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    2. Friday Evening You walk onto the weight room floor. 6'2'' 245. It's leg day and you see your boy at the squat rack warming up. You smile as your cock thickens. His ass looks so good in those shorts. You think back to your first day together. You walk into your condo and head into your kitchen. Your body still pulsing from the workout and filled with joy and lust from the walk with this new boy Matt. He seems to be a solid kid with a real lust for growth and bear muscle. You strip off your shirt. "Join me, Matty. I want to see what I'm going to be working with" 5'6'' 185 and shredded. Great abs, quads, ass, tris, chest. Pup needs work on traps, bis, calves, and lats. You run a hand down his hard body. Enjoying his beautiful smooth skin. Your blood is pumping in your ears. You open the fridge and grab two containers of liquid egg whites. "Bottom's up, son. This is day one of your transformation" You bring the container to your lips, locking eyes with your boy, and chug the full quart. Some of the liquid dribbles down into your chest hair. The boy impresses and takes the full dose. You palm the back of his head and draw it to your chest. "Lick me clean, boy" The boy begins to worship his new master. The Bear Master who will transform him from a fit pup into a massive beast. You drop your shorts and the hard, dripping bear cock jumps and slaps against your belly. The boy kneels You smile to yourself. The past month has been very good. You and the boy get along well, in the gym, in the bedroom, and everywhere else. You walk up and slap the boy's ass. "Ready for me?" He beams at you "Yes, sir. Just finished 5x5 and 225. Ready to work!" "Good boy, let's see if we can work up to a single at 365 today. Ready for big man weight?" "Hell yeah, Daddy. Let's do this" You rap knuckles and begin. Your rhythmn in the gym is smooth. Limited talk to limit rest. The gym is to work. To grow. To transform. You have taught the boy that we are embracing our destiny to become GODS. The boy will be a beautiful shredded Adonis and the bear will be a massive Hercules. The best that manhood has to offer. You spend 30 minutes at the squat rack and the boy hits 365x2. You burst with pride (and lust) when he fearlessly drops into a second rep after a shaky first. "So fuckin good, Matty. Let's see those wheels" You stand side by side in the mirror, shorts hiked up, enjoying the pump, the size, the blue veins pulsing under the skin. You lean in and whisper "Let's go, pup. You need my seed to grow" He grins at you, adjusts his hard jock dick, and walks ahead of you to the locker room. You are, once again, glad for a tight jock. The bear cock needs to own your growing boy. 5 lbs in a month and you can see it in his traps and arms. You always do like arms that are just a little too big. You undress, side by side. Both of you hard. Turned on. 9pm on a Friday and the locker room is silent. You walk naked together to the shower and he worships you under the spray. Your powerful furry thickness his entire world. His reason to be. His reason to grow. And you take him there, hard and fast, his body smashed up against the cold tile. He cums as you fill him, grunting. You clean up and head home. Satisfied....for the moment.
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    3. Friday Midnight You wake to pleasure and growl. A hot mouth on the bear cock. "Hey Matty" "Hey Daddy" He stands. Backlit by the doorway in the dark bedroom. Your cock hardens to steel and leaks pre. He has grown so much in the past 2 months. His cycle has taken hold and he has packed on 20 new lbs and broken 200. It looks so good on his 5'6'' frame. You put your hands behind your head and grin "Flex for me" He turns around and begins, the tease. Rear double bi. His front shoulder mounding up, his 19 inch arms full and huge (no more lacking in the bicep area. Rear lat spread. You need to reach down and begin stroking your thick 8 inches, sticky with pre, as his wingspan blocks the light from the hallway. You growl "So big, puppy. So big." Your boy turns, smiling. "All for you, Daddy. All for you" Front double bi. You moan and increase the speed of your stroke. His arms look even better from the front. Veiny and peaked. The lil bastard's bicep clearly splits into two peaks. And it drives you wild. You get out of bed, take his arm into yours and lick his still flexed, steel hard bicep. "Are there big enough, boy?" "No, sir" "What are you going to do about that?" "Obey your commands, sir" "Fucking right" You crawl back into bed. "Finish your demonstration, puppy" He moves through the rest of his routine ending with a mid blowing most muscular. Your hands remain behind your hear. Your hand has left your throbbing cock alone. You are so turned on by your boy. Matty's eyes keep focued on your massive 20 inch biceps, thick and hard. He cant get enough of his Bear God. You have grown too. Inspired by your boy, you now tip the scales at 260. Your chest is oversized and tapes in at 60 inches. So thick your nipples point down. Perfect height for the boy to feed. Mounded traps frame a thick 23 inch neck. Powerful, linebacker size. "Come worship me, boy. And pleasure your God" "I have a surprise, Daddy. Something I found out tonight. May I bring him in?" You chuckle "Sure, pup" Your boy has been getting unending attention. His handsome farm boy face and Adonis body is everyone's type. And he loves the attention. You are his Alpha and you know he needs to express his own Alpha energy. We have been talking about him finding his own project. A beta of his own to mold. He comes back with another man. "Daddy, this is Ace. He wants to grow." You smile in approval. Ace is quite a specimen. Baseball player build, taller and lean. Handsome face, beautiful eyes. If your boy is Chris Evans, Ace is Chris Pine. "Then come feed, boys. The work of growth will begin tomorrow but tonight is for pleasure" The two pups descend upon you. Worshipping your mass and power. The Bear Cock roars in approval.
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    “Hey, son! Fetch your old man a beer, will ya!?” My step father shouts from the living room, his deep voice boomed past the walls to reach me in the kitchen. “...Sure! Give me a minute!” I shout back, straining my slightly squeaky voice. Only a small hint of hesitation escape with it. I quickly put down the steak I was preparing, wash my hands, and go to the fridge to grab one of my father’s favorite beer. Gosh, that’s a weird thought. A few months ago, there wouldn’t be a favorite beer to grab. In fact, there wouldn’t be any alcohol at all in the house. My step father was a prim and proper type. He would only drink when required during business discussion, and only a few sips to be polite. That all changed after he came back home three months ago, appearing slightly disheveled, face flushed, and evidently inebriated. He wasn’t acting badly drunk or wild or anything, at least back then. It was only obvious because I had never seen him even tipsy before in my life, so the small hints were all I needed. Ever since then, he changed. Slowly at first, some little changes in his usual schedule, a new taste for a more casual meal, something like that. At first, I thought whatever happened that night finally loosen him up a bit. Maybe he finally got laid or something ever since mom passed, the thought whisper in the back of my mind. But then, it accelerated. The changes became more obvious. He started buying alcohol, whiskey, gin, vodka, and beer, drinking them more and more at home. He also began to eat more, and preferring more meaty, protein-rich dishes. He started dressing more casually at home. Like, WAY more casually. From neat polos and slacks if he felt particularly relaxed, by his standard, to loose t-shirts and jeans, to tank tops and shorts. Nowadays, he just walk around the house shirtless with just his boxers to cover his private parts, showing the world his new build. Have I forgot to mention? He became jacked. From a thin lanky man, to what my gay friends would describe as a muscle dilf. I first noticed when his loose shirt was starting to fit him better. Then, when he started wearing tank tops, the exposed arms showed the increased muscles, bulging biceps and triceps, and thick defined forearms. With more hair to boot! He was never really a hairy person, but masculine wisps dust his revealed skins. When he started going shirtless, big hairy pecs and tight muscular abs that I was certain he didn’t have a few nights prior, along with even bigger arms, broader shoulders, and thicken thighs and legs proved to me something saw amidst. People don't just change this much, this quickly. “What’s taking you so long, kid!?” My father shouts again, reminding me of my task. His newly deepen, more masculine voice brought to mind his changed demeanor, more manly and bold ever since this started. “I’m coming!” I reply. As I hurried along, I faintly heard what might have been amused chuckles from my destination. I turn a corner and entered the living room, not wanting to find out if his temper grew along with his body. However, I froze on my track, came to an abrupt stop just a few steps into the room. “Finally! Were you robbing a brewery for it or something kid?” My dad teases mirthfully for the time I took, while sitting on the couch, watching porn, playing with his bulge. The brief glance I saw told me it was gay porn on the TV screen, of a muscular mature man nailing a younger but still hunky man. The sound of their passionate fuck reach my ear, but my eyes are glued to the big tent in my dad’s pants. The huge tool seems like it’s not even fully hard, yet somehow filled the front like the pants was a few sizes too small. My dad notices where I was looking, and a smirk grew on his face. He stands up and slowly strut closer to me. My eyes take in his improved body. His beefy hair-covered pecs, muscular frames, and hard manly torso all seems even bigger and more masculine than the last time I saw them, keeping me mesmerized by the sexy way they moved. Wait, sexy? He came to a stop, standing in front of me, hands pulls down the hem of his pants slightly, drawing my eyes to his delicious looking bulge. I can smell his musky scent. Manly, virile, pheromonal odour filled my lungs, sending my head into a dizzy, lustful spin. “See what you like, boy?” He huskily says, the term sent an unexpected thrill down my spine, and blood into my crotch. “D-Daddy?” I blurt out. I’ve never called him with that title before, but it felt strangely, pulse-raisingly right. The arousal races through my body, filling it with heat and desire. “Don’t worry, daddy will take a very good care of you.” He soothe me with a masculine, paternal, and sex-tinged tone, while slowly pulling my head towards one of his delicious-looking erected nipples. Damn, my body feels itchy, and my shirt feels tighter... -------------------------------------------- Author Note : Hey folks, it's been a while. Instead of finishing some of my in-progress stories, my muse decided I should speed-write a caption instead. Better than not posting anything, I suppose. Like always, I welcome criticisms and happily melt under praises. So, feel free to leave a comment or two. English is not my first language, so any mistake caught or suggestions offered are very appreciated.
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    “What’s up buttercup?” The question sent Hunter for a loop. Someone had reported someone smoking right outside the gym and the personal trainer was asked to take care of it. It didn’t matter if it was outside, people tended not to like smoking anywhere near the gym. And Hunter was apparently the guy to take care of it. He’d always been the most confrontational out of all the male personal trainers, so he was the one to take care of it. At 6’3” and 240 pounds not many people ever talked back to him. As he stood in front of the guy, he couldn’t help but feel like he looked somewhat familiar. Though that couldn’t have been possible. The guy he was thinking of wasn’t nearly as big, nor as masculine looking. The soft stubble rounding this man’s strong jaw and his piercing eyes made it impossible to be who he thought it was. Not to mention the 100 extra pounds of muscle he was walking around with. ‘Maybe a relative,’ he wondered. “Lost in thought?” the man chuckled. The depth in his voice seemed to have hit a chord with Hunter as he realized where he was again. The smoke coming out of the cigar had drifted into his nose and he breathed out trying to keep his lungs ‘pure.’ “No,” he shook his head as a weird dizzy spell seemed to have washed over him. It was hard to concentrate. “I’m going to have to ask you to put that out. Or at least go somewhere else.” “Nah,” the guy shrugged his heavy shoulders. His shirt raised ever so slightly showing off the hairy abs underneath. Despite possibly being in his late forties he still looked far closer to a fit man in his thirties and had the strong definition of a man even younger. Only the slight white and gray in his beard gave it away. “Nah?” Hunter felt the smoke surrounding him. He was rapidly losing the battle. More so because it started to smell nice. It smelt familiar. “No, I’m here to ask you to move. You need to take that somewhere else.” “What’s a little guy like you gonna do about it?” he chuckled. ‘Little?!’ Anger brought him out of that spell just for a second. He approached the other guy but with each step he seemed to lose an inch of height and 10 more pounds. With each step he could feel something a bit different, just didn’t know what it was. His firm body he’d been crafting over the years was rapidly losing its definition. Muscles weakened and thinned out. His head tilted back slightly as the straps of his sleeveless shirt dipped around his arms. But through his anger he didn’t notice a thing. His small hands gripped the other man by the collar. “Who are you calling little?” he threatened. “You,” the guy laughed, “Big guy.” Hunter looked down at his weak body. “Wha…” he stared at his thin hands and even thinner muscles. The sleeveless shirt had been wrapped tightly across his chest was dripping down his scrawny shoulders. It looked more like a dress than a shirt. That’s when his shorts fell. “The heck?!” he squeaked. Even his voice was higher as he looked around. Suddenly the world was so big. He grabbed his shorts and pulled them around his waist again. The thin waist with abs had turned into one even thinner without them. “It’s alright big guy,” the other man lowered himself to the same height as Hunter. Their faces were just mere inches apart. “I know what it’s like to be small. I know what it’s like to be weak. But I’ll make strong.” The way the guy said it sparked a memory in Hunter. “S-s-sam?” he questioned as he looked at the massive guy again. “When’d you get so hot?!” that wasn’t the question he meant to ask. That wasn’t even close to it! But he was too distracted by the man crammed into his t-shirt and jeans. Every part of Sam that could press the fabric to the limit did. Hunter could easily make out each strong muscle the other man had like he was almost naked. And then an even bigger part that held between his legs. But Sam just chuckled. He put the end of the cigar out against the wall then stomped on its butt with his steel toed boot. “Don’t worry about it bud. We’ll have plenty of time to talk about that…” Hunter found his body swooped up under the other man’s arm as he was led back into the gym. Sam’s speed seemed to have increased as well. Or maybe in the daze, his had slowed. But each time he looked at those jeans crammed packed with muscle he felt everything slow down. “Thata boi,” Sam gave him a hearty slap to the back.
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    Just had an amazing workout and this short scene occurred to me. Wanted to get it down. 1. Early Sunday You walk onto the gym floor. 6'2'' 240. A Bear Daddy on the rise. A few months into focused attention on growing strength and size. You are enjoying the gains, the increased power, the reminder of your masculinity and dominance. You swagger in and survey the room. You will be smashing chest and shoulders today. Any worthy pups today? Yes, a shorty but thick. Great chest and calves. A cleanshaven redhead. He looks put together for 9am on a Sunday. You have a good feeling he may be growing boy in search of a master. You get to work. Super sets, drop sets. Decline bench, military press, cable machine, hammer press, db press, db flies. Your pump grows and grows. Sweat soaks your tshirt. You smell your own musk and the bear cock thickens. You can feel the eyes of the clean shaven muscle boy on you. When you look up, he is often turning away. You cock thickens further. He is working hard himself. You are impressed by his focus...on his workout and on you. You end the workout in front of the mirror with cross body hammer curls. Pure vanity. The Bear Cock is steel hard and leaking in your tight jockstrap as you gaze on how thick your shoulders, arms, and chest are. A true Man. A Muscle Bear growing into a God. You come out of your self worship and see that the boy has left. Ah well, another day. You head to your locker, strip off your clothes, enjoying how the sweaty shirt clings to your pumped body, how awkward it is too move with muscles too pumped and shaking. You walk to the shower, towel in hand, cock half hard swinging between your thick thighs. The shower threatens to bring you to full mast again as your soap up. Every movement reminding you how thick you are. Your hands roaming over a furry chest, thick and hard. Your arms and shoulders like steel. You savor this feeling as a reminder for when your motivation fades on difficult and long days. Any sacrifice is worth this feeling, this masculine testosterone-soaked feeling. You towel off and wrap it around your waist. Standing in front of the sink, you survey what you are building and you are pleased. You have a belly, yes, but it looks powerful when it is overshadowed by a thicker chest, capped by mounded shoulders, and thick thick arms. You shavr your neck and cheeks, enjoying how difficult it is with your still pumped arms. When finished, you take off your towel to wipe off the excess shave cream. Dropping the towel, you step back...wanting to see it all. The self lust rising again. Just then, you feel a presence behind you at the opposite sink. And its the boy. Unbidden, your cock thickens as you see his thick lil smooth ass in the mirror and all you want to do is FUCK. You chuckle. He looks up at the sound and your eyes meet through the mirrors. You raise your arms into a double bicep flex, your eyes leaving his to gaze on your size. Just a quick flex but a test. How will this tasty meat react? ... ... ... ... It all happens in milliseconds but your heart leaps. His gazed stayed. He wants it. He needs it. You pick up your towel without acknowledging him further and walk to your locker. Your test in pumping hard. Something is getting fucked today and deep. This pup or another. Your needs must be met. After getting dressed, you head to the elevator and as you wait you hear someone else exit the locker room. Is it the boy? You don't find out until you enter the elevator and turn. It is the boy and he is looking good. Red hair slicked up, clean shaven, blue-red flannel, jeans showin off his bubble butt... The door closes. You raise an arm to scratch the back of your neck. Your thick bicep strains the threads of your tshirt. "Great way to start a weekend, eh?" You say The boy looks down then towards you. "Sure is" He says quietly The bear cock thickens and you tell him your name. "I'm Matt" he responds "You were working harder than anyone in there today. What's driving that, man?" You ask as the door opens. "Just wanna get big" He says as you both exit the elevator. A pause "...like you" You smile and know it's on. "You free? I think I need to show you just how big I am" "I am" he responds The bear cock thickens *To Be Continued*?
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    Second thoughts When Charles' second thoughts began to dawn, it was too late. The company. The offer. It all sounded so great. Presumably exaggerated, because of the way salesmen talk. The offer to have the treatment payed for by a future employer, if any such materialized after the treatment, and otherwise having the treatment at a discount, payed by himself once a month over two years. Affordable. Possible. The effects probably exaggerated, but if half of the effects were true, Charles' life would improve. Not so shy in the gym anymore – presumably. But now ... The interview had caused him to blush. Too personal questions. The Lab... looking like it tried very hard to give the impression of being a set from a sci-fi film. And now. Now, when it all was becoming reality... He found out, that he wanted to get out of the cylindric glass tank. Floating inside it, almost naked, just wearing posing trunks. Green, warm and luminous liquid surrounding him. Luminous ... perhaps dangerous? Floating in it. IV-tubes in the crooks of his arms: Two chemicals dripping ... almost pumped into his system. The mask over his mouth and nose supplying him with oxygen. Oxygen and ... and something else? His childish fantasies about cylinder-shaped growth tanks ... His childish fantasies about Bane and venom ... Like the company had delivered exactly what he wanted, and he had begun to realize, that he didn't want it ... not in reality, only as a treasured fantasy ... because reality was scary, and would have a real impact on his life ... What would his colleagues at the office say if he ... Second thoughts. Out. Stop the process. To get out of the growth-tank. To return to his familiar, normal, boring life. To... The effects. He could feel them. Surrounded by the warm liquid. Floating weightless in the middle of the tank. More ... embodied. More ... present. Cupping and squeezing his biceps. Hard biceps. Bigger biceps. Veiny biceps. Couldn't believe ... Not what he had expected. More, than he had expected. Felt good, actually, but this level of brawn wouldn't suit his worklife well... Bad for career. Needed to get out. Had committed a mistake. Bad decision. Allowed daydreams to run amok. Hadn't expected this much difference. This much change. This ... this transformation. The feeling of his chest. Pecs growing beefier at an almost visible speed. Cupped his pec. Flexed. It jumped in his hand. Hard slab of meat. Full. Imposing. He could feel his manhood expand inside his posing trunks. His chest feeling hefty. Chiselled and beefy. Different than before. Different. Better. Beefier. Brawnier. Not like before. Him. Brawnier. God! Felt so hard. All of him: muscles, dick, mind. So hard. Tubes in his arms: Pumped into his system. Pumped muscles. Dick pumping. His mind pumped up, because the testo ... the testo levels ... He was becoming a testosterone-factory. Yeah! His entire system. His entire body ... was a testosterone factory now. More than he asked for. He had to ... He had to get out ... He had to... He had to embrace the experience, revel in his newfound mass, and take it all in, and becoming ... O fuck, yes! His hand – bigger now – caressed his six-pack. Rockhard, steelhard well-defined six-pack with deep, deep valleys between each of the ... He emitted a moan inside his mask, and inhaled the formula deeper. Yes! Deeper! Into his entire system! Pump him full! His temples pounded. His skin covering his entire sculpted and bulging gym-physique bristled and tingled pleasantly. Buzzed. Feeling his muscles growing at visible speed. Bigger than ... Uh! Anabolic state. Shedding all fat. Visible muscle definition. Luminous liquid. Crackling and buzzing. Like his entire body was connected to a power-current. Not a painful power-current. Not like an electric shock, but rather like ... Uh! Like... Oh, fuck! Like gamma radiation in the comics was real, and that he... FUCK! SO GOOD! Power into him. Power through him. Empowering his strength. So strong now. Power that... Uh! BECOMING power! And the gas still hissing ... What had he thought... Lost his thoughts earlier? Something ... well, yes, had to get out because ... yes, why? No reason to get out. Wouldn't miss this for anything. Wanted more! MORE of the two serums in his veins. MORE of the gas in his lungs. MORE of the power-current. MORE of this feeling of being a testosterone-factory. More of endlessly increasing muscle mass. Become beef! Become brawn! Become ... Chuck felt good. He was becoming what he was destined to. Biggest bloke in the gym. Chuck never miss leg day. Able to focus his training aggression. What matters in life: Workouts. He and the weights. And to show off before those who want to worship his mass. Mmmm. Zapped by the growth-tank to become even bigger, brawnier, beefier. His jockboy bod. Show off. Feel the satisfaction when his worshippers realise that he is superior. The dominant Alpha in the room. Have his biceps licked by worshippers. Ummmm. Yes! The growth-tank: continuing the process, increasing the process, becoming a testo-factory. Pumped into his system. Pumped muscles. Dick pumping. His mind pumped up, because the testo level... Breathing in more GROWTH. Inhaling beefiness. Power into him. Power through him. Empowering his strength. Stronger. BECOMING power! POWER HOUSE! Chuck big! I'll show you fukkers, who's Alpha! Wait until I get out, and I'll show you, but not yet, not yet, because he was still growing bigger. Transforming into something even more ... Uh! Yeah! Look at me! So fucking good! Feel good to turn into titan jockhood beyond reason. So he had to stay inside the growth-tank to become ... to become ... what his new employer wanted him to become. Yeah. So he would be able to dominate his new employer, the way both of them wanted. Built by steel-hard spheres now: Bowling ball shoulders, volley ball biceps, medicine ball pecs, bullneck and insane traps, his quads forcing his legs wide, wide apart ... Yeah! Wider! Arms forced upwards by his meaty, beefy, intimidating lats... Yeah! Look at me! This is how perfection looks like! Testo-factory... Chuck big! Chuck biggest jockboy there is! Chuck can feel his own power! Feel how he increases! Feel how ... uh ... power pumped into him, to become ... become his new employer's Dominator. All muscle mass. Feel good to dumb down. The more old memory seeps out of Chuck's mind, the bigger Chuck becomes. Yes! Bigger! MAKE ME BIGGER! The BIGGERMOST dumb jockboy in the world! I'll show you my strength, and let you choke on my ... Beef lad. Steel titan. Power mass. Pure strength. Mass monster. Yeah. This is... This is... my real me. You just let me out of that insignificant little scrawny one... can't remember... Always been Chuck. Chuck enjoys lifting. Chuck never skip leg day. Look at me bro! Look at me nerds, and tremble! Strength pumped into my system. Pumped muscles. Dick pumping. My mind pumped up, because the testo level... Breathing in more GROWTH. Inhaling beefiness. Power into me. Power through me. Empowering my strength. Stronger. BECOMING power! POWER HOUSE! This is what you wanted to turn me into? Think so? I'll tell you, you scrawny wankers, watch me! THIS! This is what I always was supposed to be. Because I'm Chuck, and Chuck is the ... Uh! Fuck! Yeah! More! Yeah, I like when you increase it like that. Yeah: INCREASE! Beef lad. Steel titan. Power mass. Pure strength. Mass monster. The dumb Alpha jock you asked for. The BIGGERMOST dumb Alpha jockboy in the world! BIGGERMOST! POWERBRAWN ALPHA! STEELTITAN ALPHA! ULTRA-PUMPED DOMINATOR! CHUCK PURE BEEF NOW! PUMP MORE OF IT INTO ME! PUMP MORE OF IT INTO ... Oh, fuck ... PUMP MORE OF IT ... Can't belive.... Look at my biceps... PUMP MORE OF.... Uh! Uh! Oh! It's ... mass... beef ... I'm ... PUMP MORE.... The testo ... you can't imagine... PUMP... The strength, it's ... PUMP... Insane power ... I'm ... PUMP... PUMP... PU-
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    I had fun writing this one and thinking of making it a series. Let me know what you think. “I want to be the biggest freakiest bodybuilder to ever exist.” I muttered to myself as I dozed off to sleep. I was abruptly awoken by my alarm and quickly jumped out of bed. I grab all my gear and hit my injections first off. I mean I’m a solid 220 and at 5’9 that’s pretty impressive. The guys at the gym definitely take stalk in who I am, but I really just want to be a freak. I grab my mass gainer shake and chug it down. The squeeze into my gym shorts and tank and off I go. I get to the gym and I’m definitely feeling leg day. I start heading to the squat rack when I see Jake one of the jocks that works out at my gym. He smiles and waves. “Hey Jay! You going to get freaky today?” he chuckles. Instantly I get hard. I don’t know hwat it is about me growing and getting huge but its all I want. “Fuck ya Jake! Can’t be a little twink like you!” I laugh and kept walking. I get to the squat rack and start loading on the weight. 1 plate. Then 2 on each side. Then 3. And I begin my working set. Getting low and deep feeling my ass spread when I hit the bottom of the hole. I squeeze on the way up knowing the my ass is growing along with my legs. “thank you for the muscle growth I’m receiving. Thank you for making me the biggest muscle freak of all time.” I repeat to myself as I rep out 10 solid reps. I go to rack my weights when I feel a hand on my shoulder. “Excuse me?” a deep voice grumbles behind me. I turn around and see the biggest and tallest man I’ve ever laid eyes on. He looks like a muscle morph and my head only came up to his top row of abs. “uhhhhh ya..” I said nervously. “I heard what you were saying. Is it true?” he growled at me and looked me deep in the eyes. His eyes were gorgeous an amber brown with flecks of green. “I’m sorry what was it I was saying?” I asked trying to hide the erection happening before me. “You want to be the biggest muscle freak of all time?” he grinned. Holy fuck even his teeth were flawless. Pearly white and perfectly straight and his lips were so perfect. He smiled even more seeing me blush and then licked his lips a little. “I’m Amos.” He said “I want to make you the biggest muscle freak ever. Even bigger than me.” What the fuck?! I thought to myself. He has to be 6’9 and 390lbs. How the hell is he going to make me even bigger than him? “I’m 7’4 and 465lbs to be exact and I can make you even bigger. Only if you want it thought. I can’t have someone say they want it and then not be willing.” He said gazing into my soul. I felt my whole body twitch. His amber eyes almost glowing as he smiled the most beautiful smile. “Yes sir.” I said instinctly. I couldn’t think of anything else to say to him! Yes your majesty. Yes your pefect god of a man. What would I say. Amos chuckled to himself and looked down at me again. “get under that weight, but I want you to drink this first.” He handed me a milky shake. “Just a sip.” He smiled but something in me had to prove myself to him. I grabbed the shake and chugged it. It was the sweetest shake I’ve ever had. It tasted like nothing I’ve ever had. A dribble of the milky shake went down my lip. “You passed the test.” Amos grinned at me “Hold on.” Amos said leaning in and licking it off my face. I about fell back wards, until my brain switched. “lift the fucking weight jay.” I said to myself I got under the weight. “give me 20.” Amos growled. I felt his hand sliding down my back and onto my ass. I felt his massive paw squeeze my bubble ass and my whole body began to feel instantly pumped. I see in the mirror all my veins beginning to burst through my skin. My brain just shuts off. I look up behind me and see Amos smiling his beautiful smile. I see him mouth “LIFT BEAST!” and I start pumping the 315 squats. 5…..10…..15……20..35….50…100! I rack it. I look in the mirror. My shorts are so tight that the seams are starting to stretch. I squeeze my legs hard seeing the striations starting to come out. Veins popping all over. I look up into the mirror and notice my look is more animalistic and sexy. I hit my front quad again and I hear the rip on the side of my shorts. Amos pulls me close to him from behind. “bathroom now.” He growls. I quickly obey and get to a private bathroom. Amos walks in behind me locking the door. “this is the beginning my beast. Do you know what that shake was made of?” Amos says slowly undoing his shorts. I shook my head no, whatever it was though was the most delicious thing I’ve ever tasted. He takes out his keys and tosses them on the ground. “pick those up for me boy.” I turn around and bend over hearing the loudest rip. I quickly get up and seeing Amos licking his lips behind me in the mirror. I’m beat red, but something takes over me. I squeeze each glute. Feeling them bounce up and down. Then I hit my hammies stretching down. I reach around and feel each muscle popping out. “Oh fuck you’re perfect.” I hear Amos groan. “You….oh god…..fuck…. Jay…. Fuck…..” I hear him grunting from behind me. I turn around and see his shorts straining against the biggest cock I have ever seen. “GET ON THE SCALE I MUST KNOW!” Amos yells. I obey quickly and get on the scale. I slide the scale to 220 and its to light. 230……still to light… finally I hit 243….. scale levels out. “YOU’RE THE…..OH FUCK…..ONE….OH FUCK….JAY QUICK!” Amos is leaning back not even touching himself. “you must suck down every drop.” Amos grunts grabbing my hair and pulling me towards him. I rip his shorts down and am instantly smacked with the thickest longest cock. Veins snaking down it. At least a beer can thick if not more and so long. It had to be 16 inches. I see the thick pink head leaking cum. “I’M GUNNA BLOW SUCK!” Amos screams. I latch onto the head of his cock only getting a few inches in when I feel the same familiar taste of the shake from earlier. My body goes into an instant craving and I begin licking and sucking harder and faster. “OH FUCK JAY OH FUCK! Say youre mine.” Amos begs. Having his cock in my mouth I swirl it with my tongue. I look up. My eyes locking his. “I’m yours, master.” And quickly I slide the mammoth member down my throat. “FUUUUCK!” I hear him roar and I feel torrents of cum shooting into me. I don’t even gag because his cum is so amazing. Its silky almost and tastes so sweet. I need more. I begin sucking harder and harder. Grunting breathing heavy. Feeling my body pulse as I suck more of his godly cum down my throat and finally I feel it come to a stop. I lick the last few drops of cum off his mammoth cock. I lick it off my face. And stand up looking in the mirror noticing every vein in my body is bulging out. “you’re mine now.” Amos said reaching around and pulling me close. I feel his hot breath near my ear. “you want to be mine don’t you?” I moan hearing his growl so close to me, but something hits me and I turn around. “Not as bad as you want me. Daddy.” I look up at him and grin devilishly. “oh fuck you’re perfect.” Amos chuckles. “You have to earn me as your boy. Make me a freak and we will see if you get to enjoy yourself like that again. Understood?” I say to him. HOLY FUCK WHAT HAS GOTTEN INTO ME! Hes utter perfection but I can tell he’s loving every second of it. “Understood my boy.” Amos smiles. I turn to leave and feel him jerk me back and locking my lips kisses me so passionately. “I’ve looked for you for my whole life. I won’t let you go.” He whispers while I feel his tongue dance with mine. “then don’t.” I whisper back.
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    Chapter One "The Oregon Trail was laid by fur traders and trappers from about 1811 to 1840, and was only passable on foot or by horseback. By 1836, when the first migrant wagon train was organized in Independence, Missouri, a wagon trail had been cleared to Fort Hall, Idaho" As the legendary guide Kit Carson looked up at the folks gathered around him, he added "This is the second stage of what I believe can be truly called "The Great Wagon Train" but you saw what we had to deal with just then, that is why we must carry on" and with that nodded his head to his trusted lieutenant Jim who nodded his understanding and reported back to his wife at the back of the train with the news that she had been dreading to hear. “But Jim” protested his wife as she nursed her infant son, “he needs a rest from the jolting. He needs some soup!” Jim solemnly shook his head. “Sorry, Alice” he replied, “but Kit says no. Look, he’s asleep now. You can have a sleep yourself. When you wake up we’ll be nearer to California and he’ll be still by your side!” and with that he leaned over on his horse and kissed his wife. Reassured, she settled down and her husband re-joined the front of the train. As the train rolled on, a violent jolt woke up the child and as he yawned he caught sight of his still sleeping mother. Rolling over and crawling to the back of the wagon, he sat down and smiled. “Daddy, bang, bang, nice!” he gurgled He had seen his father use the rifle latched onto the end of the wagon on a number of occasions and had always wanted to touch it, but his father always said “Daddy’s bang bang”, however with his father nowhere to be seen and his mother asleep he leant over to touch it. Just then, the wagon hit a rock and caused the son to overbalance and he fell out of the wagon and landed with a heavy bump that caused him to start crying. Whether the mother heard those cries it was impossible to tell, as soon the child became lost in the high grass. About an hour later, the small child appeared out of the brush that marked the start of the Midwestern Plains and was spied upon by Chief Grey Cloud, the most powerful of all the Native American chiefs. The little child had been taught to fear the native Americans, however as he looked at the chief whispering "Mommy and Daddy lost", the chief dismounted from his horse and looked at the child then spoke to his braves in the language of the Apache people. “Comanche smoke signals, wagon train attacked not far from here!” “Then papoose orphan!”. Grey Cloud felt a great sympathy with this orphaned child. It had been two months since his own son had been killed in a hunting accident whilst out hunting buffalo and it had shaken his confidence greatly. As he looked at the child who smiled for the first time since they had met, he raised an arm to the sky and announced “I thank the Great Spirit for sending me this child, I promise to raise him as my own!” “Grey Cloud has spoken” answered the other braves and with that Grey Cloud placed the child next to him and geed his horse to return to his tribe. The chief’s arrival with the new member of the tribe was greeted with a great deal of interest and after an inspection by the medicine man who determined that the child was indeed an orphan, he was formally adopted by Grey Cloud and given the Indian name “Blue Eyes” on account of his piercing blue eyes.
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    Brian Salk was walking down the street in a tight-fitting T-shirt, the kind that clung to him so snugly that you could see all of his muscles beautifully pressed against the fabric. People who saw him thought he lived a charmed life as one of the world’s youngest self-made billionaires, at 25 he was the latest wonder kid to make it big in the tech industry. He was on the cover of magazines and billboards. The media was taken by his other talents as well, particularly his prowess as a body builder. Shirtless photos of “the Billion Dollar Six Pack” were everywhere. That combined with his ability to speak 10 languages, play piano and violin like a virtuoso, and his status as a chess master made him into quite the modern-day renaissance man. Brian didn’t mind the attention. He liked people checking him out. It was the closest he could get to imagining what being in a relationship was like. His father, to whom he felt he owed everything, did not approve of his son being in a relationship, not because he was gay. His sexuality was common knowledge and all of his “brothers” were (something that was not common knowledge). Rather he and the old man shared a secret, the key to all of Brian’s successes. A secret that if the world were to know, could end Brian’s freedom forever. Brian was the last of the “Children of AIM” (AIM being the Army Institute of Mutagenesis). A military agency devoted to the development of the American Supersoldier. After a disaster that led to the catastrophic quarantine of an entire town, and the “loss” of one of the founders of the program, the project was deemed as too dangerous to continue. The three remaining super soldier subjects or, “Children of AIM” as they were known, were sent to various families within the United States to be raised as normal children. However, Dr. Gregory Salk was unable to say goodbye to the child he had created undertook to raise the boy as his own son and hone his abilities for the good of humanity. His superior intelligence and athletic prowess were the result of billions of dollars of secret investment. But Brian had abilities that went far beyond that. As a gift from his treatments at AIM, he could change his body size and musculature at will, a skill that would have made him nearly invincible on the battlefield. As he was now a free man, that particular talent was no longer strictly needed. It did however come in handy in another of Brian’s hobbies. You see, Brian always felt the need to give back to society, so he led another life, the life of a crime fighting hero. A life that was about to be tested once again. “Hey Brian!” came a familiar voice. “Huh?” he said, looking around. “Oh! Hey Jake!” Jake’s father owned a bank and as his son, he managed all of his charitable work. Being a philanthropist himself, Brian ran into him all the time, which was torture because Jake was the most gorgeous man that he had ever seen and the young billionaire was head over heels for him. To make matters worse Jake was openly gay and single. Brian hated having to keep his feelings a secret. To be fair, Brian only thought he was keeping it a secret. Anyone with half a brain could see the way he blushed whenever Jake walked in a room or fumbled for words. Or the way his package bulged up whenever Jake touched him. “I was just grabbing some coffee big guy,” Jake said, walking over, casually placing a hand on his friend. “You want to join?” “Yeah well… I… uhhh coffee sounds nice… you ummm like coffee?” In truth he’d been on his way to a meeting but those fingers on his arm made him temporarily forget anything about that. “Uh… yeah…” Jake chuckled. “We had coffee together at Autism Gala, and that cancer event before that. For a genius you’ve got a lousy memory.” He said gently prodding his large friend in the side. “Oh right… yeah sorry…” he said, blushing and scratching the back of his head. Soon the thoughts began again. He had a condo in this neighborhood. He could just take Jake up there and they could have glorious… “Earth to Brian.” His thoughts were interrupted by a slightly impatient Jake. “You want to join or…?” “Oh… yeah… sure…” he stammered. “Excellent.” Jake took Brian by the arm, effectively leading him like a puppy. The two walked a few blocks together and were having a great time enjoying their coffee when Brian’s highly engineered hearing picked up a disturbing sound. “Gimmie da cash or I use your guts to paint dese bricks!” That was followed by the sound of someone pleading. “Crap…” He pulled out his phone as cover. “Look I’m really sorry, I’ve got to run!” “Always on the run…” Jake sighed. Without another word Brian jumped up from the table. As soon as he was out of Jake’s line of vision he ducked into an empty alley and pulled a spandex wrestling mask from his back pocket and placed it over his head. Then he pulled off his shirt and pants, stuffing them away into the backpack that he always carried with him and hid it in a corner of the alley, revealing nothing but a tight stretchy bottom. Clenching his teeth and concentrating on his body, his already impressive biceps began to bulge out, his famous six pack bulged into an eight pack, his back muscles went into a state of upheaval as his traps and delts began to broaden. His pecs ballooned out, forcing his nipples even lower. His clingy shorts were stretching against his inflating bubble butt and thighs. He was becoming… The Tank. As his body swelled with more and more muscle he began to grow taller, passing 6’ 6’’ then seven feet. The rush of power flowing through his veins was incredible as pound after pound filled into his body. He passed the 8-foot mark with 800 pounds of raw muscle with arms and legs the size of tree trunks, abs bulging out like grapefruits, with lats that pushed his arms outward. Time for action. He bounded away after the sound, leaping over the street as agile as a deer, darting from alley to alley as if he were flying until he came upon what he was looking for. Three guys had a Somali immigrant pinned to the wall. “I told ya, if ya don’t buy de insurance in dis country, bad t’ings can happen!” “Please… I wont have enough to feed my kids if I pay that much!” he begged. “Sounds like your company needs to go out of business.” It wasn’t the best line but Brian was working on that part of the job. “What da hell?” One of the thugs looked up just a trash can came hurtling at them, knocking two of them off their feet. The remaining one looked up at the behemoth standing before him and realized his worst nightmare had found him. The bulging, masked goliath took a few steps toward him. “De Tank…” he muttered, legs shaking like noodles, and pulled out a gun. Before he could get off a shot, The Tank had slammed a massive elbow into his gut, sending him flying into a nearby chain link fence. He turned to the immigrant. “Get out of here!” But there was no need for that. He’d already taken off down the alley. Brian reached down to the two thugs he’d knocked down with the trash can and picked them up by their shirts. “Now I want to get one thing clear with you punks.” He growled, his voice deep and booming. “There’s gonna be no insurance racket in this town as long as I have anything to say about it. So if I see you again you better have a new occupation.” Suddenly there was a loud bang and flash of pain in his left arm. He knew it instantly, he’d been shot… again. The man he’d knocked into the fence had gotten up and pulled out another gun. He effortlessly hurled the two miscreants on top of his assailant and walked over to the pile and picked up the dropped hand gun as a steady trickle of blood ran down his arm. “You know, that just pisses me off,” he said crushing the weapon in his other hand. “You better be pretty glad I’m not like you.” He said dropping the useless pile of metal. Unhooking a belt from his waist, he stretched it out and wrapped around the three of them. “That ought to hold you.” He said clipping it together, causing a light to begin to flash. Once locked it was nearly impossible for them to get out. The homing beacon would alert the police, and an electronic USB stick would play a recording of the event. He might even make the news tonight, he thought as he bounded away back to the alley where he had dumped his clothes. When he got there, he flexed his arm until the bullet popped out. They never went in very deep. Shrinking back down to his usual size, he pulled a compression bandage out of the backpack and wrapped it around his arm. Bullets didn’t do much damage when he was ‘tanked out’ (as he liked to call it) and his modified body was pretty good at healing without a scar but they did hurt. It was like getting stung by a giant hornet. Quickly getting his clothes on he headed up to the condo he owned in the neighborhood to get cleaned up, sending an email to his colleagues that he was sorry to have missed the meeting. He had five new text messages but one of them in particular was difficult to answer. It was from Jake. “See you around, handsome. Maybe one day you won’t be too busy to hang out.” It bit him to the core. He felt like he would have given anything to have been able to finish that cup of coffee with him. ‘But then that man might not have been able to go home to his kids.’ He heard his father’s voice in his head. That evening, his walk back to Mid Town where he and his father made their primary dwelling on several floors of a skyscraper was a lonely one. “You really could have built me to make the bullets hurt less,” he told his father Gregory that night as the 65-year-old gently attended to the wound. The old man laughed. “You should have seen how some of the other super soldiers reacted. Some of them had better healing than you do and they would scream and run away at the mere sight of a gun.” “Maybe that’s what I should do,” Brian grumbled. “You’re the one who chose to be ‘The Tank’. I would have been just as happy for you to devote your life to computers, arts or science,” his father said. “But I’m proud of you. Every person you save makes my life’s work seem more worthwhile.” He smiled and then added, “Also if you wouldn’t grow so large you wouldn’t make such an easy target. I’m sure you don’t have to be so massive to deal with street thugs.” Brian chuckled. “Do you want to take away the one really fun part of my life?” His father sighed. “I suppose not.” “I met Jake today for a coffee.” Brian threw in as casually as he could. “Oh? How’s his family doing. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen his father.” “They’re fine I guess. I… mostly forgot to ask,” Brian said with a sigh. “You know… we do a lot of charity work, we should plan an event with them or…” “Brian…” his father said, sealing the wound with a special adhesive he’d invented for his son. “Is that really a good idea? I know how you feel about him. There is such a thing as tormenting yourself for no reason.” “Well I wouldn’t have to torture myself if you’d let me see him,” Brian retorted. “And what would he think of us?” Gregory said, “What would he think of our life?! Of who and what you really are?” He sighed and patted his son on his uninjured shoulder. “The army is clear on this. If people find out about AIM through you, they will ‘reposess’ you. It took everything in my power to get them to release you to me when you were 18 months old… I don’t have the connections that I used to have.” “Well what if he doesn’t know?” Brian asked. “I don’t have to tell him!” “Son you grow in your sleep sometimes… It took me four months to design a bed that you wouldn’t break when you were 12. When you get too “excited” you start to morph. These are things you just can’t hide from a partner.” “Well, why can’t you just fix those things?” Brian said. “You come up with solutions to everything else.” “I gave you a mind easily a match for mine, and it’s still young and in its prime. If anyone could fix the kinks of the super soldier program it would be you,” Gregory said. “But I think that Pandora’s box is left closed. You are the last of them… and the most functional I might add.” He said with a bit of pride. “Right now I’d give anything to just be normal. To finally know what it’s like to truly be with someone,” Brian muttered. “I know it’s hard… I’ve had to make the same sacrifices you have. You’re all I’ve got.” The big guy heaved a remorseful sigh. “I’m sorry Father. You’re right.” “Why don’t you stay in tonight.” His father said, patting him on the back. “You’ve done enough for one day. I’ve got something I need to work on in the lab.” Brian was left alone to look out over the city lights. While he was designed to easily be able to go many nights without sleep, and he often did, this particular day felt like it needed to end. So he went to bed. That night he tossed around in his sleep. His dreams were troubled by visions of masked men dressed in black, hunting him down. He jerked himself awake in bed with a loud “No!” and looked down at his swollen body, buffed up by the fear in his nightmare. The pounding of his heart echoed his head. He’d only gained about 100 pounds in his sleep this time. “Perhaps Dad’s right… I just can’t control this.” His thoughts were interrupted by a knock at the door. “Uh… yes?” The door opened and to his shock, Jake stepped into the room. “I heard you shouting and I thought you might need some company.” “How… how did you get in here?” Brian stammered pulling the sheets over his naked body. His dream growth shredded anything comfortable he could sleep in. “Does it matter? I’m here now,” he said walking over to the bed. “Do you want me to leave?” “No… no… I just don’t get…” Brian was fumbling with his words as Jake pulled off his shirt and began to crawl on top of the sheets over to him. He’d seen that lovely chest before, at socials where there was a pool. His cock was throbbing, he’d wanted to touch that body so often and here it was crawling into his bed. Jake climbed onto of his massive target and straddled him before licking those massive pecs which began to swell under his touch. “Fuck… no! I can’t… not in front of… awww fuck.” It felt so good. Jake pressed his lips against Brian’s’ and massaged those nipples as his inflating pecs pushed them downward. “Mmmmm, that’s a neat trick. Why didn’t you tell me about it before?” Jake said licking Brian’s traps, making their veins pop out as they bulged into his face. “Didn’t… think… you’d understand…” Brian said, gently pulling down Jake’s pants so he could feel that luscious ass of his. “I only understand that I’ve never wanted anything more,” Jake said, pulling down the sheets and driving his cock into Brian’s massive abs. “God, you’re incredible,” Brian moaned as his abs bulged around the cock that was riding up and down the slit between them. “Wanted this for so long,” he said, growing taller as the man he’d wanted to be with more than any other began to move up and down his massive frame. His balls began to swell larger than fists as his cock began to grow, poking Jake in the back. “Seems like someone’s ready to play,” Jake said reaching and stroking the massive rod. “Never… done this… before,” Brian moaned. “Let me show you how it’s done,” Jake whispered and mounted the giant member and slowly slid himself down on it. Brian’s balls were so excited that they began to swell like mad first to cantaloupes then to basketballs. His cock grew to 24’’ and Jake had to balance himself on the giant balls to ride it. Brian could feel his ass expanding into an enormous bubble butt. Jake took notice and reached down to squeeze it while he could still reach it. His fingers spread the massive ass cheeks expanded in his hand. The reinforced bed was beginning to creak and strain under the new weight as Brian’s biceps grew larger than Jake’s entire torso. He passed 8’ 6’’ as his balls swelled to the size of beach balls. Each of his massive pecs weighed over 100 pounds of raw muscle as he bounced them in delight. Jake felt the expanding lats pushing even further out from Brian’s massive sides. As he was skewered on the enormous dick like a toy. Pre-cum started to gush out of that giant cock, overflowing Jake’s ass and spilling out down his enormous shaft, completely soaking the bed. “Awww fuck I’m gonna cum!” Brian shouted when suddenly an alarm went off. He opened his eyes as one of his massive balls slid off the cum soaked bed and bounced onto the floor, stretching his sweaty nutsack. A jet of cum blasted him in the face as his balls unloaded onto no one but himself. He was alone it had been a wet dream. His body had expanded so much that the bed alarm had gone off to wake him. Brian had passed the 1000-pound safety limit. He coughed a little as another massive blast of cum covered his face and chest in spunk. He laid there panting for a moment, unable to shrink just yet. The hottest thing he’d ever imagined had just happened and it wasn’t even real. He idly rubbed his cum soaked nipple wishing so hard that Jake could be there but he’d proven his father’s point. As globs of jizz rolled down the bedsides he realized that being intimate with anyone was going to mean revealing his true identity.
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    Yeah, pretty soon. I've decided to go with the roommate route. Its in the lead right now (and honestly finding morphed images larger than mike is harder to work with)
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    Various images from my years of lifting.
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    From the album: Trekka's Album

    105 pounds per hand and walked around the parking lot at Nova Fitness.
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    BEYOND HUMANITY Darren is a veteran of the Evolution Forum and a regular poster. He enjoys it when other members post pics and videos of their favorite bodybuilders and athletes. After being a wallflower for quite some time, he decided to post pictures of himself. A handful of guys posted comments on his thread and praised him for his accomplishments. After a couple of days, the thread blows up and he begins to realize that he is quite popular because of the way he looks. Two guys are so smitten with him that they send him PMs on the site. One of them, Allan, has a secret that he wants to reveal to him in person. Darren is quite apprehensive because he doesn't really know the guy very well. Allan is fairly new to the forum and hasn't participated all that much. The other guy, Kory, is a buddy of his that is really taken aback by his body lately and really wants to meet him in person. Darren tells him about Allan and thinks it would be fun to meet this guy at the same time because of the secret he wants to reveal. Kory eventually comes around to Darren’s suggestion and they set up a date to meet him. Dar has seen pictures of Kory before from Yahoo and is remarkably surprised by how sexy he is when they meet. Their eyes meet and they both kiss very passionately. Both receive texts in the middle of their meet and greet from Allan and meet at the local hotel. When they find his room, he opens the door and reveals that he is a massive bodybuilder with a really hairy body and a well-kempt face. He invites both of them in and begins to study each and every part of their bodies. He senses their attraction to each other and wants both of them to just relax and 'get into the moment'. They both begin kissing again and feel like the air around them is actually getting tighter. They feel compelled to take their clothes off and continue to make love. Allan takes his pants off and sits back in a chair as he concentrates on the two men. Darren is so into Kory that he doesn't even notice that his cock has actually lengthened by an inch. Kory's cock has also lengthened an inch and is wrestling with his friend’s cock. With Allan looking on in his chair, he manages to extend Darren and Kory's cocks by one inch. The air around them is beginning to change their hormonal levels to the point that their bodies are beginning to expand. As Darren thrusts his huge cock into his buddy, his ass flairs outward and his legs begin to swell up to the point that he can actually hear the bed starting to creak. Kory's body is also beginning to change as his ass expands along with his asshole. His abs pushes upward and forces his legs outward due to his new size. Darren’s chest swells up to the point that he loses sight of his buddy. Kory also swells up huge breaking the entire bed in the process. Allan is swelling himself as his clothes start shredding and his chair breaks. The growth doesn't stop either as all three of them grow beyond human proportions. As Darren cums inside Kory, Allan walks over to both of them and adds his cum to the sexcapade by spreading it on the other two growing giants. The growth continues to accelerate as the three men defy logic with their growth cycles. Despite Allan's best efforts to advance his own agenda, Darren and Kory successfully decide to restrain him and control his own growth. With this extreme cycle continuing, they decide to rebel and steal away his powers. They have figured out that his cum contains enough fuel to make them both grow exponentially. When he cums however, his power is minimal and he can't grow anymore. With both of them stronger than him, he cannot escape either of their grasps. Darren manages to tie him up several times with the sheets and bed covers from the broken bed as he lies on the floor. They both start working his cock and turning him on against his will. They have to be careful to only arouse him in spurts as he will grow if they do it for too long. While Darren strokes the base of his cock, Kory is stroking the head and working up a good rhythm too. Allan begins oozing precum which slides down his shaft and coats both giant’s hands. While the man's precum isn't extremely potent, it does have an importance. They both feel sensations moving up their bodies that eventually end up in both of their cocks. Their massive members are growing even bigger as Darren watches his cock lengthen as it snakes its way towards Allan's mouth. Unfortunately Kory's is doing the same thing. This puts a smile on Allan’s face as he takes both cocks into his mouth, slurping away at the juices flowing inside his mouth and down his body. Despite the fact that this is exactly what the tied up man wants, they both can't help but to enjoy the sensation coming from his insatiable sucking. The precum gets thicker and changes to a very smooth honey texture that the man laps up like it is the last meal he will ever have. Darren and Kory are feeling unbelievably great and can feel their bodies slowing growing again. Allan will get his revenge on them though as the two giant’s precum begins to change its texture to pure sweet and sticky cum making this man grow into something else. The two giant’s inch closer to the ceiling as the other man continues to drink up their cum loads. He laughs at both of them as he explodes in imaginable growth. His arms and legs that are bound are unleashing their fury on the knots and sheets holding him in place. Darren and Kory turn to look at him and notice his legs tatter the knots and his forearms expanding to the point that the veins begin to look like garden hoses. He destroys the sheets in a matter of seconds. He grows so fast that the hotel room may not exist once he stops growing. The giants are so shocked that it is pretty much too late to run. They do manage to get out of the room in time before it implodes under his size. They are fairly big themselves but they still resemble humans. Allan must be about 15’tall now and appears to have a vendetta for both men. Both of the smaller giants stand outside the crumbling hotel in awe of what this gargantuan monster has just achieved. He must weigh nearly a ton and his tool dangles dangerously close to both of their heads. The two of them combined probably top about 800 pounds. After they look at each other for a few seconds, they figure out that perhaps if he drips precum on top of them, they both might be able to drain his energy somehow and even grow bigger themselves. They both rub his insanely large balls and manage to get their hands around his shaft to rubbing very rapidly. Allan’s moans shake the ground and start shattering glass in the buildings around them. When they feel him starting to tense up, he attempts to crush them knowing what they are up to. Kory barely avoids the monster’s feet and feels a mist coming from his giant cock head. Darren watches as his buddy starts growing again adding an additional 100 pounds to his frame. He is clearly much stronger now and strokes even harder and faster. Again, the monster tries to crush both of them, but is unsuccessful. They both begin to notice that he is slowly starting to shrink as he appears to erupt any second now. Darren starts to see a white ocean flowing out of his cock head as Kory keeps stroking. They both dive straight into the huge white river as it continues to flow freely. It isn't long before the entire planet begins to tremble as the two smaller giants begin their otherworldly growth cycles. They both roar with excitement as their strength and power explodes. They absorb all of Allan’s cum as their muscles grow beyond the limits of humanity. The other monster can't help but to watch in disgust as the two behemoths soar into the sky and squash him like a bug with their immense feet. They both no longer function as humans as their humanistic traits disappear. The only thing they can do now is have sex with each other and destroy everything in their sights. Eating each other’s cum will have no effect anymore as they grow to their biggest potential. Growing bigger would most likely suffocate both of them to death since there is no more air beyond the clouds. The real question now is what will happen to the two of them since they are now the biggest creatures on the planet?
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    THE ACHILLES EFFECT OR ACHILLES AND HIS MUSCLE ADVENTURES Achilles strived to be a big bodybuilder for many years and finally did so after a lot of hard work. His once skinny frame filled out with big thick bulky arms, a giant bull neck, and a huge beefy chest. He always was an attractive guy with a handsome face but deep down wanted to be a hulking brute. He achieved these goals through the normal process of lifting, eating tons, and sleeping right. Life gets in the way of these things sometimes, but he never wavered. His job as a barista is sometimes quite hectic and his personal life could also get in the way of his training. He is quite the intellectual too always wanting to focus on his writings and his interests in poetry and music. While Achilles was already a large man by anyone's standards, deep down he’d wanted to be even stronger and much bigger than he already is. So one day he put his thoughts into his blog, but he would never push the ‘post’ button. He closed his eyes while sitting in his desk chair and just imagined himself bigger and more massive than he already is. Achilles always wore his favorite denim shirt because it made his arms look very impressive and has a favorite pair of black pants too that he wore to the gym because they were comfortable. Sitting calmly in the chair, his imagination became his reality as his arms, pecs, legs, and back started to expand stretching the fabric on his shirt and pants to the point that they bust and shred without much effort. He hears something crack and discovers that it is his chair. He crashes to the ground and makes everything in his house shake under his growing frame. Achilles was 240 pounds before he started growing, but after his sudden growth spurt, he is now up to 260 after getting on the scale in his bathroom. He goes ahead and erases his blog entry after what he just experienced. Achilles is originally from England and wanted to take a trip back there to visit his family. While he is there, he wants to meet up with other British blokes from the forum, so he posted an entry in the personals. Almost immediately he got a response from a guy in Manchester. The man tells him that he is willing to meet up with Achilles for brunch and then they could discuss 'other things'. Achilles never tells him just how big he really is, but he does give him a fair description of what his face looks like so the man isn’t completely in the dark. A week goes by and Achilles arrives in London. He goes to visit his family for a few days to catch up on their lives and to let them know how he is doing. They are amazed at the dramatic transformation he has undertaken. He tells them that he has to meet up with a friend that evening and can’t stay long. He promises to make a return to visit again soon. Luckily he still retains his sweet mild-mannered nature and bids adieu until later. He arrives in Manchester that evening and meets up with the other bloke at a small cafe. He is shocked to see that the other guy is also quite large and quite hot. The man's bulging arms go down to his amazing chest and huge quads. His cheeky smile says it all when he says, 'are you surprised mate?' Achilles could hardly say anything because he is blown away by the man's beauty. The man then says, 'should we just skip this and go to the hotel?' Achilles nods and says, 'yes mate that might be wise.' It doesn't take long before Achilles gets the urge to start rubbing the man's huge shoulders before they even leave the cafe. They get to the hotel and without saying anything at all, the man leads Achilles to the suite that they purchased. Before they can get into the door, the man takes his shirt off and starts to flex his guns and bounces his pecs. Achilles does the same taking his shirt off and starts posing his self. It becomes a hot session as both men rub and massage each other taking in each other’s scents and start slowly tasting the bitter sweat off each other. The session lasts for quite a while before Achilles asks him what his name is. The man smiles and says, 'call me Nathan mate.' Achilles smiles back and says, 'sure mate.' Achilles sits down, closes his eyes, and imagines Nathan getting thicker than he currently is. Nathan, still standing in the middle of the suite, starts groaning as Achilles can hear some kind of popping sound with his eyes still closed. He wonders if this imagining process will work on Nathan. Achilles opens his eyes and sees his fantasy come true as the gorgeous Brit starts getting taller. His pants grow tighter and start shredding the seams on the sides. Nathan's already huge frame gets bigger as his pecs grow fuller and his arms grow much thicker. His wide back gets even wider with additional muscles appearing on top of the huge muscles already there. Finally, his pants give way revealing stupendous quads and impressive calves. The growing stops after Nathan gains 40 pounds of muscle on top of what he started with and gains four inches in height. His head nearly touches the ceiling in the hotel suite. Achilles can't help but to go over and start massaging Nathan's newly grown musculature. He rubs his huge chest against Nathan's and the two behemoths start stroking their selves. Nathan pulls his posers off revealing a nice engorged cock and begins to stroke it. The two men eventually get their selves close after a lot of edging and shoot their huge loads onto each other. Achilles says that he has to go soon because he needs to go to America and meet up with a man he knows from Boston. Nathan understands and gives Achilles a hug before saying that he needs to come back to Manchester sometime. Achilles agrees that he will return and they say their goodbyes. He then makes a mad dash out of the suite to get to the airport to catch his flight. It took him several hours to arrive in Boston and is quite surprised at how gorgeous the coastline is. He has a little time to spare before he meets up with his buddy so he goes on to the boardwalk to take in the view. Achilles decides to set up his date with this man on the beach close to the water. The man calls to tell him that he has to finish a social case and will arrive a little later than usual because a family needs his help with some personal matters. Achilles likes the fact that the man is so caring and tells him that he will have no problem waiting for him. About an hour after the call was made, the man shows up wearing a yellow polo with khaki shorts. He is an absolute tank of a man and has reddish blonde hair just about everywhere that Achilles can see and wear glasses. His reddish beard is a sight to behold. Achilles is stunned by how thick and beefy he is for his height since he is not an extremely tall guy. The two of them decided to go eat at a nearby pier restaurant and are discussing the day and evening plans. The man tells him how he wishes he was a little taller because he feels so small for his height. Achilles disagrees completely with his thinking but does understand why the man would feel the way he does. They finish their meals and go back to the beach to enjoy their evening. The man decides to take his shirt off to reveal the thick hairy muscles on his chest and lies down beside Achilles so they talk for a little bit about general things. After about a half-hour, Achilles dares the man to go into the water without any of his clothes on. The man accepts the dare and strips his pants off to reveal nicely shaped quads, a huge ass, and a great cock. He jumps into the water and yells for Achilles to join him. It doesn’t take much for him to take all of his clothes off and join the large man. The two of them gaze into each other’s eyes and start kissing. Achilles holds the hairy stud in his arms and decides to close his eyes. He starts to imagine what would happen if the man suddenly grew taller and gained more muscle on top of what he already had. He asks the man what his name is and he says it is Jon. Achilles smiles and hugs Jon really tight with his eyes still closed. After a couple of minutes, he feels Jon tightening up and hears him moan in a really deep husky tone. The hunky muscle bear is beginning to feel a major change happening from within. Achilles feels Jon's back starting to stretch wider and his spine begins popping adding several inches to his frame. His back continues to get thicker and more developed with each second. Jon's glasses break as his head grows larger accommodating his new size. His hairy pecs are getting incredibly dense and quite hard as well as his abs and quads. Achilles can feel Jon's cock lengthen beneath his own as he continues to keep his eyes closed. As he continues to hold him, the grip he had on Jon is getting looser since he no longer can feel Jon's face. Instead it is his chest that is in front of his head now. Jon's voice has deepened exponentially too as he can feel Jon's growing glutes on his hands. When Achilles does open his eyes, he looks up at the newly tall Jon and smiles at him. Jon smiles back and lifts Achilles up to his face to give him a passionate kiss. The two muscle gods start worshipping each other, rubbing their chests together as the waves hit them and they take in the warm evening sun. They both admit that they like each other quite a bit and must do this again sometime soon. Achilles tells him that unfortunately he has to leave since he has another engagement to attend to the next day. Before he leaves though, Jon grabs a hold of his waist and squeezes his huge rod into Achilles hole to give him a goodbye fuck. The sensation sends him into absolute bliss as Jon thrusts in and out of him for several minutes before he finally pulls out and cums on to Achilles huge beefy pecs. They kiss one last time and he departs for his next destination. Achilles looks inside his calendar book and sees that New York is going to be his next stop on the way. He manages to hop into a taxi located near the pier and it drives him to the nearest rental shop to pick up a car. Once he gets there, he selects his car and begins his drive to New York. At a rest stop on one of the highways up, he calls his good buddy in the city and asks him where he wants to meet him. The other man mentions a park near where he lives so they can talk. Achilles says that is okay with him but it will probably take a few hours before he can there. The man says that he has to get some errands done in the meantime and eat dinner with his husband. Achilles decides to stop at a local hotel for the night to get some rest before getting up the next morning to eat a hearty breakfast. He manages to arrive at the park, but he is a little late. He sees his good buddy sitting on a bench relaxing and watching the birds up in the trees. He turns to look at Achilles and has a Cheshire cat smile. He is wearing a white t-shirt with white pants and has really wide pecs that jut out quite prominently from his chest. Achilles notices them from the moment he saw him sitting there. He goes to sit beside the beefy man and strikes up a conversation all the while trying to keep his distance because he knew the man was married. After a few minutes of just random chit chat, Achilles closes his eyes and imagines his older buddy getting a lot bigger and thicker. He hears the man squirming beside him on the park bench and hears his muscles stretching and popping. Without opening his eyes, Achilles asks the growing man, 'Richard, are you feeling okay?' Richard answers in a rough tone, ‘uhhh, I think so. I seem to be in the middle of a growth phase right now.' Achilles opens his eyes and notices Richard’s pecs swelling up and out into huge hairy boulders of muscle. His beefy legs are beginning to stretch the fabric of his pants. Incredibly, he watches in amazement as Richard's back and lats bust their way through his t-shirt. His enormous pecs are now shredding the front of his shirt and are bouncing involuntarily when it finally falls off. His beefy arms have developed into cannons and his shoulders are now getting absurdly huge. He is now hairier then he was before. Richard starts flexing his new bis and tris and can’t help but to rub all of the new muscle that just appeared. His greyish goatee has turned back to black as well as the fur on his body. Achilles can hear Richard's pants ripping the seams down the sides exposing his new gargantuan quads with their diamond-shaped muscularity. Achilles starts rubbing him up and down feeling his new massiveness. He won’t try to have sex with him, but compliments him on his dramatic transformation. Richard is quite thankful for Achilles' help in getting him over the plateau and tells him that he will remember this someday when they meet again. Achilles is glad that Richard is happy but has to admit that he needs to go meet someone in Georgia and must leave in just a bit. Before he leaves though, Richard wants him to meet his hubby and to see the reaction he will have to his growth. Achilles thinks this is a great idea and will wait to meet him. After a few phone calls and about twenty more minutes, Richard’s husband arrives and barely recognizes him in all of his buff glory. After a few laughs from the three men, Achilles says his goodbyes to the couple and sets off for the southern states. It will take him nearly two more days to arrive at his next destination Atlanta, Georgia. There he is going to meet his good friend, G T, and take in the sights of the city. He reaches him by phone the night he gets there and wants to meet up. G T tells Achilles to stop by the gym he is at right now. When he gets there, G T is in the middle of his workout. He stands and watches G T pumping his huge beefy chest with some nice sized dumbbells. He has a huge back already, but Achilles is starting to imagine what G T will look like with a much larger one. He wears thin glasses and has very fine curly black body hair all over his chocolate-colored skin. Achilles remains standing and closes his eyes creating a picture in his head of what G T will look like as a much denser version of himself. The clanking of the dumbbells he is using slows down quickly and he can hear the big black man grunting more than before. Then he hears a faint sound coming from G T's body, one that sounds quite promising. This time, Achilles wants to keep his eyes open to watch G T’s transformation, but notices that it halts when he opens them. G T is lying on a bench doing his dumbbell flys, but feels something happening in his chest. Achilles decides to close his eyes again to start thinking about G T's growth once again and starts to imagine his arms swelling. He can hear the black stud grunting again as G T starts noticing his arms getting even beefier than before but much more solid. He doesn't have the vascularity, but his muscles are definitely growing. He does a rep or two and watches his hairy pecs moving up and down growing wider and more defined. His legs appear to be getting much thicker too as well as his back thickening outward. Achilles opens his eyes and looks down at G T lying on the bench nearly falling off the side with his new body. He manages to get up to smile at him while still wearing his glasses. The two men manage to get a few rubs in on each other before G T has to go shower and find some clothes that are a few sizes up from where he was before. Once he dresses, the two studs decide to go to dinner and discuss workout tips. Achilles receives a text from a good friend down in Miami that wants him to come and meet him for a few hours. He tells G T that he can’t stay much longer, but he will definitely come back when he has more time. G T wanted to spend the evening with Achilles and seems a tad aggravated, but he will settle for some kind of parting gift. They determine an arm wrestling match would suffice and it ends with a draw. Achilles bids G T adieu for now after eating a very satisfying meal. His trip to Miami takes almost an entire day. He arrives and is blown away by the tropical setting and the wonderful beaches. He stops at one of them to take in the air and to just peer out on to the Atlantic Ocean. While walking barefoot down the coast, he receives another text from his friend and is told to meet him at his condo. Once he gets there, he is met by a nicely built man wearing all Under Armour gear and has a well-kempt beard with an impressive tattoo covering his huge right arm. The man smiles big at Achilles and hugs him for nearly an entire minute. He then introduces Achilles to his boyfriend. After the nice introduction, Achilles and the hunky man leave to catch a bite to eat. It is decided that it would be natural to go eat Cuban food, so they do. The big Brit can’t help but to take in the man's huge frame and incredible body lines as they head to the restaurant. He knows the hunk has a boyfriend, but is completely smitten with him anyway. They end up in a corner booth at the restaurant and start talking about books and music. They learn that both of them have similar interests. The conversation eventually changes to talking about beaches. The tall hunk mentions South Beach and how they really need to just go there and relax for a while. Achilles agrees with his suggestion and says they should take their food with them. After packing their meals to go, they get there and find a spot to finish eating. The man sheds his shirt when he finishes and pulls his pants off to show off his incredible legs. He is also wearing a speedo and it makes his butt look amazing. Achilles can’t believe how great this man looks already. The tall stud decides to take a little stroll down the beach for a few minutes, so Achilles closes his eyes and imagines the man growing bigger as he walks. Achilles yells, 'Victor, hold on mate, you are getting too far away from me.' Victor yells back, 'Then get your tush over here.' Achilles remains seated to continue visualizing his buddy growing as he takes each additional step. As Achilles focuses on his fantasy, Victor starts to feel a sensation traveling through his entire body. He looks down to see his quads thickening up and his butt growing. The growth is so sudden that he is not prepared for his speedo to start ripping apart at the seams. His chest, already thick and dense, starts to fill out more than before as well as his back. His big arms are even thicker which makes the tattoo on his right arm appear more stretched. His growing crotch isn't helping matters either as his speedo barely clings to his muscles. He shouts for the Brit to come over and wrap him in a towel before the speedo decides to fly away. Achilles quickly opens his eyes, runs over to Victor, and grabs the towel they used to eat on to wrap the growing stud up in. The speedo ends up falling off on to the sand and looks like nothing but a piece of fabric. Achilles feels how large Victor's cock is, but doesn't attempt to go further since he knows that he has a boyfriend at home. The two manage to exchange a kiss for good sake though. Knowing how embarrassed Victor is, Achilles takes him to the car and drives him back to the condo. Victor invites him in for a drink, but Achilles says that he needs to go since things didn't turn out quite the way he hoped they would. He needs to take the car to the local rental shop anyway. He says his goodbyes to Victor and travels to the rental company. There he grabs a taxi to take him to the Miami airport and books a flight to Chicago to meet up with another buddy. When he leaves the airport at O'Hare, he hails another taxi to take him to Uptown. His friend in uptown Chicago isn’t quite like the others. He isn't muscular by any means, but he does have a strong thirst for it. The man will be off work in the mid-evening and has already talked to Achilles about meeting up at a local Chinese restaurant. The Brit isn't really fond of Chinese food, but he is willing to eat it if it appeals to his friend. The guy gives him the coordinates to 'Panda Express' and they meet up there. After texting him a few minutes earlier, the man shows up wearing glasses, a black t-shirt, and a pair of blue jeans. He doesn't look like the other men Achilles has been in contact with, but he is interesting. He is also very friendly and excited to be eating at his favorite restaurant. The two men talk a lot about guys in general and how the man just wants to be as massive as humanly possible. Achilles figures out pretty quickly that this guy is into macro growth and loves giant musclemen. It is a fantasy that never really came up until now. He didn't want to imagine this happening in the restaurant so he decides to wait until they went somewhere more isolated. When they finish eating, the two guys go outside to walk to the naval pier. The Brit starts checking this guy out and sees that a major physical change could make a difference in this man's life. He stops to close his eyes and begins to focus in on his friend David's voice. Achilles envisions his slim hairy body and adorably nerdy looks transforming into godlike proportions. He hears David starting to growl in a really deep voice. His skin is starting to stretch and the sound of clothes ripping fills the air. The Brit hears David’s arms expanding to gargantuan size. He flexes his biceps as they are growing shredding his t-shirt sleeves. His growing hairy chest is noticeably hairier now and is getting more powerful by the minute by tearing its way through the rest of his t-shirt. He can feel his back getting wider and wider making the growing nerd thirst for more. His thin legs are now thickly muscled and straining against the fabric in his jeans. He feels them busting the seams out the sides exposing his more defined bubble butt. David's long cock is now much longer making its way out of his underwear which has fallen to the ground. Achilles hears him moaning and grunting as he is getting taller also. The muscles in his back continuously pop making additional space for more height. The quiet and reserved nerd is now a massive monster. Achilles finally opens his eyes and sees the new David standing in front of him. The two big men are in such lust that they start to have sex right there on the pier. This date will have quite an effect on Achilles. David’s penetration leads to a growth sequence for the Brit. He feels his body swelling as David thrusts his long cock inside him. David loves it so much that he can feel Achilles’ body reacting to the fucking. The Brit grows nearly 20 pounds by the time they finish. The two studs lie on the pier talking about random things and cuddle lovingly. They have become very close friends now. David refers Achilles to a man he knows on the other side of Chicago. He tells him that he will talk to him after he meets the other man. Achilles gives David a nice long kiss before he leaves and gets up to find a taxi around the pier. The man is described as a giant man himself. He isn't entirely fit, but his sheer size is something to behold. They are meeting at a club close to the heart of Chicago. David tells Achilles what he looks like so he isn't that hard to miss. Sure enough, this man is standing close to the entrance of the club David told him about. They say their hellos and go inside. In the club, they start talking about each other’s muscles and how they both enjoy flexing in front of other men. This guy admits that he only does it on camera for fun and not for money. This surprises Achilles in a way, but he understands. The man sheds his shirt and starts dancing on the floor. His huge pecs and shoulders have definitely caught Achilles eyes. He joins him on the floor and starts rubbing his chest and looking up at the man's big grin as he starts licking his biceps. He isn’t exactly Achilles' type, but he goes with the flow. Next thing he knows, the man starts to grind on him. The Brit pushes him away, but the man just comes back and starts doing it again. He realizes that this man enjoys the aggressiveness of it all so he gets into it even more. With the two still dancing, Achilles closes his eyes and starts imagining this man getting bigger as he talks with more authority. He asks what the man's name is and he says it is Rick. Rick pushes his giant pecs into Achilles face while his eyes are still closed. Achilles immediately opens his eyes and watches as Rick's pecs are swelling and starting to smother his face. The huge man grabs a hold of him and starts to grow rapidly. The club goers are watching in amazement as Rick is growing entirely out of his clothes and beyond. This is not the typical growth pattern Achilles is used to. Achilles can't get away from him so he attempts to wiggle his way out of his growing hands. Rick is so involved in the transformation that he just lets go of him by accident. His entire body is going through a dramatic change growing muscle on top of muscle. Rick’s cock is now hitting the floor causing him to start stroking it without a second thought. Achilles doesn't stick around to see the rest of the transformation as he is so distraught over what he has done to Rick. He calls David back and tells him that seeing his friend may have been a mistake and that he needs to fly to San Francisco in the meantime to meet up with a friend there. David tells him that he hopes they can meet again really soon because he had such a fantastic night. The two studs hang up and the Brit gets in a taxi located outside the club to go back to O'Hare and fly to San Francisco. The flight takes the entire day so when he arrives in the West Coast city, he goes to a hotel and gets some much needed rest. He will get up the next day to meet with his good friend in person. His friend sent him a text telling him to meet up in the Castro, the center of gay life in the city. Achilles meets his good buddy at a local sports bar and is pleasantly surprised to see the reddish-brown haired muscle bear smiling at him when he goes to sit on a bar stool. They shake hands and the man gives him a nice big bear hug. They start talking and the man tells him that he is in an open relationship where his partner and his self are allowed to pursue their own interests as long as they don't cheat without the other's permission. Achilles thinks that this is an interesting proposition to have. They start talking about all of the events the city offers and how the Brit always wanted to visit. The two men decide to go outside and walk around taking in the sights. Achilles stops for a moment to close his eyes and picture his friend getting bigger and more powerful. He motions him to wait for a minute because he wants to breathe in the air. 'Dan mate, this place has a great atmosphere.' Dan says, 'I'm glad that you decided to come here. I have so many things to show you.' Achilles smiles and says, 'I know you do.' After the exchange on the street, Achilles goes back to focusing on his good friend's beefy body. He hears Dan stop in his tracks and sort of whisper something. He can hear popping sounds coming from the thick bear. He opens his eyes and sees Dan's back stretching wider and getting denser and more powerful. The growing stud starts moaning and grunting seeing his body changing and getting thicker and more developed. His voice is becoming deeper and more boastful. He flexes his huge growing biceps making them rise higher and higher. His clothes have started to rip apart exposing explosive shoulders and traps. He turns to look at Achilles and shows him his wide hairy pecs getting more thickness. He is shocked to see his abs popping out of nowhere and extending to look like large slabs of concrete on his stomach. His legs blow out of his pants and have gotten hairier than before with more reddish-brown fur. Achilles is shocked at how sexy and strong Dan looks with his new body. He goes over to stroke Dan’s new muscles. Dan leans in for a passionate kiss and squeezes the now smaller Achilles in his arms. The Brit places his arms around the bigger bear and is essentially carried up into his chest. The two huge studs start making out and have sex. After this really long session, the two travel on over to where Achilles is staying so he can find some clothes for the new improved Dan. It is at that time Achilles tells Dan he must go to LA to meet up with this young guy he met on the forum. Dan wishes he could stay longer, but that he understands he must do what he has to do. Achilles gives Dan the key to his hotel room and wishes him luck on finding a new wardrobe. He leaves to find a taxi outside to take him to Los Angeles. It takes several hours before Achilles arrives in the one of the largest cities in America to track down his young aficionado. The two acquaintances decide to meet at his apartment in the middle of the city. He arrives at the housing community a little late, but the small man doesn’t mind. He opens the door to greet Achilles and lets him in after a little small talk. After the Brit enters, the college-aged guy reveals his nicely developed chest to him. He’s not entirely ripped, but his symmetry impresses Achilles a lot and sees great potential in the young man. He starts to close his eyes but before he does he says, 'Corey mate, you are looking bloody good.' Corey answers back with, ‘I’m trying, but it has been difficult for me to gain any weight at all.’ He admits that he really wants to massage the Brit very badly, but doesn’t want to offend him. Achilles is fine with allowing Corey to try and loosen up the kinks in his body. Now with his eyes closed, he feels the youngster’s hands slowly rubbing his tired and achy muscles along his shoulders and back. He creates a picture in his mind of Corey’s hands growing while he is trying to massage him. Sitting in a chair in Corey’s living room, Achilles feels something going on behind his head. He turns around to open his eyes and sees Corey's fingers swelling up and knows that the transformation has started to take shape. He hears him start moaning as the growth is moving up his arms now. The Brit sees every single vein and muscle in Corey’s arms start to stretch his skin out and force their way out from what seems like nowhere. This makes the young man react staring at his biceps and triceps growing. The feeling moves up to his shoulders now and eventually down to his chest where his pecs have swollen to twice their size and he is developing perfect six-pack abs. Then it moves to his legs, where he is still wearing his khaki shorts. His quads thicken so much that his shorts start to move up close to his waistline. Corey's growth is quite drastic as his face is much fuller and more mature than before. Achilles is quite surprised to see the smaller guy getting so big and powerful. He decides to get up himself to give the huge youngster a massage of his own since he needs it more than the Brit does. Corey walks over to a mirror to check his self out and is amazed at his new muscles. Achilles follows him over to where he is and gives him a nice rubdown before telling him that the two of them need to set up another time to meet again. The buff youngster wants to know why he would say that. Apparently while the Brit was sitting in the chair, he received a text from a good friend of his in the UK that really wants to see him again. He tells Corey that this bloke doesn't have a lot of time to interact with him because of his schedule and he needs to leave right away. Despite his disappointment, Corey understands the situation and gives Achilles a huge goodbye squeeze. The Brit rushes into the taxi he left there and rides to the airport to fly back to the UK. He arrives in London on time to find that his good mate has sent a taxi to the airport to pick him up. He wants Achilles to meet him at one of the spots he just did a photo shoot at to show him a few things. It takes about a half hour for the Brit to get to the Thames River and wait for his good friend to arrive. He decides to lean down where the water begins and stare at himself to pass the time and admire his size. He currently sits at 280 and would love to add that extra 20 to make it an even number. He flexes his huge guns not noticing that smaller arms are now wrapped around him squeezing really tight. The other bloke laughs and says, 'whoa mate you sure do know how to make me remember you.' Achilles turns to give the man a huge bear hug and kisses him tightly. After putting him down he boasts, 'Chris mate, you are looking bloody beautiful.' Chris has blonde highlights in his brown hair, looks to have a ripped physique, and may even be more attractive than he remembers. He picks Chris up again to give him another hug and is talking to him in a really playful manner. Chris tells him to close his eyes and just relax so he can tickle him. Achilles knows that he is ticklish and won't budge. Instead he goes into another visual fantasy with his friend Chris still in his arms. He really wants Chris to grow as big as him and to feel every single muscle twitch, pop, and stretch as he holds him. The Brit focuses his energy completely on his good mate. As they stand there by the river, Achilles feels Chris's rippling abs along his own thick abdomen and wants them to grow. He hears the other Brit moaning as his body is starting to react making Achilles have to push his arms out and away from him. Chris’s abs start making popping sounds stretching as his tight pecs blow up into thick balloons. His fit arms are bulging with immense power as they explode in size. His cute face now has a more mature look to it than before the change. Even before the growth moves to Chris’s lower body, Achilles is making love to his friend as he kisses and worships the growing bloke’s heaving chest. He feels Chris's back pulling his shirt tighter and it starts shredding in multiple places. He lets go of him due to the fact that Chris is getting taller now. His back is popping and appears to be making room for more muscle to grow. His legs are starting to rip his pants in half exposing his massive quads. This isn't the typical growth pattern Achilles is used to seeing. He is basically turning Chris into his equal. His mindboggling growth is actually stretching his skin and leaving marks. Achilles pulls his pants down to penetrate him and fuck him. Chris's clothes are already shredded and his fit 160 pound body has exploded to 280. His extreme growth has made him six inches taller now. The two British muscle studs have sex all night long as they fuck each other over and over again. Unlike his previous sessions, Achilles stays with his buddy overnight. When he gets up the next morning, he realizes that he has to make one more stop before he heads home. His time with Chris is most likely his favorite, but he does have feelings for most of the guys. He wishes he can stay with Chris a little longer, but his flight to Sydney is just a couple of hours from now and he needs to get moving. Chris tells him not to worry about it and they will meet again sometime soon. He even rides with Achilles to the airport to see him off. They kiss each other goodbye and the Brit-Kiwi boards the plane for Sydney, Australia. He won’t arrive there until later in the day. He has already been there before so he knows the city quite well. His Australian buddy is waiting for him at a restaurant just a little ways from the airport. He wants to eat a late-night dinner with Achilles after a hard workout at the gym. He has never met this man in person, but he has seen his pictures before. The man immediately recognizes him and kids him about his nervous energy. He is a typical looking bodybuilder, probably just getting off a cutting cycle. There is no hair on him that the Brit can see, since the man is wearing a loose button-up shirt and board shorts. They sit down and eat some of the local cuisine and just talk about random stuff. It is nice for Achilles to just settle down a bit before he goes back to Taupo. Instead of waiting to go somewhere first, Achilles closes his eyes as the man is sitting there talking to him. 'Luke mate, I am picturing you right now growing and enjoying every moment of it.' Luke stares at him as his eyes widen and a smile appears on his face. He is starting to feel something happening to him as they sit there. The Aussie feels a sudden rush of adrenaline moving up his spine. Achilles envisions him with a body that rivals some of the biggest heavyweights in the world. Trying not to make a scene by creating too much noise, Luke quietly sits in his seat and grunts as his clothes are getting really tight. The sound of rippage starts to echo throughout the eatery. His expanding back shreds the entire back out of his shirt and keeps going. His arms sitting on the table blow up like cannons. Achilles feels the table starting to quake as Luke's legs bust out the seams on his shorts. His sandals fall apart as his feet continue growing. He can't move now as his massive chest lifts the bolted-down table from the floor. With his eyes now open, the Brit tries to get out of the way but isn’t fast enough. Luke has so much testosterone pumping through his body that he literally pulls the table out of the floor and throws it to the side. Achilles is lifted up by the hulking Aussie and his shirt is ripped completely off. Luke tries to suck on Achilles' nipples to make him submit so he can dominate. The two men have emptied the eatery and start horsing around with each other. Before the police get a chance to arrive, the two huge studs are hoping they won't get caught and have to pay for damages to the restaurant. The problem is Luke is so massive that he has nothing to wear. Achilles manages to find a towel in the eatery to put around Luke's waist until they can get some clothes for him. He manages to drive the brute back to his flat since he has a boyfriend already and tells him that they will continue this wild adventure when he has more time. Luke isn't that keen on Achilles answer, but will hold him to his promise. Achilles manages to find a taxi down the street from Luke’s flat and rides to the airport. After his journeys all over the world, the Brit arrives back in Taupo and is met by a local who takes him to his house that hasn't been touched in weeks. He goes inside to take a much needed shower, but not before he walks past a wall mirror and notices his reflection. He is amazed at how much bigger he is compared to when he left. He stands there and starts posing, checking out all the muscles staring back at him. He imagines himself growing beyond the walls of his house, becoming more than a man. He doesn't have to close his eyes this time because he can just focus his energy on his body through the mirror. In just a short amount of time, he can feel changes happening. He feels the stretching and popping coming from all over his body and it makes him roar with anticipation. He is nude now and the growth is making his skin feel like fabric. He is soaring past the 300 pound mark and it keeps going as his chest swells up, his legs push even further apart, his arms grow thicker, and his height increases. His immense size starts to make the foundation of the house react and huge cracks start appearing down the walls. He is now living out his ultimate fantasy and never wants it to stop. This might be the end of the story, but then again it might not be. Who knows how far Achilles will go with his imagination.
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    Here is a new one shot story by me. Though I have not watched any of Mark/iplier's videos, I always found him hot. So what better way than to write a story where he grows into a hyper muscled god! You might have to read my other stories at "Morphs and Short Stories" to understand some of the plotlines here. Everyone knows how each youtube update makes the site get worse. From changing the UI to something less readable, to messing up Youtuber’s monetization, to even recommending random videos to people to have no interest in them. A lot of outrage has been said about Youtube for the past few years. But when there is no competitor video sharing platform, Youtube had no care in the world. Until a rising star emerges, videos will always be undated onto Youtube. Here’s where our story begins. Mark had just uploaded a video to his youtube account. He had been alone in his house for a few days and was getting kinda bored due to lack of human interaction. The only thing left on his list for today was planning his next few videos. He decided to laze around for a bit to browse some social media when an interesting email had been sent to his inbox. With an unknown email address and the subject labeled “new video website recommendation”, this peaked the Youtuber’s interests. He began to read the following… “Dear Mark As you may know, Youtube is seriously not in a good place right now, but I have found another website that sounds like a potential ‘Youtube 2’ if you will, except not as atrocious! It’s called ‘Castpha’ and here’s the link to get you started. It’s only in beta version but the UI and rules and regulations seems to be great. Hope you like your recommendation!” ‘A new website?’, thought Mark. Was there really a brand new beta site with potential? There had been many video websites through the years, but they don’t really capture the same vibe and Youtube. Either due to lack of community or bad UI. But after clicking the link, he was astounded! Castpha actually looks like a darn good website. The website was nicely design, with many videos to a dedicated topic. The UI was a pleasant sight to see. Mark wanted to try out this new fancy website. But he wanted to do a small test run. He wanted to see how many views he would get without announcing his new account to Castpha. He clicked on the Sign Up button and got started. It had all the standard stuff like Username, Real Name, password and everything. But the interesting thing to note was a selection. “Are you an uploader, watcher or both on this account?” Never before has an option like this been shown. Of course he clicked ‘uploader’ first, to test things out. Suddenly an onslaught of rules and regulations appeared. It had all the standard stuff. But there was a page dedicated to the ‘Uploaders Rights’, whatever that means. It listed things like monetization was guaranteed for all Castpha videos. NSFW videos would be under the protection of Castpha. Only non-minors would be able to access NSFW videos and will be able to be monetized by companies who allow ads on NSFW videos. Each video would be checked by a human employee to see if any rules were broken. And copyright abuse would not be tolerated at all. Mark was impressed. Things actually look amazing at Castpha. After accepting the rules and regulations, there was one more page. The recommended page. “Who recommended you to click on this website? List either the email address or username.” Mark thought for a bit, guessing this is how people can get paid to spread the news of Castpha. So looking back into his email, he quickly swiped the sender’s email and typed it down. But a strange thing happened. A new slew of questions emerged as well as a small description. “Congratulations, you were recommended by one of our top tier employees. Because of this, you are able to access special services not given to any other content creator. Please answer the questions below to see what perks would you like to obtain!” ‘Wow’ he thought. Special services for himself! How cool is that. So he began to read the questions. “Would you like to participate in our Growth Service. This service is to boost your Castpha account to more people than in general.” Yes, he clicked “Depending on the rank of who recommended you, you may have a few choices or all choices for the next few questions.” “Next question, for how long would you like this service?” 1 month 6 months 1 year 2 years 5 years Forever “I guess forever it is.” Mark said. It must have been a really high leveled employee for Mark to receive the 6th option “Next question, how potent would you like this service to be?” Show to 5% more people than usual Show to 10% more people than usual Show to 20% more people than usual Show to 30% more people than usual Show to 50% more people than usual Show to 100% more people than usual Mark clicked on the sixth option again. “Next question, are you planning to show your face to people?” Mark clicked yes. What an odd question but he guessed there would be no harm. Now his choice led to one last question. “Where would you like your service to be applied? You can pick as many as you want, depending on the rank of the employee who recommended to you.” Due to Mark knowing he would receive all perks, he decided to click all on finally create his Castpha channel! With that, he wanted to test out something. Apparently there was a livestream feature. Without telling any of his current fans, he wanted to test the livestream feature out first as he had no material to work with currently for a video. As he started to stream, 2 questions appeared. “Is this a NSFW stream?” and “Would you like to use the Growth Service?” Mark wanted as little attention as possible to prevent a fan from his Youtube account to see this. And wanting to try out his special service, he clicked Yes on both options. Now it was time to load up the stream. He saw a button on the bottom right corner with in built streaming features from Castpha themselves. He jokingly typed ‘Can we get 5000 likes’ and placed the text on the top middle section of the livestream. Soon a small crowd had formed. 10 people had joined in since he posted the text. Mark remembered that he didn’t want to be noticed. Knowing some people might recognize him, he begged his Castpha viewers to not spread the word. Surprisingly, they obliged with no questions. As the live stream continued, Mark continued to ramble on and on. What he hadn’t noticed was that he was at 100 views and 20 likes. He only realised that when a commenter pointed it out. Mark was surprised. Another surprised he found out was that other people can know that he is using the Growth Service too. A lot of commenters pointed out how excited they were about the Growth Service. Mark was confused, but he didn’t bother to ask. He was just feeling a little tight is all. No really, his shirt felt a bit tighter than usual. He began to stretch his body. He certainly couldn’t understand what was happening, but his viewers seem to know as they keep sending eye looking and blushing and wet emojis. They knew what was going on. It would be long until Mark would noticed, but the Growth Service he applied had a specific box he didn’t body to read. “Grow your body in accordance to likes received.” Mark was growing, literally! Each time he got 1 like in his stream, he would receive an additional pound of muscle, or inch of height to his body for every 10 likes Suddenly, 20 more likes were obtained. Mark was groaning in more pain. He felt his skin burn. His shirt and jeans were getting tighter around his body. He was getting a small headache and his vision blurred. He messaged his head, trying to focus on his computer screen. He felt hot and sweaty. He thought he was falling sick. He tried to tell his viewers he was ending the stream, but they all denied him too. Perplexed, he continued to stream a little while longer. After a minute of sitting, he noticed his likes jumped from 20 to 100. His viewer count had increased to 1000 as well. Very odd. But now, the pain was even worse. But somehow, he suddenly felt stronger. And stronger he was. He shot up to 6 feet tall and reached 250lbs of pure muscle. He felt his clothes tighten even further. He wanted to rip it off. His muscles were growing in size. His biceps tearing the seams of his sleeves. His growing pecs and abs causing his shirt to ride upwards. The tent in his jeans growing larger and larger. He was getting really pent up. He was burning up, he tried to find a comfortable position on his chair. Meanwhile, every watcher was cheering on, watching intently as the hunk of a Youtuber growing bigger for them, without even realising it. His like counter gained 100 likes. His body reacting almost instantly to it, began to beef up even more. He felt a surge of pain building up in his body. He wanted to scream so bad. He wanted to end the stream so bad. But he couldn’t move. He had never felt so tight before. Mark had finally realised he was growing. His body began to explode in size. He wasn’t growing any taller, but his body began to bulk up further and further. His biceps swelled into the size of softballs. His pecs ballooned in size. His wings stretched outwards. His neck and shoulders thickened. He grunted and moaned. His eyes were shut and he gritted his teeth. More and more tears were appearing from his clothes. His thighs and calves grew bigger and thicker. The man had grown from a normal build to a full on bodybuilder. He now weighs about 350lbs of pure muscle. He was much bigger than most bodybuilders. With him still at 6’0 tall, Mark was looking super hefty. But it was clear that his growth showed no signs of stopping. With 300 likes in total, the Youtuber was growing even faster than before. More and more bulk began to pack into Mark’s body. He was starting to look like the muscle morphs you see online. His muscles grew so huge, it tore his shirt in an instant, revealing to the masses of the large hulk before them. Mark screamed in agony. His jeans were beginning to give way too. The lower region of his jeans had fully torn off from this legs, now looking like torn up shorts. Mark’s expanding muscles were beginning to lose space to grow. His pectorals swelled so much, it began to touch his arms. His back grew so wide, it was squeezing against the arm handles of his gaming chair. He could hear the creaking sounds of his chair about to collapse under his swelling body. He was unable to move as he was stuck in his chair, growing bigger and bigger. His body started to climb higher too, now he reached about 6’3 inches tall. The tent in his shorts, now growing so thicks and long, begin to press and beg to be released. Mark’s pain and anguish became lust. He reached for his cock with his right hand and began stroking it. It was hard to pull off. His giant bicep pressing against his giant pecs. He could barely move his arm. In fact, he couldn’t see past his mammoth pecs as well. His cock felt massive. It was probably about 8 inches, and it was barely chubbing. He felt his pre leaking out to his jeans. The discomfort began to settle in once again as his cock began to grow so huge, his jean shorts could not hold any longer. With one giant huff, the buttons holding against his pants flew off, hitting his computer screen causing a small crack. Soon the flyer of his short went immediately down and his whole shorts tore off, revealing a bright red and stretched underwear. Mark was utterly embarrassed. Everyone began to comment about Mark’s new body. 420 lbs of muscle packed onto Mark’s body. Everyone knew this was going to get better. 500 likes now displayed on the screen and the reaction was getting more potent. Mark’s muscles exploded in size. His chair was creaking more and more. Soon enough, the strength of Mark’s growth had snapped of the base and handles of the chair. He fell to the floor. A loud thud swept across the room. Mark’s cock rose higher and higher. As his pecs blocked his vision below, he couldn’t tell how big his cock was. But the stretching and snapping sound of his underwear revealed that it was growing faster than expected. He felt his legs getting heavier. He tried to feel his way through his legs, only to realise his balls were swelling and resting on his legs. His cock was rising higher as his balls swelled and spilled out of his legs. He was really pent up. He could feel his pre flowing from the slit of his head. He felt many drops of pre landing on his balls and legs. He could not take it anymore. He began to stroke his massive cock with his hands. He could barely wrap it around. He stroked as hard and as fast as he could. He panted and groaned. He begged for more growth. It felt so good. What once was pain in his growth was not pleasure. He begged his viewers to like the stream more. He wanted to reach his goal of 5000 likes. No, he wanted more. He begged everyone to try to get this live stream to as many people as possible. He wanted more likes, he needed more! Faster and faster he stroked. His body swelled more and more. Each muscle was pressing against one another. He looked like a massive muscle monster. His muscles were so disproportionately big, it even puts the Hulk to shame. His biceps rose above his head. His pecs were so fat they sagged nearly to his waist. His legs were so thick, redwood trees could barely be as thick. His back was almost as wide as his room. He was becoming a hyper monster. His cock was getting too big. It rose higher and higher, leaking more and more pre. Soon the whole floor was covered in pre. His massive muscle tits were leaking with milk. Soon enough, body hair began to grow too. In almost an instant, his body was covered in a thick layer of hair. His beard, now reach the mid point of his pecs. His pubic hair grew so long, it covered all the way to his knees. His pit hairs grew all the way down to his waist. His cock now swelled even more. His thick member now thicker than each of his legs. It rose to meet Mark’s own head. Mark was now 6’7” and growing. His cock had to be at least 4 feet. With both heads meeting each other, Mark pushed his cock into the cleavage of his pecs and began to suck on it. He could barely encapsulate his cock with his own arms. 1000 likes had been reached and now is where things start to get good. His growth was now growing exponentially. His massive and hairy body exploding bigger and bigger. His cock grew so much that it was as long as he was tall. His balls swelled big to meet with his pecs. As he grew taller and bigger, the room felt smaller. He was starting to outgrow his room. He reached 8’5” of height, but he weighed 1480 lbs of muscle. His stomach began to rumble, a familiar growing pain was felt there. His stomach swelled bigger and bigger. A muscular roid gut was forming. The gut swelled so much it started pushing his pecs higher and his cock away from his body. His whole massive body began to crush and move his furniture away. Everyone in the comments were in awe. The table holding the computer had been crushed by Mark’s massive cock. But his computer was still fine. Now most of the view was just his swelling, veiny cock. Mark now had barely any space in his room. His body was starting to crack the wall behind him. His cock rose to meet the ceiling, cracking it as well. His balls were pushing the walls in front of him. More hair was growing from his body. Everything felt tight again as the Youtuber grew bigger. His pre and milk mixture were now filling his room with 2 feet of liquid. Mark still wanted to grow. The amount of pleasure building up in his body was unbearable. He wanted to cum so badly. His cock was now taller than he was, and thicker than his own waist. He couldn’t stroke his cock anymore for his swelling muscle gut pushed his cock too far. Only one thing was left. Mark began to buck himself. He tried to get off by rubbing his cock against the walls of his room. He started to buck harder and harder. He could tell it was working. More and more pre was spilling from his head. You could barely see the head anymore. Mark groaned louder and louder. He could feel it coming soon. He clenched his fists and legs. He gritted his teeth. His eyes clenched. And with one last buck, the most powerful scream blasted through the house and then some. A huge torrent of cum came blasting from his cock. The first wave of cum broke the walls in front of him down, spilling backwards, hitting Mark’s whole body. 2000 likes and counting. Mark’s growth is accelerating faster. The amount of cum blasting out of his cock is insane. Mark’s swelling had begun to break down his house. His giant body outgrew his house, breaking and smashing every item there. Except for his computer. His massive cock still hasn’t stopped cumming as the streets, and nearby houses began to be drenched in the massive hyper man’s seed. As he stood up, he realised he was 12’10 inches tall, weighing at 2012lbs. The huge brute of a man still growing bigger and bigger. His muscles began to fill up the nearby houses. Everything fall apart against the mighty body. Layers and layers began to stack up and pile onto the hyper body. His cock rapidly swelling bigger and bigger. His balls swelling faster and faster. His body now sits on top of his balls. His roid gut swelling faster and faster, making it impossible for him to even reach the front of his gut. His pecs swelling and spilling over his gut. His nipples growing even longer and thicker. His palms couldn’t even encapsulate his nipples anymore. His face turning even more brutish and squarish. His ass swelling to form massive minivans. His back, stretching and spreading so far it took up 2 house plots. More and more did the massive youtuber cum. Each spurt getting longer and more intense. So much cum began to fill the streets. And it didn’t look to be slowing down. Cars, lamp posts, mailboxes and the like began to get swept away from the mighty white river that flows. It didn’t help that Mark’s swelling tits began to explode milk. He had never felt so much intensity and relieved at the same time. All of that cum and milk pouring like geysers from their individual holes. The constant churning of balls and tits, producing and releasing their liquids at enormous and unbelievably rates. It was a sight to behold. 5000 likes and increasing. More viewers began to pile up and the like counter surging his growth even further. It looks like people really wanted to see this happening. With the current rate of increasing likes, he would dominate the world in less than 10 minutes. His swelling now towering multiple buildings. Everyone nearby began to walk outside their houses to witness the giant man hulking beyond their believe. Multiple people began to try to get away. But the sheer amount of cum send people trapped and swept away. Everybody was defenceless against Mark’s sheer power. Mark felt absolutely bad for the poor citizens near him. He wished he would be able to save them all. But through the power of Castpha’s growth service. A wish came true. Every 5000 likes received, a new power shall be granted to the creator. And through that wish, he was given the power of teleportation. He noticed his brand new power in an instant. He was surprised. There were so many new things happening all at once. But no time to lose, he had to save everyone. Using his teleportation skills, he transported everyone to a safe location. And to prevent such a catastrophe from happening again, he tried to teleport himself to a location where he couldn’t do any harm. Unfortunately, his powers were still new, and thus, he teleported to the middle of a dense city, for all to see. But another problem had occurred. An intense pain in his groin region. A pain so intense, it faded away all previous lustful feelings he had before. Though he tried to ease the pain by holding it, his belly had made it impossible to reach for it. The pain grew more intense. Mark began to yell as loud as possible. The entire city began to shake from the boomburst that had came. Everyone began to scream and run. The glass on all buildings had shattered. Mark began to teleport everyone away from him. But the pain is getting worse. He could feel something was wrong. His cock began to start shifting around. The skin around the base of his cock warping and moving. It felt as though his cock was moving towards his right leg from the base. As it moved, he could no longer feel his cock touch his left leg but felt it entirely on his right leg. The pain to the left of his cock began to worsen. It wasn’t like anything he felt before. It felt like burning and tearing at the same time. Soon the skin of the painful area began to morph, to what looked to be a second cock forming. It began to protrude further and further from his body. Soon enough, his new cock grew as long as his first. Mark scream and was absolutely confused of the outcome. But things didn’t settle for now his balls felt a burning sensation. A lumps form within his scrotum as the lumps grew to two new testicles for the new cock. But things are getting weirder. 10,000 likes and Mark is as tall as a skyscraper. He began to feel lustful again. His muscles began to explode in size again. Nearby skyscrapers were destroyed in an instant. The city was in absolute ruins. His gut was swelling bigger and bigger. Unable to control his new size, he begins to destroy even more buildings. His gigantic muscles begin to prevent him from being able to move properly. As Mark grew even more horny, he needed to release his waterfalls again. The only things nearby were other skyscrapers. Unable to hold onto his pent up horniness, he began to pound the buildings nearby. Though he was barely able to move, the buildings were able to satisfy his needs a little. As he got more pent up, his building-fucking began to get more rapid. He pumps and pumps harder. He begins to scream as his two cock thrust and burst through the buildings. New amounts of pre and milk began to leak from their holes. He began to fuck harder and harder, as a new pain appears in his groin area. Another cock and 2 more balls begin to protrude to form a new cock. As the third cock increase the intensity of his pleasure, he pumped harder and harder, destroying more buildings. As he reached his second climax, he screamed and blasted river worths of cum and milk all over the city. As this happens, his body explodes in size, bigger and bigger... 100,000 likes and Mark towers even the tallest of mountains. It appeared that someone has created a new bot to increase the likes of the video. As people realise a bot has been increasing the likes, they too begin to join and try to download the bot to increase the intensity of the likes. As thousands of people being to get more bots, the like number increased way too quickly. As more likes were given, even more powers to Mark, making him a powerful god. But even after sending river torrents of cum and milk, he was getting horny again. His body swelled to the size of mountains, and he began to fuck the nearby mountains. With more fucking that happened, another cock and pair of balls begin to appear from his body. 1,000,000 likes and even planets dwarved around Mark. Mark had been fucking and growing for far too much. Soon he began to dwarf the countries, then the moon, then the earth and soon enough the Solar System was way smaller than Mark himself. Another cock and pair of balls had appear, giving Mark a total of 5 cocks and 10 balls. But more of his body grew. His muscles were now swelling so fast, his height couldn’t keep up. His muscles and body grew exponentially bigger than his height, causing Mark to be even more immobile. But due to his muscles constantly growing, the pressure from the growth constantly rubs his cock, causing him to constantly be in a lustful state and cumming a lot. Not only were his current muscles growing, but now more muscles were appearing in random areas of his body causing him to look bigger. His hair was now growing even faster, causing his body to be engulfed in his hair. His gut was now almost as big as his body. His cock and balls were now 5 times as big as his own body. His nipples now dropped all the wait to midway his belly. His ass swelled as big as each testicle... 1,000,000,000,000,000 likes and galaxies surround Mark. He was absolutely enormous. More muscles packed onto his body. His cock and balls swelled even faster. His gut causing him to look even more bloated than ever. He was getting even hairier. All of the galaxies nearby were being ripped apart from the sheer density of Mark. Mark’s body was getting denser than ever. All his atoms crushed each other forming a particle denser than infinity. Soon his whole body was no longer made of atoms, but a nuclear pasta so dense that no space was unoccupied by any particles. Though his body was one giant nuclear pasta, the properties of his body remained the same to still make him human. As he cums around the universe, he creates more galaxies from his body. Soon afterwards, a 6th cock and 2 more balls soon appeared from his body. Infinite likes. It looks like the universe is beyond his comprehension. He begins to crush the universe and then some. Mark was growing past multiple universes. Soon enough, he begins to burst past multiple Multiverses too. With so much dominating power, he was filled with a lot of godly power. He was now truly a god. A God with immeasurable power. But as he grew bigger and more powerful, his body begins to morph even more. A 7th cock and 2 more balls appeared from his body. But not only that, his upper torso begins to lurch and have sudden sharp pains. Mark soon realised that his pecs were moving away from his gut. What surprised him was that now 2 more pectorals has appeared right below the first pair. And quickly after, new elongated nipples had grown to immediately spill milk all over the universe. With a new set of pecs, new arms begin to protrude out of the side of his pectorals. He now has 4 arms. He was now even more powerful than ever. Infinite and Beyond. The numbers keep increasing, and so does he. In fact, a few familiar faces would soon come to pass. The Hyper Gods have witnessed a new god awaken from the emptiness. However, the body built of this new god proves to be unknowable to the Gods. The new Deity proved to be too big. And bigger he grew. As the new God swelled bigger and taller before their very eyes, they could feel the vast power that such a God held. The New God had powers and size they couldn’t even imagine. The new god swelled, expelling such great amounts of dominance and male musk that it triggered to inner lust of each previous Hyper god. The amount of size and power was to die for. In an instant, as the New God grew past each Hyper God, an instant orgasm began to spill all over the New God from the previous Hyper Gods. With the scent of the New God wafting across the Hyper Gods, they too felt a new sensation of power. A new growth awaits them. Though their growths were much smaller than the New God, it was no laughing matter as the omniverse grew smaller around the men. However their growths stopped quite rapidly. But the New God seemed to be accelerating in size. In fact, it appeared that another cock had rapidly sprung out from his body, along with another pair of balls to join them too. Pavel could see Mark growing past him. The Ultimate God was now grazed with the New God. Pavel was utterly amazed. Only one person had grown bigger than Pavel, but this was much different. The amount of bulk on the New God was too much to handle, and the rate of growth was too fast to track. In a split moment, Pavel had been outclassed by the New God. The New God heaved even more as his muscles bulking even faster into the heavens. He could feel the space around him grow colder and yet warmer still. Mark was about to meet the biggest guy he had ever seen. Will he outgrow him? Of course! There was just too much Mark to not stop growing. As he reached higher into the cosmos, he felt a hand hold his lower body. He must be close. When Mark was finally the same size as the Biggest One, they both stared at each other, and knew in an instant that Mark was to outgrow him. With another cock and pair of balls exploding from nowhere, he began to feel new power to dethrone the Biggest One... J likes? What does J mean? It could be assumed that it’s a universal constant. But what surprised Mark was another human on the J scale. But Mark seemed to still be growing. Due to Mark’s ever increasing body, he would barely acknowledge the man he passed by. All he understood from the man was that he was named Jeremy. Must be that the J stand for. It looked that Jeremy was the absolute biggest entity until Mark came around. But even if Mark was as tall as Jeremy, Mark would still outcompete Jeremy. Due to Mark’s absolute hyper body with billions of muscles stacked upon each other, Jeremy would look like an ant right beside a god. Coupled with the amount of hair on Mark’s body, the size of each billion muscles being ten thousand times larger than 1 of Jeremy’s 650 muscles, his nipples reaching towards his knees, the sheer size of his gut compared to his body, his additional pair of pectoral muscles and arms, as well as his 9 cocks and 18 balls. But it didn’t stop there as another pair of balls and a cock began to sprout from his body. A loud scream echoed from the chambers of nothingness as the last pair of cock and balls emerge from the incomprehensible hyper brutish body of Mark. As the numbers keep on increasing from the bots, so does Mark. With that, Mark had to sad farewell to the biggest man Jeremy to replace his throne. Expanding larger and larger, Mark is almost at his end. 10(infinity)J(J^(InfinityJ) + 1000J) + 11(infinity)^(infinity x e) x infinityJ(J^(InfinityJ + 1000J)) was what was displayed on the video. It appeared that he the number could not increase anymore. Even though the 11 was meant to be a 10. Mark’s growth had finally stopped. J was a Omniversal and Beyond constant that meant the biggest. The largest number in a single unit of J. No one knows where J came from But there might be a man as big as the constant J inches tall. But Mark was way bigger than that. He truly was the biggest man alive. He could barely move around the space he occupied. The Ultimate God now sat in an area he could barely move in. Mark knew this was the ultimatum, the biggest and most powerful anyone could get. His body was truly the definition of Hyper. His head could not be seen for ages. His muscles were so utterly massive, you could not tell which muscle was if you pointed at it. Piles and piles of muscles stacked on the massive body. No matter how many images of hyper muscle dudes or artwork on any website you can look, no matter how imaginative your brain may seem, his muscles were too incomprehensibly big, too incomprehensibly hyper. His muscle gut was about 5 times as big as the rest of his body. His 10 cocks and 20 balls were about 100 times his own body size, each! His 4 pecs were squishing against each other, pressing and constantly squeezing his milk out. His 4 giant arms were constantly in a flexing position as the rest of his muscles could not give them any space. His entire body was so incredibly brutish, there was no way to tell which muscle was what. Not to mention his hairs. So densely packed and grew so much, no one could find the origin of each hair strain. He now knows all that the Onmiverse and Beyond had to offer. Though the vessel may look utterly uncomfortable, Mark was in absolute peace. His intelligence is now as at its absolute highest. He was after all the most muscular, powerful, biggest, smartest and strongest man alive...
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    The story is pretty much finished here - for what I intended to do. There will be an epilogue (1-2 more pages) added to my Patreon page for patrons to view.
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    Here's a couple more I can think of: SHAMELESS PLUG https://muscle-growth.org/topic/17945-the-perfect-fathers-day-gift/?tab=comments#comment-228577 https://metabods.com/stories/visiting-home https://metabods.com/stories/muscle-daddy <-- this one is really good. http://pridesites.com/omelissokomos/clarence591/my-fathers-child.html This series is fairly recent and is also very hot: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/14017-sometimes-i-drink-my-dads-cum/?tab=comments#comment-165501 This is one of my favorites, it was going strong then suddenly stopped https://muscle-growth.org/topic/17179-dad-the-homewrecker-part-iv-added-0704/?tab=comments#comment-216349 There are some great step-dad ones too https://archive.muscle-growth.org/threads/44101-p1.html https://archive.muscle-growth.org/threads/18361-p1.html
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    boy do i have a catalog to share here: dad lost glory days:https://muscle-growth.org/topic/11447-dads-lost-glory-years-updated-may-26-ch-20/ dad changes: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/15082-dad%E2%80%99s-changes-part-1-pick-up/page/2/ (shame it never got a part 2) muscle dad: https://silicondog.muscle-growth.org/stories/muscledad.txt hardcase:https://silicondog.muscle-growth.org/stories/hardcase.txt outgrown by dad: https://archive.muscle-growth.org/threads/23426-p1.html https://archive.muscle-growth.org/threads/30503-p1.html geektofreek stories: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/8587-dwarfed-by-dad/ https://archive.muscle-growth.org/threads/8281-p1.html https://archive.muscle-growth.org/threads/8042-p1.html https://archive.muscle-growth.org/threads/28699-p1.html i have a remember a shit ton more but this should last you a while...
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    The unneeded sequel to Mark/iplier's growth. Even though he was already the biggest, I thought of more ways to grow the handsome stud further beyond his size. Part 2 is called Like, Subscribe, Ring the Bell, Comment and Donate. There won't be anymore parts. I think this story already shows the maximum size anyone could ever grow. I have more stories planned. Also I would be down to talk about guys growing too so hit me up in the message board. Would love to talk about hyper growths such as these, as well as canon characters growing infinitely huge too! Mark had been sitting in deep space. With the vast knowledge and power he had, he could control everything ever. With his immense power and size, it was no joke to call him the Ultimate God. All because he received an unprecedented amount of likes on the new hit website, Castpha. No one on Earth knows the magic that causes men to grow, but more and more muscle growth and macro lovers use the site to watch other men grow bigger. Previously, the only way to grow someone is through liking a livestream of said user. But due to overwhelming popularity and support, a giant update had hit the wave. Not only to livestreams can grow men behind the screen, but videos make guys grow too. Castpha has also begun to implement features from Youtube. The subscribe, bell, comments and donations are now allowed on the site. But growths from each selection have different effects. 1 like would give a man a pound of muscle, or 10 likes for 1 inch of height. Subscribing now would add on 15 lbs per like and 1 foot every 10 likes. Ringing the Bell gives 100 lbs per bell and 2 feet every 10 bells. Commenting goes wilder as it adds 200 lbs per comment and 3 feet every 10 comments. Lastly donations. The most effect ever. Every US dollar grants a guy 500 lbs or 10 dollars grants a guy 5 feet of height. Due to the new implementations, some cheeky hackers have increased the subscribe, bell, comment and donate counts to the same number as the like count, a whopping 10(infinity)J(J^(InfinityJ) + 1000J) + 11(infinity)^(infinity x e) x infinityJ(J^(InfinityJ + 1000J)) for each section. With the sudden increase in numbers, Mark is about to experience the growth of a lifetime. Mark had already predicted this, for his infinite knowledge has led to this moment. But he didn’t want to stop such a mega growth event. He wanted to experience it all. In a split second, Mark experience a huge burst of power, growth, and intense lust. He immediately came to the pleasure of his growth. Endless pools of cum began to burst free from his 10 cocks. His growth became more intense as the seconds passed. His already incomprehensible muscles were swelling at an astounding rate. His muscles multiplies too, adding layers and stacks of muscles above one another. Each muscles so profoundly huge and hyper, all the brutish art you see online could barely scrape the surface of how immense Mark has and is becoming. His body exploded in size, immediately dwarfing his previous size in no less than a split second. His cock and balls, his pecs, his roided gut, swelled even faster than the rest of his body. His soles, shoulders, ass, chin and hair, growing so abnormally large. His hair covering his entire body, leaving almost no skin seen to the eye. His head could not be seen anymore from the swelling body. His back and traps exploded in size, spreading, stretching and growing, creating an even bigger wall that what once was. His 4 nipples had become so gargantuan, he couldn’t even wrap a quarter of a nipple with both hands combined. It was so long it had grown to be almost as long as each cock. Soon even more extremes had occurred. His power as the Ultimate God had increased exponentially. A living creature could not comprehend this much power. Not even he could control the unfathomable power he was bestowed. Despite his sheer size, the power of a god is the ultimate power to control the omniverse and beyond. His increasing power would be too much for even he to handle. His body glowed in spectacular fashion as the power of infinites of Gods welled up inside him. His brain too was experience an extreme growth. Like his power, his intelligence had been increasing so much and so fast that he could barely even comprehend the knowledge that he had. Soon enough, his body had begun to undergo even more extreme changes. After every second, multiple pairs of cock and balls burst out from his body. Each cock, taking a whole different shape than that of a typical human being. Soon enough, hundreds of different types of cocks began to sprout all at once each second, no cock looking the same. The rest of his body began to undergo a similar change. Like an amalgamation of creatures, Mark’s body began to change as such. His back sprouted multiple types of wings. Tens of tails began to sprout from the top of his ass, all looking different. He developed even more arms and legs and pecs. Some arms looked human, others looking like animal arms. He had grown horns, claws, gills, you name it. His body was now not only wanting to become a massive god, but a combination of every single creation of god himself. Every single characteristics of every single living creature’s species in the whole Omniverse and Beyond had began to form onto mark’s body, creating the biggest fusion of living creatures there ever was. Now he looked and was the combination of God and All his creations. With him having the characteristics of every species ever in the Whole Omniverse and Beyond, he had developed all traits, attributes, skills, magic, benefits, you name it. There are about a million species alone on Earth. Imagine, the amount of species that Mark had developed from the Omniverse and Beyond. It was utterly incomprehensible. Even at the same height, due to the changes on his body, he had gained too much mass for the same height he stood at. His back was covered in wings, billions of them. He had billions of horns on his head. He had magical elements circling around his entire body. He had elements of fire, water, arcane magic, dream magic, ALL TYPES of magic or power surrounding him. He had an uncountable amount of arms and legs, all of different species. He now had all types of organs for all types of species. Basically he had everything on his body. But the true remarkable thing are his cocks. Infinites of cocks and balls forming the largest mushroom forest ever conceived. His body and height also exploded in size. What was once thought to be the biggest being ever now grew so much that Mark’s previous size practically didn’t even exist anymore. He couldn’t even pinpoint on comprehend his previous size he was just that big now. His mass also imploading. Though he had infinite density, he was barely close to looking like a black hole. Even more so, it appeared that even his density was far beyond infinite. It was due to the sheer power in his body, preventing him from collapsing. When all is said and done, his growth finally halted. He had finally became the True Ultimate God ever. His body, mind, power, mass, all truly at its peak. Mark was now finally, the most powerful living being alive. Nothing could ever outgrow him ever...
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    Chapter Seven Over the course of the next year, Arrowhead turned from a tall, strong, powerful Apache warrior to the sort of person you could bump into on the way to the bank and not give him a second glance. His skin started to lighten to resemble that of Tad's, his English improved from just the occasional word to a complete and detailed analysis of President Lincoln's re-election campaign and his clothes changed from a loincloth to clothing almost akin to his adopted father, the only difference being that Arrowhead's shirt and jacket were at least three sizes bigger to accommodate his growing frame. Indeed, as he clambered into the carriage to take him to Boston, he apologised in a strong Texan drawl saying "I think I had too much chicken fried steak" when in reality it was down to the fact that he now stood five foot eleven inches tall and weighed a hundred and ninety three pounds and how did he finish the sentence? He did so with a simple nod of the head and "Please, call me James" It took Arrowhead nearly six weeks to travel from Texas to Boston and during that time he had perfected his story. He was the adoptive grandson of Doctor Barnaby and was heading to Boston to train as a doctor to help his adoptive grandfather with his practice work. So when he arrived, he made his way to the registrar’s office and became the first person with a Native American history to be accepted into an American university. And what a culture shock it was. The university was fifteen years old and yet in that time had grown to be one of the most renowned universities dealing in medicine in the United States. But like any university it had everything that you would expect including a collection held in the main hall of the university where all the student body groups were advertising themselves. These were all new concepts to Arrowhead but as he walked around, he nearly bumped into someone who was almost as tall as him and from the expression on his face seemed to think that Arrowhead was a perfect match. “Whoops, sorry” he said, as he held himself against Arrowhead, “guess I was going too fast. The name’s Tom and you are?” “James" came the reply, “James Barnaby, from Texas!” “Oh, a drawler, eh?” relied Tom with a smile on his face, “Shall I speak slowly then?” and then playfully punched Arrowhead’s chest. As he did Arrowhead looked down with a look of confusion whilst Tom grimaced slightly. “Say” he said, as he shook his hand, “that’s a strong torso you got there. Been throwing the old pigskin have you?” “Pigskin?” asked Arrowhead, “No, I’ve never thrown the skin of a pig before!” “You must have done” replied Tom and then grabbed Arrowhead’s arm and squeezed it and mouthed “Oh my word” and with that he dragged the perplexed Apache to a table and introduced himself under his breath "Our fraternity is called Alpha, Beta, Gamma, named after the first three letters of the Greek alphabet. We call ourselves this because that's what we are. It contains the alpha, beta and gamma males of the entire campus. We have members who are the biggest, strongest and most powerful of all. I mean look at me" and with that Tom puffed out his chest and thumped it with his fist stating "That's a chest that can support, with the help of these arms, a two hundred pound kettlebell for ten minutes" and leaning in added "And boy, can you see my heart pounding when I do!" Arrowhead's eyes opened wide. From what he had been taught by Tad that meant that Tom had to be even stronger than he was, so when Tom concluded "So want to join the biggest of the biggest?" Arrowhead grabbed the pencil and signed his name before being waved off with a hefty pat on the back. As Arrowhead wandered around the various societies he was being pulled left and right by nearly every group but in the end agreed to join the astronomy society, so that he could learn the names of the stars that he would often see in the night sky, the history society to better know the people he was now amongst and the music group following a performance of a piece that reminded him of the songs that the braves used to sing. That evening, he delivered all the forms to the various headquarters as he made his way to the frat house of Alpha, Beta, Gamma, little knowing that it would be decision that would make him even more powerful than he was now.
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    Chapter Six As Arrowhead started to come around, he instantly realised he was bound. He wasn't bound by rope, but seemed to be bound by lots and lots of blankets, but bound he was and as he struggled to break free, the words of Mighty Coyote, the only Apache ever to escape from imprisonment in a paleface camp, started to ring in his eyes. "Feign to the world that you are still asleep, but listen, listen to everything and the answer will come clear!" As Arrowhead acted on the instructions, he heard footsteps approaching. The footsteps stopped in front of him, followed by the sound of wood scraping against the floor and a soft creak. What happened next caused Arrowhead to open his eyes in surprise as a voice, speaking in his own language, asked in a kindly fashion "Are you awake, lad?" As Arrowhead's eyes adjusted to the light, he saw an elderly paleface man sitting in front of him on an object that had two long poles at the back and two short ones at the back. As the man asked the question again, still in his native tongue, Arrowhead replied "Yes, I am" and with that a conversation started. Firstly, this paleface was not out to kill him, in fact the complete opposite because this was a doctor. He had never come across the term before and so the old paleface explained that he was, in effect a medicine man who had one aim in life, to heal those sick and injured and that is why Arrowhead was now in his care and secondly, Arrowhead and his tribe has been the victims of a terrible double cross by the person who swore revenge on their tribe, Strong Bear. As soon as Arrowhead heard that cursed name, he tried to break free from his restraint and as he did so, his taut physique showed itself. The paleface, who was called Tad Barnaby, tried to reassure the brave that he needed time to recover and in doing so, produced a small metal disc that was connected to two things that Tad placed in his ears and reassuring Arrowhead with a gentle "Yes, this will be a little cold, but won't harm you" he placed the disc on the brave's lithe chest and seemed to be listening to something whilst counting. After a short while, he removed the things from his ears and smiled "Well, there's nothing very wrong with you, just a few bruises and a cut on your forehead, but they should heal soon and then we can have you back on your feet!" As Arrowhead smiled, he asked what Tad had been listening to. “Your pulse” he replied and it was clear that Arrowhead was confused. Smiling, Tad took off the things in his ears and placed them in Arrowhead’s ears and said “Close your eyes and listen” and as Arrowhead did, Tad placed the disc onto the brave’s chest. Arrowhead’s eyes suddenly opened as he heard a slow, but regular thump. “That’s your heart beating” replied Tad, “that is what makes you alive. The faster it beats; the more power you feel. Have you ever experienced a time when you could feel something thumping in your chest? That was your heart pumping close to its limits making sure that you were able to survive whatever was being thrown at you” and with that he removed the disc and said, “You seem like someone who is interested in the workings of the human body, so I’ll teach you everything I know!” Over the next few weeks, Arrowhead’s injuries started to heal under Dr. Barnaby’s care, and every day the doctor would teach Arrowhead something new about the body be it that when someone is scared witless they experience sweating whilst being very cold to the fact that the same can happen when they are very hot. Indeed, such was his recovery that just three weeks after he found himself being treated by the doctor, Arrowhead was allowed out of bed and was able to be given a full medical. Arrowhead was a little concerned, but Tad explained everything in detail and reassured him that no harm would come, in fact Arrowhead seemed to like it and when he was given "a clean bill of health!" Arrowhead puffed out his chest prompting the doctor to remark, "Ah, thank you for reminding me!" and with that produced a long object. "This here is a measuring tape" the doctor replied, "and with it I can going to prove that you are not what you think you are!" and with that started to measure Arrowhead from top to bottom. When he had finished he said "Arrowhead, do you know how tall you are?" "Taller than any brave!" came the reply "I don't doubt that for a moment" smiled the doctor, "You stand five foot and ten inches tall, the average Apache stands two inches shorter" and with that indicated on the measuring tape what he meant, "and there is another difference as well" and with that led Arrowhead to a an object that he stood on. The doctor fiddled around with it and announced "You weigh one hundred and seventy four pounds, the average Apache weighs one hundred and forty four pounds" and smiled as he said "But the real kicker is this" and with that asked Arrowhead to raise a foot. As he did, the doctor took off his boots and socks and said "See, snap. you're not an Apache, you're a paleface!" "Then, Grey Cloud spoke the truth?" asked Arrowhead, "I am a paleface!" "You are indeed, my lad" and with that the doctor sat down Arrowhead on the chair and said “You’re a clever lad so I want to make you a suggestion. I’m getting old a bit and I need some help in my medical practice. Therefore, I want you to be my apprentice, help people get better just as I helped you get better. If need be, I’ll adopt you as my son and teach you the paleface language, then when I am sure that you can understand it completely, I have a scholarship to Boston University, the best medical college in the world, where in just six years, you can become a trained doctor like me. If you do, Arrowhead, I would be happy to have you as my junior!” Arrowhead’s eyes opened wide. For the first time since the attack he had found a paleface who wanted to help him. Standing tall, he hailed his late father and hugged the doctor causing him to chuckle “And yes, we’ll carry on helping you keep healthy at the same time” as he felt his soon to be colleague’s mighty chest dig into him. They really did have weighing scales in the late 19th century and here's the proof
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    Chapter Three Strong Bear was very aptly named. He was four years older than Arrowhead and it was clear that those four years had been put to good use. His name came from the fact that he had chosen a bear as his spirit animal and as part of his trial had wrestled a bear to the death, throwing it over his head and slamming it into the ground, but Strong Bear's real skills lay in the bow and arrow, and these skills had made him the most likely person to pull the Great Bow, that was until Arrowhead came along and now all he had for his rival was complete and absolute anger. So as Strong Bear circled the brave, his eyes constantly focused on Blue Eyes he stopped in front of him and said "Remember, you cannot do anything other than breathe" and with that disappeared from view. Arrowhead could feel the thumping in his chest increase as his worries about what Strong Bear was going to do manifested themselves in his mind. Suddenly he heard the noise of leather being cut and something falling to the ground and as he did, he felt something cold slap against his posterior. His breathing quickened and he felt sure he was going to be killed when he suddenly gasped as something long, hard and cold thrust itself between his posterior. The pain was agonising and Blue Eyes was convinced that Strong Bear had stabbed him in the posterior. “Yes” moaned Strong Bear as the pain increased, “I am stabbing you, but not with a knife, that would be too quick. I am stabbing you with my own weapon!” and with that he chuckled. Blue Eyes’ eyes opened wide in fear. Strong Bear's favourite trick when he had defeated a paleface was not to scalp him as other braves did but to humiliate him by thrusting his weapon into them. And that’s precisely what Strong Bear was doing to him now. “Mmmm” moaned Strong Bear, “you’ve never experienced this pain before have you Blue Eyes. You’ve never had someone thrust their weapon into you. You’ve never had a man have you?” and with that he started to thrust his groin in and out moaning as he did so and chuckled “Remember, Blue Eyes, you can only breathe!” Blue Eyes’ breathing started to quicken as did the pounding in his chest. The pain was agonizing and yet he knew that if he made a noise and raised the alarm he would never become a brave, the only thing he truly wanted to do in the world, so gritted his teeth and endured the agony whilst all the time Strong Bear's grunting filled the air. He had no idea how long the torture lasted but he could see a literal light on the horizon. It would soon be dawn and then he would be able to reveal what was happening to him. Strong Bear grunted gently as he thrust his weapon again and shuddered as he arrived. As he slipped his weapon out, the first rays of the sun appeared above the horizon. This was Blue Eyes’ chance and he took it, kicking Strong Bear right in the groin. Strong Bear screamed in agony and Grey Cloud was the first to emerge from his tent. Seeing Strong Bear curled up on the ground in agony, his adopted son’s face red and breathing hard and the tell-tale evidence that his adopted son had been violated he exploded with rage. “Strong Bear” he bellowed, “for the crime of violating my son you are banished from this tribe” and with that pointed with an impervious finger towards the sunrise. Strong Bear, still groaning, got to his feet and as he walked away he turned and said “One day, one day I shall be chief!” As the stone was taken from Blue Eyes’ shoulders, his adopted father held his sons’ face and the son gently stumbling into his father’s chest, started to weep. He would never be able to forget what had happened to him, but as his adopted father nursed him he whispered, “Strong Bear has paid for his crime” and then placing the eagle’s feather into Blue Eyes headband he added, “You withstood more than any brave has done, I am proud to call you son, Arrowhead!”
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    Chapter Two As Blue Eyes grew up he was educated in all the ways of the native American Indians and each year his skin started to become more like the rest of the tribe’s and by the time he became a teenager the only indication that he had once been a “paleface” was the soles of his feet. When he became a teenager, he started on his next round of education, to become an Indian brave. The first lessons were not promising as it took him six months to handle a bow and arrow and on several occasions the instructor would lament “Missed again, Blue Eyes. Truly you never draw the great Bow!” By the time he was sixteen though, he had become a past master at archery and on the last hunt before his sixteenth birthday he managed to kill three buffalo with three arrows and on the way back to the camp he was praised with “Truly, you will draw the great Bow!”. The following day, Blue Eyes turned sixteen. It had been sixteen years since Grey Cloud had adopted him and under Indian law he could now be considered a brave, if he was able to pass four tests, each one demanding of the physical and mental attributes needed to be a brave and as he presented himself before his adoptive father he recounted them. “In order to be called an Apache brave” he declared, “you must follow in the path of all those before you. First you must have your spirit animal tattooed onto your chest; this will show that you have no fear. Secondly, you must pluck an eagle’s feather from its tail; this will show that you have the spirits watching over you. Third, you must choose a name that will travel with you for the rest of your life, this will show your intelligence and lastly, you must prove your might in a trail of strength. Now, go my son, pluck the eagle’s feather, have your sprit guide embedded into you, choose your name and prepare for your trail!” As the sun set that day, Blue Eyes returned and taking off his shirt revealed a hawk that adorned his slim, yet muscular chest. He presented his father with the eagle’s feather and announced “I choose the name Arrowhead, in honour of our scared bow that I hope to one day draw!” “Then, my son” replied the Chief, “prove that you have the strength to follow in those who have drawn it in the past by completing the trail of strength!” and with that pointed to a stone that was as big as the cauldron used to cook the tribe’s meals. The two strongest members of the tribe lifted the rock up and as Blue Eyes stood tall, his legs spread out and his arms raised he nodded and the stone was placed in his hands. “Choose your next movement wise, my son” said the chief as the tribesmen stood ready, “It will be the only movement that you will be able to do until the sun rises in the morn” and with that nodded. As the two tribesmen released the stone, Blue Eyes took a deep breath and breathed gently. His father nodded his approval and declared “Let the tales be told that Blue Eyes has accepted the test!” and with that the tribe bowed to the new brave in training and went into their tepees awaiting the result of the test. As the coyotes howled in the distance, Blue Eyes shouldered the stone with every ounce of strength he had. He could feel something in his chest pounding, he was breathing hard but slowly and he could feel the weight of the stone above him. He could also detect another presence and out of the corner of his eye, a figure walked towards him. His bitter enemy, Strong Bear.
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    It was the fifth time today that Kyle was on his back with his boyfriends Freddy bouncing up and down his goliath slab of dick meat. Kyle’s thickly built arm rested behind his head as he smiled with satisfaction. Freddy’s small slender hands running through the manly pelt of chest hair that decorated Kyle’s slab like pecs. Kyle was a very large man in every way possible. His wide feet hung off the end of the metal frame king sized bed and the mattress slumped under Kyle’s muscled bulk. Freddy was another story, he was small, barely breaking 5’7 and lightly muscled with lean but durable muscle, his black hair was matted from the sweat of riding Kyle’s meat all day and his pale skin flushed from the effort. He was just how Kyle liked him, just as Kyle designed him. A few days ago the couple had been different, they both been average gay guys, both living in a shitty apartment and not the lavish property they lived in now. Everything had changed when Kyle got ahold of the Chronivac, not that Freddy knew that anything was different. For Freddy he’d always been short cock hungry power bottom, he’d always loved riding massive thick dicks and slamming his plump bubble down meaty sclongs. Kyle was a top, a complete top, but until the Chronivac he’d had to be a versatile as he didn’t fit the mould for a top at all. His cock had been small, not the ass destroying 11 inch monster he know had pillaging his boyfriends meaty glutes. Freddy had been happy being versatile, but Kyle was a selfish lover. He hated having to let his boyfriends fuck his ass, so when he got ahold of the Chronivac he corrected their relationship. Now he was the complete power top, the dominator, and Freddy was the bottom, the cute little cum slut. Kyle’s big hands swung out and slammed Freddy down his cock one more time, his deep voice roaring as his bull nuts emptied another virile load into Freddy’s guts. The smaller guys tiny cock shot a sliver of cum onto Kyle’s hairy six pack abs. The boyfriends wallowed in the after glow of their sex for a few moments. Freddy near to exhaustion as Kyle’s softening cock popped out his abused ass. But the rest didn’t last long. “Get me a beer will you babe” Kyle ordered, giving Freddy’s ass a slap as he pushed his little boyfriends out of bed Freddy didn't respond, he just rubbed the red handprint on his ass and bounced out of the room. Kyle smirked and lay back in bed, bouncing his pecs and smiling up at the reflection in the mirrored ceiling. While cleaning it would be a bitch, he still thought the mirror ceiling was a good idea, not that he did any cleaning. Maybe he should create a cleaner to save Freddy some chores, a cute little hispanic boy, another willing ass to fuck. Kyle liked that idea, his heavy feet stomping as he got out of bed to get the Chronivac, he knew he’d left it out in the living room. He’d made Freddy super horny so he’d be happy to let Kyle fuck him before the orgy of sex between the two started, so it must still be opened and logged in. The floor boards creaked as Kyle walked across the room, he’d remove that creaking with the Chronivac, another thing added to the list. As he came to the door, already hunching his bowling ball shoulders so he could fit through it he saw little Freddy. Freddy had put on some underwear, his ass filling out the black boxers. He was on the sofa, barely taking up any space. He was busy typing on Kyle’s laptop, the screen open onto the Chronivac. The heavy click of the enter key echoed around Kyle as his power bottom boyfriends changed reality. A wave of exhaustion washed over Kyle, his legs went slack and he fell against the side of the open doorway. Vertigo swept over him, the ceiling rushing away from him as his towering 6’8 height plunged towards the 5’4 mark. His muscled evaporated, skinny legs and arms and a boney torso replaced the sculptured muscle. Kyle rich body hair fell away, falling into dust as his dropped off his body. The sharp strong plains of his face cracked into a weaker, boyish form. Kyle took a few uneasy steps on his tiny feet, the heavy loud slapping of his immense cock rang out. Kyle’s eyes fell down to his crotch. Hanging between his skinny thighs was a monster, even though he was smaller he could tell it bigger. The length was surreal, the thickness jaw breaking, the head looked like it would knock down a set of castle doors. Kyle’s cum laden nuts forced the soft meat to swing outwards, his balls bloated beyond human, like two furry oranges. A thick rope of pre-cum hung off his piss slit, almost dragging along the floor. Kyle’s felt weak and used. His flat boney ass, his pelvis and his legs were all sore, like he been ridden by an elephant. Kyle’d heard a deep chuckle and looked up from his beastly cock to where little Freddy had been playing with the Chronivac. Freddy was still laying on the sofa, still typing away on the Chronivac, but he wasn’t little anymore. He filled the entire sofa, his entire body thickly muscled with bulk and size. The black boxers now fighting a losing battle against solid muscled thighs and a bubble butt bloated bigger with muscle. Kyle’s massive cock twitched as he stared at the two globes of Freddy’s ass. His eyes moved up Freddy’s enhanced form. His boyfriends torso was wider, a thick chest rested against the sofa cushions and meaty arms flexed as he tapped away on the laptop. Freddy looked amazing, his skin lightly tanned and his pitch black hair tousled. He didn’t looked like he’s just fucked five times. Kyle thought knew he looked like his massive power bottoms boyfriends has drained him of as much cum as possible. Freddy closed the laptop and moved off the sofa. He was taller, Kyle’s eyes now coming to the top row of Freddy’s six pack. Freddy smiled down at Kyle, but there was an evil glint in his eye and Freddy without a word snapped the screen off the laptop. “No” Kyle shouted, he jumped to stop Freddy, but he was so weak and his cock so heavy he barely lifted off the ground Freddy tossed the two parts of the laptop to either sides of the room. “Don’t know why you are complaining, you wanted a bottom power and I want a top” Freddy explained, but Kyle noticed Freddy left out the word ‘power’ to describe Kyle He continued “So now you can lay back and let me milk that horse cock for all its worth” Freddy smiled “Which should be maybe a dozen more times” Kyle could feel himself getting weaker as all the blood rushed to his donkey dick, the thought of slamming his meat between the thick cheeks of Freddy’s ass getting him hard. Freddy passed Kyle dropping his black boxers to his feet and slapping Kyle’s boney ass. “Come on cum machine I want to ride you a few more time before you have to go to work” Freddy said “Maybe a good eight times.. I should be satisfied after that, till you come home of course" Kyle then had the horrible realisation, Freddy still thought it that Kyle’s opinion on how their relationship should be was correct. Kyle was the breadwinner and the man in the relationship, and Freddy would stay at home and ride Kyle’s cock as his only job. But now Freddy was the big strong man and Kyle’s was literally an extension of his immense cock and balls. Freddy was also still super horny and cock hungry. “What the fuck you waiting for runt” Freddy shouted, he was already on the bed and waiting for Kyle’s cock Kyle gulped, he didn’t think he’d survive a single night as the living dildo for the super bottom Freddy.
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    “Ok…. looks good” Damian said concern leaving his voice He held his wrist while bouncing his bicep to check out the definition. It was thick, round and damn near perfect, you couldn’t tell it had been grown in a lab, made to order. His entire body was a work of art, it was designed to be after all. Toned and tanned. Muscles where there should be muscles, even some places where there shouldn’t be. All of it covered by a large t-shirt, and baggy shorts, and he was on the beach. There were lesser men wandering around in barely anything and he was hiding his perfection. It was because only moments ago before he pushed himself into the ripped tanned beach god body, Damian was 5ft4 and as skinny as a rail. He’d been spotty and greasy, but desperately in love with Greg. Greg was the amazing blond lifeguard at the beach, he’d loved him since high school, but he wasn’t Greg’s type. Greg liked men, real men, with muscles and height. Greg wanted to look up at his lover, not down at Damian’s watery eyes. Now though he would have to look up at Damian, most people would. He wasn’t a towering beast, only 6ft3. But he would be able to press his nose into Greg’s blond curls when they hugged. Damian felt up his face, the bone structure was amazing, worth the extra money to grow a model like skull. Plus it even looked like Damian a bit, just much hotter and chiselled. He could lie and pretend that puberty hit him hard in college. Greg would believe that, wouldn’t he? He pulled off the cap and dropped it onto his towel. His hair was tight to his scalp, the shop told him a new body would need time to grow the long brown locks he’d paid for. Maybe it would be fun to grow out his hair while dating Greg instead of just turning up with the style Greg loved. Damian gave a few final practices of bouncing his pecs, still getting used to the new muscle. He reluctantly pulled off the white t-shirt, his tanned muscles free to the view of the crowded beach. He looked around, no one seemed to focus on him, he forced himself to stand tall. This body was built to command attention. Then he dropped his shorts with a gulp, if his toned beefy chest didn’t get the beaches attention, the couple thousand dollars worth of cock packed into his bright yellow speedo would. With a deep breath Damian headed to the lifeguard hut and to Greg, fingers crossed he said yes to a date.
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    Anonymous Asked: So I have this friend who's a total alpha male: tall, ripped, hung like a horse, and super confident. The only issue is that he constantly brags about how many guys he sleeps with, and I thought you might be able to teach him a bit of a lesson about bragging about his virility and insatiable appetite... I want his dick to be permanently erect, and his big nuts always full to bursting, leaving him constantly horny and on the verge of busting his nut in his pants. I'm a massive fan, by the way ;) He sounds like a hot...very overconfident guy. Though I’m sure he has every reason to be overconfident, having a massive dick and countless conquests can do that to you. You’ll get your wish, your alpha male buddy will always be rock hard…. and I might throw in a couple more inches just to make it even harder for him to hide that beer can monster. No more bragging when it's too big to fit in anyone…not that he’ll get the chance, that beast will scare anyone away. Those big nuts of his will be swollen with fresh cum even after he’s just plastered the walls with his last load. I’m not sure why you asked for this curse…maybe you want to be the guy who’s guts he floods with all that thick cum, or maybe you just don’t like the guy. But either way you won’t be seeing much of him… unless you go to his place, then you’ll see all 13 inches of him and a lot more. Anonymous Asked: I recently got my hands on a Chronivac, but I realised that I can't change myself with it. Odd, isn't it? But I could use it on my friends from the chess team. Could you please tell me what I should do to these nerds? That is such an easy thing to answer… Turn them into tall, dominating, muscle jocks… Make them all over 6ft tall, all over 200lbs of ripped muscle, give them massive fat horse cocks, big cum heavy bull nuts, powerful deep voices and immense confidence in their own superiority. Image how fun it will be to see them take over the school, either you can set it so they have always been studs, or so that they suddenly remember that they are studs and watch as the school falls into the reality. Watching them play around with each other, making fun of the little guys, fucking every girl they can. Bursting out of clothes that are for some reason too small (for fun you should make the clothes a few sizes too small). I’m sure you’ll love sitting in class with half a dozen hunks sitting with you, sitting head and shoulders above everyone. Though I should warn you that changes like these can cause massive mental changes even if you don’t mean for it to happen. You might find yourself getting savagely face fucked by your friends at your next chess team meeting, but roll the dice, should be a fun ride. Anonymous Asked: I would love to have friends who are tall AND muscular, however my friends and I are geeks in a way~ playing board games, pc games and card games, etc. Though some of them are already tall or thick boned (but no muscle). Can you help me? Help I can, they will still be your friends, still play all the games and be massive nerds. But you’d have all the eye candy you can eat… or swallow. All of them will be tall and thick boned… in the sense of having thick cocks. There won’t be a bit of fat on their perfect bodies, just toned strong muscle. You’d be the same as you were before, just now with hunky friends, who you may find will be a lot more demanding… or they might not even want to be friends anymore. I just hope it works out the way you wanted.
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    “Quick selfie” *You tenses your thick arms* *The phones camera flashes* “Damn, I’m a beast” “Nothing like my old body” “So strong… And well, black” “Not pasty like my old one” *You laugh* “Fuck…. What’s my old number” *You try to remember* “Oh yea” “He’s gonna love this pic” “Gets to see what he lost” “Sorry boys, I know this has been hard on you” “I just couldn’t do it anymore” “Being nearly 50 and so unfit and unhealthy” “You’d have done the same if you’d been in my position” *Your two boys stare at you, both angry* “I know…. I’m technically now more your brother then your father” “Though we don’t look alike” “Neither of you are over 6ft4 like me” “Or have muscles like I do” “Or an amazing jaw like this one” “Though you both could get tattoos” *You flex a tattooed bicep, both your sons glare more angry then before* “Though they won’t look as good as mine do” “Well… I don’t have much money anymore, because I’m only 22” “So hope these burgers make amends, till I get a job modelling or doing porn”
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    It didn’t seem weird to Mitch that all his friends had to suck his dad off when they came to visit, though he never had to do it when he went round their houses. It was just how his dad was, plus it was his house, you had to go by his rules. But then other people's fathers didn’t have constantly boned 13 inch wrist thick monster cocks with orange sized balls that were forever streaming thick gooey cum. His father had one rule, if you were a guy over 16 and under 30 you had to milk a load out of his cock before you came into his house. It was a fun rule, all Mitch’s friends thought so, even when his father hosted his work barbeque every year and the hot interns and his colleagues sons sucked his bull nuts dry no complained, even though a lot of food went uneaten. Though Mitch his hate having to make conversation with his fathers work friends while their sons were busy milking his dad. It left poor Mitch with no one his age to chat with for a while. At this very moment Mitch was watching TV while his buddy Vince sucked out his ‘welcome’ load from Mitch’s dad’s cock, Vince was a regular visitor, everyday since school ended, even though he lived across town. Vince was getting pretty good at milking that horse cock, he almost had it down to a science. A couple flicks of his tongue and it would only be another 20 minutes till his guts were sloshing with Mitch's father's thick cum. For most people it took an hour to get a load out of the monster. A clicking started, Mitch saw his dad smirking while he quickly typed something onto his phone. Which was pretty rude, Vince was trying really hard to be a good guest and his dad wasn't even giving his friend the attention he deserved. Mitch blinked, Vince’s loud moans blocked out the TV’s sound. Why did his father have to be such a good fucker, poor Vince’s eyes were rolling into the back of his head while Mitch’s dad impaled him again and again on his 15 inch baguette of a cock, his swollen grapefruit sized nuts slapped Vince’s peachy ass. Mitch watched Vince's feet flex from their perch over Mitch's father's boulder like shoulders. Vince was probably delirious from another orgasm. It was easy inviting friends over, they always came, then his dad made them cum. His one rule of fucking every 16 to 30 year old boy was ironclad, even Mitch’s young English teacher didn’t escape when he came around to talk about Mitch’s progress in class. Or the neighbour boys when they 'accidentally' tossed a football over the fence, they seemed to do that once or twice a week. Mitch watched his father’s wide back flare as his hairy arms pumped Vince down onto the his massive member. His dad’s muscle ass clenched and he roared. Mitch knew that his father had welcomed Vince properly with a thick gooey load shot deep into his guts. Now they could hang out, that was if Vince wasn’t exhausted after an hour long fuck. Why did his dad have to be such a welcoming stud.
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    Chapter 57 Dave drove the four of us to the convention center in the city. The car was a surreal experience. I’d been in it only two weeks ago, but in just those two weeks, James and I had gotten so big that the back seat was crowded with us, shoulder pressed to shoulder. And now I did need the seatbelt expander to get the belt around my pecs. “Don’t let your ego get too big, Chrissy,” Dave said. “Luxury cars always have small seatbelts. I was dressed in my nicest clothes—Dave insisted. James had my bag with my posing outfit; I was going to change after we checked in. Charles had arrived at the convention center before us to get our passes and itinerary, so we walked in through the front doors to find him. The first thing I did when I walked in was survey the other bodybuilders and muscle men who had been invited to compete. “It can’t be,” I said. “It just can’t be.” Luke, reading my mind, slapped my back. “Yep, buddy. You’re the biggest fucker here. There are some pros who go up above 300 in the off season, but for competitions? You’re still big dog.” My pants suddenly became tight. “Woof,” I said, trying to sound like I was playing along, like Luke’s comment had just rolled off my back, but I was betrayed by the doubt in my voice. “Do I detect a note of reticence?” Dave asked. “I don’t understand.” “I’m a fake. They’ll spot me for the fake I am. I don’t think I can do this anymore.” “Nonsense,” Dave said. “You have every right to be here.” “Do I? They earned their muscles. They’re athletes, Dave. You keep reminding me how much of one I’m not.” Dave burst out laughing. “Oh my God, Chrissy. You are taking this way too seriously. You’re not committing to anything. This is one bodybuilding show. You’re not going pro. You’re not stealing anyone’s livelihood. This is merely an opportunity. A key to a door that used to be locked to you.” “De-metaphor that, please.” “Let’s say you come to LA with me. To get a job in entertainment, you need name recognition. You’ve already got a little, but doing a good show here will give you a lot. Let’s say you take Nicholas Donner up on his offer to be his muse. To be valuable to him, you need a beautiful body. Doing a good show here will validate your beauty and raise how much he’ll pay for the privilege to photograph it. Let’s say you stick with your degree and go into medicine. To get into that career, you’re going to need a Masters, maybe a PhD. Doing a good show here will make you stand out from all the other applicants, making it easier to get into the program of your choice. This is just a feather in your cap, Chrissy. Enjoy your day. Don’t take it so seriously.” “Thanks, Dave.” “No problem. Just remember that beautiful speech in the next five minutes.” “Why?” I asked. Dave walked away from me into the crowd and shouted, “Angela! Matthew!” as he walked to two people who seemed utterly lost and out of place. Angela was a tall woman with a streak of gray in her sandy blonde hair and a look of nervousness on her face. She was wearing make-up, but the haphazard way it was applied gave away the fact that she almost never wore it. She was dressed in a maroon sweater and matching pants in an expensive-looking pair of flats. She had a death grip around her large black purse, as though letting it go would untether her. Matthew was a shorter man, only coming up to her shoulder, and his curly brown hair resisted being combed. His brown eyes sparkled with kindness, but he had a slight squint to them because he refused to wear his glasses. His cheeks showed the beginnings of smile lines. He was wearing a Christmas sweater and black denim pants. Somehow, the whole discordant look made sense when you saw his sneakers: this was a man who put on whatever was closest to him. “Angela and Matthew?” I repeated, shocked. “Are those?” James asked. “Yep,” Luke said. “My parents.” Dave led my parents back over to where the three of us were standing. When my father saw me, he tapped on Mom’s shoulder. “Angie, my glasses.” She fished them out of her purse and handed them to him. Dad put his glasses on and scrutinized his son. “Well, hello, Chris. It’s good to see you again. I like the blond. I might try it myself.” Mom put her hand on my shoulder and smiled. “It is lovely to see you.” Where was the shock? The surprise? The horror? “You two seem unfazed by my size.” “We follow you on Instagram and Twitter, Chris,” Dad said. “We’ve seen the steady progress.” “We ‘like’ all your pictures,” Mom added. “I have an Instagram?” Dave coughed and pulled out his phone. “So, all those pictures you’ve taken of me…?” I trailed off. “And about 9.000 more you didn’t notice,” Dave said. “So that wasn’t your account?” Mom asked. “Dave has been acting as my manager. He took care of it for me.” Seeing the tension that was about to build up, Luke took his cue. “We’ll leave you to the family reunion,” Luke said, leading Dave away. “Come on, babe.” “But I want to stay.” “I know you do, which is why I’m taking you someplace where you can’t add your color commentary.” With that, they melted into the crowd. Once Dave and Luke were out of earshot, Mom said, “I do think this is a bit extreme, but that Charles fellow assures me you are in prime health, and he’s sent me your medical records.” She looked me up and down. “You look eerily like Uncle Rudy, but he never got this big.” She shook her head. “It’s uncanny.” I hugged my mother and kissed her on the cheek. “I love you too, Mom.” Dad turned his cheek and leaned forward. “I love you too, Dad.” Dad got in a bit closer to size me up properly. “It’s hard to believe I’m your father. You’re huge. You could pick me up like a baby.” “One-handed,” I added, flexing my bicep. “That is quite impressive. That is the biggest arm I have ever seen.” He put his hands on my waist. “And yet you’re so trim.” His hands went back and forth between our two waists. He was dumbfounded to discover that mine was smaller than his, and he was a rather fit man. “How do you support that upper body with this little thing?” He knocked a finger against my abs, just a gentle knock, and the solidness of my core hurt his finger. “Ah. That’s how,” he said, blowing on his finger. “You built a retaining wall.” “Thanks, Dad,” I said, a little weirded out by how my dad was talking about my body. Dad let go of me and looked around. “So, we know Luke, and we just met Dave. Where’s the boyfriend?” I looked to my right. James had vanished. I turned around, and there he was behind me, cowering down so my parents wouldn’t see him. I gave him a look of mild amusement, and he waved at me sheepishly. “You got this,” I said to him. He took a deep breath and stepped from around me. “Hello, Dr…” Mom interrupted him by saying, “Sweet Jesus!” “What?” I asked, concerned. “This giant man was hiding behind you?” “Yeah,” I said. “He gets shy around strangers.” “Not my point. He’s huge, he’s big enough to compete, and he hid behind you.” This is the shock I was looking for. “You saw how big I was.” “Seeing and understanding are two entirely different things.” She turned to James. “I’m sorry for shouting. That was rude. You can call me Angie. This is my husband Matt.” Dad put his hand out for James to shake, and he just stared at it. “You don’t shake hands?” Dad asked. “He’s a hugger,” I said. A smile spreading on his face, Dad opened his arms wide, “Then come on and hug me.” Seeing my father and James hug was yet another thing to add to the list of surreal things I had experienced that day. “I’ll just wave,” Mom said. “I’m not much for hugging.” James nodded and stood next to my father, who looked James up and down from head to toe. “He’s a cute one, Chris. Walk with me, James.” With that, my father escorted James away to have a private conversation. “Don’t worry,” Mom said. “He’s just seeing if James is available to stay with us for part of winter break. We want to get to know him better.” Her voice had a mild sharpness to it. I knew this tone. This was the beginning of a guilt trip. “That’s cool.” “Since you’ve already spent a week with his fathers.” Her tone was intensifying. “A weekend,” I corrected. “And Thanksgiving,” she added, her tone even more pointed. And… I felt guilty. “I get it. I’m sorry. I didn’t know Thanksgiving was so important to you.” “Who cares about Thanksgiving? That patriarchal nightmare? We missed you.” “I’m sorry, Mom.” “I do understand, though. I was young once too. Though, I must say, my college boyfriend looked nothing like that young man.” “Mom,” I said, goading her a little, “are you saying my boyfriend is hot?” Mom remained un-goaded. “It’s an objective fact, son.” She looked at me and added, “Are his eyes purple?” “Violet,” I said. “Though he insists they’re blue.” “They’re medically fascinating,” she stated. Then, as an afterthought, she admitted, “And mesmerizing.” “I like ‘em,” I said, downplaying it. “And he’s bigger than I expected. Did he get you into weightlifting?” she asked. “It was more Dave and Luke who did that, but we workout together, yes.” “Are you going to be able to watch each other’s routines?” I laughed so hard I snorted. “What’s so funny?” “When you get to know James better, you’ll realize how funny it was to suggest he’d go onstage.” “You did say he was shy.” “Incredibly. And I’m not competing, Mom. I’m just doing a routine. I’m ineligible to compete.” “That’s right, Dave said as much.” She shook her head. “The soccer team? You never showed the least ambition or talent for soccer before.” “I still don’t. I’ll explain the whole thing at Christmas. It’s a long story. Right now, I want to know why you and Dad are even here.” “To support you, of course.” “I don’t follow.” “Well, we missed the senior showcase because it came up so quickly. We were all set to go to your soccer debut, but then I had to cover for a sick colleague. We’ve missed too many of your events this year.” “You knew about the showcase and the soccer game?” “Yes. Dave…” I interrupted. “Dave invited you? To all of them?” “Of course. We’re just glad we could finally make it to one. Although, it does feel a little silly coming all the way down here when we’ll just be seeing you next week anyways. But, I’ve never been to a bodybuilding show, and, well, I think it’s healthy try everything once.” She looked around the room and saw half a dozen men wearing only their posers. “Once.” She repeated. James came bounding back and grabbed me by the arms. “Matt invited me to your house for winter break. From the 18th, straight through Christmas.” My father slowly walked back and joined us. “It’s official.” “Dad, I have to ask,” I said, pointing to his sweater. “What’s with that ugly thing?” “I think it’s neat. Besides, I needed something to put over my t-shirt.” “T-shirt?” I asked. “Don’t,” Angela said, her hand going to her temple. Dad whipped off his sweater, and underneath was a light blue t-shirt, tucked into his pants, that read, in yellow letters, “Father of @SoccerTweetGuy.” “Dad, that is both horrible and awesome. Is that my twitter handle?” “Yep. Do you love it or do you love it? Or do you love it?” “It’s great, Dad.” “You should see the one he made for the soccer game,” Mom said. “Ever since he became this huge, hulking hero who looks almost nothing like me, I want people to know he’s my son. A father can brag.” “I think it’s awesome,” James said. “Thank you, James.” At that moment, Charles came from out of nowhere and threw an ID badge and a manila envelope at me. “Come on, schmoopsy. Let’s get a move on. Tickety-boo.” “Is he for real?” Dad asked. “Charles, these are my parents,” I said. “Charmed. Now, scoot, mister. Your routine is in just under an hour, and you’ve got to get changed.” Before I could even say goodbye to my parents, Charles railroaded James and me to the backstage area.
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    Chapter 56 As soon as we recovered, we dressed, found some cleaning supplies in a closet, cleaned up our table, and locked all the cafeteria doors behind us. We were back in our bed and spooning within a half hour, and back on Charles’s demanding schedule. I woke up on Tuesday. My calendar was so full, I had to take stock of everything that was headed my way. Counting that day, it was just over a week until the invitational. Thursday was the last day of class, my philosophy final was due in one week, and the day after that was the invitational. And Charles had promised that the last week of training was going to be the hardest. This was going to be grueling. Luke and Dave were nowhere to be found until lunch. When they did show up at our usual table, they had huge smiles on their faces. “Pleasant honeymoon?” I asked. “Something like that,” Luke said. “What did you two get up to last night?” Dave asked with a leading tone. James unabashedly announced, “Chris walked across campus naked and then we fucked at this exact table.” Dave, genuinely taken aback, said, “I thought I was the dramatic one.” Luke’s big, cheesy smile was back. “That’s right, studs.” He pounded James’s fist, and then mine. “It wasn’t on Charles’s schedule, but last night was special,” I said. “I’ll say,” Dave said, hiding something behind his voice. I would have pried to find out what the secret was, but Charles was expecting us in the athletic center. And then the days began to blur together again. Lifting. Posing. Fucking. Sleeping. Wednesday. Class. Homework. Eating. Lifting. Dancing. Fucking. Sleeping. Thursday Class. Homework. Eating. Lifting. Posing. Fucking. Sleeping. On Friday, the absence of class made my world feel like a record that had skipped its groove. Charles filled in the schedule with some extra lifting, posing, and dance practice. I had come nowhere near close to mastering the intricate feats of the hard dance routine, but I had nailed down the simpler two. I could barely do a handspring with both hands, but Charles was my unquestioned lord and master, so I still tried to do the one-handed one. And on top of all that, I still had to write my philosophy paper. The schedule changed, but only barely. Eating. Lifting. Posing. Dancing. Fucking. Writing Lifting. Dancing. Fucking. Sleeping. Saturday. Eating. Lifting. Posing. Fucking. Writing Lifting. Posing. Fucking. Sleeping. Sunday. Eating. Lifting. Dancing. Fucking. Writing Lifting. Posing. Dancing. Fucking. Sleeping. Monday. Eating. Lifting. Posing. Fucking. Writing Lifting. Dancing. Fucking. Sleeping I woke up, and it was Tuesday morning again. I felt mighty and powerful. All my lifts were insanely high, my clothes were feeling tight in the arms and shoulders, but loose around my waist, which was somehow even more taut and defined than it had been a month ago. I could swear I had the beginnings of a ten-pack, and I thought those were only urban legends. I put on my favorite long-sleeved workout shirt so I wouldn’t need to put on a jacket, and I walked to my philosophy professor’s office. I put my essay in his mailbox, and I felt a relief wash over me. Somewhere deep inside of me, I knew it was an A paper. I don’t know how I had managed it, but I had. When I got back to my room, James was waiting for me in his workout gear. “It’s weigh-in today.” I was blasé about the whole thing, pretty sure I’d still be around 285. I might even had dropped a little weight. Sure, I could tell I was stronger, so I might have put on some muscle, but it was counterbalanced and redistributed by some weight I’d lost. I was beyond shredded. I thought I could see my muscle fibers before: I now was a relief map of fibers and veins. James was far from blasé. Ever since Charles had forbidden us from weighing ourselves, James was excited to see what his weight was. He had never put on so much mass so much so fast. He’d been hovering around 210-215 before Charles’s boot camp, and he had to know just how much he’d put on. We got to the athletic center and found Charles in the room he was using as his private office. He was standing next to a scale. “Morning, dudarinos. I know you’ve been praying for this day. So, let’s get to doing. Chris, you first.” I stepped on the scale, and Charles said, “Excellent. Right where I expected.” I looked down at my mass, as far as I could considering how far out my pecs jutted. “Can you read the display for me?” I asked. “290, silly,” Charles said. I’d somehow put on five pounds. “Aren’t I supposed to lose weight during conditioning?” I asked Charles. “You’re an odd one, that’s sure as sugar,” Charles said. “Now, James, you’re up, fella.” We all knew James had put on muscle—Charles had had him on my diet and workout plan—but when James stepped on the scale, I was blown away. 233. James came over to get a huge hug, and I took my opportunity. “Eighteen pounds in three weeks?” I whispered to James, dumbfounded. “That’s not biologically possible!” “Really?” James said. “You, of all people, want to tell me what’s biologically possible.” “Hey, it didn’t take me three weeks. It took me thirty seconds,” I said. “I hear whispering!” Charles said in his sing-song. “You two love-doodles really whisper a lot.” “Sorry, Charles,” we said in unison. “Good work, team!” Charles said. He turned to James and added, “You’re as big as me now, Mr. Shy-Pants.” The realization that my James had grown so big as to be the same size as this frightening mountain of man muscle hit me like a ton of bricks. Of its own accord, my 16-inch cock grew so stiff that it pulled down the front of my boxer briefs and workout tights. I felt like I was going to explode right there. “I’ll leave you to take care of that,” Charles said. “Be quick like bunnies. You’re under my control for one more day, and I won’t let you slack.” Once Charles was out of the office, James locked the door behind him and lowered the blind. “We’re fucking huge,” James said. I could see he was equally erect. I kept Charles’s desk between James and me. I had questions before we celebrated. “You didn’t Big Guy me while I was asleep or something, did you?” “Of course not. Besides, it only works if you hear it.” “Are you sure? I wouldn’t be mad.” “I tried it, of course, back during fall break, and nothing happened. I promise you, if you don’t hear it, it won’t happen.” “Chris, I put on 18 pounds. You can’t Big Guy me.” “Was Charles dosing us with something? He did always have the cafeteria ladies set aside our food, specially made.” “I don’t care. I don’t care if it was drugs, or if it was the power of suggestion, or if it was magic,” James said. “You look unbelievable.” “I look unbelievable?” I said. “Look at you. You’re getting massive yourself, there. Your pecs are so firm and round, your arms are so powerful...” James interrupted with, “And you’re about to drip pre onto Charles’s desk.” I turned to the side so my cockhead was over the floor, and not his desk. Through the door, that childlike singsong came in loud and clear. “I hear more whispers when I should be hearing someone slay a dragon. Make it snappy.” James moved over to Charles’s filing cabinet and pulled open the top drawer. “I was going to have Charles give this to you after the invitational, sort of as a reward, but I think we need its powers now.” “What is it?” I asked. James took something out of the top drawer and dropped it on Charles’s desk. “Open to November,” he said. “The calendar’s in?” I asked. I flipped to November, and there I was. I remember when I took that picture, I was bigger than the entire soccer team, and my cock was so big that I couldn’t fit in the modesty pouch. And now. “I look so tiny,” I said. “That’s because the man in that picture,” James said, “that hot man, that man who the photographer called a beefy motherfucker, is tiny compared to you. Your cock is four whole inches bigger, and you weigh a hundred pounds more than him.” Four inches? A hundred? My orgasm came so suddenly that I had no time to brace myself. The force was so powerful that it knocked me back against the wall in Charles’s office. Stream after stream of cum sprayed out of my cock. I roared so loudly that I actually felt my torso rumble. The sheer massiveness of my body was enough to send me into this height of orgasmic rapture. Seeing me cum, James brought himself to a quick orgasm with his right hand, watching my humongous body explode, objectifying me as though I were a porn video and not his boyfriend. As I stood there, trying to get my footing, leaning against the wall, we heard Charles through the door. “Super-duper. Change into some fresh workout clothes, and let’s make the most of this last day.”
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    Li actually let a pretty nice life. He had a nice job, working for a big international pharmaceutical company at their lab developing new medication, a nice house and of course the best wife ever, Anna. He had met his beautiful bombshell of a wife pretty soon after he had gotten hold of his lucrative job. He didn’t think it was odd, that the blonde model had fallen for him. Despite being a 5′8″ Asian twig, he was pretty pretty intelligent and in his opinion quite charming. So he thought of no evil when he came home earlier on their wedding anniversary, wanting to surprise his wife with a romantic gesture. He wasn’t suspicious when the gardener’s lawn mower stood on the grass unused and the gardener was nowhere to be seen. His first doubts arose when he entered the house and heard strange noises coming from upstairs. But his world broke apart when Li entered the master bedroom. There she was. The love of his life in bed with their gardener Martin, a young black guy from the neighborhood, who wanted to earn some money. As the young stud jackhammered his black cock into Anna’s tight pussy, Li suddenly realized why she had been so eager to employ this demigod. But he had been ignorant of the fact, just like Martin was unaware of the fact that his employer was watching him fuck his wife into sexual ecstasy. Though Li was shocked and watched the whole scene in horror, his 4″ pecker got hard at the raw display of raw masculinity and sexiness he was witnessing. Then his wife saw her husband standing in the doorframe.“Um, honey, it’s not what it looks like.”, Anna stammered. But Li didn’t hear her, he had fled out of the house and drove away in his car, tears in his eyes. When he had driven for about ten minutes he felt like he had driven far enough and he drove at the roadside. And then started crying, hitting the steering wheel and all the while screaming: “WHY? WHY DID SHE DO THIS? WHAT DID I DO TO DESERVE THIS?” Half an hour later he had finally calmed down a bit and said: “I wish I would be someone she wouldn’t have cheated on.” —————————————————————————————————- Suddenly there was a ringing and L was brought back to reality in his car. He had parked on the roadside so he could knock out a quick load. He had had some time until his next appointment and just felt so unbelievably horny, that he had to take stop. Looking at his phone he saw the reminder that had just rung. ‘Anna’ it read. “Oh shit, only half an hour. No time to clean up.” L said looking around the cum coated car. His chest was still glistening with sweat as he spanned the seat belt across the enormous mass of muscle. Looking down he just had to take a moment to admire the sheer size and vascularity of the giant mass he called his pecs. The whole muscle was so erotic, that his cock got hard yet again. “No not now, I’ve got an appointment.”, L told himself and started driving. Then another thought came to his mind. ‘I need to buy condoms.’ The 100 condoms he had bought last week were almost empty. He just had had so many appointments this past week, that this was no surprise. It wasn’t like Anna was his first appointment either, she was his 5th today. He had had twinks and bitches alike, all lusting after his ‘Boa’, the footlong tool he was proud to call his own. Soon after he pulled into the parking lot of the drugstore and got out of the car. When he entered the drugstore everyone inside looked at him. It wasn’t like he looked unnormal for an Asian, big and built as he was, but it was always a show, when people saw a shirtless Asian-American. They just oozed raw masculinity and sexiness. As L approached the counter, every gaze followed him. They followed the twitching of his massive bowling ball sized biceps, the heaving of his massive pecs as he breathed, the light playing on the bumps of his deeply cut eightpack, the pants, stretched out by his tree trunk legs and of course the obscene bulge in his jeans, that seemed to be slowly growing. L was getting turned on by the attention he was getting. A cocky smirk spread across his handsome face. And what a face it was, it would be displayed in a dictionary above the word ‘masculinity’. A sharp, angular jaw, coated in thick stubble, deep brown bedroom eyes, that could make a woman go wet with only one look, a wave of black hair on his head and the most perfect nose and mouth one could ever find. “Hello? Hello? Mr. Thompson?”, L rumbled in his deep as fuck voice, clapping his plate sized hands to get the seller out of his trance. The little black guy had totally lost himself in watching the pure glory of L’s giant muscles. Every black guy was like that. Horny, little twinks, who were always so eager to worship the big Asian men or take a massive Asian cock up their ass. “Uhm yeah. What do you want, sir?”, the black twink squeaked. “Give me a pack with 100 condoms. Asian size, please.”, L said and couldn’t suppress a chuckle for two reasons. First, he could clearly see, that the clerk had just shot a load, just from the sound of the Asian hunk’s voice. And the second thing was, that it was just quite funny that there was a separate ‘Asian’ size. Though it was necessary, since nearly every Asian’s dick was about a foot long and as thick as a beer can. “It’s on the house, sir.”, the seller said, handing L a giant box of condoms with a lustful look in his eyes. “I’ll come back next week. Don’t want even more bastard children roam the country, right.”, L mused, remembering the roughly 15 children he had already fathered when he was younger. —————————————————————————————————- 15 minutes later, he drove up the driveway of the giant mansion. Anna was a slightly odd contract. Some black guy called Martin had called L to make an appointment, asking him to fuck his trophy wife for their anniversary, since he just couldn’t satisfy her needs. When he had parked in front of the house and rang the doorbell, a short black guy opened the door. “You’re L?”, the twink asked, obviously having trouble staying focused. “Yeah. You must be Martin. I am here to fuck your wife, dude.”, L replied. “Follow me, please, sir.” When they entered the master bedroom, Anna already laid on the bed, her nudity only slightly covered by a thin, almost transparent cloth. “I can work with that.”, L said unbuckling his jeans. “What does L stand for, sexy?”, Anna asked curiously, as she lustfully watched the behemoth undress. “You can choose. Either for my full name Li or for Long.”, he answered, dropping his pants with the last word, unveiling his delicious, beer-can-thick 12″ monstrosity, which made Anna gasp by just looking at it. As the Asian sex god approached his next conquest he suddenly saw a picture in his mind. He had come into this bedroom as a skinny guy and had found Anna getting fucked by a black stud. He also distinctly remembered, wishing that she wouldn’t have cheated on him. But that was ridiculous, you can’t cheat on someone you don’t have a relationship with.
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    It was always so easy. Tina created a profile at a random dating website and stated that she was totally into nerds. Sooner or later a nerd would take the bait and they would arrange a date. Like countless times before, the trick had worked with Hugh and there she sat, waiting for her twiggy casanova in the middle of a nice restaurant. Finally Hugh entered the room and looked like he would faint when he saw, that the blond bombshell he had chatted with was really who she claimed to be. ‘Perfect prey.’, Tina thought and pressed the large sapphire on her ring. She now had a full hour to get to work. “H-H-Hello, my n-n-name is Hugh. You m-m-must be T-T-Tina.”, he stuttered, obviously nervous, being so close to a beautiful woman like herself. “I like it when men are confident.”, Tina replied and immediately Hugh’s posture shifted from an anxious crouch to a confident, relaxed position, “Though maybe you should have worn clothes.” As she whispered this across the table, all of Hugh’s clothes dissolved, leaving him utterly naked, but still in a confident pose. Not that he had much to be confident about. His 5′8″ frame was kind of skinny but with some flab around his midsection. The dirty blond greasy that topped his chubby freckled baby face looked like it was supposed to cover a receding hairline and the thick wiry glasses only emphasized this impression. But the most embarrassing detail about Hugh’s nerd body was the shriveled 2″ pencil dick that were his genitalia. No surprise so, that Hugh got surprised and disgusted looks as his clothes dissolved, showing off his body. That was the problem with the ring, it only made the affected unaware for the changes, but didn’t change reality. “Won’t you let me inside your apartment?”, asked Tina and the scenery changed to a dilapidated hallway with a nude Hugh standing in a splintery doorframe. She couldn’t need to many spectators when she had her fun. “Oh yeah, come in, baby.”, Hugh replied stepping into his shady looking residence. “You’ve got such a nice big, modern, luxurious, bright apartment.”, Tina said and immediately the shabby flat was replaced by a wonderful condo in what looked like a skyscraper in the middle of the town. Every window showed a beautiful view all over their town and the furniture was mostly white or made of glass with the exception of a few wooden dressers and closets. “Yeah, I have absolutely no idea how I could afford it.”, Hugh replied giggling. A luxurious looking dinner stood on the table, in whose direction he walked. She decided to follow him closing and locking the door behind her. “I see that your quite a good cook”, the bombshell commented, surprised, that she didn’t have to change that. “Yeah, my grandma taught me.” Nevertheless, she had to get to work, her time was running.. “Wow, your arms are so big, Hugh.”, she said and his arms blew up to immense dimensions, until it looked like he could throw cars around with ease. Thick veins were running along his melon sized upper arms and monstrous forearms. The whole artwork he called arms was completed by a pair of dinner plate sized hands, that were calloused from what looked like serious lifting. “And so beautiful square shoulders to go with them.” Instantly his shoulders doubled in width and became round and hard like a pair of cannonballs. Simultaneously his traps swelled and changed into a nice bull neck for this bull in the making. “They fit your height well.”, Tina continued and soon after a cracking sound could be heard, as his spine slowly got longer and longer until his body had grown to a towering 7′2″. “I was always the biggest one in school.”, Hugh commented, still in a high voice, that sounded damn comical, coming from this body. “Oh, Hugh, your pecs, they are enormous.”, she cooed massaging Hugh’s saggy moobs until they were two perfect cushions. But they weren’t made of feathers and textile, they consisted of flesh and steelhard muscle. He just couldn’t resist bouncing them a little bit, making Tina giggle at the display of power she cupped with her hands. “You like that?”, Hugh asked rhetorically, knowing full well that it turned her on. “I like your perfect eightpack far better.”, Tina replied and watched as the mentioned washboard abs appeared from the formerly flabby midsection. When her gaze had reached his tiny nub, his belly had become a perfectly cut cobblestone road of brawny manliness. ‘I’ll come to that later.’, Tina thought with a meaningful look towards Hugh’s groin. “Dammit, Hugh, did you steel that legs from a horse?”, the blonde said and his legs blew up right away. His thighs became big to touch each other and by the end of the process, Hugh wasn’t able to walk normally anymore. He would at best be able to waddle from now on. His calves not only only looked like a pair of diamonds under his skin, but were just as hard, connected to a pair of size 20 feet. A nice side-effect of the transformations was revealed when Hugh turned around. His back looked simply massive, especially since his wide shoulders and narrow hips gave Hugh’s upper body a perfect V-shape. This only made his broad lats seem all the more wing-like. He now even had a muscular, juicy ass, that Tina just wanted to slap. “I like your red buzzcut, it suits you well. By the way, are you a model, you should be with a face like this.”, Tina told him and when Hugh turned around again to face her, she was taken aback. His high cheekbones and copper red hair harmonized perfectly with his bright blue eyes, that seemed to pierce right through her soul and dive to the very bottom of her being. His nose, despite being broken, what looked like at least 2 times, was slim and seemed like it was made to gave let his face look even more rugged and handsome. His slim lips completed the man’s modelesque, but still manly looking appearance. “Yeah. How did you know.”, he laughed, even turning a little red, “So, shall we take this to the bedroom?” “Yeah, with pleasure. To be honest, your voice makes me kind of go wet.”, Tina admitted. “Yo’re not the first one to tell me.”, Hugh rumbled, with a deep bass bedroom voice, watching her moving her thighs closer together. “Wow, that’s some impressive cock you got there. What length has it? 13 inches? And your balls. Hmmm, so big.”, the blonde bombshell enthused, watching her date’s genitals swell to godlike proportions, so that she just wanted to have a taste of them or have them tear her pussy apart. “It’s such an honor, to finally get to sleep with the pornstar Hugh Grand.” “Prepare to get fucked, baby.”, Hugh boomed and then he thrust in. “You’re such a passionate, gentle, experienced lover.”, she said and his strokes became longer and stronger, giving her even more pleasure. Yeah, he was fit to be pornstar. But then Tina had an idea. Hugh had been such a nice guy, even without her alterations. “I am so lucky to have you as my boyfriend.”, she nearly screamed. —————————————————————————————————- Nearly two hours later Tina decided to give her employers a call. “The target is ready and will come around tomorrow. But … I think I will quit my job, I found someone.”, she said and was glad that her superiors approved. “Ready for round two?”, Hugh asked, his horse dick already hardening
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    Eugene laid on his bed, the heads of Sam and Dan bobbing beneath the blankets. His massive feet hung out the end and he was gently running a hand across his pecs. His TV was on and playing the latest Spider-Man movie. The arachnid superhero was swinging through the streets of New York, sunlight glistening off his hairy abs and his overstuffed bulge bouncing with each swing. Eugene felt one of the twins gag on the massive head of his cock. He chuckled slightly before returning his attention to Spider-Man, he liked seeing a nerd superhero. It was always these short, skinny or fat superheroes. Former models who turned to acting and now made guys like Eugene feel bad about their muscle bound forms. This guy playing Spider-Man, Tom something was actually pretty good and looked a lot like Peter Parker from the comics. Though Eugene never remembered Peter Parker using his giant bulge to smother robbers. ——————————————————————————————————————————— In some studio Tom stood atop a New York apartment building, staring out at a green screen while the director and crew fiddled with a camera behind him. His feet overhanging the slabs capping the building’s brickwork as he stood astride the corner of the roof. Clad head to toe in the red and blue spider-man uniform. Just a young actor pretending to be a teenage superhero. Filming was close to finishing and this was one of the final scenes. They’d actually filmed it before, but the director wasn’t happy with it so he’d got Tom to fly back to the studio from London and film it again. He flexed his toes, his heels hanging off one end of the wall and his toes off the other. Luckily he was pretty well balanced, even though his size 22 feet were barely getting any stability from the wall. Before puberty hit and turned Tom into any other stereotypical nerd Tom had been a dancer, but growing over a foot and piling on thick muscle had ruined that, so he turned his talents to acting. The fans turned on behind him, the cool breeze making him flex his thickly muscled glutes. The skin tight costume was hugging every curve of his muscle butt, the tops of the cheeks actually partly visible. Originally the costume had covered him completely, but he’d had a slight growth spurt between getting measured for the costume and when he turned up for the filming of Civil War. Slight, being 6 inches of height and 50lbs of muscle. Plus hair had started to come in. He remembered how embarrassed he’d been when he turned up to the studio with a thick beard and richly forested hair spreading over his abs and pecs. But it turned out it actually fit the character better. Peter Parker had always been a towering mass of hairy nerd in the comics, and Tom’s portrayal had gone very well with audiences. “Ok Tom, you know how this goes” the director shouted from behind him “Just a good dramatic shot of you overlooking the city you saved from Mysterio” Tom shook out his massive arms and stood proudly with them on his lean hips to stare out at a green screen. Even though his face wouldn’t be in the shot he was trying to put on a serious smile. The mask didn’t cover his bearded jaw, the higher-ups decided that for some reason Tom’s lantern jaw covered in the thickest beard ever to appear on film was a good fit for the character even though Spider-Man always covered his nerdy beard. The studio went silent and the director called ‘action’. Tom just stood and breathed steadily, he could actually hear the fibers of the costume straining against his slightly heaving pecs. “Wait….wait… cut” the director shouted Tom turned his head. His thick bull neck being slightly strangled by the costume. “Whats wrong” he asked his voice booming loudly even though he’d tried to keep the volume low “Just your junk” the director said stepping over to him With Tom standing on the wall his solid ass was face level with the director, with Tom flexing his cheeks in embarrassment. He looked down past his pec shelf to the overpacked crotch resting between his giant thighs. It looked like it always did when he wore the costume, a round lump of animal sized fuck meat. “Jake, can you sort him out please” the director shouted to one of the aides A young guy came running over and without saying a word to Tom stuffed his hands into Tom’s pants. Tom could feel Jake’s face resting against one of Tom’s ass cheeks as the guy reached around him to pull at the straps of Tom’s jockstrap. “We really need to get you a new jock” the director said “The straps are always getting loose” Tom was thankful for the mask covering most of his face, he could feel his cheeks burning red. Jake’s hands were forearm deep in Tom’s musky jockstrap and were rearranging their contents. One of Tom’s baseball sized nuts was being lightly cupped by Jake as Tom’s deli quality sausage was curved around underneath them. “Your junk was hanging lower then it should” the director explained to Tom One of his hands on the small of Tom’s back, it would of been on Tom’s shoulder, but Tom was over 7ft tall and standing atop a high wall. The director would have to be a nerd of the highest standard to even hope of reaching one of Tom bowling ball sized shoulders. “We can barely have these beach balls you call ass cheeks in a shot” the director chuckled, Jake though was nearly pressed his face right between Tom’s cheeks “Can have those wrecking ball nuts swinging low between your legs” Jake finally got ahold of the straps of Tom’s jock and was adjusting them to tighten them up. Tom could feel the weight of his genitals rising up, his almost overflowing pouch getting dangerously close to completely overflowing with cock meat. Tom could swear Jake lingered for a moment, he could feel Jake take a deep breath with his face buried between Tom’s ass cheeks. “Much better” the director said, giving Tom’s ass a firm slap when Jake moved away Filming started up again and within 5 minutes it was over. Tom jumped down from the wall with a floor shaking thud. Pulling off his mask and tossing it to Jake, the aide passing him a water bottle. “Thanks” Tom said, staring past his pecs down to Jake The guy was actually very cute, maybe a year or so older then Tom. He was short and very slim, probably had been an athlete in school, a guy who’d never even look at Tom. But now Tom was a big celebrity, didn’t matter that he was a hairy muscle beast, just appearing in a film had made it like he was a short fatty. “You’re welcome” Jake said beaming up at Tom “Your lunch is waiting for you in your dressing room, and is there anything else I can do for you” Jake was biting his lip and gently loosing the straps of Tom’s jock. Sweet relief spread up from Tom’s crotch as his heavy meat was allowed to swing. “Can’t believe it is actually part of your job to do that” Tom muttered as he started for his dressing room Jake just laughed, a few steps behind Tom. His short legs not keeping up with Tom’s lengthy strides. “Well I’m your assistant, you are my job” Jake said as Tom ducked into his dressing room “Wait what” Tom said suddenly turning around Jake walked face first into Tom’s hairy abs. The warm studio lights had caused them to be slick with sweat. “Yea, I’ve been your assistant throughout filming, who did you think was bringing you scripts, food, costumes and emptying your trash” Jake said wiping his face clean of sweat Tom felt himself blushing again. The mention of his trash turning him a bright crimson, everyday of filming Tom’s trash was packed with cum stained tissues. Wanking his massive meat was the only way for Tom to not pop an arm sized boner in the middle of filming, and he’d had to turn to tissues after seeing some of the crew carrying cum soaked towels through the set on the first day. “I never noticed” Tom said feeling bad Jake just laughed “Surprised you notice anything with those pecs” Tom found himself bouncing them for Jake, who’s eyes just went wide. Jake quickly moved past Tom and set up Tom’s lunch. A massive fresh salad, Tom had tried to eat healthy, but the studio ordered him to keep his weight up, so it was salads and protein shakes everyday. Tom changed out of the Spider-Man costume, pulling some grey sweats over his rounded ass. His long cock hanging down one leg. Jake had moved onto cleaning up the dressing room, the small guy struggling to restock the dumbbells onto Tom’s weight rack. Tom took a seat and started eating. The heavy duty metal chair creaked a bit as he lowered himself into. In the mirror at his dressing table Tom could see Jake sniffing Tom’s jock strap. Jake’s tongue flickering out to lick at some of the still wet pre-cum staining the pouch. Tom’s cock throbbed slightly and hardened down the leg of his sweats. “Hey” Tom called Jake dropped the jock and started spluttering out an explanation, his eyes wide at seeing himself over Tom’s shoulder in the mirror. “Was it you who cleaned out my fleshjack” Tom asked On the table an XXXXL fleshjack sat somewhat clean. It did look like someone had been scooping out the gooey cum with their tongue. Jake went bright red, Tom’s bearded face pulling up into a smile. He swiped his hand out and knocked the fleshjack into the trashcan. “Get under the table” Tom ordered, his cock flexing against his sweats
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    The day was finally there. Beatrice and her classmates would finally get their high school diplomas. They would get the certificate of all their hard years of working through school, leave this lame small town and conquer the world. And her future looked bright, after all she was the second best student in her year. The only student, who was smarter than her was the Chinese genius Chang Lee. She had to admit, that she was jealous of him. The little nerd came from a rich family and was captain of the chess and debate teams. Rumor had it, that he got accepted into the MIT an Harvard and even had an offer to study abroad in Oxford. “Beatrice LaDorre.”, the principal said. Finally it was her turn to get the diploma. As she stepped on the stage and looked at the audience, all she could see were happy faces. Even her mom smiled, though it looked slightly wicked. They’d had a quarrel the other day. Her mom had gotten furious after Bea had told her that she was the second best student in her year. The argument had ended with her mom yelling after her: “I will make you the best student.” Oddly enough she didn’t take photos of her own daughter, maybe she was still angry with Bea. Then she left the stage and it was time for the real star to appear. “It’s an honor to me to hand a diploma over to the best student this year, Chang Lee.”, the headmaster announced and Chang entered the stage. Surprised she saw her mother draw an odd old polaroid cam and then there was a blinding flash as she took the photo. ‘He will do just fine.’, Angela LaDorre thought, ‘But he definitely won’t be an honor student anymore.’ —————————————————————————————————- When the flash had subsided, Chang felt odd. Heavy, big and somehow at ease. When he looked down to find the origin of the feeling, all he could whisper was: ”Fuck.” He was a fucking stud. His arms were easily the size of softballs and he felt like he could effortlessly lift trucks with one hand. Unfortunately his pecs were so big, that he could not see what laid underneath. But he sensed, that the rest of his body was just as powerful and muscular as his beefy arms. All that he could see beneath his monster pecs was the prominent bulge in a pair of shiny red posers. “And here is our next participant. Nr. 476, Chang Lee.”, a voice announced and somehow Chang felt compelled to enter the stage. When he, still in awe, stepped in front of the audience he noticed that he couldn’t remember anything from his old life. He couldn’t even remember how to add up simple numbers. His head felt so empty, but it was okay. He knew that he would win this contest and then he would fuck a few twinks backstage, just like he always did.
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    “I knew you wouldn’t wear anything” Craig your buddy complained He and your other buddies were all dressed up in various superhero costumes. Craig having crammed his hefty girth into a Superman costume. You though wore normal clothes. Jeans, shirt and a cap. Your buddies were all very ready for this convention, you weren’t, it wasn’t really your thing. You’d have rather gone to the gaming expo last month, but it wouldn’t have been all that fun without your friends. So you’d submitted and brought a ticket for the comic book convention. “You know this isn’t my thing” You shrugged Craig tossed you a grey shirt as you passed through the door and entered the convention. “Good thing I brought a backup incase you didn’t do anything, go put that on” He ordered It was a simple grey shirt with a black bat emblem on it, a Batman shirt. You grunted in annoyance and left your friends. They had already faded into the crowds, with awe on their faces at the sight of the booths and stalls. You moved into the restrooms, you quickly ducked into one of the stalls. The toilets seat was down and you gingerly placed your cap and headphones onto it, your music still blaring out of them. You pulled your shirt off, unlike most of your friends you didn’t have much meat on your bones. But you were by no way athletic, just skin and bone. You gave the Batman shirt another quick look before pulling it on. The tag on the collar was of a make you didn’t recognise, there wasn’t even a DC logo on it. Just some plain logo of some mega corporation, FLD. The shirt was smooth to the touch and actually sat on you pretty well, even if it was a few sizes too big. The neck hole showed off your slim neck and the beginning of your boney chest. The short sleeves hung around your elbows even though they should be ending nearer to your shoulders. You pulled it down, its hem hovered somewhere just below your crotch. All in all it wasn’t a bad shirt, you’d actually keep it if Craig doesn’t mind you having it. You picked up your cap and headphones, and went to leave the stall, your old shirt in hand. But you stop, your heart suddenly racing. The shirt isn’t smooth and soft anymore, it is itchy, painfully itchy. As you try to remove the shirt you arms seize up, the sleeves of the shirt tightening. Your chest feels compressed as the shirt appears to shrink. You look down, your neck muscles fighting against your movements. The shirt isn’t shrinking, you’re growing. Your arms are throbbing, each heart beat meeting with each throb of your arm muscles. Each time your arms slowly grow, the sleeves of the shirt tight. Your chest isn’t being compressed, it is inflating, straining against the shirt. Pulling the batman symbol taunt over your pumped up pec shelf. The beat from your music matches that of your heart, your muscles matching it too. But as the music slows your muscles don’t. Your body is going beyond the size of the shirt, but your legs have already gone far beyond the size that your jeans can handle. They looked painted on, your ass hanging out like a shelf, your thighs pressing together. The itching subsides and your heart slows, you take a few deep breaths. Your pecs inflating and deflating, straining the shirt. The thick chords of muscle in your shoulders and arms are crammed in the stall, pressed up against the walls of it. You pull the door open, dropping your old shirt. Stepping on it with shoes that look full and at places beginning to split, like your feet are too big. You stand open mouthed in shock as you see yourself in the mirror. You’re immense, pure muscle having been poured into a shirt and jeans. As you go to get your phone out of a too tight back pocket your pecs bounce involuntary. You can feel the weight of them as they bounce. Both of your meaty nipples harden and you take the phone up and snap a few photos. A cocky smirk spreads over your strengthened jaw. You turn and leave the restroom, off to find your friends and thank Craig for the shirt.
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    The car sped down the highway, Cliff and his friend Kurt bored in the back, the trees outside weren’t much to look at. Cliff was a rich kid and Kurt was the poor best-friend. Kurt rarely got vacations, so he jumped at the chance to spend spring break in the Hamptons with Cliff and his family. Cliff’s parents were cool with it, they encouraged Cliff to hang around with Kurt. They’d hoped it would bring him down to earth and get him to stop acting like a pompous rich kid. It worked at times, but Cliff was quick to rub new gadgets and new clothes into his poorer friend’s face. The two boys did get on though, and they were both playing the same multiplayer game on their smartphones. Kurt’s phone being a hand me down from Cliff. Cliff noticed that Kurt would drop out of the game sometimes and have a sudden burst of typing. Who was he texting, Cliff was just about to ask when his father butted it. “So Cliff” his dad asked “How’s the wrestling team going” Kurt on the wrestling team, that the most ridiculous thing Cliff had ever heard. He’s guys family could only afford horrible fattening food, so Kurt had ended up as a podgy fat ass. The lack of vitamins hadn’t helped him height wise either, he was barely average height for a high-school student. An amazingly rich and deep voice replied “Yea, got the championship and got my athletic scholarship all sorted” Cliff put down his phone and turned towards Kurt. A giant sat in his place, massive muscles strained his shirt, the biggest thighs Cliff had ever seen filled a pair of broad shorts to bursting. A humongous bulge was nestled between the heavy legs. Cliff noticed a thickly muscled arm running over the back seat, the huge hand at its end resting on Cliff’s shoulder. The now older looking, powerfully masculine face of Kurt smirked at him as Cliff’s father asked more questions. “Any chance of Cliff getting on the team” he asked Kurt shook his head, long black hair waving over his giant shoulders. “Cliff’s too small for the team” Kurt squeezed Cliff’s shoulder “There is a water boy position open” “What would be good, teach him some responsibility” his mother answered like Cliff wasn’t in the car “What would it entail” Kurt’s chest flexed, a small tear appearing at the collar of his shirt. “He’d have to give us water after matches, wash our towels, singlets and jock” Kurt smirked “He already does all of mine” At that Cliff clenched his teeth as a sudden headache shot through his forehead. A new memory formed Kurt having come over to Cliff’s house after a match one day. Kurt in the shower while Cliff washed his dirty clothes. Then Kurt catching Cliff as he sucked the sweat out of Kurt’s stretched jockstrap. “I’m sure he would love to help” Cliff’s father said from the front The talking stopped for a while. Cliff watched Kurt typing on this phone, his now huge hands struggling to hit the right buttons. Cliff’s stomach growled, Kurt turned his head at the sound a wide smile on his face. “You hungry” his mother asked A deep hunger roared in Cliff’s belly. “Well…there no restaurants for a while” his father announced “Kurt can you handle it” Kurt chuckled and lifted his tight ass off the seat, his huge hands hooked under the waist band of his shorts and he pulled then down to his giant clown feet. A fat swollen dick bobbed upwards, the apple sized head already leaking pre. Big bull balls rolled in their furry sack, heavy with a large load. Kurt’s hand wrapped around Cliff’s head and pulled him down towards the dick. His mouth flopped open and Kurt forced his immense horse cock down Cliff’s throat. He held Cliff’s hair and pumped his head up and down the giant dick. Cliff’s parents continued like nothing was happening, while Kurt’s deep voice moaned loudly. Cliff lost track of time, but found himself really getting into milking the dick halfway down his gullet. His hands squeezing the bull balls and his tongue licking every inch of the monster cock. Then Kurt came, a mass of thick volleys overflowing Cliff’s stuffed mouth. Each one rocketing down into Cliff’s hungry guts. Kurt popped Cliff off the dick and the rich boy thudded back into his seat. He patted his stomach, the growling had stopped. “Better” his mother asked Cliff nodded. “Thank you Kurt” this father smiled “It’s hard raising a cum slut” Kurt chuckled “It’s cool, I’m happy to feed Cliff’s addiction” Cliff heard the clicking of Kurt’s phone. Then the hungry returned, Kurt smirked. “You want more” he asked already pulling Cliff down to the still hard dick Cliff nodded and engulfed the monster cock down his throat again. His father offered “Cliff might as well stay on your dick till we get to the house” Kurt laughed “Yea, what is it….like two, three hours before we get there” “Yes, about three hours” his mother answered “I can keep pumping out cum till then” Kurt sniggered as Cliff gagged
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    “I’m on my way” *Your buddy replies to your text with a picture of his huge muscled arm wrapped around a girl way out of his league* “Fuck dude, that music did a real number on you” “I’ve gotta be like a good foot taller” “Heads nearly hitting the ceiling of the train” “I’ll be like 10 mins, don’t claim every girl before I get their man” *You continue to liken to the music, its melody refining your body* “Oh, good idea getting bigger shoes, my feet would of burst out of my old size 11s ages ago” “Though ain’t there meant to be mental changes” *Your buddy reads the messages but doesn’t reply to them* “Like confidence, I’m the size of a house but I’m still so fucking timid” “Should of worn a sleeveless shirt, but I don’t have the heart too” “I’m even covering my crotch…. and I really shouldn’t” “It’s like I’ve stuffed a fucking melon in there… well an apple and some large oranges Lol” *You grin at your own text and slowly move your coat away from your crotch, giving the entire train a good view* “Scratch that, the mental stuff just kicked in :P” “You should probably stop drinking those” *Your buddy takes another slurp from the glass* “They said you could only have one, because you could only afford one” “I don’t think they thought anyone would spend their college fund on five” *He slurps again, his shorts straining against his thighs and ass* “Your getting too big, no ones gonna recognise…..” *Suddenly your mute as his shorts burst into pieces and he’s nude on the very public beach* “Wait here” *He’s blushing and trying to hide his inflated cock while still drinking from the glass and only getting larger* “I’ll get you some new shorts…. and I’ll get myself one of those drinks”
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    The resort had a certain style, that style being Mediterranean architecture, palm trees, golden sands and dark haired men with tanned chiseled bodies. I flew out to the resort with a couple friends, the second we landed I lost track of them. I got pushed into a limo by a perfect dark haired man, who started plying me with alcohol. I’d barely got his shirt off before we arrived at the resort. Another dark haired man took my bags as I checked in, then I was shown to my suite. I changed out of my groggy airplane clothes and into something more fitting of the blistering heat. I still hadn’t seen my friends. I left my suite and headed out into the paved area around one of the resort’s many pools. Three dark haired men introduced themselves, Angel, Bruno and Caleb, or A,B and C. I knew who they were, they were my personal companions. The resort offered a lot of extras for those who could pay. I still hand’t seen my friends. The rest of the week was a blur, just fuck after fuck. I was sure I’d been dosed with some sort of super viagra, I remembered the resort’s term and conditions mentioning something about ‘supplements’. Angel was the slut of the three, he was constantly begging for sex, he’d slip under the table at dinner and suck my dick. Bruno was the romantic, he’d sneak a kiss, whisper nice things, have me pin him against a wall and fuck his ass till he screamed. Caleb was the ‘reluctant’ one, he was so shy and introverted, waiting for the others to fuck themselves to exhaustion before having me pound his ass half a dozen times. I still hadn’t seen my friends. I met a very interesting guy, he’d been coming to the resort since it opened over a decade ago. We talked for a while, each of us with one of our companions massaging our feet. The others were in the pool wrestling for our amusement. He told me about the Template, it was the standard that all the dark haired guys were held up too. He explained it was why they all looked the same, which they did. All of them with dark hair, dark eyes, tanned skin and ripped bodies. He then told me I was wrong, he meant that when the resort opened all the companions were identical, the same face, the same body. The Template created the companions from other people. Guests who didn’t pay the full way, guests like my friends. Over the years the Template had added slight variations, small little quirks which changed the companions in slight ways. Which must be why Angel’s abs are deeper cut, or why Bruno’s ass is a bit plumper and perkier, or why Caleb is a few inches shorter than the other two. I guess the Template meant I had been seeing my friends all week.
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    Anonymous Asked: Very funny dude. My little brother has fallen for this shit hook, line and sinker. The dorky doofus totally thinks that any day now he's going to be transformed into some kind of muscle-head warrior and whip my ass! Ha! Would love it if you replied to his ask with a story of him getting even scrawnier!!! Would pay good money to see that - humiliate the little twerp for good. I’m not going to reply to his ask, I’m going to reply to yours. Now I was considering whether to agree to your request, but then you don’t believe in any of this and your brother does…. plus he’s a fan and you’re not. So I’m actually going to give your brother what he wants…. and I couldn’t even answer his message if I wanted too, because it looks like the changes have taken hold and the new him would never send such a message to me, let alone read my stuff. As you can see your little brother is not very little anymore…. the guy is a muscle-head warrior like you said. Though I imagine you wished you hadn’t said that, the word warrior has made his change a little too aggressive. Not that it’s done him any trouble, all those boxing trophies in his room, which used to be your room, tell a story of a man with a punch that could put a guy through a wall. And he’s done that…. your former best friend who he caught sniffing his XXL jockstrap can testify to that, and he did…. though the case was throw out. But like I was saying I have gifted your brother with more than he asked for. He asked for the normal check list of stuff. Tall- Check Muscles- Check Handsome- Check Big Dick- Check What he didn’t ask for was a voice that give any guy lower in the food chain than him an instant erection…. which is pretty much everyone. He also didn’t ask for a near sadistic love of fucking into sexual oblivion any girl who gets close to you. I also threw in big feet, peak physical health and sexual stamina of a purebred stallion, teenagers always forget to ask for the best things. Now we come to you….. if I’d answered his ask then you’d most likely have ended up with some improvements. Easiest way to change someone without anyone noticing is to change their genetics, which would mean changing their parents, so you’d have ended up as his equal. The older muscle bro to show a young hung beast how to rule the world. Because when he said he wanted to whip your ass…. I think he meant in wrestling or in football….. not the insanely brutal beatings he’ll dish out to you now. But you asked for him to end up scrawnier, so that’s your fate now. Enjoy being a runt for the rest of your life….. Anonymous Asked: Yo bro, did you help my former buddy turn me into this. I mean I love my body, check out the gains, but bro the tank and compression gear ain't right for my classes. So I want revenge, curse my buddy to be a professional heavyweight bodybuilder, I want him working out nonstop, no sex, no beer, early nights and fucking chicken breast for every meal haha but let me him keep his brain, wanna see him squirm. This is gonna be so freakin funny bro Yea that might have been me who changed you….. guys gotta eat and granting wishes and supplying revenge pays so well. You’re not Herbert the Maths Whizz are you?? Cause sorry about draining that amazing brain of yours. Hope the big dick makes up for it. But back to your buddy, yea I’ll give him the body you want for him. Plus with all the hard work it takes to have a body like that. All the trouble and none of the fun, unlike what he got for you. I have gotta say he’s an inspiration for the fitness freaks out there, the guy is a lifting machine. Such sacrifice for beauty, sad that he hates it. Same nerdy guy stuck inside that brute of a body, trapped forever in the body of a Greek god. Plus a peanut cock just because I’m feeling extra mean today. Anonymous Asked: Could you do a Truman show type transformation where I wake up to being transformed into a hunk and as I get used to my new life I'm unknowingly having my life broadcast on TV? Awwwww you think you’ve only just ended up on TV, the world has been enjoying your life for years. We have all been watching you grow up into an awkward nerdy runt only to suddenly grow into a rampaging muscle stud over the course of one night. I made a killing betting that your change in weight would break your bed, lost money betting you’d be a redhead. Most of the audience jumped ship to see how the new young guy deals with childhood and his teenager years, I hate spin off shows. But a few fans have stayed to watch what you get up to now you're a sex machine, the show has changed its tone a lot. The producers keep throwing you into situations where you need to take your shirt off, or pull your beer can fat dick out. You have made us who still watch very happy, always flexing, and even though you have no clue you somehow always flex directly at camera.
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    The director sighed, why did they sign Zeb Atlas for a twink movie. Granted he was hot, but he was 6ft3 and in his 40s. He wasn’t suitable for the movie. It was about young hot twinks and the young hunks that fuck them. Zeb was a hunk, but he was too old, at least for what was planned. He felt bad, but the director had been left with few options. He couldn’t fire Zeb, and he couldn’t use him, but there was a way to make him work. The director saw it as a kindness, it would give Zeb another 20 years of work, if it worked. The director chuckled, he knew it would work. It always did, there was always some producer at the studio pushing a big daddy guy into the films. But the director would use the ‘special’ stuff and soon that big daddy was ready for the shoot, just a couple decades younger and a few feet shorter. Zeb was no different, the director could see the changes already at Zeb rubbed himself down for the camera. The water cascading down big plump muscles, muscles that got smaller with each drop. Bones that compressed with each rub of Zeb’s soapy hands. His heavy cock quivering under the water, shrinking away. Zeb was too wrapped up in the feel of the water to notice the changes, as was everyone else. Only the director was immune to the effects, and he liked it that way. He enjoyed watching the age drain from guys like Zeb. He liked to see their lives shrink and change. Most of them had been athletes or bodybuilders when they were younger, not now. They weren’t built for stuff like that now. They could be gymnasts or dancers, the director knew they were flexible enough, he had enough films to prove that. Zeb let out a moan, a high pitched girlish moan. He was near done, his body devoid of nearly all muscle. He’d stopped at 5ft3, a foot of height gone forever. He looked barely 18, but the director had the records to proof that Zeb Atlas Junior was 18. Zeb flicked his long wet hair from his face, his soft mouth curved into a smile. A few of his slender fingers buried between his plump ass cheeks. “Ok, cut” the director shouted “Zeb keep doing what your doing, you’re gonna need to be really stretched out for what I have planned” Twins moved into view, they were corn fed, farm raised boys. As hung as the bulls they bred. Little Zeb gazed up at the big dumb farm boys, both of them looked down hungrily at the twink. Squared heavy pecs hanging high above his head, the chiseled faces of the twins smiling downwards. The twins shared a look, they were going to ruin this boy. “Ok, boys don’t go gentle on Zeb, he can take it” the director ordered “Now….Action"
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    Adam was always in the gym, constantly trying to build and sculpt his already excellent body. His boyfriend Robby was tired of it, he thought that Adam was perfect already, he looked like a fitness model. But Adam wanted to be bigger, he wanted to be at a bodybuilder level. His body and his genetics weren’t going to let it happen. So Robby decided to step in, he got ahold of either a magical or scientific super protein shake, it mattered on who you asked. It would give Adam the boost he wanted, and if Adam was happy then Robby was happy. That was till the growth started. It was fine at first, Adam went from toned lean muscle to looking like a ripped linebacker. Then no matter how much he shaved he always had a pelt of dark hair on his chest, legs and stomach. His beard was worse, it was impossibly thick and scratchy. Robby was also worried that Adam was going bald, his thick brown hair was thinning and getting much shorter. He was also getting older, he’d gone from 25 to near his 40’s in a couple days, but Robby wasn’t very concerned with that. Because it came with a huge rise in their sex life. The new older beefier Adam was an animal, always pinning Robby down and grinding against him whenever he saw his boyfriend. Which was all the time because Adam didn’t go to the gym anymore. So all in all Robby liked having the new daddy Adam around, till one morning. Robby woke as usual covered in cum and sweat from the mammoth fuck session the night before. Adam was still snoring away, all big, veiny and hairy. Robby was in the middle of making breakfast when Adam thudded into the kitchen in just his undies. “Hey babe” he growled, itching his furry stomach Robby noticed it, Adam’s abs were gone, just a plump flabby gut. “You know babe, just a little breakfast for me” He jiggled his belly “I’m gonna need to start hitting the gym again” Robby sighed and wondered what the opposite of a protein shake was.
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    It was happening again, Jimmy could feel it. A pulling feeling deep in his guts, a throbbing that run up his spine. It was his time of the month again, but it couldn’t be, it was too soon. Since puberty started Jimmy would have these really strange male periods, for a couple minutes for one day a month Jimmy couldn’t be around any other men because they would change. Jimmy was at a friends house staying over to play video games for one last time before they went to college. So the second Jimmy felt the pressure building inside him he made an excuse and went to hide in the bathroom. He’d only be gone a couple minutes, not long enough for anyone to notice. Jimmy didn’t want his friend Tim to end up like the others who’d been around Jimmy during his time of the month. It had happened a few times, the first victims being his dad and older brother. They didn’t see themselves as victims, but then they didn’t even realize anything had changed. The first time it happened Jimmy hardly knew what was happening, but he put the feeling of pressure and the sudden massive muscle growth together. All Jimmy did was look at his dad and brother and with a flash of light two hulking hairy studs had replaced them. And no one saw any difference, it was like they had always been hunks. But Jimmy worked out the rules of this power very quickly, it would only change men, it happened once a month and he couldn’t change himself. He’d worked the last rule out after several tries of just sitting in front of a mirror. But Jimmy was a little suspicious that he’d changed a little. Somehow whatever he wore showed off his plump butt, even clothes that were several sizes to big became tight when he pulled them on. Which for a straight guy who turned other guys into hulking horny gods once a month was bad. This was why he was so desperate to control his power, he didn’t want to get fucked again like last time when he changed the mailman. So Jimmy could only sigh when he opened the bathroom door and found Tim’s dad Keith lounging in the bath with a book in hand. “Hey Jimmy” Keith greeted in surprise “There’s another bathroom downstairs….” he started but the flash of light silenced him Instead of the soft 40 something man that Keith had been a bulky tanned much younger hunk sat in his place. Jimmy felt the throbbing in his spine move down to his ass. Keith grinned and gave his pecs a bounce before rising out of the water. Jimmy looked straight into the soft fat cock and swollen balls that slowly started to swell. “Come on little guy, you’ve been asking for this for years” Keith explained as he still dripping with water led Jimmy out of the bathroom and towards his bedroom Jimmy didn’t fight it, his body wanted it, but his mind never did. After the first couple of incidents he decided just to let it happen. Keith pulled Jimmy onto the bed, his heavy wet body soaking through Jimmy’s clothes. Keith tore Jimmy’s shorts off with his big hands and flipped the boy around. Jimmy’s face pressed against Keith’s rock hard cock and instinctively started to swallow it down. Keith’s long tongue delved between Jimmy’s peachy cheeks and found his tight hole. They weren’t at it for long before Tim appeared in the doorway. He and Jimmy were the same age, but Tim looked much more adult than Jimmy. His power having held Jimmy back a bit, probably so he couldn’t fight off the big hunks he created. Tim was only able to get out a gasp as Keith’s cock popped out of Jimmy’s mouth and Jimmy looked at Tim. There was a flash and Tim was replaced by a man bigger, beefier and much better hung than his father. Keith didn’t care that his son was in the room, only Jimmy’s ass mattered. “Nice one dad” Tim boomed “Wanted to fuck the little slut for ages” Big Tim thudded over to Jimmy and grabbed a handful of his hair. Jimmy’s jaw dropped open hoping it was wide enough for his friends giant monster cock. As Jimmy was taken at either end by the big father and son duel the pressure in his guts stopped and it would be a whole month before it came back.
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    “It doesn’t look bigger to you” Jim asked pulling back the elastic of his briefs “No, not at all” Sam lied, he crossed his legs to hide his boner “Really” Jim asked with disbelief “None of my pants fit properly anymore” Sam just shrugged, crossing his legs again to trap his boner. Jim cupped his swollen cheeks in his hands and jiggled them. Each cheek was rounded and meaty, straining against his briefs which were already sizes too small. “Their so sensitive” he moaned Sam’s hand slid down to his crotch, cupping his balls and trying to hold his cock down. His eyes glued to the meaty buttocks of his buddy. “It has to be this tramp stamp” Jim mused, a finger running over the freshly healed tattoo “Must be an allergic reaction or something” Sam offered, knowing full well what was happening, he had sent Jim to ‘his’ tattooist after all He’d even gonna a little money off his buddy for sending him a new client. He’d even be able to give a suggestion about what sort of effect the tattoo should have on Jim. “Plus I’m feeling really…..excitable all the time” Jim added a hand slipping between his cheeks Jim was appearing more energetic, which he’d find out was actually horniness. But he was also becoming more playful and touch friendly, a sign of his inhibitions fading away. He’d be on his knees sucking dick within a week. “Give it a few days and see how you feel” Sam smiled, biting his lip Jim nodded and headed out the room, his bulging butt bouncing and swaying with each step.
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    Trent looked his friend Marshal up and down. Gone was the lean swimmer who’d slipped into the tanning bed over an hour ago, now a wall of thick muscle stared back at him with dull hollow eyes. “Marshal you ok” Trent asked Marshal just bounced his pecs and chuckled as he looked down at his heavy chest. “Yea, I’m good bro” Marshal laughed in a surprising deep voice Trent gulped, Marshal had never said ‘bro’ in all the time he’d known him. He’d overdosed Trent thought. Trent had brought Marshal to the Tanning Shop, he was one of the short list who knew that the tanning beds here did more then just tan your skin. After a short session in the bed the user would crawl out with tanned skin, but also slimmer, healthier, better looking and even a little bit taller. Trent sighed, he should of checked on Marshal. Trent though had been too busy flirting with the hot receptionist to notice that Marshal had been inside the bed for three times longer then he should of been. Trent shook his head “Sorry man, but this isn’t good” Marshal just stared blankly at Trent, his head cocked to one side. He was confused Trent thought, but then he was probably going to be confused all the time now, too much time in the beds would cook your brain. “Overuse can lead to permanent damage” Trent explained “I warned you beforehand” Marshal laughed again and brought his arms up. His rounded biceps bulged and he gave his abs a flex to finish off the pose. “This isn’t damaged” Marshal laughed again Trent nodded, Marshal was certainly a sight now. “But what will people say, you’re like three or four inches taller” Trent offered Marshal smirked “Not to mention a beast” he bounced his pecs again Trent nodded again, Marshal was certainly a beast now. “No one noticed you’d changed… you explained it once” Marshal added He was scratching his head under his cap, his head must be hurting from using such big words like ‘noticed’ and ‘explained’. “Yea, a healthy glow” Trent offered “They just see the tan, not the couple pounds of muscle or the inch in height the bed gave you” Marshal nodded, then just waited for Trent to continue. He really was dumb now, Trent almost felt sorry for the idiot who’d stayed in the magical tanning bed for nearly two hours. Trent pondered out loud for a moment “Well… I could do another 30 minutes without any permanent damage, just exterior changes” He stepped passed Marshal and climbed into the bed, flicked the switch to turn it on. As it closed he saw Marshal mouthing the word exterior to himself, trying to work out the meaning.
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    Every year the Hitchens family would gather together for Christmas and New Years. The two Hitchens boys, now both family men were larger than life characters. Both towering lumberjack like men who led the festivities and their wives and kids would follow. Harry Hitchens was the proud father to two boys, both athletes and both the apples of their fathers eye. Sam Hitchens, the eldest, was now a star athlete at his college, on the fast track to professional stardom and already an Olympic god medalist in track, before he filled out at 16 and his muscle mass slowed him down too much to be any sort of track runner. Scott Hitchens, the baby, was pretty much a younger version of his elder brother. He was tall and thick with muscle. His messy blond hair always looking nearly perfect like he’d just walked off a catwalk, his youthful yet masculine face naturally falling into a cocky smirk. Roger Hitchens was the proud ‘as much as a father naturally should be’ father of one son. His son Lucas had been completely bypassed by the Hitchens genes. He was short, he was chubby. His dark hair shiny from grease and his face caked in a crust of spots. He and Scott were the same age, but light years apart in every possible way. Yet they were forced to share a room for the holidays. Since Sam had moved onto college he spent all his time in the penthouse apartment he’d lucked himself into having, and barely spent any time at home. His room, the largest bedroom in the house, had been taken over by Scott and Scott’s old room had been converted into a shrine to the greatness that was Sam Hitchens. Lucas’ parents had gotten the spare room and Lucas had to sleep on the floor of Scott’s room, hearing the big lug snore and stare up at Scott’s massive feet hanging over the edge of the massive, by Lucas’ standards at least, bed. It was on Christmas eve after a nice family meal and a genuinely good time that the boys were sent to bed. It was only 9pm and Lucas couldn’t sleep, he was 18 and used to staying up much later playing video games with people on the other side of the planet. Scott was already asleep, even though he’d bitched about now being able to jerk off because Lucas was in the room. Lucas was looking up at the meaty soles of Scott’s feet for the 4th night in a row. Why he couldn’t of slept in the central open area of the bedroom and not cramped into a corner beneath Scott’s feet was beyond Lucas. Scott’s excuse that he needed the space to do his exercises in the morning didn’t hold as Scott used the home gym every morning when he woke up. Lucas tossed and turned in his makeshift bed. His eyes caught sight of something under the bed, it hadn’t been there before, maybe something had shifted when Scott had pulled out the hidden Christmas presents last night before he put them under the tree. Lucas tried to reach for the shiny object that caught his eye, having to move a box labeled “Sam’s Underwear”. His arms weren’t long enough. He sighed and pulled himself out from under the covers. Without even thinking about the embarrassment of being caught under Scott’s bed next to a box of his elder cousins musky briefs he was crawling in the dark with Scott’s snoring mass above him. He reached the shiny object, it was an old looking touch phone, or an old PDA device. Without even touching the power button it strung into life, lighting up the dark beneath the bed. A near silent jiggle played and an ancient looking graphic of a genie lamp flashed up blocky letters popped into being. “CHRONIVAC” “What the hell” Lucas muttered then hushing himself as Scott grunted above him. Lucas tapped the screen. A loading bar appeared and then vanished. The PDA was obviously newer then it appeared, after the old grey intro screens it was bright and colorful. It looked like an advanced customization screen for a SIMs game or something. Lucas clicked on the previous session button and the complete outline of his cousin Sam appeared, everything from his favorite color to his obscene girth of his cock was written down for Lucas to know. Sam’s family was listed below, including Lucas (cousin-father’s side). Beneath that was a “Make realistic”. When Lucas clicked on this opinion a small cartoon genie lamp appeared. A speak bubble appeared explaining he was the PDA’s helper function and the ‘Make Realistic’ option made it so that changes would appear to be natural, such as making physical changes genetic, which would change family to match the physical changes to the user. Lucas was confused, what sort of game was this. He saw the “Change History” box on a side bar next to the floating beautiful face of Sam. An insanely long list of changes appeared. From increase in height, made a natural athlete and increase cock length. The make realistic option seemed to apply to them all. Lucas came off his history and clicked on himself. His meagre frame and spotty face appeared, with all his statistics listed. He clicked on height, 5’5 it read. A dial appeared below, or he could edit his height. Lucas ran a finger over the dial, increase the avatars height. He chuckled quietly as the avatar grew taller, then almost shouted out load as his feet moved along the carpeted floor as his own height increased. In a panic he pulled the dial back till his height on both the Chronivac and in reality retuned to normal. It dawned on Lucas what he was holding, he’d just grown a foot in an instant and it looked like Sam had made himself the hunky athlete he was now and no one seemed to know any different. Lucas smiled, he could change anything. ——————————————————————————————————————————— Scott woke on Christmas morning, stretching out his beefy arms and yawning. Flexing his toes and sadly trying to kill his throbbing morning wood before swinging his thick legs out of bed. He pulled on some stripy pajama bottoms before he noticed that his little cousin Lucas wasn’t still asleep. He cracked his knuckles before flexing a bicep in the mirror, smirking to himself and headed out of his room. His big bare feet thudding as he stomps down the stairs into the living room. Both his parents and his aunt and uncle were already there, sitting on the sofas and talking over coffee. “Merry Christmas” Scott greeted, a hand down his bottoms rearranging his fat nuts They returned the greeting and his uncle Roger shouted out to the kitchen to his cousin Lucas. “Time for presents” Scott’s mother offered Scott with childlike glee dropped to his knees at the foot of the heavily decorated Christmas tree and started to hand out presents. He found one with Lucas’ name. “Lucas” he shouted Instantly his cousin replied “No need to shout, I’m behind you” Scott turned and handed the present over, then back to the tree. Scott blinked a few times before turning back to his cousin. Lucas looked good, very refreshed. His skin very clear for a guy who looked like the face of the moon last night. His cheekbones were even showing through his cheeks, like he’d dropped a few pounds in the night. Scott looked down to Lucas’ pj clad form, his shirt was tight, but only showed a flat stomach were a chubby gut should have been. Still he wasn’t anything compared to Scott’s and his Hitchens family six pack, but it was odd. Maybe Scott just hadn’t payed any attention Lucas, wouldn’t be the first time Lucas’ existence had come as a shock to Scott. Scott began unwrapping his first gift, it was tickets to a football game, him and his dad most likely. Behind him Lucas was tearing apart the paper on his gift. “Oh awesome, new headgear, I need this for wrestling” Lucas said happily Scott’s dad started talking to Lucas about wrestling, the runt lying through his teeth about being a state champion. Scott turned to call Lucas out on his lies, but he stopped. Lucas was now shirtless. His chest jutting out like slabs of rock and his stomach ripped into six thick cobbles. Lucas’ shoulder were rounded and had meaty biceps swinging from them. “You ok cousin” Lucas asked with a bounce of one of his heavy pecs Scott shook his head and went back to handing out presents. The gifts got weirder and worst. Scott was getting books, socks and gift cards to shops he’d never go too. Lucas though was getting amazing stuff, a new lap top, a new PS4, bundles of games, but some weird stuff too. New shoes which weren’t that odd, it was just Lucas made a show of announcing they were size 17. Again Scott wanted to call him out, but as he turned around he saw the enormous bare dogs that Lucas had connected to his three trunk legs. The thick toes flexing as Lucas looked. “You know what they say about big feet” Lucas said quietly to Scott Scott shook off the implication, knowing while Lucas was a beefy wrestler with massive flipper feet, he was still a short ass with a small baby cock if the flat front of his briefs in the morning was any indication. With the presents done Scott’s dad and uncle went to the kitchen to work on getting the Christmas roast ready, while the mothers cleared up the ripped up wrappings. Scott carried his disappointing load of gifts up to his room, his heavy footfalls drowned out by the even heavier footfalls of Lucas behind him. Lucas’ booming voice echoed around him, his beefy cousin gushing about all the amazing gifts he’d gotten. Scott actually pushed his door shut behind him, almost hitting Lucas in his chiseled lightly stubbled face. “That was rude” Lucas said opening the door, not even looking at Scott He was busy typing into his phone, Scott pulled at the fabric around his crotch, it was unusually baggy. “So baby dick….” Lucas started Scott was instantly turned around and squaring up to Lucas, just he wasn’t towering above him like he expected. Instead a squared meaty pec bounced slightly in front of his face. Lucas’ face smirking down at him. “So baby dick” Lucas repeated, a massive finger flicked at the billowing empty crotch of Scott’s pajamas “We have a couple hours before Christmas dinner… what you want to do” Scott started to splutter, the words catching in his throat. He didn’t know it, but he was wearing his older brother hand me down pajamas, he had the ass and legs to fill them out, but the Hitchens donkey dick had passed him by. Lucas’ eyes rolled “Shouldn’t of left you aware, looks like your minds breaking” A large hand fell onto Scott’s rounded shoulder and forced him to his knees. Lucas unlike Scott wasn’t struggling to fill out his pajamas bottoms. The fabric was bursting with meat, from Luca’s insanely thick pillar like thighs, to the rounded boulder ass that was eating away at the back of them. The hems of his boots ended at the thighs, someone had either cut them off or Lucas had burst them stuffing his quads into them. The crotch was like an entire butcher’s platter of beef, two swollen orbs of sloshing cum and a shank of the finest wrist fat cock meat strained at the seams. To Scott’s shock the sight was making his mouth water. “Try not to think too hard, I want you to remember that I was once a runt, but I don’t want you to snap” Lucas said, his hand pulling Scott’s face towards his bulging crotch “Unlike your brother I want to see how my changes effect people, just wait till I get ahold of him” Lucas laughs, the intentions behind it made Scott worried, but the musk of Lucas’ crotch was too incising. He sighed happily as Lucas’ other hand started to heave out a very fat soft cock. “Good, your calming down, I knew making my cock your happy place was a smart idea” Lucas said starting to jerk his soft meat off “Give me a minute and I’ll dish up your breakfast” Scott was shaking his head, but his tongue was hanging out and his mouth was full of salvia. “Just don’t ruin your appetite” Lucas laughed his jerking speed increasing “You got a big dinner ahead of you”
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    “Fuck” Marty exclaimed as his forehead slammed into the top of the doorframe Luckily no one noticed, the hall was too noisy. He took a deep breath and stepped through the threshold and into his high school, ducking his head a little as he did so. The noise died, eyes watching him, he smiled and puffed out his chest. He could actually hear the treads of the gold’s gym tank he wore strain. Maybe he’d gotten too big, he thought. Then he chuckled to himself, his laugh deep and oozing dominance, no such thing as too big he corrected himself. His fellow students were silent as he passed, his wide size 18 sneakers thudding with each step. There was even the sound of flesh slapping flesh, Marty was free balling. He thanked his mom for putting out some clean black basketball shorts this morning, any other colour and his soft arm sized meat would be plainly visible bounced against his tree trunk thighs. At least it could be mistaken for a trick of the light. He stopped at his locker, his insanely wide shoulders forcing the students either side of him to take a step back. Their eyes wide with realisation at who he was. Yea, that’s right, I’m Midget Marty, he thought to himself, his internal voice still his old nasally one and not the Barry White like bellow he now boasted. He knew it would be hard to see any of the old Marty in his new body. No glasses, no zits, no terrible nerdy clothes. He only wore tanks and shorts now, he’d hadn’t had time to order new everyday clothes, only the couple sets of workout gear he’d gotten after his growth. He scratched at his chiselled jaw, stuffing his bag into the locker, he’d get it before class, he had something to do first. Closing the locker with a light flick of his wrist, caused his bicep to swell. He heard a girl gasp, he smirked. Then noticed the entire wall of lockers shake when he accidentally slammed his locker closed. “Still gotta get used to that” he muttered to himself, the strength took some getting used too He continued past the silent students, some took a couple pictures. He tried to flex his arm or bounce his heavy pecs in time with the flashes of their cell phones. Heading towards the school gym thinned the crowd of students. He let out a sign, it was hard for Marty to return to school. He’d spent most of the Christmas break flexing and working out, making YouTube videos about his epic body. He’d been a cocky beast for the last couple weeks, but now he was having to deal with people who knew the old him. His phone buzzed, a couple reblogs from his tumblr, it had changed a lot in recent days. No anime reblogs, just flexing pics. And his PayPal had noticed the difference. Catching sight of a mirror on a wall of the hallway set his new show off mentality off. He pulled his phone out of the skin tight pocket of his shorts, his shorts were so tight at the back, you could probably read the serial number off his phone, not to mention count the hairs on his muscle ass. Completely relaxed, without flexing or having any sort of pump, he snapped a selfie. Then another and then another. Marty looked over them and picked the best one. “First day of school after Christmas, looking swole, hope sophomore year sees more gains” he typed and posted the selfie onto his tumblr. Instantly there was a burst of reblogs. He smiled and pushed the door to the gym open and headed in, not hitting his head this time. Marty was looking for the coach, he’d made a promise to Marty before Christmas and with all this growth he couldn’t refuse him now. Marty had wanted to be on the team for ages, always asking for a tryout. But he was refused, he just wasn’t good enough, or tall enough, or fit enough. He was all of those things now. His fist thudded heavily against coaches door. “Come in” Coach called Marty opened the door and ducked into the room. “Holy fuck” Coach said a smile on his face “Sorry… Shouldn’t of cursed” Marty shrugged his huge shoulders. “It’s ok coach” he said “Coach…” The teacher questioned “Did I train you when you were here at highschool” Marty laughed “No it’s me Marty, I’m here about that tryout you promised if I…well… Got bigger” Coach nodded, barely any shock on his face, he must of heard the rumours about Marty’s growth. Coach gestured for Marty to take a seat. Marty lowered his meaty muscle ass down onto the office chair in front of Coach’s desk. His big hand having to pull his salami like cock out from between his thick legs. He’d learned the hard way not to sit on it. The chair creaked, but it didn’t break, Marty breathed a sigh of relief. His pecs heaving with the breath. “So about that tryout coach” Marty asked expectantly Coach laughed “Kid…” He shook his head at Marty “Don’t you think your a little big for the swim team”
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    Glenn thought that a salad place being considered fast food was weird, but he did find it cool that obesity seemed to mean killer abs now. But while everything had been weird so far, from the fat guy on the Calvin Klein billboard to the Big Bang Theory now having a cast of bodybuilders, the changes to high school were scary. It was just like it had always been, there were cliques, there was bullying, there was popularity. But it was just plain scary, a guy like Eugene at 7ft tall and a couple hundred pounds of muscle shied away from the crowds and almost climbed into his locker when king jock Kevin passed him in the corridor. Glenn though realised he was the scary one, he was a 6ft6 nerd that didn’t act like a nerd. He was acting cocky, he was acting like a jock would. But he wasn’t a jock, he was a nerd, and nerds were hunks in this world. It terrified him, he really needed to fix this mess. ——————————————————————————————————— Eugene was worried about Glenn, the confusion this morning could of just been him still being tired. The clothes though couldn’t be, Eugene hadn’t noticed it before because of the jacket Glenn was wearing, but when Glenn took it off in class the sleeveless vest was obvious. Glenn had never worn a vest, only jocks did. It highlighted Glenn’s pecs and shoulders, it clung around his abs. No nerd had any business wearing clothes that revealed that much, but then again Eugene’s clothes were just as tight. But Glenn didn’t seem to care, he seemed to love it. He was flexing when people looked, throwing cocky grins and sneers at any jock that looked at him the wrong way. He was gonna get hit, but he didn’t seem to care. “So…..” Glenn started quietly, from their perch at the back of class “I think I should try for a girlfriend” Eugene tried not to laugh “What Sarah” Glenn spluttered his eyes on Sarah, she was nice, but plain. Completely in Glenn’s league. “No, not Sarah” Glenn whispered “Courtney” Eugene’s worries were confirmed. Courtney was Kevin’s girlfriend. She was tall, slim, big titted and gorgeous. She would never go for a built hunky nerd like Glenn. Before Eugene could start on Glenn about how stupid he sounded Glenn butted in. “You should get a guy too, what about Kevin, you making him suck your dick on a regular basis would make breaking him and Courtney up much easier” Glenn offered “No, I don’t like Kevin, plus he’s straight” Eugene answered “No one is straight when your 7ft tall and built like a bull” Glenn smirked slapping Eugene’s thick thigh for effect “He’s not my type, too arrogant, and again he’s straight” Eugene replied, deciding to play along with what ever had come over Glenn “So you’re gonna break Kevin and Courtney up and then get the hottest girl in school to date you a big hunky nerd” Glenn’s eyebrow cocked “You say that like its a bad thing” Glenn got up from his seat, Eugene hadn’t noticed that the bell had gone for lunch and the class was emptying. Glenn jogged off to follow Courtney, so Eugene was left alone. Rhodes the math teacher called after Eugene in the emptying corridor “Eugene, how’s the college hunt going” Rhodes was a little shorter then Eugene, but was just as thick with muscle. His suit looked painted on and dangerously close to bursting. “Good, had an interview with CalTech, MIT and Cambridge” Eugene smiled “Cambridge” Rhodes nodded “Didn’t know you were thinking about going abroad, you know their systems are different to ours” “Yea I know” Eugene explained “They had me do the push up, pull up and sprint tests “ “I’m sure you will get in” Rhodes grinned “You study more then any student I’ve had, and it shows, your very smart and very big” “So are you” Eugene joked back Rhodes bounced his pecs and regretted it as the shirt popped open. “Fuck…… that’s what I get for trying to be funny” Rhode scolded himself “And forget I swore” “Done” Eugene smirked “I’m gonna get lunch, but we should talk about my other applications” “Yea we should, Harvard and Princeton have you on a weight bench while you’re interviewed” Rhodes answered while trying to pull his shirt back over his pecs “We should practice, tomorrow meet in the library at lunch, we’ll start then” “Sure thing” Eugene nodded as he jogged off towards the canteen ——————————————————————————————————— Eugene’s mates were no where to be seen when he got to the canteen, they’d probably already gone to the library to burn off some energy before gym next period. “Hey, Eugene” A soft voice asked soon after Eugene had sat down to eat It was Leon, a cute blond boy from the drama club. He was the odd mix of nerd and jock, he had the height and natural build of a jock, 5ft4 with slender shoulders. But he studied a lot, Eugene had even seen him in the library a few times, so he had a tight ripped body, one that Eugene had stared at a lot in the locker room. “Hey…” Eugene greeted the nerves obvious in his voice Leon rocked a little on his toes, like he was nervous too. What did he have to worry about, a few BurgerKings and he’d be an Abercrombie model in no time flat Eugene thought. He wore enough of their stuff, the baggy shirts and loose fitting jeans. Just Leon’s jeans hugged his ass too well, just like how Eugene wore his jeans, jus like how a nerd wore their jeans. “I was wondering if you could help me with my interview for Cambridge, I know you’re already had yours” Leon asked “Yea sure, they see how fast you run 100 meters, how long it takes to do 100 pull ups and push ups” Eugene explained “And the normal questions throughout” “Cool, what did you wear” Leon asked “I wore suits for my other interviews, but academics weren’t that big with them” “Oh, I’ve worn study shorts too all of I’m” Eugene nodded “No shirt” Leon questioned Eugene shook his head “Why would I need one, do you study with a shirt on” Leon’s eyes widened a little, Eugene couldn’t tell why, he was probably shocked at how big a nerd Eugene was. “Me and Rhodes are practicing for my other interviews tomorrow in the library at lunch, I can help you then” Eugene said stuffing a mouthful of chicken breast into his mouth “OK, but I’m wearing a shirt” Leon smiled as he walked away ——————————————————————————————————— Eugene was just finishing lunch as Glenn slid into the seat next to him. His vest was sweating and he had a massive smirk on his face. “I just jogged home and back” Glenn stated “Ok” Eugene looked at the clock “You’re slower then normal” “Really, I thought I was fast, it felt great though” Glenn smirked pulling out his phone Eugene downed the last of his lunch as Glenn started tapping away on his phone. “Fuck, fuck, fuck” Glenn shouted, the lunch ladies jumped “What” Eugene asked calming Glenn down Glenn looked deep in thought for a moment “I’ve been playing this game, like SIMS, it lets me control THE…. I mean A world, and I did some big changes and now my game can’t undo them” Glenn explained “Just reset the game, or change things back” Eugene offered “I can’t, the game saved my changes as the default” Glenn sighed “What game does that” Eugene asked getting up to head to gym “This one apparently, but I can work around it, just need to make some more changes” Glenn smiled
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    Jason was an avid gamer, and since he was little he’d played the Pokemon games. When Pokemon Go came out he instantly downloaded it and was nearly always out walking trying to find a rare catch or just get enough candy together to evolve his pokemon. His roommates thought it was odd, but then again they sat inside and played FIFA instead of going outside and actually kicking a ball around. The two of them joked around with him about it even now over a year since the app came out as Jason headed out of the house to try to catch a rare pokemon that had just appeared on the map. With his headphones on, music blaring and his phone clutched in his meager hands, the nerdy Jason left his friends to their game of FIFA and set out on his pokemon hunt. He was out walking for around 10 minutes, having reached the large park down the road from his house. The indicator on the app showed the blacked out but familiar shape of the pokemon he was after, and then it appeared on the main app, but it wasn’t what he was expecting. It was a glitch, just a swirl of pixels with a big question mark over it. Jason smiled slightly, it looked a lot like the old glitches that would appear on the now ancient handheld games consoles from when he was a child. He was unsure on whether he should catch it, but then wondered whether it was just an unimplemented pokemon that would reveal itself in a few weeks. So with a flick of his slender finger a pokeball went flying across the screen and caught the glitch, but it didn’t show up with his other pokemon. “Fuck” Jason muttered in his squeaky voice He then sighed and went back to catching pokemon, starting on a route around the park which he regularly took. Jason hadn’t noticed that the colours of his Pokemon Go app had changed and were still fluttering between the original colors and odder colors. As he walked he’d catch a few common pokemon just to increase his stardust, a mechanism in the app which you’d spend to power up your pokemon. With each pokemon caught, his stardust would rise and so would his height. Inch by inch Jason was getting taller, now of average height, instead of the runty 5’5 he was only 10 minutes ago. Jason didn’t notice this, still engrossed in catching pokemon. His strides were longer and he was making good time, reaching the next Pokestop must faster than he expected, it was checkpoint which gifted players with prizes. As soon as he got near enough on the map he spun the Pokestop and a few pokeballs and potions arrived in his inventory, and his hands suddenly doubled in size. Jason reacted by switching from holding his phone with both hands to just one, his now thick fingers swallowing the phone in their grasp. Jason returned to walking, his music still blaring in his ears, his meaty digits occasionally flicking across the screen of his phone to catch a Pokemon. Each time they did, he got a little taller, his cargo shorts and buttoned up shirt riding up his lengthening body. They would shake on occasion and suddenly unfold into slightly longer clothes, covering his body like he’d always been that height only for them to be undersized a few pokemon later. A Geodude appeared on his screen, it was a rock pokemon made up of a face on a large stone with two muscled rock arms erupting from either side. Jason absentmindedly tossed a ball at it, and a few shakes later the pokemon was caught. The sleeves of Jason’s shirt burst as his biceps went from 12 inch flabby stick into 20 inch bowling balls with log like forearms that now matched his massively sized hands. The tattered remains of his sleeves would reform over his rounded biceps only to burst again when the biceps flexed with every movement of his arms, it took his sleeves several turns to reform correctly over his swollen guns. Jason continued following the path around the park, his phone up to his face, his bicep straining against his shirt sleeve which was still struggling to contain the hard muscle.A Jigglypuff appeared in his path, he’d only seen three before and was trying to evolve it. His finger flicked around the screen and it was caught. The cute pink ball with a smily face and a reputation for having a great voice appeared with his other pokemon. Jason coughed, a big hand rubbing his lean throat. He then checked the Jigglypuff’s stats and it was pretty good. “Nice” he muttered, his voice booming, several birds fled into the air from a nearby tree as it echoed around the park He looked up to the birds, and then back to his phone. A few more pokemon had appeared, a Jinx, a humanoid with long glossy hair and a Hoothoot an owl with big eyes. Jason just kept walking, quickly catching the Jinx and the owl. His head suddenly itchy and his eyes watering. Jason rubbed his eyes dry with his free hand, before scratching at his head. His murky brown eyes were now a deep emerald green and his greasy short hair was now glossy with a rich dark colour and styled cut. Jason was already catching more pokemon, which only pushed his now slightly above average height even further up. He was just passing the halfway mark of his walk in the park when his phone buzzed. The symbol of an animated orange egg appeared on the screen, one of the eggs that Jason had was about to hatch. He tapped the egg and it started to shake and crack, with a flash it hatched. Revealing a new pokemon, Jason smiled with excitement and started to check out its stats. His ass though ballooned with muscle, nearly popping the pockets off the back of his cargo shorts. Two big rounded slabs of muscle, peachy yet solid. Small tears appeared in his shorts, they’d given up the struggle at holding back the boulder like glutes. Then the cargo shorts seemed to unfold fresh new fabric out of thin air, the shorts quickly going from bursting to only skin tight. Jason reached behind him and pulled at the fabric getting trapped between his immense muscle butt. As Jason walked his rounded ass shifted in his shorts, from behind the very tall boy with piercing eyes looked comical. Thin bony legs, massive meaty buns, slender back with immensely muscled arms swinging. He came the main reason he took this route, a gym, a place where one of the three teams that made up the users of Pokemon Go would battle it out for control. This gym was bright yellow and not the red of Jason’s team. He sat his meaty ass down on a bench, which groaned under the weight of the solid butt. He was about to battle the gym when a big fat blue pokemon appeared on his screen. A Snorlax, Jason had never seen one in the wild, he thought you could only get them from eggs. He instantly tried to act it, throwing berries which would raise the chances of catching it and then tossing the best pokeball he had at it. The burst out of the first ball, Jason cursed in his deep voice which nearly scared the shit out of a nearby jogger, then he tossed a second ball. The ball shook once, then twice, then a third time. He’d caught it. Jason’s size 8 feet burst out of his sneakers, sending pieces of fabric and rubber flying. They stretched out over the ground, dirt and grass rubbing against his toes as his socks tore apart. Jason’s attention turned from his new Snorlax and with a confused look he stared down to his feet, but he saw nothing wrong. His tattered shoes quickly reformed into two giant size 19 sneakers. “Must of got something in my shoe” Jason mused as he set himself up to battle the gym Another flock of birds fled from his booming voice as his app exploded with colour. His new Snorlax was already half way through the health of the gym’s first pokemon. His Snorlax fainted and was replaced with another of Jason’s pokemon, but he soon defeated the gym and took it over. “Fuck yea” he boomed, spinning the gym’s counter to get some rewards Like the Pokestop he gained a few pokeballs, potions and this time an egg. The buttons of his shirt shot outwards and across the path into the bushes. His flat chest was now two having pecs, rounded and slowly flexing with each breath. They hung above his flabby stomach, but now matched up with his thick powerful arms. He rose to his feet, now just around the well above height of 6’5. His massive feet steadied himself, Jason’s body now very uncoordinated with the uneven distribution of his mass. He found himself shaking a little, before he returned to stomping down the path. Jason’s shirt was pulling itself across his pecs, fresh buttons rubbed over the dollar sized nipples and soon buttoned themselves up when they met over the deep cleavage of his slab like pecs. The top two buttons remained undone, relieving some of the strain on the shirt. Jason kept catching pokemon as he walked, his height still increasing, a Pinsir appeared in screen. A bug pokemon with two big pincers standing upright on two stout legs. Jason’s thick fingers flicked across the screen and he caught the bug. He wasn’t struggling to walk anymore, his legs now catching up with his body. Two long tree trunks rose up from his clown feet. Solid calf muscles led to two thighs that looked larger than Jason’s chest had been when he first left for the pokemon hunt. The legs of his shorts were struggling like his sleeves had earlier, but they took loosened as more fabric appeared from nowhere.With each step his thighs flexed, deep ridges in the muscled showed and his calves tightened. Now that his legs were as powerful as nearly the rest of Jason’s chaining body his walking speed was quickening. A small cat pokemon with tanned furred appeared and Jason caught it without a second thought, he was already nearly three quarters along his route and was beginning to want to get home. Jason’s pale and spotty skin was clearing, spot vanishing into nothing but richly tanned skin that matched the cat’s fur. He spun another Pokestop, his face cracked into a new more attractive shape as a bunch of pokeballs flooded into his bag. Jason then turned his attention to a Teddiursa, a small light brown bear, it was one of his favourite pokemon, he tossed a ball and caught it. Hair erupted over his pecs, arms, legs and flabby stomach. It was thick and furry, a pelt of manly hair. It was joined by a styled beard appearing over his reshaped jaw. He scratched with his free hand at his beard, his big feet stomping as he neared the end of the park. He’d walked around the entire perimeter, as he approached the gate two more pokemon appeared, stopping him in his tracks.One was humanoid with grey skin and a muscled build, the other was a number of what looked like pink eggs with eyes. Machop and Exeggcute, he needed both, so he caught both. As he caught the Machop his gut sucked in, his shirt which had been holding back both his pecs and stomach was now billowing around his shrunken gut. Within a second the shirt tightened around his waist, the outline of six brick sized blocks showed through the shirt. Beneath the fabric Jason’s ripped abs were covered in thick hair thanks to Teddiursa.The Exeggcute caused a different change, one which actually got Jason’s attention. His balls bloated with cum, swelling well enjoy the small peanuts Jason was used to carrying between his legs. He actually had to widen his stance to make room for the egg sized nuts which were still swelling larger. Every couple steps Jason took towards the gate ended with him stopping to pull at his crotch, in a futile effort to give his big bull nuts more room. He gave up as he passed through the gate, eager to get home and take off these tight undies.His clothes changed as the app reloaded his GPS position, his shorts lengthening into torn jeans and his shirt shifting into a grey t-shirt that highlighted the ridges of his thick torso. This feet thudded against the concrete paving as he walked home, his footfalls much louder than they were when he was in the park. As he turned the onto his street a purple snake appeared on his phone. Enaks, he needed to catch one more and then he could evolve it into Arbok. Standing outside the door to his house, he tossed a ball, while his freehand fiddled with his house keys. The ball shook a couple times and then Enaks was caught. He turned his key in the lock and his cock was slowly snaking down the left leg of his jeans. It throbbed slightly as it fattened, the small baby sized 2 inch softie that Jason owned was soon a hefty 6 inch beercan of a soft cock. He stepped into the living room, where his two roommates were still playing FIFA, his cock was pulled up the leg of his jeans and stuffed into the expanded pouch of his undies. “Hey guys” he boomed at them, scratching at the hearty bulge between his legs They both just grunted, trying to look past the beastly man standing between them and the tv. None of them noticing the window panes shaking as Jason spoke. On his app the purple snake was being overtaken by light as it evolved, a large deep purple cobra replaced it. The button of Jason’s jeans burst and the zippler gave way. An immense wrist thick cock swung out, strings of precum hitting his two roommates in the face. They both just gulped, and Jason smirked down at the swinging cock, completely aware of this change. “Whoops” he chuckled As Jason caught his last pokemon of the day, a Lickitung with a long thick tongue, both his roommates slipped off the sofa with their mouths wide and their bellies starving.
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    Wes pulled at the skin tight fabric of his blueish speedo, it was riding up again, pulling close to his overdeveloped muscle ass. Not to mention the farm animal sized bulge hanging low between his meaty thighs. He rolled his shoulders and pulled his lips up into a cocky smirk. With one more tug of his speedo he stepped out of the hut and onto the beach. Wes jogged down the beach front, all eyes on him and his heavily built hairy chest as the two pec muscles bounced, though a number of eyes stared with drool on their lips as his speedo strained with each thudding step down the sandy shore. He knew how beastly he was, a hair under 7ft8 and over 300lbs of pure muscle. Wes had always been a prime piece of eye candy, and he knew it. Wes had spent around half an hour just moving up and down the beach, stopping to stretch out his huge arms and to bend down and touch his toes so his meaty ass was flexed to the delight of a peering beachgoer. It was during one of these stops when he felt a sharp sting shoot up his ankle, it caused his hefty calf muscle to seize up and Wes fell to one knee. Wrapped around his size 22 foot was a brightly coloured jelly fish, it’s long tendrils had wrapped around his ankle and the main body sat atop his wide foot. The gentle lapping of the waves cooled the pain slightly, but the jelly fish seemed to pulse and the pain was throbbing in time with the pulsating jiggling body latched onto his foot. “Fuck” Wes bellowed, a few gulls jumped into fight as his voice travelled down the beach He gingerly pulled at the tendrils, the jellyfish stinging each of his thick fingers as he did. Once his ankle and foot were free he rose quickly and kicked the pulsing jellyfish into the ocean. It flew far and Wes could barely see it or its splash as it landed into the churning sea. Wes gave his foot a once over. It wasn’t inflamed, or red, and the pain had even subsided. He just shook it off as an oddity, something to tell his roommates. Wes was slightly shaken though, the incident had knocked him off his cocky stride. Wes stood tall, rolled his shoulders and gave his swollen bull balls a heft before starting back to the beach hut to change and head home. Around half way back to the hut Wes noticed the bouncing of his meaty chest muscles wasn’t as buoyant as normal, looking down he gasped. His forest of richly coloured chest hair was gone and he could see his feet for the first time since he was 17. He stood still, his hand feeling up the softer, flatter plains of this chest. Then tracing the ridges of his abs, they too were different. Not as deeply cut as before, and they’d lost the forest of hair that had coated them to perfection. He looked around, no eyes on him anymore. Not even an odd stare, no one had noticed Wes’ magnificent hard earned muscles deflate. Two teenagers jogged pass him, both heading towards the water. They were lean, spotty and like looked like most teenagers, but they towered above Wes. He almost gasped he was over 7ft tall, these boys must be both at least 8ft. Then another beachgoer passed, they where much taller then Wes as well. “I’m smaller” he gasped in realisation Then he gasped again, his voice was soft and chimed like a bell, not the fog horn boom it had been. He looked around worried, pulling his arms close, trying to hide his lean chest from view. He started to run back to the hut. His feet weren’t making thuds any more, his weight having dropped over 200lbs. His speedos which should of been slipping down his diminishing thighs weren’t. His massive meaty ass and hefty horsecock kept them from falling to his ankles. Wes was still running, his change of stature having knocked his sense of distance off. He had no idea how far the huts were anymore, his shorter lean legs having run for what felt like miles. His short styled brown hair was now longer and bouncing in front of his eyes as he ran, so he never saw the body board on the sand ahead of him. Wes tripped and landed on the board, his hard muscle ass softened and even plumped up as he fell. It cushioned his fall and caused the now boyish Wes to bounce a little as he landed. Before Wes could pull himself up a shadow fell over him, a tall, broad dark skinned man stood over him. His massive hands on his hips and a red speedo bulging immensely before Wes’ eyes. “You ok little man” the man boomed Wes swallowed nervously, his own oversized bulge deflating, which it seemed to do as the huge man spoke. The speedo now tight against his flat crotch, though at the back his heavy ass cheeks peeked out the top of blueish speedo. “I’m ok” Wes answered his voice musical As Wes spoke the huge black could of swore that the boys lips plumped up. His eyes widened and one of his huge hands gave his heavy black nuts a scratch through his speedo. Wes swallowed nervously again as the huge man offered a hand, Wes knew it wouldn’t be the last time he swallowed today.
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    CHAPTER 6: A WHOLE NEW LEVEL Once the girls had left I jerked my face to look at my father in annoyance. He tried to look away, he knew where this was going. “Dad!?!? What the hell?” “Son, I...” “Ohmigod. This is sooo embarrassing. I can't believe you went on another date with Amy after I...” “Now, hold on just a minute...” “...and then you also fucked Mandy!?!? Cripes. That's it, I have to move! Ugh. How long have you been sleeping with Amy? AND MANDY?? And after I asked you stop, God, you're being a real jackass...” “HOLD UP, SON” Dad stated authoritatively. It wasn't spoken in full on anger but a man of his stature demands attention. “Son, listen. I really am sorry. And NO. I haven't been seeing Amy or Mandy. In fact I hadn't seen Mandy since Christmas and Amy since, uh, well, you saw us during your Spring Break. I did go on a Tinder date last night to meet up with a woman named Tina at Chester's, that nice bar on Hilton Avenue. Well, Tina was hot, but had a horrible personality. Completely rude to everyone around her, sloppy drunk, you name it, a complete witch. So I ended the date and she went home. I hung back at Chester's and Amy and Mandy came up and started talking with me. I had no idea they were there. “Yeah right, Dad, they are both underage, you liar! They wouldn't have been in that bar.” “Oh c'mon, Jed. I know you're not that naive to think that two smokin' hot young women like Amy and Mandy don't have fake IDs and don't use them regularly.” I sat there stewing but I new he was right, it was completely plausible. In fact, I remembered I KNEW they had fake IDs from our high school days. “Well, I guess one thing led to another and we ended up back here...all three of us. Honestly Son, I had no intention of doing anything with them even after Amy came up to me. But then she leaned into my ear and proposed a threesome with Mandy too and...and...it's like I couldn't control myself. Seeing Amy and Mandy in these short, tight weekend dresses. Their long, toned, tanned legs exposed. And then they both started running their hands all over my chest and arms.” Dad was starting to pant and his skin was now flush as he recalled his story “They kept rubbing and groping me with their hands, their tiny feminine hands. And since I've gotten bigger the girls' hands looked even smaller up against these pumped muscles of mine. I'm telling you I've never been so horned up in public. I've never felt like such a BIG MAN in my life looking down at these two hot young babes feeling me up.” As he continued the monster is his underwear started to pulse and grow. “I hardly even remember the drive home and then all of a sudden we were fuc...um, making love.” I rolled my eyes at his lame attempt soften the impact of his sexual deeds. I couldn't help watch the thick tube throb and slightly lengthen in his WEMs. “Cripes, Dad calm yourself!” I exasperated, motioning toward his crotch. I seemed to have broken him from his trance. “Oh shit, sorry, eh...” He glanced down, saw his state and reached into the fabric to adjust himself in a sad attempt to fit things more comfortably. He didn't have much luck. He tried aiming it sideways to his left toward the waistband. In his semi-aroused state it looked like a banana in there. Had dad always been that big? I remember from this past winter that he and I were similar in size, with him maybe just a bit thicker. Of course, I had never seen him erect as no son should, but from what I could tell in his half hard state, he had clearly exceeded my totally hard length. Had he always been that much of a grower? He finally softened just enough to tuck down and back, giving him an uber-alpha front bulge. He signed in exasperation, “I really am sorry, Son. This thing here,” he gently cupped his bulge with his left hand, “has really become a BIG hassle in the last couple of weeks.” Did he mean that because he was constantly horny, or actually bigger? “I tell ya, Jed. Ever since I've been getting those treatments it's like my libido is on overdrive, especially since the bigger doses began a couple of weeks ago. I haven't felt this constantly turned on since I was 17 years old. It really is like I've been thinking with my lower head instead of my upper one. Please forgive me, champ.” He looked at me with sincere puppy dog eyes. He was so devastatingly handsome that you couldn't help but feel bad for him when he made that face. God, he could charm the pants off Mother Teresa. I sighed and continued to give him an annoyed look,“I forgive you Dad. But I'm still not happy about it.” I couldn't help but note the odd juxtaposition here. Here I was, the younger teenager son, scolding his older father for not being able to keep it in his pants. “Thanks, Champ.” He gave me a pat on the back. “You gonna join us for 'Sunday Squatday'?” “I don't think so today. I'm not really in the mood.” Pops realized this wasn't the time to try to convince me otherwise. As I got up to got to my room my father spoke up, “Oh, and hey Son?” “Yeah, Dad?” “Amy is a bitch for what she said. She's completely wrong. You are a grade-A teenage stud. I can't tell you how many times I've had friends and acquaintances come up to me while I'm shopping to ask about you and tell me what a great looking and good guy you are. When you were away from college it would happen constantly. You should be proud of everything you have. I know I am.” The look his face told me was absolutely serious. There he goes disarming my anger again. My heart warmed and I couldn't help but give him a smile. “Thanks, Pops. Really,” and I headed to my room. He may have been an walking ball of sex and testosterone, but my Dad was still really great guy. I really love that big dude. - Dad headed off the gym to inevitably best his squat from last week as I continued to mope around the house. I knew I was being a moody teenager so I decided work off some aggression. I sure as hell wasn't going to go to the gym so I opted for a jog around the neighborhood. After a good 20 minute run I got back home feeling much better, like I had sweated out the bad vibes. I took a nice cool shower which calmed my nerves further. I was drying off in my room and I grabbed a pair of undies to slip on. As I pulled them up I realized they felt weird. They were nice and snug against my waist but billowy everywhere else. They were supposed to be snug, supporting boxer briefs but there was so much extra fabric in the ass and crotch I got zero support and practically felt naked. That's when I noticed the large “WEM” printed in black block letters on the waistband. I had accidentally put a pair of Dad's underwear! A not completely unheard event in our household since we often shared laundry, but still shocking nonetheless. The cock pouch was comically large. I might as well have placed my own above-average equipment in a plastic garbage bag. Standing there I could've rested a large orange in the pouch and it wouldn't have fallen out. It honestly felt like I was wearing diapers. Once again those feeling of inadequacy crept into my head. But really, the hulk I was living would make almost any man feel small. Lucky the run and shower and done their job and I was able to hold back any resentment for Pops. I pulled off the oddly shaped trunks and examined them further. Finally, curiosity got the better of me and I decided to Google this WEM brand. I was quickly able to find the site www.WEMunders.com. The banner of the site read: “Welcome to Well-Endowed Male Clothing. Custom clothing for Men of Exceptional Proportions.” Geezus. Not only did Pops now sport a godly muscled physique but apparently he was so large downstairs that he had outgrown the small, mortal dimensions of wholesale underwear. Custom underwear? I didn't even know such a thing existed. The website was very professionally done despite it's racy subject. I wandered onto the order form page which contained detailed instructions on how to measure every possible dimension of your manhood and waist region. Not just simply length, but “penile base diameter”, “penile head diameter”, “penile head length” and others. They certainly were completely custom fitted right down to the last detail. It was a good thing I had worked out my insecurities, or at least most of them during my run. After this morning adventure with Amy, discovering these trunks might have done my psyche in. I couldn't deny that what I was seeing was amazing. I mean, something weird was definitely going on there. Sure, men have blown up into mass monsters before. Rarely, but it can happen. But all evidence was pointing to my father's feet and dick also growing larger, which, I was thought was impossible at his age. About an hour later, Dad got home from his Sunday routine, looking as full and as pumped as I had ever seen him. The shock of seeing him practically bursting out of skin becoming familiar enough that I was getting better at controlling my surprise. “Hey, Sport. Are ya' feeling better?.” “I sure am, superDad.” I was back to my nicknames, a dead giveaway that I was in a better mood. He gave me a bright smile, “Good. I don't' like my little guy bein' down in the dumps.” “I went for a run and took a shower. Feel a lot better, now. And I get it Dad. Now that I think about it I don't know if I wouldn't been able to turn down a threesome from two hot girls, no matter who they were. I guess I was just a little jealous. I mean, Dad...shit...it's like you are transforming into the ultimate man right in front of me. And this is the time in my life when I am supposed to be becoming a man...” Dad put both of his big calloused hands on each of my shoulders and looked straight into my eyes. “I told you this morning you are more of a man than 99% of men out there. Don't ever forget that. You are more of a man than I was at your age, even though I already had you. Not just your body, but your maturity is light years ahead of where I was. I look at your and think, God I can't believe you survived with me knowing how stupid I was when you were a young kid.” “Just...just...dont outgrow me Dad...” “NEVER!” he stated demonstratively. Even if I magically became 1000 ft tall I would never outgrow you.” I met his gaze again and smiled. He noticed my improving mood. “Besides, Bud. Stick with me lifting and you'll be as big as me in no time! He leaned back, struck his hands-on-hip Superman pose , puffed out his chest and spoke in an exaggeratedly low voice “COME WITH ME IF YOU WANT TO LIFT.” I let out a belly laugh at his antics. There was that goofy lovable dude that I knew and loved. I punched his bowling ball delt playfully. His delt registered no movement from my fist. I sure felt it though as my wrist hurt a bit from the impact. That night I had an interesting dream as my father's words reverberated through my head. I imagined him as a 1000 ft tall colossus of muscle and bone. Blotting out he sun and towering over our little neighborhood. Just casually walking around town, causing mass destruction without meaning too. He was just so big that our miniscule world wasn't built to handle his size. I jerked awake in a sweat and saw 2:05am on my alarm clock. What a strange dream. - The next I began my 3rd week back home. My father was excited that next weekend was Memorial Day weekend and he would get an extra day off. I was exited to start a new job and make some summer spending money. Last week I had gone in for an interview and got a weekday job at a local mom-and-pop hardware store. Dad and I parted for work at 7:30am and wished each other a good work day. At nights we continued to meet up with Ted for our workouts, Dad continuing to shock both and Ted and I. After this weekend, I had started to pay a bit more attention to the details of my father's body. Something about his seemed off. Yes, it still seemed like he was continuing to widen, thicken, bulge outward and even getting leaner, but something else was off about him. This suspicion continued as the week progressed. Finally, on Thursday I figured it out. I was sitting at the kitchen table playing on my phone and he was preparing some protein packed muscle building meals. Shirtless of course and in a pair of his standard issued light fabric, giant baggy basketball shorts. Shirts we're becoming more of hassle to put on so he opted to go shirtless most of the time at home. He started to spray down a skillet with some Pam when he noticed the can was empty. Since we lived in a small modest house we had unusually tall kitchen cabinets to make up for the lack of horizontal wall space. We stored some little used items and bulk items, like can's of Pam, on the top shelf. Ever since I reached my full height in high school I still had to rear up on my tip-toes to grab stuff off the top shelf. Dad was facing away from me and he reached up to grab a new can of non-stick spray. As his thick right hand ascended and locked onto the can I intently watched the heavy sagging mounds of his calve muscles. Dad brought the can down and set it on the counter. During the process his calves never once even twitched let alone fully flexed. “I KNEW IT!” I shouted. Dan spun and and looked at me with a confusedly. I jumped up out of my chair and slowly walked toward him, as if his heavy pectorals had some sort of gravitational pull on me. As I got nearer I gleaned another piece of evidence for my discovery. I was still in my sneakers but Dad was barefoot. I stopped about six inches in front of him and looked UP.... UP! Up into his eyes and proclaimed: “Dad...you...you're...YOU'RE TALLER! WE ARE SUPPOSED TO BE THE SAME HEIGHT. YOU ARE CLEARLY TALLER THAN ME!!” My father stood there silent trying to find the words to respond. Finally he exhaled a big sigh and dropped his arms down. “Well, I guess that cat's out of the bag. Yeah, sport I'm taller. I first noticed last week.” This wasn't possible. People his age don't grow in height. They can't, right?!? I thought back to seeing a documentary on the Discovery Channel about people who gotten a head injury and developed the gigantism disease. All those people who had it had severe physical problems. While you would think it would be cool to grow taller it was actually a very debilitating and sad disease. Many of the sufferers couldn't even walk. Many had problems with their internal organs not being able to keep up. I started to express my panic, “I don't like this Dad! What if you screwed up your pituitary gland and you keep growing. What if you heart and lungs and intestines can't take it and something happens to you. What if...” “Son...son...SON!” My father interrupted grabbing me by the shoulders and looking DOWN into my eyes. “There's no sense in worrying about anything right now. I already emailed Dr. Jock and he said he will take some X-rays on Saturday. He was the one who told there is no reason to fret about anything right now.” I wasn't totally convinced just yet. “When did you first notice?” “Last week when I was trying on some pants I noticed they seemed shorter. At first I didn't think much of it because, well, all my clothes feel short and small lately... And just other things I noticed that used to be at eye level were now below me. Including you, Bud.” “Shit...all this time me and other people thought your gigantic muscles were making you just look taller and it turns out you actually were! Incredible. Soooo....how much taller are you?” “I don't know for sure. Maybe an inch?” “I don't think so big man. It's gotta be more than that.” I wasn't sure I wanted to know but curiosity got the better of me. “Let's find out, Dad. I'll go get the tape measure and ruler.” I came back and had my father stand against the wall next to the table, feet flat on the ground. I placed the ruler on top of his head to mark the wall and suddenly started laughing. “What ya' laughing at, Champ?” “Do you realize how backward this is? You used to measure my height like this along my bedroom wall when I was growing up. Now I'm doing the same to you. YOU are now the growing boy.” My father chuckled at my revelation. “Haha, yeah I guess this is pretty weird.” I looked at my father, smiled, deepened my voice and spoke in a Daddy voice, “Ok big guy! Stand up nice and straight! There you go, buddy!” My father similarly replied in a high pitched tone, impersonating an excited little kid, “Ok Papa!” He puffed out his enormous chest and stretched his neck up as far as it would go. “Like this!? Ok Go ahead!” “HAHAHA! You're such a goofball.” Our laughter died down and I caught my breath. I leveled the ruler against the top of his head, pushed one end against the wall and made a heavy mark with a pencil. He stepped back from the wall. “Ok, let's see what we got here. I stepped on the zero end of the tape to hold it against the floor and extended it upwards toward the mark. The inches flew buy as I continued rising, passing 6 ft and closing in on the mark. Finally I reached the elevated mark: “75 and 1/8 inches. That's...holy shit...just over SIX FOOT THREE! Pops you have grown over two inches!” My father stood there letting my words sink in. Finally he spoke, “Wow. That's...that's amazing, Son. I didn't think I had grown THAT much.” “You are officially in the tall category now, Pops. We've never been short, but you are getting up there. How does it feel.” Once again he stood there searching for the words. His reply was eloquently simple. “It's...awesome,” he said calmly. I could tell he was much more excited but was holding back. Possibly restraining his emotion until he knew that everything was going to be from Dr. Jock. “I think I like being tall. Like you said, we were ever short, but...wow. Six-three! And, not to brag, but honestly with my frame that makes a pretty big dude.” “You're ENORMOUS Dad. Seriously! You're like a Hercules or something...” I gushed. “In general taller people have a harder time putting on muscle mass. You clearly don't have that issue.” He rumbled laughter, “Yeah, I feel like Hercules. GRRRR!” He crunched down into a most muscular pose, all his front muscles tightening and bulging out all at once. “Hey little buddy, since you got the tape measure, let's jot down my other stats for my log.” I notice that Dad was now using 'little' in his description of me more often. I wasn't sure how I felt about it. “Let me go grab my log book out of my gymbag.” A moment later he returned with the small notebook and wrote down the day's date at the top of the first empty page. “Let's start with my 'guns.” He set the book down, faced me, lifted up his right art and FLEXED the exploding mass about a foot in front of my aghast face. WOW. All I could do was stare at it. It seemed so much bigger and veinier since I saw him pose his biceps it up close about 3 weeks ago at college. “Are you going to measure or just drool all over it?” he teased. “Sorry.” “HAHA. I know, its fine. But hurry up it's starting to cramp. GRR!” he grunted. I placed the end of the tape up high on the rock solid peak and held it there with two trembling fingers. The peak had no give whatsoever as I pressed the tape into his paper thing skin. I let the tape fall down the back of his arm and then with my other hand picked up the dangling strand and began to wrap it around the warm flesh. I had to adjust a couple of times to make sure I was getting the largest part of the heavy drooping sweep of his colossal triceps. Finally, I brought the tape up around the front to meet my other two fingers, watch it cover a few sinews of the baseball size peak. “21 AND THREE QUARTERS INCHES.” “GRRRRR SHIT YEAH, BOY. That's an entire INCH in just over two weeks! I'm a monster!” Dad was really getting excited and I couldn't blame him. We taped his other arm a the same measurement. Not only was he huge, he was symmetrical as well. Some guys get all he luck. “All right let's check out my chest.” Dad raised both his arms out wide giving me access to his heaving torso. I stood in front of him and wrapped the tape around his waist and being to flip it upwards. It took some effort to get the tape to stay up around his widescreen lats. I had to step forward nearly having to rest my face on his furry left pectoral just to reach around him far enough to pull the tape tight. I held the tape ready to take the measurement. “Ok, meathead let your arms down.” Pops chuckled at my playful insult. He let his arms fall the tape nearly pulled apart in my grasp. Letting his arms down caused the muscle slabs to surge further toward me. Luckily I didn't completely loose my grip on the tape so we didn't have to start over. I re-positioned the tape and read: “56 inches.” This time there was no verbal outburst. My father simply tilted his back and closed his eyes in inwardly reflective pleasure. After a big sigh he calmly stated “Three more inches...awesome.” “Awesome is right old man! Those fun-bags of your are HUGE.” “HAHAHA! Fun bags... Well they are pretty fun, Son. Check this out.” Dad proceeded to alternately bounce his pectorals, while my fingers were still holding the tape at nipple level. Each slab of pec meat alternately jumped upwards and then fell down on top of my trembling fingers in rhythm. He repeated the process for 10 or so bounces. With each bounce my father looked down and uttered “BOOM! BOOM! BOOM!... They call that a pec dance, Son.” I laughed at his innocence. “I know what it's called Dad. Although in your case they are so big it should be called a pec PROM!” He laughed back at me louder in response. Along with our genes we certainly shared our love of corny jokes. I then taped his waist at 33 inches, the only part of him that seemingly had not grown, of course. His calves were now up to 21 inches, keeping pace with his arms. All we had left were his thighs. “Alight, beastman. Hike up those shorts and let's see those oak trees you call legs.” My father leaned over to grab the fabric of his right shorts pant leg with both hands and began to shimmy and roll it up his thigh, exposing more and more of the corded mass as he stood up straight. He bunched the shorts up higher and higher when I let out a sudden GASP. As he was pulling up the baggy shorts he all of sudden lost a hold of...well...himself. A large flesh colored, wrinkly tube accidentally flopped out the bottom of his hiked shorts and smacked against the thick furry muscles of his right quadriceps. OH. MY. GAWD. Doing some quick visual measuring I estimated the giant soft pink head was hanging at least 7 inches from the center of his crotch. While I recently had several unfortunate looks at his clothed bulge this was the first time I had seen his manhood exposed. At first he didn't notice his wardrobe malfunction. He was standing up nearly straight so for sure couldn't see it over the protruding shelf of his chest. “Um, Dad...you're...hanging out.” “What are you talking abou...? Oh, SHIT! Sorry about that, haha,” he laughed nervously, blushing bright red. He re-hiked the shorts this time being sure to keep the rubbery rolling-pin thick cock contained. I proceeded to measure his legs in a bit of a stunned trance. “And...31.5 inches. Nice, uh...nice wheels big man.” There was no jubilant outburst from my father, we were both too embarrassed. The moment couldn't be any more awkward. Well, it turns out it could, because my morbid curiosity. “So, Dad. I'm guessing that... NOT THAT I'VE EVER LOOKED...” I protested quickly. “I'm guessing THAT... “ I glanced down a his crotch, “...has grown too?” Well I guess we were both all in at this point. Nothing to hide anymore. Not that he even COULD hide that leviathan in his shorts. My old man explained, his growing pride becoming more and more evident. “Oh yeah, Buddy. In fact, if anything I think IT has grown more proportionally compared the rest of me.” “Geezus” I sighed. “No wonder Amy and Mandy were screaming so loud.” Dad chuckled sexily, his voicebox deeply resonated in his sturdy throat. “Oh yeah. They couldn't get enough of it. I told you how I'm horned up all the time. Well its just become soooo, fuckin'...BIG that I can't ignore it, no matter what I'm doing. I swear the old joke, 'it has a mind of its own' must be steeped in reality my cock has grown so much it MIGHT have its own brain,” he continued to humble-brag. “Well, congrats Pops” I stated with just a hint of resent. My father picked up on my tone. “Hey now! Remember what I said a few days ago. I've seen you naked several times and I know you ain't packin' anything small.” I sighed and responded, chuckling lightly myself, “This is sooo freakin' awkward. But thanks, Dad.” “No problem, little Buddy.” There he goes using the 'little' word again...
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