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    It was happening again, Jimmy could feel it. A pulling feeling deep in his guts, a throbbing that run up his spine. It was his time of the month again, but it couldn’t be, it was too soon. Since puberty started Jimmy would have these really strange male periods, for a couple minutes for one day a month Jimmy couldn’t be around any other men because they would change. Jimmy was at a friends house staying over to play video games for one last time before they went to college. So the second Jimmy felt the pressure building inside him he made an excuse and went to hide in the bathroom. He’d only be gone a couple minutes, not long enough for anyone to notice. Jimmy didn’t want his friend Tim to end up like the others who’d been around Jimmy during his time of the month. It had happened a few times, the first victims being his dad and older brother. They didn’t see themselves as victims, but then they didn’t even realize anything had changed. The first time it happened Jimmy hardly knew what was happening, but he put the feeling of pressure and the sudden massive muscle growth together. All Jimmy did was look at his dad and brother and with a flash of light two hulking hairy studs had replaced them. And no one saw any difference, it was like they had always been hunks. But Jimmy worked out the rules of this power very quickly, it would only change men, it happened once a month and he couldn’t change himself. He’d worked the last rule out after several tries of just sitting in front of a mirror. But Jimmy was a little suspicious that he’d changed a little. Somehow whatever he wore showed off his plump butt, even clothes that were several sizes to big became tight when he pulled them on. Which for a straight guy who turned other guys into hulking horny gods once a month was bad. This was why he was so desperate to control his power, he didn’t want to get fucked again like last time when he changed the mailman. So Jimmy could only sigh when he opened the bathroom door and found Tim’s dad Keith lounging in the bath with a book in hand. “Hey Jimmy” Keith greeted in surprise “There’s another bathroom downstairs….” he started but the flash of light silenced him Instead of the soft 40 something man that Keith had been a bulky tanned much younger hunk sat in his place. Jimmy felt the throbbing in his spine move down to his ass. Keith grinned and gave his pecs a bounce before rising out of the water. Jimmy looked straight into the soft fat cock and swollen balls that slowly started to swell. “Come on little guy, you’ve been asking for this for years” Keith explained as he still dripping with water led Jimmy out of the bathroom and towards his bedroom Jimmy didn’t fight it, his body wanted it, but his mind never did. After the first couple of incidents he decided just to let it happen. Keith pulled Jimmy onto the bed, his heavy wet body soaking through Jimmy’s clothes. Keith tore Jimmy’s shorts off with his big hands and flipped the boy around. Jimmy’s face pressed against Keith’s rock hard cock and instinctively started to swallow it down. Keith’s long tongue delved between Jimmy’s peachy cheeks and found his tight hole. They weren’t at it for long before Tim appeared in the doorway. He and Jimmy were the same age, but Tim looked much more adult than Jimmy. His power having held Jimmy back a bit, probably so he couldn’t fight off the big hunks he created. Tim was only able to get out a gasp as Keith’s cock popped out of Jimmy’s mouth and Jimmy looked at Tim. There was a flash and Tim was replaced by a man bigger, beefier and much better hung than his father. Keith didn’t care that his son was in the room, only Jimmy’s ass mattered. “Nice one dad” Tim boomed “Wanted to fuck the little slut for ages” Big Tim thudded over to Jimmy and grabbed a handful of his hair. Jimmy’s jaw dropped open hoping it was wide enough for his friends giant monster cock. As Jimmy was taken at either end by the big father and son duel the pressure in his guts stopped and it would be a whole month before it came back.
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    “Who’s sneakers are these” Charlie called, holding one of the massive stinky shoes in his hands “Which ones” his mother called from the kitchen Charlie pulled back the tongue, the musky smell only stronger. “Size 22s” He shouted back “Oh, those are Reese’s” his mother called back These can’t be Reese’s, the 5ft6 fat ass didn’t have size 22 feet. “Reese is like 5ft6, aren’t his feet size 7” Charlie replied, burying his nose into the shoes mouth His mother chuckled lightly “Charlie are you alright” Charlie quickly dropped the shoe with a thud, he had no idea there this sudden fetish for foot funk came from. “Yea, I’m cool, a little tired” he yawned “Ok, go to bed” His mother ordered as he appeared with a pile of laundry “Take this with you” “Ok” he took the pile “But the shoes” His mother looked at him with confusion, she checked his forehead. “Mom” he stepped back She shook her head “You’re just tired” she rubbed his arm, comforting him “Charlie, Reese hasn’t been 5ft6 since he was 13, he’s got to be pushing 7ft by now” Charlie’s face went blank “What” “Honey, Reese has been wearing those sneaker for a month now, you were there when we brought them” she explained “He had just got back from football practice and you gave him a foot rub, I’m proud how well you support him” Charlie dropped the laundry. His mother scolded him, and they quickly put the pile back together. His mother dumped the last piece on top, a giant stretched out jockstrap, that had been hidden in the pile. “Now get to bed, and wake Reese up, he has practice in a few hours” she ordered Charlie’s brain worked overtime to process everything, his eyes glued to the fading name written on the jock, REESE. How could Reese with his baby dick fill such a large cotton tent. Charlie had seen that micro-dick enough times, Reese was always jacking it. The two boys shared a room, their beds either end and facing each other, so they’d seen a lot of each other. Charlie opened the bedroom door, noticing that it now was decorated with ‘REESE’S PAD’ in big colorful letters. The room was different, now dominated by a huge bed and the even bigger occupant. Charlie stared at the long wide feet near the end the bed. He could see that it was two double beds pushed together. The door swinging closed made Charlie jump, the pile dropping to the floor, the musky jock landing at his feet. The beast on the bed sat up, rubbing sleep from his eyes with long heavy arms. “Reese” Charlie questioned Reese chuckled “Hey bro, like the changes” he bounced a pair of thick pecs “How” Charlie asked froze to the spot “The Chronivac finished downloading on your laptop” he smirked, a large hand disappearing under the blanket “But you wouldn’t know anything about that, I made sure of that” “The Chronivac” He questioned “What does that matter, you’re huge, mom thinks you’re on the football team….and my bed is gone” Charlie listed, his eyes stuck on a growing mound between Reese’s trunk like legs Reese’s free hand twisted a pierced nipple “Yea, I’m huge and I’m on the football team” he moaned suddenly, the mound rising higher “And your bed isn’t gone, it’s at the foot of the bed" Charlie looked down at the small cot, a pair of gym shorts stuffed with socks as a pillow and an old basketball jersey for a blanket. "You find my smell comforting” Reese explained “But sometimes you sleep up here with me” Reese suddenly threw back the blanket, and slapped a huge leaking meat-stick against his abs. Charlie licked his lips, his mouth full with saliva all of a sudden. “You want breakfast” he offered “I have a couple hours before practice” Charlie now settled into this new world tentatively climbed between Reese’s legs, spit dripping from his plump lips. Reese fell back onto the bed as Charlie spat a large gob-full of spit onto his hulking brothers horse cock.
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    “You Dean” the massive man asked, his chest glistening beneath his unzipped hoodie Dean gulped, the little fag had said he’d set his big brother on him, but Dean had just laughed and dunked the nerd’s spotty face into the toilet again. He never considered the little guy would actually do it, let along that his brother was actually a beast. But the man before him did share some similarities, they had similar coloring, similar eyes and even hints of a similar facial structure. “Yes…….sir” he quickly added “Cool” he rose up from his perch, the underside of his pecs level with Dean’s eyes “I’m Hugh, you’ve been harassing my little brother” Dean started to back off, but Hugh gripped his shoulder and pulled him back. The hand massively meaty and denting into Dean’s pretty thick shoulder. “Nah, you’re not going anywhere” Hugh’s free hand clenched into a fist “Please, I’ll leave him alone…….” Dean begged, but Hugh hushed him “I’m not here to hurt you” He paused, flexing his biceps “I’m here to thank you” “Thank me” Dean questioned “Yea” Hugh let his shoulder go and started to feel up his own solid abs “If it wasn’t for your constant abuse, my little bro wouldn’t have come to me and asked to get big” Dean paled “Get big” Hugh laughed “You think this is natural” he bounced his pecs “hell no, I’m a chemistry whizz, or was in a past body, I mixed a little potion and got this body out of it” Hugh rubbed his crotch, his memories turning him on. His jeans showing the teeth of the zipper straining and nearly popping open from the mass behind them. “My bro’s been stubborn about getting huge, but you have helped chang his mind” Hugh patted Dean’s head “I’ll leave you two alone” He turned and jogged away towards some passing blond joggers, his muscled ass flexing. “Two?” Dean shouted after him “It’s just me here” A deep thundering chuckled erupted behind him. Dean jumped, falling to the floor. Behind him rose a mountain of muscle, gym shorts strained against huge thighs and a monstrous dick mound. Eight furry cinder blocks rose upwards towards two hairy muscle slabs. A thick neck and even thicker traps held aloft a solid jaw coated in stubble. Arms thicker then Dean’s thighs strained against tanned skin, thick veins coursed with testosterone. Two dark eye glared downwards, the muscle man’s mouth stretched into a sneer. “Hey Dean” the little fag boomed from 7ft above him
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    Next installment! More Content available for my patrons on Patreon: http://www.patreon.com/gymjunkiemuscle
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    The first time it happened my addiction to the way growth made me feel was instantaneous and would clearly be lifelong. If I sat sill – completely still – and focused I could actually sense my cells doubling at the same time the nipple-popping, ball-tightening, skin-warming sensation enveloped my body and sent me to a place where the only thing that mattered was feeling this good and growing. It felt like a thousand warm, wet pairs of lips were massaging my entire being with soft, juicy kisses. It certainly helped that each growth spurt – excuse the pun – ended in orgasm, but the feeling that came as I grew bigger was actually much more enjoyable than the happy ending. Hugeness was what it was all about. Because I was so focused – so entranced with the changes – that first time I actually noticed some dark hairs sprouting up and down my forearm while layers of tissue under my outer skin bubbled and moved around to make room for what my body was producing so quickly. I could sense that the new tissue – the so-called layers of skin – which were being formed were much more dense, more packed than what existed before. My body was simply getting a strong protective armor for the muscle that was molding itself bigger as it grew below. I knew, instinctively, that all the blissful feelings I was encountering somehow originated from muscle mass multiplying on top of itself and hardening into something that would later be used to do amazing things. This was what bodybuilders obviously felt on some slighter level during the intense pump of a workout. They said endorphins were sent to the brain to let it know how great all of this felt and I think my endorphins were working on overload, because my brain only wanted more. I watched with awe as my forearm became ever so slightly bigger and more chiseled. It wasn’t the mind-blowing expansion of Hulk films, but it was enough for me to notice. It was enough for me to want more . . . much more. When the rumbling beneath my skin stopped I swear I felt heavier. It was the wildest sensation – knowing you actually took up more space, even if it was very slight. As soon as my body had recovered – both from the growth and the end-of-the-change orgasm - and my mind returned fully to the living room of my apartment, I went to the bathroom to weigh myself, but passing the mirror made me immediately stop. Cum-inducing and model-level dark stubble had forced its way out across my cheeks, chin, and jawline. I reached up and scraped my fingers against the bristles of manly fur, which now framed my face. I also noticed that my face was thinner, my eyes a darker sky-blue, and my skin seemed to glow with healthiness that was almost otherworldly. Profanity is the only logical reaction to something so astounding. I stood there and let out a few expletives as I marveled at the changes – even if they were subtle – to my face. My hardening cock smacked up against the edge of the sink – that’s how turned on I was. It usually took me at least forty-five minutes to recover from an orgasm – and the one at the end of my growth in the other room had been super intense. It seemed, however, my improved body was quickly ready for round two. That day, at work, three different people asked if I had started going to the gym. Me! They asked the guy that didn’t break one hundred pounds until his senior year in high school. On closer thought, though, it didn’t seem so weird. I could seriously feel that my body stood more erect than the day before. I could also detect that there was some new scent or aura the pores of my body were emitting. The barista, who usually ignored me when I came into the coffee shop, actually smiled while I ordered. The guy that came in to service the copier at work kept stealing glances at me while I explained the problem. I could tell he was slightly flustered in a way that had him befuddled. There was something unknown that was rocking his world. I know this is crude, but I even noticed that when I peed the stream was much more forceful and lasted a lot longer. I swear it sounded like a large waterfall. On the second morning my reactions to the developments were even more intense than on the first day. My hands shook with anticipation as I waited. I forced myself to be patient and not let worries about the growth maybe not happening a second time enter my head. I calmed myself by meditating and that’s when the incredible feeling from the day before returned. This time, my fingers and toes radiated heat and the joys of those thousand kisses first. I stared at my hands and saw veins bulging as blood pumped through them harder than usual. I watched as my fingernails grew slightly – right there before my eyes. And then I started to get really turned on as I felt each finger thickening and extending further out on the coffee table. I could sense that the same thing was happening to my feet. The thought of someday growing out of my shoes thrilled me in a way that made it clear there was probably a hidden fetish lurking in my head. My attention was quickly stolen from my feet when I suddenly realized – simply from the intense pleasure-pain coming from that part of my body – my nipples were growing. I moved my fingertips to them immediately and the nubs were not only getting harder, they were pressing further out and resisting when I tried to push. They were like hot pokers shoving against burning logs. I pinched them hard, just to intensify the pleasure and you would have thought my heart would certainly give out from the jacked-up reaction within my entire body. I could also feel that my areolas were stretching out bigger underneath my nips. Cork-sized nipples supported by doorknob sized areolas was such a turn on for me, and I got the feeling someday looking at my own would make me spurt. While my hands went to town on my hardened plugs, they also began to feel thick spikes of hard hair pushing up across my chest. The gratification of sprouting fur was so intense I immediately wished I could be a werewolf and have this kind of pleasing growth all over my body. It was clear that my fingers were still thickening and at the same time my palm widened to match their size. As usual, the growth process ended with me arching my back as my cock spewed uncontrollably – showering my stomach and chest with thick cum. Today, I didn’t pause to clean myself off when I finished shooting. I jumped up and ran to the bathroom – letting out a loud, and shockingly deeper, yell when I saw that I now had a full Paul Bunyan-like thick beard, more intensely piercing blue eyes, and a golden hue to my skin that screamed of time spent out in nature. The matted fur on my chest was spectacular – perfectly manicured for my still-small frame, but giving a glimpse of what it would look like when it covered huge muscles. I brought my hand up to feel the thick hair and to scoop up some of the dense, white, powerful-looking spooge that globbed very masculine on my chest. I knew I had to taste it and I was rewarded with a healthy salty-sweet paste that screamed for the strongest Borolo wine available as a pairing. My mouth was the first thing to fully recognize the new size of my fingers. I still had my forefinger resting on my tongue and my lips closed around it as my teeth registered that this particular part of my body had intensified not only in size but also in appearance. When I held up my hand I almost shot another load – the thing did not look like it could belong to me. It wasn’t tremendously bigger, but I could easily tell where I was headed in the area of hand and finger width. Palming basketballs would soon not be a problem. That’s when I suddenly remembered what supposedly came with big hands. I reached down and wrapped my other big mitt around my hard cock – immediately shocked to find out my best friend of so many years had thickened as well. I looked down and stumbled back a little as I beheld a veiny, longer, and clearly more abundant tool than the day before. I also couldn’t help but noticing the thick curls of my dark pubic hair screaming out in some kind of testosterone-laden manliness. I grabbed my balls, marveling at how they had grown, too – sinking lower and dwarfing my old ones. Glancing down at my cock I also couldn’t help but notice my new feet – longer, hairier and thicker. How in the hell could feet look so damn virile? I was certainly going to still fit in my shoes, but barely and those bigger things were going to hurt like hell by mid-day. As I stared down below I suddenly realized I was subconsciously tensing my arms at my side – with bunched up fists and forearms ablaze with new striations. I didn’t even realize I was doing it. It just seemed like the right thing to do. And then I brought my arms up into a flawless double biceps pose. It’s not like I had morphed into some mega-huge bodybuilder. My guns were still pretty scrawny, but I could tell that the muscle underneath had gown harder and slightly thicker – as if preparing for what was to come. I began to imagine what my arms were going to look like one day and that’s when a second round of hot cum shot into the air and then rained down into the sink in front of me. On that day, my favorite barista smiled even broader as I walked in and when he handed me my coffee we both noticed my enhanced manly hand. He turned red when I looked up and caught him staring at it. I was surprised he didn’t even have to look at my name on the cup when my order was up. I had clearly begun to make a lasting impression. Later, at work, I broke two pencils just from gripping them too tightly with my new enhanced hands. It was obvious I needed to start getting used to my new body way before it truly grew. It was like I was being given time for many dress rehearsals before the actual big show. Later that day, my boss came into my office to review a presentation and while we were sitting there he started asking if the air conditioning was broken. I felt fine and a call to maintenance confirmed that everything was working okay, but he soon had to loosen his tie and undo a couple of buttons on his dress shirt. He kept saying it was like some kind of strong warmth was overpowering him. He kept taking deep breaths, like there was a aroma that pleased him. He also asked if I had started using one of those hand grippers to exercise because my forearms – highlighted by purposefully rolled up sleeves – looked bigger and my grip had seemed stronger when we shook hands. I assured him I did not own such a device. He shook his head in disbelief and suggested I get maintenance to look at the vents in my office because he really was light-headed. After he left, I just marveled at the changes to my body and what it was doing to other people. That evening, on my way home, I purchased some new dress shoes, which were a couple of sizes too big. I wanted to be prepared. Morning wood did not come close to describing the throbbing hard-on that greeted me when I awoke the next day. I was bloody thankful it was Saturday and I could stay naked as long as I wanted. I awoke looking forward to later on when the day’s changes would begin. I had come to realize that I should just go with the flow and not try to predict how I would evolve. It was best to just be present to whatever part of my body was being awakened into beast mode. I still wasn’t huge – but there was a developing self-awareness that caused an inner confidence that matched a big man. I wouldn’t have called it cocky – I certainly didn’t want to go and bully someone – but I would call it attentiveness to what was to come. I stood stronger, walked prouder, and spoke much more confidently than I ever had in my entire life - simply because of an inner knowledge of the fact that I was going to grow into someone that demanded respect just from their size . . . merely from their huge presence. That day, I lay down on the sofa to experience the enhancements. I closed my eyes and waited for whatever was coming be to begin, hoping I’d be fully cognizant of everything at the same time. My ass itched, so I raised my body off the sofa and scratched it. After lying back down it started to itch even more. I went to scratch it again, but then stopped – realizing this was today’s path. The feeling underneath intensified, but it quickly went from an itch to something awesome. I had never known so much delight could be felt in your butt cheeks. I knew of carnal delights, of course, which came from a nice pounding, but this was even better than that. I instantly knew my flat-as-hell ass was ballooning into one of those hard bubble butts that made people drool because they wanted to spank, kiss, or bounce quarters off of it. I could feel the entire lower and middle part of my body rising off the sofa as plates and plates of solid hard muscle reproduced itself on my backside. I slid my hands underneath and grabbed the cheeks, just to feel their growing size out-power my grip. Fingers were pressed out wider as baby clearly ‘got back’. In the midst of my butt joy came the knowledge that hair was sprouting up and down my legs, while thighs and calves were expanding. Oh, how I wanted to someday have legs so thick that my monstrous thighs made me waddle. I imagined myself with one of those ‘gotta prevent the chaffing’ walks because muscle was so ballooned it rubbed against each other, crackling loudly like leather. I knew today wasn’t the day for that, but I fully realized that I was adding some muscle mass under all that glorious thick hair growing up and down my wheels. I settled my mind and let it take me to other places. Suddenly, I could feel my upper back and shoulders broadening. I’d always had shoulders that drooped terribly and were narrower than hangers in the closet. I looked forward to one day having such width that I’d have to turn sideways to fit through doorways, when someone tried to pass me in grocery store aisles, or sharing a full seat with someone in small cars. My lats were spreading out, too – a specific muscle I didn’t even know I had until I saw pictures of musclemen who looked like they had giant wings when they did certain poses. I waited for the day when I would appear to be two people in a car when viewed from the automobile behind. The orgasm that followed that day’s growth was so astounding I actually took a short nap after the explosion. My body had just been too wrecked. I woke up on the sofa a half an hour later feeling so jacked I could have plowed an entire college football team after wrestling them all at the same time. When I was fully awake I jumped off the sofa and ran quickly to the full-length mirror in the bedroom. I turned around and nearly passed out when I saw the structural augmentations to my caboose. This was clearly the biggest change my body had undergone up to this point. I didn’t just have a bubble butt I had a gluteus maximus to the maximum. You could have rested a trunk on my trunk. I squeezed the thing and it indented like I was some pro bodybuilder and mouth-watering striations shot across the big thing. An hour later I was at the grocery store after having struggled like hell to get a pair of jeans over my ass and I was leaning across part of the produce section as I heard a huge guy wearing a shirt that said ‘I can bench your daddy’ mumbling to himself as he stared at me. It took a few seconds but I finally figured out he was saying, “Sweet mother of god will you look at that ass.” Later, as I was checking out the young woman bagging my stuff handed me a receipt with a hand written note on it and said it was from a big man – and adding that the guy said I’d know which one. The note said, “If you ever want that beautiful thing serviced call this number” and was followed by what I’m sure was his cell phone. I smiled when I saw that it was signed Rex. He had definitely looked like a Rex. Sunday might have been the day ‘the Lord hath made for resting,’ but my growing body did not take a break. I had spent a good part of the afternoon the day before making sure some of my work pants would still fit over my new enormous back shelf and had quickly realized I was down to just two pairs I could still wear. I wanted to hold off on shopping for new clothes because I had a feeling other big things were on their way. Sunday morning soon proved that theory to be true. Part 2 Since the dawn of man I assumed guys had been getting off on their own bodies. I had a feeling muscular cavemen drew pictures of themselves and then sat by the fire whacking off as they gazed at them. Or maybe they went down to the lake, nearby, and flexed their arm in the water’s reflection just to crank out a big load. I knew I was about to become one in a long line of men that simply loved being big and got off on admiring just how big they were. I accepted all of this as fact without any guilt or embarrassment. I looked forward to the day when I could stand in the middle of the gym, flex while looking in the mirror, get some major wood in my flimsy cotton shorts, and no one think twice about it. If a small guy does that everyone thinks he’s weird, but when a big muscled man does it it’s perfectly fine. I was ready to join that elite club. Sunday’s growth was foreshadowed by a burning sensation that wracked my body for about twenty minutes. I likened it to a blacksmith who gets the iron red with fire so he’s able to pound it into submission. My body was about to be pounded into something. I could just tell. It was hard to be patient about it, too. I couldn’t wait for the first time when some guy begged me to let him feel my flexed arm or for that day when the subway doors opened and the crowd split in two because my huge bulk was stepping off. It would be like a school of fish swimming around a big boulder. And, for sure, I couldn’t wait to kiss my own flexed gun while watching myself in the mirror. That had been one of the most popular fantasies that gave a happy ending to my lust-filled nights. All of the heat in my body was now focused at my stomach. For a few minutes I was afraid I had some kind of flu bug, but then I looked down and saw what was happening – my mouth opened wide in astonishment. The middle part of my body was elongating . . . I kid you not – it was being stretched lengthwise, like I was being pulled by some medieval torture machine. At the same time my stomach was exploding one by one with abdominal muscles, which actually hurt like someone was twisting my gut in the same way you wring out a towel. Significant bumps were popping out one by one across what used to be a non-descript flabby belly. It actually kind of sounded like corks escaping multiple champagne bottles. Even in the midst of the painful transformation I was able to slide one of my hands down there and feel the hard speed bump like ridges bulging into being. It felt as if someone had sliced some steel tubing and slid it under my skin. The hardness, where I used to only feel soft blubber, was intoxicating. I crunched my abs and my cock stood straight up from the thrill of feeling how my stomach turned into corrugated metal. I finally had a six-pack! Whoa, I looked again and noticed I had an eight pack. Some guys want money. Some guys want fast cars. Some guys want pretty women. I wanted muscle . . . and not just some kind of gymnast in-shape kind of body, I wanted to be the kind of swole that caused wet crotches no matter what the onlooker’s gender was. I, of course, preferred sex with men, but I figured when it came to worshipping my muscles I could be gender open. I actually think I would be fine even without worshippers – knowing that my big body would thrill me even more than it would other people, but having that one special admirer was definitely a goal. My mid-section finally ceased its contortions and I was able to twist my muscled core to marvel at the chiseled magnificence that was my new and improved abdominals. I also noticed having that kind of stomach actually made my chest pop out some, but then I realized that my pecs had actually grown a little – gifting me with what most people would call a swimmer’s tight upper body. When I stood up I freaked out a little by how much my view had changed. I was at least six to eight inches taller, maybe even more. My mid-section had not been the only thing to lengthen. My legs had extended, my arms had extended, and even my neck had gotten longer – and thicker. I was shocked at how a few inches could change your whole perception – both about the world around you and within. I knew I would no longer be the guy at concerts who couldn’t see the stage or have to call my friends because they couldn’t see me in the crowd at a club. It took me a few seconds to stop swaying from the dizziness of newfound height. I felt my body slowly recognizing its new size, its new muscled core from where confidence and power radiated. I had always heard a person needed a good core to be healthy, but I had never understood it until this moment. I no longer slouched. My shoulders didn’t cave in forward. And my stomach stayed hard as hell and ripped beyond belief even when I was relaxed. I went to the park shirtless for the first time ever in my life that day. It was the most freeing thing I had ever done – well, second to telling my family and friends I was gay. I didn’t second-guess the decision at all. I didn’t even take a shirt for the off chance I would chicken out. None of my t-shirts would have fit to begin with. They all would have shown off my stomach like I had purposefully bought mid drift tops for males. I simply knew I now had the kind of body where no one would wonder why I had chosen to leave it uncovered. It was more than that, though. I wanted to show off. I wanted to tense my abs and make the young guy giving me the ice cream I purchased totally miss the cone with the scoop of chocolate pistachio because he was staring at my stomach. I wanted the two high school girls to come up and plead with me to allow them to feel my ribbed middle – feeling like it was definitely inappropriate until their moms stepped up and asked to be second. I kind of hoped there would have been two dads to follow but that didn’t happen. It also took some getting used to the fact that I could see so many more things from my new height. Checking out cute guys standing in a crowd was so much easier when you were tall. Seeing options on tall shelves in shops – things I wouldn’t have even known were there before – was so much better. And looking eye to eye – or, bless me, even down – when talking to another big man was so freaking fantastic. I always had a stiff neck before from having to look up. It wasn’t until halfway through my time at the park that I realized I’d been running my hand invitingly over my own rock-hard abs almost all the time – simply to cop a feel and not realizing how it looked to others. I came home with three more notes with phone numbers that day. The ice cream guy, a dude on roller blades that had the perfect combination of tattoos and muscles, and – to my surprise – one of the moms that had felt up my stomach all passed them on to me. At the bottom of the woman’s note it said, “We won’t tell my husband.” I had noticed her hands treaded awfully close to the waistband of my nylon shorts as she explored my hard stomach. I think she wanted to feel a lot more than just my abs. She was the first person to comment on the dark thick furry trail that went from the base of my hard stomach down to the top of my shorts – clearly marking a path to something really good. I glanced at it and my dick jumped a little – something she happily noticed. I had started a telephone number bulletin board in my study, so I placed the day’s gifts there when I got home. Rex’s number was still at the top. Before I even opened my closet I knew I had nothing in there for work that would fit me. I contemplated going out and buying new clothes, but I decided what I needed to buy was a little more time. I called my boss and let him know I wasn’t going to be able to come in tomorrow. I certainly had many sick days built up and I even realized I didn’t need to sound sick – my new lower voice - because of my taller slightly bigger body - made it sound like I had something as bad as the flu. I figured, if needed, I could maybe afford to take three days off. I was caught up on most of my work and during that time I could figure out what the next step would be. It was going to be kind of hard to explain the changes when I arrived after five days of growth, but I’d think of something. Maybe no on would notice. I looked down at my towering body. No, they definitely were going to notice. That night, as I ate my sixth grilled chicken breast and my fourth plate of mixed grilled vegetables I contemplated my desire to be big. Yes, I’d been small all of my life and that made me wish for more. Yes, I was gay and maybe I had some repressed desires to prove myself because of it. Yes, I know I always had wished I could be the not-a-care-in-the-world jock who always won the girl – in my place, the guy – in the end. And yes, I had been bullied a couple of times when I was younger. But I had worked on all of these things so much, that it was like a broken record. I had finally reached a point where I told my therapist that these were just things that had happened to me – like things happen to everyone – and she had told me not to come and see her anymore. She said I had a healthy attitude and was well adjusted. I’m not so sure she would have said that if I had told her I had a secret desire to be humongous. I’m talking Ronny Coleman big or even bigger. Come to think of it, she might have told me it was good to have a goal. The point I was trying to make to myself, however, was that I didn’t think my past made me want to be huge. It was something much more untamed – savage – within me. It was such a base instinct that it practically worked on a subconscious level. It’s only when I actually grew that I became totally obsessed with a desire to get bigger. It was like a drug that I needed to live. It was like something that had been incubating for a long time and was only fully born when I felt my first muscle change. I wanted to be big just to be big – to take up more space in the world. To feel my huge body as it did everyday things – making the bed, taking out the trash, or fixing a sandwich. I wanted to see humongous biceps pumped to the max as I was brushing my teeth. I wanted to have to struggle to get a tight shirt off. I wanted to have lay down on the bed in order to pull my jeans up over monstrous thighs. I wanted to bend my arm and feel it blossom into a big mound of muscle that bulged with hardness. I wanted to pick up things that other people found heavy and not realize how easy it was for me. I wanted to pick out shirts that highlighted my big body in a way that made traffic stop. I wanted to take up almost all the space in my queen-size bed. I wanted to hear sales clerks say, “I’m sorry sir, we don’t have anything in your size.” I wanted to have people sitting beside me in the theatre or on airplanes request a new seat because my hugeness crowded them. I wanted to feel heavier than hell when I walked – or when I bounced my mega pecs. I wanted to see people walk into things as they stared at me – shocked by my size. I wanted to see cocks harden in salutes to my body. I wanted to make furniture seem small. And then I wanted to meet someone special and hear him ask, “Will you pick me up” and “Will you flex for me.” I wanted to wake up in the morning and learn that he’s needed to pee for thirty minutes but since I held him in my big arms he wasn’t able to move. I then would hear that he tried to wake me up, but I even slept through him kicking me. I wanted my man to drool onto my hard muscle as he slept with his head resting on my biceps – dreaming of how big I am. I longed for the day when we’d be reading the paper in bed and he’d be unconsciously playing with my chest and nips as he looked at the articles. I looked forward to helping him do household chores by easily lifting him to dust things higher than his head, pick up furniture so he could vacuum underneath, and carry him around sometimes so he wouldn’t get worn out. I wanted to be big so my cute little man felt safe, protected, and proud when we were out. These thoughts made me realize my therapist would have definitely said there was more work to do – but then when she finally saw me all huge and covered in muscles she would have immediately understood. Part Three As light peeped through the half-closed curtains of my bedroom I began to crawl back to consciousness. I hadn’t even remembered moving to my bed or falling asleep last night. Clearly, yesterday’s growth and fun in the park had worn me out. I knew one day soon I would wake up and feel how the bed sagged from my weight and how it creaked as if begging for mercy when I rolled over or even moved a massively muscled leg. For today, I settled for sending my hand down to my mid-section and emitting a slight, low joyous moan when I felt the hardness that had been chiseled out in yesterday’s growth. Even without tensing, I had abs of steel-like, thick muscle that radiated power without me even looking at them. Touch, alone, was enough to make my cock shoot fully hard. But then I tightened my abdominals and immediately released a voluminous round of cum explosions, which rained down on me with loud splats that emphasized their size and their thickness. Three minutes into the day and I had released a load befitting of the huge man I would someday become. That was a new record for me. I had a feeling I had better get used to it. Buying a few extra sets of sheets was going to have to be a must on my list of things to do. I went to make a mental note, but realized my chest was tightening quickly – to a point where I could barely breathe. It suddenly dawned on me that I had slept a lot later than I usually did. Changes were already coming. I forced myself to stop gasping for breath and calmed my mind . . . as well as my body. The tightness continued, but my breathing – once slowed down – became almost normal again. Within my head I could hear bones in my chest growing. It was like plates were shifting underneath the earth’s surface. It sounded like some nearby construction site was pounding something big and heavy into the ground. I realized that this structural improvement was needed in order for a solid foundation to support what was to come. I ‘let go’ and just enjoyed the ride. My undercarriage was expanding. It needed to so that my outer body could go from being a Prius to becoming a Hummer. My shoulders began to broaden noticeably. I could tell they were going to cover a much larger width on the mattress when the growth stopped. My ribcage, sternum, backbones, and every other bone in my upper body were widening – setting the stage for a spectacular muscle show of the future. As if some muscle fairy that knew a lot about gym bodies was in charge of my growth, my lower body expanded as well – so I wouldn’t be one of those guys that has a muscular torso, but clearly never worked on his wheels. I sensed I was becoming a classic young ectomorph – tall and lean, but clearly with a mesomorph’s potential. One of my favorite online morphers specialized in tall muscular men and I got the feeling he really would have loved what was happening to me. Even though I didn’t think it was possible, my core intensified, as well. I could sense it was strengthening so it would easily support the gigantic hourglass shape I would someday possess. I also realized the moans that had unconsciously been escaping my mouth for the last few minutes had lowered many octaves – making my voice sound sexier than hell. I probably could have turned on Marvin Gaye just reading the phone book. Did they even have phone books any more? If they did I wanted to easily rip one apart for my little worshipping lover – or maybe two put together. I suddenly realized I was losing my focus. I returned to being attuned to my body. I laughed a little when I noticed the feeling below my waist. It felt like someone was applying layer upon layer of thick, wide duck tape around my cock. The thing was thickening to ‘oh my god that thing is not getting near me’ proportions. Thank goodness my hands were growing because my old puny things couldn’t have gripped my new tool to save my life. Say what you like about cocks – for some people found them ugly and some people adored them – it was clear, however, that my body was being shot through with adrenaline, testosterone, confidence, and just plain old stanky manliness, which was originating in my newly dense shaft and mega-sized balls. I could feel the beads of old self-doubt oozing out of my pores as masculine sweat and falling away from my body. My brain was being developed by my growth, as well, and it was fucking enjoyable beyond my wildest dreams. I thought about my little barista friend having to now tilt his head upward to talk to me and a shiver shot down my spine. I imagined his hand shaking as he handed me my coffee because my new attitude of awesomeness would be a little overwhelming. I imagined him staring at my new lean tall body with lust in his eyes. Again, I was getting too easily distracted. Returning my focus to my body gave me a glancing vision of what greatness was to come. I lifted my hands and saw that they had become truly monstrous – to match my new big-boned, lanky body. Not to mention to match and foreshadow the mammoth cock that now hung between my legs. If I had placed these hands beside my old ones you would have thought they were skin covered large baseball mitts. Only with thick fingers, too! They were covered in so much hairy, sinewy, manly goodness that my new substantial meat shot menacingly into the sky and erupted like a pornographic Mount Vesuvius sending hot lava miles away. The second massive ejaculation in less than thirty minutes! I was definitely continuing to fall in love with my new body and all it was capable of. Not stopping to clean myself or to even really register the intoxicating smell of big man sweat mixed with big man spunk, I quickly ran to the full-length mirror to take in the day’s enhancements. Damn, I immediately understood why some people found lanky men so gorgeous. A guy over six feet five inches tall, with broad shoulders and a V-shape that was to die for was not quite as good as a hulking bodybuilder body, but it was pretty damn close. I quickly noticed that all of my muscles were more pronounced and stripped with taunt sinew making me look like some kind of lean martial arts fighting machine. I tensed my body and gasped loudly as it exploded into tight muscles everywhere. I instinctively knew the foundation was now complete – I had the height, the bone construction needed, and the power-radiating core that would allow my body to morph into the muscle mountain that was waiting to be born. I reached down and grabbed the meat hanging low between my legs. When I lifted it I was shocked by how heavy it felt and by its new density. This was a tool made for pounding . . . for pleasing . . . for pleasing while it was pounding. I imagined my future husband impaled by the gorgeous thing like a man lollipop just waiting to be licked and sucked. I knew I had to find a guy that liked to be held in the air while he was fucked, because that was surely one of the reasons to have huge powerful arms and a rod that could become a battering ram. My balls hung gloriously down like someone was carrying two small watermelons in a skin colored sack. I couldn’t wait to go commando in cotton shorts and have those big things flop back and forth as my wheels propelled me across a gym floor. Or, better yet, I wanted to dance at a nightclub in nylon basketball shorts and have the thick dick and huge balls all bounce around in a hypnotic ‘come make me get hard’ kind of way. I suddenly had the intense desire for coffee - well, actually, I had an intense desire for a coffee man. He was about to have his mind blown . . . and maybe blow something else, too. When I put my mind to it, I could have a bed stripped, sheets running in the laundry, and my new lanky body all spit-perfect clean in less than thirty minutes. I was a man on a mission and the only thing that slowed me down was the fact that I had to choose something to wear. My biggest t-shirt was still skin-tight across the upper part of my torso and only hung just below my first set of tight hard abs. It would have to do. Shorts were slightly easier – thank god for the fleece ones I owned, which had been really long on my old body, but were nearing obscene on my new one. I didn’t care. I started to pull on some briefs, but then a little confident nudge in my brain told me they weren’t needed. I’d be giving the world a gift today. A pretty big gift, to be exact. I glanced at myself in the mirror and immediately felt trashy good. It seemed that more flesh was uncovered than covered, but that was just because of how good the uncovered part looked. I double-checked to make sure I couldn’t get arrested for indecent exposure and then I strode confidently from my place – ready for the adventured my hot body would cause. I didn’t have to wait long for my first victim . . . um, I mean reward. A stocky fifty-something mailman was standing at the boxes in our lobby when I came down the elevator. He glanced up as I was walking by and my chin lift hello, enhanced by my killer smile, made it as if he had seen a ghost. He kind of slammed his body against the bank of mailboxes, shot tense like his entire body had been thrown into a wonderful hard-on, and said ‘fuck me.’ I placed a big hand on his shoulder, looked down at him, and teasingly said, “Thanks for the offer, dude, but I don’t think this would be the ideal place. It’s a little too public. I gave his shoulder a slight squeeze and didn’t wait around to see if my contact with his body had done some damage to him below the belt. I felt like it was certain I could count him as reward number one. I was looking forward to my other admirers . . . one, in particular. It was a totally new feeling to walk down the street and know people were looking at you. I could feel it – in the same way I could feel the cool breeze blowing against my scantily clad body. I didn’t look down or away when I met people’s open mouth stares. I’d lock my gaze with theirs, smile, and nod my head a little to show my appreciation for their obvious drool-filled compliment. I was two blocks into the walk when I realized I was continuously pinching the hell out of my own nipples and rocking my shorts in a way that made it clear my big feet and hands were a precursor to something gigantic. No wonder I was getting so much attention. I forced my arms to dangle at my side and I immediately marveled at how my tall lanky body seemed to soak up the sunlight and made my new improved skin glow with healthiness. I had stopped at the little market on the corner near my building to buy the biggest pair of cheap flip-flops available and still my toes stuck over the edge a little. I knew my thick long piece of meat – finally calm since I wasn’t squeezing the hell out of my nubs – swung invitingly against the fabric of my shorts as I walked. Construction workers unloading a truck at one corner stopped what they were doing to gaze at me, and one was even brave enough to whistle loudly. I looked over and said ‘thank you’ which made them all break out into cheers and laughter. If canned music piped into coffee shops had been human, it would have gone silent just like the chatter abruptly stopped when I opened the door to my favorite place. It felt like a spotlight had suddenly screamed on – focused solely on me. I sort of noticed the intense attention, briefly, but I was more fixated on the fact that I had forgotten today was the day off for my little barista! How could I have let that slip my mind? Oh, probably it was the fact that my body had shot up a bunch of inches and it was getting ready for what I thought would be muscles beyond my wildest imagination. My disappointment must have clearly shown on my face because immediately the cute girl standing behind the corner told me to not worry, Landon would be back tomorrow. I turned beet red when I realized she was acutely aware of why I had been bummed and had even known about my connection with her co-worker in the first place. I, however, was extremely happy to know his name. I ordered my usual and stood to the side to wait for it to be made. Suddenly, I heard a sexy voice say, “Well, you’re a nice tall glass of handsome goodness.” I turned to find a guy in his mid thirties, mustached like he just stepped out of a seventies porn video, dressed nicely in a polo and cargo shorts. He was definitely taller than the old me, but quite a few inches shorter than my improved body. I looked down at him and smiled. Within three minutes of small talk we found ourselves locked in the men’s bathroom having not cared one bit if people saw us go into the single toilet room together. He had my body pressed up against the wall and our mouths were like two Hoovers battling out for the same speck of dust. It was all very nice and he was a very handsome dude, but something just didn’t feel right. I couldn’t place it at first and I worried that I was subconsciously feeling like I was cheating on Landon – which was crazy. In the middle of sucking face it suddenly hit me what the problem was and I knew how to fix it. I easily pushed the body of my coffee shop delight away from me and maneuvered my body away from the wall. At the same time I spun us around and then slammed his back against the concrete so my bigger body was pressing against his smaller one. Suddenly, the world was right. I felt a jolt of aggressiveness and let my huge hands grope all of his upper body. As soon as we had gotten to our proper places – the alpha dominating the pup – both of us began to enjoy the making out a lot more. I grabbed his wrists and held his arms above his head, loving how he squirmed as he tried to free himself. I never stopped sucking his face – even when I brought my thicker thigh between his legs and lifted his body a slightly off the ground, just by using one powerful leg to push him up. He was moaning so loud I had a feeling the staff was going to bust down the door to make sure the guy that was okay. Instinctively, something told me the guy was already on the cusp of an orgasm. It was a new sensation for me – to know some guy’s body so well I could intuit what was going on inside him. I knew, immediately, this was tied to the changes in my own body and that made me want to grow even more. I let go of one of his hands and reached down to grab his balls through his pants. I squeezed tightly and he instantly started bucking with his hips against my thigh. His ejaculation was powerful and long. He let out a loud half moan that stopped as soon as he started spurting. He was too overwhelmed to even cry out – his face tensed and purple. After what seemed like an eternity, he slumped against the wall and apologized for shooting so soon. He said the action was just too hot for him – and then added that I was too hot for him. I reached up and tweaked his hard nipple through his now wrinkled shirt and told him it was fine. I said I took it as a compliment. The pungent smell of his cum filled the bathroom and that turned me on even more. I had easily made this guy shoot off like a rocket. I accepted a business card from Taylor, kissed him hard one last time, and told him I’d see him around. I could see the poor guy was totally spent and would need to stay in the bathroom a little longer to rest after I left. I could also see he was going to have trouble hiding the growing wet stain at his crotch. Once I was outside the coffee shop, I did nothing to hide the raging hard-on I was sporting in my skimpy shorts. I let the newly enlarged cock poke across my left thigh as if I had stuffed a cement-filled two-liter bottle in my pants. I had never known men could look at you so savagely. It seemed I was the little fawn that had been dropped into a pack of starved wolves. Random guys on the street openly stared at my crotch, others licked their lips, and some even made comments as they passed. While waiting for the walk sign to change a tall college stud told me he could ride my big rod so hard it would make my head spin. I told him thanks and walked on. My new size made me feel powerful – and not just because of the extra meat I now had below the waist. I loved feeling tall, feeling physically fit, and knowing that almost every person who passed me couldn’t help but stare. I was turning into the hunk I had always wanted to be and soon I would have a massive body to match the cockiness I was starting to feel inside. Now my body looked healthy and like a fitness model, but I knew that I would soon grow bigger. I was going to be the kind of muscle freak that could make a dude light headed just by flexing. A simple scratching of my head would make my biceps swell so huge that people would gasp at the sight. Suddenly, I realized I had stopped and was again unconsciously running one hand up and down my corrugated abs while the other one squeezed my right nipple hard. I didn’t even realize I was pleasing myself so openly in public. Two guys in business suits sitting on a bench nearby had stopped in the middle of taking bites of their lunches to simply stare at me open-mouthed. I smiled at them and then just walked over to stand right in front of them. Salad containers were quickly placed on the bench and four hands started exploring my stomach, my thighs, my chest, and even the log that remained impressively hard in my shorts. I got a little jolt of a dominating pleasure as the two guys quickly fell into worship mode. I grabbed two fists full of hair and pulled their heads back and forth a little to slight moans of joy. I knew I could have told either one of them to suck me off right there and then and they would have done it. I realized I was so freaking jacked-up horny that it was a little hard to control myself. I imagined both guys thrown over the bench buck naked and me taking turns plowing their tight asses as people walked by. One dude had slipped his hand up the leg of my shorts and was happily fingering the leaking slit of my plump dick head. The other man had brought his lips to my tight stomach and was presently giving my hard ridges a nice saliva shine. I glanced down the street and saw what was clearly a group of pre-school students out on a school outing with their teachers coming our way. I decided it was not our task to do visual aids for a sex education course, so I backed away from my little worshippers, which caused soft cries of disappointment. I thanked them both for our quick little soiree and then walked on, turning before I had to make my way through a gaggle of young munchkins. At this point I was so worked up that every fiber of my being was on fire for a much needed release. I knew I needed to get home or I was going to do something wild like grabbing an unsuspecting construction worker and introducing him to the pleasures of man-on-man, throw down, pounding sex. Or I might step into the gym near my house and find me a smaller, tight-bodied dude to twirl around on my throbbing rod. It was clear that my soon-to-be-massive body was going to need constant satisfaction. I wasn’t near the huge being I was going to become, but I already needed the kind of release equal to an entire high school football team after a cock-hardening championship game. It felt like I could have easily fucked a concrete wall. I was again feeling up my entire body without even realizing it as I re-entered my building – remembering my little encounter with the mailman earlier that morning. It seemed like a lifetime ago, but I knew that was because my new body was making me feel like a new man. I couldn’t wait to start really growing. Before I even unlocked my door I had my hard tool out of my shorts and was beating off joyously.
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    “You’re getting so thick,” I said as he did a few poses for me in the bathroom. “You like that, don’t you, kid?” he asked as he grunted into a new flex. “You know I do,” I replied. “Yeah, this huge daddy is packing on the muscle for you. Getting myself bigger . . . thicker, just for you. Look how massive I’m growing,” he responded and I could tell he was moving into that other world he called Muscledom as he watched himself in the big mirror beside me. “Gonna get so big you can’t reach around me to hug me, man.” “You’re nearly there, now,” I said back. “Then my big arms will just have to do all the hugging,” he said, still staring at himself. “Fuck, my chest looks like it could swallow you whole, boy.” He loved his pecs and how big they had become. He had started working out like a fiend after a minor health scare three years ago and had quickly become this elder behemoth that turned heads and pushed around the amount of weight usually reserved for power lifters. He rolled his hairy, meaty slabs of beef up and down, slowly, knowing the action turned me on very much. I could tell he already planned on having me suck on that right nipple of his all the way home. I’d then have to make the left one not feel jealous this evening. His chest ballooned out way beyond his hard abs. He called it my punching bags and made me spar with his pecs all the time – my fists finally aching because they were no match for his muscles. “Punch the bags a few times, boy,” he said, tensing his pecs. “Someone might walk in,” I replied, knowing how he’d react even as I said it. “Who the fuck cares. They’re not going to say anything. It might even turn them on, too,” he said, smiling a knowing grin that meant he hoped it did. “I worked chest today, those things are hard as rock.” As the smack of my first punch echoed off the tiled walls, I noticed that the big chest did seem a lot harder and even bigger, for some reason. It was hard to believe this mountain of muscle had been my slightly overweight heavy partying older husband just a few years ago. The first sign of changes to his body had turned me on so much – along with the definite more aggressive attitude of the guy – that he had wanted more just to please me. He kept on calling me his little muse as he transformed into a muscle god. He had also turned into a tireless fucking machine. The guy that I used to have to beg for sex once a month now couldn’t got half a day without seeking me out in our big house and pounding me wherever he found me. It was about the eight punch by now and my fingers hurt. He had watched my feeble attempts to make him feel something with complete joy – staring at each small fist as it met his wall of pec muscle. “Fingers need a rest?” he asked. “Yes sir,” I replied, forgetting how that second word made him react. Suddenly, there was a loud growl and his big arms were around my tiny waist within seconds. My face was slammed into the crevice between his mounds of muscle and I was off the floor in a flash. When I said ‘sir’ he went crazy with testosterone and had to squeeze the shit out of me every time. I found the pleasure of being surrounded by muscle more exciting than the fact that I couldn’t breathe. I heard someone stepping into the bathroom area where we were, but mountainous pecs surrounding my face prevented me from seeing the guy. “Had to give my little fella a squeeze. Hope you don’t mind, dude?” my muscle daddy said to the man somewhere behind me. “Um . . . not at all . . . uh, feel free to do . . . um . . . whatever you want . . . I’ll just . . . um . . . come back later,” replied the obviously freaked out smaller intruder who quickly vanished. “I was kind of hoping the cute dude would have wanted to join us,” the muscled elder man said as he tightened his squeeze – cutting off more oxygen. “You should have seen the shocked look on his face.” I immediately regretted the fact that I had not been able to see, but having my face slammed into his massive hard chest was definitely better. And with a kiss on the top of my head my elder lover dropped my body to the floor – knowing, instinctively, to keep his hands on my shoulder for a few seconds to help me with my post bear hug dizziness, which was caused partially by air depravation and mostly because I got so worked up being tightly surrounded by his muscles. “Damn, son, you know what that word does to me. My little man shows me the proper respect and I just go crazy with lust. One day I might squeeze too hard,” he said, teasingly. “You’re getting lighter, sweetheart. Either that, or I’m getting stronger.” We both knew what the right answer was. He dropped his sweats – struggling to get them over his enormous thighs, and cranked out a side chest pose after hiking up his briefs a little. I was in muscle worship heaven. “All I could think about today as I was benching was getting these things monstrous, for you, boy,” he said through gritted teeth as he moved his body slightly back and forth to get a better view. “Gotta make you so mega pillows for when you sleep on top of me.” This, of course, was where I slept every night. It was his choice – he said he needed to feel my body close to him all the time. That was also the reason he sometimes picked me up under one arm and carried me around as he did household chores. He said he couldn’t stand it when I was far away in another room. We also never knew when he’d get an urge for some sexual delight. He wanted to keep me ready for when the need hit. It was not as if I didn’t want it as much as he did. To be plowed by his huge body was like all the Fourth of July’s rolled into one at the same time. His cannon shooting off inside of me was better than any fireworks show. I took a moment to appreciate the size and muscularity of his humongous shoulder. It was not a muscle I usually stopped to stare at, but his was too big and gorgeous not to notice. I saw the bulge in his shorts getting bigger and his breathing had turned into heavy grunts. I knew what those were signs for. He was way beyond a point of holding back. I was suddenly in his arms again and my feet dangled off the ground. “Gotta give you a big present, boy,” he said, gruffly, as he walked. “A bathroom stall will do nicely.” “You’re too big, sir” I replied with enough of a whine to sound almost convincing. “I fit in the handicapped one,” he answered. “And I won’t need to be the one that turns around. Thank goodness, since there’s not enough room.” And we were off to be filled with much pleasure.
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    A mixture of pictures and videos. Have a great day! https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5c066828ea045 https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5b1b3192f2e1b http://www.myvidster.com/views/video.php?gtype=video&id=145179811&url_title=Andres_Vergel https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph579d2d4ba365f https://www.gayforit.eu/video/398889/Eric-Parker
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    A minor gore warning here and for the next chapter - there are some quite violent scenes and I know not everyone is into that. Chapter 19 Natasha Vane. That’s the name Lucy had heard. It takes me a while to place, but I eventually do. The journalist. The one we met the day at the ruins of the Shard. When I met her, she had been working at the Spectator. Google tells me that she recently got an offer from a much larger publication. Their office in Central London spans many floors, so it’s easy to find. I land outside, making sure no one notices me, and walk confidently through the foyer. I don’t look around curiously or hesitate or give any sign that I’m unfamiliar with the building. I learned long ago that if you look like you know what you’re doing, most people will leave you to it. Hell, considering my height and physique, they probably think I’m some famous athlete here to be interviewed. Navigating an unfamiliar place is a lot less difficult when you can see through walls. After briefly scoping the place out, I find Natasha’s office, and head straight for it. I knock on the door three times, careful not to leave a mark. Until I find out exactly how much Natasha knows, I need to keep my powers secret. A journalist will always feel the draw to publish, especially if they know about someone as interesting as me. And while I could threaten to hurt her if she does, I’m not sure it would work. She’d find a way to get the information out there. The door opens. “Hello? How can I-“ Natasha registers my face, and moves to slam the door. It’s pathetically easy to hold it steady even as she pushes with all her strength. “Can I come in?” Her gaze flickers to the busy foyer behind me in search of help, then to my hand on the door, then to my powerful body, rippling with muscle. I can see the cogs turning in her head as she realises there’s no other option. “Sure.” Wise choice. I step inside and close the door behind me. It’s a tiny office. I could cross it in two steps. But an office is an office, and that’s more than most journalists get. “I think you know why I’m here.” She leans back against the desk, tapping her fingers on the wood. “I have a vague idea.” When I don’t reply, she continues. “A couple of days ago, some guys came in asking for information about you and Jake. Said they were from the government. I didn't think twice about it. When you work at one of these big papers, you get used to official types wandering in and out, taking evidence, throwing around injunctions. It’s how they work. I told them about my article and that we hadn’t had any further contact after. They started rooting through my computer until they found that picture I took of Jake’s burned back – the original, before I’d cropped you out. I guess that’s what they wanted, because they left straight away and I haven't seen them since.” “That’s all?” I can feel my heart sink. This isn’t enough. “Yes. Why?” She seems to sense my trepidation, and waves a hand. “Never mind.” “Have you noticed anything else unusual? Anything at all?” Natasha’s brow furrows. She frowns, and turns to peer out of the window. “There was… No, forget it. Probably nothing.” “What is it?” “I’ve been seeing a lot of white vans. Sometimes the same ones, sometimes with different license plates. Wherever I go, they’re parked outside. It’s as if they’re waiting for me. Watching me. At home, my boyfriend’s house, even here. I’ve tried searching the registration numbers but they don’t show up on any websites.” I nod, making a mental note. This could be useful. Maybe if I find one of these trucks, they'll have information on Jake. “Thanks.” “So…?” I shrug. “If I learn anything interesting, I’ll let you know.” Her shoulders droop in disappointment. “Sure. Well if that’s all you wanted…” “Thanks.” I say, giving a strained smile. “Oh, and Natasha?” She looks up at me. “The recorder you’ve got taped under your desk. Give it to me.” I hold out a hand. She clearly wants to refuse, or at least ask how I knew about it. I narrow my eyes to show I’m serious, but without scaring her. After a moment, she reaches under for the recorder and hands it to me. My fingers effortlessly close over it. There’s a distinct crunching sound which makes Natasha’s eyes widen. I let the broken remains – a few pieces of plastic and some disintegrated electronics – fall into the waste basket. Leaving her open mouthed at my display of strength, I make my way outside. At first I’m expecting a difficult search, but as soon as I step into the open air, I see a nondescript white van parked along the side of the road, no doubt waiting for Natasha to finish her shift. There are two men in the front, dressed all in black. “Shit, it’s the big guy! What the fuck is he doing here?” I hear one of them say to the other. Their eyes meet mine and the truck roars to life. As it thunders down the street, I spring into the air to follow. “Drive, asshole! Drive!” The guy in the passenger seat howls, dropping all pretence at stealth as he stares out of the passenger window. The white truck swerves in and out of traffic at top speed, its tires squealing, engine roaring. Even if I didn’t have senses a thousand times stronger than a normal human, it would be hard to miss the honking horns of other drivers, the screams of pedestrians as they dodge out of the way, the smell of burning rubber. They think they’re getting away. That’s cute. I’ve been watching them the whole way from a spot so high that I’m almost invisible from the ground. If they were heading to the place where Jake is being kept, I might leave them to it. But I doubt they are. No one could be that stupid. Based on the way they're driving, they’re trying to put as much distance between the van and me as possible. I guess I’ll just let them go until they decide to stop, or run out of fuel. It doesn’t matter to me. They’re not escaping either way. You can’t run from a god. “Where is he?” The driver’s voice is shaking. “I don’t know, just keep driving!” Replies the other. The truck turns onto an empty street in a Council Estate in Barnet, then puts pedal to the metal. It surges on, faster and faster, gaining speed it can’t control as it approaches a junction. A nearby school is emptying out for the day. Students flood across the road, chatting about movies and texting on their phones, oblivious to the three tonne battering ram heading straight towards them. I wanted to let these guys tire themselves out, but this has forced my hand. I descend from the sky at twice the speed of sound, splitting the clouds like a pebble breaking the surface of a pond. I land without decelerating, slamming into the road just ahead of the truck with so much force that half of the street is torn up by the shockwave. Tarmac smokes and hisses around my feet. I look up in time to see expressions of complete terror cross the faces of the driver and his companion. The breaks shriek to life, but it’s too little, too late. The grill strikes my legs at forty miles an hour, and the rest of the truck comes with it. Piece by piece, it crumples against a wall muscle harder than diamond. Tires pop, metal grinds and warps, glass shatters, and I haven’t budged an inch. My height allows me to stare over the wreckage at my targets, through the remains of the windscreen. I disentangle myself from the wreckage with ease, jostling the van in the process. It’s so effortless, the sound of grinding steel is the only giveaway that I’m doing anything supernatural. With my legs free, I slowly make my way to the driver-side door. Normally I would have to school my features and body language to intimidate. But I’m so furious at the idea of these men taking Jake away from me that I don’t need to do anything at all. My powerful fingers tear the door off its hinges like it’s made of tissue paper. The driver tries to scramble away, but it’s useless. Once my hand closes around his throat, nothing on earth can force me to let go. His legs were crushed in the collision and he has a superficial cut on his forehead. That must hurt. I don’t care. “Where is he?” My voice comes out deep and harsh. The driver’s face is bathed in a red glow and it takes me a moment to realise the light is coming from my eyes. “Who?” He struggles to get the words out as my fingers clamp tighter. “I’m just-“ A gasping breath. “I’m just the driver. They don’t-“ His face is starting to go purple. “They don't tell me anything.” He’s telling the truth. I can spot micro-expressions that no eye or camera could detect. If I’m looking for lies, if I focus, it’s impossible to fool me. And this man isn’t lying. I let his body fall to the ground in a heap. He moans in pain as he lands awkwardly on his broken legs. Some part of me knows that crippling a guy who was just following orders is wrong. I know I should feel guilt, remorse, regret. But all I feel is anger. Jake had a calming presence. He could bring me back from the brink with just a word and a tender touch, in a way no one else could. I thought I’d developed my self-control, but now I realise it was all him. He made me a gentle giant. And now he’s gone. My gaze turns to the passenger seat, only to find it empty, the door wide open. How did the bastard get away without me noticing? I must have been concentrating too hard on the driver. It’s not a problem, though. I listen for the sound of a racing heart, and find it in an instant. I follow the sound with my eyes to see him crouched behind a skip on the next street over, fumbling desperately at a nasty gash in his side. This time there isn’t a chase. I’m done playing around with. I grab him by the back of his coat and hoist him several thousand feet into the sky before he even has time to gasp. London sprawls out beneath us. Now that I get a good look at his face, he strikes me as familiar. "You were at the café.” “I don’t know anything!” Lie. “I thought I made myself clear the last time we met. Never touch my boyfriend.” His heart is hammering in his chest and his skin is clammy. He looks down at the city below and flinches. This man is terrified out of his mind, but it’s not enough for me. I want him to hurt. “Please! I didn’t realise they were going to abduct him!” Lie. “They cut off his toe with fucking wire cutters! The love of my life! They did that to him, just to manipulate me.” “Really, I had nothing to do with it! Please man, just put me down!” Lie. I bring him closer until our eyes are inches apart, mine red and brimming with fury, his grey and wet with tears. “They’re going to cut off a piece of his body every time I don’t do what they want.” I grab his tiny hand in my huge, strong one. “That’s what I’m going to do to you. But I don’t have any wire cutters, so this is going to hurt.” With one swift movement, my fingers clench down on his soft flesh and tear the hand from his body. Bones crunch and snap, and the man’s high pitched screams fill the sky. “Where is Jake being held?” He shakes his head, delirious with pain. “I don’t know man, please, oh god, please.” Lie. Now my hand closes around his arm just below the elbow. Grip, crush, twist, tear. He screams again, this time weaker and more shrill. Blood pours from his wound like a fountain. I need to get an answer before he goes unconscious. “Where is he?" “Oh god, oh god, oh god.” He mutters as he stares unblinking at the stump of his arm with crazed eyes. “I can’t tell you, man! They’ll kill me! They’ll kill me if I say.” Truth. But that doesn’t matter. I have no plans on letting this piece of shit survive. My hand closes around the top of his upper arm, where it meets his shoulder. I begin to squeeze. “Stop! Please! Don’t do it!” He hangs his head, dejected. “They’re… They’re keeping him in an abandoned processing plant on the outskirts of Bristol. It has three brick chimneys. That’s… that’s where he is.” Truth. I let go of his arm. “Can you put me down now? Please, man. I need to go to the hospital. ” He struggles to keep his chin up and the skin of his face is pale. Blood loss. Severe. “Fine.” I say, releasing my grip on the back of his coat. He doesn’t even scream as he falls, becoming a tiny dot below me. I could watch him hit the ground if I wanted, watch him die with a loud crack on the pavement. But he’s not worth my attention. Not anymore. I fly west in search for the processing plant, focusing my sight on the distant grey sprawl at the mouth of the River Severn. The factory stands out so clearly that it almost seems to be mocking me. Now that I know what to look for, I notice an unusual number of white trucks parked nearby. That’s where they’re keeping him. That’s where I’m going. These bastards took the world from me. It’s time to take it back.
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    The director sighed, why did they sign Zeb Atlas for a twink movie. Granted he was hot, but he was 6ft3 and in his 40s. He wasn’t suitable for the movie. It was about young hot twinks and the young hunks that fuck them. Zeb was a hunk, but he was too old, at least for what was planned. He felt bad, but the director had been left with few options. He couldn’t fire Zeb, and he couldn’t use him, but there was a way to make him work. The director saw it as a kindness, it would give Zeb another 20 years of work, if it worked. The director chuckled, he knew it would work. It always did, there was always some producer at the studio pushing a big daddy guy into the films. But the director would use the ‘special’ stuff and soon that big daddy was ready for the shoot, just a couple decades younger and a few feet shorter. Zeb was no different, the director could see the changes already at Zeb rubbed himself down for the camera. The water cascading down big plump muscles, muscles that got smaller with each drop. Bones that compressed with each rub of Zeb’s soapy hands. His heavy cock quivering under the water, shrinking away. Zeb was too wrapped up in the feel of the water to notice the changes, as was everyone else. Only the director was immune to the effects, and he liked it that way. He enjoyed watching the age drain from guys like Zeb. He liked to see their lives shrink and change. Most of them had been athletes or bodybuilders when they were younger, not now. They weren’t built for stuff like that now. They could be gymnasts or dancers, the director knew they were flexible enough, he had enough films to prove that. Zeb let out a moan, a high pitched girlish moan. He was near done, his body devoid of nearly all muscle. He’d stopped at 5ft3, a foot of height gone forever. He looked barely 18, but the director had the records to proof that Zeb Atlas Junior was 18. Zeb flicked his long wet hair from his face, his soft mouth curved into a smile. A few of his slender fingers buried between his plump ass cheeks. “Ok, cut” the director shouted “Zeb keep doing what your doing, you’re gonna need to be really stretched out for what I have planned” Twins moved into view, they were corn fed, farm raised boys. As hung as the bulls they bred. Little Zeb gazed up at the big dumb farm boys, both of them looked down hungrily at the twink. Squared heavy pecs hanging high above his head, the chiseled faces of the twins smiling downwards. The twins shared a look, they were going to ruin this boy. “Ok, boys don’t go gentle on Zeb, he can take it” the director ordered “Now….Action"
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    “Here’s why your fist hurts so much, pal,” he said, smiling an evil-like grin and lifting his sleeveless shirt to reveal flesh-covered bricks that bugled out like a mountain range. “It’s also why I didn’t flinch or move at all. You’ve got a pretty powerful punch, dude, but it’s nothing up against this.” He stepped closer and I swear I could feel heat radiating from his powerful mid-section. His eyes were magnetic and he just kept smiling, as if he knew something I didn’t. The veins on his arms bulged noticeably as blood pulsed through them. He tweaked his own nipples as he continued to gaze into my eyes – not dropping his stare for even a second. “You’re a fucking hot dude. You make me feel even more powerful. You’re turned on, aren’t you, straight boy?” he suddenly asked. “Hell no!” I stammered back. “Fuck you, freak.” “Oh, so you think I’m a freak, do you, pretty boy?” he said, stepping even closer. I was pressed up against my SUV – trying to think of a way to get around him. “I take that as a compliment. I’ve worked hard to turn into a freak. I’m glad you noticed. And, by the way, if anyone’s going to be doing any fucking, I can guarantee it’s going to be the freak.” He let his gaze dropped to my crotch for only a second and my massive hard-on, which I had no control over whatsoever, gave me away. He smiled even bigger when he caught my gaze again. His big fingers pressed into his hard bulging chest and I could see the skin didn’t dent in at all. He was definitely hard all over. “Your lips says no, but your crotch says yes, yes, boy,” he said, leaning in and inhaling deeply. “I can feel your lust and man it fills me with some kind of energy I’ve never experienced before. The heat between us is intensifying, little man. I’ve never felt so alive. How about you.” “I don’t . . . feel . . . anything,” I replied, but the hesitation in my words said something very different. “Oh yeah? Let’s change that, man,” he said as he pressed his insanely hard body against me. I was smashed against the back of my car. “Looks like you’re caught between a rock and a hard place. And I’m the rock and the hard place put together, aren’t I?” My body felt like it had burst into flames and the fire was consuming every part of me. The power his body radiated was unbelievable. It was also intoxicating beyond my wildest imagination. His body made the SUV behind me feel flimsy like cardboard. It was very clear that I had about as much chance of getting through him as I did punching my way through a mountain. My cock took over all control of my body and throbbed noticeably pressed strongly between us. “Cocks don’t lie, pretty boy. Your big tool is spilling the beans right now – telling me all I need to know,” the guy said, his face a few inches higher than mine and close enough for me to smell his toothpaste. “I smell lust and I somehow get the feeling I could make the aroma of semen come wafting up with very little effort on my part. How about it, fella, want to come for this big man?” “No . . . please . . . not here . . . please,” I begged in stutters. I was on the verge of a major explosion. “Not yet?” he asked, teasingly, and ground his own hard cock into mine menacingly. “Okay, little man. But later on when you’re beating off thinking about all of my had muscles pressed against you, I want you to remember one thing. It’s not nice to call big guys nasty names. Just because I’m into dudes doesn’t give you the right to call me derogatory terms – okay? And then to throw a punch at me just because I challenge your homophobia – come on, dude, was that really thinking straight, excuse the pun. I could punch through you and the back of your pretty car if I wanted to, but that’s not my style. I just figured it would be better to make you shoot harder than stone just because I pressed all my muscle hardness against you. Next time, think before you throw out slurs against a big muscle man, okay pretty boy?” “Yes . . . sir,” I replied, trying desperately to not ejaculate on the spot. I could see he contemplated finishing the job he had started, but then he merely flexed his body even harder than it already was, pressed me into the back of the car with more force, and then released me as he took a few steps back. He let his shirt fall back down over his incredible abs and I found myself relieved – cause seeing those hard things was turning me on. He then started laughing. “How was that, honey?” he asked in a jovial voice. “Shit, it was nice!” I exclaimed. “You know, maybe you’re right – a little role playing would be fun,” he said moving around to the driver side of the SUV. I adjusted my aching hard-on and moved to the passenger side. I had a feeling tonight was going to be awesome.
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    Austin peeled off the skintight t-shirt from his bulging muscles, tossing it to the floor. He glanced at the mirror - almost pausing in shock from his own beauty - and flashed himself a seductive wink. God damn. He was beautiful. So god damn beautiful. And he was making himself hard as hell. Austin had a face that would look right at home as a Hollywood sex symbol. His mysterious brown eyes and powerful jawline were irresistible, and when he spread those lips into his trademark cocky smirk, he drove the bitches wild. He realized he could make women do anything he asked if he gazed into their eyes long enough - girls, and even some guys, were always happy to do minor favors and give him random gifts in exchange for a few moments staring at his perfect face. He still couldn't believe his transformation. Only a year ago he was an awkward nerd, his high school's valedictorian and a skinny 5'6 twig of a boy. Puberty caught up late, but when it hit him, it hit him like a fucking truck. Almost overnight, his pimples disappeared and his skin cleared. His jaw grew heavier, his voice deeper, his gaze stronger. On a friend's recommendation, Austin replaced his glasses with contacts. Suddenly, every girl in class was chatting him up and messaging him after class. "Damn, college girls are so much nicer than high school girls!" he told his friend one day. The friend rolled his eyes. "That's not it. You're just hot now." Austin took a quick selfie, and to his surprise, his friend was right! He was cute. Handsome. Sexy. Fuck, he was boning up looking at his own face. When did he get so arrogant? Austin started growing around the same time. Over the course of two months, we blasted up from 5'6 to 6'0 - Nearly an inch of height every week! "You're soooo cute!" a random chick told him one day, "and you're so tall as well!" Austin shrugged. "Yeah, I know." He was used to unprovoked compliments at this point. "You'd look even better if you bulked up, though," the girl continued. "Like, you look great already. But you're super lean. Girls love guys with muscles!" So Austin hit the gym. He had never done so before. He was really weak at the start, a frail 140lbs, but his body seemed to blossom with strength and muscle after every workout. Before long he was addicted, lifting 6 times a week, gaining muscle each and every day. He learned about "bulking", and how he needed to eat a shit ton of food if he wanted to grow bigger. Fortunately, Austin had a crazy fast metabolism, so he never gained a pound of fat. Every waking moment Austin was either eating or lifting. The rich girls who flirted with him were super happy to take him out to eat - they didn't mind spending a few hundred dollars a week on protein and carbs for a few moments with this irresistibly handsome, genetically perfect muscleboy. Austin gained 5 pounds the first week, then another 5 pounds the second, and another 5 pounds the third. People told him that he would hit a "plateau" soon, but a few months and over a hundred pounds of muscle later, he was still growing like a weed. As his body grew his appetite did too, and soon Austin had a squad of thirsty girls (and a few guys!) who were paying for his expensive bodybuilder lifestyle. At their request, Austin ditched his lame high school outfit and started taking his wardrobe seriously. With every visit to the mall, he was surrounded by a group of girls and gays who were only too glad to feel him up and provide fashion advice for his rapidly growing body. Austin began exclusively buying t-shirts and button-ups a size too small, getting them tailored so that only barely fit over his bulging muscles. Whenever the boy's massive flexing bicep or enormous expanding back burst through a shirt - a weekly occurrence at the rate he was growing - his squad would take him shopping for a new set of custom-fit tops. Austin's bottoms consisted of a variety of jeans, chinos, and sweatpants that hugged his breathtakingly perfect ass. Squats were Austin's favorite workout, and it showed. No matter what he wore, the boy's muscular bubble butt made his fans scream and giggle. In the privacy of his bedroom, he could barely believe how beautiful his own ass was, or how its delicious rock-hard mass filled up every pair of briefs he owned. By the end of the school year, nearly 7 months later, Austin had doubled his weight. Standing at 6'4 and 280lbs with scarcely a pound of flab on his body, the boy was big enough to compete with the greatest bodybuilders and toughest powerlifters. Yet he was perfectly proportional, perfectly aesthetic, with a body that could grace any fitness magazine and a face like a Hollywood heartthrob. Of course, with his new body Austin was getting even more attention! The girls who only casually flirted with him before had transformed into desperate stalkers, creeping on his social media and following his every post. The female and gay professors who had previously lectured him for skipping class now begged him to come to their office hours for some private tutoring. Even straight men found it hard to resist Austin's sexual energy - just staring at his cute smile or enormous biceps could make a lifelong hetero pop a woodie. Austin started getting intimate with girls, and quickly realized he was a great kisser. He could give a woman a genuine orgasm with just his tongue and his lips. Of course, he was gifted in other ways as well. He had mind-boggling stamina, fucking for hours and hours with such skill and power that each and every thrust brought forth a new orgasm from his partner. He was incredibly versatile, rough or gentle, fast or slow, and no matter who he had sex with, Austin's every touch gave his partner more sexual pleasure than she had ever experienced before. Before long, Austin was bringing home a new harem every night. They fucked like a wild one-man orgy till the sun cracked over the horizon, Austin's incredible staying power keeping him erect the whole time. A night with Austin would ruin a girl for life - there wasn't a man alive who could satisfy a woman half as well as Austin did on a daily basis. One day, one of Austin's regular fucks invited him to a club downtown. He quickly became a local celebrity. Club owners didn't care that he was underage - with a body like that, it didn't matter. Wherever Austin went, so did the crowd - the boy's fans crowded the streets wherever he went, dying to catch a glimpse of his beautiful smile or cop a feel of his rock-hard muscles. Austin made jaws drop with the way his body moved - he was a naturally gifted dancer, with irresistible steps that drove the crowd crazy. His fans screamed at the way he seductively gyrated his ass, his biceps jumping in tune, his pecs dancing to the beat. Most nights ended with a massive orgy, women and men alike unable to control themselves in the presence of his overwhelming sexual energy. For Spring Break, he went back home and happened upon the old high school football team and their cheerleader girlfriends at a club downtown. They didn't believe him when he told them he was the same loser they bullied only a year ago, the nerdy dweeb too weak to lift a dumbbell or run around a track. The old head cheerleader started making out with him, right there in the middle of the club, and before he knew what was happening he was fucking her in front of everybody, her teammates cheering her on and their jock boyfriends powerless to stop him. Then he fucked each of the other girls, making them come over and over and over until they begged him to stop. And when he finished with them, he did their boyfriends, fucking them so hard and so deep that they never had a single straight thought for the rest of their lives. The entire group broke up after that - the cheerleaders knew they would never experience true joy ever again, not after the ecstasy of that night with Austin, and the footballers knew that the knowledge of their inferiority and submission would haunt them for as long as they lived. Nobody ever saw them after that. After getting back from break, Austin began taking Instagram more seriously. With the help of his friends, he quickly became a social media sensation. He loved posing in nothing but his briefs, showing off the way his jawdropping junk and mouthwatering bubble butt filled up his tight underwear. The comparison between his wasplike 30-inch waist and sleeve-bursting 26-inch biceps drove haters to claim "photoshop!", but a record-breaking livestream quickly shut them into shame and silence. The unprecedented viewership of Austin's first livestream caused the video to cut off unexpectedly, prompting fan outrage that forced Youtube and Facebook to expand their network capacity. Austin's massive, heavy pectorals and flawless 8-pack abdomen made the college boy's torso a popular object of worship. A particularly wealthy fan offered him a million dollars to eat a full meal off his belly - and Austin accepted! The next day, he uploaded a photo of a half-dozen supermodels seductively licking a mess of ice cream, chocolate, and honey from his pillow-sized pecs and delicious abs. It took less than an hour to become the most-liked image on Instagram and Twitter, a flood of activity that took down half the world's Internet infrastructure. Good memories. Back to the present. Austin smiled at himself. That same smile that made women pass out in ecstasy, that same smile that forced orgasms from confident straight men. Freshman year ended yesterday. Here he was, 19 years old, the sexiest man on Earth. What would he do next?
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    A New Kind of Baseball It was a filled stadium for the first national championships of BaseBalls. Most likely because nearly the entire audience thought they were watching the final tense competition in the Baseball world cup, and hadn’t realized the S at the end of BaseBalls wasn’t a typo, and instead indicated an entirely different game. They should have realized they were in the wrong stadium when they walked past the refreshments area really, but everyone had dismissed the cum themed smoothies as a funny novelty. “Ladies and gentlemen, unbuckle your trousers, and give a warm applause for the home team: The Boston Big Cocks.” The stadium looked on in awe as twenty-five large and muscular men strutted on shirtlessly over the field. Even from the highest and furthest seats there ripped and manly bodies were apparent. The tight striations and rippling size shimmered in the sunlight, the deep grooves and peaks that made up their abdomen in full display. Tall and packed full with muscle, these men showed up in the dictionary next to the word ‘manliness’. “And put your hands together for their stark opposition: The Toronto Blue Gays” Opposition couldn’t have been a more applicable word. For the twenty-five men that that jogged into the field looked like the exact opposites of their manly counterparts. Instead of the square muscular edges, there were soft round curves on their bodies, their ass bubbling out of their uniforms and looked to be the only thing trained and honed on their body. Thin and close to the ground, no one would have mistaken them for sportsmen. But then again, BaseBalls did require a certain kind of body. “Opening our match is Matt, swinging around his dangerous bat while Ron is gonna be running bases. Patrick is going to be pitching this match it seems, a bold choice considering his unproven nature.” The men in question walked up to their positions on the field. Most would question why the batter wasn’t also the one running basses had it not been that they had become infatuated with Matt’s rippling body. Collective moans and gasps went through the stadium seeing the tight set of lycra shorts pulled over Matt’s tree like quads, his calves shimmering brighter than their diamond shaped likeness. He stood there, towering over Patrick, smiling cockily for all to see. “Cocks out!” The referee’s voice shouted across the field, his voice almost unnaturally deep and far-reaching for such a puny man. Acting like it was the most normal thing in the world the two hunky players currently on the field grabbed around in their crotch for a minute before heaving out their rock hard and pre leaking cocks. It was clear why Matt was the one batting, his oversized foot long cock was thick enough to be a baseball bat on its own. Not to detract from Ron magnificent own tool, but it was hard to beat over twelve inches of dripping and veined up cock. The small army of twinks that littered the field looked hungrily at Ron’s tool. Patrick just looked with determination at the giant of a man standing in front of him. The stadium collectively held their breath. They knew little of this sex focused game, but they knew enough that the pitcher probably opened it. And open it he did. Like a suction cup Patrick attached himself to Matt’s throbbing member. His small hands feverishly grabbed for hold on in one of the ridges of Matt’s divine body. Patrick worked the steel like shaft with an incredible expertise, Mat shook almost instantly with pleasure. Ron started running the bases like his life depended on it. The field team started making their move, circling the running big man and lunging onto his body. Soon the runner had one twink on top his magnificently muscled body, and then two, and three, and four…. All playfully toying around with one of his muscles, licking up the sweat pooling up in his pits and pecs. Soon Ron had a twink who’s bubble butt had pressed itself on top his rock hard member, Ron’s every move drowning him in pleasure. Both Matt and Ron had to fight the oncoming orgasm with all the willpower they had in their hunky body’s. Both the game and their continued life in masculine godhood depended on them fighting off the urge. Perhaps if they hadn’t wanted to open with a home run they could have made it work, but alas. Matt buckled. Ron had been halfway across the field when he suddenly heard the loud moaning and grunting coming out of Matt’s perfect chest. “Oh fuck. Oh fuck! OH FUCK!!!” Matt screamed out while his balls turned and the orgasm took over. Patrick smiled gleefully, satisfied with his work. Cum shot in thick ropes of across Patrick’s face who licked most of the salty mixture up. Matt’s faced changed from its handsome, self-satisfied, post orgasmic expression to one of pure horror when it set in what he had just done. “What a turn of events, veteran Matt losing to a newby in the first round. Unheard of.” From his panting it sounded like the announcer had just done some cumming of his own. “Well folks, we all know what's next for BaseBalls players who can't stop themselves from cumming.” Matt looked around anxiously while he soaked the grass and himself in the cum still spewing from his cannon. Ron quickly threw the twinks still attached to him on the ground, he was on the edge of an orgasm as well, and didn't want to have the same humiliating experience Matt was about to go through. The referee gave a short whistle to indicate the fault. It'd effects were immediate. The cum flowing out of Matt intensified as he lost all control over his body. Patrick put his lips over the out of control spunk faucet, swallowing down all the thick cum effortlessly. But cum wasn't the only thing leaving Matt’s body. Much like a balloon, Matt, stars BaseBalls player, was deflating. His impressive muscles flattened. His eight pack smoothed out to a soft tummy, his pecs looking more like fat male tits. Handsome features made way for soft edges and thick, cock sucking lips. Bones creaked as he grew closer and closer to the ground. Matt’s cum spewing horse cock was the last thing discerning him from the army of twinks that littered the field. But even that slowly drained and disappeared, till he was nothing but a sorry excuse of a man shivering with the last remnants of pleasure as Patrick drained his 2 inches of cock and pea sized balls for the last drops of the sweet nectar. “Oh I love the next part.” The sounds of his stroking clearly audible on the announcer's mic. Patrick slammed his cum filled belly with enthusiasm, it jiggled, and then bounced back, looking a little less round than it had done a minute ago. Soon stretching could be heard as the puny looking’ Patrick stretched and grew. Where once had been nothing but fat and flab, now the round defined curves of muscle started emerging. Patrick went for a double bicep pose. It looked kind of ridiculous at first, but soon real biceps popped out. And it wasn't before long that the flex showed off how much every muscle on his body had to fight for space. “GOD YES. MORE. MORE! MORE!!” Patrick roared. He got his wish, in mere moments the stud grew into a full-blooded hunk. Could have easily been a part of the Boston Big Cocks with how big he was. But he wasn't done growing. Patrick wouldn't be done growing till he was standing over seven feet tall and weighed over 300 pounds in pure ripped muscle. A true mountain of a man. Matt jealousy bit his lips. He tried summoning his most sportsmanlike behavior and meekly smiled while handing over his team's uniform to his competitor. Of course the new giant couldn't continue playing for the twink filled team. He was a divine muscular man now, a member of the Boston Big Cock's. Likely their new team captain with all that size on him. Patrick tried pushing his legs into the tight lycra uniform, but to no avail. Hie legs were too thick, his cock too massive. The uniform was too small. He just shrugged his impossibly wide lats and gave up on clothing all together. Instead, he just plopped down next to his new teammates. All cheerfully welcoming the big nude hunk. “We’ve never had an athlete be able to down that much cum, and wow, would you look at those effects! Patrick is looking like the biggest BaseBalls player around. That chest is looking mighty fine and way past fifty inches, and that cock… Damn, that might just be pushing the fourteen inches.” Matt meanwhile looked disgusted while he put on Patrick’s old uniform. It was drenched in cum. He sighed. You win some, you lose some. That was so great about BaseBalls, you could always make a comeback to godhood. “What an opening match y'all! To imagine we still have so many hours of this to go! I've been asked by the caterers to remind you we still have fresh batches of Matt’s cum for sale, doesn't look like he's gonna be shooting any of those fountains he's so known for in porns anytime soon.” Slurping noises could be heard as the announcer himself worked through one of these smoothies. “Doesn't come with any of the magical growing powers, but damn if it doesn't taste good…” “Oh and before I forget. You can take the fun home with your own BaseBalls starter kit. Comes packaged with enough magic for three full games. Muscle draining fun for the whole family.” Going by the loud noise of people grabbing their wallets sweeping through the stadium it seems quite a few wanted to try out this new kind of baseball with their friends.
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    Part 3 As the party winds down and more guests filter out, Seth finds Trevor again. “Hey, I hear Brooke is going to be back in town in a couple of days. Would you and her like to go on a double date with me?” "A double date? Hey man, good for you! So, you finally snagged yourself a girl! Good for you!" Trevor teases, "Did you find her at Walmart of something, HAHA!" Seth grins smugly at Trevor and replies, "Nah bro. I think you might know her. Real sweet girl. Scorchingly hot too. Fine and fit as hell.” Seth bounces his exposed pecs and adds, “She loves big men. Says I fit the bill perfectly." Trevor is still having trouble processing the new change in attitude for Seth. He's acting like a cocky jocked-up fratboy...he then realizes that Seth is acting just like he used to... “Ok, well sure thing Seth. Let's set something up and have great night with our ladies. Proud of you bro!” Trevor's girlfriend Brooke has also been away that summer at a fashion internship in NYC. She loved it out there. Trevor could still remember her raving about it. "The shopping, Trev! It was AH-MAZING!" She would say over and over when they would text and FaceTime. Every time Trevor saw her on his phone screen he was amazed at how good she was looking. Trevor had beat off several times throughout the summer when Brooke would send him some pics in her swimsuit. Working at a fashion organization, she had even had some modeling test shots taken. It made him proud that this stunningly beautiful woman was his. While the couple texted and FaceTime-ed while apart, neither of them ever discussed their growth at all. Whether it was still occurring for either party. Trevor had put it out of his mind until she arrived at her apartment two day later. On his way there he contemplates her progress. At first, the thought of tall, hot vixen girlfriend excites him, but then he goes cold. "What if... what if she kept growing too?” He shakes his head, “She may have kept growing, but she would've had to grow a lot, even more than Seth to catch me.” Relaxed and excited, he finds his way to her apartment and knocks on the door, which swings open. She left the door cracked so he could enter. A loud 'whirrrrr' of a hairdryer emanates from the down the hall. Trevor chuckles, like a typical woman, she's still getting ready. “Hey babe, I'm here!” Trevor announces. “Ok, Trevor, just a few more minutes.” Trevor laughs again, knowing it will likely be another 20. The couple shout a conversation as she primps and preens, catching up. She's excited that they will be all going to the new restaurant, 'Harvest', in town. "Farm-to-table is SO in right now. So many places in the City are doing it!" Trevor shakes his head, laughing internally at how ten weeks in a big city has totally changed her perspective on things. Predictably, fifteen minutes later he calls out to her. "Come on, Brooke, let's head out. We are going to be late!" “Okay okay! Just finishing up...now. Coming!” Trevor stands and gives himself a once over. He has opted for a trendy long-sleeve black button down. Even though it was summer, he opted to cover himself up more than he usually would, still slightly embarrassed that he wasn't at the top of his physique game. He couldn't deny though, even with the dip in his physical progress, he still looked very good. Far better than most guys. He hears the “click-clop” of high heels coming down the hall and watches Brooke strolls into the living room. His heart flutters. She's GORGEOUS. Her slim black dress accentuates all of her curves perfectly. She looks like she's lost some weight, not that she needed to, meaning she was even more toned than he remembered. And on top of that she's wearing heels that show off her long, LONG legs. "Wait" -- alarm bells go off in his head -- "long legs?" Trevor feels that time slows as she approaches. Getting closer and closer... and taller and taller... until she's right in front of him. Staring DOWN at him! "Hey honey, up here!" Brooke giggles, looking down at him by an inch or so. Trevor's eyes go wide, and inside he is horrified. "Brooke... you... um-" he stammers a bit before she finishes for him. "-Look so tall?" She beams, "Well, the three inch certainly heels help!" She shows them off. "Don't worry, honey, you are still taller than me with them off..." Trevor sighs in relief. "Probably, anyway... don't you like them? I got them this summer at Jimmy Choos... they are PERFECT!" Trevor controls his inner struggle and smiles. And who could blame him. His girlfriend was like a Victoria's Secret model. She was so hot and energetic and perfect. At that moment, maybe for the first time ever, he felt out of her league! However, even with her new height unsettling him, her hot looks and body were certainly revving his engine. "They sure are, babe. Let's head out. You are going to turn some heads tonight. Hell, Seth is going bug out seeing you in these!" The pair embrace and engage in a deep sensuous kiss. Trevor's hands run up and down her perfect, long figure, causing his groin to stir. Although having to bend his neck UP to reach her luscious lips is a new sensation for him...and one he doesn't particularly like. He comforts himself by reminding himself that she is wearing three inch heels, giving her an artificial advantage. They release the kiss and Brooke heads quickly back to her room. “Just let me grab my pocketbook and we can go meet Seth and his new girlfriend. Ooooo! So exciting. I can't believe our Seth has a girlfriend! I wonder if she's cute.” “She'll have nothing on you, babe!” Trevor watches her long form walk back down the hall. He laughs and think to himself "Well, if I can't be taller than Seth, at least my girlfriend will be close!" He suddenly winces at realizing how insane that sounds. He should be the tall one, not Seth. He feels bad but the envy seeps in as he starts to feel short again. The power couple head to the restaurant. Trevor starts feeling better loving the attention he and his woman are getting. Even though Brooke is taller than him in heels he is still couple of inches taller than her, so it's completely acceptable...at least that's what he tells himself. Plus, he realizes all the guys have to be crazy jealous of him as they make their way around the shopping area, Trevor with his arms around what looks to be a brunette supermodel. As they near the restaurant Trevor spots Seth above the crowd. Wait a minute. "Above the crowd??" he thinks to himself. Once again his heart beats faster as he realizes how tall Seth now is. Still not crazy tall, but well above average. Seth spots Trevor and waves them over. As they approach, Trevor notes how Seth is filling out his button down to the max. Unlike himself, Seth has opted for short sleeves. The effect is that his pumped shoulders and bulging arms are filling the sleeves. Seth has left the top button open because his neck and chest are too big to close it. Brooke squeals as she sees him. "OMIGOD SETH! LOOK AT YOU! SO BIG AND HANDSOME! YOU LOOK SO HOT!" She hugs him and kisses him heavily on the cheek. Seth returns the embrace in his big arms. "Well hey there little lady!" As the two hug, Trevor notes his reference to her because even in her heels Seth is taller than she is, unlike him. Just after, another stunning woman, curvy, yet fit and blonde, walks up and places her feminine hand on Seth's large arm. She looks familiar to Trevor, though he can't place her...and then it hits him. She's the hot girl from the gym. “Trevor, Brooke, this is my girlfriend, Stacy!” As the two girls hug Seth looks Trevor in the eyes and you winks back at him. He has landed one of the most sought after chicks on campus. Stacy is in high heels too, thus she is also and inch or so taller than Seth right now. As the four all make acquaintances Seth chuckles and makes light of this fact, much to Trevor's chagrin. “You girls are going to have to take off your shoes for poor Trev, here!" The girls giggle with delight. Stacy adds, "It's ok Trevor, you're still cute!" Trevor knows it's meant as a compliment, but he'd always felt that being called 'cute' was something meant for...well...small guys. Seth jumps in. “Trevor and I used to be roommates, we also lifted together.” “Oh ok, Seth. Oh that's cool. So, Trevor, did you pick up any bodybuilding tips from this handsome big ox here?” Stacy says as she squeezes Seth's biceps. Seth busts out laughing, “Not quite, babe. Actually Trevor here was the one who got me into lifting.” Stacy embarrassed, tries to deflect. “Oh. I see. I..I can uh, see that you are quite fit too, Trevor,” she says unconvincingly. Brooke jumps in to save face. With a bright smile she compliments her man. “Trevor is in great shape. He just opted for the looser look tonight, so it's harder to tell.” Thankfully Trevor's embarrassment is cut short as the hostess arrives to seat them. Trevor frowns as he sees Seth continuing to chuckle to himself. The foursome sit down for a nice meal at a fancy Italian restaurant. Brooke continues to compliment Seth on how good he's looking, even copping a feel of his big arm at one point, causing Seth to laugh and ratcheting up Trevor's jealousy. She hadn't grabbed his arms like that at all tonight. She used to all the time back in the Spring. Seth in turn thanks Trevor for all his help and advice on his “journey to getting big” as he puts it. Thankfully for Trevor, the rest of the meal focuses on typical college-aged conversation and less on their physical attributes and he is able to relax. That is, until after their meals when they are enjoying a slow evening walk back through the upscale shopping district. At one point the couples split up to use the restroom before they depart for their cars. In the bathroom, Seth brings up the Elongro. “Hey Trevor, I was talking with Stacy. Have you sold anymore of your Elongro shots?” “No.” “So you still have two or three doses let then. I know Stacy would like to have a shot, she's been very impressed by how much muscle and size I've put on over the summer. I told her she could have a dose. She'd pay of course.” Trevor stares straight forward as he washes his hands, letting Seth's words sink in. This feeling of being "little" has been nagging him all night. The idea of Stacy, an already tall, fit girl, growing even more makes his stomach turn slightly. “Um...I'll think about it.” Seth can sense that Trevor has reservations. “Ok. Yeah man, let me know. It'd be an nice easy $200. Could buy a few months worth of supps!” After dinner the four head to Seth's for a night cap. His roommates have decided to party elsewhere for the night and the place is quiet. Back at Seth's house, he has opened another three buttons of his tight shirt. The deep, tan, pectoral valley displays itself to the group, which Stacy can't keep her eyes off of, even though her own impressive cleavage is showing and Seth's eyes return the favor. “This is one of the reasons I had to get to know Seth! I mean, just look at this chest!” Stacy smiles brightly, reaches her hand inside Seth's shirt to rub his pecs. Brook and Seth join in laughter although Trevor just watches, silent. “So is that how you two met, at the gym?” Brooke asks. “Yes, I work at the rec center. Seth comes in every day to workout. At first I didn't even really notice him. I must've been blind, haha! But soon I was wondering who that buff hunk was that came in to lift every night at 6:30pm. After that he was hard to miss. He's one of the strongest guys that come in. Since it's summer there's not a lot of lifters, and one night Seth was benching and I was the only worker in the weight room at that time. He came over to ask me to spot him. I about died when he came over!” Seth chuckles and adds, “You about died? I was so nervous to go ask YOU to spot me, the hottest girl I'd ever seen.” The sexy college pair smiled at each other and gave each other a quick peck on the lips. “Seth was benching so much weight I wasn't sure I would be able to spot him! But I just couldn't say no to these big arms!” Stacy grabs Seth's arm in both of her hands and tries to encircle it. She doesn't even come close. Seth merely rolls his eyes, “She is always groping me.” The girls giggle and Stacy retorts. “It's so hard not too! Look at his muscles! I joke that he almost has bigger tits than I do! Plus, he gets to return the favor in private!” More giggling. Trevor watches on, in shock as what may be the hottest girl on campus, save for maybe Brooke, seems to be completely smitten for Seth. Stacy constantly caresses his big arms, exposed pecs, delts...everything. At one point he swears he sees Stacy try to sneakily reach down under the table. All the while Seth sits there, proud as a peacock, a total stud, grinning stupidly. “Aww, that is so sweet,” Brooke coos as she too grabs Trevor's arm lovingly...finally, perhaps remembering what it was like when she and Trevor were first dating. “You two are adorable.” After their fancy night out, the realities of being poor college kids sets back in. After some drinks and a couple of rounds of card games, the girls break for the ladies room. The two girls have really hit it off which pleases both guys. While the ladies are in the bathroom, Seth presses Trevor on Elongro. "Dude, what's the concern? Remember how badly you wanted to recoup your investment. That's $200. Hell I'll pay it right now if you want," Seth says grabbing his wallet. Trevor waves him off. "It's not that... it's just..." he sighs. "Ok man, I think I know what's up. Are you worried that Stacy would get taller than you? Trev, I've got news for you... She nearly is already WITHOUT the injection. PLUS, girls end puberty WAY before guys...." and in a response Trevor has heard before, "...and it probably won't have any effect on her anyway, so really there's nothing to worry about!" Seth grins. "What's the harm, li... Trev?" Trevor knows that Seth was about to call him "little guy" again but caught himself. He sighs, exasperated. "Ok, ok, fine." "Awesome, dude! You're the best." Seth pulls the cash out of his wallet and hands it to Trevor. Trevor promises to deliver the injection to Stacy when he sees her at the gym tomorrow. Seth gets up and hugs his friend, surprising Trevor. Once again, Trevor feels his feel leave the ground. "I can't thank you enough, Trev. This shot has changed so much for me. And all for the better. I'm so glad that you have always looked out for me. It's all thanks to you! You are my best buddy. You'll always be! No matter how big you and I get!" Trevor instantly feels guilty at his attitude. All night long he been internally raging with jealousy. He knew he should be more happy for his buddy. Plus, it was still likely that he himself would grow some more. He just had to be patient. The ladies come out from the bathroom. Mercifully, in bare feet, and now both are now shorter than Trevor. Although, they are close enough to his height to make him uncomfortable. Both of the girls looks so tall... and then there's Seth, looming HUGE in the room. Trevor can't believe how much has changed in such a short period of time. Seth clearly loves the attention, especially the attention he's getting from Stacy. At one point he gets up to grab a beer and Trevor notes the fullness of his bulge. “Geez, I hope he's fluffed up from Stacy's groping,” he thinks to himself. The four talk late into the night before calling it. Trevor mentions to Seth how he wants to get back in the gym. Having lightened up, just slightly, he jokes. "Maybe you can start training me, Seth!" Seth smirks, enjoying the role reversal. "Any time brother... but I still have lots to learn!! We can teach each other... just like old times. The pair make plans to hit the gym more regularly. The couple make their goodbyes and Seth and Brooke head to the door, escorted by Seth. “You and Brooke have a great night.” Seth clasps hands with Trevor and leans in close for a bro hug and whispers, “You better believe Stacy and I will be. She can't get enough!” Seth and Trevor break the hug and Trevor gives him knuckles. On their way out, Seth reaches down and grabs Trevor's shoes for him. "Man, haven't seen this size in a while..." Trevor looks at Seth, puzzled. "Oh, I'm in 14s now. Guess my feet are growing faster than the rest of me!" he laughs. Trevor grabs his size 11s and slips them on. He hears that proud laughter ringing in your head the entire way home. * As planned the night before, the next day the two meet in the gym. Seth comes out of the locker room in a sleeveless shirt and greets his training partner. Trevor can't believe how huge and ripped his fully exposed arms and delts look. Like last night, Trevor is wearing a more conservative t-shirt compared to Seth, a little bit embarrassed at the small amount of fluff he has put on. Trevor is still in better shape than most of the gym goers, but Seth is now in another league which gives Trevor and unfair comparison. The lifting buddies start with bench press. Since Trevor is bit out of sorts with his lifting he can only manage 225 lbs x 6 times. He sits up after grunting out a tough set, looking disappointed. "Trev, you'll get it back, bro. Just keep lifting hard. Hop up, my turn!" Without changing the weight, Seth lays down on the bench and reps it out easily ten perfect times. He proudly stands back up, swinging his arms to loosen his joints. "Good warmup. Your turn again!" With Seth spotting, Trevor ekes out another 6 reps, but clearly he can't do any more, having exhausted his unconditioned muscles. Seth then starts to grab some of the smaller plates. "Throw on a ten and five on each side,” he demands. They load up the bar, Trevor is surprised at the weight. He watches as Seth then lays down again and with light effort, benches 255 lbs 10 more times! He quickly stands up and cockily proclaims. “Damn bro! I'm really feeling in my pecs today" Soon after they move on to biceps dumbbell curls. Trevor grabs the 25s and does a set of 10 for each arm. When he finishes Seth is happy to throw his buddy a some encouragement. "Nice job dude, looking big!" Seth winks, Trevor can't tell he is being sarcastic or sympathetic. Seth then grabs the 35s and easily completes a set for 12 reps. Trevor gazes as Seth's big arms pump thicker and tighter, bloating with nutrient rich blood. The workout continues with like this. With Seth consistently doing 10-20 more lbs and an extra 2-5 reps. By the end of the workout Seth is looking massively pumped. As the two head into the locker room they run into Stacy at the towel desk. “Hey boys! My you are looking BIG today, Seth,” she coos. Trevor notes she doesn't say anything about him. Seth grins as she feels up his arms and they quickly kiss. He then looks at Trevor, smiling brightly. “Trev, my man, would you mind getting that injection for Stacy?” Trevor runs and gets the pre-loaded syringe of Elongro from his bag. The trio enter a private office and Seth gives her the injection in her tight booty. Stacy, excited at what she hopes lies ahead, groans as the needle plunges in. "Oo! That stings a little. Awesome. Thank you so much for giving the dose, Travis!" Seth is holding in laughter as Trevor corrects her. "Um...actually it's Trevor." Stacy's eyes widen as she realizes her mistake. "Oh I'm so sorry, yes Trevor. That's what I meant." Trevor knew that wasn't true. He realized he just wasn't man enough to make an impression on the hottest girl on campus who likes 'big guys'. Guys like Seth. Before the two men split away, Stacy walks over and again squeezes Seth's arms. She really can't keep her hands off him. "Baby, you are looking so buff!" she says as she gropes him. At her touching, Trevor then notices Seth's already full bulge growing even more pronounced. Her fondling is getting him excited. Trevor could see that it looked like Seth was packing some major heat. He didn't remember a bulge like that when they were dorm-mates. “It has to be the lighting,” he tells himself. With one last kiss the couple split up and the two lifters head to the locker room to change. Seth strips off his shirt. “Fuck,” Trevor thinks. He's seen glimpses of Seth's physique but not yet fully exposed. Not since last May anyway. Seth looks fucking PUMPED! "DAMN SETH. You look like an amateur bodybuilder!" Seth lights up at the compliment, "HAHA Thanks bud! Ya know, I've been getting that A LOT lately. I think I like being huge. They say it's harder for tall guys to put on muscle, doesn't seem to be the case with me! BOOM!" Seth punctuates his last statement with a most muscular pose, bring his arms down and flexing his frontal muscles. All his muscles tighten and bulge outward except for this deep cut abs. Trevor is taken aback as the display of young male masculinity right in front of him. He can't help but admit to himself that Seth is damn impressive. "Shit, Seth. How much did you say you weigh nowadays, 210?" Seth grin, "Yeah, the last reading was 210, that was last week though. I feel so pumped though, maybe more now! Wanna see?" Trevor nods his head, so they head toward the end of the locker room where the scales and stadiometers are. A few guys changing stop what they are doing to watch. Some of them know Seth in passing from the weight room - some try to pretend like they don't care, others fully watch. All are impressed by Seth's physique. He may have had one of the most all-around complete physiques on campus by now. There may be others on campus that were bigger, others that were stronger, more ripped, better looking and taller. But he may have had the best combination of all those attributes in one body. Seth steps on to the scale. The dial spins up and up before stopping at... … 217 lbs. Trevor's eyes bulge out of his head. "Dude... you've put on... over 40 pounds in like 10 weeks!! And seven in just the last week!" Seth and Trevor hear a few claps in the background from the guys watching. Seth knows a couple of them as they also lift regularly. They are all thoroughly impressed! Trevor asks a guy if the scale is calibrated correctly. He nods in confirmation. "Damn....." Trevor continues, saying slowly, completely impressed and stunned at the same time. "I can't believe you have that much mass and definition at that size, Seth..." he says, totally in awe of his former roommate's growing body. Seth turns to look at the small crowd of dudes and hits a most muscular pose, sending the fellas clapping and whooping again. “You are jacked as hell, brah!” One of the more ripped guys calls out, causing Seth to smile at this fellow impressive specimen. “How tall are you? Like 6'0?” “Something like that,” Seth replies with a shrug. "Measure his height!" another guy shouts. "Yeah, I want to know how tall he is!!" Seth stands with his powerful hands on his hips, the superman of the locker room. He chuckles, "Well, Trevor, dude, the crowd has spoken!!" Seth steps over to and onto the stadiometer. Trevor begins to extend it upwards, standing on his toes as he does. Seth stifles a laugh as Trevor brings down the level to the top of his head. Trevor's eyes go wide. "Holy fuck, Seth...." he says slowly, "Fuck, you are SIX FOOT TWO!!" Seth steps forward and throws back his head in laughter. He reaches his long arms into high as if stretching for more height. He emphatically boasts to the men in the room, noting proudly to himself how he is bigger...taller and bigger than ALL of them. Sure, it's a very small sample size, but this is the first time in his life that he has experienced being the biggest and tallest man in the room. "Damn! Well Trevor, I HAVE been feeling TALL lately... I guess I know why...BECAUSE I AM! I mean, six foot two? That's definitely in the 'tall' category, dontcha think?" Trevor nods to his larger friend. “Plus, I'm not only tall, I've got all this muscle. Look at these pythons! They might be closing in on 20 inches! Haha, all you boys better start lifting harder or I'm going to leave you all in the dust!” Seth is smiling from ear to ear while guys all around the locker room compliment and congratulate him. Trevor stands back and also notices that the small group of lifters are all smaller than Seth, both in muscle mass and height. Seth certainly has them beat in looks too. Seth has firmly established himself as one of the tall guys at the gym when a few months ago, he was one of the shorter ones! After the moment dies down a bit and the other guys head back to normal routines, Seth looks over at his nervous friend. "Well we took my stats. You want to measure too, bro? Since we are here. Like you said, it's good to keep track. Now that you are back in town and back on the lifting train you want to follow your growth, right?" Trevor thinks on it a moment, trying desperately to think of a way out. However, he knows Seth is right, especially since Seth used his own words as the argument. Trevor decides to go ahead with it. At this point, he acquiesces to himself that Seth taller. "So what?" he thinks, especially since he believes – nay, hopes - that he's been growing too. He just has to be. They take his weight first. "Trev, looks like your 205. Not bad. Well you caught up a little bit to me, dude...sorta!" Seth chuckles and says, slapping Trevor's belly which jiggles just slightly. He sees Trevor redden a bit and further comments, "Don't worry, you'll get that body fat back down in no time working out with me!" In the back of his mind though, Trevor knows he could realistically lose the flab and gain back the muscle. What really worries him right now is...the height. They both know that height is one of the prime measurements that matter. Seth looks down at Trevor, he can see his apparent apprehension. In that moment Seth honestly does feel bad for Seth. Right at the moment he realizes that Trevor must feel like Seth won the lottery while he missed out. "Ready?" Seth asks as Trevor steps forward on the stadiometer. Trevor stands as tall as he can. Seth reviews the measurement twice to be sure. "Well, Trev, good news! You got a bit taller!" He sees Trevor light up. "Really? Am I over 6ft?? By how much?!?" Trevor asks eagerly, but Seth's smile fades a bit. "Erm... well.. you aren't quite there yet, dude. I'm seeing a quarter inch under 6ft. So real close! That's like another quarter of an inch since we measured last. So you are still growing! That means a big growth spurt like I had may be right around the corner, bro." Seth reaches out to give his friend a high five, but Trevor walks away, dejected and pouting. He mutters a few things before he changes and throws his stuff in a bag and heads for the door. Seth throws on a shirt and goes to catch him before he exits the rec center. "Dude....are you-" But Trevor brushes him off. Seth understands how he feels and knows best to leave it alone. As Trevor walks out of the gym, Stacy heads in Seth's direction, having heard all about the measurements from one of Seth's casual lifting buds that was a mutual friend of hers. She grins excitedly, reaches up and wraps her arms around Seth's neck. "Looks like my evening plans were canceled, Trevor. I want to have some fun with this TALL six foot two muscle hunk I heard about." Seth grins as he grabs her around the waist. With just one arms he lifts her up for a quick kiss and she emanates a girly squeal at his strength and size. “That's sounds great, Babe. Let's head home for a long, FUN night ahead! +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Jump to Part 4: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/16655-elongro-added-part-3-on-1819/?do=findComment&comment=208537
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    Revenge of the Nerds - The Soccer Team I probably shouldn’t have despised Victor as much as I had. There’s just something so… Insufferable, about people being cocky when they have no right to be. Victor was the perfect example of that. He had crowned himself king of the world because he was the biggest guy on a team of freshmen soccer players. I probably wouldn’t have even known about Victor’s pitiful existence had Coach Biggs not made taking up a sport necessary for everyone on campus. As far I know, we were the only college to have that requirement, probably a consequence of having our puny dean be Coach Biggs personal cum dump. Soccer had been the only sport on the list we could pick from without any mandatory weightlifting element, so naturally most of us scrawny nerds had flocked to it. And now here Victor was, having the slightest muscle definition instead of being scrawny like all of his teammates had given him quite the god complex. Well, you know what they say. “In the land of twinks, the twunk is king.” I probably wouldn’t have minded his insufferable personality as much if he at least had something to back that cocky attitude up. But all he had was the faintest outline of some abs and congratulated himself on being the greatest sportsmen in the universe. With the football team having been inexplicably reduced to short and boney in the last few months I suppose the bar of entry to jockdom had been lowered significantly. It had been in the showers following training, Victor had continued his usual bragging about the cock we could all clearly see to be just a hair above average, when I had decided I’d have to get rid of this twerp or bash my brains in. Luckily for me, being the descendant of a long line of witches, I could get rid of people rather easily. But as I slowly turned through my book of curses I was finding it rather difficult to pick one to use on lil’ Vic. “Force someone to see their worst nightmare whenever they turn off the lights.” No. “Make someone feel like their blood is boiling for three days and nights.” Nope. “Let spiders crawl through their mouth whenever they come close to falling asleep.” God no. I didn’t want to the guy to end up in mental institution, I just wanted to not have to deal with Victor’s unnecessary boasting, was that so much to ask? Entirely on it’s the own the occult leatherbound handbook turned it’s scribbled pages, text flying by in a rapid pace. Finally the magical page turning ended on a curse I hadn’t seen before, the text glowing a faint red before the book calmed down again. I read the dark black letters and didn’t even consider it at first. It was a body transmutation curse, and a vague one at that. “Force the body of the cursed to grow and swell with size.” That could mean so many things. My witching aunts had warned me about mysterious vague spells, they had knack of only making things worse. I turned the page, only to find the fifth curse that afternoon that involved bringing back dead loved ones to haunt the living. Maybe making Victor ‘grow and swell’ wasn’t all that bad of an idea? If he got enough of a growth spurt coach Biggs would probably pull him over to a sport he would be more qualified for. There’s a reason you don’t often see big soccer players, size tends to just drag you down. This wasn’t too bad of an idea I reasoned, Victor would have some fun, and he’d be quickly placed somewhere better suited for his growing body. I didn’t need some big revenge, I was just tired of dealing with his bullshit. The Lacrosse team was still a player short, Victor would fit right into their show-offish attitude. It was a simple incantation, didn’t even have to offer up any pig or goat blood, just a small load of cum. After channeling the powers of the dark realms I made myself a nice cup of tea, anxious to see what the curse would end up doing. Victor however, didn’t show up to our next soccer practice. Or the one after that. Or the one after that. For days we didn’t hear a single thing from the prick. Though I was glad to be rid of irritatingly boastful crow, I couldn’t shake the thought of my mind that the curse might have unfolded rather badly. Maybe it had just swollen up his feet and made it impossible for him to move around. When dealing with demonic forces and curses one can’t worry enough. My fears were put to rest when my teammates excitedly announced Victor was back. Well, they were put to rest until I caught sight of what the curse had done to him. I wonder why they even classified it as a curse in the first place, considering the absolute stallion of a man it had transformed Victor into. “Hey twerps! Your god is back!” Victor said, the arms draping next to his body bulged and swelled with his every move as he swaggered over to the flabbergasted soccer team. Muscles stacked over muscles rippled, his red tank top pulled tightly over his pec wall. The lower row of his abs was now on full display, his new height of 6’6 making him too large in every direction for the feeble garment. Loud meaty slapping noises could be heard with his every step, perfectly in sync with the outline of a truly gargantuan soft cock moving left and right in a small set of shorts. “Had a bit of an unexplained growth spurt as you can see. Shouldn’t change much between us guys, I had always been the best thing on this excrement of a team.” Victor flashed a handsome cocky grin. For some reason I thought I’d see confident that grin often from now on, very often. “Anyways, my body swelling with size had me preoccupied for a few days. Fuck it was horny, feeling pure power course through my body. Couldn’t leave my room for days. I’m glad I have such a cocksucker of a roommate, having someone to shoot my buckets of loads into made it somewhat easier.” Loud ripping noises could be heard as Victor’s feet slowly pushed themselves out of their size 18 shoes. “Shit, well, guess I’m not done growing. Doesn’t matter anyways, got all this shit for free, the guy owning the store came four times simply watching me change into all this.” I had the growing suspicion that giving an already cocky guy the body of a literal sex god might have pushed his inflated ego out of orbit. “Well, anyways, I’ve had a little chat with Coach Biggs and it doesn’t seem like I’m not gonna be your teammate anymore, too big to be a soccer player…” Disappointing gasps went through the team, they undoubtedly already imagined what it’d be like showering with the humongous man. I was just glad my plan had worked. Victor could go be a cocky asshole anywhere else, I might have accidentally created a bulging and throbbing divine creature in the process, but I had rid me life of hi- “...Instead, I’m gonna be your new coach! Isn’t that great? You all get to trace my muscles with your eyes as I grow bigger and bigger and I show you what men are supposed to be. Oh, and you get to learn how to be less shit at soccer, I guess.” I felt my mouth go dry. I’d have to look at this perfect piece of meat nearly every day of my college career. “Well then twerps, let’s get started.” Training from Victor was an… Experience. It mostly involved him calling out exercises that were impossible for us to do. Ten laps under two minutes, Two-Hundred Push ups, filling an entire 1st place soccer cup with one load of your cum. After we would fail he’d show how easy the exercise was for him to do. I’m not entirely sure how we were supposed to improve from any of it. Watching his oversized body swell even bigger with each exercise was nice though. I was beat by the end of the ‘training’ and the entire team limped back to locker room. Victor told us not to shower, and instead let the world bathe in our manly musk. Most of us just smelled salty and gross, he was of course the only one with a nice testosterone filled air around him. I grabbed for my clean clothes in my bag, accidentally lifting out the small leather bound spell book in the process. I looked at it for a second, ready to throw it back in when I suddenly felt a strong muscular hand take it out my hands. I turned around, bumping into Victor’s massive pec shelf in the process. He had the curse journal open in his hand, and going by his shocked expression I could tell at which page the book had decided to open. “You did this?” Victor asked in disbelief, excitedly waving up and down his body. “I... Uh… Didn’t anticipate these effects…” I tried mumbling. He gave me rough noogie, the powerful arm nearly pushing me into the ground. “Course you didn’t, otherwise you wouldn’t have wasted this hunky body on me right?” Victor pondered his own words for a moment and then cleanly ripped containing the curse the page out of the book. I tried fighting the vandal, but it was no use, he easily kept me at bay with one arm while shoved the page into his own bag. “Sorry man, I think I can handle there only being one incarnation of Hercules on campus at a time. Gotta make sure you don’t create any more studs. You can have the rest of this shit back though, don’t need spells to terrify my enemies.” He threw the book of witchcraft back into my lap. Striding out of the locker room, he looked ready for his new life as a hunk. As I looked at the black letters spelling out ‘CURSES.’ on the front cover I think I understood why the spell transforming Victor into a stud was classified as a curse. Because although it had provided Victor with the still growing body of a god, it had made my life significantly worse. Screwing with someone’s happiness, that’s what curses do, isn’t it?
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    Adam was always in the gym, constantly trying to build and sculpt his already excellent body. His boyfriend Robby was tired of it, he thought that Adam was perfect already, he looked like a fitness model. But Adam wanted to be bigger, he wanted to be at a bodybuilder level. His body and his genetics weren’t going to let it happen. So Robby decided to step in, he got ahold of either a magical or scientific super protein shake, it mattered on who you asked. It would give Adam the boost he wanted, and if Adam was happy then Robby was happy. That was till the growth started. It was fine at first, Adam went from toned lean muscle to looking like a ripped linebacker. Then no matter how much he shaved he always had a pelt of dark hair on his chest, legs and stomach. His beard was worse, it was impossibly thick and scratchy. Robby was also worried that Adam was going bald, his thick brown hair was thinning and getting much shorter. He was also getting older, he’d gone from 25 to near his 40’s in a couple days, but Robby wasn’t very concerned with that. Because it came with a huge rise in their sex life. The new older beefier Adam was an animal, always pinning Robby down and grinding against him whenever he saw his boyfriend. Which was all the time because Adam didn’t go to the gym anymore. So all in all Robby liked having the new daddy Adam around, till one morning. Robby woke as usual covered in cum and sweat from the mammoth fuck session the night before. Adam was still snoring away, all big, veiny and hairy. Robby was in the middle of making breakfast when Adam thudded into the kitchen in just his undies. “Hey babe” he growled, itching his furry stomach Robby noticed it, Adam’s abs were gone, just a plump flabby gut. “You know babe, just a little breakfast for me” He jiggled his belly “I’m gonna need to start hitting the gym again” Robby sighed and wondered what the opposite of a protein shake was.
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    When he says, "Marry me. I turn 56 next week and I plan on getting bigger. I'm also horny all the time." (he really turns 56 on January 24th - Woof!)
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    He's all smiles because he twisted a steel wrench into a cock ring for himself.
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    Hot Muscle Boy Asked: I'm an athletic, muscly guy. Im pretty tall in height and I am really handsome. I may look dominant, but for some reason sometimes i fantasize to be submissive to an older, overweight dude who slowly takes my muscles and looks, so I can be his limp dicked submissive pussy boy. Is there a way to make it happen? You know, just a one time try before we swap back to our original self. Of course its just a fantasy and i dont intend to stay fat and ugly forever.... Goggletan Reply: Well hello there Muscle Boy. Looking at the photos you sent me I was really surprised. You really are what you said you were. Athletic, muscular, dominant looking and most importantly, young and in your sexual prime. Some would wonder why you desire to give up your hunky stud body in exchange for a fat ugly body. Very strange indeed. But I have read your profile that you have sent us and I am happy to diagnose you as a “Trans-Fag” which means you were born into an Alpha body when you really are just a submissive fag deep inside. And i’m more than happy to take this burden off of you. You deserve to be happy in a body that would be more appropriate to your liking. In fact i have already arranged a swap partner for you. Meet Mr Ugly Fat Fuck. Ugly Fat Fuck Reply: Sup boy I was assigned by the agency to deal with your problem. I know you’re desperate to continue your transformation to become a fag. So lets get straight to it. <Whispers under breathe> You have no idea how much i paid for you.... damm what a fine piece of meat you are boy...... ANYWAYS... I’m here to help you. But first let me lay down some important groundrules. 1. I will be addressed as “SIR” at all times 2. You will not speak to me unless spoken to 3. I own you. So everything you own belongs to me now. 4. You will eat my leftover scraps and only with your mouth. No hands allowed. 5. I reserve the right to dump you as my fag and kick you out of my house whenever I want. 6. I ain’t swapping back ever. Read the rules? Good . We can begin. You can start by getting on your knees… And my cock is only gonna leave your mouth after I cum. I don’t care if you choke or gag. I'm gonna make you suck up all my disgusting fatty fats, bad breathe, ugly looks through my cum While i absorb all your youth, pretty boy muscles, dashing good looks and sexual energy by raping your cute boy mouth with my hot warm tongue. You will surrender your god given right to be an Alpha stud to me. Got it bitch? And when you’re not sucking me off I’m gonna make use of everything you once owned and use it for my own pleasure. Right now I’m gonna take your sunglasses and relax in your pool. Since I will become a cocky stud soon, I should learn to put on your flashy shades and look like one. Already i can feel the fats on my belly and arms getting smaller while you start to become the fat fuck instead. While you are still muscular and fit now. I would make sure you use that body to the best of what it can do now. Namely cleaning the house. And being my personal muscle slave. Occasionally i’m gonna make you spread your pussy boy hole to me as i bang you till your eyeballs pop out. And you’re gonna absorb more of my butt ugly face , acne scared skin, bad breath, disgusting fats and beer belly. Your asshole might tear. But do i look like i care? Hey you asked for this dude. You were the one who wanted it. Didn't you? The process will take months. But as you can see my cock has already grown 3 fold from what it once was and my fats have almost been transferred out of my body. Soon I’ll take in all your rock hard muscles and I’ll be able to wear most of your clothes. Oh, and thanks for giving me the luxury car you once owned. Not that you have any choice not to give it to me. But to be able to absorb all your muscles and pretty boy good looks is gonna take an extra long time. So I’m gonna make sure that you are gonna learn your new place as a fag during this time. You will learn to lose your freedom You will learn new ways of respect You will learn new table manners. And you will begin to appreciate new ways of seeing things But as always there will finally come a time many months later when the transformation is almost complete. And it is you who is now the fat blob of shit. And chances are, I would have grown sick and tired of how ugly, disgusting and old you are now. Honestly I’m starting to have trouble getting hard and jerking of on your face even though you beg for my cum everyday. I on the other hand would have taken your place in life as the Alpha stud I rightfully deserve to be. Youthful, good looking and in my sexual prime.. Now im the one taking a tan as I allow my glorious golden hunk of a body to be displayed to the masses. And living the life you were supposed to live in the mansion you once called your home. Well look whos the Hot Muscle Boy now huh? And as I look down on your pathetic existence of a fat fucking pig. I'm gonna spit on your face and tell you to get the fuck out of my mansion. Thanks for the body though.
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    I was tired of the stereotype of Asians been nerdy and small....well I'm nerdy and small but not because of I'm Asian. However thanks to my nerdiness I was able to create a reality alter machine. I wanted to completely swap the males stereotypes from now on Asian will be the biggest males in existence with an average of 7 ft tall and an ability to pack massive muscle mass easily meanwhile I would make all the men from the other races into tiny wimps white, black, latino, European it didn't matter all other men will be 5'5 in average with barely any muscle mass. As I activate the machine reality, start to swap all around me. Little Asian guys suddenly becoming huge meatballs of muscle forgetting everything about the old world as their minds adapted to the new reality. I also start to change in this new reality I wasn't a nerd anymore but instead a personal trainer the room where I was started to morph into a gym full of pictures of massive Asian men in the wall. Even I was changing too my clothes morphing into workout clothes my muscles quickly expanding to match the new reality huge arms and biceps replace my noodle arms, massive pecs pushed my XXXXl tanktop to the limit. All my knowledge about reality bending machines replaced by knowledge about working out, diet and supplementation. My body starts to move by its own as I make my way into the gym like owned the place I smiled and nodded at some fellow big Asians while at the same time some other guys were staring at me obviously not Asians since they barely reach my chest and were skinny without an ounce of muscle. For a moment felt weird like it should be the other way around however I just laugh at the idea. a small and scrawny Asian what a joke
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    Clint Chadwick Clyde Mataj Collin Joseph Craig Morton Daler Ismatov Daniel Sticco Dani Pallo Dario Giuffrida David Harris David Michael Barnes / Davy Muscle
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    Revenge of the Nerds - The Lacrosse Team (Note: This is the first part in a small anthology series I wrote. The other parts will be over the upcoming week.) Football training had been horrible. It had been weight training today and Eric had been forced to adjust his lifting to lighter weights for the third time that week. Eric thought his performance during training had been terrible for months now, he just didn’t seem to be able to supply the same effort he had been able to last year. Ever since that new coach had arrived the entire teams performance had just… Dipped. The locker room was quiet as the football team changed. A few months back it would have been filled with excited screaming and jovial laughter, but with everyone's disappointing results during the lifting session it was just silent, the entire team trying to figure out what could possibly lead to them all losing size and skill despite their hardest efforts. “Maybe it’s the new coach?” One of Eric’s teammates meekly suggested while looking at the flab that was now covering up his once ripped set of abs. Eric didn’t even get to argue why that wasn’t the case because the living pieces proof that it wasn’t the coach strutted into the locker room. It was the lacrosse team, and Eric could have sworn they looked bigger than the last time he saw them. They also trained with Coach Biggs, and unlike the football team they were looking and doing great. They were looking really great Eric thought to himself while he adjusted his package, trying not to notice how even his cock felt smaller than before. Eric remembered a time where the lacrosse team had been too intimidated to be in the locker room with football jocks at the same time. The old coach rightfully focused all his attention on the proper American sport of football, the lacrosse team had been filled with all the puny rejects who were too small and fragile for the football team. It was just easier to deal with all the wimps if they stayed out of everyone’s way and were all pooled together. Eric had to admit the runts had made for easy targets too after the football team was pumped up after their training. The football team understood little of Lacrosse, but because the only guys they knew who were playing it were a bunch of wimpy nerds they just assumed the sport was made for inferior men. And they had made sure to tell the lacrosse guys so while the latter softly discussed the meaning behind Mace Windu’s purple lightsaber in the locker room. Not that there was any more of that now. No, quite the opposite. It was the football team that had to move out of their way in the college halls to make way for the wide lats of the lacrosse team. Anyone not moving quick enough would bump into their massive outhanging pecs. Coach Biggs, in the short time he had trained them, had done wonders transforming the lacrosse team from a disheveled group of nerds into a tight team of hunks. They were still talking about things like the latest marvel movie, but now did so loudly while they put on their training clothes. Eric started hungrily at the tight shirts they peeled off their bodies, and grew even more aroused when he saw the tight jockstraps barely containing their equally big manhoods. Most of the football team quickly got out of the locker room when the new alpha’s arrived. They newly huge nerds had been docile so far but the former jocks weren’t waiting till the lacrosse team finally realised they were much bigger than the out of shape looking football team and unleashed their wrath. Eric on the other hand went through the last parts of his changing excruciatingly slowly. He wanted to take every chance he could get to ogle the ripped men while they were shirtless. The cocky smiles they had plastered on their face while they flexed their still cold muscles in the locker room mirror reminded Eric of the times he had compared their twig like arms to his own bulging bicep. The bulging bicep that currently seemed to grow smaller by the day. “Lacrosse team! Be out of the locker room in two, otherwise you guys are doing a thousand extra push ups.” Coach Biggs roared from the other side of the door. The big and hunky men quickly walked out into the gym. One of them stayed behind, softly mumbling something and motioning to Eric when his teammates asked for an explanation. Eric went pale, fear suddenly spreading through his tired body. He looked around, he was the last one left in the locker room besides this behemoth. “Relax, relax. I’m not gonna hurt ya. You’re Eric right?” The lacrosse hunk asked. Eric nodded, unsure what the big guy was up to. The former football star could see the hunk grin, clearly seeing his former tormenter reduced to this brought great joy to the man. “It’s just, well, we’re with nine on the team now, still one short for joining competitions. We thought you might wanna join us at the lacrosse team?” Eric felt his mouth go dry, that wasn’t the question he had been expecting. He’d love to join and get an opportunity to ogle these man in the showers after training each day, but… “I, uh, might be a bit too small now to join you guys.” The hunk shrugged. “Coach Biggs could give you some extra… ‘Attention’, and fix that. He sure boosted our muscles up. Got any other objections?” The stallion of a man said while extending his hand for a shake. Eric was so close to shaking that hand and joining the team. But he couldn’t. Even now that he had diminished and lost so much size, he still couldn’t step over his pride. He rapidly pulled his arm back, like the sexy man that was offering a handshake was the devil himself. “I can’t. Lacrosse is a sport for wimps. For nerds. For men who aren’t worthy of playing football. A sport of pathetic runts.” Eric had given the same speech once before, but his words just sounded hollow in his nascally voice now. He looked up, fearing he had unleashed anger but the hunk’s handsome face was as calm it always was. With the self satisfied smirk that was creeping over his lantern jaw, it almost looked like that was the exact reply he had been expecting. “Alright then, suit yourself.” The excellent specimen of masculinity said. He swaggered away, opening the locker room door so that the sounds of iron on iron filled the changing room. The loud grunts emanating from the gym were deafening while one of the lacrosse team members loudly discussed the new ‘Avengers’ trailer with coach Biggs, comparing Chris Evans’ beardless look to a twink he had shoved his pulsing rod into. The hunk halted for a moment. “You sure you don’t wanna join us?” He tried a final time. Eric violently shook no. “Okay, just be sure your reduced size isn’t the thing holding you back from joining the lacrosse team, something tells me you and your football teammates might get even smaller while we work to be the strongest team in the nation.” And with that, the lacrosse stud walked out. Shutting the door tightly behind him.
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    No one would dare wrestle him - until he said he'd take on twelve at one time. That's when guys volunteered. He easily won three rounds - with twelve new guys each time. He complained because he didn't even break a sweat.
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    He can keep himself entertained for hours.
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    When he says, "Time for me to win this thing."
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    Special 1-Month Anniversary Edition featuring two sets from two very famous bodybuilders! First up is Craig Golias.

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