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    Brian Salk was walking down the street in a tight-fitting T-shirt, the kind that clung to him so snugly that you could see all of his muscles beautifully pressed against the fabric. People who saw him thought he lived a charmed life as one of the world’s youngest self-made billionaires, at 25 he was the latest wonder kid to make it big in the tech industry. He was on the cover of magazines and billboards. The media was taken by his other talents as well, particularly his prowess as a body builder. Shirtless photos of “the Billion Dollar Six Pack” were everywhere. That combined with his ability to speak 10 languages, play piano and violin like a virtuoso, and his status as a chess master made him into quite the modern-day renaissance man. Brian didn’t mind the attention. He liked people checking him out. It was the closest he could get to imagining what being in a relationship was like. His father, to whom he felt he owed everything, did not approve of his son being in a relationship, not because he was gay. His sexuality was common knowledge and all of his “brothers” were (something that was not common knowledge). Rather he and the old man shared a secret, the key to all of Brian’s successes. A secret that if the world were to know, could end Brian’s freedom forever. Brian was the last of the “Children of AIM” (AIM being the Army Institute of Mutagenesis). A military agency devoted to the development of the American Supersoldier. After a disaster that led to the catastrophic quarantine of an entire town, and the “loss” of one of the founders of the program, the project was deemed as too dangerous to continue. The three remaining super soldier subjects or, “Children of AIM” as they were known, were sent to various families within the United States to be raised as normal children. However, Dr. Gregory Salk was unable to say goodbye to the child he had created undertook to raise the boy as his own son and hone his abilities for the good of humanity. His superior intelligence and athletic prowess were the result of billions of dollars of secret investment. But Brian had abilities that went far beyond that. As a gift from his treatments at AIM, he could change his body size and musculature at will, a skill that would have made him nearly invincible on the battlefield. As he was now a free man, that particular talent was no longer strictly needed. It did however come in handy in another of Brian’s hobbies. You see, Brian always felt the need to give back to society, so he led another life, the life of a crime fighting hero. A life that was about to be tested once again. “Hey Brian!” came a familiar voice. “Huh?” he said, looking around. “Oh! Hey Jake!” Jake’s father owned a bank and as his son, he managed all of his charitable work. Being a philanthropist himself, Brian ran into him all the time, which was torture because Jake was the most gorgeous man that he had ever seen and the young billionaire was head over heels for him. To make matters worse Jake was openly gay and single. Brian hated having to keep his feelings a secret. To be fair, Brian only thought he was keeping it a secret. Anyone with half a brain could see the way he blushed whenever Jake walked in a room or fumbled for words. Or the way his package bulged up whenever Jake touched him. “I was just grabbing some coffee big guy,” Jake said, walking over, casually placing a hand on his friend. “You want to join?” “Yeah well… I… uhhh coffee sounds nice… you ummm like coffee?” In truth he’d been on his way to a meeting but those fingers on his arm made him temporarily forget anything about that. “Uh… yeah…” Jake chuckled. “We had coffee together at Autism Gala, and that cancer event before that. For a genius you’ve got a lousy memory.” He said gently prodding his large friend in the side. “Oh right… yeah sorry…” he said, blushing and scratching the back of his head. Soon the thoughts began again. He had a condo in this neighborhood. He could just take Jake up there and they could have glorious… “Earth to Brian.” His thoughts were interrupted by a slightly impatient Jake. “You want to join or…?” “Oh… yeah… sure…” he stammered. “Excellent.” Jake took Brian by the arm, effectively leading him like a puppy. The two walked a few blocks together and were having a great time enjoying their coffee when Brian’s highly engineered hearing picked up a disturbing sound. “Gimmie da cash or I use your guts to paint dese bricks!” That was followed by the sound of someone pleading. “Crap…” He pulled out his phone as cover. “Look I’m really sorry, I’ve got to run!” “Always on the run…” Jake sighed. Without another word Brian jumped up from the table. As soon as he was out of Jake’s line of vision he ducked into an empty alley and pulled a spandex wrestling mask from his back pocket and placed it over his head. Then he pulled off his shirt and pants, stuffing them away into the backpack that he always carried with him and hid it in a corner of the alley, revealing nothing but a tight stretchy bottom. Clenching his teeth and concentrating on his body, his already impressive biceps began to bulge out, his famous six pack bulged into an eight pack, his back muscles went into a state of upheaval as his traps and delts began to broaden. His pecs ballooned out, forcing his nipples even lower. His clingy shorts were stretching against his inflating bubble butt and thighs. He was becoming… The Tank. As his body swelled with more and more muscle he began to grow taller, passing 6’ 6’’ then seven feet. The rush of power flowing through his veins was incredible as pound after pound filled into his body. He passed the 8-foot mark with 800 pounds of raw muscle with arms and legs the size of tree trunks, abs bulging out like grapefruits, with lats that pushed his arms outward. Time for action. He bounded away after the sound, leaping over the street as agile as a deer, darting from alley to alley as if he were flying until he came upon what he was looking for. Three guys had a Somali immigrant pinned to the wall. “I told ya, if ya don’t buy de insurance in dis country, bad t’ings can happen!” “Please… I wont have enough to feed my kids if I pay that much!” he begged. “Sounds like your company needs to go out of business.” It wasn’t the best line but Brian was working on that part of the job. “What da hell?” One of the thugs looked up just a trash can came hurtling at them, knocking two of them off their feet. The remaining one looked up at the behemoth standing before him and realized his worst nightmare had found him. The bulging, masked goliath took a few steps toward him. “De Tank…” he muttered, legs shaking like noodles, and pulled out a gun. Before he could get off a shot, The Tank had slammed a massive elbow into his gut, sending him flying into a nearby chain link fence. He turned to the immigrant. “Get out of here!” But there was no need for that. He’d already taken off down the alley. Brian reached down to the two thugs he’d knocked down with the trash can and picked them up by their shirts. “Now I want to get one thing clear with you punks.” He growled, his voice deep and booming. “There’s gonna be no insurance racket in this town as long as I have anything to say about it. So if I see you again you better have a new occupation.” Suddenly there was a loud bang and flash of pain in his left arm. He knew it instantly, he’d been shot… again. The man he’d knocked into the fence had gotten up and pulled out another gun. He effortlessly hurled the two miscreants on top of his assailant and walked over to the pile and picked up the dropped hand gun as a steady trickle of blood ran down his arm. “You know, that just pisses me off,” he said crushing the weapon in his other hand. “You better be pretty glad I’m not like you.” He said dropping the useless pile of metal. Unhooking a belt from his waist, he stretched it out and wrapped around the three of them. “That ought to hold you.” He said clipping it together, causing a light to begin to flash. Once locked it was nearly impossible for them to get out. The homing beacon would alert the police, and an electronic USB stick would play a recording of the event. He might even make the news tonight, he thought as he bounded away back to the alley where he had dumped his clothes. When he got there, he flexed his arm until the bullet popped out. They never went in very deep. Shrinking back down to his usual size, he pulled a compression bandage out of the backpack and wrapped it around his arm. Bullets didn’t do much damage when he was ‘tanked out’ (as he liked to call it) and his modified body was pretty good at healing without a scar but they did hurt. It was like getting stung by a giant hornet. Quickly getting his clothes on he headed up to the condo he owned in the neighborhood to get cleaned up, sending an email to his colleagues that he was sorry to have missed the meeting. He had five new text messages but one of them in particular was difficult to answer. It was from Jake. “See you around, handsome. Maybe one day you won’t be too busy to hang out.” It bit him to the core. He felt like he would have given anything to have been able to finish that cup of coffee with him. ‘But then that man might not have been able to go home to his kids.’ He heard his father’s voice in his head. That evening, his walk back to Mid Town where he and his father made their primary dwelling on several floors of a skyscraper was a lonely one. “You really could have built me to make the bullets hurt less,” he told his father Gregory that night as the 65-year-old gently attended to the wound. The old man laughed. “You should have seen how some of the other super soldiers reacted. Some of them had better healing than you do and they would scream and run away at the mere sight of a gun.” “Maybe that’s what I should do,” Brian grumbled. “You’re the one who chose to be ‘The Tank’. I would have been just as happy for you to devote your life to computers, arts or science,” his father said. “But I’m proud of you. Every person you save makes my life’s work seem more worthwhile.” He smiled and then added, “Also if you wouldn’t grow so large you wouldn’t make such an easy target. I’m sure you don’t have to be so massive to deal with street thugs.” Brian chuckled. “Do you want to take away the one really fun part of my life?” His father sighed. “I suppose not.” “I met Jake today for a coffee.” Brian threw in as casually as he could. “Oh? How’s his family doing. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen his father.” “They’re fine I guess. I… mostly forgot to ask,” Brian said with a sigh. “You know… we do a lot of charity work, we should plan an event with them or…” “Brian…” his father said, sealing the wound with a special adhesive he’d invented for his son. “Is that really a good idea? I know how you feel about him. There is such a thing as tormenting yourself for no reason.” “Well I wouldn’t have to torture myself if you’d let me see him,” Brian retorted. “And what would he think of us?” Gregory said, “What would he think of our life?! Of who and what you really are?” He sighed and patted his son on his uninjured shoulder. “The army is clear on this. If people find out about AIM through you, they will ‘reposess’ you. It took everything in my power to get them to release you to me when you were 18 months old… I don’t have the connections that I used to have.” “Well what if he doesn’t know?” Brian asked. “I don’t have to tell him!” “Son you grow in your sleep sometimes… It took me four months to design a bed that you wouldn’t break when you were 12. When you get too “excited” you start to morph. These are things you just can’t hide from a partner.” “Well, why can’t you just fix those things?” Brian said. “You come up with solutions to everything else.” “I gave you a mind easily a match for mine, and it’s still young and in its prime. If anyone could fix the kinks of the super soldier program it would be you,” Gregory said. “But I think that Pandora’s box is left closed. You are the last of them… and the most functional I might add.” He said with a bit of pride. “Right now I’d give anything to just be normal. To finally know what it’s like to truly be with someone,” Brian muttered. “I know it’s hard… I’ve had to make the same sacrifices you have. You’re all I’ve got.” The big guy heaved a remorseful sigh. “I’m sorry Father. You’re right.” “Why don’t you stay in tonight.” His father said, patting him on the back. “You’ve done enough for one day. I’ve got something I need to work on in the lab.” Brian was left alone to look out over the city lights. While he was designed to easily be able to go many nights without sleep, and he often did, this particular day felt like it needed to end. So he went to bed. That night he tossed around in his sleep. His dreams were troubled by visions of masked men dressed in black, hunting him down. He jerked himself awake in bed with a loud “No!” and looked down at his swollen body, buffed up by the fear in his nightmare. The pounding of his heart echoed his head. He’d only gained about 100 pounds in his sleep this time. “Perhaps Dad’s right… I just can’t control this.” His thoughts were interrupted by a knock at the door. “Uh… yes?” The door opened and to his shock, Jake stepped into the room. “I heard you shouting and I thought you might need some company.” “How… how did you get in here?” Brian stammered pulling the sheets over his naked body. His dream growth shredded anything comfortable he could sleep in. “Does it matter? I’m here now,” he said walking over to the bed. “Do you want me to leave?” “No… no… I just don’t get…” Brian was fumbling with his words as Jake pulled off his shirt and began to crawl on top of the sheets over to him. He’d seen that lovely chest before, at socials where there was a pool. His cock was throbbing, he’d wanted to touch that body so often and here it was crawling into his bed. Jake climbed onto of his massive target and straddled him before licking those massive pecs which began to swell under his touch. “Fuck… no! I can’t… not in front of… awww fuck.” It felt so good. Jake pressed his lips against Brian’s’ and massaged those nipples as his inflating pecs pushed them downward. “Mmmmm, that’s a neat trick. Why didn’t you tell me about it before?” Jake said licking Brian’s traps, making their veins pop out as they bulged into his face. “Didn’t… think… you’d understand…” Brian said, gently pulling down Jake’s pants so he could feel that luscious ass of his. “I only understand that I’ve never wanted anything more,” Jake said, pulling down the sheets and driving his cock into Brian’s massive abs. “God, you’re incredible,” Brian moaned as his abs bulged around the cock that was riding up and down the slit between them. “Wanted this for so long,” he said, growing taller as the man he’d wanted to be with more than any other began to move up and down his massive frame. His balls began to swell larger than fists as his cock began to grow, poking Jake in the back. “Seems like someone’s ready to play,” Jake said reaching and stroking the massive rod. “Never… done this… before,” Brian moaned. “Let me show you how it’s done,” Jake whispered and mounted the giant member and slowly slid himself down on it. Brian’s balls were so excited that they began to swell like mad first to cantaloupes then to basketballs. His cock grew to 24’’ and Jake had to balance himself on the giant balls to ride it. Brian could feel his ass expanding into an enormous bubble butt. Jake took notice and reached down to squeeze it while he could still reach it. His fingers spread the massive ass cheeks expanded in his hand. The reinforced bed was beginning to creak and strain under the new weight as Brian’s biceps grew larger than Jake’s entire torso. He passed 8’ 6’’ as his balls swelled to the size of beach balls. Each of his massive pecs weighed over 100 pounds of raw muscle as he bounced them in delight. Jake felt the expanding lats pushing even further out from Brian’s massive sides. As he was skewered on the enormous dick like a toy. Pre-cum started to gush out of that giant cock, overflowing Jake’s ass and spilling out down his enormous shaft, completely soaking the bed. “Awww fuck I’m gonna cum!” Brian shouted when suddenly an alarm went off. He opened his eyes as one of his massive balls slid off the cum soaked bed and bounced onto the floor, stretching his sweaty nutsack. A jet of cum blasted him in the face as his balls unloaded onto no one but himself. He was alone it had been a wet dream. His body had expanded so much that the bed alarm had gone off to wake him. Brian had passed the 1000-pound safety limit. He coughed a little as another massive blast of cum covered his face and chest in spunk. He laid there panting for a moment, unable to shrink just yet. The hottest thing he’d ever imagined had just happened and it wasn’t even real. He idly rubbed his cum soaked nipple wishing so hard that Jake could be there but he’d proven his father’s point. As globs of jizz rolled down the bedsides he realized that being intimate with anyone was going to mean revealing his true identity.
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    3. Friday Midnight You wake to pleasure and growl. A hot mouth on the bear cock. "Hey Matty" "Hey Daddy" He stands. Backlit by the doorway in the dark bedroom. Your cock hardens to steel and leaks pre. He has grown so much in the past 2 months. His cycle has taken hold and he has packed on 20 new lbs and broken 200. It looks so good on his 5'6'' frame. You put your hands behind your head and grin "Flex for me" He turns around and begins, the tease. Rear double bi. His front shoulder mounding up, his 19 inch arms full and huge (no more lacking in the bicep area. Rear lat spread. You need to reach down and begin stroking your thick 8 inches, sticky with pre, as his wingspan blocks the light from the hallway. You growl "So big, puppy. So big." Your boy turns, smiling. "All for you, Daddy. All for you" Front double bi. You moan and increase the speed of your stroke. His arms look even better from the front. Veiny and peaked. The lil bastard's bicep clearly splits into two peaks. And it drives you wild. You get out of bed, take his arm into yours and lick his still flexed, steel hard bicep. "Are there big enough, boy?" "No, sir" "What are you going to do about that?" "Obey your commands, sir" "Fucking right" You crawl back into bed. "Finish your demonstration, puppy" He moves through the rest of his routine ending with a mid blowing most muscular. Your hands remain behind your hear. Your hand has left your throbbing cock alone. You are so turned on by your boy. Matty's eyes keep focued on your massive 20 inch biceps, thick and hard. He cant get enough of his Bear God. You have grown too. Inspired by your boy, you now tip the scales at 260. Your chest is oversized and tapes in at 60 inches. So thick your nipples point down. Perfect height for the boy to feed. Mounded traps frame a thick 23 inch neck. Powerful, linebacker size. "Come worship me, boy. And pleasure your God" "I have a surprise, Daddy. Something I found out tonight. May I bring him in?" You chuckle "Sure, pup" Your boy has been getting unending attention. His handsome farm boy face and Adonis body is everyone's type. And he loves the attention. You are his Alpha and you know he needs to express his own Alpha energy. We have been talking about him finding his own project. A beta of his own to mold. He comes back with another man. "Daddy, this is Ace. He wants to grow." You smile in approval. Ace is quite a specimen. Baseball player build, taller and lean. Handsome face, beautiful eyes. If your boy is Chris Evans, Ace is Chris Pine. "Then come feed, boys. The work of growth will begin tomorrow but tonight is for pleasure" The two pups descend upon you. Worshipping your mass and power. The Bear Cock roars in approval.
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    2. Friday Evening You walk onto the weight room floor. 6'2'' 245. It's leg day and you see your boy at the squat rack warming up. You smile as your cock thickens. His ass looks so good in those shorts. You think back to your first day together. You walk into your condo and head into your kitchen. Your body still pulsing from the workout and filled with joy and lust from the walk with this new boy Matt. He seems to be a solid kid with a real lust for growth and bear muscle. You strip off your shirt. "Join me, Matty. I want to see what I'm going to be working with" 5'6'' 185 and shredded. Great abs, quads, ass, tris, chest. Pup needs work on traps, bis, calves, and lats. You run a hand down his hard body. Enjoying his beautiful smooth skin. Your blood is pumping in your ears. You open the fridge and grab two containers of liquid egg whites. "Bottom's up, son. This is day one of your transformation" You bring the container to your lips, locking eyes with your boy, and chug the full quart. Some of the liquid dribbles down into your chest hair. The boy impresses and takes the full dose. You palm the back of his head and draw it to your chest. "Lick me clean, boy" The boy begins to worship his new master. The Bear Master who will transform him from a fit pup into a massive beast. You drop your shorts and the hard, dripping bear cock jumps and slaps against your belly. The boy kneels You smile to yourself. The past month has been very good. You and the boy get along well, in the gym, in the bedroom, and everywhere else. You walk up and slap the boy's ass. "Ready for me?" He beams at you "Yes, sir. Just finished 5x5 and 225. Ready to work!" "Good boy, let's see if we can work up to a single at 365 today. Ready for big man weight?" "Hell yeah, Daddy. Let's do this" You rap knuckles and begin. Your rhythmn in the gym is smooth. Limited talk to limit rest. The gym is to work. To grow. To transform. You have taught the boy that we are embracing our destiny to become GODS. The boy will be a beautiful shredded Adonis and the bear will be a massive Hercules. The best that manhood has to offer. You spend 30 minutes at the squat rack and the boy hits 365x2. You burst with pride (and lust) when he fearlessly drops into a second rep after a shaky first. "So fuckin good, Matty. Let's see those wheels" You stand side by side in the mirror, shorts hiked up, enjoying the pump, the size, the blue veins pulsing under the skin. You lean in and whisper "Let's go, pup. You need my seed to grow" He grins at you, adjusts his hard jock dick, and walks ahead of you to the locker room. You are, once again, glad for a tight jock. The bear cock needs to own your growing boy. 5 lbs in a month and you can see it in his traps and arms. You always do like arms that are just a little too big. You undress, side by side. Both of you hard. Turned on. 9pm on a Friday and the locker room is silent. You walk naked together to the shower and he worships you under the spray. Your powerful furry thickness his entire world. His reason to be. His reason to grow. And you take him there, hard and fast, his body smashed up against the cold tile. He cums as you fill him, grunting. You clean up and head home. Satisfied....for the moment.
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    Just had an amazing workout and this short scene occurred to me. Wanted to get it down. 1. Early Sunday You walk onto the gym floor. 6'2'' 240. A Bear Daddy on the rise. A few months into focused attention on growing strength and size. You are enjoying the gains, the increased power, the reminder of your masculinity and dominance. You swagger in and survey the room. You will be smashing chest and shoulders today. Any worthy pups today? Yes, a shorty but thick. Great chest and calves. A cleanshaven redhead. He looks put together for 9am on a Sunday. You have a good feeling he may be growing boy in search of a master. You get to work. Super sets, drop sets. Decline bench, military press, cable machine, hammer press, db press, db flies. Your pump grows and grows. Sweat soaks your tshirt. You smell your own musk and the bear cock thickens. You can feel the eyes of the clean shaven muscle boy on you. When you look up, he is often turning away. You cock thickens further. He is working hard himself. You are impressed by his focus...on his workout and on you. You end the workout in front of the mirror with cross body hammer curls. Pure vanity. The Bear Cock is steel hard and leaking in your tight jockstrap as you gaze on how thick your shoulders, arms, and chest are. A true Man. A Muscle Bear growing into a God. You come out of your self worship and see that the boy has left. Ah well, another day. You head to your locker, strip off your clothes, enjoying how the sweaty shirt clings to your pumped body, how awkward it is too move with muscles too pumped and shaking. You walk to the shower, towel in hand, cock half hard swinging between your thick thighs. The shower threatens to bring you to full mast again as your soap up. Every movement reminding you how thick you are. Your hands roaming over a furry chest, thick and hard. Your arms and shoulders like steel. You savor this feeling as a reminder for when your motivation fades on difficult and long days. Any sacrifice is worth this feeling, this masculine testosterone-soaked feeling. You towel off and wrap it around your waist. Standing in front of the sink, you survey what you are building and you are pleased. You have a belly, yes, but it looks powerful when it is overshadowed by a thicker chest, capped by mounded shoulders, and thick thick arms. You shavr your neck and cheeks, enjoying how difficult it is with your still pumped arms. When finished, you take off your towel to wipe off the excess shave cream. Dropping the towel, you step back...wanting to see it all. The self lust rising again. Just then, you feel a presence behind you at the opposite sink. And its the boy. Unbidden, your cock thickens as you see his thick lil smooth ass in the mirror and all you want to do is FUCK. You chuckle. He looks up at the sound and your eyes meet through the mirrors. You raise your arms into a double bicep flex, your eyes leaving his to gaze on your size. Just a quick flex but a test. How will this tasty meat react? ... ... ... ... It all happens in milliseconds but your heart leaps. His gazed stayed. He wants it. He needs it. You pick up your towel without acknowledging him further and walk to your locker. Your test in pumping hard. Something is getting fucked today and deep. This pup or another. Your needs must be met. After getting dressed, you head to the elevator and as you wait you hear someone else exit the locker room. Is it the boy? You don't find out until you enter the elevator and turn. It is the boy and he is looking good. Red hair slicked up, clean shaven, blue-red flannel, jeans showin off his bubble butt... The door closes. You raise an arm to scratch the back of your neck. Your thick bicep strains the threads of your tshirt. "Great way to start a weekend, eh?" You say The boy looks down then towards you. "Sure is" He says quietly The bear cock thickens and you tell him your name. "I'm Matt" he responds "You were working harder than anyone in there today. What's driving that, man?" You ask as the door opens. "Just wanna get big" He says as you both exit the elevator. A pause "...like you" You smile and know it's on. "You free? I think I need to show you just how big I am" "I am" he responds The bear cock thickens *To Be Continued*?
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    Mr. Gamboli I was at the gym in the town where I grew up and went to high school. While working out I heard a name I knew and that made me smile. Mr. Mike Gamboli was my math teacher for three straight years while in high school and he was the one that turned me and about ten other guys on to bodybuilding. Mr. Gamboli was pure Italian with olive skin and dark curly hair. Years ago he worked part time at this very gym and he started a program to encourage guys my age to stay fit for a lifetime. The program was designed for us to learn proper lifting technique, proper nutrition, and to learn our limits as well as safety. I think that all of us stayed with the program and continued to lift in college. I knew I would never join the pro bodybuilding ranks because I was built like a swimmer or basketball player. That didn’t mean I wasn’t buff and muscular, I just didn’t have the muscle size it takes to win contests. A few years ago Mr. Gamboli moved away and it is rumored that he doubled his salary in California… the Mecca of bodybuilding. Now he was returning to New Orleans for a bodybuilding contest and I had a ticket for the main show on Saturday. The business I had in my hometown was resolved so I headed to New Orleans mid week and when in New Orleans you eat, drink, and then drink some more until it is time to eat again. And when you need a coffee break how can you have French Market coffee without a plate of beignets (doughnuts) covered with powdered sugar. Then you go to supper and afterwards you have to go to Pat Obrien’s for a Hurricane (rum punch drink). You fall into bed and do the same thing again the next day. I was stumbling into the hotel around midnight planning to crash. I was waiting for an elevator when I heard my last name being called. I didn’t see anybody familiar and was about to step on the elevator when a hand clamped onto my shoulder. “Stevens?” “Mr. Gamboli?” “Looking good Stevens,” he replied as he looked me up and down. “Are you staying here in the hotel?” “Third floor,” I smiled. He held up his room key envelope. The number on the front was 321. “I’m in room 325.” I grinned. “I heard you are competing in the bodybuilding contest.” “Yep. Hey why don’t you come to my room and we’ll catch up over a beer… water for me,” he chuckled. “And call me Mike.” “As long as you call me Lenny and not Stevens,” I said. “Agreed,” he said as the elevator door opened. As we rode up together we traded information about our lives since high school all the way to the room. Do I have to remind you that a beer is just as acceptable at midnight as it is for breakfast if you are in New Orleans to party? I planned to sleep until noon anyway. Mike was teaching college now and I told him I was a CPA working in Memphis. I didn’t bother to tell him I just resigned from the firm to start my own business. Once in the door Mike immediately excused himself and ran into the bathroom. I drank some bottled water he handed me and sat on the sofa. “Hey Stev… Hey Lenny I need to jump in the shower. Be right out.” “Take your time,” I muttered. Five minutes later he came out drying his hair. “Holy fuck Mr. Gamboli!” I gulped. “What you never saw a naked man?” he laughed. “The name is Mike!” “Your body is ripped! Fuck yeah! Damn you are huge!” “Contest ready,” he corrected with a big grin. “How do you conceal the sausage?” I asked looking at his cock and balls. He had at least eight inches of soft man meat hanging between his legs. He stopped right in front of my knees making no attempt to cover up. “Um-mm M-Mike,” I stuttered. He tossed the towel and straddled my knees until we were practically cock to cock. “Young Lenny Stevens all grown up. What are you about 6’3” or so? I know you want to run your hand all over my body. Have you come out of the closet yet?” he asked. My mouth was dry and I drained the water. “I knew you were gay back when you were a sophomore,” Mike added. “M-Mike,” was all I could vocalize. A grunt of urgent lust escaped my lips when I looked down at his hardening Italian cock. I felt hot all over. My skin tingled and I wanted to rip off my clothes. “The first sign that the formula is working is sweat. It has a sweet odor,” he said as he lifted my shirt. I let him take it off. He opened the empty water bottle and started gathering sweat off my chest, arms, and face… anywhere he could reach. “W-what are you talking about,” I slurred. “The first dose has been dormant since the graduation party. Remember the glass of punch the guys at the gym club raised to those of you that graduated? That was my gift to all of you for participating. All of you have huge potential Stevens. Wait until you see yourself. Wait until you see what is in store for your physique.” My mind couldn’t comprehend what he meant. It was like a riddle. I was filled with lust for his muscles. I leaned into Mike’s chest and found one of his hard nipples with my tongue. I licked and chewed pausing only to attack the other nipple. My hands meanwhile were feeling and worshiping every inch of Mike’s hard physique. I heard the man begin to groan with pleasure. Occasionally he would start grunting when I got overly aggressive. “Yeah, man that’s right, that’s how to do it. Suck!” I saw that his cock had stretched to obscene proportions. I lowered my mouth to his twelve inch shaft and hungrily licked the pre-cum that was flowing like water. Suddenly I felt dizzy. I had succeeded in removing my shirt but Mike was sitting on my legs which felt like they could burst into flame at any second. I opened the zipper to relieve the pressure on my cock. It was so hard it hurt. I was beginning to lose consciousness when I felt his cock shoot in my mouth. I dreamed that I was being carried somewhere in Mike’s huge arms. I imagined being thrown into bed and being smothered by hard sweaty muscles. The next afternoon the maid found me still sleeping in the darkened room. Seeing me in bed she backed out of the room and slammed the door. That didn’t do anything for my throbbing headache. I felt like I was still drunk because I couldn’t balance. I knew I had a beer or two with Mr. Ga… Mike but beer doesn’t get me this drunk. I crawled to the bathroom to take a long piss. I began to wash my hands but couldn’t find soap so I flipped on the light and froze. The man in the mirror was a hulking 6’3” figure whose shoulders could nearly span the bathroom doorway. His physique bore little resemblance to the body that rented this room 30 hours earlier. He had a thick corded neck and muscle-knotted shoulders, massive square pecs and awesome flaring lats that were pushing his 24” arms away from his body. There were rock hard abs as flat as a board, serratus fingers on his ribs, and outstanding obliques that formed an Adonis belt around a tiny waist. There were huge 38” thighs and a cock that would make any porn star jealous. The heavy low hanging ball sack contained golf ball sized gonads and the soft uncut dick was at least six inches long. He was perfectly hairless from the neck down and a shock of dirty blond hair covered his head and hung to his shoulders. “What the fuck have you done with Leonard Stevens,” I asked my reflection. My voice was an octave lower and sounded so sexy it sent a chill though me. “Fuck, I like what I see,” I said as I began flexing. My cock rose to a length of ten inches and I stepped into the shower to stroke one out. That orgasm brought me to my knees in the tub. I licked the cum off the tile and then started the water to wash my stink away. Drying the new body I realized that none of my clothes would fit me. Digging through the suitcase I pulled out a 4X tank top and basketball shorts I use as workout clothes. I had shower sandals for my feet. I had to find a sports store to buy some sweats and clothes. Anything would look better that what I had on. Maybe I could find a big and tall store too. I called Mike’s room and pounded on the door but there was no answer. On the way downstairs to the parking garage I asked the maid to clean my room. I had to re-learn how to get in the car because my shoulders were so wide. People in the lobby were gawking at my pecs but I have to say the cleft between my pecs was awesome. I moved the seat back because my chest was too close to the steering wheel. I couldn’t see my back but it too felt very thick as I leaned into the seat. It was strange that my body didn’t fit. Returning to the hotel I was mistaken for a contestant. They seemed very disappointed they wouldn’t see me posing on stage almost naked. Mike never answered his phone or his door and I was beginning to think I imagined him being there in the hotel until I saw him on stage Saturday night. He did very well but wasn’t in the top ten in his weight class. I began to believe there was some politics going on when I saw a couple of the guys in the top ten. Mike had a better body than they did. After the winners were announced and knowing Mike was backstage I got a chair out of my room and sat in front of his door. I needed an explanation. “You’ve been avoiding me,” Mike said smiling broadly as he approached. I thought about getting violent and trouncing him. “No, I’ve been looking for you,” I said. Then I saw Mike scanning my body and he began hyperventilating. He went down on one knee and held onto the arm of the chair. He looked faint. I knew he needed food and probably water too. “Len,” he said as he lifted his head. “You are more beautiful than I remembered. You were so young and untouchable… Help me into the room.” Mike took a long hot shower and I helped him wash off the body makeup. Room service came with steak dinners a few minutes after were got out of the shower. As we ate Mike explained that the formula was a two step process. He also told me that the water bottle contained a double dose of his muscle growth formula. He planned to use that bottle of the formula to help win the contest because it would have temporally made him super buff as if he were super dehydrated. “You let me drink the whole thing,” I grinned. “You had almost drained the bottle and there was no use stopping you,” he said. “What happened after I passed out?” I asked. “Fortunately for you, nothing. Fucking you would have negated any muscle growth. It may have even killed you. Three days is what you needed to make the muscle growth permanent and that is why I disappeared on Thursday and Friday. I avoided you all day today. “And what happens after the three days is up?” I inquired. Mike stood and dropped the robe he was wearing. He sat across my knees facing me and began undressing me. “We fuck, and fuck, and fuck!” Mike growled. “The muscles are now permanent as is your cock. I’ve waited almost ten years to fuck you,” he said kissing me. “I can stay in New Orleans the whole summer,” he said as he led my naked body to bed. “And I can locate my new business anywhere in the country,” I added. He didn’t respond because he was too intent on kissing and lovemaking. It was days before I was able to fill Mike in on my plans to start a new business. As we flew to California Mike began talking about the other nine guys that were in the gym club. He said that he would offer each one of them the formula and that we might have to use our physiques as an example of what was possible. My cock hardened at the thought of my high school buddies Tom and Ed having a physique like mine. The possibilities seemed endless. Of course there were some negatives to taking the second dose of formula like having to explain the overnight explosion of muscles and a libido through the roof. Then there was being able to cum all night long. Also the aging process slowed down. That was why Mike moved to California. He explained that he only aged about one year for every ten. He thought it had something to do with the immune system since he never got sick; not even a cold. I sat back pondering the possibility of being a hundred years old and looking like I was thirty, muscular, and in the prime of my life. “Want to join the mile high club?” Mike whispered as they turned off most of the lights. I must have looked puzzled. “We could trade blowjobs,” he said wiggling his eyebrows. “Why Mr. Gamboli!” I said as if shocked. “I’d love to…”
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    “What’s up buttercup?” The question sent Hunter for a loop. Someone had reported someone smoking right outside the gym and the personal trainer was asked to take care of it. It didn’t matter if it was outside, people tended not to like smoking anywhere near the gym. And Hunter was apparently the guy to take care of it. He’d always been the most confrontational out of all the male personal trainers, so he was the one to take care of it. At 6’3” and 240 pounds not many people ever talked back to him. As he stood in front of the guy, he couldn’t help but feel like he looked somewhat familiar. Though that couldn’t have been possible. The guy he was thinking of wasn’t nearly as big, nor as masculine looking. The soft stubble rounding this man’s strong jaw and his piercing eyes made it impossible to be who he thought it was. Not to mention the 100 extra pounds of muscle he was walking around with. ‘Maybe a relative,’ he wondered. “Lost in thought?” the man chuckled. The depth in his voice seemed to have hit a chord with Hunter as he realized where he was again. The smoke coming out of the cigar had drifted into his nose and he breathed out trying to keep his lungs ‘pure.’ “No,” he shook his head as a weird dizzy spell seemed to have washed over him. It was hard to concentrate. “I’m going to have to ask you to put that out. Or at least go somewhere else.” “Nah,” the guy shrugged his heavy shoulders. His shirt raised ever so slightly showing off the hairy abs underneath. Despite possibly being in his late forties he still looked far closer to a fit man in his thirties and had the strong definition of a man even younger. Only the slight white and gray in his beard gave it away. “Nah?” Hunter felt the smoke surrounding him. He was rapidly losing the battle. More so because it started to smell nice. It smelt familiar. “No, I’m here to ask you to move. You need to take that somewhere else.” “What’s a little guy like you gonna do about it?” he chuckled. ‘Little?!’ Anger brought him out of that spell just for a second. He approached the other guy but with each step he seemed to lose an inch of height and 10 more pounds. With each step he could feel something a bit different, just didn’t know what it was. His firm body he’d been crafting over the years was rapidly losing its definition. Muscles weakened and thinned out. His head tilted back slightly as the straps of his sleeveless shirt dipped around his arms. But through his anger he didn’t notice a thing. His small hands gripped the other man by the collar. “Who are you calling little?” he threatened. “You,” the guy laughed, “Big guy.” Hunter looked down at his weak body. “Wha…” he stared at his thin hands and even thinner muscles. The sleeveless shirt had been wrapped tightly across his chest was dripping down his scrawny shoulders. It looked more like a dress than a shirt. That’s when his shorts fell. “The heck?!” he squeaked. Even his voice was higher as he looked around. Suddenly the world was so big. He grabbed his shorts and pulled them around his waist again. The thin waist with abs had turned into one even thinner without them. “It’s alright big guy,” the other man lowered himself to the same height as Hunter. Their faces were just mere inches apart. “I know what it’s like to be small. I know what it’s like to be weak. But I’ll make strong.” The way the guy said it sparked a memory in Hunter. “S-s-sam?” he questioned as he looked at the massive guy again. “When’d you get so hot?!” that wasn’t the question he meant to ask. That wasn’t even close to it! But he was too distracted by the man crammed into his t-shirt and jeans. Every part of Sam that could press the fabric to the limit did. Hunter could easily make out each strong muscle the other man had like he was almost naked. And then an even bigger part that held between his legs. But Sam just chuckled. He put the end of the cigar out against the wall then stomped on its butt with his steel toed boot. “Don’t worry about it bud. We’ll have plenty of time to talk about that…” Hunter found his body swooped up under the other man’s arm as he was led back into the gym. Sam’s speed seemed to have increased as well. Or maybe in the daze, his had slowed. But each time he looked at those jeans crammed packed with muscle he felt everything slow down. “Thata boi,” Sam gave him a hearty slap to the back.
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    4. Sunday Afternoon - Matty's Time You gaze into the mirror as your veiny jock dick plows Ace. He is prone on the bed as you open him up. Your arms and chest fight for space. Your Bear Master has helped you build so much mass. You have become what you've always dreamed, A Jock God. 5'6'' 225. Your whole focus is on how massive you are, how your muscles harden with each thrust. Ace grunts and moans underneath you. Forgotten meat serving your needs. The jock dick explodes. You roll off Ace, your tall and lean wolf. 6'0'' 200 and lean. He isn't as big as you and the Bear. By a long shot. He's built for speed on the bases and has the fullest tightest ass that can never get enough. You slap his ass as you walk out into the kitchen and see your Master. "You done in there, boy? Ace must be wore the fuck out. Drink this and join me in the garage" You chuckle and take the carton of egg whites. Reminding you of that first day. You notice him immediately. Bearded and oh so handsome. But you never imagine that a beast like that would be into a smooth pup like you. You work hard but your eyes are always drawn to him. His obvious power. His thick chest. The way he benches 315 with ease fills you with both lust and jealousy. You finish your lift and see the object of your obsession working arms. Fuck, he is so thick. What I wouldn't give. You sigh with longing and head to the locker room. When you exit the shower, you see the Bear at the sinks and he is even more stunning unclothed. Thick thick chest over a strong masculine belly. Big arms, big ass, big, Big, BIG. You cant help yourself and walk towards him and take a sink across. When you look up, he is looking straight at you...and then he flexes those massive arms. Thick tricep hanging down and a thick softball peak. You stare. You are stunned. Your cock is immediately hard as a rock. And before you realize it, he is gone. You try to pull yourself together. What did that mean? Is he just a cocky meathead? Could he be into you? You head back to your locker and dress. Then hide so you can see the exit. You wait til the Bear leaves. You head out and stand behind him waiting for the elevator. But he doesn't turn around, doesn't acknowledge you. Fuck. It was probably too much to hope. He's so tall and big. You know you're handsome and strong and lean. But not usually one who catches the eyes of the muscle bears who drive you crazy. You stare at his thick, thick ass. God, he is so strong. You enter the elevator. It keeps everything in you not to stare at him but you don't want to be a fuckin creeper. Then he speaks and your heart leaps. Is he flirting? Should I flirt back? Panic and desire and need and uncertainty flash through you in an instant. and you make a choice... "....like you" You smile as you think back on how insecure you were and how much you've changed. You are 40 lean lbs bigger, you live with your Master and your fucktoy, and now you get to head to your garage gym to grow even more. Your master wants you on stage at 240. He says you'll get to own his ass if you win. You've gotten a real taste for topping and dominance with Ace so now that thought drives you. But still, you cant wait for that 8 inch bear cock to seed you and own you after heavy squats. 5x5 at 400. "Hey Daddy, let's do this" The jock dick thickens.
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    Hey all! Sorry for the EXTREMELY long delay, but hey, writer's block (cock-block?) is an asshole. I'm here though! And...here's the next entry to Mark and Tom's sexy saga . Don't try this at home kids! -Kade PART THREE Oh, the surprises just kept on coming. “I could teach you both ways. On the metal, and on me,” quipped Mark, with a subtle thrust of the hips. Mark, this beautiful, rugged man who was about to fulfill my wildest desires. For, like, the third time today. Huh… I should really hit more cars with my bike. “Sounds like a plan,” I responded. At this, Mark climbed off of me and got to his feet. “Shall we?” He asked, extending his calloused hand out to me. I nodded breathlessly, and grabbed it. Suddenly, Mark reached his other arm down under my body and lifted me off the couch, carrying me close to his big chest, bridal style. I wrapped my arms around his neck and bulging shoulders, and held on for the ride. He nuzzled me against his pecs, bouncing them cheekily as we went. When we got to the garage, Mark deposited me on the old green sofa again, before wandering off to retrieve a metal stool from his workbench. He placed it next to the metal bed frame. I got up, fully intending to limp the short distance to the stool. As I took my first step, my ankle gave out and I cursed as I began to topple over- “Gotcha! Don’t do that to yourself, man. You scared me,” reprimanded Mark, as he caught me in his beefy arms. With that, Mark grabbed me by the waist and lifted me up, placing me gently onto the stool. He retrieved the grinder and both pairs of safety glasses. As I sat, my ankle still throbbing, all the nerves of the session caught up to me. I watched as Mark set up the workspace, making sure everything was safe. I eyed the diamond circular blade of the grinder, thinking of all the things that could go wrong. It was a powerful and dangerous tool. It didn’t feel meant for me. I was afraid. “Okay, Tommy boy, you ready for your first angle grinder lesson?” Mark asked cheerily. “...I don’t know.” I answered, looking down at the garage floor. In a second, Mark was next to me, steady arm around my shoulder. “What’s wrong, man?” He asked gently. “I guess I’m just scared. I mean, it was fucking amazing to watch you use it, but now that I’m going to, I just see it as this deadly machine that can overpower and kill me in seconds. I don’t know how to do this,” I admitted. “Look at me,” whispered Mark. I peered up into his blue eyes. “I’m with you every step of the way. I wouldn’t be letting you do this if I didn’t think it was safe. I trust you. I will guide you through it. I’m not gonna let you get hurt, I can promise you that.” spoke Mark reassuredly. I still wasn’t satisfied. “But, what about the sparks? Don’t they burn?” I asked. Mark smirked. “Only a tiny bit, sometimes. But usually you don’t feel it. You just enjoy the light show,” he replied with a charming smile. I nodded tentatively. “You’re gonna be fine. I promise,” spoke Mark. “Okay,” I replied. Mark stepped forward, and kissed me tenderly on the cheek, before maneuvering around behind me, a solid wall to support me from behind. “You ready for this?” asked Mark. I nodded in response. Here we go. Mark’s arms came around me from either side, and he put his large hands over mine in order to guide me. Once he had shown me where to cut and put me into the correct position to hold the tool, Mark triggered the grinder. It burst into its loud, anticipatory whine as the diamond disc spun to life. Aching to cut. My stomach clenched. “Now let’s lower that baby down. Right on there, boy,” Mark purred in my ear. Goosebumps sprang up on my arms. The grinder contacted. Mark removed his hands. Holy shit, it’s happening. BZZZZZZZZZZZZZ. A stream of bright yellow and white sparks shot from the metal bedframe and off to my left. A few stray ones bounced off my chest and arms, but I didn’t even feel them. Just like Mark said I wouldn’t. I’m doing it. I’m doing it! Behind me, Mark boomed with proud laughter. He whooped in appreciation. “Keep it up, Tommy boy! Let’s make this light show happen,” he exclaimed. I lifted the grinder from the metal, still running. “You wanna see a show?” I shouted in anticipation. “Fuck yeah I do, boy,” boomed Mark in response. “Stroke. Stroke, stud,” I commanded, suddenly alive with power. With that, I contacted the grinder with the bedframe once more. Sparks flew. The buzz entranced me. I laughed in triumph. “You strokin’ your cock?” I screamed over the sexy drone. “Mmm-hmm,” Mark grunted in my ear. “Good. Whenever I grind, you stroke. Got it?” I heard another pleasured grunt in response. One of Mark’s gigantic, sinewy arms made its way around my waist and he pressed his torso against my back. The heat from his body in action on me, plus the molten metal, radiated into the garage. Sweat dripped from my brow. I backed off the metal. Mark whined adorably behind me. “Someone a little desperate?” I teased. Mark squeezed me tighter into his body and began to tweak my nipple between his thumb and forefinger. “I control you now,” I growled. (Holy shit, I can growl!) I was already aroused before, but my own intensity ramped up my sexual desire tenfold. Contact again. The buzz. Sparks explode. Five seconds pass. Back off again. On. Off. On. Off. This was the rhythm of pure sexual energy that I put into the grinder. Mark grunted and moaned fervently behind me, his large hand rubbing my chest and nipples. I loved it. Every second of it. Mark’s extreme reaction. The fact that I was causing it. Mark’s hot breath brushing on the back of my neck. His large frame and warm arms holding me steady. My power over him. The sparks, almost as if I had the power to produce them myself, without the grinder as my catalyst. My raging erection, once again. “Tommy. I’m close. I’m incredibly - FUCK - fucking close,”Mark got out. Back off again. “I know stud. But you’re gonna hold on for just a bit longer.” I commanded. Contact. Mark seemed to be falling apart at my whim, his aroused moans and growls, hot breath, and ecstatic cursing growing more frantic by the second. His attention to my chest and nipples was amazing. I was his commander. His king. My cock throbbed. “Tom. I’m gonna cum. I’m gonna cum. I’m gonna-” slurred Mark. “No you’re not. Not until I say you are.” I shot back at him. I let up. One final time, for one final command. “Stroke me off. We cum together.” Contact. This time, I angled the tool so that sparks flew over us in an arc and showered over us. The slight tingle of heat from the sheer number of sparks only added to my arousal. Mark’s thick hand let go of my chest and grabbed onto the bulge in my shorts. My body jolted viscerally from his touch and I would’ve fallen from the stool if it weren’t for his steady grasp around me. Pleasure arced all through my veins like electricity. I had never felt more alive in that moment. Mark purred and mewled behind me. My body tensed up like a rock. “You ready for this?” I gasped. “Fuck yeah,” growled Mark. “Here we go. Oh yeah. OH YEAH. FUUUUUCK!” I bellowed. Mark and I orgasmed as the sparks rained all around us. My high tenor of a shout harmonized with Mark’s deep baritone of a roar. Hot cum shot from my dick and dripped from my shorts onto the concrete floor of the garage. I felt a warm splatter as Mark ejaculated on the small of my back. He held me in place as we reached ecstasy together. Each muscle contraction and pulse of my dick seemed to last an eternity. I had reached heaven with this man. I backed the grinder off the metal as we came down from our climaxes, and set it down on the bench. Mark squeezed me against his body from behind, and I leaned into him gratefully. “Holy shit. What the fuck was that?” gasped Mark. I shrugged my shoulders exhaustedly. Just then, my ankle began to throb intensely. I hissed in pain. “Shit. What’s wrong?” asked Mark? “Ankle,” I muttered. “Son of a bitch. Here, let me take you to my room,” Mark replied. For the most wonderful umpteenth time, Mark scooped me up effortlessly in his powerful arms, and carried me. This time, he trudged us to a door at the back of his house. He fumbled with it for a second before it swung open, revealing his bedroom. As always, he placed me gently down on the bed, making sure I was okay, before going to the other side and lying down. He opened his thick, muscular arms invitingly. I slid right into them. “How the fuck did we get here,” I asked Mark breathlessly. “Dunno, babe. But I’m sure glad we did,” he replied, looking right at me with his beautiful blue eyes. It was then that I noticed how smooth and pink his lips were. In all of his rugged masculinity, this one small, adorable detail set me off. I started giggling. “What?” Mark asked amusedly. “You’re so fucking beautiful,” I replied earnestly. I eyed his lips. “Are you going to, or do I have to, after everything we just did today?” Mark inquired sarcastically. I swallowed my shyness, and kissed him on the mouth. It was a simple act, and there wasn’t much to it, but it was meaningful. Mark reciprocated, and they were cute, chaste little pecks. They were gentle and tender. Eventually, we pulled away. I loved his touch, so much. “Hey, do you mind if we lie here for a bit? Just to catch our breath? Maybe...maybe cuddle a little?” I asked, the timidness returning full force. “Of course, Tommy boy. Of course,” Mark answered. At his response, I put my cheek on his right pec and wound my right arm around his enormous body. He pulled me comfortably close, and his warmth enveloped my body. This was unreal. I was in bed with an Adonis bodybuilder, who had just taken an angle grinder to metal in various degrees of undress to satisfy my niche kinky sexual desires and then frotted and jerked off with me, all after he took me in injured following a collision with his car on my bike this afternoon. I wasn’t complaining, but what the actual hell? “Hey Mark, one more thing,” I began with a yawn. “What’s up?” he responded. “Flex your left bicep one more time. I just need to make sure this isn’t a dream,” I muttered groggily. At this, Mark did as I requested. He tensed and flexed his left bicep into a hard bulge of muscle. I sat up, reached my right hand over and grabbed it. I was still shocked at how hard it was under my touch. Mark grinned, and...dare I say it… blushed at my reaction. After massaging, prodding, and lightly punching it (It did not give. At all.), I put my head down on Mark’s chest again. “You’re unreal,” I whispered into his pec. Mark bounced it a couple of times under my head in reply. I smiled softly, then drifted off to sleep, exhausted after this afternoon’s activities. _____ Seriously, don't try this at home. I mean, I'm all for grinding metal shirtless/naked, but maybe don't shower yourself with metal sparks? Ouchie. Unless you're into that. In which case, who am I to judge . Just be safe! Anyway, thanks for reading, as always! -Kade
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    Part 2 I was awken by my phone vibrating. I looked over and saw that it said “Master Amos”. I quickly answered. “hello?” I grumbled. “Get up now. Food is at your door. Eat and meet me in the gym on the floor in 2 hours sharp. And wear what I sent you.” Amos growled then hung up. My cock lunged straight up. I grabbed it. My phone vibrating again it was Amos. “No cumming.” Click. Holy fuck I thought. How did he know? I got up and walked over to the mirror. Fuck I looked good. 250lbs. solid ripped muscle. My pecs had that glorious overhang. I saw veins snaking through my arms. I raised them up and flexed. “HOLY FUCK”. I looked better than a pro. My biceps raised up and came to the most insane point and separation. I then kicked back and hit my triceps. FUCKERS! They are so fucking shredded and massive. I looked down and noticed my cock hanging a little lower between my legs and my balls looking fuller. But then immediately I noticed my legs…… holy son of a bitch. These would make tom platz gasp. Striations everywhere but they had to be the size of my waist each. My bulging legs. Fuck I want to cum so bad, but I can’t. I need to eat. I run to my door and rip it open. There standing in a jock strap is what looks like a fitness model muscle twink. About 6’5 210lbs. Beautiful boy. “Good Morning Master, I am your new managing slave. Alpha has given me direct orders to feed you and clothe you then escort you to his private gym.” The slave looked down at me. “Uhm….ok whats your name?” I asked staring at the Adonis before me. “Call me Adonis.” He said with a smirk. “Welp that was fucking easy I chuckled. Come on.” He shoved me back against the wall. Throwing a collar on me. “shut the fuck up and eat do you understand?” he said shoving me toward the table. Damn this guy was strong. He forced me to the table and then began setting 4 plates of meals and 3 drinks on the table. “you will eat all. If you don’t. I fuck you and then force feed you. Understand.” Adonis said patting my face. Which felt more like a slap. I just nodded up at him. I thought he was suppose to be my slave. I began shoveling food in me holy fuck it tasted good. I finished one plate. Then quickly moved on to the others. Guzzling down the first drink. Adonis sat across from me and I could see his jock strap was stirring. “Alpha is right. You are the chosen one.” Adonis said licking his lips. I kept shoveling down the food and finished everything. “More.” I grunted. “MORE?” Adonis yelled. “That’s over 6000 calories!” “did I fucking stutter. More. Get alpha on the phone I need more.” Adonis’ jockstrap snap and his cock lunged out. Smacking up underneath his pecs. “HOLY FUCK!” I yelled. It was massive. He was massive. “oh fuck jay… You can’t do this to me. Alpha will be very disappointed.” Adonis said stroking his cock. “did you just use my real name? aren’t you suppose to be my fucking slave?” I walked over to him…well at this point it was an extreme waddle. I grabbed him by the hair. “I’m your fucking master. Now get me food.” I ripped off the collar that he put on me. “I only obey Alpha Amos. Not some fucking twink.” Shoving him to the ground. I looked down for the first time. OH FUCK! I can’t see my feet. My pecs are to big. Fuck I’m starting to leak. “MORE FOOD!” I scream “yes master yes master.” Adonis screams quickly grabbing his phone. “Alpha! Alpha please help Master wants more food!” I wait to hear Amos’ response. “well get him more food you fucking idiot. Whatever he wants. GET IT and I want him drink 4 more shakes.” Amos hangs up and suddenly I get a text on my phone from Amos. “fucking idiot you should be fed as much as you want. He is to help you grow and if he denies you growth you punish him. Understand?” I finish reading it and smirk. I punish him….. well let the punishment commence. “oh fuck yes Amos”. I respond. Adonis returns with 5 more meals and 5 shakes. I eat it all down within 15 mins then look at Adonis. My arms begin to feel tight along with my chest. “How long until I have to be at the gym?” I demand slamming down the last cup of Amos’ juice. “1 hour sir.” He whimpers. “Good.” I stand up and stomp over to him. I see his eyes fill in terror. I grab around his waist. “Master still hungry bitch.” I growl. I lift him up so his big cock is right at the perfect angle for my mouth. “NO YOU CAN’T! YOU CAN’T! YOU’RE NOT READY FOR THIS!” Adonis screams and began kicking me but he felt more like a kid than anything. God was he really 210 lbs? “Oh yes I can.” I suck down his cock feeling it snake down my throat. I begin pulsing him in and out letting my shoulders and arms do the work. I notice the veins are bulging and getting darker and bigger. “NO SERIOUS UHHHH FUCK OH SHIT! NOOOO ALPHA! NOO!!!” Adonis screams shooting load after load in me. I feel it expanding my gut “OH FUCK! I wasn’t suppose to do that oh fuck!” Adonis screams and pouts. I set him down but when I do I notice hes smaller or I don’t know. But I’m now instead of staring at his chest I’m staring at his nose. “take me to the gym now.” I demand. “You need clothes sir.” Adonis suggests. He pulls out a racer back tank top and a pair of lycra shorts. “put them on me.” I demand patting his face like he did to me. I feel him stratch the tank top over grazing over my bulging muscles. “oh fuck…. You’re so perfect.” I hear him mutter. He grabs the shorts and I step one foot at a time. He slides them up but then we get to the tear drop of my quads. “Oh fuck…. These are to small.” Adonis groans and I see pre cum leaking out of his cock again. “get them on now.” I scream at him. He immediately begins fighting to get them on. He gets behind me and I can feel him trying to pull them up. I know they won’t fit and I know they are going to rip. But fuck this was so hot. This little muscle twunk pre cumming from just the site of me. I me fuck this morning I looked amazing. I wonder what I look like all filled out from the food. Whatever. I’ll see at the gym. “OH MY GOD. JUST PULL THEM UP!” I scream shoving him to the ground I grab them and pull them up instantly and the shred at both seams. “OH GOD NO NOT AGAIN!” Adonis’ cock lunges up and I quickly grab it sucking down the what felt like gallons of cum down my throat. Fuck it tastes so good. I pick up my phone and call amos. “NOW WHAT!” Amos screams into the phone. “my clothes don’t fit. Want me to come naked to the gym? “ I chuckle. “no fucking way…. Those were 5xls….. you were suppose to grow into them.” I can hear amos’ voice quivering. “I’m coming over now.” Amos hangs up. I see Adonis trying to clean up everything and suddenly turns to me. “I COULDN’T HELP IT YOU’RE… YOU’RE… YOU’RE A FUCKING MUSCLE FREAK!” and he quickly disappears to my bedroom. I chuckle. Fuck I’m only 250. I look good but come on. I waddle over to the couch and sit feeling the weight of the couch sag. I lean back and close my eyes. I start to meditate. I see myself. Growing and expanding. I see Amos in front of me. Slowly getting smaller… or am I getting bigger. I soon see his pecs are eye level. Then his mouth. Then his eyes. Then I’m looking down at him. He’s reaching up to me. He’s mouthing something…. “WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON OVER HERE!” I hear amos scream from behind me. “alpha I’m so sorry but I couldn’t keep up I mean look.” Adonis pleads at Amos’ feet. I stand up and turn around. “HOLY FUCK…….WHAT….HOW… OH MY GOD…”. Amos moans and I see his cock lunge and begin fighting against his tight lycra. “oh god…. You’re ….” “I’m fucking starving. I gotta break this 250.” I grunt. Waddling towards him. Fuck when did Adonis become my height! “boy have you seen yourself?” amos groans. I see his cock now straining his shorts. I raise my arm and flex. It raises high enough for me to lick it. “OH FUCK ALPHA AGAIN! I NEED TO CUM!” Adonis screams. Just then something comes over me. I lunge toward Adonis. Grabbing him around the waist. I latch onto his cock which now is no struggle for me. I stroke it with my tongue while grunting. “holy shit….he’s surpassing what I even thought was possible!” I hear amos say. I feel Amos come up from behind me. “Boy you can lift that twink with one arm. Flex the other for him. Show him the god you’re becoming.” I hear my Alpha say. So I obey. I flex and then feel the lunge of his cock down my throat. I feel the hot cum filling me full. I feel my body pulsing and getting more and more pumped. I feel my ass expanding. I feel Amos grab my pecs. He leans in and whispers in my ear. “boy… I have to fuck you now. I can’t wait. I’m sorry boy you’re to… oh fuck….. you’re perfection. You’re what I’ve.” He rams his massive pole into my ass. I roar out tossing Adonis to the wall. He scurries to get himself up. “I’ve always dreamed I would find you, but this is surpassing my wildest dreams.” He grunts while pulsing. The interesting part was I felt my head fall onto his shoulder, I could have sworn I only came up to beneath his pec last night at the gym. “breed me and claim me Amos. CLAIM ME!” I scream squeezing my ass on his cock. I feel his whole body shiver. “no fucking way.” I hear Adonis scream. “no fucking way you make him cum.” “watch me bitch”. I grunt towards Adonis who looks even tinier to me. I hear Amos grunting and moaning. I hear him go between “you’re mine” to “I’m yours”. Fuck I can’t take this anymore. “CUM GOD DAMNIT”. I scream while hitting a most muscular and clenching my ass. ‘JAY NOOOO! OH FUUUUUUCK! NO THIS CAN'T BE HAPPENING! OH FUUUUUUUCK” AMOS screams. I feel a geyser of cum filling me. I feel my stomach build with pressure. I feel my body get an instant pump like I just pushed it so hard on a work out. oh its almost euphoric fuuuck. I feel my cock rise up and slam my pecs. I feel my biceps pulse. I feel everything in me just radiate heat. But the best pump was my ass. It felt like it was growing right there getting bigger. I hit a most muscular pose and scream out!. "AHHHHHHHHHH I FEEL LIKE A GOD!" I see Adonis slack jawed at the sight in front of him. “Jay….what have I done?” I hear Amos say behind me. I feel his cock slide out of me. I turn around. I’m staring at the most beautiful man in the world. “You’re mine jay. Adonis, grab all his belongings. Call and quit his job. He’s moving home. Please prepare the boys. We need the syrum injected into all of you.” Amos says. “Yes Alpha.” Adonis quickly begins on his list of commands. “Jay……You ready for your new life?” Amos says sweetly while smiling into my blue eyes. “Yes sir but…”. I respond and look down. “I haven’t gotten a chance to work out this body since I hit 250 sir. I want all the guys at the gym to see me at 250 and how amazing I look.” I say squeezing his big biceps. “boy…… you can never return to that gym.” Amos says in a low but seirous voice. “you can’t return to your life ever.” “but why… Its only 30 lbs.” I say looking up into my Masters eyes. “No its not….. ADONIS GRAB THE SCALE AND A MIRROR.” Amos says. Adonis runs out with the scale. “theres no mirror Alpha maybe I can take a photo and he can see.” Adonis responds with a quiver in his voice. “wait! Aren’t you 6’5 adonis?” I say looking down at him. “Yeess.” He says ashamed. “what the fuck is going on?!” I roar. “on the scale now boy.” Instantly I obey to Amos. I see the numbers fly up and down and up and down and then I hear a beep. “Oh fuck.” I hear both Adonis and Amos say. “WHAT AM I 255?!?!” I scream. “uhm…. You’re….” Adonis tries to utter the words but instantly becomes hard. “MORE! I WANT MORE!” I scream lunging for him but Amos stops me. “350. Jay you weigh over 350 lbs and by the looks of it it’s pure fucking muscle” Amos says. I look up at Amos grin. “Good one sir”. I laugh. “Adonis take the photo of us side by side.” Amos commands. Adonis pulls out his phone snaps a pic and comes up to me. I look at the picture and instantly pass out.
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    This story is a continuation of my last story "Week of the Omeganomicon" which follows the story of Tom. If at any point you become confused about this I suggest taking a look through that one here: The Gamma Jack pulled into the driveway exhausted and angry. For three years he'd been hunting for the secrets of alphabetrium, and alas his final clue as to their whereabouts which brought him all the way to the amazon jungle, had fallen up short. With no where left to turn, he returned to his highschool career, annoying, at age 20 I'm old enough to start up my own business, but am still forced to pursue yet another year at high-school no less... Grabbing the essentials he entered the apartment and flipped on the light.... What in the fuck? Is all Jack could muster... The entire apartment was decimated as if some beast had torn through the walls and furniture. What in the hell happened here? What the FUCK Tom? What did you do? But after storming around he couldn't find him. Anywhere. He called the police and began searching through the rubble for anything that might be of worth. That's when he saw it. Virtually unscathed by the event was this book. Jack knew it well. The Omeganomicon, created by the last great Omega as a torture method for betas and a secret siphon to amass great power if you were clever enough to manipulate someone into sacrificing a part of themselves for you. I'd seen five of these before, some much thicker than this one, so I know it was already missing information and on any account would be worthless to me, I don't see the need to sacrifice anyone to cheese my way back into alpha-dom. No, what was Tom doing with that book? Is it possible? Jack began slamming his head into the wall debris repeatedly. IDIOT ! he yelled at himself, I TRAVEL ACROSS THE WORLD TO FIND A CROSSOVER TECHNIQUE, and ONE JUST SO HAPPENS TO DESTROY MY APARTMENT WHEN I LEAVE IT?! It was then that he saw something shiny.... It was a camera with a recording of everything that happened... Including Tom's transformation from friday night. As well as the intense event with lisa from school. (She had stopped in front of the camera to pose for it) Hmm.... Lisa huh? ... Wait... Thats when he got to evening on saturday, and saw Mike and Lisa dragging Tom's immense body out. But... But why would they... Then the final scene began to roll, as the camera fell under some debris, where it had perfect view of a different camera, same type and style, set up in Tom's room, and on sunday morning, Lisa came and retrieved the other camera. Jack thought it through, Lisa had retrieved the wrong camera, thinking there to only be one, unaware of the camera Tom had set up to record himself which she took in place of her own. Why would she need to ... wait.... it can't be... He rewound the video to Saturday during the bit with the blowjob on the patio and watched it. Of course... The Omegaplane.... He couldn't believe it! His luck! He got to view the ritual right in front of him. That's why she came back for the camera.... Well that's one reason, I'm sure evidence of what destroyed this house is also motivation enough for her, but the dance of which she uses to reach the Omegaplane.... That is sacred. It is only meant to be passed down from Master to Apprentice. Tom stared at Lisa, this was his ticket, and she'd led him straight towards him, soon, he'd turn everything about his life around. The story of Jack's life was quite bizarre. At the young age of thirteen, jack was the newest son of a powerful Alpha family. He was soon to be taught the secret arts of Alphabetrium, but first he had to be tested to see if he were a jock at all first, and not just a beta, completely secretly. For his final test, he was to seduce his prom date into any form of sexual act. He got her all the way to bed, but despite this, he did not want to go through with the act, saying he just wasn't really all that into sex. Jack is what we call a Gamma, where an Alpha is typically a straightforward system, there do exists weird outliers called Gammas. They possess the mindset of an alpha, but despite being completely functional, simply are not interested in sex. Sex, of course, is considered the most sacred act one can perform to an alpha, and thus those whom reject that are outcast-ed. Jack was shunned by his parents and sent to prep school to never see them again for seven years. Prep school was cruel, restricting meals to simple carb diets, with very little protein intake. Despite working his hardest for five years, Jack just became starved as despite his effort, only maintained an average body. However, there were factors beyond the school's control. Deep down, Jack was still an alpha, and while he had no desire to massage his cock, he had a relentless thirst for power. Raw power, influence, magic, science, information, control, worth, he yearned for it. And after just five years, managed to use the profits of selling off his self-made online business to transfer to this school and live a life of his own control. From here he began his own department of Alphaology at the highschool, he researched a variety of strange artifacts he'd heard his father discuss with his mother during their sexual sessions and learned all about the secret link between Alphas known as the Alphaplane. All he needed now was a means of visiting the plane so he can use it. This however, was a problem. The only way to cross into the Alphaplane is for two alphas to have sex. The thought of inquiring power aroused jack plenty, but finding a partner was much harder. Alphas don't worry about finding new partners as they naturally attract each other, but if your sexual compass is shattered, it's much harder to pinpoint who has the skill necessary to cross over. He'd even spent 30,000$ on a trip to the amazon to meet a retired alpha priestess who as it turned out couldn't help him. How was he going to find her? And even if he could, how would he convince her to let him in? He stared at the camera, and grinned evilly. Two days later Lisa was enjoying a nice day at the gym when a voice spoke to her directly. "Hello Lisa". "Do I know you loser?" "Ouch... Harsh, and no I don't think you do. I'm Jack." "Look I'm pretty busy and I'd appreciate it if you'd fuck off Jack." "Cute, most just tell me to Jack-off, I think they like the word play, but I'm afraid you're going to want to pay attention to this one. It's about Tom." Lisa froze. Her hands ran over her far-too-tiny bikini only to realize her phone was in her bag. "Oh, I'm afraid you won't be calling to help Lisa. See, I'm Tom's Roomate, and you'll have to understand there was a BIG concern for me when I got home a couple of days ago. And look, don't worry, I've already cleaned up the mess. Tom was a fucking douche anyways, and I really don't care what you did with him or who's reaping the reward. What you should be more concerned about is this. " Jack held up her camera and tossed it to her. "Amazing coincidence, Tom just so happened to have the exact same tape recorder set up in his room as you did in the living room, I guess when you went back to get this you accidentally grabbed his instead, see it's interesting. This tape shows you almost entrancing Tom when you first start to suck him on the patio, see those odd motions you make with your hips and throat, and I just so happen to know these acts are sacred to an alpha priestess... God knows the punishment for this getting out would mean exile... " Lisa was frozen. She could feel it. Jack was legit. And she was in no position to not follow his demands. "What do you want?" Jack pointed at the video, "THAT, I want to experience that. I want you to help me cross over into the Alphaplane, I need to see it. All you need to do is fuck me once, you can come over later today, and let me see the power of dominance in it's rawest form." "You're blackmailing me into sex?" "Call it what you like, just know I have three secret associates somewhere else in the world, If I can't respond to each of them tomorrow, a copy of this video will go viral, and we both know what happens to both of us if that happens....Better if this just never gets out" "You're pathetic. But sure, I'll stop by after my jog, like you said, better if this just never gets out." Later that day Lisa arrived at the location Jack designated, inside a few associates lead her down an elevator into some kind of laboratory. "What are we doing here?" "What can I say, I have my fetishes. Now... how about we get started with this..." "It won't work..." "Hmm?" "It only works for alphas, you need a specific mindset, and powerful enough body to cross over." "Not big enough for you babe? Fine." Jack walked over to an intercom and ordered "Project 22" be brought to him. "The effects of this technology are temporary, and won't last for more than a day before causing a series of nasty side effects for several months due to my body's inability to produce alpha energy. But I don't think that will be a problem anymore..." Jack said this as he stabbed himself with a golden syringe into his left ass cheek and began to strip. That's condensed alphabetrium there, it's an artifact I found years ago, it's incredibly condensed in crystalized form, but it will eventually fizzle out of existence once my body absorbs it long enough. Lisa suddenly became more and more turned on as she watched Jack slowly hulk out into the size Ethan used to be. "Hows this?" Lisa just rolled her eyes and went to work. Pretty soon her hair turned golden and the two began to hallucinate vividly. Pretty soon Jack found himself staring down at his own roided out body pounding Lisa like a toy. "This good enough for you?" she asked. "Perhaps for a while, I want to explore this reality as much as I can before we finish." Jack spent hours in the slowed space making record and jotting down notes about different observations on what he could do before finally talking to Lisa. "Alright, I've understood enough, there's just one more thing I'd like to see. The connection." Lisa backed away. "You can't possibly know about that..." Jack just stared at her before rolling his eyes. "Whatever, don't help, I know how to get there myself". Jack grabbed a syringe from the drawer and stuck it into Lisa's breasts forcing them to lactate which he greedily lapped up. Lisa could only watch in horror and protest as Jacks mind ascended into the Plane. He stood there frozen for minutes as the sounds of his physical form became more and more powerful and loud. Finally, she became relaxed as he returned normally. Jack then declared that that was enough and pushed a button on the wall, which after a few minutes brought in associates to separate the two from having sex. As they returned to their physical bodies, Jack reviewed the data his men had just brought him, then smiled, and turned towards Lisa. "Consider your video erased for good, your help has been invaluable, and this data is supurb is there anything else you'd need?" Lisa was confused. "What data?" "Oh did no one tell her? This whole room is lined with state-of the art motion detection which record and analyzes every small movement in this room. If your eyelash twitched, this room knows it's exact coordinates." "What are you going to do with this information?" "Do? I think you mean "DID" baby." He then pressed a button on the wall revealing a chamber within. "Meet Ellie, she's your replacement. Any time we need more data or tests to run, we can get there with just her." Lisa had never seen this girl before, but soon realized why, Ellie was a machine. "She's learned everything you did inside and out and can replicate it at whim." Lisa was then lead outside the room before snapping back, knocking two guards unconscious and grabbing Jack by his neck. "You know... I haven't cleared your blackmail yet..." Jack said grinning evilly. Lisa glared, quickly dressed herself, and took a nice long stare back at the Ellie device. Once she'd left, Jack called a meeting with his second in command, Conner. "How well did that turn out?" "Wonderful sir! In a matter of weeks we'll have what you want prototyped." "Good, the painali the artifact caused me will torture me for days as I revert back from this form." "Sir.... If you don't mind me asking, what is the goal of this? It seems like a lot of work for this "Connection" what does it do?" Jack smiled. "Well on top of being a wondrous scientific advancement, I believe I can harness the power of the Connection and absorb the combined knowledge, alpha-energy, and will of the combined mindset of the alphaplane." He knelt down to Connor and whispered to him secretively "This power will allow me to transcend this world and become the most powerful being known to man." before laughing hardily as he walked away. End of Part 1/5, stay tuned for the continuation!
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    “Hey, son! Fetch your old man a beer, will ya!?” My step father shouts from the living room, his deep voice boomed past the walls to reach me in the kitchen. “...Sure! Give me a minute!” I shout back, straining my slightly squeaky voice. Only a small hint of hesitation escape with it. I quickly put down the steak I was preparing, wash my hands, and go to the fridge to grab one of my father’s favorite beer. Gosh, that’s a weird thought. A few months ago, there wouldn’t be a favorite beer to grab. In fact, there wouldn’t be any alcohol at all in the house. My step father was a prim and proper type. He would only drink when required during business discussion, and only a few sips to be polite. That all changed after he came back home three months ago, appearing slightly disheveled, face flushed, and evidently inebriated. He wasn’t acting badly drunk or wild or anything, at least back then. It was only obvious because I had never seen him even tipsy before in my life, so the small hints were all I needed. Ever since then, he changed. Slowly at first, some little changes in his usual schedule, a new taste for a more casual meal, something like that. At first, I thought whatever happened that night finally loosen him up a bit. Maybe he finally got laid or something ever since mom passed, the thought whisper in the back of my mind. But then, it accelerated. The changes became more obvious. He started buying alcohol, whiskey, gin, vodka, and beer, drinking them more and more at home. He also began to eat more, and preferring more meaty, protein-rich dishes. He started dressing more casually at home. Like, WAY more casually. From neat polos and slacks if he felt particularly relaxed, by his standard, to loose t-shirts and jeans, to tank tops and shorts. Nowadays, he just walk around the house shirtless with just his boxers to cover his private parts, showing the world his new build. Have I forgot to mention? He became jacked. From a thin lanky man, to what my gay friends would describe as a muscle dilf. I first noticed when his loose shirt was starting to fit him better. Then, when he started wearing tank tops, the exposed arms showed the increased muscles, bulging biceps and triceps, and thick defined forearms. With more hair to boot! He was never really a hairy person, but masculine wisps dust his revealed skins. When he started going shirtless, big hairy pecs and tight muscular abs that I was certain he didn’t have a few nights prior, along with even bigger arms, broader shoulders, and thicken thighs and legs proved to me something saw amidst. People don't just change this much, this quickly. “What’s taking you so long, kid!?” My father shouts again, reminding me of my task. His newly deepen, more masculine voice brought to mind his changed demeanor, more manly and bold ever since this started. “I’m coming!” I reply. As I hurried along, I faintly heard what might have been amused chuckles from my destination. I turn a corner and entered the living room, not wanting to find out if his temper grew along with his body. However, I froze on my track, came to an abrupt stop just a few steps into the room. “Finally! Were you robbing a brewery for it or something kid?” My dad teases mirthfully for the time I took, while sitting on the couch, watching porn, playing with his bulge. The brief glance I saw told me it was gay porn on the TV screen, of a muscular mature man nailing a younger but still hunky man. The sound of their passionate fuck reach my ear, but my eyes are glued to the big tent in my dad’s pants. The huge tool seems like it’s not even fully hard, yet somehow filled the front like the pants was a few sizes too small. My dad notices where I was looking, and a smirk grew on his face. He stands up and slowly strut closer to me. My eyes take in his improved body. His beefy hair-covered pecs, muscular frames, and hard manly torso all seems even bigger and more masculine than the last time I saw them, keeping me mesmerized by the sexy way they moved. Wait, sexy? He came to a stop, standing in front of me, hands pulls down the hem of his pants slightly, drawing my eyes to his delicious looking bulge. I can smell his musky scent. Manly, virile, pheromonal odour filled my lungs, sending my head into a dizzy, lustful spin. “See what you like, boy?” He huskily says, the term sent an unexpected thrill down my spine, and blood into my crotch. “D-Daddy?” I blurt out. I’ve never called him with that title before, but it felt strangely, pulse-raisingly right. The arousal races through my body, filling it with heat and desire. “Don’t worry, daddy will take a very good care of you.” He soothe me with a masculine, paternal, and sex-tinged tone, while slowly pulling my head towards one of his delicious-looking erected nipples. Damn, my body feels itchy, and my shirt feels tighter... -------------------------------------------- Author Note : Hey folks, it's been a while. Instead of finishing some of my in-progress stories, my muse decided I should speed-write a caption instead. Better than not posting anything, I suppose. Like always, I welcome criticisms and happily melt under praises. So, feel free to leave a comment or two. English is not my first language, so any mistake caught or suggestions offered are very appreciated.
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    Whenever new material seems to slow down I like to dig into the old forum archives and rediscover old stories I may have forgotten about. This is one such story involving a sexy situation of a huge muscular hunk shopping for clothes where a cute little muscle obsessed man works. It's a great little realistic fantasy. Part 1: https://archive.muscle-growth.org/threads/2055-p1.html Part 2: https://archive.muscle-growth.org/threads/2787-p1.html One question I have for the mods, if I were to repost some of these old stories here, would there be any objection if I cleaned them up? I don't mean changing the actual story language or anything, just cleaning up the formatting. And when the old archive was created there were some formatting hiccups, such as certain punctuation marks changing to�s. I also may add some paragraph breaks to make them easier to read.
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    Definitely have more planned for Brian and his "growing pains". I have another story that I need to finish first before I get back to this series though. Also, thanks for all the feedback. You guys are what keeps all this going
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    Hey all. This is an old story that i wrote with a furry OC of mine long ago. I edited some stuff and basically made it a bit better, hope you guys like it! ------------------------------ "Hmm...should i?..." Esval was staring at a red pill that he was holding in his paw. The pill seemed to have a slight grow to it. This pill and thirteen more was given to him from a random guy he met at the gym that day. The only thing the guy said to him about those pills is that "he would be in heaven", and that "He would want a lot more than those 13~" Winking, the man leaved the gym, and stood there with 13 pills he got no idea what were for. He was, sadly, the only one left in the showers and the gym, as it was kind of late, around 9:50 PM "...Ah, fuck it, what's the worse that can happen?" Being confident, he shallowed the first pill. Just when it touched the bottom of his stomach... "...H-HUH?!, RRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAW!" He let out a powerful roar, suddenly feeling energy flowing into him. The energy turned into pleasure, his whole body seemingly experiencing a powerful orgasm, and suddenly, he starts to grow. First was his chest, blowing like a balloon, in no time covering part of his view. Then his arms, his biceps growing as big as those pecs, before being followed by his legs, becoming as thick as tree trunks from an average tree. His back grew wider and wider, when suddenly his boxers broke apart, as if they were wet paper. And they seemed to be, as his cock was leaking pre-cum like a half open faucet, and it seemed to be growing. "S-so..M-mUCH! I-i must *groan*...n-NO! I-I NEED MORE!" Screaming to the top of his lungs, he flexed his arms, rejoicing in the orgasmic feeling. His cock was growing fast. From an already above average 8 inches soft, it slowy grew till it got stuck between the mountains that were his pecs. The cockhead was extra sensible, as he let out his biggest moan when it touched the bottom of his pecs, and kept ascending, almost reaching his muzzle. Craving, his mind beginning to be lost in the sensations, starting stroking the huge cock, his dick launching small shots of pre that he happily licked. "O-ooh...O-OOOH!" he was close, very close to cumming, he could feel it, slowy working from his also grown balls through his dick. Moaning, craving, he stroked his dick one last time, before a geyser of pure cum was launched from his dick into the ceiling, landing on his face. Suddenly, the growth and the cum stopped without warning. Panting, looking at his dick that now could be licked and sucked by himself with small effort, he smirked, most of his normal thoughts returning. He now stood at 9ft. "God...I'm so big...bigger than my usual growths..." Esval had been born with the ability to naturally grow his muscles slightly, but this...this was far more powerful. He felt his cock getting hard again, now as thick and wide as a twink's waist. Smirking, he is about to have some more lustful fun, before he feels a sharp pain on his stomach. "Wh-?!" Without warning, he started to shrink, all of his muscle dissapearing like nothing, until he was back to his starting size. Even when Esval was already buff, that growth had been the best feeling of his life! "Damnit...wait..." He looked behind him, and found the bottle with the rest of the pills. Grabbing them and looking closely, he could see some pills shining brighter than others. "Hehe..." Grabbing the bottle and putting it on his bag, he looked for some new underwear and shorts before leaving the showers. Tonight he was gonna grow again. Bigger and bigger, and would later find the guy that gave him those pills. "Guess i found my new hobby~" ------------------------------------------------------------- And that's the story! Will try to upload stories in here sometimes. Hope this one was hot enough for you guys!
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    I found this story written by Myoder does anybody know if he still writes? Bull BY Myoder I'd never met my uncle Jim. My dad told me that he was always the black sheep of the family and that was about all I knew of him. Now, at 35, I decided I'd track him down. I found out that he had a ranch and after a few calls I finally reached him. On the phone, he had a deep voice (it actually made me crazy it was so deep, so masculine, but I'd never let him know). I arranged to come out to the ranch on day in the summer. The sprawling property was impressive. Cattle and a small farm patch with hay and wheat growing. I didn't know what to expect of my uncle, I'd only seen a photo of him as a boy - dark tossled hair and a clear attitude that said "don't take my picture, jerk!" I found a ranch hand and asked where I'd find my uncle Jim. "Jim?" he asked. "Don't know any Jim." "Jim Reynolds? He owns the place." "Oh! You mean Bull! He's out in the field with the cattle. Take that truk over there you'll find him over that way." He pointed toward a large open space. I could barely make out the dots of cattle in the distance. I hopped in the old truck and headed out. My heart started pounding at the idea of meeting a long lost relative. Who I found in the field was more than anything I could've expected. There standing among a herd was my uncle Jim - Bull as they called him - and I could see why. At 55, he stood a good 6'7". He looked like he weighed well over 500 lbs and all of it was muscle. He had a mane of thick dark hair with grey at the temples, a full beard and bushy eyebrows. His face was weathered and worn from years in the sun. He was wearing a flannel cowboy shirt, the sleeves torn off to accomodate the mass of his incredible arms. His biceps bulged and twisted like huge iron balls. His triceps were like two massive horseshoes, his forearms easily 25inches around and corded with thik muscle under a coat of dark hair. His shoulders had to be 3 feet across. The front of the shirt was open halfway to his navel, exposing huge hairy pecs - grey and black hair matted with sweat. His thighs were thick with muscle and his ass was big and firm. He was imposing and huge - and I could feel my dick getting hard at the thoguht of the what filled the enormous bulge in his jeans. "Uncle Jim?" I called. He looked over and started toward me extending his hand. "You Mike, then?" he asked. His grip was strong. He was being gentle, I could tell he did know his own strength and was being careful not to hurt me. He smiled. "So, you're my nephew. Hmmm." He looked me up and down and I felt embarrassed. "Well my brother produced a fine young guy. Guess good looks run in the family." He laughed and looked like he was staring at my crotch. Did he notice my growing hardon? I thought I sawthe bulge in his pants getting bigger. "Just working on getting these steer in that pen. Hold on." He ushered a few of the steer into a fenced area, but two moved off, not wanting to go. He walked over to them and grabbed them by the horns. Then he slipped his massive hands and arms around them and lifted. His neck was thick and huge, his traps swelled beside his ears. His biceps and triceps bunched and flexed as he hoisted the two huge steer in his arms. He walked them over to the pen and lifted them over the fence. At least 1000lbs in each arms and he lifted them like they were little dogs! "Get in there, you two!" he grunted as he put them down. He turned to face me and gave his pecs a flex, the massive muscle bouncing under the fabric. "Helps if you're strong in this work, Mike." He flashed a big smile. "You married?" Uh oh, I thought. That question. Do I tell him I'm gay, or do I leave it alone? "No," I said. Leave it alone. "You?" "Was for a while. She left me for one of the ranch hands. Go figure. She thought I was gettin too big - lifting weights and building up. But shit! When you get this big, you just gotta get bigger! Sides, most women don't appreciate a really huge man." He lifted one of his massive arms and flexed it. The bicep peaked as big as my head and his triceps hung low and hard in an incredible arch. His shoulder was as big as a basketball and every muscle was striated.My cock leapt in my pants pushing out my jeans. "Just 33 inches there, Mike." I gulped. "Man! Really?!" "Sure is! Here feel it." He held it in front of my face. I could smell his sweat and felt his breath on my face. He looked into my eyes while I reached up acn touched the huge muscle. He twisted his fist around changing the mass and dimension of the muscle in front of my face. He breathed harder as I grasped the bicep and squeezed. Then he whispered, "Squeeze it real hard, Mike. Try and crush it." I squeezed as hard as I could but didn't dent it. "Real Man's arm there, boy," he whispered, "you like that? I can by that crotch that you do." I stroked my cock in my pants. "Let it out, son." he whispered in my ear. I unzipped my jeans and my hard 7" dick sprang out and slapped against my stomach. "Mmmm, yeah real pretty little dick, Mike." He kept his arm flexed and grabbed my dick with his other hand, stroking me gently. His huge hand almost entirely enveloped my hard cock. His fingers slipped under my crotch and hisindex finger found my hungry asshole. I groaned as he fingered my hole. Now my hands were all over his huge body. I ripped open his shirt and started running my fingers through the fur on his massive pecs. He flexed them while I squeezed and probed, licked and stroked his muscle. He leaned down and his mouth met mine, his beard scrathing my face histongue probing deep down my throat. I reached for his zipper and pulled it down. His semi-hard cock flopped out. It was already about 9 inches long and as thick as my wrist. I felt the weight of it- heavy and thick. He stood up straight and I took as much of it as I could in my mouth. It continued to grow while I licked and sucked and stroked it. "Yeah. Suck my big dick, Mike. Make that cock huge! Yeah, Big muscle man's dick." He threw his head back and his cock thickened and hardened even more. At full mast he was immense. Thick with a huge head and dark veins roped over the monster dong. "Fuck Bull! How big is this?!" I asked. "Fifteen. When I'm real excited 16. Like it, Mike?" "Oh man!" I went down on the huge prick and sucked as much as I could- which wasn't much. It was huge. It throbbed and flexed in his excitement. Every muscle in his massive body flexed while I sucked him and stroked his huge dick. I could feel his big, hairy balls pulling up and expected him to shoot, but he stopped me. "My turn," he said. He picked me up in one huge hand and thrust his finger in my ass. I sat on his hand and he pumped me back and forth, sucking my dick and finger fucking me. I reached down and felt his massive biceps as he went to work on my throbbing dick. "Yeah, Bull. Suck me, Stud. Flex those big fuckin muscles and suck me real hard. He picked up speed and grunted and groaned as he sucked my dick. I could feel me getting close. "I'm gonna shoot, man!" The giant muscle man pumped my dick deep in his throat and clamped down hard as my jism gushed out. He kept sucking me till I was dry, then he put me down. I grasped his massive dong and pulledon it hard. He groaned more and more as I stroked his dick. "Make it shoot, man! Make Bull's dick shoot." I squeezed his monstrous, hairy pecs and stroked his hard 16" dick. Then he hit a double biceps pose and I squeezed the inhuman arms. His masive dong bounced and bobbed while I felt his incredible arms. I saw his huge balls contract up and his huge muscle cock sprayed a massive load for feet and feet while I squeezed his arms. He picked me up and held me straddling his waist and kissed me deep and long. That was the first day I met my Uncle Jim - Bull. •
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    “What?” Austin pretended that he didn’t know why his roommate might have been mad at him. “You know what,” Brad stated. A week ago, one of his friends had sent him a crazy message telling him to download this crazy new app. He did so and was surprised just how amazing it actually was. He could change anything and everything he could ever want to. Of course the first thing was getting out of the small shitty apartment he shared with Austin and into a large house the two of them could share. He made sure to give himself some new clothes, car and body that was perfect for showing off. Of course he gave a couple of things to his roommate as well, but seeing how greedy he was being, Brad had cut him off. “‘Friad not,” Austin shrugged his shoulders and went back to playing his game. “Oh?” Brad typed into his device, ‘Austing and I are outside, looking at my car.’ Instantly the two were teleported outside with the shiny black car parked out front. It was far more than he would have been able to afford before but with a few sentences, reality had warped it to be his. “Mind explaining this?” he pointed to a heavy amount of dirt sprayed across the drivers side of the doors. Austin’s shoulders pushed out in front of him as though he was clearly annoyed that Brad would even dare ask him a question like that. “Nope, don’t know anything about it.” Brad knew it was a lie. He’d made sure not to take the car anywhere that could have messed it up like that. And even if he did, he would have just made it clean again using the device. “So you haven’t been driving my car?” “Nope.” “You haven’t been showing it off as though it’s yours?” “Nope.” “Okay,” Brad bobbed his head, angry Austin was lying to him. He pulled out his device and watch Austin’s disassociated attitude lean into one that was more interested. Austin knew all about the device. Even if he didn’t know what had been changed he knew it could be. Brad had let him be rather big and muscular for a couple of days, until he got too annoying about it. He let out a bit of a gulp. “So, if I type in something that would affect the person who’s been driving my car, it won’t affect you?” “N-nope,” Austin felt his throat tighten even more. Though the light bit of sweat starting to pool around his brow and under his arms was starting to show. His confidence wavered but he wasn’t about to admit that he’d done anything wrong. “Okay,” Brad repeated with a bit of a devious smile. He turned his attention to his phone and started typing. ‘Whoever has been driving my car, besides me, will gain 1 pound of muscle for every mile that they have driven.’ “You have anything to say?” he gave Austin one last shot. “No-nope.” Brad hit enter and watched the magic come out of his device and wrap around his friend. He obviously knew it was Austin. Instantly Austin’s heart started to race. He could feel the blood rushing through his body, pumping oxygen into each and every one of his muscles. The feeling was too much and too rapid. He leaned over and tried to get a hold of something. It didn’t do much other than help support him as his muscles started to grow. The average build was rapidly bulking up. Thick bloated muscles grew onto his bones. They rounded out and pushed harder against his clothes. The shirt he was wearing couldn’t contain the sudden growing. His arms past 16 inches, then 18 then 20 solid inches and still getting bigger. The sleeves of his shirt had rounded around his shoulders, trying to stay on his body but they were growing too wide. Small tears started at the seams but rapidly stretched out as the thick muscular lats worked from beneath his arms. Austin let out a low growl feeling the tightness overwhelm his body. The shirt couldn’t contain his massive bulk. Especially as the two heavy pecs pushed out in front of him. Finally it tore to shreds and landed around his feet. It took Austin a good few seconds to realize everything that had happened. Even though he was still standing in the driveway his whole outlook felt a little bit different. Brad had been using his phone again. “At least I’m still wearing pants…” he vocalized. “For now,” Brad grinned. “Now clean up the mess you made to my car.” Austin looked around. “What? But I don’t have anything to clean with.” Brad picked up the remains of his shirt. “I think this’ll do,” then dropped it back down on the ground. “Get to work,” he gave Austin a firm slap to his muscular ass and went back inside. Austin struggled to get his overly bloated muscles to bend easily without splitting his jeans. Each movement he felt like he could hear the seams starting to burst. He’d been driving that car all week, raking in nearly 200 miles. The problem was he still wanted to drive it, but now he didn’t even know if he could fit.
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    I had fun writing this one and thinking of making it a series. Let me know what you think. “I want to be the biggest freakiest bodybuilder to ever exist.” I muttered to myself as I dozed off to sleep. I was abruptly awoken by my alarm and quickly jumped out of bed. I grab all my gear and hit my injections first off. I mean I’m a solid 220 and at 5’9 that’s pretty impressive. The guys at the gym definitely take stalk in who I am, but I really just want to be a freak. I grab my mass gainer shake and chug it down. The squeeze into my gym shorts and tank and off I go. I get to the gym and I’m definitely feeling leg day. I start heading to the squat rack when I see Jake one of the jocks that works out at my gym. He smiles and waves. “Hey Jay! You going to get freaky today?” he chuckles. Instantly I get hard. I don’t know hwat it is about me growing and getting huge but its all I want. “Fuck ya Jake! Can’t be a little twink like you!” I laugh and kept walking. I get to the squat rack and start loading on the weight. 1 plate. Then 2 on each side. Then 3. And I begin my working set. Getting low and deep feeling my ass spread when I hit the bottom of the hole. I squeeze on the way up knowing the my ass is growing along with my legs. “thank you for the muscle growth I’m receiving. Thank you for making me the biggest muscle freak of all time.” I repeat to myself as I rep out 10 solid reps. I go to rack my weights when I feel a hand on my shoulder. “Excuse me?” a deep voice grumbles behind me. I turn around and see the biggest and tallest man I’ve ever laid eyes on. He looks like a muscle morph and my head only came up to his top row of abs. “uhhhhh ya..” I said nervously. “I heard what you were saying. Is it true?” he growled at me and looked me deep in the eyes. His eyes were gorgeous an amber brown with flecks of green. “I’m sorry what was it I was saying?” I asked trying to hide the erection happening before me. “You want to be the biggest muscle freak of all time?” he grinned. Holy fuck even his teeth were flawless. Pearly white and perfectly straight and his lips were so perfect. He smiled even more seeing me blush and then licked his lips a little. “I’m Amos.” He said “I want to make you the biggest muscle freak ever. Even bigger than me.” What the fuck?! I thought to myself. He has to be 6’9 and 390lbs. How the hell is he going to make me even bigger than him? “I’m 7’4 and 465lbs to be exact and I can make you even bigger. Only if you want it thought. I can’t have someone say they want it and then not be willing.” He said gazing into my soul. I felt my whole body twitch. His amber eyes almost glowing as he smiled the most beautiful smile. “Yes sir.” I said instinctly. I couldn’t think of anything else to say to him! Yes your majesty. Yes your pefect god of a man. What would I say. Amos chuckled to himself and looked down at me again. “get under that weight, but I want you to drink this first.” He handed me a milky shake. “Just a sip.” He smiled but something in me had to prove myself to him. I grabbed the shake and chugged it. It was the sweetest shake I’ve ever had. It tasted like nothing I’ve ever had. A dribble of the milky shake went down my lip. “You passed the test.” Amos grinned at me “Hold on.” Amos said leaning in and licking it off my face. I about fell back wards, until my brain switched. “lift the fucking weight jay.” I said to myself I got under the weight. “give me 20.” Amos growled. I felt his hand sliding down my back and onto my ass. I felt his massive paw squeeze my bubble ass and my whole body began to feel instantly pumped. I see in the mirror all my veins beginning to burst through my skin. My brain just shuts off. I look up behind me and see Amos smiling his beautiful smile. I see him mouth “LIFT BEAST!” and I start pumping the 315 squats. 5…..10…..15……20..35….50…100! I rack it. I look in the mirror. My shorts are so tight that the seams are starting to stretch. I squeeze my legs hard seeing the striations starting to come out. Veins popping all over. I look up into the mirror and notice my look is more animalistic and sexy. I hit my front quad again and I hear the rip on the side of my shorts. Amos pulls me close to him from behind. “bathroom now.” He growls. I quickly obey and get to a private bathroom. Amos walks in behind me locking the door. “this is the beginning my beast. Do you know what that shake was made of?” Amos says slowly undoing his shorts. I shook my head no, whatever it was though was the most delicious thing I’ve ever tasted. He takes out his keys and tosses them on the ground. “pick those up for me boy.” I turn around and bend over hearing the loudest rip. I quickly get up and seeing Amos licking his lips behind me in the mirror. I’m beat red, but something takes over me. I squeeze each glute. Feeling them bounce up and down. Then I hit my hammies stretching down. I reach around and feel each muscle popping out. “Oh fuck you’re perfect.” I hear Amos groan. “You….oh god…..fuck…. Jay…. Fuck…..” I hear him grunting from behind me. I turn around and see his shorts straining against the biggest cock I have ever seen. “GET ON THE SCALE I MUST KNOW!” Amos yells. I obey quickly and get on the scale. I slide the scale to 220 and its to light. 230……still to light… finally I hit 243….. scale levels out. “YOU’RE THE…..OH FUCK…..ONE….OH FUCK….JAY QUICK!” Amos is leaning back not even touching himself. “you must suck down every drop.” Amos grunts grabbing my hair and pulling me towards him. I rip his shorts down and am instantly smacked with the thickest longest cock. Veins snaking down it. At least a beer can thick if not more and so long. It had to be 16 inches. I see the thick pink head leaking cum. “I’M GUNNA BLOW SUCK!” Amos screams. I latch onto the head of his cock only getting a few inches in when I feel the same familiar taste of the shake from earlier. My body goes into an instant craving and I begin licking and sucking harder and faster. “OH FUCK JAY OH FUCK! Say youre mine.” Amos begs. Having his cock in my mouth I swirl it with my tongue. I look up. My eyes locking his. “I’m yours, master.” And quickly I slide the mammoth member down my throat. “FUUUUCK!” I hear him roar and I feel torrents of cum shooting into me. I don’t even gag because his cum is so amazing. Its silky almost and tastes so sweet. I need more. I begin sucking harder and harder. Grunting breathing heavy. Feeling my body pulse as I suck more of his godly cum down my throat and finally I feel it come to a stop. I lick the last few drops of cum off his mammoth cock. I lick it off my face. And stand up looking in the mirror noticing every vein in my body is bulging out. “you’re mine now.” Amos said reaching around and pulling me close. I feel his hot breath near my ear. “you want to be mine don’t you?” I moan hearing his growl so close to me, but something hits me and I turn around. “Not as bad as you want me. Daddy.” I look up at him and grin devilishly. “oh fuck you’re perfect.” Amos chuckles. “You have to earn me as your boy. Make me a freak and we will see if you get to enjoy yourself like that again. Understood?” I say to him. HOLY FUCK WHAT HAS GOTTEN INTO ME! Hes utter perfection but I can tell he’s loving every second of it. “Understood my boy.” Amos smiles. I turn to leave and feel him jerk me back and locking my lips kisses me so passionately. “I’ve looked for you for my whole life. I won’t let you go.” He whispers while I feel his tongue dance with mine. “then don’t.” I whisper back.
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    Con mis dos manitos no podía agarrar la verga de Toto. Era muy grande. Intenté pajearlo pero realmente no podía. El gigante se cansó y se enojó conmigo. -Sos un maní y ni siquiera sabes hacer pajas? Al menos chúpamela.-— -Toto no voy a po- con una de sus manos acomodó su pija y con la otra agarró mi cabeza y la apuntó hacia ella. Ni siquiera me pude atragantar porque no entraba por mi boca. -No podes hacer nada bien enano. Lo tengo que hacer yo, o mi viejo en casa sino. Y ahora se te para devuelta e! Claramente te gustan los gigantes. Mira lo gordo, grandote y enorme que soy! Estas tetas! Esta panza! Estas macetas! Y este culo lpm es enorme!- mientras que Toto decía esto había empeZado a bajar lentamente con su mano sobre su verga. Su mano era perfecta para que él se pajeara claro. Yo con mis manitos de bebe no puedo. Poco a poco Toto fue acelerando el ritmo. Ver al gigante masturbarse me excitaba. Acabé una vez más, esta sin pajearme. Parecía incluso más grande así desnudo. -Estoy ENORME!- y acabó, cubriendome de wasca. Su pija gigante no paró por un minuto o incluso más. Yo solo podía pensar en Toto, y en lo que hacia con su viejo.
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    -Te gusta esto trolito?- me pregunta la bestia sentada encima de mi pijita. A pesar de que él está sobre mí, mi ereccion no lo toca debido al tamaño de su culo que aprieta mis piernitas. Casi que todo su culo queda contra la arena y no sobre mis piernas. Aun así la poca masa que me toca, me toca entero. No me puedo mover. - Me encanta Toto...- -Que dijiste?- se levanta rapidamente y me mira desde sus dos metros de altura. -Nada..?- -Te voy a hacer pija.- me mira con cara mala y me asusto por un segundo de lo que el mastodonte puede llegar a hacerme y -JA JA enano siempre supe que te gustaba. Pensaste que me habia enojado y que te iba a hacer algo o no? Vi como te excitaste e no te hagas el boludo. No hay nadie en la playa...- Toto lentamente se baja el traje de baño y puedo ver como su caminito lleva a esa vergota gigante. Con dos huevos como pomelos. Se gira para sentarse y devuelta observo sus jamones y gluteos gigantescos y peludos. Son gruesos. Toto se sienta al lado mio y dice que me pare. Lo hago. Apenas soy más alto que él estando parado y el sentado. Sigue siendo tres o cuatro cuerpos más anchos igual. Veo como Toto se empieza a masajear lentamente su pija y poco a poco la boa empieza a crecer y crecer. -Ahora desnudate vos cagoncito.- Dudo unos segundos y miro a mi alrededor. No hay nadie y no parece que venga gente. Es día nublado. -Me cansaste puto.- Toto con sus dos manos gordas y grandes agarra mi traje de baño y lo parte en dos. Después hace lo mismo con mi remera. Me siento vulnerable estando completamente desnudo enfrente del mastodonte. Él con sus doscientos kilos, yo sesenta como mucho. Él con su pija de 25 cm, flacida, y yo con la mía de 12, completamente parada. -Enano primero acabas vos porque es obvio, despues me haces acabar.- Sin esperar respuesta con su indice y su pulgar, que son del tamaño de mi pene, me lo agarró y empezó a pajearme. Si podria decirsele así. Acabé a los cinco segundos. -Tan rapido? Estoy tan bueno?- lo hizo rebotando sus dos tetotas musculosas y peludas. -Ahora te toca a vos.- me agarró y me sentó en una de sus gambas. Tenía más lugar ahí que en cualquier silla. Su verga inmensa seguía parada y me puse a trabajar.
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    Just trying to get back into drawing. Really wish I had a scanner but hopefully pictures taken with my phone aren't too bad. Nor do I really know where to post them.
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    The unneeded sequel to Mark/iplier's growth. Even though he was already the biggest, I thought of more ways to grow the handsome stud further beyond his size. Part 2 is called Like, Subscribe, Ring the Bell, Comment and Donate. There won't be anymore parts. I think this story already shows the maximum size anyone could ever grow. I have more stories planned. Also I would be down to talk about guys growing too so hit me up in the message board. Would love to talk about hyper growths such as these, as well as canon characters growing infinitely huge too! Mark had been sitting in deep space. With the vast knowledge and power he had, he could control everything ever. With his immense power and size, it was no joke to call him the Ultimate God. All because he received an unprecedented amount of likes on the new hit website, Castpha. No one on Earth knows the magic that causes men to grow, but more and more muscle growth and macro lovers use the site to watch other men grow bigger. Previously, the only way to grow someone is through liking a livestream of said user. But due to overwhelming popularity and support, a giant update had hit the wave. Not only to livestreams can grow men behind the screen, but videos make guys grow too. Castpha has also begun to implement features from Youtube. The subscribe, bell, comments and donations are now allowed on the site. But growths from each selection have different effects. 1 like would give a man a pound of muscle, or 10 likes for 1 inch of height. Subscribing now would add on 15 lbs per like and 1 foot every 10 likes. Ringing the Bell gives 100 lbs per bell and 2 feet every 10 bells. Commenting goes wilder as it adds 200 lbs per comment and 3 feet every 10 comments. Lastly donations. The most effect ever. Every US dollar grants a guy 500 lbs or 10 dollars grants a guy 5 feet of height. Due to the new implementations, some cheeky hackers have increased the subscribe, bell, comment and donate counts to the same number as the like count, a whopping 10(infinity)J(J^(InfinityJ) + 1000J) + 11(infinity)^(infinity x e) x infinityJ(J^(InfinityJ + 1000J)) for each section. With the sudden increase in numbers, Mark is about to experience the growth of a lifetime. Mark had already predicted this, for his infinite knowledge has led to this moment. But he didn’t want to stop such a mega growth event. He wanted to experience it all. In a split second, Mark experience a huge burst of power, growth, and intense lust. He immediately came to the pleasure of his growth. Endless pools of cum began to burst free from his 10 cocks. His growth became more intense as the seconds passed. His already incomprehensible muscles were swelling at an astounding rate. His muscles multiplies too, adding layers and stacks of muscles above one another. Each muscles so profoundly huge and hyper, all the brutish art you see online could barely scrape the surface of how immense Mark has and is becoming. His body exploded in size, immediately dwarfing his previous size in no less than a split second. His cock and balls, his pecs, his roided gut, swelled even faster than the rest of his body. His soles, shoulders, ass, chin and hair, growing so abnormally large. His hair covering his entire body, leaving almost no skin seen to the eye. His head could not be seen anymore from the swelling body. His back and traps exploded in size, spreading, stretching and growing, creating an even bigger wall that what once was. His 4 nipples had become so gargantuan, he couldn’t even wrap a quarter of a nipple with both hands combined. It was so long it had grown to be almost as long as each cock. Soon even more extremes had occurred. His power as the Ultimate God had increased exponentially. A living creature could not comprehend this much power. Not even he could control the unfathomable power he was bestowed. Despite his sheer size, the power of a god is the ultimate power to control the omniverse and beyond. His increasing power would be too much for even he to handle. His body glowed in spectacular fashion as the power of infinites of Gods welled up inside him. His brain too was experience an extreme growth. Like his power, his intelligence had been increasing so much and so fast that he could barely even comprehend the knowledge that he had. Soon enough, his body had begun to undergo even more extreme changes. After every second, multiple pairs of cock and balls burst out from his body. Each cock, taking a whole different shape than that of a typical human being. Soon enough, hundreds of different types of cocks began to sprout all at once each second, no cock looking the same. The rest of his body began to undergo a similar change. Like an amalgamation of creatures, Mark’s body began to change as such. His back sprouted multiple types of wings. Tens of tails began to sprout from the top of his ass, all looking different. He developed even more arms and legs and pecs. Some arms looked human, others looking like animal arms. He had grown horns, claws, gills, you name it. His body was now not only wanting to become a massive god, but a combination of every single creation of god himself. Every single characteristics of every single living creature’s species in the whole Omniverse and Beyond had began to form onto mark’s body, creating the biggest fusion of living creatures there ever was. Now he looked and was the combination of God and All his creations. With him having the characteristics of every species ever in the Whole Omniverse and Beyond, he had developed all traits, attributes, skills, magic, benefits, you name it. There are about a million species alone on Earth. Imagine, the amount of species that Mark had developed from the Omniverse and Beyond. It was utterly incomprehensible. Even at the same height, due to the changes on his body, he had gained too much mass for the same height he stood at. His back was covered in wings, billions of them. He had billions of horns on his head. He had magical elements circling around his entire body. He had elements of fire, water, arcane magic, dream magic, ALL TYPES of magic or power surrounding him. He had an uncountable amount of arms and legs, all of different species. He now had all types of organs for all types of species. Basically he had everything on his body. But the true remarkable thing are his cocks. Infinites of cocks and balls forming the largest mushroom forest ever conceived. His body and height also exploded in size. What was once thought to be the biggest being ever now grew so much that Mark’s previous size practically didn’t even exist anymore. He couldn’t even pinpoint on comprehend his previous size he was just that big now. His mass also imploading. Though he had infinite density, he was barely close to looking like a black hole. Even more so, it appeared that even his density was far beyond infinite. It was due to the sheer power in his body, preventing him from collapsing. When all is said and done, his growth finally halted. He had finally became the True Ultimate God ever. His body, mind, power, mass, all truly at its peak. Mark was now finally, the most powerful living being alive. Nothing could ever outgrow him ever...
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    I recall the a kid with a single mom that was being bullied in school comes home and finds he has a new neighbor. The guy is ginger and big and is a biochemist that help the kid how to train and be stronger One scene I remember is that the guy jumped out of the car and made cracks on the floor
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    Here's a couple more I can think of: SHAMELESS PLUG https://muscle-growth.org/topic/17945-the-perfect-fathers-day-gift/?tab=comments#comment-228577 https://metabods.com/stories/visiting-home https://metabods.com/stories/muscle-daddy <-- this one is really good. http://pridesites.com/omelissokomos/clarence591/my-fathers-child.html This series is fairly recent and is also very hot: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/14017-sometimes-i-drink-my-dads-cum/?tab=comments#comment-165501 This is one of my favorites, it was going strong then suddenly stopped https://muscle-growth.org/topic/17179-dad-the-homewrecker-part-iv-added-0704/?tab=comments#comment-216349 There are some great step-dad ones too https://archive.muscle-growth.org/threads/44101-p1.html https://archive.muscle-growth.org/threads/18361-p1.html
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    Part Six “Time for you to make your muscle gramps some food, little Thomas. It takes a lot of protein and carbs to fuel this big body, so you’re going to be cooking a lot. Let’s head to the kitchen.” I was just a small stuffed teddy bear tucked under the enormous arm of the nude senior giant who held me so easily. One squeeze and he could have snapped me in two – the hardness of his biceps making that fact perfectly clear. He walked kind of like a stiff-legged robot and I realized it was partially because he was still getting used to his new size, but it was mostly because his giant thighs bulged out so much that he had to waddle with his legs far apart. I knew my weight was like an afterthought to the big man. My body barely registered to the massive gun holding me. His arm was actually much thicker and wider than my entire upper torso. His biceps covered me like a bulky, hard, warm blanket. I gasped when I saw the entranceway to his kitchen and family room in the back of the house. The top of the doorframe and a huge part of the wall above it had been blown away by something more powerful than a sledgehammer. Mr. Dennis obviously knew what I was looking at. “Yeah, Thomas, I kind of forgot how fucking huge I am now and busted out the door frame as I came quickly to answer the doorbell earlier. I thought it might be you. You should have seen the ghost-white faces of two Mormon missionaries when I opened the front door. They turned and ran like a bat out of hell. I bet they’ve made it to Salt Lake City by now. The funny thing is that I didn’t even feel the wall and the frame being destroyed. I just noticed the dust and the pieces of concrete falling to the floor.” I glanced down and saw that chunks of wood and cement were scattered across the floor of the foyer. I then looked back up at the doorway and saw that there were two big holes on either side the exact size and shape of Mr. Dennis’ now huge shoulders. I was surprised the roof hadn’t caved in. Suddenly, I was even more fully aware of how freakishly wide the elder man had become. The big man turned his body and bent down a little to fit both of us through the destroyed doorway. He had clearly learned his lesson. Glancing around the great room and kitchen and noticing that all four other entranceways into this part of the house had been destroyed in the same manner made me realize it had taken a lot of mistakes for the older man to learn how to enter a room. It then dawned on me that he only bent down and turned because I was in his arm. He was just basically walking through frames and walls because he could . . . and he didn’t even notice, anyway. The rest of the room looked like a hurricane had come through. I gasped again. “Sorry about the mess, Thomas. I just haven’t gotten used to how fucking strong I am. After smashing the fridge just by leaning my palm against it, I kind of sent the huge island out through the back wall by shoving it – lightly. I just wanted to see if I could move it. I didn’t know I’d send it rocketing out into the pool, taking out a wall at the same time. Pipes were ripped apart and water was going everywhere. I just tied them in knots and that stopped the fountains. I then wanted to see if I could crush my big leather lazy-boy chair into nothing and . . . well, that’s it in the corner – now just a pile of metal, wood, and leather. The big oak kitchen table made a nice pile of twigs, don’t you think? It was fun ripping it apart. I made the four legs snap in two just by pressing on the top with a forefinger.” “Mr. Dennis, what’s that big ball of metal in the middle of the room?” “Oh that? I went out to the garage and got almost every tool I own and kind of pressed them into one big blob. It’s kind of a nice piece of art, don’t you think? I tried to lie down on the sofa for a nap, but you can see that I now weigh a little too much for it.” I looked in the direction of his gaze and saw that the oversized beige sofa was now like a flattened pancake. My eyes moved to a series of holes in the wall over by the now compacted big screen television that hung from the wall by a bunch of wires. There were water stains beneath each of the big holes in the wall and they were each about at my chest level. At the exact moment I realized what had caused this destruction, Mr. Dennis realized what I was looking at. “I was so fucking horny after the change, Thomas. You have no idea what it feels like to be as big as an elephant and need to get off. I decided the safest thing to fuck was the concrete wall. My cock plowed through easily, so I had to pound it over and over. My cum shot through the entire wall to the other side. You’ll have to see the damage it did in the guest room. Your muscle daddy has a powerful bazooka, now.” My head was spinning. The serum I had created had proven to be much more powerful than I had calculated. I quickly realized that the improved outcome probably had something to do with the chosen recipient. Mr. Dennis was much more physically fit, gregarious, and dominant than I had planned on finding in my ideal elder man. This had probably enhanced the potency of the serum ten-fold. The behemoth that continued to hold me off the ground as if I were just a feather was beyond amazing. I could smell the testosterone seeping out of every pore of his enormous body. I could see that his muscles – although gorgeous beyond measure – were not just for show. The power in his body matched the massiveness of his bulges. I smiled as I watched Mr. Dennis survey the damage he had done to his house with pride and a sense of accomplishment. I was beginning to realize that this man truly did love the change I had thrust upon him without his knowledge. He truly was the ideal specimen for my serum – he had developed into something way beyond my wildest dreams. Mr. Dennis turned and saw the love and adoration in my gaze. This made him smile. “I’m your Super Gramps, little man. I’m fucking everything you’ve ever dreamed of.” “You’re so much more, Mr. Dennis.” “Damn right, boy. You were thinking Lou Ferrigno, but you got fucking Goliath and Hercules rolled into one, didn’t you, son? You were hoping you’d get someone with the strength of one of those strongman contestants, but you got a silver-haired Superman, instead. I’ve got the strength of one hundred strongmen. I pounded my car into a slab of rubble with my bare fist this afternoon, Thomas. It was awesome. I figured since I couldn’t fit in it anymore, I might as well have some fun. You would have loved watching me, too. I know I should have waited, but I needed to test this body, man. I needed to see what these senior muscles could do. I also figured I had a lifetime to show off for you.” The magnificent man had tensed his muscles as he talked, without even realizing he was doing it. Speaking about his own feats of strength had made him even more horny than he already was and that, in turn, had made him want to tighten his body. He, just naturally, wanted his body to always be tight and bulging. It was just his instinctive way of being now. If you have it, you should flaunt it could have been his new motto. The senior muscled god was very aware of his muscles, his strength, and his power over me. He instantly realized, once I had entered the house, that I was now his adoring worshipper, his lovesick admirer, his devoted follower. I realized it, as well. It was something I knew would happen as soon as I gave the serum to someone. I had never expected, however, that someone would be a person as incredible as Mr. Dennis. I felt some slight discomfort – being squished by his tensed arm – but the joy of being held by this muscled senior was too overpowering for me to care about a little pain. “Alright, little man, your mighty gramps needs something to eat before he gets hangry and destroys something. Let me pry off that demolished door of the fridge and see if you can salvage any food from in there. I wanted to make another ball of iron with all of my pots and pans, but I knew we’d need those for cooking. I could eat a fucking horse, Thomas.” I kept glancing over at the holes in the wall – knowing that the big man’s penis had made them. What power his cock had – to push through cement easily and then to blast it away with his powerful cum. I was still trying to wrap my mind around that. Mr. Dennis plopped me down in front of the destroyed appliance, which was basically smashed in like some warped accordion. The big man reached over with one hand and dug his fingers into the compacted metal – between the top of the now thin body of the box and the caved-in door. He then pried it off like it was just the lid of some Tupperware container. Mr. Dennis ripped off a refrigerator door like it was nothing. Then, without even realizing he was doing it, he folded the steel covering up until it was the size of a softball. Metal gave into his powerful hands as if it were nothing more than paper. I stared at the big man with a face full of shock and awe. The big man tossed the destroyed blob of metal on the floor and it joined the other crushed items strewn throughout the room. “I can see you’re pretty impressed by your muscle gramps’ power, huh, Thomas? That’s nothing, son – crushing the metal door of a fridge. This big man has a lot more power than that. You didn’t think you’d get such a muscled monster old man, did not.” “No sir. You’re so much more than I ever dreamed of.” “As it should be my little man, as it should be. Now, how about some food for this growing gramps.” It would have looked like I was making a meal for a group of twenty big men, if someone had walked in on me during my preparations. Several huge steaks, enough vegetables to feed a platoon of soldiers, almost all the fruit Mr. Dennis had in the place. During my work, the older man kept me entertained – and hard – by showing off his strength and muscles a much as he could. If I had to get something from an out of reach cabinet, he would pick me up like I was nothing more than a twig, get down on the ground to have me stand on his back as he did a push up to raise my body, or he would simply have me point out what I needed – easily grabbing it because of his new height. The big man couldn’t help himself sometimes and would grab something – like a huge cast iron skillet – and twist it into a piece of nothingness will little effort. He just wanted to show off his new strength. Soon, he was guzzling down two gallon jugs of milk and woofing down an insane amount of food, while I watched with a face that clearly showed my awe and amazement. “Your big man needs a lot of fuel, Thomas. Remember that. You’re going to have to keep me fed to keep me happy. Food, sex, and muscle shows – that’s what this huge gramps is going to want all the time. You created me, son – you’re gonna have to live with the consequences. Come sit on my humongous thigh, boy. I want to feel you close to me. You can also play with all this massive, hard, older beef. I know you want to.” Thighs the size of giant kegs spread apart and it felt like I was walking into the Grand Canyon. My ass was nowhere near the top of his gargantuan leg, so the big man had to reach down and lift me up like a child. It felt like my butt was meeting the hard rock of a giant boulder when I sat on his muscled upper leg. There was room left over for three more of me on his thigh. An enormous wall of muscle shot up to my left – abs chiseled like rounded cinder blocks and pecs jutting out so much a family of six could have sought out protection from the sun underneath them. Heat radiated from the giant man’s body as if he were some monstrous furnace heating an entire building. His muscles were rock hard everywhere. There wasn’t a vulnerable part to his entire frame. My tiny hand didn’t come close to covering even a fraction of one of his magnificent hull-of-a-boat sized pecs. Feeling mostly like solid marble and his heart pounding powerfully underneath made his chest seem like something inhuman – something from a different world. This was so much more than I had ever fantasized about. He was a Titan, a grandpa Hulk, a senior Thor, or something even more than all of those dreamy heroes – he was my own senior giant muscle daddy. His cock hardened to its full crane-like, towering massiveness. Since the man was fed, he was now ready for super-grandpa horniness. Turned-on by his own muscles, but also by how he dwarfed his little boy-toy in every way. Mr. Dennis needed to be the alpha for a while. I didn’t mind at all. “Holding your little body on my granite leg is turning me on, Thomas-my-boy. You’re just so small and insignificant. Like an ant I could easily smash. Don’t worry, son, I would never hurt you – I just jump to near orgasm when I look at something as simple as how my wrist is five times thick as yours. Just my wrist! It’s like I’m a giant redwood and you’re just a little sprout pushing up through the ground. You can feel the power surging through me, can’t you, boy? It’s almost overwhelming. It’s like every fiber of my body is screaming for some kind of strength feat – all the time. If I’m not bending something, lifting something, or tearing something apart my body starts to almost ache with desire. Having you near me calms my raging need for showing off, though, Thomas. I get harder than ever just feeling your nothing weight on top of my leg or your puny punches against my daddy pecs. I’m so fucking huge compared to you and that makes this super gramps want to shoot off like a ultra-charged rocket blasting into outer space. You thought that serum of yours would give you a muscle daddy, but what you got instead was a super powered, unbelievably mountainous, monster of a senior man who’s able to do things your brain hasn’t even begun to compute. Reach out and try to move that giant cock of mine. See if your puny body can make it move . . . even a fraction of an inch. It’s thicker and bigger than your arm, son.” I reached out and placed my right palm against his colossal cock, immediately realizing I would need both hands to even attempt what he was suggesting. I brought my other hand against the stone-like pillar of flesh in front of me. I could feel the giant I-beam thick rod pulsing with power. I didn’t hold back. I used my full strength – simply because I knew the power of his penis before I even tested it. It was more solid than concrete and my attempt to move it failed miserably. I tried to push harder, but to no avail. Mr. Dennis then willed his cock to bend in my direction, forcing my body to move back as if it were a bulldozer ramming against a small tree. The senior man’s cock was way stronger than my entire body. I kept pushing hard, just to soak in his power and my futile attempts to best him. Mr. Dennis bellowed a loud burst of bear-growling laughter at the sight of his cock easily out muscling me. I finally let my elbow bend and the cock whacked against my body hard – making a loud smack. The big man had to bring his oversized hand up to my back to prevent me from falling off his leg. I wrapped my arms around his throbbing, hard-as-steel cock and squeezed tightly. “Whoa, Thomas. Better not squeeze too tightly or you’re going to be covered from head to toe in warm, gooey, Mr. Dennis thick spunk. We’ll have to hose you down with for an hour or so just to get you clean. Your silver-haired Hercules pumps out enough cum to cover mountain peaks and its thicker than four quilts put together. Alright, boy, quit rubbing your arms up and down my hardness. I mean it. You have no idea the kind of weapon of mass destruction you’re playing with. I fucked a big oak tree in two out back this afternoon. I couldn’t help myself. I just needed to pound something sturdy and solid. You should have seen how far chunks of bark shot out across the yard when I orgasmed. I then ripped the big thing into small pieces for the fireplace this winter. That’s enough, son. Back away from the big cock or I’m going to flex it and send you flying. You’re no match for that super daddy tool.” Mr. Dennis was right. I hand my arms tightly wrapped around his fireplug cock and, yet, when it twitched my body shook with it – as if I were just wet tissue stuck to it. I bent down and kissed the big head of his cock – just to give the big man a thrill. A gob of dense, white, he-man cum pulsed out from the slit and I slurped it up quickly. It tasted of power, manliness, and salty goodness all at the same time. I looked over at Mr. Dennis hand on the table, nearby, and his thumb was bending the top of a huge wrench back and forth as he held it in his grasp. The sturdy tool gave way to his thumb’s power like a sheet of paper surrendering to a tornado. The man’s thumb had more power than giant wrecking machines. He was toying with the wrench without even realizing what he was doing. His other massive hand was cupping the back of my head – I instantly noticed his paw could almost wrap around to my face – and then pulled me forward as he brought his upper body down so our lips could meet. The man’s mouth radiated the same kind of power as his hand, his cock, and the rest of his body. His tongue dominated me parting my lips, teeth, and clenched jaw as if it were child’s play. Was there any part of his man that wasn’t super powerful? I doubted it. After a few seconds of sucking face – hard and powerfully – he pulled back. “Kissing you makes me want to punch through something, boy. I’ve got to power my fist through the side of a building, a metal plate, the front of an SUV, or something. It’s just too much for me that I can’t pound your ass to hell and back, yet. I haven’t learned how to control my giant rod. I’d hate for you to end up like the oak tree out back. What’s the pretty little boy want his muscle monster gramps to pummel? Name it, Thomas. I’ve got to show you what this powerful arm of mine can do. Give your old Herc a challenge.” “Bury your arm to the elbow in the cement floor, sir.” “Fucking hell, son, you didn’t miss a beat, did you. It’s like you’d been thinking about that for hours – just waiting for your old muscle man to ask the right question. No telling what feats of power you’ve already dreamed up in that noggin of yours. You’ve done gone and made my cock shoot harder than it already was with that challenge, boy. Pounding a fist-sized hole in this floor is the perfect feat to calm me down from your kiss. Of course, we both know it’s going to be as easy as pie for me, but that won’t make the thrill of the destruction any less, now will it.” “No sir.” “You’re fucking insatiable when it comes to muscle and strength, aren’t you, Thomas, my boy. I might have met my match for loving power – but I’m the one with it, so that tips the scales in my favor, son. You created this muscled Frankenstein, but I’m the one with all the size and strength. I’m the one in charge, my little friend, simply because my biceps bigger than your head. That doesn’t mean you don’t count, Thomas. You’re the reason I’m this papa Hulk, and I’ll continue to make you happy for it. Everything I do will be for you. But don’t forget I’m in charge. You’ll be a satisfied kept boy, I can promise you that. Ask me to do something – especially with good manners – and I’ll do anything you ask. But know that I’ll be making all the decisions from now on. My size makes it so. I’ll be the big man of the house and you’ll be the boy. I’ll cuddle you so hard, son, you’ll think your being held by a machine that crushes cars. I’m going to make that cock of yours spew so hard and so often you’ll be begging your old man to let you rest. I’ll be a gentle dominant master unless you want me to be otherwise. So, what’s the reason for me pounding the shit out of the floor, little one. Make up a reason.” “I tripped on it today and skinned my knee, sir. You wanted to teach it a lesson.” “Fucking hell, boy, you trying to get me to explode. That’s the sexiest thing I’ve ever heard. I’m going to punish the concrete for making my boy scrape his knee. Even concrete needs to do what I say – that’s how it’s going to be from now on. Let’s set you to the side, so you can watch, but not get hit by any flying debris.” Again, I floated up into the air – easily lifted by the monstrous strong arms of Mr. Dennis. It clearly didn’t even register to him that he was lifting a fully-grown man with such ease. He merely did what he knew his body could do – like the way other people open doors, pick up a pencil, or push down a toaster lever. Folding up steel, shoving a kitchen island through a wall, or hoisting men in the air was just something that came natural to the super-amped gramps. I still marveled at his abilities and probably would forever. This was what I had dreamed of for so many years – well a scaled down model of the colossal beast in front of me – but it was still so hard to digest it was all real. I had created an elder, huge, insanely strong, cocky-as-hell senior daddy and I was ready and willing to offer him my total devotion, my love. As if I would have had a choice even if I had felt differently. Mr. Dennis could have demanded anything from me. There was no stopping him, now. I’m sure he had bullet immunity . . . hell, he probably had missile immunity. Tanks wouldn’t be able to stop him and neither would armies of men. It was clear the guy didn’t have visions of taking over the world, though. He just wanted to conquer me, which he already had. I had been enamored with the guy before the change. I had even contemplated not going through with giving him the serum and just living with the nicely muscled daddy he had been before. But now, actually living with him transformed into a super older human – well, that was just perfect. He had set my body down on the table and then walked over to the middle of the concrete floor covered with high-end Spanish tile. He knelt down on one knee, bent over a little, and placed a huge fist on the floor. He then looked up at me and smiled. “My boy has a front row seat to behold my power. You ready, son?” “Yes sir. I’ve been ready for a long, long time.” “We might lose some things on the shelves. Such is the price we pay for showing off. And now to show the floor it cannot hurt my boy and not be punished.” When Mr. Dennis’ arm was raised the biceps bulged thicker and that was almost enough to send me to the point of no return. His huge mound of muscle was simply too much to gaze upon without ejaculating. I somehow held on and that’s when the real show took place. With the kind of power that, until today, I would have never imagined could have existed in a human being, Mr. Dennis shot his fist downward. A speeding bullet can leave a simple hole in a target, simply because of the force behind it. An arrow can do the same thing to an apple. The fist connecting with the floor was thrust so powerfully that it didn’t make a crater sized hole. Mr. Dennis’ arm simply sank through thick tile and hard concrete up passed his elbow – a perfect hole the size of his big fist. It wasn’t until cracks started spreading out from the opening across the floor that I realized the big man had opened his hand within the cement and was moving his fingers around. A pattern of jagged lines spread out across the entire room – my senior muscle daddy making sure the floor knew who was boss. It took the smell of cum for me to realize I had busted out a big wad as the enormous fist shoved through concrete so easily. Destruction that came so easily to a big muscled arm was just too much for me to handle. I felt lightheaded and dizzy as my cock continued to spew seeing Mr. Dennis remove his super powered hand from the floor and blow off dust and small chunks of cement that stuck to his fingers. It was like he was blowing the barrel of a smoking gun. “That floor won’t be bothering you again, son. I can guarantee you that. That big wet splotch at your crotch tells me you enjoyed my little display of power. That’s a good boy. Thanks for the compliment of exploding."
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    Epilogue When I got back to the room, James had made up Luke’s bed and was waiting for me to crawl into it. I got in and held James on top of me. I was used to being the little spoon, but with my new size, that was going to be unlikely. Once we were cozy under the blankets, James rolled over to look at me and said, “I want to show you something.” He pulled my phone out of his pajamas pocket, and pulled up a picture. “Remember this?” he asked. It was the picture of us in our bathrobes after I’d walked to the help desk with James trapped on my cock. “How can I forget? I think about this picture every time I walk down the stairs.” “The man in this picture is a muscle monster, right?” he asked leadingly. “Unquestionably,” I answered. “You have 85 pounds of muscle on this guy.” “He’s pathetic. Puny,” I said. “And five inches of cock,” James added. “My cock is a whole cock bigger than his. What a tiny dick he has.” James kissed my ear, glad I was pleased with the game. He put the phone on Luke’s desk, then rolled back over. I was ready to go to sleep, but James was obviously restless. “What’s wrong?” I asked him. James never had trouble sleeping. “I’m worried.” “About?” “Everything’s changing, and I don’t want it to.” “We can’t stop things from changing.” “I guess not, but that doesn’t make me feel any better.” “Is this about those internet comments? Because Dave said…” “That’s part of it, yeah, but it’s not just that. Everything is changing. I have no idea what’s going to happen next.” “Anything I can do to help?” “Walk me through tomorrow,” James said. His voice sounded dreamy; he was staring at the ceiling. “Okay. We get up. I’m going to wear what I wore to dinner because it’s the only thing I have big enough to fit me. We have breakfast from the cart as a foursome for the last time, and then go with Dave to the airport. Dave drives there. We bid him goodbye. Give him hugs. Tell him to break a leg and to write.” “I meant to get him a going away present,” James said, cursing himself. “He really likes goldfish. I meant to get him some goldfish for his new apartment.” “They wouldn’t survive the plane trip,” I said. “True. I guess I’ll have some delivered to him once he’s settled in LA.” James sighed. “What comes next after we say goodbye?” “Luke cries. We cry too, most likely,” I said. “I meant after that.” “Luke drives Dave’s car back, and we pack to go home for break. We have lunch with Luke, and if it takes us a long time to pack, dinner too. Luke’s staying on campus for the break—Charles’s orders—so we say goodbye to him once your car is loaded.” “I should’ve gotten him a present too,” James said. “Give him Dave’s goldfish,” I suggested. “Luke doesn’t like goldfish.” “Then their marriage is doomed,” I joked. Without rolling over, James slapped me playfully and asked, “What comes after we say goodbye to Luke?” “We cry again.” “After that,” James said, chuckling slightly. “Actually,” I said, “we might not cry when we say goodbye to Luke. We’re likely to see him again in January, especially if I decide to finish my degree on campus.” “That would be nice.” “Then, we find a way to squeeze me into your car. As soon as we’ve done that, for a while, it’s just you and just me. The two of us alone as we drive to my parents’ house for Christmas. They freak that I’ve gained another 70 pounds. Dad makes a ridiculous t-shirt; I tell him it’s funny even though it’s not. Mom makes me take a drug test; I pass it. We tell them I’ve maintained my 4.0 and gotten all these job offers. Mom forgets all her concerns. We go out for dinner to celebrate. Just drinks if it’s really late.” “And then?” James asked. “That’s the end of tomorrow.” “Then what comes after tomorrow?” “We have a lovely Christmas. We go to your place for New Year’s. Maybe even introduce your parents to my parents.” “I’d like that,” James said. “And sometime over break I decide if I’m finishing my degree on campus, or following Dave to LA, or something else.” “So, you really don’t know yet?” James asked. “No, I do not.” I said honestly. James sighed deeply and admitted, “Wherever you end up, I’ll end up there too. You should let that help you make your decision.” Since James was in such a reflective mood, I finally asked him a question I’d wanted to ask him since the beginning of the semester. “Why did you do it?” “What?” he asked, rolling over to look at me. “Why did you make me so huge?” James seemed confused. “You’re sexier that way. What are you even asking?” “Why did you make the magic?” “I don’t understand.” “Just before I started growing, your eyes flashed gold. And they did it a few other times this year. I mean, how else do you explain everything? The showcase, the soccer team, the calendar, the invitational. And it’s not just me. You got this sudden ability to take all of my cock, your sudden muscle gain.” “I don’t explain it,” James said. “I’m just happy it happened.” “You mean, you didn’t…?” I trailed off. “I didn’t do anything except say the magic words.” “Not even that day I was crying by the dumpster over Victor?” “I barely remember that day.” “You said that a guy like me should have his deepest wish come true.” “Yeah. I was trying to make you feel better, and I was tongue-tied because I was in love with you.” “But after that day, my deepest wish did come true.” “I had nothing to do with that, Chris.” “Really?” “Really.” “Huh.” I lay there silently for a minute. Breaking the silence, James said, “If anyone made any magic, Chris, it was you. The common denominator to all the crazy stuff that happened this semester was you.” “I guess,” I said. “You’re not just saying that, are you?” James shook his head. “Good. Because I love you. And I want your deepest wishes to come true too.” James had a shocked look on his face. “What?” I asked. “Chris, your eyes!” “What about them?” “They flashed gold.”
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    PART FOUR When I came to, I found myself surrounded by warmth. Kind of sticky, slightly smelly warmth, but warmth, nonetheless. It was solid, and felt incredibly comfortable. I lay there for a few more minutes, just breathing, and basking in this firm embrace. As my consciousness collected itself from deep sleep, the day’s events seeped their way deliciously into my mind. The muscle, the flexing, the rugged handsomeness, the sweet tenderness, it all came back to me. A deep exhale, coming from my protector, Mark, shook me from my thoughts. I opened my eyelids wearily and raised my head off his pec I was using as a pillow. I peered over at him. What I saw immediately brought a small smile to my lips. Mark lay, still deep asleep, on his side of the mattress, illuminated by the evening glow of the sunset. Sure, his body and muscles were just as breathtaking as they had been, but this position revealed a new part of Mark’s beauty to me. Lying there in a state of peaceful slumber, Mark’s face took on a youthful, boyish quality. Aside from his brows being slightly furrowed, he looked so relaxed and carefree as he slept. It was as if none of life’s concerns could get to him in that moment. He just was. And it was probably the most wholesome thing I had ever seen in my entire life. His full lips were ever so slightly parted, and his nose whistled slightly as he inhaled and exhaled. Normally, it would annoy me, but in Mark’s case, it was adorable. It seemed simultaneously unlike his rough and tough exterior, and yet fit so perfectly with who he had shown himself to be. I stayed there and admired his powerful naked body, supine on the mattress. Even at their most relaxed state, his muscles still possessed so much definition in them. Every ripple, every peak, every bulge of his ripped form was still there, just dormant. Asleep, like him. Mark seemed to be both big and small on that bed. He was golden and beautiful. A small laugh escaped my lips, surprising myself. Mark’s breath hitched. He opened one eye curiously and looked at me. “Hey Tom, you creepin’ at me?” He whispered, his voice gravelly. “Yeah. Guess I am,” I replied. “I don’t mind. Creep all you want,” said Mark. At his response, I widened my eyes dramatically, moved my face obnoxiously close to Mark’s, and stared directly at him. “Creepy enough for you?” I whispered evilly, twitching one of my eyelids. “Yep. But you’re cute, so it’s fine,” Mark replied unaffectedly. He called me cute again! “Yay!” I exclaimed. Then, I booped him on the nose. He stared at me and laughed. “Yeah, you’re a strange one. But I like you,” said Mark. “How’s your ankle doing?” he asked. “Uh, let me see…. Ow ow ow ow, okay, it’s still very sprained, and hurts like a mofo,”I said, poking and feeling it tentatively with my hand. “Okay, I’ll tell you what. It’s getting late,” said Mark, referring outside to the evening sky, “and you’re injured, with little to no mobility. Would you like to spend the night? Tomorrow we can get you a pair of crutches and get you started with some therapeutic exercises. How does that sound?” “Are you sure? I really don’t want to overstay my welcome,” I replied. Sure, we had done all kinds of sexy things within about three hours of meeting each other, but this felt weird. Like we were rushing into...something…too fast. “I’m completely sure. You can barely walk, it’s fine. Plus, you seem like a pretty chill dude, all things considered. I’ll make us some dinner, and you can use my shower and toothpaste and stuff. It’s okay, Tom,” Mark said reassuringly. “Are you absolutely sure?” I questioned. Mark looked me in the eye, smiled, and nodded. “Positive,” he responded. He nudged me playfully in the ribs. I smiled, surprised, and nudged back. A few minutes later, Mark got out of bed and took a quick shower. He came out, hulking, tanned body dripping and wrapped in a towel. As always, it was a magnificent sight to behold. He popped his pecs at me a couple times before dropping his towel, searching through his dresser drawers, and putting on clothes. This time, he put on a green, tight-fitted UnderArmor t-shirt that clung to his pecs and abs, some tight black workout shorts that showcased his massive thighs, and cute, comfortable-looking black ankle socks to match. After rummaging around in his closet, Mark found some crutches from when he’d broken his ankle during his college football days. Then he demonstrated how to use them, which was fun to watch. I got a little muscle show, watching his forearms and triceps bulge with the crutches wedged under his sexy underarms. He, of course, noticed, and hammed up the act, tensing his muscles in just the right way, and making little, faux-strained grunting noises. At one point, I joined the act. Under the thinly-veiled guise of asking about arm positioning, I felt along the striations of his forearms and the bulge of his triceps, up to his bulky shoulders. Mark and I both knew we were turned on, but it was fun to feign innocence. However, we both were still pretty exhausted from our previous sessions, and after having cummed three times in about two hours, I was down to wait a bit to give my poor penis a chance to rest. “Yeah, this isn’t going anywhere. Not yet at least. I’m pretty played out,” I said, giving Mark’s shoulder one last longing rub, before taking the crutches, adjusting them to my height, and giving them a try. “Me too, Tom. But just you wait. We’re gonna have fun yet,” Mark responded, smirking. “Now, let’s get ourselves fed, shall we?” _________ After showering myself and getting dressed in some of Mark’s clothes (which were delightfully baggy on me), we ate. Over a hearty dinner of reheated chicken and spaghetti alfredo, Mark and I kept up our easy banter. I found out that Mark and I were into many of the same things. Mark’s father was a helicopter pilot for the Air Force, so he was familiar with aviation, though he didn’t have quite the same love for it I did. Both our mothers were nurses,and his inspired him to enter the medical field from a young age. We both enjoyed reading, though he was much more of a fantasy/knights-and-dragons guy, while I was more into dystopian novels and fanfiction of said dystopian novels. Watching Mark talk was exhilarating. Sure, he was shredded and boner-inducing gorgeous, but he was also kind of an adorable nerd. Just this afternoon, we were having mind-bogglingly intense grinding sessions (if you will) on his couch and in his garage, and now we were debating over which series was better. “But Katniss, though! She’s a badass warrior who starts a rebellion to take down an oppressive regime. Seriously. I want to grow out my hair, so I can do my hair in a braid like her’s,” I exclaimed. “Okay...sure,” countered Mark, “Or you could grow it out to look like Legolas. You can still be a badass archer and have great hair, but fight fantasy battles with your fellow elves and live insanely long, instead.” “Meh,” I replied, “taking down the government is more my cup of tea.” “OR! Instead of growing your hair out, you could shave it off. Like Eleven, from Stranger Things. Then you can use your scary telekinesis powers to fight the tyrannical government,” said Mark. Holy shit. “Dude! I fucking love that show. I’ve binged, like, every season,”I flailed dramatically and ungracefully, my eyes wide. “No kidding. Me too!,”Mark burst out. We shared a look. “I guess we’ve gotta watch an episode or two then.”/ “Hell yeah!” _________ That’s how I found myself four episodes into Stranger Things, nestled up to a sexy, ripped, adorable guy, my head on his chest, his vascular arm around my shoulders, and my ankle propped up on some pillows. Sprained ankle and damaged vehicles aside, it was absolutely nuts how this day went. I was still trying to wrap my head around the whole thing. Sure, I had only known Mark for a few hours, but that hadn’t stopped me from revealing my deepest fantasies to him. And this gigantic, ripped teddy bear of a man obliged. And he was a total sweetheart, and a nerd on top of that. Yes, we were in a honeymoon post-sex haze. But there was something about Mark that I trusted. I couldn’t quite put my finger on it, but I was running with it. Plus he thought I was cool. And attractive! This jacked bodybuilder thought that average-looking me was cute! Me! Yet, a small part of me told me that I was being an idiot. That I had just rushed into things, looking for some perfect, hot boyfriend, and that Mark wouldn’t want to continue seeing me after I was well enough to go home. That he was using me, and would hurt or blackmail me. That I wasn’t good enough for him. I told that part of me to shut the fuck up, because for once, I was able to explore my sexuality with someone. Not on cam, or looking at random images online, but actually in the flesh. And Mark loved that he turned me on. He wasn’t forceful, and didn’t try to push me to do things I wasn’t comfortable with. He respected me, and took care of me. If anything, I was grateful for that. I turned to the blonde muscle god sitting next to me. Mark sat enraptured in a particularly intense scene, his eyes glued to the screen, the reflection dancing in them. Seizing my chance, I jabbed him right in the side, earning a yelp of surprise and shock. Mark sat there staring at me, looking personally attacked, and I couldn’t help but burst into giggles at the sight of him. He rolled his eyes dramatically with a sigh, before pulling me into his side with a squeeze and over-the-top grunt. “Little shit,” I heard him mutter affectionately in his deep voice. “Damn right,” I retorted. This freaking muscle beast just referred to me as a little shit. His little shit! I smiled into his side, and settled back into the episode. Wherever this was going, I was willing to go along for the ride. END OF PART FOUR
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    Chapter 8 is posted. A little bit of a shorter chapter but hopefully you'll like it. https://www.coiledfist.org/article.php?story=dredlifter_newperformanceincentive08
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    (This is one of my stories that I intend to one day continue. I think I discovered my new home to house my macro stories. Appreciate!) ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Four years after the end of college, five friends were reunited at a special moment that they themselves still did not know. They did not know that their lives would change from that "big" day. The meeting place was the private laboratory of Dr. Josh Adams. Josh had been a nerd in science since high school. With his lean, short body, Josh was the mascot of the school football team. The little boy was 5'2" and weighed no more than 87lbs. In compensation his brain was a rare jewel. Josh has developed some experiments to reduce energy consumption in school, and things to help the environment. It all gave little Josh maximum score to enter college. He was accepted with honors by the science program of a major university. Today, at 30 years old, Josh has his own laboratory. He was still small and thin, but now his pockets were full of dollars. His laboratory was a private spot where he developed his strange experiments. He makes a fortune when he discovers something sensational and sells it to companies and even to the government. But Josh was developing something that was not approved by any oversight body of the scientific community. Josh developed a growth serum that he would sell to the army in the near future. Our little scientist urgently needed to get tested on humans. In rats and plants many tests had been done and successfully. The plants grew at an impressive rate. Tripling in size. In the mice the serum reaction was different. Rats grew at a slower rate. At first they doubled in size and then doubled the size again within 20 minutes after the first shot of the serum. And over time the growth rate was 2 inches every 15 days. For Josh, this was something he could manage. After all, a human growing 2 inches a month was acceptable to his proposals. On Josh's shelf there was the school yearbook and Josh could review some of the guys who were in his class. Among Josh's classmates there were four great boys. They were the most intimidating and popular boys at school. They were from the football team, the weightlifting team and the wrestling team. They were prodigious athletes. At the time of high school the smaller of them had a height of 6'9" and the greater one was 7'4". Josh did not think twice and contacted the school to find out where the four high school muscular friends walked through life. It was hours of searching, analyzing old photos, old videos of football matches, of the fights in the seasons. Until he was able to talk to the boys and make an appointment... or rather, a reunion. ************************************************************************** Spinning around his room, Josh was about to make a hole in the floor. He was nervous to find his old classmates. Deep in his soul, he was very scared because these guys were not so friendly with Josh in high school. Several times stuck in the closet, or with his head tucked into the toilet in the men's room, or being placed upside down by his feet and being shaken like a garbage bag by the biggest face of the group. That was Josh's life in high school. But there was something obscure about Josh's feelings. He liked the arrogant and brutal way his fellow athletes treated him. Josh liked the masculine power and masculinity that these big boys exuded from their pious muscles. "They came soon enough" Josh said looking at his wrist. It was almost eight o'clock when Josh rang the doorbell of Josh's two-story house. He dismissed the servants demanding to be alone with his guests. He approached the door. With trembling hands, nervous, he turned the knob and when he opened the door he faced a massive painting of a man. Josh's eyes were finding this man's abdomen. Their quads were large and ample. Josh swallowed and looked up and up to find a pair of massive pecs that were tightened in a blue flannel shirt. He looked over the mountain pecs and found a friendly, sexy smile. He was one of his schoolmates, the football team. "You're there, little guy! It's been a long time, huh?" The giant man boucing his pecs to greet. "W-W-Will... is that you? William Levy" Josh narrowed his eyes to recognize the blond giant in front of him. The man bent down, putting his hands on his knees and facing Josh more closely, as if talking to a child. His deep, sexy voice resounded again, making the bones of little Josh's body shudder. "You have not forgotten me so easy, little fella? You go on a little shit like in school days" Giant William tore the hair from Josh's head with his huge hand that swallowed the small scientist's head. "Oh God! You're still the same arrogant playboy as ever, "Josh grunted as he took William's hand away. "HAHAHAHA ... and you're still the same cheeky spout." Will folded his arms in his broad chest. "So, little Josh, what do you want to talk to me about?" "Please, Will... come in" Josh indicated the entrance. Will's broad shoulders were tightened so that his massive frame could walk through the doorway of Josh's house. The broad man stretched out his arms after going through the door and walked over to a sofa. He sat down making the mobile moan with his weight. Will smiled at Josh who admired him with wide eyes. "Impressed with what you see, little Josh?" Will flex the right biceps forcing his shirt "There are 600 pounds of pure muscle distributed in a frame of 7'8" " "Wooow! I realize you've worked out for a long time since we left school " Josh spoke really impressed. To intimidate him further, Will put his size 18 feet on the center table in the living room. His lumberjack boots were muddy, but the massive man did not care. He was still arrogant. "I have a demolition and wood company. It's a family business that I now own. They call me Levy Bunyan... hahahaha... I like that nickname" Will put his hands behind his head and relaxed on the couch. "Do you have beer?" "Well ... it's just ... I'm still waiting for the others to arrive. Sorry ... I do not drink, "Josh said without taking his eyes off Will's massive boots. "Who did you invite? Wait ... is this a party?" Will scratched his chin "Why did not you tell me before? I could be more presentable... " "Ohhh no no, Will... you look great... make sure of that" The two exchanged malicious glances. From high school, Will liked Josh to give him a blowjob. He liked how his cock made Josh choke on throat. "How will this meeting be, little Josh?" Will spoke in a deep, sexy voice. "Oh God!" Josh scratched his head. "It's nothing you're thinking about, Will. It's something more serious" At that moment the doorbell rang again and deep voices and smiles were heard by Josh as he approached to open the door. The little scientist had the same reaction he had with Will when he opened the door a second time. And now he came face to face with two abdomens. Josh looked up and up to find two manly faces with beard trimmed. One had brown eyes and the other had blue eyes. "Well, if it's not our little Joshie" one of the giants said, messing up Josh's hair. "He continues a thin, pale squirt. How's it going, little shit? Still toying with frog experiments?" The other giant spoke and bouncing the massive pecs by making a button of his shirt fly toward Josh's nose. "Ooops! They do not make good shirts to accommodate my massive chest well... hahaha" "H-H-Henry and J-J-Jay... are you guys?" Josh stepped back and the two giants entered. Henry was the one who had the hardest time to get through the picture of the door. His shoulders were like basketballs. Jay had the same difficulty. His broad, muscular trunk zipped through the door of Josh's office. As the two giants passed the door, they saw Will sitting on the couch relaxing. The three massive men embraced. Roaring in deep laughter that echoed throughout the room. His pecs touched hugs and another button on the giant's shirt flew around the room. "You did not tell me you had invited my teammates... hahahaha... little Josh, you're a kid full of surprises" Will leaned in and gave Josh a bear hug that narrowly broke the skinny little ribs scientist. "Woow! Will... hehehe... all right" Josh said ashamed when he was put on the floor. "So... what's the point of meeting here, little shit? I need to get back to the downtown office" Henry looked at his watch. "You were lucky I had a vacant time. So be quick" Josh was silent as he looked at Henry. "The Beast" Henry Cavill as he was called at school had a heyday of 7'6" and weighed over 650 pounds of torn muscles and hairy body. "Just a minute... Craig is still missing..." "What? Did you call the monster Craig Golias?" The three men said in unison as a loud knock was heard at the door. "It must be him" Josh walked away and ran to the door. When Josh opened the door, his heart quickened and almost came out of his mouth with the shock he had taken. The little scientist stood at the crotch of the man in front of him. Josh could smell the musky masculine scent of the giant's crotch. "Hello, little shit Josh! You're going to invite me in, or I need to tear down the wall to get in" There came a deep voice from the top of the biggest pecs Josh had ever seen in his life. Silently he indicated the entrance. But this man was even harder to get through the picture of the door. He was a taller head than every picture in the door. They were now complete. The test subjects were assembled to begin the experiment. "I... I'm going to need to get your statistics" "As you wish, little shit," Jay Cutler said, coming back out of the kitchen with a packet of chips. "Just make sure nothing's going to hurt us" "This is going to hurt you, man. Oh fuck! These snacks smell like fart" Will said, taking the package from Jay's hands and pinching his nose. The giants were teasing and smiling. "What does that really mean, Joshie? I need to get back to work. I'm a very busy lawyer" Henry Cavill spoke as he rolled up the sleeves of his social linen arm and showed off his furry mammoth forearms. "Bluntly... see that" Josh spoke and pressed a button on his remote. Then a compartment in the center of the room was opened and a cage appeared containing the largest mouse the world has ever seen. The mouse was now the size of a pig. "Oh fuck! What kind of thing do you grow here, little shit?" Craig said, startled by the size of the animal. "I'm doing some kind of growth serum for regenerating human organs. Initially it would be sold to the army, but I was prevented by the supervisory bodies from doing tests on humans. That's why I called you. The greatest men I've ever known in life and who would never give up the chance to get even bigger... my god! Look at you... Craig... how tall and heavy are you?" "8'6" and 750 pounds. "Craig did a double bicep pose. "And you, Henry? You've become one of the biggest and most successful lawyers in town ... how tall and heavy are you? " "Well... I... I have 7'6" and 650 pounds" He smiled and scratched the trunk. "And you Jay Cutler and Will? You are muscular beasts... " "I have 7'4" and over 650 pounds" Jay did a double biceps pose imitating Craig. "And I know your dream of getting bigger. Have you ever thought about doubling in size? I can guarantee this with only one shot. Is to take or leave" Josh showed the injections inside a suitcase. And the eyes of the giant men gleamed as they saw the possibility of getting even bigger and stronger. "I'll get it" Craig was the first to say. "I'm with the Goliath monster" Will said giving a high-five to the older friend. "I can not stay out of it. I also get" Jay spoke and bouncing the pecs. "If I die, or something bad happens... I'll blow your head like a grape, Joshie. I'll take it, too" Henry announced. Josh smiled. He was excited to start his tests. "So... let's get started, guys"
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    Hey boys Hope youre enjoying these vignettes. I am writing them down in 10-20 bursts on my phone. What do you want next? Back to Bear? More Matty? See whats up in Ace's head? New to writing so feedback is totally appreciated.
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    BEYOND HUMANITY Darren is a veteran of the Evolution Forum and a regular poster. He enjoys it when other members post pics and videos of their favorite bodybuilders and athletes. After being a wallflower for quite some time, he decided to post pictures of himself. A handful of guys posted comments on his thread and praised him for his accomplishments. After a couple of days, the thread blows up and he begins to realize that he is quite popular because of the way he looks. Two guys are so smitten with him that they send him PMs on the site. One of them, Allan, has a secret that he wants to reveal to him in person. Darren is quite apprehensive because he doesn't really know the guy very well. Allan is fairly new to the forum and hasn't participated all that much. The other guy, Kory, is a buddy of his that is really taken aback by his body lately and really wants to meet him in person. Darren tells him about Allan and thinks it would be fun to meet this guy at the same time because of the secret he wants to reveal. Kory eventually comes around to Darren’s suggestion and they set up a date to meet him. Dar has seen pictures of Kory before from Yahoo and is remarkably surprised by how sexy he is when they meet. Their eyes meet and they both kiss very passionately. Both receive texts in the middle of their meet and greet from Allan and meet at the local hotel. When they find his room, he opens the door and reveals that he is a massive bodybuilder with a really hairy body and a well-kempt face. He invites both of them in and begins to study each and every part of their bodies. He senses their attraction to each other and wants both of them to just relax and 'get into the moment'. They both begin kissing again and feel like the air around them is actually getting tighter. They feel compelled to take their clothes off and continue to make love. Allan takes his pants off and sits back in a chair as he concentrates on the two men. Darren is so into Kory that he doesn't even notice that his cock has actually lengthened by an inch. Kory's cock has also lengthened an inch and is wrestling with his friend’s cock. With Allan looking on in his chair, he manages to extend Darren and Kory's cocks by one inch. The air around them is beginning to change their hormonal levels to the point that their bodies are beginning to expand. As Darren thrusts his huge cock into his buddy, his ass flairs outward and his legs begin to swell up to the point that he can actually hear the bed starting to creak. Kory's body is also beginning to change as his ass expands along with his asshole. His abs pushes upward and forces his legs outward due to his new size. Darren’s chest swells up to the point that he loses sight of his buddy. Kory also swells up huge breaking the entire bed in the process. Allan is swelling himself as his clothes start shredding and his chair breaks. The growth doesn't stop either as all three of them grow beyond human proportions. As Darren cums inside Kory, Allan walks over to both of them and adds his cum to the sexcapade by spreading it on the other two growing giants. The growth continues to accelerate as the three men defy logic with their growth cycles. Despite Allan's best efforts to advance his own agenda, Darren and Kory successfully decide to restrain him and control his own growth. With this extreme cycle continuing, they decide to rebel and steal away his powers. They have figured out that his cum contains enough fuel to make them both grow exponentially. When he cums however, his power is minimal and he can't grow anymore. With both of them stronger than him, he cannot escape either of their grasps. Darren manages to tie him up several times with the sheets and bed covers from the broken bed as he lies on the floor. They both start working his cock and turning him on against his will. They have to be careful to only arouse him in spurts as he will grow if they do it for too long. While Darren strokes the base of his cock, Kory is stroking the head and working up a good rhythm too. Allan begins oozing precum which slides down his shaft and coats both giant’s hands. While the man's precum isn't extremely potent, it does have an importance. They both feel sensations moving up their bodies that eventually end up in both of their cocks. Their massive members are growing even bigger as Darren watches his cock lengthen as it snakes its way towards Allan's mouth. Unfortunately Kory's is doing the same thing. This puts a smile on Allan’s face as he takes both cocks into his mouth, slurping away at the juices flowing inside his mouth and down his body. Despite the fact that this is exactly what the tied up man wants, they both can't help but to enjoy the sensation coming from his insatiable sucking. The precum gets thicker and changes to a very smooth honey texture that the man laps up like it is the last meal he will ever have. Darren and Kory are feeling unbelievably great and can feel their bodies slowing growing again. Allan will get his revenge on them though as the two giant’s precum begins to change its texture to pure sweet and sticky cum making this man grow into something else. The two giant’s inch closer to the ceiling as the other man continues to drink up their cum loads. He laughs at both of them as he explodes in imaginable growth. His arms and legs that are bound are unleashing their fury on the knots and sheets holding him in place. Darren and Kory turn to look at him and notice his legs tatter the knots and his forearms expanding to the point that the veins begin to look like garden hoses. He destroys the sheets in a matter of seconds. He grows so fast that the hotel room may not exist once he stops growing. The giants are so shocked that it is pretty much too late to run. They do manage to get out of the room in time before it implodes under his size. They are fairly big themselves but they still resemble humans. Allan must be about 15’tall now and appears to have a vendetta for both men. Both of the smaller giants stand outside the crumbling hotel in awe of what this gargantuan monster has just achieved. He must weigh nearly a ton and his tool dangles dangerously close to both of their heads. The two of them combined probably top about 800 pounds. After they look at each other for a few seconds, they figure out that perhaps if he drips precum on top of them, they both might be able to drain his energy somehow and even grow bigger themselves. They both rub his insanely large balls and manage to get their hands around his shaft to rubbing very rapidly. Allan’s moans shake the ground and start shattering glass in the buildings around them. When they feel him starting to tense up, he attempts to crush them knowing what they are up to. Kory barely avoids the monster’s feet and feels a mist coming from his giant cock head. Darren watches as his buddy starts growing again adding an additional 100 pounds to his frame. He is clearly much stronger now and strokes even harder and faster. Again, the monster tries to crush both of them, but is unsuccessful. They both begin to notice that he is slowly starting to shrink as he appears to erupt any second now. Darren starts to see a white ocean flowing out of his cock head as Kory keeps stroking. They both dive straight into the huge white river as it continues to flow freely. It isn't long before the entire planet begins to tremble as the two smaller giants begin their otherworldly growth cycles. They both roar with excitement as their strength and power explodes. They absorb all of Allan’s cum as their muscles grow beyond the limits of humanity. The other monster can't help but to watch in disgust as the two behemoths soar into the sky and squash him like a bug with their immense feet. They both no longer function as humans as their humanistic traits disappear. The only thing they can do now is have sex with each other and destroy everything in their sights. Eating each other’s cum will have no effect anymore as they grow to their biggest potential. Growing bigger would most likely suffocate both of them to death since there is no more air beyond the clouds. The real question now is what will happen to the two of them since they are now the biggest creatures on the planet?
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    I'm sure there's more but this is Ziel's bread and butter. https://www.metabods.com/mbxx/site/fetch_storylist.php?type=author&author_ref=368 I haven't read all of it but Claves, the Midnignt Marauder and Big Changes definitely have that. Also X-Mass which comes with illustrations
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    Here's a sweet little supernatural romance story about a literal spiritual battle that takes place at a hospital. https://www.nifty.org/nifty/gay/beginnings/guardian-angel.html
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    Part Seven - Finale “Look at that artwork, boy,” Mr. Dennis said, as he surveyed all the multiple cracks of varying sizes throughout the room. “My powerful punch sent cracks to every room in this house – both the floors and walls. I bet an even stronger tap could bring this whole place tumbling down. Now, that would be hot to see. I’m a one-man wrecking crew, Thomas. I’ve always wanted to redo this place. I could make the doors taller and wider – and make the rooms a helluva lot bigger to accommodate my new body. Your super powerful silver-haired muscle gramps needs a house befitting of his monstrous muscles, don’t you think?” “Yes sir,” I replied, weakly – still recovering from watching him put his giant fist into the concrete floor as if he had been punching through paper. “You make me think of the gods on Mount Olympus, Mr. Dennis.” “What? That weak old wimpy Zeus doesn’t come close to competing with your massive man, boy. Even his powerful lightning bolts would bounce off this body like little gnats. I could probably toss the mountain and all the gods on it into space with one arm, boy. You’re going to have to start dreaming much bigger and much stronger than just a Greek god, son. Talking like this makes me leak pre-cum, Thomas. Look at that thick gob of super-spunk. I bet there’s enough swimmers in that big old drop to impregnate an entire country. Gotta fuck the wall, son. Sorry to interrupt our conversation, but when a man needs to pound, he’s just gotta pound.” Mr. Dennis walked over to the wall of the great room attached to the kitchen. It was the thick wall already peppered with holes even with my shoulders, where he hand pounded freely before. Watching the man reach down and force his sky-stretched thick log to stick out straight was almost too much for me to handle by itself. And then, when he pressed the fist-sized head of his cock against the wall, I moaned out loud. Plaster, concrete, and no telling what else was simply pushed away as his dick head plowed into the solid wall. I thought of a superfast train pummeling through a tunnel – but actually, his cock was making its own tunnel. The man grunted and it sounded like the foghorn of an ocean liner. The long, thick cock slammed into the wall like it was simply sliding into whipped cream. The entire frame of the house seemed to loudly creak and rock back and forth as his giant rod ripped into what was clearly a foundation wall of the house. The entire wall pulled slightly from the ceiling as Mr. Dennis shoved powerfully against it. And then the wall screamed as Mr. Dennis colossal tool started moving up – taking the entire house with it. The whole foundation of the place was being ripped from the floor. Finally, the wall gave up and the cock simply ripped upward through concrete, wood, plaster, and pipes as the house went back down to rest in its original place. “Fucking just lifted a three-story house with just my cock, son. Never dreamed of that when you were making your daddy juice, did you, Thomas?” “No sir,” I replied, but my voice was shaky and soft because I was so astounded by what the man had just done. “I’m going to take out chunks of three walls when I blast a load this time, little man. I can feel it. You’ve turned me on so much and fed me so well, that I’m going to ejaculate like cannonballs being shot through plywood. Fucking hell, I might take out entire walls, son. This daddy feels so jacked he could probably move a continent. Yeah, how about I make a new super country called Dennisland. Yeah, that would be cool. Right now, however, I just gotta get off or I’m going to bring down this big house with just one jerk of my dick. Here . . . it . . . uh . . . comes . . . Thomas . . . cover your ears . . . arghhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!” A hundred sticks of dynamite would have been softer and a lot less destructive. Mr. Dennis’ crotch slammed into the wall as he orgasmed. A huge chunk of the wall was pushed into the other room – creating a big hole just before the massive loaded cannon released its missile like volleys of cum. I could see his thick powerful semen detonate into the wall across the guest bedroom – knocking a huge gaping opening there and then repeating the same destruction in three other walls as his spunk traveled back through the house. Wardrobes, shelving units, and much more were obliterated by the blast from his super-strong, huge, grampa cock. You would have thought a fireplug had been untapped by the amount of juice spewing into the other rooms. Finally, I could uncover my ears because I could hear that Mr. Dennis had stopped screaming and the explosions had ceased. “Sweet mother, that was a tsunami, Thomas. Your gramps-daddy just tore out half of the house with his orgasm. If you had been riding my cock I would have sent you into orbit. I’m going to have to learn to control my powerful tool if I’m planning on ever pounding you. I wouldn’t want you to look like the splintered remains of my grandmother’s solid oak armoire. It took four men to carry that thing into the house. I demolished it with one mega-blast from my super tool. I’m gonna have to start plowing solid rock on the side of mountains. It will be one good way to make caves. Who knows, we might have a new career in mining. You okay, there, little fella? You’re as white as a ghost.” “You’re not human!” I replied, amazed at my own exclamation. “Well, Thomas, I am flesh and blood. Although, my flesh is super hard - much stronger than any armor - and my blood is probably beyond the boiling point. I still have feelings, dude. Anyway, this is what you wanted, right. Okay, so I’m about a hundredfold more powerful than you ever dreamed your super gramps would be and I’m certainly a helluva lot bigger – but that doesn’t change the fact that you created me. You made me in the image of your dream senior lover. I just kind of got enhanced a little along the way.” “A little!” “Okay, maybe a lot. But you love me this way. I can tell by the way that your cock hasn’t subsided since you got here. It’s just going to take you a while to get used to everything I’m capable of, that’s all. Hell, I’m not used to the destruction I can cause – so how would I expect you to be. Don’t you just want to sit back, though, and enjoy the muscle ride, Thomas. Wasn’t it always your dream to have some senior muscle daddy telling you what to do and taking care of your every desire. Well, look no more, my little friend. Mr. Dennis is all those dreams times a thousand. My cum, alone, can bring down a house. Just imagine the real power in these arms and legs, boy. You want to jump to some far away city for dinner? I’m pretty sure I can do it. Want to move some building that’s blocking your view? Just ask and it shall be done. Want me to intimidate the crap out of some guy – or better, yet - some gang? Well, the pleasure would be all mine. Just name what you want, Thomas, and your newly enhanced Mr. Denis will make you spew in pleasure as he gets you whatever it is. You’re going to be around powerful muscles for the rest of your life, man. You’re going to get to feel my hardness whenever it pleases you . . . and whenever it pleases me, too. Talk about a match made in muscle heaven, boy – you and I are never going to tire of seeing what this silver-furred body of mine can do. How does that sound, boy?” “Almost too good to be true, sir,” I replied. “That’s the way I want to keep you, Thomas – always amazed and just a little bit frightened. I’m like having an atomic bomb as your friend, dude. Incredible power just waiting to be unleashed. Let’s get you some much-needed sleep, my worn-out little lover, but tomorrow we start ‘Operation See What Mr. Dennis Can Do.’ You’re going to love me testing my limits. Almost as much as I’m going to love it. Come, let this big man carry you to bed so you can dream some muscle dreams wrapped up in his huge, powerful arms.” I walked into his outstretched humongous biceps and into my muscled destiny.
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    Here is the next installment to the Polo Club Story - There will be a two page epilogue coming in the next week, and then rewards delivered to patrons on Patreon - including a PDF of the full comic for download!
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    Part Five The enormous hand holding me off the ground was attached to a muscled forearm as big as my leg, which was attached to a bigger-than-a-beach-ball biceps covered in jungle vine veins. I got the feeling I was being held off the floor higher than I could jump. My feet still swayed back and forth from the shaking that arm had given my body just a few seconds ago. My head was still spinning from being jarred so viciously. I glanced down and saw trunks so filled with muscled sinew and striations it didn’t seem possible they were legs. My upper torso wasn’t as wide as the individual quads I gazed upon. And then there was the thick as a rolled-up beach towel and long as a yardstick third leg arching out from massive hairy coconut balls in a way that made you think of big cranes on top of skyscrapers moving heavy stuff in the air. It wasn’t a cock, it was a one-eyed anaconda that looked like it could wrap around me two times and squeeze the shit out of me. The idea of my ass trying to withstand that battering ram made me even more light-headed. Master bricklayers could have learned a thing or two from the chiseled bumpy-as-hell rack of abdominal muscles that served as the core for the monstrous being in front of me. I thought about swinging my foot as hard as I could into that gorgeous mid-section, because I knew it wouldn’t do a thing and it would be fun to try. Stone walls or slabs of concrete wouldn’t have been able to take the kind of abuse I knew that stomach could. The expansive waterfall of flesh that was the chest in front of me cascaded out like a tidal wave of muscle. It was as wide as the grill of a Mack truck and looked as hard as a wall of thick granite. Pecs as big as couch cushions came to mind. Forget about the term bull neck, what I beheld was a dinosaur neck. Redwoods weren’t as thick as this muscled barrel-like support. And then there was Mr. Dennis’ gorgeous face – still masculine wrinkles and age appropriate spots, but the chiseled jawline and strong flared indented cheeks made it clear that something spectacular was below all that beauty. He hadn’t just grown bigger, he had morphed into something around seven feet tall and probably weighed the same as a smallish elephant. I still couldn’t tell what emotion was revealed on his face. I knew my own showed how excited I was with the changes of this man, but I wasn’t sure if he felt the same way. “Made me into your dream man, huh? More like dream freak! I won’t be able to fit into bathroom stalls anymore! Even the big ones made for wheelchairs! Cabs won’t stop to pick me up because the springs of their vehicle will be shot as soon as I get in. Doorways are forever going to be a problem!” “I’m sorry. I didn’t know the formula would work so well.” “Sorry? Why the fuck are you sorry, Thomas? Look at me! I’m a dream freak! Who, in their right mind, wouldn’t want this? I’m huge and strong as hell! I leaned against the fridge this evening and accidentally smashed it into something as thin as a door. I can hold you in the air forever and not even feel slightly strained. Sorry? Man, I’m a senior behemoth and it’s all thanks to you. Give me a hug, little fella.” My face was slammed between two huge slabs of muscled beef and then squeezed tremendously by Mr. Dennis’ thick pecs. Talk about a face massage, I was pretty sure bones were being compacted. Big arms, feeling more like full man-sized bodies than limbs, hugged me so hard I couldn’t take a breath. It was like I was in a straightjacket made of muscle. The man’s heartbeat was so strong it sounded like I was inside a bass drum being banged continuously. The giant crane of a dick hardened into a curve under my ass and it felt like I was sitting on a steel girder. The monstrous man let out a loud animalistic growl as he held me. “I so want to plow you right now, Thomas, but I know I can’t. I haven’t learned how to control my strength. I’d rip you in two. I’ve ripped three doors off their hinges thinking I was opening them lightly and I crushed the toaster in one hand just trying to move it. I’ve got to figure out how to control this new freaking power.” “I know, as a matter of fact, big guy, I can’t breathe. Your arms are crushing me,” I said loudly into the deep cavity between his monstrous pecs – I could have sworn there was an echo. “Oh, sorry, little man,” Mr. Dennis said, lessening the iron grip he had on my body, “it barely registered that I was squeezing at all. It’s going to take me a while to get used to all of this muscle and strength. You’re just so light and small, like a small child or a doll.” “That’s okay, we have all the time in the world. I’m just glad I can breathe, now.” “I still don’t believe it’s me when I look in the mirror. Less than twelve hours ago I was this older man with a sagging, good-for-my-age body and now look at me. It’s quite a new me. “Tell me about the change,” I said, tilting my head back and trying to see his face over the massive pecs, thankful that he brought his head forward so we could look into each other’s eyes. “It was orgasmic, Thomas. You would have loved it. I was taking a nap and suddenly the room got very cold – like I’d been suddenly shoved into some large freezer. I woke up and realized it was my own body that was freezing. I didn’t understand what was going on, but I also couldn’t move. Every part of me felt like cold stone and wouldn’t budge no matter how hard I tried. Then, without warning, different parts of my body started to pop bigger and bigger and bigger. It was like I was made up of hundreds of kernels of popcorn – that kept on popping bigger even after the initial pop. With each growth blast, I received a pleasurable jolt to my crotch. Within a minute I couldn’t see over my now massively protruding chest. It was also the moment I figured out you had done this to me. The conversation last night at dinner, the fact that I never pass out from drinking but I did with you, and the baffling disappointment you displayed this morning suddenly all made sense. You had chosen to play Dr. Frankenstein with my body. Even if I had wanted to be angry with you, every time my cock received a glorious pump of bliss and I grew freaky huge I began to realize I was going to love the changes when they were finished. That led to me just laying back and enjoying the show and how it made me feel.” “Damn, I wish I could have been here to see that.” “Yeah, like I said, you would have loved it. Seeing this old man body swelling up to monster size with each pop. I watched as my arms bulged with each spasm until they were bigger than softballs, then bowling balls, and then finally the humongous mounds smothering your body right now. And talk about veins! My arms are covered with rope-sized, blood pumping strips that look powerful all by themselves. Feeling my abs pop out in stone-like rows was pretty awesome, too. I couldn’t see them change, because of my massive pecs, but I could feel it. My stomach tightened and then started to have little explosions as muscle became harder than stone. I was able to move my mammoth arms by then so I alternated from pinching the hell out of my enormous nipples, flexing the big guns for my own enjoyment, and raising my upper body so I could watch my legs pop out to their new magnificent size. And then my cock started to grow. First, I got a hard-on that felt like steel and then the thing started to pulse bigger each time my heart beat. I watched with utter joy as I went from nice dong, to king dong, to a fucking-no-way-that’s-ever-fitting-in-a guy’s-mouth dong. It’s now bigger than my old arms. That thing could cause some major damage and I can’t wait to try it out. Hey, I don’t remember you being so small, Thomas. My biceps are about three times bigger than your head. “I’m not small, you just turned into something akin to a grampa Hulk on steroids. I feel like someone has built a stone fortress around my body.” “I’m thicker and more powerful than mere stones, boy. When I was done growing I knew I needed to test this body’s strength and I knew just how to do it. In the basement, I had an oven-sized old bank vault cemented into the wall, years ago. I misplaced the damn combination and have never been able to get in the thing since. It took me a few minutes to figure out how to walk with quads bigger than wine barrels, but then I started doing that bodybuilder waddle, rocking side to side, and was able to make it downstairs. I knew it would be too easy and over too quickly if I just ripped the door off the fucking thing, and I wanted to have more fun than that. I rammed my fist through the solid concrete wall on both sides of the safe. I kept pounding away until I could reach my big arms through the holes and grab hold of the thing at its back. I then pulled and wrenched the entire box out of the concrete, taking out half the wall at the same time. I was holding this vault - that had taken six men to lift into the wall - as easily as I’m holding you right now. It wasn’t until the aroma hit me like a freight train that I realized I had shot a big load as I freed the safe from its resting place deep in dense concrete. I then just let my gargantuan arms start to squeeze solid steel. My immense biceps dented in the side of the safe pretty quickly – the thing wasn’t able to withstand me just flexing my guns. Then I squeezed harder and the safe just exploded open. It was like I had stuck some dynamite in the thing. The back blew off, the sides squashed in, and my pecs smashed the front of the thing so hard you could see where one of my nipples easily popped through the steel. I tossed the destroyed thing on the floor and looking inside I suddenly remembered I had never put anything in it. That didn’t matter, though, I had only wanted to destroy the thing. “Mr. Dennis, you’re gonna have to be quiet for a little while. My poor body can’t handle seeing your changes, being held by your titanic arms, and hearing this story at the same time. I’m going to explode.” “First of all, Thomas, you don’t tell me what to do,” Mr. Dennis said, teasingly – sort of. “I’m way too massive to be taking orders from someone as small as you. Just look at this arm and you’ll see what I mean. And secondly, you better get used to spewing all the time, cause I’m going to manhandle you any way I like and you’re going to have to watch and hear about my feats of strength all the time now, son. This is all your own fault, so you’ve got to live with the consequences. Dr. Frankenstein’s morphed gramps is in charge now and you’re just my little plaything.” The elder man’s face was beaming. It was quite clear that he meant every word he was saying, even if it was said with a twinkle in his eye. And he was quite right. It was time for me to alter my perception of reality to include a mentor, coach, and daddy that was super huge, super strong, super hung, and super ready to make me bend to his wishes. No regrets was now to be my new motto – not when it came to Mr. Dennis. He squeezed his immense biceps into my small body – teasing, but also making it very uncomfortable for me. “Understand, sport?” “Yes sir, Mr. Dennis.” “That’s a good boy. Do what your super muscle daddy says and you’ll be fine. You’ll be more than fine.”
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    The morning after my birthday celebration started off like any other; with check-posing in the mirrored wall in my bedroom. I needed a huge mirror in order to best appreciate my size. There were also cameras positioned at various points, with monitors to allow me to check myself out at every possible angle. Laser scanners constantly fed my dimensions into a computer to chart my progress. I also had an implant under my skin to monitor my vitals. I was extremlely healthy, although I shouldnt be, right? Fuck it. Vanity rules supreme. At first I loved my new size. I noticed all of the gains immediately, and loved every part of me. I flexed a double biceps pose into my mirror, and granite mountain peaks pushed upwards from the oceans of flesh that were my arms. I flexed harder and harder, willing more size and density to adorn my beautiful muscles. The veins on my biceps were thick and dark beneath my thin, tight skin. With my fists balled so that my thumbs pointed down, I could force my biceps and thumbs to meet as I held this pose. Soon I planned to have bicep peaks higher than my fists. And then they’d grow even bigger, with secondary – even trinary – peaks exploding upwards. I did a full lat spread, and my upper body screamed with size and power. Veins burst forth across my incredible mass of muscle-flesh, and I instantly shot a load of jizz from my rock hard cock. Lots of it stained my mirror, flowing down lazily to pool at the floor. But I cupped some in my hands and tasted a little before rubbing the rest into my pecs to make my huge, deep and dark cleavage slick and then sticky. I loved the smell; how it mixed with my muscle-musk, and the smell boned me up even more. I growled monster-fashion as I crabbed down into a most muscular pose. My delts and traps heaved with size and magnitude, and the more I leaned into the pose, the harder, shinier, and stronger my muscles became. My dick got even harder, thicker, and longer. Soon it would be bigger than Flex’s. Then he’d have to find a new party trick to keep us all interested. Usually after an intense Enerflex-fueled workout, I could feel my muscles tingling next morning, which would prepare me for another growth-spurt. Alas, there was no tingle this morning, which annoyed me no end. Flex and Daniel were already done with their cardio at the Institute gym. Some of the bigger boys trained in their own section. So the three of us wouldn’t be bothered. I strutted into the gym and decided to loosen up with some free weights. I picked up my favourites, a pair of 300 pounders, and began to silently curl. The other two watched me curosily before muttering to each other and returning to Flex spotting Daniel as he worked on his chest. He was benching around 1350, these days. I used that to warm up and could do more sets than he could. But he hated it when I bragged. Although I felt it would motivate him to train harder if he saw how often I was breaking his lifting records. “Hey there, big fella,” said Daniel is his pleasant Swedish brogue when he rested the bar back on the rack after pressing 10 sets of 12. He’d barely broken a sweat. He was a cute-looking guy, with tousles of mousy brown curls around a face that might have been gorgeous, except for a slightly crooked nose and somewhat bucked teeth out front. Flex was of Asian extraction, so his face and skin was flawlesly symetrical and seemingly without fault. I would describe him as good looking, if a little bland to the eye. Neither of them were the fucking hunks the level of which I flawlessly maintained. “Fuck off, Daniel. I’m, not in the mood for pleasantries. I came here to bodybuild,” I grunted rudely. Frowning, Daniel reached for a water bottle to lubricate his lips. “What’s that for? We’re all here to bodybuild, but you shouldn’t be so rude. I didn’t deserve that.” Flex said nothing. He was a man of few words. He just lifted and fucked and that was all the expression he needed. “Sorry dude. I didn’t tingle this morning. I should be growing like fucking crazy after yesterday. But the scanners didn’t reveal any bigger measurements this morning. What if I’ve plateaued? I can’t stay this size. I need to get bigger. Way bigger.” I threw down the weights and reached for a pair of 500 pounders. I really wanted to work my muscles today. They still felt light. I’d have to move to the magnetic machines to get a proper workout. There was a gravity chamber at the institute, where we could work out under heavier gravity, but Ronny Fortuna and Breeze Brewster broke it during a recent visit, and it was still out of order. Breeze Brewster was wierd. Nine and a half feet tall and weighing almost as much as Ronny, he decided to transition to female but still maintain his gains. Uncle Cyrus wasn’t sure it was possible for him to increase his muscle mass and height and chug down loads of female hormones, but it was a curious experiment the Institute was only too happy to observe. “Well we all go through the plateaus from time to time,” Daniel offered. He smiled sympathetically before lying down on the bench for another set. Flex obediently lowered the bar into position for him and he went through another set. “It’s our bodies way of stopping to catch a breath is all. Don’t worry about it. You’ll get bigger soon enough, and I’ll be under even more pressure to keep up.” “Yeah, guess so. It’s just not happening fast enough for me, y’know?” I was in a crap mood. I could easily have left the gym and instead get off to loads of porn on my computer. But bodybuilding had to come first. I couldn’t miss a workout no matter how annoyed I was. I got through all my upper body routines in lightning quick time, and decided to work my legs and calves. It pleased me that my new birthday mass had increased my strength and stamina, but it also pissed me off that even the magnetic machines were no longer giving me the pumps I so desperately craved. Flex offered to fuck me, which was nice, so I let him and Daniel do insane sexual things to me for an afternoon of muscle worship and extreme fucking. They turned it into one hell of a good worship session, too, in the interest of cheering me up. Flex loved to take position behind me. I was twice as wide at the shoulders than he was, but that boned him up quite a bit. I would lift my arms and groan with delight when Flex started to massage and squeeze my flared lats from behind. I loved to feel his strong fingers trying to dent my amazing muscles. Whilst down in front, the “almost-as-much-a-behemoth-as-I-was” Daniel Emerstorfer hunkered down in order to rip my posers from my person and suck my dick into his hungry mouth. He was surprisingly limber for a muscle-god, and could get into all kinds of kinky positions. He hungrily worked his mouth along my sixteen-inch shaft, thankful that his lips could stretch almost snake-like to accommodate my massive meat. He applied just enough pressure to make me moan with pleasure whilst Flex now slipped his muscled arms under mine in order to grope my enormous pectorals and try to squeeze the fucking life out of them. I loved to have my pecs kneaded and pummeled by the strong hands of a bodybuilder. My dream was to be heavier than Ronny Fortuna one day soon, and then make him my enormous muscle-slave whilst barely coming up to his pec-line. I’d also be stronger than he’d ever be. That was my plan. But fuck this fucking plateau. “Make me grow, guys. Do filthy things to me and my muscles,” I gasped. Daniel stretched a cock-ring around my cock and balls, to make my junk bulge even bigger and get harder and harder. I liked it best when my dick and cum-balloons felt like they were gonna burst off my body. There was a lot of tingling down there. If only my entire body could tingle, hell, I’d be growing like fucking crazy. Maybe if the guys did more shit to me right here in the gym, it might kick-start my growth. Daniel stimulated my nipples to harden and expand as he worked on my pectoral masses more and more. They were as hard as bullets and leaking with musky oil that was ambrosia to our senses. “GRRRRRR.... so good. Gotta grow. Gotta be the biggest... gasp... body-fucking-builder,” I hollered, throwing my head back to better appreciate the experience. Tired from sucking me off, Daniel got to his feet and began to gut punch my rock hard abs. He was really strong; not as strong as me, but the feeling still caused me to adjust my footing so I didn’t fall backwards. The floor was slick with the excretions made by our sexy bodies, but we didn’t care. This had to go on and become more and more fervent. I HAD TO FUCKING GROW!!!!! Daniel buried his face in my pectoral cleavage and slurped up the sweat that clung to the fine, dark-blonde hairs of my chest. My dick was so insanely swollen now that it fenced with Daniels considerable member as they jostled for space between our bodies. Our muscles pressed against each other, like some kind of delicious morphing fusion. This would get even better once Flex slipped his gigantic cock into the pouting, hungry hole of my bodybuilt ass. I suddenly felt stronger than ever. I began to push back against Flex’s invasive onslaught. He slid on the precum-soaked floor and I pushed him with enough force to knock him flying onto a wrestling mat. This got Daniel very excited and now all three of us were growling like madmen and wanting ours muscles to fuckin’ burst open with crazy amounts of new, rippling and impregnable muscle. I turned about and saw Flex sprawling on the mat, chest upwards, his huge dick bobbing and throbbing above him. His cock head oozed a torrent of precum. We’d soon be soaked in it. “Hold that postion,” I roared, before turning around and literally planting myself down with force atop Flex. His dick tore into my asshole, tunnelling upwards to the point some of my internal organs shifted to allow it room. “Unnghhhhh.... so good,” I roared. I began to buck up and down heavily on his dick, taking every one of its 20+ inches. It was thicker than two beercans, too. I was virtually being torn a bigger arsehole and the feeling was something words cannot describe. But I wanted more pressure; more force. As if reading my mind Daniel bounced down on top of me, his 950+ lbs of muscle mass adding to my own. Flex was just about able to bear our combined weight, and the extra pressure bearing down on his dick caused me to shoot a massive load all over Daniel. Flex, likewise shot into me. He filled my anus with several liters of his salty creme. But there would be plenty left for us all to slurp down and lick from each others’ delicious, manly musculature. I then returned Flex the favor by fucking him deeply for several minutes whilst I let Daniel clean out my hole with his strong, penetrating tongue. After the orgy we wrestled on the mat and got horny again. We played with weight plates, ripping them in half like phone books, although I managed this with ease, whereas my lesser playmates could only dent them slightly. I really was that fucking strong!!! We soon got bored and tired and fell asleep on the mat in a heap of undulating muscle, soothed by each others softening breaths and quieting heartbeats. I still wasn’t growing. The tingle wasn’t there. Maybe after our nap and some lunch, things might be different.
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    Part Four “How ‘bout a second one, barkeep, and don’t be stingy,” Mr. Dennis said with the kind of look in his eyes that involuntarily made my ass cheeks squeeze together. “Let’s call it fuel for the hard play to come.” My hands shook a little from my excitement as I poured another bountiful glass of whiskey for the elder stud. I knew he’d be feeling the effects of the sleeping potion soon. I was beyond happy with the way Mr. Dennis had downed his first glass. It was as if he knew what was to come and he wanted it to get there fast, too. This time he sipped his drink, but I noticed the sips were quite big. I needed to orchestrate some things pretty quickly, if I was going to have him set up for the change. “Shall we move to the bedroom, sir?” I asked, winking at the man. “You don’t beat around the bush, do you, son. The bedroom sounds nice, Thomas. I’m suddenly feeling the effects of this Black Bush. I must be turning into a lightweight.” “We’ll soon be changing that, sir.” “What was that, Tommy-boy?” he asked and his words slurred a little. I realized the man was definitely not feeling like himself, for as we walked to the master bedroom he didn’t put his now very familiar hand at the small of my back. As a matter of fact, I had to guide him a little as we got closer to the bed. I was able to take the glass from his hand right before he fell face first on the king-sized mattress. He rolled over and started trying to undo his belt. “Gonna power drive you like a . . . like a . . . I don’t know what it will be like . . . but it will be hard . . . and feel so . . .” His hands fell to his side. His eyes were closed. And his breathing instantly became deep and long. He was out for the count. I needed to make sure, though. I knelt spread eagle over his waist and – after saying ‘forgive me, sir’ – I slapped him pretty hard on his cheek. No reaction whatsoever. The man was in such a deep sleep even a hurricane wouldn’t have awakened him. I wasted no time, I wanted to inject the formula before I panicked or had second thoughts. I unbuttoned his shirt and stopped for a minute to gaze at the nicely gray-furred, semi-firm pecs of the gorgeous man. I ran my hands across his chest hair, imagining what it would feel like when the thing was monstrous and harder than stone. I was impressed that Mr. Dennis still had some partially defined abs – definitely no dad-bod for this man. I got his shirt off and then finished undoing his belt. I pulled his pants and boxers (that was a surprise) down at the same time. His thick, long tool and hairy balls caught me totally off guard. I realized at that moment that, although he had fondled my cock all night long, I hadn’t ever reached over to his crotch to discover the man was packing a more than ample tool. It was surrounded by thick salt-and-pepper curly pubic hair and the instant aroma of sweaty balls made me want to bury my face down there. I refrained, removed his shoes and socks and then pulled his pants and underwear completely off. The man’s beautiful naked body lay on my bed like a virgin being offered to the gods. “Damn, Mr. Dennis, you’re already hot as hell. Just imagine what you’re going to look like when you’re as big and muscled as Lou Ferrigno or even bigger.” I went to the bathroom and retrieved all the tools for the injection. Within a few minutes I was injecting his thigh with the neon-blue formula I had waited so long to use. It suddenly dawned on me that I should have left his clothes on so I could witness them being ripped to shreds as he grew, but then I thought about the fact that he probably wouldn’t want to ruin them. Then I hit myself in my head because he’d never be able to wear them again, anyway. I was now in unchartered territory. I had done such a fantastic job of planning and imagining what I would do up to this point that I hadn’t ever really thought about what I might do after the injection. My projections told me I had a few hours before anything would begin. I propped a pillow under his head and went back to the kitchen to pour me another double shot of whiskey. This time I didn’t use water or ice. I went back and sat on the bed – rubbing Mr. Dennis’ hairy leg as I sipped my drink. “I hope you like your new size and strength, sir. It’s just that you’re everything I could have ever dreamed for in a man. God, the sight of you, now, even before the change, makes me hard as hell. Big, man-sized penis, orange-sized balls, furry tight body, and a face like a grampa angel – what’s not to love? It’s just that I want to give you more . . . well, I want to give us more. I want you to be like my senior-aged Hercules, my muscled master who will keep me in my place and empower me at the same time. I just want a huge daddy – is that so wrong? And who am I talking to, anyway?” I looked back down at the body of the quiet, still man – knowing that the formula was presently beginning its miraculous work as I sat there. The way the stuff would change was very technical and what some people would call magical, but it really just boiled down to cell enhancement and restructuring. He’d become thicker, which would make him become bigger, which would make him become stronger, which would turn him into a sexy gray-haired behemoth beyond heavyweight bodybuilding size. He’d even outsize and out power those huge powerlifters who carried huge round stones to show off. I imagined Mr. Dennis juggling with some of those stones. That thought led to me downing my whiskey, going to the kitchen to get another one, returning to the bedroom and then undressing. I pulled the big reading chair over by the window beside the bed, so I could sit there and have a front-row view of the changes. I sipped my drink and found that my gaze kept returning to Mr. Dennis’ cock. It dawned on me that I wanted it to grow first – how predictable of a gay man, right? The idea of that already gorgeous thick tube of beef getting bigger, thicker, more powerful made me start stroking my own cock. I realized my admiration of the man’s lower parts had made me finish my third, hefty-sized whiskey. I was now completely buzzed, fully erect, and feeling too far away from my older soon-to-be superman. I moved to the bed and laid down beside him. It would be fun to feel the growth as well as watching it. I put my head on his gray-furred chest and listened to his strong heartbeat. My hand had found its way to his thick meat and I was tugging at it without even thinking. I felt Mr. Dennis getting hard and laughed to myself – of course this virile elder man would be able to produce a hard-on even when he was strongly drugged. I continued to fondle him and he continued to get fully hard. The sound of his heart, the heat generated by his body, and the feeling of his thick, hard meat in my hand made me relax more than I ever had in my entire life – I felt so secure and safe – and so within minutes I was fast asleep. To awaken from dreams of the man of your dreams growing huge and knowing that his giant body will be next to you is the sweetest feeling in the world. To realize that your new life – the one you always wanted starts today gives you the desire to make the moment – that life-changing instant – last forever. But at the same time, you really want to take in all the wonderful enhancements that have taken place while you foolishly fell asleep and missed the show. I blamed the whiskey and the fact that I consumed way too much of it. I also blamed how comfortable my dream man’s warm body had felt and the fact that I could fondle his gorgeous dick as I slipped off into another world. There were so many sensations to soak up at the same time. “Good morning, sexy.” The warmth of that now familiar voice matched the warmth of the body beside me, which didn’t come close to matching the heat from the hard dick in my hand. The hard, normal-sized dick in my hand! I sat up quickly and gazed down at the beautiful elder-man body of Mr. Dennis. The body that looked the same as it had from last night – still sexy as hell, but not enhanced, not super-muscled, not bigger than the bed frame. My mind spun out of control. My entire being suddenly went off kilter. I couldn’t control myself and my face betrayed me – it burst into a look of total disappointment and shock that my formula had not worked. My entire faith in myself – in my abilities – as well as my total unbridled excited anticipation of a huge man being in my body came crashing down in an instant. In a series of unfortunate results – Mr. Dennis’ hard-on deflated quickly, the man read my face as a look of horror that I had ended up in bed with him, and the guy suddenly realized he didn’t remember the night after a certain point. I was too self-absorbed in my disbelief that my calculations had been wrong that I didn’t notice any of this. Mr. Dennis was off the bed in a flash – gathering up clothes. “I’ve seen that look before, kid. Alcohol and nighttime made you think you were into an old man, but the morning brings a dose of shocked reality. I’m so sorry to disappoint your drunk fantasies, Thomas.” “You’re the same,” was all I could say at that moment, I was still immersed in my utter disbelief that my calculations were wrong. “What does that mean?” the older man asked, stopping mid-way as he pulled on his pants. His slight angry tone snapped me back to the present moment in a flash. I quickly registered all that had been misconstrued and said up to that moment. I also knew I needed to save this moment. I needed to keep this man in my life. I needed to make a new formula. My brain multi-tasked as I started to talk – assuming immediately that I had stored the formula for too long. It had gone bad. That’s what the problem had been. Homemade potions don’t have expiration dates, but clearly mine had lost all of its ‘juice,’ so to speak. That was the logical explanation for my clear, accurate calculations not working. I, however, needed to save the moment happening presently in my bedroom. “You’re still the same . . . gorgeous man I fell asleep with last night,” I quickly said and I saw Mr. Dennis’ shoulders relax. “I’m so disappointed we both fell asleep. I blame you . . . and that blasted whiskey.” “Come to think of it, I can’t believe I didn’t hold my liquor better – I usually don’t have any problem. Why am I undressed and you are not?” “After you passed out I decided I should be able to . . . you know . . . gaze and fondle the beautiful merchandise,” I said, trying my best to sound all sexy and in no way creepy. “You slut! Taking advantage of an old man,” Mr. Dennis replied, letting his pants slide back down to his feet and then moving onto the bed. The man kissed me hard – clearly, all was forgiven. We were back on track. The kiss was as toe-crunchingly good as the night before. He semi-growled as we sucked face and it was, again, a sound that thrilled me to no end – even if I longed for it to be much deeper because he was much bigger. That would all have to wait, I’m afraid. He pulled his face away from mine and glanced at his watch. “I was hoping for a quickie, Thomas, but I just realized how late it is. I actually have a yoga class I teach at 2:00pm. I need to run, I’m afraid. I hope you can forgive me for zoning out like that, last night. It’s not my style and never happens. How might I make up for it?” “Well, yoga explains the tight body and the flexibility,” I said, making him smile. “You could make up for it by coming back here for dinner . . . tonight?” I said and then tensed up with worried anticipation of what his answer might be. “I’d love to. I’ll bring the wine, handsome,” he answered, smiling and kissing me again. “Now, I really must go. So sorry to have to dash.” “It’s not a problem,” I said, “It will give me time to prepare a new . . . um . . . recipe.” I almost said formula. I knew that I had everything here that I needed to make another batch. I knew it would take a while, but I could do it. Since it was still the weekend, I took the chance that Mr. Dennis would be able to make it another late night. I needed about five hours. “Would eight o’clock be too late? You’re more than welcome to stay over, Mr. Dennis.” “You are a little slut, Thomas. Of course, eight will be fine. I’d love to stay over and try this again…” “Exactly what I was thinking.” “I’ll bring a toothbrush for the morning.” “Maybe a new one, so you could just leave it here,” I suggested, making the now fully-dressed man really smile as he bent down to kiss me, again. “Calling a Lyft,” he said and pulled out his phone. I followed him to the front door as the arrangements were made. Luckily, there was a driver two-minutes away. We stood in the foyer and kissed even more passionately than all the times before. I was full of extreme excitement because I had not totally missed my chance with this perfect man. We would be together, in the way I wished to be, very soon. I missed him, immediately, as he made his way down my driveway to the waiting car. After shutting the door, I jumped into motion to get the formula done early – so I’d have time to fix a meal, as well. It was going to be a jam-packed afternoon. Four hours later, my phone rang and I saw it was the dream man. At first, I panicked that he was calling to cancel, so I answered quickly – just to find out as fast as I could why he was calling. “Hello, Mr. Den…” I began, but was instantly interrupted. “What did you do to me?” said a voice so deep and growling that it instantly made my balls tighten. “Get over here. I can’t even leave my place because I have no clothes that will fit me. I’d have to wear a bed sheet. You have some explaining to do, Thomas. I keep breaking things.” The phone then went dead. I instantly knew it had been crushed by an untrained powerful hand. Luckily, we had discussed where he lived the night before and we had even put addresses into our phones. That’s how confident we had been that the relationship would grow, or maybe it was just the Borolo wine making us hopeful. At this point, I wasn’t thinking about anything but getting to the man’s house as fast as I could – without getting a ticket or causing a wreck. I somehow managed to cut a twenty-five-minute trip down to fifteen. It was the longest quarter of an hour of my entire life. I was at his front door and ringing the bell in what seemed like only two steps. I heard heavy, hot-sounding thuds as someone or something big moved toward the door inside. There was no one at the door when it opened, but then, suddenly, what appeared to be a giant’s huge hand and even more humongous arm came from the side, grabbed me by the front of my shirt, and lifted me across the threshold into the dark foyer. The door shut behind me – closed by another arm that seemed way above my head. Curtains were drawn on all the windows so it took a few seconds for my eyes to adjust, but when they did I was stunned beyond belief. “Sweet fucking hell!” “Don’t you sweet fucking hell me, Thomas!” the mega beast in front of me bellowed deeply as he tightened the giant paw at the front of my shirt and lifted me off the ground – shaking me so hard that I flopped around like a fish caught on a hook. “Did you do this to me?” “Yes sir.” “Is it permanent?” “Yes sir.” “Why?” “I made you into my dream man . . . I mean - physically . . . you were already my dream man on the inside. Only, I never dreamed you would turn out this amazing!”
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    So this is my attempt at writing a "short" story. As you can see from the size of the scrollbar at right it is anything but, lol. I don't feel like this is my best work but hopefully some of you will get some enjoyment out of it. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ A Father's Day Gift. “C'mon, bro, push it!” “GRRrrraaaHHHHHH!” Aiden huffed as he finished pressing the bar up onto the rack. Kody high fived his best friend. “Nice job, dude! A new PR." Kody Hahn and Aiden Kowalski were finishing their last workout at the university before heading home back home for the summer. Both their father's had also been neighbors and best friends which naturally led to the pair being lifelong friends since childhood. The pair were so close that they even elected to attend the same university and had just completed their Freshman year. “Thanks, Aiden. Our Dad's eyes are gonna flip when they see how big we got over this past semester!” The two buddies jokingly posed and flexed their toned muscles in campus rec center mirror. They were certainly two of the studliest Freshman on campus. Though still maturing to manhood and far from huge, their ripped and toned physiques brought them plenty of attention. “My delts really came up this year. I'm loving how much more broad I look.” Kody admired the way his shoulders bulged in the mirror. His naturally olive skin, inherited as part of his father's half-Italian background, always helped his cuts show. The 6 ft tall, 19-year old former soccer star had packed on the typical Freshman 15, instead it was all muscle bringing him up to a lean and mean 175 lbs. “And this is just the start, we're gonna keep growing, bro!” Next to his buddy, Aiden had examined himself as well. He was slightly heavier built and just shorter at 5'10, with light skin due to his Polish heritage, with also factored into his naturally stockier build, weighing in at a solid 185. “Hell yeah man! It's gonna be the summer of GAINS! We're gonna slay so much pussy with these bods!” Aidan boasted as Kody chuckled, rolling his eyes. Aidan had always been the more outgoing one, the lady killer of the two. While Kody was far from shy, he only dated one girl in high school and was known for being the more level-headed of the twosome. The pair had already signed up for a summer membership at their neighborhood gym, one of the more hardcore gyms with the metro area and were excited to workout with some of the big guys and really push themselves to grow even more before school picked back up in late August. The two walked back to their dorms shirtless and sweaty, smiling at the hot college coeds shooting them looks as they strolled along. They couldn't wait to come back next semester, bigger and better than ever, ready to dominate the campus. The two parted and headed to their respective dorms to pack up and make the six hour drive home. - Kody had been the first to arrive back. "Mom! Dad! I'm home!" "Hi honey!" Kody's mom, Janet, walked in from the kitchen and greeted her son with a hug. "Oh my goodness, you need to stop growing up so fast!" Kody rolled his eyes, embarrassed but secretly loved the affection. "You sure are filling out! Just like your father did back in his college days. And so handsome!" "Where's Dad?" "He's over at Russel's working out." "Really? He's working out?" "Oh yes. Your Dad and Russel started working out in his garage this past Spring. It think when you and Aiden came home at Christmas you shamed their egos a bit. Dad bods and all that," Janet giggled. "Haha, well I hope I don't shame them even more now that I'm bigger than I was at Christmas." After settling back in, Kody crosses the front lawn and hears the unmistakable clink and clang of iron weights, a sound that he and Aiden had grown to love. It was the sound of strength and growth. The noise stopped just as he rounded the corner to the garage. "Kody, my boy! There he is!" Kody's Dad approach him in a sweat-soaked grey t-shirt, wrapping his lithe arms around his son. Kody could feel his father's strong forearms press against his back. "Ugh. Gross Dad!" Roman Hahn chuckled and reached up to tousle his boy's hair, being just shorter than his son at 5'11 . Kody smiled and took in his father. The half-Italian, half-german man was certainly handsome with strong Mediterranean features. He had just started to develop a few flecks of gray along his temples but the still looked younger than his true 42 year age. Although his father was mostly covered, Kody could see his father was much more trim than he was at Christmas. Never would Roman have been called fat, but in his latter years he had developed some softness that had covered his naturally athletic build. "Wow, Pops. Looking good." "Thanks buddy. Since March I've cut down 25 lbs, from 190 to 165." "Haha, Dad! I'm BIGGER than you now! Mom said that you were getting jealous since I'm getting so jacked," Kody boasted as he puffed out his chest. "Yeah, but I bet I could still kick your butt, boy!" Roman grinned and again tousled Kody's hair, who laughed and tried to push his father's strong hands away from his head. Kody then looked past his Dad at Mr. Kowalski, also donned in gym shorts and a sweaty t-shirt. He couldn't deny that his neighbor looked good...really good. "Hi Mr. K, how are ya doing?" Before he could respond the three heard a honk. Aiden was just pulling into the driveway. Mr. Kowalski brushed past Kody and went to greet his son with tight hug and back pats. "Ew! Pops, you're all sweaty." The other three laughed as Aiden mimicked Kody's response. "Quit complaining, I can't help but smother my little boy! I missed you!" Kody and Roman could see Aiden roll his eyes at the display of affection. "Geez, Dad. You're feeling solid." Aiden patted his Dad's back, noting the harder muscles than he remembered. Like his son, Russel Kowalski had always had a stocky and strong build due to his Polish heritage. On top of his thick neck he was ruggedly handsome with high cheekbones, a prominent forehead and wide jaw. His strong face right away told you he wasn't someone you would want to tussle with, no matter what shape he was in. Although in truth, Russel Kowalski was known for being one of the nicest men in the neighborhood. His large square head was topped with short light brown showing no signs of thinning. Aiden stepped back and admired his Dad's strong body. Unlike Kody, Aiden had never quite caught up to his father's height, being an inch shorter than Russel's 5'11, a side effect of having had a 5'2 mother. "I can see you've making good use of the weights out here, Dad. What's the matter, afraid your son is going to outgrow you?" Aiden punched his father's shoulder jokingly. "You were getting pretty big in the gut at Christmas if I remember, you were what, 225?" "You better watch it, Aiden. I was creeping up on 230, actually. Now I'm down to 200 and it feels so much better." Aiden then pulled up his shirt, continuing to tease his father, "So what got you and Mr. H into this lifting thing? Jealous of Kody and I's abs?" The boys their six pack abs and the two older men scoffed. "Cocky little shits, aren't they," Roman said to Russel, who nodded with a wry grin. "Probably inherited that from us though." "Oh yeah, I remember those days," Russel responded before turning back to his son. "I guess since you two squirts moved away Roman and I were looking for something to pass the time, now that we don't have to go to your endless sporting events. So we thought, why not hit up the weights again." "Again?" Kody asked. Roman replied, "Well yeah. What you think you are the only two guys who got into weightlifting in their college years? This might surprise you but we got pretty big and buff in our young days too." "Haha, yeah sure Dad. Probably still weren't as jacked as we are though, right Aiden?" Mr. Hahn and Mr. Kowalski both looked at each other with wry grins and shrugged their beefy shoulders. - June 7: "Man, that new gym is awesome, Kody. Being all around these huge guys, them offering tips. I feel stronger than ever!" "I know what you mean, man. I'm loving it," Aidan replied. Kody and Aidan had just finished their latest workout and were hanging out in Kody's kitchen chowing down on their post workout meals. "Yeah man. So are you serious about doing that competition at the end of summer?" Aidan asked. "Of course, man! You gotta do it with me, it's mostly just for fun, not a real physique show." Kody was referring to Mr. Hugoton competition, a faux-men's pageant that took place during the town's summer festival, along with the beauty pageant. The event crowned the King and Queen of the festival, typically the best looking young adults in town. The men's physique show was put on mostly to raise money for the local charities, but still often drew quite a crowd as the handsome men strutted their stuff. Kody could see the trepidation on Aidan's face. "C'mon man, you've told me before you would like to compete eventually. This would be a great first step. Small show, no real stakes, just go out there and show off that bod...of course, you'll have to deal with being first loser to me!" Kody slugged Aidan's shoulder who threw him back a wry grin, "Dream on, tiny! I'm gonna mop the stage with your skinny ass!" "HA! That's the spirit, dude!" Just then Mrs. Hahn walks into the kitchen. "You boys sure are smelly after your workouts. I don't know what it is about young men and muscles. Seems like you all go through this phase where you think you're gonna be the next Arnold." "What do you mean, mom?" Kody asked. "Oh, both your fathers were real big into weightlifting back in college too. I swear they spent hours in the campus gym. Although I won't say I didn't like the results." Janet wistfully recalled her younger husband's body. "Gross, mom." "Both Roman and Russel looked GREAT in swimsuits. They even did a campus bodybuilding show, back when the university put one on just for the students. Roman won and Mr. Kowalski took second." Both Kody and Aidan were surprised. There fathers were strong, sturdy men, but they never imagined their elders up on stage in some little posing trunks. Janet could tell the boys were surprised. "Remember this was back when Arnold was big too. All the guy wanted to be like Arnold. And then we had you boys and they just sort of fell out of it over the years, until now. Oh! Speaking of, you both know Father's Day is next weekend right? "Oh, damn! I always forget that," Aidan grunted and Kody nodded his head. "Well, I've got an idea for you. Since your Dad's are back on this fitness kick, why don't you get them a summer membership to your gym? I'm sure they would love that more than that dingy garage with the old weights. They both complain that the weights aren't heavy enough anymore anyways." "Yeah, Mom, that's a good idea. We'll do that," Kody responded. "Thanks for the tip." - June 16 Kody and Aiden approached their father who were again lifting in the garage, hearing their dads grunt and groan. Loudly. They hadn't seen their father too often during the summer. Their Dad worked normal hours and Kody and Aiden both worked seasonal jobs that often had them working at night. "C'MON BUDDY! TWO MORE! LET'S GO, CURL IT UP!" The two recognized Russel's deep voice. "GRAAAHHH" *CLANK* Roman set the bar down and shook out his arms. "Another good set, thanks for the push, Russ." The young men stood at the entrance to the garage and clapped. They were both genuinely impressed with what they saw. Now that summer was heating up, Roman and Russ were wearing sleeveless shirts and the arms they sported certainly looked stronger, with a new solid roundness to them. "Looks like you got a great pump, Dad," Kody noted. He then turned and saw Mr. Kowalski, who too was looking more pumped than ever. Russel's stocky frame, which once was bordering on fat, now looked more like a linebacker. He admired his strong limbs, those broad shoulders, that handsome face... "And you too Mr. Kowalski." Kody broke himself out of his reverie, afraid he'd been admiring a bit too long. "Thanks boys!" Mr. Kowalski replied. "We haven't been in this good of shape since college." Aidan piped up. "Mom said that you and Mr. Hahn did a bodybuilding show back in college." The two men looked at each other and laughed. "Oh yeah!" Roman replied. "Feels like that was ages ago." "Boy that brings back some memories," Russel added. "We spent a lot of time in the gym, didn't we. That helps us now though, muscle memory and all. Feel like it's coming back fast." "Actually, that's why we came over." Kody spoke up. "Happy Father's Day!" The boys each handed the two older men what looked like credit cards. As their dads examined them they realized what they were. "It's a three month membership to the boys' gym" Russel chuckled. "Yeah, Dad. Now you can lift with the big boys. Like Kody and me." Their dad chuckled "Well thanks, Son! This is great." Russel lumbered over and wrapped his big sweaty arms around his son in a big bear hug. Aiden notices how solid his bid Dad's pecs and arms were. Where in previous hugs his dad had some squish, there was very little of that now. Kody noticed the same thing about his dad. "Sorry we could only afford three months," Kody added. "But the owner said he'd give you guys a discounted rate if you want to add the rest of the year at the end of the summer." "Kody, my boy, this is perfect. We were talking about buying some more weights, but this will be even better." It was a Happy Father's Day indeed. - June 26 "Happy birthday, Brah!" Aiden says as he hands Kody a five lb tub of protein powder. "Ah thanks, man. The perfect gift from be best bud!" "No problem. Now let's head to your house for the BBQ." As is their yearly tradition, Kody's parents had a grill fired up and had invited Aiden and Russel over for a tasty grill out, complete with some thick Omaha steaks, Kody's favorite. In the backyard they were greeted by their parents lounging on the deck. Although they had seen their own fathers sporadically in the last two weeks, both boys were surprised at how much bigger they were looking. In the heat of summer both elder men were clearly more solid, leaner, yet even bigger and more muscular than they were just ten days ago. Kody was momentarily frozen as he gazed at big Russel's mounding biceps and hanging triceps exposed by his sleeveless shirt. He was also donning khaki shorts and a backward red ball cap, an outfit that made him look younger and even more studly, like a senior college jock, Kody thought. Roman was manning the grill in a similar outfit, sans hat, his own wide back and shoulders stretching his shirt and tapering down to a taut waist. His own shorts were filled with a surprising big and firm ass for a man in his early 40s. His triceps danced as he flipped the steaks. "There they are! And there's the birthday boy!" Janet announced. "Oh I can't believe my baby is twenty!" "Mommmmmm," Kody rolled his eyes embarrassed at his mother's doting. "Whatcha got there, son?" Roman asked. "Kody got me a tub of protein power for my birthday." "Ah, more fuel for those muscles." "Yep, Dad! This stuff is top notch. Way better than those discount bands." "All you need is some good meat and potatoes to grow!" Russel added. "True, Mr. Kowalski, but a little extra fuel always helps! This is good to take right after your workout. Give it a try sometime. Hey, I'll let you try some after the meal." "I'll take you up on that, son. Roman and I have been looking to boost our growth." Aiden took the opportunity to point out their gains. "Dad, it looks like you and Mr. Hahn are getting great results in the gym. Your arms are looking good." "Haha, can't help but notice the guns, can you?" Russel playfully flexed his arms and his biceps surged up more than the boys expected, forming into a solid softball-sized lump. Kody's mouth dropped as he stared at the hot mass. "Geez, pops! Where did that gun come from? Your arm is huge." "Just hard work, boys! That gym membership is really paying off. We've been getting some help from some of the big guys there too." "It's definitely working," Kody added. "Have you put on weight? You look bigger." "Not a lot, actually, I'm only up five pounds in the last couple of weeks, up to 205. But I think it's because I've lost so much fat. Crazy how being leaner makes you look so much bigger." Russel gloated, flexing his gun again with a sexy half sneer and grunt. "Boom!" "Same with me." Roman said. "I'm up five pounds too, same story. Leaner and meaner!" "I've certainly noticed," Janet cooed while stroking Roman's strong arm. Not as big as Russels, but solid no doubt. "You boys still getting bigger? Your mom said you wanted to do the Mr. Hugoton show later this summer." "Yeah, Dad I'm up a little over five pounds too since we got back from school. Weighed 182 this morning, so still bigger than you, Dad!" Kody teased. "Maybe for now, little man!" Roman teased back with a glint in his eye. "What about you, Son?" Russel asked. "Almost at 195, so you still got a few pounds on me, Dad." Russel chuckled, "Still the big man of my house!" The group enjoyed the steaks and then Kody was further embarrassed when his mom brought out a cake with twenty candles and a tub of ice cream. He received some gifts from his parents, mostly workout clothes, which were perfect. Afterward the group sat around digesting the delicious meal. "That cake and ice cream were great. But tomorrow, back on the diet," Aiden said as he patted his tight belly. "Gotta get to growing again, bro." Roman chuckled at their enthusiasm. "Remember when we were like that, Russ?" Kody continued poking his father. "Haha, Dad, you better start being like that again. You're the smallest man here, now!" "Alight, Son that's it." Roman stood up from his chair and walked over to the picnic table and sat down heavily. With a grin he placed his elbow on the table with his forearm up and his hand open. "You think you're the big man of the Hahn house? Prove it. Let's arm wrestle." Russel and Aiden both laughed at the show of bravado and the challenge. Janet rolled her eyes but had long become used to these type of macho outbursts. "C'mon Dad, I don't want to embarrass you. I've been lifting for like three years now, you've been lifting for what, three months," Kody laughed. "Then this should be easy for you." Kody smiled confidently and sat down on the opposite side and grasped his Dad's hand. "Janet, how about you say go?" Janet walked over, placed her dainty hands on their fists and said, "Go!" Kody pushed with all his might and quickly forced his father's hand halfway down to the table. "See Dad! This is gonna be easy." However, Roman grinned and began his offensive assault. Soon their hands were back in the starting position. Kody was grimacing while Roman started to sneer. Soon Kody's hand was slowly but surely traveling backwards. The young man panicked and grunted, trying to stop his father's advancement. But it was all for naught and quickly his palm was against the painted red table top. "WOO! Still the man of the house!" Roman stood up and flexed his arms triumphantly. Kody stared on in shock and awe at his flexing dad, confused. "HOW? That makes no sense! I'm bigger than you! My arms are bigger." "Haha, son. That's why you don't mess your with your dad! You're still growing up, you haven't developed your man strength yet. Someday when you have a boy of your own you'll understand where this power comes from." Roman reached over and rubbed his son's head, further putting him in his place. Kody just shook his head, embarrassed but chuckling in surprise along with the others. Russel then looked at Aiden with a smirk, "You want to try too, young buck?" "Hell no, Dad. Not after seeing that. You'd cream me." Russel chuckled deeply, puffing out his already large chest. "You got that right, squirt." "Kody, how about you get us a glass of that protein since I won. Like you said, gotta fuel these muscles!" Kody handed his father and Russel a mixed up shake. "Wow this is good! Way better than that crap protein we used to drink in college," Russel said between chugs. "Yeah that stuff was like drinking cement. And no taste. Shoot, if protein is this good now we'll have to get some, eh Russel?" "For sure." - July 3 That afternoon the boys their dads are enjoying a rare workout together, as they all had the day off for the holiday. Aiden and Kody are grabbing a drink in between sets. "Holy shit, dude, where did those muscles come from?" Kody wondered. "And that strength? I swear our Dads have exploded in size in the last few weeks." "I know, bro! They are getting bigger and stronger even faster since they bought all that protein powder and those supplements." "I know they used to bodybuild in college, but you wouldn't think muscle memory would be that strong. I mean look!" Aiden pointed over to his father who was benching 315 for 10 solid reps. "My best bench press is 285 for 5, and Dad is repping 315 out like nothing." "Well, your Dad has always been a strong guy, those Polish genes and all. But yeah, back when we got back from college they were benching just 225 in the garage." "Fuck, man. We're going to have to step up our game. They are making me feel small and weak." "You feel small, Aiden?" Your Dad has always been bigger than you. I actually outgrew my dad but he's already outgrown me back! It SUCKS. I'm still 182 and now Dad said he was 188 yesterday! And, he outsquatted me 335 to 313!" Just then Big Henry, one of the gym regulars that had gotten to know the boys since they joined, walked over. "You boys gonna lift or just chat like chicks at the water fountain?" "Sorry, Henry," Aiden looked up to the 6'3, 295 burly former bodybuilder. Big Henry had been a pro back in his 20s, now in his early 50s he ran a small clinic on their side of town. "We just feel like our progress has stopped. We want to compete in the future but the gains just aren't coming." "Well you boys are still young. What, 18?" Both Kody and Aiden shook their heads, embarrassed that this hulk thought them to be younger than they were. "Kody just turned 20. I'll turn 20 in September." "Oh, well. Hmmmm." Big Henry was rubbing his chin in thought when both Russel and Roman strutted over. "Hello there, I'm Russel and this is Roman. These are our boys. And you are?" "I'm Henry, been lifting here for years. I can see where your boys get their great genetics from. You fellas are pretty big." Roman smiled brightly. "Well thank you. We did some competing a couple of decades ago. Just really getting back into it now. Our boys got us membership here about a month ago. " "You've got some great kids here." Both Dads clapped their big meaty hands on their son's smaller delts paternally. "Aiden and Kody here are worried their progress is slowing down." Roman chuckled, "That's always a worry for us bodybuilders, isn't it." "Oh I know," Henry chuckled back, his massive chest bouncing in his tank top. "Tell you what though, if you boys are worried about your progress, my clinic treats a lot of men for low testosterone. A lot of the big guys you see in here are actually on it. If you boys want to come get check out I'd be happy to do so. It's only $35 per person. If you want to be a bodybuilder it never hurts to know your hormone levels." Big Henry then turned to the dads. "I'd be happy to check you out as well. After 35 your T level start to drop very quickly. You gents are in late 30s I presume?" Both Russel and Roman puffed up their growing pecs, straining their tank tops which had been getting tighter and tighter lately. Separations in their delts and arms had now appeared, not deep cuts, but enough to differentiate the growing muscles of their frames. Their meaty traps rose sharply to connect to their thick necks. "Early 40s actually," Roman grinned, excited to be thought of as a few years younger than what Henry had guessed. "Well come visit the office sometime, let's make sure you men are living up to your full potential!" - July 5 The two young men had protested, but Russel and Roman had practically dragged their sons to the clinic. "We don't need our test checked, Dad. We are the peak of our manhood at 20. We are probably producing way more than you old farts are," Kody whined. "Oh quit being a baby. If you want to be a bodybuilder you gotta track your test levels," Roman retorted. After checking into the clinic the four were led into a large exam room where Big Henry, or Dr. Henry as he was known at the clinic, joined them. "Should we all be in here together?" Aiden asked nervously. "No worries son, I'm not asking you to pull your pants down in here," Henry chuckled. "I just need you to fill out these forms and then we draw some blood. That's all we need to get you men tested." Thirty minutes after their blood was drawn Dr. Henry came back into the room with their results. "Ok, men. So we measure testosterone on a nanograms per nanoliter basis. The medically normal range is 300 to 1200 ng/nl, which is a garbage range if I'm being honest, sort of like BMI. Ideally healthy men should be up to at least 700. The higher the number the better you are for building muscle and strength. The big boys who are juicing, their numbers can be up in the 5,000 to 10,000 range, but that is pretty extreme. Those are the Olympia guys and such." Dr. Henry shuffled some papers around and examined the results. "Ok, let's see here... Kody, your natural level is 315 and Aiden yours is at 340." "That's it!?" Both Kody and Aiden were surprised. "Yes it would appear that both of you have low testosterone." The boys sat there embarrassed, which the doc could sense. "Hey hey! This isn't all bad. Now that we know this, we can get you boys on some test to bring those levels up. And with as much as you two have been able to build your bodies while on low T, you should be very happy. We get you on TRT and you'll be seeing those big gains in no time." "I guess you're right, Dr. Henry," Kody replied reassured. "Just kinda sucks that hearing you're not much of a man." "Well don't think of it that way. It's been proven that the average testosterone level of men has been dropping for decades. It's a symptom of our sedentary lifestyle and hormones in our food. When our ancestors had to hunt for food and battle wild animals to survive they naturally needed more strength and size." Kody and Aiden nodded their heads understanding yet still feeling disappointed. "Ok, and now, Mr. Hahn and Mr. Kowalski...oh my. Well this is surprising..." Kody piped up, "What is it? Is their testosterone even lower than ours?" "No, quite the opposite really. These are some of the highest natural levels I've ever seen. You sure you aren't currently on steroids, Russel, Roman?" Roman replied, "Nope, Doc! Never have." "Well, you guys could've fooled me. Roman your level is 1750 and Russ yours is 1900. Very impressive, especially for men of your age. Off the charts manhood here. You guys must be walking around with boners all the time, pardon my unprofessionalism." Roman and Russel smiled to each other and gave themselves both high fives, obviously excited at their male superiority. Conversely, Kody and Aiden sat their stunned, feeling small and emasculated. Roman laughed and replied to Henry proudly, "Well I can't say I've never had any issues getting it up, as my wife can attest." Embarrassed, Kody hid his face in his hands. "Yep, still wake up with big morning wood every morning," Russel added. "I know how that goes, men." Big Henry laughed. "I'm on light TRT, and my levels are right around 1500. With levels that high you feel like wind can make you hard, heh heh. Ok, well let's talk treatment. Kody and Aiden, I'm going to prescribe you enough test to get your levels up to about 1000 or so." "But isn't that still way less than our dads?" Aiden protested. "Well, yes Aiden. But the rule of thumb is you don't want to do much more than three or four times your natural levels, to keep your body from getting too out of balance. We can always bump dosage in the future if you respond well, but we'll start with this." Dr. Henry then flipped back to the elders' charts. "And for you, Russel-" Aiden again interrupted, "You're going to boost their level too? They don't really need it, right?" "I guess it's up to your fathers," I don't need to prescribe them as much, but being over 40 their levels have surely dropped. I would estimate when they were your age their levels were probably around 2500." Russel laughed out loud, his voice deep and proud. "Now wonder we got so muscular in college. People were always accusing us of juicing. Turns out we were just naturally superior!" Dr. Henry then offered, "If you want, I can prescripe you enough to get you up around 3000 to 3200. Same with you, Roman." Roman jumped up from his chair, "LET'S DO IT!" "HELL YEAH!" Russel jumped up too. The boys remained seated, staring up at their fathers, imagining them growing more and more muscular, completely overshadowing them, overpowering and dominating them and any other man that would get in their way. They were both jealous as hell. ...And for Kody, he was a bit turned on at that thought as well. - Within a couple of days the four began their treatments with once weekly injections. "Aiden! Come in here and help me inject. I'll do yours too," Russ has shouted to his son. Russel was in the bathroom post shower, wrapped in a towel and standing on the scale. Aiden couldn't believe how big his dad was looking like a legitimate offseason mature bodybuilder. "Up to 220. Growing like a weed!" He boasted, surprising Aiden. "Here son, I filled up the syringes, go ahead and do mine first." Russel leaned up against the counter and exposed his right buttcheeck, holding the towel to cover his crotch. Aiden jabbed the needle into his big meaty glute, while also looking up at his father's wide, thickly muscled back. "Oh yeah, I can almost feel myself starting to grow." Russel moaned slightly while admiring his form in the mirror, how he could completely shield his smaller son from view with his mass. "Thanks bud," he said as he re-cinched his towel. Your turn. Turn around and pull your shorts down. Aiden obeyed and soon felt the needle stick into his butt, making him yip and causing his father to chuckle. "Here ya go, Aiden. This will help you grow up big and strong like your daddy," he said as he swapped the injection site. "Hehe, I never thought I'd be staring at your bare ass again after you grew out of toddlerhood, and yet here I am!" Russel stood up and gave his son a paternal swat on the butt. "All done." Later that night Aiden and Kody were playing video games discussing the events. "Took my first injection today, did you?" Aiden asked. "Yeah man, Dad and I did it. Feels weird sticking that big needle in my dad's butt." "I know what you mean. I can't believe they are taking test too, you heard their levels. Our dads are like supermen from what the doc was saying. My dad looked huge in the bathroom today, like seriously muscle-man sized. You should've seen his back and glutes!" What Aiden didn't know is that Kody had indeed already been noticing Mr. Kowalski's glutes. And his own dad's as well. "My dad too. He's not as big and bulky as your dad, but he looks like he could almost compete in classic physique. He's so big and almost totally ripped even. He almost weighs as much as you now! Maybe more." "Fuck, Kody. It's like their bodies have completely returned to their bodybuilding forms from college." "I wonder..." Kody pondered. "Follow me dude." The two went down into the Hahn's office and library room. One wall was full of shelves with scrapbooks, photo albums and other books. "Here..." Kody pulled out an album and Aiden read the cover. "Hugoton College 1994. Is that the yearbook from their college?" Kody began flipping through the pages. Eventually they found a directory of headshots of the seniors. The two boys quickly located their fathers. "Wow, they look good. No wonder our girlfriends always say our dads are hot," Aiden mentioned. Kody certainly couldn't disagree, especially as he gazed at the black and wide photo of Mr. Kowalski, with that same handsome face and strong jaw, but it was unmistakable the thickness of his neck and traps as they bulged up through his collared shirt. Toward the back of the book was a section titled "Campus Life." It comprised of several pages of photos of everyday activities and various special events. Aiden gasped first, "Shit, dude. There they are!" In the lower corner of the second to last page was a photo of both of their dads performing an abs and thighs pose at a bodybuilding show. Both oiled up and smiling wickedly, and both in posing trunks...which they filled generously. Kody read the caption, "215 lb Roman Hahn and 230 lb Russel Kowalski muscle their way to the top two finishes at the Mr. Hugoton competition." "Holy fuck, Aiden. They were even bigger then than they are now." Both boys stood there silently staring at the bulging young bodybuilders in the corner photo. "But they aren't far behind that either! Which means they will probably get even bigger..." - July 19 The next two weeks both Aiden and Kody were encouraged by the progress they were making. It seemed the testosterone injections had began to settle into their systems. They found themselves harder and hornier and making great progress in the gym. Both boys were even up five pounds. But that paled in comparison to their fathers. Aiden shook his head as he and Kody walked along the street one evening. "Dude, our dads are growing out of control. It's freaky how fast they are putting on size." Kody agreed. "I know what you mean, man. Last week my Dad came into the kitchen in a wifebeater, bragging that we weighed 205! That's like 35 lbs in a month. He walked up to me and flexed his bicep in my face. He says 'take a look at that, buddy'. I swear that he was boning up too, it looked like he had pitched a tent. And his tent looked big!" "It's all that extra test. We are hornier too, and our Dad's levels dwarf ours, man." "It's gotta be that. He was so excited that he went and fucked my mom so hard I could hear it! It was awful, she was moaning and howling... Fuck, it was awkward." Aiden relayed his own similar story. "I know my Dad spends some nights out on dates and such, but it used to be like once a month. Now it's like every other night! I've spied several women leaving our house through my window in the last month. And, like you said, his fuck session are getting louder. The last chick he had over was screaming "Oh you're so big!' over and over. She must've really liked his big muscles." Kody listened on with rapt attention, secretly picturing big Russ Kowalski slamming into some tight woman. Aiden then surprised Kody. "And shit man, we know our Dads are into muscle, they have to be as fast as they are growing. But one night last week I think my Dad brought back a female bodybuilder. I heard some pretty deep moans coming from her and when she left her silhouette was...muscular." Kody's heart pounded. He wondered if what Aiden was telling him was true or if his best friend was simply naive and missing the signs right in front of him. It wasn't just the boys noticing the rejuvenated men. Everywhere they went, their dads were being ogle and complimented. Coworkers and family friends found their new muscles impossible to ignore as their clothes grew tighter. The Dads' energy had skyrocketed, they bounded around the house and gym like sugar-filled toddlers. At church the old ladies were doting on how Russ and Roman were filling out their Sunday button downs, commenting that they looked "so young and strapping, just like their sons but only bigger," much to the chagrin of the boys. And it was true, the elder mens' vitality seemed to have been restored and then built upon. Their skin was tighter and clearer, their hair seemed thicker and shinier. Not that they were homely before, but they had moved on from being the neighborhood hot dads to movie-star muscle hunks. - July 28 The Mr. Hugoton competition was now only two weeks away. Kody and Aiden were in the best shape of their lives, bigger and stronger than ever. Big Henry and the other guys at the gym were impressed and were happy to cheer them on. However, back at home, the boys' progress seemed miniscule in comparison to the older bodybuilders that lived with them. A heat wave had settled in the area. One evening the boys were heading back from a late workout right as the sun was setting. In Aiden's kitchen they whipped up a protein shake and saw Russel and Roman sitting on the back porch. They were shirtless and in just some packed gym shorts, enjoying beer and cigars in the fading light. And they looked massive. Their physiques were bulging glistening in the light of tiki torches and citronella candles, set out to keep the mosquitos at bay. The pumped bodies glistened from a lingering sheen of sweat as the humid air was still and up in the upper 80s. And men with muscles THAT BIG must sweat constantly in the summer. While sitting on the deck chairs the two dads' massive pec muscles loomed heavily over their tight waists. Like flies to a flame, the boys stepped outside to chat with their ever growing fathers. "Beer and cigars? You guys are gonna ruin your diet." Aidan said. The two older men chuckled. "We haven't had a beer or smoke in over a month so we figured we'd treat ourselves." Russel replied. "Besides, ain't no fat on these bodies, just rock hard muscle!" He added while bouncing his hefty pecs. Kody watch in awe, unable to take his eyes off the meaty muscles of Russel while also realizing his own dad wasn't far behind. "I can tell we haven't imbibed in a while though, Russel." Roman added. "Even with our bigger bodies I'm feeling quite the buzz." "How's your training coming along, boys? Still gonna win Mr. Hugoton in a couple of weeks?" "I sure think one of us will win," Kody replied. "I just hope you guys don't join the competition. You guys are looking HUGE," he then blurted out, unable to hide his awe. The two Dads immediately started guffawing, their pecs bouncing and abs flexing. Roman stood up and reached to pat his son's shoulder. Kody was in awe of the muscular tosro in front of him. The wide pecs, the broad shoulders, the heavy arms bulging out due to his lats. Russel then stood up as well after setting down his beer, even bigger than Roman. Both men had glazed eyes, a sign of their drinking and smoking. "Don't worry, boys." Russ grinned. "The Mr. Hugoton is for the young guys, like you." Besides, I don't think our little boys would want to compete against this, would they Roman," he said, motioning to his body. "It would be a blowout if they tried!" The two men set down their cigars and began flexing their titanic muscles, to the surprise of their sons. Roman started with a double biceps. "You know boys, when we used to compete in bodybuilding, we had to learn all the proper poses." Russel joined him, flexing a stunning double biceps pose as well, their hairy pits exposing themselves in a deep caves formed from pecs, delts, biceps. "You remember all the poses, Russ? Let's show the boys how it's done. I'm sure they want to take after their big dads." "Oh yeah, Roman, I remember. Check out this side triceps, think you can beat that?" "You've got some great triceps, there buddy." Russel squeezed Roman's clydesdale sized horseshoe muscles. "But check out my BACK." "Damn, Big Russ. See that boys? Now that is a back of pure power! Turn back around Russ, let's show our little boys the final pose." Kody and Aiden stood their stunned watching their inebriated and uninhibited fathers flex and pose right in front of them. Like two alpha jocks showing off at a college party for a couple of coeds. Mounds of muscles fought for space as their sweaty bodies contorted and flexed in an effort to make themselves look bigger and harder. They had to be bigger and even leaner now than they were in their yearbook. Kody was glad it was now mostly dark out, hoping to be able to hide the excitement in his shorts, thankful that he was still in his elastic workout underwear. Aiden looked in awe as well, jealous of their size and strength, but still deeply impressed. "Geez, guys! How did you guys get so big!? And so fast! You guys are massive, as big as some of the national level bodybuilders I follow in instagram." "Just eating right and HARD WORK, little buddy!" Russel stepped over, wrapped his big arms around Aidan and lifting him up in a sweaty bear hug, leaving his feet dangling. "But don't worry, you eat all your vegetables like your dad says and you'll grow up big and strong like him!" Roman follow suit and quickly picked up his son as well. Kody panicked and prayed that his dad hadn't felt his erection. After being set down, winded and emasculated by how easily his dad had just manhandled him, Aiden still needed to satisfy his curiosity. How much do you weigh, Dad?" Russel grinned and looked lovingly down at his hulking physique. "245 lbs this morning. With 21 inch arms and 52 inch chest! What do you think of that, Aiden?" "FUCK! That's incredible. And you are so proportioned..." Aiden couldn't help but reach out and feel his dad's muscles. First the granite delts muscles, then punching Russel's thick pecs. "They are so meaty and heavy...yet hard!" Russ coudln't help but smile brightly, proud to impress his offspring. Kody desperately wanted to join him in feeling up Russ. But, he looked back at Roman, "And you, pops?" "232 lbs. 20 inch arms. 50 inch chest. And just a 30 inch waist." Roman looked at his son who was frozen on the spot, afraid to reach out, unlike Aiden. "You can feel 'em if you want. You used to feel my guns when you were just a little tyke," he chuckled. Kody reach out and felt his dad's arm as Roman flexed with a smirk. For Kody, it was heaven. It took all his concentration not to start moaning as he attempted and failed to encircle his big dad's biceps. "Wow," was all he could say. "Thanks, son. Means a lot coming from you. You keep working hard and you can get big like us too." Deep down Kody and Aiden hoped that was true, but the fact that their powerhouse Dad's naturally produced so much more testosterone than them, they were not sure that would ever happen. - August 3 It was now just one week away from the county fair. Kody and Aiden were in the backward practicing their routines in their board shorts while basking in the warm sun to enhance their tans. The show was not an official bodybuilding event, so the men were free to do whatever they wanted, anything from dancing, to flexing, to pushups, whatever they thought would showcase themselves the most impressively. Each contestant had 60 seconds to show their stuff. Russ and Roman soon stepped outside as well to watch. Both were in sandals, shorts and big loose sleeveless muscle shirts, their bodies being the epitome of the shirt type. In just the last week both men had put on another 10 lbs as the testosterone surged through them. Both were wearing ball caps, Russ's was turned backwards, making them look like two bodybuilder buddies who had just played in a recreational softball game. Russ's backwards and gigantic arms sent Kody's heart pounding. "Is that what you are wearing? Those aren't bodybuilding trunks. How are you gonna show off the legs?" Russ teased. "You boys better not be skipping leg day!" "Never, dad." Aiden replied. "We ordered some classic trunks, but they don't arrive in the mail for a couple of days. So we're just practicing in our swim trunks." Roman then leaned into Russels ear and whispered something. Russel instantly starting smiling and laughing. "We'll be right back, boys. Stay put we wanna see your routines. Maybe we can offer some pointers." Kody and Aiden shrugged at each other in confusion. Five minutes later Roman and Russ returned, snickering and laughing. They each held out their hands from which hung a small piece of cloth. "Try these!" Roman grinned "Since you need to practice, we found our old posing trunks. Classic style like you said, not like the tiny bikinis the big guys were now." Kody reached out and grabbed his dad's pair, which were a royal blue, looking skeptical. "You want us to put on your underwear? Kind of weird, don't you think?" Roman smacked his son on the shoulder. "Oh stop. They've been washed many times and haven't been worn in years. Trust us, you don't want to go up on stage in some tiny skivvies without knowing how it feels, we've made that mistake," he said as he and Russ shared a knowing look. Russel prodded the boys, "Turn around and slip them on. Nobody but us men back here and we got high fences, now one will see." Feeling awkward but unable to resist the natural power of their elders, the boys turned around and pulled down their trunks. "Woo! Look at those white butts!" Roman teased. "You boys better tan naked or in those posers this week or those lilly white butts will be exposed." The two sons pulled up the trunks and adjusted themselves. They looked at each other before turning around, feeling embarrassed. While the trunks stayed on their waist, from the extra fabric billowing in the back...and at the crotch, it was clear the trunks were not sized for them. Roman grew impatient. "C'mon, turn around so we can get a good look at our young studs." At first anyway, the dads didn't seem to notice the lack of fulfillment of the garments, instead clapping and hollering at the sight of their rippling bodies. But after looking down they quickly grew silent and looked at each other. Roman did his best to avoid the elephant in the room, or in this case, the mice. "Well go ahead, show us your routines." Russel, however, was unable to point out the obvious when Kody and Aiden turned around. "Whoops, looks like the elastic in those trunks must've worn down over the years. Those a little loose on you boys. That's ok, show us your stuff." Kody and Aiden began their show. During some of the poses it became clear to their father's that they needed some guidance. Roman was the first to strip off his shirt revealing his hulkified body. "When you do the double biceps pose, keep your arms up a little higher and don't bend your arm so far. Like this." The boys followed his lead, correcting their form. "There ya go! Makes those arms pop a bit more. See how my biceps rise up higher when I'm not over-flexing? Like that. There ya go, your arms look bigger already. Not as BIG as mine, but better, heh heh." Russ was unable to resist helping out as well, taking off his muscle shirt to reveal his now 259 lb body. "Let me show you how to do the proper lat spread. See how WIDE my lats flare out when I do it? That's what you want, boys. I know my back is A LOT wider yours, but you can still flare out those little lats of yours better." It was what happened next that would make the young men feels smaller than ever. "You guys need to learn how to flex your quads. Yours aren't nearly as thick as Roman's and mine, but you still got some cuts on them. You need to point your toes slightly outward to really make that sweep bulge out. Roman, let's show them." Roman and Russ then quickly yanked down their shorts, leaving them both clad in just some light grey bries. Kody and Aiden held back a gasp as they took in the incredible view of massive, vascular, tree trunk legs mashed up against each other, testing the limits of the leg hems. Their massive bodybuilder asses filling the back of the briefs. And the capper, insanely huge bulges that protrude outward. "Holy shit, Dad! How did you get your legs so huge and veiny like that?!?" Aiden asked incredulously. "Just gotta make sure you squat heavy and squat DEEP. These monsters can squat 700 lbs and Roman's can go 600. Weights like that will get you legs like ours. We love having huge legs." Russel and Roman proceeded to flex their quads muscles. Shaking their legs letting the mass sway back and forth before tightening them into tanned manly granite, mesmerizing their sons. Roman chuckled at the boys' open mouths. "I never get tired of seeing that look on their faces. Seeing their fathers all pumped up huge! Makes me want to grow even more!" Once Kody and Aiden had the leg poses down satisfactorily, Russ asked for their posers back. "You guys will look a lot studlier in some better fitting posers." Russ looked at Roman and chuckled, "Our little boys don't quite fill them out, do they." Embarrassed, the boys changed and handed the posing trunks back to their dads. "Hey, Russ, these don't really feel old and stretched out. Maybe we should try them on." "You're right, Roman. Heck, let's put these on for old times sake and see how they look on us." As if Kody and Aiden couldn't be even more surprised, Roman and Russ themselves then turned around. First they slipped off their briefs revealing their massive, power packed muscle butts. Each cheek the size of a volleyball. Unlike the boys, their Dads had no tan lines. The boys hadn't remembered them ever tanning at a salon. Perhaps they laid out at home when the boys were away? Whatever it was the Dad's had a perfect golden hue to really bring out all their cuts and striations. Even their fathers' tan was better than theirs. As the dads slipped up the posing trunks, it became clear that they would have no trouble filling them out, at least from the back. Once the trunks were pulled up, the Russ and Roman adjusted themselves, making sure all their manly bits were in place. It seemed to be taking them awhile to get adjusted. With their backs still to their sons, Russel and Roman looked at each other and laughed. "Well, the elastic on these things still works, if anything if feels like these trunks shrunk!" Roman proclaimed. "Seriously, did these things shrink? Or did we get BIGGER! Haha that would be awesome!" "Same here, I can barely get my manhood in this pouch. Haha, Roman, buddy, I think you are right, maybe our junk grew some after college!" "That could be, Russ! My wife swears I'm bigger now than when we first met." "Maybe all that extra test gave us a little boost, too!" The Dads then turned around and the boys' jaws dropped. The cock and balls of their fathers could barely be contained in the pouches. The view would be considered obscene if they were out in public. Their elders' huge balls fought for space against their massive legs and were thus pushed outward, which in turn forced the long fleshy tubes that were resting in front of their balls outward as well, pull the overstretched pouches away from their pubic regions. The posing pouches, which hung loosely on their sons were so over stretched that the boys could make out some of their father exposes bull testicles. The pouches hung low and pulled away from their lower abs due to the weight of the contents. The dads laughed at their boys expressions, reaching down to lewdly lift and palm their bulges. Kody and Aiden looked on, shocked at what their fathers were packing. And embarrassed that they didn't live up to their fathers' gifts in that area. A fact that big Russ couldn't ignore. "We'll our sons here had some trouble filling out these little things, but we sure don't do we, Roman." "You're right, Russ. Our sons must've taken after their mother's side of the family in that regard. And that fact that like Dr. Henry said, there's a lot less testosterone in our boys." The boys were totally emasculated and humiliated, hearing the spoken truth and recalling how their junk and butts felt like they were swimming in the posing trunks that were now straining for dear life to contain their fathers. Once Roman was able to get over hot masculine and powerful he looked, he could see the intimidation and emasculation in the boys. "Aw boys, it's ok. We know you've got good healthy average manhoods, we've seen your morning woods." Roman chuckled as the boys squirmed. "You fellas are average for your age, Roman and I, we just happen to be extra BIG down there. It suits us though, don't ya think? Goes well with our BIG MUSCLES." Roman and Russ then re-performed several of the bodybuilding poses, now clad in their straining posers. Totally admiring and complimenting each other, feeling each others' masses and bulges. Aiden sulked away quickly. However, Kody stayed a couple minutes longer watching the two engage in mutual muscle admiration, wishing he had the courage to join in. Instead he soon left the two flexing men as well and went to his room, where he beat off to the image of Russel, nearly spilling out of his trunks and flexing his super heavyweight sized muscles. - The following day Aiden could tell something was off with his best friend after their embarrassing encounter last night. "Dude, my dad apologized for being kind of a douchebag last night. Said he was drunk. Did yours?" "Yeah, he did. It's not that they humiliated us. Partially maybe. But, I mean, it's not like they bullied us on purpose. They are BIGGER. And not just their muscles..." "I know man, from my dad's conquests I knew he was packing, but not THAT much. And no wonder your mom squeals like crazy when your parents fuck." "Ugh, Aiden. Gross. Thanks for the reminder." "Well, then what is it, bro?" Kody took a big sigh and fought to find the words. His eyes watered up as he finally spilled the beans. "Aiden...I...I think I'm gay." Aiden stared back at Kody, processing what he just heard. For Kody, the silence of his best friend was like a thousand needles stabbing his skin like some twisted acupuncture torture. After what seemed like ages, Aiden smiled warmly. "Finally, bro." Kody's face scrunched in confusion. "What? You knew?" Aiden laughed. "I had a hunch. Probably before you did, man. You were a stud in high school yet rarely dated and I've caught you checking out some buff dudes. We spent a lot of time in the gym, ya know. You were usually looking towards the dudes in the weights while I was staring at the ellipticals where all the chicks were." "Fuck, man..." Kody smiled and wiped away some tears as Aiden reached out and hugged his best friend. "No crying though, bro. That's a little too gay for me," Aiden joked. Kody guffawed and punched his best friend. "One other thing, I'm hot for you Dad, bro." Aiden scrunched his face in annoyance, "Well I can understand why, he and your dad are total studs. And hun like pornstars. It's kinda weird, I guess, but I get it. I've thought your mom was hot before, so I guess I can't judge ya." "Gross!" Kody recoiled before understanding settled. "Haha, I see what you mean." "I'll keep your secret as long as you want bro. And when you're ready to come fully out I'll be there." "Thanks, man. Love ya. But not in a gay way," Kody added, chuckling through watery eyes. - Of course, Aiden couldn't help but tell his father that his best friend was gay. "Well that is suprising, but good for him. And good for you for supporting him." "I'm surprised you're taking this so well, Dad." Aiden had, however, left out the part that Kody thought Russel was hot. "Why? I'm not one of those old close-minded bastards. As far as I'm concerned this changes nothing." "Thanks Dad. You're a cool dude," Aiden said to his hulking Dad with a smile. He could certainly see why Aiden thought he was sexy. His dad had already been handsome, but the extra testosterone, working out hard, less fat and more muscle had only boosted his masculine features. Even his jaw and cheekbones seemed more pronounced, and the light blond body hair his Dad always sported seemed to be slightly thicker on his chest, abs and forearms, accentuating his manly appeal. "So...how big are you gonna get?" Aiden asked as Russ rinsed off his plate. "As big as I can, Son. At first I thought I'd be happy with 225. Then I blew past that, just over 260 now. Gotta keep gaining to stay ahead of Roman. He's up to 250. So I don't know...maybe 300?" "300! You would be MASSIVE. I mean you already are, but still. You'd have like 24" arms." Big Russ chuckled at his boys reaction. "Hell yeah! Now that would Awesome!" Russ flexed his biceps. "These arms are now over 21", would love to get them up to 24 or 25. Now that I've got a taste for real size I want MORE!" Russ flexed a most muscular, veins erupting all over his torso. "And I really think I can get there." "As fast as you're growing, Dad, I think you could too." "I hope you don't mind your big daddy being over a 100 lbs bigger than you, buddy." "I can't say I'm not jealous of your size, but I'm proud of you, Dad. You've gotta be the buffest dad in town, just ahead of Roman." "Ah, thanks, squirt, c'mere!" And with that Russel again picked up with little boy in a bone crushing muscle dad hug. - Three days before the town festival, Kody came out to his parents as well. Like Russel, they too were surprised but ultimately happy that Kody found himself. Tears were shed and big hugs were had. And the family moved on. The only difference now was that instead of Big Roman making fun of his son for showing off for the ladies, he now teased him good-naturedly for showing off for the boys, it was a near seamless transition. Like the Kowalskis, the family agreed to let Kody reveal himself to the world once he was ready. - August 10 The exhibit hall at the fair grounds were packed with attendees to watch the Mr. Hugoton charity show. Scores of women young and old were there to ogle the young studs that would soon grace the stage. The young male contestants strutted their stuff and showed of the goods to the feminine catcalls emanating from the audience. Russel, Roman and his wife were there as well. Several women stopped the two muscle bound studs to ask why they weren't up on stage, eliciting laughs from the proud elder men. Even in their XXXL t-shirts, their bodybuilder physiques were clearly outlined underneath the thin fabric. Their boulder capped delts, flaring lats, protruding pecs, and of course, their melon-sized arms. Not to mention the way their khaki Dad shorts could barely contain their thighs, hamstrings, and glutes, along with those obvious bulges. "We're here to support our sons," Russ replied to one awestruck middle aged woman. "Well if they look anything like you two they are shoo-ins!" After eleven contestants the boys were up, with Aiden strutting out first and performing his routine, followed by Kody. The square cut trunks they had ordered fit their jock bods perfectly. The boys had hardly noticed, being so overshadowed by their muscle dads, that they had each packed on solid ten pounds over the last month, giving them pumped fitness model physiques with etched muscles and deep cut abs. Girls screamed with delight. They were clearly the top two of the crop. The top five made the final round, which consisted of a silly question and answer session with the type of questions you would here on a dating show. "What is your best method of picking up a woman?" "Describe the ideal first date." Of course, all the answers were cheesy and the round was mostly a formality of entertainment. Eventually the winner was crowned, with Kody narrowly beating out Aiden for the crown. - It was now August 18, one week before the boys would be returning from school. The two friends had quit there summer jobs last weekend and now that they were able, were spending the last week lifting with their fathers. At certain points the boys had to stand back and let the dads spot each other. "Dad, there's no way I'll be able to spot you if you fail on your 625 lb bench," Aiden said in awe as the bar curved slightly from the enormous amount of weight." Kody made a similar confession to Roman, "You are squatting 695 lbs, I'd feel safer if Russ spotted you after he benches." "You hear that Roman?" Russ chuckled. "We've gotten so big and strong that our boys are afraid to spot us!" "Haha, man we really are getting HUGE aren't we! But c'mon boys, you can spot us." Roman gave the boys a cocky sneer, "Trust us, we won't drop the weights. Not with these muscles." One their workout was over Big Henry waved the men over. "Russ and Roman, you're stuff came in yesterday." Kody and Aiden looked at them confused but followed their giant dads and Big Henry into one of the gym's posing rooms. Once the door was closed Henry opened a plastic bag and handed their fathers two shiny garments. Kody was the first to recognize them, "Are those posers? New ones?" "Sure are!" Big Henry directed the dads to strip off their sweaty workout clothes and try them on. "Oh your father must not have told you. After seeing you boys' show they came to me and asked me to coach them in a real bodybuilding show later this fall." "Surprise, boys! Russel and I were inspired by you guys up there on stage. Plus, I think we've got the goods, don't you?" A truer statement had never been said. Big Henry directed the elder men to turn around and run through their poses. "Damn, you guys look good. And I'm glad I got those posers custom made with bigger pouches, heh heh. You'll have to come to your fathers' show and cheer them on. It's a local show and the way they look now, they should dominate. And it will qualify them for a national show WHEN they win." Aiden, and especially Kody watched as Roman and Russ posed gracefully in the mirror. They were clearly now far beyond local show ability, but had to quality up through the ranks. The way their muscles leapt off their frames, so heavy, dense and pumped, they clearly had national level physiques. As Russ grunted and flexed his hulking muscles in the mirror, he noticed Kody checking him out and he grinned. Big Henry was also impressed. "I see you remember the poses fairly well from your college days. There's a few things we can correct, but you guys are well on your way. Wow. They look good don't they boys. Ok, this since this is your first week of training lets take your major stats and jot them down." Roman Waist: 32" Thighs: 29" Arms: 21" Chest: 55" Weight: 256 lbs Russ Waist: 34" Thighs: 31" Arms: 22" Chest: 58" Weight: 268 lbs "Holy shit! You guys put on like 60-70 lbs of muscle in just four months?!?" Aiden shouted. Roman and Russ just smirked and flexed harder. "Oh yeah. All that hard work and that testosterone is making us GIANTS!" Russ sneered. - Later that evening Kody was sitting out on his porch when Russel left his house to get the mail. He spotted the neighbor sitting on the porch. "Hey, Kody. Come over here for a second I want to talk to you." "Sure, Mr. K. Where's Aiden?" "He's on grocery duty, won't be back for an hour or so. I just want to tell you that my boy and I, and your parents are very proud of you and we support you. How are you getting along?" Russel got in close and put his big meaty hand on Kody's shoulder, exciting the young man. "I'm ok. Still figuring things out." "Well if you ever want to chat, let me know. I might know some of what you are going through." Kody's eyebrow raised in confusion. "What do you mean, Mr. K? Wait. Are you gay?!?" The hulking stud smiled handsomely. "Yes and no. You're Dad knows too. My preferences change, I guess you could say." Then Big Russ crowded even closer to Kody. "And right now I've got my eye on this sexy ripped college boy I know." Kody shuddered. Working up some courage he then reached out and placed his hands on Russ's pecs. Russ bounced them causing Kody to moan. Kody then ran his hands along Russel's 22 inch cannons, hearing the older man growl with sexy effort. He savored their warm hardness, tracing the veins that crossed the massive lump on solid muscle. "Mr. K, your body...fuck...you are so hot. So handsome, so strong. So huge." Russ then grabbed the boy and pulled him in tight and planted a deep kiss, overwhelming the smaller young man. Kody melted in the large man's arms. Kody started laughing. "So when Aiden told me he saw a female bodybuilder leaving your house a few weeks ago?" Russel laughed as well, "Yeah, that was a man." "I sure hoped so." "You boys gave us the perfect give for Father's Day. How about I take you in the bedroom and show some of my appreciation." "As long as I get to appreciate your huge body further...and that huge rod pushing against my leg." “I’ve got nine inches that would love to meet ya”, Russ teased as he grinded against Kody. The college boy sucked in his breath, overcome with lust. Mr. Kowalski then growled as he easily picked up the studly college boy in his hulking arms. "Let's go have some fun. I’ll let you explore all of my titanic muscledaddy body if I get to explore yours too." “Deal!” THE END.
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    Chapter 53 When James and I got back to the room that night, neither Luke nor Dave was there. We didn’t know what to make of it, but Charles slapped me for skipping out on the schedule, so we went right to bed. I got up at my usual time for my late-night meal to find everyone else in the room, awake and already dressed. The light wasn’t on, but the moon shone so brightly I could clearly make out everyone. Dave was in a suit and tie, Luke in a pressed shirt, dress slacks, and a leather jacket. James was getting dressed: the nicest outfit Dave had bought him. “About time, buddy,” Luke said. He sounded more like his usual cheerful self. “Dave laid out your clothes. Get dressed, and be quick. We’ll meet you outside. Hurry. We’re going to be late.” In utter confusion, I got dressed—it was a blazer/turtleneck/slacks combo. Why were we all getting so dressed up? “Do you know what this is about?” James said. “I was hoping you did,” I answered. We got outside, and Luke and Dave practically sprinted across campus through the moonlight. We followed blindly, no idea where we were going. After a quick jog through the dark and empty campus, chilled by the December air, I got an idea of where we were headed. We seemed to be headed to the cultural centers—the block of buildings that contained the Black Student Union, the Muslim Student Union, etc. At the end of the row was LGBT center. When we stopped outside the LGBT center, I felt vindicated. “The guards lock all of the cultural centers after dark,” I said. “Are we going to just break in?” Luke pulled out a key and key ring, the same one I last saw on his birthday. “The head security guards have skeleton keys.” He unlocked the door, and we went inside. “Thank you, Al,” I said as we went in. “What are we doing here?” James asked, looking around the empty lobby. Even inside the building, the moonlight found ways to fill the room with pallid half-light. Dave’s phone buzzed. He looked quickly at the screen, shouted, “He’s here!” and ran off to the front door.” “Who’s here?” I asked. Dave came back a second later with a man I’d never seen. He was rather non-descript, dressed more for the weather than any of the four of us, and his face was red from the cold. “I’m more confused now,” James said. “This is Judge Martin Booker,” Dave answered. “He agreed to marry Luke and me tonight after we pled our case earlier at the courthouse.” He turned to face the judge. “The auditorium is at the end of the hall. We’ll be down in just a minute.” The judge walked off to the auditorium. “When I graduate in May,” Luke said, “we’ll do it up right. A proper wedding. My family, his family, all our friends.” “Mother footing the bill,” Dave added. “Then why do this tonight?” I asked. “Luke has somehow gotten it into his head that when I become famous, I’ll forget all about him. As if I could. So, I asked him to marry me. He thought I was bluffing, or putting on a show, or just trying to make an argument end. But I was entirely sincere. I want to marry this man. I got the marriage license and went to the judge. Every step of the way, he thought I was bluffing.” “Why here?” I asked. “An empty building at night?” James had stars in his eyes, practically glowing a pellucid violet. “This is where they first met.” A slight blush in his cheeks, Luke confessed, “Yeah. That was my idea.” They were completely serious. Luke continued, “I don’t want my parents to think I’m running off to Hollywood to follow my boyfriend. If I tell them about this before I graduate, they’ll object or try to talk me out of it. I want this to be the impulsive, romantic, beautiful thing it is. So, for now, we want it to be a secret.” “A legally binding secret,” Dave corrected. “Judge. License. Two witnesses.” “Let’s not keep the judge waiting,” Luke said. He held out the crook of his elbow for Dave to take. James did the same for me. Two by two, we walked down to the auditorium of the LGBT center to watch Luke and Dave get married.
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    Chapter 52 I tried to put Lydia out of my mind by returning to my routine. Sleeping. Class. Homework. Eating. Lifting. Dancing. Fucking. Sleeping. I barely saw Dave or Luke at all that day Friday. Dave didn’t show up for chemistry. It threw my whole orbit out of whack. I left after only half an hour and went to the cart. Sure enough, there they were at our picnic table. Dave was holding Luke’s face and kissing it passionately, so intensely he didn’t see me coming. “You weren’t in class,” I said. Dave, startled, stopped kissing Luke and looked at me. “I talked to the professor, and thanks to all the help you gave me over the semester, if I get a zero on the final, I squeak by the class with a C-.” “So, you’re just abandoning me?” “I never should have been in that class to begin with. You’re the one who likes science.” “It feels weird to be all alone.” “Aw,” Dave said, “Chrissy misses me. Don’t worry; I got your back. If you need someone to help you study, I will, of course, be that study buddy.” “Really?” “I owe you. It’s the least I can do.” I sat down at the picnic table. I expected a casual, breezy conversation, but instead, a heavy silence fell. After an uncomfortable minute, I broke the tension by saying, “Why do I expect there’s another shoe to drop?” Luke elbowed Dave. “You gotta tell him, babe. He’ll find out soon enough.” Dave rolled his eyes and said, “You don’t have to make a big deal of it, but I’m not finishing my degree. I was on the phone with Lydia half of yesterday, and my screen test is December 18th. She told me it’s strictly a formality; the part is mine. I’m moving to LA. Even if the show doesn’t get picked up, this is my big chance. I’m going for it.” My stomach fell out of my torso. “My brain is telling me to congratulate you, but…” Luke interrupted me. “Stop at the congratulations, buddy. He knows what comes after the ‘but.’” “Are you okay with this?” I asked Luke. “It’s not my decision.” “Besides,” Dave said, “everything changes Monday.” “What happens Monday?” “Buddy, seriously? You are on the team. You get the team schedule emailed to you every Wednesday.” “And I delete it every Wednesday. Why, what was the email?” “We’re in the quarterfinals of the College Cup. We’re the higher seed.” “I’m sure that means something,” I said. “It means the game will be here, at our home stadium,” Luke said. “It means fate will not be denied,” Dave corrected. “The semi-finals and finals are televised events. We’re talking internet streaming, ESPN, the whole gamut. My Luke’s star will rise.” “I wonder if I could talk Charles into letting me see the game, since it is going to be at our home stadium.” “Kitty Cat?” Dave asked. “I don’t think he’d give you time off if you were playing in the game.” I groaned. “Let me know how it goes. I should probably get back to my schedule before Charles psychically intuits that I left class early.” “We promise we won’t tell,” Luke said. I found James and retreated back to my schedule. I didn’t want to even think about Dave leaving our group. We were supposed to have another semester together before graduation. And now… but I wasn’t letting myself think about that. Thankfully, Charles did most of my thinking for me these days. Eating. Homework. Lifting. Posing. Fucking. When we were about to go to sleep, James put on the t-shirt he wore as a pajama top, and the shirt split right down the middle. “I just keep getting bigger,” James said. “You don’t hear me complaining,” I replied. “I’m just glad Luke and Dave weren’t here to see that,” James said as he took of the torn shirt and began looking for a spare. “Where are they, anyway?” he asked I told him about breakfast. James was also shocked that Dave was dropping out, but it made sense to him too. “I guess they need this time to figure out how they’re going to negotiate this transition.” “I’m trying not to think about it,” I said, and James crawled into bed shirtless. He looked huge, so I was the big spoon for a change so I could feel up his hairy pecs while we cuddled. Sleeping. Saturday. Homework. Eating. Lifting. Posing. Fucking. Dave surprised James with a whole bunch of clothes for him to grow into. “At the inhuman rate he’s growing, he won’t have anything to wear. That’s James’s worst nightmare. Doug and Henry thought it was a great idea.” I almost brought up Dave’s imminent departure, but James stopped me. Sleeping. Sunday. Homework. Eating. Lifting. Posing. Fucking. Sleeping. I had never done anything so monotonous as prepare for this bodybuilding show. But I was grateful to not have to think about December 18th. Monday. Class. Homework. Eating. Lifting. In the middle of my workout, I got a phone call from Dave. Before Charles could take my phone away from me, I answered it. “Chrissy, get to your room now. Luke needs you.” “But Charles…” I started. “Fuck Charles,” Dave said. I’d never heard him use that word before. I hung up and ran out of the gym, ignoring the cries of my unquestioned lord and master. When I got to the room, the door wouldn’t open right away: Luke had barricaded it shut. Before I could decide what to do, Dave came running around the corner. “There you are. He won’t let me in. I don’t know what to do. He flew into a rage and blocked the door.” “What happened?” I ask. “The team lost the game.” “That’s it?” “That’s it?” Dave repeated, a little insulted by my cavalier tone. “We’re out of the College Cup. It’s a big deal.” “But he’s lost games before. He’s never lost his temper.” “He’s never been this close to being an NCAA champ. We were the Cinderella story of the college soccer world, and the carriage just turned back into a pumpkin.” I knocked on the door. “Hey, buddy,” I said in as non-threatening a voice as possible. “Can I come in?” “Is Dave out there?” Luke asked. His voice was a low and raspy, like a lion. I shooed Dave away. He put his hands up in a surrender posture and walked away. “Not anymore,” I said. “Good,” Luke growled. “You know,” I reminded him, “I could easily break this door down. But I’m not going to. I’d rather you let me in.” I heard the bedframe dragged across the floor, and then the door opened. Luke was facing away from me. His head was hunched down, his shoulders bunched. He was still in his uniform. His shoulders were heaving up and down. I’d never seen Luke like this. Never, not even in middle school. I closed the door behind me and put the bedframe back. “Dave told me about the game,” I started. “Don’t blow your stack again,” I added. Luke spun around, and I could see that he wasn’t angry. He had been crying. Hard. His eyes were bright red, and his whole face was swollen. “I don’t care about the game,” Luke said. “Then why are you crying?” I asked. “Because Dave’s gonna leave me.” Luke threw himself at me and began sobbing uncontrollably. I stood there silently, holding him until he was coherent enough to talk. Once he was, I asked him to explain. “Soccer’s great and all, I love my teammates, but it was always just a way to pay for school. By the time all of my brothers had gone to college, there was no money left for me. I’m only on the team because I got a scholarship. I never thought I’d go pro. I never wanted to go pro. That was Dave’s dream. Not mine. I’d always thought I’d be a coach or a PE teacher. My degree is in education.” “Okay. You never wanted to go pro. Then why do you care that you lost? And what does this have to do with Dave?” “Dave’s going to Hollywood.” “They have coaches and gym teachers in LA,” I reminded him. “But by the time I graduate, he’ll be this big TV star, and he could have any man he wants, and he won’t want to be with some lowly PE teacher. You hear how Dave brags about his boyfriend the athlete. How the Galaxy are going to snap me up. How he can’t have just anyone as arm candy.” “I don’t think you’re giving your Dave enough credit,” I said honestly. “He’s probably just as scared about this move to LA as you are.” “Not Dave. Half his body weight is confidence.” “I assure you he gets scared too. His confidence is his armor. Underneath, he’s human, just like you and me.” “You think?” Luke asked. I leaned to the door and shouted through it. “Am I right, Dave?” “Of course, you’re right,” he shouted through the door. Luke went pale. “What?” I said. “Listening at the door is Dave’s signature move. He heard this whole conversation.” Luke started to tear up and laugh at the same time. “Can I come in?” he asked. Luke nodded, so I moved the bedframe and let Dave in. I closed the door behind me as I let the two talk it all out.
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    Chapter 49 Thanksgiving dinner was delicious; James had no trouble eating his share. And the lecture afterward wasn’t half as boring as James made it sound. Henry and Doug pretended to feel excluded that we were going to a party (Doug might not have been pretending), but they also looked happy that their son got invited to a party. Because we were going to a party that night, James and I worked extra hard at sticking to the Charles-approved schedule, which meant we spent most of Friday alone in the shed. Henry took Dave to his art gallery to show him around; Luke and Doug decided to spend another day playing football in the yard. Before they started, Doug popped into the shed, holding his football. “Does it make you jealous to see me playing ball with your friend?” Doug asked James. “Not even a little,” James answered. “Good, because I love your Uncle Henry, but sometimes I really need someone to run around and act like an idiot with.” “That is not Uncle Henry’s speed,” James said. “No, it is not,” Doug said with a slight shake of his head. “Hey, man, are we playing or not?” Luke shouted. “He calls me ‘man.’ I like it.” “He calls his boyfriend ‘babe’ and me ‘buddy,’” I added. “Oh, that’s neat! Everyone gets a nickname. What does he call you, Jimmy?” “James,” James said flatly. Doug looked a little surprised by that, but then Luke came into the shed. “C’mon, man!” “See you guys later,” Doug said and went back to the yard. James was often quiet, but today he was extra quiet. It made our workouts serene, but I could tell there was something below the surface. “We don’t have to go to the party,” I reminded. “Oh, we do,” James said. “I have to know if the invitation was sincere.” At about 9 PM, a time at which James and I were normally already fast asleep, the four of us were in our best outfits, hand-picked by Dave, and we started the walk to the Barracks. James expressed concerns. “The Barracks aren’t the sort of place you wear a tie to,” he cautioned. “I want to look my best, and I look damn fine in this shirt and tie,” Dave said. “Hell yeah,” Luke echoed. “Besides, royal blue is my power color,” Dave added. Dave had wanted his Luke similarly dressed to the nines, but Luke refused in case, as he put it, he had to “throw down.” So, they compromised. Luke still had on his sunglasses, but Dave had coaxed him into a polo and khakis. By this point, I trusted Dave implicitly, so when he gave me a long-sleeved light-blue Oxford and white dress pants, I just put them on without blinking. Dave harangued James into a turtleneck and a dark pair of jeans, but James said he felt overdressed for the Barracks. “We are going to be the best dressed men there,” Dave said. The Barracks looked like a factory that survived a bombing. There were literally pieces of the ceiling and walls missing, and as we approached the building, a chunk fell off and crashed to the ground. The party was already in full swing. We walked into the crumbling building, and a cheer went up. Logan came over to the door to greet us, followed in tow by a woman half his height. “Jimmy! You made it!” He punched James affectionately on the shoulder and turned to us. “As the unofficial host of this soiree, I welcome you. I’m Logan.” He pointed at me, saying, “You’re Chris.” He then pointed at Dave and Luke. “You two?” Dave stepped forward, “I’m Dave, this is Luke. This is a charming ramshackle dive.” “Thanks!” Logan said. “This is my girl Lacey.” “Hi,” she said. “You remember her, right Jimmy?” James nodded. Lacey turned to Logan and said, “You’re right. Jimmy looks so much better with a beard.” “I know, right?” Logan said. “Tell me about it,” I added. A flock of unaccompanied women swarmed around us. “You’re Jimmy’s boyfriend, right?” one of them asked me. “Yes,” I said. Commiserating with her friends, she said, “Of course this hunk of gorgeous is gay.” She turned to Luke. “How about you, cutie?” “Gayer,” Luke said. She turned to Dave. “Gayest,” he said. Logan laughed, choking on his beer. “Leave them alone, ladies” Logan said. “They haven’t even gotten through the door.” One the flock of women had scattered away, Logan said, “It’s too bad none of you are into women. They outnumber us two to one at this party. Come in. Grab a drink. Dance. Mingle. Have fun!” I looked around the party. We were beyond overdressed. We might as well have worn tuxes to a pool party. Everyone else was dressed in t-shirts, flannels, sweaters, and jeans. Luke grabbed Dave by the tie and led him onto the dance floor. “Sir, yes, sir,” Dave said. James and I went over to the side to grab a drink and relax on the windowsill. “Seems it was a genuine invitation,” I said. “Seems it was,” James echoed. He actually sounded disappointed. I had to cheer him up. “Pretend we’re back in high school. You finally got invited to the cool kid club, and the hunkiest boy at the school is there with you. What do you do?” “I’m in high school? I run home. That’s too much pressure.” “Okay, fair enough. So what does suave, sophisticated 22-year-old James wish he’d had the guts to do at a high school party? This is your world. I’m down for anything. Even petty vengeance if that’s what you need.” “Thanks for the offer, but vengeance isn’t really my scene.” “Duly noted,” I said. “What would make tonight perfect for you?” “Honestly?” “Honestly.” “I just want to be completely gay. In-their-face gay.” “PDA? I’ve never seen this side of you before. I like it.” “More than just PDA.” “Oh, yes, please, James.” This was invigorating. “Tell me your dark fantasy.” “I’ve never been to one of these parties before, but I’ve heard rumors. See that teacher’s desk over there?” He pointed to an old-fashioned teacher’s desk bolted to the floor. “I’ve heard that if a guy climbs up to the bell and rings it,” he pointed to the dismissal bell above the door, “he gets to pick a brave lady to stand on that teacher’s desk over there and strip naked.” “Do you want to be the climber or the lady?” I asked. “Climber,” James said. “Obviously climber.” “You know I’m down for public nudity. Do I stop at my underwear or unleash the Kraken?” “Lady’s choice,” James said. “But let’s dance a little bit first. I need to build up my nerve.” I took off my socks and shoes and hid them on a ledge outside the window. “Why’d you do that?” James asked. “This way you don’t have to give me the heads up when you climb. No one wants to see a stripper take off his shoes. A lady prepares.” I swigged the rest of my beer, and we joined Dave and Luke on the dance floor. James and I had to have been dancing for a half hour when I realized that there were now twice as many people here than when we arrived. Even with the open windows and pieces of the roof missing, the room was getting hot and sweaty, so James sent me to fetch him a water. When I came back to the dance floor, I couldn’t find him in the throng of people. I was about to ask Dave where James had gone, when, over the crowd and music, I heard a bell ring loudly. Someone cut the music, and all eyes turned to James. He had scaled the wall and rung the bell. “Things are about to get interesting,” Logan said, walking over to James. “So, Jimmy, what lovely lady would you like to do a show for us?” James pointed squarely at my head, and I feigned surprise. “It’s a first, people of the Barracks. The climber has selected a dashing gentleman to do the stripping.” All the women in the Barracks screamed as one. “It’s about time,” Lacey said, escorting me to the desk. “Get on up, honey,” she said encouragingly. Logan came over and announced. “Ladies and gentlemen of the Barracks, I give you Chris!” The music started, some cheesy ‘80s song a stripper might have danced to in a soft-core porn. Thankfully, it’s the same kind of shlock Vanessa and Charles had been using at rehearsal. I began rocking my hips and stepping back and forth. As the beat picked up, I planted my left foot and circled around, shaking my ass in time to the rhythm. This elicited cheers from the women, so I shook it a little harder, and slapped my ass with both hands. I finished turning around so I could face my audience again. Once I was facing fully forward, I pulled out the tails of my shirt, giving them a flash of my abs. I then undid the top two buttons, and, right on a downbeat, pulled it open to give a flash of my pecs. The crowd was eating it up; even some of the men started cheering. I started swaying back and forth, getting lower and lower to the desk, like I was doing a squat, until my gargantuan ass grazed the metal. Then, I swayed all the way back up. It was a move Charles taught me day one. When the song hit the first chorus, I began flexing one bicep, then the other, back and forth, watching them rise up, almost to my ear, back and forth, swelling in masculine beauty. At the end of the chorus, I flexed into a most muscular, my body swelling into a mountain range of muscles. The crowd lost its mind. And I hadn’t taken anything off yet. As the second verse started, I held the two open sides of my shirt, one side in each hand, and then pulled hard, tearing open the shirt and sending my buttons flying everywhere. I held the left side to my body and flashed them the right side, flexing my pec, swollen and pumped from that day’s work out, so it undulated to the rhythm. Then, I held the right side close to my body and flexed the left. The crowd ate it up, so I whipped my shirt off and spun it over my head like a lasso. I spotted Luke in the audience, and threw the shirt at his face. He caught it, and the crowd roared. I flexed my 8-pack, bringing the bricks of my torso into full relief, up and down in a body roll to show off my minuscule waist. One woman in the front row started fanning herself. The second chorus was starting, so I spun around and flexed my back muscles. I spread my lats to show them how wide my back was in comparison to my tiny waist. Then I flexed my ass up and down, each cheek larger than a lesser man’s head. The fabric of my pants could barely contain me. Still with my back to the audience, I undid my belt and threw it out the open window. I unzipped and bent over as I pulled them down to the cold metal of the desk. Bending over like that caused my ass to swell to its true magnificence. The crowd applauded louder, one woman even screaming, “Oh my god!” like she was cheering for the Beatles. I kicked my pants to the floor, and on the bridge of the song, I spun back around. I was now only wearing my boxer briefs. When the crowd got a face-full of my giant bulge, each nut as large as my fist, the flesh of my still-flaccid cock a thick cord of flesh, easily double the size of a normal erection. The head strained through the fabric. A collective, low-pitched, “Whoa!” settled over the audience. During the last chorus, I hooked my right thumb into the band of my briefs, pulling it down past my Adonis belt. I was testing if the audience wanted to see everything. I’d pull it down a little, then pull it back up. Two or three times I teased them until Lacey screamed, “Take them off!” Soon the whole crowd was chanting those three magic words over and over. Not one to disappoint a crowd, I grabbed the band of my briefs with both hands, whipped them down, and threw the briefs high into the air. There I stood, in front of everyone, completely naked, my cock, slowly lengthening, slightly plumping from the attention. My balls swayed from my exertions. And the crowd burst into a peal of screams like I have never heard. The song came to an end, and I bowed. Logan came running up to the desk and said, “Let’s hear it for Chris!” At some point, James had come up to the righthand side of the desk, so I pulled him up onto the desk and pressed my naked body against his fully-clothed body. I spun him in front of me, tilted him into a dip, and kissed him deeply and passionately. The crowd screamed even louder. “Let’s hear it for Chris and Jimmy!” Logan corrected, and the crowd applauded again. James and I stepped down from the desk, and I asked him, “Was it everything you wanted.” James was blushing and having trouble breathing, but he managed to say, “And then some.” Dave and Luke came up to us. “That rocked, buddy!” he handed me back my shirt. “I had to grab these from a very angry woman with sharp nails,” Dave said, handing me back my boxer briefs. “You are such a showoff.” From Dave, that was a compliment, not a criticism. “And that was with only one week of dance lessons,” I said. “You’re welcome,” Dave replied. I put on my boxers and put the shirt on as best I could. My pecs and abs still peeked through as there were no buttons to hold it together. “Where did my pants end up?” I asked. Lacey squeezed through the crowd and showed me my pants. “I’ll give them back to you,” she said. “At the end of the party. I want you dressed like this for the rest of the party.” James showed me the time on his phone. It was ten minutes until our allotted time ended. “I guess I’m walking home without them,” I told her. “James and I have to go.” “So soon?” Logan asked. “People are going to talk about that for years.” “Let them,” James said. “I get to go home with the real thing.”
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    Here you go! Episode Two!!! I wrote this over the last couple of nights I've been spending alone in a hotel room. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did!!! And You Wonder…What If ??? Episode Two ZE has a problem. He wanted it all. He always had. Even when he was younger, he wanted more money, more success, and more fame. Those desires plagued him throughout his career, and no matter what he did, no matter how popular and celebrated he became, he was never satisfied. Nothing seemed like it would ever be enough. Now HC was hogging the spotlight in Hollywood. Ever since he had revealed himself in all of his immense glory wearing a custom made Superman speedo, he was all anyone talked about anymore! You couldn’t get away from the guy. You turned on the TV, and he was on every talk show. You picked up the magazine, and there his big mug was on the cover. He was even trending the most on Twitter and his account an mass followers were breaking all Instagram records. He was a huge success... and Z hated it. Although HC was going around saying he didn’t know how he had gotten so massive, ZE knew it had to be because of HGE. He had used the totally experimental drug himself right after High School Musical 3 to get away from playing all of those teenage twink roles, and then again when he was prepping for Baywatch and he wanted to look as if he could take on The Rock. His friend Peter, a personal trainer and one time actor had introduced him to it, and even the small amount Z had injected into his body had done wonders. He never regretted taking the easy way out to get where he was today, and if he had to do it again, he undoubtedly would. That was why after days of internal debate with himself, he had called Peter and told him he wanted to purchase another dose. Sure, he would never be able to compete with the mountain of man that was HC, but he needed something to get him out of the rut in which he found himself. His last four films, although not flops, didn’t do the best business at the box office, and the scripts he was receiving just didn’t seem exciting anymore. He also found his first grey pubic hair three weeks ago. He actually hadn’t found it, the girl he had been fucking had, and all night she kept calling him grandpa. He could take Daddy. She could call him Daddy all day and all night, but don’t call him grandpa. He had plucked it out that night, but since had found six more. He needed a change, and a little more muscle mass would do the trick. With it he might be able to get an action franchise or perhaps a role in a Marvel film. He needed everyone to forget he was the High School Musical kid and think of him as his own man. That was why at three in the morning six days prior, Z had picked up the phone and called Peter. At first his friend had refused to purchase it for Z, claiming he was out of the business, but when offered 2 million to deliver a dose, he ultimately said yes. Now, Z waited for Peter to arrive. He didn’t have to wait for long when a buzz came from the front gate of his LA home. Pressing the button in the kitchen, Z let Peter’s car onto his property, and within three minutes, he was at the door. - Here you go, man. - Thanks Peter. Z took the brown paper wrapped package from Peter and began to close the door. - Need any help injecting it, Z? - No. I’m good. I need to do this on my own. - You okay? - Yeah. I’m good. I’d just rather be on my own when I do this, okay. - Yeah. Of course. Give me a call later. - Will do. With that, Z closed the front door and locked it. He watched Peter drive up to the gate on his security monitor, exit the property, and drive away. Once the gate was closed, he unwrapped the package and found one syringe and two vials instead of the syringe filled dose he had ordered. Why two vial vials? Peter must have thought when I offered him 2 million that I wanted more than one dose, but why would I want two? I just need the one dose to get me over my hump, he thought. That’s it. I just need something to get me back in the game. Z walked into his bedroom with the opened package, and placed it on his bed. He then proceeded to take off his clothes. His heart was beating fast as he pulled the T-shirt over his head, and he could feel the familiar stirrings of his body getting aroused. With a stomach filled with butterflies, he took off his sneakers, socks, and then his shorts. Ultimately, he stood alone in his room in only his boxer briefs. Fuck, he thought. I’ve wanted to do this again for a while now, and here I am. Looking at his own body in the mirror, he admitted to himself that he looked great, but he could always look better. Most 32 year olds wished they looked like me, he remarked to himself with a grin as he flexed his bicep and watching it plump up. His body was still rocking, and it was obvious he took excellent care of it. He even paid attention to what the public posted on Instagram, like letting his chest hair grow out a little, but also keeping himself boyish and clean-cut. Fuck it!!! Z knew there could only be one Number 1 in Hollywood, and that was always meant to be him. He had it all: looks, charm, talent, charisma, and that special something all Hollywood stars require. He was extraordinary. He knew that. He just needed to make the world sit up once again and take notice. With even more determination, Z pulled his underwear off and threw it in the hamper. If he did the same dose as last time, he should gain about 15 pounds in muscle mass, which would look jacked on his 5’8” frame. Should he do the same dose??? That was the real question that haunted him. Z’s heart was beating swifter as he stood looking at himself in the mirror. Do I do the same dose, or do I just say fuck it and go for it? Do I throw out my clean-cut image and just become what I’ve always wanted? Z wanted muscle. He loved muscle, especially on himself. When he first saw HC on tv his cock had gotten instantly hard. Fuck!!!! he thought. To possess all of that muscle!!!!! It must feel so incredible…so powerful… such a rush, Z thought. His height, his size, his hairy body, even his massive cock and balls were a turn on. It wasn’t that he was gay, he just wanted to experience what all of that muscle felt like on his own body. He lusted after that knowledge. What it must feel like to be living in that huge body, touching that serpentine cock, running his own hands through his chest hair, flexing his muscles and knowing there was no other like him... no other... Nightly he dreamt of having so much muscle mass he could barely move, and each morning he woke up with his sheets soaked with cum. When it came to material things, he had everything a man could desire… except his true desire. What he really wanted. Z walked over to the bed and uncapped the vial first and then the syringe. He plunged the needle into the rubber stopper, took a breath, and began to fill the syringe. Patches of sweat started to form on his forehead as he approached the original dosage, and passed it. His heart seemed to flutter as he kept pulling back on the syringe letting more of the oil like substance in. He snickered a little when half of the vial was gone. You can stop now, he thought as his hand kept pulling back, and filling up the syringe. What am I doing???? Am I really doing this???? The oil continued to fill the syringe, until there was nothing left in the vial. Wanting it far away from him, Z threw the vial across the room and heard it shatter against the wall. He then took a quick breath and pierced himself with the needle. Before he could stop himself, before he could talk himself out of it, before he could think twice, he was injecting the thick liquid into his glute. God, this shit is thick, he thought as he forced the plunger down. It seems to be taking forever... and shit it burns!!! I don’t remember it burning last time. With more pressure, he pushed down on the plunger, until finally every globule was depleted from the syringe and in his body. He removed the needle from his asscheek and placed it on his bed. What have I done, he thought as he twisted around and looked at himself in the mirror again. Say goodbye to this!!! In a few minutes... a whole new world!!! Z’s cock was hard and leaking a little when the first wave of heat hit him. Oh man!! Fuck!!! This feels so unbelievable! I’ve never done drugs, but this has to be the high they always go on about. He bounced his pecs for himself as his hand began slowly stroking his cock. A feeling he could only describe as true muscle lust hit him, and was continuing to get stronger. It hadn’t felt like this before. No. This felt a thousand times better!!! I feel like I’m gonna take off!! I feel like an electric current is filling my body with power... simply filling me up!!! Fuck!! How could I ever have denied myself this!!! His entire body began to tremor as if he were standing outside naked in the dead of winter, but he wasn’t cold. Every cell in his body was on fire, his DNA was rewriting itself to pump his body full of muscle. FFFuckkkk!!! He felt so incredible. So commanding! So dominant!! He never wanted it to end. It just keeps getting better and better. Fuck, my cock is harder then it’s ever been!!! Z was breathing hard while laughing at the same time. I’m gonna grow soon, he thought. I’m going to burst with power!!! He had so much energy he began pacing round the room. As he moved, he could feel each muscle flexing and then releasing. He was totally in tune with his body. I’m gonna cum, he thought. I feel like my whole body is going to have one massive ejaculation!!! - I CANT FUCKIN BELIEVE THIS!! I NEVER WANT THIS TO STOP!!! I’M INVINCIBLE! FUCKKKK!!!! He was laughing, his cock so hard that it hurt as he sauntered over to his bed. His shaking hand grabbed the syringe and reached for the second vial. I need more! I need to feel more!!! I need to do this!!! His finger flipped the plastic cap off the vial and implanted the needle. Stop!!! he told himself, but he couldn’t. He wouldn’t!!! If one felt this good he could only imagine what injecting two who vials was going to feel like... what it was going to do to him. With the syringe filled with the contents of the entire second vial, he injected himself again. When he did, his body released the loudest moan of pleasure. All rational thought was gone. He was only thinking of muscle. I can literally feel it entering my glute, I’m so attuned to my body right now!! Fuck!!! My cock!! It’s so hard it’s red! Yeah, man!! I can’t believe I’m actually doing this to myself!! When the syringe was empty a second time, he pulled it out, and like a drunk man threw it on the floor. Staggering around the room, Z could feel it all happening faster. I can feel every inch of my body!! Every fiber of my being. He walked toward the mirror but tripped on his own foot and fell against the wall. - FUCKKKKKKK!!!!!!!! Z screamed, and he punched the wall, his fist going through it like a hot knife in butter. I didn’t even feel that!! He did it again, and again, and again. What am I doing?? He tried to clear his head, but it was getting harder to think. - When I’m done, I’m gonna destroy this house just by moving my body!!! No room will be big enough for me!!!! I’ll laugh at the idea of clothes fitting me!! After the sixth punch, a kick to his groin made him stop and glance down. His balls, always small to fairly average were appearing to swell. Slowly they grew bigger and bigger with each heartbeat. Quickly, his sack was stretched completely full and still they continued to grow, looking absurd next to his short penis. The throbbing in his balls was getting harder and harder to bear as the seed inside each of them proceeded to multiply repeatedly. Z was so in tuned with his body that he could literally feel each ball filling to capacity. They were each growing larger to make more room for his seed, only to have them fill up again. The process kept repeating until Z was dizzy. - What the fuck have I done to myself???!!!! As Z shouted into the empty house and guffawed uncontrollably, his voice was getting deeper and deeper until it was simply a bellow. - What the fucks happening to my voice??? He spoke again, but his voice was now a deep bass now and getting lower. He tried to cup his balls, the source of the insane amount of testosterone flooding his body, but they were simply too big. Fuck, he thought!!! How is this going to end? ??!!! With a cry, Z’s abdominal muscles cramped, and he quickly leaned over to try and deal with the agony. He was now shaking so hard that he could barely stand on his own feet. Sweat poured down his body and for a second Z was terrified by what he had done. His world was never going to be the same. On the other hand, he yearned for the transformation to go quicker so he could leave his old life behind. The pain in his abdominals was increasing. Z tried his best to stand upright, but just moving a little sent shockwaves through every muscle in his body. He carefully moved his hands down to his abs to feel them, and discovered that what had once been a well defined six pack was growing and expanding into what felt like granite constructed bricks of muscle. Yearning to see his own abs growing, Z once again tried to stand, but the tremors running through his own body forced him to the floor. Trying to curl into a fetal position, Z discovered that this was now impossible as his newly formed abs were becoming too large and thick and were now taking up more and more room on his lower torso. Z gritted his teeth in pain as a severe popping and cracking sound could be heard coming from his hands. He moved them in front of his face in order to see what was happening, and discovered they were growing both longer and thicker. The breaking sound grew louder, more extreme, and more agonizing as both of his arms joined his hands and proceeded to grow. At the same time this was occurring, Z’s abs had continued to swell, forcing themselves to jut out further and further from his body creating a massive wall of muscle which was now shoving him into an upright position despite the pain. When he was finally able to get to his feet and look down at his abs, he couldn’t believe how freakishly thick they had become. His 32” waist was now at least 36 inches and still growing. He would have been concerned about his growing waist size, but despite the increase it was obvious that there was not an ounce of fat on his body, his abs were simply so immense and thick. He tried lifting his elongating arms and was shocked to see how quickly they had lengthened in such a short amount of time. His arms were currently as long as his legs and getting longer by the second. Holding his hands up to his face proved difficult, but he was able to see that his massive hands now dwarfed his own head. Z’s cock began to leak as he thought that if this were the size of his hands, just imagine how massive he would be when his whole body caught up!! With one swift movement, Z struck his own abdomen, but felt nothing. He punched it again, harder this time, but still nothing. Again, and again, and again, he punched, his hands growing thicker and mightier, but it only felt like a wind was touching his skin. - I’m becoming totally indestructible!!!! Z was drooling at that thought when his torso and legs began to grow. For an instant he thought he would pass out from the pain of his bones cracking, repairing themselves, and breaking again, but he simply revelled in the fact that his body was growing larger so it could pack on more muscles. Gone was his old 5’8” body as he stretched higher and mightier. His hands and part of his forearms still lay on the floor due to their immense size, but when he looked up he could see his head getting closer and closer to the ceiling. In no time at all Z had passed 7 feet tall and was closing in on 8. As his balls continued to swell larger, a massive wave of testosterone exploded into his body. His trimmed hairy chest began to get fuller as his current hair grew longer and new hair pierced out of the spaces available between the follicles. Thick brown hair seemed to burst from his face giving him a true Paul Bunyan beard. His whole body itches like hell as the hair follicles multiplied and forced their way out. Even the hair on his head grew longer and thicker with silver coming in at the temples. Within minutes the buzzed hair on his head flowed down to his shoulders, and his manly beard became thicker and denser. Another massive burst of testosterone rocked his body again, and Z could abruptly feel his glutes putting on serious mass. His legs had always been a problem area for him demanding serious attention, but they never would be again. Despite the thick brown hair coating his legs, it was impossible to miss every striation of his growing legs. Z salivated as he watched his calves swelling to the size of his old quads, and then proceeded to add on more size. His own quads, he could now only compare with a normal man’s torso, they were so full, so round, and so firm. Twice he had to widen his stance to allow more room, but his body, adapting to any difficulty he might have, complied and forced his torso to grow larger to add on more mass. - I want to worship my own fucking legs their so insanely huge!!! Z screamed out in his rumbling bass voice. He had never heard a voice so deep and so sexy in his life that he wanted it to drop even lower!! Let it drop so low no one can even comprehend it!! No one could ever compete against him when it came to his low-pitched resounding voice. His waist was nearing 40” and still growing larger with his immense and hairy abs. The crevices were so deep and so filled with brown hair they appeared like deep canyons. Z’s head hit the ceiling just as his pecs began to swell. The concept of how tall and massive he was, combined with how big his pecs now were bursting from his chest had him laughing hysterically while a river of pre began to flow from his cock. Z had to crouch in order to not hit the ceiling, and then found it easier to simply go down onto his knees to give himself more room. His pecs were becoming mountains of muscle, filling with power and might. Z lifted his hand and began to squeeze his nipple firmly, but this only succeeded in forcing more and more pre to explode onto the already soaked carpet. The nipples, as if craving more tactile sensation, grew larger with his nipples rivalling the length of his old thumbs. His areoles were dark brown, and as he played with them, they became even more and more sensitive. Grabbing his left pec and lifting it up the best he could, Z tried to kick his own nipple, but was prevented from doing so when a sudden surge of growth forced them to point down and forever blocked his view of his lower half. Not to be left behind by his immense chest, Z’s lats detonated with improbable size. His wingspan exploded so suddenly with size that his whole body shook from it. His arms flew up, and Z found it impossible to rest them at his sides again. I wish I could see myself in the mirror, Z thought, but the only thing he could see was his immense lower half getting even larger. Joining in with his back, Z’s neck and delts got larger and thicker, granting him his wish of an even deeper voice. His shoulders, back, and chest were now so wide that it would be virtually impossible for him to walk through a normal door... ever... and still he grew like there was no tomorrow. With a smack, Z’s head hit the ceiling again, and he was on his knees. He was now taking up half of the massive bedroom. With his fists, Z began to punch holes in the ceiling to fashion more room for him to grow. As if trying to help with this process, his bi’s and tri’s started to surge with size till they were as large as his old legs had been, and just getting thicker. Understanding the immensity of his own size and power, Z began to stand up. As he did, his immense arms and hands began to tear apart the ceiling above him. Soon the ceiling couldn’t take it anymore or the pressure from Z’s growing body, and came crashing down upon the colossal man. As he stood up, Z could only celebrate in the fact that he was indeed Paul Bunyan now, and had definitely surpassed HC in both height and muscle mass. Throwing the king sized bed to the side of the room as if it belonged to a doll, Z made more room for his body. Another monumental surge of testosterone was released into his body, and with a sweltering explosion of pain, Z’s almost non existent penis began to grow to match its master. Longer and thicker, it grew, gaining as much mass as his arm, and becoming just as veiny. It felt like he was cunning every time it swelled longer and longer till finally the tremendous cock appeared in his view. Z felt sadness and exhilaration at the thought that he would never fuck a woman again with this monster of a cock. It would easily rip a woman in half, and still it continued to lengthen and thicken. The slit in the immense head was now so large that pre flowed out like someone had turned the tap on full blast. Spasms of growth surged through Z as he began to stroke his colossal prick, loving the feeling of finally having such an immense tool in his hand. He still felt so much power running through his body that he believed he was never going to stop growing. His upper torso had already burst through the hole in the ceiling giving a great view of the guest bedroom, and still the muscle mass packed on. Z was gaining hundreds of pounds a minute in muscle mass. Suddenly Z bellowed out again as the bones in his head began to expand and reform themselves, keeping his head in proportion with his own body. Grabbing his face as best as he could, the colossus stumbled and took down more of the ceiling with his own body. When his head was finished growing, it reformed itself with the squarest of chins that was impossible to see under such a thick beard. Z’s brow-ridge came in a little more distended then it had been, destroying his boyish good looks and replacing them with a sexy Neanderthal appearance. A surge of growth pushed through the mountain of a man causing Z to pump his cock harder and harder in a state of total self worship. He willed his body to pack on more size and more muscle mass, and like the drug it was, complied. Pipe-like veins wove their way around his entire body like wild ivy, feeding him more and more. Z began to moan loudly as he took in his own manly smell, felt his hairy body, and pumped the freakish organ that was his cock. If he had a third vial, he would have taken it right then and there. He never wanted the growth to stop. His head began to swim as another surge of testosterone forced him several inches talker and several hundred pounds heavier. The world isn’t going to be ready for me! When I tear myself out of this house, and I will, they will finally recognise me for what I am!!! I’ll finally be taken seriously!! Fuck!! I’m nearly two stories tall!!! My cock could destroy a building if I wanted it too! I’m too much... and I love it!! This should be my nightmare but it is MY... DREAM... COME... TRUE!!!!!!!! Z’s cock shot gallons of cum like the fire hose it was. The ground floor bedroom was entirely destroyed as the human Titan had the most intense orgasm of his life. A roar, which could have only come from a massive grizzly bear, could be heard for miles around. The growth surged one last time and then stopped after he had completely coated the room below with his seed. Sweating, panting, and laughing hysterically Z surveyed his surroundings. He had grown into the upper bedroom up to his navel. Assessing from his own point of view, Z estimated that he had to be nearly 15 feet tall and 3 or 4 thousand pounds of pure muscle. This insight made his cock hard again, and he started to slowly stroke his cock, savouring each sensation. When he was finished, then he would take down the house around him and show the world what a really daddy ZE was!! The next morning every news channel, web site, and published newspaper reported on another victim of the bizarre virus that had hit HC. Strangely, two days later HC had a relapse, which caused him to tower over ZE once again. Hopefully, the reporters stated, these would be the only two affected by this peculiar occurrence. Peter chuckled to himself as he shut off the news. Every channel had coverage of the announcement that ZE would be stating as Batman opposite HC in the new film “Gods of the DC Universe.” He got up from his desk and walked over to his lab where he was synthesising HGE. No one knew he was the inventor of this serum, and what had begun as a hobby was now becoming the source of his ultimate revenge. His scheme was working exactly as he knew it would. One by one the vain fools were taking the bait, and one by one they would fall. He couldn’t wait to see who he would be staring opposite next when the foolish “Gods of the DC Universe” met there match. Soon, when his new formula was ready, he would reveal himself to them and to the world as their rival, the Ultimate Doomsday.
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    Awesome chapter! It was a little on the short side, (just like Parker!) but it was very fun to read. Looking forward to more. Wrote a longer comment on CF.
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    Surely a very broad question, but does anyone knows any story where a guy's dick starts growing and growing, until the dick is bigger than his own body? I think i read something like that, once, but not sure where to find it.
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    The thought of a seventy-year old massive muscle monster kept me up most nights. It also kept my cock so hard that I couldn’t roll over or it would have acted like a kickstand and stopped the motion of my body instantly – causing a lot of pain. I wanted a senior bulging daddy to take care of me. I wanted a huge master to keep me in line when I got out of place and the same elder beast to reward me when I did something nice. It was completely crazy, but I craved the disciplining just as much as I longed for the rewarding. I knew I needed the constant positive reinforcement that only a strong, silver-haired, weathered-faced, golden-ager could give. I was a twenty-six-year-old gay man that wanted one thing in life – a humongous senior citizen mentor who would treat me as his boy, his pup, his plaything - all rolled up into one. I became so obsessed with this desire that I became one of the world’s leading chemists, even at my young age – having graduated high school and college within five years and getting my doctorate so quickly that professors at world-renowned universities came to me to learn. I, however, had one goal and one goal only with my newfound knowledge – a gray haired super daddy. I said yes to a very lucrative job with a major pharmaceutical company in southern California under the guise that I was helping them create resources for dermatologists to assist people to stay young and healthy looking. The work they paid me handsomely for was actually child’s play since I already had lots of ideas that would help to accomplish their goals – but it was the work that I got to do in my private lab that fueled me on daily. I was working on what powered my every waking and sleeping moment – my thirst for an enormous senior daddy. As part of my research I frequented gay bars and gyms that catered to older men. I knew that part of my dream coming true depended on finding the perfect man. I wasn’t interested in continuing my work after I attained my goal. I wasn’t interested in creating an army of big older men; I just wanted one muscled daddy that would rock my world. I think half the fun of my research was ‘interviewing’ potential candidates, since it gave me a smorgasbord of hot elder men to dream about at night. Many guys didn’t cut the mustard because of their attitude. There were a lot of elder men out there that only wanted a younger man so they’d have a companion. That was all fine and good, and I respected those people, but I wanted more from my elder muscled god. Don’t get me wrong, I certainly wanted to please and service him, but I also wanted him to demand a lot from me. I wanted a teacher, a coach, a guide, a trainer – in short, I wanted a muscled gramps. It took me only a year and a half to land on the perfect formula for accomplishing my goal. It took me longer, however, to find the right man for the job. I knew the stuff I had created would only change a man physically and that meant the interior self of my daddy needed to be there already. Sure, the added size and strength would definitely impact the guy’s attitude, but I knew there had to be certain characteristics in place prior to the change. A certain desire needed to already course through the veins of my elder god. My search was getting a little frustrating and almost discouraging until I met Mr. Dennis – Mr. Randy Dennis. I met Mr. Dennis on his seventy-first birthday. He was celebrating with some friends at Wrinkles, a neighborhood bar that catered specifically to older men. In the beginning, I had been mistaken for a hustler in the bar, but since I had gone there so often by this point I was now considered a regular. Mr. Dennis was there for the first time; a small entourage of friends had forced him to go out for his special day. I started to ignore the group and the birthday boy after taking a long gander at them and deciding they were all too young to become my desired daddy. Mr. Dennis, himself, looked to be in his late fifties or early sixties – a great age, in and of itself, but not old enough for me. It was only after I heard one of his friends threatening to offer him the obligatory seventy-one spankings that I sat up and took notice. The birthday boy definitely had a lot going for him. He clearly had a well-made body that seemed to still be in pretty good shape; something that definitely caused him to look younger. I used the huge mirror on one of the walls of the bar to get a good look at his smiling face and that’s when my cock started to pulse as strong as my heartbeat. All of my life an elder man’s face had been one of my biggest turn-ons. Mr. Dennis had that endured look I loved so much – crow’s feet at the corner of his eyes, masculine wrinkled brow, sexy receding hairline, indented jowls that still looked firm, and the beginnings of age spots that only complimented his look. It was the perfect graying of his hair that really got me going, though. He had dark hair everywhere, except along the temples and running around the entire edge of his closely cropped cut. It was always the look that actually sent my cock into spewing mode when I was imagining older men while beating off. When the man smiled he had great un-perfectly-whitened teeth. There was nothing fake about the guy and it was clear he was proud to be the age he was – even though he really looked a lot younger than seventy-one. My toes literally curled up in my shoes when I heard him speak. It wasn’t this deep voice that I had always dreamed of, but it was powerful and almost bossy – much more to my liking than what I had fantasized about in the past. The guy was giving his friends grief over making him do a shot and it sounded like a teacher scolding the entire class. I was in heaven – the man was definitely confident and already sounded a little coach-like. I stared more closely at the guy as I focused on the group’s conversation more. He was in pretty good shape, it seemed – still sporting a tapered look that was usually reserved to guys a third of his age. The guy’s chest actually bumped his shirt out a little – pecs pushing against the material even though I could tell they weren’t as hard as they used to be. He probably had that slightly droopy beef look that older men got as their muscles aged. His arms definitely filled out the sleeves of his shirt, but I could tell the triceps weren’t as firm as they once were. After he and his pals downed the shots that had been placed in front of them, the elder man actually wiped his mouth with the back of his hand – in that rough way, which was usually reserved for cowboys, construction workers, or bare-knuckle fighters getting rid of blood. I felt myself swallow hard as I watched him make the masculine move. It was the next moment that confirmed this was the elder man I had been looking for all these months. The guy took his full beer, downed it in one long gulp, and then let out the loudest burp I had ever heard. It actually made the entire bar go silent and every head turned in his direction. The act in and of itself was kind of repulsive, but when the spotlight was put upon Mr. Dennis in this awkward way, he simply raised his hands in a ‘what’s a guy to do’ sort of way and then spoke to everyone loudly. “Sorry, gentlemen, but I think within me there’s an aggressive Neanderthal beast just dying to escape. I feel like an ape that wants to pound wildly on his chest. I apologize for my behavior.” That clinched the deal for me. It was those words that grabbed my heart in the kind of vice-grip that happens very few times in one’s life. I felt the rush of euphoria that Dr. Frankenstein must have felt when his monster came alive. I tried to envision Mr. Dennis with about a hundred pounds of more densely packed bulging muscles. I imagined him with the kind of body that couldn’t be contained in mere shirts of other mortals. He’d need sleeveless tops – allowing for his massive biceps and triceps ballooning out in ways that would give him that ‘move out of my way’ look of giant musclemen. For some reason, I also envisioned him in cut-off blue jean shorts usually reserved for southern women or skinny junior high boys. His, however, would be stretched-to-the-max above bulging thighs and loose around the skinny waist. My mind then went to the stubbly fur that would constantly cover the lower part of his face – being unable to shave enough times during the day to remove what his testosterone-laden body would churn out daily. Randy Dennis would definitely be one of those handsome elder grizzlies that was perfectly comfortable totally nude or covered in a tight tuxedo – realizing that even covered up his body still looked hot-as-hell. While I was imagining all of this, the man, himself, had walked up to the bar beside where I sat to order another beer. We caught eyes and he did that manly up-tick of his chin and smiled to say hello. The opportunity of the moment emboldened me. “Happy birthday. Might I give the birthday boy a kiss?” “Sweetheart, I could be your great grandfather!” “Ah, trying to turn me on, are you?” I quickly responded, catching him off guard. “Would this so-called mouth to mouth moment involve any tongue, young man?” “Only if you instigated it, sir.” Maybe it was the shot and the beers, maybe it was because it was his birthday, or maybe it was just because I am, what a lot of people would consider, most handsome – but the older guy leaned toward me and placed his perfect lips against mine. On some level, I registered the whoops and hollering that came from his comrades, but I kept my focus on the beautiful, manly, worn face as it moved in to mine. I was surprised to see that he kept his eyes open, as well. It was the kind of kiss that would have had sparks shooting out everywhere or lightning bolts flashing if this had been a cartoon. I instantly knew the connection was not one-sided, either. The widening of his eyes told me he felt the electrical-like jolt, too. He pulled back quickly. “Fuck, what was that?” Mr. Dennis asked with an astonished face. “Fate,” I replied. “Who knew fate could feel so good.” “May I buy your beer, birthday boy?” “With lips like those, dinner would be better, handsome?” His comment caught me off guard. I started to speak, but my mouth just dropped open wide and I stared at him. Damn, his face was gorgeous – even in the midst of being dumbfounded by him I could admire his looks. Jade colored eyes with flecks of gold in them were emphasized by the light green perfectly crisp linen shirt which complimented his still wiry elder body. His clothes were expensive – I could tell – and that excited me in a way I had not anticipated. Maybe I was turned on by the fact that my future super-powered gramps was secure and established. I forced myself to return to the present moment and tried my best to react to his roundabout invitation to dinner. “How ‘bout it, stud? Care to take an old man to dinner for his birthday?” “I would . . . I would . . . like it more than . . . than…” “Spit it out, son.” “More than anything, sir.” “Fuck, no need to be formal, son. Quit with the ‘sir’ stuff. It makes me feel old. Call me Randy.” “I’m Thomas. It’s great to meet you, Randy.” “Likewise. I have expensive taste, Thomas. Sure you want to take me to dinner?” “Only if drinks at my place can follow,” I replied, having regained some of my bravado from earlier. “Damn, you’re a slick one, Thomas. You don’t need glasses do you, pal. You do know that I’m seventy-one, today, and you’re – let me guess – twenty-four?” “Almost twenty-seven.” “Damn, a cute spring chicken. No telling what the boys, over there, are going to call me behind my back when I leave with you. Let me go tell them goodbye and you take out that phone of yours and make reservations at some very nice expensive French restaurant. This is already turning into a birthday I will never forget. He had no idea how right he was. I was going to make sure it was a night we’d both always remember.
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    EDIT: I've accidentally posted this story in two different places because I didn't realize there was a separate place for unfinished stories. I can't figure out to delete this one. Oh well! Hey bros. Writing a pretty personal story that I'd thought I'd share with you all. I'm super tired and depressed these days, so writing stuff like this really helps me process. This story isn't just a quick sex scene, so I want you to try and get into the characters. It's still in progress, so any feedback helps. Appreciate it! CHAPTER 1 - The Gay Bar Escapade --- They met online. Usually, online connections don’t really work out. Sometimes, you think you’re talking to a cute boy who just got out of college, so you start texting each other. But suddenly, when it’s time for you to meet each other, you find out that it’s just a 60 year old man who’s lonely, bored, and a compulsive liar. But this time, it worked. And don’t ask me why. Sometimes, it just does. And you always hope that it does. Jake was always on the computer. He didn’t like going outside a ton, because going outside meant that he had to face the terrible world of adulthood and wearing pants, and really, no one wants to do that. He’d met Brad randomly, on a YouTube comments section. It was a sadder song, the kind that people listen to when they just want to feel things. He’d offhandedly commented on the music, and someone had replied, with a message that was strangely kind. “I feel that way too,” the comment said (strange, knowing the kinds of comments youtube had), “do you have any other music like this?” And so they’d kind of bounced music back and forth, and it was kind of exciting because they’d feel the same about certain things, and they got to discover music together, and it was strangely easy and anxiety free. One day, when Jake was flipping through recommendations, he’d stumbled on Brad’s actual channel, which included his face, and the upper half of his body. Brad did commentary on random things— this time it was about an indie video game released in 1994. Jake was infatuated instantly- not only because Brad’s beard was full, dirty blonde, and masculine, but because Brad was someone who wasn’t an idiot or a liar. He didn’t do things for the attention. He had a good head on his shoulders. And goodness, he had some good shoulders. And suddenly they were seeing each other. Texting at first, then video chatting. Then they were talking about life, coming over to each other’s houses, sharing the same sweaters. It never seemed this easy with other people he’d met. Brad was easy to talk to, and seemed to keep conversations going. Jake was quieter and less socially skilled, but had a lot to say when he opened up. For whatever reason, it was like they already knew each other, already wanted to find out more. Brad was older and had the money to move around, and wasn’t afraid of many things. So they got together one day, after a multitude of texts, and it felt pretty effortless. It helped that Brad was especially eager. When they first started seeing each other, he’d not stop texting. Before they were even close, it was clear that Brad wanted to initiate. And sometimes it was a little uncomfortable, because Jake had never dated anyone that seriously before (besides one girl he’d seen in High School for no reason except for the recognition). Brad was taller, 6’4”, well built, with a slightly greying head of hair that Jake would always ask about. He had nice shoulders, the kind you could put throw a hunted deer on, to take home to eat. They were wide and muscled, and always fit well into the XL T-Shirts that Brad would wear just about everywhere. He looked like a dad in a lot of ways, especially because he had the girthiness that only enters into the muscles with age. A moderate weightlifter, he made sure to work out all the parts of his body with equality. He loved his body, as he would tell Jake. He made sure to take care of it so that it looked good for other men. Jake was certainly shorter. Many would call him a gold star gay, because he looked so unsuspecting and everyone would invite him to events because he was just an easy gay person to have around. With surprising biceps that he got from being on the swim team, Jake was always just trying to be more than ordinary. He didn’t want to be the typical person, didn’t want to have a normally sized body, didn’t want to act like all other gays. It was hard though, because who else was he supposed to be? He wanted to be manly as hell, this huge man with a life. But instead, he was average, average, average. His dirty blonde hair and eyebrows got him a lot of looks from the girls, and some of the guys at school, but never the attention that he wanted. He’d always been drawn to the football players and swim guys, but they were all too immature or terrible to have decent relationships with. Once he thought he had a thing with another player on his water polo team, but it turned out the other guy was just drunk and touchy. He was too closeted and didn’t think Jake was valuable enough to come out for. So it was always back to the computer for Jake, trying to find something worthwhile, but getting nowhere with people he didn’t even care about. People online were just awful. They spent no time getting to know him and only wanted pics. “Nice jawline!” “Your so Hot” or “<3 <3” were the only kinds of conversation he got. It wasn’t even worth his time. Not to mention the people on the other end of those comments were always these creepy men that clogged up any hope of real interactions. When Brad showed up, everything changed. It was like there was finally someone he could talk to. Someone he could be there for. Someone who didn’t hang around just because the scruff on his face made him look so cute. It was because Brad really wanted Jake, even before they could see each other. When Jake thought of this, it really turned him on, in ways other things hadn’t before. The first thing they did when they got together was go to a gay bar. Just for kicks. Also, because Jake had never been to one before. It was a surreal experience, one that still didn’t make sense to Jake after he thought about it. “You ever go to a gay bar before Jake?” Brad had asked him in the car. “No, it’s kind of scary to go out into places like that,” Jake replied. “Why’s that?” “Well… because… I don’t know,” Jake started. “Naw I get what you mean,” Brad replied with a giggle, “gays are just about the most unpredictable thing you’ve ever seen.” As if to emphasize that, he grabbed Jake’s thigh. It surprised him. “Yeah! I—” Jake started. “Okay I’m gonna park the car around back, and you can get out and wait for me in front,” Brad continued, interrupting Jake casually. Jake was confused by this at first because all his attention was drawn to the human contact on his left leg, and Brad was talking like nothing strange was happening. But he nodded like it was just nothing out of the ordinary. They pulled up at the bar, and Brad shoo-ed Jake out of the car. Jake was on the darkened street now and awkwardly walked toward the place that they were trying to get into. It must have been around Eight o’ clock, so the street wasn’t well illuminated by anything but unnatural light. As he neared the bar, he immediately felt a bunch of eyes on him, like he was walking into the wrong classroom. It wasn’t a gentle kind of attention either. It was aggressive, almost thirsty. A couple standing out front, illuminated by the purple yellows of the neon looked directly at him together, and continued talking. The Bouncer immediately turned to face him. The line waiting to get into the bar glanced at him like he was kind of a challenge. Jake remembered why this was something he didn’t do. He got into the line, even though it was painful, in the vague hope that Brad would show up before he got into the building. But after an uncomfortable amount of time, he’d gotten to the front, and Brad still hadn’t showed up. “ID?” said the bouncer. “S-Sure,” Jake stammered. He was trying to play it cool, but really had no idea what that looked like here. He pulled out his wallet and took the card out of the display. He handed it to the bouncer. “So what’s this all about again? Trying to get with older men?” The bouncer said. This was so painful. Jake almost wanted to shut down completely. “Oh, uh,” he said, “I mean, that’s my ID.” There was almost no conviction in his voice. “Hey, it was a nice try, but you gotta do better than this,” the man said. He unhooked the rope that led the line into the bar. Jake could feel the eyes of everyone on him. This was so embarrassing. He looked like a child trying to cheat other adults. He looked around like someone would help him, but felt only the small smiles that the people in line were showing. He didn’t know what to do, so he froze up. Suddenly, Brad was there. “Hey bud, what’s going on here?” He half shouted. Jake looked up. “He handed me a fake so I got him out of here.” said the bouncer, addressing the man walking towards them. “You can’t be coming into bars if you’re not old enough.” “What?” Brad’s brow wrinkled. “This kid’s too honest to use a fake. If he were trying to get in with a fake, don’t you think he’d try a little harder?” The bouncer sighed. “Look,” said Brad, his face starting to make sharp movements, “this is a gay bar. Gays have had it rough enough. The kid’s 22, and I know, has the courage of a 17 year old, but we’ll pay the cover charge, which is like 10 each right? Just let us in.” Jake looked around. He was trying to dissociate from owning the trauma of the situation, but he’d realized that the cover was only 5$ that night. “Hm,” the bouncer looked at Brad, then back to Jake. “Are you his Dad or something?” With this, Brad grabbed the rope that had been unhooked, and with the other arm, grabbed Jake’s entire torso. He moved forward, clipped the rope back in, and pulled out a wallet. “‘Preciate it,” Brad said, as he handed a 20 to the bouncer. He didn’t seem to respond with resistance, so they kept walking forward. They made it through the door and onto the hellish disco in front of them. “Thanks,” Jake said weakly, looking back at the bouncer. “What!?” Brad replied, looking at Jake. They met eyes. “Did you just thank the bouncer?” Jake just chose not to reply. He looked kind of dazed. He’d thought it romantic, and scary, and embarrassing all at the same time and wasn’t sure which emotion to proceed forward with. In front of them was a lake of people jumping to a neon fuschia music beat. Things were essentially cloaked in darkness, save the glow in the dark paint splatters across the walls that strangely resembled other less appropriate substances. All around, people came and went in a sweaty, disorganized cacophony. The looks were less intense in here, and the biting coldness of the air conditioning felt kind of nice. It was almost like a different world entirely, one that wasn’t faced with so much social pressure. They started to walk over to the bar, and Jake found himself clinging to Brad without actually touching him. It was like he actually had a Dad today, to go with him places and make him feel less afraid. It was nice. Jake eased up a bit. Along the way, Jake met the eyes of a cute blonde guy who was skinnier than him. There was this strange burst of electricity, and then he broke eye contact. He’d noticed that the man was only wearing a thong, which really turned him off. Brad walked up to the bartender girl making drinks, and ordered something that sounded like a country and a randomly generated noun. It was hard to hear over the noise, and the words didn’t usually go together anyway, so Jake had a hard time recognizing what was being said. The girl nodded, cocked her head, and gave them a brief smile. “Do you ever wonder,” Brad asked, facing Jake “how many good, attractive people like you are just sitting at home, too afraid to come out and meet people?” . “Oh thank you,” said Jake. Brad had just complimented him, and it made him feel good inside. Then he realized he forgot to answer the question. “Oh, yeah, I know what you mean. Like, there are probably so many amazing people out there, but it’s just so hard to meet them.” “Right,” Brad replied, looking around, then back at Jake. “I guess the problem is that there are so many brave idiots who really should just stay home and do some thinking.” The bartender came back with their glasses. “Been a while since someone here’s winked at me,” she said to Brad. “Are you his dad?” “Oh honey,” Brad said with a melodic gruffness that surprised both the girl and Jake, “I’m gay. Just think you’re cute is all. The bandana on the arm is such a touch.” The girl beamed with enjoyment. She was incredibly pretty, and had a soft face that was somehow angular. “Well thank you” she almost squealed, “that’s so sweet. Gay men are so wonderful. You know they’re being honest because they don’t use compliments to try and get inside your pants.” She handed them their drinks. Brad started a little bit too quickly, and Jake watched as his Adam’s apple moved to compensate for what was going down. It scared him and intrigued him. He looked at his own drink and took a sip. It tasted like vodka and did not go down easily. Again Jake felt like a tiny, tiny boy, out of place. “How’s it taste?” the girl asked Jake, a little too pointedly. She’d noticed. “I… like sweet drinks,” Jake replied with a smile and a cough. He felt comfortable around her, like he did all women, but was finding it harder and harder to sound cool. She laughed. “I’m Lacy. You two are kinda likable. I’ll keep you in my mind,” she said to them. “Lacy, I’m Brad.” “I’m Jake. This place is kinda nuts isn’t it?” “Yes,” said Lacy with a nod. “But it’s fun. I get to be a mom to these sisters. Don’t have to dress like a nun. Men won’t try to grope me except sometimes. And even then they’re just lonely. I can work with that.” Lacy nodded and looked at the group of other men clumped around the bar. It was growing harder and harder to have a conversation. “Well see yuh!” Lacy gave them a small wave and then grabbed a rag to wipe up a spilled drink. She picked up the cup and placed it on the counter in front of an older man who looked severely drunk. She slapped him on the cheek gently and told him to pay attention to his containers. He nodded, stupidly. “Wanna move around a little?” Brad said. Jake met eyes with Brad again, and felt a little flutter in his chest. Brad was just....he was just… incredibly sexy. Jake didn’t really have the words to contradict or express a desire. He just nodded. He wanted to be next to Brad. So they started walking. They headed towards where everyone was dancing, and Brad got sidetracked looking at a Go-go dancer. Jake wasn’t paying attention, and was drawn in to the mass of excited bodies. It was interesting. He started to smile and join in. It felt good, to be in a comfortable place, moving to a beat in unison with a bunch of other strangers. They weren’t aggressive or mean. They just smiled and danced along. After a couple minutes, Jake opened his eyes and saw the guy from before standing still with a glass of wine, staring straight at him. It was unnerving, but he continued to dance. He moved into some people’s bodies to get away from the gaze, but he knew it was following him. Seconds later, he felt a touch on his back. He turned around to the same guy from before. “Hey babyyyy!!! What’s up?!” the voice said loudly. “I don’t know! Just dancing!” It was a dumb answer, but it was true. “That’s hot,” said the other guy. The statement made Jake uncomfortable, but he wasn’t sure what to say. Jake was half moving, half conversing with this other person for a couple of seconds before he spoke again. “So where are you from,” the guy asked. He moved in strangely close. “I’m from around here, yeah,” said Jake. What was going on here? He spotted Brad, but Brad wasn’t looking at him. Jake was beginning to feel awkward. “Oh really me too! What High school did you go to?” The man was persistent, and Jake was clearly not interested. “Uh, Carp High,” he said, not really sure if he should have lied there or not. “Oh my god that’s where my sister went!” the person replied with a strange sense of eagerness. Why was that exciting? It was just high school. “Yeah, well that’s great!” Jake was trying to be as polite as he could. “Did she like it?” “No, she kinda hated it. Her name’s Angelina. Did you know an Angelina?” “No I didn’t.” There was a long and uncomfortable pause. “Mmm, I like your face,” said the man. Jake was trying his best not to cringe inside. And then it got really weird. The man leaned in and got close. And put his hand on Jake’s crotch. Jake froze up and blinked. He couldn’t believe what was happening. The music proceeded as usual and no one seemed to notice. Brad didn’t even step in. “So…” said the guy, noting the lack of response, “do you like sucking dick or anything?” Jake could not believe the nerve of this person, how oblivious of the right things to say in conversation he was. He remembered what Brad had said about idiots being the bold ones. Jake didn’t want to be here. But he was having a panic attack. Brad walked by and stood watching. Jake broke away and walked over. The person followed. “Hey Brad, can we go somewhere else?” Jake said. “OH, is this your DADDY??!” said the man, “He’s so cuuuute. And sooooo masculine. Hashtag, masc for masc!” Brad raised his eyebrows. Jake was shaking. “You know, masculinity is like… toxic, just so that you’re aware. Just embrace your inner queen, okay sister? Don’t try to be masculine when you know inside you’re just as gay as the rest of us!” The man teased. Jake put his face really close to Brad. ”Besides, the guys you find on Grindr don’t actually want to be your friends.” “Hey Brad,” Jake said, in a normal voice, but one that could be heard over the volume. “Yes, Jake?” “He uh, he grabbed me. I feel weird.” At this Brad’s face turned to stone. He found Jake’s hands and started to squeeze them. The man was still there, and he’d got some other guys to sniff around as well. What happened next still felt like a dream to Jake, though the whole night was hazy. Brad started to breathe, faster and faster, as he looked at the person behind Jake. Jake stared absently at Brad, and then started to notice that ever so slowly, his hands were starting to move. Not move, just expand over his. Like they were growing. Jake thought Brad was somehow looking to hug him, but as he looked upward in the dim neon lights, he realized Brad was getting bigger somehow. It was subtle, and with all the movement happening, it wasn’t super obvious, but Jake noticed because he was starting to feel more skin and more hand on him. There was a guttural rumbling he could hear through their bodily contact, and immediately, Brad broke contact and went up to the man. He was immediately encircled by two others, though they didn’t seem to notice the slow growing Brad kept up. Brad spoke slowly, with intention, but the other guy made no expressions that he was afraid or sorry. Then one of the men took out a cloth and put it over Brad’s face. Jake’s eye’s widened. All he could remember happening next was calling the police because there was too much to think about. He’d never done it before, but when the men noticed he was on the phone, they scattered, and Brad sunk to the floor.
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    Part Three I didn’t remember much about the rest of the evening – except the way Mr. Dennis’ hand felt every time it squeezed or stroked part of my body. When he took it away to eat or do something else, I immediately missed his firm grip and loving caresses. To say I was smitten was an understatement. The man was witty, charming, brutally honest, and steered the evening like some kind of magnificent elder captain of an ocean liner and I was his number one cabin boy. He was confident in the way I had dreamed my chosen subject would be – clearly able to be the one in charge, but in a gentle way and harsh only when he needed to be. Maybe it was the Borolo, maybe it was his aftershave, or maybe it was just knowing what was to come when we got to my place – but I was able to finally relax into the evening and just – as Mr. Dennis had suggested – be in the ‘now.’ Soon, we were back in my car, his strong hand gripping my thigh again, and I was rock hard knowing we were headed towards our destiny. We would soon be linked in what I was sure would be an unbreakable bond. “So, Tommy-boy has a little muscle and strength fetish, huh?” asked Mr. Dennis out of the blue as his forefinger pressed into the side of my hard rod. “What?” I asked, swerving a little in the road because the question caught me off guard. “Whoa, you okay there, bud? Need this elder man to drive? Too much Borolo will do that to a man,” he replied. “No, I’m fine. I promise. The two coffees and dessert helped a lot. I was just surprised by your statement.” “I don’t see why, Thomas. Every chance you got tonight you steered the conversation toward muscles and strength. Methinks you might be a little obsessed.” I did not like where this conversation was headed. It reminded me that I had already revealed too much information about my desires – my secrets. I was all too close to the plan I had been working so long and so hard to fulfill and I was nervous something would go wrong. I let silence be my answer, but Mr. Dennis continued. “Hey, it’s cool, friend. We all have kinks. We shouldn’t be embarrassed by them. I happen to love dominating a guy – well, smothering might be a more appropriate word. I like the idea of leading some young buck through life – being his mentor, his guide, his alpha. Again with the swerving - are you sure you’re okay?” “I’m great, Mr. Dennis. I’m perfect, as a matter of fact.” I was suddenly realizing that maybe the inner workings of the man I had chosen weren’t going to be that affected by his upcoming outer changes. I was suddenly sweating a little from the nervous excitement caused by this gray-haired, soon-to-be massive, older man telling me he loved to be an alpha. This seemed like the icing on my already perfect cake. It also caused more trouble for me in the southern parts of my body. My already throbbing cock began to ache with anticipation – no, with a need to have the change already happened. “I detect a quickened heartbeat and an increased rise at your crotch from my little confession, cute little Tommy. You want some older man to put you on a short leash?” “Not any older man, sir. One specific older man,” I said, glancing to him with such a serious look I was suddenly afraid I might be coming on too strong. “Hot damn, boy, that mouth of yours can say the nicest things. I’ll be as stern as you want me to be. I’m not a bully, though. I’ll just be that guy that suggests what you should wear, orders your meal for you, intimidates other guys that flirt with you, and leads you through lovemaking like a masterful potter working with clay. How does that sound?” “Like heaven, Mr. Dennis. Just like heaven.” The hand stroking my thigh reached over and squeezed my full hardness and his low growl of approval made the big thing twitch. I was now officially his – even before the change. I could feel it. I wanted him desperately, as is, and knew the changes would simply make me desire him more – if that were possible. It was crazy, but I got the feeling he wanted me, as well. I wasn’t sure if it was just for one night or for a lifetime, but I didn’t get hung up about that. I simply took his desire for what it was worth – right then and now. We were two lost ships that had somehow found each other among all the oceans, seas, and ports in the world. I began to think fate was approving of my plan and just kept making Mr. Dennis even more perfect than he had been before. “Hell, Tommy-boy, I hope you like you’re plowing hard, because I’m so turned on I’m pretty sure I’m not going to be able to control myself,” Mr. Dennis said, running his free hand through his gorgeous gray hair. I wanted to tell him I was hoping he’d never be able to control himself again. I wanted to tell him I was about to turn him into this senior muscled superhero, whose outsides would soon equal all of the alpha manliness he felt inside. Turning into my driveway almost made me cum. Mr. Dennis told me he was very impressed with my house and when he took his hand away from my leg I immediately felt a deep void. I didn’t have to suffer too long, though, because he was on my side of the car even before I stepped out and had a guiding arm around my waist as we walked up the bricked path to my big front porch “Such a big house for one guy,” Mr. Dennis said, looking at my home. “I have a feeling it will seem a lot smaller very soon,” I said – throwing caution to the wind since I was steps away from my goal. “Yeah, two people will make it more intimate, don’t you think,” he replied – not knowing how his future size would make everything intimately small. As I unlocked the door, Mr. Dennis’s wandering hand went from my lower back down to my ass and gripped hard. I was learning first hand – no pun intended – that the silver fox had a one-track mind when it came to his interests. I didn’t mind at all. Being smothered by all of his future huge body was going to be such pleasure. God, the man’s hand knew how to please. I figured that came with age and experience – another reason I loved mature men. He firmly grasped my cheek and lifted upward, making me go up on my toes. Then, his fingers slid firmly up into my crack and teased the pleasure zone up in there, mercilessly. I kept missing the keyhole because I couldn’t focus on what I was doing. I had a feeling he’d never miss any holes. “Damn, your ass is going to turn me into a beast, boy,” he growled as he prodded his hand further forward. “You have no idea,” I whispered, smiling and finally getting the door opened. The man never let his hand leave my ass – guiding me into the house like some kind of puppet master maneuvering every part of me with his fingers. There was a quick glance around the big front hall and then the man spun both of us around and pushed me into the door he had expertly shut with his foot. His slightly smaller, elder, still pretty-tight body slammed up against mine, knocking the wind from me a little. Instantly, a hard thigh parted my legs and pushed firmly into my fully erect cock. Hands gripped my wrists and forced my arms to my sides. Then, to really send me over the top, a silver-stubbled face scraped strongly against mine as Mr. Dennis’ lips attacked me. It was a brutal love assault that made my toes scrunch up in my shoes and my fingers uncontrollably ball into tight fists from indescribable pleasure. Older men simply knew how to kiss better than anyone else in the world. Maybe it was because they had spent a lifetime of kissing frogs in hopes of making one of them turn into a prince – and ended up trying again and again when the dude just stayed a frog. Or maybe it was simply because years of practice – as well as years of learning the techniques of other men – made them pros. It was like a great, great grandmother’s perfect recipe that was improved even more as it passed down through the generations. Whatever it was, Mr. Dennis was a Grade-A, powerful, aggressive kisser in a league all of his own – I had never been forced to submit my mouth, as well as my entire body, in such a euphoric way. I immediately became putty in his hands and he could have had his way with me in any manner he chose. I even briefly forgot about my plan to come – simply awash with so much orgasmic joy I could only focus on the multiple different reactions he was causing in my body. He pulled his lips from mine and I instantly let out a moan of displeasure – clearly telling him I didn’t want him to stop. “Thought I’d show you what this old man is capable of from the get-go, Thomas. Just wanted you to know how happy I am you spoke to me tonight.” “Just kiss me, please sir! God, just kiss me,” I said, begging for him to return to what he was doing. His wrinkle-framed lips were back on mine in a flash and I went back up on the tips of my toes from the incredible sensation that shot through my body. I knew I was forever his yes-boy at that exact moment. I had never been so turned on by a pair of lips. I had never been so expertly whipped into an orgasmic frenzy. His tongue invaded my mouth in a way that caused me to feel small and weak, but at the same time it caused a feeling of pure bliss, as well. His thigh pushed against my crotch the way a linebacker might hit an opposing team’s player – hard, powerful, and causing a loss of breath. I was on sensory overload, afraid I might pass out at any second. The man sensed all of this and pulled his face back again. “You’re making me feel so powerful, son,” he growled, staring into my eyes. “That’s my intention, sir.” His hands still held my arms to my side and I imagined how it would feel when his body would not even register anything I did to try and break free – when he would easily hold me in place any time he wished. His hot mouth returned to mine, his thigh thrust into my groin even harder, and I started to wish for release. He had driven me to the point of no return. I wanted to explode. I wanted the old man to make me offer him a powerful orgasm. This time, I turned my head to speak and he simply continued to suck on my neck as I begged. “Please make me cum, Mr. Dennis. I want to cum for you.” “Aw yeah, Tommy-boy is ready to bust his nuts big time, isn’t he? Let’s not rush the evening, though, son. This old man isn’t one of those guys that needs to be in bed by eight o’clock. I can make it all night long, Thomas. Let’s hold off on that release for a little while longer. I want to have you leaking with anticipation. How about a drink?” And just like that, the senior tease released me and backed away. I stayed pressed against the door with my head turned sideways and my eyes closed for a few more seconds and then the word ‘drink’ registered in my head. Like a man that fell in a well and took hours to climb back out, I dragged myself back from the cliff of ejaculation and snapped totally present in an instant. I knew exactly where the small bottle of liquid to put this man to sleep for the upcoming change rested on a shelf in a kitchen cabinet – waiting so patiently for this day. Him backing off and requesting a drink was the only thing that could have quieted my libido at that point. I turned and smiled at the now slightly disheveled gorgeous older man. “What’s your choice of poison, Mr. Dennis?” “What kind of whiskey would a nice man like you have, Thomas?” “Black Bush, sir.” “Mmmmm, the protestant one, that shows some character. I’ll have some of that, good sir. Straight, with no chaser. Just to show you how strong I am.” My balls immediately ached more and I found it hard to walk as the man put his now familiar hand on my back and led me towards the kitchen after I nodded in its direction. To show me how strong he was, indeed. He had no idea what those words did to me or how the image of him being really strong by this time tomorrow played again and again as he went off to explore more of the house leaving me totally alone to fix his drink. Strong whiskey would more than hide the smell and taste of the almost totally bland mixture that promised non-disturbed sleep for about twelve hours. That would be more than enough time for me to inject this senior daddy with the formula I had spent most of my waking hours over three years to perfect. And it would take even less for the changes to happen. I held out the drink to him when he came back into the kitchen. I had poured myself some, as well, but mine had a little water and some ice. He took the class and we raised them in a toast. “Here’s to your health,” I said. “Here’s to you getting plowed tonight,” he responded with a laugh and then he downed the entire glass with one huge, beautiful, manly gulp.
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    It didn’t seem weird to Mitch that all his friends had to suck his dad off when they came to visit, though he never had to do it when he went round their houses. It was just how his dad was, plus it was his house, you had to go by his rules. But then other people's fathers didn’t have constantly boned 13 inch wrist thick monster cocks with orange sized balls that were forever streaming thick gooey cum. His father had one rule, if you were a guy over 16 and under 30 you had to milk a load out of his cock before you came into his house. It was a fun rule, all Mitch’s friends thought so, even when his father hosted his work barbeque every year and the hot interns and his colleagues sons sucked his bull nuts dry no complained, even though a lot of food went uneaten. Though Mitch his hate having to make conversation with his fathers work friends while their sons were busy milking his dad. It left poor Mitch with no one his age to chat with for a while. At this very moment Mitch was watching TV while his buddy Vince sucked out his ‘welcome’ load from Mitch’s dad’s cock, Vince was a regular visitor, everyday since school ended, even though he lived across town. Vince was getting pretty good at milking that horse cock, he almost had it down to a science. A couple flicks of his tongue and it would only be another 20 minutes till his guts were sloshing with Mitch's father's thick cum. For most people it took an hour to get a load out of the monster. A clicking started, Mitch saw his dad smirking while he quickly typed something onto his phone. Which was pretty rude, Vince was trying really hard to be a good guest and his dad wasn't even giving his friend the attention he deserved. Mitch blinked, Vince’s loud moans blocked out the TV’s sound. Why did his father have to be such a good fucker, poor Vince’s eyes were rolling into the back of his head while Mitch’s dad impaled him again and again on his 15 inch baguette of a cock, his swollen grapefruit sized nuts slapped Vince’s peachy ass. Mitch watched Vince's feet flex from their perch over Mitch's father's boulder like shoulders. Vince was probably delirious from another orgasm. It was easy inviting friends over, they always came, then his dad made them cum. His one rule of fucking every 16 to 30 year old boy was ironclad, even Mitch’s young English teacher didn’t escape when he came around to talk about Mitch’s progress in class. Or the neighbour boys when they 'accidentally' tossed a football over the fence, they seemed to do that once or twice a week. Mitch watched his father’s wide back flare as his hairy arms pumped Vince down onto the his massive member. His dad’s muscle ass clenched and he roared. Mitch knew that his father had welcomed Vince properly with a thick gooey load shot deep into his guts. Now they could hang out, that was if Vince wasn’t exhausted after an hour long fuck. Why did his dad have to be such a welcoming stud.
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    A Chapter 3 Please! *bats eyelashes and gives a puppy dog pout*
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