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    I had fun writing this one and thinking of making it a series. Let me know what you think. “I want to be the biggest freakiest bodybuilder to ever exist.” I muttered to myself as I dozed off to sleep. I was abruptly awoken by my alarm and quickly jumped out of bed. I grab all my gear and hit my injections first off. I mean I’m a solid 220 and at 5’9 that’s pretty impressive. The guys at the gym definitely take stalk in who I am, but I really just want to be a freak. I grab my mass gainer shake and chug it down. The squeeze into my gym shorts and tank and off I go. I get to the gym and I’m definitely feeling leg day. I start heading to the squat rack when I see Jake one of the jocks that works out at my gym. He smiles and waves. “Hey Jay! You going to get freaky today?” he chuckles. Instantly I get hard. I don’t know hwat it is about me growing and getting huge but its all I want. “Fuck ya Jake! Can’t be a little twink like you!” I laugh and kept walking. I get to the squat rack and start loading on the weight. 1 plate. Then 2 on each side. Then 3. And I begin my working set. Getting low and deep feeling my ass spread when I hit the bottom of the hole. I squeeze on the way up knowing the my ass is growing along with my legs. “thank you for the muscle growth I’m receiving. Thank you for making me the biggest muscle freak of all time.” I repeat to myself as I rep out 10 solid reps. I go to rack my weights when I feel a hand on my shoulder. “Excuse me?” a deep voice grumbles behind me. I turn around and see the biggest and tallest man I’ve ever laid eyes on. He looks like a muscle morph and my head only came up to his top row of abs. “uhhhhh ya..” I said nervously. “I heard what you were saying. Is it true?” he growled at me and looked me deep in the eyes. His eyes were gorgeous an amber brown with flecks of green. “I’m sorry what was it I was saying?” I asked trying to hide the erection happening before me. “You want to be the biggest muscle freak of all time?” he grinned. Holy fuck even his teeth were flawless. Pearly white and perfectly straight and his lips were so perfect. He smiled even more seeing me blush and then licked his lips a little. “I’m Amos.” He said “I want to make you the biggest muscle freak ever. Even bigger than me.” What the fuck?! I thought to myself. He has to be 6’9 and 390lbs. How the hell is he going to make me even bigger than him? “I’m 7’4 and 465lbs to be exact and I can make you even bigger. Only if you want it thought. I can’t have someone say they want it and then not be willing.” He said gazing into my soul. I felt my whole body twitch. His amber eyes almost glowing as he smiled the most beautiful smile. “Yes sir.” I said instinctly. I couldn’t think of anything else to say to him! Yes your majesty. Yes your pefect god of a man. What would I say. Amos chuckled to himself and looked down at me again. “get under that weight, but I want you to drink this first.” He handed me a milky shake. “Just a sip.” He smiled but something in me had to prove myself to him. I grabbed the shake and chugged it. It was the sweetest shake I’ve ever had. It tasted like nothing I’ve ever had. A dribble of the milky shake went down my lip. “You passed the test.” Amos grinned at me “Hold on.” Amos said leaning in and licking it off my face. I about fell back wards, until my brain switched. “lift the fucking weight jay.” I said to myself I got under the weight. “give me 20.” Amos growled. I felt his hand sliding down my back and onto my ass. I felt his massive paw squeeze my bubble ass and my whole body began to feel instantly pumped. I see in the mirror all my veins beginning to burst through my skin. My brain just shuts off. I look up behind me and see Amos smiling his beautiful smile. I see him mouth “LIFT BEAST!” and I start pumping the 315 squats. 5…..10…..15……20..35….50…100! I rack it. I look in the mirror. My shorts are so tight that the seams are starting to stretch. I squeeze my legs hard seeing the striations starting to come out. Veins popping all over. I look up into the mirror and notice my look is more animalistic and sexy. I hit my front quad again and I hear the rip on the side of my shorts. Amos pulls me close to him from behind. “bathroom now.” He growls. I quickly obey and get to a private bathroom. Amos walks in behind me locking the door. “this is the beginning my beast. Do you know what that shake was made of?” Amos says slowly undoing his shorts. I shook my head no, whatever it was though was the most delicious thing I’ve ever tasted. He takes out his keys and tosses them on the ground. “pick those up for me boy.” I turn around and bend over hearing the loudest rip. I quickly get up and seeing Amos licking his lips behind me in the mirror. I’m beat red, but something takes over me. I squeeze each glute. Feeling them bounce up and down. Then I hit my hammies stretching down. I reach around and feel each muscle popping out. “Oh fuck you’re perfect.” I hear Amos groan. “You….oh god…..fuck…. Jay…. Fuck…..” I hear him grunting from behind me. I turn around and see his shorts straining against the biggest cock I have ever seen. “GET ON THE SCALE I MUST KNOW!” Amos yells. I obey quickly and get on the scale. I slide the scale to 220 and its to light. 230……still to light… finally I hit 243….. scale levels out. “YOU’RE THE…..OH FUCK…..ONE….OH FUCK….JAY QUICK!” Amos is leaning back not even touching himself. “you must suck down every drop.” Amos grunts grabbing my hair and pulling me towards him. I rip his shorts down and am instantly smacked with the thickest longest cock. Veins snaking down it. At least a beer can thick if not more and so long. It had to be 16 inches. I see the thick pink head leaking cum. “I’M GUNNA BLOW SUCK!” Amos screams. I latch onto the head of his cock only getting a few inches in when I feel the same familiar taste of the shake from earlier. My body goes into an instant craving and I begin licking and sucking harder and faster. “OH FUCK JAY OH FUCK! Say youre mine.” Amos begs. Having his cock in my mouth I swirl it with my tongue. I look up. My eyes locking his. “I’m yours, master.” And quickly I slide the mammoth member down my throat. “FUUUUCK!” I hear him roar and I feel torrents of cum shooting into me. I don’t even gag because his cum is so amazing. Its silky almost and tastes so sweet. I need more. I begin sucking harder and harder. Grunting breathing heavy. Feeling my body pulse as I suck more of his godly cum down my throat and finally I feel it come to a stop. I lick the last few drops of cum off his mammoth cock. I lick it off my face. And stand up looking in the mirror noticing every vein in my body is bulging out. “you’re mine now.” Amos said reaching around and pulling me close. I feel his hot breath near my ear. “you want to be mine don’t you?” I moan hearing his growl so close to me, but something hits me and I turn around. “Not as bad as you want me. Daddy.” I look up at him and grin devilishly. “oh fuck you’re perfect.” Amos chuckles. “You have to earn me as your boy. Make me a freak and we will see if you get to enjoy yourself like that again. Understood?” I say to him. HOLY FUCK WHAT HAS GOTTEN INTO ME! Hes utter perfection but I can tell he’s loving every second of it. “Understood my boy.” Amos smiles. I turn to leave and feel him jerk me back and locking my lips kisses me so passionately. “I’ve looked for you for my whole life. I won’t let you go.” He whispers while I feel his tongue dance with mine. “then don’t.” I whisper back.
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    I found this story written by Myoder does anybody know if he still writes? Bull BY Myoder I'd never met my uncle Jim. My dad told me that he was always the black sheep of the family and that was about all I knew of him. Now, at 35, I decided I'd track him down. I found out that he had a ranch and after a few calls I finally reached him. On the phone, he had a deep voice (it actually made me crazy it was so deep, so masculine, but I'd never let him know). I arranged to come out to the ranch on day in the summer. The sprawling property was impressive. Cattle and a small farm patch with hay and wheat growing. I didn't know what to expect of my uncle, I'd only seen a photo of him as a boy - dark tossled hair and a clear attitude that said "don't take my picture, jerk!" I found a ranch hand and asked where I'd find my uncle Jim. "Jim?" he asked. "Don't know any Jim." "Jim Reynolds? He owns the place." "Oh! You mean Bull! He's out in the field with the cattle. Take that truk over there you'll find him over that way." He pointed toward a large open space. I could barely make out the dots of cattle in the distance. I hopped in the old truck and headed out. My heart started pounding at the idea of meeting a long lost relative. Who I found in the field was more than anything I could've expected. There standing among a herd was my uncle Jim - Bull as they called him - and I could see why. At 55, he stood a good 6'7". He looked like he weighed well over 500 lbs and all of it was muscle. He had a mane of thick dark hair with grey at the temples, a full beard and bushy eyebrows. His face was weathered and worn from years in the sun. He was wearing a flannel cowboy shirt, the sleeves torn off to accomodate the mass of his incredible arms. His biceps bulged and twisted like huge iron balls. His triceps were like two massive horseshoes, his forearms easily 25inches around and corded with thik muscle under a coat of dark hair. His shoulders had to be 3 feet across. The front of the shirt was open halfway to his navel, exposing huge hairy pecs - grey and black hair matted with sweat. His thighs were thick with muscle and his ass was big and firm. He was imposing and huge - and I could feel my dick getting hard at the thoguht of the what filled the enormous bulge in his jeans. "Uncle Jim?" I called. He looked over and started toward me extending his hand. "You Mike, then?" he asked. His grip was strong. He was being gentle, I could tell he did know his own strength and was being careful not to hurt me. He smiled. "So, you're my nephew. Hmmm." He looked me up and down and I felt embarrassed. "Well my brother produced a fine young guy. Guess good looks run in the family." He laughed and looked like he was staring at my crotch. Did he notice my growing hardon? I thought I sawthe bulge in his pants getting bigger. "Just working on getting these steer in that pen. Hold on." He ushered a few of the steer into a fenced area, but two moved off, not wanting to go. He walked over to them and grabbed them by the horns. Then he slipped his massive hands and arms around them and lifted. His neck was thick and huge, his traps swelled beside his ears. His biceps and triceps bunched and flexed as he hoisted the two huge steer in his arms. He walked them over to the pen and lifted them over the fence. At least 1000lbs in each arms and he lifted them like they were little dogs! "Get in there, you two!" he grunted as he put them down. He turned to face me and gave his pecs a flex, the massive muscle bouncing under the fabric. "Helps if you're strong in this work, Mike." He flashed a big smile. "You married?" Uh oh, I thought. That question. Do I tell him I'm gay, or do I leave it alone? "No," I said. Leave it alone. "You?" "Was for a while. She left me for one of the ranch hands. Go figure. She thought I was gettin too big - lifting weights and building up. But shit! When you get this big, you just gotta get bigger! Sides, most women don't appreciate a really huge man." He lifted one of his massive arms and flexed it. The bicep peaked as big as my head and his triceps hung low and hard in an incredible arch. His shoulder was as big as a basketball and every muscle was striated.My cock leapt in my pants pushing out my jeans. "Just 33 inches there, Mike." I gulped. "Man! Really?!" "Sure is! Here feel it." He held it in front of my face. I could smell his sweat and felt his breath on my face. He looked into my eyes while I reached up acn touched the huge muscle. He twisted his fist around changing the mass and dimension of the muscle in front of my face. He breathed harder as I grasped the bicep and squeezed. Then he whispered, "Squeeze it real hard, Mike. Try and crush it." I squeezed as hard as I could but didn't dent it. "Real Man's arm there, boy," he whispered, "you like that? I can by that crotch that you do." I stroked my cock in my pants. "Let it out, son." he whispered in my ear. I unzipped my jeans and my hard 7" dick sprang out and slapped against my stomach. "Mmmm, yeah real pretty little dick, Mike." He kept his arm flexed and grabbed my dick with his other hand, stroking me gently. His huge hand almost entirely enveloped my hard cock. His fingers slipped under my crotch and hisindex finger found my hungry asshole. I groaned as he fingered my hole. Now my hands were all over his huge body. I ripped open his shirt and started running my fingers through the fur on his massive pecs. He flexed them while I squeezed and probed, licked and stroked his muscle. He leaned down and his mouth met mine, his beard scrathing my face histongue probing deep down my throat. I reached for his zipper and pulled it down. His semi-hard cock flopped out. It was already about 9 inches long and as thick as my wrist. I felt the weight of it- heavy and thick. He stood up straight and I took as much of it as I could in my mouth. It continued to grow while I licked and sucked and stroked it. "Yeah. Suck my big dick, Mike. Make that cock huge! Yeah, Big muscle man's dick." He threw his head back and his cock thickened and hardened even more. At full mast he was immense. Thick with a huge head and dark veins roped over the monster dong. "Fuck Bull! How big is this?!" I asked. "Fifteen. When I'm real excited 16. Like it, Mike?" "Oh man!" I went down on the huge prick and sucked as much as I could- which wasn't much. It was huge. It throbbed and flexed in his excitement. Every muscle in his massive body flexed while I sucked him and stroked his huge dick. I could feel his big, hairy balls pulling up and expected him to shoot, but he stopped me. "My turn," he said. He picked me up in one huge hand and thrust his finger in my ass. I sat on his hand and he pumped me back and forth, sucking my dick and finger fucking me. I reached down and felt his massive biceps as he went to work on my throbbing dick. "Yeah, Bull. Suck me, Stud. Flex those big fuckin muscles and suck me real hard. He picked up speed and grunted and groaned as he sucked my dick. I could feel me getting close. "I'm gonna shoot, man!" The giant muscle man pumped my dick deep in his throat and clamped down hard as my jism gushed out. He kept sucking me till I was dry, then he put me down. I grasped his massive dong and pulledon it hard. He groaned more and more as I stroked his dick. "Make it shoot, man! Make Bull's dick shoot." I squeezed his monstrous, hairy pecs and stroked his hard 16" dick. Then he hit a double biceps pose and I squeezed the inhuman arms. His masive dong bounced and bobbed while I felt his incredible arms. I saw his huge balls contract up and his huge muscle cock sprayed a massive load for feet and feet while I squeezed his arms. He picked me up and held me straddling his waist and kissed me deep and long. That was the first day I met my Uncle Jim - Bull. •
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    Warmth spread over my entire body as my heart raced faster, adrenaline starting to race as I could feel the drug kick in. Everything I could see of my form completely stripped down to my briefs was becoming flush red with blood as I felt a pump like better than any I had ever received working out. I raised my arm that had been tempered by well over a decade of constant and near fanatic levels of dedication and thousands of reps. I saw it slowly twitch with veins slowly worming their way up to the top forcibly making their presence known, the hard orb of meat hardening even further as it slowly pulsed and swelled with a noticeably gradual but persistent growth. I brought up my other arm to test the density of my arm but got distracted by the sight of it before I laid a hand on my already flexing arm; instead I broke into a front double bicep poser displaying both of their increasing might into the mirror in front of me. I felt my lats tense and push out as I brought my arm into the pose, I could see my winds widen just a little bit further with every heart beat threatening me with lifelong difficulty managing doors, clothing, or even being able to place my arms to my side. My traps and chest, even with the disadvantage the pose brought to showing off their full glory, were no to be left lagging behind. I could feel my traps slowly crawl up my thickening neck attempting to swallow my head if left unabated while my shoulders have widened to the point of feeling like I've donned football pads that were inflating like balloons around me. My chest even with this pose was very noticeably growing denser to the point my nipples were traveling southward heralding that soon they would never see the light of day again. The warmth had slowly increased to a sweltering point as my body began to sweat copiously filling the room with the dominating scent of me. As if beckoned by an outside force I could feel my dick lengthen and harden with blood stretching to my side making a noteworthy protrusion in my breaths as it started to fight and claw its way upwards. My gaze met with my legs as my dick sprung free by itself hitting me hard in my abs leaving a trail of sticky white trailing over my stomach and down my shaft. I brought both arms down to start to slowly and purposefully stroke myself as I worshiped my quads with the other. I traced the lines running in my legs separating the each of the heads with my hand lingering, massaging the staggeringly impressive sweep they've gain. I flexed my ass and calves as I began to increase the speed of my strokes and tightened my grip as I was no longer in control as my body took over in a single minded quest to bring me to my knees in a mind shattering orgasm. While I methodically and robotically continued molesting my cock I bent my legs to flex my hamstrings and ass to their new unknown heights, I slowly committed every millimeter to memory as I bent further down to trace out the shape and outline of my calves. As I finished exploring my swollen and muscle bloated physique down to the last inch I shivered as I felt my balls almost violently pull up hard. I came all over the front of my behemoth standing form each rope of milk meeting or surpassing eye level for a good minute. Every burst I felt my prodigious nuts jump up and then fall down hard enough to lower my skin tight and severely tortured underwear. Eventually the fireworks slowed and then stopped all together with my chest hair matted to my skin by my outburst. I breathed out in complete and utter satisfaction before I was startled by the man who gave me the drug in the first place. "The growth is temporary." He said though I was still not able to fully understand what he meant in my afterglow addled mind. "...what?" I demanded. "Well it is a trial of the real product; we can't let you just go off and grow for free now can we?" Was the response I got from his "I've worked too long in fucking retail" smile. "What the fuck are you tal-" I couldn't finish my sentence. I felt like someone had kicked me directly into my sensitive and now gargantuan balls but at the same time as if they never took the foot away. I grunted in pain and moaned in pleasure at the same time as I bent over to cup my package still tightly imprisoned by my near threadbare briefs. My hands were pushed away as the warmth that I only just now noticed had never dissipated elevated to a searing heat all over my body. Sweat poured off my head and skin like rainfall as my hands were completely forced off of my taut and overfilled sac, my briefs torn off of my body and now on the ground next to my feet. I could no longer touch my nuts as they pulsed and swelled markedly larger every second dwarfing the size they were a second before. Any attempts to touch my dick were immediately rewarded with a feeling of pleasure bordering on pain in its severity as it bloated with more and more blood. At this point it had grown half again its size, turned many many shades darker, and was so dense with arousal and blood that there were more parts with snake like veins covering it than without. If I had worn a cockring and overdosed on Viagra I still would not be able to come close to the same state I am in now. Then, just as painfully as it started, all hell broke loose. My dick was expelling seed at such a terrifying amount a constant, uninterrupted stream of white came out of me as if I had put a pressure washer in between my legs. The surge of cum was so powerful that it knocked away any attempt for me to bring my hands to my dick as I vainly attempted to stop the flood. I could feel my body deflate as ounce after ounce, liter after liter, and gallon after gallon of fluid found freedom out me and onto the walls, ceiling, floor of the room and the mirror in front of me. I turned, the unending stream with me, as I tried to get to the door to find something, anything that could make this stop but I was blocked by the man standing in front of the door still wearing his trained smile but watching me predicament play itself out with amusement in his eyes. I turned back around staring at my dwindling form as I approached the now meager feeling but still very powerful physique I had before taking the drug. I feel to my knees as the last of my strength escaped my body along with the last of the muscle that had at least, temporarily, been mine. I rolled over onto my thick back that had fully reverted to its natural state with the memory permanently etched into my very soul of my briefly enhanced body, the memory now forever tainting anything less than what it had been for only a matter of minutes. My dick had finally stopped but was still hard after this life changing experience; I came again but from my own lust and desire for what I was. Breath still escaped the reach of my lungs as I was left completely and soul crushingly exhausted as I saw the gym clerk's head appear into my field of vision. "So, I take it you enjoyed your trial of our product if you would like I can set you up with a full purchase using your account, is that alright with you Mr.-" "YES, fucking god yes! Do it now." I barked at him with my throat so parched from the flood I created in the room I could barely manage to form the words. "Very good sir, is there anything you need while I begin the paperwork?" He inquired. "...could I get another trial sample just to make really sure?" I asked sheepishly. He laughed a bit before catching himself as he nodded at my still gasping body. He began to turn to leave the room to complete our transaction and get my sample before I asked him in a sheepish tone. "Actually...could you bring two samples? I want to really make sure. Oh and some water...please?" He stopped in mid stride and allowed himself to loudly laugh before responding. "Heh, sure thing. You're lucky I like you, but just make sure to use the cleaning equipment outside the door if you use both at once." He left the room and gently closed the door as my head continued to swim in a combination of the overpowering odors of my sweat and cum permeating the entirety of the room as well as my still shuddering body feeling aftershock after aftershock of an orgasm that I've never felt the likes of before but would soon top.
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    Better late, than never. Here is my own installment for the Chroniweek. Monday The week had barely even started and despite this it already looked like my classmate Adrian was off to a bad start. Usually our first lesson on mondays was Biology, but since Mrs Williamson had fallen ill we had French, meaning we had to deal with Mr Andrews, or Coach as he preferred to be called. For most people his classes were easy and they got good grade without much of an effort. Sure, he barely even spoke the French language, but his good looks more than made up for it. Mr Andrews was an absolute hunk of a man, his 6′3 frame stacked with heavy, beefy yet defined muscle, thanks to sticking to his workout schedule from back when he was a football player himself. Apparently back when he had been in high school, Coach had been the star of the football team he now took care of and rumor had it he had even been in the NFL for a few years afterwards. Add to that his incredibly handsome face and dense trademark beard and it was obvious why he was popular with the female students. Unfortunately Coach Andrews valued nothing more than the respect of his team, meaning he frequently joined their parties, showing off just how good he was ta beer pong and other drinking games and also took part in their jokes and pranks all the time. But that also meant he participated in their bullying, especially against their prime target, Adrian. Adrian was your stereotypical nerd, always top of the class and skinny as they come, but still he was an overall pretty decent guy. Which is why noone in our class approved it when Coach mocked Adrian in class, asked him unnecessarily hard questions or even knocked stuff off his desk “by accident”. He even expected high fives for tormenting poor Adrian from time to time, whcih disgusted all of us to no end. As the class rep I had more than once urged Adrian to report all this, but he adamantly declined, saying he didn’t want to give Mr Andrews and the football team this kind of satisfaction. Today was especially bad, with Coach shooting questions and extremely difficult vocabulary at Adrian like a machine gun and eventually even knocking his waterbottle when our poor nerd took a sip, resulting in his superhero themed t-shirt clinging to his pigeon chest. Adrian rushed out of the room after that, his face red with embarassment and anger. I overheard him mumbling something under his breath, something about how “Coach will regret” this and “using the Chronivac”, even though I had no idea what that was. I didn’t see Adrian again that day, apparently he had called his dad to pick him up. Tuesday The next day I was worried if Adrian would come to school at all, after the humiliation he had received at the hands of Coach Andrews, especially since school administration had decided to throw us another French lesson as replacement for Mr Henning’s Calculus class, since the old teacher was out of town for a conference. But apparently there was nothing that could keep Adrian Bullcock from attending class. I chuckled to myself, remembering how Bullcock was not even only a nickname, but his real last name. Rarely had I seen a name that fit a person so well, after all the dick swinging between our class nerd’s skinny thighs really did rival that of a prized breeding bull. All of us had seen it in the locker room before. It’s 14 inch length hanging right down to Adrian’s knee, looking like a far thicker version of his forearm was holding an apple. Then again I had no doubts that something this fat could effortlessly beat someone as skinny as Adrian in an armwrestling match. Or any of us other guys for that matter. As I saw Adrian standing in the doorframe I joined my classmates in what had become a daily ritual for all of us: Tracing the enormous soft length of his eponymous soft monstrous tool and gulping as our eyes wandered over the massive head. Then our gaze collectively went upwards and our eyes went wide at the massive bulge caused by the base of his hefty cock and huge orange sized balls. Adrian clearly enjoyed the attention his nickname earning bullcock got him and swaggered over to his seat. If I were him I probably would ditch school and spend all day jerking off, I thought, catching myself having the same thoughts as always. Then again, I doubted any guy in our class had anything else on his mind. You really had to admire Bullcock for his willpower to come to school instead of playing with his tool. He had even continued coming to school after being diagnosed with a severe case of what the doctors called Bullnutz. The poor guy’s hormonal disorder caused his cum factories to permanently overflowing with thick nerd cum. Luckily none of the girls in our class minded helpign him out now and then, you couldn’t let a guy like that blueball after all. Our eyes were glued to Adrian’s bulge as he sat down, until his deep baritone ripped us from our trance. “Guys, I think class is about to start.”, he said with a smirk and rubbed his throat, like he was not used to the knee shaking rumbling voice coming from it. I suppressed a chuckle as I saw his smile, thinking how his pre-pubescent slightly pimpled faced betrayed the sexiness of his voice and the sheer size of his cock. As if he had waited for Adrian’s call to order, Coach Andrews walked in and started writing some French vocabulary to the board. He turned around and for a second I wondered why he had shaved his trademark off and left his square jaw clean shaven. But then a wave of dizziness swept over me and I remembered that he couldn’t grow the slightest bit of hair aside from his militay buzzcut. I didn’t even know how I knew of this, but I was sure of it. He started explaining the words he had just written down and I heard Adrian quietly laughing behind me. I guessed that it was because of Coach Andrews’ notoriously high pitched voice and could barely refrain from laughing myself. Hearing this pre-pubescent tenor voice out of this rugged face and muscular was like a complete antithesis to Bullcock’s own sexy voice and pimpled face. Wednesday Adrian was late for class the day after, considering he normally was among the first to be there, and since Lucy, a girl from our class, wasn’t there either it was almost certain that she was helping him get a bit of relieve before class. I felt a sense of pride swell up within me, thinking how nice it was of her to help our class nerd deal with his Bullnutz and not having him blue ball longer than necessary. Finally about two minutes before class started the door opened and quietly Lucy shuffled into the classroom and limped over to her seat. Everyone in the classroom smirked, her bowlegged walk and near ecstatic smile making it perfectly obvious that she had just spent at least half an hour milking a load (or multiple ones) out of Adrian’s farm animal sized genitals. As soon as Lucy had sat down and crammed her sodden panties into her bagpack, Adrian ducked into the room. Even when ducking, Bullcock’s hair just barely made it under the oaken frame. He quickly checked if his pride and joy sit right afterwards, but of course there was no way his perfectly effortlessly disheveled looking hair would be faced in the slightest by soemthing as minor as this doorframe. Rumor among the girls had it that even after the hardest, most intense fucking sessions his hair still looked like it had been freshly styled by a designer. The outline of his still semi-hard-on was still obvious against the leg of his black workout shorts. Its size would look incredibly ridiculous, but with Adrian’s height it looked at least somewhat proportionate, if still like a third leg next to his two skinny ones. Today he had poured himself into a light grey tanktop to go with his bulging shorts. I didn’t really get the nerdy comic book reference on it, but since some of the people who actually knew about those kinds of things were laughing slightly, it might be at least a bit funny. Though they might have been chuckling because of the absurdness of someone as skinny as Bullcock wearing something as revealing as a tanktop. However we all knew that because of his eponymous tool Adrian just couldn’t wear something as constricting as jeans. He had tried, but the janitors had prohibitted him from wearing normal pants after having to clean up all the cum after his last pair of pants just gave away under his cock’s pressure. Finally, after bathing in our looks long enough, Adrian walked over to his seat. Again as if he waited for Adrian to end his little show, Mr Andrews walked in as soon as the nerd’s bony ass was planted firmly into the seat. In contrast to the last two days, we actually had a regular French class today. When Coach Andrews walked in, the majority of the girls could barely hold back squealing, like they had juse seen a pup and kitten. Okay, admittedly the cherubic face sitting atop the muscular body of Coach “Angelface” Andrews wa cute, with the blonde locks, soft features and thick lips.´, but you’d expect them to get used to it eventually. The class went pretty smoothly after that. Coach had even prepared some more challenging vocabulary, something that was rare in his class. Weirdly enough, while being challenged a bit was nice, the words were all very sexualized. Like who would teach high school kids words like blowjob, missionary or rough fucking. Sure we were in our senior year, but still we all found it somewhat weird. The only exception was Adrian. He had a weird, devilish grin on his nerdy face all the time, somehow knowing all the translations when Mr Andrews asked him. then again, it’s not that surprising for someone as hung as Adrian to be able to ask for sex in multiple languages. Thursday The next morning I entered class to find a familiar sight. The head of a beefy ginger was bobbing up and down between Adrian’s tree trunk thighs, undoubtedly having tried to milk a load out of his orange sized nuts for a while now. From the way Bullcock’s was buckling his hips and using his boulder like ass to shove another inch of his meat down the cocksucker’s throat he looked close to shooting a huge good morning load down the guy’s gullet. With a loud grunt out of our class nerd’s thick neck volley after volley of thick bull cum was dumped down the redhead’s awaiting mouth and after what must have been a dozen volleys the guy finally pulled off Adrian, his normally flat sixpack bulging with the sheer amount of cum in his stomach. I was raging hard by that point, my own modest 6 incher completely dwarfed by the still semihard monster sticking out of Bullcock’s muscular lap. I was mildly surprised to find that the cocksucker had been “Shamrock” Shane, the school’s linebacker and one of the worst bullies around (That is if he was currently busy with taking care of Adrian’s massive length). Of course it wasn’t weird for a star player of the football team to milk our class nerd’s cock before class, but I had thought that it was Max’ turn today, the running back hadn’t gotten his protein in a while now. Shane quickly hurried outside, probably on his way to a class himself. Meanwhile our massive nerd had gotten up fro his chair to cram his insane tool back into the fabric prison that were his gym shorts, especially when they were already nearly stretched to their limit by Adrian’s huge thighs. I had no idea how big they exacly were, but each one look thicker around than my waist. Underneath them were calves that looked like they’d completely dwarf my arms, even though I wasn’t that skinny to be honest. The insanely massive artwork he called his legs were capped off by the boat sized mass of flesh he called his feet. If the label of his shoes didn’t lie then his feet were a size 18 and somehow they still looked just as muscular as the rest of him. The facefucking seemed to have been pretty intense, as the grey tanktop Adrian wore had ridden up, revealing the first two rows of his incredibly sexy cobblestone road of his abs. The grooves between each of the blocky muscles was so deep that a major part of my finger would have completely disappeared between them, had I been allowed to trace the separations. Bullcock quickly pulled his t-shirt down, causing it to stretch over his huge pecs. Each of the mighty muscles looked bigger than a basketball and hung out a few inches in front of him. He noticed me staring at his chest and made his pecs bounce a few times. Each time the muscles flexed, they transformed into a deeply striated artwork of brawn. After that he threw his arms up into a double biceps pose, his upper arms bursting with pencil-thick veins bulging from the cantaloupe sized mass. I would have nearly applauded myself for not shooting a load right then and there, but then my eyes fell on his face and I felt a sticky warmth fill the front of my pants. One of his trademark sexy smirks adorned his perfect thin lips, his pearly white teeth sparkling in the light of the classroom’s fluorescent lamps. His skin was free of zits or other imperfections and his sunkissed tan gave his face an almost glowing aura. With the sheer amount of testosterone pumping through his veins the thick stubble that coated his square jaw, which could probably cut glass with, was thicker than anything I could grow in a month, even though he surely only shaved yesterday. Add to that his warm brown eyes, that were just barely hidden behind a pair of thickly rimmed designer glasses and the perfectly styled hair and it was clear why it was only natural to cum from looking at him. “Maybe he should clean that up before class starts, man.”, Adrian chuckled and pointed at the wet spot around my crotch, his knee shaking baritone causing another spurt into my underwear. I blushed red as a beet and hurried towards the bathroom. I quickly cleaned myself up and went back to class. I got through the door the exact same time as Mr. Andrews and sat down at my desk, a bit surprised when I saw the people sitting next to Bullcock being forced to shift their own tables a bit away from him because of his wide shoulders. Mr Andrews gave me a disapproving look, but didn’t say anything. When his eyes felel upon Adrian, his eyes went wide and he opened his mouth as if to say something, but when Adrian asked “Is something the matter, sir?” Mr Andrews grimaced like he had been hit by a severe headache. “No, … nothing.”, our teacher replied hesitantly, the lisp of his high pitched voice making it sound pretty cute, despite his intended tone. The again, with his small gymnast body and angelic face he was pretty cute, not to forget his long blonde locks that gave him a stereotypically twinky appearance. Of course the huge bubble butt stretching his small pink shorts to the limit played a major part with this too. Mr Andrews started his lesson as usual, repeating some of the vocabulary from the last class, though with his lisp the words were pretty hard to understand. It didn’t help that Mr Andrews would trip over his insanely long tongue whenever Adrian would bounce his boulder like pecs or “subtly” flex one of his other incredibly huge muscles at our teacher, which happened a whole lot more often than usual. After about 20 minutes of lecture and plainly obvious attempts of subtile showing off by our class nerd, Mr Andrews’ inner twink finally started to show. All of a sudden our twinky educator started to moan uncontrollably, rubbing his fat round bubble butt through the pink fabric of his shorts. I just rolled my eyes like everyone else and turned towards Adrian. “Could you please do your job and help Mr Andrews out there, Bullcock? We’d like to continue our lesson asap.”, I said and watched the behemoth that was him swagger to the front of the class, heaving his cock out of his far too tight pants and startign to to slowly rub it’s massive length up and down. AS he stood before Mr Andrews, the twink fell to his knees in front of Bullcock and as if on reflex his dropped open stretching far wider than should be possible. After lickign the humongous head for Mr Andrews began swallowing the huge dick inch by inch like a pro, until Bullcock’s massive balls rested comfortably on our teacher’s chin. After that Adrian started to pull out about half a foot of cockmeat, before forecefully slamming it back into the stretched out gullet before him, making the educator gag and splutter. Our class nerd just smirked devilishly and began intenself facefucking Mr Andrews. Through Bullcock’s deep reverberating moans I could make out some phrases like “Chronivac” and “just punishment for bullying”, all of which didn’t really make a whole lot of sense to me. All that I could think about was that while Mr Andrews was a horrible French teacher, he sure seemed to be pretty damn skilled at French sex.
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    Happy New Year, all! Here's the next chapter of the story. Sorry it took so long to get this chapter out. Enjoy! Chapter12 Seth pulled back from kissing Eric and looked into his eyes. As Eric looked up at him, Seth could see the lust and desire in his eyes. Both of them were breathing heavily. Eric could see that Seth was feeling the same way that he felt, at that moment. "Wow!" Eric exclaimed. "Seth, you sure the hell can kiss, man! That was incredible!" "Fuck yeah, it was!" Seth replied, his chest still heaving. "You're not bad yourself." "Thanks." Eric said, sliding his hands down Seth's arms, resting on his biceps. "There's only one problem." "What's that?" Seth whispered, still looking at Eric with that lust filled expression. Eric slid his hand up and rested it on Seth's cheek. "I want more of you." Eric revealed. "Right now." And with those words, Eric put his hand behind Seth's head and pulled him down to lock lips with him, once again. This time, their kissing became, not just more passionate, but more aggressive as well. Their hands began to explore each other bodies. Eric's hands slid down and grabbed Seth's massive muscular ass in his hands. In response, Seth flexed his glutes, making Eric squeeze his ass harder. "My God, Seth!" Eric whispered, as Seth started kissing his neck. "You have the most incredible muscle ass I've ever felt!" Seth slid his hands down Eric's torso, feeling up his back and lats, before his hands came down to get a feel of Eric's ass, in his tight fitting Wranglers. "Thanks." Seth said. "I'm glad you approve. Lots of squats with heavy weights, along with lunges got me this big ass." Seth gave Eric's ass a firm squeeze as well. "You have a nice ass yourself, handsome." Seth said, softly. "And you're the first man I've ever told that to." "Really?" Eric said, his eyes closed, and mouth slightly open. "What else do you like about my body, my sexy Cowboy?" Seth stopped kissing Eric and, putting his hands on Eric's shoulders, spinning him around, pulled Eric's body back into his. Seth then slid his hands under Eric's shirt, feeling his rock hard abs. "Well, besides your sexy little ass," Seth whispered I into his ear. " I like your abs." Eric flexed his abs tight as Seth finished saying that. Seth rubbed his hands up and down Eric's abs. "Oh fuck, Eric!" Seth whispered, his eyes closed in ecstasy. "Your abs feel so incredible!" "Mmm." Eric moaned. "Enjoy them all you want, Babe. I love having them massaged. Your hands feel so good. Now, play with my pecs." "Your wish is my command." Seth said, after kissing Eric's neck again. Seth's hand slid up to Eric's pecs, in which he felt them, as Eric flexed them. Seth squeezed Eric's nipples, gently, eliciting a horny moan from Eric. "Oh yeah!" Eric moaned. "Don't stop, Seth. Please, don't stop." Seth spun Eric around and began kissing him again. He wrapped his arms around Eric's torso and literally lifted him up. Eric wrapped his arms around Seth's massive shoulders and also wrapped his legs tight around Seth's waist. Seth walked over, to the bed, with Eric still wrapped around him, and laid him down on it, his body resting on top of Eric's. Eric could feel his dick getting harder and harder, as his lust for Seth grew even more evident. At the same time, Seth rested his full weight upon Eric, his dick pressing against Eric's hard member, within his jeans. Eric closed his eyes, in ecstasy. How long had he dreamed of this moment? To have a hot, sexy, muscular bodybuilder, all for himself. He never thought it was possible, but here he was, laying on his bed, with the most gorgeous, muscular man he'd ever seen, who was also attracted to him, too. Eric continued to kiss Seth, as he felt Seth begin to grind his now hard cock against Eric's. Eric ran his hands up and down Seth's triceps, feeling Seth flex them as he did. "Oh, Seth!" Eric breathed, as he looked into Seth's face. "I want you. So bad." Seth's expression mirrored Eric's. He looked into Eric's piercing blue eyes and felt like he was seeing him, for the very first time, all over again. Only now, he knew he was attracted to Eric and didn't need to question it, anymore. "I know." Seth said, in a sexy, low voice. "I want you, too." Realization then came upon Seth's face and he sighed heavily. "But not here. " Seth revealed, and got up off of Eric, leaving Eric confused and still sporting a raging hardon. "What?!" Eric exclaimed, sitting up, still having that breathless feeling. "Why not?" Seth looked down at Eric. "It's getting late and we need to get back to the farm. Seth revealed to him. "And it'll be more private and more comfortable for me to be with you, there." And with those words, Seth began changing out of the jersey and shorts Eric had lent him, and back into his sleeveless plaid shirt and tight Wrangler jeans again. Eric sat up, just as Seth was pulling up his jeans, over his massive glutes and quads. Eric noticed that it did take a little effort from Seth to do it, given the fact that his muscle size made it hard to put the jeans on quickly. "Man, I'd forgotten what a challenge it's becoming to put on regular jeans." Seth said. "It looks like I'm going to have to invest in the stretchy kind of jeans now. I think I'm starting to put on too much muscle." Eric was surprised to hear Seth say that. "Are you serious?" He asked Seth. "Seth, there's no such thing as too much muscle." "I meant for these jeans." Seth explained. "I'm off-season now, so I have a harder time fitting into jeans than I did when I was leaner. " Eric got up off of his bed, and stood next to Seth, gazing at him. When, Seth saw his face, he stopped fumbling with his belt and put his hand behind Eric's head. "Hey, don't look so disappointed." Seth said, leaning in and kissing Eric's forehead. "We will pick up where we left off, later tonight. After all, I promised you a hot, sexy, posing session and I'm going to deliver on that." "You promise?" Eric asked, wanting that more than anything. "I promise. " Seth replied, flashing that sexy smile of his. "Trust me, man, it'll be worth the wait. You'll get to worship all this amazing muscle, privately, just the two of us." Eric nodded, smiling. He was really liking Seth, more and more, all the time. "And besides, If I'm going to flex for you, I gotta be pumped." Seth told him. "I need to hit the weights a bit, tonight, so you can enjoy these muscles of mine at their biggest and hardest." "Now you're talking!" Eric grinned. "But you know the waiting is gonna be torture for me, don't you? " Seth grinned as he buttoned his shirt and zipped up his jeans. Then, he fastened his belt. "I'm sure it will be." He said, to Eric, still grinning. "But just be patient. Evening will be here before we know it." "Yeah, you're right." Eric said, turning to grab his cowboy hat off his desk. Seth turned and grabbed his own off the end of Eric's bed. He put it back on his head, just as Eric finished putting his on. Seeing Eric, with the cowboy hat on, again, Seth smiled. "I still can't believe how hot you look in a cowboy hat and Wranglers." He said. Eric smiled, his cheeks turning red. "Well, I thought I needed to make a good first impression as a farmer's helper." "Well, you definitely achieved that." Seth replied. "Are you ready for your official first day, on the job, tomorrow?" "As ready as I can be, I guess." Eric said, shrugging his shouders. "I just hope that I can perform the job to your liking. The last thing I want is to disappoint you." Seth reached out and put his hand on Eric's cheek, stroking it, lightly, with his thumb, as Eric looked into Seth's eyes. "You won't. " Seth assured him. "You'll be fine. I have faith in you." Eric brought his hand up to Seth's, which was still resting on his cheek, and caressed it lightly. "Thanks." Eric whispered. "I really needed to hear that from you." "Anytime." Seth said, gazing into Eric's eyes. The two of them stood there, gazing into each other's eyes. Seth's hand was still rested on Eric's cheek. Eric moved in closer to Seth and reached up and traced his thumb over Seth's bottom lip. Seth watched Eric and saw his eyes looking down at his lips. Seth knew exactly what Eric wanted at that moment. Seth leaned down and started kissing Eric's soft lips, once again. Eric threw his arms around Seth's massive shoulders, and kissed Seth back with a fiery passion. His hands gripped Seth's arms tightly around his biceps, which Seth contracted, as he had his hands around Eric's waist. As Eric was kissing him, Seth felt Eric's hands move from his arms to rest on his pecs. Automatically, Seth flexed them, as he always did, when he was being muscle worshipped. At times, Seth realized that his muscles seemed to have a mind of their own. There were times, he would flex without even thinking about doing it. It's like his body had a mind of his own and his muscles just seemed to follow suit. Within moments, both men were getting turned on again. Eric reached back and slid his hands over Seth's ass, again, giving it a hard squeeze. When Seth flexed his glutes, Eric could feel their size and shape right through his jeans. Now, he knew why that girl had been so shocked by how massive and muscular Seth's ass was. After flexing his glutes, Seth pulled back and looked Eric, in the face. He could see how turned on Eric was, by the look on his face. And the way his cheeks were flushed. Seth smiled, in amusement, as he turned his face away. Eric frowned. "What's so funny?" Eric asked him. Seth turned back to him. "I love how your cheeks get flushed when you're hot for someone. " Eric rolled his eyes, but couldn't help but smile. "And I noticed that they also get flushed when you're upset." Seth mentioned. "When you almost got into it with Joey downstairs, I noticed it, too." "Yeah, it's true." Eric said, nodding. "Amy knows that about me, too. Aside from my parents, she knows me better than anyone." Seth nodded. "And hopefully, I'll be one of those people, too." Seth said, bringing his hands up to rest on Eric's arms. "Well with all the time we're going to be spending together, this fall, we're going to get to know each other a lot better. " Here, Eric walked around, behind Seth, and wrapped his arms around him and rested his hands on Seth's rock hard abs. He slid his hands under Seth's shirt, feeling his abs. "And a lot more intimately, Babe." Eric whispered into Seth's ear, just before bringing his lips into Seth's neck, kissing it. Seth closed his eyes, the feelings of lust and Eric's affections, starting to overwhelm him. "Oh my God!" Seth whispered, as he felt Eric's hands move up to his pecs and start playing with his nipples. Eric lightly pinched them between his thumbs and forefingers, eliciting another loud moan from Seth. "You keep that up, and there is no telling what might happen." Seth warned him. "I might end up taking you, right here and right now." "That's what I'm counting on." Eric said to him. "I can wait for the muscle worship session, tonight, but I can't wait for release. I have to get off to your muscles and I have to do it, now." Seth raised his eyebrows, and turned his head towards Eric, in shock. "Seriously?" He asked, starting to chuckle a bit. "You're that horned up? " "You better fucking believe it." Eric said from behind him. "And I've never not had it taken care of, so, will you help get me off?" Seth turned back to Eric and looked him, in the eye. "You do realize that I've never sucked a dick before, right?" Seth asked him, then added. "I'm not sure I'm ready to try that just yet." "You don't have to." Eric told him. "Just take your clothes back off and get in the bed with me, and straddle me at the waist and flex your muscles above me, while I jerk off, and blow my load. And since I never got to admire how hot you looked in that jock you're wearing under those jeans, I thought I'd get off to the image of you, flexing in it. " Seth, his eyebrows still raised, now made a strange face, but with a smile to go with it. "OK." Seth said. "I guess the sooner I get you off, the sooner we can get back to the farm." Seth then proceeded to take his clothes that he'd just put back on, back off again. Eric walked over to the bed, and took his clothes off, before climbing on top of the bed. In his boxer briefs. He laid down, on the bed, on his back, and proceeded to start jerking his already hard dick in his hands. He watched as Seth removed his jeans and then his boots, until he was standing there, in nothing but his jockstrap. "Alright." Eric said, in a low voice. "Come over here, sexy man, and show me those big, beautiful muscles." "Hell yeah!" Seth said, smiling that cocky, yet charming smile of his. "I love it when you talk sexy to me." Seth walked over and climbed into Eric's bed. Straddling Eric's waist and sitting back on his heels, Seth put his hands on his hips and looked down at Eric. "What would you like to see, first?" Seth asked Eric. "Front double biceps, Gorgeous!" Eric said, continuing to stroke his hard cock in his hands. "Good answer." Seth said, and prepared to do Eric's bidding. Seth raised his arms up slowly, outstretched them to the sides, his palms up. Curling his fingers and making his hands into fists, he slowly curled his arms into a double biceps flex. Eric watched, in awe, as Seth's bicep peaks increased in size and took their full shape right in front of him. Seth looked from one bicep to the other, and then looked down at Eric, giving him that look that said "Worship all this fucking muscle." "You like these biceps, Eric?" Seth said, his voice sounding deeper and more serious than he'd ever heard before. "Fuck yeah, Seth!" Eric whispered. "I love them, big man!" Seth nodded, his expression serious. "Good." Seth said. "Now, I want you to stop stroking that dick, and start worshipping these big fuckers. Right now." Hearing the tone in Seth's voice, and seeing the serious look on his face, Eric immediately stopped stroking and stared at Seth, his mouth open, in shock. He realized what was happening. Seth was showing a more dominant side to his personality, and Eric didn't know whether he was afraid of Seth, at the moment, or turned on by him, even more. "Well, come on." Seth ordered. "These bíceps won't wait all night." Eric sat up and started feeling Seth's biceps, in his hands. Eric could feel how hard and peaked Seth's biceps were. They seemed to feel more and more incredible each time Eric had had the chance to feel them. "That's it." Seth said, then leaned down, closer to Eric, his right bicep still flexed. "Now, kiss it." Eric brought his lips to Seth bicep and started kissing it. Then, he started French kissing it. "Yeah, kiss it!" Seth whispered. "Lick it! Fuck yeah!" Eric, by now, wasn't nervous by Seth's dominant attitude, anymore. In fact, he was more crazy about Seth now than ever. One thing he was learning about Seth, is that there was never a dull moment with him. The more Seth revealed about himself to Eric, the more Eric became intrigued by him. He knew that he would never be bored of Seth, if he became his boyfriend. Seth always seemed to know how to keep things interesting. "OK, now worship these big pecs." Seth ordered. "Squeeze them! Get your hands full of them!" Eric did as he was told. He grabbed Seth's huge pecs and pushed upwards, feeling how heavy they were, just relaxed. Then, he squeezed them, just as Seth began to flex them. Eric felt the softer feeling, relaxed pecs become so rock hard that Eric felt like he was grabbing onto solid mountain rock, except with the feeling of human skin. Seth's pecs were so hard, Eric couldn't put a dent in them. But, regardless, he kept feeling Seth's pecs up, while he started bouncing them. Then, he decided to bring his mouth to Seth's right pec and start sucking his nipple. "Awww, fuck yeah!" Seth groaned, in pleasure. "That's it, Eric! Suck that nip! Make love to these pecs! Eric brought his mouth to Seth's left pec and started sucking and lightly biting on it from time to time. Seth started groaning louder, which Eric took to mean that he must have discovered one of Seth's hot spots. He loved having his pecs and nipples sucked and played with. "Oh God!" Seth growled. "Now, I may need to get one off, too. This shit's gettin' fucking hot!" "Well then, don't fight it, Seth." Eric breathed. "Get off with me. Share this experience with me." Seth looked down into Eric's eyes. They were so piercing blue that Seth could feel his heart beat start to quicken a little, anytime he stared Eric in the eyes. "My God, Eric." Seth whispered. "I've never felt this way before. I never knew that I would enjoy being with a man as much as I am, being with you, right now." Eric smiled, as he started to get a little teary eyed. Seth's words were really having an effect on him. "I know we haven't really "done" anything yet, but with you, I know I'm going to enjoy the ride." Seth continued, putting his hand behind Eric's head. "I really want to see where things, between us, could go." Eric nodded, as a tear slid down his face. "That's what I want, too, Seth." Eric said, softly. "I would be so honored to share this experience with you. Everything from the hot muscle worshipping, to whatever our relationship becomes. I want to enjoy it all." Seeing the tears sliding down Eric's face, Seth's face took on a look of concern. "Hey?" Seth whispered, wiping Eric's tears away. "Why the tears, man?" Eric shrugged, yet smiling profusely. "They're happy tears, Seth." Eric told him. "I'm happy that you weren't too good to be true, after all. When I thought you were totally straight, I thought that my chances of having a relationship with you, was next to impossible." Seth smiled. Eric looked up at Seth, stroking his cheek lovingly. "Seth, can I ask you, something?" He asked. "Sure." Seth said, as he stroked his fingers through Eric's thick dark hair. "When did you first realize that you had feelings for me?" Eric asked him. Seth's eyes lowered as he thought about it a moment. Then, he looked back up at Eric. Last night, right after dinner, when we were talking by your car." Seth admitted. "When we almost kissed." Eric's eyebrows raised at that revelation from Seth. "You've wanted to kiss me, since last night?" Eric asked, completely thrown. "Why didn't you? I wanted to do the same thing." "I wasn't sure what I was feeling then." Seth told him. " I was confused, I mean, I knew that I was drawn to you, yet, I didn't know why. I thought at first maybe it was just because you liked my body and my muscles, but I wasn't sure. And I realized that whenever you got real close to me, I just had this strange feeling urge. Kind of like a feeling of longing, but something more than that. But, until I was sure what I was feeling, I didn't feel that it would be right to have kissed you and possibly led you on, if I wasn't sure of myself." Eric nodded. He could relate what Seth was feeling. He had been feeling the exact same thing, that night. "Well thank you for that." Eric said, rubbing Seth's arms up and down. "I can relate. I wanted to kiss you, so bad, when we were standing by my car. The chemistry felt right at that moment, but then you stepped back. And that's when I got the feeling that you were as attracted to me as I was to you, at that moment. I replayed that moment, over and over, in my head, the whole drive back to college, that night." Now, Seth was the one intrigued. "Really?" He asked Eric, then grinned. "You were that hot for me, huh?" In response, Eric hit him in the chest, causing Seth to start laughing. "You are so cocky, you know that?!" Eric exclaimed, between fits of laughter. "Yeah, maybe." Seth agreed, then added. "But that's why you like bodybuilders like me." "True." Eric nodded "Just promise me you won't ever get too cocky that it's perceived as arrogant. That's not who you are." "Oh, don't worry." Seth said, seriously. "If I was arrogant, you'd have known it when we first met. You wouldn't have wanted anything to do with me. I've seen many arrogant bodybuilders when I was competing, and some of those guys I'm fine with not seeing again." Eric then laid back in the bed, his horny mood now gone, and motioned to Seth to lay down, too. Seth laid all 225 pounds of his muscular body, on top of Eric, supporting himself with his hands, his triceps flexed, in response. Eric laid his hands, under Seth's arms, coming to rest on his lats. "Do you think you'd ever compete again?" Eric asked. Seth thought about it a few seconds, then shrugged. "Maybe." He said. "If I had a really good reason to, I suppose." Eric reached up, with one hand and started running his fingers through Seth's soft golden blonde hair. "Do you miss it?" Eric asked. "Sometimes." Seth began said, nodding his head. "But what I miss most about it is flexing and performing on stage, and the fans. Regardless of what kind of business you're in, without customers, or fans, you don't work. I learned to always remember my fans because they are the ones who will make or break my career. But I stopped bodybuilding at the time when I really could have found out, because my dad died." Eric nodded. Just then, someone's phone started ringing. Eric looked at Seth. "Is that your phone?" He asked. "Yeah, it is." Seth said, getting up off of Eric. As Seth turned, Eric got a good view of Seth's ass, in that jockstrap as he bent down to get his phone out of his pants pocket. "Hello?" Seth asked. "Seth, it's your mother." Deborah said, on the other end of the line. "What's taking you boys so long to get back? It's getting late and it's almost time for dinner." "Hi, Mom." Seth replied, turning to look at Eric. "Actually We're just getting finished packing up Eric's clothes. We'll be on our way back, shortly." "Ok, but get here as soon as you can, Honey." Deborah said, sounding worried. "Rudy just informed me that one of the cows may be pregnant. She's been laying in her stall for the last few hours and hasn't gotten up, since." "Alright,. Mom." Seth told her. We're on our way back, now." "Alright, Son." Deborah replied. "We'll see you two, soon." Seth hung up his phone, and looked at Eric, with a disappointed look on his face. Eric sat up when he saw it. "Seth, what's wrong?" Eric asked. "We have to leave, right now." Seth revealed. "There's a problem with one of our cows in the stables. She's been laying down in her stall for most of the day and hasn't gotten back up since. Mom told me that she and Rudy suspect that the cow might be pregnant." Eric sighed, in disappointment. But he knew how important the farm was to Seth "Alright, come on, let's get changed back into our clothes. He said. Eric stood up and grabbed his clothed again, which he started putting back on. Seth was already getting dressed. Seth finished buttoning his jeans and turned to Eric, who was putting on his jeans. "I'm sorry that you're not getting the release you needed, but I promise to make it up to you, tonight." Seth said, ad he put on his sleeveless shirt. "It's ok." Eric assured him. "You don't have to apologize. I know how much the farm means to you and the work is important." Seth put his hands on Eric's upper arms and pulled him in for a kiss, which ended up being quite a few kisses. "Trust me." Seth told Eric. "It'll be worth the wait. Tonight, I'm going to pump up my muscles so they're extra hard and veiny for you, so that you'll have the best muscle worship session of your life." "I trust you." Eric said, smiling, as he pulled on his shirt. "And I'm looking forward to our time together." "That's my man." Seth said, as he put his cowboy hat back on. "Now, let's get going." Eric finished putting on his shoes, and Seth put on his boots. After doing that, Eric turned and grabbed his duffle bag, that he'd packed his clothes in, and he and Seth left the dorm room to head back to the farm.
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    Here is a sexy first time/romance story from author "posingstrap" on Nifty. With a name like that he obviously likes muscle. Do not let the unfortunate title of the story fool you. It is NOT a racist story (lol), nor is it an incest story. It's the story of a 18 y/o foster kid, a young man who connects with his mentor, a big muscular lumberjack type. https://www.nifty.org/nifty/gay/adult-friends/uncle-toms-cabin/
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    Musclave - a tribute to myoder - by theardes This is a tribute to my favorite author myoder - if you´re still out there, this is for you! The doors of the company settlement opened and I went in. The say that I was nervous would be the understatement of the century. But then everything had been arranged, everything had been paid for and there would be someone very unhappy if I did not show up. There had been rumors at first, then the changed men had started to appear in talkshows. There had been a pill developed which increased muscle mass and strength, with the sideeffect of increasing sexual interest as well. When it had first been discovered there was a little of the scientists DNA mixed into the pill by mistake. His collegue who took the pill, also by "mistake" had developed a unconditional love and obedience towards him. As they found out that seemed to be an essential part of the growing process. They started selling the pill to willing men. At first it was very expensive, but over time it became afordable to us non-milionairs. The government regulated the use, you had to prove that you were able to provide for your muscleman after the process and he had to undergo it willingly. The company started a website to match potential growers with thier would-be-masters. So I met Nathan. He was a blond, blue eyed, 19 year guy out from the midwest. Standing at only 5´4 I could kiss his forehead when I leaned down. He was athletic, but slim, weighting arround 140 ibs since his 16th birthday. His desire to build muscle had driven him into the gym on a regular basis for the last 5 years and his muscles were hard and defined, but he had not been able to put on the mass he desired. We had been found compatible by the profiling of the company and had met two weeks before to see how we´d get along in person. He proved to be a great guy. I was his senior by 15 years and still we immediately clicked and talked for hours on hours. I had done well for myself in the last years and it brought me joy to invite Nathan to two more dinners. I really thought I had found a soulmate. As I approached the front desk I was greeted by an young woman working for the company. She explained to me that Nathan and I were to stay here overnight, a room had been provided. He would take the pill here and, because the company considered it to be safe, he would not have to be monitored through the process. Still there was a chance for everything, so if we needed anything we´d just have to push a button. Then she guided me to the room. Before I entered the gave me the pill. I had given a blood sample before and this pill was specialy made for Nathan. As I went in I saw a big hotel-like room. It had a bathroom with a huge shower, a small kitchen with all kinds of food and a huge bed. Next to the bed was a workout station with heavy weights and a bench. The tv was running and Nathan sat on the bed. He wore a white poloshirt and blue sweat pants. His hair had a crew cut. As he heard me coming he turned it off, stood up and ran towards me, kissing and hugging me. "I´ve waited for an eternity!" I looked at my watch, he could not have been here longer than half an hour. He spottet the plastic vial with the pill inside it. "Is that...?" he asked. I kissed him back and told him yes. I felt him shaking a little. Everything was about to change. "You know it is okay if you don´t want to go through with this." I told him as I sat on the bed. He sat next to me and put his hand in mine. "I´ve long thought about this. I´ve told my family and my friends so they would not freak out. To tell the truth I´m terrified, this will change everything. As long as I can remember I always wanted to be big." He flexed his arm and his small, hard biceps sprang up. I touched it. "I´ve only known you a small time and yet I really trust you. I think it will be wounderfull." I kissed him. "I think so too Nathan. The modifikations at my house are done, you will fit into it now." He grinned. "I still can´t imagine how it will be." I pulled out the vial and rattled it. "Only one way to find out." I popped the top and handed Nathan the pill. "They call them enhancers, reacting in the brain and stimulating the center that gives us muscle power and energy. More bulk that I had ever dreamed off..." I handed him a glass of water and hugged him. "See you on the other side." His face turned stern and he popped the pill into his mouth and swilled it back with the water. Then we waited. It always took a minute or so work we had been told. "I feel warm." Nathan said. Er stood up and streched his arms. "A little weird, but - ompf - incredible." I stood up and put my hands arround his right upper arm. I could feel the muscle growing. He looked at me and grinned, than he flexed his biceps. It was clearly bigger, and getting bigger as well. His polo shirt started to ride up his abs. He had washboard abs before, but know they were getting bigger as well, growing and the cuts deepening. I helped him to get out of the polo shirt as it began to become painfully tight arround his arms and chest. A cracking sound from his back had me worried for a second, then I noticed I was looking him into the eye, he was getting taller. His chest began to fill out, as I put my hands on his pecs they soon began to be pushed outwards. He took me in his arms and I could feel his back getting broader as well as his pecs pushig against me. All the while he grew in height. "Thank you." he growled, his voice becoming deeper as his ripcage expanded. His legs began to expand the fabric of the sweat pants. Before they could tear he pulled them down and stepped out of them. I went on my knees and put my hands on the growing collums of his quads. He sighed and growled as my touch gave him pleasure. The pill was working at full speed now. His skin started to get a healthy glow, a slight tan as his hair began to grow as well. My hands cupped his calves which began to put on a grotesk ammount of mass. I looked up at the towering muscle giant above me. "I think Nathan is no more" I quietly said "you look more like a Nate to me." He looked down at me. "Yes master. I am Nate, your muscle slave." He began to hit poses to show me his body, changing the poses based on my reaction to them. He really wanted to impress me and give me pleasure. I had to sit back on the bed as I began to feel light headed with this HULK showing off in front of me. His briefs looked painfully stuffed with the enhanced cock and as he tried to pull them off, they ripped and his cock sprang free and hit him on the abs. A small drop of precum was visible as he rolled his pecs which had grown a slight coating of golden fur on them. I was sure he was not able to see the base of his cock over his giant pecs. "Fuck! Look at me!" he said, flexing his swollen biceps which popped up to the size of a bowling ball. "These guns have to be the biggest on the planet" Feel them Master! Please feel them. You made me so fucking huge - I love it!" He bend down and I felt the massive arms as he flexed his biceps over and over. A biceps the size of a bowling ball hardened under my hand. I moaned and put my lips to it, kissing the muscle, then licking the fingerthick vein on it. "Yes master, worship my muscles. You made me so huge. I love it!" He smiled at me. The look in his blue eyes reminded me of the dog I had when I was a child and was about to give him a treat. "Master..." I felt a little light headed. My hands moved to his gigantic pecs and he flexed them for me. I felt the flesh harden under my hands. "You like that master?" I licked the muscles on his chest. "I want to flex these big muscles all night for you. I have to see how strong I am now. My I?" I looked confused for a moment but nodded. His face lit up like a christmas tree and he basicaly jumped over to the weights. I stood up and followed. As he began to curl the heavy dumbells I estimated his height to be arround 6`11. He let out small sounds of joy as he continued to put down the weights, moving to the heavier ones and pumping out curls in perfect technique. With a dumbell the size I usually see the big guys at my gym doing bench press with he turned tome. His biceps were now swollen with blood, the veins on them as big als fingers. "Fuck yeah!" he shouted. "You like this, master? This turns you on? Fuck!" he licked his lips "You´re turning me on master - watch my muscle!" My cock was rock hard. "Get naked for me! Please!" he begged while still curling the massive weight. "I have to see you naked! I need to be fucking powerful for you!" He put on of the dumbells down as I started to undress. I took of my clothes slowly, watching him squirm with lust. When I came to my briefs he had started to bend the dumbell back and froth with excitement. "Show me your ass, master? Please! I need to see your ass!" I showed him and he groaned, his cock jumping a little. "Fuck! Fucking! Hot! Ass! I need it. I need my masters pussy arround my huge cock!" Nathan truly was no more. Massive Nate looked down at me, his eyes were wide with lust. "I need to fuck you master, I need to be inside you!" His eyes were pleading. "Let me be fucking powerfull for you!" I had an idea. "Nate, your muscle cock is huge, show me how powerful it is!" "Yes master", he said. Looking arround he took a big plate of 50 ibs and put his cock through the hole. It didn`t budge. He added more plates. When he added three times my bodyweight his cock was pulled down a little, then he started flexing it and it stood. His face showd no sign of strain. "You like this, master? My big muscle cock lifting this fucking weight! That turns you on?" I gasped. His cock bobbed up and down like there was only a small towel on it. He had his hands on his hips and kept pumping the weight with his massive muscle cock and I just about came watching this. Then he slipped the weight of his dick and came to me. I looked up, past the barrels of pecs to the beautiful face of my muscle slave. He leaned down and pressed his lips against mine. Feeling me opening my mouth his powerful tongue pushed into my mouth, exploring it gently. While kissing me he picked my up and carried me to the bed, carefully putting me on it. "Master, I need to make love to your beautiful body!" He gave me a passionate kiss and moved down, kissing and licking my body. I felt his huge arms and wide shoulders, ran my hands through his gold mane as his mouth send chills through my body. He gave me the puppy eyes look again and took my hard cock into his mouth, sucking me gently, then harder. He lifted my legs and looked at me for a sign of approval. I nodded once and he dove down and his tongue found my ass. I moaned as he tongue fucked my ass. The he sat up and draped my legs over his. He took a bit of lube from he nightstand and lubed up his cock. His huge fingers, easily as big as the biggest cock I had taken before, played with my hole. When he touched my prostate I tensed up, but he stopped before I came. "Oh yeah! Master - you like my big fingers playing with your hole? Getting you ready for my big cock!" I nodded again and he shifted his body, pressing his cock head gently against my asshole and the he kissed my deeply and increased the pressure. I held onto his wide lats as he entered me. The feeling was incredible. It did not hurt at all, I felt complete. He really knew how to use his massive muscle cock. His eyes were closed, his face showing the pleasure he was feeling. "Yes, fucking my masters ass. Fucking incredible. I´m going to make you feel really good master!" He continued to fuck me slowly, then he sat back and flexed his cock in my ass. I felt the head deep inside me pushing against my abs as his cock lifted me of the bed. When I made contact with his huge pecs, my cock pressing against his abs he took me in his arms and kissed me deeply. Putting me back down the fucking became faster. My hands held onto his forearms, bigger then my own legs as I looked at all that huge mountain of man - the power radiating from Nates body, hard as rock, a slight coating of sweat. He flexed his cock over and over, lifting me of the bed each time and stimulating my prostate like I had never experienced. I reached up and felt his thick traps and gigantic biceps. "It´s all for you master!" His face looked strained, he was getting close. "I´m your fucking slave! Gonna fill you up!" I felt his cock swell a little bigger and then he moaned as I felt him cumming inside me. He pressed his mouth on mine, still moaning and cumming in hot waves deep inside me. My own cum flew onto his shelf like pecs and drippled down over his abs. I had not touched my cock and it spewed for half a minute. He kissed me again and we lay there, his huge hulking mass keeping me safe. We took a shower afterwards, but I was too exhausted to worship him, so after getting clean (and groping a little) we dried ourselves and went back into the bed. I curled up against hin, he put his huge arms and one tree like leg arround me, pulled me to his broad chest and kissed my head. Stroking the slight coating of hair in his forearm I fell asleep. When I awoke I was alone. My clothes had been packed and my luggage was waiting beside the door of the room. The woman from the front desk knocked on the door and told me it was time to check out. I dressed, a little confused where Nate had gone and went back to the entrance. He was waiting for me there. His golden hair was pulled back into a ponytail. He wore a white polo shirt that streched over his gigantic muscles, the blue jeans straining to contain his huge quads and calves. I wondered how he managed to stuff his cock into the jeans. His biceps bulged and he flashed me a heartwarming smile as he openend the door for me, picked up my luggage and followed me out of the building.
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    Here is a new one shot story by me. Though I have not watched any of Mark/iplier's videos, I always found him hot. So what better way than to write a story where he grows into a hyper muscled god! You might have to read my other stories at "Morphs and Short Stories" to understand some of the plotlines here. Everyone knows how each youtube update makes the site get worse. From changing the UI to something less readable, to messing up Youtuber’s monetization, to even recommending random videos to people to have no interest in them. A lot of outrage has been said about Youtube for the past few years. But when there is no competitor video sharing platform, Youtube had no care in the world. Until a rising star emerges, videos will always be undated onto Youtube. Here’s where our story begins. Mark had just uploaded a video to his youtube account. He had been alone in his house for a few days and was getting kinda bored due to lack of human interaction. The only thing left on his list for today was planning his next few videos. He decided to laze around for a bit to browse some social media when an interesting email had been sent to his inbox. With an unknown email address and the subject labeled “new video website recommendation”, this peaked the Youtuber’s interests. He began to read the following… “Dear Mark As you may know, Youtube is seriously not in a good place right now, but I have found another website that sounds like a potential ‘Youtube 2’ if you will, except not as atrocious! It’s called ‘Castpha’ and here’s the link to get you started. It’s only in beta version but the UI and rules and regulations seems to be great. Hope you like your recommendation!” ‘A new website?’, thought Mark. Was there really a brand new beta site with potential? There had been many video websites through the years, but they don’t really capture the same vibe and Youtube. Either due to lack of community or bad UI. But after clicking the link, he was astounded! Castpha actually looks like a darn good website. The website was nicely design, with many videos to a dedicated topic. The UI was a pleasant sight to see. Mark wanted to try out this new fancy website. But he wanted to do a small test run. He wanted to see how many views he would get without announcing his new account to Castpha. He clicked on the Sign Up button and got started. It had all the standard stuff like Username, Real Name, password and everything. But the interesting thing to note was a selection. “Are you an uploader, watcher or both on this account?” Never before has an option like this been shown. Of course he clicked ‘uploader’ first, to test things out. Suddenly an onslaught of rules and regulations appeared. It had all the standard stuff. But there was a page dedicated to the ‘Uploaders Rights’, whatever that means. It listed things like monetization was guaranteed for all Castpha videos. NSFW videos would be under the protection of Castpha. Only non-minors would be able to access NSFW videos and will be able to be monetized by companies who allow ads on NSFW videos. Each video would be checked by a human employee to see if any rules were broken. And copyright abuse would not be tolerated at all. Mark was impressed. Things actually look amazing at Castpha. After accepting the rules and regulations, there was one more page. The recommended page. “Who recommended you to click on this website? List either the email address or username.” Mark thought for a bit, guessing this is how people can get paid to spread the news of Castpha. So looking back into his email, he quickly swiped the sender’s email and typed it down. But a strange thing happened. A new slew of questions emerged as well as a small description. “Congratulations, you were recommended by one of our top tier employees. Because of this, you are able to access special services not given to any other content creator. Please answer the questions below to see what perks would you like to obtain!” ‘Wow’ he thought. Special services for himself! How cool is that. So he began to read the questions. “Would you like to participate in our Growth Service. This service is to boost your Castpha account to more people than in general.” Yes, he clicked “Depending on the rank of who recommended you, you may have a few choices or all choices for the next few questions.” “Next question, for how long would you like this service?” 1 month 6 months 1 year 2 years 5 years Forever “I guess forever it is.” Mark said. It must have been a really high leveled employee for Mark to receive the 6th option “Next question, how potent would you like this service to be?” Show to 5% more people than usual Show to 10% more people than usual Show to 20% more people than usual Show to 30% more people than usual Show to 50% more people than usual Show to 100% more people than usual Mark clicked on the sixth option again. “Next question, are you planning to show your face to people?” Mark clicked yes. What an odd question but he guessed there would be no harm. Now his choice led to one last question. “Where would you like your service to be applied? You can pick as many as you want, depending on the rank of the employee who recommended to you.” Due to Mark knowing he would receive all perks, he decided to click all on finally create his Castpha channel! With that, he wanted to test out something. Apparently there was a livestream feature. Without telling any of his current fans, he wanted to test the livestream feature out first as he had no material to work with currently for a video. As he started to stream, 2 questions appeared. “Is this a NSFW stream?” and “Would you like to use the Growth Service?” Mark wanted as little attention as possible to prevent a fan from his Youtube account to see this. And wanting to try out his special service, he clicked Yes on both options. Now it was time to load up the stream. He saw a button on the bottom right corner with in built streaming features from Castpha themselves. He jokingly typed ‘Can we get 5000 likes’ and placed the text on the top middle section of the livestream. Soon a small crowd had formed. 10 people had joined in since he posted the text. Mark remembered that he didn’t want to be noticed. Knowing some people might recognize him, he begged his Castpha viewers to not spread the word. Surprisingly, they obliged with no questions. As the live stream continued, Mark continued to ramble on and on. What he hadn’t noticed was that he was at 100 views and 20 likes. He only realised that when a commenter pointed it out. Mark was surprised. Another surprised he found out was that other people can know that he is using the Growth Service too. A lot of commenters pointed out how excited they were about the Growth Service. Mark was confused, but he didn’t bother to ask. He was just feeling a little tight is all. No really, his shirt felt a bit tighter than usual. He began to stretch his body. He certainly couldn’t understand what was happening, but his viewers seem to know as they keep sending eye looking and blushing and wet emojis. They knew what was going on. It would be long until Mark would noticed, but the Growth Service he applied had a specific box he didn’t body to read. “Grow your body in accordance to likes received.” Mark was growing, literally! Each time he got 1 like in his stream, he would receive an additional pound of muscle, or inch of height to his body for every 10 likes Suddenly, 20 more likes were obtained. Mark was groaning in more pain. He felt his skin burn. His shirt and jeans were getting tighter around his body. He was getting a small headache and his vision blurred. He messaged his head, trying to focus on his computer screen. He felt hot and sweaty. He thought he was falling sick. He tried to tell his viewers he was ending the stream, but they all denied him too. Perplexed, he continued to stream a little while longer. After a minute of sitting, he noticed his likes jumped from 20 to 100. His viewer count had increased to 1000 as well. Very odd. But now, the pain was even worse. But somehow, he suddenly felt stronger. And stronger he was. He shot up to 6 feet tall and reached 250lbs of pure muscle. He felt his clothes tighten even further. He wanted to rip it off. His muscles were growing in size. His biceps tearing the seams of his sleeves. His growing pecs and abs causing his shirt to ride upwards. The tent in his jeans growing larger and larger. He was getting really pent up. He was burning up, he tried to find a comfortable position on his chair. Meanwhile, every watcher was cheering on, watching intently as the hunk of a Youtuber growing bigger for them, without even realising it. His like counter gained 100 likes. His body reacting almost instantly to it, began to beef up even more. He felt a surge of pain building up in his body. He wanted to scream so bad. He wanted to end the stream so bad. But he couldn’t move. He had never felt so tight before. Mark had finally realised he was growing. His body began to explode in size. He wasn’t growing any taller, but his body began to bulk up further and further. His biceps swelled into the size of softballs. His pecs ballooned in size. His wings stretched outwards. His neck and shoulders thickened. He grunted and moaned. His eyes were shut and he gritted his teeth. More and more tears were appearing from his clothes. His thighs and calves grew bigger and thicker. The man had grown from a normal build to a full on bodybuilder. He now weighs about 350lbs of pure muscle. He was much bigger than most bodybuilders. With him still at 6’0 tall, Mark was looking super hefty. But it was clear that his growth showed no signs of stopping. With 300 likes in total, the Youtuber was growing even faster than before. More and more bulk began to pack into Mark’s body. He was starting to look like the muscle morphs you see online. His muscles grew so huge, it tore his shirt in an instant, revealing to the masses of the large hulk before them. Mark screamed in agony. His jeans were beginning to give way too. The lower region of his jeans had fully torn off from this legs, now looking like torn up shorts. Mark’s expanding muscles were beginning to lose space to grow. His pectorals swelled so much, it began to touch his arms. His back grew so wide, it was squeezing against the arm handles of his gaming chair. He could hear the creaking sounds of his chair about to collapse under his swelling body. He was unable to move as he was stuck in his chair, growing bigger and bigger. His body started to climb higher too, now he reached about 6’3 inches tall. The tent in his shorts, now growing so thicks and long, begin to press and beg to be released. Mark’s pain and anguish became lust. He reached for his cock with his right hand and began stroking it. It was hard to pull off. His giant bicep pressing against his giant pecs. He could barely move his arm. In fact, he couldn’t see past his mammoth pecs as well. His cock felt massive. It was probably about 8 inches, and it was barely chubbing. He felt his pre leaking out to his jeans. The discomfort began to settle in once again as his cock began to grow so huge, his jean shorts could not hold any longer. With one giant huff, the buttons holding against his pants flew off, hitting his computer screen causing a small crack. Soon the flyer of his short went immediately down and his whole shorts tore off, revealing a bright red and stretched underwear. Mark was utterly embarrassed. Everyone began to comment about Mark’s new body. 420 lbs of muscle packed onto Mark’s body. Everyone knew this was going to get better. 500 likes now displayed on the screen and the reaction was getting more potent. Mark’s muscles exploded in size. His chair was creaking more and more. Soon enough, the strength of Mark’s growth had snapped of the base and handles of the chair. He fell to the floor. A loud thud swept across the room. Mark’s cock rose higher and higher. As his pecs blocked his vision below, he couldn’t tell how big his cock was. But the stretching and snapping sound of his underwear revealed that it was growing faster than expected. He felt his legs getting heavier. He tried to feel his way through his legs, only to realise his balls were swelling and resting on his legs. His cock was rising higher as his balls swelled and spilled out of his legs. He was really pent up. He could feel his pre flowing from the slit of his head. He felt many drops of pre landing on his balls and legs. He could not take it anymore. He began to stroke his massive cock with his hands. He could barely wrap it around. He stroked as hard and as fast as he could. He panted and groaned. He begged for more growth. It felt so good. What once was pain in his growth was not pleasure. He begged his viewers to like the stream more. He wanted to reach his goal of 5000 likes. No, he wanted more. He begged everyone to try to get this live stream to as many people as possible. He wanted more likes, he needed more! Faster and faster he stroked. His body swelled more and more. Each muscle was pressing against one another. He looked like a massive muscle monster. His muscles were so disproportionately big, it even puts the Hulk to shame. His biceps rose above his head. His pecs were so fat they sagged nearly to his waist. His legs were so thick, redwood trees could barely be as thick. His back was almost as wide as his room. He was becoming a hyper monster. His cock was getting too big. It rose higher and higher, leaking more and more pre. Soon the whole floor was covered in pre. His massive muscle tits were leaking with milk. Soon enough, body hair began to grow too. In almost an instant, his body was covered in a thick layer of hair. His beard, now reach the mid point of his pecs. His pubic hair grew so long, it covered all the way to his knees. His pit hairs grew all the way down to his waist. His cock now swelled even more. His thick member now thicker than each of his legs. It rose to meet Mark’s own head. Mark was now 6’7” and growing. His cock had to be at least 4 feet. With both heads meeting each other, Mark pushed his cock into the cleavage of his pecs and began to suck on it. He could barely encapsulate his cock with his own arms. 1000 likes had been reached and now is where things start to get good. His growth was now growing exponentially. His massive and hairy body exploding bigger and bigger. His cock grew so much that it was as long as he was tall. His balls swelled big to meet with his pecs. As he grew taller and bigger, the room felt smaller. He was starting to outgrow his room. He reached 8’5” of height, but he weighed 1480 lbs of muscle. His stomach began to rumble, a familiar growing pain was felt there. His stomach swelled bigger and bigger. A muscular roid gut was forming. The gut swelled so much it started pushing his pecs higher and his cock away from his body. His whole massive body began to crush and move his furniture away. Everyone in the comments were in awe. The table holding the computer had been crushed by Mark’s massive cock. But his computer was still fine. Now most of the view was just his swelling, veiny cock. Mark now had barely any space in his room. His body was starting to crack the wall behind him. His cock rose to meet the ceiling, cracking it as well. His balls were pushing the walls in front of him. More hair was growing from his body. Everything felt tight again as the Youtuber grew bigger. His pre and milk mixture were now filling his room with 2 feet of liquid. Mark still wanted to grow. The amount of pleasure building up in his body was unbearable. He wanted to cum so badly. His cock was now taller than he was, and thicker than his own waist. He couldn’t stroke his cock anymore for his swelling muscle gut pushed his cock too far. Only one thing was left. Mark began to buck himself. He tried to get off by rubbing his cock against the walls of his room. He started to buck harder and harder. He could tell it was working. More and more pre was spilling from his head. You could barely see the head anymore. Mark groaned louder and louder. He could feel it coming soon. He clenched his fists and legs. He gritted his teeth. His eyes clenched. And with one last buck, the most powerful scream blasted through the house and then some. A huge torrent of cum came blasting from his cock. The first wave of cum broke the walls in front of him down, spilling backwards, hitting Mark’s whole body. 2000 likes and counting. Mark’s growth is accelerating faster. The amount of cum blasting out of his cock is insane. Mark’s swelling had begun to break down his house. His giant body outgrew his house, breaking and smashing every item there. Except for his computer. His massive cock still hasn’t stopped cumming as the streets, and nearby houses began to be drenched in the massive hyper man’s seed. As he stood up, he realised he was 12’10 inches tall, weighing at 2012lbs. The huge brute of a man still growing bigger and bigger. His muscles began to fill up the nearby houses. Everything fall apart against the mighty body. Layers and layers began to stack up and pile onto the hyper body. His cock rapidly swelling bigger and bigger. His balls swelling faster and faster. His body now sits on top of his balls. His roid gut swelling faster and faster, making it impossible for him to even reach the front of his gut. His pecs swelling and spilling over his gut. His nipples growing even longer and thicker. His palms couldn’t even encapsulate his nipples anymore. His face turning even more brutish and squarish. His ass swelling to form massive minivans. His back, stretching and spreading so far it took up 2 house plots. More and more did the massive youtuber cum. Each spurt getting longer and more intense. So much cum began to fill the streets. And it didn’t look to be slowing down. Cars, lamp posts, mailboxes and the like began to get swept away from the mighty white river that flows. It didn’t help that Mark’s swelling tits began to explode milk. He had never felt so much intensity and relieved at the same time. All of that cum and milk pouring like geysers from their individual holes. The constant churning of balls and tits, producing and releasing their liquids at enormous and unbelievably rates. It was a sight to behold. 5000 likes and increasing. More viewers began to pile up and the like counter surging his growth even further. It looks like people really wanted to see this happening. With the current rate of increasing likes, he would dominate the world in less than 10 minutes. His swelling now towering multiple buildings. Everyone nearby began to walk outside their houses to witness the giant man hulking beyond their believe. Multiple people began to try to get away. But the sheer amount of cum send people trapped and swept away. Everybody was defenceless against Mark’s sheer power. Mark felt absolutely bad for the poor citizens near him. He wished he would be able to save them all. But through the power of Castpha’s growth service. A wish came true. Every 5000 likes received, a new power shall be granted to the creator. And through that wish, he was given the power of teleportation. He noticed his brand new power in an instant. He was surprised. There were so many new things happening all at once. But no time to lose, he had to save everyone. Using his teleportation skills, he transported everyone to a safe location. And to prevent such a catastrophe from happening again, he tried to teleport himself to a location where he couldn’t do any harm. Unfortunately, his powers were still new, and thus, he teleported to the middle of a dense city, for all to see. But another problem had occurred. An intense pain in his groin region. A pain so intense, it faded away all previous lustful feelings he had before. Though he tried to ease the pain by holding it, his belly had made it impossible to reach for it. The pain grew more intense. Mark began to yell as loud as possible. The entire city began to shake from the boomburst that had came. Everyone began to scream and run. The glass on all buildings had shattered. Mark began to teleport everyone away from him. But the pain is getting worse. He could feel something was wrong. His cock began to start shifting around. The skin around the base of his cock warping and moving. It felt as though his cock was moving towards his right leg from the base. As it moved, he could no longer feel his cock touch his left leg but felt it entirely on his right leg. The pain to the left of his cock began to worsen. It wasn’t like anything he felt before. It felt like burning and tearing at the same time. Soon the skin of the painful area began to morph, to what looked to be a second cock forming. It began to protrude further and further from his body. Soon enough, his new cock grew as long as his first. Mark scream and was absolutely confused of the outcome. But things didn’t settle for now his balls felt a burning sensation. A lumps form within his scrotum as the lumps grew to two new testicles for the new cock. But things are getting weirder. 10,000 likes and Mark is as tall as a skyscraper. He began to feel lustful again. His muscles began to explode in size again. Nearby skyscrapers were destroyed in an instant. The city was in absolute ruins. His gut was swelling bigger and bigger. Unable to control his new size, he begins to destroy even more buildings. His gigantic muscles begin to prevent him from being able to move properly. As Mark grew even more horny, he needed to release his waterfalls again. The only things nearby were other skyscrapers. Unable to hold onto his pent up horniness, he began to pound the buildings nearby. Though he was barely able to move, the buildings were able to satisfy his needs a little. As he got more pent up, his building-fucking began to get more rapid. He pumps and pumps harder. He begins to scream as his two cock thrust and burst through the buildings. New amounts of pre and milk began to leak from their holes. He began to fuck harder and harder, as a new pain appears in his groin area. Another cock and 2 more balls begin to protrude to form a new cock. As the third cock increase the intensity of his pleasure, he pumped harder and harder, destroying more buildings. As he reached his second climax, he screamed and blasted river worths of cum and milk all over the city. As this happens, his body explodes in size, bigger and bigger... 100,000 likes and Mark towers even the tallest of mountains. It appeared that someone has created a new bot to increase the likes of the video. As people realise a bot has been increasing the likes, they too begin to join and try to download the bot to increase the intensity of the likes. As thousands of people being to get more bots, the like number increased way too quickly. As more likes were given, even more powers to Mark, making him a powerful god. But even after sending river torrents of cum and milk, he was getting horny again. His body swelled to the size of mountains, and he began to fuck the nearby mountains. With more fucking that happened, another cock and pair of balls begin to appear from his body. 1,000,000 likes and even planets dwarved around Mark. Mark had been fucking and growing for far too much. Soon he began to dwarf the countries, then the moon, then the earth and soon enough the Solar System was way smaller than Mark himself. Another cock and pair of balls had appear, giving Mark a total of 5 cocks and 10 balls. But more of his body grew. His muscles were now swelling so fast, his height couldn’t keep up. His muscles and body grew exponentially bigger than his height, causing Mark to be even more immobile. But due to his muscles constantly growing, the pressure from the growth constantly rubs his cock, causing him to constantly be in a lustful state and cumming a lot. Not only were his current muscles growing, but now more muscles were appearing in random areas of his body causing him to look bigger. His hair was now growing even faster, causing his body to be engulfed in his hair. His gut was now almost as big as his body. His cock and balls were now 5 times as big as his own body. His nipples now dropped all the wait to midway his belly. His ass swelled as big as each testicle... 1,000,000,000,000,000 likes and galaxies surround Mark. He was absolutely enormous. More muscles packed onto his body. His cock and balls swelled even faster. His gut causing him to look even more bloated than ever. He was getting even hairier. All of the galaxies nearby were being ripped apart from the sheer density of Mark. Mark’s body was getting denser than ever. All his atoms crushed each other forming a particle denser than infinity. Soon his whole body was no longer made of atoms, but a nuclear pasta so dense that no space was unoccupied by any particles. Though his body was one giant nuclear pasta, the properties of his body remained the same to still make him human. As he cums around the universe, he creates more galaxies from his body. Soon afterwards, a 6th cock and 2 more balls soon appeared from his body. Infinite likes. It looks like the universe is beyond his comprehension. He begins to crush the universe and then some. Mark was growing past multiple universes. Soon enough, he begins to burst past multiple Multiverses too. With so much dominating power, he was filled with a lot of godly power. He was now truly a god. A God with immeasurable power. But as he grew bigger and more powerful, his body begins to morph even more. A 7th cock and 2 more balls appeared from his body. But not only that, his upper torso begins to lurch and have sudden sharp pains. Mark soon realised that his pecs were moving away from his gut. What surprised him was that now 2 more pectorals has appeared right below the first pair. And quickly after, new elongated nipples had grown to immediately spill milk all over the universe. With a new set of pecs, new arms begin to protrude out of the side of his pectorals. He now has 4 arms. He was now even more powerful than ever. Infinite and Beyond. The numbers keep increasing, and so does he. In fact, a few familiar faces would soon come to pass. The Hyper Gods have witnessed a new god awaken from the emptiness. However, the body built of this new god proves to be unknowable to the Gods. The new Deity proved to be too big. And bigger he grew. As the new God swelled bigger and taller before their very eyes, they could feel the vast power that such a God held. The New God had powers and size they couldn’t even imagine. The new god swelled, expelling such great amounts of dominance and male musk that it triggered to inner lust of each previous Hyper god. The amount of size and power was to die for. In an instant, as the New God grew past each Hyper God, an instant orgasm began to spill all over the New God from the previous Hyper Gods. With the scent of the New God wafting across the Hyper Gods, they too felt a new sensation of power. A new growth awaits them. Though their growths were much smaller than the New God, it was no laughing matter as the omniverse grew smaller around the men. However their growths stopped quite rapidly. But the New God seemed to be accelerating in size. In fact, it appeared that another cock had rapidly sprung out from his body, along with another pair of balls to join them too. Pavel could see Mark growing past him. The Ultimate God was now grazed with the New God. Pavel was utterly amazed. Only one person had grown bigger than Pavel, but this was much different. The amount of bulk on the New God was too much to handle, and the rate of growth was too fast to track. In a split moment, Pavel had been outclassed by the New God. The New God heaved even more as his muscles bulking even faster into the heavens. He could feel the space around him grow colder and yet warmer still. Mark was about to meet the biggest guy he had ever seen. Will he outgrow him? Of course! There was just too much Mark to not stop growing. As he reached higher into the cosmos, he felt a hand hold his lower body. He must be close. When Mark was finally the same size as the Biggest One, they both stared at each other, and knew in an instant that Mark was to outgrow him. With another cock and pair of balls exploding from nowhere, he began to feel new power to dethrone the Biggest One... J likes? What does J mean? It could be assumed that it’s a universal constant. But what surprised Mark was another human on the J scale. But Mark seemed to still be growing. Due to Mark’s ever increasing body, he would barely acknowledge the man he passed by. All he understood from the man was that he was named Jeremy. Must be that the J stand for. It looked that Jeremy was the absolute biggest entity until Mark came around. But even if Mark was as tall as Jeremy, Mark would still outcompete Jeremy. Due to Mark’s absolute hyper body with billions of muscles stacked upon each other, Jeremy would look like an ant right beside a god. Coupled with the amount of hair on Mark’s body, the size of each billion muscles being ten thousand times larger than 1 of Jeremy’s 650 muscles, his nipples reaching towards his knees, the sheer size of his gut compared to his body, his additional pair of pectoral muscles and arms, as well as his 9 cocks and 18 balls. But it didn’t stop there as another pair of balls and a cock began to sprout from his body. A loud scream echoed from the chambers of nothingness as the last pair of cock and balls emerge from the incomprehensible hyper brutish body of Mark. As the numbers keep on increasing from the bots, so does Mark. With that, Mark had to sad farewell to the biggest man Jeremy to replace his throne. Expanding larger and larger, Mark is almost at his end. 10(infinity)J(J^(InfinityJ) + 1000J) + 11(infinity)^(infinity x e) x infinityJ(J^(InfinityJ + 1000J)) was what was displayed on the video. It appeared that he the number could not increase anymore. Even though the 11 was meant to be a 10. Mark’s growth had finally stopped. J was a Omniversal and Beyond constant that meant the biggest. The largest number in a single unit of J. No one knows where J came from But there might be a man as big as the constant J inches tall. But Mark was way bigger than that. He truly was the biggest man alive. He could barely move around the space he occupied. The Ultimate God now sat in an area he could barely move in. Mark knew this was the ultimatum, the biggest and most powerful anyone could get. His body was truly the definition of Hyper. His head could not be seen for ages. His muscles were so utterly massive, you could not tell which muscle was if you pointed at it. Piles and piles of muscles stacked on the massive body. No matter how many images of hyper muscle dudes or artwork on any website you can look, no matter how imaginative your brain may seem, his muscles were too incomprehensibly big, too incomprehensibly hyper. His muscle gut was about 5 times as big as the rest of his body. His 10 cocks and 20 balls were about 100 times his own body size, each! His 4 pecs were squishing against each other, pressing and constantly squeezing his milk out. His 4 giant arms were constantly in a flexing position as the rest of his muscles could not give them any space. His entire body was so incredibly brutish, there was no way to tell which muscle was what. Not to mention his hairs. So densely packed and grew so much, no one could find the origin of each hair strain. He now knows all that the Onmiverse and Beyond had to offer. Though the vessel may look utterly uncomfortable, Mark was in absolute peace. His intelligence is now as at its absolute highest. He was after all the most muscular, powerful, biggest, smartest and strongest man alive...
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    This is the hottest story on this site. The descriptions of what is happening are so detailed, Jesus, so fucking hot
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    The unneeded sequel to Mark/iplier's growth. Even though he was already the biggest, I thought of more ways to grow the handsome stud further beyond his size. Part 2 is called Like, Subscribe, Ring the Bell, Comment and Donate. There won't be anymore parts. I think this story already shows the maximum size anyone could ever grow. I have more stories planned. Also I would be down to talk about guys growing too so hit me up in the message board. Would love to talk about hyper growths such as these, as well as canon characters growing infinitely huge too! Mark had been sitting in deep space. With the vast knowledge and power he had, he could control everything ever. With his immense power and size, it was no joke to call him the Ultimate God. All because he received an unprecedented amount of likes on the new hit website, Castpha. No one on Earth knows the magic that causes men to grow, but more and more muscle growth and macro lovers use the site to watch other men grow bigger. Previously, the only way to grow someone is through liking a livestream of said user. But due to overwhelming popularity and support, a giant update had hit the wave. Not only to livestreams can grow men behind the screen, but videos make guys grow too. Castpha has also begun to implement features from Youtube. The subscribe, bell, comments and donations are now allowed on the site. But growths from each selection have different effects. 1 like would give a man a pound of muscle, or 10 likes for 1 inch of height. Subscribing now would add on 15 lbs per like and 1 foot every 10 likes. Ringing the Bell gives 100 lbs per bell and 2 feet every 10 bells. Commenting goes wilder as it adds 200 lbs per comment and 3 feet every 10 comments. Lastly donations. The most effect ever. Every US dollar grants a guy 500 lbs or 10 dollars grants a guy 5 feet of height. Due to the new implementations, some cheeky hackers have increased the subscribe, bell, comment and donate counts to the same number as the like count, a whopping 10(infinity)J(J^(InfinityJ) + 1000J) + 11(infinity)^(infinity x e) x infinityJ(J^(InfinityJ + 1000J)) for each section. With the sudden increase in numbers, Mark is about to experience the growth of a lifetime. Mark had already predicted this, for his infinite knowledge has led to this moment. But he didn’t want to stop such a mega growth event. He wanted to experience it all. In a split second, Mark experience a huge burst of power, growth, and intense lust. He immediately came to the pleasure of his growth. Endless pools of cum began to burst free from his 10 cocks. His growth became more intense as the seconds passed. His already incomprehensible muscles were swelling at an astounding rate. His muscles multiplies too, adding layers and stacks of muscles above one another. Each muscles so profoundly huge and hyper, all the brutish art you see online could barely scrape the surface of how immense Mark has and is becoming. His body exploded in size, immediately dwarfing his previous size in no less than a split second. His cock and balls, his pecs, his roided gut, swelled even faster than the rest of his body. His soles, shoulders, ass, chin and hair, growing so abnormally large. His hair covering his entire body, leaving almost no skin seen to the eye. His head could not be seen anymore from the swelling body. His back and traps exploded in size, spreading, stretching and growing, creating an even bigger wall that what once was. His 4 nipples had become so gargantuan, he couldn’t even wrap a quarter of a nipple with both hands combined. It was so long it had grown to be almost as long as each cock. Soon even more extremes had occurred. His power as the Ultimate God had increased exponentially. A living creature could not comprehend this much power. Not even he could control the unfathomable power he was bestowed. Despite his sheer size, the power of a god is the ultimate power to control the omniverse and beyond. His increasing power would be too much for even he to handle. His body glowed in spectacular fashion as the power of infinites of Gods welled up inside him. His brain too was experience an extreme growth. Like his power, his intelligence had been increasing so much and so fast that he could barely even comprehend the knowledge that he had. Soon enough, his body had begun to undergo even more extreme changes. After every second, multiple pairs of cock and balls burst out from his body. Each cock, taking a whole different shape than that of a typical human being. Soon enough, hundreds of different types of cocks began to sprout all at once each second, no cock looking the same. The rest of his body began to undergo a similar change. Like an amalgamation of creatures, Mark’s body began to change as such. His back sprouted multiple types of wings. Tens of tails began to sprout from the top of his ass, all looking different. He developed even more arms and legs and pecs. Some arms looked human, others looking like animal arms. He had grown horns, claws, gills, you name it. His body was now not only wanting to become a massive god, but a combination of every single creation of god himself. Every single characteristics of every single living creature’s species in the whole Omniverse and Beyond had began to form onto mark’s body, creating the biggest fusion of living creatures there ever was. Now he looked and was the combination of God and All his creations. With him having the characteristics of every species ever in the Whole Omniverse and Beyond, he had developed all traits, attributes, skills, magic, benefits, you name it. There are about a million species alone on Earth. Imagine, the amount of species that Mark had developed from the Omniverse and Beyond. It was utterly incomprehensible. Even at the same height, due to the changes on his body, he had gained too much mass for the same height he stood at. His back was covered in wings, billions of them. He had billions of horns on his head. He had magical elements circling around his entire body. He had elements of fire, water, arcane magic, dream magic, ALL TYPES of magic or power surrounding him. He had an uncountable amount of arms and legs, all of different species. He now had all types of organs for all types of species. Basically he had everything on his body. But the true remarkable thing are his cocks. Infinites of cocks and balls forming the largest mushroom forest ever conceived. His body and height also exploded in size. What was once thought to be the biggest being ever now grew so much that Mark’s previous size practically didn’t even exist anymore. He couldn’t even pinpoint on comprehend his previous size he was just that big now. His mass also imploading. Though he had infinite density, he was barely close to looking like a black hole. Even more so, it appeared that even his density was far beyond infinite. It was due to the sheer power in his body, preventing him from collapsing. When all is said and done, his growth finally halted. He had finally became the True Ultimate God ever. His body, mind, power, mass, all truly at its peak. Mark was now finally, the most powerful living being alive. Nothing could ever outgrow him ever...
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    My Muscle Cousin Eddie, Part 2 My Muscle Cousin Eddie, Part 3 My Muscle Cousin Eddie, The Tryout Muscle Cousin Eddie, The Finale And, by the way, "Vinny vs. the Mighty Beast" was an "Eddie" antecedent... So, yes, it would be great to see MORE of Eddie and Vinny (and anyone Mike chooses to invent!) but I think he mostly covered the waterfront. Richard
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    Hey, I know I haven't been around much, this is a little something... very little something, just an idea I had rolling around in my head. The last few years had been pretty difficult for Santa up in the cold dark North Pole, his real-estate was melting away and mega corporations with their super fast delivery were cutting into his profit margins. He needed something to give him an edge, he’d been selectively breeding flying reindeer for centuries and he wasn’t gonna get any new mileage out of that. His sleigh had also been rocket powered since the 60s, so no faster deliveries from that. The workshop was top of the line, cutting edge technology everywhere. Santa has always been an innovator, the second robotic assembly lines were a thing he’s got a few set up in his shop, when warehouse drones started to pop up Santa went and got himself a fleet to speed up the ferrying of toys around the workshop. Then Santa had his eureka moment. It was his workforce that needed a change, that needed innovation. The elves needed an update. He first thought about longer working days and shorter lunch breaks, but the elves had surprisingly iron clad contracts and vicious union. Santa couldn’t touch the contracts. Magic!! Maybe it was magic that was the answer. Santa always used magic to speed himself up, maybe he could do the same to elves, get a stronger, hardier workforce. Maybe even have them pick up some of the delivery jobs on his behalf. Santa felt that he could use a little rest after the last few centuries, sending a couple.. or couple dozen magically enhanced elves out. The results went beyond Santa’s wildest dreams. Within days of unleashing his magic on the elves they’d begun to change, some got taller, some got heavier. But by the end of the week with Christmas fast approaching Santa had several dozen elves who looked nothing like elves. Some like Gumdrop were a towering 6’7 with muscles unrivalled by anything in the world beyond, or they were like Sugarplum and were only 6’3 but had a dick like the fattest sugarcane at the North Pole. Santa didn’t know why some elves were more affected by the magic, but he wasn't arguing with the results. For many of the elves they now found themselves too big for their world, their giant wide feet would hang out the end of their small bunk bed, annoying the smaller elf trapped in the bunk below. Doorways and ceilings in the elf building were too short for many elves now, and their clothes were struggling to contain their enhanced muscles and stretched out heights. Santa got them to work, while using his magic on any and all elves who wanted the change. Many were signing up, but some were worried about the change. They didn’t like having to lookup at their fellow elves, especially ones like Sweetpea who’d grown massive hairy concrete slab like pecs which his enlarged elf clothes couldn’t hold back. Santa didn’t pay any attention to the naysayers. Even when some of the smaller elves started getting used to relieve the swollen bull nuts of their larger fellows. Some elves were relishing their new size, they even created a gym in one of the old reindeer stables, lifting heavy sets of Christmas presents to work their magically bulging muscles. When Christmas arrived Santa just sat back in his gingerbread house and drank some sherry while his workforce of beastly muscle bound elves flew around the world delivering presents. Santa was the boss after all, so why would he be doing the grunt work. A few elves didn't actually go out and do their jobs, they just stayed in their bunks seeing how many gooey loads their smaller fellows could swallow. The next day when the world was busy opening presents Santa went to check out how his elves did. The results weren’t quite what he expected. Some elves had had a bit too much fun while out in the world for the first time. Cotton and his brother Candy had ended up raiding a frat row for hunky boys to bring back, they’d returned hours late having left an entire frat full of Christmas cheer. One elf even brought a very happy Australian surfer boy back to the North Pole and was keeping him warm by letting his hulking brothers gang bang the cute blond hunk’s eager mouth and ass. Some elves hadn’t even come back at all.
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    Ugh. Sorry I've haven't been as active. Every weekend this fall that's not a holiday I feel like I've been picking up leaves. I hate leaves. HATE them. And it feels like they never stop falling. The bright side is, I think I got them all mostly picked up now...finally. So hopefully I can stop spending so many hours every weekend picking up the fucking leaves. Ok, enough ranting Here's another story from the nifty archive featuring my favorite subject, huge muscular coaches. I can never get enough of this type of man, haha. http://www.niftyarchive.info/nifty/gay/athletics/the-coach-2 Enjoy
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    I will be pounding this beautiful muscle ass next weekend & booking duo muscle worship in Palm Springs. So much muscle in one room. If you can't experience it in person make sure to subscribe to onlyfans.com/papimuscle. Still at the Black Friday discounted rate. You'll see all the sexy shenanigans there. DM for info
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    Who knows when or what causes a friendship to blossom into so much more. Sam and I had hung out in the same crowd for about five years. In the last year and a half we had actually started spending a lot of time doing things just the two of us. It was a comfortable friendship – going out for drinks, catching a movie, grabbing a bite to eat, and stuff like that. We weren’t similar in too many ways - he was into sports and a gym rat trying to grow big while I was working on my doctorate in Shakespearean Sonnets. Yet, he had somehow gotten me to actually like watching rugby championships and he had become a huge fan of the Tony Awards – not wanting o miss one second of Broadway’s biggest night. We also both had a secret love for romantic comedies. We had been forced out of our rom-com closets when the local independent theatre had a special cram packed holiday screening of ‘Love Actually’ and our assigned seats ended up being right beside each other. After trying to find a million excuses of why we were there we both eventually confessed up to our guilty pleasure. It was a cold Saturday night in November and Sam was spending the evening at my place to finally marathon watch and prove to each other which was a better movie – ‘When Harry Met Sally’ or ‘Sleepless in Seattle.’ I was a big old fan of the Tom Hank, Meg Ryan heartbreaker turns happy film, while he said Meg did her best stuff with Billy Crystal in the multiple year spanning classic. We both knew the other guy probably held the two movies in equal esteem, but the debate gave us an ‘out’ for having the movie marathon, pasta dinner evening, anyway. We had finished dinner, finished the movie, and were presently sitting on the sofa finishing what was the second bowl of popcorn for the evening. The conversation lulled a little and our hands touched as we grabbed for popcorn at the same time. The quickness and the force with which we both pulled back our arms was immediately funny and intriguing at the same time. We both noticed it. “After you,” I said – glancing at him and then looking at the television – black because it had been turned off a while ago. “No, I insist. You first,” Sam responded – and I could tell he was still looking at me. “You’re the guest,” I said, turning back to him and trying my best to not show that this little stupid exchange had really wrecked me. “Surely, I’m beyond guest status,” he said and we both laughed. “Yes, yes you are,” I agreed, reaching in to get a handful of popcorn. Looking back on the evening now, we are able to acknowledge from that moment on our conversation turned into what would surely be labeled the horrible dialogue from a very bad porno movie, but when you are in the budding throes of new passion you simply are unaware . . . or you simply don’t care. We both think – with a better script – the evening would make for a great romantic comedy. Sam started us on our trip into the world of poor screenwriters. “I pulled a trap muscle in the gym, today. You wouldn’t mind massaging it a little, would you?” he asked. “Of course not,” I replied, “If only I knew what a trap muscle was.” This made him laugh – something that had never made my stomach do leaps until that moment. I forced myself to not smile uncontrollably – something I always did to cover up my nervousness. Sam pointed up to a knotted mass of muscled next to his neck – bulging noticeably upward under his shirt. I reached up, hoping to hell he did not notice that my hand was shaking and grabbed hold of the hardness under the fabric – shocked at how big and stone-like this particular part of his body felt. I definitely knew I did not have traps that were noticeable. At first, it felt like I was trying to knead concrete – and then I realized I’d have to use a lot more pressure than I had anticipated. I gripped his trap muscle harder and started squeezing strongly. He winced a little and let out a little moan. I immediately stopped. “I’m sorry, does that hurt?” I asked. “In a good way,” he replied with his eyes closed. “Keep going, I can tell it’s going to help.” I squeezed again – even harder than before and he emitted a low ‘yeah’ and eased toward me a little. I reached up with my other hand and gave him a massage with both of them. This seemed to increase the pain for him – judging by the way h winced, but he certainly sounded like what I was doing was pleasurable. “Get up on the sofa behind me,” he said, “So you can get at it from a better angle.” This seemed totally logical and there was nothing weird about m sitting with his back between my spread legs a few minutes later as I gladly gripped both trap muscles with my hands and squeezed as if my life depended on it. I could feel myself wanting to give Sam the massage of his lifetime. I wanted him to keep making the loud pleasure sounds that were presently escaping his mouth. I was so intent on my job I hadn’t even realized I was now fully hard in my jeans and pressing my crotch against his hard muscled upper back to give myself some more pleasure. “The material of your shirt keeps getting in the way,” I seriously said in all innocence. “Why don’t you take it off?” He leaned forward and had the thing off so quickly I almost wondered how it had happened. He leaned back against me, as if even a slight separation of our bodies might make us lose momentum for whatever this was turning into. We were both aware of how much all of this was turning on the other guy, but that really didn’t enter into our consciousness fully. We just wanted to continue moving forward and see where all of this led us. “God, your hands feel so good, man,” he said – and it sounded as if he were lost in some kind of trance. “Your muscles feel good, too,” I said – without any hesitation and without even thinking about it afterwards. Sam brought his arms up into a double biceps pose. I’d never seen him do that before. His arms ballooned up with muscle. I moaned out loud and slid my hands onto the big guns below me. He actually gasped and his body shook as I groped the big mounds. “Yeah, feel those big things, man. You like my arms, don’t you?” Sam said, and I swear it sounded as if he were some other guy – all cocky and masculine. “So much,” I said, softly, and noticed my answer made him shake again. I looked down and saw that his crotch was packed with something big and hard, just as mine was. His entire upper body seemed so huge, so powerful. I was entranced with all of his muscles. My right hand moved to his bulging triceps, to stead myself as my other hand moved from his biceps down to hi massive pec – letting his nipple be teased between two fingers. He was watching my hands closely – clearly loving the way I was making him feel. I pressed in harder, hoping to make his steel-like body feel my adoration. His pleasure moans told me I was succeeding. He turned his face upward, letting the back of his head bump into my raging hard-on. His eyes told me what to do. I brought my lips down to his – while he continued to flex and I continued to grope. It was a kiss for the ages. His bristled stubble felt incredible against my face. He tightened his arms even more and made the big bulging peaks go higher. He clearly wanted to make me happy. I groped harder, rubbed his muscled body even more, and purred like a kitten. “God, I love your beard,” I said out of the side of our mouth – not letting our kiss end. “I think I’ve secretly wanted you to say that for a very long time,” he responded. “And I think I’ve wanted you to feel my muscles for a very long time, too. A very long time.” “This feels so good,” I said, kissing him harder. “This feels so right,” he said, reaching around my head with his left hand and pulling my face into his even more.
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    Eddie and Vinny stood face to face on the mats. Well, almost face to face. Eddie was about a head taller than Vinny. "You look a lot smaller in person than on TV," Eddie said, looking down at the pro wrestler. Then he flexed his huge chest. His pecs were three times thicker than Vinny's. "I'm gonna mess you up good." Vinny rolled his eyes. He'd fought his share of big amateur goons before in wrestling training camps. At 225lbs, he was limber enough to avoid most of their power moves and finesse his way to victory. None of them had quite the extreme development of the goon in front of him now, though. The kid had to be carrying 350lbs of hard trained muscle mass. Eddie had pulled the straps of his singlet off his big shoulders, and now started to pull the singlet down over his massive quads. When he stepped out of it, he was only wearing a pair of UnderArmour square-cut briefs that were stretched so tight by his huge glutes that they almost looked gauzy. "Jesus," muttered one of the guys watching from the edge of the mats. "OK, guys," said Jack the promoter. "Let's mix it up a little. Don't hurt the kid, Vinny," he said with a slight chuckle. Vinny leaned down and grabbed Eddie around his thickly muscled abs. Eddie grabbed Vinny back, lifted his feet off the ground, breaking his hold and slamming Vinny to the mats with a heavy thud. "Oh yehh," said Eddie, mockingly. "I got more strength in my little pinkie than you do in your whole body, little dude." Vinny got quickly back to his feet, and began to reassess the situation. But before he could, Eddie stretched out his huge arm and clotheslined Vinny right across his chest with his 19 inch forearm. Vinny spun in the air and landed hard, his face to the mat. "Get up again, so I can knock you down more," Eddie said, straddling the stunned pro wrestler. As Vinny looked up at him, Eddie put his hands on his hips and flared out his monstrous lats. I watched from not far away, in a folding chair on the gymnasium floor. I could see Eddie's nostrils flaring and his breathing deepen, like a prize bull right before it gores the matador. Eddie looked bigger than ever. He seemed to be growing just from the adrenaline rush of beating up a pro wrestler with ease. When he flexed his arms into a double bi shot, the peak that rose up was higher than I'd ever seen it. Vinny got back on his feet, but was already unsteady. Eddie reached out with one big hand and grabbed Vinny's by the left side of his traps. "As much as I love lifting," said Eddie, pulling Vinny into him, "my favorite thing to train is my grip. I work it hardcore, sometimes two hours of pure grip work. You feel it, little dude?" Vinny let out a "ghhhaaaaa" sound, as Eddie tightened his hold and dug his thick fingers into the smaller man's trap muscle. "Ha," said Eddie, "I'm just getting started. That's about 10 percent of my grip pressure. See?" And he squeezed some more. I saw Vinny's knees start to buckle. Eddie shook him back and forth some, then lowered him to his knees. Vinny tried with both his hands to break Eddie's grip. "There's no getting out of this hold, bud. It would take you and three of your friends to even get close." And he squeezed harder. It must have taken everything Vinny had not to piss himself at this point. Eddie pulled him back to his feet, lifting him by his trapped trap muscle alone. Higher and higher, until Vinny was on his tiptoes, and then, Eddie flexed his free arm in Vinny's face. "Look at the size of my arm, dude," sneered Eddie. The huge arm swelled up, big as Vinny's head. "Kiss it," ordered Eddie, and he pulled Vinny by his trap until his face was smashed up against the swollen belly of his big biceps muscle. Vinny kissed it. "Heh heh, yeh, dude, taste like power, don't it?" Eddie licked the side of Vinny's neck. "You taste more like sugar, little dude." Then he straightened out his free arm and shook out the ham-sized upper muscles. He reached down and grabbed the waistband of Vinny's jeans. He pressed Vinny overhead and started using him for military presses. Up and down he went, rep after rep, and I could see Eddie's pecs and delts reddening with pump. Suddenly, he let go of Vinny's trap and shifted all his weight to one arm. He started using Vinny's 225lbs bodyweight to do one-armed triceps extensions. Eddie's shoulders and arms grew bigger with every rep. And as he held Vinny straight up overhead, his triceps popped out thick and heavily striated. Then he switched Vinny to his other arm, and used him to get an equally huge pump on those tris. Finally, he dropped Vinny to the mat and flexed over him. "Check out these horseshoes," he said, admiring his own huge tris as he flexed them rock hard. He stopped flexing, reached down, and grabbed Vinny by his ankles. "Your ears look cold, dude, lemme warm them up with your feet." He lifted Vinny's legs straight up, then bent them down toward Vinny's head, climbing down on top of him in a full mount, and pushing Vinny's legs down until his feet were pushed against his ears. Vinny struggled, but was pinned down solidly by 350lbs of strength. Eddie started to ride him around the mats like he was pushing a plow, his huge glutes and legs rippling with muscle as he moved Vinny around like a ragdoll. Vinny looked panicky, and tried tapping out by hitting Eddie's side. Eddie ignored the taps, except to say, "Hit me harder, little man, it just makes me feel bigger and stronger," and bearing down on Vinny with more of his weight. Suddenly, I heard a deep baritone voice from behind me. "Maybe your friend should pick on someone his own size," said the voice. I turned and looked, and saw a huge swarthy behemoth of a man right behind my chair. "Whooa," I said, and went to move away from him, but he put his thick index finger on my shoulder and pressed me back down in the folding chair I was in. The sense of his power sent a chill down my spine. I got a better look at him, and realized he was not a young man, probably in his fifties, but still enormously, powerfully built. He had on an unbuttoned flannel shirt, and his huge barrel chest thrust its way out of the front, thick with a pelt of black and gray hair. His hard, hairy roid gut pressed up against my head. "Maybe it's time for someone to teach him some manners," he said. His neck had to be 25" around, and thick with cords of muscle. He smelled like leather and cigar smoke. He had dark fur running down the back of his huge traps, like he was half gorilla. He put one powerful hand on the back of the empty folding chair next to me, and crumpled the metal under his fingers. "I have a pretty good grip, too, no?" All I could do was swallow hard. The guy looked like he weighed 400lbs and had never missed a day of training in fifty years. He lifted the folding chair and bent it in two, then in two again, then tossed it aside. He lumbered his way down to the mats, where Eddie was riding Vinny all over the mats. "Beg me to stop, man. Beg me," Eddie was saying to him. "I'll make you stop," said the massive older man, stepping onto the mats. Eddie looked up and got a big grin on his face. "Now we're talking," he said, pushing himself up off of Vinny. His upper body was pumped huge from working over the smaller pro wrestler. His arms jutted out at 45 degree angles. His huge pecs were blotchy red and bloated so full that even his stretch marks were stretched. "Bring it on, old man," he said. I noticed veins that I hadn't seen before throbbing across his upper pecs, into his delts, and down his huge arms. He clenched his fists, and even more veins popped out on his club-like forearms. The big older man pulled off his flannel shirt and tossed it. Even Eddie had to take a second to soak in the extreme massiveness of the guy. He was taller than Eddie and thicker all over. His roid gut might have been 45" around, but you could still see the ridges of his ab muscles even thru his fur. His nostrils flared as he took another step toward Eddie. "Whoa whoa whoa," said Jack, the wrestling promoter, jumping on the mats and stepping between the two huge musclemen. "I'm glad to see you here, Might Beast, but the two of you are not going to fight unless it's on TV and we're getting paid! I'm talking pay-per-view money, two freaks like you going at it, no holds barred." The Mighty Beast grabbed Jack's belt and curled him off the ground till they were face to face. "Move," said the massive wrestler, and then he casually rifled Jack into the row of folding chairs right in front of me. Vinny rolled off the mats and came over to see if he was alright. The two massive musclemen eyed each other up and down. Then the Beast flexed his arms into the air, and his huge biceps peaked up high. Eddie smirked and flexed back at him in the same pose. He bounced his arms up and down slightly as he squeezed them higher. The Beast stepped into Eddie until their two roid guts were touching, the older man's rounded brick abs covered with fur, and the younger man's ridged muscle wall bulging out smooth and shiny with sweat. They pressed into each other harder, and their massive chests pushed together nip to nip. Both smirking now, the big Beast put his fists to his waist and flared out his back. Huge lats splayed outward. Even through his back fur, I could see big mounds of muscle rolling up and tightening. Eddie cocked his head and copied the older man's pose, his lats spreading out inch for inch as wide as the Beast's, and the multiple heads of his deltoids jutting upward and outward. "Geezus," muttered Vinny, in awe of the muscle mass on the two monsters on the mats. "That freak of nature is really your cousin?" he said to me. I simply nodded back, being somewhat star-struck by just how handsome Vinny was in person and up close. The Beast took one step back from Eddie and said, "Hit me, boy." He kept his hands on his waist, and heaved his supersized chest outward even farther. "Oh fuck yeh," said Eddie, bringing his right arm up overhead, then slamming his forearm into the pro wrestler's big chest with a force that would have shattered a normal man's sternum like Turkish taffy. The Beast didn't budge. Eddie smashed into the big man's chest again and again. It didn't seem to faze him at all. If anything, it looked like the blows were just making his chest swell bigger. "Sweeet," said Eddie, as the big man's ape chest absorbed his forearm smashes. "Now do me," he said, jutting his own massive pecs out as far as he could, the two smooth mounds rounding out like medicine balls. The big older man smirked and raised his thick meaty arm high, then brought it slamming down onto Eddie, who didn't budge. "Nice," said Eddie. "Do it again." The Beast pounded Eddie's chest over and over, just as Eddie had done to him, and Eddie's Herculean pecs absorbed every one of them. Welted and reddened, his chest was swollen bigger than ever. "Now punch my gut," said the Beast. "Try and make me feel something this time." Eddie swung into the big man's rounded, hard ballgut, which didn't even dent, but did make the powerful massive wrestler take a step back. "You got some good strength for a young punk," said the big man. "You want to form a tag team with me?" "Do what?" asked Eddie. "Team up together. The two of us are genetic freaks. Together, we'd be unstoppable freaks." The Mighty Beast crunched his arms forward into a most muscular pose. "Man, that would kick ass," said Eddie, flexing back with his own most muscular. The two men's noses were almost touching as their nostrils flared and muscle bulged out all over their massive bodies. "Sure would. We'd kick ass all over Japan, make a fortune." On hearing that, Jack limped his way back onto the mats. "No no no, not Japan...here. You could make a fortune here..." "Japan would be awesome," said Eddie, completely ignoring Jack. "Yep," said the Beast, also ignoring Jack. "They love huge American muscle over there. You'll be a superstar in no time. And the two of us, training together, we'd be 500 plus pounds each in no time, too, tossing Japanese dudes around like playthings." "Aw fuck yeah, man, I like the way you think. Hey Cuz," said Eddie, turning to me, "you hear that? I'm moving to Japan." And so it came to pass, that, after getting his passport, Eddie moved to Japan and formed a hugely successful tag team with the Mighty Beast. Ironically, Vinny the Viking and I hooked up back here in the states. I followed him to his venues whenever I could, and we started lifting together. With Vinny's help, and the help of some of his special supplements, I got to 240lbs of rock solid muscle. Vinny grew to 290, and became a big success in Jack's up and coming wrestling league. Who would have ever seen it working out like this, just because I let my musclehead cousin move in with me? Vinny and I the two of them on youtube now and then. They bill themselves as The Beast and the Freak, the first tag team weighing over a combined weight of 1000lbs of pure power. It riles both of us up, watching the two mass monsters demolish their opponents with such cocky glee. Who knows, maybe the two of us will form our own tag team one day.
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    "You ready for this, boy?" I said, groping the jockstrap full of meat that was hanging down between my thighs. The hungry muscle boy standing in front of me couldn't take his eyes off the thick, heavy bulge. Considering the look on his face it wouldn't have surprised me if he started drooling then and there. "Yes sir…yes…fuck yes. I've been waiting all week for you to fill me up," he mumbled back, his eyes never leaving the massive basket of my jock. Danny had put in a hard week of training, and I knew he deserved what I was about to give him. Little did he know just how much of it he was about to get… "Then you can wait a little longer. Pose for me. Show me how hard you've worked." Finally breaking his gaze away from my cock, my little muscle slave looked up and shyly smirked and me. "Alright, sir." He was already stripped down to his posers, so he got right to it. He gave me a double-bi, showing off his already mountainous biceps - thick, serpent-like veins crawling over huge globes of solid rock. Next came an unimaginable most muscular, followed by a lat spread that made it look like he could fly. Now it was my turn to do the drooling. Danny must have noticed the look on my face when he quietly laughed and asked, "You like what you see, sir?" Snapping out of it I shrugged and said, "Not bad boy, but I think we can do better, no?" He walked closer to me, once again fixated on my jock, which had started to fill out thanks to the show he had just put on. Slowly coming down to his knees, Danny stared up at me with a look that seemed to combine both lust and starvation. "I agree, sir. I think we can do much better. Please sir…may I?" The desperation in his voice only made me harder, which I'm sure was something Danny could notice. I smirked. "Alright, you've earned it." And with that Danny ferociously ripped the jock strap clean off my body, letting my 11 inches of still semi-soft meat come cascading out in front of his face. The blast of heat and sweaty musk emanating from my cock seemed to put him into a euphoric stupor, but he quickly came out of it and got to work on my rapidly growing monster. He hungrily licked every inch of my veiny muscle prick, sucking down the sweat and doing his best to fit as much of it as he could down his throat. I quickly began leaking a steady stream of hot pre-cum, which only made him moan louder and work faster to make my pole grow. "Mmmmmph," he moaned over a mouthful of dick. "So fucking big, sir…so hungry, mmmph...must have more…" "That's right boy, you suck that monster. Get me nice and hard, make me grow for you." I wrapped my hands around his thickly muscled neck and forced his head down further, shoving my shaft deeper and deeper into his warm throat. "Mmmm, good work boy. That's it…" I could start to feel my cock heating up from the inside, my veins coursing with testosterone. Looking down as the hungry muscle freak sucked away, I noticed my shaft getting thicker - slowly, but it was definitely starting to grow. I could tell it was getting longer, too. With each stroke Danny was able to get less and less of my meat into his mouth. Feeling this growth inside his mouth, Danny stopped and pulled back to watch my cock grow for himself. "Fuck yes, sir! Make your cock huge for me, I want you to fucking fill me up!" he begged. "Then get back to fucking work, boy," I commanded, shoving my massive cock back in his face. At this point it was too much for him to really take in his mouth, but he continued to hungrily lick and suck at it from every angle. I reached down over him, running my hands along his rippling back towards his perfect muscle ass. As soon as I reached his hot, tight hole - still wet with sweat from the workout we just finished - I knew that I couldn't wait much longer. I stood upright and barked down at him, "Stand up and bend the fuck over, boy." He knew what was coming and eagerly obeyed. I positioned myself behind him and came down to my knees - having the heat of his massive glutes and the scent of his sweet, sweaty hole in my face almost made me cum on the spot, but I knew I had a ways to go before I could let my load go. "Mmm, fuck boy. Gonna work your hole out good," I said, grabbing hold of his perfect 31 inch waste and pulling his bubble ass in towards me. I licked every inch of his massive glutes, sucking down the sweet sweat as I moved my tongue closer and closer to his rigid ass crack. I ran my mouth up and down along his crack, each time forcing my tongue in closer to his tight hole. He moaned louder and louder the closer I got. "Oh fuck yeah sir, eat my tight hole. Open me up, get me ready for your huge fucking prick. Mmmmm fuck yeah, sir - more, please…more!" WIth that, and without any warning, I slammed my tongue as far into his tight ass as I could, sucking the sweat out of his hole. I worked that hole with my tongue and fingers, slowly fitting more and more in as I opened him up, literally fucking his hole with my mouth. After I had worked him over good I stood back to admire the work I had done. His hole was wide and perfect, but with all that muscle he had full control over it and could open and close it as he liked - a talent he was willingly showing off as I watched. "That's it boy, make sure that hole is nice and ready for this meat," I whispered. At this point I was leaking pre-cum like a bathtub faucet. Grabbing a fistful of my own hot cream I rubbed it into his hole, lubing him up for the pounding I was about to give him. I told him to brace himself against the workout bench he was standing in front of and asked him if he was really ready for it. "You sure you want this you little muscle slut?" "YES SIR! Fuck yes, please just fuck me sir, make me big…make me HUGE!" It was clear he was getting desperate, which meant he was horny as fuck. All the better - the more hormones running through his blood, the better the effect my seed would have on him. I lifted up my massive meat, now at least 16 inches long and thicker than a beer can and a half, and rubbed it against his lubed up muscle ass. Grinding against that pure muscle made me pump out pre even faster, and made him moan even more, begging for me to force my way inside of him. "PLEASE SIR, just FUCK ME! I NEED you inside of me, PLEASE!" I couldn't help laughing to myself as I pressed my softball-size cock head against his baseball-size hole. I took hold of his waist again as I firmly and slowly pressed into him. My little muscle slave gasped as I forcefully slipped my head inside him. "Oooohhh fuck, yes, fuck fuck fuuuuck," he moaned. "You alright, boy? Sure you can handle all this?" I asked. "Oh…yes sir, yes…" he panted. "Yes, fuck…please give me more." I pulled him in closer and forced my hips further forward, inching deeper and deeper up his tight, hot hole. "Awwwwww shiiit master, so FUCKING huge!" I stopped with about 5 inches to go and let him catch his breath before slowly pulling out again. I pulled out until just the tip of my head was still inside of his hole - I could feel him using his tight rim to massage my piss slit. This boy really knew how to use his hole. "Mmmm, that's nice boy. Chew on that meat with your hole...mmmm that's it…get me nice and - UGH - hard," I grunted, thrusting myself back into him, slamming the entirety of my massive 18 inch meat into his muscle cunt. He screamed out loud, and I could tell he was in pain, but all he cared about was the ecstasy of having me inside of him, my hot pre filling him up. I continued to work him like this for a while, slowly pulling all the way out and quickly ramming back into him when he least expected it. My massive muscle prick was growing thicker, harder, and longer with every stroke, filling up his gut with my essence. Danny was bucking like a wild bull, his head jerking back and forth with pleasure, his breath heavy like a raging animal. I began pumping into him, faster and faster, harder and harder - opening him up wider each time. I noticed we were both sweating again and bent forward to lick up the sweet pools of it that had collected in the crevices of his massive traps. Danny was in his own world of both pain and wild ecstasy. I rammed into him, each time getting further inside his tight, hot hole. "Awwwww fuck yeah, tear me open sir…" His ass was literally guzzling down on my hot red pole, chowing down on every thick inch. "Take that muscle cock, you fucking pig. Ride that shit boy…aww yeah, all the way down on my meat. Chew that shit up with your ass, boy." I thrusted into him as deep as I could. My cock must have swollen up to at least 21 inches long by now and was about as thick as football. I sat back on the workout bench behind me and let him settle down on top of me. Gravity pulled him down onto my meat, even further than before. He threw his head back, moaning and screaming, furiously jerking his own thick cock. "Holy FUCK!" he screamed out. "Ahhhhhh shit, ugh…sir…so…so…fucking biiig…uuughhhh yeah, FILL ME UP! FUCKING FILL….ME…UUUUGHH!!!" He was grunting and heaving like a wild beast. With every stroke his tight hole sucked my meat further inside of him. A few minutes of heavy riding had gone by when all of the sudden he pulled away until my cock was just barely inside of him. He went silent for a moment and I was about to ask if he was alright. Before I could get a word out he slammed back down on top of me, forcing my 25 inches of meat further inside of him than I had ever been before. I could have sworn I felt his heart beating with my piss slit. He arched his back and threw his arms out wide as every last muscle fiber in his body tensed up beyond belief. "Finally…" I thought to myself, "it's starting to work." I ran my hands down his back, around his waist and up over his diamond-hard abs until I reached his already massive pecs. They were literally quivering - shaking on their own, each sinew and fiber of muscle fiercely pulsating. The same went for the rest of his body: his massive arms, his tree trunk thighs, his watermelon glutes that were clamped down on my prick like a fucking vice… He gasped sharply and I felt his body tense up even more. And then it started - his muscles started blowing up, ripping under his skin, multiplying in size. The testosterone in his body mixed with the gallons of pre I had loaded into his gut was running through his bloodstream like a raging river, filling up each and every muscle. His chest grew under my hands, and I had to struggle to reach far enough around his massive torso to keep hold of them. He flexed his arms into a double bi and I watched from behind as they exploded into a mountain range of pure muscle. "GAHHHHHHHHH!!!" Danny roared out, coming back to consciousness. "FUCKKK YEAH! SO FUUUCKING HUGE! GOTTA…GET…BIGGER!!!" he screamed. He began pumping up and down on my pole again, letting the massive prick fill him up with hot pre, sucking it out of my shaft with every stroke. There was already a steady stream of it leaking out of his hole and running down my balls - the harder he pumped the more it gushed out all over my abs and his ass. His massive thighs lifted his heavy bodyweight up and down, over and over again. He lowered his newly tightened hole all the way down now, his heavy balls slapping against my massive grapefruit sized nuts each time he landed. "YEAH BOY!" I growled at him. "Ride that meat! Get it all the way in there! So fucking tight!" I could barely contain myself. Watching this muscle god who had almost tripled in size ride my giant cock was enough to put me over the edge. I knew Danny could feel it coming...that he could feel my cock head growing and hardening inside his gut. "GIVE IT TO ME, SIR! Awwwww FUCK! Fill me up with your fucking juice!" Danny was in command now, and I couldn't control myself any longer. I threw my head back and let out a grizzly moan as my cock started to pump out load after load after load of raging hot cum into his deep gut. He started to ride me even harder as his massive muscle ass and tight ring clamped down on the base of my dick, milking out shot after shot of jizz into his hole. I had been cumming for at least 4 or 5 minutes, the two of us screaming in ecstasy the entire time. Just as I felt my orgasm start to subside, Danny grabbed a hold of his bloated prick. Since I had been basically stroking him from the inside for over an hour, all it took was the touch of his massive hand to set him off. His body went taught again and I watched his muscles go through a second round of growth while a geyser of cum shot out from between his legs and over our heads, soaking us both with his sweet juice. I gulped down what I could. The taste of his juice mixed with the pulsing of his hole brought on by the intense contractions of his cumshots was enough to get me started on a second round of load-blowing. The sudden rush from this incredible ecstasy took over my brain. I pushed Danny forward and onto the ground - he landed on all fours, giving me the perfect angle to pump my 33 inch battering ram into his ass for the grand finale. I blew at least another 40 loads deep into his muscle gut - there was hot cum blasting out of his hole with every pounding I gave him. He was on the ground howling in pleasure, growling like a bull, still growing…still turning into more of a muscle freak. "ARGHHHH…POUND ME! Pound me as hard as you can! FUCK sir…ugh…give me all your hot fucking cum! FILL ME UP! I want to be huge…giant…ughhhh feels so fucking good sir…" I pounded away at his ass until I could barely stand up anymore. Finally spent, I pulled my rod out from the depths of his cavernous muscle gut and collapsed on top of him. We both laid there panting, drenched in each others cum and sweat. He rolled over and wrapped his newly massive arms around me, surrounding me with 4 walls of pure muscle. We both passed out in the middle of the weight room floor, oblivious to the world around us and the fact that the morning staff would be showing up to open the gym within the hour…
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    Still one of the HOTTEST stories I've ever read on this forum. The descriptions, the way you write, it's like everything just shines and leaps from the page (or screen)! There's so much energy there. The whole thing just feels so raw, unfiltered, in-yer-face and horny as FUCK!! Please write more!!
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    As Eddie and I went from my back deck into the kitchen, I couldn't believe how much bigger he looked after pumping himself up for a couple of hours. "I'm starving," Eddie said, as he made his way to the refrigerator. I noticed that my counters were full of stuff that hadn't been there when I'd left for work that morning. Big containers of protein powders, pre-workout mixes, creatine, BCAA's, oatmeal, big bags of brown rice, etc. Then, when Eddie opened up the frig, I saw that it was filled to the brim with food...family packs of chicken breasts, steak, fish, tons of vegetables, and gallons of milk. "Where did all this stuff....?" I said. "I went shopping," Eddie said, as he pulled out a gallon of what I thought was milk, but turned out to be heavy cream. "How did you....?" "Your credit card," he answered, as he poured half the gallon into the blender, opened a tub of protein powder, and mixed up a shake. He threw in a banana and some peanut butter as the blender ran. When it was done, he put the whole blender pitcher on the kitchen table. Then he pulled an entire rotisserie chicken out of the frig and sat down at the table with it. He popped the top off the blender and took a couple of slugs from it, then opened the chicken container and started ripping chunks of meat off it and stuffing them into his mouth. Before I knew it, he had devoured the chicken, and was chugging down the rest of the shake, tipping the pitcher back and shaking it to get all the thick liquid to run into his mouth. When he put it down, he saw me watching him, transfixed. "Did you want some?" he asked, nodding at the stripped carcass on the table. "No," I said, "I'm good." I was happy with just watching him stuff himself. Eddie got up and took the pitcher with him to the sink. He filled it up with water, then added a couple scoops from the tub of BCAA container, which changed the water to an orange color. Then he downed the whole pitcher. "God, that's good," he said, setting the pitcher down and wiping his mouth with his massive forearm. Then he peeled a couple more bananas and started eating them. "You sure it's a good idea to eat so much before the wrestling tryouts?" I asked him. He looked up at the clock. "That's not for a couple hours, man, I gotta eat to grow. Although I grew even on the crap they fed us in jail. Imagine what's gonna happen now that I'm really eating. Can practically feel myself growing. Look at my arms, man, so swollen and tight, I think the skin would split if I flexed them right now." And he was right. His biceps were so pumped. "I look bigger than I looked when I got here yesterday?" he asked me. "Yes," I said. And he did. And his skin was tight on him, like he was wearing a flesh colored wet suit. "Heh, yeah, I know I am, Cuz. And feeling so strong, too. Wait until those tryouts. I am gonna massacre anyone in my path." "How long since you wrestled?" I asked him. "I wrestled almost every day for the six months I was in jail. They had a room with mats. After my workouts, I'd challenge someone to fight me. Mostly gang members or bikers. They couldn't say no without looking like a pussy." "You ever lose?" "Dude, you remember I was state champ?" "Yeah." "Most those guys sucked at fighting, but it's still a rush to make a gang leader squeal in pain. Get him in a hold and bare down hard. And there was this MMA fighter who was in there for beating up his wife. I loved working him over, put him in hold after hold, sapping the strength out of him, then finish him with a sleeper or full nelson. Loved feeling him go completely limp, then dropping him to the mats. He got so he'd hide from me, but I always managed to hunt him down when I wanted." "Guards never stopped you?" "Nah, gave them something to watch. And there was one big old guard who'd wrestle me for fun. Used to be a champion powerlifter. Even did some pro wrestling for awhile. Dude must a been 60 years old, still strong as an ox though. Still juicing up too. The strongest guy I came across there. He taught me some pro wrestling moves. And got some gear for me, too." "Gear?" "Yeah, you know...anabolics, juice, gh, peptides, shit like that. He got some good stuff too, that's why I kept growing the whole time I was there. Came out 50lbs heavier and leaner then when I went in. And a whole lot stronger." He bounced his big swollen pecs a couple of times. Then he opened up a can that said Animal Pak on it, and pulled out a packet full of different sized pills. He filled the blender with water, and downed the whole thing as he swallowed the pills a couple at a time. He put the blender down, then let out a big belch. "S'cuse my manners, Cuz. Now I gotta go take a nap before this wrestling thing. Gotta rest up before I kick some butt. Get me up when it's time to go." I watched him saunter out of the kitchen, all full of swagger and power. He walked into the living room and plopped down on the couch. I cleaned up after him in the kitchen, and before I was done, he was snoring away. Two hours later, I went to wake him up. He was still snoring, slowly and deeply. I watched as his huge chest heaved up and down."Hey, Eddie," I said, "time to get going." He didn't budge. I went over to him and shook his shoulder. His delt was so big and so hard. I splayed my hand out across it and felt like I was trying to palm a basketball. I shook him harder. "Eddie!" I said, louder. His eyes didn't open, but his arm flew up and knocked me onto the coffee table. Next thing I knew, he was on top of me, pinning me down to the table like a gnat. "You shouldn't sneak up on a guy like that," he said. "I oughta show you what I'd do to my cell mate when he snuck up on me," he said, adjusting me underneath him. I had my hands on his forearms, which felt like steel cables. I felt his weight start to bear down on me. "Dude, you're not in jail anymore." "Yeah, well....I was dreaming I was." "And I didn't sneak up on you. You told me to wake you up when it was time to go." "Oh, yeah. The wrestling thing." Eddie didn't move, and the grip he had on my shoulders was going to leave bruises. "But I feel like playing 'cell mates' with you," he said. His grip got tighter. I felt his forearms swell. He was staring at me like he was hungry. "Get off me, ya freak," I said, struggling as if I could break out of his grip. Eddie laughed, then pushed up off me. He stood up, straddling me on the table. His torso looked more massive than ever, towering over me like that. His huge pecs almost blocked out my view of his squared-off jaw line, thick with muscle and golden stubble. The crevice between his two pecs must have been half a foot deep. I squirmed underneath him, but I didn't really long for escape. Then he ran his calloused palm across my face, scraping my cheek. "You need to loosen up, Cuz. We'll have to work on that when we get back." He swung one huge leg over my head as he stepped away from the coffee table. "I'll go get ready." Then he went upstairs. I laid on the table top for awhile, waiting for my hardon to go down. By the time I sat up, Eddie was coming down the stairs. He had on a red wrestling singlet that looked like it was painted on him, his huge muscles expanding out all over it. His big arms jutted out at a 45 degree angle as he stood in front of me. "How's it look?" he said, as he reached inside the singlet and adjusted his big genitals. "Oh my god, Eddie." I could see his abs thru the singlet, like stacked up bricks covered with red cellophane. "Heh heh. Yeah, right? Had to special order this bad boy. They don't usually make em this big. Wanna wrestle?" He crunched over into a most muscular pose. The straps of his singlet looked like they were going to snap like overstretched rubber bands, as his enormous traps rose up and pushed on the back of his cauliflower ears. "I won't hurt you too bad," he said with a smirk. "Save your wrestling for the tryout, musclehead," I said, as I got up and grabbed my keys. "Who you calling a musclehead?" he said in mock anger. Then he flexed his arm in the mirror in the hallway. Twenty-five inches of biceps muscle rose up at his command. "I'm more like a super freak," he said, kissing his own peak. "Maybe that can be my pro wrestling name. Super Freak." I rolled my eyes at his cockiness, as we headed out to my car. Maybe there would be someone at the tryouts who could show him up a little, knock him down a peg or two. But as I watched his hulking frame lumber out to my car and squeeze into the passenger seat, I doubted it. When we pulled into the parking lot next to the gymnasium, it didn't seem too crowded. But when we went inside, there were quite a few people there. At one end of the gym floor, there was a sign that said "Meet Vinny the Viking". Next to the sign was a table, behind which sat a well-built, good-looking blond stud signing autographs. There was a fairly long line of people waiting to meet him. "Must be Vinnie," I said to Eddie, who just grunted, as he looked over at the other side of the gym, where there was a large area of floor mats set up. A group of guys mingled around the area. They were a range of different sizes and builds, but most of them were big and jocky looking. "Must be the other contestants," I said. "You mean losers," said Eddie, with a smirk. There was another table at this end of the gym where Eddie went to sign himself in. As he was finishing up the form he had to fill out, two guys in bad fitting suits came over and walked onto the mats. They asked for everyone who was there to tryout to gather around, and then they introduced themselves as promoters for this new wrestling league, which they said was going to be a combo of wrestling entertainment and mixed martial arts. "We're here today to see if there's any local talent that might be able to join our ranks of fighters. We'd like to pair you up two at a time on the mats and see what you've got to show us," explained the one promoter. " Now, if you'll gather round..." "Holy shit...." said the other promoter. "Jack, take a look over here," he said to his partner, as he watched Eddie saunter up the group. Jack looked over and saw Eddie, rippling out of his singlet, looking twice the size of anyone else there. "Looks like we got a big one, Pete," he said to his cohort. "What's your name, big guy?" "I'm the Super Freak," said Eddie. Pete swallowed hard as he soaked in the size of Eddie's muscles, but Jack laughed and said, "How'd you come by a name like that, boy?" "Cause I freak out anyone who tries to fight me," answered Eddie. "Well, I can see why you might," said Jack, "but why don't we see for ourselves. Come up here on the mats and we'll find someone for you to take on." Eddie walked up next to Jack, and turned to look at the other tryouts. He was twice the size of most of them, and vastly more heavily muscled than any of them. Some of them backed away nervously as Jack looked them over. "You there," he said, pointing to one guy. "You look like a healthy victim...I mean, specimen. Step up here and see what you can do against the Freak." The guy who stepped up looked to be in his early 20's, and around 6' tall, maybe 220lbs, built like a college football star. Certainly big enough to handle himself in a bar fight. But next to the 340 pound Eddie, he looked like a junior high school kid about to take on the circus strongman. Jack and Pete stepped off the mats, and Jack said, "Ok, guys, show us what you got." Eddie turned towards his opponent. The smaller guy stood there, frozen. Then Eddie went at him, picked him up and pressed him overhead, racked him behind his neck, and started doing squats. Slow deep squats. Eddie smirked as his big thighs started to pump up, even from such a light weight for him. He did more reps, and his quad veins started to pop out all over his tree trunk legs. Tree trunks that looked hard as petrified wood. And petrified was how Eddie's opponent looked as Eddie used him as a weight. Then Eddie pressed him overhead again, and dropped him to the mat. You could hear the wind swoosh out of his lungs as he hit the ground. Eddie pinned him to the mat by putting his foot on the guy's forehead, then raised his arms and flexed into a double-bi as he stared out at the other tryouts. "Next," said Eddie. Every guy in the group backed away from the mats. Two of them ran to the gymnasium doors, pushed them open, and ran away into the night. Jack stepped back up on the mats. "Okay guys, don't worry, no one else is going to have to take on the Freak. I don't need a lawsuit when the big guy breaks one of you in two. Pete, go get Vinny over here so we can get a little action going on, see if the Freak has enough going on to take on a pro." Pete headed over to the autograph table. Jack leaned down over the guy that Eddie has just beaten. "You okay, kid?" he asked him, helping him to sit upright. The guy looked dazed, but shook his head yes. Eddie grabbed hold of his arm and helped him to his feet. "Didn't mean to slam you so hard, bro," Eddie said. "Guess I don't know my own strength sometimes." "No problem, Super Freak," said the guy, as Eddie helped him stagger off the mats and walked him back to the group of former tryouts who were staring at Eddie in awe Pete came up to the mats, followed by Vinny. "What's up, Jack?" Vinny asked the promoter. "I have a rookie I want you to wrestle around with for a minute," Jack said. "Aw man. You said I was coming just to promote the league tonight, not to fight some dude off the streets. Besides, I'm in jeans and a dress shirt." "Come on, Vinny, just a minute or two. I think this kid is gonna be something. Do it for me, just this one time." Vinny started to take off his shirt. "You're a pain, Jack. Just for a couple minutes. Where is this kid?" "Right behind you," said Jack. Vinny turned around as Eddie was walking up. Eddie said, "Hey, I know you. Seen you wrestling on TV when I was in jail." Vinny soaked in the massive size of Eddie by backing up until he bumped into Pete. "Jesus, Jack," said Vinny, whose 250lbs never looked so small. Jack laughed. "Show the kid the ropes, superstar." "You kidding me?" said Eddie. "I get to fight him?" I noticed that Eddie's voice was about an octave lower than Vinny's. "That's right, Freak. That cool with you?" "Oh fuck yeah," said Eddie, stepping onto the mats. He turned towards Vinny, then reached up and pulled the straps of his singlet over his behemoth shoulders. He tugged it down until his huge torso was fully exposed. He bounced his enormous pecs back and forth. He looked three times thicker and more densely muscled than Vinny. Then he made a fist and slammed it into the palm of his other hand a couple of times, making a hard slapping sound that echoed in the gym. Then he opened his hand and motioned with his fingers for Vinny to step up on the mats. "Come on, little dude. This is gonna be fun."
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    I woke up and sat up on the mattress in my spare bedroom, where I'd been relegated to sleep by my big muscleheaded younger cousin Eddie. It was just getting light outside, and I had to be at work early, so I got up and took a quick shower. After I was done, I realized that all my clothes were in my old room. I went down the hallway and went into the room. Eddie had left the windows open, so it was light enough to see him sprawled out on my bed. He was laying on his back, and only half covered by the bed sheet. He was breathing in and out deeply, and I could see his huge chest swelling up and down. One of his legs stuck out of the sheets and hung down over the edge of the bed like a fallen tree trunk. Only this tree trunk had thick veins that I could see even thru the dim light of dawn. I walked over to my dresser and pulled out some socks and underwear. As I put them on, I noticed a big pup tent in the middle of the sheet, where it covered Eddie's morning wood hardon. It stuck straight up like a flag pole, and looked the size of one of those souvenir baseball bats they give out at stadiums on bat day. Figures the big ox would be hung like that. The whole room even smelled like him...scent of big dumb jock mixing with the fresh air from outside. It was making me whoosy. I went over to my closet and pulled out pants and shirt. As I put on a belt, I watched Eddie in my bed. The light had grown brighter and I could see just how massive he was. He practically filled the whole double bed with his big frame. I wanted more than anything to go pull the sheet off him. But I had to get to work. Had to get to work. I picked up a pair of shoes, and carried them out of the bedroom with me. As I stepped into the hallway, I heard Eddie grunt and stir a bit. I looked back and saw his hand go under the sheet and start to stroke himself. "Aw yeh, so huge, so huge," he mumbled to himself in his sleep. I tiptoed down the stairs and into the kitchen. I could barely think straight. I almost forgot to put water in the coffee maker before I turned it on. I could hear my bedsprings creaking upstairs as Eddie pounded himself harder. I could hear him groaning and grunting. I hoped the coffee maker would drown out the sounds but it didn't. I dug around for something to eat, and because of Eddie's purge of my kitchen last night, I could only find a stale FiberOne bar. I choked it down as I listened to him growl out "fuckk yeahhh, oh fuckk yeahhh." I was surprised my bed didn't collapse under his bucking superheavy weight frame. He must have been awake by now, because he just kept going on and on. It sounded like a porn movie was being filmed up there. The thought of Eddie pounding a porn star into oblivion with his 350-some pounds of muscle was making me crazy. Then I noticed my old shirt laying on the floor. The shirt that Eddie had flexed out of last night, shredding it into ribbons, as if the silk fabric was made of paper toweling. I picked it up and smelled it. It reeked of his musk. I felt like a perve, getting off on breathing in my cousin's scent, but it was so good. I had to lean against the kitchen counter to keep my balance. Then I saw the cookie sheet that he had dented out with his muscleball gut. I put my hand on the rounded metal and felt the hardness of it, all lumpy like a kettle drum. I rubbed it and thought of Eddie's hard stomach. From upstairs, his grunting had become deeper and more rhythmic, like a rutting ox. I could hear the headboard pounding into the wall. I leaned against the counter's edge and realized that I was rock hard in my dress pants. I went into the half bathroom off the kitchen, whipped out my dick and starting jerking off. As I heard Eddie growling in ecstasy, I pushed my dick down and shot into the toilet. Cum went all over the seat and the back of the toilet. I wiped off the seat with my ripped up shirt that I was still holding, then I tossed it into the wastebasket. I composed myself a little bit, then shoved my dick back in my pants and washed my hands. As I came out of the bathroom, I heard Eddie coming down the steps. He reached the bottom, and we saw each other. All he had on was a pair of faded briefs with a Superman logo on the front, his dick still swollen and stuffed inside like a club. He was so massive. And while he still had a rounded roidgut, it had definitely flattened out some since last nights gorging of food. His huge shoulders almost touched both sides of the hallway. "Morning, Cuz," he said, rubbing his big hand all over his huge chest. His pecs glistened with his own jiz. He moved his hand down and spread some on his gut ridges. His bed head hair was tossled in every direction. "Had a huge wet dream, man," he said, yawning. " I made a mess of the sheets upstairs. You're gonna have to change them. And I hit the wall behind your bed pretty good too. You're gonna want to wipe that down." "Eddie," I said, "I have to go to work. I'm late as it is." "Yeh, and I can see why," he said, nodding at the small wet spot on my pants from my still-leaking cock. "Shit..." Eddie laughed. "Hey, you got any money for food. I'm starving." I pulled out my wallet and handed him a 20 dollar bill. He looked at it, then looked back at me like I was a complete dipshit. "Dude, that's not gonna cut it for what I'm gonna eat today." "Geezus, Eddie," I said, but I pulled a credit card out of my wallet and handed it to him. Part of me resented paying for his food. The other part of me wanted to see him grow even bigger. "Yeah, that's more like it," he said, sticking the card in his waistband, right above the "S" in his briefs. "Sure you don't want to stick around and watch me stuff this muscle again?" Then he bounced his pecs at me. It was an unbelievable sight. His big chest thickened and rolled, up and down. He had complete muscle control over the huge mounds. His chest must have measured 62" cold. "I have to go," I said, heading towards the kitchen. Eddie put his big arm across the doorway, blocking my way. "Make my bed first," he said. "I'll make it when I get home tonight," I said. I tried to duck under his arm, but he lowered it. He put his hand on the doorframe and I saw his ropey forearm muscles ripple and heard the wooden frame crackle a little from his grip. "Make it now, Cuz. I might wanna nap later, and I hate crusty sheets." We looked at each other eye to eye. "I'll do it this one time," I said, and, mustering some courage, poked him in the middle of his chest with my index finger, "but only because I'm going to change my pants, too." I poked him again, partially to make a point, but mostly to feel how hard his chest was. And it was hard as Corian countertop. Eddie looked down at my finger, then grabbed hold of it with his hand. He moved my finger over to the nipple of his left pec and rubbed it on the big nub that jutted out like an oversized pencil eraser. It was so firm that my finger barely made it move. "You like that, Cuz?" he asked me. When I didn't answer, he got a big smile on his face. "You know I'm just busting you about making the bed. You take things too serious, Jackie. Besides, what was I gonna do, beat the crap outta you? I only outweigh you by about 150lbs." Then he let go of my finger and flexed his right arm. A massive triceps ballooned underneath his rising upper arm. An arm that must have measured 23". He saw the look on my face and laughed. "You better get to work, little dude, before I change my mind." I squeezed myself between the doorway and my musclebound younger cousin. I went out to my car and got inside. I started the car, and looked in the rearview mirror. My face was wet with sweat, and I realized my shirt was already soaked thru, too. I turned the air on high, and sat there for a second before I pulled out, hoping that once I got to work, I could get my mind off Eddie for a few hours. On the drive downtown, I called my sister. She sounded concerned when she answered her phone, since I almost never called her this early. "Jack?" she asked cautiously. "Sis," I said, "I don't know what I'm going to do about Eddie." "What?" she said. "Why, what happened? He's only been there one day." "Yeh, well, he's already eating me out of house and home," I hedged. "Good lord, Jack. Give the kid some time to find a job. I'm sure it'll be fine." "And he already made me move out of my own bedroom," I added weakly. "He did what? You let him........" "More or less. He sort of broke the bed in my spare room. Speaking of which, how is it that the kid is so goddam huge? No one in our family looks like that, and Uncle Ed was such a little guy." There was silence at the other end of the line, until my sister finally said, "Jack, you do know that Eddie was adopted?" "He was what??" "Adopted. I thought you knew that." "No, I can't say that I did." Then I said, "Where'd they get him from, Chernobyl?" That would explain the mutant genetics for freak muscle. "I'm not sure exactly, but I do remember them going to Russia to get him." OK, so maybe not mutant, but I'd seen some of those massive eastern European bodybuilders. No wonder he was so big. "This doesn't mean you won't let him stay?" asked my sister. "No, no, not at all." Maybe even the opposite. "That is unless he crushes the rest of my furniture." My sister laughed. "Go to work, Jack." she said, and we got off the phone. I got to work alright, but spent most of the day thinking about my finger rubbing across my massive adopted cousin's huge chest and hard nip. And the size of his arms. And the veins in his quads and calves. His sheer size It was all I could do to sign into my computer or take a phone call. At lunchtime, I went to the employee cafeteria. I sat at an empty table where someone had left a copy of the newspaper. I started leafing through it absentmindedly. Toward the end of the paper, I came across an ad for open auditions for anyone interested in becoming a pro wrestler. The Fastest Growing Pro League in the Country, it said, was looking for fresh talent. Anyone could come down and try out, and would even get a chance to meet Vinny the Viking, one of their best wrestlers. The tryouts were that night, at a high school gymnasium that was about two miles from my house. What a perfect job for a massive cocky musclehead like Eddie, especially with his background in wrestling, powerlifting and bodybuilding. And he'd have to travel a lot, so he wouldn't be around my house taunting me with his muscle. I could barely wait to get home to see if he'd want to try out. I tried calling, but he didn't answer, and I didn't have his cell number. I went back to my office after lunch, but by three o'clock, I couldn't take it, so I ducked out and headed home. As I pulled in, I saw Eddie's truck in the driveway. His two back tires were flat. That seemed weird. I went in through the kitchen door, I saw the counters covered with protein powders and mixes, and various other supplement bottles. Then I saw Eddie out the window in the backyard, which was filled with weightlifting equipment. I walked out onto the back deck. He was in his stringer tanktop and cargo shorts, doing deadlifts in the middle of the yard. It looked like the bar had four 100lbs plates on each side. When he was done with his set, he dropped the bar down, and the plates sank about six inches into my grass. "Hey," I yelled from the deck. When he looked up at me, I said, "Where'd all this stuff come from?" There were benches and plates all over the place. There was even a rack of dumbbells that looked like they started at 60lbs. Eddie waddled over to me. "I got it today. Cool, huh?" "How did it get here?" "I put a lot of it in my truck, but ruined my back tires. I had them deliver the rest." "How did you pay for it?" I asked, sensing the answer. "I used that credit card you gave me. You might now wanna use it for awhile, I had to pay extra to get same day delivery. Plus, I had to buy you a new scale. I crushed the one you had. Besides, it only went up to 330." I was feeling lightheaded, so I put my hand on the railing of the deck. I can't say that I was surprised that he didn't ask me to use my card, but it still pissed me off. Plus, it was about 95 degrees outside. On top of that, Eddie was standing in the yard, which was three steps down from the deck, so I was seeing him from a new angle. Was it possible that he was bigger than he was yesterday? Eddie's traps were so huge, I could barely take my eyes off them. I don't think I'd ever seen veiny traps before. Eddie noticed me looking and he rolled his shoulders up. "Some pump I got going, huh Cuz? Been working on it since noon." "Eddie, it's 3 o'clock," I said, staring at him in awe. "Yeah, I love a good 3 hour workout. And, I'm using a new preworkout powder. Shit is kickass. That, and the peptides I injected. Makes me feel like I'm growing every minute." I wasn't exactly sure what he was talking about, but as he walked up onto the deck, I heard the steps creaking under his weight. After three hours of working out in the 95 degree heat, he looked liked he'd just stepped out of the shower. "Check it out," he said, stripping off his stringer. "I been doing deads for the last 45 minutes. I am stoked. I stepped back to take in the size of him. He was huge. He looked like Bane...the one from the Arkham Origins video game, not the little one from the Dark Knight movie. I was dizzier than ever. Then he hit a lat spread, jamming his fists into his waist and pressing in, making it look smaller, even as his back muscles opened up and widened. Now I could see why they were referred to as cobra hoods. His almost looked more like thick umbrellas, spreading out and out. I knew my mouth was hanging open, but I couldn't help it. "Wild, right? And I feel so fucking strong, like I need to crush something. But check out my hamstrings, man. When I do deads, they pop out like ship rope." With that, he unbuttoned his shorts and pulled them down to his ankles, then kicked them off. He had on a pair of bikini briefs. He turned around and bent over, grabbing his ankles with his hands. "Look at those hammies, Cuz." His thick hamstring muscles popped out like they were in high def. His massive glutes were rounding out and striated, and practically swallowed up the backside of his tiny briefs. His big calves bulged out and pressed together in the middle, making them swell out at me even more. "Touch these hamstrings, Jackie, you won't believe how hard they are." The next thing I remember was waking up on a chair on the deck. Eddie was kneeling down in front of me. "You okay, Cuz?" "What happened?" I asked. "You blacked out a little. Went down pretty fast. Scared me a little. Must be the heat. Here, drink this." He handed me a bottle of water. His face was only a few inches from mine. I noticed that his ears were slightly cauliflowered from his years of wrestling. I wondered what it'd be like to gnaw on them, feel the gristle of the damaged cartilage against my teeth. Then I noticed how thick his neck was...wider than his head...from all those years of doing bridges for wrestling practice. I took another drink of water, and said, "Hey, that reminds me." I pulled the ad out of my pocket that I'd ripped out of the paper at work, and handed it to Eddie. "What's this?" he asked. "Read it and tell me what you think." He stood up and towered over me as he read it. He stank from his workout, such a virile, funky stank that it gave me goosebumps, despite the heat. "Dude," he said. "when is this?" "Tonight." "Oh, yeah. That's perfect, man. I been aching to mess some losers up. You're taking me, Cuz. I wanna show you what this muscle can do." The thought of it made both of us start to chub up.
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