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    “Keegan . . . Keegan! I can’t breathe, man. Hey, Keegan!” I could tell he was falling asleep – the rhythm of his breathing was turning even and deep. I knew I needed to have him roll off of me or I’d be trapped for the entire night. Using a good amount of strength, I pulled my hand up between our bodies and found a big hairy nipple to twist, with as much power as my fingers could muster while smashed between us. This snapped the big guy out of his almost-sleep state, causing him to make a sound that was somewhere between a moan and a whine. “Mmmm-hmmmm, my baby’s ready for round two . . . wait, no, round three.” “As wonderful as that sounds, no – it’s just that you’re starting to fall asleep and I can’t breathe . . . or feel my legs.” “Oh . . . sorry, hon, I’m just too big.” The understatement of the year. The cold, winter’s night air briefly sent a shock to my body as he rolled off of me and exposed me to the elements. I immediately wanted to be smothered by his warmth and weight, again, even if it restricted my breathing and prevented me from being able to get up until he did. “I gotta pee, anyway,” Keegan said, sliding out of the much too small bed and waddling out the door and down the hall. I knew his wide shoulders made the narrow passageway leading to the rest of my tiny apartment look even smaller and very claustrophobic. I had watched him make that walk thousands of times – amazed that he wouldn’t have been able to fully extend his arms out sideways unless he accidently punched through drywall, which was always a fear of mine . . . or was it a fantasy. My small place was suddenly filled with what could only be called the sound of a waterfall. Not the trickling sounds of a small stream – more like the deafening pounding of Niagara Falls. Even the guy urinating sounded butch and powerful. And it seemed to last forever. Just when you thought it was ending – at that moment when most guys would be wagging off a few more drops, there’d come another loud steady stream that somehow told you it was a virile hugely muscled man crammed in the tiny bathroom. After what seemed like the same amount of time for a semi-long movie, I’d hear the floorboards complaining about having to support so much weight and then I’d be surrounded, again, with the kind of body warmth that helped me save on my energy bills because I never had to turn on the heat. This time, only a huge arm would be draped over me, but it would still feel like a giant, heavy, folded quilt on my body. “I really could go again,” came the deep sexy familiar voice, that caused the back of my neck to be caressed by his breath as we spooned. “I’m not you, remember? Not all of us can rebound quicker than all of the NBA put together. I also have the early shift tomorrow.” “You work too much.” “Tell that to my creditors,” I replied, pulling his beefy forearm around me tighter, which caused him to squeeze my body hard. “I had fun tonight. Thanks for coming out with me.” “Yeah, it was fun . . . but I’m not sure your friends like me.” “Not this again. Of course, they like you . . . it’s just that they’re still getting to know you. It’s only been a few months. “It’s just that you guys always talk about stuff I know nothing about.” “Well, we have a long history together, so there’s a lot of shared information.” “Yeah, like that friend all of you talked about – the one I don’t know – her name was Marianne something.” “You mean Marianne Williamson?” “Yeah.” “Um . . . she’s not a friend . . . so to speak. She’s running for president.” “You have a friend running for president?” “No, not a friend. She’s just famous and Kyle is like her personal cheerleader or something.” “See, that’s something I should know . . . to be able to join in the conversation. I think your friends find me boring and stupid.” I tried to turn my body to face him, but the weight of his big arm prevented it. I tapped it twice – our little signal for him to release whatever part of his body was making movement impossible. He raised his arms so I could spin around and then it came back down, holding me closer. I looked into his innocent, but serious face. I slid my hand up between us and tapped on a gorgeous bulging mound beside his neck. “What’s the full name of this muscle right here?” “The trapezius muscle and it’s divided into three areas - the upper, middle, and lower fibers – called the upper, middle, and lower traps.” “And what specific exercise, pray tell, makes these things get so huge?” “Well, there’s a lot of debate about that…” “What’s your favorite, honey, cause it’s obviously working?” I said, smiling. “I like power shrugs and deadlifts.” “None of my friends would know any of that. Your expertise is not Marianne Williamson, it’s muscle.” “You just want me for my body,” he said, sticking out his bottom lip in a forced fake pout. “That’s a huge part of my attraction . . . and by huge, I mean…” “I get the point. Name something else besides my body that you find attractive.” I faked a pained look on my face – as if I couldn’t come up with anything else and the big man squeezed my body hard, making me squeal a little. I suddenly realized that there was some true vulnerability being shown here. My big sweetheart was feeling ‘less than’ and needed some support. I snuggled closer and turned my face up to his. “Tonight, there was a moment when the beer pitchers were almost empty and I could sense everyone looking at their phones, going to the bathroom, or cruising the joint – anything to keep from being the person that noticed we needed more beer. You, however, poured what remained evenly in everyone’s glass without any hesitation and then took the four pitchers to the bar to get refills. You didn’t think twice. You didn’t have this scorecard in your head that was keeping track of who had already done what and who hadn’t. You just saw that more beer was needed and knew how to improve the situation. Your kindness often overwhelms me with a knowledge of how lucky I am to be with you.” I had just answered his question honestly – truly believing he was one of the nicest guys on the planet. But my answer moved him in a way I had not expected. A tear slid from the corner of his eye and dropped to the pillow below. My heart opened even wider for this wonderful man. “Keegan, honey, you are definitely not stupid or boring. Who cares if you know who Marianne Williamson is or not. I love your body, yes, but that is not even close to all the things I love about you. What’s bringing this on?” I double tapped his arm to be released and sat up, crossing my legs to look down at him. I had my hand on his big biceps, stroking him softly. He turned his head to look up at me and another tear slid down the top part of his cheek. “This is usually the beginning of the end. I’ve reached this point in too many relationships to even count – room being made for my toothbrush, being introduced to friends, and even being sent out with the guy’s ATM card and code to get money for him before going to a club. It’s just that nothing’s ever lasted more than a few weeks after this point. The guy’s all end up telling me that the conversations are too limited, I spend too much time at the gym, or – as one guy put it – they don’t want to look like they’re out with a hustler every time we went to dinner. I worry that I don’t know how to make it beyond this point. I worry every day that you’ll get tired of me.” “Hey, Mister Muscles,” I lovingly said the nickname I had given him the first night we met, which, at least, made him briefly smile, “I’m not going anywhere. I’m right here. You never bore me and as for stupidity – remember the first time you took me to a gym. What did I do? Come on, tell me.” “You thought you could bench what I bench.” “And what else?” “You went to pick up the dumbbells I was curling and threw your back out because you couldn’t even lift them a little.” “You had to carry me to the walk-in clinic down the street. If anyone’s making a fool of themselves in this relationship – it’s definitely me. Who’s to say that you won’t get bored with me soon, eh?” “That’ll never happen?” “And why not?” “Cause you give the best head I’ve ever had,” he said, turning slightly red and smiling. “Oh, so you like me only because of my mouth.” “Yes.” I took a pillow and swung it quickly into his face, leaving it there, so all I could see of him was his humongous arm, massive chest, and cobblestone abs. The view still bowled me over – even after all of these months. I heard him saying something under the pillow. I removed it. “And sex with you is better than chocolate cake,” he said, mentioning the only food that would ever tempt him from leaving his strict eating regime. “Now, you’re making ME sound like the hustler.” “You’d be a good one. I remember.” “Thank you . . . I think. What’s brought all of this on, Mister Muscles? Why the sudden fear of this fabulous thing between us not lasting? You’re not one for losing confidence.” “I was in the bathroom tonight, around the corner out of sight at the urinals, and I overheard Kyle and Demetrius talking.” “What did they say?” I asked, knowing already it was going to be something bitchy and unkind. “Kyle wondered how long you were going to continue to slum it with a Neanderthal and then he said he could see in my eyes that I had no idea who Marianne Williamson was.” “Fucking Marianne Williamson! When did she become the barometer for all things concerning relationships. First of all, Mister Muscles, Kyle has wanted me since junior high and doesn’t take quickly to any guy I date. Secondly, you intimidate the hell out of him because of your size and big muscles, and, thirdly, I’m going to kick his ass the next time I see him for saying all of this.” “God, you’re sexy when you defend my honor and talk that way.” “I’m serious, Keegan. He can’t treat you that way and I will tell him.” “Um, no you won’t. I don’t want there to be even more of a strain than there already is between your friends and me. I’ll just have to win them over with my princely charm.” As usual, the big man found a way to help me instantly release anger and tension. I looked down into his eyes and smiled. I lowered my face to give him a long, passionate kiss. I pulled back after a while and we looked at each other – silently. “So, we good. All this is good, now?” I asked, showing him how important it was to me. “Better than good,” he said and then lifted the quilt and sheet to reveal a fully hard ‘Tennessee’ – the nickname I had given his dick because I said it was as long and big as that entire southern state. “Show me again why I like you so much.” My mouth watered a little as ‘Tennessee’ was uncovered even more and two extremely muscled thighs begged to be the support for my small hands as I did what I was truly good at – servicing my big man. ********** “Five hundred dollars.” “Nope.” “Okay. A thousand, but that’s my final offer.” “It’s still no. I have a boyfriend…” “So?” “…and we’re in a monogamous relationship.” “But there’s enough of you to keep four guys happy!” “And I’m only interested in keeping one man happy.” “Then why be a personal trainer? These days, isn’t that just a code word for ‘hustler’?” “Um . . . no, I truly enjoy helping other people get into shape. By the way, are you going to come on to me every time we work out. I might need to start charging you more if I’m going to have to continue fighting off all your advances.” I grabbed the man’s hand, which was suddenly placed on my thigh, and squeezed a little too tightly before pushing it away. He let out a slight yelp and shook out his arm wildly. This was my fifth session with Mr. Groping Hands (names withdrawn to protect the guilty) and he was, again, in rare form. Saying the word ‘boyfriend’ had taken me back to earlier that morning when Chef Marco (okay, chef in training) had literally blown me away – no pun intended – with his unbelievable oral skills. I had never met such a talented mouth. The sensation of what his tongue, throat, lips, and teeth could do was still making my groin area buzz with excitement. Mr. Groping Hands clearly thought my bulging crotch was in response to his non-inspiring advances. This guy was definitely a ‘catch’ – rich, well-built, nicely endowed, and smooth in the way expensive liquor went down, but he wasn’t my Marco. He wasn’t the beautiful man that was able to suck my balls in some miraculous way that could make me not able to prevent myself from exploding in less than a minute. I swear, Marco’s mouth should be listed as one of the . . . what was it . . . five wonders of the world? Six wonders of the world? Neither of those sounded right. “How many wonders of the world are there?” I asked, as I carefully led the man through some sit-ups. “You mean besides you, Keegan.” “Yes, not including me,” I answered, signaling him to take a short rest. “Most scholars say there were seven wonders of the ancient world.” “Seven. I was close,” I said, tapping his stomach to begin again. “How about just letting me blow you in my car, Keegan? I can tell your cock is interested – it keeps bobbing up and down when you touch me.” We were out in the open area of Palisades Park – a hot spot for trainers who didn’t want to see clients in their homes or at the gym. Mr. Groping Hands was a pretty famous director and preferred the anonymity that came with green grass, lots of trees, and a gaze-stealing view of the Pacific Ocean to prevent gawkers. I appreciated his boldness – it was kind of refreshing after all the guys (and gals) that did head games to try and get me into bed. I looked over at his Bentley Flying Spur and then back at his red-from-training-hard face. “What’s the difference between your car and, let’s say, a Honda Civic.” “You’re kidding, right? First of all, kid, it’s the comfort. The Flying Spur is like first class on the world’s biggest airplane while the Civic is like where the dog crates are stored. Secondly, it’s the power and pleasure that comes from sitting behind the wheel of that beauty. And, among many other things, it’s knowing that what you’ve got is a classic – something everybody else wants.” “Well, let’s just say you’re the Civic and my man, Marco, is the Bentley. And you, my friend, are done.” “Ouch, you sure are a buzz kill. What a way to put me in my place.” “You worked hard, today. You know, you really don’t need me. You’ve got a clear understanding of exercise, great form, and a great body. I know it’s not good business, but you are paying for something you don’t really need.” “Are you kidding? You think I’m paying you for your expertise about working out? Buddy, I choose to have you as my trainer so for an hour and a half two days a week I get to look at the kind of perfection that probably inspired Michelangelo. I get to cop a feel or two of the hottest body in the city. I get more fodder from you for private spank time than anything on the great big web could ever offer. I’ll be yanking my chain in my office before you even make it home, Keegan. I hope this Marco fellow knows how lucky he is.” “I’m the lucky one,” I said, winking at the man. “Hey, the two of you wouldn’t be interested in a shared bed, sometime, would you?” “How often do you lend out your Bentley?” “Never.” “I’m the same about my man.” “When the hell did monogamy become so popular again?” he said, collecting his wallet, phone, and other personal items. “Ever since I met Marco.” “I’d like to meet your man, sometime, Keegan. Just for dinner, don’t give me that look. I really mean just a meal and conversation. I’d like to meet the guy that has slayed such a huge and handsome dragon. My offer on helping him get a chef position somewhere still stands.” “Dinner sounds good, I’ll check with Marco and get back to you. Marco always says thank you for the offer of a job, but he wants to make it or break it on his own.” “You two inspire me,” Mr. Groping Hands said as he reached up to latch a hand on my massive pec and squeeze, before walking off. “One more handful to fuel my afternoon release. See you Tuesday, Mr. Universe.” I watched the handsome guy walk to his car. He really was a good catch. He was successful. He was a fully ‘out’ director and producer in Hollywood and that was almost unheard of. His movies had won numerous awards and his sole Oscar was for directing an incredible heart-wrenching independent film about two older gay lovers. He was even liked by other people in the business. All of that, however, didn’t come close to Marco. I pulled out my phone and hit the only ‘favorite’ I had. “Hello, Mister Muscles,” answered the silky voice of my lover. “Bad time?” “Never a bad time for you. I’m just ironing some shirts. How was Mr. Grabby Fingers?” “Mr. Groping Hands was fine. He offered a thousand dollars today and wanted give me a blow job in his Bentley.” “You have such the glamorous life. You know, of course, I have figured out who this man is, even though you are the consummate professional and have never revealed his name.” “I’ll always be able to say I did not tell you. He’d like the three of us to go to dinner sometime. He’d like to behold the stud who has stolen my heart.” “I think he’d be sadly disappointed and baffled as to why you weren’t already fully ensconced in his Malibu mansion.” “Or he’d fall in love with you and steal you away,” I said, only half-joking. “Would his flexed arm surpass the size of yours,” Marco asked, sexily. “Not even close,” I replied. “Then you, my friend, have nothing to worry about.” “Oh, so the first guy you meet that is larger than me is who you’ll dump me for?” “Well, since I’m never going to meet anyone larger than you – and even if that crazy idea could come true – you have nothing to be worried about. Besides, there’s another huge muscle of yours that I’m pretty sure will never be topped by any other mere mortal.” “Speaking of ‘Tennessee,’ he’s definitely screaming for some attention from little Marco.” “Well, since you now have a session with the nameless Mrs. Famous Actress who stars in one of my favorite shows and is married to a world-famous divorce lawyer (no way I could figure that one out), you better calm down before she offers to blow you in whatever fancy car she drives.” “She always rides her bike to sessions. She’s very concerned about the environment.” “Of course, she is. Well, tell ‘Tennessee’ that I will see him in the shower this afternoon before I leave for work. One more thing, Mr. Muscles.” “What’s that, Boo?” “Don’t be mad when you get a call later on.” “What does that mean?” “Just don’t be mad. I’ll see you later. Love you.” And the phone went dead. I stared at it for a few seconds, wondering what Marco meant. I did not have to wait long to find out, however. The phone rang with a number I did not recognize and had not keyed in. “Hello,” I said, cautiously. “Hey, Keegan, it’s Kyle.” My knight in shining armor had not done what I requested. Kyle had been reprimanded and forced to give me a call. I would have to act angry with Marco for a little while this afternoon, but I knew ‘Tennessee’ would be begging for the beautiful man’s mouth - or even more - and would prevent me from sulking for too long. I returned to the upcoming awkward conversation. “Hey Kyle, what’s up?” “Listen, I’ve been thinking that I haven’t started off our relationship on the right foot. I’m pretty protective of Marco and always want what’s best for him. I just wanted to say I’m sorry if I haven’t always been cordial and I was hoping we could, you know, kind of start over and let me make it up to you. If that’s okay . . . with you.” I knew I wasn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer or the brightest bulb on the tree, but I did know a thing or two about men and how to act around them. This was a huge deal for Kyle – to be making this call – and it showed what a good friend he was to Marco. Dating a guy is not a private affair – if you wanted it to last, which I definitely did, you had to accept that you were dating his family and friends, too. You also needed to make sure your boyfriend’s best friend never felt too excluded or shamed. I understood Kyle. I also felt for him, since I had figured out, way before Marco told me, that Kyle had a longtime crush on his best friend. I was an unwanted interruption in their unrequited love affair. I knew how to make things right – or as right as they ever would be, because Kyle would continue to be jealous of me. I would just have to accept that. “Man, Kyle, I don’t know what you’re talking about. You’ve always been cool. I know it’s hard to add a new person to a set group of friends, but you always seemed to go out of your way to include me. There’s no need for you to apologize, but consider it a clean slate if you need to.” I could feel the guy’s smile across the phone waves. He knew I was playing along with the game that he was playing. We both knew each other knew it. We both knew Marco knew we were playing it. But that didn’t take away from the fact that we were doing it. I was giving Kyle the gift of being able to call Marco and tell him everything was good. I empowered Kyle with a secure best friend status and the ability to embrace me just a tad more into the group. He was freeing me to completely be Marco’s boyfriend – holding hands when we were out, talking about intimate stuff around everyone, and even kissing, on occasion. We both were freeing Marco of worry and tension our unnamed battle might have caused. The universe shifted to welcome this new reality. “Okay, then,” Kyle said. “I’m glad. That’s great. I’m really happy you found Marco (we weren’t quite ready to be happy that Marco found me). I’ll see you for drinks tomorrow night, right.” “Yes, you will. And Kyle, thank you,” I replied and it was the most honest thing in the entire conversation – we both knew that, too. “Of course, man. Thank you. See you tomorrow.” “See you.” The phone went quiet and dark. I immediately texted my sole ‘favorite’ saved in the phone as I watched Mrs. Famous Actress biking up the path. The text was short and sweet. “Thanks for defending my honor. ‘Tennessee’ will be expecting extra attention to make up for it.” ************ The text made me long to have ‘Tennessee’ in my mouth right at that moment – or some other orifice of pleasure. My entire being missed the hugeness of Keegan – all of his hugeness – every second he wasn’t touching me. I knew that this feeling was part of the honeymoon period of a relationship, but I also knew it was mostly and specifically to do with how much the big man turned me on. My face only came up to his nipples – a convenient spot for my mouth – and I had a feeling the most accurate ratio would have been three and a half of my bodies equaled his one. I loved muscles – all of my friends knew this – but no one, especially me, would have anticipated the giant mountain of sinew that now shared a bed with me three, four, or – sometimes – seven days a week. We made sure we split our time between both of our places – just to be fair. I was also still amazed he didn’t go crazy in my small place – his enormous frame almost completely filling up any room he was in. His place was bigger, more expensive, and nicer – but Keegan always seemed happy to be at my place, too. He said he just wanted to be wherever I was. “This moment calls for Ms. Ross, the boss,” I said – to no one - as I found the song ‘I Want Muscles’ and blared it in my apartment. I had one more shirt to iron, but dancing around my living room took precedence. I thought about calling Kyle to tell him thank you, but that wasn’t how this worked. He needed to think I was still a little unhappy with how he had been treating my new gorgeous, wonderful, mammoth boyfriend. Kyle had heard in my voice the unspoken ultimatum that if I was forced to choose, I’d go with Keegan. It had been the first time ever I had insinuated this, we both felt that big elephant in the room. It scared each of us – a lot – and for the first time in our lives the conversation on the phone had faltered, even stopped for a few seconds. Kyle had been my best friend ever since he had scared the crap out of a bully on the playground in seventh grade by screaming louder than a police siren to alert teachers of a potential incident. The bully never bothered me again and Kyle and I became lifelong friends. We came out to each other in high school and he confessed his love for me in college. Our friendship was cemented even more when we worked through that, me finally letting him know I was drawn to big men. He first thought I meant I was a chub chaser, but then I had told him I liked muscles. We watched each other botch up a few serious relationships and more than a few one-night stands. Then we became locked into the scene in Los Angeles – he, as a new financial planner at his dad’s firm, and me, as one of only twenty-five people chosen to attend a posh three-year culinary school. He was presently working his way up the corporate ladder and I had graduated top of my class and was working hard as a sous chef at a prestigious restaurant. To help make ends meet I had taken a second job delivering nutritious homemade meals to the great people of Los Angeles who had extra money to burn. “Get that last shirt done,” I said to myself when Ms. Ross had finished singing about men’s bodies. A big mistake – one that cost me the delivery job – had changed my life forever, just a little over eleven months ago. I had been sent to one of those nice downtown high rises with a meal which could have been a late lunch or an early dinner depending on whomever had ordered it. I wasn’t paying attention – what was new – and got off on the wrong floor because someone had pushed the call button for the elevator but went back into their place to probably retrieve a forgotten item. I assumed it was the floor I needed when the doors opened and no one was there. I went down the hall and mistook 4-K for apartment 5-K. Meanwhile – only to find out later – a broken-hearted bodybuilder/personal trainer named Keegan Robinson was going through a fully acceptable slutty stage after a very hard break up and had made an afternoon booty call to help him relieve some sexual tension before he went to the gym to workout. Keegan lived in apartment 4-K. When he opened the door to find this cute guy standing there with earphones on jamming to some tunes, he was pleasantly surprised by how lucky he was to get such a wholesome looking hookup. He had pulled me into the apartment so quickly that I didn’t really have time to say anything. “Hey bud, sorry to be so direct, but I just really need to get off before I go and do this intense two-hour workout. You don’t mind if I pay you full price to just suck me off right here, do you? I’d really appreciate it.” I was still reeling from the fact that this smooth-faced Hercules had answered the door. I had never been this close to someone that size. I had a muscle fetish, for sure, but all of my big body encounters didn’t come close to matching the mountain range of bulges standing there in a tank-top and basketball shorts. My music was blaring, so I hadn’t heard what the giant had said, but when he pulled down his shorts to reveal the longest and thickest and most juicy-looking sausage of my entire life – making it clear he wanted a blowjob – I didn’t miss a beat. I dropped the bag of gourmet food, dropped to my knees, and then dropped that mammoth thing down my throat so quickly you would have thought I was a professional. Every guy I had ever slept with – and it was quite a few – had always said I was the best cocksucker he had ever met. Even if the guy ended up dumping me he always ended with, “I’m going to so miss that mouth of yours.” I have no idea why I was so good. Maybe it was because I just imagined what I would like when I did it. Or maybe it was just because I loved sucking so much. Either way, the stars were aligned that afternoon because my skills and the desire to be really good because of the hulking body I was getting to blow enabled me to give the bodybuilder the kind of pleasure he had never known before. I made him cum so hard he threw his body into a terrifying, but astounding most muscular pose as he spewed – causing me to swallow even harder, which – in turn – made him shoot a quick second round. The big man fell to his knees, his cock pulling from my mouth and his big arms engulfing me. “Fuuuuuuckkkk, what in the hell was that?” he said loudly between heavy breaths and trying to steady his still-swaying huge body. I pulled out my earphones and was about to ask what he said, when there was a knock on the door. The giant rose to his feet, still a little unsteady, and pulled up his shorts as he opened the door. A definite slutty player stood there, kind of fake-smiling – which turned into a real smile when he saw the behemoth that had called. I’m sure the hustler was super thankful it was some huge Adonis instead of a balding middle-aged married man. “Sup, Thor,” the hustler said, “I’m here to rock your world.” The bodybuilder turned to look at me, catching sight of the food bag at the same time. There was a stack of bills on a table by the door. The big man grabbed these and the bag at the same time. He looked at the address on the slip stapled to the carrier. He turned to slutty hustler and handed him the bag and money. “Changed my mind, dude. Something better unexpectedly came along. Here’s your money, though, and do you mind delivering this one floor up to 5-K. Thanks a lot,” said the muscled perfection and then he quickly closed the door. Turning to me he added, “Can you do that again?” Needless to say, Keegan never made it to the gym that evening. The hustler didn’t deliver the food, so I was fired by text when I wouldn’t answer my phone. I had been too busy, however, swallowing four big loads of the bodybuilder’s swimmers within a three-hour period. I had never known a guy that could produce so much semen so quickly. He was some kind of sexual superman. He kept saying each orgasm was more powerful than the last and claimed that I had some kind of oral magical powers. He screamed louder with each ejaculation and I was sure his neighbors thought he was being murdered. After blowing him in the kitchen, living room and bedroom his body was so jacked he said it equaled the two-hour workout he had missed. He ordered Chinese food and we ate it totally nude on his living room floor. After exploding the fourth time, he pulled me onto his humongous body and we kissed for the first time. Basically, my mouth had been filled with his cock for three hours straight and the guy was finally slightly spent, and ready to get to know me. “Fucking tell me your single . . . um, oh fuck, what’s your name?” “I’m Marco,” I said, holding out my hand to him as I rested my chin on his massive chest. “I’m Keegan.” “Nice to meet you, Keegan. You have the hottest body I’ve ever seen.” “And you, my friend, have the hottest mouth I’ve ever known. Please fucking tell me you are single, Marco . . . cause I’m in love.” “If only it were that simple,” I laughed, and pulled away, but his strong hands grabbed the sides of my head and turned my gaze back to his. “It is that simple, Marco.” I could tell he was serious. My instincts told me this was one of the purest moments of my adult life – so far. I knew I could let the cynical side of me take control and ruin the moment, but feeling the man’s hard body beneath mine and his stronger than strong grip on my head made me join him in his joyous world for a little while – even if it was just a fantasy. “I’m very single, Keegan. I’m also into muscle,” I added, internally saying ‘what the hell’ and choosing to be brutally honest. “That’s very cool, because I have a lot of that,” he said, smiling. “I noticed,” I replied. “Want me to pose for you?” “That would be awesome. I’ll repay you by sucking you off, again.” The big man easily tossed me off his body and was standing beside the bed before I even finished my sentence. He then threw his body into the kind of routine that usually made me spew uncontrollably when I watched bodybuilding competitions online. This time, however, I could reach out and touch the real thing as I watched – which seemed to make him happy, too. Soon, Keegan was covered in sweat and insanely pumped. “Keep posing,” I ordered, as I took his big cock in my mouth. When I started to have strong feelings for a guy – authentic feelings – my blowjobs actually increased in their power to turn the guy on. I guess it had to do with the fact that I knew this was something real and not just a quickie. I had already started to fall for this big man. I could feel it. Yes, we didn’t know each other and, yes, our meeting had been a big mistake, but something magical was happening between us. His love of my mouth and my love of his muscles were leading to something much more important – something much deeper. He hit a double biceps power pose and I swallowed his tool hard, causing him to buck back and forth with the strongest blast of the evening. He held the flex through the entire orgasm and then collapsed on me when his cock was completely empty. I laughed a little when the huge man was sound asleep in seconds. I guess even superman had a limit when it came to ejaculations. I somehow freed my body from his and started exploring the apartment as Keegan got some much-needed post-sex sleep. The trip around his apartment told me a lot about him – he wasn’t a reader (there were no books, only bodybuilding magazines), he was clearly out to his family (pictures of him kissing past boyfriends while with parents), he had one sister and one brother, he won lots of bodybuilding contests (a lot of first place trophies and medals), he must have been a pretty well-known personal trainer (pictures of him training lots of famous people), and he was well-liked (lots of cards and notes from people telling him how great he was). I also learned about Greg – some guy that had clearly broken up with him recently (note apologizing and saying goodbye and torn pictures of a trip together in the trash can). When I returned to the bedroom I took advantage of his passed-out state and ran my hands over every part of his hard, muscled body. I figured I might never get the chance again, so I should take the opportunity now. As my hands rubbed his perfect pecs, his hands came up and grabbed my head again. He led my face to his nipple and I used my expert sucking skills there, too. Soon I had him moaning like a wild beast. He pulled my head away, so we could, again, gaze at each other. “Stay the night,” he said. “On one condition, Mr. Muscles,” I said, using the future nickname for the first time. “Name it and it’s yours.” “Fuck me. My ass is getting jealous of all the attention you’ve given my mouth.” He flexed his right arm hard as his response. I climbed on top of him *********** Working out in the park – the sun, the breeze, the sound of the ocean – only seemed to make me hornier than a squadron of frat boys. The park and the thought of Marco’s mouth, ass, face, lips, earlobes, balls, kneecaps, toenails – just all of him, really, just did something to me. We’d been together for more than eleven months and I never stopped thinking about him. I kept expecting to stop craving him so much – eventually – but my desire only seemed to increase. I still couldn’t believe he didn’t hate me for thinking he was my rent boy showing up for a little afternoon delight. He had dropped to his knees so quickly that day and given me the kind of mind-altering orgasm you only heard about in fairy tales or sex stories. My legs, which are insanely big and quite powerful had become like liquid as I fell to the floor – a wiped out mess of a man. When I asked if he could do that again, I had truly expected we’d have another round and then I’d be off to the gym and he’d go try to get his delivery job back. I didn’t anticipate my mind would be altered over and over again every time he blew me that night. I finally had just fallen asleep, even my big body had its limits. I felt a little bad when I woke up, but then I found him caressing my entire body and my tool had become fully erect, again. He then asked me to fuck him and I quickly learned his ass gave his mouth some serious competition. Almost a year later I am still trying to decide which part of him gave me more pleasure. “See you next week,” I called out to the waving Mrs. Famous Actress as she rode away on her bike. I started gathering all the equipment I used for working out into the big bag that Marco could never budge when I left it in the path we had to travel from one room to another in my apartment. He had figured out that I did it on purpose so I could watch him unsuccessfully try and move it and then finally have to call me to do it. I’d pound on my chest and say ‘you weak, me strong’ before moving it with one hand. Sometimes, I then throw him over my shoulder and take him to the bedroom to show him just how strong a certain part of me was. That first night, before I plowed him, it suddenly dawned on me that he had blown me four times, but I had never gotten him off. I was such a self-absorbed asshole, but it was his fault for being so awesome at blowjobs. I quickly apologized for overlooking his sexual needs. He looked confused, then laughed, and explained he had gotten off every time I had cum. My baffled look amused him and he said making a big guy like me explode gave him much pleasure and he rocked out a load in unison with my orgasms. I had just been too wrecked each time to notice. I found this one of the most erotic things I had ever heard, which only fueled the plowing I gave to his ass even more. When I saw that gorgeous man throw his head back, moaning in ecstasy that first time I fucked him you would have thought I had been given the biggest and best gift in the world, for that’s how I felt. I suddenly understood how blowing me thrilled him so much. Making him scream with pleasure made me explode, as well. We were joined by some kind of inexplicable force that I knew – even that first night together – would never be broken. My phone buzzed and I saw a text which read, ‘I need my Tennessee.’ When Marco greeted me at the door totally nude, which happened a lot, I would so quickly shoot hard that I’d actually feel dizzy and like I might pass out. Today, to be greeted that way, and to immediately smell the wonderful aroma of his famous chicken parmigiana was almost too much to handle – even for a big man like me. Before the click of the door shutting echoed through his small apartment, the guy was on his knees, had ‘Tennessee’ fully unclothed, and was making my love for him blossom even more deeply than it already was. I was worn out from a day of clients, but that man’s lips, that man’s warm mouth, that guy’s deep throat could revive me like one of those electric shock thingies they sometimes put on your chest and yell ‘clear.’ He was some kind of magical Hoover made specifically for my penis. His oral skills made me turn into some kind of wild superman. He made me feel powerful, manly, and able to do anything in the world. My entire body would shoot tense and hard, as if I was showing off on stage or in the bedroom for hundreds of admirers. Sucking me off when I came in was equal to a kiss on the lips to Marco and that was more than okay with me. I knew it was pleasing him as much as it was me, so that made it even better. A couple of minutes later, I’d be leaning against the wall, my chest heaving up and down – unable to move for a few minutes – while he retrieved paper towels to clean up the mess he made on the hardwood floor. “God . . . I . . . wish . . . I . . . knew . . . how . . . you . . . do . . . that,” I stammered between breaths. “It’s all because of the magnificent temple I’m kneeling before. It’s all because of ‘Tennessee’,” he said, smiling and finally kissing me hello. “What’s that I smell?” I asked, as my heartrate returned to normal. “Chicken parmigiana.” “But I thought you had to work?” “Susan called yesterday to see if we could change shifts. I thought I’d surprise you.” “You little gorgeous sneak! Does this mean I get to have numerous orgasms tonight?” “It does indeed, Mr. Muscles.” “Hey, wait a minute. I just remembered I’m mad at you. Give me my cum back. I wasn’t going to give into my urges so quickly. I wanted to punish you for calling Kyle.” “It’s fine for you to be mad, but no one makes my big man feel small,” he said and my heart suddenly thumped harder. “Go sit down in the living room, Mr. Angry Pants, and I’ll bring you a glass of wine.” I gave him a mean face and walked down the hall. The fragrance hit me before I even got to the back room. When I stepped around the corner I beheld a sight that instantly brought tears to my eyes and made my shoulder convulse as I started to blubber. Every possible empty spot in the room was covered in red roses. The floor, the sofa, the chairs, the tables – everywhere. There were vases with roses, boxes with roses, and rose petals strewn everywhere. Through the water filling my eyes I saw a card sitting on a small table in the center of the room. In bold letters it said ‘open me’ on the front. I knelt down and tore open the envelope. It was a handmade card in the shape of a heart. I opened it and written inside it said ‘turn around.’ In my overwhelmed, confused state I simply did what the card told me to do. There, kneeling behind me, was a now clothed boyfriend holding open a small box with a beautiful man-sized band inside of it. I convulsed and blubbered more – like a baby. “As I said last night, Mr. Muscles. I’m not going anywhere. There won’t be a point where I say you bore me or that I want something else. I only want you. Forever. And ever. Amen. Keegan Andrew Robinson, will you please do me the great honor of becoming my husband so I can blow you every day for the rest of my life.” I had to fall back and sit on the floor I was sobbing so hard. I was a mighty oak of a man, someone who won bodybuilding contests and powerlifting competitions. I could make women and men cream in their pants with just a smile or a flex. I lifted more weight than ninety-nine percent of the men in my gym. I intimidated the hell out of powerful businessmen and bullies, alike. But at that moment, at that exact specific second, I became a baby – crying with the kind of joy that can burst a heart. I started nodding my head up and down even as the tears fell on the rose petals around me. “Yes. Yes. A lifetime of yesses,” I forced my mouth to say as I welcomed Marco into my open arms and squeezed him with way too much strength. “Whoa, Mr. Muscles, careful, there, don’t break me before you own me!” “I’m sorry. I’m sorry. You’ve just made me the happiest man in the world. I love you, Marco. I love you so much.” “I love you, Keegan. Let’s put this ring on that big finger.” I sat there, with my other hand up to my mouth like some Victorian heroine beholding the love of her life naked for the first time. I watched as the man I loved – the man I would always love – slid a perfect ring on my finger. I held up my hand and started to cry again. Marco, put his palm against my cheek and just smiled at me. “I’m the luckiest guy I know,” he said, softly, and I cried more. “Sorry to ruin the moment, but you have to call your parents. I promised we would right after I – hopefully – got a yes. Your father actually said he’d give me all of his money if you said no – he was that sure of your answer. Maybe we should tell him you said no, just to get the money.” “You talked to my parents about this?” I said, shocked. “I flew up to see them a month ago – remember when you were in Vegas for that photo shoot. Well, I went up there to ask them if I could ask you for your hand in marriage. Your mother cried and your father opened a bottle of champagne that I think probably cost more than I’ve ever made in a year. I had to get their blessing, first. Your sister asked when we would have children – she said she hoped us having kids would get your parents off her back. Your brother started rambling on that it was time for me to start thinking about my portfolio, but then he simply said he’d be honored to have me as a brother-in-law. It actually made me weepy. Not like you, of course, but I still got a little emotional.” “You are such a hopeless romantic,” I said, hugging him tightly again, but not too tightly. “By the way, we also have another reason to celebrate – although it pales in comparison to this.” “What’s that,” I asked. “Well, it’s not definite yet, because you have to weigh in on the decision. But, if you say yes and I say yes, you’re looking at the new head chef at Grigio.” “What? Are you fucking with me right now?” “Nope, it’s true. I could be a real chef by the time we’re husband and husband.” “That is the best news ever . . . well, second to this,” I said pointing at the ring. “Of course, you should say yes. It’s what you’ve always wanted. You’ll be amazing.” “It’ll be a lot of hours as I learn the ropes, though. I just want us to be sure.” “Stop it, we’re sure. We're more than sure. We’ll make it work. We’ll figure out how to sneak in enough blowjobs to keep us both happy. Now, this is definitely the happiest day of my life. I am going to be married to a chef. Chef Marco. Wow, that sounds hot.” “Call your parents and I’ll finish getting dinner ready,” Marco said, turning his head up so we could kiss deeply. “Um . . . ‘Tennessee’ is ready to go again if both of those things can wait.”
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    The phone rang again— a telemarketer. Max slammed the phone down and let out a grunt of frustration. He didn’t have the time for this and he knew it. He was a goddamn corporate manager, not some secretary with enough energy to spare to answer spam phone calls. Weren’t they supposed to filter those out anyway? Max let out a deep breath through his nose as he looked over at the framed picture on his desk. There he was, in his cap and gown, graduation from university. He still had a bright smile then, so full of hope, still optimistic. His smooth brown hair was all tousled from wearing that dumb graduation cap, yet it still looked like it was meant that way, like it was going with the flow. His entire personality fit it well. Back in his college days, Max was known to be a chill guy. He did whatever he liked and usually got it when he asked, his striking eyes and toned body were impossible to ignore. But times have changed. Things are different. What was once a six pack was now a beer belly. Beautifully styled hair was neglected in a greasy mess. He had money, sure, but he wanted his vitality back. He wanted to be powerful. The job wasn’t too bad. He had power, sure, but it wasn’t the same. Power to tell people what to do had its limits. It had its laws. But human strength, that was something he craved. Nobody could control his own body. Max stood up and stretched, pulling his arms over his head and twisting his back. “Nobody could control his body” was right. He could decide when to move or what to do; so he took a walk around the office with a stack of papers in his hands. They weren’t actual important papers, mind you, but they allowed him to move without question. Nobody asked what you were doing when you had a stack of papers in your hands. Max opened the office door and picked up his random stack on the desk parallel to his glass office wall. “Hey, Max!” Phoebe interrupted from a cubicle nearby. Although neither of them could see each other, she knew the sound of his door opening and she took her chance at his attention. “Can I get some help with this invoice? There’s some inconsistencies and—“ Max interrupted. “Sorry Phoebe I’m busy right now. Ask someone around you.” He abruptly turned to the right and strolled along the gray corridors, glancing at the posters framed on the bland walls. “Big Action Protein Powder!” “Mega Large Testosterone Booster for Men!!” ”Giant XXX Hormone Set Extreme!!!” over and over masculinity was shoved in his face. Overseeing a “men’s fitness” company was cool at first, but he was no longer 21. He was what the gay men called “daddy,” which both stung and aroused him. Unfortunately, he had been so busy with work that no men had been calling him at all for months. “Maxie! Come over here, will ya?” a voice called, this one not immediately recognizable. It was a male voice, but lower pitched than he was used to. Maybe it was a new intern. Hopefully not, however, because someone new shouldn’t be calling him nicknames already. But before Max could object, he continued. “It’s the research department! They’re having major issues.” the research department. That explained it. He nearly never had business there since it wasn’t in his jurisdiction really. He only worked on the sales floor. Nevertheless, his walk would have to wait, so he set the stack of assorted papers down on the floor and went into the elevator where the voice came from. Luckily, it wasn’t far away and the papers were out of foot traffic, so he’d be okay leaving them behind. When Max emerged from the office hideaway and through the metallic elevator doors, he nearly knocked over a poor scrawny man half his height. He must have been a little under five feet tall, and he probably weighed as much as Max’s beefy arms. His face, however, was still round and childish, defying the thinness of the rest of his body. When Max looked down, all he could really see was his cheeks and his wiry gray hair that fell past his forehead. He must have been one of those young people who were into looking like grandparents. Gray was not his color. “I’m sorry about that,” Max apologized. “What’s the problem?” the man didn’t look up but took a step back to give him more room. Then, still not responding, he leaned across the floor and pressed the bottom button on the elevator, sending it down. “You see,” he began. “Marcy had some troubles with a new supplement because the male subjects got ill at the same time and the women refuse to test it.” Max nodded along, but secretly, he had no idea who Marcy was. “Furthermore, I’ll allergic to one of the components. It’s supposed to help your...” he paused, glancing up only briefly. “Your male parts.” Max had to hold in a laugh. They worked at a male enhancing company and this man refused to say penis. “I understand sir. What do you need me for then?” ”Well,” he said. “We just need a quick trial test and then it’ll be over...” ”Fuck no. I’m not insured for this stuff! I’m not going to be stupid and agree to take whatever it is!” the man tried to stutter his way to goading him, but Max refused. When the elevator doors opened, he closed them and pressed the button to go back to sales. What he didn’t do, however, is look down at the man slipping a small piece of tape onto his black work pants. The man scuttled away into research and Max went back upstairs, picking up his papers, and finishing his walk with relative ease. He set the stack back on his desk and walked inside his office, turning the blinds so he can get some privacy, and opening up his computer. Emails. Spam. Bills. It was all the same. He looked at the clock. 5:13. Almost 45 minutes until he could leave. He shifted in his cushy black office chair and rearranged his legs. “Fuck I need to get that AC fixed,” Max complained. It was getting hotter. He shifted again in his seat and tried to get comfortable. For some reason, his balls kept on getting in the way. No matter which way he moved, they blocked him from comfort. After minutes of trying, he stood up, rearranged himself, and tried to sit back down. His chair was a gift from his ex boyfriend. It was about four feet tall, rolled well, and was always comfortable when he laid his arms on the armrests. The same armrests which refused to let his ass slip through all of a sudden. Max grunted and tried to squeeze in, but the harder he pushed, the tighter it got. He was just in it a second ago! How could it be? He started to sweat, small pools forming at his armpits, spreading along the white button up shirt like someone left a hose on. He took off his navy suit jacket and set it on his wooden desk while he tried to cool down, but it was still too hot. Taking off his black tie didn’t help either. Neither did unbuttoning his top button. Max kept shoving himself into that seat over and over again until he heard a loud rip. Slowly, he stood back up and grazed his hand across the back, anticipating the worst. To his dismay, there it was, a giant rip in the back of his pants, exposing the bright blue Lycra underwear he had on. “It’s okay,” he repeated to himself. Over and over he whispered this as he reached for his suit jacket to tie around his waist. But as he grabbed it, he heard another rip coming from his shoulder. Then when he stood up, his shirt untucked itself from underneath his pants and his belt. Max looked around helplessly, trying to figure out what was going on. Research department. It had to be. His body started warming up even more, but he couldn’t leave before he fixed his wardrobe. There was no way he’d let himself be seen with a ripped shirt AND ripped pants. A jacket couldn’t cover it all. So, with no other options, he looked around for a blanket or sheet he could use. Rummaging around a tiny office didn’t help much because he knew where everything was. There was no blanket. No sheet. Just stupid papers and knickknacks he stashed away. If he had the time, he would have looked at them a bit longer, but he was in a hurry. It was getting hotter. Max stripped off his shoes and socks and threw them against the wall with a loud bang as he resumed scrambling for anything to hide himself until he stopped growing. “Max? You okay dear? We heard a thumpy sound.” fuck. He couldn’t let anyone see him like this. “Y-Yeah! Dropped my stapler. Thank you for checking. I’m alright!” he heard footsteps dissipate into nothingness, and he let out a sigh of relief. He had more time. Or so he thought. Suddenly, without any warning, one thought , and one thought only, entered his mind— sex. It was orgasmic. His pants became tighter and tighter as he felt his bulge start to balloon, his cock pushing against the fabric as it got harder and harder. Then, with a burst of size, another rip, this time from the front. He let his gargantuan cock hang loose in his Lycra briefs, the sensation of cool finally taking over the exasperating heat. His bulge had to be the size of a basketball now, way too big for anything natural. He was a freak, but God, his dick commanded him to love every second of it. It was like the feeling of masterbation multiplying over every inch as his cock grew larger and larger. He stumbled backwards in joy, but his giant ass cushioned his fall. He had no clue how his briefs stayed on for so long. He had a basketball in front and beach balls in the back. But that wasn’t the only thing growing. His legs started to press against each other, growing so wide that they had nowhere else to grow. Of course, this turn of events led pants to be obsolete. His legs were past XXXL now, bigger than he’s ever seen on a bodybuilder. With awe, he rubbed his hands against them and felt the sheer hardness of his body. It was unbelievable. If he wasn’t so fucking horny he would have been upset at his size. But as he grew larger, so did his appetite for more. His chest puffed outwards, slowly at first, but gaining in speed as time passed. It was hardly noticeable at first over the feelings of his lower body, but as his second most top button flew across the room and his the glass, he couldn’t help but see. Max took his big hands and squeezed his pecs, ogling how they looked like the men he advertised on poster. But they didn’t stop there. Eventually they became like the WOMEN he saw on advertisements. And then even more as his chest popped another button down the line. And suddenly, another. Then one more. Another. Another again. Over and over until his pecs covered his vision. Max let out a mighty roar as he flexed his biceps, tearing out of the cotton shirt like it was paper. His arms bulged and swelled with power as they peaked above his head and kept rising towards the ceiling at an alarming rate. They grew in every direction, his arms expanding both up and down with muscle until he could hardly move them anymore. More and more he gained, until the floor started to bend. Someone outside of his office screamed “earthquake!” And everyone yelled and ran. But not Max. Max stayed put. That is, until the floor caved in and he crashed down, his giant ass once again cushioning his fall. His briefs were long gone now. Max was a being of pure mass, tons of concentrated muscle in one spot. The building couldn’t handle it. As he inches bigger and bigger, he fell down another floor. Then another. His cock couldn’t handle the sensations. He kept it growing. What was once a rather pitiful 4 inches became 4 feet. Then 8. 10. 20. 50. 100. 1000. It stretched across the building and onto the one next to it. Fuck he would have felt awful. Max would have been traumatized. But he couldn’t. All he felt was lust as he outgrew his very office building. Over ten stories high, international news reports told of the Monster of California, wreaking havoc over the west coast. Which, luckily for Max, he outgrew in a few minutes. His cock stretched across the Midwest. His balls sunk into the Pacific Ocean. His biceps scraped the ozone layer. And God, was Max happy. “More!” Was all he could chant. And that’s what he got. Never ending, never slowing. Each time he demanded it, he got it. But hey, it wasn’t his fault. He wasn’t insured for this type of thing
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    The intercom on his desk phone buzzed, and Tom Beck, the office manager, picked it up. “Mr Beck,” said his secretary Anna, “your ten o’clock interview is here.” “Ok,” said Mr Beck. “But why are you whispering?” “Well, he’s sort of an unusual candidate,” said Anna, still whispering. “Unusual in what way?” “His attire is a little odd, and he’s…he’s kind of a giant.” Mr Beck chuckled to himself. Anna was prone to exaggeration, and being a tiny woman, everyone seemed big to her. The first time he’d met her, her first words were, “My goodness, you’re huge!” At 5’10, 225lbs of pretty solid muscle, Tom certainly wasn’t small, but huge was a word he would not have applied to himself. “Go ahead and send him in, Anna.” “Ok, but don’t say I didn’t warn you.” Tom stood up at his desk as his office door opened. Even with Anna’s warning, he was not quite prepared for what he was seeing. The young man walking thru the doorway had to turn almost sideways to fit his vast shoulder spread into the room. Tom sized him up at a good 6’6” and at least 350lbs of muscle. He came across the room and extended his hand to shake with Tom. “Hello, Mr Beck. I’m Marcus.” As they shook, Marcus’s hand engulfed Tom’s with his beefy palm and sausage sized fingers. “Hello Marcus. Have a seat.” Marcus sat down, and made the office chair he was in look like it came from an elementary school. He was wearing a short-sleeved white dress shirt and black pants. He had a narrow black tie on, but it was loosened, and his top collar button was undone, giving his 24” neck some freedom to show. His huge arms strained the short sleeves, and his big chest strained the shirt buttons. His thighs stretched the gabardine fabric of his pants till it looked thin and shiny. His shirt pocket had a pocket protector in it. He looked like a monster nerd. Tom picked up Marcus’s resume and looked it over, giving himself some time to compose himself. He realized how Anna must feel around people so much bigger than her. It is intimidating just being in their presence. He saw that Marcus had graduated top of his class, and had been captain of his college’s weightlifting squad for all four years. “As you know,” Tom started, “we are a small marketing company representing mostly sportswear businesses and supplement companies, along with some gym franchises and weightlifting wholesalers. It helps to have a sports or fitness background when dealing with our clients. You certainly look like you keep yourself…fit.” Marcus laughed. “Does it show?” he said, then bounced his pecs under his white cotton shirt. “Geezus,” stammered Tom. “I gotta ask, Marcus, just how much do you weigh?” “385lbs this morning,” Marcus answered. Then he flexed his arms into a double biceps shot. The sleeves of his shirt got pushed back as his peaks rose up and up. As they swelled higher, both sleeves ripped. “Damn,” said Marcus. “another shirt ruined. Guess that’s what happens when your arm pass twenty-four inchs, Mr Beck. You like?” Marcus knew muscle lust when he saw it in someone’s eyes, and he was going to milk it to the max. “Holy….”said Tom. “Yep,” smirked Marcus. “ And they just keep on getting bigger. You wanna see my chest, Mr Beck?” Marcus stood up, his huge frame seeming to fill the office. “Why don’t you come over and unbutton my shirt?” Marcus undid his tie and tossed it aside. Tom knew he shouldn’t. He knew. But he stood up anyway, his heart pounding hard. He couldn’t stop himself. He was mesmerized by so much muscle mass right in front of him. He made his way around his desk. Marcus turned to face him, towering over him. “Go ahead,” said Marcus, thrusting his massive chest outward. As Tom reached up for a shirt button, his forearms grazed along the white fabric, feeling the solidness of the protruding pec slabs underneath. He undid one button, then another. The shirt had no choice but to spread open wide, and Tom could see a tattoo on the massive young man’s chest. He undid a third button, and the shirt opened up enough for Tom to see a big “ALPHA” tattoo, all in black ink, across Marcus’s upper chest. Marcus smiled as he saw Mr Beck soaking in his tat, and his swole chest. “Sixty-eight inches of chest and lats, Mr Beck.” He reached down and unbuttoned the remaining buttons, and spread his shirt open, exposing his powerful roidgut. Even though swollen and rounding out, his abs still showed through his tight skin. Marcus flexed his gut muscles and made the ridges deepen around his thick 8-pack. “Oh my god,” said Tom, as he stepped back and leaned against his desk. “Am I ‘fit’ enough?” asked Marcus. “Not too bulked for ya?” “No, no, not at all.” “Here, help me take my shirt off, I’m in the middle of my bulk, so it’s getting harder to maneuver this mass.” “Holy…” said Tom. He walked over behind the massive Marcus and reached up to his collar and started pulling it down. They both struggled to work Marcus out of his shirt, and Tom looked in awe as more and more of the massive landscape of rolling muscle was exposed on Marcus’s huge back. Finally free of his shirt, Marcus shook out his torso, and his muscle seemed to expand even more, and filling the office with the musky scent of testosterone. Tom was able to get his first look at Marcus’s backside. His huge glutes were mounded thick and high, making his dress pants tight as a drum. “God,” said Tom. He put one hand on Marcus’s big back to steady himself. “You ok, Mr Beck?” “You’re hired,” said Tom, feeling just how hard and thick the man’s back was. “What was that?” “You’re hired,” he repeated. “Yeah? Just like that? You haven’t even seen my legs yet.” And with that, Marcus turned to face Tom and began flexing his quads inside his dress pants. The fabric stretched so tightly that Tom could see the veins running up and down Marcus’s huge thighs. “Let’s talk about my salary,” Marcus said. And he flexed hard enough that front of his pant legs started to tear down the middle. “I’ll double it,” stammered Tom, staring at the pants as the swelling quad muscle pushed its way out. “That’s what I like to hear,” said Marcus. Then he shredded his pant legs with his huge muscles. Then he forced his big roidgut out, and the buckle on his dress belt snapped apart like a cheap plastic toy. He then sucked his gut into a deep vacuum pose, and his pants slid down his 37 inch quads and onto his shoes, exposing the black poser he’d been wearing underneath. He stepped out of his Italian loafers and what was left of his pants. “You’re looking a little pale, Mr B,” said Marcus. “If you think I’m big now, just wait until I’m well over 400lbs.” Then he started posing, hitting flex after flex, turning and showing Tom his back double bi, his lat spread, then turning back around and hitting side chest shot, then a most-muscular. Tom gasped at each pose, and his left eye was twitching as he watched the superheavyweight new hire swell with size. “Speaking of which,” said Marcus, continuing to flex, “I’m going to need a pretty big office…” “You can have this one,” said Tom. “That’s mighty big of ya, Mr B. You know, you look pretty jacked up yourself. I used to be as little as you, but then I graduated high school.” Marcus moved toward Tom, until his huge chest was only an inch away from, and level with, Tom’s face. “Suck my nipples, Bossman.” Tom didn’t need to be told twice. He went to work on the big nip jutting out of the huge pec. He put his hands on the bigger man’s pumpkin-sized delts, feeling the thin sheen of sweat coating the rock hard muscle. He sucked and sucked on one nipple till it was engorged. Then he moved to the other side. “Ah, yeah, you got a hot mouth, Bossman. I knew it the minute I walked in here. We’re going to make a great team.” Marcus pulled his new boss mouth off his teat, and went and picked up the chair he’d been sitting in earlier. He wedged the top of the chair underneath the doorknob of the office door. “But first, we’re going to break in my new office,” he said, stepping out of his poser and snapping it at Tom like a rubber band. It hit him in the face, and Tom held it there, breathing in the musk. He reached over and hit his intercom button. “Anna,” he said, “hold all my calls for….” He looked at Marcus. “The next two hours,” said the naked bulked superheavyweight.
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    Twenty Emily comes back to the table with Max and his friend in toe. “Remember Seb?” she says. Max is giving me a big grin. “How could I forget?” he replies. “Happy Birthday!” I tell him thanks, stand up, wrap an arm around him briefly and give him a kiss on the cheek. He’s so short and slim I completely dwarf him. He’s got this big, giddy grin on his face. I look at Luke and fuck - he’s wearing that weird, serious expression again. The same one he had when we were back at Emily’s and I said Max was cute. Like he’s bothered by me kissing Max and his flirty nature. Like he’s actually fucking jealous! “Cool t-shirt!” Max says. I tell him thanks and give Luke a knowing grin and his expression softens. “This is Leonard!” Max says to me, referring to his friend. He's a little bit taller. Kinda serious looking. Leonard doesn’t say anything. He just gives me a forced half smile, then side eyes Max with this judgemental look on his face. Woah. What the fuck? He’s a bit warmer to Luke and seems fine with Emily. Huh. What the hell did I do? Maybe I’m just reading things wrong. Max sits in the chair next to Luke and I feel a sharp tug in my stomach. Because the two of them actually look good together. And Max looks like the kind of guy who you’d expect Luke to be with. The conversation gets around to university. Both Max and Leonard are at Bristol too. “What are you studying, Luke?” Max asks, turning his head to my roommate and oh God, what is that look on Max’s face? It’s like he’s thinking how cute Luke is. Am I imagining that? Oh for fuck’s sake, Woody. Do NOT do this. Do not turn into a jealous freak like you did the last time you caught another gay guy talking to Luke in a pub. “Oh, I’m at Montgomery with Woody. Erm ... Seb!” he says, a little coyly, which I can’t help smiling at. “Oh right!” Max says, surprised. I know what he’s thinking. “You haven’t seen what’s hiding under that t-shirt!” I tease. Luke looks embarrassed but his mouth curls into this cute little grin. He’s clearly flattered by my comment. Max lifts one eyebrow, smiles and gives Luke this flirtatious look. My stomach sharply twists in response. I can’t fucking help it. “In six months time, his arms will be as big as mine!” I say. Max and Luke are grinning. Meanwhile Max’s friend Leonard is just glaring at me with this look of pure judgement, like he’s not impressed in the slightest. What the fuck is this dude’s problem? “What are you studying, Leonard?” I’m polite, but I put a slightly harsh tone on his name. “3D Design and Illustration!” he says, straight faced. Huh. I wasn’t expecting that. So me and this guy actually have something in common. I nod and pull a face like I’m somewhat impressed. “Seb does illustrations!” Emily says, eagerly. I feel a pinch of nerves. Leonard nods and for the first time, he looks like he doesn’t want to be anywhere other than here. “What software do you use?” he asks. My chest tightens. “Oh er, I don’t bother with anything like that!” I say casually. Leonard just glares at me. “I just use a pencil and paper!” Leonard nods, turns his gaze to his drink and pulls a face before taking a sip. What a fucking DICK. Luke is observing the scene. I can’t work out his expression. “He’s actually really, really good!” he says a little nervously. And now he’s looking at me with this coy smile. Fuck. I can not believe Luke just did that. My insides suddenly feel like they’re melting. “He’s very talented!” Emily says, nudging me in the side and giving me this cute smile. Wow. These guys. I’m suddenly filled with this overwhelming sense of warmth towards my friends. “That’s not my main talent though!” I announce, feeling mischievous. Everyone looks at me blankly. I put my drink down, sit up straight, cough loudly and start bouncing my pecs under my Johnny Bravo t-shirt. Emily groans, Luke bites his lip and grins and Max is looking at my chest beaming, his face all lit up. Meanwhile, Leonard is just staring at me, unimpressed and stony-faced. “Now THAT is a talent!” Max exclaims. “Can I … have a feel?” he asks with a cheeky grin on his face. Ha! I forgot how much fun this guy is. I smile and shrug. “Go for it!” As he reaches his arm out and playfully grabs my left pec, I notice something flicker across Luke’s face. Again - it’s like he’s bothered by what’s happening. “Wow!” Max exclaims, still squeezing. I give my pecs a little bounce and he lets out an excited giggle. And now Luke looks a little awkward. Even a bit nervous. I have no idea what’s going through his head. Whether he’s jealous because someone got to feel my pecs. Whether he’s wishing he could do what Max just did and reach over and touch my muscles. Fuck. If only he knew just how much I’d love for him to do that. For Luke to feel my pecs. To flex and tense and bounce them for him. To watch his face as he feels the thick chest muscle bouncing and moving underneath his fingertips. Max lets go and Luke’s expression relaxes a little. And now he just looks a little embarrassed. Meanwhile, Leonard side eyes Max with this stern expression, like he’s deeply unimpressed by his friend’s behaviour and he’s letting him know with a look. The guys start talking about some independent cinema in Bristol and as much as I love Emily and think Max is really cool, I suddenly wish it was just me and Luke sitting at the table. He looks so fucking cute tonight in his tight fitted blue t-shirt. It’s the same one he wore when I took him to the SU bar. I can tell he’s a little shy around Emily’s friends. He’s not acting the way he normally does when we go out drinking. Analysing me and asking me questions. I wonder what he’s thinking. I accidentally hit his foot with mine under the table and fuck - his face lights up. Just for a second. I have a flash of inspiration, take out my phone and compose a text message. “Having fun?” (with the one eye closed, tongue out emoji). I press send and wait for Luke to respond, feeling a surprising pinch of excitement. Luke suddenly gets his phone out of his pocket. Then his mouth curls into this big, giddy grin when he looks at the screen and oh my fucking God. I can’t believe seeing my name on his phone screen caused THAT smile. He looks at the group and gives me a mischievous, knowing grin. He taps away and I feel a rush of excitement at what he’s messaging. My phone beeps and I check it, trying not to smile too much to give away how excited I am at receiving a text from Luke. “Yes! (Smiley face emoji.) I can’t believe you’ve had your pecs felt up already!” I have to bite my lip to stop from smiling so much. Luke’s giving me this cute, knowing grin. I look at the rest of the guys around the table. No one’s paying us any attention. I turn back to my phone. “I’m not sure Leonard was impressed with the pec bouncing!” I text, with the eye rolling emoji. Luke mischievously grins when he reads my text. He taps away to reply and I spot Leonard looking at us both, stony-faced and suspicious. Like he knows what we’re up to. Ha! I can’t resist giving him a look, as if to say, “Got a fucking problem, Leonard?” Moments later I receive Luke’s text. “Hmmm. Dare you to whip off your t-shirt, stand up and squeeze a most muscular in his face! (Monkey covering his mouth emoji.)” I laugh out loud at that. I can’t help it. “Who are you texting?!” Emily asks. And then she looks at Luke suspiciously. Busted! “Elliot!” I lie, shrugging. Emily gives me a suspicious look. “Older brother!” I explain to Max, who’s looking at me. “Is he as fit as you?” Max outrageously asks. Ha! I grin at him and Luke’s expression flickers again. ARGH! “Right! Who wants a drink?” I ask the group, commanding everyone’s attention. “Max? Len-Meister?” I say, looking at Leonard. He furrows his eyebrows and just glares at me. “Good thanks!” he says coldly. Luke’s smirking at me, clearly amused. Then Leonard side eyes Max again with that judgemental look. For fuck’s sake. Does the dude not realise I can see him doing that? As I’m standing at the bar, I look back to the table. Luke is looking at me and God, I have this overwhelming feeling. Like I really wanna kiss Luke tonight. Whatever the consequences. Maybe this is the perfect night. Away from university. Out drinking. Inhibitions gone. And then I remember that we’ll be sharing a bed again tonight. Fuck. Maybe I won’t just be kissing Luke tonight. The bar man asks me what I want. He’s fit. Really fit actually. Young, shaved head, a bit of a bad boy look to him. And he’s giving me a look. He’s definitely giving me a look. I order everyone’s drinks and then ask for a round of sambuca shots on top of that. Fuck it. I wanna get wasted. And I wanna kiss Luke. I feel this sudden rush of excitement. Because I feel like anything could happen tonight. “Alright!” I’m so engrossed in my thoughts that I don’t notice the guy who’s standing next to me. He’s older. Possibly late thirties, maybe even older. He’s no bodybuilder but his arms are thick and his pecs are straining underneath his tight fitted black t-shirt. Next to me he’s definitely the most muscular guy in the room. He’s not conventionally handsome and his skin’s a little rough looking, but there’s a sexiness there. And this impressive air of confidence. It’s sort of radiating from him. I nod at him and give him a friendly smile. “You a Bristolian?” he asks me. I smirk and shake my head. “Just here the weekend. Staying with my best friend!” “The lad in the blue?” I feel a little flutter in my chest at the mention of Luke. I look back to the table and he’s looking right at us with an expression like he’s just been kicked in the stomach. Fuck! I turn back to the guy and shake my head. “The girl!” I tell him, my insides doing funny things as I think about that look on Luke’s face. Clearly bothered and possibly jealous that I’m stood at the bar chatting to a rather fit stranger. “I’m Steve!” he tells me. I can definitely tell he’s interested but there’s a casualness there. It’s a completely different approach to what I’m used to. Most guys who talk to me in pubs and clubs are so eager for me to be interested. I can almost sense their desperation. This guy’s different though. I can’t imagine him acting like most guys do the next day. Texting me and getting obsessed even though we’ve only spent one night together. Who knows - it might even be me who’s sitting around and getting anxious as I wait to hear from him. “I’m Seb!” I tell him, though I really can’t imagine this guy giving me the look I usually get when I tell people my name’s Woody. “Are you heading to Icon later?” Steve asks, as my drinks come. I nod at him. “Come say hello!” he says. If I’d have met Steve two months ago I probably would have ended the night by going home with him. But that was before Luke. Luke and his cheek dimples and his cute little arse which I may actually get to see stuffed into his brand new shiny pink posers soon. I nod and smile at Steve before heading back to the group. “Shots!” I announce, interrupting a conversation. Max and Emily look especially pleased. Luke seems a little preoccupied. Like something’s on his mind. Maybe the fact that I was just chatting to a pretty sexy muscle guy at the bar? I think about making a joke. “Think I made a new friend at the bar!” But I don’t know how Luke will react. And I would never do anything to intentionally upset him. So I keep quiet. Max downs his shot, grimaces and animatedly sticks his tongue out and grabs Luke’s forearm. As he does so, Luke’s mouth curls into a shy, little grin and my stomach lurches. Leonard downs his shot and grimaces slightly. I’m quietly impressed with how cool he manages to do it. “What were you guys talking about?” I ask, after we’ve all done our shots. “We were just telling Luke that me and Emily met at the LGBTQ+ society,” Max explains. “Oh right. Me and Luke are gonna start one of those at Montgomery!” I joke. Max looks confused. “Don’t they already have one?” I laugh. “No!” I scoff. Leonard is furrowing his eyebrows at me. “How can your university not have an LGBTQ+ society?” he says, with disdain. Okay, this guy is starting to piss me off. “He and Luke are the only two gay guys at their whole uni!” Emily teases, nudging me. “That’s a joke, right?” Max asks. I look at Luke and he’s giving me a knowing grin. “Nope!” I reply. “Well, we don’t know for definite that there’s not other gay guys! I mean - there might be!” Luke replies. “Oh, so you two are the only out guys?” I can’t help but laugh. “We’re not out!” “Why not?” Leonard asks coldly, with this judgemental look. Ugh! Can this guy just fuck off already? I keep it casual and just shrug. “Things are … different at our uni. It’s not like it is down here!” I explain. Max looks confused. Leonard’s just glaring at me like he can’t comprehend a world where people aren’t openly gay. “I’m sure people would be accepting of it!” Max says. “Well I recently sent the kiss blowing emoji to a flirty gay guy on Instagram and my lecturer told me to delete it because it might damage my reputation in the bodybuilding community and potentially affect my future career!” “What?!” Emily cries. “That’s fucked up!” Max chimes in. Luke’s looking at me surprised. “Which teacher?” “Hancox!” I tell him. He still looks surprised, but not really that offended. I can’t really work out his expression to be honest. “So what, you just don’t get openly gay bodybuilders?” Max asks. I shrug. “It’s pretty rare! I guess there’s a bit of a stigma attached.” “Jesus. What year is this?” Max suggests. I shrug and pull a face. I’m in complete agreement with Max. It is fucked up. Luke’s not saying anything, but I’m kinda getting the feeling that he doesn’t feel quite so strongly about it as I do. “Okay, I know I don’t know much about it but … what if you, like, broke the mould?” Max suggests. I feel a pinch of excitement. “You know, like, set an example? Came out and be like, I’m a gay bodybuilder and I’m fucking proud of it?” Max says. Fuck! I can feel my chest expanding because there’s a part of me that actually loves the idea of that. I look at Luke, who's now giving me a little grin. “That would be … a pretty brave move!” I say. I’m tempted to make a joke about being a Gryffindor. “Just think, you could be like a role model to closeted gay bodybuilders!” Max says. And that really does make me smile. I shrug. “Hmmm. Maybe!” And then I look at Luke, wondering what he thinks of Max’s suggestion. I wish I could read what’s on his mind right now. A little later on the guys lead us to a club. The usual one me and Emily go to here in Bristol. Even though it’s pretty dead at the moment, I’m still getting the usual looks from people. Max and Emily are getting drinks and Leonard’s disappeared somewhere, leaving me and Luke alone in a seated area by the bar. It’s nice with it being just the two of us for a moment, but for some reason, things don’t quite feel right between us. It’s like there’s something unspoken there. “Alright, Mr Quiet?” I ask him. His mouth curls into this cute, coy grin and he nods at me. “Are you wishing you’d stayed at Montgomery and had your Harry Potter marathon?” His smile grows wider and he furrows his eyebrows. “Nah! I’m just … not that good in groups!” he says, with a little shrug. “Sorry!” I want to tell him that he never has to apologise for who he is. And that I like him just the way he is. I feel a little flutter and this feeling of warmth goes through me when I think about that. I lean into him. “Shall we just ditch them all?” I joke, looking at Max and Emily at the bar. He gives me another cute grin. “Maybe take Emily with us? I really like her!” “Max is funny!” I say. I feel a pull in my stomach as I look at Luke. He just nods and gives me a smile which seems a bit forced. “And Leonard. Wow - what a charmer!” Luke’s grin grows wider. “It’s like he thinks he’s better than us!” “I know!” I scoff. “And he hasn’t even got pecs!” I think about the conversation we just had in the pub about coming out at Montgomery. “Are you shocked about the Hancox thing?” I ask him, feeling a twinge of nerves. He pulls a face. “A little! He is kind of old school though!” he says, almost like he’s excusing his actions. Huh. I can’t help wondering why isn’t Luke more pissed off. I turn away from him and look towards Emily and Max at the bar. “I guess so! Pretty interesting what Max was saying earlier!” Luke looks at me a little unsure. “Coming out at uni. Being the first out gay bodybuilder at Muscle University!” He nods, and pulls this face like it’s a completely ridiculous idea, almost something to laugh at and then smirks. I feel a sharp tug in my stomach. “What was that look for?” I ask, perhaps a little too harshly. Luke looks a little surprised. “Come on, Woody. You and me both know it’s not easy!” I shrug. “Why not?” “You know why!” “But why does it have to be that way? Why can’t a bodybuilder be openly gay and proud? Why is there this threat that it could ruin their reputation? Affect their career? Max was right. It’s fucked up!” Luke doesn’t reply. It’s pretty obvious that he doesn’t feel as strongly about this stuff as I do. But I’m surprised at just how little it seems to affect him. “Doesn’t it bother you?” I ask. “Aren’t you pissed off about what Hancox said to me?” As soon as I say it, my stomach clenches. Because part of the reason why I think Luke should be more bothered about what Hancox said was because it was said to me. And if anyone said anything to upset Luke, I’d be fucking furious. He furrows his eyebrows at me a little. “Woody - I get why you’re pissed off. I guess, for me though, honestly ... I’m just not that bothered about people knowing that I’m gay!” Huh. “Oh-kaaay!” “Like, if I do become a well known pro bodybuilder, why do people have to know that I’m gay?” He suddenly looks a little wary. Like he’s nervous about my reaction. “I guess they don’t? But … it shouldn’t be an issue if they found out!” “I just … don’t see why people have to know!” he says, biting his lip and still looking nervous about how I’ll react. There’s other things I want to ask him. What if he met someone who he was crazy about, and who was crazy about him in return? Would he still not think that it mattered whether people knew he was gay or not? Wouldn’t he want the world to know that he was with someone special and amazing? But I can’t ask those questions. Of course I can’t. And now my stomach is lurching. Because what if he hasn’t met someone he’s crazy about? What if he hasn’t met someone special? What if these feelings that Emily and I think he has for me are barely anything at all? “Well … I just don’t understand how, as a gay guy, you can be so relaxed about the whole thing!” I tell him, surprising even myself at the harshness to the tone of my voice. “Why it doesn’t bother you more!” Luke’s face drops. He looks wounded. Emily and Max come over to us with our drinks. “You guys okay?” Emily asks, clearly sensing an atmosphere. I don’t say anything. Because I’m not okay. I’m pissed off that Luke doesn’t care more about the gay bodybuilder thing. About the things that Hancox said to me. And I’m also kinda disappointed with his attitude. I’ve never felt these things towards Luke before, but weirdly, it feels kind of liberating. Like I’m suddenly in control of my emotions again. I look at Max. Cute, ginger Max who’s flirty and fun. “Max - ever danced with a bodybuilder?” He beams at me in response. Without thinking, I pull my Johnny Bravo t-shirt over my head, Max’s eyes bulging as he looks at my now bare torso. Emily and Luke are looking from me to each other, both confused at what’s unfolding, Luke with a look of worry on his face, like a wounded puppy who’s trying to work out why his owner is suddenly mad at him and doesn’t want to play anymore. But right now, and for the first time in weeks, I really don’t fucking care about what he’s thinking. I stand up, leaving my too tight t-shirt on the seat next to my roommate, grab Max’s hand and lead him to the dancefloor, all eyes on me and my obscenely muscular body. Wow. I feel so fucking liberated. Like a huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders. Now that I don’t want to kiss Luke. Now that he’s pissed me off. I feel a similar rush of excitement I felt earlier in the bar as I walk away from my friends. And that sense again that anything could happen tonight. I don’t look back at Luke once.
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    “You’ll be training with Pops. He’s one of our best. We call him that because he’s probably the oldest guy working here, but mainly we do it because he’s the biggest,” said my new boss as he took me through the massive workshop. I liked the sound of that – the biggest. Of course, he could have been talking about the guy’s waist size – which wouldn’t have bothered me – but something in the way my boss spoke reverently and respectfully told me Pops must be really tall. Man, how I loved giant guys. We walked around one of the rows of many machines and I quickly noticed my mistake. I was instantly reminded of the sides of beef that hung from hooks in my uncle’s butcher shop back in my hometown. It sometimes took two guys to carry just one of those big things. Pops had sides of beef hanging down from his neck – highlighted beautifully by the fact that he sported a sleeveless green shirt. I could have been standing at the other end of the huge expansive workspace and could have easily picked out the guy. He was definitely the biggest man around. His muscles had a light sheen to them as he worked the big machine and I immediately thanked the gods for making this a warm day. When my boss called out his nickname and the guy turned to me I almost melted into a puddle of helpless mush. The man’s butch, half-smile lit up the room the same way a spotlight can illuminate an actor on stage. His raised eyebrow immediately told me he figured out I was his new trainee. I could feel him sizing me up in the seconds it took for us to reach him. He showed no sign of approval or disdain – a slight upturn of one side of his mouth was all I got. My new boss introduced me and when Pops took my hand it felt like I had slammed my fingers in a truck door. I forced myself to not scream in pain and tried unsuccessfully to squeeze back equally as hard. He clearly felt nothing. Again, I detected Pops making decisions about me based solely on my handshake. “Well, I’ll leave you in the capable hands of Pops. Come by my office at the end of the day.” “Thank you, sir,” I said, nodding, and Pops laughed at my choice of words – I immediately got the feeling that Pops was the only one in this place that usually received such respect. “Know anything about these machines, kid?” Pops asked and I was immediately offended by his choice of words – but also slightly turned on because of the way he said it and the fact that he sounded like a southern, muscled, super-masculine Barry White. “A little,” I replied – telling my first lie, since I instantly wanted Pops to spend a lot of time with me – so I didn’t tell him I probably had run similar machines all of my working life. Sex dripped off of this guy in amounts that equaled dew drops on every leaf of a giant willow tree in the wee hours of the morning. He rolled his eyes telling me he was bummed he’d have to spend a lot of time getting me up to speed. I figured I’d act like I was catching on fast, so he’d think I was a really smart student. He reached up to scratch his left pec and I’m pretty sure he caught me glancing down at the big rock-hard thing while he did it. There was a flicker of a smile and then he immediately started telling me about the machine in front of us. It was one I knew well, but I acted like I was listening intently and when he stopped and asked me to go through and reenact what he had just shown me, I did it without missing a beat and even showed off by doing the shortcuts he had barely mentioned. I could tell he was impressed. I also detected – in his eyes - a little spark of something beginning in the back of his brain. Maybe I was acting too smart – I decided to back off a little. This time, I was sure he caught me looking at his beefy arms. The rest of the morning was taken up with four different machines – all ones I was familiar with. “Time for grub,” Pops said and I was surprised to look at my watch and see the morning had flown by. The big man then just walked off – and I could tell he expected me to follow him. I just instinctively knew he assumed I was like his shadow today. I hurried to catch up with him. He grabbed one of those large black lunch pails, which look like a mailbox, from a huge fridge in the large break room. I grabbed my tuna fish sandwich in a brown bag, bought a soda and turned to see where he had chosen to sit. He seemed to know everybody – smiling, saying hello, and slapping guys on the back – but he had chosen a table over in the corner all by himself. He pushed out a chair beside him as I walked up. The silence that followed was kind of nerve-wracking. I could tell he was watching me closely as he unloaded large quantities of food from his packed box. The big man clearly had a big appetite. “Why do I feel like I’m being hustled,” he said, finally, staring at me. “I’m sorry?” I replied. “You know these machines. That’s quite obvious,” he answered – still staring at me. “I . . . um . . . wanted to impress you.” “Well, tick that one off your list, kid. You did. But don’t ever lie to me, again. Understand.” “Yes sir.” And instantly, I could see he was finished with the slight reprimand. Suddenly, his demeanor changed and I could tell he had forgiven me. His beefy body didn’t seem as knotted up as before and he even smiled at me. I felt like a puppy that had just been given a treat after getting in trouble by its master. I seriously sensed my body celebrating the fact that I had somehow pleased this big man. “You into brewskies, kid?” “Yes sir, I drink beer.” “A few of the guys meet up at a place called ‘Joe’s’ after work – to hammer back a few, shoot the breeze, and not think about machines for a few hours. It’s always open invitation and a good way to get on the guys’ good side. Trust me, you want these fellas to have your back – both in here and outside the workplace. Buying one round will get you a place at the adult table, kid.” “That sounds cool,” I said, trying desperately to come across as manly, in-the-know, hip, and part of the team all at the same time. “Yeah,” he said, smiling at my words, “it’s cool, kid. Cool. You youngsters.” I had no idea if he was making fun of me or complimenting me. I had a feeling you were never quite sure of anything around Pops. He didn’t reveal much – either in his speech or his actions. I could tell he was a private person and he watched everything happening around him as if he worked for the CIA and needed to recall details at the drop of a hat. That afternoon went smoothly, except for the bandana incident. It had gotten a lot warmer in the big shop and both of us were sweating over this particularly difficult job. Pops kept wiping his face, neck, and huge arms with this blue bandana he carried in his back pocket. I just wiped the sweat off with the back of my shirt sleeve. At one point, late in the day, Pops said he was going to hit the john and he dropped his bandana on the keyboard console of the machine doing the job we had punched in. I swear it looked like he left the bandana on purpose, looking at me to make sure I noticed what he was doing before he left. I figured I was just wishing, but as soon as he walked away I became obsessed with the thing and kept stealing glances around to see if anyone was nearby. The piece of material was soaked with his sweat and I longed to smell and taste it. I felt like I was addicted to chocolate and someone had left an opened Snickers package in front of me. God, how I wanted to pick up that bandana. Finally, after making sure the machine was still doing its job, and glancing around one more time, I picked up the bandana and first put it to my upper lip, so I could inhale the aroma of big Pops. It was just as I expected – a heavy masculine musk that made me think of a dense forest of tall trees, huge lumberjacks, and man-on-man action that ended with eruptions coupled with uncontrollable screams of passion. When my tongue darted out and got its first ever taste of Pops’ all-natural, thick, salty, he-man juice, you could have pushed me over with a feather. I’d never, in my entire life, tasted something that seemed so full of testosterone – so completely male. My crotch responded with a Pops-induced salute that was so hard I feared I’d pass out from the pressure. That’s when the corner of my eye noticed something massive and green in the distance. I quickly wiped my now totally crimson face with the bandana to cover up my lustful action, but it was quite clear by the look in Pops’ eyes when he arrived he had seen me trying to soak up all his manliness. I held out the bandana to him with a forced look of thanks. “Keep it, kid. I’ve got others. Consider it a ‘welcome to your new job’ present.” “Um . . . thanks,” I said, turning a darker shade of red and quickly stuffing the think into my back pocket and then turning to look at the work of the machine in front of us – feeling the man continue to stare at me, smiling. A few hours later I was sitting drinking a cold one at this hole-in-the-wall bar called ‘Joe’s.’ I instantly liked the place because it was full of more manly men than a gay sauna on a holiday weekend. I quickly did the statistical math and figured out I was probably the only gay man at the place – not that I came across as anything other than one of the men from the big shop down the road. It was quite clear to the other patrons that I was the new kid on the block – having ordered the second round of beers for the seven guys from our team gathered that afternoon and instantly being asked to join in games of darts, pool, and arm wrestling matches as the number of empty beer bottles increased a lot. I’m a decent-sized guy, so I held my own when it came to the arm-wrestling, impressing my co-workers in a way that made it clear I had been accepted. I noticed Pops only participated in darts and pool. I thought this odd, so my slightly buzzed mouth spoke without thinking. “Why doesn’t Pops arm wrestle?” I said a little too loudly and this made the big man look at me, a grin creeping across his face. “Just look at his fucking arms and you’ll figure that out, kid,” said a more-than-slightly inebriated co-worker standing in our small circle. “He beats all our asses all the time. We’ve given up trying. He even takes two of us on at the same time and still wins. The monster curls the back of his jeep when we beg him to show off, so there’s no way any of us will ever be able to beat those big guns.” I caught Pops watching my face, closely. My eyes uncontrollably got wider when I heard about him lifting the back of his jeep. My crotch also twitched uncontrollably, but I was behind a bar chair, so it was hidden. He was watching my reaction and patiently waiting for me to make some kind of move after the information sank in. I got the feeling that my next step would clinch some kind of deal with the man one way or the other. I let the numerous beers I’d inhaled guide me. I smiled at the group standing around. “I’ll take a shot at beating him,” I said with the kind of bravado usually saved for a superhero in comic books. You would have thought I was a mere mortal challenging the power of Zeus by the loud response of the guys around us. An approving smile crept across the face of the big man and it was followed by the kind of pec roll usually saved for gay muscle worship videos I constantly watched online. There was suddenly so much cockiness in Pops’ gaze I was thrust back to the feeling when I tasted him in the damp bandana. In a move that required the help of a guy standing next to him, the elder muscleman pulled his shirt off of his big body. My mouth dropped open without shame as I beheld his mammoth, lightly fur-covered, thickly-nippled chest for the first time. Two guys had been forcibly removed from their chairs and a table had been cleared by the crowd as soon as the shirt had been removed. I registered comments like ‘don’t break the kid’s arm’ and ‘fifty bucks he doesn’t last ten seconds’ being thrown out around me, but I only watched as the bare chested gorgeous mountain swung his leg over the back of a chair to sit down and then placed his right elbow on the table. He tightened his fist making the already big arm balloon to the kind of size that filled my orgasm-inducing fantasies. I knew there was no way I was going to win this battle – but I wasn’t arm-wrestling him for a victory and, somehow, I realized he fully knew this. My substantial sized manly arm was going to look like a twig next to his, but that didn’t matter. I was proving something – and I didn’t even know what it was – by taking on the elder god. “I’m not one to show mercy, kid,” Pops said as I sat down. “I’m not one to give up easily, old man” I said, trying to equal his confidence, which made the sparkle in his eye flash even more. I then did something unplanned and so out of character for me I would probably analyze the decision for the rest of my life and still not understand it. I took the big man’s bandana out of my back pocket, brought it up to my face, pressed it against my mouth and nose, and then inhaled deeply. The move clearly caught my huge opponent off guard, his fist unclenched, his biceps deflated a little, and the cocky smile disappeared. I saw a glimpse of vulnerability and shock. Pops wasn’t used to someone being this bold – this open. I pushed the envelope even further. “Just getting an extra shot of strength, sir. I got this from a big strong mountain of a man who radiates cockiness without even trying.” It was like when boxers are being photographed before a battle and they try to psyche out their opponent with a stare down, a surprise kiss, or even a creepy smile. My words and actions made Pops briefly lose his foundation – shook his core a little, just as I had hoped. That was also when I grabbed his big beefy hand and the guy leading the match, steadied our arms, and counted off for us to begin. It took a while for Pops to gain control of himself, as I knew it would - as had been my intention when I took out the bandana. On the word go I pushed my arm with all of my might – getting a head start on the still-startled Pops. I was no match for the big arm before me, but I took advantage of him being distracted. Instantly, his arm was pushed back and looked like it might hit the table. This caused the crowd around us to erupt in shocked cheers. The unimagined was about to happen. I felt powerful and hot as hell. The cheering from the crowd spurred me on, but it also brought Pops out of his temporary fog. The back of his hand stopped so close to the wooden top you wouldn’t have been able to fit a magazine between the two. For the first time ever, in my entire life, I got a glimpse of what real power felt like. My arm – decently sized for a man of my age and stature was halted in a way that could make wild beasts cower in fear. The green, golden-flecked eyes of Pops had instantly gained all of their confidence back and more. He had stopped my journey to a surprise victory with a fraction of his total strength and that fact instantly registered to my unmoving arm. His fingers gripped so hard that I had a feeling some of my bones would be rearranged. Pops surprised me – and everyone else – with an uncharacteristic deep growl as he started to methodically and devilishly raise his hand and mine slowly with what I could tell was little effort. “I specialize in putting young bucks in their place,” Pops said, whispering in a way that made it quite clear I was giving his hand no resistance. “That’s been obvious all day, Pops. I just needed to gain some respect by challenging you and shocking people with an almost victory.” Pops definitely didn’t like the idea that I even thought for a second I could have potentially defeated him. He was not a man who took to being challenged and, as a matter of fact, I guessed it almost never happened. Some kind of primal, I’m the stronger animal instinct suddenly overwhelmed the man and he quickly brought our hands through the arc to slam the back of mine into the table. A little bit of pain shot through my arm, but it was clear the big man’s fingers had taken – and not even registered – most of the blow. It was quite obvious that Pops needed a decisive and powerful victory. He had not liked the fact that his hand had dropped so low to the table. He held my wrist down – like a wrestler waiting for the count. He was the winner, but I had scored some points with the crowd . . . and, hopefully, with the big man, as well. There was a tight squeeze of my fingers before Pops released my hand. “You owe me a beer,” he said, swinging his leg over the back of his chair as he stood up, like he was dismounting a horse. I watched as he turned and was engulfed by a crowd that slapped him on the back and congratulated him. The last thing I saw before he was completely blocked from view was a tightly flexed bulging triceps and I could tell it was a gift offered specifically to me. I was also congratulated by onlookers and swept to my feet by a crowd that took me to the bar. Two, three, or maybe four more rounds were bought for me in the next hour or so. I couldn’t remember the exact number, since I was still high-as-a-kite from the euphoria of arm-wrestling Pops and feeling that brief squeeze of my hand at the end. I glanced around and couldn’t see the big man anywhere, feeling disappointed that he had left without saying goodbye or allowing me to give him the obligatory victor’s beer. I turned back toward the bar, a little sad. Suddenly, the now memorized massive gun of the older man was beside me as he rested his forearm on the wood in front of us. He was close enough for me to feel the heat of his body, but not close enough to be touching. “I’ll take that mug now, kid. The table in the corner at the back,” came his deep, sexy voice and then he was gone. He smiled at me when I walked up with two mugs and a pitcher. I intended on making this moment last as long as I could. I was pretty sure he understood that and maybe even wanted the same thing. I had luckily started my new job on a Friday, so there was nowhere I needed to be any time soon and I hoped the same was true for the big man. He took the pitcher from my hands and wrapped his hand around the thing – where I had been using the handle – and poured two mugs, making it clear that I did the buying, but he was in charge. He watched me, silently, as I took a sip from the frosted glass. To my disappointment, he had put his shirt back on. It still showed off his big arms, however. I just missed the massive salt-and-peppered furry chest. “You don’t play fair,” he said, taking a sip of his own beer and never letting his gaze drop from mine. “Look at those enormous arms of yours and then look at mine and tell me who doesn’t play fair,” I boldly said, not even blinking. “You challenged me, remember.” “And damn nearly beat you.” “Is that what you think?” he asked, smiling. “It’s what I’m going to tell myself.” “You probably still think the tooth fairy, Santa Claus, and the Easter rabbit are real, too, don’t you? Because those are more likely than someone beating me.” I knew the truth in his statement. I had felt it when the motion of my hand had been stopped so abruptly and easily. It suddenly dawned on me that he had probably allowed me to get his hand so far down on purpose – to orchestrate me being cheered on and befriended by co-workers and other patrons. Suddenly, there seemed to be less air in my self-congratulatory balloon. He picked up on the change within me and understood my disappointment and my gratitude at the same time. He needed to offer some kind of runner’s up prize. “The bandana really did catch me by surprise . . . both times,” he said and I swallowed hard. “The first time was a . . . um . . . pleasant and unexpected surprise.” We stared at each other – neither of us even breathing – for a good half a minute. He had caught me earlier than afternoon sniffing and licking his bandana. I was definitely excited beyond belief, but I was also very cautious. I knew nothing about this man, really, and my expert ‘gaydar’ didn’t even register a speck of closeted homosexuality in him. There might not be any hidden agenda in anything he was saying – even though I desperately wanted there to be. I got the feeling Pops was just a really nice guy and I’m sure he’d met tons of fellas over the years that found him stunning. He was simply trying to welcome the new kid – the guy who desperately wanted to make a first good impression. I relaxed into the moment even more and took another deep sip of my beer. He picked up the pitcher – again by just wrapping his hand around it in a macho sort of way – and topped off my drink. “I’ve never slept with a man.” “Excuse me?” I said, choking on my beer. “I’ve never been in bed with a man.” I didn’t comprehend what he was saying, at first, and then I worried that I had just imagined it – wished it was something he would say. I looked up and saw that there was a world of emotion in his beautiful manly eyes. There was fear – as if he was worried he had misread me, somehow. Had he misinterpreted my long stares and bandana tasting? There was doubt – as if he was questioning a lot of his own feelings and thoughts. And there was something akin to hope – as if he anticipated the next few minutes to change his life forever. My mind finally accepted, as fact, the words he had said and I was glad that sometimes our mouths work faster than our brains. I responded without even processing what I was going to say. “Have you ever wanted to sleep with a man?” I asked, staring into his beautiful green eyes. “Not until today . . . not until you,” he quickly replied.
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    The first time we met was at a bar. I was looking particularly hot that night – having taken extra time to choose my clothes, style my hair, and get a pre-club beer buzz going. I walked into the place feeling confident, happy, and definitely horny. Soon, I was cemented in a group of four potential suitors – all of them friends and all of them content to try and win me as their prize. I wasn’t even paying attention to anything else happening in the place, because trying to decide which hottie in the group would be in my bed that night was too much fun. I wasn’t having to pay for any drinks and the flirting was getting pretty intense. That’s when this tall, well-built guy with a shaved head stepped into the middle of our group, bent down to kiss me on the lips and then looked every other guy in the eyes before speaking. “He’s taken, fellas.” And like ants speedily scattering away after a spritz of insecticide, the group dispersed to other parts of the bar – clearly giving up the competition since there was a new player. A large new player that obviously went ‘all in’ from the get go and had the kind of poker hand that was going to win the entire pot. I looked up at his scruffy smiling face – he hadn’t moved back when the group disappeared. He remained close to me – his barreled chest poking out at me like muscle in 3D. “That took some balls,” I said, smiling. “I’ve got big ones,” he replied, handing me a beer – even though I had been drinking a vodka tonic. “They’re not the only thing big on you,” I replied – making him raise one eyebrow and break into a lopsided sexy grin. “I figure it’s best to go in strong – you know shock and awe, or something like that.” “I doubt you could do anything other than going in strong . . . from the looks of you.” “I like gyms.” “They clearly like you, too.” “Working out is a confidence builder.” “I would then say you’re probably cocky as hell – from the looks of you.” “I can hold my own.” “I’d rather you held mine.” It was time for both of us to sip some beer. I took advantage of the moment to stare at his thick neck – muscled in a way that said everything below it was thick, hard, and bulging, too. It was unbelievable how a neck could give away so much information. The scruffy jawline screamed masculinity the same way powerlifters grunt loudly when lifting tremendous weight. There was nothing pretty-boy-ish about this man – he was handsome because of his size, his confident attitude, and because his brutish face matched the rest of him so perfectly. His arms, alone, gave off a powerful vibe of ‘I usually get what I want.’ “I’m getting a neck cramp from having to tilt back to see all of the mountain,” I said and he took a couple of small steps back. “Better?” “Much. I can take in the whole thing, now.” “I like it when you say you can take the whole thing,” he said, sounding cute and nasty at the same time. “What’s the mountain’s name.” “Brawn.” “How perfectly appropriate. Clearly, you decided your body needed to match its moniker.” “Something like that. What’s the mountain climber’s name?” “Quinn.” “Cute name for a cute guy.” “Something like that.” “I’m sorry that I scared away your boyfriends,” he said, taking another sip of his beer. “No, you’re not,” I replied. “No, I’m not. You’re right.” “Besides,” I added, “you’re so big it’s like I’m still talking four guys, anyway.” “Is my size intimidating?” Brawn asked. “No, your size is stimulating,” I answered. “Big things don’t scare me. They turn me on.” “My motto is there’s no reason to be big unless it turns someone on. I lift to impress.” “I’m impressed.” “What do you do, mountain climbing Quinn?” “You mean besides big men? I’m an architect. And what does the mountain do?” “You mean besides small guys? I’m a fireman.” “Holy crap – you’re like trying to wrap up every man’s fantasies all in one package, aren’t you? I bet you have a dog.” “Two golden retrievers – Paris and Zane.” “Named for Bob Paris and Frank Zane, I’m sure.” “No one I’ve met has ever figured that out before.” “Maybe you’ve never met a guy so into symmetry before. The male physique is something I like to admire. I design big buildings – so, it’s only natural, I guess, that I’d like guys that design big bodies. “Could I have another kiss,” Brawn asked. “I’d rather you not ask – just take one when you want to.” The mountain moved closer – making me tilt my head back. His muscled neck brought his face to me. His scruff rubbed against my cheek and chin as he pressed his lips powerfully into mine. I brought a hand up to his hard pectoral and pushed lightly against what felt like stone. My forefinger found his nipple – easily – and made it turn hard in response to my pinching. He pulled his head back and retreated a little. My hand dropped back to my side. “When did you get so big?” “I was bullied in junior high because I took ballet, so I decided to start working out while I continued dance lessons. I got big quickly – my dancer’s body just kind of turned into . . . well, something bigger.” “I’d say. I’m pretty sure you don’t get bullied now.” “No, I don’t, but I still get teased a lot because my love for ballet has never gone away. Season tickets and some of the best seats in the theatre. You should come with me sometime.” “Is that an invitation.” “No, it’s an order,” Brawn answered. “Man, I love it when you’re butch.” “Do you like to be dominated.” “It depends. I like to wrestle – to make a guy work for my affections. Being subdued can be very empowering. A bully doesn’t turn me on, though. Cockiness can be very sexy, but meanness is definitely a turn-off.” “As I said earlier – muscles are definitely a confidence booster. They help me to bust through doors as a fireman and, in the same way, they help me go for things I like . . . things that interest me.” “And they help chase off the competition without even doing anything.” “I blame tight t-shirts for that,” Brawn said, flexing his arms ever so slightly, just to make my gaze shift to there. “Guys like you make being big worth it. If I know someone cute is watching me I usually have a much better workout. I work extra hard just to impress him. I owe most of my size to the lustful looks of numerous men.” “I’d certainly like to continue that trend and help you get even bigger. The thought of you growing turns me on.” “Something’s growing bigger with everything you say,” Brawn replied – that nasty sweet boy coming out again. “Ah, the mountain likes to hear me talk about his body.” “What can I say? I’m vain. I got big to please others, but I like to hear about how much all of this pleases someone. Is that weird?” “Not to me. I consider all of this a lovely exciting cycle. You turn me on and then I turn you on and it keeps on going until there’s a big finish – only to start all over again after a brief rest. It’s like a lovely banter between two handsome dudes.” “I do like to banter. And you banter like a pro, Quinn.” “Bantering is not the only thing I am good at, Mr. Mountain.” It was time for more sips of beer. We were like two giant waves bashing against the shore and then retreating back out into the ocean to gain even more power for the next time. Brawn tightened his right biceps and looked down at it, knowing my gaze would follow. We both stared as he turned his wrist and tightened his fist to make the arm muscle bulge and almost sparkle. A vein covered the large intoxicating split peak and I found myself licking my lips. Brawn dropped his arm and returned his gaze to me. I continued to look at his arm – even un-flexed. “When I lift I get so turned on. It’s always been that way. I pump my arms hard and big doing some curls and another part of my body responds in the same way.” “Pumping harder and bigger.” “Yeah. I just love how the weights make my muscles work so much. I love feeling my body strain so that I know it’s growing. I love the idea of wearing it down to build it up. Muscle building can be a difficult thing – it’s not just about going around and lifting heavy things.” “Although that helps.” “Of course, but you – being an architect – should realize that most of your success comes from good planning, thinking ahead, and making sure you keep dedicated. And then I’m like an architect going to the worksite quite often to check on the progress. I like to make sure I do a thorough evaluation of my growth as often as I can. Measuring is often part of that check-in, as well.” “I’m awfully good at measuring.” “That’s what I was hoping,” Brawn said, with a bigger smile than before. “Tell me what else you like about the gym, my big mountain.” “Finding myself suddenly drenched in sweat and red-faced from an intense set of repetitions calls for a quick glance in the mirror. The way my body glistens to highlight all of the big tight mounds and deep valley-like indentions makes me slide into some pose before I even realize what I’m doing. I just need to see myself flexing. I need to catch someone glancing at me as I flex. The pungent musk of my big, worn-out body only makes me more excited and I start to think about servicing myself or finding a service provider as quickly as possible so I don’t lose any of my tremendous pump or horniness. Then, I realize I’m only halfway through my workout and that only turns me on more. I keep looking at myself in the mirror trying to imagine – in detail – how another dude sees me. Thinking about what would turn him on. Pretending I’m seeing myself for the first time and noticing what turns me on.” “What does turn you on?” “The ridges that pop up all around my mid-section when I flex my biceps. The way my abs look so strong. How my lats flare out in support of my big arms and shoulders. My biceps peaking with a hardness that can stop people in their tracks. The way my forearms blast out with thick veins. You know, stuff like that.” “If you’re trying to get me hard, you’ve succeeded.” “I thought it only fair, since I’m already there, myself. What turns you on, Quinn – specifically?” “Big strong nipples poking out in a way that makes a t-shirt look fragile. Shirtsleeves that are clearly worn out from trying to stay tight around arms that keep growing. Bull necks that have more muscle than my entire body. A guy watching himself flex. Rubbing my fully clothed crotch against some guy’s strong bumpy abs until I bust a big one. Shaved heads that make a guy’s ears stick out a little. Fists big enough you’d know they’d cause a big hole wherever they punched. Licking deep muscled pits after a bodybuilder has been working out for hours. Saving my ass for so long that a big man finally begs for it like he was asking for water after being in the desert for days. Edging a mountain for so long that his balls are blue and aching so much he can’t walk right. Kissing plump muscled lips surrounded by stubble hard enough to be considered sand paper. Finding a huge guy that knows what he likes and isn’t afraid to show it. I guess nothing too specific, huh?” Clearly, I had made Brawn even more excited than he had been before, which was my intention. He leaned in to kiss me again – this time not wasting time to ask. He then pulled back and slowly brought his right arm up into a flex – making the split biceps bulge thick and powerful. He looked at his own arm, again, knowing I’d be watching him admiring his big gun. He knew just how to wreck my world. “Yeah, so fucking huge,” Brawn growled as he twisted his forearm and made the biceps dance. “Aw, dude, you’re wrecking me, here,” I moaned and, thankfully, the mountain dropped his arm. “You can’t just up and do that any time you want.” “Sure, I can. It pleases the masses.” “You could give a guy a heart attack! By the way, those sleeves are about to give up.” “I spend a lot of money on t-shirts. They don’t seem to last that long.” “Relentless growth can cause that.” “It can cause a lot of things,” Brawn said. “Wearing out men is another one of my specialties. But, unlike a destroyed shirt, a guy can bounce back.” “Your t-shirt does nothing to hide the fact that you have pits as deep as giant caves. I’d like to be lost in those things for a few days.” “With a little head crushing every now and then?” “Now, you’re just being mean. Teasing a guy when he in such a fragile state.” “Quinn,” he said, suddenly turning serious, “please to god tell me you’re someone who’d sleep with a guy on the first date.” “Oh, this is a date?” “Hey, I’m the gladiator who just slew all of the competitors vying for the emperor’s affection to the joyous praise of the crowd. That has to count as a date, doesn’t it?” “Hold on, I’m too busy envisioning your body in a gladiator costume.” “Ooooo, into role-playing, are we?” “Yes, if it always includes you and your roles require you to wear as little clothing as possible.” “Like a gladiator,” Brawn said. “Like a gladiator.” “Or Tarzan.” “Oh, yes please.” “Or the Hulk.” “Oh my, yes. Ripped clothes are the best.” “Or a bodybuilder who’s just won first place in a contest and is still in his posers.” “Mmmmm hmmmm!” “Or a go-go dancer you’ve booked for a private dance.” “It just keeps on getting better.” “You still haven’t answered my question, Quinn.” “Mr. Mountain, here’s the deal. I don’t get hung up on labels. I’m not a slut if I sleep with someone the same night I meet them. I’m also not a prude or tease if I choose to wait. I go with the moment. I listen closely to what my head, heart, gut, and my crotch are telling me. If all of them are in sync – I’ve learned they never lie. I trust myself. I also trust you. If I want to let those big strong arms of yours guide me into this evening I’m pretty sure they’re going to do what’s best for both of us. I’m pretty sure those monstrous shoulders of yours can handle any burden or labor that might come our way, as well, so I’m not too worried about what’s to come. Let’s just let everything happen naturally.” “The word labor reminds me of another role play I forgot. Hercules.” “Oh, my favorite.” This time, to add more to his intentionally unrequested kiss, Brawn bent forward, wrapped his arm around my mid-section, and lifted me off the floor. He then brought his lips to mine and brushed against them teasingly a few times, before attacking my mouth with his luscious, warm tongue. Feet dangling in the air, sucking face hard, and my right hand exploring his massive pec and humongous arm – what more could a man ask for. The huge Brawn, meanwhile, was kissing me in the same way his neck bulged – manly, aggressively, and powerfully. I swear his lips, alone, would make you know you’re dealing with a guy that was monstrously muscled. He kissed the same way a bulldozer would plow through a building and it was such a turn on. Meanwhile, my fingers and palm confirmed that his biceps were bigger than my head. Even if one of the things wasn’t flexed. Men, in general turned me on and I rarely thought about bodybuilder-types differently than super smart men or hilariously funny men, but this guy . . . this mountain . . . did something to me that was almost magical or other-worldly. Confidence oozed out of him as if it had been a cologne that he had bathed in. His masculine aroma was enough to make me get a major stiffy. As his tongue ravaged my mouth he growled softly, like a giant bear attacking honeycomb. I was still off the ground, squeezed tightly by his one huge arm. He finally pulled his head back and looked into my eyes. “Damn, you’re so adorable.” “Right back at you, Mr. Mountain, though you’re adorably huge, too.” “I’m planning on making you wish I was a smaller and weaker man, later on. That’s how much I’m intending to wear you out.” “Or maybe I’ll be wishing you were bigger and stronger because I’ll wear you out, Brawn.” “Damn, mister, I need to let you go around the bar and flirt with some more competitors that I can then slay. I’m feeling particularly powerful right now.” “Powerfully horny, right?” “Well, yes, that too.” “How often do you work out?” “Three hundred and sixty-three days a year. I take Christmas and my birthday off.” “You feel like granite.” “Part of me is harder than granite, right now.” “My toes are going numb, Mr. Mountain.” “Oh damn, my bad. I forgot I had you in the air. I wondered why I didn’t have to look down.” He lessened the squeeze and let my body slide down his until my feet were on the ground. It was an intentional move – to let me feel more of his body, especially the fully-loaded cannon at his crotch. My face showed my approval and my pleasant surprise. “Big men have their big toys,” Brawn said, smiling. “I do like playing with big things,” I replied. “Speaking of big things, how about taking off that puny threadbare shirt of yours and letting all those huge muscles come out to play.” His face lit up like a Christmas tree. It was like I had taken the leash off a big dog to let him run free at the ocean. I’d never seen a man so eager to show off – specifically for me. He pulled the bottom of his tight t-shit free from his jeans and then slowly peeled it upward over his humongous V-shaped torso. It was like the curtain going up on the most lavish set design ever to hit a theatre. It was like beholding the Northern Lights for the first time. It was like Dorothy finally making it to Emerald City. I gasped loudly when the shirt was completely off and his upper body popped out all over with the kind of muscles reserved for a very few percent of humans on this earth. I realized the entire bar was staring, but he was only looking at me. Watching my reaction. I whistled loudly and smiled. “That, my friend, is a mighty fine enormous body.” “I’m so glad it pleases you,” Brawn said, taking advantage of the fact the bartender was staring and holding up two fingers to order another round. “Bet you five dollars these beers will be on the house,” I quickly said. “Why’s that?” Brawn asked. “Because you took your shirt off . . . because of all of that,” I said, motioning to his magnificent body. “You’re on,” Brawn said, holding out his hand to shake. As anticipated, as soon as my skin touched his, a jolt of pleasure shot through my entire body. It was partly because I was taking in one of the hottest looking mass of muscles I had ever beheld, but it was also because there was something phenomenal happening between us. His nipples popped out quickly, signifying that his body felt the same kind of shock as mine had. I saw little bumps ripple across his broad chest, which was also turning slightly red. It was like we both had some kind of lustful fever hit our bodies as soon as our hands met. I didn’t let go of his hand and, turning it slightly I brought it up to my face and kissed its back. I saw his legs wobble a little. He wasn’t the only gladiator who could slay the competitor. I let go, but his hand did not drop. The big mountain just stood there for a few seconds, trying to refrain from giving into urges that were strong enough to shake this powerful beast. At that moment, the bartender held up two beers and Brawn forced his legs to work and went to get the drinks – reaching his big arms over the heads of the crowd before him. I saw the guy behind the bar tell Brawn there was no charge and then he added that the big man taking off his shirt instantly increased the need for liquid refreshment in the entire establishment. Even if my eyes had been closed I could have told you the giant mass had returned beside me – you just couldn’t not register something so big and so hot. He handed me my beer and took in my victorious grin. “I don’t feel too much like a winner,” I said, “I’m sure it happens a lot. Especially if you’re shirtless.” “A big boy never flexes and tells,” Brawn responded, clearly loving how I kept stealing glances at his now uncovered torso. “I bet you never wear a shirt when you are at home, do you?” “No since I was in high school – and that’s only because my parents made me.” “God, your nipples are gorgeous.” “And quite tasty, I’m told,” Brawn replied, reaching up to pinch one. “They’re also pretty sensitive. Just thought I’d let you know that . . . you know, for future reference.” “Anything else I should know is super sensitive – you know, for future reference.” “Well, I’ve been known to squeeze a guy too hard if he’s sucking on my earlobes. My neck responds to kisses by sending messages to another part of my body telling it to explode. And the insides of my thighs can become like a car compacter if provoked by a tongue.” “Superman has his numerous kryptonite’s.” “No, my kryptonite is my ass. That’s why that specific part of me is only saved for special people.” “I have memorized all of these for, you know, future reference.” “And you, Mr. Quinn. What should I be memorizing for you?” “Well, I’m extremely versatile – loving to give and receive, equally. Kisses at the small of my back will basically make me do whatever you ask. I’m a big sucker for stubble, so feel free to ‘five o’clock shadow’ rub my entire body. And, oddly enough, I like my balls to be manhandled.” “I did not see that one coming.” “I get that. Most guys don’t. And said guys are always amazed at how much power they can use on said balls.” “Well, a lot of power is one thing I’ve got,” Brawn said, grinning like a proud schoolboy. “Among many other humongous things, I might add.” “Mind if I flex?” “Who, here, would be able to stop you even if we wanted to,” I answered. The mountain was showing off. He was ready to seal the deal. It wasn’t time to leave, but he wanted to make sure I knew what I was getting – completely. He wanted to show me some of his best assets to help me make wise life decisions. He also wanted to make the entire bar disappointed by the fact that he had chosen me over them. He was also marking his territory – warning people to stay clear of me. I was his. I could tell he was very proud of his body – not in a cocky ‘take that, you wimps’ kind of way, though. It was more about pride in his dedication, his accomplishments, and his sculpting. Parts of him bulged that I didn’t even know could. I swear I didn’t realize arms could be developed to the size and definition of what he now flexed in front of me. Even without looking around I knew that almost all motion in the bar ceased for a moment. All of us were gazing upon perfection. It was like someone had had taken huge chunks of marble, embedded some thick veins on top of it, and then chipped and smoothed it into perfect, muscled, powerful-looking mounds. His neck turned even thicker as he flexed his arms – sending me into a lustful frenzy. His lats flared wide and beautiful, as if he were some kind of half-nude angel. And so many sets of dense ridges sprung up around his stomach I immediately compared it to an intersection of numerous cobblestoned streets. “Perfection,” I said, trying to take in as much of his body as I possibly could before he stopped the flex. “I’m glad you like it,” Brawn said, without lessening his tensed muscles at all. “At ease, Mr. Mountain, before you cause the patrons of this place to erupt into a spontaneous orgy – although, that might be fun.” “It wouldn’t be fun if it meant I had to share you,” Brawn said, finally lowering his arms and giving my completely wrecked body some much-needed rest. “Aw, you must be the nicest muscleman ever. Why the flex, Mr. Brawn.” “You know why,” he replied, grabbing his beer, which he had placed on a nearby table. “Probably, but I think I’d like to hear you say it, anyway.” “I know you like me, Quinn. You’ve made that clear – stealing glances, sexy kisses, lovely groping, and wonderful compliments – but I just wanted to make sure you understood that I really like you, too. I wanted to show you what I bring to the table in these sexual negotiations. I didn’t show all of my cards, what good poker player does that, but I did want to show you two of the best things I have to offer.” “And biggest things, I might add.” “And biggest . . . thank you for noticing.” “Your arms block out most of the room when you flex, how could I not notice?” He stepped in towards me and leaned down to kiss me, again. This one was soft, slow, deliberately sexy, and more passionate than anything I had ever experienced before. He brushed his gorgeous nose against mine a few times, and rested his forehead against my brow. He was staring deeply into my eyes as if he were trying to hypnotize me, even though I was already his. “You make having big muscles worth it,” Brawn said softly, without separating his forehead from mine. “Well, they are pretty incredible, Mr. Mountain. It’s kind of like having a not angry, not green, very intelligent Hulk kissing you. Who wouldn’t love that?” “Hulk horny!” the man grunted, all beastlike. “Oh dear, does being turned on make my Hulk grow?” “Hulk penis grows!” he said, causing us both to laugh and he pulled his head away from mine so we both could take a long ‘calm us down’ sip of beer. “You know, of course, that not coming home with me is now not an option, unless you want to see me go crazy and destroy things.” “Oooo, are you trying to get me to say no? Seeing you destroy things might be fun.” “Seriously, do I get to have you in my bed tonight?” Brawn asked, with a definite pleading look on his face. “Wild horses, an army of men, and monster trucks couldn’t keep me away.” “I’d take them all on and win, anyway.” “Tis true, Mister Mountain. Truer words have never been spoken.” “Damn, you have made coming out tonight the wisest decision of my entire life. I can’t imagine what life would have been like if I had missed this opportunity,” Brawn said as he gazed into my eyes. “I feel the same way. And can I just add that you have the sexiest neck I have ever seen. I cannot keep my eyes off of it.” He flexed the thing and it thickened into something resembling a tree trunk. His gold chain looked so flimsy and weak in comparison. I imagined his neck snapping the thing easily. I reached up and felt how solid and indestructible this part of his body felt. He smiled at me. I went up on my toes to kiss him – even as I continued to caress his hard-as-rock neck. “Promise me you won’t put your shirt back on. Riding the subway back to your place is going to be so much fun.” “Look at you, wanting to show your Mr. Mountain off to everyone. You know I’ll be more than happy to make that promise and keep it. Hell, I’ll take off my jeans and head home with you in just my underwear if you want me to.” “Oh no, let’s not get crazy. We don’t need you turning on the world even more than you already do.” “I only care about turning you on,” Brawn replied. “That, you do, Mr. Mountain, that you surely do. Shall we go?” “Shall I carry you?” “No, I’m fine. We’ll save pleasures like that for when we get to your place.”
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    Twenty One I have no idea how long I’ve been dancing my outrageously huge tits off for. I’ve been touched, hugged, kissed on the cheek and basically gawped at by dozens of people. As usual I’m loving the attention. People wanting to touch my muscles. Everyone staring at my thick abs and slab-like pecs. Me and cute, ginger Max seem to have been initiated into a group of rather hot guys. I’m pretty sure they’re only being friendly to Max because he’s with me, but he doesn’t seem to care. If any of them so much as look at him the wrong way though they’ll have me to answer to. I have no idea where Emily or Luke are. And right now, I couldn’t care less. Because, for the first time in what feels like so long, I’m not thinking about my feelings for Luke. Right now it’s just all about me and my outrageous sized muscles. A little later on and I’m leaning against the bar with Max next to me waiting for some drinks. “Okay, I’ve gotta ask!” he says to me. I smirk and feel a flutter of excitement at what he’s about to say. Yes, Max - you can touch my obscenely huge, fully flexed biceps. Grrrrr. Have another cheeky feel of my pecs too while you’re at it. You know you fucking want to. Max is looking at me with this ominous smirk. “Is there … something going on between you and Luke?” Fuck! My stomach tightens. I feel like I’ve just come crashing back to Earth. I keep my cool and just screw my face up. “Nah. We’re just roommates!” I say casually. Max nods. And now he’s giving me this shy, kind of embarrassed smile. Is he about to try it on with me? And what I will do if he does? I mean - he’s fun, cute and endearing. I feel like he’s the kind of guy who’d get a real kick out of my muscles. I could probably make him cum in about twenty seconds flat. No doubt he’d get attached like guys normally do. Texting me the next day, keen to see me again, constantly asking Emily about me. Let’s be honest, I’d probably break the poor guy’s heart. “Luke’s … kind of adorable!” he says, with this dreamy look on his face. Okay, I totally wasn’t expecting that. My chest tightens. It’s funny - I thought I’d hate hearing another guy talk about Luke in that way, but I don’t. In fact, I suddenly feel a strange sort of bond with Max. I’m suddenly wondering where Luke is. He’s probably downstairs with Emily. Maybe he’s worried that he’s pissed me off. Or maybe he’s coming to his senses and realising what a dick I am after all. Maybe he’s even chatting with some other guy who’s not a complete and utter twat like me. A guy who’s cute, funny and sweet natured like Max. I suddenly think about when we were in the pub and Max gripped his forearm. That cute, slightly coy look on Luke’s face, like he liked it. My stomach clenches. Without thinking, I give Max a sympathetic look. “Sorry, dude. Luke’s got a boyfriend!” I have no fucking idea what I’m doing right now. “Oh!” Max says, clearly disappointed. I feel a sharp pang of guilt. I know what I’m doing is wrong. But I can’t seem to stop myself. “He lives in Luke’s home town. They’ve been together since the sixth form!” Max gives me an understanding nod. I am just the worst type of person. Jealous and lying through my teeth so a really nice guy like Max won’t go after the boy I like. Even though I’m too fucking scared to even tell him that I like him. Practically terrified to even tell my best friend that I have feelings for him. Max turns to me again, a slightly nervous look on his face. “There is … someone else I like!” Then his eyes go down to my bare shoulders. And now I’m smiling. I can’t help it. And he’s giving me a cute grin back. “He’s waaay out of my league though!” he adds. I’m a little taken aback by that. I furrow my eyebrows and shake my head. “No one’s out of anyone’s league!” He smiles back and I can sense this hopefulness, even eagerness, in his expression and I feel guilty. And now I feel this sudden sadness. Because I wish it was someone else looking at me like that. I’m wondering again where Luke is. Did I completely overreact earlier about the whole gay bodybuilder thing? Was I being too hard on him? Was I being a bit of a dick when I walked off holding Max’s hand and just left him sitting there with Emily? I think about the expression on his cute little face, like he’d been kicked, and feel a heaviness in my gut. Something seems to wash over Max’s expression. Almost like he’s realised I’m not interested. “Well … can I at least feel your biceps?” he asks, his mouth curling into a cheeky grin. And now I’m beaming back at him. “Of course!” His face lights up and he gently places his right hand on my upper right arm. I curl my fist and flex and Max’s mouth drops open. I feel a huge rush as his fingers squeeze my flexed bicep muscles. He’s looking at me wide eyed, like he can’t believe what my flexed muscles feel like to touch. And then the cute lesbian behind the bar comes back with our drinks and gives us both a look like we’re fucking crazy. Me and Max just look at each other and grin. As I leave Max and head to the toilets, I take my phone out of my pocket, almost hoping to see a text from Luke. It feels a kick to my stomach when I look at the screen to find there’s nothing there. Not even a text from Emily asking where I am or if I’m okay. When I go back out to the club and walk towards the dancefloor my heart jumps into my throat when I spot Max. Because he’s no longer alone. He’s leaning into Luke, who’s got his back to me, and saying something. And then Max suddenly spots me and he’s looking at me with this confused look and oh my fucking God - I just know straight away what they’re talking about. Our conversation about Luke having a boyfriend. An imaginary fucking boyfriend that I made up because I’m a crazy, jealous twat. Luke suddenly turns around, an expression on his face like he’s totally baffled and FUCK - I panic, turn around and start walking away. Fuckity fucking fuck. I imagine what Max must have said. He probably just casually asked Luke about his non-existent boyfriend and Luke was like, “Huh?! I don’t have a boyfriend!” And Max’s response, “But Woody said you did!” And what must be going through Luke’s head now? Wondering why I’d lie about such a thing? Wondering if I have feelings for him? Thinking that I’m clearly a fucking psycho who goes around lying about him and ruining his chances of pulling cute guys? Oh God. This is bad. This is really fucking bad. I need Emily. Where the hell is she? I’m walking, though I don’t know where to and I reach into my pocket to get my phone out to text her when who should I spot walking right towards me with this look of utter disdain on his face but Max’s rude friend Leonard. Prick faced fucking Leonard. I stop right in front of him, fold my obscenely huge arms and just smirk at him. I’m so much bigger than him it’s laughable. He stops and he’s just glaring at me, his eyes slightly squinted. “Are you intimidated by me, Larry?” He pulls a face, his eyes widening and scoffs. “Or maybe you have a secret thing for muscle guys?” He screws his face up in disgust. “I’m not into guys who look like they spend half the day sticking needles into their veins!” Ha! That was actually a pretty good put down. Obviously I’m not offended in the slightest so I just continue to tower over him, smirking. “So what’s the deal with Luke?” he asks me, this sly look on his face. Shit. My stomach clenches but I manage to keep my cool. “Do you just keep him around for an ego boost?” What the fuck? What a dickish thing to say to me. “Nope!” I reply, lightly. “Don’t need anyone for that. I have a mirror!” Okay probably not the wittiest response. Leonard rolls his eyes. “I know you think you like him!” he says. Fuck. I feel my chest tighten. “But you know how it’s gonna end!” I’m starting to lose my cool, but I hold it together. What the hell is this dude’s problem? And what the fuck does he know about me and Luke? But, frustratingly, I’m actually interested in what he has to say. “Enlighten me, Leonard!” “You’ll get bored. As soon as someone else comes along who pays you a bit of attention, you’ll drop him. Anyway, you and me both know that Luke’s too nice for you!” My stomach lurches. What a fucking dick to be saying these things to me. He doesn’t know anything about me. Or my feelings for Luke. But he’s touched a nerve with that last part. It’s a thought I’ve had myself. That Luke’s too nice for me. That someone like Luke should not be with a guy like me. “You know you’ll end up screwing him over!” Fuck. It feels like the floor just fell out beneath me. I’m angry at what this prick is saying to me. But I have this horrible, horrible feeling that he might be right. That if anything did happen between me and Luke, I might end up hurting him. Even though it’s something I’d never want to do, it feels like something that could happen. Because Luke is lovely and sweet and kind hearted. Because Luke’s actually had a boyfriend. And I’m just a cocky twat who has one night stands with guys and ghosts them when they get too keen. Who’s to say I’d treat Luke any better? Who’s to say I wouldn’t get bored? I take a deep breath. I’m not gonna let this guy get away without letting him know what I think of him. “D’you know what, Leonard? From the moment we met you were rude to me. And that was because of the way I look. Think what you like about me, but at least I don’t judge people based on their appearance. I’m not stupid. I know I’m not like Luke. And yeah - he could probably find someone nicer than me. But d’you know what? At least I’m not a bitchy, judgmental little prick like you!” Leonard’s face is a fucking picture. He looks offended, kinda shell-shocked. Maybe that was too harsh. Maybe I went too far. Or just maybe he fucking deserved it. I walk away from him, but I don’t feel victorious. I feel like fucking shit. Because everything Leonard just about me and Luke is now spinning around in my head. Even some cute guy exclaiming, “OH MY GOD!” at the sight of me and cheekily putting his hand on my shoulder when I walk into the toilets again doesn’t lighten my mood. Way to fucking ruin my night, Leonard. And now I just want to escape. This club. This town. My feelings for Luke. My life at Muscle fucking University. I just want to be back home at my parents house. Drawing illustrations of shredded bodybuilders in my old sketchbook in the tree house my dad built for me and my brother. I wish I could turn back time to before I met Luke. Before everything got so messy and confusing. Before I had all these thoughts and urges and feelings about one fucking person which consume my mind for every bloody waking minute of my day. When all I cared about was being a bodybuilder and my best friend Emily. When we could go out and have fun and I could pull a fit guy and forget about him the next day. A guy exactly like the one standing in front of me, also now shirtless. “Hello again!” he says. It’s Steve from the pub. Sexy, fairly muscular Steve, looking at my body and smirking. Instant chemistry. Fuck. I feel a rush of excitement as he boldly grabs my hand and pulls me into one of the toilet cubicles. As soon as the door’s locked his hands are on my waist, his legs and groin are pushed against mine and he’s looking down at my bare, jacked torso with this sexy look of awe and desire. Like he can’t quite believe how fucking muscular my body is. I don’t wait for Steve to make the next move so I lean in and kiss him. He kisses me back hard, my head pushing back. Almost like he wants to be in charge. I feel like letting him. And now he’s vigorously rubbing his hands up and down my waist and stomach. He stops kissing my lips, moves his head down and puts his mouth to my pecs. “I’m at Muscle University!” I tell him. Steve mouth moves down again and he starts kissing my abs. “I’ve done bodybuilding competitions!” I don’t really know why I’m telling him this. I’m kind of just babbling. “Nice one,” he says casually, but I can tell he doesn’t really care. He clearly just wants my body and I’m gonna let him have it. He unbuckles my belt and pulls down my jeans and boxers a little way. I release a little groan as he puts his mouth around my cock. Fuck. I’m not even that hard, but I soon start swelling as Steve’s wet mouth and tongue dance around my now growing cock. I put a hand on one of his shoulder blades and I’m not thinking about any of those things I was thinking about before. I’ve found my escape. “Can we go back to yours?” I ask him. Steve looks up with a big, sexy smirk on his face and nods.
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    (Panting) "Grayson! What were you thinking?! I don't care how strong you are, you can't be doing this shit, and if you do QUIT DRAGGING ME INTO IT" "Oh hush Jack. They come up, I'll drop them" "Not as easy as you think it is. C'mon its this way. Ever since I met this man years ago, hes been a big help but, he be taking too many risks. He has this power that lets him controls and grow his muscles at will and thinks hes invincible. "This way, this way!" A Soldier screams. "Shit grayson. They're coming!" "Let Them come through. I got something for their Ass" Grayson says with a evil smirk. "There they are! Jack and grayson, you are under arrest for stealing the wishirite. Give up now or we will engage!" We both put our hands up but Grayson is smiling. I hope whatever he's plotting will get us out of here. "Checkmate..." Grayson says confidently. I instantly knew what that meant and dove behind them. He gets into a power-up pose and stands there grinning. One soldier shoots at him and the bullet hits him but doesn't penetrate his skin. Another Soldier empties a whole clip into him but again, doesnt kill him. "All right, you think we playing games huh? Men! Ready, aim, fire!!" All at once, all 9 soldiers empty all their bullets into Grayson, but to no avail. He hasn't grown his muscles yet, so this is new shit to me. All of the men stood there shocked, "how could that not have killed them" they thought. Grayson is still in the power up pose chuckling. He turns to me and says "I know you're not gay but don't cream your pants for whats about to happen." OH BOY "All these bullets you have shot but not one killed me" Grayson laughed. "It did sting a little bit I'll say that. But I might as well get a lil bit more comfortable. Grayson rips off his shirt showing a rock hard 8 pack and a really chiseled and veiny chest. "WTF are you doing?" I ask. "You'll see. Because I've had sex plenty of times with other girls, and they that I CUM A LOT. But since you soldiers wanna play around, its time to retaliate!" All of rhe bullets still on grayson are now being absorbed into his body. "WTH is happening" I thought. He starts moaning for a good 30 secs till I realise he's growing his cock in his shorts. I'm not but that just happens come in my peripheral vision. His pants starts ripping the fabric till eventually he has his own little fly. And his cock just bursts out, showing all 11 inches and veins and striations. "Ahhh. That feels better, but it wont compare to this." He continues to moan and he continues to grow his dick inch by inch every second. 14... 15... 16... 17 ... 18... 19... 20! A massive 20 inch cock with even more veins. "Ay sergeant Cole! Ready or not, HERE I CUM!!!!!" His cock starts shooting bullets back at the soldiers like a machine gun. SHOORING BULLETS. He screams and enjoyment and all if the soldiers fall down. He continued for a good 2 mins as he still shooting tbe bodies on the ground, getting a kick of his cock being a 50. Cal gatling gun. "All right they're dead! Stop!. Grayson stops and starts panting. "Sorry. I get a kick out of that. I can give this power too. The pleasure is unimaginable." "No thanks, I'm good. Let's just get this wishirite home...
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    Damn, look at how this little guy can't help himself from staring at my chest as we talk. It's so cute. Let's give him a chest bump. Folding up iron plates for him got me so excited. He's making me so horny. Is it hot in here or is it just me? Man, I gotta have this little guy.
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    "Crushing every lock in this room with one hand was a lot of fun. What do you want me to do next?"
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    It was the perfect agreement - I make him bigger and he becomes my protection. The fact that we fell in love, too, was just icing on the already muscled cake. No on ever bothered me again.
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    A night out didn't mean a club or partying - it meant going some place where we could watch our big friend tear stuff apart. Breaking into junkyards so he could toss big things around or demolish things was better that the best rave or bar.
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    "No worries, dude. The door is unlocked, but you aren't going anywhere until these big things say you can. I'm not asking for a lifetime commitment . . . it's just a date."
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    Adventure Number Three As I walked to the gym I began to realize that ripping a bench loaded with four big guys out of the sidewalk had been easier than I would have thought. It didn’t even register to my toothpick arms that concrete was being torn apart as I easily yanked steel bolted to the ground into the air. And then pushing the steel column of the lamppost with what people would call a wimpy forefinger had been so unbelievably simple that I went slow just to make sure I didn’t slam the thing into the ground or easily snap it in two. I was getting stronger – much stronger – just as I had noticed with the hammer in the jock’s room earlier. What did it mean? When would my power stop? When I had my first wet dream at age twelve, I woke up the next morning and threw out my arms in a big yawn and stretch – but my fist was aimed for the headboard. I pummeled through the heavy wood with no problem, but then my fist went completely though the wall, too. All the way to the outside. You could see my neighbors’ house through the big hole – I had busted through drywall and concrete. That day I crushed seven door knobs, I shoved my brother to get out my way and he flew across the back yard, I ripped two doors off the hinges and away from their frame, and then I threw a dodgeball with a little too much strength and accidentally sent our coach and P.E. instructor soaring into the bleachers when I accidentally hit him with a bad throw. Luckily, nothing was broken. That was in junior high. I had become stronger every year since then and now I was a freshman in college with so much strength that I actually didn’t know just how powerful I truly was. This day’s feats had been a breeze, child’s play for me. I could feel the fact that, even though I was very thin, my body was now so thick – so dense – that even a speeding truck would be totaled if it hit me – and I wouldn’t move a bit. What was next? Super breath, able to blow down a building. Would I get x-ray vision, be able to change into fire or grow huge and green when I got angry? All of it was still a mystery to me, but I was damaging too many things by accident. I shook the hand of my big burly mechanic the other day, forgetting to shake lightly – mainly because he’s such a handsome dude – and sent him to his knees because I gripped too hard. A mechanic depended on his hands for his job, too. Was I eventually going to get too powerful to do normal things like hug someone or give a ‘high five’? Would blowing someone a kiss send him through all the walls of the house? And then there was the fact that I still looked like a dorky shrimp to everyone else – even to myself when I looked in the mirror. But that’s not the way I felt on the inside. I felt immortal. I felt like I towered over everyone and could intimidate others just by a slight movement of my arm. But I wasn’t as huge as the Hulk – even though I was just as strong. I was this runt of a fella that could lift the back of an SUV with one finger, toss a guy high enough for him to catch the plane he had missed, and forget about memorizing combinations for bank vaults – I could rip the huge thing open with a simple tug. I had adjusted to my new strength pretty quickly when I had been younger, but now it was getting so difficult to keep up. I was terrified I’d hurt people by accident. At the same time, however, my body’s strength turned me on so much that I could probably take out a row of tanks if I allowed my ejaculations to explode normally. I had to curtail them by tightening my cock or even holding it with a firm grip when I came. I still took out chunks of my dorm room walls and ceiling, but, at least, I didn’t bust out a gaping hole three-stories up, since I lived on the bottom floor. So, here I was - a childlike guy with the strength of superman. It just wasn’t fair, was it? I didn’t really mind about my size when I was using my strength – it just didn’t seem to matter I was small when I was lifting the back of a bus or ripping massive trees from the ground. It would have been cool, though, to have a body that made people anticipate my power. Although, I might not have gotten the chance to show off as much – people would be freaked out before I even did anything. This way, the surprise was half the fun. The big glass windows of the gym enabled me to see our three bully-stooges before I even entered. I recognized them immediately – mainly because they were presently picking on the sole other patron in the facility. They had obviously put the smaller guy on the floor and placed an unmovable weight-loaded bar on his stomach so he couldn’t move. It probably had taken two of the big dudes to lift the bar. They were all standing there looking at the little guy struggling with the bar and laughing. This only made me want to teach them a bigger lesson than before. The first thing I needed to do was get the little guy out of there, so he wouldn’t be a witness to the damage I was going to do. I didn’t need him to be accused of being an accomplice or even knowing about my abilities. When I got to the door and found it locked, I instantly turned super excited because I was going to be able to make a stupendous entrance, which was always a plus. My fist plowing through the metal door must have been as loud as a shotgun blast in the big room. I’m sure it scared the hell out of everyone. It felt like I was poking through tissue and I left a hole the size of a microwave. I’m sure it took the guys a while to figure out what happened, since it was probably hard to make out my skinny arm from across the gym. I pulled my hand out of the hole and admired how I had made all the metal look like jagged cardboard. I then took the butt of my palm and slammed it against the door – lower than the hole. The entire thing, frame and all, went shooting into the gym and banged against the wall on the other side. I think that got everyone’s attention. I couldn’t imagine what it must look like to see a little guy in a white short-sleeved shirt, glasses, pocket protector with two pens inside, and loafers walk in after that. “Well look, there’s a party and I wasn’t invited. I guess my invitation got lost in the campus mail. Sorry to bust in like that fellas, but for some reason the door was locked and I don’t really like locked doors. Haven’t met a lock, yet, that can keep me out, though. Care if I join in the fun? It looks like someone doesn’t actually want to be here.” I had continued to walk through the gym as I blabbered on. There was a definite tightening of my balls when I saw that the three bullies were all huge – members of the school wrestling team, I was sure. Showing off my strength to them was going to be fun. I just needed to help their victim head home, first. No one moved because they were still trying to figure out what was going on. One guy still stared at the destroyed door – imbedded in the wall. “Oh look, someone dropped some weights. That could be dangerous. I think I’m going to have to do some tidying up in here.” I reached down and grabbed the bar that stretched across the smaller guy’s body, pinning him to the floor. I did not, however, take hold of it in the middle. I grabbed it more at one end. When I lifted, though, the bar stayed perfectly straight, my strength easily capable of handling what must have been really hard for two of the big guys to even carry. I smiled at the freed captive and motioned to the destroyed doorway in the corner. The dude was on his feet and out of the gym by the time I tilted the weight bar up in the air as easily as I would a pencil and turned toward the baffled threesome. They were desperately trying to figure out how I was managing such an amazing trick with the weights. Clearly, I wasn’t strong enough to lift the things on my own – not to mention burst through a metal door so easily. As I talked, I waved the loaded bar around like I was some kind of peppy blonde drum major with a baton. I contemplated tossing it spinning in the air, but decided that was too much showing off – even for me. The three bullies watched me, dumbfounded, and ducked whenever I swung the bar near them. “So, fellas, it’s time you picked on someone with equal strength . . . well, not equal exactly. I think you’ll come to realize that even multiplying the three of you each by one hundred men wouldn’t come near to being the same as my power. Gosh, the looks on your faces makes it clear you think this bar is pretty heavy. Did you guys have trouble lifting this, because I find it as light as a toothpick. Seriously. Here, catch.” The three men dropped to the floor immediately – scared to death that I was going to toss the heavily weighted bar in their direction. They also screamed like terrified preschoolers. I smiled and held the bar so it stuck straight up. To freak these guys out like I was doing was the best feeling in the world. They were musclebound behemoths frightened of little ol’ me. I wasn’t done playing with them, though. Not by a longshot. It was time to up the ante some and make them even more nervous. I balanced the end of the bar on my forefinger – holding it aloft by moving my hand around. “Look at that, fellas. I’m holding all this weight with just one finger. Pretty awesome, huh? I’m also thinking this gym could do with some new artwork. It’s a little drab, don’t you think?” As I spoke I grabbed the end of the bar closest to me and swung the thing with a fraction of my full strength. The weights on the other end ripped the security bracket in two and went flying across the gym at a speed so fast it was hard to follow them. When they hit the wall, however, the sound of the impact was deafening. Six metal plates slammed into the concrete so hard they just sank into it – instantly fused together by the impact. It did, indeed, look like someone had put a painting of a weight on the wall. I was impressed with my work. The three bullies, however, were terrified by what I had done. “I think we need a matching piece on the other wall,” I said smiling. This time, I let the bar slide down until my hand met with the first plate secured at the end. I then turned it sideways and put my other hand on the outside plate. Then, I squeezed. I looked like some bizarre accordion player – but when I pressed in with both hands metal had no option but to submit to my power. I compressed the weights until they were one big unit – like pressing hamburger meat together to make bigger patties. The sound it created equaled two bulldozers slamming against each other to win some mechanical battle. To say I was now erect would have been an understatement. I was so hard off of my own strength I could have punctured the compressed pates with one poke of my super strong rod. I was pretty sure the fellas didn’t notice my hard-on because they were too amazed by what my wimpy-looking arms had done to the weights. I pushed the deformed mass off of the pole – demolishing the safety bracket the same way someone rips a bow off of a present. I then held the big blob of smashed plates like a discus and flung it in the opposite direction as last time. The thing looked like a flying saucer zooming through the air. It hit the other wall with the same amount of force as my first throw and the plates sliced into the concrete like a ninja’s shuriken piercing wood. Half of the manmade contraption stuck out into the room – again, looking like some wild muscleman’s artwork. When the sound of the wall being plowed by something stronger died down, I turned to my three new friends. As I spoke I slowly took the bar, which once held the weight, and started rolling it up like it was just a towel. “Man, I love the creative process, don’t you, guys? So, let’s get some things straight. I’m super strong and you’re not. I could toss all three of you through that concrete wall with no problem, at all. But, you see, I’m not like you three. I’m not a bully. I’m simply a guy that wants to make sure everyone’s being nice – everyone’s treating each other with respect. When I got to this little party, earlier, it looked like the three of you were treating a fellow student unkindly. Part of me thinks I should squeeze a few of these machines together with my powerful arms and then rest the thing on top of you three just to show you how our little friend felt earlier, but I think I’ve already ruined enough school property – the door, the plates, and this bar that is now rolled up like a garden hose. Watch as I flatten it into something resembling a pizza.” I noticed the biggest guy of the three slowly moving his hand toward a 15 kilograms dumbbell on a rack beside him. I did not let on that I saw what he was doing. Having thirty-three pounds of iron coming at me was going to be too much fun to not let it happen. As soon as he swung the grabbed piece of iron towards my head, I turned so it would hit me square in the face. Luckily, I had taken off my glasses when I had been swinging around the barbell earlier. My nose stopped the flight of the dumbbell with an abruptness that matched a flyswatter stopping a fly with a direct hit. Iron met something stronger – my face – and the reverberations of the halted mass sent pain through the guy’s hand and arm, causing him to drop the dumbbell on the ground and scream loudly. My neck was so anchored to my powerful body that I hadn’t budged at all – the big weight just kind of bounced off my tough-as-hell nose. I reached down and grabbed the dumbbell. “What did you think you were going to accomplish with that move, dude? You knew this thing wasn’t going to hurt me at all. Did you just want to see my face easily deflect it? Look how my nose made a big dent in the iron, fellas. Kind of hot, isn’t it. God, I love how even something this thick and sturdy gets abused by my body. Now, let’s imagine this was your head, man.” I put my small hands on either ends of the big weight, not being able to wrap my little fingers around the thicker part. I then started pushing in with my palms. The handle in the middle buckled immediately and the two ends banged into each other. I kept pushing. Iron compressed together – something much stronger than it was making it yield, easily. Soon, I had the dumbbell pressed into something as thin as a small paperback book. The iron had spread out more to accommodate what my power was doing. I could have probably molded it into a plate for a bar, but folding it up like a piece of paper seemed like more fun and watching the trio of shaking wrestlers get freaked out more was worth it. “So, if I can squeeze the hell out of this iron dumbbell with the use of very little of my strength, just imagine what I could do to that head of yours. Now, I’m sure you’ve figured out I wouldn’t do that to you, but I wanted you to know I could. Like I said earlier, I’m just here to put you three on a straight and narrow path. Clearly, you three weren’t disciplined enough as children and you think your size and strength give you the right to pick on others. Now, as fun as it would be to turn each of you over my knee one at a time and give you a spanking you’d never forget – and would feel for weeks to come – I just think I can convince you to be nicer by shocking the hell out of you with my strength. I’d hate to have to meet up with you at a later date because you didn’t get my message the first time, but know that I’d do it. I’d bring a few of these bars with me and make sure I twisted them so tight around your body that’d you’d be wearing them until I thought you’d learned your lesson. So, you see my over-muscled friends, it’s the little geek that’s putting you in your proper place tonight. Now, I think there needs to be a little pain – to help you remember our little chat – so I’m thinking the four of us need to wrestle. Oh no, don’t argue about it, fellas. I’m sure you know it’s not an even match, but I promise to go light on you.” I had already noticed mats on the floor in a corner of the room nearby. With speed that surprised each guy before he could do anything, I grabbed them one by one at the front of their sweatshirt and sweatpants, powered them over my head, and then launched them into the air over a couple of machines so they all landed with a loud thud in the center of the mats. I walked slowly and with as much cockiness a little guy can muster toward them as they laid there, still wondering what had happened. I removed my shirt, shoes, and pants, carefully laying them across a bench. I then stood there in all of my short, waif-like glory – making sure they fully grasped that this little guy, this mighty mouse, was the one about to whoop their asses. “I’ll try not to forget how strong I am, gentlemen, and do any permanent damage. I can get carried away, sometimes, and forget normal guys can’t tie a crowbar into a knot, shove a cement truck a half of block down the street, or rip apart cinder blocks for fun. I can’t help myself a lot of times because I just get so turned on by what this scrawny body can do – like tossing each of you through the air as if you were just a pair of balled-up socks. You fellas look scared. That’s a good thing. It means you’re learning the lesson I’m trying to share with you. We could probably stop right now, but where would be the fun in that. I need to show off more. Here, look at my flexed twig of an arm and remember it’s what caused you pain.” I flexed my little arm and all three guys stared at it. By the look on their faces you would have thought I was a seven-foot muscled monster, which I wasn’t. It was just that they fully knew what my arms were capable of. This was going to be fun.
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    When you Bitch Upon a Star Absolutely nobody cheered. There wasn’t one smiling face in the audience. Everybody in Hemingway Conference Room D was disgusted at the way that Lucas acted on stage in front of all his coworkers. There he stood, slurring all his words at the podium and rambling about how Garrett from Corporate had a penis unlike any other. His short black hair was oily and ruffled. His freckled face was flushed with liquor. His tailored brown suit was ripping at the seams of his muscled frame. Anyone with eyes could see that he was drunk and disorderly, hence why the police arrived shortly to escort him back home. Lucas was raving. He thrashed with the officers and yelled at them to put him down. He wasn’t going to have any of their bullshit today. But he didn’t have much of a choice. When he entered the back seat of the police car, he passed out and slept the whole ride home. He awoke to being jostled by the bigger policeman. He had dark skin and darker sunglasses, making his silhouette look as if it was from a dream as the sun shone behind the man’s body. Unable to tell a dream from reality, Lucas didn’t respond to the man and remained limp. “Sir! Your boss, among many others of whom you offended, has agreed not to press charges for making sexual remarks during their meeting. However,” he continued, his gruff voice coming off harsh, “you’re suspended from work for an indefinite time. Please get out of the car and into your house before we have to force you” Lucas groggily slumped out of the car and leaned on the door to his city apartment, passing by the officers without passing a glance. “Lucky son of a bitch.” Lucas whipped his head around to see what they were talking about. “If that was our boss,” the main officer said, “we’d be fired on sight.” The other one chuckled, his voice less masculine and intimidating than the first. “If that was our boss, we’d be SHOT on sight!” The two men got in the car and laughed as they drove away, leaving Lucas on his own. He rustled for his keys and opened the door and walked up the stairs to his tiny little apartment he could barely afford. And now with his job gone, he’d likely be evicted any day now. There was no way that things could get any worse. So, to numb the pain, Lucas drank even more. He drank until his pain went away. He had nothing left to live for. His boyfriend, Jeremy, dumped him for a better-looking man four whole months ago and he still wasn’t over it. He worked out every single day to try to bulk up to match Jeremy’s new man. Then, when that didn’t work, he went to steroids. He bulked faster than anyone has ever seen. But when we asked for Jeremy back, he still said no. So he grew even more. And more. And more. Never stopping until he ran out of cash. But, like anything, his cash supply was finite. Jeremy still didn’t want him back. He was broke, jobless, and drunk. Lucas was a pathetic excuse of a man. People gawked at him on the street like he was a muscle-bound freak. His proportions were off. His biceps were too big. His waist was too small. And his ego was shattered. Every ounce of manhood he had left faded away along with his consciousness. When Lucas woke up again it was nighttime. His head pounded nails into his skull. His stomach churned up a storm. But nevertheless, he stood up and tried to walk outside for some fresh air, his suit feeling constricting on his sweaty body. He tumbled his way down the stairs and opened the front door to the outside world. City smog and the growling of raccoons greeted his unshaven face and he immediately turned around into an alley to avoid the shrieking noise of cars passing by. It was dark, gloomy, and dank, much like how he was feeling. So, like any hopeless man did, he sat down on the ground and leaned his back against the grimy brick wall. Lucas lifted his head up and watched the stars above. They twinkled in the midnight sky and put a small smile on his face. “I just wish that I could teach them all a lesson. I wish that I could be bigger than all of them combined, that I could finally let them know what a mistake they made fucking with me!” And with the final words, Lucas started to cry softly to himself. He felt powerless. But, little did he know that as soon as he slumped his head down, a shooting star went by and heard his plea for help. Lucas cried himself out and wiped his eyes when he was done. He wasn’t just going to sit around and wait for life to destroy him! He was going to get even! Lucas stood up and hailed a cab. The woman driving looked just as tired as he did, her long red hair puffing outwards with knots and her face drooping like a bag. He told her Jeremy’s address and waited for her to arrive, but on the ride there, he realized that he didn’t want to end the ride there. He had some more people to teach a lesson to. “Miss, can you wait for me outside his house? I need to go somewhere else after.” The lady grunted and shrugged her shoulders, not really caring what she did as long as she got paid for it. Lucas grinned maliciously and stepped outside Jeremy’s house. He rummaged through his pockets and took out his key ring. He never did get rid of Jeremy’s key. It was a memento. But now, he realized, it was literally the key to revenge. Lucas opened the door and barged inside, stepping over discarded beer cans and pizza boxes to go up to Jeremy’s bedroom on the second floor. His house was a mess. It was the perfect cover-up. All Lucas had to do was deny ever being there and the sheer mess of his house was a water-tight excuse. He’d say that Jeremy must have fallen and hurt himself or something. When he got to Jeremy’s door, he slammed it open with all his might. “Wake up, you little slut!” Lucas roared, his aggression only rising as he saw his ex-boyfriend sleeping in the same bed he slept in when they were still together. Jeremy fell off the frame and stood up, his tiny pale naked body wrapped completely in his sheets, his brown hair messed up from sleep. “Lucas! Get out of my fucking house! What the hell do you want?” Jeremy cried. Lucas stomped over to him, his six-foot frame overshadowing Jeremy. He then grabbed his neck and lifted him up in the air like the men he’d seen in movies do. Then he started to squeeze. “What do I want?!” Lucas bellowed. “I want you to go to hell!” Jeremy’s eyes went wide as he saw Lucas’s biceps begin to swell with power. His already-torn suit began to rip even more. One by one his muscles started to bulge outward and surge his body with strength. The sound of cotton ripping echoed around the room. Lucas didn’t notice. His rage was too uncontrollable. He just kept squeezing and squeezing Jeremy’s writhing body as his life began to drain away. “You made a fucking mistake dumping me for that slut, wherever he is! I’m gonna teach that bastard a lesson RIGHT after I finish you, you pathetic little ant!” Then with a final grip, Lucas smashed Jeremy’s neck and left his bloody body on the messy floor. There was no explaining that one to the cops, but he didn’t care. The power felt so good! He needed more! Lucas slammed open the door and heaved his way down the stairs, everything left of his clothes cutting off his air flow. He was huge. Even bigger than before. Now there was no denying that something wasn’t natural with him. He was bigger than any bodybuilder. Closer to the Incredible Hulk, really, except even bigger. Lucas opened the cab door outside and stepped in, having to lean down and squeeze into the middle in order to fit in the tiny vehicle. “Where to now, love?” The cab driver asked, not looking back at the monster before her. “Lamplight Insurance. It’s my office,” he replied. As they drove down to his old job, Lucas started to feel the adrenaline slow down. Then, with newfound clarity, he looked at himself in the rear-view mirror. He was fucking GIANT! His pecs extended at least a foot long. His arms bulged like beach balls. His legs looked like tree trunks. Even his bulge was noticeable through his pants, which were now completely torn off except for his pelvis line, making him look like he was wearing a speedo and a tank top. You could hardly even see his face behind his mountains of muscle. But if you did, you’d see it smiling with lust. The cab finally stopped outside and let him out, still not understanding why it felt like the drive had such heavy cargo inside. Lucas gave the lady all the money he had left and let her drive off. After all, he wasn’t going to need money anymore. He had much bigger plans. As the sun began to rise, Lucas smashed open the glass doors to his office and sauntered inside, not caring about the alarm blaring around him. With each pounding step, Lucas grew more and more. He felt each vein pumping more and more mass into his already giant body. But as he approached the elevators, he realized that he was too big to go up. And he was too wide to go through the staircase. That made him very upset. And with his anger came more growth. Lucas let out a fierce roar as his body bubbles up taller and wider than ever before. The vaulted ceiling wasn’t too high anymore compared to Lucas. And he loved every second of it. He would show them all! He would make them pay for mistreating him and getting him suspended! They would all pay! The sound of police cars joined the symphony of alarms. As Lucas heard the sound of doors slamming, his pecs overshadowed his face and he couldn’t see anything. But he felt the ceiling above him, his biceps pressing into the stone. “What the fuck is that?!” An officer yelled. “I don’t fucking know, man, but we have to fucking stop it!” Lucas heard gunshots, but only felt pebbles bouncing off of his naked skin. His clothes were obliterated. There he stood, a fifty-foot-tall mass of Lucas, his body filling up the lobby of his office building. But as he stopped rising, his muscles pressing into the ceiling, he started growing outwards. “Oh...fuck YES!” Lucas cried. His cock started to rumble. The pure pleasure of growing bigger than anything else was immeasurable. The ecstasy of becoming more powerful than modern weaponry was pure bliss to him! And it showed well. As Lucas started to moan, his cock began getting bigger. It stretched out with so much force that it barreled through whatever was left of the front entrance and started crashing through buildings. To Lucas it felt like the worlds biggest fleshlight. “More!! I need More!!” He yelled. He heard the officers call for backup. That was exactly what he wanted. He wanted to feel more bullets. He wanted to feel them TRY to stop him! “I’ve found a weak spot!” Someone cried out. Then Lucas heard dozens of men running around back past his swimming pool-sized balls and to his back. “Fire!” Lucas got an ass massage like no other. With the heaviest weapons they had, an estimate of a while police force laid raid to his bubble butt. But luckily for him, it only stimulated the growth more. He felt his ass begin to inflate like two giant balloons, crushing all the men underneath like mere insects. But the pleasure was too much. Lucas’s body responded too well. With the sound of cracking, the ceiling collapsed and Lucas exploded through the next few floors of the building, his growth only gaining momentum. “MORE!! FUCK YES! HERE’S YOUR MOTHERFUCKING OFFICE, OR WHATEVER’S LEFT OF IT! HAVE FUN IN HELL, BITCHES!” Lucas flexed his biceps and demolished the entire skyscraper in one go, each floor crashing onto his body. But with every stimulus that he got, he only grow exponentially more. His pecs soon covered the whole block. His biceps reached to the clouds above. His ass lifted him dozens of stories high. His legs practically grew into one as they expanded outward. His cock stretched all the way across the state. Then soon, all of that doubled. Like he was growing against sandpaper, hundreds of buildings were crushed by his weight almost instantaneously. Then hundreds became thousands. Millions. Billions. Then soon he felt the pull of the earth fade away. Slowly but surely he was outgrowing the whole planet. He was his own gravitational force. And as science states, gravity attracts things to large objects. Lucas felt giant objects start to squeeze onto him like magnets shot from a gun. With each new celestial body, Lucas’s body bursted with more muscle. His cock ripped through galaxies. His ass stopped black holes. His biceps hit the edge of the universe. Exponentially faster and faster Lucas grew until he no longer felt anything all all except his pure muscle. He was the biggest thing in existence. He was the whole universe. Even as he kept flexing, he felt his muscles start to grow into each other with nowhere else to grow. That was it for Lucas. He had to cum. As his muscle started growing around his cock, jerking it ever so slowly, Lucas let out a final roar and let out immeasurable loads of cum. Cosmic galaxies of sperm exploded and covered any remaining gap in the hot, white liquid. Lucas was going to be very happy. After all, nobody could stop him now. He was all power incarnate. And who wouldn’t wish for that?
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    Erm...you're making me sound like some kind of sadistic tease. Getting off on the fact that there's people out there eager to find out whether Woody ends the night with cute, ginger Max or wether he FINALLY goes for it with Luke or choses sexy Steve from the bar or who knows, maybe even ends up with prick faced Leonard whose only being rude to Woody because he fancies the fucking pants off him and doesn't think he stands a chance (when actually he does)? Well I can assure you I'm not and I don't take any pleasure from teasing people. And to prove it I'll give you an exact time and day when the next chapter will be posted and that will be dsjd hd83uf fuhwe9feh - ARGH - just spilled water on my keyboard. Sorry. Seems to be working now. What was I saying again? Whoops I forgot. (P.S. Loved this comment @Wrestlejock646 )
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    "I've been trying to impress my old man for all of my life. It wasn't until I lifted an SUV over my head that he told me he was proud of me. It was the happiest day of my life. Now, he just wants me to keep on getting bigger and stronger."
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    Omniman, the beginning Bea Research Co. was always a top of the line center for technological innovations, but this new invention certainly takes the cake. As a breakthrough emerged in molecular rearranging, the top scientists at the headquarters took heed in creating a solution to world hunger. The kitchen kit, as it’s aptly named, can rearrange any molecules through the nozzle and can turn it into food. Although untested, it already showed promising results in the individual parts mechanics operations. Standing at the same size as a cardboard box, this new contraption is all you’ll ever need for the rest of your life! And furthermore, it uses the breaking apart of molecules as its energy source. The more you use it, the more energy it has! It works very easily. First, you strap the hose to your mouth and secure it comfortably. Second, you turn on the machine and whatever object you desire can be put into the hole to be turned into food. Anything at all can be used, although typically, carbon based things taste best. Even old, rotten, or toxic foods can be put inside and eaten again. There’s even different settings depending on diet! Keto? No problem! Want to lose weight? The body customization menu has a wide variety of options! There’s nothing you can’t do with the Kitchen Kit! Only $199.99! Wild was a white-haired young man studying graphic design. Not too exceptional in talent to the naked eye, but with every layer removed, he was more and more amazing. He was ideal for this. He was sweet and kind and unsuspecting (and incredibly attractive too). Which made him the perfect candidate for trial testing. He was a tad on the short side, coming in around 5’4, but his tight body made up for his lack of height when it came to conventional standards. It gave him the confidence necessary for the adventure he was about to embark on. Wild saw the note up on the bulletin board. $100 for human test subject for new Kitchen Kit. Visit this address for more information xxxxx xxxx rd. So, like any broke student, he took the paper. He was just glad that he was the first to see it. He drove over to the location and went inside carelessly. It was a giant white building immaculately cleaned and polished. It was charmingly sparkly. He walked to the information desk and showed the receptionist the flyer. The man was on the phone, but pointed him over to the sign on the wall. Wild followed it to the lab room, where he walked inside and was greeted by an older woman with a lab coat and a clip board. “Oh. Goodness. You’re here for the testing?” She asked. “Y-Yeah! I am! There was a $100 promise?” She frowned a wrinkly frown. “I’m sorry dear, but we’re all done with the testing. But to make it worth your time, you can take one of the prototypes. The central unit was removed so it’s no longer functional. But if the product picks up, then it may be worth some dough later on!” Wild didn’t know what to do, but not wanting to confront the kind old lady, he took the machine and went home to me, his loving roommate, who wasn’t with him officially, but who had a cute relationship together. Little did they know when he walked through the door that it would end in world annihilation “Hey baby! You’re back! How was the test?” I asked, my enthusiasm evident. Wild smiled and walked inside. “It was okay. I didnt get the money, but they gave me a non-functioning prototype.” “Awww, it doesn’t work? That’s lame. They should have just given you the cash like they promised.” “It’s alright cutie. We can still open it up and take a look!” I laughed. “Hell yeah babe! Sounds fun!” So with screwdrivers in hand, we took that damn thing apart and studied it and put it back together again. It was a really fun time despite some annoying moments with the mechanics. “You know,” Wild began, “this thing looks pretty functional to me.” “Yeah,” I agreed. “It does. Do you want to...try it out?” Wild looked at me with glee and nodded his head. “Easier than cooking dinner, I guess.” I opened up the menu on the screen of the blank white box while Wild set up the tube and the funnel. It was just like a phone screen. There were many different options, but the one that stood out to me first was the diet option. So I opened it up. And, to my surprise, I found a shit ton of sub levels and folders to choose from. Everything from weight to muscle to hair growth to even sex drive were all accounted for. “Hey babe, I’m gonna try to do every option I can do at once. See how far this thing can go!” Wild looked at me and smiled sheepishly. “Well, we don’t want to break it. But I suppose it isn’t supposed to work anyway. So go ahead!” I laughed with apparent thrill and pressed all the buttons I could. Then, with a sparkle in my eye, I strapped the hose over my mouth and gave a thumbs up The machine began to whirr. Wild started to look around for something to put inside, but the Kitchen Kit began to make food anyway. It wasn’t needing any input! It was taking the air and turning it into calories! A thick gray liquid began pouring into the hose and down my mouth. It tasted like nothing before, as if engineered to be the best food for my own tastes. I didnt even need to chew and swallow. The warm liquid just went right down. And I was loving every second of it. Wild was watching in awe. He already saw the effects begin to take place. My shirt began stretching outwards as my belly expanded and I put on twenty pounds in mere seconds. The machine worked, alright. There must have been a mistake. But Wild wouldn’t stop it. And I didnt want him to. I felt the food hit my body with a warm embrace, but at the same time, it didn’t relinquish my hunger. I felt bloated. I felt big. But big was always a good feeling. It was powerful! But the power wouldn’t end there. Like blowing up a balloon, my stomach continued to grow and grow until my shirt climbed its way up to my chin like I was wearing a scarf. Then I felt a grumble. My belly’s expansion slowed down and wild sighed with relief. It was over now. He touched my giant gut and couldn’t help squeezing it tightly like a bean bag. It was so hot to him. It was to both of us. But then something else happened. My stomach wasn’t the only thing growing. As Wild caressed my belly, something knocked him over from under his feet with a giant ripping sound and plopped him onto my gut. As he looked up, he saw my face glowing red with sexual pleasure. And looking down, he saw a cock the size of a pirate cannon with balls bigger than beach balls. He could feel the cum churning underneath my belly. And it continued pumping. My gut was rising. Blowing up even more as more food came into my mouth. But my balls were growing now too. And my cock was only getting longer and longer. Thicker and thicker. But once again, that wasn’t all. A muffled gasp of sexual joy bubbled from beneath my mask. Then, with a rise of my arms, I flexed my two gigantic arms and instantly ripped whatever was left of my clothes right off. It was like I was made of rubber and helium. The food kept pouring in at faster and faster rates until Wild felt his butt hit the ceiling. My pecs collided with him at the same time, my gut no longer the biggest thing on me. My cock stretched outside of the garage and into the street. The distant sound of screams kept coming. But there was still way more to go Wild let out a moan and grabbed his hard cock. He became squished between my giant pecs, engulfed in hot mass. There was nothing else he could even think about. He stripped everything off and grabbed his smoking hot cock with his hand and started jerking off like never before. Then, as if in sync, both Wild and I orgasmed and spewed cum all over. For him, it ended up on his cute sexy body, but for me, it wiped out half the country. But the machine liked that. As soon as it came out and flooded America, it went right back in through the machine and pumped exponentially more. Pump after pump, muscle on top of muscle, it was all too much for anyone besides us two. Crushing and demolishing the nation was an easy feat for the Omniman and his beautiful servant, Wild. I flexed my biceps again and again as my arms grew taller than I was and nearly as wide across. It looked like pool floats were on my arms, except those floats were bigger than Texas. But then Texas was too small. America. Then that was too small too. Every part of me grew bigger and bigger as my throat expanded and made way for cosmic portions. But Wild still wasn’t satisfied. He came again. This time, soaking his face. And feeling this orgasm, I came again too. And it went right back in after flooding the planet. But unfortunately, there wasn’t anything left to vacuum, right? After all, all the air was gone! But that wasn’t true in the slightest. Slowly, the entire earth began to tremble as the machine began to suck it in with the force of a black hole, every molecule fueling its acceleration. Wild felt my growth slow down a lot, but he didn’t see the stuff going down in the back. I rolled my eyes to the back of my head and tried not to scream with pleasure. In addition to each and every rolling galaxy of muscle, was an ass about to rip open space itself. Then, almost instantly, both Wild and I were blasted from behind as my ass grew so big it hit the end of the universe and pushed us along as speeds that shouldn’t have been possible. Luckily for us, my rapidly expanding pecs cushioned us forward and my biceps kept us stable as they pushed against the ceiling. This time, not of a house, but of the entire universe. There was no beginning and no end. My legs were wider than even I could feel. My ass crushed everything behind us and my balls and my pecs crushed everything in front. My arms crushed everything to the sides. Only he was safe. “Wild, I know you can hear me. Do you...want me bigger?” I mustered. Wild didn’t know what to say. He wanted more. But what was there even more of to have? He was in heaven. He came three more times in that last growth spurt, and he felt another coming. But he knew what I wanted. “Yes! Always more, Omni!” “Then cum for me, babe. Aim your cock to my voice. If you cum, I’ll have just enough power to break the bonds of everything. Ill truly be Omniman if you do that!” And he didn’t even have to try. Wild instantly shot a load when he heard my booming cosmic voice. And, like I planned, it was just enough. My body began to rumble. Every single crack left in the universe began full with a final pump. But then, a giant rip emerged in the fabric of space as my cock tore through everything there ever was. Upon encountering new universes, the machine kept going, expanding me more and more exponentially, my gut and my muscle pulsating with power. We broke universe after universe, absorbing everything there was. And it kept speeding up. After a while, I couldnt even keep track of it. I had reached infinity. I was Onmiman, and Wild were the man who got me there. And he’d be with me forever and ever.
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    "Okay, it's your arm. Just remember, I warned you about broken bones."
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    The Look He was just finishing up his routine when he got that look on his face. There was no doubt in my mind that he won his class and possibly the over-all depending on how fickle the judges were. That look! My knees buckled and I collapsed back into my seat while everyone around me continued to scream and cheer. My brain blocked out clamorous roar in the auditorium and I saw his face hovering above mine. Sweat covered our bodies and the smell of sex surrounded us like a cloud. My whole body trembled as my ass clenched and cum filled my briefs. I almost felt him thrusting and heard the rapid slap of skin on skin. My hands roamed over his insanely massive hard physique as I saw the expression on his face changing. Then as his balls got ready to spew he held back the desire to explode and like a jet revving up its engines before takeoff he would slam into me harder and harder until ‘that look’ surged over his face. Many a time ‘that look’ triggered my orgasm just as it had seconds ago. With his eyes locked on mine his jaw would clench and his body would flex as he planted his seed deep inside of me blasting us both off into the stratosphere. Then his face would soften and his massive body would collapse on top of mine as his kisses landed on my neck and his grunts of delight filled my ears. Words of love for my ears only and never spoken in public rolled off his lips as mini-orgasmic aftershocks added more of his seed to the flood each time my ass clenched around his shaft. Sometimes there would be a frightening roar as a second orgasm overwhelmed his body. I consider that second orgasm to be a gift but he often told me it was his lack of control. He would smile and tell me it was my fault. I’d smile back and tell him ‘I hope so’ and he would laugh. “No lover but you has ever been able to make me have multiple orgasms or keep me so hard so long,” he told me. It was as if he took a little blue pill but I knew he didn’t. He hated taking any drugs even if he got the flu. Often he would roll to his back and take me with him. Then it was my turn to worship his physique or toy with him or kiss him or even just rest on his pecs listening to his heartbeat. We would shower and then he would snuggle against my back on the clean sheets and envelop me with his hand against my chest pulling me in until there was full body contact. Yep that was my love posing on the stage and he was able to make me cum with a look. I’d say I was a pretty lucky guy.
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    Part Four “How ‘bout a second one, barkeep, and don’t be stingy,” Mr. Dennis said with the kind of look in his eyes that involuntarily made my ass cheeks squeeze together. “Let’s call it fuel for the hard play to come.” My hands shook a little from my excitement as I poured another bountiful glass of whiskey for the elder stud. I knew he’d be feeling the effects of the sleeping potion soon. I was beyond happy with the way Mr. Dennis had downed his first glass. It was as if he knew what was to come and he wanted it to get there fast, too. This time he sipped his drink, but I noticed the sips were quite big. I needed to orchestrate some things pretty quickly, if I was going to have him set up for the change. “Shall we move to the bedroom, sir?” I asked, winking at the man. “You don’t beat around the bush, do you, son. The bedroom sounds nice, Thomas. I’m suddenly feeling the effects of this Black Bush. I must be turning into a lightweight.” “We’ll soon be changing that, sir.” “What was that, Tommy-boy?” he asked and his words slurred a little. I realized the man was definitely not feeling like himself, for as we walked to the master bedroom he didn’t put his now very familiar hand at the small of my back. As a matter of fact, I had to guide him a little as we got closer to the bed. I was able to take the glass from his hand right before he fell face first on the king-sized mattress. He rolled over and started trying to undo his belt. “Gonna power drive you like a . . . like a . . . I don’t know what it will be like . . . but it will be hard . . . and feel so . . .” His hands fell to his side. His eyes were closed. And his breathing instantly became deep and long. He was out for the count. I needed to make sure, though. I knelt spread eagle over his waist and – after saying ‘forgive me, sir’ – I slapped him pretty hard on his cheek. No reaction whatsoever. The man was in such a deep sleep even a hurricane wouldn’t have awakened him. I wasted no time, I wanted to inject the formula before I panicked or had second thoughts. I unbuttoned his shirt and stopped for a minute to gaze at the nicely gray-furred, semi-firm pecs of the gorgeous man. I ran my hands across his chest hair, imagining what it would feel like when the thing was monstrous and harder than stone. I was impressed that Mr. Dennis still had some partially defined abs – definitely no dad-bod for this man. I got his shirt off and then finished undoing his belt. I pulled his pants and boxers (that was a surprise) down at the same time. His thick, long tool and hairy balls caught me totally off guard. I realized at that moment that, although he had fondled my cock all night long, I hadn’t ever reached over to his crotch to discover the man was packing a more than ample tool. It was surrounded by thick salt-and-pepper curly pubic hair and the instant aroma of sweaty balls made me want to bury my face down there. I refrained, removed his shoes and socks and then pulled his pants and underwear completely off. The man’s beautiful naked body lay on my bed like a virgin being offered to the gods. “Damn, Mr. Dennis, you’re already hot as hell. Just imagine what you’re going to look like when you’re as big and muscled as Lou Ferrigno or even bigger.” I went to the bathroom and retrieved all the tools for the injection. Within a few minutes I was injecting his thigh with the neon-blue formula I had waited so long to use. It suddenly dawned on me that I should have left his clothes on so I could witness them being ripped to shreds as he grew, but then I thought about the fact that he probably wouldn’t want to ruin them. Then I hit myself in my head because he’d never be able to wear them again, anyway. I was now in unchartered territory. I had done such a fantastic job of planning and imagining what I would do up to this point that I hadn’t ever really thought about what I might do after the injection. My projections told me I had a few hours before anything would begin. I propped a pillow under his head and went back to the kitchen to pour me another double shot of whiskey. This time I didn’t use water or ice. I went back and sat on the bed – rubbing Mr. Dennis’ hairy leg as I sipped my drink. “I hope you like your new size and strength, sir. It’s just that you’re everything I could have ever dreamed for in a man. God, the sight of you, now, even before the change, makes me hard as hell. Big, man-sized penis, orange-sized balls, furry tight body, and a face like a grampa angel – what’s not to love? It’s just that I want to give you more . . . well, I want to give us more. I want you to be like my senior-aged Hercules, my muscled master who will keep me in my place and empower me at the same time. I just want a huge daddy – is that so wrong? And who am I talking to, anyway?” I looked back down at the body of the quiet, still man – knowing that the formula was presently beginning its miraculous work as I sat there. The way the stuff would change was very technical and what some people would call magical, but it really just boiled down to cell enhancement and restructuring. He’d become thicker, which would make him become bigger, which would make him become stronger, which would turn him into a sexy gray-haired behemoth beyond heavyweight bodybuilding size. He’d even outsize and out power those huge powerlifters who carried huge round stones to show off. I imagined Mr. Dennis juggling with some of those stones. That thought led to me downing my whiskey, going to the kitchen to get another one, returning to the bedroom and then undressing. I pulled the big reading chair over by the window beside the bed, so I could sit there and have a front-row view of the changes. I sipped my drink and found that my gaze kept returning to Mr. Dennis’ cock. It dawned on me that I wanted it to grow first – how predictable of a gay man, right? The idea of that already gorgeous thick tube of beef getting bigger, thicker, more powerful made me start stroking my own cock. I realized my admiration of the man’s lower parts had made me finish my third, hefty-sized whiskey. I was now completely buzzed, fully erect, and feeling too far away from my older soon-to-be superman. I moved to the bed and laid down beside him. It would be fun to feel the growth as well as watching it. I put my head on his gray-furred chest and listened to his strong heartbeat. My hand had found its way to his thick meat and I was tugging at it without even thinking. I felt Mr. Dennis getting hard and laughed to myself – of course this virile elder man would be able to produce a hard-on even when he was strongly drugged. I continued to fondle him and he continued to get fully hard. The sound of his heart, the heat generated by his body, and the feeling of his thick, hard meat in my hand made me relax more than I ever had in my entire life – I felt so secure and safe – and so within minutes I was fast asleep. To awaken from dreams of the man of your dreams growing huge and knowing that his giant body will be next to you is the sweetest feeling in the world. To realize that your new life – the one you always wanted starts today gives you the desire to make the moment – that life-changing instant – last forever. But at the same time, you really want to take in all the wonderful enhancements that have taken place while you foolishly fell asleep and missed the show. I blamed the whiskey and the fact that I consumed way too much of it. I also blamed how comfortable my dream man’s warm body had felt and the fact that I could fondle his gorgeous dick as I slipped off into another world. There were so many sensations to soak up at the same time. “Good morning, sexy.” The warmth of that now familiar voice matched the warmth of the body beside me, which didn’t come close to matching the heat from the hard dick in my hand. The hard, normal-sized dick in my hand! I sat up quickly and gazed down at the beautiful elder-man body of Mr. Dennis. The body that looked the same as it had from last night – still sexy as hell, but not enhanced, not super-muscled, not bigger than the bed frame. My mind spun out of control. My entire being suddenly went off kilter. I couldn’t control myself and my face betrayed me – it burst into a look of total disappointment and shock that my formula had not worked. My entire faith in myself – in my abilities – as well as my total unbridled excited anticipation of a huge man being in my body came crashing down in an instant. In a series of unfortunate results – Mr. Dennis’ hard-on deflated quickly, the man read my face as a look of horror that I had ended up in bed with him, and the guy suddenly realized he didn’t remember the night after a certain point. I was too self-absorbed in my disbelief that my calculations had been wrong that I didn’t notice any of this. Mr. Dennis was off the bed in a flash – gathering up clothes. “I’ve seen that look before, kid. Alcohol and nighttime made you think you were into an old man, but the morning brings a dose of shocked reality. I’m so sorry to disappoint your drunk fantasies, Thomas.” “You’re the same,” was all I could say at that moment, I was still immersed in my utter disbelief that my calculations were wrong. “What does that mean?” the older man asked, stopping mid-way as he pulled on his pants. His slight angry tone snapped me back to the present moment in a flash. I quickly registered all that had been misconstrued and said up to that moment. I also knew I needed to save this moment. I needed to keep this man in my life. I needed to make a new formula. My brain multi-tasked as I started to talk – assuming immediately that I had stored the formula for too long. It had gone bad. That’s what the problem had been. Homemade potions don’t have expiration dates, but clearly mine had lost all of its ‘juice,’ so to speak. That was the logical explanation for my clear, accurate calculations not working. I, however, needed to save the moment happening presently in my bedroom. “You’re still the same . . . gorgeous man I fell asleep with last night,” I quickly said and I saw Mr. Dennis’ shoulders relax. “I’m so disappointed we both fell asleep. I blame you . . . and that blasted whiskey.” “Come to think of it, I can’t believe I didn’t hold my liquor better – I usually don’t have any problem. Why am I undressed and you are not?” “After you passed out I decided I should be able to . . . you know . . . gaze and fondle the beautiful merchandise,” I said, trying my best to sound all sexy and in no way creepy. “You slut! Taking advantage of an old man,” Mr. Dennis replied, letting his pants slide back down to his feet and then moving onto the bed. The man kissed me hard – clearly, all was forgiven. We were back on track. The kiss was as toe-crunchingly good as the night before. He semi-growled as we sucked face and it was, again, a sound that thrilled me to no end – even if I longed for it to be much deeper because he was much bigger. That would all have to wait, I’m afraid. He pulled his face away from mine and glanced at his watch. “I was hoping for a quickie, Thomas, but I just realized how late it is. I actually have a yoga class I teach at 2:00pm. I need to run, I’m afraid. I hope you can forgive me for zoning out like that, last night. It’s not my style and never happens. How might I make up for it?” “Well, yoga explains the tight body and the flexibility,” I said, making him smile. “You could make up for it by coming back here for dinner . . . tonight?” I said and then tensed up with worried anticipation of what his answer might be. “I’d love to. I’ll bring the wine, handsome,” he answered, smiling and kissing me again. “Now, I really must go. So sorry to have to dash.” “It’s not a problem,” I said, “It will give me time to prepare a new . . . um . . . recipe.” I almost said formula. I knew that I had everything here that I needed to make another batch. I knew it would take a while, but I could do it. Since it was still the weekend, I took the chance that Mr. Dennis would be able to make it another late night. I needed about five hours. “Would eight o’clock be too late? You’re more than welcome to stay over, Mr. Dennis.” “You are a little slut, Thomas. Of course, eight will be fine. I’d love to stay over and try this again…” “Exactly what I was thinking.” “I’ll bring a toothbrush for the morning.” “Maybe a new one, so you could just leave it here,” I suggested, making the now fully-dressed man really smile as he bent down to kiss me, again. “Calling a Lyft,” he said and pulled out his phone. I followed him to the front door as the arrangements were made. Luckily, there was a driver two-minutes away. We stood in the foyer and kissed even more passionately than all the times before. I was full of extreme excitement because I had not totally missed my chance with this perfect man. We would be together, in the way I wished to be, very soon. I missed him, immediately, as he made his way down my driveway to the waiting car. After shutting the door, I jumped into motion to get the formula done early – so I’d have time to fix a meal, as well. It was going to be a jam-packed afternoon. Four hours later, my phone rang and I saw it was the dream man. At first, I panicked that he was calling to cancel, so I answered quickly – just to find out as fast as I could why he was calling. “Hello, Mr. Den…” I began, but was instantly interrupted. “What did you do to me?” said a voice so deep and growling that it instantly made my balls tighten. “Get over here. I can’t even leave my place because I have no clothes that will fit me. I’d have to wear a bed sheet. You have some explaining to do, Thomas. I keep breaking things.” The phone then went dead. I instantly knew it had been crushed by an untrained powerful hand. Luckily, we had discussed where he lived the night before and we had even put addresses into our phones. That’s how confident we had been that the relationship would grow, or maybe it was just the Borolo wine making us hopeful. At this point, I wasn’t thinking about anything but getting to the man’s house as fast as I could – without getting a ticket or causing a wreck. I somehow managed to cut a twenty-five-minute trip down to fifteen. It was the longest quarter of an hour of my entire life. I was at his front door and ringing the bell in what seemed like only two steps. I heard heavy, hot-sounding thuds as someone or something big moved toward the door inside. There was no one at the door when it opened, but then, suddenly, what appeared to be a giant’s huge hand and even more humongous arm came from the side, grabbed me by the front of my shirt, and lifted me across the threshold into the dark foyer. The door shut behind me – closed by another arm that seemed way above my head. Curtains were drawn on all the windows so it took a few seconds for my eyes to adjust, but when they did I was stunned beyond belief. “Sweet fucking hell!” “Don’t you sweet fucking hell me, Thomas!” the mega beast in front of me bellowed deeply as he tightened the giant paw at the front of my shirt and lifted me off the ground – shaking me so hard that I flopped around like a fish caught on a hook. “Did you do this to me?” “Yes sir.” “Is it permanent?” “Yes sir.” “Why?” “I made you into my dream man . . . I mean - physically . . . you were already my dream man on the inside. Only, I never dreamed you would turn out this amazing!”
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    The Prologue is found here The preceeding chapter is found here The Orgone Accumulator: Part Three The young man stood leaning on the balustrade, admiring the scenery from the terrace, which ran in front of the facade of the main building. The white-painted concrete must have been considered avant-garde thirty years ago, but The Foundation hadn't been able to maintain the building the way it deserved, and the white paint fell from the facade like unmelting flakes in the wind. Smoke rose from the cigarette in the corner of his mouth, a pillar of smoke spiralling upwards, disappearing. The road. Valleys of trees. Vineyards. Forests. Perhaps a hint of glittering sea, far, far away between some of the hills, but it was also possible, that he imagined the glitter of waves, because he knew it must be somewhere over there, westward. Sunny California, indeed. Not like his wintery home-town. Useful? Yes, useful therapy, to an extent, but none of the other guests at The Foundation were of his age, and the garden, atelier, library and meditation room felt suffocatingly still and lifeless. The Businessman approached, wearing his expensive costume tailored to look dull. The Businessman's actual name sounded fancy, but the young man hadn't yet been able to associate it with that famous company. "Do you mind if I join you when I smoke, young man?" He must have been more than fifty years old. By his look, he must be living a very successful life. What was he and his pearl-decked wife doing at The Foundation? Were rich people really supposed to be in need of therapy? Couldn't they buy happiness? America. The land of opportunities, as his grandparents had used to say, when they immigrated in another century. "Of course not, Sir. I hope, that I don't trouble you." "Not at all, son. I have attended The Foundation together with Julia for years, and I always appreciate when some guests are somewhat younger than we are. It enlivens the place. Julia and I don't have any children of our own." The Businessman lit his own cigarette, and looked thoughtful, as he seemed to take the natural scenery in. "How old is this place, Sir?" "The main building was built in the style of early modernism in the 1920s by a German-American architect, but most of the smaller buildings were added in the 1940s, when Dr. Witt founded The Foundation. Dr. Reich visited several times in the beginning, but then the unpleasant business happened in 1956." "Unpleasant business?" "You haven't heard? Dr. Reich spent his last two years in prison, and died just a few days before being able to obtain a parole." "What for?" "The Food and Drug Administration didn't approve of some of his inventions. They believed his methods were fraudulent." "But he was a doctor, wasn't he?" "He was a psychoanalyst, but his methods differed from Sigmund Freud. Have you heard about Freud?" "I think, I'd seen his name mentioned in some newspaper before Dr. Witt explained more about him. What do you think? You wouldn't come here, if you didn't trust Dr. Reich's ideas, would you, Sir?" "Talking to someone -- a priest or a rabbi or a psychoanalyst or someone else bound to not gossip -- wont hurt. I don't think highly of the navel-gazing. The massage is nice. I've eaten worse food than this, but I am not entirely sure what to make of The Orgone Accumulator. To be honest, I mainly come here, because Julia believe in Reich's theories." "Orgone Accumulator?" "They haven't prescribed it to you, yet? Fair enough. I suppose Dr. Witt -- you are one of Dr. Witt's clients aren't you, not a client of one of the others? -- will give you the treatment after some initial cycles of analysis and massage. Did Dr. Witt ever mention Orgone?" "Yes. Dr. Reich theorized, that there is some sort of life-force in every living being, but Dr. Witt never explained any details." "It's the details I distrust, not the basic idea. He even attempted to draw Orgone from the clouds with some sort of antenna. The American authorities burned his books in 1956, which I think is a shame: In a free country, all citizens are free to present their thoughts freely, and if they contain bogus, they will be exposed as such in a free debate, not by censorship. A shame, really." They fell silent a little while. "Do you have any analysis or massage booked for today?" "Not this afternoon. I had a therapy session with Dr. Witt early this morning." "I'm going into the city. Want a ride?" "Thank you, Sir. It's not like I dislike the fresh air out here, but I wouldn't say no to a few hours away from The Foundation." * * * Next chapter is found here
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    It would be a pretty boring story too if it did. I can confirm there is some awkwardness on the way. And lots of other stuff!
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    Ah the course of true love never did run smooth!
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    Part Three I didn’t remember much about the rest of the evening – except the way Mr. Dennis’ hand felt every time it squeezed or stroked part of my body. When he took it away to eat or do something else, I immediately missed his firm grip and loving caresses. To say I was smitten was an understatement. The man was witty, charming, brutally honest, and steered the evening like some kind of magnificent elder captain of an ocean liner and I was his number one cabin boy. He was confident in the way I had dreamed my chosen subject would be – clearly able to be the one in charge, but in a gentle way and harsh only when he needed to be. Maybe it was the Borolo, maybe it was his aftershave, or maybe it was just knowing what was to come when we got to my place – but I was able to finally relax into the evening and just – as Mr. Dennis had suggested – be in the ‘now.’ Soon, we were back in my car, his strong hand gripping my thigh again, and I was rock hard knowing we were headed towards our destiny. We would soon be linked in what I was sure would be an unbreakable bond. “So, Tommy-boy has a little muscle and strength fetish, huh?” asked Mr. Dennis out of the blue as his forefinger pressed into the side of my hard rod. “What?” I asked, swerving a little in the road because the question caught me off guard. “Whoa, you okay there, bud? Need this elder man to drive? Too much Borolo will do that to a man,” he replied. “No, I’m fine. I promise. The two coffees and dessert helped a lot. I was just surprised by your statement.” “I don’t see why, Thomas. Every chance you got tonight you steered the conversation toward muscles and strength. Methinks you might be a little obsessed.” I did not like where this conversation was headed. It reminded me that I had already revealed too much information about my desires – my secrets. I was all too close to the plan I had been working so long and so hard to fulfill and I was nervous something would go wrong. I let silence be my answer, but Mr. Dennis continued. “Hey, it’s cool, friend. We all have kinks. We shouldn’t be embarrassed by them. I happen to love dominating a guy – well, smothering might be a more appropriate word. I like the idea of leading some young buck through life – being his mentor, his guide, his alpha. Again with the swerving - are you sure you’re okay?” “I’m great, Mr. Dennis. I’m perfect, as a matter of fact.” I was suddenly realizing that maybe the inner workings of the man I had chosen weren’t going to be that affected by his upcoming outer changes. I was suddenly sweating a little from the nervous excitement caused by this gray-haired, soon-to-be massive, older man telling me he loved to be an alpha. This seemed like the icing on my already perfect cake. It also caused more trouble for me in the southern parts of my body. My already throbbing cock began to ache with anticipation – no, with a need to have the change already happened. “I detect a quickened heartbeat and an increased rise at your crotch from my little confession, cute little Tommy. You want some older man to put you on a short leash?” “Not any older man, sir. One specific older man,” I said, glancing to him with such a serious look I was suddenly afraid I might be coming on too strong. “Hot damn, boy, that mouth of yours can say the nicest things. I’ll be as stern as you want me to be. I’m not a bully, though. I’ll just be that guy that suggests what you should wear, orders your meal for you, intimidates other guys that flirt with you, and leads you through lovemaking like a masterful potter working with clay. How does that sound?” “Like heaven, Mr. Dennis. Just like heaven.” The hand stroking my thigh reached over and squeezed my full hardness and his low growl of approval made the big thing twitch. I was now officially his – even before the change. I could feel it. I wanted him desperately, as is, and knew the changes would simply make me desire him more – if that were possible. It was crazy, but I got the feeling he wanted me, as well. I wasn’t sure if it was just for one night or for a lifetime, but I didn’t get hung up about that. I simply took his desire for what it was worth – right then and now. We were two lost ships that had somehow found each other among all the oceans, seas, and ports in the world. I began to think fate was approving of my plan and just kept making Mr. Dennis even more perfect than he had been before. “Hell, Tommy-boy, I hope you like you’re plowing hard, because I’m so turned on I’m pretty sure I’m not going to be able to control myself,” Mr. Dennis said, running his free hand through his gorgeous gray hair. I wanted to tell him I was hoping he’d never be able to control himself again. I wanted to tell him I was about to turn him into this senior muscled superhero, whose outsides would soon equal all of the alpha manliness he felt inside. Turning into my driveway almost made me cum. Mr. Dennis told me he was very impressed with my house and when he took his hand away from my leg I immediately felt a deep void. I didn’t have to suffer too long, though, because he was on my side of the car even before I stepped out and had a guiding arm around my waist as we walked up the bricked path to my big front porch “Such a big house for one guy,” Mr. Dennis said, looking at my home. “I have a feeling it will seem a lot smaller very soon,” I said – throwing caution to the wind since I was steps away from my goal. “Yeah, two people will make it more intimate, don’t you think,” he replied – not knowing how his future size would make everything intimately small. As I unlocked the door, Mr. Dennis’s wandering hand went from my lower back down to my ass and gripped hard. I was learning first hand – no pun intended – that the silver fox had a one-track mind when it came to his interests. I didn’t mind at all. Being smothered by all of his future huge body was going to be such pleasure. God, the man’s hand knew how to please. I figured that came with age and experience – another reason I loved mature men. He firmly grasped my cheek and lifted upward, making me go up on my toes. Then, his fingers slid firmly up into my crack and teased the pleasure zone up in there, mercilessly. I kept missing the keyhole because I couldn’t focus on what I was doing. I had a feeling he’d never miss any holes. “Damn, your ass is going to turn me into a beast, boy,” he growled as he prodded his hand further forward. “You have no idea,” I whispered, smiling and finally getting the door opened. The man never let his hand leave my ass – guiding me into the house like some kind of puppet master maneuvering every part of me with his fingers. There was a quick glance around the big front hall and then the man spun both of us around and pushed me into the door he had expertly shut with his foot. His slightly smaller, elder, still pretty-tight body slammed up against mine, knocking the wind from me a little. Instantly, a hard thigh parted my legs and pushed firmly into my fully erect cock. Hands gripped my wrists and forced my arms to my sides. Then, to really send me over the top, a silver-stubbled face scraped strongly against mine as Mr. Dennis’ lips attacked me. It was a brutal love assault that made my toes scrunch up in my shoes and my fingers uncontrollably ball into tight fists from indescribable pleasure. Older men simply knew how to kiss better than anyone else in the world. Maybe it was because they had spent a lifetime of kissing frogs in hopes of making one of them turn into a prince – and ended up trying again and again when the dude just stayed a frog. Or maybe it was simply because years of practice – as well as years of learning the techniques of other men – made them pros. It was like a great, great grandmother’s perfect recipe that was improved even more as it passed down through the generations. Whatever it was, Mr. Dennis was a Grade-A, powerful, aggressive kisser in a league all of his own – I had never been forced to submit my mouth, as well as my entire body, in such a euphoric way. I immediately became putty in his hands and he could have had his way with me in any manner he chose. I even briefly forgot about my plan to come – simply awash with so much orgasmic joy I could only focus on the multiple different reactions he was causing in my body. He pulled his lips from mine and I instantly let out a moan of displeasure – clearly telling him I didn’t want him to stop. “Thought I’d show you what this old man is capable of from the get-go, Thomas. Just wanted you to know how happy I am you spoke to me tonight.” “Just kiss me, please sir! God, just kiss me,” I said, begging for him to return to what he was doing. His wrinkle-framed lips were back on mine in a flash and I went back up on the tips of my toes from the incredible sensation that shot through my body. I knew I was forever his yes-boy at that exact moment. I had never been so turned on by a pair of lips. I had never been so expertly whipped into an orgasmic frenzy. His tongue invaded my mouth in a way that caused me to feel small and weak, but at the same time it caused a feeling of pure bliss, as well. His thigh pushed against my crotch the way a linebacker might hit an opposing team’s player – hard, powerful, and causing a loss of breath. I was on sensory overload, afraid I might pass out at any second. The man sensed all of this and pulled his face back again. “You’re making me feel so powerful, son,” he growled, staring into my eyes. “That’s my intention, sir.” His hands still held my arms to my side and I imagined how it would feel when his body would not even register anything I did to try and break free – when he would easily hold me in place any time he wished. His hot mouth returned to mine, his thigh thrust into my groin even harder, and I started to wish for release. He had driven me to the point of no return. I wanted to explode. I wanted the old man to make me offer him a powerful orgasm. This time, I turned my head to speak and he simply continued to suck on my neck as I begged. “Please make me cum, Mr. Dennis. I want to cum for you.” “Aw yeah, Tommy-boy is ready to bust his nuts big time, isn’t he? Let’s not rush the evening, though, son. This old man isn’t one of those guys that needs to be in bed by eight o’clock. I can make it all night long, Thomas. Let’s hold off on that release for a little while longer. I want to have you leaking with anticipation. How about a drink?” And just like that, the senior tease released me and backed away. I stayed pressed against the door with my head turned sideways and my eyes closed for a few more seconds and then the word ‘drink’ registered in my head. Like a man that fell in a well and took hours to climb back out, I dragged myself back from the cliff of ejaculation and snapped totally present in an instant. I knew exactly where the small bottle of liquid to put this man to sleep for the upcoming change rested on a shelf in a kitchen cabinet – waiting so patiently for this day. Him backing off and requesting a drink was the only thing that could have quieted my libido at that point. I turned and smiled at the now slightly disheveled gorgeous older man. “What’s your choice of poison, Mr. Dennis?” “What kind of whiskey would a nice man like you have, Thomas?” “Black Bush, sir.” “Mmmmm, the protestant one, that shows some character. I’ll have some of that, good sir. Straight, with no chaser. Just to show you how strong I am.” My balls immediately ached more and I found it hard to walk as the man put his now familiar hand on my back and led me towards the kitchen after I nodded in its direction. To show me how strong he was, indeed. He had no idea what those words did to me or how the image of him being really strong by this time tomorrow played again and again as he went off to explore more of the house leaving me totally alone to fix his drink. Strong whiskey would more than hide the smell and taste of the almost totally bland mixture that promised non-disturbed sleep for about twelve hours. That would be more than enough time for me to inject this senior daddy with the formula I had spent most of my waking hours over three years to perfect. And it would take even less for the changes to happen. I held out the drink to him when he came back into the kitchen. I had poured myself some, as well, but mine had a little water and some ice. He took the class and we raised them in a toast. “Here’s to your health,” I said. “Here’s to you getting plowed tonight,” he responded with a laugh and then he downed the entire glass with one huge, beautiful, manly gulp.
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    "Wanna see what my body can do when I really let loose, kid?"
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    Hmm. I’m really getting worried now! Poor Luke and, even, poor floundering Seb struggling with his insecurities. Oh gawd, it’s just a story so why am I getting so emotional invested in all this?! Because it’s so well written and so gripping! My brain is full of “what if’s” and “what might be’s”, and my emotions are just wanting the best for them both! Argh, @muscleaddict what is this spell that you have cast on us?!
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    Hope it will continue soon
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    This is posted a few days late due to computer issues. The third part, The Power of Sweat, will still be posted later this week. Chapter 3 - The Growth Spurt Daniel is a teenager getting ready to focus on his college plans. His grades are so good that he earned a scholarship to a great university. He has never really focused his energy on the way he looks, but his classmates have let him know has small he is quite often. At only 5'5 and 120 pounds, he looks slightly out of place among his senior class. The reason could be due to the fact that he never went through puberty. He has no facial hair and his body hair is practically invisible. His parents always tell him that it will happen when he least expects it. They want him to be careful when he is out in public. He finds this quite amusing, but he always felt they were partially right. He has female friends, but they don't see him as a suitable mate, rather just a guy they can talk to about their problems in their lives. He has never had a sexual preference for either sex, but wouldn't mind dating either sex. His male buddies kid him all the time about his boyish looks and how his muscles look like they belong on a 10-year old. He has two really close friends that could not be more different. One of them, Anderson, is small like him and has dated him occasionally. He actually likes Daniel a lot, but he doesn't see him as a match since he likes bigger men. His other buddy, Vance, is a tank that befriended him when he bailed him out of a fight in elementary school. They both have hung out quite a bit in the last few years and have even had sleepovers in his backyard. He is very open with Daniel and has let him put his arms around his body when Daniel sleeps. This never connected with him before, but it is possible that he really likes Daniel. He is biracial and understands what Daniel has been going through more than he realizes. He too was picked on because of his differences when he was younger before he bulked up and took a stand against his bullies. Daniel invites his two good friends to a campsite the weekend before you all graduate to just enjoy their last days together. As all three of them are setting up their tents, Daniel feels really dizzy and has to go sit down somewhere. Vance sees how he his feeling and picks him up in his arms to carry him over to the riverbank beside the campsite. He sees that Daniel is about to go through some kind of change, but he doesn't want to tell him. He watches him closely to see if he is going to pass out or not. Anderson watches both guys as he continues to put up the tents and yells at Vance every once in a while to know how Daniel is doing. He lays him down and unbuttons his shirt because he sees how much Daniel is sweating now. He reassures him that he is there for him no matter what happens. Daniel can feel excruciating pain running up his legs and into his chest. Vance hears something pop as he watches his buddy’s legs lengthen their way towards the river. His eyes grow huge when he sees this as he also feels Daniel’s thighs getting thicker and stretching the fabric in his jeans. He notices the denim starting to fray as body hair emerges through the gaps. He looks down and witnesses his feet tearing through his boots as he starts to thrash about. Vance is now mesmerized by his transformation. With Daniel’s shirt still open, he sees his waist thicken as cords of muscle begin appearing in his midsection. Vance places his hands on Daniel’s growing chest and feels the pecs blowing up into giant mounds as his abs begin popping out from within. More cracking is heard as his back starts to reshape making room for more growth. It hurts exponentially, but Vance is noticing that Daniel is beyond the pain now. He sees lats growing from behind his back and they are pulling the shirt away from his body. Daniel’s back is growing so much that Vance can feel him actually being lifted from the ground by it. Now his arms are starting to vibrate uncontrollably. His skinny arms he had inside his shirt are now exploding in size, getting huge and powerful. He sees Daniel’s forearms shred the shirt as his growing biceps blow through the sleeves. Now his shoulders are ripping through the top of the shirt and Daniel’s neck widens leading to his voice changing. He hears his moans change to deep groans and growls. While his face still looks the same, his body hair has dramatically thickened as a black forest begins to grow all over his body. He caresses Daniel’s body hair as he goes in to kiss him. As he approaches the newly mature Daniel’s face, he watches in delight as a nice coating of hair has appeared on his face. The growing teen is spent from the growth, but Vance's kiss ignites fireworks between the two of them. Anderson missed the whole sequence, but he will soon know how it resulted. The pants Daniel is wearing are so dangerously tight that they are cutting off the circulation to his legs. To relieve the pressure, he flexes his new quads as the pant seams explode. He easily rips them off and to show off his beautifully hairy legs. Vance smiles as he turns him on so much. He tries to pick Daniel up, but he is now over 6' tall and Vance is 6'2. He kisses him passionately again and wants to make love to him. The underwear he is wearing amazingly is still intact, but his cock has slightly grown too. He has to adjust it to where his cock sits on the side instead of in the upright position. Vance starts rubbing it with loving caresses and holds him with his other hand. He looks Daniel straight into his green eyes and admits that he was aware of him impending change and wanted to wait until the time was right to make his move. He pulls his engorged cock out of his underwear and leans down to kiss the huge cockhead. He licks it with his tongue and then spits a small amount of saliva onto it making it nice and wet. Daniel feels his mouth go down on the shaft and slowly starts moving up and down on it getting a nice rhythm going. He moans incessantly as Vance gets him close to the edge and keeps stopping over and over again. This makes him want to go deeper inside Vance’s mouth. This prompts Daniel to start growing again as his ass rips the seams of his underwear. The eager sucker grabs the hair thickening up on his ass and starts to finger his hole. He can feel something from within Daniel that may cause another growth spurt and decides to pull his cock out of his mouth. He starts jerking him to the point that he can't hold back any more and erupts. His thick white fountain splashes Vance in the face as he starts gripping the ground. He smiles as Daniel’s back begins to get longer again. His muscles are getting so big and thick that his body hair now looks thinner. He scoops up some of Daniel’s cum and starts to rub it into his body beginning with the pecs and arms. The growing teen moans as it appears to be working. The hair thickens back up again and coats all of his muscles more than before. Vance gulps down Daniel’s growing cock and swallows the jizz that is still flowing out of him. He rubs his buddies head and wants to kiss him again. Daniel pulls Vance away from his cock long enough to drizzle some of his cum onto his tongue to share a wet kiss. He swallows the tasty cum and watches as his abs thicken up and widen. Vance rubs his bigger muscles and wants him to grow even bigger. At 6'6, he is not sure how much more Daniel wants. The two studly teens can now hear Anderson yelling back as he can see what has happened. He races over and feels how powerful Daniel’s body has become. He hasn't always been as open about his feelings for Daniel as Vance has, but he obviously likes what he sees since he has his hand in his pants. He sits down beside the two big teens and watches the two of them start to go further. Vance is taking his clothes off now so he can sit on top of Daniel’s thick cock. He bounces up and down on him wanting to feel him erupt inside his body so he can possibly have his own growth spurt. He is now about four inches taller than Vance and about 50 pounds bigger too so he can move him around with ease now. As they get into the doggy style position, Daniel is able to get all the way in and go to town on him. He yells in pleasure as the now aggressive top is hitting his prostate and milking him. Anderson moves down to get underneath so he can catch Vance’s spunk into his mouth. Daniel can feel how close he is now so he doesn’t hold back anymore. He shoots massive jets of cum into his eager bottom’s belly and shutters at the extraordinary feeling. Vance yells in ecstasy as he explodes straight into Anderson’s waiting mouth. Without much effort, Anderson sprays his spunk all over Vance’s big feet. The three horny teens fall over on the riverbank completely spent from the sexcapade that just occurred. Chapter 4 - The Stranger in the Woods Daniel’s growth cycle appears to be over as he reaches over to give Vance a huge kiss on his lips. With Anderson consuming Vance’s cum, the relationship between the three guys may have now changed forever. Vance’s confession that he cares a great deal about Daniel could lead to something more long term. After about thirty minutes, the three teens get up and start to clean up the campsite. Both Anderson and Vance are able to put their clothes back on, but Daniel’s dramatic transformation creates a really large problem, he cannot wear anything in his present condition. It is after a little bit of thinking that Daniel’s friends decide to use one of the tents as a way of covering him up since there is nothing else available. He laughs but agrees to try it out. Luckily his massive frame is able to fit completely inside the material as they tie a few ropes around his waist. His cock forms a huge bulge to the side of his leg but at least it is concealed. They now wonder if Daniel could even fit in the van that they brought with them on the trip. He tells them to not worry and that he can just tail them on the way back to the city since he knows the path there. Anderson and Vance think it is a crazy idea but they go along with it. They tell him they will see him a little later and drive off leaving him on his own. As he begins to leave the campsite, he realizes that he has no way of communicating with them if he has some kind of problem. He feels a little scared, but knows that his size should deter about anyone that approaches him. He makes it to the end of the country road that led to the campsite when he hears a voice getting closer. He looks around bewildered and starts to walk again. The voice draws even closer than before. He stops moving to wait and see if this person or thing will continue to follow him. He goes to turn his head as he comes face to face with an olive skinned man with a thick beard. He smiles as he pushes Daniel down on the ground. He tries punching the man, but he is unable to do much to him as the man pulls open the tent that was covering Daniel and plunges his thick cock inside him. The young hulk barely resists as the giant olive stud starts fucking him hard moving faster with each thrust. Before long, the intruder busts a huge load inside him and yells in ecstasy. Daniel punches him which makes him grab his face with his thick hands. He manages to push the giant stud off of him, but not before he is dragged back over to him. The man laughs as he pulls Daniel down to the ground to face him. ‘YOU WILL FUCKING SIT THERE MAN! I THINK I DESERVE SOME NOURISHMENT FROM YOU!’ The man grabs a hold of Daniel’s cock and starts stroking hard making him squirm. His strength is making the young hulk agonize as he feels a giant load building up inside him. The man smiles and knows he won’t have to wait too longer for his reward. He strokes faster as he feels the cum flowing from Daniel’s balls into his cock. He opens his mouth to catch the thick goo as it shoots directly into his throat. The young victim moans as he fills his attacker full of his juices. ‘MMMMM SO DELICIOUS MAN! I THINK YOU CAN FEED ME MORE AGAIN LATER!’ He lets go of Daniel’s cock as he falls over on to his back. The young victim appears to be rearing to leave again, but the huge Hispanic-looking man stops him yet again. ‘Going somewhere man! I don’t think so, you are going to stay here and keep me company.’ ‘What do you want from me? I am just trying to get home.’ ‘I doubt you will go anywhere near the city man. There are a lot of crazy people there. Trust me, that is how I ended up like this.’ Daniel stares at him intensely as he says this and wonders what exactly happened to this man. He starts to ask him a few questions. ‘So how did you get so massive?’ The man smiles at him. ‘How old are you anyway man? I’m 20 and let me tell you, I never thought I would be in this body for my entire life. My dream came true though and now I am a colossus of muscle.’ ‘I’m 18. I just graduated from high school actually. Wow you are 20? I would have guessed a bit older.’ The man glares at him for a few moments and then winks. ‘My name is Gavin in case you wanted to know. Of course I know you don’t give a shit, but I told you anyway.’ ‘My name is Daniel. I sort of hit puberty late since this just happened yesterday.’ ‘OHH I see. Well mine wasn’t puberty, it was caused by a chemical I ingested a few days ago. I sort of wish I had stayed where it happened now because I am wondering what the man I was with is up to.’ ‘There is someone else like you?’ ‘Well yes actually, I fucked him hard like you and he changed. I doubt that it will affect you since you have a different problem hehe.’ Daniel and Gavin talk for several more minutes before they decide that maybe they should lay low for awhile. ‘Damn my friends are probably waiting for me in the city. What should I do Gavin?’ ‘Forget it man, if they come back here they are making a mistake because you are better off being away from them.’ ‘I care a great deal about one of them though. I can’t just forget about him.’ ‘Daniel, I have the same problem too, but I know it is for the best if I stay away from him.’ They share some more stories about their lovers before Gavin recommends that they keep moving along. He shares some food with Daniel that he made when he was scavenging over the past few days. He tells the young hulk that they will have to constantly eat to maintain their energy and frankly their minds. Since Gavin is a bit bigger than his younger counterpart, he agrees that he will hunt for more food if Daniel can build a shelter for them for the night. He agrees and Gavin disappears for a bit. Daniel gets to work on building the shelter as he breaks down a bunch of huge branches and finds things to tie them together with. He hasn’t really done much of this before even though he remembers a few things from Boy Scouts. As the sun goes down, Daniel manages to put the shelter together in a decent fashion. He hears huge footsteps and hopes that it is Gavin and nobody else. He can feel whatever it is breathing on him as he turns around. To his surprise, it is a giant brown bear standing on its back legs. Before he can make a sound, his older companion comes out of nowhere and breaks the bear’s neck like it is nothing. Gavin smiles really big and says point blank, ‘WE HAVE DINNER!’ Then he remarks how Daniel didn’t make a fire, but laughs. After finding an appropriate spot, Daniel starts the fire up as Gavin carves up the bear into segments. He asks if his young buddy has anything to cook with and he shakes his shoulders. Gavin disappears for a few minutes and comes back with a giant metal tub. Daniel gives him a strange look and then asks where he got that from. The older hulk laughs and says somewhere close by and plants the tub close to the fire. He tells Daniel to build him a shelf so he can put the tub on it. ‘Who am I, Mr. Handyman?’ ‘You seem to be doing fine to me man. Get to it Daniel!’ Daniel finds some stray branches and manages to tie them together enough that they can surround the fire. Gavin sits the tub in the middle as it heats up. He throws massive amounts of bear meat into it and watches it cook up. The two hulks marvel at how delicious it looks as it cooks. Gavin decides to take some of the meat out to let it bake in the sun the next morning since he plans on moving on to another destination in a day or two. As the sun disappears from the sky, the two huge men chow down on the cooked meat in some makeshift bowls that Daniel made out of some scrap wood. It doesn’t take long for them to finish eating to go lay down in their shelter. Gavin remarks at how well-constructed it is and then turns to look at Daniel and winks. The younger hulk blushes a bit as he begins to realize that he is warming up to this strange man laying with him. They both have things in common it seems and yet they are so incredibly different. Daniel is still thinking that Anderson and Vance will probably come looking for him possibly as early as the next day since he did promise that he would follow behind them. Gavin again tells him that he needs to just move along because going back to the city is not a wise decision at this point because of his size. He explains how he became who he is to Daniel and how he volunteered for a secret project with a doctor that he refers to as Raines. Originally he was a bit scared about it since at that point in time he was quite shy. Once the chemical entered into his body though, something ferocious was unleashed from inside and he became who he is now. Daniel is intrigued by his story and talks about his late puberty. Gavin moves in closer as he tells his story and rubs his face a little. He can tell that the young hulk is very close to dosing off so he leans him against his chest. After a few minutes, they both doze off as neither one of them knows what will happen next.
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    The story begins in: The Orgone Accumulator : Prologue The preceeding chapter is found here: The Orgone Accumulator : Part One The Orgone Accumulator: Part Two The music made it difficult to hear what the other man said. "Could you repeat that?" Jim, the muscular forty-year old repeated, what he had just said: "I said, that the leather scene has changed. When I found the leather scene as a teenager, it was an entire subculture: Everyone made an effort to look like one's fantasy, and there weren't any visitors from the outside, like you." Visitors from the outside. John hadn't expected that to sting, but it did. His facial expression must have changed. "I didn't mean any disrespect. I just meant, that those who attend these clubs nowadays don't identify with the culture I and the middle-aged and the oldies does. Today you frequent some vanilla club with a rainbow flag one day, attend some gay rights manifestation another day, and wear a cheap harness for laughs at some surviving leather bar a third day. Community is falling apart. The apps are also a part of it. With Recon and similar apps, the need for leather bars is disappearing, and a lot of old bars and clubs have closed, not just here in the US, but also over in Europe. Gentrification has hit a lot of leather bars: The old Eagle had to move to the present location, and that's not the only one. Beginning to sound like someone twice my age, am I not?" "That's time, isn't it? Everything changes." "Everything. Not limited to the leather scene. Take bears, like yourself, for instance ..." "Wait a minute. I'm not a bear." "Sorry. You gave that impression. Take the bears, for instance. The movement began when some gay men felt left out, when all gay men were expected to be twinks, and when men were supposed to shave and style their hair, look like Ken-dolls and not share any hobbies with straight men. The bear movement emerged, when some men attracted to other men wouldn't accept to be forced into the twink stereotype. Or be forced into the mindset of the more built circuit crowd. Unlike the circuit crowd, bears didn't fear some chub nor the scent of honest sweat, but change happened, and today there exist muscle-bears, which runs counter to some of the original ideas." "You don't have to tell me. I'm writing about the history of the LGBTQ movement. Well, to be honest, more G than any other letter. Some B and Q, perhaps." "Don't say that aloud among the Trannies. They will kill you." "Speaking about history. You could show me the ropes and introduce me to the oldies you mentioned." "The oldies? Daddy chaser? I though we were have having something here." John took a step forward, put his hand at Jim's leather-clad bum and squeezed. It was obvious, that Jim enjoyed to work out, and his glutes were firm and unyielding. A lump grew in John's throat, and he felt how his own denim jeans became uncomfortably tight. Another hard bulge grew inside Jim's intimidating black and shiny leather-jeans. They pressed each other's groins against each other. "We are having something here, but I just wanted to know more about the changes you mentioned. Old times. Before your time." Jim lowered his head and kissed John. Smiling, he answered: "I'm interested in the past, myself. I know exactly which ones you ought to ask. Follow me." Their hair were grey or white and buzzcut. One of them had a beard, the other one an old-fashioned moustache. Similar to Jim, but unlike John, they were entirely covered in black leather, and, unlike Jim, they were wearing leather caps. Age had its imprint on them, but they obviously spent time to remain in good shape, and there was something intimidating about them. Jim introduced them to John. They enjoyed being called "Sir". "... all those changes. I remember, when you had to be initiated to belong to the community. Some call it hazing today, but it was a way to keep the standards up. Today they let every twink with a harness in, no offence, well, you don't look like a twink, more like a cub, than anything else ..." "I'm not a cub, Sir." "Good to know. Well ... let anyone in, and it all began when rubber was allowed, not to mention that modern "Jockstrap Wednesday", what sort of nonsense is that supposed to be?" After half a beer, John steered the conversation in the right direction. One of the elderly men had only seen the infamous photographs -- seldom or never included in any recent photo art books -- but the other man actually did remember: "Stud of Dakota ... Well, that was, uh, a specimen. Amazing man. Brings memories back. He looked like he had just stepped outside from one of Tom of Finland's drawings -- I suppose you youngsters still know Tom's art, yes? And you have to remember, that weight-training hadn't become mainstream back then. If you wanted to lift weights you joined one of those old-fashioned gyms which began as boxing-clubs, and rest of society looked at you like you were weird. Middle-class men were supposed to pretend like their bodies didn't exist, and the working-class, despite admiring feats of strength, well, they regarded the human body as a machine performing tasks, not as a piece of art to be shaped and nurtured, perfected and admired. When bodybuilding emerged in the 1950s it freaked most of society out. When gay men began to work out and wear leather ... Rest of society had expected us to be nellies, and we turned out to be hard, beefy leather-clones, well some of us, anyway, and Stud ... Well, that was not his real name of course -- I even doubt that he grew up in Dakota -- he and his friends inspired us, me and some of the other guys at The Eagle in the early 1970s. It was just some months after the Stonewall Riots, I think. Things begin to blur. Stud arrived from somewhere on the west coast and we all wanted to look like him, be like him ..." The elderly man fell silent and took a mouthful of his beer. He was visibly aroused. He took another mouthful of beer. "AIDS changed all that. It was an era that died with all those young and rather young men in the 1980s ... Died. Lost." Some more beer. "But what happened to the man, who called himself 'Stud of Dakota'. Did he die, too, or why did he disappear like that?" The old man watched John in silence, estimating him. "I might be able to help you, but there is a saying among some of my people ... You will not find Stud of Dakota. He will find you." John left The Eagle leaning on Jim's assuring glossy shoulder, surrounded by the scent of Jim's leather-clothes and with a California address in his pocket. * * * Next chapter is found here
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    Thanks for this very sweet comment, matie. I've said this before but I like to think if you strip away the muscle elements there's still a story there.
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    Many thanks, dude! Awesome to hear I’m making you a little FMG-curious... Love male muscle growth too. Definitely want to give it a shot someday. Once I find a good story inspiration. Always been a fan little brother muscle growth.
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    Another great chapter @muscleaddict, with added twist. There's going to be a lot of remorse in the morning!! If I was called Leonard, I'm sure I'd have a stony bitch face too. (Apologies to anyone called Leonard on here.)
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    Club Rush Everything was normal and fine in the small town of Apperdale. A young boy named Christian Kloss was your average male, 5'10, pretty fit, kinda nerdy. He walked around his school during their annual club rush. He joined a few clubs already. Being in the closet was so scary for him. He was tempted to join the school's LBGTQ+ club, but was scared to because of all of the homophobic kids around his school. He then saw a club in the corner not even anyone in line or attending the booth. He walked up to it and saw that it was a gym club. No one had signed the paper to join yet , so Christian wrote his name and number down. He joined because he was tired of being called string bean. This was his chance become a better version of himself. He continued to walk. He bumps into some of the football players and almost gets knocked over. "Watch where you're walking string bean." "Yeah or we'll beat you to a pulp and you know we can" 'Ugh Chad and Brandon. They think they rule this school just because they are on the football team." Christian thought to himself *The final bell rang to go home* Christian walks home and the football players and their girlfriends pull up next to him on the road. "HEY STRING BEAN BITCH." One of them yelled out "HEY ARE YOU DEAF?!" The other called "Chad just leave him alone." One of the girls said sympathetically "WHY SHOULD I?" Chad yelled. "He hasn't done anything wrong to you, and you've bullied him since the 6th grade." Elizabeth stated "GET OUT OF THE CAR ELIZABETH, BEFORE I BEAT UP BOTH OF YOU." Chad said in a very monotone and annoyed voice Elizabeth got out of the car and stood next to Christian. She gave the entire car the finger before Christian and her started walking down the street. "I'm Elizabeth by the way." She said happily "Christian." He kept looking forward "Can I offer to walk you home Elizabeth." He said compassionately "Sure, but can I ask a question first?" "Go ahead." "Do you like me or something, Christian." "Oh no umm...How do I say this. I am not into girls." He stuttered but got it out *20 minutes later they end up at Elizabeth's house and by then they have swapped numbers* Christian was walking home when he felt a weird burning sensation in his chest. He got home and walked to his room to start on his homework. The burning sensation got hotter and hotter. It spread and spread. "AHHH. My skin burns it hurts." Christian's skin was feeling like lava after 5 minutes of pain. His back and shoulders started expanding. He grew upwards he grew so tall he reached almost eight feet. Then it moved to his pecs pushing them out further and further. His arms growing to proportions never seen before. His quads swelling so large he was to readjust his stance. His stomach growing deep groves and a set of abs looking like they have been sculpted by the finest marble in all of ancient Greece. His ass growing to big globular spheres that would compete with any Instagram model. His bulge snaking down his shorts and slowly poking out. He became a moaning mess and started to slowly jerk his growing erection. *Days Later* "Unghh." Christian just kept growing and growing. He worked out non stop and fucked so many guys and made so many of his past bullies pay. His muscles have grown beyond what they used to be three days ago. He was 10 feet tall and 469 pounds of pure muscle.
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    You are always too smart for me. While the cost of the whiskey doesn't equal their status (the fact that you notice details like that makes me so happy) it was more about the Irish-ness for me. Not sure why, I just saw Mr. Dennis loving working-man's whiskey. As, always, thank you for offering tips to help me write better AND for liking a lot of the same things I do.
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    The big man was in for a shock when the older man pointed his arm. The older man smiled and told him, "It's notmy bones I am worried about. "
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    Great story so far! Of course, I'm also dying to see Mr. Dennis grow huge and more powerful, but the journey getting there is quite enjoyable. Your powers of description are just beyond compare, and there are a lot of writers here who are good about that. Might I recommend a fine Bourbon rather than Black Bush for two such discerning gentlemen? Black Bush is way too cheap in the States (around $35.00) when those with money can spend a couple of hundred dollars on a bottle of Pappy Van Winkle of something else good. (Sorry, I guess it comes from being a Kentuckian.) However, I do like how you made a plot point of it by mentioning that it's the Protestant Irish Whiskey. Very clever detail.
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    Here we go with the second chapter. Hope you enjoy. Thank's Vince for letting me tell part of your story!! As alwasy... Hope you enjoy!!! ThInk It: A Writer's Tool (Based on a True Story) Chapter Two: The Second Story That night, after cleaning as much as possible of the ‘cumnami,’ Quinn sat down to map out his own story. Since he discovered that things could easily go out of hand with a lust filled mind using Think It, he wanted to ensure that he knew exactly what he wanted before he spoke it outloud. My own will be my last story… and my legacy. Maybe I should just try it out once on myself first, he thought. Nothing major… maybe just add 10 lbs of muscle mass. Taking out his IPhone, Quinn tapped on the app. Welcome back, Quinn. Ready to start writing again? - Yes. - Wonderful. The white screen appeared again before he was prompted: Character/Characters Name: we recommend using the name of people you know to create realistic characters. Already starting to get aroused, Quinn spoke loudly and clearly: - Quinn Wonderful! Is this the same Quinn as used in your last story, - Yes. Wonderful. Readers love recurring characters. Will there be any additional characters? - No. Wonderful! If you have any need for additional characters, please return to this prompt. What is Quinn’s goal? To add twenty pounds of muscle to his frame. Wonderful. How will Quinn achieve this? - He drinks a protein shake that secretly contains a growth serum. Wonderful. What Is Quinn’s location? - My flat. Wonderful. Now dictate the first paragraph and we’ll bring your words to life. Quinn waaaalllkkkeeedddddd… Time slowed down all around Quinn until it stopped completely. His movement across the room was frozen and he couldn’t proceed no matter how hard he tried. He could feel his thoughts slowing down… sputtering… stopping… Quinn regained consciousness mid step, and fell to the floor in a heap. His phone landed next to him. How long was I out, he thought. Does the whole world stop, or is it just my ‘character?’ Looking at his phone, he could tell no time had passed. Jacob has left the flat around 8, it had taken two hours to clean up, he began writing his outline around 10:30… and decided to try the app out around 11. Looking at the phone, it was now only 11:09. Opening the app, he saw the following words on the screen. App shut down after six hours of non-use. Story entitled: Quinn remains in draft folder. To go back to this story, just say Drafts, and Title. To delete, just say Delete. - Delete! Frustrated by his inability to have the app work on himself, he decided to take a shower, where he dropped another of his own cum loads. Drying off, an idea went through his head… an object from another story… if I can get an object that works in one story… can I use it myself? Quinn ran to the rubbish bin and pulled out the box and syringe Jacob had used to supersize his cock. It was still there… but no liquid was left in the chamber to even try it out. Where did he buy it? He said he wanted to buy more. Does this now exist in our reality? Thoughts running through his head, Quinn went to bed. His brain was still contemplating what to do to make his dreams come true… but his body was falling asleep. As his eyes closed, Quinn thought: I wonder what Jacob is doing right now… who he’s doing right now…. with a smile, Quinn fell asleep. Waking up very early the next morning, Quinn could still smell Jacob’s cum and musk in the air. He opened the window in his bedroom, but even the air outside smelled of Jacob. Taking a step outside, it smelled as if all of London was covered in a haze of musk and sex. This instantly aroused Quinn, so while showering, he quickly rubbed one out. At least this proves I hadn’t dreamed it, he thought as he came down from his most recent orgasm. His cock remained stubbornly hard and wanted another go, but Quinn dried himself off and dressed to head for the gym. When he arrived at the gym around 4:30 am, he saw that Vince was already doing squats. Quinn had been introduced to Vince about three months ago by a fellow Early Bird at the gym. It was obvious, and from what he said, it was true, that at one time Vince had been a model. Unfortunately, after getting two girls pregnant, marrying one while trying to support the other, getting a steady job managing a pub, and then getting a divorce, his looks had faded somewhat, his tight body had gotten saggier, and his waistline much larger. Once his divorce was settled, Vince had finally joined the gym to get his body back in shape and get back on the dating scene. Watching him in between sets on the bench press, Quinn admitted that with some hard work, Vince could have the body of a model again if he wanted to, or in the least, be a really hot guy. The looks were there… just a little buried. Taking a further look at Vince, Quinn began to get an idea. If Vince had something… an object that helped him regain his old body and looks, I could take it for myself and use it!!! Yes!! Vince would be the perfect test subject, and if this worked, he would try it on himself. With Vince, it would be something simple… but what he planned to do… and what he WAS going to do to himself would be amazing… extraordinary… world shattering…. This would be his legacy he would leave to the world!!! Fuck yeah!! Fate had handed him this incredible present! He had been given it… no one else! This morning, when he went back to the App Store to see who had created it… the ability to purchase or even update the app was gone. It was as if it had never existed… but it did, because it was on his phone. He read some of the several stories that had been published on the app’s platform, and it was obvious there were others who had also been gifted the app and were using it as he was, but there were only a handful… and the ways they were using it was pedestrian: fame, money, making someone fall in love with someone else. No other writer had his imagination… or his vision! At the moment he couldn’t figure out how to be the central character in a story without freezing, so perhaps an item taken from another story would work. If it did, he would take it, and use it this weekend. He would go to the middle of nowhere where he wouldn’t be disturbed, and he could do whatever he wanted. That would give him three days to plan out exactly what he wanted and how to accomplish it. Hiding a determined hardon, Quinn left his weights unstacked and walked swiftly to the locker room. It was 5:30 now, and the gym was fairly empty… but Quinn began to wonder again as he walked to the locker room, if the whole world stopped when he was using the app, or just the person he was “writing” about. I guess we can test that with Vince as well. If someone walks in… the answer’s clear! Just to be safe, he wasted time going to the toilet and washing his hands until two other Early Birds had left. Grabbing his phone, he tapped on the app and waited for to go through its authorisation and updating phase as it loaded. Finally the familiar logo and white screen appeared: Welcome back, Quinn. Ready to start writing again? - Yes. Wonderful. Since your last publication, eight readers have upvoted you… seven more and you will be eligible for added content. For example, having completed one story, you have been selected for the option of an upgrade. With this upgrade, you are still in control, but your characters will have more free will than before… they will be able to suggest what they need, and even be able to make decisions for themselves… talk for themselves. We use a matrix of millions of phrases or choices for them to use, so play along. We believe that this upgrade helps new writers strengthen their dialogue with the writing of their stories. Would you like to activate this upgrade? Sure. Why not. Is that a yes, or a no? Yes. Wonderful! Upgrade in affect. If you wish to stop this upgrade, just say: Stop Upgrade. You will then be in complete control. The screen went white again, and then the words Quinn had seen before appeared: Character/Characters Name: We recommend using the name of people you know to create realistic characters. - Vince Like Jacob before, Vince’s name popped up on the app screen. Perfect!!! Wonderful. If you have additional characters, please return to this prompt. - Quinn is also a character. He hadn’t had any problems being a character in Jacob’s story, so he shouldn’t freeze in Vince’s. It was only when he was alone did he have issues. Wonderful! Readers love recurring characters. Will there be any additional characters? No. Wonderful. What is Vince’s goal? To get his body back in shape and look even better than he did before, his muscles larger and pumped. Wonderful. What is Quinn’s goal? To get the ring for his own use once Vince has finished with it. Wonderful. How will Vince achieve his goal? Ummm… he bought a ring that is rumoured to offer the wearer in wish when turned to the right. Wonderful. What is Vince’s location. This locker room. Wonderful! Now dictate the first paragraph and we’ll bring your words to life. Vince sat down on the floor and stretched. His workout had been crap as a result of not being able to concentrate. All he could think about was the ornately carved silver ring he was wearing on his right hand. It was difficult to believe his mate that it worked, but Archie had gotten it from a relative who told him it worked... and then wished to win the lottery… and four days later he did! Now he was £80 million pounds richer. Not bad for a 22 year old Eastend Barman. Archie has handed over the ring to him last night after a night out. Both pissed, they had sat outside Vince’s block of flats, and Archie had confessed it all. Taking the ring off of his finger, he handed it over to Vince letting him know that it only worked once… after that it was useless until another person was given it. Until Archie had passed out on his couch, they had joked about what Vince should use his wish on. Archie wanted him to wish for money right then and there… but Vince was a planner… he never did anything spur of the moment. In bed he had fallen asleep with his brain pondering what to do. Leaving Archie asleep, Vince had gotten up at 4:30, and headed to the gym, yet it didn’t matter how hard he worked, he simply couldn’t concentrate. Deciding to pack it all in for the day, Vince got up from the floor and walked into the locker room. He was surprised to see Quinn sitting there looking at his phone. Hey, mate! How’s it going? Vince!! Hey there! Good. Doing well. Chest day for me today. Legs here. Nice! Yeah! Hope you don’t mind me saying… but you look like shit today! Fuck, man! Feel like shit. Didn’t get any sleep. What’s wrong? Man, you wouldn’t believe me! Try me. I’ve had some weird shit happening in my life this week, so I’ll believe anything. Vince sat down heavily on the bench next to Quinn. If he was honest with himself, if there was someone he could talk to about this, besides Archie, it would be Quinn. This guy, who was built like a brick shit house had taken him under his wing, mapped out a workout plan for him, and had developed a diet that had Vince quickly dropping the pounds. He had already shared everything about his life with him… why not this? This ring here… Yeah? A friend gave it to me. Nice. Yeah… it’s… fuck. Don’t think I'm crazy… I mean… he won the fucking lottery!! Wow! Very cool. And he bought that for you? Good friend. No. He won the lottery with this. I don’t get it. This ring… it’s magic. He wished to win the lottery, and he did. Vince looked at Quinn with the hope that he would understand. - STOP!!!! Quinn watched as Vince froze. Getting up, Quinn cracked the changing room door opened and looked out into the gym. Everyone was completely frozen. Walking to look outside, Quinn realised that EVERYTHING was frozen… the whole world!! It was an odd feeling for Quinn to know that he was all alone in the world. He had begun to feel this way more and more as he got bigger and more rugged… as people shied away from him or were intimidated by him. Now… he really was alone. Moving back to the Changing Room, Quinn thought about how to proceed. It was strange having the device just write words for Vince and for him to speak them at the same time. It frightened Quinn somewhat as he felt so out of control, but it was also easier since he didn’t need to think of what Vince needed to say. Anyway… why should I worry? It’s an upgrade… they wouldn’t have added it if it wasn’t helpful. Sitting back down where he was, Quinn grabbed his phone and started to speak. Magic? Really? I know it sounds crazy… but I have to believe him. He’s 80 million pounds richer, and he wished for that exact thing… and he got it. Damn!! How does it work? Archie said you just make a wish and then turn it to the right. That’s it. What are you going to wish for? That’s what’s driving me crazy… I don’t know. Probably money. Yeah. Everyone can use money. Especially with two kids and an ex wife. True… but… I hate playing devil’s advocate, but if that’s what you really wanted… you would have done it already. I know. What is it you really want? Quinn looked at Vince, waiting for the app to give him the words. Say it! Say what you want!! Honestly… if I could have a rockin body again… I’d make the money… and have fame. I’d have everything I could want. I want my old life back… but even better than before. How so? When I was modeling… I looked good… for that time period. Everything’s changed. Every model has a body like yours! That’s it!!! I want your body!! You don’t want my body. Yes, I do!! I want your body. Quinn began to panic. I need to fix this before he wishes he HAD my body. Who knows what would happen. You mean, you want a body like mine. Yeah. A body like yours… tall, built… rugged...a real bloke… But I also need to stand out from the crowd. Vince got up from the bench and began pacing around the changing room. Yeah… stand out from the crowd. I would rake the money in… everyone would have to notice me! I wouldn’t give them the choice. How tall are you? 6’6” Weight? 263 Vince continued to pace like an animal in a cage… finally he stopped and looked at Quinn. I wish… yeah… I wish to have a body everyone needs to pay attention to. I want to be tall… and big… and rugged like you… hairy… and oozing that caveman testosterone like you do… and a cock to match that body! Yeah!!! I’m fucking tall… like… fucking talll… I’m stacked with muscle and ripped… and a cock and balls like yours… only much bigger!! That’s great Vince… but what would your stats be if… Taking no notice of Quinn, Vince turned the ring to the right. The ring glowed for thirty seconds, both men simply staring and amazed by its brilliance, and then in a jolt like an electric current, coursed through Vince’s body. In a moment it was over, and the changing room was quiet. Fuck!!! That was intense, mate!! Do you think it worked? I don’t know. How do you feel? Fine… totally fine… maybe a little on edge but… that can beeeEEE… Quinn watched in surprise as Vince’s entire body seemed to flex and then relax, causing the ex-model to stagger a little. Vince leaned against the wall to steady himself, when it happened again… this time with more force. As his body flexed, turning red as it all became engorged by more and more blood, Vince attempted to speak. SSSsssoooOOMMeethi...ngggg… iiiis haaaapeNNNING!!! Quinn watched in awe as, covered by a thin T-Shirt, Vince’s pecs began to swell. The contractions affecting his whole body continued, but it seemed to Quinn that the uncontrolled flexing was doubly focused on Vince’s chest. With hands shaking from the continual flex and release of his entire body, Vince reached out to cup his pecs. He grinned at Quinn as his hands were forced higher and further apart as his pecs began to swell even more. This is…. the most incredible…. feeling… ever… and it’s just… getting stronger!!!! Quinn watched as Vince’s T-shirt began to get tighter on his growing frame, but this wasn’t simply due to his pecs exploding with size…. other muscle groups were joining in. The… best… wish… mate!!!! My… whole body…. expanding… multiplying… like… a time lapse… of me… working out… for twenty… years!!!!! Vince’s neck began to swell as it developed into a thick column of strength. His growing traps caused his shoulders to rip the upper half of the T-shirt apart as Vince’s shoulders and deltoids began to swell larger and become more rounded. I can feel my strength growing…. I can’t believe this is really happening!!! Vince leaned his head against the wall as the muscles from his neck stretched upward and began to invade his face. As the tentacle-like muscle fibres forced their way up, his chin began to take on a square and rugged look, his eyes deeper set as his brow ridge was extended, and his entire face became more refined and chiselled. My arms!!! I can feel it in my arms now!!! When Vince spoke, his voice was now much deeper and louder… much more commanding. When he spoke it reminded Quinn of the type of voice to emerge from a Marine Drill Sergeant. Flexing, Vince watched as his hands began to expand and thicken with muscle. As his hands began to grow larger, Vince began to feel uncomfortable pressure beginning to form on his right hand. Looking at his baseball mitt sized hands, he realised that while his hands thickened, the ring was remaining the same size and refused to break, squeezing and cutting off circulation to his finger. As the pain of his right hand mixed with the pleasure of his growth, Vince began to panic. Pulling at the ring with his left hand, he was in a battle with himself as his continual lat growth was preventing him from bringing his hands together. Quinn… mate… the ring!!! Help… me… Realising that the ring was going to rip Vince’s finger from his hand before breaking, Quinn ran over and tried to remove it himself, but found it wouldn’t budge. Vince screamed out as his hand continued to thicken, his finger now swollen and beet red. With determination, Quinn ran to his locker and removed the bottle of lube he kept in his gym bag for unexpected encounters. Running back to Vince, he poured the contents onto the growing paw. Grabbing hold of the ring with all his strength, realising suddenly that Vince’s hand was now twice the size of his own, Quinn pulled and pulled, twisting the ring as he did. Take… It… OFF ME!!!!! Wondering if it had been by his own growl of a command, the ring appeared to swell for a moment, and with one sudden movement flew off of Vince’s finger and across the room. Quinn scrambled to find it while Vince roared with relief. Looking down at Quinn crawling around the floor to find the ring, Vince smiled, lifted his grizzly-paw sized hand and drove it right into the concrete wall. A deep bellowing laugh came from Vince as he removed his hand from the hole. Over and over he punched the wall till he had created a massive concrete crater. Barely… felt… anything!!! On his hands and knees searching for his future, Quinn watched in awe as first Vince’s fore-arms swelled, then his biceps joined in along with his triceps in magnificent growth. Each moment that passed forced his upper arms to get larger, gaining inch after inch. Flexing his arms, Quinn gasped as the process was sped up, and Vince’s guns grew bigger, adding inch after inch after inch with every tick of the clock on the wall. The circumstance of Vince’s upper arm soon matched Quinn’s, and showed no sign of stopping… just continuing its growth. As Vince panted, basking in the orgasmic rush of growth, Quinn found the ring in the corner of the room. Not wanting to lose it again, he slipped the ring on his own finger and watched as it swelled slightly to fit over his large knuckles. Looking closely at the silver ring, Quinn was able to see the intricate carvings etched into its surface. How badly he wanted to join his friend in his own growth… but that would have to wait... Vince was so transfixed watching his arms getting thicker, that he failed to see his T-shirt bulging further. It was only when the ripping noise echoed around the changing room, and Vince was unable to let his arms hang down to his side that both he and Quinn realised his lats were widening his back, and forcing his arms upward. Joining in with his shoulders, Vince’s upper back grew wider and wider. With both his pecs and back growing thicker, Quinn realised that soon Vince would need to move sideways to get through doorways. Wanting to show off his amazing growth, Vince threw a rear lat spread, which only succeeded in growing him even larger and tearing the remaining t shirt from his body.. Watching his friend, Quinn’s cock came alive. This should be me, he thought!! This WILL be me!! I can’t believe how huge Vince is getting, he thought. He hardly looks like himself anymore!! And from the reaction on his face and the wet spot and tenting of his shorts, this growth must be the best, most erotic feeling ever!! As his back spread wider, Vince found it more difficult to grab onto his thickening pecs. By now, as they continued to grow, Quinn realised he had never seen pecs this massive before, and with a cleft so deep. Since Hannah isn’t here, Quinn, this is going to have to be just between mates. Get over here and feel this body. Feel my muscles strengthen, stretch, widen, and thicken. Quinn didn’t have to be told twice. Walking over to the growing beast, Quinn watched as Vince did his best to flex, forcing more blood and growth to shoot into his pecs. Placing his right hand on the smooth, hot, yet stonelike pec, Quinn’s right hand grazed Vince’s blossoming nipple. Crying out in ecstasy that he had never felt before, he forcefully pushed Quinn out of the way, grabbed hold of both nipples, and began to squeeze them harder and harder, howling in ecstasy. When he released them, panting like a dog in heat, Quinn could see that they both had grown larger and darker, sticking out like the top of his pinkie. Suck my tits, Quinn. You know you want to… Vince’s voice had gotten even deeper and sexier, and without thinking twice, Quinn attached himself to his right nipple, toying it with both his tongue and teeth. YES!!!! Vince grabbed onto Quinn’s head, brought it toward his own, and began to kiss him, forcing his tongue deep into Quinn’s mouth. Fuck, Quinn thought as he animalisticly kissed Vince back, even his tongue is bigger and more muscular! With his still thickening hand, Vince separated himself from Quinn. More time for that later. Now… watch me grow!!! By this time, Vince’s pecs had gotten so dense that they were being forced to turn downward. Joining in with his upper body, all of the fat was being stripped away from his gut, and his abdominal muscles began to thicken. Each ab was becoming so solid and each crevice was so deep that it looked as if cobblestones had been shoved under his skin. Soon his waist had grown significantly, but there wasn’t a trace of fat on him… it was simply all red-blooded armour like muscle. As Vince’s hands explored his abs, his legs began to flex and quake… first the left… then the right… then both of them together. Quinn thought that he might fall, but the new muscle man was able to remain standing by widening his stance. With amazement, Quinn watched as hose like veins began to erupt under his skin and start to criss cross his legs. Fueling then both with more access to blood, his quads began to explode with power. Not to be outdone by his tree trunk quads, his calves swelled until the thick diamond-heads were as large as his old quads had been. Widening his stance even further to allow more room for growth, his quads proceeded to swell even larger than any bodybuilders had ever been. Giving up the fight, Vince’s shorts and underwear burst apart, fluttering to the floor in a heap of scrap. Wanting to get a good look at himself in all his naked glory, Vince waddled past Quinn, his legs still morphing and enlarging, pushed Quinn aside, and placed himself in front of the full-length mirror. The first thing he realised when he took a good look at himself was that his body no longer fit in the mirror anymore!! He was too wide, and proceeding to get thicker and wider. Widening his stance further, Vince watched as his body packed on more and more muscle mass. If he had been wearing any clothes, his excitement would have been obvious by the tenting in his shorts. Since he wasn’t, Quinn got a good look at how pleased Vince was. Standing there, flexing and admiring himself, Vince’s cock was rock hard and leaking. Every once in a while his hand would subconsciously begin stroking it, but it appeared he was more aroused by how he looked then any sexual stimuli. Vince’s cock was fairly thick to begin with, but as Quinn stared, he began to realise that his cock was getting thicker and longer. FUCK!!! I can’t stop flexing!! I can’t stop looking at myself!! This is how you must feel all the time…. feeling how my body moves with so much mass attached to it… FUCK!!! I’m even bigger then you and still growing!! Even my cock!!! Fucking big cock of a stud! Of a MAN!!! It has to be at least 9 inches now!! Even my balls are bigger!!! Look at me, Quinn!!! Have you ever seen something so incredible. Quinn had to admit that he hadn’t. The wish appeared to have improved every aspect of an already handsome man. His skin was perfectly clear now and tight, his eyes appeared a brighter blue… more aqua… even his hair was a more vivid shade of brown. He was indeed the epitome of a man… Perfection. Grabbing his cock with both hands, he began to gently stroke it, admiring how each muscle group flexed and relaxed with the simple movement. A small pool had gathered at Vince’s feet as his cock proceeded to leak even more. As he jerked himself, he looked directly into Quinn’s eyes. You want this… don’t you. Yes. Not the size… you’ll never be as big as I am… I think I’m even a foot taller now… but you want ME. You want to feel me… lick me… be possessed by me… feel me inside of you. Quinn looked deep into Vince’s eyes and knew he was right. All he wanted was for Vince to fuck him… to use him… No!!!! I will have your size… and more!!! Believe me!!! It’s stopping. How much do you think I weigh! Probably around 380. Measure me!! Quinn did as he was told… a fire burning in both his cock and his ass. No matter how much he wanted to deny it… all he wanted was that cock inside of him and the massive brute attached to it ducking the shit out of him. Height? 6’8 Fuck yeah!! Four inches taller. My weight?? I can’t see past these pecs!! 427 lbs. Nice!!! Chest? Each measurement brought more excitement to Vince. He would stand there flexing, stroking his ever flowing cock, and tweaking his nipples. 72 inches Waist! Tight at 34 inches. Vince was stroking himself faster now and with more and more determination. Bi’s: Fuck!! 29.5 inches… My quads!! Measure my quads! They’re 37 inches… and your calves… thick at 26 inches. Now measure my cock! It’s… wow! It’s 13.5 x 6 inches. And my nuts are like what??? Say it!! They’re like oranges! That’s right!! Bigger than both of yours combined. Now… guess what we’re going to do. What? I’m going to fuck the living shit out of you!! Vince reached down and grabbed Quinn. One part of Quinn wanted to fight back, but another wanted him so badly. With one hand Vince tore Quinn’s shirt from his body and forced him to the floor. Look at you!! You look like a baby compared to me. Pathetic!! That’s how the whole world is going to look to me now… small and pathetic!! Get on your hands and knees!! Quinn tried to fight the growing need, but he couldn’t. Soon he was on his hands and knees and facing away from Vince. Shaking slightly from fear and excitement, Quinn could hear the breathing of the beast behind him. In one movement, Vince’s hand moved down to Quinn’s shorts and tore them from his body. Kneeling down and separating Quinn’s ass cheats, Vince took in Quinn’s musk. From now on… you are mine!! Quinn let out an audible gasp as Vince’s tongue began to lick and toy with his asshole. Quinn’s mounting passion went on for several minutes as the bodybuilder forcefully tongue fucked him, getting in deeper and deeper. Moving his face away for a moment, Vince spit on Quinn’s hole and began to rub it in with his thick fingers. Whenever I want to fuck… which will be a lot… you’ll be there… ready to take my load! Let’s get training!!! Vince spit in Quinn’s hole again, and then began to roughly shove his sold pointer finger into his ass, and dominantly knead his prostate. Quinn was so shocked, and the finger was so large, that he couldn’t help himself, and let out a loud moan. That’s right. Just imagine how your gonna feel when you got my cock in you all the way to the root. Quinn began to quiver as his prostate was massaged at different tempos. He’s definitely done this before, Quin thought with a grin, letting out a louder and longer moan. Behind him, Vince had begun to moan as well, getting louder… and more frantic… and… deeper.., Fuck Yes!!!! It’s happening again!! I’m starting to grow again!!!! Quinn could feel Vince’s finger begin to quake, swell, and lengthen inside of him. Should I stop it now, Quinn wondered. The app was deciding for itself what Vince did and said, but wasn’t it going too far with more growth? Should I stop it now… or see how it plays out? It’s even… stronger than… before!!! Need to… watch. Vince rapidly removes his finger and tossed Quinn to the side like a stuffed doll. Walking toward the mirror, Vince stumbled, finding it difficult to keep his footing as he became invaded by wave after wave of increasing surges of growth and power. The flexing of every muscle group was more intense this time, and trying to steady himself, Vince destroyed several large areas of the concrete wall. Naked and a tad concerned, Quinn watched as Vince’s pecs began to swell once again, this time even quicker than before. The two expanding globes quickly blocked any hope of Vince ever seeing below them, and began to force his head to slightly tilt upward as they blossomed larger. Vince let out a deafening roar as the power of growth took over his entire being. Doing his best to look at his mounting frame in the mirror, Vince could see that beyond his chest, his arms grew quickly past their new 29.5 inches. Flexing them, Vince began to find it more difficult as his biceps and triceps swelled and thickened to unimaginable proportions. His shoulders quickly morphed into two formidable muscular cannon balls. Not to be outdone by the rest of his rapidly growing muscle groups, Vince’s lats began to surge outward, inflating to look like muscular wings, getting denser and much wider with each heartbeat. Almost… too… much!!!! Every muscle… multiplying… getting larger… to better serve… ME!!! Quinn watched with his mouth open and his cock hard as Vince’s abs proceeded to get even denser. What had once been cobblestones we’re now thick bricks made of iron… and getting larger. His waist now had to be 38”, but it was all unimaginably dense and solid. Along with his waist, Vince’s legs began to grow. His 37” redwoods began increasing quickly in size, each being allowed more room to grow by his thickening waist. His calves exploded into unimaginable proportions, larger than anything Vince had ever witnessed… larger than any powerlifters quad. Quinn could only watch as more and more mass was piled onto Vince giving him a frighteningly muscular engorged look. One that was freaky as hell… and beautiful at the same time. As the growth of his body proceeded to move into a more frantic pace, Quinn gasped as Vince’s buttress of a neck swelled even larger and his shoulders burst even wider, developing into massive cannonball like plates of muscle. His arms… Quinn’s cock nearly exploded when he looked at Vince’s arms. His bi’s and tri’s were so amazingly proportioned, but the proportions were so huge. It was as if someone had taken a gym ball, shoved it in place of his upper arms, and was now pumping it up. The horseshoe shape of Vince’s triceps rivaled that of a Clysdale, and soon even surpassed that. Vince tried to speak but found that no words would come out… he was simply trapped in a wave of growth that seemed as if it was never going to stop. He watched his muscles swell larger until he feared that they would explode. He was getting too big… his muscles to massive… but he loved it!!! When he didn’t think that any more mass could be piled on his body… more was… much more! - LOOK… AT… ME!!! LOOK AT WHAT I'M BECOMING!!! Quinn couldn’t help but look as muscle mass grew on Vince’s body faster then he could think. One moment he was looking at a quad that had to be measuring 45 inches each, and then suddenly his waist would explode to being forty inches in pure abdominal muscle. If this doesn’t stop soon, Quinn thought to himself, this guy is either going to be completely imobile… or he’s going to explode! Just when he thought this might be a possibility… Vince began to get taller. YES!!!!! MORE ROOM TO PACK ON MORE MUSCLE!!! Up toward the ceiling Vince grew, surpassing 7 foot and kept growing. The sound of his bones and his muscles expanding taller and thicker along with Vince’s moans of pleasure rang in Quinn’s ears. Vince’s feet were stretching across the tiles of the changing room floor, getting longer and thicker, an obvious sign that this growth was far from over. This second round of growth is changing him completely, Quinn thought. Before he was the image of male perfection… now he looks more neanderthal than man. Which was more beautiful, Quinn wondered. After the last growth, Vince would have been a model on top of the world. Now, he was a man who exuded pure animal lust. No matter how he moved, muscle groups flexed swelled and rippled. Vince flexed for Quinn, and when he did, his biceps nearly touched his clenched fist...he was now that massive. He was becoming the biggest man to ever have lived… and Quinn had every urge to worship him. Everyman will want to worship him. He is what we all wish we were. He is our animal side let loose into a tamed society. No one will be able to control him, Quinn thought. No one. As he rose closer toward the ceiling, Vince let out a roar as hair erupted on his face. Within moments a full beard had formed and continued to lengthen. Vince ran his hands through his beard, tugging on hair with hands that were larger than dinner plates. From his chest, hair spewed forth, traveling down over his abs and covering his pubic mound and massive balls. Growing past 8 foot, Vince had to widen his stance again as his quads burst with more size and larger veins began to snake and erupt all over his body. With more to feed them, Vince’s muscles went into overdrive getting even bulkier as he grew taller. Vince was finding it difficult to think as so many waves of growth overtook him. The more he grew… the more superior he knew he was. In the food chain… he was at the top, way above anyone else. In all the world, Vince thought, I am the Alpha! I reign supreme!! Vince’s massive hand reached down to stroke his cock and could feel the web of thick veins invading it. As he stroked himself… as his cock grew longer and thicker, Vince basked in the fact that no one was bigger than he was. His shoulder had to be at least 6 feet apart now, which was wider than any doorway! Every sense was heightened, and as he smelled the air, he could smell the sexual attraction and fear permeating off of Quinn. As he continued to grow, Vince knew that he was changing in both body and soul. What was happening to him was an evolution of sorts, or was it a de-evolution…? Vince’s traps erupted up from his shoulders like a mountain range quickly stretching up to his ears, giving his back and shoulders a bull-like appearance. His neck thickened even more significantly until what had one resembled a buttress transformed into a monolith of potency and brawn. His quads were now larger than his chest had recently been, and as he grew taller, they became even more monstrous. As he grew taller and thicker, his quad muscles narrowed into a thick diamond that rose up over his kneecap, forcing his legs even wider and causing Vince to have a permanent crouching position that made him look even more virile then he would have without it. Up from his quads, his glutes we’re developing into two immense globes of pure muscle that could easily crumble a man’s hand if caught between them when flexed. His calves were not left behind as he grew, developing to be as hefty as his upper arms and growing larger each second. Up from his legs… could they be called legs, Quinn wondered… they were simply too gargantuan to be known simply as legs… another word would have to be developed for what Vince was growing… his abs proceeded to grow into eight immense bricks with the deepest grooves in between. Vince’s skin was pulled so tight over his abs… over his whole body… that it looked paper thin and revealed every small movement as if he was continually flexing just while breathing. MY… BACK!!!! GETTING EVEN WIDER… LATS FLARING OUT… LIKE A… COBRA’S… AND MY CHEST… MY PECS… THEY HAVE TO BE… JUTTING OUT… MORE THAN… TWO FEET… NIPPLES TURNED DOWNWARD… WHAT AM I QUINN??? Perfection… THAT’S IT??? Vince reached over and grabbed Quinn, easily lifting him into the air like a doll. Simply being so close to something so magnificent, Quinn began to cum. As the wave of this intense orgasm flowed through him, his phone flew from his hand, onto the floor, and under a bench. THERE ARE NO WORDS TO DESCRIBE ME!!! SO HAIRY… SO MASSIVE… I HAVE TO BE NEARLY… NINE FEET TALL!!! STICK YOUR HAND BETWEEN MY PECS!!! Quinn did as he was told and found it was impossible to get force it in there… they were both so close together. With immense control over each muscle group, Vince relaxed his pecs slightly to let Quinn’s hand in, and discovered that he could get nearly midway up his arm before he felt the bottom of the hairy crevice. Quinn was dropped to the floor as Vince’s entire body flexed and shook more violent than ever before. Watching his friend, Quinn began to stroke his Cock as his friend proceeded to get taller and more immense. Vince’s balls exploded with size becoming larger than ostrich eggs, sending more and more testosterone through his system. Unable to even speak, Vince’s moans got even deeper. Keeping in proportion with his body, Vince’s cock was more like a third arm now at nearly 20” in length and probably a foot around. The bulbous head was continuously leaking thick pre, and the smell of it was so intoxicating that Quinn crawled over and began to drink from such a monument to all things masculine. Just as Vince was about to hit the ceiling, his whole body flexed one last time, gained another 100 pounds of muscle, and then finished growing. Panting like a horse after an intense race, Vince took in what he could of himself in the mirror, and found that all that fit in it now were his pecs… he would need a mirror four times this size to see himself fully. While stroking his cock, Vince began to flex various muscle groups, getting off on his size and symmetry. Below him was Quinn… the man he once thought was the epitome of masculinity. Now, compared to himself… Quinn was a prepubescent boy!!! Lifting his hand, Vince moved it toward the concrete wall, and found that he could easily dig his hand into the hard stone and tear pieces of it out like ice cream!! He was unstoppable!! From now on, the whole world would pay attention to him… and yet he wasn’t satisfied. MORE!!! I NEED MORE!!! Vince’s unnaturally deep bass voice shook the floor of the changing room. Simply hearing it caused Quinn to begin cumming again. THIS IS ALL TOO MUCH, BUT I NEED MORE!!! TALLER!!! MORE MUSCULAR!!! HAIRIER!!! BIGGER COCK AND BALLS!!! Vince looked down at Quinn and saw what he needed. Grabbing him around his chest, Vince lifted him till they were eye to eye. TIME TO MAKE YOUR WISH… What? FOR YOUR SAKE… YOU’LL WISH THAT I GO THROUGH ANOTHER ROUND OF GROWTH…. THEN WHEN I GET MY BEARINGS AFTER THAT, YOU’LL GIVE THE RING TO ONE OF MY WORSHIPPERS, AND THEY’LL DO THE SAME!!! You’re big enough, Quinn. You don’t need my wish. You’re already fit for worshiping. NO!!!!!! Vince shook Quinn so roughly that Quinn suddenly feared for his life. I need to stop this!!! I need to stop this now!! MAKE… THE… WISH!!!! MAKE… THE… WISH!!!! Vince shook Quinn over and over. I GUESS I'LL HAVE TO START SNAPPING BONES!!! As Vince moved his hand to grab onto Quinn’s arm, Quinn did what he could only do to cause the mammoth beast pain. With all his might, Quinn swung his right leg and quickly kicked Vince right in the balls. With a roar, Vince dropped Quinn and proceeded to pound holes in the walls to relieve his pain. Once free Quinn scrambled on the floor to find the phone. As the pain subsided, Vince glanced at Quinn crawling on the floor, his ass facing him. IM GONNA FUCK YOU FIRST, QUINN… AND AS I RIP YOU OPEN… AS I USE YOU… YOU’LL BEG ME TO LET YOU MAKE YOUR WISH!!! Vince reached down for the small man, wrapping his hands around Quinn’s waist. Just as he was about to be lifted into the air, Quinn spotted the phone, grabbed it, and was about to speak when he felt Vince trembling once again, even worse than before. YES!!!! IT’S HAPPENING AGAIN!!!! As Vince started to gain even more muscle mass, Quinn screamed: - STOP!!!!!!! Falling to the floor as Vince froze, Quinn made sure he protected the phone from breaking. Trying to catch his breath on the floor, shaken and bruised, Quinn pondered what to do next. If he deleted this story, the ring would go with it, and he’d be back to square one. No… he couldn’t do that… the story would have to be published. Limping to his locker, he pulled out his gym bag and carefully changed into his clothes. Once that was finished, Quinn looked once again at the frozen Vince. Just seeing all of that raw power and beauty in one man made Quinn’s cock hard again. Walking slowly out of the changing room, Quinn started to speak. Vince was so wrapped up in another super wave of growth that he failed to notice Quinn escaping the room. Packing on another 700 pounds of muscle and four feet of height, Vince’s growth stopped, and he knew that was it. His wish was finished. With a clear head, he realised he was now satisfied. With this gargantuan body, he would have it all… fame… fortune… and the world would always notice him. Quinn stopped. There, he thought, another happy ending! Wonderful! I see your story is complete. Would you like to: a) publish it so it lives on forever, b) delete it and no one will ever know it existed except you, or c) take a moment and edit your story with clearer eyes. What will be your choice? - A. Wonderful!!! Your story is now published and out in the world to see. Having completed your second story, you have unlocked several new options. We look forward to working with you on your next story. You’ll get your new story soon… there’s no doubt about that. Fuck work, Quinn thought. I need to go home… take a nap… and then time to prepare for my wish! Across the city in the basement of a shop in Soho, Jacob was lying in a sling and being pleasured by eight men, his enormous cock leaking everywhere. Since leaving Quinn’s he had cummed 12 times, each more powerful and longer than the last. As his balls loudly churned, Jacob saw two men walk up to either side of him. - Are you sure about this? Jacob looked at the Sex Shop owner and then at his salesperson, both holding two full syringes each. - There’s no going back once you do this… and we don’t know what such a massive dose will do. - I do. It’s time for my complete evolution into a being of pure sex to begin. Do it!! Without being told twice… both dying to see what would happen, they plunged all four needles into Jacobs body and injected the formula - YES!!!! … To Be Continued
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    "Um, sorry about your door to your safe room. I didn't know it was supposed to be impenetrable. I just opened it with one hand. I didn't even notice I was ripping apart metal. It opened so easily."
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    I'm working on the next chapter. Fine tuning some details...
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    This is my first story ever, so I'll accept any criticism you give me. Note: This story will contain a bunch of my fetishes. I'm not sure exactly where it will go yet though. I do know that it will include incest, macro, muscle growth, straight to gay, and musk. If any of those offend you, this won't be the story for you. ************************************************************************************************************************* “I hate how small I am,” Trey complained to his friend after he stepped out of the car. The small teen had just been accused of having a fake ID by a police officer, pulled over because he looked way too young to drive a car. “You're not THAT small,” James, his much larger friend answered. “You're a really bad liar James,” Trey said, pushing his long brown hair out of his dark eyes. James really was lying. At 5'3 and 85 pounds, Trey was the smallest senior at his high school. And it had always been this way. He was the smallest kindergartener, the smallest freshman, and now the smallest adult. Trey constantly prayed for a growth spurt that would make him as big as his dad, an absolutely massive man. Heck, at this point he would settle for average height, maybe 5'7”. But according to every doctor, he was done growing, and Trey would have to settle with being small. James patted him on the back. “It doesn't matter man,” he said. “You've got a lot to be proud of.” Trey frowned. It was easy for James to say that. At 5'11 and 190 lbs his muscular, football playing friend had never been confused for being small. He looked up into his friends icy blue eyes. “Whatever dude,” Trey said. “Lets just look for clothes.” The boys walked into the mall to find summer clothes. As they looked around, they saw a strange looking shop that neither had remembered seeing before, in all their trips to the mall. The small, partially hidden shop's sign claimed that it sold “Chinese curios, knick-knacks and traditional medicine.” “Lets check this out,” James said, pulling on his smaller friend. “Maybe they'll have cool stuff.” The boys split up and looked around. James seemed drawn to the strange decorations, while Trey was eying the swords and weapons. The large Chinese man behind the counter smiled at Trey, before going back to inventory as Trey admired his wares. A butterfly knife caught his eye. “Excuse me,” Trey asked, “How much for this knife?” The Chinese man grabbed it and looked at it in his hands. “This is well crafted. It would cost you at least 100 dollars.” He smiled down at Trey. “However, I cannot sell a weapon such as this to someone younger than 18 without a parent or guardian, so you will either need to wait a few years, or bring your parents with you, young man.” Trey's face fell. “I am 18.” he pulled out his ID, a common enough occurrence when one looks five years younger than they are. The older man looked Trey up and down and then smiled. “Ah” he said. Then went into a back room. The man walked out holding a large pill bottle, covered in Chinese characters. “This is what you need then.” Trey frowned. “What is it?” “The solution to your problems. These are Chinese growth pills. If you take one a day, you will soon become a much larger man. You won't be mistaken for a child any longer.” James walked over to the counter. “That's impossible,” he said. “Oh no,” the shopkeeper answered. “I can promise you they work. When I was twenty, I was only slightly larger than your friend here. As time went on, I became the man I am today.” “I call bullshit,” James said, “Trey lets get away from this snakeoil salesman.” Trey however, looked enthralled. “How much is it?” he asked. “How much do you have on you?” Asked the shopkeeper. A look of disgust fell on James's face. “You're gonna buy this shit?” he asked. “Worth a shot,” Trey answered, “nothing else has ever worked.” He turned to the shopkeeper. “I've got 45 dollars and some change.” The shopkeeper smiled. “Sold!” he said, accepting Trey's money. Trey emptied his wallet on the counter, and grabbed the large jar. “Take one a day, until you reach the size you want,” said the shopkeeper. “Make sure to never take any more than that, or there will be consequences.” “Sounds good!” Trey said, and then walked out with his purchase. “You got scammed hard,” James said once they got away from the store, “but hey, if being tricked by old Chinese guys makes you happy, who am I to judge.” The boys eventually arrived at Trey's house. “I wish I could read Chinese,” Trey said as he studied the bottle. “But I'll just settle for doing what the shopkeeper said.” He opened the bottle and popped a pill into his mouth. James looked down at his smaller friend and laughed. “Not any bigger yet huh. Told you you were scammed.” “Maybe they take time,” Trey answered, willing to believe anything. “Yeah and maybe I'm the queen of England.” James shot back. He started walking into the living room. “Whatever, forget about that lets play Madden. I'll set it up, you grab us some pops.” Trey watched his friend disappear, admiring his taught muscles in his tight shorts, and how his blonde hair fell almost to his muscular back. If only James was gay, he'd be exactly Trey's type. He'd settle for James being the best friend he could ask for though. As he grabbed the pops, a he saw the pill container sitting on the corner of the counter. “One more couldn't hurt,” he said, as he popped a second pill into his mouth, before heading out to join his friend on the couch. Trey and his friend sat down and played video games for a few hours, so enthralled with their games that they failed to notice the miraculous changes hitting the smaller of the two men. As they played, Trey's body swelled, his pecs and abs starting to gain some definition, and his arms gaining the smallest hint of muscle. Under his shirt, which no longer covered his abs entirely, a small, wispy trail of hair snaked down to the beginnings of a bush of pubes. His armpits, too gained hair for the first time in his life. Trey's short legs began to expand, leaving his ankles, and eventually a bit of his calf visible under the now tighter jeans which seemed much too small for the frame he had expanded to. The one change Trey did feel, however was the heat. He was sweating profusely, starting to soak through the shirt. “Is it hot in here?” a deeper voice called out. “Woah,” both boys said in unison. Then they both turned their attention to Trey's body. “Oh my god it actually worked!” James said, looking over his friend. “I mean, you're still small, but you're like, average sized now. All of this was one pill?” Trey blushed. “Well, actually, two, but hey I'm not gonna argue with these results.” He wiped the sweat from his still boyish face with the bottom of his tshirt. Revealing the beginning of abs, and the light body hair. James looked on in shock, “you sure don't look 13 anymore, I'd say more like 16.” Trey grinned. “Hey, let's just get me to 18, and then we'll call it a day.” “Are you sure that's a good idea,” James said, looking a bit worried, “I mean, the shopkeeper said-” Trey frowned. “Man forget what he said, I've got a chance of being average for the first time in my life. I'm gonna take a few more.” James shook his head. “If you think it's a good idea, whatever, it's your body. Just know that I am 100% against this. Trey flexed his small arms. “You're just against this because you're afraid I'll get bigger than you,” he joked. “But I promise I won't overdo it.” “Knock yourself out shortstuff.” “Not for much longer,” he answered. Trey went back to the kitchen and grabbed two more pills, popping them into his mouth and then drinking a glass of water to take them down better. He looked at his ill fitting clothing, and took off his shirt and jeans just in case anything bad happened. He didn't want to get stuck in them, and besides, he was sweating buckets. James walked in after him, “I'll watch over you just to make sure you don't die or anything,” he said, patting his friend on the back, seemingly unfazed by seeing his best friend, who had just grown about 4 inches, in just a pair of tight underwear. This time, the growth hit faster, and this time he could feel it. He groaned as his body slowly expanded. First came his arms, which widened from 10 inches to a pair of nice 15 inch biceps. As his body slowly grew upwards, his pecs and abs hardened, gaining definition that looked like it came from years of working out lightly, his abs hardening into a six pack, and his pecs beginning to take on a shape that could only come from lifting weights regularly, as his nipples began to point downwards. His legs expanded and shot outwards, with his quads hardening and becoming defined, like a soccer players. In the front of his shorts, his package expanded to match his growing body, with his formerly three inch long dick hardening and lengthening into a nice 9 inch tool. His balls expanded until they were the size of small eggs. Trey's new body strained against his underwear, as the last phase of his transformation went underway. His body exploded with hair. His large bush became visible over his tented boxers, and the treasure trail on his six pack pushed upwards and outwards until it merged with the patch of hair that had formed over his now large pecs. His armpits became even bushier as hair grew on his forearms, and expanded down his lower body, from his ass down to his feet. As a final touch, stubble grew on Trey's manly jaw. Trey was panting and sweating as he looked eye to eye with his friend. He smiled as he made eye contact. “I'm definitely not a little kid anymore, huh James?” His deep voice called out as he laughed. “Definitely not,” James said in awe. “Lets stop here though Trey, any more and you won't pass for yourself at all.” Trey walked into the bathroom, and stepped on the scale. “193 lbs.” He said with a smile. “How much do you weigh, James?” “190! Damn you're big now!” James said. “Damn right,” Trey said, flexing. As he hit the double bicep pose, exposing his sweaty, hairy pit, the first side effect, the reason for not taking more than one a day became apparent. Trey's body was now producing a strange pheromone, one that made him irresistible to men. The smell drifted over to his now smaller friend, who was beginning to tent in his shorts, his own sizable erection straining. “Trey you smell...” James said looking confusedly at his friend, and eying the body, focusing especially on the straining cock in too small of briefs. “You smell so hot.” Trey looked puzzled. He knew his friend was straight. “What was that James?” he asked, hoping to understand what was going through his friends mind. “Your body,” James said, almost drooling, “It's so sexy, and muscular, and you smell so good.” “I thought you were straight,” Trey asked, confused. “I am, but how could I turn you down,” James said, approaching his friend, and lifting his arm up. James began to inhale his friends armpit sweat, before looking at Trey with hunger in his eyes. “Trey” he said, “I really want you to fuck me.” Trey looked on at James, his confusion showing on his face. He realized that it must be from the pills. “You want me to fuck you?” “Yes, more than anything.” James said, pulling down Trey's underwear, and began to suck on his large cock. Trey moaned loudly. “Oh god James,” he gasped, “You have no idea how long I’ve wanted this. James didn't answer, and continued sucking on the dick in front of him. It was clear, from the way that he struggled against the cock in his mouth that it was his first time ever, but he made up for it in how eager he was. “Fuck,” Trey moaned as James took the head in his mouth and swirled the tip around with his tongue, before licking up and down the sides. “If you keep that up I'm gonna shoot,” Trey groaned. James pulled off Trey's cock. “Good, stud,” he said. “Shoot, but not in my mouth.” James stood up and pulled off his basketball shorts. He turned around and bent over in front of Trey, before exposing his virgin ass covered in a light layer of hair. “Fuck me Trey.” He called out. Trey didn't need to be told twice, as he began to push the head of his cock against his formerly straight friend's asshole. “You sure about this James?” He asked, as he teased the hole with his tool. “More than anything,” James moaned, “Fuck me hard stud.” Trey pushed the head into his friends ass, causing him to gasp and moan. Slowly but surely, he stuck all 9 inches of meat into James's virgin hole. James was moaning in pleasure. “Now fuck me stud” he called out. Trey began to fuck, and fuck hard. He pounded his cock in and out of his friend's ass, his balls slapping against James's as he pushed in and out. There was no way he was gonna last long. James moans became louder and louder, and soon, without warning, he came, shooting all over the bathroom wall, clenching his ass as his cock shot out. That proved too much for Trey, who came deep into his friends ass. Panting, he pulled his soft cock out of his friends ass. James seemed to be in bliss. “That was the best sex of my life,” he moaned, “who knew what I was missing out on.” Trey smiled at his friend. “It was great for me too. Now lets get dressed and cleaned up.” James frowned. “No dude, he said, lets just enjoy each other for a while. Just not in the bathroom. I'm too spent for more sex, but I'd love to just feel you." Trey flexed once more. "Still 100% against this?" James stood up and kissed his friend on the lips. "You know the answer to that, sexy." They walked back to the living room. James laid on top of Trey on the couch, as the friends felt up eachother's bodies. James seemed especially concerned with licking up his friends sweat, from wherever it was, paying close attention to the armpits. Trey was in heaven, wishing this moment would never end. Soon however, James noticed the clock. “Fuck man it's almost five. I've got work in like 20 minutes. I've gotta go. Trey watched as his friend hurridly put on his clothes, and ran out the door. “See you tomorrow?” He called as his friend left. “Of course, stud.” James called out. “We hung out every day before you got hot as hell, why would I stop now?” Trey waved at his friend as he left, and closed the door. Then he realized his problem. He was 8 inches taller than he was in the morning, and bigger and stronger too. He hardly looked like the same person, and his dad would be home any minute. So what do you guys think of my first attempt?
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    Chapter Four Two days later, after Arrowhead had recovered from his trial, his father took him to a nearby forest. There, in a clearing was a tree with an arrow craved into it. Grey Cloud lay prostrate in front of it and said “Great Spirit, I bring my son, Arrowhead” and with that gestured for Arrowhead to prostrate as well. As they both stood up, having paid homage to the Great Spirit, Grey Cloud reached into a hole in the tree and pulled out… “The Great Bow” whispered Arrowhead in reverence “This is the sacred war bow” announced Grey Cloud handing it to his son, “kept by our nation for a thousand moons. In all that time, only three braves have had the strength and power to draw it and those braves have become this nation’s mightiest warriors” and with that he replaced the bow in tree and then addressed Arrowhead, “In six moons time it will be your turn to try and draw the bow and follow those warriors, but you may only draw it once and never again!” Arrowhead nodded his understanding and said “I hope to be able to draw the bow, father!” Grey Cloud patted his son on the shoulders and said “If you do, you will fill my heart with joy” *** A week after Grey Cloud had told the legend of the bow; he was involved in a summit conference. But not with a fellow tribal nation but with Colonel Roberts, commander of the fort near the town of Powder Creek. This was not a conference on the eve of war, this conference was to cement the peace between the Apache people and the palefaces who had colonized the area over the last decade. As Grey Cloud raised his hand in salute he said “As long as the river that flows through our land does so, the Apache nation shall never take the warpath against their brothers of the long knife soldiers and the pale face wagon riders” and as he lowered his hand his retinue including his son shouted “GREY CLOUD HAS SPOKEN!” Colonel Roberts followed in kind and replied “I am in your debt, Grey Cloud. Because of your wisdom, I am able to take some of my men to attend a war where the palefaces of the north are fighting the palefaces of the south to ensure liberty for all!” As the two detachments rode from the fort, the Apaches heading south and the soldiers heading north, Arrowhead asked his father if the palefaces were fighting amongst each other could they be trusted. “Any vow” replied his father, “that a paleface makes is promised by their chief, the Abraham of the Lincoln nation, to be upheld for life” “I would like to meet the Lincoln nation” smiled Arrowhead, “they sound a just people” For the next week Arrowhead trained harder than he had ever trained before, he was determined to become the next warrior to draw the bow and pushed himself harder than anyone would have thought possible. Every sunrise he woke up and ran as far as he could before he couldn’t run any further, he lifted rocks until his arms and legs screamed in agony and he lay in the hot sun all to build up his strength and resistance for the test that would come six moons later. As the sun rose on the tenth day of his training, Arrowhead left his father’s tepee and stretched making sure that every muscle in his body was ready for the training ahead. Just as he was about to set off he heard a “FORWARD” and before he knew what was happening his whole view was covered with horsemen. As they came nearer he recognised them as members of the paleface army who they had signed a treaty with. However, as he was about to tell his father of the visit, he became aware of a horseman next to him. He turned around and was about to say “Mighty warrior, we welcome you as brothers” when the soldier yelled, “Die, Apache traitor!” and hit Arrowhead across the head with the butt of his rifle. As Arrowhead collapsed to the ground and started to become unconscious, he saw the soldier aim his rifle at his father’s tent and fire. “GREY CLOUD” he screamed and blacked out.
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    Chapter Two As Blue Eyes grew up he was educated in all the ways of the native American Indians and each year his skin started to become more like the rest of the tribe’s and by the time he became a teenager the only indication that he had once been a “paleface” was the soles of his feet. When he became a teenager, he started on his next round of education, to become an Indian brave. The first lessons were not promising as it took him six months to handle a bow and arrow and on several occasions the instructor would lament “Missed again, Blue Eyes. Truly you never draw the great Bow!” By the time he was sixteen though, he had become a past master at archery and on the last hunt before his sixteenth birthday he managed to kill three buffalo with three arrows and on the way back to the camp he was praised with “Truly, you will draw the great Bow!”. The following day, Blue Eyes turned sixteen. It had been sixteen years since Grey Cloud had adopted him and under Indian law he could now be considered a brave, if he was able to pass four tests, each one demanding of the physical and mental attributes needed to be a brave and as he presented himself before his adoptive father he recounted them. “In order to be called an Apache brave” he declared, “you must follow in the path of all those before you. First you must have your spirit animal tattooed onto your chest; this will show that you have no fear. Secondly, you must pluck an eagle’s feather from its tail; this will show that you have the spirits watching over you. Third, you must choose a name that will travel with you for the rest of your life, this will show your intelligence and lastly, you must prove your might in a trail of strength. Now, go my son, pluck the eagle’s feather, have your sprit guide embedded into you, choose your name and prepare for your trail!” As the sun set that day, Blue Eyes returned and taking off his shirt revealed a hawk that adorned his slim, yet muscular chest. He presented his father with the eagle’s feather and announced “I choose the name Arrowhead, in honour of our scared bow that I hope to one day draw!” “Then, my son” replied the Chief, “prove that you have the strength to follow in those who have drawn it in the past by completing the trail of strength!” and with that pointed to a stone that was as big as the cauldron used to cook the tribe’s meals. The two strongest members of the tribe lifted the rock up and as Blue Eyes stood tall, his legs spread out and his arms raised he nodded and the stone was placed in his hands. “Choose your next movement wise, my son” said the chief as the tribesmen stood ready, “It will be the only movement that you will be able to do until the sun rises in the morn” and with that nodded. As the two tribesmen released the stone, Blue Eyes took a deep breath and breathed gently. His father nodded his approval and declared “Let the tales be told that Blue Eyes has accepted the test!” and with that the tribe bowed to the new brave in training and went into their tepees awaiting the result of the test. As the coyotes howled in the distance, Blue Eyes shouldered the stone with every ounce of strength he had. He could feel something in his chest pounding, he was breathing hard but slowly and he could feel the weight of the stone above him. He could also detect another presence and out of the corner of his eye, a figure walked towards him. His bitter enemy, Strong Bear.
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