legs. He looked down to check his cock, which he felt growing again. He could only see the tip of it over his hairy pecs, for they had grown outward much more than before. He grunted as his pecs stretched again, this time to keep up with the new size of his tremendous lats. "Fuck," thought Cliff as he anticipated the newest addition to his pecs. They were hard as fuck, and getting harder. Now they were not like rock, but STEEL. He had these two massive plates of steel trying to force their way out of his skin by growing wider and wider. But his skin did not give in; it only grew with them. Even his nipples grew instead of tearing against the sudden growth and cold sucking of the serum. Cliff had become a fucking beast, his massive cock throbbing as it tried to match the size of its eight foot tall owner. He threw his head back, letting the changes consume him, letting himself become the beast. His glutes bubbled up, his abs were so bulky that they jettisoned halfway out between his body and his pecs. His back shot out as far as his chest. His upper body had become as deep as it was wide. He grunted, feeling the sensation of the serum sucking his large nipples and caressing his thick foot long rod. "That's right," he thought, "Suck harder. Suck harder for the alpha beast!" --- Meanwhile, Lucas watched as his pecs ballooned up even more. They grew and grew and the serum sucked harder and harder on his nipples. Finally they had exploded passed the point of bowling balls and into full sized rounded watermelons. Like Cliff's, they were hard as steel. His nipples grew too, extending as the serum pleasured them, a full inch off of Lucas' body. The hair in the middle of his chest became a bit thicker. Suddenly he started sinking forward; the massive growth in his pecs has thrown his weight off. The serum seemed to respond by enlarging his back muscles, which pulled back on his shoulders and pecs. His eight abs were now surrounded by hundreds of smaller abdominals, which had all grown to inhumane proportions thanks to the transformation. His V was the most impressive on earth, running down to his 14 inch package, the icing on the cake of this immaculate military creation. ""Shit! Gahh," Lucas convulsed as his body grew taller once again. He stared down as his eight pack extended once again into an inhuman 10-pack. He grimaced; he had the abs of a fucking god. He gritted his teeth in agonizing pleasure as the serum began sucking on the new addition to his core. Then suddenly he felt a strong change elsewhere. ""Uhh, uhhhh... fuck. Here it comes again..." The serum was reducing this alpha of a man to jello as it worked his prostate. His 14 inch cock throbbed up and down, happy to be pleasured by more of the serum latching on to it, as the radiation caused his glutes and calves to balloon once more. His glutes finally reached the size of bowling balls, each one looking as if it should fall off of Lucas. But his skin was stronger than steel, and kept his godly physique in one piece. Even now at 50 percent radiation, Lucas moved passed the pain of the unending workout, letting his 10 foot tall body give into the transformation into a monster of a man. "It hurts..." he moaned. He felt the serum trying to rip off his nipples, abuse his prostate, work its way into the cuts of his abs as all his muscles continued to work themselves. "...It hurts, so fucking..." grunted Cliff as the serum worked his rectangular slabs of pecs harder, his enormous back to exhaustion, his biceps past the point of no return. All this while caressing his rock hard saucers of nipples and massive package. "It hurts so fucking..." The two boys had been transformed past the point the men, past the point of soldiers. The military had turned them into BEASTS. The two alpha super soldiers writhed in between pain and ecstasy, enjoying his own transformation and that of the other. "... GOOD!" PART 8 The radiation had been turned off, the serum had been drained, and the two beasts stood facing one another against the glass. They started grunting, pounding on the glass. Cliff swung his massive ape arms repeatedly against it, while Lucas stood confident, showing off his height and package. The transformation had put the boys in incredible heat. Each one to some extent forgot they were human, only looking to assert their animal dominance. They stood staring at each other with throbbing cocks, both of which profusely started leaking pre-cum. They were too distracted by one another to even think of jerking off. Each of them wanted to show the other they were the alpha. "What a success," commented Steele. "Better let them release," said Atlas, pulling a lever, "The effects of half radiation are apparent on their ability to control their libido." Suddenly the glass chamber lowered into a room below the transformation laboratory. Cliff and Lucas didn't care, however. They only stood staring at one another. Suddenly they were in a chamber all to themselves. The voice form before boomed: "INITIATING RELEASE." The glass cylinders shot up, freeing the beasts. Cliff started hulking his way towards Lucas, the massive plate mail of armor that were his chests and abs sliding over one another. But instead of clanking they glided, each one supporting the next. But Lucas was too quick. His transformation endowed him with incredible speed. Soon he was behind Cliff, shoving his foot with the force of his godly calves into the valley of Cliff's back. "ARRRGH!" roared Cliff, stumbled forward and cracking the concrete floor with the landing of his massive foot. He swung around, but Lucas was already gone. He turned trying to find him, and by the time he did, all he could make out was Lucas' massive package accompanied by his (at least) size 15 foot landing itself in between the hairy slabs of meat that were Cliff's pecs. Cliff fell to the floor backwards, creating a crater in the ground. He looked up. Lucas was standing in front of him, flexing his incredible ten pack and watermelon sized tits, and letting his cock throb pre-cum onto Cliff. It got stuck in the hair which covered Cliff's bulging abdominals. "Can't beat me bro," started Lucas. His voice was incredibly deep. He was an alto before. Now he was a bass! "I always was the fastest!" "Hah!" Shouted Cliff. His voice was even deeper. He got up, flexing his biceps into globes of masculine power. "Fuck your speed bro. All that matters is size! And I'm the FUCKING KING of size!" He turned his bicep flex downward into a pec flex; veins running all over his body popped up and almost out of his military grade skin. Lucas was taunted, and prepared his next attack. This time Cliff was ready. He waited in the middle of the room, using his raw animal instinct to detect when Lucas would strike. THERE! He caught his foot and threw him to the floor, creating another crater. Lucas lay on his stomach, his astronomically large pecs propping his upper body up. Cliff took the opportunity, threw his weight on Lucas, and... Pinned! Cliff locked down at his opponent on the shattered cement floor, panting heavily as sweat ran down what used to be his neck. Lucas struggled against his weight, but it was no use. Cliff's lock was too strong, and he had the advantage of being the heaviest for his weight class, THE HIGHEST WEIGHT CLASS IN THE FUCKING WORLD. Nonetheless Cliff maintained absolute focus in asserting his position. He felt his massive package throbbing up against Lucas' steel glutes. The two were both bursting with newfound testosterone, their libidos were on fire. Cliff knew he had to relive their heat. While maintaining his grip, he reached around Lucas to find his absolute snake of a cock. He caressed it, up and down, letting Lucas' pre-cum lubricate his grip. He gave Lucas' baseball sized balls and small squeeze. Pre-crum shot out of Lucas. "Fuck bro..." Lucas seemed to forget the need to be an alpha. "What are you doing to me? Fuck, that feels good." Lucas let Cliff work his body into ecstasy just like the serum had done. Cliff wrestled Lucas into new positions while pleasuring his cock and nipples. Eventually Lucas un-flexed his glutes. Cliff took the opportunity to win the match; his cock made sure of it. He started grunting as his cum covered girth slid into Lucas and dominated his prostate. "Fuck bro! Aghh. Fuck... yeah," moaned Lucas. "You wanna fucking come bro?" asked Cliff in an assertive deep voice. Lucas didn't respond; he was too lost in the ecstasy. Now was Cliff's opportunity to relieve the heat that was turning them into animals. He began vigorously stroking Lucas' wet cock from tip to base, squeezing his balls every now and then. He ran his other hand up Lucas' washboard abs, fingering each and every crevasse on the way up. He grasped Lucas' watermelon chest and caressed its protruding nipples. Finally, he let his load loose. As Cliff came so did Lucas. It was just like before; the stream of their come did not stop for a few minutes. A few seconds in something happened to Lucas as well; his nipples started leaking cum. The transformation at 50 percent radiation must have had some unexpected effects. Once the boys stopped streaming cum and started shooting it out in pulses, Lucas' nipples started firing it out so it no longer just ran down his pecs and into the valley of his abs. Lucas' cock and nipple cum flew an incredible 10 feet across the room. His package was like a fucking fire hose. He was paralyzed with ecstasy as the same force of Cliff's ejaculation took place inside of him. Then, after several minutes of climax, the boys fell in exhaustion, Cliff on top of Lucas. "What did they do to us man?" asked Lucas. "What did they turn us into?" Cliff panted heavily. They had turned them into muscle bound gods, fucking freaks of nature that would make any juicer cower in fear. Their new muscles and uncontrollable libido turned them into the alpha beasts of the earth. Suddenly both boys felt a familiar sensation. Their balls, emptied of all cum, began pulsing. They could feel their testosterone stirring, their balls pumping loads of it back into their system. Cliff remembered what Steele had said about the importance of testosterone in the supplementation. It looks like the transformation made testosterone the body's highest priority. As he watched Lucas' veins swell with the stuff, he felt his own body start creating more cum. All too quickly his balls were past maximum capacity, and his flaccid cock secreted more pre-cum. He smelt the pheromones coming off Lucas. The two wreaked of manhood. He stared Lucas in the eyes, their massive cocks reloading military grade erections, and with confidence responded: "Soldiers."
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    Okay, wow, I'm taken aback by the feedback, I'm flattered! Had no idea this would go down as well as it has! So, I need a bit of time to think about a second chapter (bear in mind this first chapter took me a couple of months to write). I think I know where I'm going with it, at least for the next chapter or two. Again, any further feedback, drop a comment or leave me a message! Thanks once again guys! You're all lovely. Next time you see a reply from me on this thread it should be the next chapter.
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    Die neue Woche startete vorbereitet. Wir wussten, dass Ende der Woche Jan über Hundert Kilo wiegen würde – unbeachtet von allen in seinem Umfeld. Was mich an diesem Punkt auch ein wenig wunderte. Ich war der Einzige, der sich an all das erinnern konnte und den „Vorher-Nachher“ Vergleich hatte und ziehen konnte. Wahrscheinlich, weil die Mail von mir kam und ich selbst das alles genutzt hatte. Aber zurück zu unseren Vorbereitungen. Wir wussten nicht ganz, wie sich die zuästzlichen 40 Kilo verteilen würden und deshalb hatte ich noch am Sonntag ein paar meiner Klamotten zu ihm rüber gebracht. Dann würde es nicht ganz so auffallen. Aber wir wussten auch sicher, dass wir bald neue Kaufen mussten. Ich hatte nur bis 3XL bei mir zu Hause. Jan würde das spätestens in der nächsten Woche tragen und in Woche drei zerreissen. Ohne Anspannung. Wir spekulierten darauf, dass sein Dad vielleicht was locker machen würde – wobei das auch das größte Problem von allen war. So wie der gute Papa auf mich reagiert hatte konnten wir nur schwer abschätzen, was er zu seinem Sohn sagen würde, der mich um knackige 70kg übertreffen würde. Montag Laut unseren Rechnungen war es so, dass Jan pro Tag durchschnittlich 5,5kg zunehmen würde. Ungeachtete der Tatsache, was er zusätzlich essen würde und wenn er noch trainiert. Ja... Jan hatte tatsächlich vor so lange zum Fußballtraining zu gehen, bis er nicht mehr mit kam. Schnelligkeit war ein Ding der Vergangenheit. Aber er bekundete schon Interesse an Football.... In der Schule am ersten Tag sah man nicht viel. Er hatte jetzt seit Sonntag insgesamt 11kg zugelegt. Das Shirt saß um die Brust etwas definierter, der Biceps füllte den Ärmel etwas besser auf. Alles nichts dramatisches. Dienstag Sport Tag! Nach unserem kleinem Intermezzo der letzten Woche sah ich nun Herrn Becker wieder. Er wirkte in seiner ganzen Erscheinung autoritärer und uns gegenüber reservierter. Jan war jetzt mit 75kg in einer Liga, wo man schon von einem light-weight-junior-Bodybuilder sprechen konnte. Das 6pack war höchst definiert und man konnte sogar schon die letzte Reihe sehen und der Weg zum 8pack war deutlich zu erkennen. Die Taille war schlank, die Brust schon deutlich massiger, breitere Schultern und die Fußballer-Beine waren größer denn je. Aber all das erregte in der Kabine kein großen Aufsehen. 75Kg... ich bitte euch. Ich war mit meinen 150kg immer noch eine Augenweide. Aber.... Jan gewann recht viel Aufmerksamkeit durch seine Beule in der Hose. Gestartet mit schlaffen 10cm konnte er jetzt schon knapp 13cm vorweisen. Zusammen mit größerem Umfang und größeren Eiern. Und so wie Jan grinste, gefiel es ihm. Sport an sich war unspektakulär und nur das Duschen wurde durch ein paar Sprüche interessant und den ein oder anderen, der seinen Harten verstecken musste, als Jan und ich zusammen mit schwingedem Gehänge in die Kabinen kamen. Donnerstag Ich bekam relativ früh eine Whatsapp von Jan in der er um ein Gespräch vor der Schule bat. Sein Dad.... Als Jan auf mich zukam musste ich schon schlucken. Ja, ich sah in jeden Tag, aber als dieses 100kg Fußballer-Muskelpaket auf mich zukam, wurde mir ganz anders. Ich wurde augenblicklich hart, konnte es aber ganz gut verstecken, da ich auch merkte, dass Jan niedergeschlagen wirkte. Das Shirt, das er anhatte, war bereits eines von meinen und wirkte (noch) recht gut passend. Die Hose machte keinen Hehl daraus, dass sie nach diesem Tag in die Tonne konnte. Die Oberschenkel versuchten alles um den Stoff zu sprengen und die Beule in seiner Hose war so prominent, dass ich mich fragte, ob das nicht weh tat. Als mein „Kleiner“ dann bei mir stand erzählte er mir sofort, dass sein Dad heute morgen schon einen Ausraster bekommen hatte. Er beschuldigte ihn Steroide zu nehmen, Drogen und was weiß ich nicht noch alles. Er hatte wütend sein Zimmer durchsucht und ihm eine sehr lange Standpauke gehalten, dass solche Muskel-Freaks sich ihr Leben nur kaputt machen und noch andere, erfundenen und fadenscheinige Gründe. Wir unterhielten uns noch eine ganze Weile vor der Schule und verblieben dann so, dass er Freitag nach der Schule mit zu mir kommt und zumindest Freitag auf Samstag bei mir übernachtet. Dann konnte er mal auf andere Gedanken kommen. Meine Eltern hatten nichts dagegen und ich hoffte, dass ich sie noch aus dem Haus bekam. Ich brauchte Sex.... Freitag Ich bekam erneut eine Whatsapp mit einem einzigen Inhalt: „110kg.“ Jan hatte sogar 3kg mehr zugenommen als berechnet. Aber er hatte auch Training die Woche, am Sonntag ein Spiel und Alter... er war fast nur noch am Essen. In der Schule lief soweit alles gut und auch der väterliche Zwischenfall von gestern war vergessen. Meine Eltern freuten sich, dass sie einen Schulkameraden von mir kennenlernten. (Früher hatte ich nie jemanden mit nach Hause gebracht und daran konnte sich meine Mutter wohl noch erinnern.) Ich meinte, dass wir ein bisschen Playstation spielen wollten und mit anderen Joysticks... Ich wartete nach der 7. Stunde an der Treppe auf Jan und konnte nur in der Entfernung seine Stimme hören, die relativ laut und ungehalten war. Die Neugier siegte und ich ging dem nach. Versteckt (sofern das für 150kg Muskeln möglich war) belauschte ich ein Gespräch zwischen ihm und Sven. „Alter. Du platz noch bald. Mach mal ein bisschen langsam. Oder willst du so ein Freak werden wie Dori?“ „Sein Name ist David und was kümmert es dich?“ „Ergreifst du jetzt etwas Partei für das Steroid-Monster?“ „SVEN! Sei nicht so ein kompletter Arsch. Ok? Es gibt halt Leute, die stehen auf Muskeln.“ „Ja... die lecken auch Schwänze.“ „...“ „Alter... Sag jetzt bitte nicht, dass du den Schwanz von dem im Mund hattest.“ „Fick dich, Sven. Ich dachte echt, wir wären Freunde.“ „Das waren wir, bevor du wie ein Hefekloß aufgegangen bist und dich entschieden hast 'ne Schwuchtel zu werden.“ Dann hörte ich nur, wie jemand auf den Boden fiel. „JAN! Was fällt dir ein! Spinnst du!“ „Halt dich einfach von mir fern, Arschloch.“ Dann stampfte Jan wütend weg und ich versuchte schnell wieder auf meine ursprüngliche Position zu kommen. Als Jan kam und das Gesicht hass-verzerrt war, wollte ich schon ansetzten etwas zu sagen, aber der Fußballer meinte nur: „Du hast doch alles gesehen. Was hättest du getan?“ - „Ich... ehm... also... ich....“ Jan rollte mit den Augen und meinte: „Alter.... du bist ein fucking Bodybuilder. Denkst du echt, so ein Gebüsch kann dich verstecken. Sei froh, dass Sven mit dem Rücken zu dir war.“ Ich holte tief Luft und wechselte sofort das Thema. „Wollen wir uns einen Döner holen?“ Jan nickte nur und wir liefen schweigend in die Innenstadt. Es wurden zwei Döner für jeden und als wir auf den bedrohlich knackenden Plastikstühlen saßen seufzte Jan deutlich und fragte: „Wie war das bei dir? Waren deine Eltern auch so kacke und dein bester Freund ein Arsch?“ Ich lächelte und meinte: „Meine Eltern fanden es auch nicht so gut. Aber... du hast einen guten Freund an deiner Seite. Sven wird sich wieder beruhigen. Und im Notfall schicke ich ihm auch den Link.“ Ich zwinkerte und auch Jan konnte leicht lächeln. Wir gingen dann nach Hause und bereiteten uns auf einen Spiele-Nachmittag vor....
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    Haha! You're gonna hate me because the next one ends on a little cliffhanger too! 🙊
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    Nnnnnoooooo! You can’t not finish the chapter when AJ is about to hit the stage! That’s so mean!! LOL!!🤯🤬😂 A really good chapter with a lot of teasing and set up! I can’t wait to read the next one. Great job MuscleAddict!!👍💪💪😜💪
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    This is my first ever written story published here. I have actually written one story before, but it was lost when my old laptop gave up. I've been hesitant to put anything here as I don't want my story telling getting too judged, but, this is an idea which is so hot to me, I just had to share. I hope you all enjoy, and any feedback is much appreciated, or feel free to drop me a message. “So, anything else that needs discussing before the next news meeting?” My editor asks. “Umm, well, is there anything I can be focussing on?” My voice slightly cracks, I’ve only been at the BBC offices for a few weeks but I’m trying to make myself come off as keen, but not too keen that everyone around me hates me and thinks I’m going to gun for their job. The World Service has been through some really, really tough months, job cuts, redundancies, people moving abroad to other networks, the BBC was not the place everyone wanted to work anymore, and certainly a young 25 year old upstart like me joining the most respected name in news worldwide might rub some up the wrong way. My game plan was simple, move in the right direction but slowly, and never appear too fast or eager. I genuinely wasn’t there to steal anyone’s job, certainly not deliberately. “Actually, there’s something we want you to do, wait behind.” The room vacated, everyone doing awkward British nods and smiles at each other as they left to complete their tasks. “We’re impressed, you’re progressing well,” she says, “so we’ve got a small interview we’d like you to do, but it is an important one, and it’s a foreign assignment so it’s a good first job.” “Oh wow, okay,” I pause, “go on.” “Prince Abdul Al-Aziz Al-Hamza is shortly to take over the small island nation of Thazzan,” she starts. “Isn’t that the country which has insanely high oil revenues but doesn’t really look after its people?” “Oh yes,” she says, “we’d like you to go there and interview him. His father’s in his dying days and he’s willing to give one radio interview, specifically radio, we don’t know why, to discuss what’s next for his country.” This was a perfect scoop, I mean, it was going to be boring as hell, but good. By boring as hell, I mean there would be no chance for real questions. Interviews with dictators and their sons always followed the same format and went on the same lines, how thrilled the people are to have them and how many changes they have planned for the country. No-one actually ever takes these kinds of things seriously. “I’m a bit concerned about LGBT rights,” I say, after a few moments of pondering. “They’re inviting you, it’s not going to be a problem, in fact I’ve already checked that,” she replies. “Wait you what?” I ask, rather startled. “You’re our only free reporter, so I was upfront about it,” she replies, calmly, I forget my editor has been doing this for years, “we used to check this kind of thing with reporters in other slightly homophobic countries nearby, it’s standard practice.” “How is that, remotely standard practice?” I ask, blood pressure raised. “Because then there’s a record that we checked that it was fine for you to go as a gay man, actually it protects you from being arrested for debauchery if they were to find out you were while you’re there.” “The last thing I’m going to do is hook up with some guy from a country where it’s so repressed and I can get thrown in jail for it,” I say, almost losing my temper, but, then remembering this is the person in charge of assignments, “but thank you for your concern,” I add, through slightly gritted teeth. “Can you leave this evening? It’s either this evening or an early morning flight I’m afraid. You can leave the office now. We’ve planned around 4 days for you there, there’s a visit to some oil refineries, some oil treatment works, some oil fields, and then the final day is the interview itself,” she says, “did you know the country’s economy is almost entirely dependent on oil?” She asks, with a wry smile. “I could have guessed.” I say. ******************************************** 24 hours later and I wake up my first day in Thazzan. The air conditioning perfect, the hotel nice, the BBC could never afford a really, really nice hotel, especially for an inexperienced reporter like me, but it was comfortable. Certainly more comfortable than most hotels around the M25, although that’s not saying much. My first visit to an oil field was boring, as I guessed all the visits would be. I ended up having a chat with the manager as we were wrapping up. Oil was booming, he was telling me, no he wasn’t concerned about the sudden drop in oil in the coming decades as the country was investing now, yes he was very confident in the new Prince. “He telephones in to our board meetings across the company,” he said, excitedly. “Oh so he is more hands on than most bosses?” I ask. “Oh, absolutely,” he says, “much better than in neighbouring countries. He always dials in and he’s very good at giving direction, after all, the country shares the oil wealth so we have to do it for the benefit of all.” He replies. It’s worth pointing out at this point that corruption indexes but Thazzan at one of the worst in the world for corruption, and the UN has repeatedly said that even though they have all this oil wealth, it is not trickling down to the people. Pleas have been made repeatedly to have the wealth shared more effectively, it’s all gone unheeded. I look up from his desk, sure enough, there was a smiling Prince Al-Hamza, probably embezzling huge amounts of this money for himself, not that the people would ever know. I hated myself for thinking this, in a country of such poor gay rights, but he was hot. The guy was hot. His Excellency, or whatever his formal title was, was hot. He had the kind of manicured facial hair and beautiful dark brown eyes that really turned me on to Arab men. Not one guy so far had really piqued my interest, but the Prince did. “Ah yes, it is his official portrait, we are all very pleased with him,” the manager grinned. I notice the date mark in the plaque next to his smiling image. “2008?” I ask. “Yes, why?” he asks. “That’s ten years ago.” “It is the most recent official portrait, he is twenty there, if something more recent comes, then we all have to change. We used to change them once every six months.” “Oh right, so does he look like that now? I mean, during your teleconferences?” “Oh no, you misunderstand, we never see him, he calls in on the phone.” This struck me as odd. I sat back in my chair and looked at the image of the attractive Prince in full Thazzan flowing white robes of national dress. It also made me wonder why the man had specifically asked for a radio interview with the World Service, any Prince on a good PR job would be after BBC World News on TV, not radio. TV had a better reach and could be used on YouTube, radio, not so much. “Have you ever seen him? Met him? He’s nice?” I ask, digging. “Nope, but he is a very kind man, he cares deeply about the people,” says the manager, “sometimes when oil revenues fall, he will call me personally and discuss.” “So he’s never visited your oil field?” “A Prince is far too busy for something like that, he has many diplomatic things to attend and people to look after, I would not expect him to come visit.” “But it’s your country’s main source of revenue?” I ask. “Of course!” He replies, he’s not going to comment further. I let his last two words hang in the air briefly, most interviewees will almost always talk more when you leave the room quiet, this man, not so. Perfectly trained in PR. The two officials standing near the exit to the office probably didn’t help either, while they were there ostensibly to help me around, they were almost certainly there to make sure all my visits were perfect. With that, I left the facility. ************************************** My final day had arrived, this afternoon I was told I had an hour with the Prince, to ask him what I wanted. He wouldn’t answer any question we hadn’t planned from the news team, but we could at least try. He would give highly scripted answers to complex questions and that would be done. I didn’t know why the BBC was going through with this total farce of an interview, but there we are. I was taken to the royal palace at 1pm. The huge, vast building opened up like an oasis in the desert as we drove nearer. An enormous monolith dedicated to housing the ruling family, it had hundreds of acres of perfectly manicured grounds and guards every few metres. I was shown into a big room, then another big room, and finally another big room. I was sat down at a table with a phone on it. “The Prince will talk shortly.” I was assured by a small man in perfectly fitted attire. I got ready to read through my notes for the upcoming questions, I got out my radio microphone, I worked out the best lines of attack. I thought I’d start out slow and ask about oil revenues, then start asking why the country was still not dealing with its poverty effectively. The phone rang. I looked around, but I was in this empty space alone. I gingerly picked up the receiver. “Hello?” I asked, my voice cracked slightly, I needed to drink more, the country was too hot. “Hello, I believe you have some questions for me,” came a slightly deep, immaculately accented English from the other end of the phone. My mouth went immediately dry. “Your Excellency! I didn’t realise we weren’t doing this in person?” “I am a very busy man. You must understand.” “I do, I do,” I say, biting my tongue, before realising I needed to state the obvious, “how am I supposed to do a radio interview over the phone?” “My people will record it,” he says, assuredly, here’s a man no-one has ever said no to. “I can’t do that,” I say, holding back a frog in my throat, “BBC guidelines, I have to record it myself.” “Why?” “You could tamper with the recording, it has happened.” A deep laugh came from the other end of the receiver. “Surely not?” he asks. “Yes.” I reply. “But you would know if it had been edited, you’ll have done the interview.” “Yes but that isn’t the point.” “Okay so what is your first question?” He asks, pointedly. “No, no, I’m really sorry, I have to insist, I have to interview you in person. There’s no point in me being sent all the way here in order to get audio from a telephone recording, I could do that in London.” “London is a beautiful city,” he said, randomly. “Yes,” I say, slightly caught off guard, “it is.” “I have many houses there, would you like to know how many?” “Yes, actually,” I say. “A few, Knightsbridge and Belgravia, all of my neighbouring royal families have houses in the same areas, you know, it’s a second home for us, so many of us in the Middle East are educated in London or around London, we like the UK.” Whilst this is interesting, I get what he’s trying to do. Distraction techniques don’t work with me. “I can’t do the interview like this. It has to be in person.” There’s a loud sigh let out on the other end. Then, some barking of Arabic at an assistant. “Wait,” he says. More Arabic is exchanged. A second voice enters his room and more Arabic is discussed. They have a slightly politer form of Arabic in Thazzan, clearly, more like Lebanese, softer, not the harsh guttural tones of Saudi Arabia. A new voice joins the line. “Hello, I am chief lawyer and legal officer here at the palace.” “Oh hello,” I say, just a trifle taken aback from this new development in proceedings. “It is highly against protocol to let people meet the Prince himself.” “I know, but it is also highly against protocol to even invite foreign journalists to talk to your officials, so this is a rather new day for you, isn’t it?” I say, smirking slightly at the way I am holding myself, surprising myself, really. A long sigh is let out. “We can let you see him,” he continues, “but you don’t have a camera, do you?” “Well I’ve got my phone.” “Surrender the phone, you need to hand us everything bar the microphone and any notes you may need.” “Okay.” “There’s also a contract you need to sign, what you in the west call a non-disclosure agreement, you do not discuss the Prince’s appearance with anyone, not even your colleagues or direct bosses.” “What?” “It is radio isn’t it?” “Yes.” “Then this is not a problem, the contract should be there now, it’s standard royal protocol to not discuss the Prince’s appearance.” “Why?” I struggled to hold back laughter, this was bizarre protocol. “I cannot comment, sign the form, you will see him.” “Thank you.” I say, to his rather curt previous remark. The perfectly dressed assistant who showed me to the table comes back in, this time a gold tray with a piece of paper is handed over, as well as a fountain pen. “Please sign,” he says, bowing. I read through it, it is literally nothing else other than that I must not discuss his appearance with anyone, no hidden clauses, nothing confusing, just that one stipulation. I shrug and sign, if this is going to give me the high quality audio interview we need, that’ll be it. “Please,” he gestures frantically, “leave this room, turn right, walk to the end of the corridor, it is the last door on the right.” I really didn’t need those instructions as a man had now come to stand next to me, and started walking very closely beside me. He was hot, too. I needed to focus. ******************************************************** The doors clicked open upon my approach, but no-one else was going into the room with me. They swung open and I walked in. The room was markedly cooler than the rest of the palace. To the left, at least twenty floor to ceiling windows looked over a perfectly manicured garden being tended to by a multitude of staff. I walked in, distracted by the windows and what they had to show. There didn’t appear to be anyone in the room, I meandered slowly towards the vast view of the courtyard, and the gardens beyond. “Hello?” I ask. My voice dying in the room as it bounced off the walls and marble floors. Nothing. “Hello?” I say, voice slightly raised. I hear footsteps and two men are now leaving the room behind me, the doors click shut. I frown. I hear heavy footsteps, ones more sounding like a rhino crossing the perfectly varnished, clean, white floor. I see a broad man approaching in a beautiful crisp, white national dress. I say broad, he’s across the room and I can see that he is built like a tank. He continues to walk heavily toward me, each step making a noticeable sound on the floor. This is a man who works out. I see it is the Prince, he has barely changed facially, but there are some noticeable changes. He extends an arm to shake my hand and smiles broadly, at which point I notice his neck is almost thicker than his head. Even under the free-flowing gowns of the Arabian Peninsula, it is obvious that this man works out, all the time. He places his large hand into mine and says the Arabic for welcome, I extend the same courtesy back. As he walks towards me, one leg is being placed purposefully in front of the other, clearly due to huge legs. The arms are stretching at his national dress, and it is by no means small. “It is nicer to see you in person,” he says, “my people were very talkative with your editor, I have heard much about you, you have been in the BBC long?” That perfectly accented English makes me weak at the knees, he has a perfectly manicured beard and immaculate teeth, the deep brown eyes make me melt and that thick neck makes me swoon, I wonder what he’s packing underneath the robes. “A couple of years,” I say, looking solidly at his neck. “You will see I am different to portraits, I am more of a man now,” he smiles. “I can see there have been some changes,” I reply. ***************************************** He turned his back to me, his huge, broad back stretching at the seams of the otherwise flowing robe. He walks off to a couple of extremely comfortable looking chairs at the other side of the room, still near the windows. I’m focusing on how heavy his footfall is with each step, his purposeful gait gives the air of someone who is used to dominating a room. He sits down, the chair creaks under his weight, I pretend not to notice. “I don’t have much time, I’m sure you’ll appreciate I am a busy man,” he says, straight away, rubbing his left hand with his right. “That’s fine, I want about half an hour with you, if that’s okay? Just to clear up all the questions the world media have.” “I completely understand, please, I will answer the best I can.” I look through my notes. “May we begin?” I ask. He nods and smiles. “Oil revenues are increasing, aren’t they, how do you use these to pay for the infrastructure of Thazzan?” “My kingdom is very fortunate to have been blessed with such resources to help us out. We have historically always struggled with our economy, imports and exports. It is just one huge export, but it helps out my country hugely, we are moving into the 21st century.” “Do you think the country could be doing any better?” I ask, trying to look at his arm slyly while he rubs his mouth with his right hand in thinking. “I think we have historically had problems with corruption, from previous administrations before my branch of the family came to power, we had big problems.” “What do you say to people who say that the country still has too many problems, too much poverty, for one which last year was estimated to make a few billion dollars a day in selling oil?” He shifts in his chair, it creaks again, he pushes his head back, his neck looks as though he just flexed it, is he trying to intimidate me? “Of course there will always be these problems, but in a Muslim society, we do the best we can to help those in need, I hope that these problems will continue to be eradicated, any poverty is too much poverty.” He shifts in his chair again, he looks uncomfortable. I think he doesn’t like asking questions from a media which actually searches. This is not the fawning state media he’ll be used to. “What are you doing to promote tourism? I understand you are bidding for worldwide sporting events?” He looks relieved at this question. “We are bidding for the World Cup, and for more sports to take place here, we need to boost our economy further with tourism and to show the correct Arab culture around the world, you know, Arabs are seen as so hospitable, yet everyone just associates us with terror attacks, it is awful.” The chair lets out a larger creak as he shifts again, he takes a deep breath. “In terms of your tourism economy, what -“ “Stop,” he interrupts. I momentarily pause, still looking at my notes, rather taken aback by his interjection. He reaches forward and rips the batteries out of my recorder, his huge arms at work under that national dress make me do a double take. “I am sorry, I am not feeling well, I had a brief illness last week, and I thought I would be okay, but I just need to get some water. This is off the record, illness is something my people would not associate with me.” I’m rather taken aback by the admission here, but pause. It’s highly unusual, but if he wasn’t feeling that well at the beginning of the interview then why did he proceed anyway? I ask him this. “I thought I’d be okay, but…” he lets out a long sigh, I notice the chair is creaking again, surely he can afford better chairs, “pass me some water.” He gestures at an ornate table, about five metres away, it has two huge pitchers of water on it and seven glasses. I walk over and pour some out. Hopefully we can bond over me helping him. I have my back turned to him and I hear another creak, he lets out a low groan. He isn’t going to be unwell is he? I can’t be accused of trying to poison him, can I? Is this a trap? I suddenly realise this man knows I’m gay in a highly homophobic country, is asking me to pour him water and hand him it, he could accuse me of all kinds of things, there are literally no staff in here. I don’t carry poison, but what can they accuse me of? I turn back around to face him, he’s sweating. “Are you okay? Should I get staff?” “No, honestly,” he lets out a huge burp, covering his mouth, swearing under his breath in Arabic, “I need some water.” He shifts back in his chair, then more upright, both times the chair makes the loudest squeaks and creaks yet. I rush back with two glasses of water. He has some beads of sweat forming on his forehead. This has to be real, he can’t be faking it at this point. He gulps down both glasses. His face is red, sweaty. “Can you stay longer? We may have to reschedule, I think,” he says. “Yes of course I can, what -“ I’m interrupted by the sound of ripping fabric. His eyes let out a look of panic, briefly, locking straight on to mine. I have no idea what to say, the pause hangs there immediately after the ripping. He continues to stare at me, rabbit in the headlights, as I notice the seams on his shoulders are giving way, the previous flowing robe now bursting at the seams. We both continue to stare at each other. In the corner of my eye I can see the seams getting wider on his shoulders. “Are you -“ I’m speechless beyond that, I don’t know what to say. I’m standing in front of him in the chair, staring. He continues to stare at me, almost completely vacantly at this point, but still panic-stricken. There’s no more words to be formed, I fantasise about this kind of thing all the time, every day, but is it actually happening? Had I finally gained the ability I had always wanted to have? This is the kind of thing I read about on muscle fantasy forums every night, night after night, after work, one handed typing, as I read hot stories of men growing. But this guy is doing it actually in front of me. This isn’t a wet dream. He lets out a deep breath and burps again, says something else under his breath in Arabic. I, automatically, in my British sentiment, excuse him. He thanks me under his breath. The pregnant pause continues, it’s unbearable, I want to watch him grow but I can’t believe it’s happening. There’s no batteries in my microphone, I can’t take notes. I just continue to look at his face. He continues to take in great gulps of air, a bead of sweat forming at the end of his nose and another trickling down the left side of his face. Finally, both stretches of fabric covering his shoulders give way and tear. At this point I sit down, my burgeoning erection had been going since I realised that this was happening, and that he wasn’t actually unwell. He smirks, gently. “You like this, don’t you?” He says, absent-mindedly rubbing his exposed left shoulder with his right hand. I can’t reply. I am staring. My boxers are wet. “Being trapped in such a small, island nation with only a few hundred thousand people and such bad gay rights, I was thrilled to find out a gay reporter was coming.” My mouth is dry. The chair creaks again, he didn’t shift in it this time. “Imagine how surprised I was to find that the security detail provided to you by my security services included that you were a member of the muscle growth forum?” Rumbled. I feel the colour drain from my face. I really want a glass of water now. “When we got into your account, had a look through, you’ve always dreamed of being the guy who encourages, stays the same while his partner gets bigger,” he continues. “I have to say, when I was handed the report by my special security services, and I came across that section in the online activity chapter, I knew I had found the man for me,” he groans under his breath and throws his head back, closing his eyes while something else rips elsewhere. My mouth is as dry as the desert outside. I struggle to prevent my hands shaking wildly. “I bet you want to know why poverty is so bad in my country, why healthcare is so bad,” he says, opening his eyes, staring at me again, those deep, beautiful eyes. I nod, mouth open, catching flies. “I have always wanted this,” he says, grunting a bit at the ‘this’, “ever since I was a child, I wanted to be bigger and better than everyone, I went to school at a private institution in England, I could never become the rugby player I wanted to be. “I have always felt like the only one in the world, who wanted this, like you do, but for me. But then I realised, I’m coming to power, let’s spend my family wealth on the one thing I want, I can be in charge of the government, let’s change government research and development from medical research to muscle.” The chair underneath him lets out two staccatos of creaking. He groans a bit. “My family makes billions per day, of course I use it for the people, and some offshore, but at least one billion of that goes into this.” He stands up, the robe falls to the floor, I involuntarily make a sound like the slut for muscle I’ve always known I have been. “You are literally looking at the only guy in the world who can grow, and grow on command. I have pills, I popped some before you came in, I take them when I want, they’re not perfect, I rarely go out in public, sometimes the growth takes over, so I rule from my palaces.” I look at the striations of muscle across his body, the tensing and flexing, the beads of sweat dripping down his hairy chest and arms, the only clothing he still has on are his undergarments, sandals and his headwear. He reaches out a hand to me, and pulls me out of the chair, I’m weak at the knees. His hands lead me to put my left hand on his chest, my right on his left arm, he tenses both areas. I feel a wet patch forming. “No-one is allowed to touch me except family, that’s a sackable offence in royal palaces,” he continues, “but you, you have always wanted this, you don’t want to admit it but a multi-billionaire prince who can also grow must also be something you want.” He flexes his left arm, I realise my voice box is involuntarily engaged as I let out a huge, sudden breath, I feel my body tense all over. I came. He looks at my now sticky trousers. “Well, well, well, your profile was not fake.” “I’m so sorry,” I say, shakily, sweating, barely able to get a word out, voice cracking. “Why are you apologising?” I stare, dumbly, I can’t take the situation in. “When you came in I was around 270lbs, I’m around 6’3, at this point I’m usually 100lbs more than that, there’s more to go, yet.” This makes me acknowledge the current situation and regain some ground. “How big do you,” I say, I pause to run my tongue round my mouth, “how big do you go?” “Well I only took a couple, so, erm, 200lbs more? I’ll end up somewhere around 500, it’s not an exact science.” My dick is hard again. Throughout all of this, I have noticed how huge his penis is, but there’s been so much else to take in. “And you’re hard again! Oh this will be fun,” he playfully states. He lowers his under robe, a huge, footlong, and thick as a wrist dick springs out, balls the size of small lemons. “You may touch elsewhere, I have no intention of firing you,” he flashes a shark-like grin. ********************************** I gingerly touch his huge, throbbing cock with my hands, left hand towards the hilt, right hand towards the head. I push the skin back towards the hilt and forth towards me, I start gently jacking him. “I love that you’re into this,” he grunts, “I usually have to get prostitutes, no-one likes a man to be this size.” I try and steady my breath, I want to have a calm conversation and not get too ahead of myself. “This is something I’ve noticed, there’s some sizes that most people just think are too much -“ I start to say. “As if there’s a too much,” he says, before groaning again under his breath. “I couldn’t agree with you more,” I say. I grip his huge dick slightly more with my right hand, keeping the rhythm going, while playing with his enormous balls. “Once I finish I usually start shrinking a bit back to my normal size,” he says, “sometimes it takes a few extra hours to reduce down.” “Your normal size is something I was impressed by,” I reply. “Oh believe me, it can go so much more than that,” he says, smirking, “actually, I’m taking the stuff so often it seems to have a residual effect, my smaller sizes are much larger than they used to be.” He flexes his hairy pecs, I moan and bury my face in them. He lets out a moan of approval. As I rub the left side of my face into his pecs, he raises his left arm and shows me its progress. I groan involuntarily, lean over and start kissing the huge growing bicep and tree trunk arm. He’s even thicker and bigger than he was before. “I like food too much to be a ripped god, but I guess from your messages on your muscle growth profile you like men beefier anyway,” he says, his voice has now definitely dropped an octave. “Size and mass are my thing,” I say, leaning over to kiss his now much enlarged arms. “You’re perfect,” he says. I hear a low rumble come out of his chest as his body expands further. “I must be getting close to the 400lb mark,” he adds. I step back, my hand still working his huge, perfectly cut and girthy footlong. He has expanded. He’s now starting to seriously take up my view of the room behind him, even when I step back. “Oh my god,” i whimper, under my breath. “So you’re enjoying this?” He flashes me a grin with those beautiful, perfect teeth. His eyes catch the light streaming in through the windows. The dark brown gets turned to a slightly reflective brown in the sun. He’s perfect. He lets out a low moan as I run my tongue along my lips. His huge arms envelope my back and he holds me tight to his huge chest. My face is buried in between the crevice of his impossible pecs. His slabs of abs, not super defined, but there, press into my stomach beneath my shirt. He squeezes me harder and I let out an involuntary whine. He gets his big hands under my armpits and lifts me just above the ground so we are eye to eye. “I told you I get bigger,” he says, his eyes looking at his enormous biceps. I can see them actually swelling, now that he’s holding me. Every pump of his heart is leading the muscles to engorge slightly more. In this position, hovering just a foot above the ground, his huge body visibly expanding in front of me, I feel something I didn’t want to feel again this quickly. My dick starts tensing incredibly hard, and before I know it, my cream trousers are once again coated on the inside. He looks at me closely as I groan under my breath. Then he realises. “Again?” He says, his voice even deeper than before. Those perfect teeth make another appearance in between smiling lips. My face flushes and I nod. He puts me down and starts unbuttoning my shirt and undoes my belt as I take off my clothes hurriedly. He gets to my boxers and runs his fingers along the huge wet patch. I’ve always been proud of how much I can cum. He rubs his fingers into it, and takes them to his mouth, and licks gingerly. “You taste good, actually,” he says, hesitantly. I hear him groan slightly under his breath. The traps and his neck now have no definite start or end point. He reaches out his hands and forces off my shoes, boxers and socks. I stand naked, in front of the Prince of Thazzan, he at around 450lbs I must guess by now, just his undergarments on, torn clothes on the floor, sandals and head garment still on. He holds me close to him again, my back clicks slightly as he squeezes me, I whine again. He kicks off his sandals and pushes me to my knees. He bends his huge body down slightly to lower the undergarment to his ankles and slaps his heavy dick across my face. His hands connected to his huge swelling arms wrap around the back of my head and force the dick between my lips. He gets two thirds in and I gag. My jaw is fully relaxed as it’s the only way to ensure I don’t bite any part of it. He pulls my head back and then fully back into his dick. It gets around 9” in. I gag again. I look up at him, eyes watering, his eyes and eyebrows just visible beyond his pec shelf and huge stomach. “I’m going to have to train you,” he growls. I feel my dick start to helplessly tense again. It’s looking up at his huge body that’s doing it. I beg internally for it not to happen as his huge dick tries to explore my mouth further and work further down my throat. I try and pull my head back but it’s useless to try something like that when there’s a 480lbs muscle guy restraining you. I close my eyes as they water, tears streaming down my face as I let out a moan on his dick and I shoot across the marble. I open my eyes and look up at him through the tears, dick still firmly lodged down my throat, my breathing partially constricted on it. He smirks, “you’re passing all my tests.” He grabs me under the armpits again and lifts me up, puts me down on the ground and my feet land in my own sticky mess. Great. He takes two steps back and I can feel every bit through the marble. “It’s solid foundations beneath this, you know,” he boasts, “that’s how heavy I am.” He gets on to the floor, when his hands touch the floor I feel reverberations too. “Pass me a pillow,” he says, I dumbly oblige, standing in my own cum. “Lie down, head on the pillow,” he growls. I get on my front on the cool marble floor as he stands up. Bones and joints click in his body. “On your back. I want to see you when I do this.” I dread what’s coming. He’s a monster. I knew this was going to happen but I’m still not prepared for it in the slightest. He lifts me legs with such effort as he gets on his knees, and the floor shakes, that I feel my ass and body being lifted up, up to my neck. “Oops,” he grunts, “you weigh nothing now.” He sits my feet on his shoulders and look up. I’ve never been more turned on. If I tilt my head left or right he still dominates my view. I feel the pain as my hole is stretched beyond belief. His now 500lb body lowering into me. Every inch feels like six with the added girth and pain. I am paralytic from pain and can’t even scream. My mouth is open but no sound comes out. He lowers his head right up to mine, forcing my legs back into a position I didn’t think possible, but his weight made inevitable. He kisses me on the lips, before moving his mouth to my ear. “This is my biggest, do you like?” he rumbles. He raises himself back up as his dick starts working in and out of my hole. I just want it to be over. He can train me, but the pain is too much. It would take years to adjust to a dick like this. I finally find my breath and let out a yelp of pain. He puts his right hand beside my head, I feel the ground shake, and his left hand covers my mouth entirely. “Shhhh,” he says, “I thought you liked guys my size,” he smiles. He removes his left hand from my mouth and flexes his left arm in front of me. My hands reach out for his arm like a thirsty person reaching for water and I realise both of my hands have no chance of ever being able to reach around his huge tree trunk arms. One hand barely covers a quarter of the circumference. “Do you like guys my size?” He asks, flexing his hulk-like left arm as I reach at it like a pathetic kitten. “Yes,” I moan, in between trying to breathe when not all of the 12 inches are inside. “This is two pills,” he gives me a wide grin, “I’ve got an unlimited supply,” he continues. I moan in approval, my hands now roaming over his impossibly huge, hairy chest and body. “I can grow like this any time I want,” he continues, as I continue to feel his burgeoning form, “any time,” he repeats. His thrusts get stronger, heavier, I feel his dick tensing inside my hole. “If it were up to me I’d be big like this all the time,” he says, I feel my dick starting to tense again involuntarily, I know what’s coming. “I want to be bigger than this, and I can get bigger than this any time I want, I only want to be this kind of size, only you understand,” he lets out a load groan and I feel what’s coming. His dick is pulsing hard deep inside my gut. “I have no limit!” I yell. I feel my hole suddenly flooded with sperm, his orgasms seem to actually be getting stronger. He lets out a deep, masculine roar as he collapses onto me, my legs flexed fully back beside my head. My dick tenses again and pumps out what it can from the very active half an hour it’s had. His orgasms seem to subside slightly before he groans into the pillow again, his full 500lbs of weight is seriously restricting my breathing and I start to panic slightly. I feel his huge strong dick continue to pump and tense inside me before he lets out a slightly higher pitched grunt and he feels less heavy on me. We lie there, breathing heavily.
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    New Comic in progress Called "Catfish" Story by: MuscleNexus Illustrations: Gymjunkiemuscle http://www.patreon.com/gymjunkiemuscle http://www.patreon.com/musclenexus
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    Slight word of warning! Parts of this chapter might make some of you blush! 🙊 Twenty Nine I couldn’t stop staring at the email. A guy from Third Hill Publishing, one of the biggest trade publishing houses in the country, i.e. the exact type of company I wanted to work for when I graduated, had gotten into touch to tell me that someone had dropped out a work experience placement the following week, and they wanted me to take their place. It was the first non-AJ related thing I had felt excited about for months. But as thrilled as I was to have been given such an amazing opportunity, I was also feeling a completely conflicting emotion. Because doing this work placement in London would mean having to stay there for a week, which I’d already arranged with one of uni friends who lived there when I’d applied for this placement, and countless others, at the beginning of the summer. London was just too far away to travel to every day and back. But spending a week in London meant spending a week away from AJ. FUCK! I kept thinking, what if I just ignored the email? What if I didn’t tell anyone about it? Just pretend that I’d never received it? Part of me wished that I hadn’t. Maybe I could just email the guy back and tell him that it was too short notice? But I knew I couldn’t do any of those things. Because these types of placements were hard to get. And I’d be stupid not to do it. And besides, it was only a week. Five days, to be exact. But five precious summer days that could be spent with my gorgeous bodybuilder boyfriend. ARRGGHH!! I had never wanted to be the type of person who couldn’t function without being with their boyfriend for a second. I had always thought of myself as being fiercely independent. But I knew that I would miss AJ like crazy. Even just for five days. And then I would miss him like crazy for another seven days when he went to Ibiza just a couple of weeks later. And then I was suddenly thinking about the fact that I would be going back to university a few weeks after that, and all of those fears and anxieties I had felt that one morning when I’d woken up in AJ’s bed worrying about the future, were suddenly at the forefront of my mind again. I had known that I’d have to deal with those worries at some point again. I just hadn’t expected to have to deal with them quite so soon. I was now sure that AJ would want to make it work when I was back in London. But would we be able to? How would I feel not being in Little Denton where I could see AJ any time I wanted? What if the distance made him realise that his feelings for me weren’t that strong after all? What if he grew bored? What if it was too hard work? The thought of things ending with AJ, even just the thought of things changing between us, made him feel sick to the stomach. I decided not to mention the work placement when AJ picked me up in his car the next day to take me to Scorpio’s. I guess it was easier just to push it to the back of my mind. But I was also worried about putting a dampener on the day, and potentially ruining the time we had left together. Everything so far had been ridiculously good. And now there was this thing hanging over us, threatening to spoil it. “Four days to get lines in my arse and abs so shredded you could grate chase on ‘em!” AJ exclaimed on the drive to Scorpio’s. I smirked and looked at him wide eyed. “You realise that’s, like, premium rate phone sex talk for me?!” AJ beamed. “Are you looking forward to your cock exploding in a theatre full of strangers?” I shook my head and giggled. “I’m excited! And I’m really looking forward to seeing you on stage! I HEART NOAH posers or not!” AJ bit his lip and gave me this loving grin. “Maybe we can get those specially made? For your eyes only!” Something about that comment stung. Just a little. For your eyes only. I knew that AJ hadn’t meant anything by it, but I guess there was a part of me that resented the fact that what me and AJ was had to be kept a secret. A part of me wanted to show him off to the whole world. Walk into Scorpio’s Gym holding hands and loudly announce that I was completely and crazily in love the sweetest, most wonderful boy. And oh yeah, he happens to be a little bit smitten with me too. “Soooo … have you ever wondered what it’s like to be backstage at a bodybuilding show?” he asked me with his eyebrows cheekily raised. I felt a jolt of excitement. “Well I kinda know what goes on!” I told him. “I’ve seen pump room videos!” “Yeah?” AJ said, looking both impressed and excited. “Mmmm. All the bodybuilders pump up and pose in their trunks as they get ready to go on stage!” Jesus. I had given myself a bloody hard on. “That’s pretty much it! Another potential undie spunking situation for Noah!” I grinned like mad. “Potential?! Try GUARANTEED!” AJ did one of his cute, little giggles. “Hmmm. Maybe I shouldn’t bring you backstage with me in that case?” FUCK! AJ had this massive, cheeky smirk on his face. I just stared at him wide eyed, grinning like crazy and practically bursting with excitement at the thought of being in a pump room with my bodybuilder boyfriend. “Wait - are you gonna, like, tan up?” I asked him. “Of course! Wanna help?” FUUUUUCKKKK!! “Erm … HELL YEAH!” I replied. “Maybe not wear your trackies though?” he suggested, looking down at the hard on tenting my trackies. And then he did the most outrageous thing. He reached over, grabbed my dick through the cotton material with one hand and gave it a hard squeeze with a grizzly, “GRRRRR!” I let out a whimper as AJ squeezed my hard on. “Mmmm!” he said, giving it a quick, forceful shake. “I can’t wait for that to explode in my mouth later!” AJ made good on his promise. A few hours later and I was cumming in his mouth while positioned over him in a sixty-nine position, simultaneously sucking his cock. A few minutes later and AJ was groaning loudly while blowing his load in my mouth. “FUCK! How did you get so good at that?!” he asked as I manoeuvred myself to the other end of the bed where AJ’s head was. “You’re not so bad at it yourself!” I told him. “I think I might have picked up some tips from you!” he replied, grabbing my waist and kissing me. “Ugh! I need a shower!” AJ announced not long after. And then he raised his eyebrows and gave me a mischievous smirk. “Wanna join me?” I bit my lip and grinned. “That could be fun!” I said, enthusiastically. AJ grabbed my hand and led me to the bathroom. Both of us were stupidly grinning as we climbed into his bath and he put the shower on. Standing close up to each other and naked, he squeezed some shower gel into his hand and began to rub it into my chest. And then my shoulders. And then my stomach. Fuck! All the time I gripped on to AJ’s big arms. And then he squeezed some shower gel on to the head of my erect cock and gently massaged it up and down and I sank into his body and groaned. Gripping on to his back, I nuzzled my face in to his thick, bull neck. I took the shower gel from AJ and began to do the same for his body. Rubbing it into his gorgeous, thick pecs, his ridiculously huge, boulder shoulders and his tummy popping abs. FUCK! I had never once fantasised about taking a shower with AJ, but it was such an incredibly hot and intimate experience. AJ then spun around and my hard, throbbing cock was suddenly in very close proximity of his huge, beefy buttocks. As I soaped up his back, AJ gently hit a back lat spread pose. I squeezed on to his thick lats and my cock pushed against the flesh of his thick, meaty arse as I did so. AJ responded in the best way possible; by pushing his arse out further. Fuuuuuck! I groaned while sinking my whole torso into his thick, muscular body, my face buried into his shoulder blades and my arms wrapped around his front. I squeezed the thick plates of muscle which made up his chest with my hands and explored his bumpy, blocky abs with my fingers, all the time with my cock pressed tightly against his arse. I slid my hand down to his hard cock and started squeezing, AJ groaning in response. While one hand pleasured his cock, my other explored his back, then went down to his thick buttocks, giving his cheeks a gentle squeeze, which he responded by doing one of his cute, little giggles. It was such a fucking magnificent arse. I’d never seen bum cheeks like them. So fucking round and huge and perfect. I was feeling brave. I squirted some shower gel on my hands and rubbed it into AJ’s thick cheeks. Gently kissing him on the back, while still wanking him off, I then put my fingers in between his cheeks until I was gently tickling the opening. AJ jumped slightly, and whimpered. I knew that it was completely new territory for him, but I could tell he trusted me too. I explored with my fingers further, gently playing with the opening of his arse. AJ groaned as I gently pushed my finger inside of him. It sounded like a different kind of groan to the ones he usually did. A noise I’d never heard him made before. It was so amazingly sexy. “Oh FUCK!” AJ moaned. And then he stuck his arse out further, encouraging, almost inviting me in, so I pushed my finger further inside him. It was such an incredibly erotic image. Witnessing AJ discovering a completely new pleasure for the first time. Groaning and moaning, totally embracing it, as I wiggled my finger, playing inside him, taking him to new, unknown heights of pleasures. I was sure that AJ would always remember this moment. He then let out this obscenely hot grunt as he stuck his arse out further. Still wanking his cock, I removed my finger. He twisted his head around and let out this cute, little whimper of desire, like he wanted his hole pleasured again. I was about to oblige. Kneeling down so I was faced with his glorious glutes, I parted AJ’s huge arse cheeks. His hole was twitching, almost begging for pleasure. It was the cutest and hottest like pink hole. The second my tongue touched it AJ loudly groaned. “OH GOD!” he exclaimed, as I tickled his opening with my tongue, before gently pushing it inside him. “OH FUCK!” AJ was in some kind of heaven. One that he probably never even knew existed. With my tongue worshipping his hole, pushing in, dancing around, wriggling about, I began to wank AJ off again. I’d never heard noises like it. I carried on, determined to make my beautiful bodybuilder boyfriend spunk. Filling him up with my tongue and plunging up and down on his cock until, “ARGGGGGHHH! OH GOD! NOAAH! FUUUCKKK! AAAAHHHH!” AJ’s cock exploded with cum. Shortly afterwards we were cuddled up on his bed. With AJ’s head rested on my chest and my arm was around his back, I gently played with his soft hair. “Mmmm! I love your little tummy!” he said, kissing me softly on the stomach. I dreamily grinned. “And I love your chest!” he said, rubbing it. “And your little biceps!” I pulled my head back sharply and looked at him with my eyebrows raised. “Oi! Less of the little!” AJ giggled. “OK, not so little biceps. But still kinda little!” he teased, flashing me a cute, cheeky grin. “Well, everyone’s biceps are little compared to yours!” He grinned mischievously. “GRRRR!!” he said. I playfully rolled my eyes and beamed at him. “Mmmm. I just love your body! It’s such a LAD’s body!” he continued, gripping my waist and squeezing me tight. I couldn’t help wondering whether AJ would have loved my body as much if he’d been with more than just two guys. “You wouldn’t prefer me with abs?” I asked. He shot me a stern look as if to say, don’t be so fucking stupid. “NO!” he firmly said, wide eyed. “I’d still like a bit more muscle though!” I said. “Well I did do you a muscle building plan when you had your personal training session at the beginning of the summer!” AJ said, playfully. I pulled an “eeeek” face then grinned. I’d sort of been sticking to AJ’s plan. The diet hadn’t been going that well though. “I’ve kind of been pre-occupied with other things!” I said, squeezing his back. He looked up at me and flashed me an adorable smile. “Well you could always try out the plan to be a shredded muscle freak instead!” “Hell yeah!” I said, playing along. AJ giggled. “Then we could have a flex off! GRRRR!” he said. My cock started to swell at the very thought. “What, like a two man posedown in your bedroom?” I suggested. “Fuck yeah!” he exclaimed enthusiastically. “I’d whip your ass!” I teased. AJ let out a short, sharp laugh. “You wish!” “Right then. That’s settled! The plan to turn you into a shredded muscle freak officially starts next week!” Oh fuck. My stomach lurched. Joking or not, that was never going to happen. Because I wouldn’t be in Little Denton the following week. This was it. I knew that I had to tell AJ about the work experience placement. I buried my face into his hair. “Actually, I’ve got something to tell you!” Fuck! My heart started to beat faster. AJ twisted his head and looked at me curiously. “Sounds intriguing!” he said, the left corner of his mouth curling into a little grin. I bit my lip nervously. AJ’s expression suddenly turned serious. “What’s up?” he asked. I took a deep breath. “Mmmm. Well you know I applied to do some work experience in London at the beginning of the summer?” I said, nervously. “Oh yeah. The places with the books?” “Hmmm. Well, one of them emailed me!” AJ’s eyes widened, but I could tell he was anxious about what was coming next. “Someone’s dropped out of a placement and they want me to go down. Next week!” I explained. “Hey! That’s awesome!” AJ said, but I could tell he was disappointed. I can’t deny that it gave me a buzz to see that in his expression. “Mmmm!” I replied. “It means I’ll have to go down and stay there for the week,” I explained, pulling my “eeeek” face. “Oh!” AJ said. His face dropped. “Well that’s a bit shit!” he said, tickling my waist, and playfully curling the bottom of his lip. “Mmmmm!” I replied, playing with his hair. “I was thinking maybe I shouldn’t go?” Fuck. My heart was pounding again. AJ looked at me sharply and grimaced. “Not because of me?!” My stomach twisted. I gave a little shrug and AJ’s face softened and his mouth curled into a little grin. Like he thought the gesture was cute. Then he gave me a stern, wide eyed look. “Noah! NO! You have to go. Didn’t you say they were really hard to get on?” “Yeah!” I said, with a shrug. “Well then!” he said firmly. And then he lovingly grinned at me again and I softened and melted. “I mean … obviously it’ll be shit here without you, but … we’re gonna have to do it in a few weeks anyway when I go to Ibiza!” My stomach twisted again. Ugh! God, I hate this, I thought. Why couldn’t my work experience placement and AJ’s holiday been at the same time? A few days before it had seemed like we’d loads of time together and now it seemed like we had hardly any. I’d be in London the following week, then we’d have another week together before AJ went to Ibiza. Then a few weeks after that I’d be leaving Little Denton to go back to university. “And the placement’s only for five days!” I reasoned. “I’ll probably be back on the Friday night!” AJ nodded. “It’ll fly by!” he said. But that what was I was worried about. Time flying by. Time running out. The summer being over before we knew it. And what then? Me and AJ had never spoken about the subject, but it suddenly felt like it needed to be bought up. Even though I was nervous. It might sound a little cowardly, but the fact AJ’s head was turned away from me again, and I was buried in his hair, made what I was about to say next feel a hell of a lot easier. “So I was thinking when I go back to uni, I could come back at weekends?” Fuck! I knew I sounded nervous. “What, like, every weekend?” AJ asked, not looking up. My stomach lurched. There was something about the surprise in his tone that un-nerved me. I knew why, of course. Me coming home from university every weekend was doable, but it wasn’t exactly ideal given the distance and practicalities of coming back so often, and for such a short amount of time. And AJ worked most weekends, so our time together would be limited. But there was also a small part of me that questioned in that moment whether AJ would actually want me to come back that often. “Yeah!” I replied, nervously. “If you wanted me too!” As soon as I said it I knew I was being ridiculous. AJ twisted his head sharply to face me. “Well, obviously I’d want you to!” he reassured me, playfully rolling his eyes, then giving me a warm, loving smile. I melted and grinned back at him. “And you could come down and visit me at uni?” I suggested. “When you’re not working!” “That would be cool!” he said, softly. I could tell he thought so, but there was something about the tone of AJ’s voice, and something in his facial expression that suggested he wasn’t completely convinced. Like he was thinking the same things as I was. Having the same doubts as me and wondering whether we would actually be able to make it work once I’d gone back to university. That was the last thing either of us said about the subject. AJ turned away from me again and I just buried my face into his head and squeezed him tightly. Probably tighter than I ever had. Almost like I was terrified of what would happen if I let him go.
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    Chapter 1: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/14262-the-librarian/ Chapter 2: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/14459-the-librarian-chapter-2/ Chapter 3: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/14606-the-librarian-chapter-3/ Chapter 4: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/15004-the-librarian-chapter-4/ Chapter 5: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/15434-the-librarian-chapter-5/ ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Time for a dirty chapter 😈 Chapter 6 Austin used his connections to secure an open penthouse room and the soon the pair were walking into a spacious suite. Tom was thoroughly impressed. “Wow, this room is awesome. I love the giant tub in the middle of the the room.” “Oh yeah big man, I hope we can spend some time in there together later tonight.” Austin walked up to Tom, wrapped his arms around the large man and the two furiously made out. Hands and arms explored the tight clothes and bulging muscles, slipping inside the garments and feeling taught skin pulled over large hardened mounds of sinew. Tom leaned down to kiss the shorter man and his long tongue explored the younger stud's hot mouth. Austin seemed to melt into the larger man's torso. After what seemed like an eternity Austin pushed him away. “If we don't slow down I'm going to blow just from making out with the hottest dude I've ever seen.” The compliment made Tom glow with pride. He subtly flexed forcing the fabric of his clothes even tighter, something Austin noticed. “Tom, you looked so huge and pumped. C'mon man. Now that we're alone, let's see some real flexing. Put some REAL muscle into it!” Tom smirked at his new friend. “Sure, buddy. I would love to show you these big muscles of mine. But first, you show me yours. I'm going to sit on the bed and you show me what you got.” Now it was Austin's turn to smirk. “Ok, big man. Sit yourself down and observe.” With a slight sashay as he stepped towards Tom, Austin began reaching down to grab the bottom of his shirt. He slowly lifted the shirt up to his pectorals, revealing a deep cut six pack. Tom's mouth fell open as he gazed upon the tanned, etched-in-stone abdominal muscles. “Oh, does the big bodybuilder like my fitness model abs? Watch when I actually FLEX them!” Seemingly impossible, the stud's abs seemed to become even more pronounced. Tom couldn't help it and reached out his big hand to feel the bumps and ridges and deep gaps in between the muscles. As Tom pulled back Austin lifted the shirt up and over his head and tossed it aside. Tom couldn't help but praise the view. Austin's body was spectacular. His muscles were not bodybuilder-sized, but he looked like a fitness model who had decided to do some extra pumping up. Smooth, golden, unblemished skin and deeply etched muscles filled his vision. The man was fitness perfection. “Wow, Austin. You have an amazing body. I can't believe you only weigh 185 lbs, you look so much bigger.” “It's my low bodyfat percentage. Makes my muscles appear larger than they are. Perfect for pleasing giant sexy muscle men like yourself.” “Oh yeah, buddy. This giant muscle man is definitely pleased. Now strip out of those shorts, boy!” “YES SIR!” Austin playfully replied, undid his double D ring belt, undid his fly and slid down the cargo shorts, leaving him in a small strained pair of green Aussiebum briefs. Of course, the sight of the bodybuilder sitting the bed nearly bulging out of his clothes meant his own manhood was nearly bulging out of his briefs. The young man's leg muscles were revealed and they were just as perfect as his upper body. Tom groaned and palmed his own massive bulged as the Austin stepped out of his shorts. “HEY BIG MAN! Hands off that!” Tom smirked, “Heh heh, little buddy. You can't make me do anything...but for you I'll stop since you are so cute.” Austin sniggered, stepped forward and began to give Tom a lap dance. It was obvious Austin knew how to dance and Tom wondered if perhaps the young man had at one point supplemented his income with some stripping. He fluidly ground his tight butt onto Tom's crotch as he reached ahead and felt up the larger mans pecs and arms. He leaned forward and continued their make-out session from earlier. Soon, Austin's own impressive 7.5” cock was sticking up from the waistband of this A-bums. Tom growled in pleasure. “Oh fuck, Austin, that feels so good.” “Not half as good as the way you are making me feel. Cripes, how fucking BIG is that log digging into my ass?” Tom GROWLED, wrapped his arms around Austin and stood, lifting the younger man with him. He twisted around and threw Austin onto the bed. The sudden activity surprised and then thrilled the pumped fitness model, who lifted himself onto his elbows and gazed upon the massive librarian. “Fuck yeah you are one strong stud. Please show me that body, Tom. I HAVE to see those muscles, I can't stand it any longer. Shit! I can see the outline of that huge cock snaking down your right leg! It's so huge! But first, start up top, BIG MAN. C'mon, stud, those clothes are just aching to burst off. Finish what you started earlier, flex out of those clothes!” Tom stood there soaking up the words of the young man. It may have been the combination of the extra scoop of growth powder he took before he headed out and his raging libido, but somehow he just knew it was possible. He held up his arms slightly and looked at his forearms, veinier than he had ever seen them. A couple of the larger veins looked to be as thick as pencils. He glared back at Austin. “You want to see me flex, little buddy? You want to see these big muscles? “Fuck yeah. Show me, please. I beg you.” Austin began fingering the exposed portion of this cock. “HANDS OFF LITTLE MAN.” Tom growled, echoing the smaller man's demand from earlier. Austin flinched and eagerly complied, loving the larger man taking charge. Tom slowly brought his arms up and flexed. The massive muscles of his biceps and triceps filled the sleeves, but they held on. Tom went on to perform a posing routine, mimicking the bodybuilders he had spent hours watching on Youtube. His posing was amateurish, but it only endeared himself to Austin who thought to himself that Tom was so huge and muscular that even with an unrefined posing routine he could easily win a regional bodybuilding show simply due to his size and conditioning. As the posing routine continued Tom felt his already warm body heat up. His blood was pumping furiously into each muscle with each flex, filling them with more size. His delts bulged outward. His traps seemed to rise. His pecs pressed even harder against the front of his maroon shirt. As he flexed his quads, the pumping leg muscle only pressed the big dick even harder against the fabric, so hard it was almost painful. Tom could feel it. It was subtle. Subtle enough that he figured Austin wouldn't notice, but he knew it was happening. He wasn't just getting a pump on with his gritted flexing. His muscles were growing. Austin watched with rapt attention, his own lower abs now smeared in a precum at the spectacular muscle show he was being given as his energized tumescence dripped. Sweat began to saturate Tom's clothes. Tom clenched his teeth and flexed a titanic abs-and-thighs pose. That was when the first tearing occurred. Both men looked down to spot the source of the noise. They both see that his legs had ripped his shorts! A seven inch gap had opened up vertically long the wide outer sweep of both legs. “FUCK YEAH! MORE!” Tom roared in pleasure. He reached down and finished the job, grabbing each pant leg and yanking outward, easily ripping the now ruined shorts completely off. “OH MY GOD!” Austin yelled as he gazed upon the massive legs. The type of legs you see at a Mr. Olympia show, maybe even bigger and harder! But the thing that most caught his eye... Tom too was wearing Aussiebums, a bulging red pair. Although his own red briefs were far to brief fohis manhood. Tom's cock was poking out the right leg of the briefs and held against the incredible thigh. Austin gazed upon the massive pouch, still obscenely bulging from his lemon-sized testicles even though a big chunk of his cock was exposed. “Tom, it's so fucking big! Holy shit!” “Oh yeah, I'm big all over, little buddy! And guess what, I'm only about HALF HARD! HAHA!” Austin moaned as he pumped out more pre onto his abs. He had to close his eyes and grit his teeth to fend off blowing right there. He regained control and opened his eyes to see Tom grinning back at him. “Shall we continue?” “Ye...ye...yes, please,” Austin panted. Tom resumed the posing routine, focusing on his upper body now. Side chest pose. Most muscular. Back double biceps, he felt his already massive pump seem to pump onto itself. It was time. Tom gritted his teeth and growled something fierce, slowly bringing each arm up into a super-powered front doubled biceps. “GRRRRR YEAHHHHHHH!” Simultaneously both peaks exploded the sleeves. Tom unflexed and re-flexed the biceps again, opening up the tear further. Suddenly the sound of more tearing filled the room. Tom felt a coolness near his armpits. Underneath the enormous arms, Tom's lats had exploded out of the side revealing thick tanned back muscle. “FUCK YEAH! I'M GETTING SO HUGE! LOOK AT ALL THIS MUSCLE!” Austin watched, mouth agape, yet incredibly turned on. “SO HUGE TOM! You are a muscle monster. C'mon big man, finish off that tiny shirt! It can't hold those titanic muscles! Show me a lat spread!” Tom whipped around and gave Austin a back lat spread. His back widened...and widened...and when Austin thought it could not widen any more, it did! Another deafening rip exploded along the vertical ridge of Tom's erector muscles. Both men shouted in excitement. Tom turned back around. Austin looked down to see Tom's cock even thicker and longer, he had to be at or near full erection, as the massive dong reached even further down his gigantic leg. Tom then flexed his right leg, then his left leg. Then with another sneer he flexed both his legs muscles AND his kegel muscle. His thighs suddenly ballooned and his massive cock shot upward, disintegrating the sexy underwear! A “thwack” was heard has his bulbous cockhead flopped upward and smacked against the third row of his abs, smearing the shirt that was hanging on, just barely so. “Please, Tom. Rip off that shirt. I need to those pecs, those delts, those abs. Please!” Austin begged the bodybuilding librarian. With the shirt no longer taught against his pec due to the tear in back, Tom reached up both hands and grabbed the neck of the doomed shirt. He slowly began to pull outward. He was so strong that he didn't need a forceful yank, a slow and steady pull would do the job. A tear formed at the nect and began to extend downward. Huge, massive, pumped pecs and royal gorge in between began to come into view. Then row by row of eight pack abdominals. Finally Tom sped up the motion and completely ripped the shirt off, leaving his entire godly torso exposed. He growled one more time and crouched down into a most muscular pose, veins exploded all over this body from effort. Tom could feel ALL his muscles expand another ½ inch to one inch in size. Austin could take not more. Without even touching himself, just the sight of Tom's herculean flexing body caused his cock to explode a gob of semen onto his chest. The sight of the hot young man blowing and his own growing muscles caused Tom to blow too. Only Tom's explosion was more like a high pressure hose. It shot out and joined Austin's own cum on his torso, easily eclipsing the younger man's volume. Three, four, five more jets of jizz launched out and covered the young stud in front of Tom. Tom caught his breath, stepped forward and lowered himself onto the smaller man, their cum smearing their muscular torsos. Austin could feel his body being pressed deeply into the mattress from the muscular weight, a feeling that caused his cock to twitch again. “Tom, fuck that was amazing. You were flexing so hard, getting all pumped and huge I swear you look bigger. I've never blown from not even touching myself!” Tom chuckled, his deep voice rumbling through his chest and into Austin's. “It was a good pump for sure.” Tom leaned forward and sensuously kissed Austin. “Well, little buddy, I hope you are up for more?” Austin grinned like a Cheshire cat. “Oh yeah, big man. The night is young!” ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ A few minutes later the two enjoyed a nice warm shower together with plenty of sudsy muscle fun. The two hot men dried themselves off in front of the large mirror. Once dry, Tom hung his towel up leaving him fresh, dry and naked. “Wow. Just...wow, Tom. You look even bigger completely naked than you do with clothes on. And you looked pretty damn huge when I first saw you. How much do you weigh?” “Honestly not sure. I know the last time I weighed myself I was about 260 but I've making some great gain lately.” Tom purposely omitted the fact that the last time he weighed himself was just a couple of days ago at the Dr.'s office. “Well these suites come with everything, there's a scale under the sink, how about we find out?” Tom chuckled as his naked friend slid the fancy electronic scale out. He stepped on. “Shit, dude. I'd say you've made some gains. You are 280!” Tom closed his yes as blood began to flow back into his massive soft cock. In just two days he had packed on another 20 lbs. He wondered how much of that came just from his intense flexing session with Austin. The ripped 20-something drooled as the massive dick grew. “Geezes, you are just all man. Pure manhood. Huge everywhere! So sexy.” Austin got on his knees and began to worship the still growing phallus. He used his hands to massage the lemon-sized testicles while his tongue slicked up the sides of the shaft. Finally, before the cock grew too massive he swallowed as much of it as he could. Austin considered himself to be an expert cocksucker, but even he had his limits. Once titanic Tom has reached full hardness he could only get about 2/3 of the fat salami down his throat. Tom moaned in pleasure. “Oh yeah, Austin. Suck that fat cock. Is it the biggest cock you've ever seen?” “Mmmm hmmmm.” “Fuck, your vibrating voice feels so good. C'mon man, I know it's huge. Bigger than any man you've ever seen. Take as much of it as you can. Use your hands to work the part you can't swallow. Therrrrrrre you go. Good man.” Tom watched his godly physique in the mirror. He gave himself a double biceps pose and popped his pecs, admiring his size. He was now looking like a contest shape pro bodybuilder, only much leaner and no sign of any roidgut. He was nearing muscular perfection. He rubbed each of his nipples for extra stimulation, causing his dick to swell even more and gagging Austin in the process. Austin blew Tom for another 10 minutes before he pulled off. “My god Tom, just how fucking BIG is this thing? My jaw is sore! I could grab it with three of my hands! It's gotta be closing in on a foot. And so THICK too. Look, my fingers are nowhere near to touching when I try to encircle it.” “I guess I'm just blessed down there. Always have been.” Austin grinned and stood up and gave big Tom a deep kiss. He reached down and grabbed Tom's cock and led him from the bathroom to the bedroom. “I can't wait any longer, Tom. Put that big dick in me.” Tom hesitated for just a second, something Austin noticed. “What's the matter big guy? I got some condoms when we checked in. I made sure to get the Magnum XXLs so we're all set.” “I know, I'm sorry Austin. It's just...um. I haven't really done this before.” “Hey man, no worries. I'm not going to be one of those clingy guys. This is just two jacked guys enjoying each others bodies, inside and out. If you have a boyfriend or husband...or a wife or girlfriend...you don't have to tell me-” “It's not that. It's. Well, I'm sort of a virgin you could say.” Austin stared at Tom stunned. “What?!? How? Fuck man, you are the hottest guy I've ever seen! I'm sorry, that was insensitive. But you've never had sex?” “Never with a man.” Austin relaxed. “Oh. You are a GAY virgin. Ok that's a little more believable, though hardly! Dude, you could seriously have ANY man you want. Well, big stud, I would feel honored if I can be your first fuck.” Austin and Tom made out some more. Austin was a master at teasing Tom's huge body. Licking his nipples, pecs, his biceps. Teasing his cock and balls with his hands while in the process. He once again grabbed Tom by the cock and pulled him to the bed. He ripped open one the giant condoms and slid it onto the incredible shaft. Tom was amazed at how TIGHT the max sized sheath was, which only excited him more thinking about how he was growing all over. “Ok, big man. I need you to listen closely. I want you to fuck me with that huge cock of yours, but you are so damn big I need you to be careful. You could hurt someone with that giant fuckstick if you aren't careful. So please, take it slow with me ok?” “Will do, handsome.” Austin used extra lube to slick up the massive shaft and his own hole. He laid back on the bed and put his heels up on Tom's shoulders. “Ok Tom. For the love of god, please go slow.” Tom could sense the young stud was nervous. He lined up the plus sized head of his cock with Austin's hole. This was it. Decades in the closet and Tom was finally going to have sex with another man. And not just any man, another sexy muscle stud. Tom pressed against Austin. It wouldn't budge. He added more force, feeling his hard cock press back against his pubis. Worried that his cock would bend in half Tom reach down to the hold the middle of the shaft steady, admiring how thick it felt in his hands. With another shove the head popped in. Austin's face contorted in pain and Tom stopped with the head just inside. “FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!! Fuck. SHIIIIT! It's sooo BIG! OW. Hold on big man, give me time to adjust. Holy moley. Okay. Okay...give me just a bit more... FUUUUUUUCKK!” Tom shoved in another couple of inches. He was now in far enough that he himself was feeling the intense pleasure form Austin warm tightness. So much tighter than any woman he had ever been with. Tom moaned in pleasure. It took every once of muscular strength he had not to shove all the way in, it felt so damn good. Tom opened his eyes and looked down at Tom. When he was sure Austin was ready Tom shoved in another couple of inches. Austin's face contorted again but not as much this time. It seemed Austin was becoming used to the intruding member and starting to find it pleasurable as well, which Tom noticed. Taking his cure, he took the lead. “Oh yeah, Austin. Feel that big dick in you. I know, it's so damn big, just like my chest, biceps, quads, back, dels...EVERYTHING. How about another inch or two... UHHHHH, there we go. You are doing so well at taking my giant man cock. Fuck you are so tight!” “Fuck! I've never felt so filled in my life. And I know there is more to go. My body is shuddering all over. You are such a stud. Give me a couple more. OOHHHH YES! FUCK! SO GOOD! FUCK ME TOM!” Austin grabbed the bed in his wrists and pulled with all his might. Tom then began to retract his inches and slide them back in, fucking the tight fitness model below him. In and out he went as Austin praised his huge cock, his huge muscles, his handsome face. As he thrust he slowly went deeper and deeper, sending Austin into a quivering frenzy with each new record insertion. Tom own muscles spasmed and flexed as lightning bolts of orgasmic pleasure electrocuted his body. “I'm ready, Tom. Go all in! Show me your muscle power!” With deep grunt Tom let his 280 lbs body lean forward fully into Austin. He was in balls deep and both men screamed at the sensation. “FUCK ME TOM! RAM IT IN ME!” Austin shouted and Tom began to pile drive the young stud. He pistoned in and out. His quadriceps exploded into deep cut musculature and his enormous glutes flexed as he brought the massive head all the way to the opening and shoved nearly a foot of muscle cock back into Austin. Over and over. As Tom held Austin's ankles sweat dripped off his erect nipples onto Austin's abs like a leaky faucet. “FLEX FOR ME TOM!!” With one monstrous shove that banged the bed against the wall, Tom sank himself as deep as he could into Austin and threw up a titanic double biceps pose. “FUCK YEAH STUD! WELL OVER TWENTY INCHES OF BODYBUILDER STUD!” Both men EXPLODED in orgasm at the same time. Austin's own dick unloaded a sloppy load into the grooves on his abs. Tom continued to slightly thrust as he filled the condom. He hoped the rubber had a big enough reservoir to contain his uber sized load. Finally, after what seemed like five minutes of endless orgasm. Tom leaned forward, rested his giant chest onto Austins and gave him a deep, romantic kiss. “Tom, thank you. That was amazing. I'm sure that no man will be ever to fuck me like that again. I hope you enjoyed yourself, stud.” “Oh I did, little buddy. In fact, I'm up for some more fun if you are willing.” Tom felt Austin's mouth widen into a smile even as he kissed him, knowing that this wild night was far from over.
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    So, if you've spent some time on the internet, you've probably come across Dylan 'Noodlesandbeef' Hafertepen. He's even registered on this forum. He has several pups under his 'care' (it's supposed to be a BDSM thing, but if you actually look at it, it's thinly-veiled abuse). From the outside, they may have looked like they were happy growing family. One of them, Jack Chapman, died recently. The long story is in this investigative piece: https://www.thestranger.com/features/2018/11/07/35073826/death-of-a-kinkster The short story is in this video, which looks at the death through the eyes of Jack's mother:
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    Don't worry, mate. You won't have to wait long...😜
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    Haha! Hmmm. If Noah's ticker can survive this weekend I think it can survive anything! Thanks for the awesome feedback, matie! Hey, that's awesome, mate! Happy to provide some inspriation! 😁 Awww, thanks @Austinevenson42! Love that feedback! 😊
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    Thirty My heart skipped a beat as I stood and watched AJ walking up to me outside the Little Denton train station with a holdall over his shoulder and a gorgeous, cheeky grin on his face. He looked more tanned than I’d ever seen him, was wearing a tight fitted, black t-shirt, which his huge arms bulged out of and his thick thighs were squeezed into his painted on jeans. More significantly though, sometime in the twenty four hours since I’d last seen AJ, he’d shaved his head and was now sporting an all over buzz cut. FUCKING HELL! He’d literally never looked sexier. I even felt a little nervous as the insanely hot bodybuilder approached me. Which was completely absurd considering I’d spent a large proportion of the previous few weeks being wrapped around him naked on his bed. Not to mention the fact that he also happened to be my fucking boyfriend. “What’s in the suitcase?” AJ asked, beaming at me. “Four days worth of work clothes!” I replied. “Oh yeah! Course!” he said, rolling his eyes at his own stupidity. It was the Saturday of AJ’s guest posing spot at the bodybuilding show in London. With my work experience placement at Third Hill Publishing starting the following Monday, I’d be going straight to my friends place the following day, while AJ would be travelling back to Little Denton alone. In the previous few days I had made an effort to try and take a more positive view of the situation. As I had assured AJ that afternoon in his bedroom when I’d told him about the placement, I would only be staying in London for five days. And as AJ had reasoned at the time, those five days would probably fly by. And although I was trying not to dwell on the future too much, there was a part of me that recognised that five days apart from each other would become a regular occurrence once I’d gone back to university. That morning, however, my thoughts were firmly focused on what would be happening before my work placement. Not only would I be spending the entire weekend with AJ and staying with him in a hotel, but I would be going to my very first bodybuilding show, where I’d get to see my bodybuilder boyfriend guest pose on stage. HOLY FUCKING HELL! “When did you do that to your hair?” I asked AJ. He pulled his “eeeek” face. “This morning! Do you hate it?!” he asked, wincing. “NO!” I said, giving him a wide eyed look. I did miss his regular hair a little but, FUCK, AJ looked so fucking sexy. My legs were practically quivering. “The opposite!” I replied, a little sheepishly. AJ’s mouth erupted in a dreamy grin. “Phew!” he said. When we boarded the second train of our journey to London, there was no one else in our carriage. “This is cosy!” AJ said to me as we were sat down, me in the window seat and him spilling out of his on either side. He leaned into the aisle to have a good look down the carriage to see if anyone was approaching. Then, with a mischievous look on his face, he wrapped one of his huge arms around my leg, his hand firmly gripping the inside of my thigh near my knee. At the same time he bought his face into my neck and just lovingly grinned at me. FUUUUCK! I gripped on to his arm and nuzzled into the top of his head. “You look so fucking sexy!” I said, rubbing his soft, shaven, buzz cut head with one hand. AJ looked up at me and mischievously grinned. “Wait until you see me on stage!” he said, cheekily raising his eyebrows. And then he tensed his upper body and let out a, “GRRRRR!” Fuuuuck!! I started to swell under his huge arm. “Mmmmm!” he said, with a devilish smirk, pushing his arm down against my rock hard, throbbing cock. I bit my lip. “Are there cameras in the toilets?” he joked. It was such an indescribably horny moment. Being squashed up to my bodybuilder boyfriend, who was tanned and pumped and ready to hit a bodybuilding stage in just a few hours, his chunky, hairless, tanned arm wrapped tightly around my leg as I gripped on to it. I was trapped. Completely at his mercy. I probably would have let him do whatever the fuck he wanted to do to me in that moment. Even if it meant being thrown off the train by the conductor. Unfortunately the affection stopped when more people entered our carriage, and it didn’t start again until we’d checked into our hotel. But it was still so incredibly erotic being sat next to AJ on the train. Not to mention frustrating. I so badly wanted to just wrap my fingers around his, hold his hand and rest my head on his huge shoulder. To show my affection for my amazing, gorgeous, beautiful boyfriend. Just the same as any straight girl would be able to. Being stood up so close to him on the tube en route to the hotel was just as equally exciting and frustrating. “This is … weird!” AJ said to me, leaning closer as we clung on to the bars. “What?!” I asked. “No one’s staring at me!” he replied. I grinned at him. “It’s London. No one cares!” I replied, even though I definitely had noticed a few lingering glances in AJ’s direction. “That’s no fun!” AJ cheekily said. “Maybe I should take my top off?” I giggled and dreamily looked at him, before noticing a pretty hot, butch looking gay guy sitting down, who actually was staring at us, kind of wide eyed and definitely intrigued. As our eyes met, one corner of his mouth curled into this knowing, little grin. Like he was saying, “Jesus, mate. Your boyfriend is fucking HOT!” Or maybe he was just thinking that we looked kind of cute together. There was something about being away from Little Denton with AJ that not only felt exciting but also incredibly special. Just being on the train and the tube with him. Getting around London. Helping him get through the barriers at the station. Leading the way. It felt like we were embarking on our own little adventure. I also couldn’t help thinking that this is what it would be like if AJ moved down here once I’d finished university and we maybe rented a little flat together. Going out regularly and exploring the city together, away from our parents and families. Me working in publishing. AJ working in a gym as a full time personal trainer. Maybe even working for himself with a bucket load of regular clients. A proper little couple with our own life in London. “Wow! This is really nice!” I said to AJ, as we entered the hotel room. He threw his holdall on the floor and wrapped his huge arms under mine and around my back, while looking at me lovingly. I pressed myself against him and sank into his huge mass. Would touching AJ ever not feel amazing, I wondered. I never, ever wanted to forget how this felt. AJ leaned his face in to mine and kissed me passionately. As we kissed, I ran one of my hands through his freshly shaven hair. “Fuuuck!” AJ hushed, as we parted lips. “I’ve been dying to do that all morning!” he said. I dreamily grinned back at my beautiful bodybuilder boyfriend. “Although I could have done it a lot sooner if you hadn’t spent half an hour in that Harry Potter shop at King’s Cross!” I smirked and rolled my eyes. “I’m not apologising for my love of Harry Potter!” I firmly said. “I just don’t remember there being any shredded bodybuilders at Hogwarts. Or any lime green posing trunks!” I grinned ecstatically at AJ’s Hogwarts reference. “Wait - have you read the books?” I asked, feeling a twinge of excitement. AJ screwed his face up. “NO!” he scoffed, as if the idea of him reading a book for pleasure would be ludicrous. “I’ve seen the films!” I giggled and AJ took my hand and led me to the hotel bed. We fell on to it and he climbed on top of me. He grabbed my belt buckle and started to undo my belt and before I knew it my hard, throbbing cock was out and AJ was sucking me off. Fuuuuuck. With my hand on his freshly shaved hair, AJ stopped sucking and looked up at me with a mischievous grin. “Can’t wait for you to see me pose on stage!” he cheekily said, giving my cock a firm squeeze. I grinned back at him and he took the head of my cock in his mouth and started to suck again. I groaned, while simultaneously picturing AJ flexing on stage at the bodybuilding show. He stopped sucking and looked up at me again. “And I definitely want you to do that thing you did to me the other day in the shower, again!” he said. “After I’ve shown off what a pumped up little freak I am!” And then he plunged down again, making a muffled groan. I giggled, but FUCK, it was so sexy hearing AJ talk that way. “Oh God!” I groaned as I gripped on to his shaved head. “I think you’d better stop!” I exclaimed. AJ obeyed and looked at me again with the sexiest little grin. “I wanna save it!” I told him, even though I was so close to blowing a load. AJ climbed up the bed and lay down next to me, wrapping his enormous arms around me so I was snuggled into him. I literally couldn’t wipe the smile off my face. It felt like it was going to be the perfect weekend. As AJ went to use the bathroom, I opened up my suitcase and retrieved a parcel. My stomach clenched as I pictured what was inside of it. When he came back to the room, I nervously handed it to him. “What’s this?!” he asked, looking confused and suspicious. I shrugged and gave him a sheepish smirk. My heartbeat quickened as AJ opened up the packet and his eyes widened to comical effect when he drew out the indecently shiny, hot pink posing trunks I’d ordered off the Internet the day after he’d told me about the bodybuilding show. “OH MY GOD!” he said, holding them up. Even just seeing him holding the shiny, pink trunks in his hands was an obscenely hot image. “No pressure to wear them today!” I said. “That’s not why I bought them! Just … thought you could do with another pair, like you said!” “Awww, Noah!” he said to me. He looked genuinely touched. Meanwhile my insides were melting. As well as feeling pretty pleased with myself that my gift had gone down well. Is this how AJ had felt when he’d gifted me my bright blue Scorpio’s gym hoodie all those weeks ago? “I love them!” AJ exclaimed, studying them. “And they’re pretty fucking hot!” he added, with a tone of surprise. I gave him a wide eyed look and nodded as if to say, you’re telling me! I almost hadn’t been able to believe just how hot the posers were when I’d received them a few days before and I’d first taken them out of the packet. I had even been tempted to try the shiny fuckers on myself. AJ jumped off the bed and stood in front of the mirror, putting the pink posers up to his groin over his jeans in the most adorable and sexiest manner. “My very own pink posing trunks! GRRRRR!” Then he came back over to me and swooped me up in his arms. “Awww! Thanks, Cookie!” he said, as I buried my face into his neck and clung on to his back. I felt like I wanted to cry with happiness. We stayed like that for a little while, just holding each other. “Mmmm. We should get going!” AJ finally said in my ear. I retreated from his neck and gazed at him. He gave me a loving look and we kissed each other. When we parted lips, the corner of AJ’s mouth curled into this cheeky, little grin. “So …,” he began, in a mischievous tone, “ready to see a bunch of flexing, shredded muscle freaks?”
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    Hi guys, I've been lurking here for a while, and this seems like a really cool community. I was inspired to attempt writing a muscle-growth fetish story. I hope you enjoy it, please let me know what you think. I don't know how much time I will have to write, so unfortunately I can't say when part 2 will be ready. *** Part 1 *** John sighed as he looked himself up and down in the mirror. He was sick of how plain he looked. 5’9”, skinny arms, slight belly, no muscle definition. Maybe 170lbs. He felt painfully average. He looked at the campus gym flier on his desk. There was a picture of a smiling, ripped athlete on the cover. Thick corded arms poking out of a bulging, campus-branded tank top. John had made a couple of aborted efforts in the gym in the past. Would this time be any different? With a sigh, John sat down and dialled the number on the flier. What did he have to lose? *** “Coach, you gotta agree. I am outgrowing this team.” Coach raised an eyebrow. “You're telling me you want to make varsity next semester?” “Hell yeah, Coach!” Coach had to admit that Jordan had improved a lot since he'd joined. The brawny teenager had the right build for a linebacker, but when he joined all he could do was throw his weight around. Maybe that worked in high school, but not so much at the collegiate level. Still, he trained hard and learned quickly. Coach had to admit he had talent. “Ok, kid. I’ll consider it. But you know, you’ll have to take your training to the next level. No more of this crap on the weekends.” “Shit, coach. What are you saying?” “Watch your language, kid. I’m saying you’ve put on 30 lbs so far this year, but how much of that was liquid calories?” “No way, Coach. That’s not fair. You know your varsity team drinks like fish.” “Yeah, but they know how to keep the weight off. Look, kid, I can make you a deal. If you can lose 15 lbs before the start of next semester without your strength going to crap, I’ll put a word in for you.” “Oh man, Coach! Thanks! I won’t let you down!” Truthfully, Jordan had never spent a lot of time improving his diet. But he had friends who had cut before. He was 220 lbs and 6’2”, it couldn’t be too hard to lose 15 lbs. *** John wasn’t totally new to the gym, so induction was pretty simple. He had a free trainer session to get him started. His trainer looked like a strongman, exactly the kind of build John dreamed of having. “Do you have a goal, man? Just trying to get fit?” John was distracted by the hairy, brawny forearms of his instructor. “Um, I wanna be less scrawny, I guess.” “A grower eh? Ha, I’ll give you the same program we give the football team. You need a nutrition plan?” “Uh, sure. Honestly, I don’t really know what I’m doing with my diet.” “Hey, don’t sweat it. We all start from somewhere. It’s $17 for a meal plan if you want.” Screw it. “OK, sure, that sounds good.” “Sweet! Ok, let’s go into my office and talk nutrition and programming...” *** The first two weeks of the cut went amazing. Jordan was eating 2500 calories, which was a 500-1000 deficit by his calculations. He looked and felt amazing. He couldn’t stop smiling in the changing room at the campus gym. He’d had abs before, but they were really cut now. He could tell that he was destined for the brick abs you see on the fitness magazines. He also noticed more vascularity on his forearms. They were one of his favourite body parts, naturally veiny but they were responding even better to the cut. Not only that, but his lifts had actually gone up dramatically. He didn’t know how to explain it but somehow he had broken a plateau. He was already one of the strongest players on the team, but now he was varsity material for sure. At the end of the second week, he confidently stepped on the scales in the locker room to check his progress. 228 lbs. Well, that was confusing. But maybe the scale was busted. Or maybe it was just a fluke. Like, the wrong time of day or something. There’s no way it could be right. He had missed the biggest kegger of the semester for this. No way he could have GAINED weight. He was on his best behaviour. It had to be a fluctuation - tomorrow it would be down for sure. *** The first couple of weeks, John was sweating like a pig after every workout. His form was sloppy at first but he got into it pretty quickly. The bigger problem was honestly the nutrition. His trainer had him chugging gainer shakes every day until John felt like he was going to throw up. Still, every weekend he did the prescribed meal prep; every morning he measured out his shakes and supplements; every meal got logged in the food diary. And after a couple of weeks, he did feel stronger. His lifts were going up and his arms weren't quite as scrawny as before. But his daily weigh-in hardly changed since he started. In fact, it had gone down slightly. John had gotten noticeably leaner - 165lbs down from 175. His PT said this was fairly normal for beginners and probably just "newbie gains". But just to be sure, he'd upped John's daily calorie intake by another 10%, so it was now sitting at a little over 3000. John had never eaten so much food so regularly, so he was pretty confident this would work. *** Jordan had been dieting for 6 weeks. He was eating so little now that he felt dizzy after every workout. He had started logging his meals and he was barely eating 1500 calories. But he was still gaining weight, albeit slowly, sitting at 232 lbs. He was freaking out. The semester was almost over and there was no way he could meet his target. Well, not without taking performance enhancing drugs... but then he'd fail any tests, for sure. When he looked in the mirror, it didn't make any sense. He was obviously in the best shape of his life. He looked big and cut, with more vascular forearms then he had ever seen. With a growl of frustration, Jordan resigned himself to confronting the coach about this next time he got the chance. *** John had run out of calories to add to his diet. It felt like his life had revolved around eating, or meal planning. At least, until the time he ate too much and threw it back up. That incident caused him to go back to the drawing board. Was this fitness thing working for him? Well, he couldn't deny he was in the best shape of his life. He had a six-pack for the first time. Admittedly it was a pretty slim six-pack, the kind of thing you see on athletic teenagers, who play soccer but never set foot in a weight room. Still, he was proud of it. That, and he was the strongest he had been in a long time. But something was off... His progress in the weight room had plateaued way earlier than the internet seemed to think it should. Yeah, you can't compare yourself to every guy in the gym, but still. Most full-grown men should be able to squat 200 lbs, right? So why couldn't he he break past 175? But the real worry was the amount of weight loss he'd gone through. Despite eating WAY over his resting metabolism, he'd somehow managed to LOSE 10 lbs. How is that even possible!? He had looked online and seen some freaky stuff - tapeworms and drugs that make people burn crazy amounts of calories. Could something like that have happened to him...? No way... that had to be paranoia. He would just go talk to his PT. He must have run into this problem before. *** "Coach!" The man was benching iron by himself after practice. He had been expecting to have the gym to himself. With a loud grunt, he heaved the weight into the rack. Jordan had never seen so much weight loaded onto a bar in real life. The bar was visibly bending under the pressure. He did a quick bit of mental arithmetic on the plates stacked on the bar - that was, what... 350 lbs total? "What's the big idea, kid?" "S... sorry coach," Jordan mumbled. Coach's former linebacker physique was pumped and intimidating. "Listen, can we talk about the varsity team..." "Oh yeah, how's that going? I heard from your teammates that you're a changed man. Your performance has improved lately as well." "Coach, I know you're not going to believe this. I tried, I really did. But I haven't been able to lose the weight you wanted me to." "Huh?" Coach was confused. "How is that possible? You're, like... the most cut guy on the team right now." It was true. Jason was noticeably more vascular, with a more defined 6-pack, than anyone on his team. (And, truthfully, most of the varsity team as well.) "I don't know what to tell you, man. I've cut so much food I feel like crap all day. I get dizzy every time I work out. I think something might be medically wrong with me." Coach frowned and crossed his thick, hairy arms. "Geez, ok. Look, let me book an appointment with a doctor and we'll get you checked out. Until then, stop going to gym and I'm going to pull you from the team." Jordan looked devastated. "Sorry buddy, I have a duty to take care of you. It won't be a long break. Who knows, the extra recovery might be good for you." The jock sighed in frustration. It wasn't what he wanted to hear. But Coach was right, and he knew it... *** John's trainer got him a bunch of bloodwork done and a physical at the campus medical centre. The physical confirmed what John had thought - the young man had anomalously low body weight, not dangerous exactly, but lower than would expected of a normal man his age, especially given his physical regimen and diet plan. The working hypothesis was that John had an eating disorder. His vomitting incident was evidence that his body had started rejecting food. The most likely explanation was psychological. John was admittedly confused by this. If anything, psychologically he felt the opposite. He was actively trying to get huge! But the doctor said that the brain worked in mysterious ways... So, John waited to hear back from the clinic. Sometimes, he felt despondent. The doctor said that if it was an eating disorder he might have to be hospitalised and fed intravenously. But for now, they were waiting for some bloodwork to rule out some more obscure alternative diagnoses. In the mean time, John kept working out and eating as much as he could force himself too. He was sitting at 162 lbs, down from 175 at the start. He still looked healthy - he even had vascular forearms for the first time in his life. But he did feel noticeably lethargic and weak. Every time he finished a gym session, he was so exhuasted he had to crash onto his bed as soon as he got home. He wasn't sure how much longer he could keep lifting weights like this. *** Jordan was the most restless he'd ever been in his life. He had been training weights since he was 15 and taking a break was driving him crazy. Usually he enjoyed taking time off, but then normally he had hobbies to distract him like skiing or surfing. But Coach had forbidden it. He had way more energy now that he was eating a normal diet. But he couldn't spend it doing stuff he enjoyed. He spent a lot of time alone in the house. He found he had a lot of sexual energy, so he hooked up with a few girls from around campus - some friends of friends, some tinder matches - but it didn't satisfy him for long and it was a lot of effort, so more and more he found himself jerking off by himself. Of course, to start with, his masturbation was fuelled by porn. But as the days passed, watching women's bodies wasn't doing it for him any more. And men's bodies didn't exactly do it for him, either. There was really only one body that turned him on, and it was his own. There was no question that Jordan had the best natural body on campus. By this point, he was 250 lbs of 19 year-old beef. His 48" pecs jutted out over his killer 6-pack. He had a perfect adonis belt and thick arms. Naturally hairless except the wispy growths in the pits beneath his wide shoulders. His 34" waist gave him perfect proportions. He could easily give up football and do bodybuilding instead. Fuck, he knew some guys on juice who were competing, and he was already bigger than they were. Jordan spent many evenings in his room practicing flexing his muscles. It was honestly bothering him slightly. Until recently, he would get laid regularly, and masturbate every once in a while as a backup. Now, it was reversed - he found admiring himself to be a lot more satisfying than having sex with women. They just didn't excite him like his own physique did. *** After about 3 weeks, Jordan and John both got a phone call telling them to come to the medical campus immediately. When they arrived, a pair of hospital staff escorted them deep into the facility. Along the way, John noticed a bunch of biohazard warnings. The two of them sat in a waiting room for 10 minutes. John was in awe of the muscular stud in front of him. He looked like a wet dream made into flesh. He was wearing shorts, trainers and a tank top, that left very little to the imagination. Jordan didn't really pay much attention to the small, unimposing Jordan. He thought that he looked kind of gay. "Twinks", Jordan thought to himself, "that's the skinny gay thing, right?" Eventually, they were called into a doctor's office. An athletic, middle-aged man greeted them. He had quite a serious expression, and spoke solemnly to the two students in an Eastern-European accent. "Boys, you can call me Doctor Ben. You've been called here because you both had bloodwork done, and the results were quite unambiguous. I'm afraid to tell you that you've both been infected by a virus. Unfortunately, it's an extremely rare disease for which there is no known cure. It seems to exclusively target men, preferentially young men. "The good news is that we believe it is not life-threatening. Typically, the infection lasts 2-4 months before leaving your system. You will need to be quarantined until the infection runs its course. Unfortunately, it will not be possible to continue your studies - you will have to repeat this year's education. "The virus is known as 'adonivirus', a reference to the Greek god Adonis, although the name can be misleading. The virus takes over cells primarily in adipose and muscular tissue, although it has a preference for muscle tissue. How the course of infection progresses varies depending on the immune response. "The body naturally tries to fight the infection by 'eating' its own fat and muscle tissue. The body no longer needs as much energy from food, and it will reject food if you try to overeat. Eventually, the body wastes away to the point that the virus can't sustain itself, and it dies out. The body will slowly recover, but the enhanced metabolism can persist for many years. Although it sounds bad, the long term survival prognosis is quite good, and people who survive the initial infection are typically able to maintain a healthy body weight. "However, for some people, the virus operates very differently. If your body lacks the right genes for fighting the infection, the virus can grow unchecked. "The virus starts by infecting the muscle and adipose tissue. Once there is no tissue left to infect, it begins to compromise the entire endocrine system - that's the body's hormone system. The goal is to maximise the body's ability to gain muscle mass. In extreme cases, the virus has been known to have other side effects as well, that appear to enhance the body's ability to grow beyond its natural limits. "Eventually, the virus population grows out of control and burns itself out. We still aren't sure how this happens. Unlike the immune system response, the changes that the virus makes are permanent. "In the past, doctors have tried to limit the effects of the virus, for example by artificially restoring the hormone balance in patients. However, this approach backfired - the virus simply redoubles its efforts, resulting in even more severe body changes. So, the best practice is to try the opposite approach, and 'cooperate' with the virus until it burns itself out, through weight training. "In both cases, you will need specialist nutrition and exercise plans. Because this disease is so rare, only a handful of medical practictioners around the world are able to treat it. I am the most senior expert on the virus in the world, and the government has asked me to treat you. Until I give the all-clear, you are legally forbidden from leaving this facility. "I have been studying this virus for 15 years, and I was flown here specifically to prepare this facility for you. The truth is, we have never had two cases this early in the disease lifecycle. If we are better able to understand this disease, it could be life-changing for millions of people. Not only other people who become infected, but if we are able to reverse-engineer the mechanisms that the virus uses, we could revolutionise the way that we treat obesity and frailty around the world. "For this reason, we would like to recruit you into a research study on the effects of the virus. If you agree, as an added incentive, we will waive your tuition loan and give each of you a $150,000 one-off payment. I want you to know that we are completely serious about this opportunity. "We will need to do regular checks on your blood and vital organs, and occasional body scans. But our interventions will be purely observational. We don't intend to deviate from existing treatment best practices. "Anyway, you don't have to decide right away. We can talk about this more tomorrow morning. I have prepared the paperwork for you to review in your sleeping quarters. Unfortunately, I only had time to properly quarantine a single bedroom. So, until I am able to prepare a second room, you will have to share. I must remind you that, although participation in this study is voluntary, your quarantine is not. "I'm sorry boys, this must be a lot to take in... if you have any questions, I would be happy to talk you through them..." *** John's head was spinning when he was dropped off in his room. The concrete walls were painted a clinical white, except for one wall of mirrors. There was a lot of space, two hospital beds and a couple of desks, as well as two wardrobes. Apparently John had been processed faster than Jordan, because the jock wasn't there yet. Next to each bed were some stacks of cardboard boxes. John opened one and found it contained a bunch of his clothing and possessions. There was a note attached to it. "John," it said. On the back, it said "Unfortunately, you won't be able to take any of this back with you after you leave. It will need to be destroyed. We will pay to replace them. Sorry. - Dr. Ben" None of this felt real to John. He dug through his stuff until he found his laptop. It worked fine, and the room had campus WiFi. He tried to call his parents, but they wouldn't pick up. He left them a message asking them to call right away. John was exhausted - not just from the events of the day, he was also generally fatigued, these days. Eventually, he passed out in bed, unable to keep his eyes open, waiting for Jordan to get in. *** Dr. Ben had run a full suite of physical exams for Jordan, almost as much as Coach had run when Jordan had first signed up to football. It was the first exercise Jordan had done in weeks, but he crushed it. He didn't get out until after midnight, but when he got into his room, he was still pumped with energy. His roommate looked like he was fast asleep when he got in. Jordan peeled off his sweaty atheltic gear and chucked it on the ground, trying not to wake him. The lights had been dimmed, but he could make out a whole wall of mirrors. Sweet, he thought. This place was even better than his old room! Chucking off his trainers and socks, the teen whipped out his semi-hard, 8-inch cock. Nothing to quickly burn through some energy than a quick flex and jerk-off, right? Jordan had always been pleased with his above-average endowment, it rounded off his physique perfectly. He wondered if the little twink had woken up and was watching, and it make his dick twitch. He put on a show for the mirror. Starting with a double bicep pose, his 20" arms bulging, his pits slightly damp from exertion, his large cock jutting out from his 34" waist. Then he followed it up with a most muscular. He could swear he looked bigger than last time. The realisation went straight to his cock. The huge mirror made his physique look even more awesome. As he bounced his pecs, his dick jumped to the rythm. "God, I hope the little runt is awake," he though to himself. "Oh, jesus. I'm so powerful. God damn..." After a few minutes of this, his cock erupted hands-free, all over the floor, making a faint, sloppy slap with each jet. Jordan hadn't thought about how to handle it. So as he came down from his post-orgasm high, he grabbed his used underwear and wiped it up as best he could. Although, there was a lot to get through. Jordan collapsed on his bed, naked, on top of the covers, his cock still half-hard - it was never fully satisfied these days - and thought to himself about everything. He was gonna have to break it to his parents that he wouldn't make varsity this year. Would he even be allowed to play sports now? Geez, what was he going to do with his life? After a few minutes, though, the post-orgasm high faded and Jordan faded into a comfortable night's sleep.
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    Hey everyone, thanks for the feedback on the story so far. Special thanks to @dredlifter for some help with this part. Part 2 *** The next day, John woke up to find himself gazing at his new roommate fast asleep on his bed. At first, he thought he was still dreaming, until he remembered the previous day. He felt a slight wave of dread in his stomach. But in that moment, he was distracted by Jordan's naked body. Jordan's bobbing, 8-inch erection was connected to his washboard abs by a string of fluid. He had one beefy arm propped above his head, tufts of hair on display. He had the biggest chest that John had ever seen in person, with the perfect waist to go with it. John found the jock fascinating to look at. His own 5-inch dick was fully hard just admiring the other man's physique, and his rising and falling chest. "Ugh, gross," he thought to himself, "don't be a creeper." He rolled over in his bed so he was facing the wall. What was that guy's problem, anyway? Going to bed like that, there's no way John wasn't going to see him. Unless that was his plan the whole time. Maybe he likes being watched. Maybe that's why he shows up to a doctor's appointment in a stringer tank top. John sighed, and climbed out of bed, trying not to look at the jock. He rummaged through his posessions as quietly as he could until he found a towel and some clothes. Then, he snuck his way to the en suite bathroom, trying not to wake his roommate. The bathroom was quite roomy. Not only that, John found there was even a sauna attached to it. There was a sign on the door to the steam room with some health warnings. Apparently, it was normally used to treat muscular problems like persistent muscle fatigue. Maybe he could persuade the doctors to let him use it at some point. For now, though, John was happy with just a shower. With a sigh of relief, he stepped under the warm water flow. He took his time. He'd been thinking over the doctor's offer last night, but honestly it didn't seem like much of a choice - it was an offer he couldn't refuse. That means he was stuck with his new roommate, maybe for a few weeks. He would need to get to know him at some point. What if they didn't get along? His roommate's confidence and self-assuredness was hard for John to understand. But he couldn't deny, it made his dick hard. *** Jordan was woken up by the sound of his roommate rooting through boxes. He decided to pretend to be asleep. He noticed John trying to sneak past him while stealing glances at him. Jordan couldn't help but grin. The kid wanted his body, it was obvious. His morning hardon glistened with pre-fuck. He had only cum 8 hours ago but it felt like it had been weeks. He'd been noticeably hornier lately, but what Dr. Ben had told him had fired him up even more. The idea that maybe he could become MORE powerful and muscular was, he had to admit, a huge turn on. And, although he wasn't totally happy about it, he would rather be sharing a room with a gay twink than growing his body by himself. God, he hoped John was a cocksucker as well as a muscle admirer. Fuck, his body would provide the perfect contrast to his chiselled perfection... and make him feel even bigger and stronger and more masculine... Jordan was stroking his cock while listening to the shower starting. "Boy, that guy was small. He looks like a kid next to me." The thought made him horny. He wanted to measure John and compare stats. Is it weird that it turned him on? Did it matter? He needed to get off so much these days, any fuel was welcome. He started to lazily jerk his cock. Thoughts about his roommate filled his head as he did. He would love to be able to overhead press his roommate, flex their muscles against each other, pull out the measuring tape... maybe he could talk the kid into some kind of massage... fuck, maybe they could compare dick size, and... "Ah, SHIT!!" He'd got carried away feeling himself up and thinking about his new roommate, that he blew a huge load all over his body. His dick kept firing load after load, all over his chest and stomach. Panting and grunting the whole time, it must have shot 7 or 8 times. Trying to catch his breath, he looked down over his ripped torso, now dripping with spunk. He needed to use that shower badly. Fortunately, he couldn't hear the shower running any more. Glancing at the door, he saw John standing there in nothing but a towel, red-faced. "Oh... hey buddy. Shower free?" He asked with a grin, jumping up onto his feet, sauntering over to the kid. Dang, he really was tiny. "I made a big mess, excuse me while I freshen up a little." He cockily wandered past the speechless John with his half-hard prick still drooling onto his beefy legs. *** The doctor and his team were looking over the first body scan results. The boys had been well behaved. The scanning pods involved immersing their bodies in fluid for half an hour or so. It was relaxing, like a jacuzzi. "The scans are what I expected based on the symptoms. For John, it seems like the infection is struggling to take hold. Probably, there was insufficient muscle mass to begin with. Now that the body's defence mechanisms have kicked in, it's hard for the virus to infect more than 10-20% of the available tissue. "Jordan, on the other hand, is fully saturated with the virus. You can see the tissue itself is denser than we would normally expect. We will need to run some strength tests in the gym this afternoon to gather more data on this. "Blood testosterone results are within expectations. John - 105 ng, Jordan - 1585 ng. "Viral presence in the endocrine system is still relatively constrained, so Jordan's numbers are likely to go higher as the virus progresses. However, the testosterone levels alone don't account for Jordan's growth. Even people taking synthetic testosterone don't pack on mass like he does. So, there must be other mechanisms that are further stimulating muscle growth. We should keep an eye out for this in future tests. "John's testosterone levels can't get much lower, so I would expect them to remain fairly stable. "Let's take some strength measurements next. I want to see how much strength John has been able to preserve. I'm also interested to know how effectively Jordan can operate his expanding muscles." *** John was panting with exhaustion from the workout they were putting him through. This was tougher than the workouts he had been used to - a mixture of high intensity and volume. Jordan was on a bench, watching, looking bemused. "John, your strength is actually excellent considering the state of your immune system. I've never seen anyone in your condition capable of lifting these numbers. We'll do our best to preserve as much as your strength as we can." John beamed. "... really?" was all he could muster in his exhaustion. "The runt is stronger than he looks!" Jordan said with a grin. "We don't want to overdo it," the researcher said. "We'll call it here, and we'll do another session in a couple of days. Jordan, you're up." "Finally!" Rather than go straight to the showers, John decided to stick around for a bit. He got the feeling that Jordan wouldn't mind an audience. "Yesterday, we took some general measurements, but today let's start with some strength measurements. Let's warm up on bench press..." They started with 1 plate - 135 lbs total. It was pretty close to John's 1-rep max. Jordan, of course, made it look effortless. "I can barely feel it, doc," Jordan said as he pumped out a dozen reps. "Alright, stay there. Let's try 2 plates." Jordan pumped out another dozen reps. "Bit of a pump now, doc, but it's no sweat." Slowly, they worked there way up to 3 plates. "Jordan, you said the best you'd ever benched was 330 lbs? You're now benching comfortably over 300lbs." "Ohh, ffuck yeah..." Jordan murmured, seemingly only half in the moment as he grinded out 5 reps. His face and body was damp with sweat. John was watching in quiet awe as the research assitant continued loading more weight. Jordan finally topped out with a 1-rep max of 405 lbs. He cried out a roar of primal fury as he pushed the bar through the air. John was in shock. John could deadlift 150lbs less than Jordan could bench. "Not bad, Jordan, but you can probably do better. With training, we can probably add another 50lbs as your neural systems adapt to the rapid muscle growth. And you'll start to see your weight increase as we up your calorie intake. That should quickly carry over into strength gains." "Huff.. come on, doc... we can go heavier... hit me with all you got..." "I've seen enough, Jordan. The worst thing we can do is injure you. What you need now is rest and recovery." "Geez... if you say so..." Jordan rolled his hulking frame off the bench. He glanced at John. "You still here, squirt?" John blushed, barely able to make eye contact with the sweaty behemoth. "We should freshen up, don'tcha think?" *** As he stepped into the communal shower, Jordan could hear John washing himself in one of the private cubicles. "Yo, John, are you in there?" "Hmm?" "Can you give me a hand with something?" John turned off the shower and wrapped a towel around his waist. He opened the cubicle to see Jordan in all his naked glory. The shower area had cubicles, but also a shared shower area, where Jordan looked like he was about to wash himself. Only the two of them were in there. "Bro, since I started hulking out, it's hard for me to reach the middle of my back. They don't have any brushes or anything. Can you reach back there and soap it up for me?" "Uh, sure thing, buddy," John said, a little apprehensively. He soaped up both his hands as Jordan turned to face away from him. Even relaxed, Jordan's back was wide and intimidating. Jordan carefully rubbed the thick muscular centre of the back, then rand his hands up along the jock's wide lats. Jordan sighed as he was rubbed down. John's small hands were surprisingly smooth for someone who lifts weights. They reminded him of a girl he met who gave massages. Man, he could use a massage from time to time... he felt his dick twitch from the thought. "All done, man," said John. Jordan turned around and John found himself face-to-face with Jordan's thick eight-pack. "Nice job, bro, cheers. I owe you one. Hey, am I going crazy, or do my pecs look bigger to you?" John gazed up at the fat slabs of muscle protruding above his face. "Your pecs look amazing," was all he could say. "No, I mean, did they grow already? Dude, I think I'm seeing things, haha. I'm pretty excited about all this," Jordan said with a smirk. His cock bobbed at half mast, brushing against John's torso, almost like it was nudging for attention. "Sorry about that, little dude. My dick has a mind of its own. I've been horny for weeks now. I thought that the gym would help, but honestly, it just made it worse. The doc told me I shouldn't ignore it, he said it might be important for growing, or something. But it needs attention, like, two or three times a day. Hope you don't mind if I jerk off in our room." Jordan's fat cock was fully hard and leaking now. "Hey, little man. You know, you can go ahead and touch it, if you want..." John swallowed. He could hardly believe what he was hearing. He cautiously wrapped his hands around Jordan's cock. Jordan let out a deep growl as John ran his hands up and down, appreciatively. Of course, he had large, low-hanging balls to complement his large endowment. John's own 5-inch cock was rock hard already under his towel. John kept moving his hands up and down, marvelling at the firmness and thickness of the length. Jordan was uncircumcised and the extra skin made his dick look even longer. John felt a pang of inadequacy at the thought of his own, circumcised cock. "That feels really good, dude... how about I take over and you can play with my nuts?" Jordan's cocky grin never left his face. John wrapped one hand around those bull balls. He couldn't get over how much bigger Jordan was. Bigger in every way. "Oh yeah, just like that. Oh fuck. Pull down on my balls, dude." Jordan started jerking himself faster. "Pull down harder, god damn it... fuck... FUCK!" Jordan's cock sprayed seed all over John's chest and face. Jordan had to choke back laughter at the smaller man's shocked expression as he got a surprise bukkake. "S-sorry, buddy, I'm not good at controlling myself yet. I'm just, so horny all the time. Hey, why don't you go clean up, and I'll meet you back at the room?" "S-sure thing Jordan... I'll see you later..." "Oh, absolutely, little guy. Once I've had some time to rest and recharge, we can have some more fun."
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    Ein kleines Update - für alle Zahlenfreaks unter euch! Mehr folgt hoffentlich bald! Eine halbe Stunde später – so schnell ich mich anziehen konnte und meine muskulösen Beine durch die Stadt getragen hatten – stand ich vor der Tür von Jans Haus. Nachdem ich geklingelt hatte machte mir Jans Vater auf. Ein älterer Herr, Anfang 50, adrett gekleidet, silbernes Haar, schlank und mit einem absolut abwertenden Gesichtsausdruck, als er mich sah. Seine Augen glitten an meiner muskulösen Erscheinung herunter und prüften ganz genau. Mein Top (ein Tanktop) wurde durch meine Brustmuskeln stark in Anspruch genommen, war aber Strech genug, als das man weder Nippel noch sonst was sah. Meine Bauchmuskeln zeichneten sich dank des Elasthans auch super ab. Meine Jogginghose tat ihr bestes um meinen zusammengenkeulten Penis zu verbergen, der jedoch durch meine Oberschenkel nach vorne gedrückt wurde und trotz schwarzem Stoff gerade zu prominent auffiel. „Ja?“, wurde ich kühl begrüsst. Ich versuchte zu lächeln und das Beste aus der Situation zu machen – verstand aber langsam Jan, warum er so viel Angst davor hatte unkontrolliert in die Breite zu gehen. „Hallo Herr Sundermeier. Mein Name ist David und ich bin ein Freund von Jan. Er hat für mich ein Arbeitsblatt für Mathe.“, log ich so schnell wir möglich und so freundlich wie möglich. „Mathe? Aha. Ich dachte ihr Bodybuilder müsst nur bis maximal 10 zählen können.“ WOW.... ok... der Vater war ein Arsch. Ich wusste tatsächlich nicht, was ich darauf antworten sollte. „Soll ich die Garage aufmachen, oder passt du durch die Haustür?“, fragte er dann, als er mir Platz machte. Soviel Verachtung für meinen Körper und meine Erscheinung hatte ich auch noch nicht erlebt. Ich war still, nickte nur mit verhärteter Miene und trat dann in das Haus ein. Wirklich einen Blick für die Inneneinrichtung hatte ich nicht, folgte nur den Anweisungen des Iditiones zu Jans Zimmer. Dort angekommen klopfte ich und nach kurzem Zögern ertönten Jans Stimme. „Ja?“. Ich trat ein und sogleich wurde der Ausdruck von Jan verwundert, dann wütend, dann jedoch dankbar. Alles im Augenblick einer Sekunde. Der Fussballer saß mit nacktem Oberkörper und nur Boxershorts auf der Bettkante und hatte wohl geheult. Die Augen war doch sehr rot. Nachvollziehbar, nachdem ich seinen Erzeuger kennengelernt hatte. Jan lächelte jedoch nach einem Moment und wollte dann wissen: „Na... Das dich mein Dad reingelassen ist auch ein Wunder...“ Ich konnte nur mit den Augen rollen. „Ich verstehe nun voll und ganz deine Sorge...“ Etwas unschlüssig was ich jetzt eigentlich hier sollte, versuchte ich einfach drauf los zu reden. „Ehm... also... es tut mir echt Leid, dass ich...“ Er winkte jedoch sofort ab und zuckte mit den Schultern: „Du hast die Werte nicht eingegeben und auf OK gedrückt. Ich hätte dir... einfach glauben sollen. Auch wenn du zugeben musst, dass das echt mega unrealistisch ist.“ Sogleich wurden die Augen wieder etwas feucht. „Es ist halt... mit meinem Dad.. einfach scheiße.... er...“, er schniefte und bevor er weiter reden konnte fiel ich ihm ins Wort: „Er wird sich an nichts erinnern.“ Nachdem ich die Aufmerksamkeit von Jan hatte, erklärte ich ihm, was mir alles passiert war. Das meine Eltern für meine Eltern es immer so war. Es schien ihn sichtlich zu beruhigen. „Vielleicht ändert sich ja die Einstellung von ihm.“, hoffte er schliesslich und fragte: „Kannst... du mir helfen? Ich werde... neue Kleidung brauchen. Viele „X“...“ Dann packte mich aber doch die Neugier. „Was... hast du denn alles für Werte eingegeben?“, wollte ich wissen und sah Jan an, als er zum Rechner ging und einen Screenshot aufmachte. Ich ging zu ihm und schaute mir die Eingaben an. Mit jeder Zeile wurden meine Augen größer. „Scheiße... Alter... wie geil warst du an dem Abend?“, versuchte ich lachend zu fragen – aber ich machte mir doch ein bisschen Sorgen. Tatsächlich verbrachten wir dann ein wenig Zeit mit Mathe. Jan wog zur Zeit 64 Klio. Das Ziel waren 220 Kilo. Der Zeitraum 4 Wochen (maximal Express....) Er würde also pro Woche 39 kg zunehmen. Fuck. Pro Tag war das also ein Zuwachs von 5,5kg.... Bei seinem Schwanz hatte er mehr als übertrieben. Zur Zeit hatte er folgende Werte: Schlaff 10 cm, Umfang 8cm Hart: 16 cm, Umfang 11cm Ziel: Schlaff 35cm, Umfang 25 cm Hart: 45 cm, Umfang 30 cm Das bedeutete pro Woche ca. 6,5 cm Zuwachs... Warum sollten wir ihm überhaupt noch Klamotten kaufen... Bis wir die hatten, waren sie zu klein.... Wir mussten uns tatsächlich dafür etwas überlegen. Es standen uns große Zeiten bevor.....
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    A L I E N: Antares (Original Story) Part ii - The Musclegrowth Saga Continues! (link to part one - higher in thread) ———————————— http://www.patreon.com/gymjunkiemuscle ———————————— Rewards range from $5 a month for access to basic images, comics and the blog feed all the way up to $50 a month where you can make special image requests, give input on what stories will come next as well as other rewards not mentioned here! I am still just $50 away from hitting my second monthly goal! Monthly Pledges go to helping pay for more and better software improvements as well as helping supplement my progress in the gym as well.
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    Thanks for the comments guys! I'm glad people are enjoying it. I know extreme conditioning is a bit of a fringe topic in muscle growth. In case anyone is curious, a couple pictures. This is a picture I found that inspired the cock descriptions (NSFW): https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/492361296226811924/493528148839890959/tumblr_ozgrkp9dWM1srx9rqo1_400.jpg This is John Meadows, freak of nature: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/492361296226811924/492744102085918720/mountaindog1_37120948_1717375495055256_93069849655246848_n.jpg https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/492361296226811924/492744110952939534/mountaindog1_29738170_1775672729155857_3712501530876706816_n.jpg
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    English version in here [edited by @dredlifter] Lucas era el novio de una de mis mejores amigas, Maite. Ambos vivían juntos hacía tres años, se habían conocido en la universidad estudiando biología molecular. Lucas era 11 años más joven que yo, o sea apenas había cumplido los 24 años y se estaba por recibir de licenciado. Era bastante estudioso y un poco nerd. Nos llevábamos bastante bien y a él parecía no importarle que yo fuera tan amigo de Maite. Lucas era bastante grandote, no hacía ningún deporte, tan solo era alto y grandote. Tenía unos pies enormes y unos antebrazos mas anchos que mis brazos. Lo había visto alguna que otra vez sin remera en la pileta de alguna amigo y tan solo era eso: grandote. Quizás de haber entrenado un poco podría haber hecho crecer su pecho, pero no era el caso. De todos modos eso es lo que yo pensaba de Lucas hasta el día de la mudanza. Maite y Lucas habían decidido mudarse. Ambos vivían en un departamento bastante chico y solo había que mudar algunos muebles y bastantes libros. Como no tenían plata para contratar a una mudadora me pidieron que los ayudara ya que tengo una camioneta bastante grande. Un día antes de la mudanza Maite me llamó para decirme que el día de la mudanza ella no iba a poder estar por temas del departamento de biología, tenía que hacer una suplencia en otra provincia por un congreso y se tenía que ir hoy mismo. Le dije que no se preocupara, que Lucas y yo podríamos con todo. Cuando llegué a la casa descubrí que Lucas ya había comenzado a guardar los libros en las cajas, pero claramente no tenía mucha experiencia en mudanzas ya que había puesto todo mal. Le indiqué como era mejor guardar los libros y que íbamos a necesitar cajas mas chicas ya no convenía usar cajas tan grandes porque serían demasiado pesadas. —¿Cuanto decís que pesa esta? —me dijo señalando una caja. Lucas a veces parecía tan solo un niño de 5 años, enorme pero un niño. —Supongo que 50 kilos… es medio una locu… —¡Excelente! —dijo y sin decir mas la levantó. Fue como si levantara una caja vacía, tan solo se agachó y la levantó. Yo me quedé mirando sin poder creer lo que veía. La mudanza fue más fácil de lo que pensaba, se podría decir que yo solo me dediqué a decir “cuidado” y “doblá” porque Lucas se encargó de mover todo. Las cajas enormes de muchísimos libros Lucas las levantó en un segundo y las cargó bajando las escaleras como si llevara tan solo cartón. —Jeje, me divierte hacer un poco de ejercicio —dijo y flexionó su brazo antes de agarrar la última caja. Debajo de la remera pude ver que se formaba una montaña. Lo más impresionante fue cuando decidió mudar el armario. —¡Espera que lo hacemos juntos! —le dije—1… 2… 3…. Sin embargo era mucho más pesada de lo que yo hubiera imaginado. Di dos pasos y tuve que descansar. —Deja que yo me encargo —dijo parándose de la parte trasera del armario y agachándose apenas para llegar hasta abajo. Por todo el trabajo de cargar cajas sus antebrazos se habían vuelto mucho mas grande de lo que yo imaginaba, de todos modos era demasiado pesado para que él solo pudié… —Ahí está —dijo y la levantó sobre su cabeza—Jeje, se ve que soy bastante más fuerte de lo que pensaba. Lucas sacó todo lo pesado él solo. Yo solo me encargué de sacar unas bolsas. Cargamos la camioneta y nos fuimos. En el viaje Lucas abrió la ventana, estaba transpirado de hacer tanto esfuerzo y debajo del pecho —que por cierto estaba bastante más grande que antes— apareció una mancha de transpiración. —Me contó Maite que estás haciendo tu tesis —le dije. —Si, estoy recién empezando pero el tema me gusta asi que avanzo rapido. —¿Y sobre que es? —Es un estudio sobre las propiedades androstanolona… —… —Ah, ja! Es un andrógeno, un metabolito de la testosterona. —Ah mirá… Interesante? —ja! Si, bastante! Cuando llegamos al departamento descubrí que era cuatro pisos por escalera. Lucas bajó todas las cosas de la camioneta y las dejó en el hall en menos tiempo de lo que le había llevado cargarlo. Cerramos la puerta y miramos las escaleras. —Esto va a ser heavy… —dije— Me parece que va a ser mejor que llamemos a alguien que nos ayude. —Yo puedo hacerlo —dijo Lucas, parecía contento de tener que hacer semejante esfuerzo— Es un buen ejercicio para mis músculos. —Lucas, una cosa es bajar todas estas cosas un piso y otra muy distinta subir cuatro pisos por escalera. Es imposible. —Nah, no te preocupes! Vos llevas las bolsas —dijo y se sacó la remera que ya estaba toda transpirado. Lo que vi casi me dejó sin aire. Yo recordaba que Lucas era grandote, pero no tenía nada que ver con el cuerpo que ahora veía delante mio. Era como si toda la grasa que antes había tenido en exceso se hubiera convertido de pronto en músculos… en músculos enormes. Unos abdominales marcados, un pecho enorme, unos hombros redondos y unos brazos abultados y duros. —Wow! —dije sin pensar. —Ja! Ah, ¿viste? Estoy enorme. —Que te pasó? —Empecé a comer bien y a entrenar. —Entrenar? Es como si te hubieras inflado todo —dije y me acerqué. Estaba a la altura se pecho, su enorme y abultado pecho. —jaja! Tampoco para tanto, solo estoy un poco musculoso. —Dejame de joder! Sos He-man, chabon! Nunca vi a un hombre tan musculoso… ¿puedo tocar? —Claro… —dijo y flexionó el brazo. Estaba duro como una piedra enorme. —Que chabón! Estás durísimo! —Jaja, es solo por el ejercicio que hice al levantar las cosas. —Ahora quiero ver como levantas todo esto! —Jaja! Y se agachó y levantó una caja. —¿Vas a llevar primero lo mas liviano? Te vas a morir. —Jaja! Vamos a ver. Una a una las fue llevando las cajas escaleras arriba. Yo lo seguía llevando cosas bien livianas, pero a la mitad de la tercera subida ya no tenía aire. En cambio Lucas seguía llevando cajas y subía sin parar. Incluso bajaba corriendo, como si hiciera un calentamiento. —¿Cansado? —me jodía al pasar escaleras a bajo liviano como una pluma y musculoso como un tanque. Al final quedó solo el mueble. Lucas ni siquiera respiraba agitado. —Quiero ver esto! —dije bajando lo más rápido que podía aunque ya no tenía aire. Lucas aplaudió y se agachó para levantar el armario. Todos sus músculos hicieron un trabajo maravilloso, tensándose y expandiéndose. Yo apenas podía creer lo que veía, era como si se hubiera inflado en el transcurso del día tan solo por el ejercicio de levantar esas cajas. Dio el primer paso y subió las escaleras como si no llevara nada sobre su hombro. Su cuerpo brillaba de transpiración pero estaba duro como la roca. Subió todo y cuando cerramos la puerta y vimos todo en el departamento vacío me dijo: —Buen trabajo! —Hiciste todo vos y tus enorme músculos! Lucas se río y abrió una botella para tomar del pico. Algo de agua cayó sobre su pecho peludo, marcado y enorme. Maite regresó dos semanas después y a los pocos días la invité a casa. —Boluda, Lucas es el increíble Hulk! Maite se murió de risa. —Está un poco musculoso… si… —¿Un POCO musculoso? Es una bestia… —Al principio me dio cosa… era medio raro porque está todo duro… pero ahora me acostumbre… y me encanta… no sabes lo fuerte que es… —Me estás jodiendo, si que lo sé! Lo vi levantar tu armario pesadísimo él solo! —Sí, me contó…. jaja, que gracioso… pero eso fue hace como 3 semanas… ahora está mucho más grande… creo que me dijo que ganó como veinte kilos… —Mucho mas grande? Me estás jodiendo????? —Nop —dijo llevándose una cuchara de dulce de leche a la boca—, está enorme y todo marcado… es gracioso… no le entra ninguna remera… pero no sabes… Maite se puso colorada para decir esto: —No sabes como coje…. está todo el día caliente... dice que es por la testosterona… pero es gracioso… no sé… cojemos como tres o cuatro veces al día… o sea, está todo el día al palo… y encima… Me miró a los ojos: —Que…? —le pregunté casi a punto de morirme. —Tiene la pija gigante… —Y vos te lo bancas? Digo cojer tanto!? Todos los días? Yo me muero… —Al principio pensé que sí…. que me moría, pero como que estoy también re caliente yo… no sé… hay algo en su cuerpo que me excita… todos esos músculos enormes… cuando me levanta con una mano me vuelvo loca… no sabes la fuerza que tiene… Varias veces intenté organizar salidas para poder ver lo grande que se había vuelto Lucas, pero cada vez que salíamos con Maite Lucas estaba ocupado o se había ido a visitar a sus viejos a no sé donde. Finalmente llegó el verano y decidí irme al campo para terminar de estudiar para un final. Le conté a Maite que me iría un mes entero a estudiar y la idea le encantó tanto que me llamó por teléfono: —Que copado! Che, con Lucas estábamos hablando que… viste que ambos tenemos que terminar nuestras tesis… y la verdad que nos vendría bien escaparnos de la ciudad para desenchufar… además no tenemos un mango para irnos de vacaciones… —Ah! —dije sin pensar y de repente se me iluminó el cerebro— Dale! Los pasé a buscar con la camioneta. Maite estaba en la calle esperando y cuando me vio llegar le hizo señas a quien supuse sería Lucas que no se veía por ningún lado. Hasta que lo vi salir del departamento. Es difícil describir esto. O sea, la palabra enorme no alcanza para mostrar lo grande que Lucas se había puesto. Estaba más alto… o sea yo sabía que a esas ya nadie crece… era imposible… pero no sé… había crecido… o sea, estaba muy muy grande… con una remera —talle XXXXXXXL— que le quedaba un poco apretada… en el pecho… en la espalda… en los hombros y en los brazos… pero no en la cintura… Me bajé de la camioneta para abrir la puerta de atrás. —Lucas! —dije cuando lo tuve al lado; me sacaba 4 cabezas y yo tan solo le llegaba a los abdominales— Me parece a mi o creciste…? —jaja —dijo levantando una mano Yo solo pude acompañar el movimiento de su brazo que dejó ver el tamaño imposible de sus músculos —Sos un gigante! —jaja! Si, creo que estoy un poco musculoso… Cuando Lucas entró en la camioneta fue como si de repente me hubiera caído en un bache del tamaño de un crater… Maite y yo lo miramos. —jaja! —dijo un poco avergonzado. —Vas a tener que viajar en el medio. Pero cuando subió en el medio entre Maite y yo. Yo apenas podía pasar mi mano sobre ese jamón enorme que era su pierna musculosa para llegar a la palanca de cambio. —Me parece que esto no va a funcionar —dije yo y lo miré. Tenía la cabeza inclinada para entrar en la cabina. —Vas a tener que viajar atrás. —jaja! —dijo y sonrió. La sola idea lo puso contento. Era un niño, un niño enorme, lleno de músculos y fuerte como… como la mierda… Se sentó en la caja de la camioneta y partimos rumbo al campo. Cuando salimos a la ruta y estaba segura que Lucas no escuchaba por el viento le dije a Maite: —Boluda… Maite me miró y se rio. —Está gigante… —Y eso que no lo viste sin remera… no sabes el tamaño de los músculos que tiene… —Sos una pajera! —Jaja! No, no sabes lo que es el pecho que tiene… me calienta de solo tocárselo… está todo duro… —Boluda, pero no es normal… —Que me importa? Lo mas impresionante es la fuerza…. tiene una fuerza descomunal… —Y siguen cogiendo mucho…? —Todo el día… se le para de nada… y cuando acaba… no sabes lo que es… el otro día cogimos cinco veces seguidas y terminamos todos cubiertos de semen… —Boluda, pero es un semental… —Jaja, si es… una bestia… —El semental los está escuchando, eh! —dijo Lucas desde atrás y Maite se murió de risa. Antes de ir al campo pasamos por un supermercado del pueblo más cercano. Nos quedaríamos varios días por lo que necesitabamos proviciones. Yo estaba acostumbrado a grandes compras antes de ir al campo, pero nunca compré tanto como aquella vez. A cada cosa que comprabamos Lucas decía que había comprar más. Solo bastaba para mirar sobre nuestro hombro al gigante detrás nuestro con un pecho que sobresalía como dos rocas enormes y dos brazos que no podía bajar por el tamaño inmenso de sus espalda para obedecer sus palabras. Llenamos unas cajas enormes que Lucas cargó hasta la camioneta sin el más mínimo esfuerzo. Llegamos al campo poro después del mediodía. El viaje nos había cansado y decidimos dormir una siesta. Yo salí a buscar a Ramón, el encargado del campo, para decirle que habíamos llegado y preguntarle si tenía pensado matar alguna vaca dado que el freezer de la carne estaba vacío. Lo encontré detrás de la otra casa, limpiando la pileta. Le dije que nos quedaríamos unas semanas... quizás un mes y que necesitabamos de esa carne para no gastar en compras. Me dijo que no habría problema y que se encargaría en unos dias. Entonces me fui a dormir. Cuando me levanté toqué la puerta del cuarto de Maite y Lucas y descubrí que ya no estaban. Afuera el sol brillaba y hacía calor. Entonces escuché las risas afuera. Debían estar en la pileta. La idea de ver el cuerpo de Lucas todo musculoso y mojado me hizo volver a mi cuarto a cambiarme y ponerme la maya. Cuando salí de la galería me lo cruzé a Ramón. —¡Ramón! ¿Ya se puede usar la pileta? —Sí, ahi les avisé a sus amigos. —¡Buenisimo, gracias! —El Lucas es un verdadero gigante —me dijo Ramón como si nombrara el clima—. Dígale que tenga cuidado al saltar para que no se vaya todo el agua. Y nos reimos. —Debe ser muy fuerte con todos esos músculos tan grandes. Me vendría bien que alguien así me ayudara con la leña. Entonces me di cuenta que los canastos estaban vacíos de leña. Aunque hacía calor durante el día por la noche podía refrescar. Me imaginé a Lucas con sus músculos enormes y su pecho al aire talando un árbol y solo pude decir: —Seguramente Lucas le gustaría encargarse de eso... Y se fue. Maite y Lucas todavía no se habían metido en la pileta. Estaban jugando con la manguera a mojarse. Lucas no se había sacado la remera aún pero estaba todo empapado lo cual hacía que la tela de la remera se pegara a su cuerpo y sus músculos enormes. A su pecho, a sus hombros, a su espalda, a sus brazos y a su cintura. Debajo de la remera parecía un hombre inflado, lleno de globos, no parecía real. Sus músculos eran demasiado grandes, nunca había visto un hombre con músculos así. Cuando les dije que la pileta ya se podía usar dejaron la manguera y se sacaron la ropa. Maite llevaba una malla debajo pero Lucas no, aunque eso no lo detuvo. Se sacó el pantalón y se quedó solo en calzones. Los calzones más impresionantes... ¿que digo? Las piernas mas impresionantes aparecieron a la vista, llenas de músculos, enormes y abultadas. Asomando debajo de la tela del calzón una pija que debía ser gruesa como mi pierna se movía a cada lado con cada movimiento. Cuando se sacó la remera me tuve que agarrar de la reposera para no caerme. Su pecho estaba cubierto de una linea perfecta de pelo... su pecho es una forma de decir. Unos músculos pectorales enormes sobresalían como dos montañas sobre unos abdominales marcados y a ambos lados de ese pecho dos hombros redondos y llenos de fibras coronaban los brazos más impresionantes que vi en mi vida. Simplemente músculos sobre músculos. Biceps enormes, triceps marcados y duros. Todo su cuerpo era una sucesión de montañas de músculos... y su espalda... era un valle de musculatura inmensa. Lucas se tiró a la pileta y como dijo Ramón, el agua rebalsó por todos lados. Él y Maite se pusieron a jugar. Ella intentaba escapar del gigante que la perseguía. Era tan grande que le costaba moverse, pero cuando la agarraba la tiraba hacia arriba como si no pesara más que una pelota de tenis y la hacía caer en el agua. O sino la abrazaba con sus brazos para besarla. Maite que era flaquita quedaba apretaba entre sus músculos inmensos y apoyaba sus dos manos sobre esos pectorales enormes y duros como piedras. —Chicos, cuidado con el sol que está fuerte —les dije mientras me ponía protector solar y me acostaba en la reposera. Maite salió y se puso protector. Después salió la montaña de Lucas subiendo las escaleras despacio mientras de todo su cuerpo caía agua como si fuera una cascada. Le causaba gracia ser tan grande y musculoso y cada tanto se miraba su propio cuerpo para ver lo que pasaba cuando hacía tal o cual movimiento. Maite le dijo que se acercara para ponerle protector. Lucas se paró delante de ella como si fuera una estatua. Y sin siquiera inclinarse la miró desde arriba de su pecho inmenso como si fuera un patobica. —¡Tonto! —le dijo ella y le pegó en la pierna. Después Lucas aflojó y la levantó como si fuera un bebé. Se notaba que a ambos les causaba gracia la enorme fuerza que Lucas tenía con esos músculos tan grandes. Tiraba a Maite y la agarraba como si no pesara nada y ella apoyaba sus manos en sus enormes hombros, en sus brazos todos duros o en su pecho. Sin dejar de sostenerla con ambos brazos ella comenzó a ponerle crema en los hombros redondos y duros, en los brazos gigantescos y en el pecho. Esa maravilla de pecho musculoso que tenía Lucas. Él parecía disfrutar de eso, incluso llegué a ver algo de perversión en sus ojos por tener músculos tan grandes y que ella estuviera tocándolos para ponerle crema y los masajeara sintiendo lo fuerte que era y lo duro que estaba. Cuando ella apoyaba la mano sobre un músculo él lo flexionaba para que ella viera lo poderoso que era su cuerpo, lo inmenso de su fuerza, el macho en que se había convertido. —¡Basta, tonto! —pero ella disfrutaba que su novio se hubiera convertido en ese hombre tan musculoso. En especial disfrutaba que Lucas le mostrara lo inmensamente fuerte que se había vuelto: una montaña de músculos inmensos y una fuerza descomunal. Después Maite se tiró a tomar sol y Lucas se dedicó a nadar de un lado a otro. Haciendo largos sin detenerse, así estuvo durante una hora, sin cansarse. Con todos sus músculos mojados y brillando bajo el sol haciendo un trabajo maravilloso y yo mirando sus hombros, su espalda, sus brazos. Era simplemente irreal que alguien fuera tan musculoso, tan grande y tan fuerte. Cuando llegó la noche Maite y yo hicimos la comida mientras Lucas se ponía a trabajar en su tesis. Como la casa era grande estando en la cocina no había forma de que Lucas nos escuchara. —Boluda... Maite me miró mientras lavaba la lechuga. —Lucas es... —no encontraba palabras para describirlo— No puedo creer el tamaño de sus músculos... Ella sonrió y se puso colorada. —No solo eso —agregó como si fuera un secreto—. No sabes lo duro que son sus músculos y la fuerza descomunal que tiene. —¡Me di cuenta! ¡Boluda, te tiraba volando como una pelota! —¡Jajaja! Eso no es nada. Él me dijo que no peso nada para él, que sus músculos son tan fuertes que puede levantar un auto. —¡Déjame de joder! —¡Te lo juro por mi vida! —Boluda, no es normal... —¡Ya lo sé! ¿Pero importa? —Obvio que importa, mirá si es... no sé... algo raro... —¡¿Que puede ser?! ¿Una enfermedad? ¡Sería la mejor enfermedad del mundo! ¡Todos los hombres querrían estar enfermos de eso! —Che y... cuando tienen sexo... digo... —Tenemos que tener cuidado... sí... o sea, su cuerpo es tan grande y pesado que si no tenemos cuidado me puede lastimar... pero él tiene mucho control sobre sus músculos... —No digo... su pija... —¡Ah, tarado! ¡Avisá! Es enorme, sí. La pija más grande que vi en mi vida. Incluso me puedo sentar arriba y no se le baja. No sabes lo que es con la pija parada, parece un dios. —¿Pero te entra? —¡Ay, boludo! ¿Cómo me vas a preguntar eso? ¡Obvio! Al principio me dolía un montón, pero él es super cuidadoso. Además la verdad es que le fue creciendo de tamaño y como que yo me fui acomodando con él... —¿Y como es cuando cogen? —¿Que pregunta? ¡No sé! Es cariñoso, pero a la vez es como muy fuerte. O sea su cuerpo está todo lleno de músculos enormes y cuando se excita como que se pone más duro. Parece como si se inflara, como si se volviera más musculoso. Es algo impresionante. —Su cuerpo es impresionante. —Te dije, ¿viste? Hicimos la comida y cada uno comió lo suyo. Lucas comió por cinco personas. Desde que habíamos vuelto de la pileta no se había vuelto a poner una remera y toda su magnifica musculatura estaba expuesta para que la viera. Cada sombra, cada destello de luz generaba en su cuerpo una sombra perfecta, una figura más impresionante cada vez. Esa noche antes de dormirme escuché como Maite gritaba al otro lado de la puerta: Lucas la debía estar empalando con su poronga enorme y su cuerpo musculoso. Al día siguiente por la mañana les avisé que iría a cortar con Ramón y Lucas me pidió si podía venir. —Me gustaría hacerlo yo, quiero ver para que sirven todos estos músculos que tengo —dijo y flexionó los brazos en los que se levantaron dos montañas inmensas. Fuimos los tres y encontramos a Ramón en medio de bosque de pinos. —Trajo al gigante —dijo Ramón riéndose—. Nunca vi un hombre tan grande —agregó— ¿Come bulones o qué? Lucas se rió y dijo: —¿Es este el árbol? Era un árbol enorme y bastante ancho. Ramón asintió y viendo que Lucas se paraba delante del árbol dijo: —¿Lo va a sacar con esos brazos? Porque me parece que el pobre arbolito no va a poder defenderse. Y riéndose le alcanzó el hacha que en las manos enormes de Lucas parecía un juguete. —Le tiene que dar así —dijo Ramón para mostrarle, pero Lucas parecía concentrado, casi como si supiera a la perfección lo que tenía que hacer. Dio un hachazo y fue suficiente. El árbol cayó nockeado. —¡¿Donde aprendió a hacer eso?! —preguntó Ramón. —Nunca antes lo había hecho... pero es como si supiera hacerlo... como si mis músculos supieran... —Entonces usted debe saber mucho... —dijo Ramón mirándolo de abajo hacia arriba— Digo... por el tamaño de los músculos que tiene. —Jaja —dijo Lucas—, soy un poco musculoso. —¿Un poco? ¡Que va! ¡Nunca vi un hombre tan grande! Y se nota que esos músculos no son de decoración. Se ve que usted es muy fuerte. —¿Podes levantar ese árbol, Luc? -preguntó Maite. —Supongo que sí, no parece muy pesado. —¿¡Muy pesado!? —preguntó Ramón sin poder creerlo— Si usted levanta eso yo le digo Sansón. Lucas le devolvió el hacha y caminó hasta la mitad del árbol. Se agachó y como si nada lo levantó hasta apoyarlo en su hombro. Por la expresión en su rostro no parecía costarle en lo más mínimo pero su cuerpo se infló como si sus músculos adquirieran otra densidad. Después lo agarró con ambos brazos y se puso a hacer ejercicios de hombros. Habrá hecho veinte repeticiones antes de dejarlo en el piso. Flexionó ambos brazos y riéndose dijo: —Se ve que soy Sansón. —Dios me libre... —dijo Ramón sacándose el sombrero y acercándose a Lucas. Tan solo le llegaba a la cintura. —¿Puedo tocarlo? —¡Claro! —dijo Lucas y flexionó su enorme brazo cerca de su cara para que pudiera tocarlo. Ramón lo agarró con ambas manos y apretó fuerte. Fue como si no hiciera nada. —Me lleva la virgen... que fuerte que es. ¿Alguna vez peleó con un oso... o con un toro? —Jaja, no, no peleé con un oso ni con un toro —dijo Lucas riéndose. Maite se acercó a su lado y él la levantó con una sola mano agarrándole el culo como si mano fuera una silla. La acercó a él y le dio un beso. La sostuvo a su lado como si no pesara nada. Su cuerpo parecía todavía más inmenso y fuerte que antes. Ramón se sentó con una botella de ron en la galería donde Lucas estaba sentado también. Maite se había ido a caminar con los perros y Lucas, sentado en la silla, la miraba desde lejos. Estaba descalzo, solo llevaba un pantalón corto que era lo único con lo que se lo podía ver caminar. Todo su enorme pecho, sus hombros anchísimos y su espalda cubierta de músculos estaban al aire. Yo espiaba desde la ventana. Ramón tomó un poco de ron y tragó fuerte. No podía creer el tamaño de los músculos de Lucas y miraba su torso gigantesco como si fuera algo imposible. —¿Cuanto pesa? —le preguntó. —La verdad que no tengo idea... Hace mucho que no me peso, la última vez pesaba 115 kilos. —Yo sé cuánto pesa un toro... está entre los 800 y los 1200 kilos... Esos músculos que usted tiene no pueden pesar menos de 400 kilos... todos sus músculos son muy grandes... —¿400 kilos? ¿Usted cree que mi músculos pesan tanto? —Tiene un cuerpo impresionante. Nunca conocí a nadie que tuviera músculos tan grandes y tanta fuerza. —Jajaja —Tiene muy buenos brazos. Lucas sonrió y flexionó ambos brazos. Ramón no podía sacar la vista del tamaño inmenso de esos biceps. Lucas estiraba los brazos y los volvía a flexiones. —Si... Me siento muy fuerte. —¡Y con ese cuerpo más le vale! —Siento que podría arrancar ese árbol solo con mis manos. —¿Solo con sus manos? —Seh, ¿le gustaría verlo? —Sin duda Después Lucas se puso de pie y fue hacia donde estaba Maite. Su espalda ancha y llena de músculos hacia un trabajo impresionante, algo digno de admirar. Ramón no le quitó los ojos de encima. Cuando llegó la noche Maite y Lucas se fueron a dormir. Yo esperé a que pasaran unos minutos y después me acerque hasta pegarme a la puerta. Apoyé el oido y escuché. —Te gustó lo que hice hoy —preguntó Lucas. —¿Que hiciste hoy? —No sé si te diste cuenta pero levanté un árbol con mis manos. —Ah si... —¿Y te gustó? —¿Que cosa? —No sé... quizás lo fuerte que soy... o el tamaño de mis músculos... —¿A vos que te parece? —Me parece que te calienta... lo musculoso que soy... y la fuerza que tengo... —¿A sí? —Si, me parece que te excita ver mi enorme cuerpo lleno de músculos... mi pecho gigantesco y la fuerza de mis brazos... —¿Y que más me gusta? —Y te gusta esta pija y lo grande que es... —Aw... —Veni... tocame el pecho... —Ah, estás re duro, Luki —No sabes la fuerza que tengo. Mirá mis brazos... —Ah... —Soy el hombre más musculoso y más fuerte del mundo. —Metemela... —¿Te gustaría que peleara con un oso... ? Con estos músculos lo destruiría. —Ah... la tenés enorme... La mañana siguiente cuando me desperté encontré a Maite en la cocina. Lucas se había ido con Ramón. Ella no sabía a donde. Me asomé a la ventana y vi a lo lejos la inmensa espalda de Lucas. Estaban en el potrero del toro. Salimos corriendo. Maite estaba asustada. Cuando llegamos Ramón cerró la tranquera dejando al toro en el mismo potrero que Lucas. —Lucas, salí de ahí!! —le gritó Maite. —Tranquila —dijo Ramón—, no le va a pasar nada. Mire el tamaño de sus músculos, ese hombre es más fuerte que un toro. Era verdad. Lucas había abierto bien las piernas como si fuera a atajar un penal. Todo su cuerpo estaba en tensión y de repente fue como si se inflara como si creciera. Parecía estarse inflando para superar al toro en musculatura. Entonces el toro pateó, agitó la cabeza y se lanzó contra Lucas. Maite gritó y apartó la mirada. Pero Lucas tan solo extendió sus poderosos brazos llenos de músculos enormes y detuvo al toro. Tan solo tuvo que retroceder unos centímetros. Sus músculos se tensaron y se volvieron más visibles. Parecía estar creciendo delante nuestro. Su espalda se estaba ensanchando para asumir el esfuerzo de empujar al toro. Dio un paso adelante y el toro retrocedió. El pecho de Lucas creció de repente y se volvió todavía más grande. Sus hombros se inflaron y se expandió su caja torácica. Estaba volviéndose más musculoso delante nuestro. Más alto, más fuerte. Dio otro paso y después otro. Ya no le resultaba un esfuerzo y entonces levantó al toro con ambas manos como si fuera un perro y después lo sostuvo con una sola como si fuera un gatito. Su cuerpo se había vuelto más impresionante que antes. Simplemente era un monstruo, un súper hombre poderosisimo, lleno de unos músculos inmensos. Su fuerza era descomunal. —Mire esos músculos —le dijo Ramón a Maite— Ese hombre es más fuerte que un toro, que un oso. Mire ese pecho. Ningún animal tiene músculos tan grandes. Es el semental más fuerte que vi en mi vida. Supuse que dijo lo de semental por la pija enorme que se marcaba contra la tela del pantalón mientras sus músculos hacían un trabajo maraviloso sosteniendo al toro. —Mira, chiquita. Mira lo fuerte que soy —dijo y flexionó el otro brazo.— Un toro no me puede hacer nada. Soy demasiado fuerte. Siento como si hubiera crecido todavía más. Ustedes están diminutos. Jaja! Lucas dejó al toro ir y cruzó el alambrado. Maite corrió hacia él y él la levantó con una sola mano. Después de haber peleado con el toro sus movimientos se habían vuelto más lentos, su cuerpo parecía hecho de concreto. –Luki, tenés el pecho inmenso -decía Maite mientras le acariciaba el pecho frente a todos nosotros. –Jaja ¿Te gusta, chiquita? Estoy todo duro... Lucas se había vuelto más musculoso y más grande frente a nuestros ojos. Su cuerpo parecía tallado en piedra y sus músculos brillaban más duros que el granito. Era una versión todavía más impresionante de sí mismo, más fuerte y con un pecho aún más grande, unos hombros aún más anchos. Esa misma tarde Maite recibió un llamado del laboratorio: le había salido una oportunidad para participar de un congreso en Córdoba. En una hora armo su bolso y se volvió a Buenos Aires. Con Lucas nos quedaríamos dos semanas más. A él le serviría para terminar su tesis. Antes de que ella se subiera al auto el la levanto y ella hundió su cara entre sus enormes pectorales, lo acarició con las manos tocando todos esos inmensos músculos que Lucas tenia y le dijo que lo iba a extrañar. Se fue y Lucas se quedó mirando como se iba el auto. La idea de quedarme solo con Lucas rebotaba en mi cabeza como una pelota. Lucas era tranquilo y nunca lo había visto enojado pero una cosa era estar con mi amiga y su novio y otra era estar solo con Lucas. Si llegaba a enojarse un hombre tan inmenso y fuerte como el ¿que iba a poder hacer yo? El calor subió unos grados y los días se volvieron más lindos. Lucas se había instalado en el estudio y yo en el comedor. Cada uno metido en sus cosas. Él en sus estudios y yo en mis libros. De todos modos ni bien me ponía a leer mi imaginación rápidamente se iba de lo que estaba leyendo para describirme una vez más el inmenso pecho musculoso de Lucas, su fuerza imposible, lo duro que estaba su cuerpo. Una mañana me levante más temprano de lo acostumbrado y vi salir a Lucas. -¿Vas a correr? —le pregunté. A su indumentaria habitual: solo el pantalón corto, le había agregado unas zapatillas. -Estoy entrenando temprano. -¿Te molesta si te acompaño!? Me vendría bien entrenar un poco. -¡Dale! Salimos a correr. La sensación que tuve era extraña. A mi lado tenía a un gigante, ultra musculoso y fuerte como cinco tanques pero que me consideraba un igual: o sea para él éramos dos hombres corriendo por la mañana. Hablamos de varias cosas, Lucas era un pibe como cualquier otro solo que pesaba diez veces lo que cualquier otro y su cuerpo era una estatua de sí mismo. Me llevo por un camino entre los árboles y me dijo que había estado entrenando por ahí. Cuando llegamos a un claro me dijo que podíamos hacer unas flexiones de brazos. Parecía disfrutar de estar entrenando con alguien en lugar de hacerlo solo. Nos agachamos y cada uno hizo sus flexiones de brazos. Yo llegué a 15. Pero Lucas no se detuvo cuando pasó las 100. Sus brazos se movían como pistones abajo y arriba a toda velocidad. Llego a 200. Como no se detenía yo hice 12 mas. El llego a 300. Yo intente 8 más y me morí ahí. —Subite a mi espalda —me dijo y yo me subí. Acostate y agárrate de mi cintura porque voy muy rápido. Apoyé mi cara contra su espalda cubierta de músculos. Era dura y suave a la vez, poderosa como la mierda. Lucas empezó a bajar y subir. Llego a 1000 y se levantó. —¿Cansado? —le pregunté. —No, no siento resistencia. Es como mover los brazos. Necesito más peso. —Lucas hiciste mil! —ja, si ya se. Pero que queres? Mira el tamaño de mis músculos! Mira los brazos que tengo —dijo y flexionó ambos brazos —, cualquier hombre con estos músculos podría hacer lo mismo. Se ve que soy demasiado fuerte para hacer flexiones sin resistencia. —Yo estoy fuera de forma —dije sin pensar, todavía no había recuperado el aire. Lucas me miro desde su gigantesca altura. Para el era como mirar un nene flacucho. —Deberías comer más y ganar algo de masa muscular. Cuanto pesas? —Creo que 60 kilos... —Claro... sos muy flaquito... Después se alejó en dirección a unos árboles y lo seguí. Su espalda era una montaña ancha y llena de valles musculosos. Parecía un robot caminando. Tanto músculo le hacía difícil moverse. El árbol que había tirado de un solo golpe estaba ahí todavía sin cortar. —Pensé que Ramón ya había cortado la leña... —Yo le pedí que no lo hiciera... me viene bien para entrenar. Y dicho eso agarro el tronco y lo puso sobre sus hombros para hacer sentadillas. Hizo 1000 y con cada una sus piernas se inflaban más y más. Cuando terminó parecían haber crecido hasta el doble de su tamaño. Sin decir nada comenzó a levantar y bajar el tronco sobre su cabeza para entrenar hombros... se imaginarán cuantas hizo... yo no lo podía creer... se estaba inflando frente a mi con cada movimiento que hacía. Más y más músculos aparecían frente a mis ojos. Cuando terminó de entrenar hombros hizo remo, la misma cantidad de veces, con su espalda volviéndose más ancha a cada movimiento, despues se recostó sobre otro tronco y entrenó su poderoso pecho... yo no podía creer lo que estaba viendo... era como si su cuerpo se estuviera inflando frente a mi, su pecho enorme cada vez más enorme y duro... cuando terminó fue el momento de los brazos. Sin esperar ni un minuto se puso a hacer bíceps con el tronco... —Dios mío... —ja! Impresionado? Te dije que soy demasiado fuerte para entrenar sin una buena resistencia... mis músculos necesitan mucho peso... Cuando terminó dejó caer el tronco. Su cuerpo se había vuelto más grande, más duro y brillante. Su pecho parecía tallado en oro. Entonces escuchamos unos ladridos a lo lejos. Desde la tranquera vinieron corriendo una manada de perros. Eran diez. Yo nunca los había visto y por la ferocidad de sus ladridos supuse no eran de ningún campo vecino. La velocidad con que corrían hacia nosotros y sus ladridos me asustaron. De pronto me paralicé, correr habría sido la peor idea. Los perros me rodearon y empezaron a ladrar. De pronto sentí el corazón en la garganta. Entonces sentí que me elevaba. Lucas me levantó y me sostuvo en brazos. Ahí estaba yo debajo su pecho gigantesco y duro. Sostenido por unos brazos poderosisimos que podían sostenerme sin el menor esfuerzo. —Tranquilo —me dijo Lucas en un tono que acompañaba todos sus inmensos músculos. Un tono duro y poderoso como su cuerpo. Me apretó contra su pecho y pude sentir el calor y la fuerza de sus músculos. Sin pensar apoyé una mano sobre uno de sus increíbles pectorales. Fue una sensación indescriptible. Me sostuvo en brazos mientras los perros ladraban alrededor. Pero para Lucas esos perros no significaban una amenaza. Su gigantesco cuerpo era tan grande que los perros no podían pasar de sus rodillas ni aunque saltaran. Una camioneta pasó por la tranquera y los perros dieron media vuelta y se fueron detrás. Lucas se los quedó mirando conmigo en brazos. Era como si hubiera olvidado que me cargaba. —Ya se fueron. —Odio los perros —dije. Lucas me miro sobre su pecho. —No tengas miedo. Si estoy yo cerca no pueden hacerte nada. No creo que se atrevan a atacar a alguien tan grande y musculoso como yo. —Gracias. —No es nada, chiquitín. —¡¿Chiquitín?! —Uh, perdoná... no fue de mala onda... es que para mí sos muy chiquito... digo... mírame... te tengo en brazos y apenas puedo verte debajo de mi pecho... —¿No te cansas? —Nop, después de levantar ese árbol estoy todo duro. Mira —dijo mientras me sostenía con una mano y flexionaba la otra cerca de mi cara—, mira el tamaño de mi brazo. Es más grande que tu cabeza. Tocá. ¿Ves? Estoy demasiado duro. Apretá fuerte. —Estás re duro... —Apretá fuerte, dale... —¡Estoy apretando con toda mi fuerza! —Jaja, ¿en serio? Ni lo siento. Cuando entreno con tanto peso después me cuesta moverme. —Tu cuerpo es increíble... —¿Que es lo que más te impresiona de mi cuerpo? —No sé... todo... el tamaño de tus músculos... la fuerza que tenés... tu pecho... —Y eso que no me viste después de entrenar en serio... Mis músculos se inflan mucho más... -Lucas, recién levantaste un árbol... —Jaja, eso no es nada. Puedo levantar mucho más... y ahi me inflo todo... no sabes el tamaño de mi pecho... te volverías loco... —Me gustaría verlo... —Hoy me faltan dos entrenamientos como este... pero mañana me toca entrenar duro... si querés me acompañas y te muestro el tamaño de mis músculos cuando entreno pesado... Al día siguiente acompañé a Lucas pasando el bosque... llegamos al límite del campo donde hacía tiempo habíamos demolido el viejo galpón. Este había sido construido aprovechando unas rocas enormes que habían formado una pequeña cueva. Ahora solo quedaban restos de todo eso y en el centro como si la hubieran dejado ahí una roca del tamaño enorme. Lucas se dirigió directo a ella. Era tan grande que era dos veces del tamaño de Lucas. Era demasiado grande... la sola idea de que fuera levantar eso me asustó. —Alejate un poco... —me dijo. Lucas se agachó y abrió los brazos para abarcar lo más posible la roca. Era demasiado grande, no iba a poder levantarla. Entonces la movió un poco, la levantó y la agarró de un pedazo que sobresalía. Eso le bastó para hacer palanca. Sus brazos se inflaron de golpe por el esfuerzo, fue como si se multiplicaran por dos y después su hombros hicieron lo mismo. Le costaba, por primera vez veía que estaba haciendo un esfuerzo con ese cuerpo increíble que tenía. La levantó y la sostuvo sobre su cabeza. Y empezó a entrenar. Realizó los mismos ejercicios que con el tronco, solo que mucha menos cantidad. Se notaba que le costaba, que a veces perdía el equilibrio y que tenía que acomodarse. Pero a cada serie su cuerpo se inflaba más y brillaba por efecto de la transpiración. Cuando terminó y dejó caer la roca ya no era el mismo hombre. Su cuerpo simplemente era de otra dimensión. Se acercó a mi y se paró a pocos pasos mirándome desde lo alto de su increíble pecho que sobresalía como dos montañas. —¿Y? ¿Que te parece el lomo que tengo, chiquitín? —dijo mientras se ponía a flexionar ambos brazos. —Dios mio... —jaja, ¿impresionado? ¿Querés ver lo duro que tengo los músculos? Me levantó con una mano y flexionó la otra en mi cara. —Dale, tocá. Estaba mucho más duro que la vez anterior... —Dios mio, Lucas... tu cuerpo es impresionante... estás durísimo... —jaja, ya lo sé... no sabes como se pone Maite cuando entreno así... se vuelve loca... —Me imagino... —Mira... tocame el pecho... La sola idea me dejó paralizado y apenas me animé a apoyar ambas manos. —¡Dale, toca como un hombre! ¡No seas puto! ¡Dale, con fuerza! —Es impresionante... —Golpeame... —¡¿Qué?! —Golpeame en el pecho... dale... —¿Está seguro? —Dale, pelotudo... mira si me vas a hacer algo con lo enano que sos... ¿no ves el tamaño de mis músculos? Dale, golpeame el pecho... Lo golpeé..., era como golpear una pared. —Mas fuerte... Lo golpeé mas fuerte. —Dale, puto, más fuerte... golpeá este pecho de hombre... Lo intenté una vez mas y me lastimé la mano. Sin pensarlo me apoyé contra su pecho para descansar. —jaja, ¿eso es todo? Te dije que soy demasiado fuerte... —Perdón... —Jaja, podes tocar mis músculos si querés... —Bajame por favor... —le pedí, estaba temblando. Es misma noche cociné unas cantidades imposibles de carne para que Lucas comiera. Cuando terminamos de comer. Él se sentó en el sillón doble y yo me senté en el otro. —¿No es molesto ser tan grande? —le pregunté—, digo, todo es como muy chico para vos. —¿Te parece que estoy muy grande? —Estas enorme. —jaja, seh, me encanta... me encanta tener los músculos inmensos y estar todo duro... y tener la fuerza que tengo es surreal... además las minas se vuelven locas cuando me ven... ya se impresionan cuando me ven con remera... pero cuando me la saco se vuelven locas... me quieren tocar el pecho... y no pasan cinco minutos que me empiezan a chupar todos los músculos... es una locura... además me estoy volviendo más musculoso... —... —Jaja, te quedaste sin palabras... si, chiquitín, así como me vez todo inmenso me estoy volviendo más grande... en unos meses no me vas a llegar ni a las rodillas... imaginate lo enorme que voy a ser ahí... Sin disimular se empezó a acariciar la pija debajo del pantalón. Debajo de la tela podía ver la anaconda que estaba creciendo... —Además no es lo único que me crece... apuesto que nunca viste una pija de este tamaño —dijo y sacó la pija. Era inmensa. Más larga que mi pierna y mas ancha. —Jaja, ¿impresionado? La tengo enorme... Y empezó a masturbarse de arriba a abajo, despacio, con una mano mientras con la otra se tocaba el pecho inmenso y duro que tenía. Sin pensarlo saqué mi pija y empecé a masturbarme como él, mirando su cuerpo inmenso y musculoso y su pija gigantesca. —Jaja, así que te gustan los hombres... veni... párate... Me paré delante de su pija que me llegaba hasta la frente de lo grande que era. —jaja, incluso mi pija es más alta que vos... La agarré con ambas manos... era gruesa como un tronco... estaba dura y caliente. Lucas se tocaba los músculos y se lamía los biceps. —Lucas, sos enorme... nunca vi un hombre más grande en mi vida... —Vení... tocame el pecho, puto. Empecé a masajearlo y después a lamerle sus inmensos los pectorales. —Jaja que puto que sos... —dijo Lucas— así que te gusta el lomo que tengo... ya me daba cuenta por como mirabas mis músculos... te morías de ganas de tocarlos... sácate la ganas, putito... toca estos músculos que tengo... toca a este macho inmenso... Después se levantó delante mío como una montaña increíble y me miro desde la cima de su cuerpo poderosisimo. Me levantó con una mano y me llevó hasta el cuarto. Me tiró en la cama y se paró delante mio con la pija apuntándome a la boca. —Bueno, chiquitín, se te dio... jaja... te va a coger este macho gigante... nunca en tu puta vida vas a poder tocar un cuerpo tan musculoso como el mio... abrí la boca, dale... boludo, sos diminuto... mirá el tamaño de mi pija... te voy a romper la boca... dale, abrí más grande... te voy a matar... jaja... mirá lo grande que tengo los músculos... —y sin decir nada me arrancó la ropa—... jaja... sos un flacucho... boludo... mirá la diferencia de brazos... boludo, no tenés pecho... mirá el pecho de un hombre... tocame... sácate las ganas... dale puto... —y me apretó contra su cuerpo mientras se miraba a un espejo enorme de pared— Jaja, mirá lo duro que estoy... —era como si estuviera usando mi cuerpo de esponja para limpiar sus inmensos músculos— Sos diminuto, enano... te podría matar... tocame el pecho dale, enano... sentí lo fuerte que soy... estoy todo duro... tocá el lomo de este macho inmenso... dale puto...espero que tengas sed para tomarte toda mi leche... estoy inmenso... Y eso fue lo último que escuché. Me apretó la boca contra su pija inmensa y acabó. Eso fue lo que vi antes de perder el conocimiento.
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    He was way too young to die. I was a fan of his for years. He was one of the hottest Italian studs I've ever seen.

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