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    Hello! Thanks for waiting. I've been struggling with some financial issues recently, so I've been doing my best to write this in my spare time. I'm going to be giving a warning as early as now, though, that from the next part onwards, the story will be experimenting with some things I'm not sure necessarily comply with the rules of the forum or the tastes of some forumgoers. I'll be doing my best to write within forum limitations, but if I need to move my story elsewhere, then so be it. For now though, here's the next part. And as usual, if you have any comments, suggestions, or recommendations on the way I write, the way the story is going, or the overall writing, please don't hesitate to take it up with me. Thank you for supporting the story so far, and I do appreciate greatly the comments and advice some of you message me with. I take them to heart and do my best to maintain consistency with your comments. The last thing I want to do is write something subpar. Thanks again, and enjoy! PART 7 Just a few days before the meteor struck, the company we worked at, Haley & Bennett’s, had organized a paid vacation to a remote resort several miles away with the help of Wes, the La Vida Resort. Known for its soft, white sand, it was a hot spot for corporate drones who’d begun to lose sensation in their feet from sitting at their desks all day. Our office was no exception. Although my workload had been relatively light the past few weeks after the meteor, the shit I had to go through outside work was probably just as tiring. Not to mention getting Wes back under control. On official documents, Wes labelled it as a “team-building cooperative retreat.” As early as 4 in the morning on the day of departure, the office had gathered at the bus terminal to load their luggage ahead of time in their respective buses. Wes spearheaded the manpower, making sure everything was arranged for. He’d even planned for the six of us—me, him, Marcus, Froy, Lisa, and Avery—to sit in one bus together. I walked up to him and gave him a quick hug. Although it had already been a few days, it was still comforting to see he was back at his normal size, shorter than I was. As we hugged, the stubble on his face was rubbing hard against my own hairless one. It seemed he was growing it out. “Hey, nice beard,” I said. He winked at me, stroking his beard with his meaty fingers. “Thanks, I’ve been working on it recently. The wife told me she’d never seen me with a beard before, so I guess I decided to maybe forget to shave for once.” “Well, it looks good!” I said. “Matches your eyebrows, really bushy.” “Yeah, I know. She told me to leave it on. Makes me look more like a man, she says. A good role model for Avery.” “Oh, yeah, where is he? Haven’t seen him yet,” I said. “He went to get a coffee.” Wes licked his palm and fixed his hair. “Anyway, he won’t be a problem. What I’m worried about is getting Marcus in here before the others.” Just at that moment, as if by summon, we heard a loud metallic bang coming from the distance. Coupled in the commotion was the distinct sound of grunting. Grunting — of course — that belonged to none other than Marcus himself. In a week, Marcus had grown from 5’11” to 6’9”. None of us had anticipated just how fast he was going to grow. And grow, and grow he did. He arrived at the bus terminal wearing a skintight white crop top and the most obscene pair of yellow speedos I’d ever seen on a man. He might as well have been naked. Where a week ago his body was tight and lithe, with the muscle mass of a runner, he’d grown so thick and massive that his barrellous chest resembled a bull’s. The entire mass of my body was probably only half his torso. When I looked closer, what I thought was a crop top was actually more of an undersized wife beater, pulled all the way up to his pecs by the sheer immensity of his delts, lats, back, and chest. The works. His legs were no different either. No way was he ever fitting into his skinny jeans again. My head was only slightly smaller than his ham-like thighs, round like boulders but hard as… boulders. They were granite. The outline of his cock was pressed tightly against the straining fabric of his speedo, even as the massive head peeked a bulb the size of my fist through the fabric, jutting out like a third leg coming from his waist. His balls were even practically spilling out the sides. With every step he took, his cock would swing like a pendulum, smacking into his thighs. He might as well have been naked. Standing next to him, Lisa looked downright dwarfish. But I guess to Marcus, most of us did. Despite how beach-ready she looked with all her expensive make-up, the weighted eyebags and the way she struggled to walk upright screamed otherwise. She struggled to maintain a smile, waving at me out of formality. “Oh, my god. Would you look at this guy,” Wes said, staring up at Marcus’ cocky face. “He looks like he’s about as heavy as the damn bus.” Marcus waded through the crowd effortlessly as he walked over to us. He was clearly amused at how easily he could knock people out of his way with nothing but his size and weight. It was like watching a living, breathing wrecking ball. With the way he puffed up his already ballooning pecs, people my height were getting their heads grazed as he loomed over us. When he got to the front of the line where Wes and I were standing, he grabbed us both by the back and planted our faces right in his pecs. If I so much as stuck out my tongue, it would’ve been wrapped all over the huge nipple staring right at me. His wife beater had ridden up higher as he hugged us, straining loudly. Every so often, his speedo would also bump into my hand. It took everything I had not to stroke it or hit it away. It felt like a baseball bat. “How’re my best buds doin’ this morning?” Marcus asked. “Suffocating,” I said. “The usual—also suffocating,” Wes said. “You really couldn’t find anything else to wear?” I asked. “‘Course not! I wanted to look my best for you guys, and my best is as close to naked as I can get,” he said, releasing us from the confines of his pecs. “Besides, this is literally all I have left. Nothing else made it past my shoulders, heh.” He shrugged, emphasizing the bowling balls he had for shoulders. I looked over behind him, ignoring the clearly annoyed line, and saw Lisa carrying the lone luggage bag they’d brought. Taking it from her arms, she let out a sigh of relief. She shot me a smile and fixed the strands of hair falling over her eyes. “Oh, thank god.” She smiled at me. “I thought I was going to be carrying that damn thing around all morning.” “Why aren’t you carrying your bag, Marcus?” I asked. “Lisa could’ve died carrying her own body weight around for so long.” “She’s my girlfriend, man. If she’s gonna be with me, she’s gonna need to be able to keep up with all this muscle!” He launched his humongous arms up into the air and nearly hit us in the face with a double bicep pose. His flexed upper arms were as round as some men’s whole guts for fuck’s sake. “I feel like a god right now. Everything in the bag’s mostly Lisa’s stuff. Besides, my things — IF they still fit, which they don’t — would’ve just been thrown into the cargo hold when we got here anyway.” “I don’t think Lisa would’ve appreciated being thrown into the cargo hold, Marcus,” Wes said. “Not much air in there.” “Ha ha,” Marcus said, bending over to laugh Wes in the face. Up close, Marcus’ head was almost twice as big as Wes’. “She’s had to hold her breath longer before, trust me.” Lisa coughed, massaging her jaw. “He’s not wrong. Being with him has gotten a LOT harder since he started getting bigger all of a sudden.” Marcus laughed, booming across the terminal. “What do you mean! I’m just a little bigger, Lisa. It can’t be that much harder.” “Oh, it’s a LOT harder alright. It was hot at first, but now it just hurts!” “Not from the way you moan.” He giggled. “Maybe I should be calling you Moan-a Lisa from now on. Get it? Did you catch the pun?” “Yeah, yeah, discuss your sex life on the bus, guys, you’re holding up the line.” Marcus pushed past us and gripped the entrance with his hands. “So how am I supposed to fit? It won’t break if I get in, will it?” He took one step in. And, boy, was it the longest step I’ve ever experienced. I could hear his speedo strain as he raised his leg. As his flip-flop pressed down on the bus, all of us gasped as the entire bus seemed to shake with as little as a step from Marcus. We were awed. The more he planted his weight, the lower the bus seemed to get. “This isn’t looking very safety checked, you guys,” Marcus said. “We don’t have a choice, Marcus, just get in. If the bus can’t handle your weight, then we’ll have to squeeze some of the others into the other buses.” “If you say so, boss.” Marcus hunched over and squeezed himself sideways as he shoved himself through the doorway. “It’s a bit of a tight squeeze, you guys.” Even sideways, his pecs were getting stuck in the doorway. “It’s not the doorway that’s a problem,” Wes mumbled. Marcus grabbed onto a railing and launched himself inside, nearly breaking off a few chairs as he crashed. His grip had left dents in the doorway where he’d held onto. To anyone else, it would’ve looked like the doorway was attacked by a pack of bears. “Alright, I guess I’ll be sitting at the back!” Marcus said. “Try not to break the bus, god damn it!” Wes said. “Will do, sir—AUGH!” A loud thud came from the bus’ ceiling. “Hit my head.” “Which one?” Wes asked, smiling. “Very funny!” Lisa threw their bag in the cargo and got in. She said she’d keep Marcus in check until we got in. Once Marcus was finally settled in the back of the bus, the line started moving again. I stayed out to help Wes adjust passenger count for Marcus with the other buses. As the lines seemed to disappear across the other buses, Avery and Froy had yet to appear. Neither Wes nor I knew where they were or what they could’ve been doing. It was starting to worry me. There was no way Froy would’ve been late—or worse—bailed completely. He wouldn’t do that to me. “Do you mind going to the coffee shop over there and checking if Avery is in there?” Wes asked. “The only time getting a coffee should take half an hour is if it’s my wife and if she took a bathroom break at some point.” “Sure thing. What’s he wearing?” “I think it was a red hoodie? You should know what he looks like, Dory. He just looks like me except younger and a lot less good-looking. Y’know, just like his mom.” He chuckled. “Hey, don’t tell her I said that.” “Sure, if you double my paycheck.” “Sure, but I’ll fire you.” He winked. “Damn it.” As Wes handled the rest of the lines, I headed into the commercial complex to look for his son. Before this week, I’d never really had a chance to interact with the kid. Wes would rarely talk about his children around work, so when I woke up at his condo and saw Avery, I almost forgot he existed. Now that we were spending a good few days together, I might as well take it as my chance to get close to him. He reminded me a lot of myself at that age: quiet, reserved… above average looks. Cough. The kid was still young, so he could still butter up and lose that boyish face. He still had a hefty head of bed hair, so as long as he managed to keep it, he’d be set. I don’t normally say this, but I do believe if he hit the gym, he’d probably have a good chance of having Wes’ muscled up bod too, if not bigger. Even as skinny as he was now, he already had the frame for it. Unless another meteor came crashing down, there was no way he was ever getting as big as Marcus or Froy. At 5 in the morning, the bus terminal was still pretty empty. It was deserted almost. I could only imagine how mind-numbing it must be to sit at a store all day waiting for a customer. And just when they finally come walking inside, they leave the moment you finally decide to get up. Takes nerve. Upon entering the coffee shop, I could see it was pretty much closed. The AC was still off, and all the lights and machines were still being turned on. Even the barista looked like he needed a good few buckets of coffee before he could open his eyes right. “Hey, excuse me, have you seen a kid in a red hoodie?” I asked him. Crumbs of eye crust fell as he opened his eyes and stared into mine—not at them, in them. “Hm? Ah, I think there mighta been a kid in here like that a few minutes ago. I don’t remember him leaving though.” “What do you mean?” “I’ve been watching the front door all morning, man. I haven’t seen anyone leave yet. I’ve only seen three people come in this morning, including you.” “‘Three’? Who’s the other one?” “Dunno. He was huge though. Probably 6’5” or something. Beefed up too. Looked like he was going to burst out of that black shirt of his any second. No idea how someone that tall packed on that much muscle, ‘specially since he looked like he was about the same age as that kid in the red hoodie you talked about. He even ordered two extra large coffees a few minutes ago.” He brought up the holder containing the two hot coffees. “See?” “Well, where could they have gone? Is the washroom open?” “Yeah. You can go check if you want. I don’t think it’d look very good on my resume if I got fired for having two people die in the washroom on my shift.” “You don’t wanna come with me?” He yawned, raising a cup of coffee and chugging it down. “Nah.” “Well okay then.” “Besides, if that huge kid saw me sneakin’ into the washroom, he’d probably kill me. Honestly, I don’t know what it is they’re feeding kids these days to grow them so damn big.” “Neither do I, mate.” As I approached the washroom round back, I’d already formed a hunch on who that hulking teen could’ve been. It was a bit of a sucker punch, but I had no right in the matter. At the washroom at the back, it was deathly silent. The door knob was surprisingly cold. But standing outside the door, I could hear a faint moaning sound coming from inside. Before I could even turn the knob, the door swung open. Avery, still in his red hoodie, came fumbling out the door. His mouth and hands were still wet. I even caught him massaging his jaw. “Hey, Avery.” He let out a yelp and slammed the bathroom door shut in an instant. His eyes looked like they were popping out of their sockets. He stared at me like a deer in headlights. “Your dad’s been looking for you everywhere. What were you doing in there?” I asked. “Nothing!” He rested back on the door. “It’s nothing…” “Are you sure? The barista said there was another guy in here. Hey, is someone in there?” Avery was silent. The kid couldn’t even look me in the eyes. Sweat was pouring down his face, ruining his groomed eyebrows. If I didn’t know any better, I would’ve guessed he was having a stroke. Trying to get something out of Avery would’ve just made things worse. I thought maybe it’d be better to just let him have this as his little secret. I had no doubt in my mind there could have been nobody but Froy in there. The barista’s description fit him too well. I just didn’t expect Froy to be getting so much attention from more than just me. “Guess he was wrong. C’mon, let’s get you to the bus.” But whatever, right? “Okay…” I could probably just ask Froy about it when we got to the resort. Avery waited for me to get to the front door before abandoning his post at the washroom. Once I wrapped an arm around his shoulder, we got to walking back to the bus. He massaged his neck and jaw every now and then — a scenario I knew all too well. The entire time we were walking he couldn’t look me in the eyes or even mouth a word. He was like a ghost. I didn’t think it was possible for anyone to be shier than Froy. “Sorry if this is a bit out of nowhere, but could you tell me something?” I asked. Avery looked up at me with drowsy eyes. “What?” “I’ve always wondered, but I didn’t really know who to ask. I know Wes is 31, and you’re 15, so there’s no way your mother now could’ve given birth to you, right?” “She’s… my step-mom.” “Wes never told me that.” “Oh, sorry.” “Don’t be. Did you ever get to meet your real mother?” “Only twice. I was 8 the last time. Dad said she was never coming back.” “What was her name?” “Olivia.” When we got about half-way out of the commercial complex, Wes yelled out to me from a distance. “Dory, hurry up! Everyone’s getting pissy!” he yelled. Keeping Wes waiting was the last thing I wanted to do. He may not have had any physical power over me, but he still held my paycheck. “Got it, Wes!” I took Avery by the hand and ran with him over to the bus. Avery and I entered first before Wes. As soon as we got on the bus, all eyes were on us. It felt like I’d killed someone. I wasn’t sure if I was covered in guts or what. And seeing Marcus’ hulking form sitting at the very end of the bus made it feel like we were peasants approaching the king at his throne. As Avery and I twisted our way through the bus, I couldn’t quite comprehend how Marcus almost seemed to be getting bigger the closer we got. His massive legs were spread out, easily occupying two seats worth of space, allowing his speedo to stretch to its limits as his cock seemed to struggle for space through the fabric. The urethra and veins on his cock were visibly strained. It was still unbelievable how thick he was, nearly as thick around as my own forearm if not thicker. When we finally got to the back, Marcus was staring me down — way down — as he smirked. His massive arms were nesting behind the headrests, nearly reaching both ends of all five seats. His crop top looked just about ready to burst with how bloated his pecs seemed to be. They jutted out nearly five inches from his chest. Even his nipples looked oversized compared to the rest of him. His torso was so massive that his lats were already taking up space from the two seats at his sides. Whoever sat next to him was gonna have a hell of a time sleeping next to his mountains of muscle. Poor Lisa. “About time you guys got here!” he said. “Let’s get to the beach before I burst out of these damn clothes!” He raised up his arms again into a double bicep pose, running his tongue around his right bicep as he teased. “I swear it feels like you just keep getting bigger every time I see you,” I said. “Maybe ‘cause I am?” he asked. “Don’t pretend you don’t enjoy this as much as I do, Dory.” Lisa was barely awake, on the window seat of the back row. She knew she was never going to get decent sleep if she took the seat next to Marcus. Literally just his breathing would’ve bothered her all ride. The poor girl didn’t know what she had coming when she dated Marcus. But to be fair, none of us had any idea what we had coming. Avery’s eyes were filled with fear and worry as he kept his eyes locked on Marcus’ size 16 feet. Behind us, Wes was throwing in our bags in the overhead containers, grunting in annoyance. I was so engrossed in Marcus that I didn’t even realize we were still standing in the way. “Alright, Avery you sit over here with me,” Wes said, directing Avery to two of the seats on the right. “And you Dory get the seats next to us there. If Froy ever gets here, he’ll sit with you.” “Oh, yeah! Where is the little guy?” Marcus asked. “I thought you said he was coming?” “He is. I just don’t know where he is… now. I called him an hour ago, and he said he was on his way here.” “Well, we can’t keep everyone here waiting on us much longer,” Wes said. “If he doesn’t get here in the next few minutes, we’ll have to leave him behind.” “Aw, come on, boss. Let’s give ‘im a chance. Call him up again, Dory. Maybe he’ll pick up this time,” Marcus said. I dialed his number again — hopefully for the last time this morning. As each dial tone sounded, my worry grew exponentially. As I was about to give up, a heavy knocking sound came from the door. “Oh damn, did he make it?” Marcus asked excitedly. “That better be him,” Wes said, resting Avery’s sleepy head on his shoulder. The bus doors swung open, and I was filled with relief when the disheveled brush of black hair appeared. As Froy entered the bus, I could see he was also struggling to enter due to his newly grown muscles. Although not as much as Marcus, his lats and shoulders were flaring out far just as wide. He was bumping into the walls and railings, struggling to squeeze up the narrow staircase. Instead of his narrow waist helping, it only worsened his imbalance. When he finally got up to the corridor, I saw that he was still somewhat sweaty, smiling at me with a wide grin as he panted. His sweat caused his black shirt to cling to the curves of his muscles, exposing every crevice and detailing his nipples through the thin fabric — a second skin. Unsurprisingly, his clothes didn’t fit. All that fit was his belt around his 30” waist. He was about as awkward with his sex machine of a body as a newborn horse trying to run a marathon. His sleeves rode up to his armpits, and the hem of his shirt barely hit his Adonis’ belt, exposing his bottom row of lean abs whenever he so much as took a breath. In his right hand, causing his bicep to swell into a globe under his skin, was a cardboard holder with two coffees; in the other, his luggage bag. The poor kid looked terribly lost but kept his eyes locked on me. “Hello, sir! Sorry I’m late, I had—uh—I got us some coffee!” he said, grinning nervously. “Just hurry up and get over here!” Wes said. “We’ve gotta go right now if we’re gonna make it there on time.” “Oh, relax, your bosses aren’t here to scold you, are they?” Marcus said. “...Are they?” “At least try to keep yourself decent until we get there, Marcus, please,” I said. “Get over here, Froy. Sit next to me.” “Yes, sir!” He nodded. Maneuvering through the narrow corridor, everyone could feel his struggle. The seats were too close together, and the overhead cargo bins were way too short — for him anyway. His broad torso and thick legs were having a hard enough time finding their way through to me as is without the coffee and the luggage in his hands. He bit his lip in his struggle, keeping his eyes on me and smiling excitedly, clearly eager to take his seat next to mine. A few feet away, catastrophe struck. The driver hadn’t realized Froy was still standing as he started the bus. Without warning, he fell over next to me in the walkway on his knees. The hot coffee spilled all over his black shirt, causing him to panic and grunt. He was flexing every muscle he had in an attempt to strip. In his pained panting, he hurriedly threw off his shirt, exposing his smooth, lightly tanned torso to us at the back. He was a work of art. His muscled arms were 20” around, prominently bulging from under his skin due to his leanness. And despite a 56” chest, his pecs were still baby smooth even with the toughness and heft of his muscle. They protruded from his rib cage almost like breasts, with nipples as oversized and inviting as Marcus’, almost like miniature plates. “Damn, little guy, guess you’re gonna have to stay shirtless all the way to the resort. It’s a dream come true for you, Dory,” Marcus said. “Oh, shut up.” “Oh, god, I’m so sorry, sir, I didn’t mean it, I swear. It was just an accident—“ “It’s fine, Froy! Just, come on, sit next to me before something else happens. Avery, could you help Froy with his bag please?” I asked. “Oh—oh, okay,” Avery mumbled. Froy nodded, grunting in my ear as he pushed himself up off the ground. His towering form loomed over me, blocking out the light and showcasing his glistening muscles in his shadow. His abs were perfect, like round cobblestones shifting under his skin. Even as he sat himself next to me, his abs stood out like a gut. The entire seat quaked as he did. As he adjusted himself in his seat, clearly way too big to sit properly, I was being crushed against the window by his hefty upper arm and torso. It definitely hurt, but I loved every second. I looked down and saw that his legs looked like they were about to explode right out of his white shorts. I had to help him squeeze himself into his seat, groping his sweat- and coffee-soaked muscles as he moved in. “Sorry, sir. This seat’s just a bit tight,” he said. “Is it okay if I rest my arm on you? I don’t know where to put it.” “Yeah, go ahead, big guy. You’ll be my own personal seatbelt.” Resting his heavy arm over my head, the smell of his armpits showered me like cologne. “Ah, thank you, sir.” He smiled down at me. “I hope you don’t mind if I’m a bit sweaty.” “Don’t worry so much, Froy, honestly. I don’t mind anything you do. Just do what you need to do to get comfy.” “Shit, you make it sound like you’d let him do anything to you if he wanted,” Marcus said. “What — no!” Froy laughed, blushing, his body bumping into me with each chuckle. My head was locked between his shoulder and the window like a nut in a nutcracker. If I stuck my head out, it would’ve been pressed against his chest instead. The smell of his deodorant was extra pungent without his shirt. All I could smell was Froy’s iconic maple-scented deodorant in my nose, and mixed with the scent of coffee, it was taking all my willpower to avoid licking him clean. “Okay, save it for the resort, boys. We’re technically still at work.” Wes yawned. “If you haven’t noticed, everyone’s been dead silent listening to you guys. I hope you understand all complaints go straight to me.” “Sorry, Wes. We’ll behave.” “Sorry, sir,” Froy said. “Mr. Boss finally taking charge over here!” Marcus yelled. “Dad, please…” Avery mumbled. “What‘s with all that noise?!” Lisa cried. With that, we were off. It wasn’t long before we got to the highway and finally escaped the city. Although quiet to start, everyone in the bus soon began to lighten up. It wasn’t long before everyone in the office was laughing and chatting in small groups. For the most part, the topic was mostly work. Understandably, of course. We were all going on a retreat for a good number of days and wouldn’t be able to work. Rushing a week’s worth of work was an unpleasant reality we were all trying to drown out with the prospect of piña coladas at the beach. Marcus told stories to Wes and Avery about his sexual conquests with Lisa, making sure detail every which way he tore her apart. As the memories flooded back to her, I wasn’t surprised to see she’d repressed most of them. Wes was partly listening and partly on his phone. Avery’s face screamed terror and disgust, but he couldn’t help but be intrigued by Marcus’ stories. Froy, on the other hand, was trying his best not to press me against the window too much. His round ass was partially hanging off the seat, and his arm only seemed to be increasingly heavy as time went on, weighing down on me. I looked up at him, struggling to stay awake — the poor thing — and stared at his pecs. His chest, no matter how many times I’d seen it, always seemed to arouse me. He groaned, calling my balls to action, yet he stayed asleep. Instead, something else awakened in him. Through his size-too-small beach shorts, I could see the strong outline of his cock growing, snaking, down his thigh. Just as I thought it’d swollen to its largest, it only continued to grow in girth and length. Eventually, the head of his cock emerged from the bottom and flared free. It was so plump, so round. I couldn’t help myself; I had to stroke it. As my hand ran its fingers across its pink flesh, a silent moan exited his mouth. In that instant, I could’ve sworn his cock swelled yet another impossible inch longer. With my other hand, I couldn’t even wrap around the girth of his cock through his shorts. He’d grown thicker than my whole hand could hold. It was unfortunate timing when he decided to lower his arm and rest his heavy hand right on my crotch. In a second, I was fully erect, all 5” of me. Comparing mine to his made his look like it was almost four times as big, easily 10” long at least. At least. On his second groan, I knew I had to stop. It was way too early to be getting in trouble with Wes. After I carefully lifted Froy’s heavy hand off me and rested it back around my shoulders, I took a moment to gather myself. Why was I feeling so out of control lately? Surely, years of working around Marcus would’ve numbed me of my lustful thoughts by now. Marcus was at the back, comfortably sleeping. It seemed he’d pooped himself out trying to get Wes and Avery to listen. Who would’ve thought all it took to knock him out was to ignore him. Lisa was behind us, staring emptily out the window. If I focused in on her, I could hear the rock music blaring from her earphones. She looked even more exhausted than Wes or Marcus combined. Wes and Avery had fallen asleep too. Thoughts flooded through my head as I stared out the window. Especially the one that’s never left my head — the same question that’s been clawing at me, in me, for the past three weeks. Just what was it with that meteor? As far as I could tell, there was nothing common about any of the supernatural changes happening with my co-workers except that they all had the ability to grow. And grow. And grow. Could there have been others? As I was finally getting drowsy, I heard a loud tearing noise come from behind me. My stomach fell out my ass when I realized it could only have been Marcus. I turned around in my seat, knocking away Froy’s big arm, and peeked over. He’d been silent the entire trip so far. In fact, everyone but me, Lisa, and the driver were probably dead asleep. Even Lisa had taken off her earphones. “What was that noise?” she asked. “You heard it too?” I asked. “Yeah.” Before I could even reply, there was another noise, confirming that it did come from Marcus. A small tear had appeared in his wife beater’s collar. He groaned loudly, unmoving, blinking lightly, waking up to the sound of his clothes tearing. “What…?” “Holy — your clothes!” Lisa exclaimed. All three of us looked down at his barrel chest and saw that the crop top that had barely been containing his ballooning pecs before was tearing apart right in front of our eyes. From his collar bone, the tears continued to ride down the crevice of his pecs, pulling apart his wife beater. He was visibly growing out of it. We could see his torso seemingly expanding in girth as he took up more and more space in his seats. “Holy shit! Are you guys seeing this?!” he asked us, grinning from ear to ear. His head grew ever so slightly, making him appear even taller. “Oh, no, not again!” Lisa said. “Oh, baby! I can’t believe it!” he yelled. “I’m actually bursting out of my clothes!” As he laughed, I could almost feel the bus tremble as he swelled ever so slightly bigger all over. He was just a little bit taller, a little bit bigger, a little bit broader, wider, heavier… and a whole lot more naked. “It’s a damn good thing we aren’t at a bar this time,” Lisa said. Marcus whistled. “What, is all this growing scaring you, babe?” He raised up an arm that looked as big as my whole leg to reach out for her. Then, out of nowhere, he froze in place. Another set of tearing noises sounded off in the silence. His lats had torn through his wife beater with his expanding torso underneath his armpits; coupled with his engorged pecs, the wife beater had been torn to a pile of rags that hung desperately over his delts. His concrete pecs protruded from his rib cage like generous slabs of meat. And his shoulders and nipples weren’t left behind either. As everything on Marcus’ body had a quick growth surge, they probably grew most next to his chest. I was almost afraid to compare the size of my head to his biceps or shoulders, afraid of knowing that they were actually as big if not already bigger. “Holy shit, it actually happened. It literally just fucking happened!” I looked down and saw that he was getting hard. Marcus was getting off on the fact that he was growing so damn much and was only growing faster by the day. It was a miracle his waist had barely increased or else his speedo would’ve definitely popped straight off, reduced to nothing but a thong on him at this point. They had been sunk into the deep valleys of his muscled thighs and ass. His erection had erupted from his speedo, climbing up his abs in record speed. He held out his hands in a vain attempt to cover himself up, but it was clear he was giving a half-assed effort, wanting nothing more than to show off his new assets. His bulbous pecs were giving him a difficult time getting his huge 28” arms raised in front of him. “Oh, fuck me, I can’t cover all this up!” He grabbed onto his huge dick, even bigger than Froy’s by a wide margin. It was easily over a foot long. “Just look at this!” From next to me, I saw that Marcus’ yelling had woken up everyone else. Froy looked down at me with sleepy eyes, rubbing them. “What’s happening, sir?” “Marcus! What did you do?!” Wes yelled. “Oh my god!” Avery whispered. Froy turned his head around, hitting me in the chest with his elbow. As he turned to see Marcus reveling in his form, Froy’s eyes bugged out. Marcus smiled at Froy. “Can you believe you used to look so big to me? Fuck, look at me now, man! Even though you’re growing too, you just keep getting smaller and smaller every time I look at you! If Fonz saw me now, he’d straight up shit himself!” Froy was dead silent. He gripped my hand and slowly crushed it in his fingers. Even as I winced in pain, Froy never faltered. “I can’t believe you already tore up your clothes before we even got to the first stopover, Marcus. How the hell are we gonna get you out of here now?” Wes asked. Marcus stretched out his arms and shot us the biggest double bicep pose the world had ever seen. “Naw, boss. What you should really be worrying about is how you’re gonna get me back in on the way back!” “Oh, god,” Lisa whimpered. As the entire bus seemed to stare at Marcus in awe, just as he was touching himself, stroking himself, almost calling us to worship him, it was at that moment that I thought that that would’ve been the craziest thing to happen to us all trip. However, I could not have been more wrong. A lot can happen in three days. And it seemed the universe was going to make sure of it.
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    Back in Birmingham. The containment team get to the house. The J team they like to be called. James, a 36-year-old police sergeant and the leader of the two younger members of the team Jake and Jack. Jake is 22, and Jack is 23 years old. The J team is all gay; it was not planned that way just the shared a house as they did not have wives and kids and got talking and found out they like guys. James and Jack came up the front path to see a hole in the side of the house. They looked at each other thinking “What the hell did that!” James signalled on the radio “going in”. James and Jack entered the house in full body armour and a gas mask. Jake opened the back door and went into the house and checked the kitchen and bathroom. Then they have entered the living room with all broken furniture and plaster on the floor. All the J team shouted “Armed Police!” The room was empty the J – Team relaxed James clicked his radio “All clear in the house.” All of them lower their weapons, and Jake and Jack take off their gas masks. “Look at this place looks like a JCB has been in here,” Jake said, kicking some rubble and broken glass. “Yeah looks like someone took the guys before we got here” as Jack kick some timber and it lands on a box and smashes all the bottles of super flu poppers. James takes off his gas mask “well guys looks like we need to get out of here before this place comes down”. “Yes looks like it will not be long,” Jack said “what's that smell” added Jake. All three took a deep breath, “Humm smells like poppers” said Jake with a glint in his eye. The J teams cocks twitched as they remembered the first time they tried poppers in their shared house. Jake and Jack took another deep breath and filled their lungs with the poppers. James looked at Jake “looks like you are getting a bit hot under the collar Jakey boy!” as they all looked down at Jake’s body armour around his nut sack. It was moving like he was getting hard. James took a prolonged intake of air a poppers “breath it in boys, then let's get back to the police van.” Jake did as James did, but Jack could not his body armour was tight. Then a few seconds later, James and Jakes body armour was uncomfortable too. All three could not move as the armour was no too tight “what the FUCK is happening” Jack said breathlessly with some panic. “I don’t know,” said James trying to remove his ball armour as his nuts and cock were swelling. At the same time, he was trying to sound calm. “FUCKKK!” shouted Jake as the straps of his body armour on his legs snapped and his police issue trousers ripped open, and James and Jack watched as thick cords of thick muscle continued to rip apart his trousers. His quads pulsed with power his skin was covered in thick man fur as veins pop to the surface and feed the growing muscle. His calves swelled ripping open the lace of his high boot by lace. His thick growing bubble butt tore the trousers in two then his boxer shorts ripped on longer supported by any other material, and a huge cock flopped to the floor with two substantial rugby balls resting on his now thick bodybuilder's legs. Jake could not see how much his limbs had grown, his dense veiny pulsing muscle of a Greek god. As he was trying to open his Kevlar jacket, Jake started to unzip the jacket when his biceps and triceps started to bulk. They all where built guys in the J team but his thick vein down his bicep now was on a growing peak of dense muscle and his triceps are swelling to the size of a regular guys leg. Finally, his armour opens, and his thick mountains of muscle rip open his police shirt. But now even if he could open his Kevlar jacket, he would not be able to get it over his now monstrous delts and biceps his forearms are now as thick as his arms were. Boom went the fibres of the Kevlar jacket, and Jakes ballooning pecs and massive thick lats force open the Kevlar jacket. A few seconds later he heard two more booms as the other members of the J team break free from their Kevlar prison. Jake did not have time to check out the others as he ran a hand over his rock hard thick abs. “Fuck I am a muscle god” as his hand touched his rich man bush and he looked down. “Fuck look at my stuff” he shouted, as his thick cock came out of his man bush thick as a python running over the top of his colossal basketball sized nuts hung down to his knees. His bell end is touching the floor oozing pre-cum. He tried to turn around to show new his size to the other guys, but his thick thighs pushed open his legs. Making his balls hang lower. Jake felt pain in his feet as he moved then the sound of leather ripping could be heard as his feet bust open what was left of his boots. “AHHH! Yess!” Exclaimed Jake, now he was naked he looked at his hand and flexed his forearms “Fuck I am still growing!” shouted Jake”. “Fuck, YESSS, we are still growing!!!” shouted James and Jack. Jake Looked up to see James and Jack naked also. James was thick with man fur, and his pecs were huge round mounds of muscle his shoulders had to be as wide as a bus. Both of the men or muscle beasts sported a thick V Jacks shoulders were not as wide as James’s. But Jack was taller 7 ft and still growing, his legs are thick and muscled like Jakes but looked more powerful. The J team grunted as their bones lengthened, and their bodies grew broader and thicker. The men's dicks started to fill with hardening as they looked at each other. Their voices grew deeper and thicker like there muscles. The J team did not notice that six huge muscle teens were watching then grow from the massive hole in the side of the house. All of us watching the “hot fuzz” grow as big as we are? Jordan spoke up “How do you like your new weapons officers” as all of the teens had been pumping their hard super cocks watching the policemen grow. James looked up, and Jack and Jake slowly turned around all sporting massive hard-ons. “Not bad” shouted James lifting his now superhuman arm and flexing it. James looked and the peak it was huge and was the size of a yoga ball. Then it happened Nick could not help it “Fuuuuccckkkk!” as a full torrent of cum flow from Nicks heavy cock. The J team watched as all our teen balls started to churn and raise to our huge fuck poles. Volley after volley of hot jizz hit the J team they where covered. Every inch of their now thick muscled bodies was covered in cum. To our surprise, the huge men did not move, and after the last drop of cum hit the ground in front of them. They started to lick the cum off there faces at first then off each other. We just looked on in amazement as James started licking Jakes pecs and arms and Jake licked the hot cum from Jacks' arms. James then said “OK boys lets show them what the Police can fire” then lined up jacking there huge cocks. We licked their lips as slowly the J teams huge nut sack raised. Jake was the first “Fucckk!” as the cum flowed again this time on to us. Then all three police guys covered us in cum. The Cum smelt sweet like honey, I could not help it I licked Dan’s huge arm and sweaty armpit “hmm sweat, and law men's cum tastes good” with that we charged up to the three policemen and started licking all the cum off each other like a troop of huge muscle monkeys. All the hot sexual pressure and huge muscles with huge balls; therefore, tons of testosterone our dick started to get hard again. James shouted “Stop; there will be another team sent soon as we have not reported in” everyone was quiet (apart from the odd sound of a colossal muscle beast licking the last bit of cum from their face). The radio could be heard “Sargent do you read”. Jack looked at the other eight massive muscle monsters thick and gleaming with sweat, cum and spit. “We need to hide, but look at us all,” he said, pointing to his large body then his growing cock. “We can hide in the wood in the park until we can work out what to do,” I said. Nick looked at me “what are we going to do until then?” he said as he flexed his pecs and then huffed is huge cock and balls. Jake leaned forward and felt Nicks thick muscles and kissed then sucked Nick nipple “I am sure we can find something,” Jake said with a wink.
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    DISCLAIMER: I am by no means a writer and English isn't my first language. Therefore please excuse my syntax and grammar. Nevertheless I wanted to create a little something to motivate people to contribute to this wonderful continuous story. It's been quite in here for way too long and I am burning to read more. Hope that my little shorty of a chapter still brings you guys joy. Plymouth Massachusetts: After 2 grueling hours of pumping iron and marinating himself in his own juices, Phil heads towards the communal shower area of the gym. As he turns around the corner, a 'closed for maintenance' sign is propped up in the entranceway of the showers. For a moment he considers to just head home and take a shower there, but he didn't really feel like stinking up his car with his ripe scent (even tho his playmates love him to smell of manliness and honest hard work). He passes the maintenance sign and continues towards the showers. After all, he is paying for his membership and it is not his fault, that they are scheduling maintenance when he most definitely is in need of an ice cold shower. Phil stops and stares when he sees the shower stall to the far left in a demolished state. Seemingly something or someone punched holes, the size of dinner plates, through the shower dividers and left tiles on the walls, as well as the floor cracked and crumbled. A closer look reveals a trail of cracked tiles, leading from the shower stall to the entrance. Phil tries to think of what might have happened here. Roid rage? Or maybe someone was denied an after workout blowjob, and didn't take it well? Whatever it was, a strong scent (not his own) caught his attention and made him curious of it's source. He always had a very sensitive nose, so he has no trouble following the scent to the broken shower stall, where he detects a wet, crumpled piece of cloth, in between the fragments of tile and debris. Against his better judgment he picks up the cloth and gives it an experimental whiff. The smell of many hard workouts paired with loads and loads of cum is undeniable. Shocked and excited at once, he drops the piece of cloth which makes a soggy wet noise as it hits the tiles. Now he finally realizes what he just had found. A cum and sweat soaked, torn jockstrap... an ENORMOUS cum and sweat soaked, torn jockstrap! Whatever Bahamut of a man lost this precious piece of undergarment here, definitely had the time of his life erupting into it like a volcano and gutting the shower stall while doing so. With a mixed feeling in his guts Phil backs out of the shower area. Under those circumstances a shower at home might be the better option. What Phil missed to realize, he never washed his hands, his mind was just too busy trying to comprehend, rather than thinking of something as banal as washing hands. The cum and sweat mixture, now spread over various parts of his body and gym gear, slowly dries and leaves almost invisible white stains. At home Phil jumps into the well deserved shower and washes off the sweat and grime (and almost forgotten cum). He checks himself out in the mirror, gives himself a quick double bi gun check, and approves of his gym progress with a wink. A short while later Phil lays passed out on the couch, on the TV an emergency report interrupts some silly show. A nervous looking reporter runs down the little known facts of a new epidemic, that terrorizes the east coast of the United States. A male muscle growth virus, which besides muscle growth, causes a wide variety of other unforeseen mutations and modifications. In his slumber, Phil scratches his chest as it slowly fills out with new muscle mass and dark dense hair. A leaking hardon is pointing towards his growing pecs, as his dreams become feverish and filled with sexual perversions of muscles, musk, lust, growth, power and dominance...
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    A few weeks ago while flipping through a few of my old Classic Physique magazines, I found myself reading the back pages with a few old “Quick Grow” schemes promising results for sale. As a kid these concoctions and creams always caught my eye with the promise quick growth and a miracle cure! While looking through, one stood out among the rest: “Uncle Pop’s Chest Cream and Pec Shine!” 555-876-8008 Call Now and Never Look Back! 1982 This ad definitely gave me a chuckle and caught my attention. I wasn’t sure if it was the bourbon after work or smell of my lit cigar but something in me grew the courage to actually call the number for a gas and see if they answered. I was taken aback when someone answered and let me know that 19.99 plus shipping and handling was all that kept me from “Uncle Pop’s Chest Cream and Pec Shine!” I figured why the hell not, I had gotten this far and called, why not send away for it! I gave them my information and sent away for this back page miracle cure. Next thing I know a few weeks had gone, I got home to find a small box on my front door step. I never actually expected for the package to arrive but there it was! A small box stamped. “Uncle Pop’s Chest Cream and Pec Shine!” Well what do ya know, they actually came through and sent it! It had a been a long rough week, between work and the gym and every day troubles I needed some fun and a chance to relax. I brought the box in and set on my coffee table. After getting a few things done around the house I was finally able to settled down with a drink and cigar to enjoy my evening. I had plans to hit the bar with a few friends later that night but I had plenty of time to have a quick stiff drink and finish off an old cigar. I took a drink and started fiddling with the box, just a simple cardboard box, wrapped in twine, no receipt, no address. They must’ve dropped it off at my place for me. I relit my cigar and rubbed my chest, sore from this weeks workout. No matter how hard I tried my chest was stubborn as hell! Maybe the cream was just the ticket I needed! I chuckled internally knowing it was bullshit and at the most it would shine up my chest hair and catch some light! Figured, fuck with it all and let me try some on! I was still wearing my long sleeve from work so I slowly undid a few buttons right down to my belly. Strain from my gut pushed my shirt open and I could look down at my hairy chest, I let out a sigh wishing it would fucking grow already! I took a hard drink, put down my glass and began to open the box. A small 5 oz cream slid out with a twist cap on top. I twisted off the cap and inhaled a strong menthol scent and it flared through my nose eyes like nothing before. Between drinking and that strong whiff I was wide awake and felt my nose tingle, suddenly the cigar smoke in the room smelled stronger and my senses felt heightened. I grabbed a thick dollop of cream and sat back and gently started rubbing it all over the inside of the my pecs, slowly spreading outward and my over my nipples. The menthol took over the air and my nostrils. As I wiped down over my chest, I could feel my chest tingle and my hair stand up from excitement. The sensation felt amazing and any breeze of air would ignite the menthol burn on my chest. I grabbed more cream and lathered up both hands. Exploring and covering my entire chest, I reached down to my end of my tits and began to use my cover each nipple, rubbing, pulling and gently clamping down and tugging on my hard tits! The sensation felt on fire and I was blowing air on each nipple, my body shivered and felt electricity shoot through my chest. My nipples felt thicker and harder than ever before. I used my fingers to play with my newly thickened nipples, running my under over each meaty tip, ending with tight tugs. Blowing cool air at each tit to feel made the tingle shoot through my body! I couldn’t understand how amazing and hard my pecs felt. The temptation and new feeling on my chest and nipples gave me rush! I took another drink and sucked down on my cigar. The menthol heightened everything from my taste, touch and smell! I could feel my erection tighten in my jeans from playing with my chest. I unzipped myself to allow room for the tightening in my crotch. I couldn’t stop rubbing my chest harder and harder, the cream slid through my chest air and down around my erect thickening nipples. I closed my eyes and took in the strong scent of menthol and drifted for a second or two. While sniffing and tugging I felt my chest warm up and tense up, it felt like a flex after a heavy chest pump. I swore it was just arousal but I opened my eyes and my chest had doubled in size! The mound between my pecs had created a slick valley of cream, hair and muscle! My work clothes suddenly felt tight on my chest. I stretched it open and released a few buttons. I slid my shirt apart and my chest had reached a few more inches of girth and roundness! My hands went over each mound and reached over and around 2 inch thick nipples drooping over and gently reaching my belly. I could not help but to tug, stretch and pull my erect tits as far as I could. As my chest over flowed from my shirt all I could do was stare down between my pecs and and use my right arm to help cradle the mass in front of me! I pushed my right arm under me and slid under my giant tits! I was pushing my new grown tits up to my chin and rubbing my chin deep in a valley of hairy creamy muscle! It was everything I had every wanted. I reached over to my thick left tit and tugged hard at that newly formed thick meat of nipple weighing on my massive pec! I had to completely undo my long sleeve and cup each mass of muscle and feel the weight my growing pecs! My thick nipples slipped between each finger, the nipple thickness separating two digits with a mass of nipple. I sat back in my chair and stared down at this newly formed ridges of muscle and thickness. I couldn’t help but keep running my hands over my new massive pecs. I never thought I would ever reach this level of growth! I could grab each tit and bring them up to be tasted and fondled against my chin! A new level of total muscle growth and chest domination! As I looked down at my newly formed massive chest and giant nipple nubs I couldn’t help but sit back and molest my giant chest in front of me. I must’ve spent longer than I am imagined in ecstasy teasing my tits exploring my massive inhuman pecs when suddenly I heard the doorbell ring….
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    "You can call me Pops, because I'm about to pop you."
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    Sometimes I have a cruel streak as well and enjoy stories where an already big, muscular, dominant guy gets even bigger, haha. I'm very much someone who mostly enjoys stories where those who have worked hard for their physiques retain or even expand upon their size advantage. When a huge buff dude, because he's worked his ass off in the gym to get huge, deserves to stay huge or get even bigger, even if he's a bully. It's feels unfair when a skinny wimp takes a potion and gets big without any effort, so I love stories when the revenge situation backfires and the big guy grows even more. There's a few stories out there with this theme and I love them.
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    “Uncle Pop’s Chest Cream and Pec Shine!” Part 2 Little did I know but all of this newfound giant pec and tit self worship had spilled over 3 hours of lost time! Frank was at my front door, here to take me out for drinks. Frank was an old gym bud of mine, he was always a subject of lust! 5’9 240 and just thick and hairy all around. Working out with him pushed me harder than ever. I could not stop tugging and teasing my giant engorged nipples, thinking of his mass, I closed my eyes and drifted in lust of his size and all these giant rounds of meat and fur in my own personal possession. In my mind I would not have answered the door and he would have left me in my own world of tit worship and pleasure. Moments later I would open my eyes to the sight of Frank wide eyed and mouth agape in front of me. Part of me was so embarrassed to be there, shirt and jeans open rubbing and taking full advantage of my pec growth. The other part didn’t care, it was my turn to show off my new massive pecs and tits. Frank stuttered…”H-h-holy fuck! What!? How’d you?” I couldn’t even muster up the words to relay what had just happened to me. All I could do was look him straight into his eye and begin to show off my new massive chest! I sat up straight and felt my chest fall forward due to the weight of each pec. I clenched my pectoral muscles till my giant hairy pecs were touching each other leaving a giant hairy valley for my to look down to my engorged bulge leaking in my briefs. I had spent so much time teasing and exploring my giant tits and I hadn’t even realized the pool of pre cum emanating from my briefs. My erection was pushing and rubbing against my tight wet white briefs pushing through my open jeans. Truthfully having Frank catch me increased my arousal, all I wanted to do was press each eraser thick nipple and push them towards him. Almost teasing him and displaying the distance at which my pecs extended in front of me! Franks eyes were locked on my chest, glistening and bouncing, extending inches from my frame, there was nothing else for him to focus on! I couldn’t help but want to tease him, I ran my hands down each pec pushing them down and letting the meat run through my fingers down to end of each tit. I could feel each nipple bend under the pressure of each hand and slide against my palm only to bounce out of each hand erect and thicker than ever. I looked straight into Franks eyes and brought my hands back up my belly and perched each hand under a thick tit and made them bounce for him. Pressing each each nipple and pushing them toward him. I was amazed at the control I had over each pec pushing them together with my internal pec muscle and making them bounce, I could feel more and more precum ooze out as my body was pushed forward at the weight of each pec dropping back down. I had never felt such power and heft on my chest like that before. I let my massive tits finally rest and drop down to relax after a few pectoral pumps. I could feel my giant protruding nipples weight on my hairy belly. Their weight left a visible impression on my round furry belly. I ran my hands under each tit and let them drop on my belly. Such thickness and heft only emphasized the size and thickness of my massive hairy tits on my frame. As Frank stood there in awe, I could see his eyes turn from fear to lust. I spread my legs and leaned back into my chair. I ran my hand down to my briefs and pushed out a glob of thick precum through my white cotton briefs while staring straight into his eyes daring him to make the next move. I gently bounced my pecs in a show of giant muscle defiance. My mind and body was flying on such a giant high, my body was sweating and gleaming in moisture not from the cream but my internal heat and body growth. I leaned back in the chair and raised my arms above my head and lifted my giant tits above my hirsute belly. The stench of strong body odor and sweat took over the room. I had my hands behind my head pushing my chest up in the air presenting my giant nipples in his direction. The smell of sweat and pit took over the room. I could see Frank was afraid to make the next move, so I looked him in the eyes and took giant puff from my cigar letting the smoke bounce off of my pecs and down to my wet briefs, I followed this by grabbing my drink on the rocks and slyly running my cold wet glass over my right tit and letting the cold tease my engorged nipple as I felt how newly connected my new tits were. I let out a giant moan and pushed my pecs together. The chilled glass ignited my entire body as I had never felt before. The conductivity of flesh and ice against my tit ignited my senses. Frank stood there entranced by my newfound confidence and size. He desperately tried to bounce his pecs and prove his size but it was nothing compared to the size in front of his eyes. Frank slowly walked toward me and raised his hand toward my chest…
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    "Stay the night. I'm hard all over."
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    Fast Track He had agreed to train me and he was waiting for me at the entrance to his private gym. This was a onetime deal and I knew going in that only a small percentage of guys were invited back. He locked the door behind me and then he folded his arms across his chest and looked me over. “Where do I change?” I asked. “Right where you are standing,” he answered. I didn’t question him. He watched my cock with interest as I stuffed it into my jock. Two hours later he led me to the shower room. I was exhausted and weak from the workout. He was almost as sweaty since he worked out beside me. He washed me and then he handed me the sponge. I paid particular attention to his cock and balls and he didn’t hesitate to get hard. He led me upstairs to his apartment for a rubdown and massage. One thing led to another and soon we were fucking. As I dressed I feared that I wouldn’t be invited back. I gave it up too easily, I thought. He came down the stairs still naked and he walked right up to me. He hugged me from behind and told me to be back the next day at one pm sharp. “In a month or two you’ll be joining the big boys that work out here in the evening,” he whispered in my ear. I rubbed my butt against his hard cock. “Be careful or I might have to take you upstairs again,” he groaned. I knew he would soon be opening the door for his 1pm appointment. “Maybe Rob and I can fast track you,” he said before the doorbell rang. “There’s Rob now,” he said as he hugged me tight. He reached over and turned the key in the lock. A mountain of a man walked in and locked the door. “Hey Dan. What do have we here?” Rob smiled as he sandwiched me between them. “Somebody I think we should fast track,” I heard from behind me. Rob’s right hand grabbed my belt buckle, and pulled my body into his, as his left hand reached around and slid into the back pocket of my jeans cradling and massaging my butt cheek while the fingers of his free hand slid past my zipper and into my boxer shorts. Lips nibbled at my ear and my neck. I threw my head back and surrendered to his seduction. My belt was opened and then my jeans and briefs were pulled down to my ankles from behind before the two men traded places. I felt Rob’s cock head slide up and down my crevice, playing against my opening. He moved his cock right against my hole, and then I felt both his hands at my waist and I felt his cock jab but not enter. Shivers went up my spine from the sensation. “Do you want this?” “Ooh yes,” I moaned. “Push back against me,” he ordered. My sore sphincter muscles almost went into spasms waiting for his thick head to penetrate me. Slowly, ever so cautiously, I leaned back into him more and more and then bit by bit I opened for him. Dan’s cum was the lube for my ass to be stretched wide around Rob’s massive cock. “You are halfway there. Do you want the rest of this?” he chuckled. “Oh fuck! Only half,” I moaned as I nodded. He thrust forward, and could feel him sliding in deeper and deeper until I felt his balls come to rest on my body. He pulled me against his chest and wrapped his muscular arms around me. He began to thrust into my cum filled tunnel and I could feel his muscles flex with each lunge forward feeding his huge cock into my tight hole. “I like your tight ass. I'm going to fuck you until you cum,” he promised. I looked down and Dan was on his knees sucking my dick. I either lost track of time or my brain was frozen with lust because I heard my mouth begging for his seed. When he filled my ass with his cum for the fourth or was it the fifth time I had my third orgasm and my legs could no longer support my body. With his gigantic arm holding my body close to him and his cock still lodged deep inside me everything was fading to black and I was slowly losing consciousness. “Fuck Rob, it looks like he is starting to pack on muscle already! My turn,” I heard Dan say before I passed out after the best fuck of my short life.
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    Super Growth Formula I made a commitment to help my friend to move a new mattress he purchased up to his bedroom. The only time it could be deliver was while he was at an out of town orientation for his new job so he somehow convinced his real estate agent to let the delivery people into his new townhouse. I didn’t blame him for not trusting the neighbors because he didn’t know them from Adam. I couldn’t do it because I was at work. I met Alan in college where we became fast friends. In college Alan was a wheeler-dealer that always had a scheme that was going to make big money. He wanted us to get paper routes so we could earn money before classes started in the morning… then there was the dishwasher job… sell gadgets on line… be a Wal-Mart greater… but I think the best was selling our sperm. After graduation he got a job making 120K but the drawback was he traveled forty to fifty weeks a year. All I knew was that he used his expertise to fix problems. He has a body like a gymnast or a swimmer and years after graduation he stayed slim and handsome as ever. Tired of traveling all the time he applied for a job in Chicago where I live and work. After his second interview he was hired. A few days later I met him downtown and we went to dinner. He was flying out that night so I rode the Blue Line (‘L’) with him out to the airport. There are two entrances to the Subway on Monroe Street, one is the Red Line and the other the Blue Line and a stranger in town could easily be confused. When we were entering the platform a man in a dark blue suit and black rim glasses was walking toward us making a bee line for the stairs. I had to step aside because he walked right between us. Time seemed to slow down for a few seconds and when I blinked he was gone. The rude man was either a nut case or a jerk. I looked at Alan and he did a double take in the direction of the stairs before he laughed. What I didn’t know was the man slipped a plastic test tube into my suit jacket pocket without me feeling a thing. I didn’t find the container until I cleaned out my pockets that night so the suit could go to the cleaners. There was a cryptic note wrapped around the tube. Confidential: Grow Formula 01/2029840438. Men. One dose; delivered as requested. “Requested by whom?” I said. I decided the guy was a nut case and tossed the vial into the trash basket by my desk. It was probably poison… or drugs that would lead to addiction. Before his job started Alan bought the townhouse he lusted after and had his worldly goods shipped. He didn’t have any furniture so it was just boxes of clothes and books. He went to the company orientation in Atlanta for all the new hires. There were reams of paperwork to sign according to Alan but he seemed very happy with his decision to change jobs. The last thing I wanted to do Saturday morning was move a bed upstairs. I knocked on the door. It was just a few moments before Alan appeared in the doorway. “Hey,” he said smiling and taking my hand in a firm shake. “How’s it going?” I smiled back and rolled my eyes. “It is Saturday morning and I should be asleep in my bed.” He burst out laughing and stepped aside to let me in. The house was empty except for boxes and a mattress in the middle of the living room floor. The sheets and blankets were still on the mattress but he pulled them off as I watched. Soon we made our first trip upstairs to Alan’s new bedroom. The king mattress weighed more than I ever expected so by the time it was in his room I was sweating. The box spring was lighter but harder to get around the corners. He asked me to help put the bed frame together so we went downstairs for some cold water and his tool box. As we went up the stairs again I couldn’t help but notice his athletic ass hidden in his tight jeans. Alan had been trying to put on some muscle recently but without success; not that he wasn’t muscular already. He was buff like a runner or tri-athlete. His quest reminded me of one of his get rich quick schemes. He sent off for a supplement (that was mostly sugar) that was supposed to pack on muscle. Without the gym work he wanted the kind of muscle that took bodybuilders years to acquire by spending countless hours in the gym, taking steroids and supplements, and eating five meals a day. Once in his room I sat on the floor reading instructions as he rummaged through his tools. After a few minutes of small talk and banter we got busy bolting the frame together. It seemed like hours before we lifted the mattress in place and started making the bed. I sat on the sofa in his room and turned on the TV. The cable company hadn’t hooked him up yet so all I got was static. He didn’t know I was gay. But I didn’t know I was gay until we became close friends. Like now I would chub up or get hard when I was around him. I didn’t tell him because I didn’t want to jeopardize our friendship. I had learned to control myself around him but when he sat on the sofa next to me I could smell his cologne and man musk. It drove me crazy. “I’ve got something to show you,” he said as he put his hand on my knee and stood. He walked across the room and dug in a box. He held up a test tube of green liquid. “What’s that?” I asked knowing there was an identical test tube in the garbage can by my desk at home. “Remember when we were getting on the subway and a guy walked between us?” he asked. I nodded. “He put this in my pocket. Well, I was trying to pack on some muscle like a big bodybuilder. There was a piece of paper wrapped around this tube.” He took a note from his pocket and passed it to me. “Confidential: Bodybuilding Formula 01/2029840438. Men. One dose; delivered as instructed.” I read aloud. I put the note on the table. “What?” I asked. “I dunno, but it sounds good, huh?” “You can’t seriously be thinking of drinking it?” “Why not,” he grinned, showing a set of beautiful white teeth. “It could be poison,” I said. “It could be drugs! Or it could be green piss!” I said to gross him out. I tried to convince him not to even consider opening the tube but his face broke out in a sexy grin and he drank the mysterious green liquid. I pulled out my phone to call 911. “Nothing’s happening” he laughed. “It’s Gatorade. What a whuss,” he said laughing. He suddenly bent forward, as though he had a stomach cramp or was going to throw up. His stomach made a gurgling sound and he clutched his belly with both hands. “Oh shit!” he said, turning toward the bathroom. I grabbed the phone but when he got to the door he stopped groaning, and stood up straight. “Wait,” he said. He started smiling like it was some practical joke or something. “I feel alright.” He was standing in front of the bathroom mirror, “I feel… good, actually. Woah, my legs feel weird.” He unbuttoned his jeans and pushed them down. He stepped out of them and I could see that his quads were thickening. The muscles on the front and back of his legs began to thicken and flex. Within a couple minutes there was a huge amount of mass on his now tree-trunk legs. His calves and ass were growing as his abs began getting totally ripped. His obliques turned into an Adonis belt and I could see his cock chubbing up. He caressed his cock softly as his upper body began changing. His square pecs which had been totally flat and thin, grew, stretching his shirt until the seams could be heard popping. “Woah!” he gasped as the huge slabs of meat kept growing and expanding his chest. His nipples were erect and pointing down at the floor. His hand touched his humongous pecs and he began stroking them in awe. Then his arms began to grow. His biceps and triceps were expanding so fast that the shirtsleeve cut into his flesh. They were well over twenty inches and growing. I could see that his neck was thickening like the rest of his body. His traps and back were thickening. “I have to get this off” he said. His voice was much deeper. “This shirt… I can’t breathe.” He raised his arms, revealing humungous lats, and tore off his shirt. His shoulders looked three feet wide since his delts had grown thicker and more muscular. His hands no longer rested near his hips because his lats were so big they held his arms away from his body. He bounced his pecs playfully and I could feel my cock leaking pre-cum. Before my eyes Alan had become a muscle god. I sat down on the floor in awe as he walked over to me. I looked up, but could only see his mountainous chest. He slowly flexed his pecs to show me the rippling muscle fibers accentuating the deep crevice between his pecs. “Touch me,” he said in his deep, deep sexy voice. I reached up and stroked his massive pecs as he continued to bounce those slabs of pure manliness. He flexed his biceps and I held them, though even both my hands struggled to wrap themselves around them. He smiled as my fingers were pushed further apart by his growing triceps. He turned and I knelt behind him worshiping his quads. He groaned while flexing them. As I massaged my hand was getting closer and closer to his crotch. Then he turned to face me and when I looked up his boner was penetrating the boxers. There was at least ten inches of shaft topped with a thick mushroom shaped head slowly pushing back the stretched foreskin. He rolled a rubber on and started stoking his cock. He tore off his boxers and I thought he was going to fuck me but he didn’t. I licked his huge balls and worshipped his body until he started to fill the rubber. There were a couple ounces of cum in the tip when I pulled off the condom. Then as his cock softened the muscle began to slowly be reabsorbed into his frame. Somehow I got the feeling that this wasn’t the first time he did this. “I’m so tired,” he whispered as he fell into the bed. “I thought you ought to know I’m gay too.” “I thought it was just me,” I told him as I sat next to him. He pulled me into bed so he could spoon against my back. “I know about your bodybuilding magazines. I know you lust after muscle. I needed you to see what would happen. How big… I just needed to be with you,” he tried to explain. “I put one drop in some green Gatorade. I had to see if you want me to be that big?” “How would you explain the sudden growth?” I asked. “And none of my clothes would fit,” he chuckled as he fell into a deep sleep. I could have slipped away but being in bed with him was a dream come true even though I was fully clothed. I closed my eyes and savored the moment. When I opened my eyes again Alan had me nude and was cleaning me up with his tongue. He was huge again and he was after the cum I dumped in my pants. He lifted my legs and parked his cock at my ass. “Fuck me,” I begged, and he did. Within a year the company I worked for went bankrupt and I was out of work. We consolidated our households into his townhome and over the next year Alan had to keep buying bigger clothes because each time he took a drop of the formula he didn’t completely shrink back all the way. It was like he was making small gains every week in the gym and his co-workers never noticed. We made a time lapse film of his growth by taking a couple pictures of him standing in the same spot every day. The day I cleaned out my desk at work Alan poured my tube of green stuff down my throat. My growth was amazing and I might even call it orgasmic. I have remained absolutely massive instead of shrinking down like Alan does after taking one drop in green Gatorade. The night of my initial growth I rolled on a rubber and fucked Alan. I knew it was a massive orgasm and that I shot a lot of cum ballooning out the rubber. I tied it off and dropped it on the floor next to the bed. I barely closed my eyes when we heard someone pounding on the front door. I pulled on a robe and when I opened the door I stumbled backwards. It was the man in the blue suit and black frame glasses we saw in the subway station. He barged in and made his way directly to our bedroom. Alan was asked who was at the front door when I got back to the bedroom. The man in blue drained my condom into a container, mixed my cum with something, and then filled twenty to thirty plastic vacuum tubes with the green liquid. He was so focused on his task it was as if he didn’t see us. “Explain,” I demanded. He jumped as if he was startled. “Can you see me?” he asked. “Mostly. You move from here to there so quickly it looks like you disappear here and reappear there,” I pointed at two spots. “This is the most valuable first harvest I have ever made. I have pictures of your naked body before and after and this, (he held up the tubes) will be worth billions.” “Explain,” I said again. “This is a growth formula that cannot be reproduced in the lab. It is the produced by the body, and your body is unique. Once a person drinks a tube like I gave you and the muscular growth occurs a substance is produced in your cum. It happens only once. We call it the first harvest. The growth of your physique produces a compound that combines with your semen and is expelled via the first orgasmic discharge after the growth occurs but after that no additional growth serum is ever produced. I have been searching for years to find someone that would react to the formula like you have,” he said as he touched my pecs. “Massive growth,” he muttered. “What I gave you and your friend over there was a diluted version of this, (he held up the tubes) because pure it would kill. There are ten thousand doses in this bag. Think what a government would pay to create a super soldier… or ten thousand that looked like you. You may not realize it yet but your brainpower also increased, possibly doubling or tripling your IQ. ” “But if muscle growth produces the green stuff what is there to prevent that government from eliminating the middleman?” I asked. “I will grow the soldiers and be in charge of the first harvest and therefore I will have a limitless supply of growth formula.” He smiled and disappeared. “Who were you talking to,” Alan asked. “I saw some blue streaks that stopped in front of you but your back was to me.” “Do you remember the man in blue from the subway? Well he was just here.” “No shit!” “And I know his secret,” I said as I ran downstairs to get Alan’s vial but it was gone. I got some Gatorade and filled my discarded condom with it and made Alan drink it down. The type of growth he had that night mirrored my body. Of course he was unique and he already looked like a bodybuilder but his body came into sharp focus and remained tight and buff without gym time or dieting. His clothing was a little tight in the chest and arms but looser around the waist. That night when he fucked me he filled a condom with a batch of the green super growth formula. We found that men will pay big bucks to live a fantasy like I lived each time Alan drank the diluted formula and took me to bed. We run the fantasy and the men think it is a muscle suit they are using. Some believe we use hypnosis, none the less they have great muscle sex. It doesn’t matter if a guy wants to dominate or be dominated, sex is phenomenal. In the morning they are usually ecstatic from living that fantasy and we have had many return customers. And yes each time they drink the diluted formula they retain a small amount of residual muscle just like Alan did. The musclemen that Alan’s growth formula produced were good but not incredible. The stuff the man in blue gave us caused outstanding muscle growth in me but Alan had been diluting his vial of the formula. Maybe the residual cum in the condom wasn’t enough to trigger growth like I had. Also I can’t help but wonder if my body was pre-conditioned for super growth by Alan repeatedly fucking me in his expanded state before I drank that tube of green stuff. As for the man in the blue suit, we never saw him again. No muscular army of ten thousand appeared on Earth so we have to assume that he has set up shop in some other part of the galaxy.
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    Hey Forum Guys, I have never written a "short" story before. If you have read any of my others, they are LONG and expansive - but I wanted to try something different. Although I know that the requirement is to do a self-contained story, I have done that - but maybe one day after I finish up the others that I am actively writing, I will flesh this one out a bit more. As someone in the medical field, I have the privilege of examining bodies every day - usually a couple dozen of them - and every once in a while, someone will come in to clinic that is breathtaking in their physicality...So, this is my take on the other side of one of the dozens of stories on here that mention that some protagonist is getting HUGE and he or his friend/family tells him he needs to go get "checked out" by a doctor. This is that story from the doctor's viewpoint. Enjoy and happy Storyversary. ----------------------------------------- I woke up like I did every morning – 4 am – to go to the gym before work. Years of neglect had left my body in a sad state – not horrible, but not where I had been years before. Shit, when I was in my early 20s, I had an 8 pack and broad shoulders, legs thicker than my waist – I was a god. The challenges of medical school had taken their toll and the first years of practice had me working 60-80 hour weeks. No time to meal prep – and little time for the gym. But I had accepted a new job at a clinic on Maui. Sand and sun and the hopes of work/life balance. Working out was now a possibility – even if I had to do it at insane hours – but I was doing it and finally, I was seeing results. The god-awful hour of day was the challenge – but the improvements started to show and there were tan jacked local guys everywhere that kept me motivated. One morning, a patient showed up on my schedule – brand new to me. His reason for visit just stated “personal problem.” The photo ID pic in the corner of the page was just a thumbnail – but he was gorgeous. Maybe, no probably, part Hawaiian, Japanese, and Caucasian. A true island guy. I had a soft spot for them – or a hard spot. His name was Ikaika – of course it was…Hawaiian for “Strength.” I was in trouble if he looked anything like his photo. His last weight and height was 6’1” and 215 pounds at his visit three months ago. I was glad to be wearing dark slacks – maybe that would hide the dark stain on my crotch that seemed to form with or without my permission when I was turned on. It hadn’t happened with a patient previously – I have examined my fair share of hot guys - but this man, with his exotic look, crystal blue eyes, and that smirk I could just make out in the photo – a perfect storm for me and my heavy churning balls. They seemed to be producing more and more cum as I worked out week after week – now I was nearly always horny as the wads of cum-soaked tissue paper next to my bed suggested. I had to jack off at least three times a day – once on waking, once on getting home from work…and my favorite – my good night wank. On the weekends, it was even more often – I’m surprised that I even left the house sometimes. Ikaika was scheduled for late afternoon – 3:40 PM which caused great suffering as the day went on…and what were these personal matters? I usually hated to see that on the purpose of visit. You would never know what they would want to talk about – it was NEVER anything sexy. But looking again at that picture on his ID scanned into his chart – he could have said just about anything and I would have been turned on by it. But I tried to remind myself that pictures can be deceiving. Maybe he had some sort of horrible deformity – or maybe he had lost all of his teeth in a fight – maybe he was a complete ass and a homophobic prick…I wouldn’t know for a few more hours. The time came and I nearly did too. My nurse, a short but adorable Filipina, went to room Ikaika. I had checked my pounding libido by this time. He was probably a mouth breather or one of the guys who responds in grunts and stares at you under the heavy brow of a neo Cro-Magnon. Good, my erection was going down. A few minutes later, Nurse Mila came into my office to give me report. She was beaming ear to ear and shaking her head side to side a bit. “You’re going to LOVE this one.” She giggled. She would only ever say that if whoever was in the room was a smoldering piece of meat. Mila knew my tastes and she took every opportunity she had to humiliate me with her gaze. I approached Exam Room 4 and knocked lightly; I put my hand on the handle and opened it slowly. “Ikaika?” As the door swung open, on the far side of the room was a hulking beast, so large that sitting in the chair, relative size considered, it appeared he sat in something made for a child. I shook my head a bit – he was supposed to be 6’ 1” and 215. This was something far taller and massively heavier. There was a frightened look in Ikaika’s crystal blue eyes as he looked at me. His eyes dashed around the room, settling on mine from time to time. He was wringing his hands and a moment later he unclasped them and he made fists so hard, the knuckles turned white. He had stunningly long eyelashes – I don’t know why I noticed that. I couldn’t contain my erection and it was too late now – I was just feet away from the most beautiful and terrifying being that my very active imagination could construct. He wore a white v-neck tee and khaki shorts that didn’t come close to mid-thigh. Sitting down he was nearly as tall as I was standing – and I’ll not short at 5’ 10”. But his width and thickness – his shoulders appeared equitable to standard bowling ball range, his pecs jutted out far enough to pull the V neck to its ripping point – the threads seemed to be unraveling before my eyes. His forearms as thick as country hams – nearly as large as the round vein-riddled mass occupying a dominant position on his upper arm – pencil thick veins swirled in chaotic design over every inch of him I could see – even his thick neck. Taking in his legs and feet – shit, those must be size 20 sandals. I don’t know how he’d even find something that big. His quads erupted from their strained khaki prison with long mounds of striated dense flesh moving toward the knees, which were remarkably small in diameter – that just made him look more massive. I surveyed him up and down and side to side a couple of times before engaging his eyes again. He was now looking directly at me, not even blinking. There was a troubled look in his eyes and that look of fear was present still. He looked like he was about to cry. “Ikaika – Hi, I’m Gabriel. How can I help you today? Your visit note just stated ‘personal.’ Is there something I can help you with?” Silence hung thick in the air. The quivering thick beast in front of me started talking a half-dozen times but nothing came out other than short monosyllabic utterances – it appeared to me that the giant in the room didn’t know where to begin, so I started. “I have looked over your past few visit notes. It states there that you are 6’ 1” and 215 pounds as of your last visit 3 months ago. Is the reason you are here today? You have quite obviously grown since your last visit.” Silence again and then the thick warm honey sound of his voice shook me – I could feel his voice into the deepest parts of me. “I just started growing. It seems to be around certain people, always men, and I don’t know how to stop it!” The last word eeked out as a near-squeal as his voice broke. Ikaika, obviously overwhelmed by his circumstance, just kept staring into my eyes. I switched from lust mode into professional mode inside of my mind. It was clear that this man, big as a bull, was distressed. “Well, why don’t we start with a brief physical exam – we will probably need some labs ordered as well.” I slipped into my “routine” that I went through with nearly every patient. Heart and lung sounds, abdominal tones, basic movement observations, overall state of health, eyes, ears, mouth… “Ikaika, can you take off your shirt for me? I can hear better that way.” I fingered the stethoscope in my hand. He crossed his arms and his hands met the bottom of his tee shirt. He began lifting up slowly, then I heard the first rip – the seam was bursting on his right side – his lats were flaring too much and the fabric and threat could not resist. His eyes went wide and he looked ashamed. “It’s OK. It’s just the two of us in here – and I have seem much worse, even today.” I tried to speak calmly but this whole experience was too fucking hot for me to handle. I already had enough mental images to fuel my spank bank for a year. He removed his shirt and my breath caught. I could tell he was ripped just from seeing his arms and legs – but I was not prepared to see all of his upper body exposed. I could not keep my swelling manhood under control any longer. He was GOD-made-man. His chest erupted 4 or 5 inches outward – imaging what a 5 inch pec chasm looks like – you could quite literally put your hand in between his collosal chest muscles and it would be buried. Striations bunched from his shoulder insertions and flared across meeting in the center of his breastbone. His abs were 8 colossal thick but individual squared-off bricks, almost sharp at the edges and netted in a filigree netting of vasculature. My hands were quaking slightly. I would touch him now, even with my stethoscope. I approached and placed my stethoscope against his left pec – it was silent – his chest was too thick, too dense, to hear even his heartbeat so I moved to his neck to listen to his carotids – thump-thump; thump-thump – I heard blood coursing through is arteries flowing from his heart. The sound was deeper and more insistent than anyone else’s I had listened to in my life. All other points of exam were normal – well, abnormally perfect. “Can you please stand up, Ikaika?” He rose and rose to nearly 7 and ½ feet. His mass completely boggled my mind. “Please take off your shorts so I can give you a brief genital exam.” That look of fear came back into his eyes. “Is everything OK?” I asked again. He closed his eyes and shook his head, unbuttoned his shorts that appeared as if they had been lacquered on him. His enormous manhood lolled between his thighs, even soft must have been 10 good thick inches. His balls the size of one of those large Florida avocados, not the anemic small Haas. No these were round and at least softball sized. My mouth felt dry…I just stared at the meat in front of me. I did not feel worthy to be breathing the same air as this paragon of power. I couldn’t imaging the strength he possessed – what he could move with the slightest attempt at trying. Suddenly, his eyes went wide and his hands clenched again. A low rumbling moan escaped his lips and he thrust his head back looking at the ceiling and as fast as his eyes opened, they closed – another moan escaped his lips. He started breathing shallow and rapid – and the mammoth cock between his legs started to fill and harden. Nearly whispering he looked down at me and said with simple certainty, “You are one of them.” “I’m not one of anything.” “You are one of the men that can make me grow.” I had absolutely no idea what the monster in front of me was referring to. Confused and remarkably horny, I just watched him. He looked at me again – the frightened eyes of a confused man were replaced by a steely confidence mixed with utter bliss. Looking into his face – it was as if he were slowly and repeatedly orgasming. And a moment later, I could see him get very slightly wider, taller, thicker. Soft moans issued from his large pillowy lips every few seconds. “Does it hurt, Ikaika?” I was dumbfounded and could barely form sentences. I looked at his cock, nearly straight up and resting in between his abdominals, ropes of gossamer silk precum pushing out of the tip in wave after wave. “No, Gabriel. It feels like heaven. I could never tire of this feeling.” He spoke quietly with a rumble. I shot my load, hard. A soft cry came out of my mouth as he looked down at me and smiled. “My Turn.” He looked directly into my eyes, floods of silver sweet honey forming a puddle on the floor under him. I wanted to lap it up – I could smell its sweetness. Staring at me, he reached up his right hand to his left nipple and squeezed. Another moan, this one deeper and more insistent than the last. “Touch me, Gabriel.” I was crossing a line and I knew it – but it was his request. My trembling hand reached out and from his left pec, ran down the ridges and valleys of his abdomen – fingertips running over pulsating veins. My hand found the base of his cock, still slobbering it’s gifts, but now into my hand. I moved my hand from the base of his mammoth manhood and closed it around his throbbing head. I was in awe. Looking up at him, he smiled and I could feel him getting slowly bigger – not noticeably so, but I could feel it. I turned my eyes back up to his – there was a confidence and … dominance… that was not there before. Something wild was inside of the ashamed and frightened man I had met just a few minutes before. I did not break his gaze. My hand opened up from its grasp on his cock head and I ran it down, with some great friction to the base, then back up, and down, up and down. Ikaika began panting again but never looked away from my gaze. His breath caught. And then he came, a gallon of thick white cream, pulse after pulse, more and more shot from him and onto the wall opposite. His eyes were wild and looked greedy. I stopped pumping and stepped back a few feet and watched him gain a few more pounds, a centimeter or two of height. He breathed out deeply and we finally broke our stare. The frightened look returned to his face. “God, I am so sorry. So sorry. I cant believe I did that.” I reached up and put my hand on his chest, letting it slowly drop to his nipple where I let my fingers twist and play for a moment. “What are you doing tonight, Ikaika?” A broad smile and a flash of that dominant confident man broke through. “Fucking you and getting bigger, my man.”
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    The second of these episodes ("Beach Bummed"):
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    "That's what I meant when I said I was gonna lift you over my head and throw you to the ground. Do I need to repeat the demonstration, little man?"
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    The Interview - Part 01 Today is 07/08/2019 How have you been? I hope everything is fine, because here it is perfect. Today, as I promised weeks ago, I'll videotape my giant parents. I also invited Josh *blushing* but he had to visit some colleges with his father, the coach, Mr. Walker. Well, I guess it's just the three of us. I'm sure it will be fun for you normal-sized kids like me to know more about the giants 'lives from the giants' own words. I've packed everything in the living room. Well ... all I could reach. My house is all designed for my giant parents. I have my room that was designed for the standard size. I live in that loft inside the giant house. With some effort, I climb into the chair facing the sofa and adjust the focus of the camera. I brought some snacks to stay here with me. I do not know! Maybe I'm hungry talking to my favorite giants. The couch fits my two parents, seated and even comfortable if we compare their sizes. Oh ... I can hear the heavy footsteps of someone approaching. They sure are. The two would go out for a run in the park nearby in an area designated for giants. With the heat you're doing and how my parents get sweaty ... I think I should get some kind of cloth to cover my nose ... Too late! They are already here ... they are sitting on the couch and you will see soon ... the two are sweaty and talking and smiling. I'll turn the camera on and play. I'll be back soon, guys! ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ *Turning on the camera. Adjusting the focus and see the sweaty, swollen and hairy bodies of my parents* "Streaming started! And today ... I'm here, in my house. Look at that, guys ... " *I show parts of the room on the camera for you to see that there are not many strange things. Just a home in size ... extra* *Snapping of giant fingers. I turn the camera to my father Tedd* "Let's get started, boy?" *He pecs bounce the hairy chest* "Oh! Yes, Dad ... well ... " *setting the camera one more time* " Guys! These are my parents, Tedd and Kevin. Let's start with you, Daddy Tedd. My followers want to know: what is the life of a giant cop like? " *I set the focus on Tedd. But only the top of the pecs to Tedd's face fit the camera. He scratches the hairy pec while looking for the right words to answer* "Well ... being a cop is incredible. From a very young age, I wanted to be a police officer. Helping people's safety. And after the change of the serum, this whole giant thing makes me more proud than I am. I can hold two thugs in each hand with ease. This is amazing! And you still have these arms ... " *At this point, Daddy Tedd flexes his arms in a double biceps. His hairy armpits exude a strong scent of sweaty giant man. It even looks like the smell of the school locker room* "You're amazing, honey." *Kevin kisses Tedd's right bicep* "You like those babies, though, sweaty, do not you?" *Tedd teases Kevin by flexing the ball of his arm while he kisses * *The scene makes me ... horny, but I try to hide my little erection with a cushion* "Hey ... huh ... can we continue?" * Nodding with his left hand * "Oh, little boy! Sorry for your horny parents. You know that after the morning race and training in the gym we're ... horny hahahaha "Kevin smiles and caresses the groin that houses a snake ... a huge thick snake in his shorts * "Well ... continuing ... Dad, can you tell me your full name and your measures for my followers to know? It's just something they asked for a lot ... hehehe " "Oh, boy! Of course I do. " *Tedd pecs bounce once more before focusing on the camera.* " My name is Theodoro Benjamin Breston, I'm 45 years old, I've been in the local police for 16 years. I'm 35'7" tall and weigh over 12,355 pounds. I have some fat on my body. " *He hits the beer belly, the sound sounds like a little thunder.* " My father used to say that a man without beer belly is a man with no good stories to tell. He was right hahaha " "This is so incredible, Daddy! You're fucking a beastly giant "* she smiled, but I covered my mouth *" Sorry, dad. I did not want to say the ugly name " "Hahahaha ... it's okay, little boy! Daddy knows you like all that weight and your little friends like it too, are not you guys? " *He nods at the camera * "Huh ... well ... let's see ..." *I compose myself* "Daddy, what's your take on the people who are against the giants? Do you think they can gain more space with that thought? " *Dad looks at Kevin. The two have a sad and worried look. I touched a serious matter, but I need to know their opinion * "Well ... son. The giants are worried. We are becoming concerned that more normal-sized people feel threatened by us. You know that's not the point. The giants modified by the serum are not violent to the extreme. This condition was removed when we changed size. That is why I support that more giants come to the congress, to municipalities and municipal and student chambers. The giant police union is meeting with firefighters to launch a candidate for state government " *That was not smelling good. And it was not the strong musk of the two giants in front of me * "Dad ... are you going to be that candidate?" *My tone of voice is worried* "I do not know yet, my dear. But, whatever I do, it will be done to protect you and your dad Kevin here. " *He squeezes Kevin by putting his arm over his mammoth shoulders* "So ... well ... I love you, Dad, and whatever you do, you'll have my support" *I smile blushing* *Daddy Tedd waves to me with a wink. And Kevin's eyes are wet* "Do you have more questions from your little followers?" *Rubs his hands* "Yes! Yes ... let's see here ... " *I pick up the cell phone and read the questions from the followers* " Well ... Carl, it's from the interior of Texas, and he wants to know how you do to punish the bad guys?" *Tedd's eyes bulge with excitement as he remembers the punishments he gave the prisoners. He has a cruel side to anyone who breaks the law. He hates dishonesty and thieves, but murderers are his favorite when it comes to giving a lesson, punishing* "Oh! That's a good question. " *He leans on the couch and scratches his swollen groin* " I have a technique for every infraction, a crime committed. The more heinous the crime, the stronger the punishment. Many do not know, but in states where the death penalty is law, giants are used for that purpose. We are not violent, but in the face of the cruelty of crime we have become the pursuit of justice " *he points to the camera, as if he wanted to give a warning to those who think of committing a crime in the city* "Wow! It's a good thing I'm on your good side, Dad. "He nodded, "You're my pup, boy! Now ... let's take punishment techniques. First: " *raise the gauge* " If you are caught stealing cars or stealing shops, you will be placed in a tank with the dirty socks of all departmental police. It will remain there for a few weeks or until the sentence is decreed in accordance with the law. Secondly, if you get caught drunk driving, you'll be stuck with the bathroom soap in the apartment. You will be used to help clean our bodies during the bath ... and man ... if you take me or David, you run the great risk of curling up in our chest hahahaha" *David is Teddy's partner in the city's police department. He is as hairy and strong as Tedd. The two are massive bears that ensure the security of the south side of the city* "And ... is there more punishment technique? If someone gets caught invading someone else's house, what happens? " "Hmmm ... this is easy and for me it's the best" *Daddy Tedd rubs his crotch hard and his cock squirms under his shorts* "If some smart guy gets caught up in private or public property he'll be confined to our briefs with our cocks as fellow shorts hehehehe " "Well ... I think Carl's answer was satisfactory" *I swallow dry* "Let's go to the next question and this comes from afar ... oh ... come from Brazil ... a boy named Tonny ... he asks how much a giant spends eaten in a single meal? Can you answer Daddy Tedd? " *I just looked down for a second to visualize the question on my cell phone and when I get up, I see Daddy Tedd eating a bowl full of oats, bananas, blackberries, milk, corn cereal and honey. The bowl would fit 4 people of my size and there would still be some space left* "Well... I'm hungry ... so I guess seeing that bowl of post gym cereal will respond ... I make 7 meals a day. Only for breakfast I eat the equivalent of a meal made by a family of 8 people. That's the first time the big lunch hehehe ... BUUUUURRPP ... sorry guys, I'm a little hungry" The recording continues as I watch Daddy Tedd devour the bowl of cereal. He is now stroking his hairy belly. After training, Daddy likes to rest before going to the police shift. I'd rather let him rest. I nod to him, telling him that the interview has been successfully completed. "Thanks dad. Thanks for doing it for me, big guy! I love you " *I smile at him* "You're my boy! Keep being that good boy. Daddy, I love you too, boy. *He nods at the camera and gets up from the couch. He goes to the kitchen* Dad Kevin gets dressed up on the couch, because he'll be next. I turn the camera over to me. "Hey guys! That was my dad Tedd. Now... let's talk to my other father. Mr. Kevin Breston " *I turn the camera to him* "So ... Dad ... how do you feel today?" "Very horny ... my boy" *grunts, he rubs his swollen groin*
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    The heat of the city of Rio de Janeiro is unbearable, and in the summer it is even worse. Today the thermometers mark 107 Fº. You can fry an egg on the asphalt and melt butter on the balcony of the apartment during the summer. Hot shit!On the train, transportation I use to get to work, every morning is this: hellish heat, crowded cars and lots of excitement in the early hours. Before I even get to work, I'm drenched with sweat. My crumpled suit, my long-sleeved shirt sticks to my body because of the intense sweating caused by the high temperature inside the wagon.When I get off at my destination station, I breathe a sigh of relief. I tie my tie and I go to the company where I work. I am an administrative assistant. I walk a few meters away from the train station. For a person like me, of great bodily proportions compared to others, it is difficult to feel comfortable in crowded places with lots of people. At 6'7" tall and weighing 330 pounds of muscle built with a lot of effort, dedication and assiduous hours in the gym, I feel suffocated in small places.I walk through the revolving door of the building where I work, past Elaine the receptionist who greets me with a kiss on her cheek. She knows I'm gay, but we're friends and our greetings are always her lips on my square face. Going up the elevator, I notice people wring their noses at the strong smell of my sweat. Some even cover their nostrils with their hands, exaggerated. I raise my arms and smell my gun. "It's not too bad," I think to myself. My grandfather always said something about the family men: "We are big guys, and big guys have strong sweat. That is, they stink like a fucking sock." Words from my great grandfather Donny. He was big as a six-door closet, my father was his size and I grew larger than my grandfather. Even though I was gay, my old Donny was proud of his grandson's Herculean form.I enter the room that I share with Lucas, my friend and lover. We always go out together after work on Fridays to relax a bit, and every day we meet in the gym in the evening. He's incredibly sexy. Lucas has blue eyes, measures 6'4 "tall and weighs 286 pounds of defined muscles. Unlike him, I have a bit of body fat, but Lucas is massive and thin. He raises his head and runs his hands through his dark, short hair before crossing his gaze with mine. As usual, he always brings a cup of coffee as soon as I enter the room."I put some milk today, my dear. I know you like it" hands over the cup and kisses my cheek.At work we are responsible, so just a simple kiss on the cheek and nothing more. Out of the office he sucks my dick like no one else in this world would do."You always doing the best, my little big love"We sat at our tables, facing each other, and we continued our activities. From time to time I pecs bounce to Lucas and he does the same to me. We love our massive pecs, and we love to worship. Working alongside a big man like me every day is a satisfying stimulus.**********************I return to my home after an exhausting day of work. I agreed with Lucas that we would meet at the gymnasium at seven thirty in the evening. I put on my clothes for practice and go to the gym. I feel my sneakers and shirt a little tight, at last they are new. Maybe because they're new clothes are tight. My sneakers are made to order, since my 18 foot size hardly exists in normal stores. My shirts and shorts are also great, my thighs do not fit into any clothes, and my arms tore the last shirt they try to try in a store. Since then only buy clothing in stores for obese people. They are loose clothing.Carrying my gallon of isotonic, I walk through the entrance doors of the gym. I meet my workout buddies, some girls ask to take pictures with me, because my fame to be the biggest in the gym is great, just like me. Some smaller kids also ask for pictures and I do some poses, I like to boast about being big. For being the greatest. In the leg machine, meeting Lucas and our friends André and Rick, they are also gay. Do you know the cool thing about being gay and very big and muscular? You are respected and no one messes with you. That's why we are the greatest in the gym. Andrew has the same height as Lucas but weighs 297 pounds and has many bulky shoulders, and a hairy chest, since Rick is a little lower, is 6'2" tall, yet he weighs about 313 pounds of defined muscles and toned.Using the leg machine is Lucas, my big lover. It pulls over 1500 pounds of weight to your legs. The repetitions are short, but the series are intense. This is the first time I've seen pulling this all on the leg machine. Franzo the forehead watching him in his exercise. André and Rick say to me, "How can he manage to get this all over?" I shrug, because I do not know the answer. He finishes his second set of ten reps and gives me the place. Hesitus, because the most weight I get on this machine is 1200 pounds."Are you afraid, big Tonny?" Lucas teases me. And he knows full well how I get instigated when I'm challenged."Fear does not exist for me" I do a more muscular pose, which we call a crab pose. I take a deep breath and position myself on the machine. Surprisingly I can raise the 1500 pounds of weight, and I am impressed not only by this, but because it seems slight to me."Are you feeling that?" Lucas walks over to me and puts his hand on my shoulder. "It seems light as a simple brick to us, does not it?""That's weird... I do not need to put too much force on my knees to push it" I bent my mouth into a smile full of doubt.André and Rick watch us quietly."I noticed something happened as soon as I got home. My clothes were tight and I almost tore the shirt I wore today at work " Lucas comments and his tone is impressed and curious. It pecs bounce to give emphasis on the item: rip the shirt.I pull the dumbbells out of the machine and sit facing him."I do not know, but that happened to me as well." I put my hands on my chin, thoughtfully."It can only be one thing, my dear." Lucas rests his callused, sturdy hand on my broad shoulder. "We had a growth spurt." He smiles openly."Come on! Do not be crazy, Lucas. We're not old enough to have growth spurts." I stand up and stare at him, eye to eye. Eyebrow arching "How do you stand at the height of my eyes?" I take a step back."I grew up, Tonny. I do not know how, but we've grown. You... " points to my chest "Not much in height but in strength and muscles for sure"André approaches and speaks:"He's right, big Tonny. When his painting pointed at the door of the gym, we saw that it was not the same "he knocks twice on my shoulder."I can not have grown up in muscles..." I turn on my heels and walk to the gym and when I see the numbers coming up, I blink several times not believing. The scale weighs 370 pounds. I increased 40 pounds in a few hours. I feel strong, and my clothes tight, but I thought it was for protein shakes, but it was impossible to gain so much weight in so little time."Bro, this is incredible," cometh Andre. "I want to know what you're taking. Please share with us," he almost begs."Man, this is fantastic. You are now the most muscular man in this gym, the strongest and ..." Rick walks up to me and sniffs. "Also the most stinky... fuck, brah. You look like you do not shower in a long time." He wrinkles his nose in disgust at my strong smell."My smell is from a real man, you asshole." Without warning, I pick up his head and take him to my armpit. Holding his head from behind, I force Rick's nose into the hairs of my stinking armpit. "You smell a real man, you fagot."He walks away, coughs a little and then wipes his face with his hands, but not before he has swallowed a few drops of my stinging sweat."Damn it!" He yells, pounding my chest like a concrete wall. "Big Tonny, you asshole... your sweat tastes like dead pigeon urine." He stretches his tongue trying to clean it, but it's late, bad taste and salty was already coming down his throat.Then the unexpected happens. The loops of Rick's yellow tank shirt loosened. Its trapezoids swell unusually. We all stood staring at Rick's instant muscle growth."What the fuck is that ?!" Andre comments by touching Rick's new traps and shoulders "You just sniffed Tonny's sweat and grew..." he turns to me "Raise the armpits, great Tonny, I want to drink until the last drop "I raise my hand in a stop sign to Andrew, who is as impressed as I am."That can not be happening." I shake my head in negative. "I thought it was just a legend""Legend ?!" Lucas says with wide-eyed "What kind of legend?"I fold my arms."The legend of the men of the Silva Giant family" narrowed the glance at Lucas and at Rick, both older than Andre.*****************************The stories about the men in our family, which my grandfather told when I was a child, always fascinated me. They made me understand why I was always the biggest kid in school, and the biggest teen on the high school football team. All men in our family receive the Giant surname, on account of my great-grandfather's grandfather. With each generation, a family man was born with a power. No one could ever explain where such power came from, but we keep this secret always safe. My grandfather said it was better to hide than to show the world what they would never understand. The explanation my grandfather gave was that: in his excretions, sweat, saliva, sperm and strong scent, contains an enzyme (never discovered the name was then dubbed a Giant enzyme) that can make other men grow. Sometimes this power is increased by the factor: worship and flexion of muscles. An old family member who was a physician discovered this enzyme, but kept his research buried. After all, he was also a Giant. But only one Silva Giant was born with increased power: excretions + worship factor, and he was murdered before he was even 30 years old. He was my grandfather's brother, therefore, my father's uncle. At the time of the assassination, my grandfather told me that all the Giants of the family were angry and decided to take justice with their own hands, all the villains of the city were beheaded, but without guns, the giants used their hands. The rebellion of the giants, as it became known, was the event that the government has always kept secret, since all of us, Silva Giant, have been living in a way that is usually among other people. It was not all men who had this enzyme, most of the time we were only born big even with a "blessed" genetics, but that power was not past for everyone. And, according to my grandfather, it had been almost 100 years since he was born one since his brother, the first Silva Giant, with that power... well, until now.*********************************"It's a joke," André says, shocked. "This looks like story out of comics.""Darling, this can not be real..." Lucas frowns, holding my hand."Guys, that's the only explanation," I tell Andre. "You met my father, did not you?"He shakes his head confirming." He was a fucking old man""My grandfather was also huge and lived more than 100 years... my father was 60 years before the plane crash that killed him, and he always seemed to be 40 years old. He had muscles so solid they looked concrete. Does not this seem strange to you? By Brazilian men's standards, we, Silva Giant, are completely different ""And after 100 years, you, the youngest of your family was born with this enzyme that can help other men grow ..." Rick stares at me for a second and then continues: "Only men can grow not women, right? ""Yes, only men""Thank the gods!" He makes a sign of thanks, like a cross, and we laugh in Rick's playful way."What I do not understand is how I've grown more than you and even more than Rick," Lucas says with a hand on his chin.Eyes widening, I stare at him and the other guys."It can not be... it can not be..." I say nervously with my hands on my head trying to process all this. "Lucas, our adorations ... when we love our pectorals at work and you still kissed my sweaty face... that's it... I'm the strongest Giant in my family after almost a century..." a crazy thirst , insane of power takes over my body. I feel a desire to avenge the death of my predecessor and make the world pay for what makes gays like me. "A new God was born" I have a double bicep and my friends accompany me in another poses.Rick flexes his pecs.Lucas grinds his abs.André becomes hypnotized.The three of us began to grow slowly. It's like some kind of bond that we have after each of them has experienced my excretions and worship. The other students are frightened by our roars and our gradual expansion. Andre walks away a little, he is frustrated by not being on our back growing as well. Have fun with your kid face that is missing the fun. I stop flexing and the guys stop. We are the same size and with larger muscles, so big that our clothes scream for help, our sneakers fight bravely to resist the spread of our stinking feet."ANDRE, MY FRIEND" my voice is deeper and more powerful "I'M SORRY..." I clear my throat to try to speak lower "I will not leave you out, although I always wanted to see you like this, like an insect... HAHAHAHA "Rick and Lucas laugh along with me and the sound of our laughter makes the gymnasium's windows shudder. André is at the height of the middle of our abdomens. And he's 6'4", he's a very tall man."YOU LOOK LIKE A SMALL DOLL" Rick strokes his lover's hair teasing him."You asshole..." he pushes Rick's hand away from his head.We played with André, we took him seriously. He gets a little annoyed, but not to the point of being upset with us. We were always friends."Okay, little André ..." I reach out to him "Join us, my friend"I pull Andrew and I stuck his nose into the cleavage of my pectorals. I slide his head from side to side, so that my strong scent permeates him. I lift Andrew's head and kiss his face, I deposit enough saliva in his mouth. The other guys moan loudly, stroking the middle of their stuffed groin. André walks away and swallows everything I gave. He puts his hands on his waist and then the "magic" begins. His shirt rips as his muscles move. His sneakers cry with the expansion of his feet and the strong smell of his sweat becomes more evident, more rotten. The lint left in his shirt, he rips out with a mighty roar, and we roar together. André flexes his biceps proudly and with his new deep baritone voice he says:"THANK YOU, BIG TONNY ... BUDDY" He smiles biased and pecs bounce.*******************************After our first growth spurt, with our shorts and extremely tight shoes, we returned to practice. We trained for hours, the repetitions in each exercise increased, consequently the weights also. In the end, no one else in the gym could train because all the dumbbells were being used by us 4, the super giants. The owner of the gym, Claudio, a middle-aged man, called us: super giants, and asked us to leave so that the other students could use the machines and weights of the gym. I, the strongest of all, said no, that we would only leave when we wanted to go."WE ARE THE BIGGERS MEN IN THIS PLACE, BRAH... Nobody can tell us what to do" I leaned my finger on his narrow chest and pushed him until he fell to the ground. Out of fear, and out of respect, he let us train in peace. Our scales were inhuman. All 4 are measuring 8'3" tall.Weights:Rick: 432 pounds of pure muscle. He's the thinnest of us, and his triceps are oversized.Lucas: 473 pounds of massive and lean muscles as well. It has one of the most bulging and hard pecs I have ever seen.André: 480 pounds and looks like a bear. It has a protruding belly, but due to regular exercises it is hard as stone. Her thighs are incredibly large as oak trunks.Finally, I, Tonny: 518 pounds of massive muscles, arms larger than the head of a normal human being, and a butt so hard and large that my shorts did not hold and streaked."BOYS..." Andre says, dropping a weight on the floor, not caring about the noise or what could break. A THOOOM is heard throughout the gymnasium when the dumbbell is thrown on the floor. "I want MOOOORE" flexes the biceps "I need more... do not you feel it?" He kisses the spikes of his biceps."That's incredible, buddy... I know how you feel" I do a front lats spread in front of the gym mirror.The boys accompany me, and soon we will not fit in front of the mirror. We play pushing each other to take the mirror and Lucas ends up balancing and falling over the bar. His huge body destroys the glass counter and crushes several utensils."Oh my God!" Shouts the owner of the canteen with her hand in her mouth."Your troglodytes. Look what they did," her son complains seriously with Lucas who stands up and stares at the little man."It was not my intention" my lover wipes away the broken glass from his arms and back, no matter what he did.Impressively, he did not cut himself. The power we have now is spectacular. Our skin is almost impenetrable, like steel or other stronger metal. Imagine when we grow older? I slowly approach Lucas."I apologize for the damage," I face the cousin's son. It is so small that it reaches the height of our groin. Rick and Andrew join us.The confusion is armed. Four muscular and extremely strong giants gathered around a tiny man who resolved to be brave and unloving his own life."You fucking brute..." he shouts with his index finger in a frown. "They've finished with the counter in my mother's canteen" squawks.Sure the laughter with the hand in the mouth, and the boys do the same. This mouse is so small."I told you it was not intentional. We were joking, I got unbalanced and fell, that's all." Lucas shrugs, but tries to be sympathetic to the situation, just try, because deep down he does not care about what he broke.If I know my lover, he does not care what he causes around the younger people. He always says, "I'm big and I need space, if you're in my way, be careful not to turn a stain.""Little friend..." André speaks, our furry-breasted bear resting his big hand on the little man's shoulder. "We're big guys, one thing or another will always break our back, so get used to it. It is not intentional... not yet "smiles maliciously.Andrew's devilish grin was an omen for what would happen soon. The mood of the canteen's son calmed down and he realized he could not deal with us."What do you mean by 'still'?" I ask, staring at Andre."Let's grow more, shall we not?" He says putting his hands on his waist."Yeah... but, do not you think we're a nice size?" I scratch my head.Lucas squeezes my shoulder and says,"Ah, my dear... do not deprive us of this power. Let's be the greatest men on earth, and I know you like to be the greatest "stampede my butt."Listen to your boyfriend, Tonny. Come on, brah! Let's GROW" André explodes on a front lats spread.We repeated the poses and began to flex. Within minutes, what was left of our training clothes disappeared. Our sneakers exploded in a loud 'BOOM' sound made our thick, stinky fingers appear. It did not last long until our feet were completely free. The stench stunned the others, but they did not grow, I only activated that power for the four of us.From the floor to the ceiling of the gym it was a height of 55ft and we were already playing the uppermost part of the gym center. Lucas even teased putting his hands on the ceiling and forcing the plaster lining, casually he opened a hole in the ceiling with his hands and pieces of white plaster fell to hit some small ones that insisted on being around us. Claudio, the owner of the gym, ran scared, many students and staff followed. The inquisitors stayed to take photos and record videos of our growth. Soon, we were on the internet for the whole world."Do you think we're about how tall?" Rick asks looking up at the ceiling. The tip of his nose touches the plaster ceiling."Almost 55ft, I think, or more," I say flexing my abdomen "Want to know what I think?"They turned to me in expectation, their eyes glittering."Let's grow... MOOOOOORE"We roar and flex our muscles in varying poses. Rick: double front biceps. André: to flex your thigh-sized thighs. Lucas: pecs bounce along with me, but I crunch my abdomen frantically. The walls of the gym, like the plaster ceiling, begin to crumble. Our roars are scary to the little people who do not understand how we got so big and still growing with no sign of stopping. Desperate, people run like insects fleeing death.*****************************The 'crack' of the walls breaking apart, it's like classical music to my ears. A symphony of bricks, concrete and plaster being crushed as we grow, leaves me with a wild excitement. My dick starts to leak, very pre-cum. The liquid is thick, translucent, and with a strong smell even stronger than my sweat, it comes out of the crack of my cock like honey that runs from the hive. The boys stop their push-ups, our clothes can not resist, at least what's left of them, our underwear ripped like paper with the expansion of our muscles and cocks, and now we're naked. Rick, André, and Lucas come closer to me and look directly at my dick from which it smells attractive, like a mating call."Oh man... that smell coming from his monstrous mast, excites me." Lucas caresses his erection that grows with tubular veins and begins to leak as well."It's like you're calling us to fuck... the smell of your dick is wonderful," Rick growled nibbling at my shoulder and also stroking his own cock."That's so exciting, great Tonny." André worships my cock and strokes my thighs."Oh, brothers... I think I'll cum soon, but I do not want to go that far now. In fact, I want to test another growth factor, my sperm... " I let out a deafening groan."Hmmm... yes, my dear Tonny... your sperm must be so much more powerful than your pre-enjoyment." Lucas caresses my swollen cock thick with a twenty-gallon barrel, and still growing."I need to fuck you... NOW" I growled and pulled Luke by the waist kissing her fleshy lips. He grabs my neck and returns the kiss.Embrace Lucas with strength and our bodies stick together, sweat increases and we drink from it. Our caresses are intense. He runs his big, callused hands down my back until he reaches my muscular ass, runs his thumb around my hole making me moan loud. The stick full of protruding veins leaned against my cock and we roared through the kisses. The sensitivity of our genitals is extreme, and the slightest touch, we feel small outbursts of pleasure through our grown bodies.I turn Lucas back and push my swollen, larger mast in the middle of his ass. With her right hand she stroked her numb nipples, and with her left hand she moved her dick. I pull closer and he opens his butt exposing his big, hot, sweaty hole. Without hesitating, for I have no more doubts about my growth, I put my purple cock in Lucas's hole at once. He screams, roars and moans with pleasure. The movements within Lucas are rhythmic, and I slowly accelerate. He rests his hands on the floor crunching the concrete floor of the gym, I think we're now weighing tens of tons.In position 4, ready to be fucked by me, Lucas seems to be raised to another level of arousal. Your sweat also smells strong, pungent, it makes my dick grow even more inside him. I speed up the movements and then I look like a jackhammer punching a hole in the ground. Lucas's interior is tight, hot and ... delicious. My sweat runs down my body, so I begin to lick myself and almost instantly begin to grow past the roof of the gym once and for all. I feel the warm night air of Rio striking my face when my head goes over the ceiling, then my shoulders, and then my chest overcomes the roof."FUCK... THIS IS AMAZING" my voice sounds like a timid thunder and I see people running without understanding what happens.I hear the sirens from afar, eye to the side, and I see cops with their guns in hand, ready to shoot and defend the little insects of this hot city like hell. I look down from the gym and see Andrew and Rick, their faces sullen because they have not grown older."HOW WILL, MY LITTLE FRIENDS?" Laughter mightily making smaller people cover their ears.Lucas still has his hole buried in my cock, and I decide to impale my lover. I hold his muscular waist and lift his heavy body until my cock holds him in the air. He gets impaled and weak from so much heat, his legs swaying in the air. I feel it is time to grow more, so I accelerate the going and coming inside of it and without taking too long, I cum."AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH... FUUUUUUUUUCK... UUHHHHHHHHHH... I GONNA CUM"Dust inside Luke liters and gallons of hot cum, thick and powerful. It's snapshot to see my lover's growth. His muscles building right in front of me as if in magic. I hear his bones crack, his feet lengthening, breaking the wall in front of him. He howls like a lion during his growth spurt. I pull my cock out of its tight hole and turn it over to me, it's already at the height of my chest as I rub your nose at the cleavage of my mountainous pecs. He moans and licks every stretch of my chest and then we paste our lips into a fiery and frantic kiss. We exploded into another growth spurt, now together, as it should be. The roof of the gym is below our waist and the debris serves for Andrew and Rick to come up and watch us better."Ah, brothers... you're fucking idiots." Andre curses with his permanent annoyance."HAHAHAHA... LIL ANDRÉ... take this"I turn my cock's head down, and squeeze from the base to the tip to expel the remains of hot sperm still inside my giant tube. The thick dripping drops on the destroyed floor of the gym and I watch André and Rick run into the puddle of semen that forms. They smear themselves, drink what they get and then begin to flex, but before they lick at my sweaty feet.Their bodies expand more and more. I smile when they approach the height of my chest, but something happens, and they keep growing more and more. I erect my neck, Lucas does the same, we are impressed as the two expanding in height greater than Lucas and me. I stand at the height of their navel. Stroking my short hair, Rick lets out one of his jokes:"WHO IS THE BIGGER NOW, LITTLE TONNY?" His laughter can be heard throughout the northern part of the city of Rio de Janeiro.They begin to walk, destroying the remaining walls of the gym. I feel the vibrations of his steps.BOOOOM ... BOOOOM .... BOOOOOMThey approach a 10-story building and without warning they punch the building. The dust rises over their exuberant bodies, exciting me. They laugh with an evil tone in their voice, the police begin to shoot at the giants, but the bullets look like mosquitoes on their skin. It is so insignificant that they feel nothing. After destroying the building, they step back and end up stepping on houses, cars and people. The destructive and bloody feeling is exciting and addictive. I see in their faces the joy and indifference in destroying, crushing and stepping on the lesser people. I want this for myself, too.I turn Lucas to my face and kiss him greedily. He accepts my caress and we begin to lick my sweat and the remains of my still warm enjoyment on the tip of my cock. Immediately I feel the growth appear at full strength. We roar in the middle of the licks and rise to the level of titans, bigger than Andre and Rick who already walk toward the seafront of the city. Lucas and I overtook the residences buildings of the north of the city, buildings with more than 20 floors are at the height of our waist. Lucas is smiling amusingly, he likes to show who has more strength, has always been like this and now he begins to make blows more blows on the buildings. His closed fist is larger than a wrecking ball.I hear sirens in the distance, but I do not care, nothing else matters to me, besides showing the mediocre world that a gay can be big, strong and imposing. There is no better way to demonstrate power in this size, it is as if nothing could stop us, and in fact, nothing can stop us now. Looking south I see a trail of destruction, a lot of dust, explosions, screams and many rubble, this was the path made by Andrew and Rick who were heading towards Leblon beach. I follow the same path ending the destruction caused by my friends. "Fools! They can not do the job right "I think smiling and leveling neighborhoods with my gigantic feet. Lucas follows me and during the walk he picks up several people in his hand and smashes them by closing his fingers on them. Once dead, he deliberately cleans his hand and captures more small people."These little shit are so weak. With a breath of mine they break. Exempt! "Lucas dwarfs the little ones in his hand.In a few minutes we reached André and Rick who were already leveling part of the noble district of Leblon. Not all the money, nor the luxury that the residents had in their apartments was defense against the fists and feet of my friends, they were maddened by the power. I do not judge them, I do, and I want more."THEN, YOUR SHITS... FUNING WITHOUT US" like thunder, my voice falls on them looking upward with wide eyes."How... ah, damn it!" André grunts, dropping half of a building on the ground that he plucked."Brothers... why do not we get together?" Rick says.Sometimes he had a glimpse of worthwhile ideas. It was rare, but I realized that it would be interesting what he would propose."DID YOU THINK WE WOULD NOT GROW MORE? RASCALS "Lucas's voice broke, he raised his right foot and then crumpled it over the rubble, killing all life that could exist there trying to save himself, who knows?"I'm telling us we grew up together. Hands, we're gay, muscular and giants. We can grow more and more and master the shit of this world"I put my hand on my chin, pondering Rick's idea."What do you think, Lucas? Sounds like a good idea. Gay giants dominating the world. That sounds very interesting to me"Lucas kisses me on the cheek and whispers in my ear:"These guys are our friends, I think we can trust. And gays dominating the world, it will be the best revenge against all the discrimination we have suffered in the past, my dear "It will be our revenge. That's what I thought at first, but in fact, I wanted to dominate the world anyway, to be the pride of my grandfather, my father and the Giant Silva who were killed in the past. I'll be the owner of everything and I'll have three butts to fuck all I want, and that's better than any gay revolt."Come on, boys. I'm going to fuck each one of you and let's... GROW "*******************After fucking each other's ass, we grew in size equality and with muscles so large that we looked like they came out of a morphed image made in photoshop. We weighed hundreds of thousands of tons, and our height reached 16,000ft ... yes, we now measure 16,000ft tall and soon we would grow more.The city of Rio de Janeiro was in ruins. The world's best-known postcard, Christ the Redeemer, had turned a doll into my hands. I first plucked off the head and then the remains of the city's most famous statue. I went up on the mount where the figure of Christ stood and spread my arms in the same pose. My friends applauded me and laughed at the joke. There is no god, we are the true Gods and now the world will be ours."How about a visit in another country?" Rick asks."I want to get to know France and enjoy to crush the Eiffel Tower," Andre comments by scratching his hairy pectoral."Where are you going, my dear?" Lucas kisses my cheek."Washington DC. Let's have a last visit to the president. " I smirk.********THE END********
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    Wow, another fantastic chapter. I love how much Marcus is getting into his new size. Everyone else is starting to get worried but he just LOVES it and craves more. The big question, can anybody stop him? I sort of hope NOT, lol. But am excited to see where things go. Everything has been great so far and know the rest will be as well.
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    Weight now 275lbs. I may go as low as 253. The next milestone is 268. I have not put up a July gallery, and will post an entry when it is available. In the meantime, here is a low-res B&W preview.
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    Thank you so much for the kind words! They are very much appreciated And all I can say to your questions is that, my story lead you in the correct direction...
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    Wow! That was fantastic! It took a very different path than what I expected, but then again, that's what often makes a story so great. The visuals, as others pointed out, are just beautifully done. I hope that's not the end, at least not for too long. I was also left wondering if the planet they were invading is Earth. I half expected a shot of our planet out the spaceship window at the end. However, the shot of all the humans in the muscle pods was great. It kind of reminded me of a cross between the human batteries in The Matrix and the humans being harvested for food in the original "V" miniseries from the 80's. Thanks so much for sharing your hard work with us.
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    4000 Strength on SML @SecondLife
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    Portrait picture taken of me in December of 2018 for a Christmas present at the request of my mom He Was Shirtless and Looking Hot Starting my second job after college put my whole life in flux. At 28 I was good looking, fit, still single, and available. There were a million things to do and I kept telling myself that I had to join a health club. Not only was my muscle tone fading I needed to take all my frustrations out on something. If I didn’t do it lifting, then I might start taking my aggressions out on people. Moving to a new city was like starting all over again. I had to find the cleaners, the grocery stores, the GNC, and all the places we take for granted when we live in the same place for years. Finding and furnishing an apartment was my first priority. I rented out of the city so taking the commuter train took almost two hours from my front door to the office. That meant that half my day was spent for work related activities. Four hours of that was wasted time riding a train, time I could spend in a gym, time I could run errands, time I could use to party so it only took a few weeks to absolutely hate that commute. I had just signed the lease so I was obligated to the torture for a year. I knew I wanted out of the suburban life so I began looking for a residence in the city. I was up front with the agent regarding my timeline and he made several suggestions one of which was buying an apartment in a high rise building scheduled to be finished just before my lease expired. I was not impressed with the raw industrial look of the sample apartment. I looked at everything from single family homes to small apartment buildings for the next several months. Three months later I took a chance and put an offer in on a building close to downtown where I worked. The commute would be cut to twenty minutes at most. The neighborhood was in transition because an on ramp to the expressway was scheduled for closure so the elevated roadway could be widened. There were other ramps on larger streets nearby so it wasn’t a big deal except for people who lived in the area. They hated the ramp because of the traffic jams it caused throughout the whole neighborhood. The traffic was so bad they feared for children going to school in the morning. When the ramp was built, some longtime locals moved out and building values fell. Drugs and gangs moved in which made more people leave. The parks and the wide median fell into disrepair and were eventually clear cut. A local neighborhood group fought the widening of the street leading to the ramp and won in court because of some archaic charter declaring that the median remain green space in perpetuity. Take away the green space and the land would revert to the family that donated it when the wide four lane street was built. The judge said the paved area may also revert to the family as well. The city engineers decided to close the ramp and improve the other ramps nearby. The offer I made for the property I wanted was accepted and I became a homeowner. The trouble was the rental units in the front building had all been gutted and now they needed to be put back together. The back building where I planned to live had been renovated for office space so all closets had been removed from the bedrooms upstairs. The good news was there were three huge bathrooms and the bad news was the bathrooms needed to be returned to residential configurations. Homes normally don’t have three urinals and three toilet stalls. All in all there were ten toilets in the three bathrooms. I assumed that I could live in the space while things were being fixed-boy was I wrong. Nearer to the expressway there was an old neighborhood shopping district where there once was a dry goods store, grocery store, drug store, a boarding house, movie theater, butcher shop, etc. In the 1950’s the boarding house and movie theater had been converted to a gentleman’s club which was a euphemism for a whorehouse, bordello, or brothel but it was closed down in 1968 because of the prostitution. The gays took it over and turned it into a bath house. It was on the brink of being closed again but the owners invested in gym equipment and turned it into a health club to avoid a forced closing. As a result the mainly gay clientele welcomed the straight members who gave the club some respectability. It was open 24 hrs, had pristine equipment and was cheaper than any other health club in town. For me you could not beat the proximity, the hours, or the price so I joined. What I didn’t know was that the club also had about thirty rooms with beds and tiny bathrooms which you could rent for an additional 20 dollars a night if you were a member. I understand that some rooms were rented more than once per night. The rooms were a throwback from the boarding house days. When the Madam took over she added stacks of bathrooms to the back of the building so the John could shower before going home to his wife. When the work started on my residence the plumber ripped out all three bathrooms and the carpenters ripped out the kitchen. Closets were being built and electricians were updating the wiring. I couldn’t live with the construction dirt and noise going on or the lack of facilities so I rented a room at the club by the week. All my furniture went into storage and my clothes were in the room I rented. At first it was a little weird being around so many openly gay guys. No matter what it was called it was still a gay bath house. A body would brush up against me in the locker room or the sauna, but nobody forced anything. The gym showers were communal, and often guys would be showering immediately after having sex with each other unless they had one of the rented rooms. One thing I have to say about the gays, they used the gym and watched their waistline. It was strange to see so many cocks of different shapes and sizes. At first I thought that most of these guys had bigger cocks, but then I realized that many guys were wearing cock rings to stay permanently semi-hard. I found myself looking more and more at the meat between their legs, especially the uncut guys. For some reason I was curious about how they escaped the knife. One time in the sauna I witnessed an Asian stud and a black bodybuilder meet and slowly slide into a position with the Asian guy sucking cock. Their position blocked my exit, but I wasn’t going anywhere because I was fascinated by the sight of this seven inch uncut cock disappearing into the guy’s mouth. The slurping sounds, the moans and the groans were highlighted by the look of sheer contentment on the face of both guys. After about five minutes the black guy put his hands on the back of the other guys head and began to thrust vigorously. The bodybuilder groaned and shot a load of cum. Squishing and slurping sounds filled the air and so did the fresh scent of semen. I was hard. I was a straight guy in a dark sauna full of gay men, and my dick was hard. I had not noticed at first, but several of the other men who were watching the live porn had started giving each other hand jobs thus the smell of semen. I was startled when my cock was engulfed by something wet and warm. I looked down to see the dim image of a rather muscular blond man sliding his mouth up and down on my prick. Then he took it all. No woman had ever taken more than half my cock and this guy swallowed it whole. It was too much, too fast. I was horrified by what was happening and angry with myself that I had let it go that far that long. I pulled away and headed for the shower. I told myself I left because I didn’t like being used but in truth maybe I liked it too much. I was in the shower about 15 minutes. A couple of guys that reeked of sex came and went but I took little notice. When the shower next to me was turned on I almost jumped. There was a good old country farm boy standing next to me. He slowly started to clean his cock, rolling the loose foreskin back, soaping it up, and then letting the water rush over it. I was in awe. I was still almost fully erect but he was soft. Our cocks were more than two feet apart but there was no mistaking that his soft meat dwarfed my hard 7 inch tool. Even flaccid it was several inches longer and way thicker than mine. He jacked the skin back and forth and turned around. I had never been aroused by a cock before, but now all I wanted to do was drop to my knees and suck his monster cock. My head was spinning. I turned away to hide my erection. Suddenly I heard his water stop. He was drying himself and preparing to leave. I felt like I would never get a chance like this again so I turned off my shower so I could follow him. He wrapped his towel around his waist and walked out. It was now or never. I acted instinctively and hurried out after him. I stood behind him as he opened his locker. “I’m sorry to disturb you, but don’t I know you from somewhere?” He turned and looked me up and down. “I don’t think so,” he chuckled. “I’m new in town.” I moved here a year ago myself. You sure look familiar where did you go to college?” “I’m from Iowa, went to Iowa State University in Ames, Iowa.” “Isn’t that where the Pickers on TV are from?” “No, Ames is in the middle of the state. The Pickers live on the east side of the state on the Mississippi River.” “Oh, sorry,” I said. Jeez that was lame. I thought as I walked back to my room. About ten seconds later there was knock on the door. I thought about not answering because sometimes the gay guys take a chance when they see you go into a room. Sometimes I acted like I was in the bathroom and they would go away. He knocked again and I pulled the door open. It was the stud from the locker room. There he was shirtless and looking hot. I invited him in and we introduced ourselves. I offered him a drink and he made himself a strong rum and coke. “Well Luke, what do you do for fun in Ames Iowa?” “I like to suck and I like to fuck,” he replied as he stood in front of me. By then I was sitting on the bed. I looked down and was confronted by his hardening cock only inches from my face. He had pulled his belt open and the jeans had fallen around his ankles. His boxers had been shoved down around his thighs. I had two choices; I could throw him out or take him up on his silent offer. I decided to give it a try and explore why I was so turned on in the sauna. I took his soft cock in my hand and I heard a quick intake of breath. I opened my mouth and slid my tongue out over his foreskin, then opened my lips around the giant head of his cock. The silky smoothness slid into my mouth filling it instantly. I tried to mimic what the Asian guy was doing in the sauna. Before I knew what hit me he was fully hard. His shaft was a foot long and thick like a porn star. Damn! I could only get a couple inches in my mouth. He stepped out of his clothes and pulled me to my feet. “Tom, you should be naked too,” he said softly. When I was stripped he sat down on the bed and I fell to my knees. I really went to work moving up and down then swirling my tongue inside his sheath and around the underside of his cock. I did all the things that I had seen on line; all the things I wanted a woman to do to me. His ample pre-cum ran over my tongue lubricating the path into my throat. I sucked and licked as he put his hands on my head and forced my lips down until they touched his pubes. “That’s good. That’s excellent,” he said. He began to thrust faster and faster. Instinctively I knew he was close. I closed my lips around his cockhead as he fisted his shaft until his cum shot into my mouth. It filled my mouth and some ran out down his cock. I swallowed and choked as the thick tasty seed coated my throat. I was in heaven! Luke hovered over me on the mattress before he leaned down to lick my heaving sweaty chest circling my nubs and nipping them with his teeth until my back arched. Once he knew my Achilles heal he went to town chewing, licking and sucking my tits as I increasingly bucked my hips. His hands roamed my sweating muscular frame before heading south to force my legs apart. His fingers which seemed to be filled with lube started to circle my hungry rosebud until my hole was moist and ready, allowing his fingers to effortlessly slide in my tight ass. Luke finally abandoned his assault on my tortured bullets to come up for a kiss. “What a great way to spend the afternoon. I’d love to fuck the hell out of a sexy muscle stud like you,” he muttered. And all I could do was moan in reply. “I really needed to cum. Now it’s your turn,” he whispered. He flipped me over and I felt a tongue licking and circling my pucker before he speared my sphincter with his probing tongue making me whimper. Before long he began coaching me and teaching me how to relax enough to let him in. Finally I felt the head of Luke’s tool pushing in and I eagerly welcomed the thick rod stretching my tunnel until he bottomed out with a groan of satisfaction. “Damn, you’d think you were a fucking virgin. Geezus you’re tight!” he said but that didn’t stop him from quickly building speed. “Damn Tom, I can’t hold it... Oh fuck!” he yelled as his cock swelled in my ass and a load of warm thick jizz fired like a cannon. The searing liquid pumped into my ass and once done he lowered his hard body onto my back and wrapped his arms around my chest. I hadn’t cum yet but I savored the feeling of the huge hard sweaty muscular man on my back. A minute later he rolled to his side taking my body with him. “Tom,” he whispered. “Sorry…” his body trembled like he was having an orgasmic aftershock pumping more cum into my body. “I have been without for too long and I lost control…” I kissed his thick forearm and licked up some sweat. “You need more don’t you?” Luke chuckled when he saw me helplessly nod. I felt his cock slip out of my ass and I turned to face him. He turned to his back and I snuggled into the crook of his arm. His pecs were in my face and I couldn’t resist licking his body. I closed my eyes and slept. As I slowly became aware I realized there was a body spooning behind me. I remembered having a couple of drinks to celebrate the end of another week. I remembered being in the sauna and watching the gay guys. I remembered my cock being attacked and then seeking refuge in the shower… oh shit… the hunk I hit on in the locker room. He came to my room. Fuck! I willingly had sex with a guy! I had sex with Luke and his arm is around me and this is not normal morning wood because I’m super hard and leaking pre-cum. His hard prick is in my ass crack and I’m so horny I want to cum. It’s the smell! Damn his body is so hard and muscular! His breath is so hot on my neck… he fucked my virgin ass but I’d let him do it again. Or would I? I shouldn’t want that but I almost feel like I need more… man sex. “Luke?” I croaked. “Mmmm! You’re awake. I’ve been savoring your body for an hour.” He inhaled deeply. “I’m so hard I could pound nails with this thing,” he said as he kissed my traps. He gently began to thrust his cock over my tender pucker. My cock pulsed out more pre-cum. “What time is it?” I said. Jeez that was a dumb thing to ask, I thought. He is seducing me and I ask for the time. How sexy is that? “Almost ten in the morning,” he replied hugging me closer. “We stink and we should shower together to get this day started.” “My alarm didn’t go off. I’m late for work. I’ll have to call in…” “Tom, it’s Saturday,” he chuckled. “Oh.” “Luke,” I said as I turned to face him. “I’m not gay.” “I know. I’m not gay either but another night like last night with you could turn me gay, although you would have to understand if I occasionally went out and fucked a beautiful woman.” “I never… I’ve never had sex with a guy before. I have to take a piss.” I crawled over him to get out of bed. A moment later he stood next to me and his flow was as strong as mine. “Would it be so bad to be a bisexual?” he asked. I didn’t answer and instead I started the shower. He stepped in behind me and I turned to face him. “I might be jealous if you had sex with anybody else,” I admitted. He looked at me strangely and his fingers touched my face. There may have been a tear in his eye but it was hard to tell for sure in the shower. He touched his forehead to mine and then he hugged me. I was instantly hard again. Luke came out of the bathroom drying his hair displaying his hard incredible stud body. Huge hard muscles yet lean and buff with amazing arms and pecs but when I looked down… crap. I had been royally fucked by that huge piece of meat last night and I couldn’t help staring at what was swinging between his muscular thighs. Soft, it was really long, but impossibly thick. It was was mind numbing. I focused on finding clothes to wear with my back to him so I would stop staring. He came up behind me and pressed his fresh clean body against my back. “What?” “Do you know the first time I saw you, I thought you were really hot.” “Last night?” “No three months ago I came here for a job interview and saw you in the gym downstairs. I went out that night for supper and I remember seeing you in the restaurant wearing black jeans and a black tank with a partially open white shirt. It looked really hot on you and I thought you were the sexiest guy in the place. Then you disappeared. I wasn’t going to accept the job offer but then I convinced myself that I only had a chance with you if I was here in town. “But we hadn’t even met.” “Then last night I saw you go into the shower. I felt like I was stalking you but when I saw your hard cock I panicked and left. I knew it was going to work out when you came and talked to me. I followed you and the rest is history.” It took a while but we became a couple and Luke moved in with me when the renovations to my residence were completed. The real history is that many years have gone by and we are still together. Luke approved of my townhouse and had a major hand renovating the kitchen. It turns out he is an amateur chef that loves to have dinner parties. Luke suggested we go high end on the apartments to attract executives since we were so close to downtown and it worked. At first we only had a 10% occupancy rate but word of mouth boosted us to 90% in just one year. My job was eventually phased out and I gladly took early retirement so we could travel. I can only imagine how empty life would have been without Luke. I tease him often with the line, “I’m sorry to disturb you, but don’t I know you from somewhere?” “Yes sir, I think you do,” he now answers as he takes me in his arms.
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    I think it's high time for a bump! I'm faithfully waiting for next chapter.
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    Marcus is one of the hottest characters in a story in a long time
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    I remember an old story where the protagonist go inside the stalls in the resthroom and some important jock, quarterback or something, gets inside too not knowing is someone else in there. The protagonist see this jock begging some guy to give him another dose of something, the jock has losen all his muscles and want them back, the other guy gives him the drug and the jock grow to all his glory again. The two of them leave the resthroom and in that moment the protagonist wants some of the drug too so start to seek for this guy to buy some, eventually he finds him, grows some muscle and becomes power hungry, tries to steal the drug and the guy tell him that he does not use his products but this is an exception so take the drug to stop the protagonist and says after growing that he regrets don't taking the drug before, the two of them fight in the school. I hope that my burd description would be enough to find this story, thanks!
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    Was it "Muscle Juice"? From the old forum?
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    Amazing last few chapters, just caught up today. Best story I've read in years. What's up with Froy, both potentially cheating and being angry (jealous?) of Marcus? I can't get enough of Marcus growing. I would love to see Wes get a little bigger again... maybe take the necklace off for a day? Or lose it in the ocean? I need my thick hulking musclebear boss growing bigger than Marcus again! Keep up the wonderful work!
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    I like Marcus’ personality - on the surface a bit of a dick, but a good guy underneath it all. Your description and portrayal of his growth is really captivating - you really get across how it’s out of control. Where does it end, I wonder? Did the meteor make Marcus addicted too? Will he have a revelation about what’s happening?
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    I think you’re referring to the Hunter series. Link to the first part below. The rest of the series is also on that site. http://www.pridesites.com/omelissokomos/aardvark/hunter-01-dilf.html
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    AND NOW... the FULL story and Conclusion to "The Muscle Factory" (64 pgs) Patreon sponsorship to help fund these stories is greatly appreciated! (Link in Signature)
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    I want to send thanks to my readers and supporters. When I wrote this story, it was a very selfish act: just a way for me to get this fantasy out of my head and onto paper--to crystallize it, if you will. I never expected the outpouring of love and support I got. I read all the encouraging comments, I felt awash in all the likes and up-votes, and I was overwhelmed by the sheer number of views this story of mine got. I knew I had to respond to the comments somehow--it would be weird to be a lurker on my own post. But I agonized over how to do it so that it felt like the genuine show of gratitude I intend it to be. I hope unvarnished sincerity is the way to go. Thank you all, wholeheartedly. This was an amazing writing experience I am unlikely to forget, and you were a large part of it.
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    "Yeah, I'm an old geek. But I'm an old geek that can hold you over my head with one hand. Care to see?"
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    Apologies for the (ridiculously long) delay everyone, had a lot of stuff going on and my motivation to continue writing faded somewhat. A few days back it returned, however, so I have finally written Part 3, which comes in at just over 2400 words. Without further ado, enjoy! Part 3: the metamorphosis Bodybuilding. Perhaps the most beautiful word in the English language. It just rolls off the tongue, doesn’t it? Bo-dy-build-ing. For me, it is synonymous with sex. The very word is erotic, is it not? When I hear it, I think of men bloated with muscle, of overdeveloped bodies so swollen they cannot be clothed...of men desperate to force themselves ever bigger, no matter what it takes. Men driven by the insatiable lust for more, more, more. You are perhaps wondering what it is that I get out of this. It’s not control, despite what you may think at first glance. I do not control his actions, I do not force him to grow. Every single step was his choice. I simply gave him the support he needed to do what he had always wanted. The ‘control’ I exercise is merely a tool to focus his mind. So I reject the label of ‘evil controller’. I will concede some slight manipulation, but you must agree it was necessary to help him overcome the constraints society had placed on him? To allow him to become what he had always wanted? What I truly get out of this is joy. The muscle is sexy, don’t mistake me. But it’s the journey, the process, the determination in his heart that truly satisfies me. Seeing him become the man he has always dreamed of being, day by day, pound by pound. Sharing in his development, his transcendence of humanity, is what gives me purpose and happiness. I had a front-row seat to the greatest show on Earth, and damned if I wasn’t going to watch it. Stage 2 involved a punishing routine of steroids, and an escalation of the dietary and exercise regime he had followed in the earlier months. This was not a pure test, like the first stage, but rather a process of getting the boy huge with maximum speed. I liked efficiency, after all. I’m not here for a slow ride. In essence, his body was given a choice: grow, or die. It chose to grow. As I knew it would. The hunger was unchained, and he was like a man possessed. I suppose he was, really. The old him, the skinny boy who secretly lusted after muscle but could never talk about it, was long gone. This was a new man. Even I, who had seen hungry boys before, was surprised by the vigour with which he pounded the weights, stuffed himself with food and dosed himself with roids. As before, I forbid him from weighing or pleasuring himself. This focused his mind on the goal, and allowed him to truly savour the process and the changes he forced upon his body. The boy was drowning in the euphoric orgy of his growth, gorging his hunger so much that not even my assigned programme could keep up. On the one hand it was almost sickening seeing the changes being wrought on his body, what he was doing to himself. But on the other, it was entrancing, erotic and glorious. I was making a monster - and I loved it. He was growing faster than I could ever have hoped. The armpit stretch marks deepened and spread, forking over his pecs, shoulders and lats like the tributaries of a river. That pec shelf began to sag under its own mass, nipples forced downward, overhanging a granite column that was his abdomen, thick with layers of muscle. His shoulders were rounded cannonballs with three leads, capping arms like hams with thick veins feeding the bloated muscles. Tree trunk thighs, so thick he began to waddle, and barn door lats completed the picture. The intricate musculature of his back was like a stone relief, each individual muscle carved by a master sculptor, tensing into fine relief with each movement. The boy looked like a bodybuilder already. *** If I must be labelled, I would rather be called an artist. From my paints of control, lust and muscle I was producing a masterpiece. Perhaps even my magnum opus, my greatest work. A portrait of male potential, the finest example of the male form. The most beautiful man there had even been; enough to make the Greeks weep (and they had good taste). A little boy buried in hundreds of pounds of overgrown muscle. A boy who had sacrificed it all to become a man; to fulfil his deepest, truest desire. 5 months into Stage 2 I had to up the steroid dosages. He was pulling ahead of my wildest projections; I might as well make the most of his potential. He nearly came on the spot when I told him (in one of our weekly video calls) that I was upping the dosages. His hips were bucking involuntarily, his pecs jiggling from the movement, high-pitched groans leaking from his mouth, his lips pursed in ecstasy. This was his life now, after all...he had discarded everything else to embrace this: growth without end. It was his sexuality. “So big...not enough...more...more…” he desperately stuttered, his brain drowning in pleasure. I intervened. “Don’t you dare,” I commanded. “If you cum, we’re over.” “Ugh!” he half-screamed. Quick, sharp breaths and some admirable self-control saw him slow and then stop the bucking. A lot of pre-cum had leaked from his still-hard cock, but I decided to forgive him that. I was pleased that he’d managed to control himself, and flashed him my smile. He smiled back, his hair plastered to his face with sweat, panting heavily. Our eyes met. Rivulets of sweat ran down his heaving musculature - I guessed he weighed around 220lbs now - and his skin glistened. He looked like a serious bodybuilder, biceps the size of his head, the works. The sweat pooled in the crevice between his slab-like pecs. His chest had originally been smooth, but was now coated with a soft down of light brown hair. I was overcome by a desire to lick the sweat off of that beautiful chest, savouring every fibre of overgrown muscle, feeling them twitch and undulate as he bounced them (yes, I have an especial taste for succulent pecs). He was stunning, even beyond the muscles. He had always been good-looking in a boyish way, but his handsomeness had grown along with his body. His face had grown leaner, accentuating his cheekbones, while the facial muscles had become subtly more pronounced, giving his face a distinctly angular and manly appearance. That face made my knees weak. I, who had owned so many boys before, found myself falling for this one. The greatest one yet. My greatest specimen, my greatest achievement. After what must have been a good ten seconds, the moment ended and our eyes broke contact, but I could not deny what had passed between us. I was now in uncharted territory. In a strange - and unexpected way - I found myself liking it. What was this? Was I falling for a boy? Growing soft? The shame! There was something about him, though. Not just his hunger, his potential...but I found myself actually liking him, his personality, his quirks. Unknowingly he had become more to me than just a boy to pump full of muscle (although I certainly wanted to do a lot more of that). He had become a person, someone I actually looked forward to talking with, rather than just a trophy to appreciate. He spent the next three months in a frenzy of growth. Even with my experience, I had never seen anything like this. The speed of his growth was nothing short of miraculous, perhaps as much as half a pound a day. His body was transitioning from that of a bodybuilder to a ‘mass monster’ - a hugely bloated mass of muscle, all the more so since he was just 5’7”. His BMI was pushing well into the 40s by this point, I reckoned. Some would say he was grotesque, a freak. I thought he was the most beautiful man I had ever known, and only becoming more so. Did he even have limits? I guess we’d find out soon enough. Muscles spilled in all directions, squashed against each other as they battled for space on his increasingly mammoth body. A pair of triangular traps the size of grapefruits framed his beautiful face, flowing into a neck the size of tree trunk and cannonball shoulders the size of melons. With each movement of his arms, the shoulders rippled with muscle, separating into flaring heads of raw power. Stretch marks - testament to his ballooning body - emerged from his armpits to run over the separations between the muscles. The thick layers of tricep and bicep muscle burst out from those shoulders, his arms rapidly widening in circumference. Each head of the triceps, and the many layers of muscle fibres that made them up, were distinctly visible, forming a landscape of valleys and mountains which raised themselves two inches above his arm when tensed. They were complemented by a splendid pair of biceps which, when unflexed, resembled a thick hunk of meat striped with single large vein. When flexed, they turned into veritable Everests: towering peaks of granite, the muscle bellies thrown into shadow. A faint stretch mark could be seen running the length of the belly. His arms were completed by a pair of densely muscled forearms, coated with a soft down of hair, and a pair of manly hands which had grown thicker from all his lifting. Moving across, you come to his pecs. Great pillows of muscle over four inches thick, sagging under their own mass. Like his shoulders, stretch marks ran from his armpits over the sides of the pillows, joined by rivulets of veins feeding the monstrosities. His pecs had grown so large that when he bounced them it created a wave effect, the whole muscle gradually bouncing as the fibres rippled. His nipples were forced downwards by the swollen masses, which were themselves separated by a deep cleavage that I just itched to run my finger down, gathering his sweet scent. As with his forearms, a soft down of hair completed the picture. The massive pecs overhang a rock-hard muscle gut, which thrusts forwards, straining his waistbands. This was a relatively recent addition to his body, the result of the most recent phase of his growth. 8 blocky abs, deeply etched, stood atop the gut, flanked by tiers of serratus muscles. It was the kind of abdomen you broke your knuckles trying to punch. No way you were going to wind him! Below the abdomen carved out of stone where a pair of quads each the size of tree trunks, fighting for space against each other. They spilled outwards when he sat, searching for room, leaving no gap between them. Each enormous head of muscle perfectly defined, far bigger than my hand. Those quads framed his manhood, which was usually erect nowadays, fed by the ocean of pleasure he found himself in. Diamonds quads, carved from stone, finished off the powerhouse legs. I wanted him more than I had ever wanted something before. His sheer size was beginning have consequences. He couldn’t run anymore - any attempts to do so saw him waddle forward for a couple of metres, panting and nearly falling over (it was terribly erotic, me having ordered him to do it a number of times). He found it hard to shave, as his bulging biceps struggled to get past his swollen pecs. An emerging muscle gut pushed forward through feeble clothes and pressured his waistbands. The breadth of his shoulders required him to turn to get through doorways, and his insane proportions made buying clothes next to impossible. He could only clothe himself in tank tops and gym shorts now. I won’t deny it was a sexy look. He was barely able to fit in his cubicle shower, either. My boy - James - was transcending normality, outgrowing the world that had sought to contain him, the world that had taught his desires were disgusting and obscene; the world that had tried to stop him fulfilling his destiny. Furniture groaned beneath him, not designed to hold so much man. Clothes strained over the enormous expanse of his body, bursting at the seams. This world was built by mortals, for mortals - and he was becoming a god. My god, that is. That’s a possessive ‘my’, by the way, denoting ownership. Remember that. His monstrous body was as much mine as it was his. But he liked it that way. Our partnership had...changed. Our calls became more frequent; soon were were speaking at least every other day, rather than just once a week. And we weren’t just talking about his growth anymore, either - but our interests, hobbies, and who we were. We opened our hearts to each other; he really was no longer just another boy to me. He was James. He liked books, games...the same ones I did. How had I fallen for him? He was smart, funny, and our intellectual interests were closely aligned. We were similar enough to have lots of common ground, but different enough to add dynamism and variety to the relationship. Never before had I yearned for someone, yearned to talk to them, to see them, to feel them. Yet I yearned for him. The sensation was unfamiliar, almost unsettling. My stomach roiled, making it difficult to eat. He strayed into my thoughts regularly, and without warning. Was this love? I didn’t know. How was I supposed to tell? I felt lost, and yet anchored - anchored by him. Whatever this was, it was good. I wanted it to continue, to grow. A year since we had begun. At the start, he had told me that he wanted “to be so huge I can’t live a normal life anymore”. Now, that was happening. He was a complete freak, one of the most muscular men on the planet, increasingly unable to live a normal life. And he loved it. His deepest desires were coming true, with my help. This is what he had always dreamed of, knowingly or not - those childhood dreams of huge men, the teenage wanks to posing bodybuilders, the adult euphoria of his first workouts. It had all been leading to this eventuality; his rebirth, his transcendence, his growth. There had been some unexpected twists - for both of us - as well. What a journey it had been. And to think, there was still so much further to go. It was time to see how big James had really grown, and where we were to go next.
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    PART 5b “I think we’d better go look for Wes now. Maybe we can still catch him if he just went home. Make sure Wes doesn’t find anything in here that would get us in trouble. He’s lax, but not that lax.” Froy nodded and made sure every tissue we used was thrown away in a plastic bag. We exited Wes’ office as quietly as we possibly could, yet it seemed like we were being watched by a million judgmental eyes. I looked around, but no one seemed to be looking. Froy and I had never really done anything with our relationship, but what we did in that office really just set everything in stone. Everything we’d been doing together up till this point was definitely worth it. I finally got to fuck Froy… or get fucked by Froy, really. In an unexpected plot twist by the great M. Night Shyamalan, Froy was a top. Maybe if we went on that company retreat, there might be a Part 2 in the not-so-distant future. The thought of it sent my ass into arrest, but I liked it that way. I liked Froy. As we headed back to my desk, I felt a strange sense of dread coming from behind us. I didn’t know what it was, but it almost felt as though a massive, starving animal was chasing its prey—us. Before I could even turn around to face who it was, a massive arm wrapped itself around my neck and pinned me against Froy. I reached up to pull the arm off but found myself trying to pry off a flesh sack of boulders. Thoughts raced through my mind. Thoughts like how easy it would be for whoever it was to have crushed my skull in that instant. My hands felt like a doll’s against all the gigantic mounds of muscle. Then I heard a familiar voice. “How are my favorite little boys?” Marcus asked. He pulled us in closer against his bulging chest. I could feel his mountainous, ballooning pec against my back as if a globe were being pressed against me. Every muscle on his body was stone-hard. A mere hug felt like I was being manhandled. I was surrounded by massive bulging muscles: his bicep, pec, forearm; but I was more afraid than aroused by just how much power Marcus had and how easily he could crush my head in his arm like a nutcracker. The old Fonz was nothing to Marcus now. “What the fuck, Marcus, is that you?!” I asked. “The one and only!” He laughed. “What—how big did you get?!” “Just an inch and a half taller and a few pounds and inches all over. Why? You got a problem with my size?” “No, I have a problem with you choking me! Do you mind letting go?” “Oh, sorry, forgot how strong I am. Here.” Marcus let us go and allowed us to catch our breath as he stood behind us, chest pumped and stuck out confidently. “Gotta say, I’m a bit surprised. I thought you’d enjoy the choking.” He was even bigger than the last time we met. It was as if he took his muscle mass and multiplied it by 1.5x. I hate math, but I couldn’t think of a better way to describe just how much bigger he was. I’m not the best guesser, but his arms were definitely at least 20 and a half now. He was almost two inches taller than Froy too, Froy who was 6’2”. The look on Froy’s face was pure horror, realizing that the man who was his equal in height just the night before was now looking down at him. He was nearly as wide as Froy and I side-by-side. Not to mention his disproportionate chest and shoulders being even impossibly broader than ever before, sticking out of his shirt like stone boulders stuffed under his skin. His already extra large shirt didn’t even fit. The very bottom of the hem just about covered his lower abs. “Fuck, you’re growing even faster.” Marcus smirked. He raised up both his arms to a flex and bit his lip as he urged them to bounce under the straining fabric of his dress shirt. They were highly defined and covered in veins. It wouldn’t be long until there was as much muscle in one of his biceps as one of my legs. Granted, my legs aren’t exactly too muscular, but still. “I know! Can you believe it? A whole inch and a half from last night! And look at all this muscle on me… shit. Can’t believe I used to be 5’11”. Being tall is great!” “How do you think I feel? I’ve been 5’7” my whole life. You’ve always been a big guy to me, but—” “But?” “But now, you’re just…” “What, big? Huge? Gigantic? Humongous? With how fast I’m growing, it won’t be long till I’m all of those things and more, little dude. Way more.” “I’m just feeding your ego, huh.” “Yeah, but it’s not like you hate it, do you? Wouldn’t you wanna just touch all of this?” He rubbed his hands across his muscled bulges, running across his humongous torso, cupping his pecs in his hands as though they were the biggest tits known to man. “Man, if you only knew how this felt. It’s too bad you didn’t get any of that meteor shit on you.” I didn’t even think I could wrap my arms around him anymore. He was almost a whole ten and a half inches taller than I was, and possibly had thrice as much muscle mass. Maybe even four. “What about you, pup? You planning on competing with me in the growth department?” he asked Froy. Froy was caught off-guard, still in whiplash from our little session in Wes’ office. “Uh, um, yes—no! No, sir.” “Good. You better not be. I’m gonna be the biggest guy around here. Actually, I think I already am! Maybe I’ll even get to grow so big I’ll get to hold the ceiling. Wouldn’t that be cool?” “Yeah.” I was getting aroused again. “That’d be cool.” “You wanna bet on how big I’ll be by next week? Like, maybe during the company retreat? I’d say bar night, but that’s too soon. I don’t want to give you much of a chance to win here.” “Sure. I’ll guess… 7 feet tall? $20. I don’t know how heavy you are, so I can’t guess your weight.” “Whoa, that’s a lot of fucking growing!” Marcus laughed, causing his pecs to bounce, begging for an escape from their confines. “Fine! I’ll guess, uh, 7 feet, 3 inches. $30. What about you, Froy?” “Oh, uh, maybe seven and a half?” “Shit, dude. How big do you want me to get?” Froy was sweating. Marcus chuckled and patted Froy’s shoulder in a friendly gesture. “No problemo, bud. I’ll grow as big as you want me to be! Just for you, too.” It was too bad Marcus wasn’t gay. “By the way,” Marcus said. “I caught Wes going down through the fire escape just now. You weren’t kidding when you said he got huge, Dory. Fuck, if I don’t keep up, he’s gonna outgrow me!” “The fire escape? What—what the fuck, I thought we weren’t allowed to use it? Isn’t it a rule that—” “Wes IS the rules, Dory. He lets me use it too when I need to sneak out so you don’t catch me.” “Fuck, did he say where he was going?” “Whoa, what’s the big rush? He just told me he was heading home. Big guy looked like he was about to pop a vein or something. What’d you need with him? Maybe I could help?” “No thanks, Marcus, we’re good. Thanks. Come on, Froy, let’s go.” I grabbed Froy by the hand and led him past Marcus. We were going to have to hurry the fuck up if we were going to catch up to Wes before he got home. If he got home, he would probably tell the guard not to let us in. With all those tic-tacs, he was definitely going to do what was the most obvious thing to do. As Froy and I walked past the massive wall that was Marcus, Marcus grabbed my shoulder and squeezed it just a bit too tight. It felt as though my shoulder was going to pop like an egg in his grip. He pulled me back. “Wait!” he said. “What?! That hurts, Marcus!” “I saw you and Froy coming out of Wes’ office. What were you two doing in there?” My heart pumped against my chest. “Nothing, we were just looking for something—” “You two were fucking, weren’t you?” Fuck. I was speechless, caught staring doe-eyed at Marcus like a deer in headlights. Froy and I looked at each other with wide, open mouths as we struggled to find the words to say. Marcus just stared at us with a raised eyebrow. The air of awkward silence was something we weren’t normally used to around one another. I had no idea what to say. “...How’d you know?” He smirked. “I didn’t. You just told me.” I sighed. “Fuck, you’re not gonna tell Wes, are you?” Marcus smiled at me with that big, ol’ shit-eating grin he loved making. “Yeah, man! You can trust me. I won’t tell anyone about it, don’t worry. You’ll just owe me a big favor.” “What is it?” “Not now, dumbass. Now, go. I’ve got my own business to do.” “Thanks, Marcus.” He blushed, turning away. “Yeah, yeah, whatever. Friends are friends or something. Bye!” I took Froy again by the hand and led him to the fire escape. I myself had never used it before except during fire drills, so it felt like a trek through the forbidden lands. When Froy and I got to the steel door, Froy had to help me push it open because of my small stature. It was unfortunate, but what else was I going to do? For people like Froy to be strong, people like me had to be weak. If Froy was going to be big, I was going to be small. The fire escape was old and decrepit, looking as though it were a completely different building from our office. The walls were barely painted, the glass windows were covered in dust and smoke stains, and the floors and railings were filthy. The air was heavy with dust, making it hard to breathe. “Sir, I think someone died in here.” “Wouldn’t be surprised if someone did.” Froy and I rushed down to the parking lot outside. Wes’ van was no longer in his parking slot, so we were going to have to hurry. The world wasn’t ready for Wes to binge on those fucking tic-tacs. Nobody was. Froy and I got on a bus that drove up to the road leading to the woods leading to Wes’ condo. We didn’t have any time to waste. Wes was a good friend of mine, but I wasn’t about to let him do something to ruin his life forever. Froy and I were separated in the bus because of an unfortunate couple of people taking single seats, but it didn’t matter. All Froy and I could think about was stopping Wes in time. I never should have given him those fucking tic-tacs. It took the bus around half an hour to travel to the bus stop outside the woods. Why any sane corporation would build a condominium all the way out here was beyond me. The minds of rich conglomerates were an enigma. When Froy and I got off the bus, it almost felt like we were dropped off in the middle of nowhere. The woods were quite a ways away from the main city, and there weren’t many buildings around for a couple of kilometers. Finding anyone else here besides us was going to be like finding a unicorn in the Sahara Desert. Everything was quiet apart from the wind, rustling through our hair. Although I had to hold my shirt down to keep it from flying, Froy’s own button down seemed nailed onto his tight body, clinging onto his muscles. “Let’s go. We might somehow magically still be able to catch up to Wes.” “Maybe he might get hit by another meteor.” “Oh, hey, you made a joke. I’m proud of you, Froy.” Froy blushed. The two of us walked through the woods, enjoying the peace and quiet away from the city. For the first time in a long time, we could actually breath clean air. We could actually smell clean air. The orange light coming from the twilight sun peered through the trees’ leaves and branches, painting us in a sort of abstract artwork paired with the shade. Leaves rustled as birds flew in and out of the leaves. It was almost as though this patch of land was untouched by commercial greed and man’s violence. The road was littered with blades of grass and dead leaves, a mix of dull green and faded brown scattered across the contrasting concrete. It almost felt like we were entering a painting. Froy and I walked through the woods as fast as we could without getting too distracted by the beauty of nature all around us. The few times I went through the woods was in Wes’ van. Now that I was walking through it with Froy, it almost felt surreal. “Never realized how peaceful these woods are. Don’t you think it’s beautiful, Froy?” “Yes, sir.” By the time we reached halfway to the other end of the woods, twenty minutes had already passed. As we neared the “clearing,” I noticed that the woods weren’t as dark and thick as they used to be a couple of days ago. It seemed as though the shrubs had thinned out and the trees were disappearing. It was strange. I didn’t think much of it from where we were, but as we approached the clearing, two things became immediately apparent: one, the jungle that had taken over the clearing had completely died out; and two… Wes’ truck was parked alongside the road. “What—what happened to the clearing, sir?” Froy asked me. “I don’t know.” The once fully-loaded overgrown landscape that had taken over the clearing was now… a clearing—littered all over with massive, dead foliage. All the plants that had grown to twice their size, towering over all the woodland creatures and insects that devoured them, were dead. The entire place was covered in dead, dry, rotting plants as though they were unable to sustain themselves. Surprised by the change in the clearing, we forgot about why we came there in the first place. Wes was very likely still in his truck, masturbating himself to death. If there was anything Wes had in common with teens, it was the strongest urge to masturbate every two minutes. “Is sir in there?” Froy asked. Just as I was about to reply, the truck jostled in place as if something—or someone—exploded. I was absolutely fucking horrified. Every voice in my head was telling me not to approach the truck, but I had to make sure Wes was okay. Then I realized it was Wes. Of course he was okay. It was obvious what made the van jump, but I didn’t want to admit it. It was too big of a thought. “Come on, we have to make sure he hasn’t masturbated himself to death.” “Okay, sir.” As we approached the truck, a looming sense of dread hung over me. Wes’ truck was tinted enough that it was impossible to tell what was going on inside through the windows. I reached out and grabbed the handle to the driver’s seat. It was cold, freezing cold, only meaning that Wes had been in there for a reasonably long time. I hoped we weren’t too late. I grabbed the handle, only now needing to pull. There was nothing left to do but open it. Regardless of what I was about to witness, I had to make sure I wouldn’t be surprised. Stable footing was what I needed. I wasn’t about to let Froy see me like this. Not here. As I swung open the door, a sight that sent shivers down my spine spilled out from the doorway. In front of us was a massive, incomprehensible mound of muscle. Wes was fucking humongous. His entire body was jammed into the driver’s seat, with his knees pressed against the steering wheel and his head bent over the ceiling. We couldn’t even see past his gigantic size to see the other window. We were too late. One of his thighs alone looked as though it had as much meat in it as my entire torso, looking like a massive ham. It was unreal. His left arm that spilled out of the door was definitely already bigger than my leg—maybe even bigger than Froy’s leg. It looked like it would take me six hands just to wrap around his upper arm. A fucking bowling ball, it was. All his clothing had been torn off from the excessive growth. Wes turned his head the best he could, trying to maneuver through his own body’s muscles, just to take a good look at us. He smiled, unable to speak due to the tightness. “Wes…? What the fuck did you do?!” Wes’ eyes grew wide as he winced in pain. He was still growing! There was no way he was going to fit in that driver’s seat at this rate. He grumbled to himself as if to try and speak. In that instant, his body upsized even bigger, bumping into the ceiling. “Yo,” he grumbled. His body pulsated, inflating an inch at a time, bulging outward bigger and bigger, closer and closer to my face. He managed to squeeze out one mammoth leg in time, sending me down to the ground with its immense force. His thigh looked almost spherical with how packed it was with muscle fibers. With one leg spread out, his already gigantic cock seemed to have grown threefold. It looked almost as long and as thick as my arm. Not to mention how it glistened in the afternoon light, covered in buckets of cum. “Hey, fuck, Dory, could you help me out? I can’t move.” I could hear the ceiling creak as his head pressed against it. Wes groaned as he struggled to escape the shrinking truck. Before he could even move, the driver’s seat collapsed from his immense weight, sending him crashing into the backseat. Even with his torso in the backseat, it didn’t look like it’d be long till his waist got stuck between the passenger seat. His abs and lats were fully stretched out now, and his knees were nearly pressed against the ceiling. Each abdominal looked like it could fit two of my fists at once. “Man, there’s no fucking way I can get you out of there! You’re too big!” “Sir, I think you should just break the truck open,” Froy said. Wes let out a primal yell. “Damn it, Froy, this car cost me so fucking much!” he said. “Get out of the way, I’m breaking down the side!” Froy and I stepped back in fear. In my hurry, I didn’t notice a stone on the road and nearly fell on my back. Thankfully, Froy caught me and helped me out of the way. Just in time, too. Not a second later, the entire side of the truck came flying out onto the road. The noise was unbearable. All that steel and glass grinding against the concrete. Wes’ body was now fully exposed for Froy and I to see—packed tightly inside the undersized truck like a sardine. He slid out, causing the entire thing to creak and the wheels to give in. I gripped Froy’s hand so hard I almost thought I would crush his fingers. Looming over us both was a monolith—an obscenely thick Hercules with seemingly endless layers of muscle padded on. It would’ve taken three people to wrap their arms around just his ribs. It was impossible to put it in words. I’ve seen pictures of people appearing this big on the internet before, but this was surreal. Those were always morphs. This… this was real. Where I once used to look down on my short boss, he now stood buck naked in front of me, rigid cock pointing at me, and the crevice of his pecs staring right at my face-level. Each pec almost seemed like massive sacks stuffed under his skin. There was so much of him. His body heat, mixed with the odor of his sweat and cum, blasted my nose like a gas chamber. Froy almost appeared stick-like next to Wes, even after his first growth. “Guys, help me sit,” he said, stumbling in place. “I’m so dizzy.” “You’re fucking insane if you think Froy and I can carry you to the sidewalk alone. Have you seen yourself?” Wes shot me an annoyed look and growled. “Don’t argue, Dory, just do it! Did you forget I pay you?” He winced. “Ack, fuck…” He rubbed his head. Froy hesitantly stepped forward, offering to shoulder Wes’ immense weight. Wes grinned and threw himself onto Froy, throwing caution to the wind. Froy did not expect the sudden drop. I even caught his legs stumble a bit. “Thanks, Froy. Maybe you should take Dory’s job, huh?” “It’s no problem, sir.” As Froy struggled to walk with Wes, Wes’ massive cock complicated things. With every step, it would slam against Froy’s side. Froy shot me a look of exhaustion, frowning like a clown, straining every muscle on his body just to hold up this massive behemoth I was supposed to be working for. I took it upon myself to hold it in my hands. The cock, I mean. The damn thing was as big as Froy’s forearm and covered in fresh cum. It was almost as warm as an overheated vibrator. Eventually we got to the sidewalk next to the clearing and sat him down, causing the ground to rumble ever so slightly. If we didn’t know any better, we might’ve mistaken it for another meteor. Fuck that shit. Wes held his head with both his hands, appearing as though he were in pain. His boulderous arms were pressed together, emphasizing their size. “Hey, you okay?” I asked. “No, I’m really not. My head feels like it’s about to fucking explode.” He sighed. “My actual head this time.” “You’ve drunk more cum in one afternoon than I’ve ever produced in my entire lifetime. I wouldn’t be surprised if you caught something.” “...But I did… didn’t I? That—that meteor, the one that crashed, it gave me something… didn’t it?” Froy and I stared at each other in surprise. “You remember? Do you remember what you used to look like?” Wes winced in pain momentarily, struggling to word his thoughts for a few moments. Froy and I decided to give him some time to breathe. If he died out in the middle of nowhere, there was no fucking way either of us was ever going to carry all of him back by ourselves, especially now that his truck was in pieces. “Yes, yes, I do—AH!” He fell to his knees and held his head so tightly I thought he would break his skull open. We weren’t getting anything else out of him. Foam might as well have been seeping through his grinding teeth. His yelling could have easily been mistaken for a murder. “Wes, relax, don’t think about it anymore! Let’s just get somewhere safe so we can put some fucking clothes on you before someone sees us!” Froy hesitated, in fear that Wes might strike him if he so much as stepped any closer from where we both stood. He held my hand and gripped it tightly. “Sir, I’m scared.” “Don’t be. I need you here. If you’re scared, we’re never going to be able to help him.” Froy raised an eyebrow and looked down at me. “What do you mean, sir?” I felt my cock stir at just the thought of it. “You need to drain him.” There was a momentary pause as Froy gathered his thoughts amidst Wes’ yelling. I waited. I don’t know what got into me in that moment, but I wanted it. I wanted Froy to grow again. If I could shrink down Wes back to normal while seeing Froy get even taller and more muscular right in front of my eyes, what reason did I have to say no? “But sir, he’s so big! I’ve only done it one time.” “Nothing bad happened the first time, right? You even liked it!” “Sir, I was just trying to help you!” “And now you need to help us again! Please, Froy. You need to do it! Look at him!” “Okay, fine, sir! I’ll do it.” Froy creeped up slowly towards the ravaging Wes, step by step. It looked like a hunter trying to creep up on a rabid bear. As Froy drew closer, time seemed to stop. Everything was silent, and there was not a sound in miles. Wes seemed to calm down and catch his breath. He lowered his hands but kept his head down. Froy’s hand trembled as he reached out to grab Wes’ forearm, stretching his fingers and keeping his other arm close to his chest. Froy inhaled loudly and lunged for Wes’ forearm. Wes raised his head, staring at Froy with lethargic eyes, his mouth drooping. “Froy? What are you doing?” Froy was on his toes, leaning back in complete fear of the goliath in front of us. Not a word left his mouth. The longer he spent frozen in his head, the faster Wes seemed to gather himself. Before long, Wes was standing back on his two feet as if nothing happened. It was as if he’d been standing there for an hour, back to his brainwashed state. I walked up to him, frozen in place by the immense shelf of a chest looming over me. “How tall are you?” “7’4”, why? Didn’t you know? I thought we got over you being scared of my size months ago.” He flexed a mountainous bicep peak high above my head. “Man, I still can’t believe how big I am sometimes.” “Neither can I.” Froy stepped back, joining me in admiring the massive man’s size. I glanced at him, signalling him to come over. As Wes seemed to almost be flexing his entire body in front of us, standing idly, Froy snuck forward and stood face-to-face with Wes—face-to-chest, really. His hand trembled as he reached out. Wes didn’t seem to notice Froy’s much smaller self grabbing onto his rippling forearm. Froy raised his other hand and tugged at Wes’ arm. Wes was bound to notice. “What are you doing?” he asked. Froy looked up at the monster and froze, his hands still on Wes. It was then that it started to happen. Wes’ body trembled slightly. I noticed that he was starting to have difficulty standing up, losing strength and balance in his legs, probably due to his immense weight. Wes held his head as his eyes began to tire. “What’s happening?” he asked groggily. He fell to his knees, groaning. Froy was nearly thrown down just by Wes’ sudden collapse as his hands were still gripped on Wes’ forearm. On his knees, Wes was barely awake. Just like Fonz, miraculously, Wes’ size seemed to diminish. His once inhuman muscles that almost seemed to burst out of his skin were finally reapproaching normalcy—normalcy as a bodybuilder, still, of course. He was still humongous and absurdly tall, but his proportions were far more realistic now. Yet, all the while, he never seemed to notice. As his muscles continued to shrink and disappear, I also saw the beginnings of height loss. His stature started to shrink, losing fractions of an inch at a time. He was going from a goliath to normal sized in an instant. As his shrinking continued, he lost a good amount of size. He was smaller than a minute ago by a greatly noticeable fraction, his muscles diminishing at a great pace. It would still be tight, but Wes would fit back in his truck again. “How tall are you now, Wes?” I asked. “H-huh? What’s with that question, Dory? I’m… I’m 6’8? No, 6’... 7”.” It wasn’t until Wes lost another significant chunk of size that I noticed Froy was shifting in place as well. I looked over at him and saw him struggling to stand up, just like Wes. “Sir… this is a lot more to drain than last time. It’s a bit much—ah… !” He shuddered, his breathing increasing in intensity, moaning almost. “Froy, are you okay?” “Sir, it feels so—hnng—weird…” From behind, I could see that Froy’s back shirt seemed to be stretching outwards at a slight pace. His lats were beginning to really flare out, while his shirt was riding up his back, exposing the peak of his ass as his pants seemed to shrink. I looked over at Wes, and he still continued shrinking at a great speed, frozen in place. He and Froy seemed to be the same height, probably 6’4” now. Yet, while Wes continued to shrink, Froy’s body continued to fill out further and further, his growing musculature devouring his obscenely tight clothes. “Sir, I can’t breathe!” Froy muttered. “You’re kidding!” I said. “Okay, wait, I’ll, uh, should I take your shirt off?” “I think it’s—mmpf—too late for that, sir!” It looked almost painful just how much Froy’s growing muscles were struggling to contain themselves in his black shirt. While Wes shrunk, and Froy’s upper body inflated at a decent pace, his lower body was inevitably going to need to keep up. His slacks were already skin-tight before. Now, they were tearing at the seams, first at the waistband and then at his hips, falling apart without Froy moving a single muscle. It wasn’t long until Froy was in a painfully tight shirt and ragged slacks. I barely noticed Wes’ shrunken form behind him. He was finally back to normal proportions. He was more of a fitness coach than a goliath now, and he only continued shrinking, being absorbed into Froy’s body. “He looks about 6’ now, Froy. You can stop now if you want. Your shirt looks like it’s about to burst.” He was silent, moaning to himself. Froy squeezed Wes’ shrinking forearm in his meaty hands. He didn’t look like he was letting go. “J-Just a little more, sir… please… it just feels—ungh—so good...” “Froy?” He was deaf to me. As Wes continued to shrink, approaching my own height of 5’7”, Froy’s body continued to grow, widening outwards so much that his shirt tore at the sides, leaving his armpits and chest sides exposed, showing off just how full his pecs had grown. Wes, on the other hand, was almost completely out of it. His face was wide awake, but he seemed lost in himself. He wasn’t as limp as I was expecting, having almost 2 whole feet worth of height and muscle stolen from him. “Froy, I think Wes is getting a bit small. People might notice.” “Wait, sir, please!” I couldn’t let him continue. As much as I wanted Froy to keep growing, it was too dangerous to let Wes get any smaller. People were already going to notice the extreme changes. As I walked up to Froy, it was only then that I realized just how massive Froy had become. He was almost as muscular as Marcus albeit a bit leaner. The exaggerated triangle-shaped torso Marcus displayed was only a few inches wider than Froy’s own. I grabbed him by his newly-muscled arm, and tried prying him off of Wes. His arm, if he were scaled down to 6 foot, would probably have just been 18 inches, but being the tall 6’5” kid he was now, it would probably be much girthier. “Froy!” I called out. He turned to me in surprise and immediately let go, dropping Wes and causing him to collapse on the ground like a corpse. As Froy stood in front of me, the unnecessarily large young kid he was, I stood straight into his bulging pecs’ cleavage, pushing violently against the fabric of his shirt. It had begun to rip down the middle, allowing more of his chest to spill out, allowing more room to tear. “Sir, I-I’m sorry, I… I lost control a bit, I think,” he said, inspecting his new size. “I’m so… I’m so big now.” He was. I wanted to cup his tits with my hands and see how much I could grope. His manhood was spilling out of whatever remained of his tattered briefs. But, it was not the time. Froy turned to look at Wes and saw his diminished form, lying lifeless on the ground, alive, barely. While he stared at him in fear of what he would do next, I wasn’t. Having Froy stand mere inches in front of me, with so much size, so much power, I was getting intoxicated on him. He bent down, causing his slacks to tear down his ass. “Sir Wes? Are you okay? Sir?” He didn’t even notice his underwear was exposed. “Let him be, Froy. I think people get exhausted when you drain them just like Fonz did. He probably just needs to rest, poor guy.” I finally got my attention off Froy and turned to Wes. “My god, he really does look like a corpse.” Wes was nothing but a decimal of what he used to be. The once 7’4” goliath was now back to his normal height of 5’6”, with just enough muscle and chub to still hold enough meat on his bones. He still had pretty sizeable muscles for his size, thankfully. It was a miracle he was never going to remember this. The hard part was explaining Wes and Froy to everyone else in the office—Marcus included. Then I remembered the tic-tacs. “Froy, could you pick him up and set him somewhere to sit? It might be better than leaving him on all these rotting plants. He might get infected… with something else, of course. I’ll just go check out the truck. I need to see if he did what I think he did.” “Sure, sir.” Froy lifted up the naked Wes in his arms, causing his biceps to bulge and pull his sleeves up to his shoulders. “He’s so light now. So small.” “Don’t crush him.” Froy chuckled. “I won’t, sir.” At the truck, I stuck my nose in my shirt, unable to handle the intense pungency of the cum that still lingered inside. It was everywhere. The seats, the wheel, the flooring, even the damn cupholders, were covered in the same white sludge. On the ground were the remnants of his clothes that same morning when we met him for lunch. There wasn’t a dry piece of string anywhere on there. Then I saw it. The same bottle of tic-tacs I gave him, lying on the dashboard: empty. “Fuck.” I took the bottle with me and put it in my pocket. Who knows, it might’ve helped us in the future. Considering this small pack was the reason we were all stuck in this mess in the first place, I’d say it had some sentimental value attached to it. All our lives would never go back to the way they were before. As if things couldn’t get any worse, just on cue, I heard a yell from outside. “Froy?!” I yelled. “Sir!” he yelled back. “Something’s wrong with Sir Wes!” I dropped what I was doing and ran back to the clearing where Froy was staring down at something on the ground. Wes was not in his arms. “Where’s Wes?” I asked. Froy raised a big arm and pointed at the naked Wes, sitting down on a strange rock formation in the middle of the clearing. The stone itself was strangely roasted, black as charcoal, as if it came from a volcano—or the sky. Wes’ hands were wrapped around his head, as if he were trying to crush it between his fingers. “I just put him down to sit on it, then he started yelling and holding his head!” Froy said. “What did I do, sir?!” “Relax,” I said. “I think… you might’ve just put him on the meteor?” “It looks like it’s doing something to him.” Froy and I watched as Wes slowly, but surely, began to calm down. His breathing slowed to an even pace, his hands released his head, and he eventually came to. We held our breaths as we waited for something to happen. Wes had stopped his pained panicking and was now simply breathing, staring at the ground beneath his legs. “Where… where am I?” “You’re, um, at the clearing, Wes. How’re you feeling?” “Like Adam in the Garden of Eden. Buck naked and full of sin. How do you think I’m feeling?” “Do you remember anything?” “You wouldn’t believe it, but… I do.” I knelt down and stared him straight in the eyes. “What do you mean you ‘do’? How much do you know?” “More than enough. I’ll tell you more if you get up so it doesn’t feel like I’m knighting you. I’m not Queen Elizabeth. Let’s save the roleplay for the bedroom.” I got up off the ground and sighed, looking back at the big guy behind me. “Great,” Wes said. “So first of all, let me just say this: please get me some clothes.”
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    Hi, everyone. Sorry for the really late update, but I've been focused on my studies for the past few months. I've had most of Part 5 fully written for the past few months, actually, but I've just been struggling to find the time to wrap it up until recently. It's a lot longer than I expected (5000 words more, actually), so I divided it into two sections of the same part for convenience. I hope you are all still able to enjoy it despite the lateness. Again, as usual, all suggestions and recommendations are very welcome! ? PART 5a Our trio hadn’t had a bar night since that night with the meteor. It was hard to say no to Marcus. If he wanted us to head out to a bar, we were going to a bar, whether we liked it or not. Besides, he already planned one for this Friday. I came into work today not expecting a lot of surprises. Froy was already at my desk, dressed in a tight black shirt, filing paperwork into folders and working as hard as ever. The speed he was working at was a spectacle to watch. I would be watching him type something up one moment, then he’d be stapling and preparing documents the next. He was working like an overclocked machine. He didn’t even notice me come in. “Working hard?” I asked. He jumped in place at the sight of me. His warm smile and nervous chuckle were all I needed to know that today was going to be a good day. Especially if I got to watch him pace around the office in his newly-tightened clothes after his latest growth spurt at the gym. Every piece of silk-cotton seemed to cling to his skin, shifting around as he flexed and breathed. “Ah, yes, sir! Good morning, sir. I was just finishing up your work for the day.” “You finished all of it by yourself? Are you sure? You didn’t get signatures mixed up? You didn’t miss any names or anything?” He nodded. “Yes, sir. I made sure of everything.” “Thanks.” I laughed. “So what’s with the early bird promo? Looks like those new muscles are doing you some good. Did you want me to dismiss you early today?” He shook his head, still smiling. “No, sir. I’m just feeling really good today. Actually, since last night.” “Since the gym? Was it because of what happened in the showers?” “I think so, sir. I’ve just been really happy since then.” “Clearly. You’re talking a lot more than you usually do. It might just be a side-effect of what happened, so try not to get addicted to it.” “Don’t worry, sir. I think I have an okay self-control.” I sat down next to him and watched him work at a breakneck pace. His shirt’s sleeves stretched around his round biceps as he organized the last few envelopes and folders for routing. They were so close to me. If I could only reach out and grope them and hold them in my hands, I’d be in heaven. Froy was already an incredibly attractive young man. The new muscles just took him over the edge. He turned to me and caught me staring. “Sir? Are you okay?” I was taken out of my stupor. “Oh, yeah, I’m just admiring... you work.” “Are you sure?” “Yeah.” I glanced at his bicep for an instant. Fuck. An hour went by, and finally, Froy was done with everything. I asked him if he wanted to go home for the day, since he could—we both could, really—but he refused. He mentioned something about staying at the office all day. I had no reason to deny him. What was I gonna do? Kick him out for doing all my work without my permission? By midday, as Froy and I headed out to find something to eat, we were stopped by a familiar voice—Wes’. “Hey, Dory, wait!” The voice was coming from high above me, higher than I was normally used to. I turned my head around and caught myself staring wide-eyed at Wes’ handsome face atop the biggest body I’d ever seen before in person. It easily rivaled a shorter Fonz’s—before he shrunk, of course. I’d only not seen him for a day, and suddenly, he’s a small goliath! Just where did he find the time and the balls to grow so much? He definitely wasn’t 5’11” anymore, probably more like 6’2” now, just like the other two. However, there was one major difference among them. If Marcus had twice as much muscle as Froy… Wes probably had four times as much. Clothing was futile on him. He might as well have been wearing paper maché. Every single humongous bulge and mound of muscle was visibly shifting underneath, begging to burst out of the weak fabric. He wasn’t even able to button up more than three buttons anymore, exposing his ballooning pecs and soft gut. All his clothes were far too small. If he kept growing at the rate he drank cum, he’d be out of clothes before Marcus. He might as well have been naked. It wouldn’t have made much difference. The hem of his shirt didn’t even cover up his navel. “Jesus Christ, what happened to you?” I asked. He looked down at me, puzzled. “What are you talking about? Nothing’s happened to me.” I looked over at Froy who was speechless and just as dumbfounded as I was. The boss he had once looked down at by a good 7 inches was now his same height. If Froy hadn’t drained Fonz, he would’ve be looking up at Wes instead of eye-to-eye. “You’re even bigger than you were two days ago! How did you even find clothes?!” “Froy, is your boss okay?” Wes asked. Froy stayed silent, staring bug-eyed. “Right. Might as well be talking to a wall with you,” he said. “I hope you’re not gonna start making shit up about me too. Marcus alone was bad enough. Can you believe he was telling people I had an ear fetish? What the fuck is an ear fetish?” “Well, uh… did you wanna come with us for lunch?” I asked. “Yeah, let’s go, I’m starving. I hope you two are ready for bar night!” Wes walked past us and squeezed through the glass door leading to the elevators. Froy and I followed him at a safe distance. Everyone who caught sight of him stopped in their tracks as they watched their manlet of a boss swagger around with the body of a bodybuilder. He stood out among crowds. As we waited for the elevator to arrive, we could see his massive body taking up a selfish amount of space in front of the elevator like a brick wall. “See what I mean?” I whispered to Froy. “He has no idea he’s growing. He’s just been staying in his office all day masturbating and drinking his cum.” “But why, sir?” “‘Why’ what? Why doesn’t he notice? I have no idea. I already told you and Marcus he literally grew right in front of me and burst out of his clothes and acted as if nothing happened. I think the meteor might’ve done something to his brain or something. Just go with it for now. It’s not like there’s anything we can do to help him anyway.” “Okay, sir. I know you said he grew, but I didn’t think he was this big.” “Me too. Last time I saw him, he was at least three inches shorter than this. I don’t even think he cares that he’s getting too big.” When the elevator came, Wes’ size demanded that he take up a good chunk of the space. This, of course, angered the other employees heading out for their lunch breaks. He had to apologize for his size. However, I could tell he didn’t give a flying fuck what people thought about his size. It seemed being big was something Marcus and Wes both wanted and would never let go. I couldn’t blame them. Froy and I joined Wes inside the elevator and headed down and out to Steak Streak. As we sat ourselves down amidst the loud hustle and bustle of lunch hour, I couldn’t help but wonder just how much Wes was going to order. He only used to eat a single rib-eye before. Now, I wouldn’t be surprised if he ate thrice as much. While waiting for a waitress to not be so afraid of Wes to take our order, Wes couldn’t help himself but talk about his wife and family. “Can you believe it? Even my wife and kids think something’s wrong with me. What is it with everyone telling me I’m getting bigger? I’ve always been this big, right? Come on, tell me, Dory. You’ve worked for me a long time.” “I’ve been telling you the same thing for days, Wes. You don’t wanna listen to me.” He shook his head in disbelief. “No, come on, tell me the truth.” “That is the truth, Wes. See? I told you. You’d probably believe in unicorns and manbearpigs before you believed me. Or your wife. Or Froy. Or your kids. Or literally anyone in the office.” “But… how? I’ve always looked like this. I don’t feel any different.” “Really? You don’t notice how all your clothes were made for a man seven inches shorter than you? You now? Before you started growing, you were an inch shorter than I was.” Wes laughed. “Shorter than you?! You’re fucking puny! You look like a doll next to me.” Froy laughed. “Thanks for the compliment,” I said. “...But, actually, I have been wondering why my clothes are so small. But, even if I did grow, how come I’ve never noticed?” “We don’t know. When the meteor crashed, it must’ve done something to your brain. You were the only one who swallowed it too. Even when we checked out the meteor site a couple of days ago, you said there was never a clearing, but even Froy and Marcus know there was a never a massive ass jungle where it landed.” Wes turned to Froy. “Is that true?” “Yes, sir,” Froy said. “It was a clearing that night.” Wes’ eyes grew wide at the revelation. He leaned back on his seat, nearly toppling himself over like an oaf. The waiter behind him jumped in surprise, screaming in horror. The woman must’ve thought Wes was going to fall over and crush her to death or something. Wes raised up a massively bloated arm and planted it on his forehead as he contemplated the reality he was in. Besides everything, his big, grapefruit-sized bicep was nothing to ignore. I couldn’t ignore it. It called to me, flexing and bouncing as Wes mindlessly wandered in his thoughts. It was so round, so beautiful. My hands wanted to run its lithe fingers across its smooth skin, feeling every fiber of his muscled bicep and tricep on my fingertips. “Fuck, this is so hard to believe,” he said. “Unicorns suddenly don’t seem that far-fetched.” “I told you.” “So what’s with me? What’s making me grow?” “I thought it was obvious: cum.” “What? You’re joking.” “Why would I joke about you drinking cum?” “Because I’m a virgin meant to be sacrificed to Ares at a volcano, that’s why. Oh, woe is me, what are the priestesses gonna think about this? The harvest this year is fucking ruined! That’s what you sound like right now, Dory. And I don’t have a choice but to believe you.” “Yeah, you don’t. You grow when you drink cum. Facts are facts.” “So whatever that meteor did to me is messing with my brain and telling me to drink cum so I can grow bigger?” “Yeah. Actually, that is kinda strange.” “What is?” “It’s like the meteor wants you to grow. All three of you. You’ve been having cravings for cum, Froy gets a good high, and Marcus just grows.” “What, Froy and Marcus are growing too?” “Oh, yeah. Froy hasn’t grown too much. But… wait, how big do you think Marcus is? Right now? Based off memory?” “Why? Isn’t he still 6’3”? “What? 6’3”? He’s only supposed to be 6’2”. How’d you know? I thought you two haven’t seen each other since last week?” “We haven’t. I just know he’s 6’3. I mean 6’3.5”.” Froy and I looked at each in confusion. We both knew that Marcus was definitely only supposed to be 6’2” from last night. He was definitely growing faster. There was no other explanation. It didn’t seem like there was even any trigger to his growth or anything. How big was he going to get? 7 feet? 8 feet? Eventually, a waiter came and took our orders. We all ate our lunch in peace, ignoring the whole meteor shebang for the moment. When we finished our lunch, we all headed back to the office to resume working—or relaxing and doing fuck-all in my case. Froy doing all my work was a lifesaver, but damn, I felt useless. If he kept doing all my work, he might as well have replaced me. He was the definition of silent but deadly… only he smelled of lemons instead of methane. Before Wes left us to head back to his office, he decided to have another quick chat. “Does cum really make me grow?” he asked. “Yes. Don’t forget I was there. I watched you grow and burst out of your clothes right in front of me while you were standing at the door.” “So you just standing there like a statue was actually you watching me grow?” “Yeah. And I think it might be safer to just hold off on the drinking cum bit for now. You’re already too big for your clothes. And I don’t remember you setting a bare-underwear-allowed policy at the office recently.” “Fine, I’ll try. But that underwear policy doesn’t sound half-bad either. Might even think about setting it.” He winked. “Anyway, I hope you two are ready for bar night! And then next week is the 3-day company retreat to the La Vida Resort.” “Oh, shit, I forgot about that. Are we bringing interns?” “Yeah, don’t worry, you can bring your boy toy. I’ll even set you two up in a room of your own. Alone. You’ll be more inseparable than ever before.” “Oh, come on—” He slammed a massive finger against my lips, pushing me with his sheer strength. “Shh! Just be grateful. You don’t want your fairy godmother angry.” He cracked his knuckles. “Uh, thanks? I think.” “Thank you, sir…?” Froy said. With that, Wes was on his way, leaving Froy and I a pair of blushing messes. Froy looked at me, and chuckled. I chuckled back. In the corner of my eye, I could see a massive bulge protruding from his slacks. It seemed he was aroused. Normally, when he got horny, he would grab his bag or a folder and hold it up against his crotch as if to hide it from me. Naive. Now, he was just leaving it out in the open. Sometimes, I wish he would speak up more about whatever’s on his mind. For all I know, he could just be extra proud of his endowment today. I didn’t want to scare him away by asking so directly, but it was hard to focus getting cockblocked like this. I was probably going to have to ask Marcus about tips at some point. He was a slut around the office, sleeping around with whoever caught his eye at any given moment, and was very well-respected for it among his peers. Unlike normal workplaces, the sleeping-around culture, the shitting-where-you-eat culture, was something people never really minded at our office, regardless of sex—pun intended. While we waited around for something to do, we just sat at my desk and watched movies like we normally did in our free time. I found out last week that his favorite movie was Mean Girls… a man after my own heart. Froy and I often cuddled together when we watched movies, and there was never a point where he wasn’t clingy—and incredibly touchy. Eventually, the movie ended, and we were back to the same silence. We turned our chairs away from my desktop and faced one another, having full hold over each other’s attention. “Hey, Froy, I wanted to talk to you about something.” “What about, sir?” “So you know how Wes has been a bit uncontrollable lately? Since I’m pretty sure he’s not going to stop drinking his cum even when I told him not to.” “Yes, sir? Did you want to do something?” “I think I need you to do something for us. It’s dangerous if he gets any bigger. And since we can’t do anything to Marcus without him knowing, we can at least do something to Wes.” “Sir…? What are you trying to say?” “I want you to drain Wes.” “What…? Sir, are you sure? He might get mad.” “There’s no way he’ll get mad. I already told you he doesn’t even notice his growth or anyone else’s. I don’t think he’d notice losing a few pounds or inches. Come on, Froy. It’s dangerous for him to be getting so big. If he gets any taller, he’ll almost be a foot taller than he started.” Froy gave me a sullen look. He lowered his head to stare blankly at the space between us as if to think to himself. I prayed he would say yes. A yes from Froy would be hitting two birds with one stone: I would get to see Froy grow again, and Wes’ growth would be better controlled. If he didn’t say yes, I don’t know what might happen to Wes. “How… how much should I take from him, sir?” he asked. “Enough to have a buffer if he continues his drinking spree. At least we could stall his growth if we can’t control Marcus’. Marcus would kill us if he caught us trying to take away his ‘gains.’ Literally.” “I… Okay, sir. I’ll do it. Should I go to his office now, sir?” “Ah, wait, wait, I’ll go with you. You can’t just go in there alone. If you go by yourself, he might just think you’re there to harass him. He wouldn’t even be mad about it. You’re not into him, are you?” He raised his hands and waved them in denial. “No, no, sir! He’s... not my type.” His eyes twinkled as we glanced at one another. “Alright, let’s go. I didn’t notice him leave the office yet, so he should still be in there. I hope.” The two of us stood up from our chairs and headed over to Wes’ office, walking as inconspicuously as we could. Attracting too much attention would get us in trouble. If people started suspecting we had anything to do with Wes’ or Marcus’ dramatic size changes, they might start asking us to do them some favors—favors I’d rather not get involved with. When we got to Wes’ office, it didn’t seem like anyone was inside. I looked around for anyone to ask, and I noticed that Marcus’ messenger bag was at his desk. Was Marcus at work? Why didn’t I notice him come in through the glass door? He wasn’t anywhere to be seen, so the most likely conclusion was that he was out with Wes—probably. I’d been an employee at the company for a couple of years already, but I wasn’t told about any secondary entrances besides the glass door. While I was at Marcus’ desk, Froy was on his own, peeking through the frosted glass into Wes’ office. “Sir, I don’t think he’s inside.” “Yeah, he might be out with Marcus. Do you know any other entrances they might have used? I thought the glass door was the only way in and out of here.” He shook his head. “No, sir. Only the glass door.” “Fuck, fine, maybe we can find out where he went inside.” “We’re going to go in his office?” “Yeah, duh. Come on, open the door before someone sees us. If Marcus sees us sneak into Wes’ office, he might think we’re fucking or something.” Froy sniggered. “Sure, sir.” We both shut ourselves in Wes’ office as fast as we could. Thankfully, I don’t think anyone saw us. Wes’ office was nearly in complete darkness since the lights were off and the blinds were unfolded; however, there was something that even the dark that no one could possibly miss: the pungent smell of fresh cum. We were too late. Right after I told Wes not to drink his own cum, he goes and does it anyway. Now, he was nowhere to be found. I turned to Froy. “Fuck, he’s not here. Can you handle the smell? Could you help me look around and find something to figure out where he went?” Young Froy seemed to be immune to the smell, as if it was no different from regular air to him. He looked at me and smiled. “Yeah, sir, I’m fine with it. Thanks. I’ll, uh, go check over there.” I turned on the lights and found the office just as I expected it. Everything from the folders and envelopes to the storage boxes were neatly tucked away where they belonged in the corners and shelves. If it weren’t for Wes’ desk, we would never have known whose office this was. The desk looked as though it had just experienced the apocalypse. There were mountains of papers lying all over the place, topped off by several crumpled tissues and a leaking bottle of lube. I pitied the table. I couldn’t even see the glass top anymore. Wes’ bag was nowhere to be found, meaning that he must’ve left the office already. How, I still didn’t know. “Fuck, he must’ve gone home.” Froy lifted his head from behind the couch. “So what do we do now, sir?” “Wait, shit.” Froy got off the couch and stood at my side as I searched Wes’ desk. Knowing Wes, if he was told to stop doing something, he was going to want to go out with a bang. I couldn’t let Wes do that. I had to find those fucking tic-tacs. “Do you remember that box of tic-tacs Marcus had on the way to Wes’ apartment?” I asked. “Yes, sir. Why?” “Help me find them. I need to make sure I get them away from Wes before he does something he… probably won’t regret. I gave them to him since he asked for them, but I didn’t think this far ahead.” “Oh, okay, sir!” I bent over to check out Wes’ drawers one by one. All of them seemed to be bottomless pits of small knick-knacks and random things, crowding them and taking up an unnecessary amount of space like trash piles. There were piles and piles of keychains, tape measures, keys, coins, chargers, scissors, tape, and staplers. As I got further down, the harder and more unlikely it seemed that I was ever going to find those tic-tacs. I froze there, worried. I had to go back and keep checking the other drawers in case I missed something. Then I felt something… behind me. Froy had crept up behind me and had his hand on the desk. He had been watching me check through Wes’ things like some guard dog. It took me a while to realize the position I was in: bent over, my ass exposed. I was getting hard. Froy had crept up a bit too close and accidentally pressed his bulge against my ass. I looked up at Froy who had this mortified look on his face. He was pale as a ghost. He stepped back and raised his hands in self-defense. “Oh my god, I’m so sorry, sir! I didn’t mean to do that, I promise--” “It’s fine, Froy! Don’t worry about it… Actually, I wouldn’t mind if you kept going.” “Ah, sir…” “Come on, I told you I don’t mind. I mean, I’m not forcing you to if you don’t want to—” Froy crept back up and planted himself against me, pinning me against the desk as he loomed over me. He wanted to take it further. He didn’t even hesitate. In a second, he spread his legs and held his swelling erection up against me, as if he was about to dry-hump me right in Wes’ office. This was a completely new side to Froy I was witnessing. He was still being the same quiet boy, but now there was a whole new element of sexual dominance. Neither of us spoke. Since Froy planted himself against my ass, he only seemed to communicate in moans and grunts. He reacted immediately the instant I stuck out my ass further. With a vice-like grip, he grabbed onto the desk and locked me in place with my body bent over it. I could feel his erection growing and pushing against me, digging the fabric of my pants deeper up my crack. “Getting kinda antsy, aren’t you?” I asked. He was getting lost in the pleasure. “Mmph… mm… y-yes, sir.” “I didn’t think you were a top.” “I can be a lot of things, sir.” He grabbed onto my own member and jostled it around in his hand, forcing an erection on me. With a single hand, he began unbuttoning my belt. “Could I, sir?” “It’s a bit too late to be asking for my permission.” Froy’s erection continued to harden and push harder against me. I could almost make out its outline with just my ass—especially its bulbous head. Froy unbuttoned my belt and pants and reached down with one hand to pull it down to my knees in one swift tug. I’d never felt so exposed at work before. Yet, there was nothing I could’ve wanted more. Froy got up from behind me and unbuttoned his own pants. I turned around, and in a single glance, he communicated to me what he wanted me to do. I got down to my knees and helped Froy pull his pants down. They were tight around his muscled thighs, probably from the extra growth from Fonz. I struggled, but I managed to get him pantless. His packed underwear and muscled legs were all I could see. There was nothing else I would’ve wanted to see. The outline of the shaft and the bulbous head stuck out and stretched over the fabric. “Sorry, sir.” “For what?” “Just in case it hurts.” He smirked. I held eye contact with Froy, watching him lick his lips in earnest, as I grabbed onto the garter of his underwear. From where I was, there was a pungent musk emanating from his stuffed package. For the next few moments, I held my breath. I pulled down his underwear slowly at first, savoring the moments as I unveiled his rather girthy shaft, inch by inch. The more I revealed, the more his cock begged to just pop out and smack me in the face. I had no idea how big it was. However, there was no doubt in my mind that this was the largest cock I’d ever seen in my life. When I got his underwear off, his only-semi-hard cock popped up and hovered in front of my eyes. It was nearly as wide as my wrist. At a glance, anyone could guess it was at least 9 inches, if not longer. His balls were no different. Ping-pong balls at least. “Fuck, it’s huge.” “Is it too big, sir?” “No, it’s perfect. Did it grow when you drained Fonz too?” “No, sir, it’s always been this big.” I twisted around and grabbed the bottle of lube on Wes’ desk. Froy watched me eagerly as I dumped a whole load of lube on my hands, knowing full well what I was going to do next. If anyone caught us doing this here in Wes’ office, there was no doubt in my mind I was going to get fired. Yet, neither of us seemed to care. I spread my lubed up hands on Froy’s semi, squeezing the bulb and triggering his sensitive areas around the head. He moaned as I worked up his sizeable shaft with both of my hands. I stroked it as if it were my own—if mine were a 9-inch monster—knowing exactly where I could get Froy to moan and lurch, causing his cock to jump in my hands. I was getting hard just watching Froy get aroused by getting his cock serviced. After everything he’d done and everything he was, he definitely deserved it. “You like this, big boy?” His eyes were shut, facing the ceiling, as he moaned to himself in his euphoria. “Yes… yes, sir. Please keep going…” I increased the speed at which I stroked. All I was trying to do was making sure that Froy had no time to break, no time to gather his thoughts. He was so hot, so cute. “A-ah…! Sir, sir, could I…?” “Oh, you got it.” I got up from my knees and leaned over Wes’ desk. Froy, in an instant, grabbed my loose pants and dragged them down to my knees, underwear and all. I never had a second to realize that I was nude. My own 5-incher was already semi-hard, dangling between my thighs. Froy himself was getting increasingly frantic. It wouldn’t be long. “Sir, I hope it’s okay—” “Just do it!” Froy grabbed my ass cheeks, and I felt the bulbous head of his cock pressing against my ashole. It was big. It was undoubtedly going to be a tight fit, no matter how he got it in; but I didn’t care. If he was going to hesitate, I was going to have to be the one to take action. I pressed my ass against his dick, begging it to penetrate me. Froy got the message. He grabbed his dick by the hand and started squeezing it into my ass. It was definitely fucking tight, but I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. I felt it dig deeper and travel further into my ass, taking up the entire space, stretching out my ass, until he hit prostate. At that point, I lost control. I couldn’t think. Froy began thrusting into me. He was so gentle yet still hit like a jackhammer. There was no turning back anymore. If anyone caught us fucking here in Wes’ office, neither of us were going to have much of a future left for us. We didn’t care. After a minute of pounding against my prostate, I could feel him approaching climax. Even I was getting close. He started thrusting harder, knocking me against Wes’ desk with no mercy. His cock twitched in my ass as it grew ever more sensitive. Cum traveled from my balls into my shaft as I neared my endgame. “Unh…!” Froy moaned. We both erupted simultaneously. I could barely feel my own climax. Froy was a man of many surprises, it seemed, as he was also extremely heavy-loaded. My ass was blasted with fresh, warm cum, surging outwards and spilling out and down my legs, spilling onto my pants as he continued ejaculating into me. Froy seemed to cum almost endlessly, unloading buckets upon buckets of cum into me. He continued moaning as his hypersensitive cock continued sliding back and forth inside me, slathering his cock and the walls of my ass in his cum. It was unbelievable how much he was cumming. By the time he was done, he pulled out with a bit of tight discomfort and grabbed a tissue box from Wes’ desk. I lingered for a while, re-adjusting to reality. It had been a while since the last time I was fucked by a cock so big. Nothing could have prepared me for it. With shut eyes, I also took a couple of tissues and began wiping myself clean, from my cock to down my legs. I was going to need to get cleaned up at the toilets afterwards. No way I was going home with a fucking Twinkie lodged up my ass and squirting down my pants. “Let’s not talk about this to anyone, alright?” Froy stuffed his dick back in his underwear as he sweated profusely. “Y-yes, sir.”
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    Thx @Astromuscle for the continuation. It turned out amazingly... My first night I had gone in my room and jacked off once or twice more. I was in heaven, but the idea of living with that muscle monster, along with Mark who wasn’t bad looking himself. He had been right, I could see where he got his looks and muscle from. I even found myself cursing his mother for diluting the genes he got from his father. How could she even leave someone like that?! He’s hot, but not only that he seemed nice. I took a nap, and when I got up I could smell food cooking. I was led by my nose upstairs to find the big man himself stirring a pot full of what was now a distinct enough smell that I could tell it was chili. Mark wasn’t around and Rent hadn’t noticed me. I was overcome by embarrassment, and began to go back down the stairs. “You don’t have to run away. It’s fine. I’m making food for all of us, and it will be ready in a couple minutes. May as well sit down at the table.” The deep voice assaulted me from behind. I looked down the stairs. He sounded like this was weird for him too. I debated just leaving anyways. I could pack up my bag, travel back home for spring break. I sighed and came back around. I avoided looking at the muscle man, walking up, only to see his feet, bare, thick and covered in veins, like I should have known they’d be. Dear god those things are some of the biggest I’ve ever seen. Could there be something about him that didn’t completely arouse me? I blink but keep looking down, figuring this was better than seeing the rest of him. “Sir, I am so sorry for what I did. I shouldn’t have done that. It was disgusting and disrespectful and completely inappropriate. I can pack my bag tonight and head out in the morning, if you want.” I heard him give a deep sigh, and watched his weight shift. “Listen kid. I’ve thought about it and I get it. I mean I was jacking off to myself too. Not gonna lie the idea the idea you were jacking off at the sight of me was pretty hot too.” I look up, Rent is blushing a little, but look right back down. “And gotta admit man you knew exactly how to press my buttons to finish me off.” I smile a little and give a shy uncertain laugh. It shocked me when his hand came into view and grabbed my chin, turning it up. He did it quickly, but even then my eyes seemed to work quickly catching each part of him, thick legs that had been in my peripherals. Tight waist and huge bulge that his shorts draped over. Waist coming out wide quickly with lats, and then the chest kicking in and expanding his physique in every direction. Traps coming upleading from far out to latch onto the back of Rent’s head. Rent’s face was not something I had had a lot of time to take in, but now he was forcing me to look at it. It was square and strong, even the muscles here looking ripped a little. A thick jaw led down to a strong chin. A short, well kept beard was there following the jawline, and going around his lips, which were thick and full. A relatively small nose took up the middle of his face, and above those were deep brown eyes, like the bark of a strong oak or maple. Even his forehead was almost squared off, and he had a military buzz cut. Over his temples and on some of his forehead even at rest I could see veins snaking their way about. This face would scare me shitless if it were angry at me. This face wasn’t angry though. Rent was looking into my eyes and had a slight smile. He still had some colour in his cheeks from blushing a second ago. “You don’t have to leave. You can stay, and maybe I can even show you how to pick up a weight properly without dropping it on me” I interject, “That was on purpose to cover you before Mark came in” Rent’s smile widens a little, as if about to laugh. “Do you mean to say if we went downstairs right now you could lift that dumbbell and not drop it? If you say yes I will call your bluff, so pick your words carefully” I think about it, I had been in a rush and only had to lift it a little and did so quickly. I remember that it had actually been quite difficult and almost didn’t get it all the way over Rent’s side. “Fine, I admit it was very heavy.” Rent put his hand on my shoulder, his smile turning sweeter. “Admitting that is the first step. Good job. I don’t think I could throw you out of the house anyways, your face is too cute.” Rent removed his hand from me, and I felt a weight lift off me. Had just his hand been that heavy?! My dick twinged a little. Fuck this is going to be a tough week, I think as I watch Rent prepare three bowls of chili from the pot. Two are regular size, but one is definitely a mixing bowl he is filling up high. Rent sees your gaze and laughs. “It takes a lot of food to keep this ship sailing. Don’t you worry, I won’t get fat off it.” He sets the two bowls down and calls for Mark. I sit down and watch him walk and grab the last bowl. My god he’s almost waddling, each ass cheek filling the space the other is leaving behind. I am very thankful I am already sitting down at the table, because I am getting boned up just watching. Mark comes out of his room to sit with us. “Dear god dad got enough chili there?” Rent laughs at his sons comment. “Is everyone getting on my case about how much I’m eating? I plan to have dessert later too…” Mark laughs, while I’m just struck by these two muscle men talk. “Dad you eat like that and you will get fat. Even you can only handle so many calories.” “Tell you what little man o’ mine. You get to be as big as me without eating this much, and I’ll reconsider. Until then keep lifting your kiddie weights.” I would have suspected this to be said arrogantly, but Rent had a sweet tone to his voice and Mark laughed so deeply, I figured that was just their relationship. Mark looked over at me. “What does that make the weights Tommy uses dad?” I watched as Marks chair moves and he almost falls out of it. “I did not raise a son who makes fun of others or feels superior because he can lift more. We kid, but you will not make fun of someone who is doing their best and is starting out.” Rent looked over at me, eyes kind. “I’m sorry about that. We tease but I don’t make fun when people are lifting heavy, no matter the weight.” I blink, having really not taken offense to anything. “That’s ok. Honestly it’s not like I don’t think the same when I lift with Mark there. I bet with your physique-” I stumble on the word a little, a mental image of everything I had seen coming to mind, but I only slow for a second. “-with your physique I’m sure he must feel like I do.” Mark nods in agreement. Rent keeps asking questions about me, and about how we are both doing at school. Jokes were thrown around all night and I actually managed to distract myself in the conversation enough for me to get up in the end and not be worried they might see me hard. Rent excused himself after dinner was done to finish the workout I had interrupted and Mark and I cleaned the dishes. I washed and Mark put them away. I thought about Rent downstairs lifting, and occasionally heard a grunt come from the stairwell. “Sounds like a monster coming from down there, right?” I look over at Mark. He was also staring down there. “My big man is just so strong and powerful. I look up to him a lot.” My tongue works for a sec. “Makes sense, he is something else man. Not how I pictured him though.” Mark looks confused. “Didn’t I tell you he was bigger than even me?” Mark goes into a double bicep pose. “Hard as that might be to believe.” My jaw drops a little. It was easy to forget next to Rent how large and muscular Mark was, his biceps like two cannonballs held in a boat of tricep. I look away and try to recover. “That’s not what I meant. I meant he’s not cocky. He just seems cool. He’s aware of who he is, but he doesn’t flaunt it that much, except to you.” At that I turn to him. “But that seems like it’s to put you in your place, and motivate you.” “Put me in my place? What do you mean?” I look over to him, and hold up his arm, he flexes intuitively. “You are amazing physically, and I bet you always have been, especially with an influence like that in your life. You are also a great guy, so don’t take it personally when I tell you you are arrogant man. Makes people feel lesser.” I kind of zone out remembering being bullied by people like Mark. I look up and see Mark’s face concerned. “Dude, you know I don’t feel that way. I flex because I’m proud of what I’ve worked for. To be honest I kinda thought you liked it when I flexed my muscles too.” He doesn’t seem as hurt as perhaps disappointed. “Mark. Are you crazy? I do like when you flex, and I love seeing how proud you are of it. You deserve to be. You are huge, but I know you’re huge because I am smaller.” I pull the sink plug and watch the dirty water swirl away. “Anyways I didn’t mean anything by it. It’s not for you to worry about me. You develop a thick skin when you are small.” I dry my hands and wander off downstairs. That was more intense then I meant for it to be. Hope Mark doesn’t take that too seriously. I need to breathe, I will check with him in the morning. I pass by the gym, and see Rent working out. I stop and see him bench pressing, chest muscles heaving up as he reracks the weight. I quickly turn around and head off to my room, closing the door behind me, trying hard not to think about the massive man there. I lean against the door, and am shocked to hear deep thumps against it, absorbed into my back. I turn around and open the door. Rent is there, taking up the entire space. He is a little sweaty and in a stringer that reveals a lot of his upper body, thick, slick, bulky muscle hanging out huffing and puffing. “Listen Tommy, come work out with me.” My jaw drops. “Work out? Next to you? Man I can’t even compare to you, why do you want to work out with me?” Rent just smiles sweetly. “It doesn’t matter how much you lift. I want to see what kind of stuff you are made of. I feel like I can really tell what a man is like by how he lifts.” He breathes deeply “By which I mean ‘how’ not ‘how much’. No ego lifting, even with me there to spot.” God despite his body I could just get lost in that smile of his. Rent turns and stalks off with his wide back, moving his legs out as he walks. I began to get hard again, but at this point in this house it was becoming the norm. I was nervous, but it wasn’t like Rent hadn’t already seen it. I came in and he did notice. “Doesn’t take much for you, huh? Try not to blow on my bench, K?” I blush, shifting it away. Did Rent watch me adjust myself? Fuck now I’m imagining things. I look at the bench, loaded with several large plates on either side, and then a coupe small ones. 700lbs?! Just casually?! There were safety bars in place on the power cage, although I had a hunch that they weren’t intended to save you from a 700lb barbell falling. Rent began taking the weight off one side, and I mimicked him on the other. “How much weight you want?” His face seemed to study me. Fucking beast is testing me. I think for a second. “Empty bar.” Rent smiles. “Smart boy! Sounds good to me.” Rent finishes and leans on the wall. I take off all my weight and slide under the bar. I check my form and position, and then grab the bar tightly. I unrack and bring the bar down slowly, and then shoot it up. Keep your shoulders on the bench, that’s the thing you are always messing up. I feel them coming up a little, and I readjust. The weight isn’t trying, but if this is a test like I wanted an ‘A’. Rent began to straddle me so he was in view. Holy shit the view from down here… FOCUS! “What are you thinking about right now Tommy?” “I’m trying to keep my shoulders on the bench.” I breathe, and then continue. “They always ride up and off the bench.” Rent lightly touches the bar the next time it comes up and shifts it down closer to him. I follow it with my eyes making me look more at him. FOCUS FOCUS FOCUS. I could tell what my penis wanted me to focus on. “Try arching your back, activating your lats to keep your shoulders down, and pushing it up here over your shoulders, not over your neck.” I make my eyes look at the bar instead of Rent, which was no easy feat. I control the bar down to my mid chest, and then push it up, this time more slowly to focus on the bar path making it come over my shoulders and then stop. The entire time I was straining my lats in the hopes my shoulders wouldn’t rise up. I rerack and breathe a little, it hadn’t been much weight but I did quite a few reps with the bar. Sweat was already forming on me and I was a little embarrassed at having such a little weight get to me. I slowly increased the weight until I got up to 135. Rent went to straddle me again before I unracked. I am going to hate myself for saying this. “Rent buddy why are you going over me, instead of above my head?” “I actually always feel a little cramped inside the cage, figured I could still help from out here. I don’t spot a lot of people other than Mark sometimes.” “Rent… You know I’m gay… and you know you turn me on… It’s a little distracting having your body hanging over me. If you really do want me to lift my best you may have to not be there.” I blush so red I feel like I am turning into a tomato. Rent looks down at himself, as if seeing his muscles for the first time, and then realizing what I was saying. “Damn, I guess that’s a good point.” Rent gets off me and I feel my lust pull me towards him. I force myself not to move. Fuck but having his body hanging over me was amazing. I unrack the weight, wobbling a little. I steady myself and bring the bar down, touch my chest, and then press it back up. Shoulders on the bench, touch mid chest, push to over the shoulders, no further. I press it back up about 5 times before my arms start to get weak. I force myself to go for one more, and before I am done Rent is back over me, hands under the bar without touching it. “Go for one more. I am right here to catch it.” I don’t even have enough breath to remind him how distracting he is. I take a big gulp of a breath, fix my position and lower the bar, shaking as I go down and touch it against my mid chest. It rests there a little heavier than I meant it to, but I begin pressing it up, getting it a little less than halfway before the bar stops moving. Don’t crane your neck, don’t compromise your form. Keep pushing. I push and push but the bar doesn’t move and it begins to fall again. Rent’s large hands go under the bar and lightly touch it, taking a couple pounds of weight. I redouble my efforts and concentrate on squeezing my chest. Rent wasn’t pulling that hard, but he was doing enough I got past the sticking point and locked out my elbows. Rent pushed the bar back into the rack and I let it go. “Well a couple more sets like that and I’ll be toast.” I laugh a little, and feel my body touch his thighs. Fuck this position is torture. Rent looks down at me, face of joy. “You gave that set your all, I’m proud of you.” I give him an accusatory look. “Didn’t I mention how unhelpful you holding your body over me is? Kind of gives my brain the wrong idea.” Rents facial expressions change in a second. Where before it was purely one of happiness, now there was something else… close to a hunger. He leans over, grabbing some bench supports for hand positioning as his body hangs horizontally over mine. “Who said it was the wrong idea?” Dear god I know that look. It’s not hunger, it’s lust! Rent lowered himself onto me. I was stunned. “Boy I already know you like me. My son doesn’t know, but lately my tastes have become more… Well more like you.” Rent was beginning to lay part of his body on me, pressing my shoulder blades into the bench better than the bar had. Rent had his nads on the bar above me, his huge hard hands resting on it as two thick bulky arms hung over me, lowering his head towards mine. “You know, if you want to make out with an old fart like me” My body almost moved on it’s own, not that I would have stopped it. I bent my head forward, and touched our lips together. Rent’s lips were firm but soft, working with mine as he lowered his head down so I could lay back. ... TO BE CONTINUED...
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    Astromuscle: Ok @canon and I have both been a little on the busy side but as promised, here's the second part. The Visit As I got there, Mark showed me around his house: his and his dad’s bedroom, the bathrooms, a jacuzzi, an office room and a big living room. The kitchen was also very roomy and there was enough food in it to feed an army. After the first pass through the house he opened a new door and told me to follow him downstairs to a private room. What hit me first was a very manly smell that caused me to get hard instantly. I was really surprised to not only find another bedroom but also a fully equipped gym with a huge mirror wall, a small juice booth with a lot of supplements and a big sofa in the corner of the room. Looking around I noticed that the bench and the squat rack were loaded and the bar was slightly bent from the heavy weights. I asked him if all the heavy weights and protein powder were his. He just smiled knowingly and said that he usually works out at the college or the nearby gym and not here. Everything I saw here was his dads’. I just looked at him in shock with my mouth open again. Suddenly after checking his phone he tells me that one of his friends had an emergency and needs a lift somewhere and asks if I would want to come, or if I'd prefer to stay and try to get settled. I told him that I would stay here and get comfortable, and I went over to the other room in the basement, which was supposedly my room. As I set down my bags and made my bed I hear Mark head out the door. Now that I am alone I walked around the gym, imagining how big his dad must be, using the ridiculously heavy weights I can see in the room. I start getting a boner as I see some used briefs and a torn tank top on the floor. My eyes almost pop out of their sockets when I see the shirt is a 3XL. It couldn’t be Mark’s, big as he was it would drape over him like a canopy. I step closer, picking it up and smelling the fabric. It has such a sweaty, manly smell and my penis gets hard at the combined scent and thought of what someone who wears that must look like, not to mention rip it. My cock keeps growing down my left leg, pinned inside my pants. I may not be big in other areas, but having a large cock was definitely something i revelled in. It would always makes me feel very proud of myself, especially recently in the gym locker room. I eventually decide I want to take a tour upstairs again, going up and finding the main laundry. My mind is racing about this legendary dad who must be a true beast, and now my eyes pick up on things I hadn’t done before. One whole cupboard was filled with every supplement I had heard of, and some that I didn’t even recognise. One even looked foreign. As I keep looking I went to the fridge. I had noted earlier that it was full, but looking closer I now saw that while there were some fresh produce, I saw a lot of meats of different varieties, as well as cottage cheese, greek yogurt. The cupboards had tuna and flaked chicken, lentils, beans and rice. I was never a bodybuilder myself but I did know enough out of sheer lust for them to know exactly what most of this stuff was. My god this is all protein, and high carb foods. Building blocks of muscle. Next I moved on to the living room. One large couch sat across from a very large TV. The couch itself looked very well used. It was odd, since it didn't look old per say but the middle cushion sagged down and looked about as flat as a pancake. A couple shaker cups littered the table, all empty and some of the dumbbells from downstairs were also up here. The lowest weight I saw was 80lbs and my dick did a twitch, trying to free itself from my pants. It took me both my hands and heaving back to lift the weight adequately, which sent my mind reeling. Ok so his dad brings weights up here for while he’s watching TV. If this is the lowest weight then it must be for the smallest muscles. Does he bicep curl these monsters?! I take my dick out of my pants and begin massaging it as I look at the den of someone who I figure must be from my imagination. I close my eyes a little as I slip into my own thoughts trying to visualize Mark’s dad. Picturing a masculine muscle guy like Mark and then morphing his muscles big enough to handle the weights around the house. *Boom* A loud noise came from the back door into the kitchen. I can hear heavy footsteps, and am not sure if it’s my roommate or not, but I know if anyone sees me like this I’m going to be in trouble. I shove my cock haphazardly into my pants and rush down the stairs as quietly as I can, though it didn’t end up being that quiet. I make it downstairs, winded. Looking down I noticed my cock is still half way down my left leg. I try to cover it up and make it disappear, but having a big cock also has some disadvantages. I hear the footsteps thumping again and it is making my heart race. My heart beating isn’t exactly helping the boner go down. God damnit. I listen now and think that the footsteps and creaking sound louder than when Mark left, making me think this must be the dad. My penis twitches, as if trying to find a way out so it can see for itself. I hear the footsteps approach the top of the stairs, and the stairs creaking heavy as he comes down them slowly. I go to hide in my room, too shy to be seen alone here with a huge boner, but too interested not to peek. One massive foot slams down into view, extending over the edge of the stairs. I can hear the stair creak as I watch even the shoe seem to cry out as weight is being transferred to that foot, the next foot comes down, this time I get to see the calf. The dad was clearly wearing shorts because his calf was exposed. Or he’s naked I think but shove the thought away, he’s wearing shoes after all. The man’s lower leg is thick and strong, and becomes so much bigger halfway up where his calf starts, exploding out in all directions. I can see the muscles bunch and work as weight moves to that leg instead. Two more steps and the bottom of his quads came into view, even his knees were thickly built, but it was still not enough to prepare me for how big his thighs would be. They came out hard at the knee, bulky and thickening as they travelled up his leg to what I was beginning to think of as the promised land. Unfortunately that’s where his shorts started and I couldn’t see the upper half of his thighs. I was so disappointed. I realised he was still coming down the stairs and turned away from the door. I was breathing heavy even just at what I had glimpsed. That was the biggest person I had ever seen in my life, bigger than any person I had seen in the gym. His size put him up there with the biggest that I had masturbated to online even, and he was real, just on the other side of the door. My cock was twitching into overdrive and I became scared I might cum right there. I had to turn around and take a break from watching him. Then I could finally hear him stepping down onto the landing and walking around a little. “Mark? Are you down here?” His voice was so deep, manly, almost like a growl. It had a little roughness to it, but otherwise it was a deep bass and strong. I almost moaned but I caught myself and covered my mouth. I prayed he wouldn’t come in here and see me like this. After a minute of walking around and moving some things around I can hear a grunt.I figured the dad must have started lifting some weights, and my curiosity got the better of my common sense. I slowly sneak over to the door and I turn to get a better look at what is happening inside the weight room. What I can see, I can barely believe. Right in the middle of the weight room stands the most massively muscled beast I have ever seen. My eyes didn’t know where to look at first, because all I saw were bulky muscles on top of more muscles. All of this was made even more clear because he was not wearing a shirt. The only clothing was the shorts that half covered his massive thighs. His back was so thick and wide, lats coming from so far out and curving down and in to a narrow waist. I was wondering why he didn’t fall over. My gaze fell lower, back to his quads. Holy shit. Those are fucking tree trunks. His thighs each were almost bigger than his waist. You could clearly see the outline of some really heavy Hamstrings, striations leading into his shorts. At the other end of where I knew those lines would lead were two globes that formed a large, hard as steel ass big enough the shorts looked like they were straining to hide it from my view. I followed the spine up his back, muscles exploding out to either side as they grabbed hold of the bones for support, but came out after for space to hold their mass. Huge traps popped out at the top of his back, and converged on the back of his head. If he had a neck, I couldn’t see it. To either side were two massive shoulders formed on that were almost the size of small watermelons and anchored two of the biggest, most ripped and vascular arms I have ever seen. He was doing curls, and swear I could see his arms swell up bigger with every rep. His triceps were so visible and thick, they were blocking my view of his biceps a little. Each curl was accompanied by soft moans and grunts that made my cock throb and twitch hard. Looking at that muscle beast was like seeing a living and breathing 3D anatomy chart, and I was studying it like I was about to take a final exam. After what seemed like an eternity, Dad put the weights down with a loud boom and went straight into a double biceps pose. FUUUUUCK. Those bicep peaks are almost higher than his head. He turned around slightly to find the best lighting to show off his huge guns, making the shadows between his biceps and triceps even darker and more pronounced. From where he was now I could see his face. He had a military cut head, cleanly buzzed that lead into a trimmed and well kept beard, thick but shorter. The square jawline was still visible and made his face look so much harder. Altogether, he was the picture of masculinity and handsomeness. He turned towards the mirror again and began shaking his quads. I could hear the muscles move on his leg left and right until he flexed them, at which point the thigh became a solid mass of crevices and peaks of strength. Fuck he’s so fucking massive. Is he even human? Big, thick muscular legs were always a huge turn on for me, and his were like something beyond what even I had dreamed were possible. He straightened up and stretched a little and my heart skipped a beat. He might be leaving the room, and there I was in the doorway, staring at him pose without making a sound or introducing myself. My heart almost stopped as I thought he caught me. Then I was shocked to see what happened next. Before my eyes I saw the dad lower his shorts and pull out a semi hard cock. It flopped big and heavy into his hand, almost as big as the silicone dick men online, but I’ve heard that doing that takes away the sensitivity, and judging by his face at his own touch that was not the case. He swirled it around once or twice with one hand, the other posing and cupping his own muscle until finally he was at full mast, magnificent and huge jutting from his body. Veins twisted around it more so than on his arms, which I hadn’t thought possible, leading to a mushroom head that looked so swollen at the tip of it all, adding an extra 2 inches to the length. His hands were clearly big but even still his dick was large in them. He brought down both hands on his dick and even then couldn’t cover the whole shaft. He begins jerking it off, and before I even realise mine is out of my pants and I’m doing the same. Eventually the dad returned to posing and jacking off, making the whole display hotter as I stroke my member, trying to savour what I saw without making noise. Eventually the beast reaches down and his hand goes to his asshole, putting one large finger in. I moan and my body buckles, ready for the next part, although everything shuts down when both our eyes open at the noise. Dad looks at me, dick in his hand, and steps back, falling over and hitting his head on a bench. OMG I don’t know which is worse, the first time he saw me I was jacking to him, or that now I hurt him. I tuck my dick away as best I can in a flash and rush over, nervous but also needing to check if hes ok. “Man I am so sorry. I shouldn’t have been doing that, you were just working out and-” I decide it might be better to stop talking about it and I help him up, biting my lip at the feel of his back muscles hard and flexed in my hand and the heaviness of his weight as I try to help him. “Fuck man where did you even come from?” He shakes his head. “You can’t just jack off to the sight of people man. Who are you even?” As I was about to say something we both hear footsteps coming down the stairs. “You down here Dad? Tommy?” We both look at each other and then at our hard dicks. I panic and grab a heavy dumbbell nearby, just lifting it enough to clear the Dad’s body and get it to the other side of him, taking my body with it. I land over his crotch with my own, both our dicks rubbing together as the weight thuds on the other side. “Shit man I’m so sorry.” I look over at the dad from where I am as Mark enters the gym room. “I thought I could handle the weight, I guess I was just cocky, and maybe wanted to try to show off, you were throwing these weights around like it was nothing. I should just go probably.” The dad looks down at me, confused but when his son enters the room and doesn’t notice their boners he clues into what I did. “Buddy listen, it’s fine I guess I can see where you are coming from, can’t say I might not have done the same in your position but man you gotta do things the right way. Talk to me and tell me where you are at, and we might be able to work something out, but promise me you will never try something like that again.” “I promise sir.” My god did he imply he might be gay? He may have been keeping up the act, but what if he meant it! Mark coughs a little form where he stands. “Were you going to get off him Tommy?” I look down at our crotches, neither of our dicks having gone down at all, especially with the added pressure of the other dicks against it. I reach the hand away from Mark down on the dad’s abs, as if for support then i fake a slip. My hand shoots down the dad’s shorts and I grab his dick, it’s so veiny and huge, and pulses at the new visitor but I try to keep my head. I quickly shove it around and behind one of his thighs. It offers some resistance but it’s long enough that I manage it quickly and recover my hand. I get up, facing directly away from Mark and tuck my dick into my waistband and over it with a thankfully loose shirt. I turn to Mark, seeing if my trick had worked. “Mark, your dad hit his back pretty hard off the bench just now. Do you have like some muscle relaxing gel or something?” Mark thinks deeply for a minute. He doesn’t seem to notice we are rock hard, that’s a good sign at least. After a moment the dad pipes up, “In the upstairs medicine cabinet. The boys right. Could you go grab it for me please Mark?” Mark nods and heads off up the stairs. “That was some quick thinking there Tommy. I’m Rent by the way.” He holds out his large hand and I shake it, enjoying how hard and calloused it is and how big it feels against mine. “You are the new roommate I hear so much about. Not much for first impressions are you?” I look terrified now that Mark is gone. I have returned back to this giant of a man, the man of my dreams and fantasies berating me because I couldn’t keep it in my pants. That is until he reaches down and grabs my dick with one hand, his own with the other, and begins jacking us both off. “What are you doing! I’m so sorry but I’m really confused now!” My mind is racing, the big man’s actions not matching his words. “Mark is going to be back down here any second and these beasts aren’t going to go soft in that time unless we cum. We were both at the edge anyways.” He picks up the speed he is going, ripped bulbous biceps lengthening and tightening with each motion. He plays with his chest a little and smiles as he looks over at me and shows off. That proved too much for me and I came on the floor in front of me. Now Rent began to focus more on himself. He spread his legs and began using his other hand on his dick as well. I could hear Mark upstairs and knew we didn’t have too much longer. I go over to Rent and put my fragile thin arm next to his. Mine looks like the bone that MIGHT be strong enough to support the sheer muscle Rent had. I put my leg against his for good measure and show him how big he is. “You’re so big, I can’t believe it. I can’t even compare, your arm could hold 5 of mine, legs too.” Rent grunts as his eyes roll back. Thick white goop shoots from the end of his cock against the wall and floor. I so want to enjoy the sight but I already messed up once today because of my lust and I was not about to do it again. I grab some nearby towels and make quick work wiping up our mess. As I pass I nudge Rent who is coming back to his senses. “Hunch over, you’re hurt remember?” Rent nods his head, traps stretching and then bunching at the movement and he bends over as if his back was weak. Seems more just like a realistic representation of how that big upper part would weigh down over that thin waist. Those abs are big, but it looks ridiculous to think they can hold up that giant piece of perfection. Mark comes back just as I drop the towels into the hamper, the hamper itself has a scent I recognise as a cum smell. Clearly this was common fair, except for the interruptions. The idea of him coming down regularly to work out and then worship his own muscles was so hot I felt my dick ask if it was time for round 2. I pushed the idea from my head and started to think of gross things that would keep me soft. Mark hands over the gel stuff to his dad and gets a thank you. Rent excuses himself to go apply it, saying he should cut his workout short due to his back. “Thanks for this Mark, and it was… interesting meeting you Tommy. Welcome to my home.” He smiles a little and leaves. “Do you want to work out then?” Mark asks. “Man I think after how badly I botched that I better call it too. I don’t feel hurt, but I don’t want to risk it” Mark wished me well and I went over to my room. I couldn’t believe what had just happened and my mind was exhausted. I crawled into my bed for a nap. I fell asleep with a boner at the thoughts of living with Rent, and also at the sounds of Mark working out in the other room.
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    "Hey kid, smashing your car into the size of a pumpkin got me all hot and bothered. Why don't you come over here and give me some release."
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    "To get inside you six gotta get passed this and, trust me, that ain't happening."
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    After nearly three hours of sucking and cumming, Trevor felt exhaustion hit him like a freight truck. One minute later, he was shooting another load – probably 2 gallons worth -- down Dantalion’s throat. God, the djinn was a good cocksucker. Over the past hours, D had fine tuned his skills. He had learned to read Trevor’s reactions, the smallest whimpers or lowest grunts and then continue with minuscule variations on the actions that seemed to satisfy the human most. He had learned the trick of applying just enough suction and pressure on Trevor’s cock to elicit immediate erection. Once hard, D had easily figured out that he could make the human writhe in complete ecstasy if he opened up the back of his throat a bit and used the muscles surrounding the engorged cock to grab ahold and clamp down with some deft pressure. Then he would not only apply suction, but also create slow rhythmic waves using his powerful throat muscles to grab all around the human’s dick and pull him in further, applying just the right amount of tightening – the undulations starting at the base of Trevor’s cock and moving further into the djinn’s throat. Faster and faster as the human reacted with more and more powerful groans. He felt powerful. He was fulfilling his Master’s wishes using his own creativity. Every time Trevor shot more down D’s throbbing throat, he felt a burst of power entering into him. But deep in his mind, he also was aware that his Bound had mentioned, “this wasn’t even sex, not really.” Whatever real sex was, it was sure to be nearly overwhelming given his difficulty with maintaining control when Trevor sucked his cock just a short while ago. He returned to the present as he felt Trevor’s manhood press to nearly the djinn’s stomach, or where his stomach would be if he had one. He had nearly 16 inches of thick meat impaling his face. Good thing he didn’t need oxygen. In one evening, he had amassed nearly as much mana as 5 years with his previous Bound, Trevor’s grandfather. Somewhere buried under his current state of arousal, he also knew that his two other brothers, Bael and Asteroth, would be able to sense his new growing power if they paid any attention. That had him concerned, but not enough to ever stop his current situation. He was bound to Trevor now, and for the first time in millennia, he was enjoying the binding. Trevor, reclining against the wall of his bedroom had grown to 12 feet. His massive cut thighs and calves sprawling across the floor, his cobra-like back rippling with deep divots and pulsating mounds pressed against the wall. He peered down at the now-comparatively smaller djinn and their eyes locked. Another wave of tightening in D’s throat, this time with just a bit more pressure than the last. He was being milked. He imagined he was receiving yet again the best blowjob in the history of humanity, each one better than the last as D learned about giving pleasure. A growl escaped from his lips and he felt his coconut sized balls pull in again, close to his body. “Two more inches D. Give me two more inches.” He held his breath for a moment and he felt his hard staff lengthen and be sucked down greedily by the sex god in front of him. The sensation of his manhood growing further was erotic enough – it just felt so fucking amazing – but then whatever the fuck D was doing with his throat…He couldn’t take it any more. For the 5thtime in 3 hours, he unleashed another torrent and as he did, energy passed through the binding. His mind was electric. His body buzzed with pure wellbeing and he felt like a god for those seconds. All powerful. Distilled muscle, sex, and magic detonated in his mind and his body with the force of an explosive device. After the orgasm began to subside. He again looked down at his djinn and pulled D’s head slowly off of his now 18” rod. Dantalion felt empty somehow after he released his hold on Trevor’s endowment. He had never felt empty. He didn’t particularly like the feeling. It was foreign. If it were his choice, which it wasn’t, he would have Trevor’s cock down his throat all the time. “D, can you make all of this cum disappear?” He looked around his large bedroom. Puddles of cum were everywhere, some his, some the djinn’s. He was laying in several inches of thick white spunk and it was painted on walls, the ceiling, coating his legs, chest, and arms. Dantalion was covered as well, head to toe of his ripped gorilla-sized body, rivulets running out of the corners of his mouth. Dantalion stood up next to Trevor’s massive seated form and looked around the room. As he rotated, Trevor again saw the djinn’s naked muscular round and tight ass. Soon, he would be using that and he could not imagine what the djinn may be capable of if given some creative direction. “Yes, Master.” The room was instantly cleared of any remain of their mutual ejaculations. Even the spunk slowly dribbling down the corner of D’s mouth had disappeared. The human looked tired. He was in need of slumber. D could feel it through the bond. “Trevor, would you like to sleep? I can sense you are exhausted.” The djinn reached out to his human and placed his hand on Trevor’s vast bag of hard chest meat. He would have never done this to any other Bound in his past. He would have never assumed to broach the boundaries of physical touch. But here, now, with the 12th, he felt nearly compelled to maintain some physical connection. Trevor did feel tired. It had been a long day with his grandfather’s funeral and the past few hours had been both thrilling and mindblowing…but he was, after all, human still. “Yes, please. I’d like to return to my normal size. Do you need sleep, D?” “I do not need sleep, although in my mist form, time passes without perspective. I have often returned to my vessel as my previous master’s slept. It is a strange human need, this daily sleep event.” The human had returned to his small normal self and looked longingly at the bed and the small clay jar next to it. He did need to sleep. The massive muscular djinn stood silent. Trevor walked over to the bed and sat down on the edge. He picked up the small green gem that had sealed the hole in D’s vessel. It appears a bit brighter and with a bit more clarity than it had a few hours ago. He would ask about this some other time. For now, he could only think of sleep and the need to pee. D watched the human pick up the green stone and eye it with a look of inquiry and suspicion but he asked no questions about it. He would tell him about it another time if asked. And he knew he would be asked. Trevor, stood up and walked lazily to the en suite bathroom and took a long, relieving piss. Returning to the bedroom he saw that D had not moved from his position, watching Trevor as he walked across the floor to bed again. “Why don’t you lay in bed with me as I fall asleep. When I am asleep, you may return to your mist form to pass the time.” It would be so nice to sleep with someone in bed with him. It had been months since his last breakup and he missed having a warm body to touch as he drifted off. “Do you wish me to maintain my ability to sense, Master? Or shall I shut off those pathways?” Trevor thought he almost sounded like some computer program, shutting things off and on with a mere command. What a strange question. Trevor pulled back the covers on the entire king-sized bed. “Get in D.” He still hadn’t responded to the djinn’s question. The djinn walked the few paces and sat down on the other edge of the bed his sack and cock limp between his thick legs. He lay down next to Trevor, their shoulders, arms and legs touching. “I wish your body temperature was a perfect 98.6 degrees. He noticed that Dantalion felt warmer than a human. He didn’t want to burn up in the night. “Your eye flames wont catch anything on fire, right?” He let out a small chuckle. “No, Trevor. They appear as fire to you, but flickering light is more what they are. There is no heat.” The two lay there, together, touching. Trevor felt his body swiftly slipping away into a dream world. It was calling him. “No D. I don’t want you to lose your ability to sense. You seem to enjoy it.” He rolled over on his side just a few inches away from the djinn’s handsome rugged face. He reached over and placed his hand on D’s rock hard meat pillow and put his palm over his erect nipple and left it there feeling the warmth emanate from the djinn god’s body. “I want you to feel good, D. That would make me happy.” The djinn felt his own pleasure mounting. Just the touch of Trevor’s small hand on his chest seemed even more powerful than all of the orgasms they had experienced. It was more simple and pure. More real. He did want to keep feeling. He wanted to feel more but he would not ask for that. Trevor had already given him so many gifts of experience and he would not take advantage. He was still a djinn and a djinn obeyed without making his own requests. “Thank you, Trevor.” Trevor fell asleep a moment later, his hand still resting on D’s chest mountain. His temperature a perfect 98.6 degrees to the touch. After he sensed his human had truly slipped away to deep slumber, his breathing slowing, D began to turn to swirling mist. He changed slowly to let Trevor’s hand fall to the bed gradually over minutes. He took great care to be slow and gentle. He didn’t want to lose contact so he wrapped his mist form along Trevor’s arm, encircling it like a warm vaporous snake. He felt good and couldn’t wait for his Master to wake in the morning. *********************************************************** Trevor had been in the Dream World for most of the night. His mind knew he was dreaming and it told him the same. He was in the deep forest on his favorite trail, close to the pounding waves of the Pacific Ocean. There was a chill in the damp air. Ancient fir trees and massive cedars thrust hundreds of feet into the sky, the understory populated by dense ferns and mosses, the path covered with a thick layer of damp wood bark decayed enough to give the earth a soft feel as he walked. He felt alone for a moment, and looked side to side. Then he heard a solid slow thump behind him. Swinging around quickly he was greeted by Dantalion, but of such size and enormity he felt himself again becoming immediately aroused. D had to have been 30 feet tall and 10 feet wide at the shoulders. His musculature defied any possible description. Highways of blood vessels flooded every inch of the mammoth. The valley between his pecs appeared nearly sealed tight by the surrounding hard fibers clashing in the center, but Trevor knew that gash was several feet thick. D was pure muscle. He nearly had his own gravity he was so dense. But somehow his motions were fluid and graceful. The giant stopped several yards from his Bound. His flaccid cock hanging to his knees leaked basketball-sized orbs of clear sweet thick fluid. As the precum’s battle with gravity was lost, the orb fell away leaving a long thin string trailing to the ground. Drop after drop of the viscous fluid fell away from the djinn’s cock forming a quickly growing puddle. Trevor wanted to be under that dripping cock, swallowing all of that sweet nectar. But the look in D’s eyes was one of complete animal lust. The 30 foot deity turned around and bent over, grabbing his ankles and offering his striated massive glutes to the human far below. “If you want me to fuck you again, D, I’m going to need to be a lot bigger.” He felt himself reach full hardness in 2 seconds and then he felt the mind shattering sensation of growing. He woke up with a start, feeling something warm resting around his arm. Trevor knew where he was going to take D today and he couldn’t wait.
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    Beautiful with a tinge of sadness. I'm looking forward to the next parts too.

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