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    Chapter 1 Chapter 2-4 Chapter 5-6 Chapter 7 CHAPTER 8 The sun well below its peak but already scalded the desert below. Sweat had long ago soaked through Lewis's skin-tight green shirt and his muscles stood out in bold relief through the fabric. He grunted as he bent over and picked up a thirty pound sand bag from the pile at his feet. After placing it on his free forearm, he bent over and loaded another on top. Then another. Then another. His arm bulged larger with every new addition, the giant vein pulsing along its peak grinding into the bags it supported. The young airman finally stopped at five bags and, after wiping dripping sweat from his brow, turned to walk the ten paces separating the pile from a three foot deep square ditch he just finished digging. He dropped the bags along the rim, organized them into a nice border along the edge with a few well placed kicks that sent his quads flaring, then turned again to retrieve more. His sweat darkened shirt clung ever tighter to his body. Deeply cut abs stood out boldly where it wasn't heavily shadowed by engorged pecs that heaved and fell with each breath. He bent over to retrieve more bags forcing his calves and hamstrings to flare in response beneath military issued shorts that rose well above mid thigh. The Christmas tree striations of his lower back bulged through the shirt as he stood. Every ripple and fold of his lats and traps writhed as he loaded another five sandbags onto his arm as if they weighed no more than couch pillows. Back and forth Lewis went, carrying his sandbags from the giant pile to line them up around his pit. That pit was ten feet by ten feet and had taken him only an hour to dig. A small crowd began to gather around him as he'd dug and had recently grown to more than twenty gawkers. Some stared in open admiration. Others made as if they stood there for other reasons and only glanced Lewis's way as if by accident as they carried on conversations that any sane person would have accomplished an air conditioned building, not in 100+ degree heat. I stood among the masses, arms cross and drenched in sweat myself. These heavy uniforms did a good job hiding my rapidly growing body but were better suited for freezing weather. I was there to officially observe Lewis's punishment for nearly strangling Whitaker. There were a number of authorized punishments available to me as the commander: reduction in rank, reduced pay, court marshal, etc. But the nineteen year old airman was already at a pretty junior rank, taking pay was relatively cruel for someone already played a pittance, and a court marshal was a little harsh since there were two sides to the story. For Whitaker, I had him reassigned to another unit on base. He'd already been gone two weeks and there'd been no issues since. For Lewis, I went with one of the lesser used (and more...old school) punishments: hard labor. The option was buried in one of the more antiquated but "still-on-the-books" policies, right next to being rationed bread-and-water. But the punishment seemed fitting: single handedly build a defense bunker. The process involved digging a ten foot by ten foot square three feet deep, then creating a defensible position using sandbags and roof slats, complete with turret holes. They were scattered all over base to provide quickly accessible shelter should a flock of terrorists come charging in. So at the crack of dawn a young and very buff Lewis started digging his hole. People took notice of the baby-faced bodybuilder, some even stood to gawk before making their way on. But as the day wore on, Lewis kept going. Instead of growing weary and exhausted, he instead appeared to get stronger and more virile as the process moved on. Once he finished the hole and shifted to the sandbags, his strength seemed impossible. That's when the passersby were suddenly stopped dead in their tracks, helplessly watching this sweat-covered god of a human toil under the desert sun. Standing at 6'2 (or maybe a little more), he was "big" enough to be maybe 230 or 240 pounds. Those weren't inhuman proportions. But just one look and you knew something was different. His muscles looked too dense. It was the small things: his biceps dented the sandbags instead of the other way around, his forearm didn't give against his forehead when he wiped sweat from his brow...all-in-all, the bulges of his body seemed too hard. It was hard to explain but there was something that just looked...fucking amazing. "Sweet Jesus," a familiar voice said admiringly at my shoulder. "He one of yours?" I turned to see Dasa smiling hungrily at Lewis as he toiled. "Yep," I said. "Strange, haven't seen him." Her eyes squinted at him. "I guess he kinda looks familiar." I just nodded; the last time she'd seen him he was half the size he was now. Lewis was now carrying six bags at a time, somehow supporting all that weight in the crook of his forearm. His biceps were screaming, skin stretched and shiny, displaying individual muscles I didn't even know existed on the human anatomy. The crowd around us continued to grow but, by his face, I wasn't sure Lewis even knew there was a soul around him. His eyes were focuses inwards and I could see he was relishing every moment of this "punishment." His face was contorted in a strained grimace as he lugged the bags over to the rapidly developing bunker. The fibers in his arm continued to quiver and shake under the load. I let my hand wrap around my own bicep and gave it a good flex, feeling the muscle jump under my sleeve and swell into my hand. I was quickly on my way to matching Lewis. In the two weeks since Lewis's incident, I'd put on another sixty pounds and my uniform was now snug in all the right places. Any more size could not be hidden. I was pulled away from my self-appreciation when I heard another baritone grunt. I looked up as Lewis now struggled with ten sandbags in an obvious effort to test the limits of his strength. I could see his massive quads ripple violently with each step as they supported the extreme combined weight of his body and bags. Lewis's back muscles bulged and his traps swelled up his neck. His face was red with the strain, veins bulging along his forehead. But his arm. Oh my god his arm. The muscles in it writhed and rolled as if they were fighting each other for space. Then something happened that no one in the crowd would ever forget. A few steps into Lewis's trek to the bunker, that quivering bicep suddenly...popped. That's the only way I could describe it. In the blink of an eye, his shredded nineteen inch arms just doubled in size to the circumference of a person's waist. The rapidly expanding boulder of muscle shoved against the sandbags he carried and they fell to the ground as if thrown. A rip formed at the base of his sleeve and cleanly tore its way all the way up to the top of his shoulder, letting the pumpkin sized deltoids swell out of them. A gasp ran through the crowd. "Holy shit," I heard Dasa say but I couldn't break my eyes away from the inhuman spectacle. Lewis noticed too. He stared down at his insanely proportioned arm and gave it a good flex. The peak of his bicep rose and rose and rose to a granite mountain and the fabric around his lat finally gave up as he raised his arm to admire himself. It was as if every muscle fiber in his arm just decided to double in size. Lewis smiled as he flexed the engorged arm. Blood vessels pulsed around the giant peak, feeding it. The crowd watched, dumbfounded and silent as Lewis finally bent over and picked up the bags he dropped, again resting them in the crook of his now superhuman arm. That over-sized arm flared angrily, sweat dripping down the newly formed ravines that ran from shoulder to elbow. But it now carried the ten bags with less effort than it once took him to carry half that. Lewis had grown stronger in an instant. A lot stronger. I felt my own body without touching it, its hardness, its growing size. I would have that power soon enough. "What on earth..." Dasa was having a hard time processing things but her eyes stared hungrily at Lewis as he continued his labor. "I may have to find an excuse to come by your office more often." She chuckled and gave my arm a playful punch. I thought nothing of it until I felt her hand rest against my arm and give it a squeeze. I smiled without looking at her and gave my arm a flex, letting my iron bicep swell under her grip. I looked down at her after a moment. She was looking up at me, her brows raised and her mouth parted slightly. She took her hand away and smiled. "See you later, sailor." There was heat behind those words. I smiled and looked back at Lewis, who was now lugging a full dozen sandbags on that supersized arm. His shoulder had joined in the grow game and was now the size of a basketball and still growing. The shirt sleeve that once contained it now hung in tatters, and a rip was now growing up the seam of his trap. Before too long it would fall away and his shirt would be more toga than t-shirt. The crowd around us was getting bigger now and I spied a two star general now among them, his arms crossed and eyes narrowed under a furled brow. My breath caught. This was not the attention we wanted. Shit, game's over. I walked up to Lewis just as he finished placing his latest pile of bags. "Consider the punishment complete," I said quietly and put a hand against that monstrous arm. Lewis turned to me, face red and sweating. His chest heaved and I heard popping sound of strained cotton strands accompany each inhale. He smiled through his exhaustion and nodded. Five minutes later he was back in my office, my metal chair grunting and squealing under his mass. He was fixated on his swollen arm, flexing the basketball sized monstrosity and rubbing its veined peak with his hand. He obviously liked what he saw as his dick had recently exploded through the inner lining of his shorts and was forced, fully erect, down the side of his tree trunk thigh. It protruded, thick and pulsing, from the hem of those straining shorts and ran halfway to his knee. It jumped powerfully when he gave his bicep a squeeze. I found myself speechless; so fixated I was on the scene before me. I was experiencing the dual wonder of wanting to join him rubbing that inhuman arm while at the same time knowing I was only a couple weeks away from having that power myself. "So fucking unreal," he said, mostly to himself. "Oh fuck fuck fuck." his dick jumped again and its head swelled. I considered moving in case it fired something at me but stayed put for some reason. "I've felt like a mousetrap this whole time," he said. "Like I was about to erupt. Fucking hell, I finally did." If I wasn't experiencing the same thing, I'd have no idea what he was talking about. But I knew all too well. I believed it had something to do with gaining all that weight but not having the size to match. I was so much denser now and I felt like a giant shoved into a child's body. I felt like I SHOULD be bigger, so much bigger, but I wasn't. I looked like a 220 pound freak of nature but weighed well over 300 pounds. And my body wanted to LOOK well over 300 pounds. It was like being constantly on the verge of an orgasm but just not able to climax. "Fuck," Lewis moaned and grabbed his collar with his free hand. "Too tight." He pulled and ripped his shirt off his body as easily as if it were a blanket lying over him. His concrete body seemed to balloon slightly now the constructing shirt was off. Taking a deep breath, as if his first since putting the accursed thing on, he looked back at his swollen arm then at me. "It's getting smaller," he said. "Pretty soon it'll go back to what it was." He turned his eye to the other bicep and gave it a good flex. The nineteen inch boulder was impressive but nothing compared to the monstrous other one. I was disbelieving at first but a closer look proved him right; the arm was indeed slowly shrinking back; like a pump an hour after working out. He was silent a moment before continuing. "I've stopped growing," he said finally. "I didn't want to believe it but I haven't gotten any stronger in the last week." He looked back at me. "I want more. I'm taking the next step." There was no doubt what he was talking about. He wanted to take the second canister. "What do you think will happen?" I said smoothly. Lewis shrugged, his swollen lats flaring between his engorged delts. "Only one way to find out." He spoke as if he was heading over right then and there. I took a deep breath (and couldn't help but relish how my uniform stretched across my chest). I brushed the euphoria aside, focused instead on the consequences if something...noticeable...happened to Lewis if he took the second canister. What if he took both?! If we got unwanted attention, it could ruin everything. I wasn't ready. I needed more time to max my own body out. I needed to be as big as Lewis...and there it was. You want to be the biggest, don't you? a little voice asked me. I shook my head to clear it. "What if it makes you smaller?" I asked carefully. "Takes away everything you gained." "It won't," Lewis said confidently and actually got up as if to leave. "Two weeks," I said, standing as well. Lewis's eyes crew dark and the muscles in his body all jumped as he grew tense. He seemed to gain twenty pounds in that instance. "I didn't ask," he said. I stepped up to him, hands up in a calming gesture. My mind raced, nearly panicked, searching for anything to give me more time. His body radiated heat and I could smell the musk of the day's work hanging in the air. He was taller than me and far more powerful. We both knew I couldn't force him to do anything. I put a hand against his granite chest, beads of sweat pooling around my fingers. I felt a thump against my leg and looked down to see his dick swelling and lifting itself up against the nylon fabric of his military issue shorts. Without thought, I reached down and wrapped my hand around it, feeling the tha-dump-tha-dump of his heart beat through the shaft. It was as hard as the rest of him. He moaned and I locked his eyes with mine. "Two weeks," I said again and started rubbing him. He gasped. I didn't know what I was doing or why. There was just something about two rock hard bodies leaning against each other like boulders. We touched and I let my eyes wander across the close up view of his inhumanly powerful body. His deeply chiseled abs rose and fell, flexing as his body tensed. I moved my hand faster and he swelled until my fingers no longer made it completely around him. Lewis's muscles flexed and fell, flexed and fell as veins bulged across his traps and upper chest. He leaned his head back, eyes closed and mouth open. I found myself on my knees, eyes locked on a foot long dick bordered by thighs as bulging and hard as any bodybuilder's. Before I could even think about it, he was in my mouth as my hands continuing to work him. He came a moment later and I felt molten hot liquid fill my mouth and force its way down my throat. I took him in, not knowing if the sudden powerful surge rolling through my body was real or psychological. Either way, I felt like I could lift a truck. I felt my own dick raging against my pants, desperate for freedom. Each spurt filled my mouth and I only had time to swallow before he filled it again. Afterwards , I stood and used Lewis's tattered shirt to wipe my mouth. "Two weeks," I said again and threw the shirt at him. Lewis nodded shallowly, eyes distant and blissful. "Two weeks," he agreed breathlessly.
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    “You know, eventually we’re going to have to get you some clothes,” said Peter. “Really?” said Jon. “Why? THE END
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    You guys wanna try something? I have no idea how this going to turn out, but let's see what happens. Read the story snippet below and they chose what you think Jared, the main character, should do. Or feel free to propose your own option in the comments. Okay, here goes. About a year ago, you graduated from high school with your best friend, Mitch. You then had the best summer of your life, hanging with Mitch, playing video games, eating junk food, and endlessly discussing who was going to die in the next Avengers movie. You voted for Captain America. Mitch was positive it would be Thor. But like all things, last summer eventually came to an end. You both headed off to different schools in different parts of the country. Both of your school schedules proved a lot busier than you expected and you didn't have the time to talk, text, or skype that you thought you would. And a bad snow storm and a couple of missed flights meant you missed each other over the holidays too. But summer is back and you just got home. You realize Mitch must be back too. You try and call him but he doesn't pick up nor does he answer your texts. You decide to stop over and see him, but his brother tells you he's not there. He's gone down to the beach. "The beach?" you think. "That's weird. Mitch never goes to the beach." But you decide to grab your swimming trunks, go down there and find him. "The beach isn't that big," you think. "Should be pretty easy to track him down." But when you get there, you comb the whole place and you don't really see him. But just as you're getting ready to leave, you notice this massive guy asleep on his beach lounger. You do a double take. The face looks a lot like Mitch's, but the body... This dude is huge and yoked beyond belief. It couldn't possibly be Mitch... Or could it? It really did look like his face. What do you do? Do you wake him up to see if he's Mitch? Or do you go home and try calling your friend tomorrow? Vote on the poll page and we'll see where we go. Higher resolution versions of the images can be found here:
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    Born again, a man of truly monstrous proportions, he rejoiced in his impossibly huge and powerful body!
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    The story will be on temporary hiatus while I attend to some computer issues. But I assure you, I have finished the next 20 chapters and will resume regular posting as soon as I am able.
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    Hey everyone, on the old forums I had begun posting a series I had written with my writing partner Mr. X (another forum member who preferred to be left anonymous) about a mysterious and fantastic spice that had the power to dramatically grow a person's muscles as well as their endowment. We had written considerably more than what had originally been posted, but it wasn't in publishable shape and I had lost motivation to continue editing it after losing contact with Mr. X. I've recently been motivated to continue posting "new" additions to the story and so I'm creating this topic to serve as a place for me to post all of them. There's wayyyy too many chapters for me to attempt to post all of them here again one by one, so I'll link to the collection of them at Metabods here. I'll be posting new chapters both here and at Metabods in the future. I hope that people enjoy what's to come and that maybe a new set of eyes will discover this delightful modern fantasy!
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    His clothes were completely decimated, falling in tatters from his mammoth , impossibly muscled frame. And still he kept growing, his height increasing now as rapidly as his mass. Feeling himself expand into hugeness was intoxicating, the feelings of growth and increasing power, he never wanted them to end.
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    “What do you mean you won’t swap back” *The three hunks just stood and stared somewhat intimidatingly* “You have to swap back...” “You can’t stay in those bodies” “You signed contracts, exchanged money” “You’ll be in court for years” “What do you think? That you’d just vanish into a crowd” “You are inside the bodies of three famous models” “People will recognise you wherever you go” *One of the guy explains their evil plan* “Oh... oh, that...” *You think for a moment, admiring the hunks bare chests while you do* “That might actually work” “Come in honey, the water is great” *You stare open mouthed as your boyfriend comes galloping out of the water* “What’s wrong” “What do you mean, look at myself?” *He looks down and gasps* “I’m... I’m” *You try to calm him, hoping no one notices the guy freaking out* “I’m hot” *He starts poking his abs with a strong finger* *You sigh that wasn’t what you expected him to say, he’d been a white ginger guy only ten minutes ago*
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    I'm glad you like it! I'm sorry the next part is taking so long. Part 5 is about 90% complete, but it also has been that length for a couple of weeks now. I struggled to find the right mood to finish it off earlier, and currently too busy with exams to write much. I'm hoping to get it done next week, but, considering I've not been able to finish any of the parts on time before this one, I wouldn't take my word for it. Hopefully once summer rolls around I can get to adding more updates on a regular schedule, cuz I have quite a few more planned for this story. Part 5 is a bit of a different beast, a lot longer, and a bit less focused on Matt and Luke interacting. If you like Matt as the dominating, yet sometimes gentle, archetype I think you'll like it? No promises
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    He could feel his shoulders growing into big rocks straining the fabric of his coat and then starting to tear themselves free. Across his body, he could feel his muscles evolving into something new, something hard and huge and powerful.
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    As the door closed it occurred to him that there really had never been a successful test. If this didn’t work, he could very well end up dead. Oh my God! What had he done? Was he crazy? And then the blast hit him. Oh fuck! It was like being electrocuted! Waves a searing energy coursed through him. All he could feel was intense, thrumming energy. Was this it? Was he gong to die? But no, there was something else. He was starting to change. He felt himself getting thicker, all over thicker. In his arms, his legs, his chest, everywhere, all over he was getting bigger.
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    “Across the catwalk and thrugh the emergency hatch,” said Jon. “But the hatch is locked,” said Peter. “That won’t be a problem,” said Jon, tensing his beyond massive arms, “not any more.” And the two of them started on the road to freedom.
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    Jon turned around to get Peter, but he was already on his feet. “Ready to go?” said Jon. “Told you I’d protect you,” “I’ve only got one thing to say to that,” said Peter.
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    Then he saw the blood on his massive sculpted bicep and remembered these dude were playing for keeps. Well, so was he. With one minor flip of his arm, he slammed the hapless guard into the cement. And almost right through the floor. That was the end of that douche. You don’t fuck with Jon! Hell no! And he’d do the same to the next death squad that came for them. Doubtless one was on it’s way. There were cameras all over.
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    “Yeah,” said Jon. “Like that’s gonna happen.” Then he let out a mighty roar and leaped into action.
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    But he only had a moment before the noise brought someone in. Thank God it had only been Peter. Jon laughed at how small he looked now, like a little kid. Peter stopped short and stared out at the sight of his coworker. For a second, Jon thought he might turn and run. But something kept Peter from running. Jon guessed it was the sight of all that hard, sculpted muscle. He could see the fear and lust fighting for control in his friend’s face . Guess The Tube worked after all,” grinned Jon. “What have you done?” gasped Peter. “The only thing there was to do,” said Jon. “You know what they’re going to do to us.” “What good is this going to do?” asked Peter. “I’ll be a lot harder to kill now,” Jon growled. “That’s fine for you,” said Peter. “What about me? “Don’t worry. They’ll have to get through me to get to you,” said Jon. “And they ain’t getting through me!” “I can’t help but notice your weapon is locked at loaded,” said Peter, nodding at his giant cock. Jon snorted. “It won’t go down,” he said, “but I’m not sure I want it to. It feels amazing. I feel amazing all over, like I could do anything!”
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    First order of business: get out of this fucking tin can! One blow from his sledge-hammer-fist took care of that easily enough. The door went flying across the room, hit the wall and landed with a clatter. Slowly he stepped out of the tube.
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    Except, far too soon, it did. But FUCK YEAH! He was massive, a true muscle giant. He was at least eight feet tall and had more muscle on him than he’d ever dreamed possible. He felt strong as fuck, a truly unstoppable force.
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    And he kept getting bigger and stronger and bigger and stronger and bigger and stronger!
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    His thin, featureless arms were almost instantly transformed into massive, peaked cannons, ripping out of his sleeves and reducing them to ribbons of tattered cloth, draped over the majesty of his newly massive , steel-like, powerful biceps. The feeling was not to be believed!
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    But he’d overheard a couple of the grunts talking, and then he knew. This had been a black op and it had failed. They wanted no witnesses. They could come for them at any time. He and Peter were fucked. There was only one thing to do. He’d thought about it and thought about it , but in the end this was their only hope. Being the saboteur, he knew exactly how to make this thing work the way it was supposed to. He made the repairs and the next time Peter left the room, he entered the tube.
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    just love this story so much I did a little doodle trying to visualize how Seth looked at the end the drawing was meant to follow the stats at first but it ended up with lots of exaggerations (sorry, couldn’t help! I’m addicted to biceps that defeat almost all other muscle groups, and of course a HUGE cock) there are Seth’s flaccid/ half-erect/ full-erect dicks and a 5’4 man figure to be compared took a lot longer than I expected to get this done, too horny to focus on drawing (happened quite a few times) just gonna say thank you to Dredlifter for such amazing story and all your previous works! (also have a doodle for Dad’s Lost Glory Years lol)
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    Hot New App: Chat Exchange Looking to better yourself? Have you worked hard and have useful or attractive qualities in abundance? Try Chat Exchange! Maybe exchange some knowledge for looks, skills for body enhancements. Our state of the art algorithm will connect you with other members who have things to trade that YOU want! Try it now! …User ElvenLord416 connected… …User Bball4evar96 connected… Bball4evar96: …hello? ElvenLord416: Hey, posted my pic, what r ur stats? Y no pic? Makes it hard to trade… Bball4evar96: oh… sorry. its my first time. ElvenLord416: Ahh…… Cool! No worries I can help. Just click on the camera icon in the program and you can load up a selfie from your phone if you’ve got one saved, you can also check my pic in there too. ElvenLord416: Wow! Ur pretty jacked! I mostly have to trade on my smarts! 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Bball4evar96: okay. #Exchange accepted… PROCESSING…Complete# ElvenLord416: Wow… Really wow, this is fantastic… Trust issues, jeez what a dangerous thing to play with. Lucky for me, nobody with a brain trusts anybody on here already. Bball4evar96: …what do i do now? ElvenLord416: ah… man… ya know, I look so good maybe I’ll leave it at that… I’ll even keep your shitty vision, hell I look amazing even with glasses. You need to try and find someone on here that you can trick into giving you some smarts back… or maybe just stay off here altogether before you lose even more. I dunno, you’ll figure it out. Anyways, seeya dude! …User ElvenLord416 has disconnected…
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    One day it just started, a burst of energy every morning when I woke up. It went on for a couple weeks before I noticed the changes, I was taller, broader. Only ever by a little, but it was noticeable. No one at school noticed, I’m the mascot for my high school team, so I’m basically invisible. Just trapped inside my Bull costume. When I noticed my changes I started to notice that Thad the quarterback looked a little deflated and it seemed to get worse day by day. He was losing bits of himself, becoming less and less like the big powerful Thad everyone knew. On the field he was becoming timid and delicate, off the field he was becoming shy and ignoring his friends and girlfriend. The locker-room was worse, he was hiding behind towels and wasn’t even showering anymore to avoid being naked. It wasn’t like he was ugly, he was still near perfect, with nice muscles and an amazing face. He’d been perfect before, and now it seemed like I was gaining his perfection. Pretty soon me and Thad were on the same level. We could have been twins, just I was blond and he was ginger. I started wearing looser clothes to hide my growth, didn’t want Thad working out what was happening. Only my sudden growth spurt was noticeable, and how my face had changed. Me and Thad only came into contact at football games, me in a full Bull outfit and him on the bench. He’d been knocked off the main team after he shrunk to just under 6ft, he could barely keep up with other players now. Then spring break came, over a week of growth, I was looking forward to how much Thad would have changed. It was a lot, when I walked into school on the first day back I couldn’t hide my changes. My loose clothes were tight now, I was pushing 6ft5 and absolutely gorgeous. Coach pulled me into his office and went off on one at me for not talking to him about training, he must have thought I’d been working out to try to get onto the team. Of course I hadn’t and I didn’t want to be on the team, but this feeling came over me. I demanded Coach make me quarterback, I was bigger than the current one and after a quick demo I proved I was better than Thad and his replacement. I saw Thad a couple days later, he’d dropped out of the team during spring break. He was so quiet now, and small, and timid. He actually called me ‘sir’ when I asked if he was Thad. He seemed to be in awe of me, staring up at me with his mouth open. He didn’t even think about it when I told him he’d be the new mascot, his submissiveness turned me on a little bit. So it took probably two months for me and Thad to switch places, I still don’t know how. But I think his girlfriend had something to do with it, she threw herself at me when I joined the football team. She is fine with little Thad following me around all day, carrying my books, doing my laces when they come undone, grabbing my lunch for me. It did take some time for her to let me wear my old Bull mascot mask when we fuck, but now she loves it, and Thad doesn’t complain about having to wash it. I’m thinking about using Thad for something else other then as a slave, he does have a cute mouth. I bet he’d be open to the idea.
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    Adrian watched over the beach with the same dead expression he did every day. He’d grown up on these beaches, played in the sea, built sand castles, and now he was working as a lifeguard to make some extra cash between semesters at college. He hated it, the beach wasn’t the same when you had to police it. There was no fun, no lazy evenings under the setting sun. There was only being ignored by everyone even when he was trying to save their ass, and evening in bed exhausted from being ignored. ———————————————————————————————————— Watching from between the waves stood Poseidon. He knew of Adrian, he’d showed him mercy years ago and let the boy be saved from drowning. He’d kept an eye on him every since. The god of the sea knew that Adrian had a deep love and respect for the ocean, he knew that Adrian understood the power of it. He’d taken his time to find a mortal to gift with his blessing. He’d turned down sailors, divers, marine biologists. They didn’t feel right. Poseidon knew that most of his brothers and sisters were ahead of him, they’d picked mortals. They were growing their flock. But he’d taken his time, he hadn’t fallen on hard times like the other gods. Humanity always respected the sea, Poseidon always had people who’d pray to him, even if they didn’t use his name. But he wasn’t going to miss out, and Adrian was perfect. He had the soul, and Poseidon would gift him the body. Adrian being a lifeguard was sure to bring countless mortals into Poseidon’s temple, even if that temple was Adrian’s bedroom for the time being. ———————————————————————————————————— Adrian was leaning against the railing of the lifeguards station, his lean body on full display. His boss was a pervert and had forced the female lifeguards into wearing little bikinis, and due to a lawsuit he’d then had to make the dress code ‘equal’. Instead of giving the girls normal clothes to wear he’d made all the male lifeguards wear speedo. So Adrian was wearing tight white and gold speedos that showed to everyone that he had barely anything to fill them up. Then the wind picked up and slapped him with a salty sea breeze. His speedo strained against the kraken that had just sprouted inside it. Two rounded orbs and a long shrank of meat. Adrian stared down at it in shock, but a smooth deep voice whispered to him to be calm. He shook his hips, making his bulge bounce and shake. His ass started to expand, thick powerful glutes to throw some hurricane like force behind Adrian’s new cock. Adrian pulled at his speedo to give himself some more space, his legs stretching and growing heavy with muscle. Adrian was giddy, he should be freaking out, but the voice kept calming him. The change was spreading, widening his feet, stretching his bones, packing meaty muscle onto his torso. His newly grown pecs bounced, his shoulders and biceps twitched. His tan darkened and his hair gained a salty texture, like he’d been living in the ocean, instead of just taking a dip. The breeze kept blowing, washing away the old Adrian. Waves of cool air sweeping in the new Adrian. Tall, powerful, forceful, commanding. No one would ignore his orders anymore, when he told someone to get out of the water, they would, when he told someone to stop kicking sand, they would, when he demanded someone go to the lifeguard hut and spread their legs, they would. Adrian scratched at his bulging basket and grabbed his bag, his shift was done. Normally he’d be getting changed before walking him, but today he felt it would be doing a disservice to his Lord if he covered up his glory. He picked up his old sneakers, not even realising that they wouldn’t fit his new flipper like feet. Adrain was not what people would assume a servant of Poseidon would be, they’d assume a lean swimmer. But a swimmer was meant to be quick and pass through the water, Adrian was big, broad and powerful he was meant to control the waves, to bend them and people to his will, all for the glory of Poseidon.
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    Part 1: https://www.metabods.com/stories/basically-a-god Part 2: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/12786-basically-a-god-part-2/ Part 3: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/12787-basically-a-god-part-3/ Part 4: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/15219-basically-a-god-part-4/ Part 5: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/15220-basically-a-god-part-5/ Part 6: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/15221-basically-a-god-part-6/ Part 7: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/15222-basically-a-god-part-7/ Part 8: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/15223-basically-a-god-part-8/ “President, we just received word, Poundstone is passing Pluto.” The president pressed his palms against the paper weight on his desk as his attendant left the room. His eyes were glued to the sky as he waited for the arrival of Johnny Poundstone, his superior. President Williams was taught very early as a young politician that theEarth- American political system was more about lobbying and playing around the system than having any actual power. Pay a politician money and they’ll do anything if it makes them a little richer. For humans, that was one of the most straightforward methods of obtaining and manipulating power. “If only gods were held to the same standard” he said to no one as he looked outward to the mildly windy weather. For weeks, he’d requested to speak with the patriarch of modern society, Johnathan Poundstone. After the last time he’d taxed Earth for his services in updating energy production levels to his new standards, the Earth-American government was starting to accumulate a lot of debt left in the 2010s. President Duncan was struggling to work with what remained of Congress’ brain cells to get them to appoint a law to get it the finances handled. Conservatives and liberals were one and the same when there was little to do. Any of the problems that originally plagued the planet in the early part of the century were all but neutralized. Duncan still heard his grandfathers complain about life in 2000s like it happened last week. He checked his watch and only momentarily wondered if this was another test from Poundstone to show his resolve to the powerful being and just maybe he’d make it to his daughter’s graduation for class of 2085 at Harvard when a strike of thunder shook that notion right out of him. He’d heard Poundstone had been angry a very short number of times before a city or a planet got blown up. He didn’t want to be the president stupid enough to blow up earth by pissing off a god. He was going to call someone to message his daughter when a sonic boom blew the clouds away and the rain was gone in a flash. A gust of strong wind punched the president’s windows and he was knocked out of his chair as the ground also shivered and a dark form blocking the sun from his view hovered outside the window. “Damn, that was funny. Keep forgetting how anxious the planet gets when I come home.” President Duncan, the glasses on his face and his grey hair disheveled, stood back up and saluted. Service agents came in to check on the president and instantly froze in fear as they bore witness to the diety that was Johnny Poundstone. “You alright, little guys? I got a little bit too excited after tearing a planet sized Russian bottom through a planet.” Johnny tapped the White House like it was a goldfish tank and the walls unraveled like fabric. His full form entered and many of the agents standing in the door of the Oval Office silently whimpered as Johnny revealed his form to them. The marble like muscles had striations that could be seen from a great distance and the glowing sheen of skin wrapped around them only enhanced the effect. Johnny’s arms hovered away from his sides as he had long lost the ability to lower them thanks to his lats, which created a backdrop behind him that almost removed all of the sunlight entering the room. His herculean traps branched from wrecking ball like deltoids and reached up to his thick neck and supernaturally handsome face. The unimpressed yet amused look on his unnaturally young, 22 year old face only enhanced the idea to anyone looking at him that they were merely wasting his time. His unflexed form still pulsed with power that people felt quicken their blood and force out their adrenaline. Duncan never got used to this feeling. It was like Johnny merely wanted to force them to move more quickly when he entered, as if he saw things in slow motion (a power that was yet to be confirmed by anyone of the current generation of his onlookers). He crossed his arms as if he’d already begun waiting impatiently, his arms flexing forward as his body worked around the hulking mass of his hairy pecs. It also reflected just enough light downward for people to view his bulge, the endowment being the only thing to push against lycra as it seemed to occasionally swell, most likely from Johnny’s libido and it’s occasionally lack of control. “What do you want, Dunkey? I’m hungry and I need a fistful of systems to eat. You want me to start with Earth?” he bellowed, his voice perpetually seeming angry and disappointed the way the base his voice unsettlingly rattled human ears. The president broke composure in fear of the idea of losing the planet to Johnny’s lunchtime. “SIR! NO SIR! Please! I have to ask for a lo—“ “No.” Duncan ran out of air as Johnny’s deep voice cut him off. “I have no intention of offering Earth anymore aid. You’ve been running on my work and my inventions for the last 70 years and the last 30, you’ve failed to benefit me as much as any of your compatriots in 2nd Earth, 3rd Earth, or Mars. If you can’t maintain your country, downsize and send them to better colonies.” “But sir, we’d end up leaving behind Earth! This planet hasn’t had enough people to sustain any of it’s countries since you created 3rd Earth! You’re asking us to leave our culture behind.” “Cut your ties, it’s worked for me before.” “Plea—“ Duncan didn’t hear anything leave his mouth as he released the air in his lungs. He knew that he should be hearing his own words but they seemed to get lost when they reached out. Duncan breathed in and out and spoke again but still heard nothing. Johnny smirked arrogantly, his glittering golden eyes seeming to smile as well. “New trick, I’ve been told I’m a little too forceful with the force choke grip so I found a more fun way to do it. No need for me to even raise my voice now.” Duncan failed to speak and eventually fell to his knees in a heap. “The next time you talk back to me like that, I’ll have a talk with your wife. She’s been really worried about you since I was nice enough to pay for her trip to 2nd Earth’s coastal region. That’s one fine piece of ass, sarge” Johnny chuckled. Johnny turned, revealing his bulbous, muscular ass, the stretched lycra thong going between the crescents being smothered in cheek. In a gust of wind and a flash of gold, Johnny Poundstone had gone, probably to fuck and grow and rule some more on another planet. The president watched him leave, the inferior feeling in his chest sunken to his stomach. Still, he’d gotten the information he needed. With a fury in his eyes, he turned to the agents at the door. “Get the Doctor on the line and tell him he was right. Poundstone looks much smaller. Initiate Project Colegate.” Far away, in what remained of the Middle East, there was an old fortress that had been repurposed into a new base of operations for the Earth Government. They’d had to conduct their secret plans far away from the US as it was where Johnny Poundstone tended to be on the radar. The unmarked building had light security but, generally, it was left with very little for human protection in order to hide what it contained. In the last year, the area had been getting increasingly more turbulent due to earthquakes and windstorms occurring out of no where. A singular, no-name seargent rushed into the laboratory room as he felt the earth shake and rattle. “WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON?? CAN’T HE GO A LITTLE SOFTER?? HE’S WAKING THE CADETS!!” he shouted over the ruckus to the men in lab coats that were in a solitary room full of buttons, sensors, and schematics. “YOU GO TELL HIM” one of them said as they all held themselves against the walls and the designated earthquake handles along it. “THE LAST TIME SOMEBODY WHO TRIED TO STOP HIM, THEY GOT THROWN THROUGH A DAMN WINDOW. JUST LET THE SUCKER FUCK TILL THAT COW MOOS!!!!” Deep voiced shouting could be heard through the soundproof window as the quakes got stronger and panels fell to match the ones already fallen, wires hanging from the ceiling. The sergeant, with frustration, latched to the wall like the other powerless mortals as he felt he couldn’t rely on his balance. Just when the quakes reached their apex, a roar was heard and the glass blocking the room next door shattered. White viscous liquid shot through at a high pressure and punched the opposite wall with enough force to dent the titanium. The men in the room held the wall as high pressure cum shot into the room for the next five minutes. Their hands became raw as they held their positions along the wall but eventually, the barrage stopped. What remained of the circuits in the room and the wall where the glass was had been disintegrated. All that remained was an open clearing into the next room, smoke and sparks flashing through a haze of destruction. From the wreckage, out came a form unlike anything human. The form was clearly male as the first thing to enter the room was a tremendously long shaft of erection, the end slick and dripping with cum. It reached several feet and connected to a man so tall he had to duck to enter the room with 8 foot ceilings and remain hunched over. The man’s muscles were so pumped and aggravated that his reddened pecs pushed against his chin while he bent. Eyes of an angry red looked down at the puny men below and the handsome face grimaced as he walked toward the doctors with stomping footsteps. His big feet created dents in the ground that debatably could have been due to an inability to control how much power he exerted or just a fury that disregarded the floor’s weakness. Eventually, the man was standing before his observers, looking down over his pecs in anger. “I’m getting too strong for your stupid fucking gloryholes. I had to fuck it extra hard to feel anything. Make them stronger and tighter in a week or I’ll fuck each and every one of you harder than that big hole in the wall.” The men were terrified, sergeant included, but someone had to say something. One of them stood up with shaky knees but spoke regardless. “Yes, sir, Mr. Cole, sir!” Sam looked down for a moment as if to ensure the doctor had the sufficient amount of fear and turned, his iron cock almost hitting one of the doctors in the chest. He walked away from them and stood at the door before speaking a final time with his strong voice. “I’m fucking hungry. Get me two energy cores in my quarters in 10 minutes.” With that final word, he left the room, simply tearing the wall apart by walking through it, leaving nothing but a room of men pissing themselves and a room beyond that drowned in 6 inches of cum.
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    It hurt like a bee sting. Painful, but no big deal. Fuck yeah! He was a monster! With one hand, he grabbed the solder and lifted him right off the ground and with the other he ripped the assault rifle right out of his hand. He was loving this. That dude was terrified and completely at he mercy. He could do anything he wanted to him and there was nothing the grunt could do about it. What an incredible feeling! No wonder his cock wouldn’t go down!
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    His attack caught them by surprise and with one blow from his massive fist, he knocked the first soldier flying into the wall —-and almost through it! That dude was down! But he wasn’t so lucky with the second grunt. He got off a shot.
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    “Stay where you are,” said one of the grunts. “Don’t move a muscle.” John appreciated the soldiers choice of words, but that wasn’t going to save him.
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    “You can’t fight off the whole base,” said Peter. “Why not?” said Jon. “There aren’t that many of them left now. Let’s go! Come on, I’ll carry you.” “Carry me?” That was all Peter got out before Jon scooped him up under one arm. John couldn’t believe how light he was, no heavier than the tablet he used to carry all the time. And Peter was obviously loving this. He had this happy expression on his face, and Jon had to smile when Peter’s hand reached up and squeezed his huge iron-hard pec. They were going to have some fun later. But first, they needed to get out of here. Too late, Jon saw the soldier standing there watching them. He shouted out and almost instantly, another one came rushing it. He stopped and stared in amazement at Jon, but only for a second. He raised his assault rife and aimed it directly at Jon. Jon could see where this was going and carefully placed Peter on the floor.
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    He could feel how powerful his expanding body was becoming. It was so incredibly hot, his cock was expanding too ,getting bigger and longer and thicker and harder and RIIIP!
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    Of course some of that might have been because of his orientation. Not that he’d ever made a pass at any of them, or anything like that. That would have been unprofessional. The only way they knew was because of Peter, the other technician. Peter was hot. And because his bed had been placed in the old officer’s gym — which apparently he had been using— he had just been getting steadily hotter. And thanks to the morning shower, which way Jon swung wasn’t hard to guess.
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    “We return now to Kyle, who’s trapped with the hunters drawing nearer” the voice of the Host sounded out in Kyle’s head He was lying low in some bushes, pressing his toned lithe form as close to the grassy ground as he could. The shrubs around him hiding him from view, a large tree behind him coating him with dark shade. Less then ten feet ahead of him stood three men. Three large, muscled men, who each had a large bulge between their meaty legs. Kyle couldn’t help but lick his lips. He fought against the urge to jump out of the bushes and offer his throat and round bubble butt up to the hunky studs. He knew if he then the urges would stop and he would finally get rid of the itch deep within him to have a monster cock slamming his prostate, but he also knew that if he did all that then he’d lose the game and lose 500,000 dollars. ——————————————————————————————————————————— The three men stood at the crossroads, sniffing the air. “Fuck I can’t tell where they went” one of them said scratching at his beefy nuts in his shorts “Yea, they all came through here” another said annoyed, his bare pecs bouncing “We should split up” the last one offered, a large hand down his shorts The three of them nodded, each taking a different path from the crossroads. Each still sniffing the air as they went, their rounded muscle asses flexing with each long stride. Kyle waiting for a little before pulling himself out of the bushes and making his escape. He had to stay on the move or the twink hunters would get him. ——————————————————————————————————————————— Around the world an audience of millions was watching with bated breath as Kyle escaped a rough fucking at the hands of the twink hunters. The odd of him winning this years Twink Hunt rose up again. He hadn’t been the favourite at the start, but he was getting closer to being the underdog choice to win. Twink Hunt was a sensation when it first came about, using the latest nanotechnology to turn a bunch of men into cock hungry little twink who had to spend a week in the wilderness fleeing the monster cocked Twink Hunters. It had spawned a ‘prequel’ show were the twinks were followed during their change and their time in boot camp learning how to suck cock. It had an All Stars show, we’re former competitors returned to get fucked again. The after show “Hunters Lodge” was a big pull as well, mostly for the day in life parts where they followed the sexy Hunters. Mostly it was honey guys watching to see more detailed looks at the Hunter’s muscle bound bodies. But Kyle wasn’t thinking about appearing on an All Stars season, he was thinking about not getting caught. This seasons favourite to win had already been caught and fucked senseless, that had been two episodes ago. The marine who’d been regressed into a cute bubble butted twink hadn’t even lasted a full episode. He was caught before the end of the opener, the biggest and baddest twink hunter with over 50 captures under his belt had got ahold of the marine and was still fucking him senseless in the cabin the marine had stopped off at to catch his breath. The show would jump back to the marine to see how he was fairing, 23 loads had been shot into him already. His slim belly was bulging with cum, another dozen and he’d beat the record for fucks in a season. No hunter had ever been so enamoured with a twink before. But Kyle kept moving, he’d seen a few other twinks fall prey to the hunters. He’d heard stories that a lot of twinks refused to be turned back into their old selfs once they’d been caught. Kyle didn’t want to be a twink his entire life, he’d been hoping to last long enough that he’d be invited back to be a twink hunter. Since the show had started he’d wanted to be one of the towering sex beasts, they were superstars. But now Kyle thought he might have a chance at winning. Kyle’s face slammed into 6 hairy bricks. He fell back onto his bubble butt and stared upwards at Eric, last years winner. He’d lasted the entire week without getting caught and had been invited back to be a twink hunter for this year. “Nice, my first one” Eric said, his voice booming Eric has been a runty nerd at the start of his season and then turned into a very hot little twink, Kyle remembered jerking off to the footage of Eric’s little bubble butt bouncing as he ran. Now Eric was a mountain, a hairy red headed Viking. The show had made a very big deal about revealing Eric’s transformation, even having him measure his 13.5 inch cock on live tv. Kyle slowly stood up, he knew he couldn’t run, he’d just get thrown over a broad shoulder before he could get a step away. He’d have to make a show of it, give the viewers what they want and he could still get something out of this. Even if it was a twink trainer job at the bootcamp before the hunt began. He dropped to his knees, begging Eric to let him go. It sounded forced, but the audience wouldn’t care, they were busy jerking off. Both he and Eric saw the drone cameras dropping in to get the best view. Eric winking down at Kyle, he knew what game Kyle was playing. Slowing he undid his shorts and heaved out the biggest cock the show had ever had. Kyle over exaggerated a gulp, even though the cock was very scary up close. “So your mouth or ass” Eric offered He wasn’t actually offering, Kyle had no choice in the matter. Both of them knew the audience were on their smart phones quickly voting on which hole they wanted Eric to destroy first. Kyle just hoped he could handle Eric growing cock, it was only half hard and he could barely get his little hands around it. He did though want to see what his new round ass could do. Both Kyle and Eric could hear the shows Host in their head all of a sudden. “And the votes are in... last years champion... Eric will be breaking in cute little Kyle’s.... mouth” “Damn” Both Eric and Kyle muttered with disappointment
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    Continued from: Not really sure about what you're doing, you reach down and gently nudge the big dude on his huge, hard shoulder . His eyes fly open and before you can blink, he leaps up off the lounger and grabs you by your shoulder with an iron grip. Then, just as if you weighed nothing at all, he lifts you up off the ground by your shoulder and glares up at you. You struggle against him, but are completely powerless against, the incredible strength of that hugely muscled body. "Who the fuck do you think you're poking, little man!" he shouts. Then suddenly recognition breaks out on his face like the sun through a stormy sky. "Jared? Holy shit, dude! How the hell are you?" Suddenly, he pulls you into a bone crushing hug. You can feel his massive iron-hard arms digging into your back, while you're being slammed up against a torso that feels like it's made from rocks piled on top of each other. You're happy to see your friend, but at the same time confused about the changes in him. ...and there's a little pain involved, too. Finally, just when you think you ribs are going to start cracking, he sets you back down on the beach. What do you do now? Do you invite him back to your place to play video games and do your best not to mention that Mitch has somehow metamorphosed into a hugely muscled behemoth, and try to still have the summer you've been looking forward to? Do you suggest the two of you grab something to eat and then pump him for information on how he got so huge during the last 9 months? Or is this all too much for you. Do you need to go home for some alone time so you can process the startling change in your friend and figure out how you're going to deal with it?
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    Another Day... Jon sat up and scratched his head. Would this be the day, the final day? It had been weeks since they’d seen anyone official. The end couldn’t be far off. How had he gotten himself into this mess? When they had approached him right out of collage, he’d been looking for a way to fund his master’s degree. This had seemed ideal, a six-month contract and a high salary. The only drawback was that he was going to be working in an undisclosed location. He couldn’t tell anyone where he was going — no friends, no family, no one. Not that he had a family to tell. Oh yeah, he’d thought it was strange when they were happy to hear he didn’t have a family. But now he understood. There’d be no one to miss him — if he never came back.
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    We they were finished, Peter rushed over to the console. “Just one more thing I’ve got to do,” he said. Come on,” said Jon, “We’ve gotta get outta here! They’ll be here any second. We’ve already taken too long.” “Any regrets?” said Peter. “Hell no!” said Jon. “But we still gotta go!” “I’m just setting the reactor to overload,” said Peter. “We’ve got about an hour before this place blows.” “An hour,” said Jon. “They’ll just shut it down.” “There’s no one here any more who knows how to do that,” said Peter. “ Now how do we get out of here?”
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    He could hardly process the impossible sensation of his entire body exploding with huge granite like masses, stretching his clothing to the max and then erupting out.
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    His chest was swelling outward, pulling the front of his lab coat apart and forcing it’s way into the open. All over, his clothes were getting tighter.
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    He’d been bullied enough by these grunts with guns. The thought of making one of them into a super being was horrifying. But that was okay. He knew exactly what to do to each test so that the process never worked. And they never caught on to what he was doing. Jon often thought about that. They had some impressive minds working on this project. How was it that none of them ever figured out he’d been sabotaging the tests? He finally came to the conclusion that they had caught on, but had also been so horrified by the work they were doing that they never said anything. That was the only logical answer. What ever the reason, it seemed to have worked. The tests had stopped. Most of the personnel had left and the deserted base was practically deserted once more. It took him a while to figure out why he and Peter were still there.
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    Peter, at least, had been understanding. It didn’t take Jon long to realize that his fellow technician swung the same way. Unfortunately, Peter only liked big , powerful men, and Jon, while not exactly small, was nowhere near the size that made Peter’s engine rev. Peter, not sharing Jon’s qualms about professionalism, had once made a pass at one of the larger GI’s . And got a rifle butt in the face for his trouble. That was the last time he tired anything like that. It had taken weeks for that bruise to go away. But it didn’t make much difference. Around there, weeks just melded into months. Oh, they used to be busy enough, constantly running tests on the equipment. They never told Jon what they were doing, but it hadn’t been hard to guess. They were trying to create the super soldier. That’s what the tube was for. But it hadn’t worked. Jon had seen to that.
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    The only time he got out of that dank pit was every morning when they took him up in the elevator for his morning shower. He could definitely, and without question, say it was the highlight of his day. Of course it would have been better without the armed escort. He didn’t understand why everyone went around like they expected to be invaded at any moment. He didn’t know; maybe they did. He used to find all the guns unnerving, but eventually he had just gotten used to them. The guns would have been a lot easier to take if the guys wielding them had been a little friendlier. As it was, they treated him more like a prisoner instead of a technician, never talking to him and occasionally shoving him with their rifle butts when they wanted him to move faster.
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    He stood up, stretched and looked over at The Tube. It was bad enough he had to work on it all day. Did they really have to make him sleep with it too? Peter didn’t have to sleep with it. Why did he? There didn’t seem to be too many people left on this base. Couldn’t they have found him some place else? He couldn’t count the number of times he’d complained about it. Never did any good, though. He was stuck down here day and night. The only way out of this underground pit was an old rusty elevator or a locked emergency hatch on the other side of a catwalk. Why would anyone lock an emergency hatch? What was the point? It kind of defeated the entire purpose of having an emergency hatch, didn’t it. John liked to pretend he didn’t know why they locked it, but deep down inside he did. They locked it to keep him in. And he realized they were smart to do it, because he would have used it and left a long time ago if they hadn’t.
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    Chapter 41 Without putting him down, I tore every article of clothing off his body. Still holding him aloft with one arm, I went through my sock drawer to find my lube. I applied a liberal amount with my free hand. “You don’t have to keep me in the air this whole time,” James said. “But I can,” I said. James erection twitched when he heard that. I positioned him above the tip of my cock. I walked James into the middle of the room, so there were no walls supporting part of his weight. I situated him so that I had one hand just below each of his furry armpits. James wrapped his legs around my torso, and then I lowered him onto my cockhead. James whimpered as I entered him far more easily than I expected. “You’ve continued your homework,” I said. Through gritted teeth James said, “If you’re going to keep growing, I have to keep up.” I slowly lowered James further down my cock. When my fist-sized head hit his prostate, James let out a loud gasp, but I kept lowering. I wanted to see how much he could take. Further and further, inch after inch of my cock entered his awaiting ass, my biceps flexing larger and larger as I pulled James further down. Soon, just the extra-wide base of my cock was sticking out. I couldn’t see it over my pecs, but I could feel it. James could feel it too; he was breathing heavily, a light sweat on his brow. Gesturing with my head at the last bit of cock, I asked, “You got this in you?” “I’d love to,” he said, panting. I lowered him further, feeling him stretch out to accommodate that last inch a half. I had bottomed out. James could feel my pubic hair rub against his ass. “I did it?” he asked. “It’s all in?” I flexed my shaft, and James spasmed with pleasure. “All of it.” James looked relieved, and his breathing settled a little. “Good.” Now for the real fun,” I said. Keeping one arm wrapped around James, I moved to my closet and took out my bathrobe. “What are you doing?” James asked. “You said you wanted to be wicked,” I said. The robe had been designed to be big on me 55 pounds ago, so in my newly enlarged state, it just barely fit. My arms stretched the sleeves, my shoulders and lats made it impossible to close around my chest, but it would suffice. “What’s happening?” James continued. Without explanation, I walked over to my dresser and took James’s robe out of his drawer. “Put it on,” I said. “Why?” “I feel like going for a walk.” “You what?” James stiffened and started to turn pink. “You heard me,” I said. “But I thought we were staying in the room all weekend.” “And I thought I was only going to be 250 pounds,” I reminded him. “I’m naked,” James protested. “I gave you your robe. We can even tie the sashes together. You’ll be as dressed as you are when you sunbathe.” “But I’ll be impaled on your cock.” “Precisely,” I purred. “I don’t know,” James said “If you can get off of your own accord, go ahead,” I offered. I put my arms to the side, and James just sat there, extended from my crotch. He struggled to push himself up, but he needed his legs to hold onto my torso. He then grabbed at my shoulders and chest for leverage, but even unflexed, my muscles were immobile. He pulled himself up by flexing his abs, but that caused his ass to tighten around the pillar of cock inside him. He desperately grasped around and found he could get a little purchase in my traps, but he couldn’t lift himself high enough to get entirely off my cock without my help. James was trapped. In all the exertion to climb off my cock, James had pushed himself closer to orgasm. He looked at me helplessly and said, “How about a walk around the room a few times?” I put my phone and my keys in my robe pocket and moved to the door. “I’m taking this walk whether or not you put the robe on.” Immediately, James threw his robe on. He took my sash and his sash, made a long rope out of them, and tied our robes as close together as he could. I supported James’s weight with only my cock and legs. “You’ve got to make it look like you’re carrying me with your arms,” James pleaded. “Why?” I asked. “Or everyone will know you’re holding me up with your cock.” “I want them to know that,” I said. In an effort to make it look like James was supporting himself, he threw his arms around my neck. I felt his beard rub against my traps and my cheek, and my cock twinged a little bit. “As long as you’re enjoying yourself,” James said. “Immensely,” I said as I opened the door. We had to squeeze to fit through the doorway, but I had a feeling that was going to be true for most doorways for me now. It was a Friday afternoon, so, sadly, the dorm was rather empty. I lumbered to the stairwell, and with James still wrapped around my body like a koala on a eucalyptus tree, I started walking down the stairs. This would have been challenging enough with just the new thickness of my thighs. This would have been even more challenging with the thickness of my new thighs and an erection. I cannot overstate how challenging it was with the thickness of my new thighs, an erection, and a 210-pound man enveloping my cock. It was the single most erotic thing I had ever done. With each step lower, my ass flexed, and my cock bounced in James. Each thud down the stair case was a thrust into my boyfriend’s talented ass. As we got into a rhythm, James began making little moans with each footfall. Four flights of stairs. By the bottom, James was whimpering. He was so close to orgasm that he began scratching at my back, but he couldn’t find skin through the over-stretched robe. I had to readjust him because he was riding lower on my torso. That caused another moan. At the base of the stairs, I turned to the back of the building. We hadn’t encountered a single person, and this would be no fun if there weren’t witnesses. At the back of the building, there was a help desk where residents of the dorm could request repairs, get a spare key, rent a vacuum cleaner—things of that nature. It was staffed 24 hours a day. “No,” James said between pants and moans, trying to push me back away from the help desk. “He’ll know we’re fucking.” James sounded half desperate and half aroused. “He’ll rationalize it,” I said. Before we got to the help desk, I put my arms back around James’s waist. The man behind the help desk was mindlessly scrolling through his phone when we arrived. I recognized him as Nathan, the guy who worked most weekends. He looked like he could use a little excitement. “Hello, Nathan,” I said and readjusted James. He gripped me tighter and clenched his jaw so he wouldn’t moan. “Hey, Chris,” Nathan said. “James.” James said nothing. “Don’t be rude,” I told James. “Say hello.” In a very shaky and unsteady voice, James said, “Hey, Nathan.” “What can I do for you guys?” Nathan asked politely. “Just be witness,” I said. “I don’t understand.” “James here,” I flexed my cock, and James shook a little as a moan escaped him, “didn’t think I was strong enough to carry him all the way from my dorm room on the fourth floor to the help desk.” “This is a bet,” Nathan said. “More like a game,” I responded. “I’ve been putting on some serious mass,” I continued, letting go of James to flex my left bicep. The fabric of the robe threatened to tear, already fraying a little at the sleeves. “I’ve noticed,” Nathan said. “Impressive.” “And because James is also big, he doubted that I could do it.” “You showed him,” Nathan confirmed. Keeping my bicep flexed, I reached into my robe pocket with my right hand to get my phone. I held it out for Nathan and asked, “Could you take a picture of us as proof?” Nathan took the phone, and said, “You’re not using either arm to hold him up.” “Nope,” I agreed, flexing my right bicep. The sleeve of that robe also started to fray. “Are you holding him up, or is he just holding on to you?” Nathan asked. I flexed my cock in a flurry of rapid successions. James, nearly unable to stand it, let go of my shoulders and ran his hands across his face and through his hair in orgasmic pleasure. I felt a warm wetness just below my pecs. “I’m holding him up,” I confirmed. Confused, Nathan took our picture and handed me back the phone. Once it was in my pocket, he asked, “Anything else?” “No thanks,” I said. “Goodbye, Nathan.” “Goodbye, Chris.” James was holding both hands over his face, trying to disappear. “Say goodbye, James,” I instructed. James said nothing, but waved goodbye over his right shoulder before putting his hand back on his face. With that, we began our walk back upstairs. Once we were out of earshot of Nathan, James said, “I came in front of Nathan.” “I’m so proud of you,” I said, and kissed his cheek. “I thought I was going to die,” James said. “That was fucking hot.” After a second, he added, “Never show the guys the picture.” Then, after another brief pause, “Let’s never do that again.” “We’ll see how you feel once we get back to the dorm.” When we got to the staircase, James begged, “Take the elevator.” I started the climb up the stairs. James, still in close proximity to his last orgasm, began breathing heavily as I hit each step on the way up. I had started to get a better sense of my body, so I picked up the pace a little, causing my cock to pound the inside of James’s ass even harder. James’s breathing grew even more deep and erratic. By the landing on the second floor, James let out a guttural yell, and the warm spot on my chest grew. I didn’t relent; I picked up the pace. All the way up the third flight of stairs, James twisted and panted and moaned. By the top of the flight, he was shaking and shouting. I picked up the pace. My breathing grew heavy. Part of it was the exertion of running up four flights of stairs with all this weight, part of it was the sensations radiating through my dick as James rode me hard. James had given up being coy and demure, and was shouting curses I didn’t even know he knew in a barrage of shakes and moans. He grabbed my hair, the only place he could find traction, and pulled so hard I thought he was going to uproot my whole scalp. After a few seconds of that, he fell backwards, limp, over the crest of the orgasm. When we got to the fourth floor, there was a small crowd of five people who had come to see why someone was shouting so loudly. James, who was still in the afterglow, managed to say, “I really like stairs.” I then swaggered through the crowd, my arms as down to my sides as I could manage, and slowly made my way to my room. When we were back in the room and the door was locked, I threw off the robes, and quickly lifted James up and down, up and down, over and over, over and over, as though he were a fleshlight and not my boyfriend. I had worked myself up into such a lather that I needed an orgasm, and I needed one right then. James, seeing my need, clenched his ass for all it was worth and joined me in my thrusts. Finally, the floodgates burst, and I exploded. I bellowed and tightened my grip on James’s torso as an eruption of cum volcanoed out of me. I didn’t even bother to count the number of volleys; I just knew it was more than I’d ever cum in my life. When I came down from the peak of ecstasy, I pulled James off my cock and placed him on the floor. I was about to start cleaning up, when James looked at me with those violet eyes and said, “Round two?”
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    Forgot to post this now that the story is over. Did a fanart.
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    Sometimes It’s Best to Just Leave Well Enough Alone “You! You did this, I know you did! The other two can’t even remember what we used to do but I still do!” “You were drunk and getting out of hand, we’re bouncers; its our job to throw people out when that happens!” “Stop saying that! We are not male escorts! And you definitely aren’t our client! Jake, Ramone, stop looking at him like that, hes tricking you somehow!” “Sure we may work the streets sometimes; moneys tight and times are tough, but its the middle of the day and this wasn’t even arranged! Guys! Don’t you remember, he’s doing something to us!” “This is insane! Listen buddy, I’m calling the cops; what you’re doing can’t be legal.” “Hello! I’d like to repo– Err… wait did I dial the wrong number? Err– Y-Yes sir, I’m sorry sir. Yes… the client is right here… Are you sure? The three of us for the whole weekend? A-Ahh– Alright! I-I mean– Yes Daddy! The whole weekend; you can count on us!” “Mmm… Sorry handsome, my mistake; looks like you’ve bought one of Daddys deluxe packages. Lets get back to your room and we’ll show how with us three definitely isn’t a crowd…”
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    And then the first surge hit
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    Chapter 40 I awoke on the floor, my clothes in tatters around me. I felt pinned to the floor by my own body. I could tell that I was significantly heavier. And larger. Even staring at the ceiling, I could tell that things were entirely different. I could see my shoulders and traps. And pecs. While looking straight ahead, my vision was invaded by my growing muscles. I went to sit up, and my center of balance was entirely off. It took more force than I was used to just to get myself up into a seated position. Once I was sitting, I looked down to see my new body, and my pecs completely blocked my view. Even unflexed, I could see the muscle fibers. I bent forward to look over them. Try as I might, they were just in the way. I roamed my body with my hands, and I was met with extreme resistance. My body felt like I was a living statue, but my skin was still warm and soft. Every place I touched, I could feel deep grooves etched into my skin, thick cords of muscle, even veins that had been forced to the surface. I had trouble finding my waist. I could just touch it, but my arms and lats were having a war for space, and one of the casualties was my ability to reach my waist. I needed to see the damage. I stood up, and almost fell immediately back over. I had overestimated how much thrust this new body could generate, and I pushed up hard enough to launch me off my feet. Undaunted, I began to make my way to Luke’s closet so I could see myself in his mirror. I had to waddle to get there. I had to throw my legs to the side to get them around each other. I could feel my ass extend behind me bunching up and tightening with each step. This was going to take some serious getting used to. Halfway to the closet, I kicked something on the floor. I backed up and saw that it was Luke’s scale. I stepped on it, crushing my legs together so they’d both fit on the scale at the same time. I was worried about how I would read the display when, thankfully, it announced my weight in a robotic voice. 285. I didn’t know if I should be relieved that I hadn’t made it all the way to 300 or worried that James would push me there when he got back, I stumbled off the scale and continued my trek to the closet. This trip really should have been five or six steps, but because of how hard it was for me to negotiate this new body, it might as well have been on the other side of the moon. But, ploddingly slowly, I got there. I pulled open the door, and saw the monster I had become. My shoulders obviously didn’t both fit in at the same time, but now my chest didn’t either. I had to sway back and forth just to get both pecs in the frame. Each one was mammoth, seemingly doubled in size from what I had already thought of as giant pecs. When I flexed my biceps, I had to exert effort to get to a full ninety degrees, and between my bicep and tricep, my upper arm was larger than a cannonball. I tried to relax my arms, but my back wouldn’t let me. My lats were so wide that I was wider than Luke’s whole closet. My waist was a joke. It must have gotten thicker for my angry, bulging 8-pack to make any physiological sense, but I’d grown so much that it looked like my waist had actually shrunken. If I’d felt like a superhero before, I know looked like a comic book superhero. My waist was so waspish, each thigh was clearly and noticeably thicker around than my waist. I got in as close as I could examine up close. My face was only barely recognizable as mine. My cheeks and brow were so severe, I could cut glass. My jaw was so pronounced that I could actually touch it to my pecs just by lowering my head. And my neck had begun engulfing my head. It was now easily wider than my head. I was worried all this muscle would make me look like a brick or a potato, but my face might actually have become my sexiest feature. As I was looking myself over in the mirror, James came back into the room, carrying several bags of food. “Oh, good. You’re up.” I turned around, and James smiled lasciviously. “Do you like?” He asked. “I can barely move,” I said honestly. My voice was both louder and deeper than I expected. He put down the food and walked over to me. “Don’t worry about that. We’ll start working some stretching and yoga into your workouts, and you’ll be flexible again in no time.” “How are you so certain?” I asked. James could see the worry on my face. “Because you’ve always gotten flexible again. Whatever’s happening, it’s not making your life worse. You haven’t shattered any bones, or gotten your body fat so low that you’re going into organ failure.” He came close to me and wrapped his arms around my waist. My pecs stood out so far that he had trouble getting as close as he used to. “And even if you do lose a little flexibility, you have to admit this is amazing.” I looked at James’s body and then back at mine. I dwarfed my boyfriend. He looked small standing next to me. My bodybuilder-sized boyfriend now looked small and thin standing next to me. My waist was now about as big as James’s, maybe a little bigger, but mine definitely looked tinier. My arms, my shoulders, my legs—they all outsized him dramatically. “How are we going to explain this to everyone?” I asked. “You’ve been growing all semester. They’re not going to notice.” “They’re going to notice this,” I said, flexing my bicep next to James’s head. His eyes widened in amazement. “They’ll rationalize it,” James said. “Since they won’t accept that you spontaneously gained 55 pounds, they’ll just think it was a trick of the light, or you’d been slowly growing for the past month and they just noticed, or that you started a new cycle of steroids, or something.” “I guess,” I said. James continued. “I mean, you have a cock larger than medically possible, and no one has questioned that.” My cock woke up when it heard its name and began pushing between us. “Oh good,” James said “you’re not worried anymore.” He let go and took a step back to see as much of me as possible. Taking the opportunity, I swooped on him, wrapped one arm around him, and lifted him up. James, my 200+ pound boyfriend, was now light enough for me to lift with one arm. “Easy, tiger,” James said. “I know it’s your favorite position, but I’m still in my clothes.” “You know this turns you on,” I growled. James acquiesced. “I surrender.”
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    Just a quickie to get myself motivated on this story again Part 5a What do you do when you know the future? What if that future says that you are going to die? Well, in my case, the future doesn't specifically say that I will die from my condition, but I certainly cannot see how I could possibly live. Let me explain... The revelation that I was growing and shrinking without end gave me quite a shock to my system. I immediately ran into my bathroom and checked the pencil markings on the wall again. Each mark was on the same day each week and around the same time. Sunday evenings for growth and Monday mornings for shrinking. I had started on the second week, I remembered it clearly. It had read a half inch gain in height. "So this one, 5'8" and three quarters, well even less than that, but closer to 3/4 than 1/2... Just a hair under 5'9"... a hair over 5'9" and one quarter... If this continues, I bet I will be around 5'9" and a half tonight." I grabbed my laptop and plugged in those values into a spreadsheet. I just did a quick chart to check the line. With only four points, it wasn't the best trend line but it would do for now. My heart sank. The trend line was curving upwards. So not only would I keep growing, but it would be ever so slowly accelerating. I did the same for the shrinking measurements and the very few data points I had for my chest. I projected the points out based on the trend line equations and filled the cells as far as it would go. I added a date field for a reference and began to look at the weeks to come. I continued looking at the values, absolutely horrified at what I was seeing. I just went for it all and scrolled down to the numbers 10 years out. "Under 2 inches tall... And what is that number?" I had to stretch out the column on the spreadsheet because the number didn't fit. "One... One..." I was losing my breath reading it. "One point five million pounds... At less than two inches tall. Oh wonderful, and I would be over 35 feet tall and 13 billion pounds a few hours later. And my chest would be 1.3 billion inches in diameter. Of course, that makes sense," I said sarcastically to myself. I tapped a few buttons on my keyboard and did a quick internet search. "The Earth is 42 million feet in circumference. My chest would be 107 million feet. Great, so I would be 35 feet tall with a chest that is over twice the circumference of the Earth." I forced a nervous chuckle out to try to give myself some form of comfort. I skimmed back to the 2 year area. Even that was looking pretty dire. I skimmed up a little bit more to where things made a little more sense. I got to most of the way through next year. I would be somewhere in the 3 feet tall to 7 feet tall range. At 3 feet tall, I might be around 600 pounds. Not great, but possibly manageable. The tall side was 7-8 feet tall and over 2,000 pounds. Again, not very good news, but I might be able to still move. I set that as my cutoff. Anything past that point and I most likely would be immobile or worse. "So I have less than a year and a half to live... What do you do when you know the future? What if that future says that you are going die?" The question resonated in my head. "I have to fight it."
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    Years ago I was in Boy Scouts. I had a subscription to Boy’s Life magazine which had a Jokes page (my favorite part). One issue there was a joke that went like this: Joe: I hear you’ve been taking a mail order bodybuilding course John: Yes Joe: Well you don’t look any different John: No, but you should see my mailman. Thus the inspiration for: Mail Order Bodybuilding John Maxwell lay on his bed reading his new Z-Factor comic book. He got to an ad in the middle and sat up. It showed a skinny kid being picked on at school. The “kid” discovers this wonder program that can only be had through the mail. The next frame shows the “kid” now massively hulked out, including the burst clothes from the first frame. The other kids at school stand back in shock at the bulging biceps that have erupted from the sleeves and the chest that has burst through the front of the shirt. The jeans are in tatters around enormous legs. The tag line for the ad read, “Be the alpha on your block or in your school. Alpha Muscle Building program. Visit our website to order” John smiled. “That would be awesome” He went to his computer and looked up Alpha Muscle’s site. There were multiple packages available. He wasn’t going to waste time and bought the Premium Deluxe package. The site asked options about mail and “previews”. “What do they mean previews?” He clicked the information tab. “Before finalizing the sale we will allow you to preview the results and you can determine if you want to proceed with the program.” “Huh. Ok. Can’t hurt to preview, I guess” John checked the box. 1 week later: Mike Voir was sorting the mail for his route. 20 years old, just finished his AA and was working to earn some money while he figured out what to do with his life. He started to load up his truck when Denise, who worked the counter called him, “Mike, don’t forget those boxes over there” She pointed and he rolled his eyes. Three huge boxes for “John Maxwell 8485 Dream Well Way – Preview Edition” There were two muscle magazines as well with that address. Mike snorted. He glanced at Denise, waving the cover, “Who the hell wants to look like this? It’s disgusting!” He tossed the boxes into the truck. As he got to Dream Well Way on his route, he thought, “What kid orders this crap anyway? Some pimple faced geek I bet” He stopped at 8485 and quickly piled the boxes on a hand truck and rolled it to the door and was sliding it off when the door opened. A young blond teenager, with a slightly athletic build smiled out at him. “Are those for me?” “You John?” Mike asked. “Yep!” The kid seemed ready to wet himself. Mike tried hard not to roll his eyes. “Ok sign here. It says signature required. Glad you’re here so I don’t have to redeliver.” The kid greedily grabbed the pen and signed. Mike felt a strange sensation pass through him and he grunted lightly. John looked up, “You ok?” “Yeah. I think maybe I ate something funny for lunch” Mike took the papers and headed back to his truck. He started it back up to drive and shifted in the seat. Something weird was going on. He felt kind of bloated. He glanced back to the door and saw John wave and try to get the boxes in the door. Mike shook his head and moved on through his route. Later that Afternoon: John had the boxes in his room and was unpacking them. There were several bottles and two books. “What about weights and stuff? How am I supposed to do this with books and bottles? What about the preview thing?” A voice from the door said, “What preview thing?” John looked up to see his best friend Joe standing there, “Joe! Hey! I just bought this thing supposed to help me get big. They said there was a preview, but I don’t see it” Joe moved over to look, “Alpha Muscle Building? That sounds pretty cool. Can I try it with you?” “Yeah, but they promised a preview before I finalized my purchase.” “Maybe it says something in this book” Joe had picked up one with an enormous bodybuilder on the cover. “Hey” John said, “That guy kind of looks like my mailman” “What? No way!” “What’s all that blue stuff he’s standing on? It looks like…” “A mailman uniform only like it exploded…” Joe finished Meanwhile: Mike was turning back into the post office for the evening. Something was definitely not right. His uniform had grown uncomfortable. He felt a bit strange all over as well. He noticed he was the last one back. He had slowed down his route due to feeling odd. Maybe it was good everyone was already gone home for the night. He started to get out of the truck when a ripping sound occurred. He looked down at his right arm. A thick vein erupted along the length of it and the bicep had split the sleeve. He felt tension in his left arm and the same thing happened to that sleeve. “What the Hell? What is happening….” He grunted loudly as he experienced an intense surging powerful feeling and two buttons flew off his shirt pinging against the dashboard of the truck. His chest was pressing outwards straining the rest of his shirt. “Oh shit! I’m turning into one of those freaks! No…..no….” his voice deepened with each “no” He tried to finish climbing out of the truck and found it harder with his new girth. He squeezed out and backed away from the truck like it was the cause of this unusual feeling. The pressure came again. He grunted loudly. This time though it felt good. Almost sexual. Almost….. A loud crack as his lats flared out splitting the back of the shirt in two. His eyes rolled back in his head with the intensity of the sensations flooding his brain. He almost fell over as he adjusted his stance while his quads ballooned out with thick striated muscle and the seams of the pants burst apart. He knew he was getting aroused at all the incredible sensations and at first tried to hide it. The rest of the buttons exploded from his shirt leaving it in tatters over an immense barrel chest and thickly cobbled abs that bulged like he had been doing hgh for years. The waist band of the pants split and they fell and caught on his bulging ass for a moment then fell to the ground. He smiled as a new thought entered his head, “How could I have ever thought this was bad. This is the most amazing thing to ever happen!” He climbed into his car and drove nearly naked. He wasn’t even surprised that he returned to 8485 Dream Well Way. Mike smiled got out of the car and went to the door. Enjoying the feeling of 350 pounds of ripped pure muscle bulging and swaying with each step. He rang the bell smirking. A few moments later the blond kid jerked the door opened then gasped. Another kid appeared behind him. Mike smiled, “Here is your preview. Like what you see?” John and Joe gasped. Mike saw the bulge in John’s pants and the wet stain that appeared there shortly. He walked into the house and they just stepped aside. They then led him to the room with the Alpha Muscle Building course. He looked around. On the computer was the website. A picture of Mike was there. It was a typical before and after only this had occurred within a matter of an afternoon. The first frame was the lanky 5’10 man who weighed maybe 145 pounds and the after was the beast that was filling the room. Underneath it stated, “Thank you for your preview option. Mike Voir payment for $2.5 million has been processed. Please select to proceed or return the product." Joe and John rushed to the computer and fought over the mouse. Mike smiled. “I guess my mailman days are over” There was a click and John gasped. Joe stepped back and Mike continued to smile. “Thank you for your purchase, John Maxwell. You’re gonna love this.” John gasped and stood up. His clothes had already tightened. He grinned at Joe, “This feels awesome, bro” His voice deepened and stubble appeared on his jaw. There was a popping sound like seams giving way and a grunt of satisfaction from another customer of the Alpha Muscle Building Program.

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