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    The intercom on his desk phone buzzed, and Tom Beck, the office manager, picked it up. “Mr Beck,” said his secretary Anna, “your ten o’clock interview is here.” “Ok,” said Mr Beck. “But why are you whispering?” “Well, he’s sort of an unusual candidate,” said Anna, still whispering. “Unusual in what way?” “His attire is a little odd, and he’s…he’s kind of a giant.” Mr Beck chuckled to himself. Anna was prone to exaggeration, and being a tiny woman, everyone seemed big to her. The first time he’d met her, her first words were, “My goodness, you’re huge!” At 5’10, 225lbs of pretty solid muscle, Tom certainly wasn’t small, but huge was a word he would not have applied to himself. “Go ahead and send him in, Anna.” “Ok, but don’t say I didn’t warn you.” Tom stood up at his desk as his office door opened. Even with Anna’s warning, he was not quite prepared for what he was seeing. The young man walking thru the doorway had to turn almost sideways to fit his vast shoulder spread into the room. Tom sized him up at a good 6’6” and at least 350lbs of muscle. He came across the room and extended his hand to shake with Tom. “Hello, Mr Beck. I’m Marcus.” As they shook, Marcus’s hand engulfed Tom’s with his beefy palm and sausage sized fingers. “Hello Marcus. Have a seat.” Marcus sat down, and made the office chair he was in look like it came from an elementary school. He was wearing a short-sleeved white dress shirt and black pants. He had a narrow black tie on, but it was loosened, and his top collar button was undone, giving his 24” neck some freedom to show. His huge arms strained the short sleeves, and his big chest strained the shirt buttons. His thighs stretched the gabardine fabric of his pants till it looked thin and shiny. His shirt pocket had a pocket protector in it. He looked like a monster nerd. Tom picked up Marcus’s resume and looked it over, giving himself some time to compose himself. He realized how Anna must feel around people so much bigger than her. It is intimidating just being in their presence. He saw that Marcus had graduated top of his class, and had been captain of his college’s weightlifting squad for all four years. “As you know,” Tom started, “we are a small marketing company representing mostly sportswear businesses and supplement companies, along with some gym franchises and weightlifting wholesalers. It helps to have a sports or fitness background when dealing with our clients. You certainly look like you keep yourself…fit.” Marcus laughed. “Does it show?” he said, then bounced his pecs under his white cotton shirt. “Geezus,” stammered Tom. “I gotta ask, Marcus, just how much do you weigh?” “385lbs this morning,” Marcus answered. Then he flexed his arms into a double biceps shot. The sleeves of his shirt got pushed back as his peaks rose up and up. As they swelled higher, both sleeves ripped. “Damn,” said Marcus. “another shirt ruined. Guess that’s what happens when your arm pass twenty-four inchs, Mr Beck. You like?” Marcus knew muscle lust when he saw it in someone’s eyes, and he was going to milk it to the max. “Holy….”said Tom. “Yep,” smirked Marcus. “ And they just keep on getting bigger. You wanna see my chest, Mr Beck?” Marcus stood up, his huge frame seeming to fill the office. “Why don’t you come over and unbutton my shirt?” Marcus undid his tie and tossed it aside. Tom knew he shouldn’t. He knew. But he stood up anyway, his heart pounding hard. He couldn’t stop himself. He was mesmerized by so much muscle mass right in front of him. He made his way around his desk. Marcus turned to face him, towering over him. “Go ahead,” said Marcus, thrusting his massive chest outward. As Tom reached up for a shirt button, his forearms grazed along the white fabric, feeling the solidness of the protruding pec slabs underneath. He undid one button, then another. The shirt had no choice but to spread open wide, and Tom could see a tattoo on the massive young man’s chest. He undid a third button, and the shirt opened up enough for Tom to see a big “ALPHA” tattoo, all in black ink, across Marcus’s upper chest. Marcus smiled as he saw Mr Beck soaking in his tat, and his swole chest. “Sixty-eight inches of chest and lats, Mr Beck.” He reached down and unbuttoned the remaining buttons, and spread his shirt open, exposing his powerful roidgut. Even though swollen and rounding out, his abs still showed through his tight skin. Marcus flexed his gut muscles and made the ridges deepen around his thick 8-pack. “Oh my god,” said Tom, as he stepped back and leaned against his desk. “Am I ‘fit’ enough?” asked Marcus. “Not too bulked for ya?” “No, no, not at all.” “Here, help me take my shirt off, I’m in the middle of my bulk, so it’s getting harder to maneuver this mass.” “Holy…” said Tom. He walked over behind the massive Marcus and reached up to his collar and started pulling it down. They both struggled to work Marcus out of his shirt, and Tom looked in awe as more and more of the massive landscape of rolling muscle was exposed on Marcus’s huge back. Finally free of his shirt, Marcus shook out his torso, and his muscle seemed to expand even more, and filling the office with the musky scent of testosterone. Tom was able to get his first look at Marcus’s backside. His huge glutes were mounded thick and high, making his dress pants tight as a drum. “God,” said Tom. He put one hand on Marcus’s big back to steady himself. “You ok, Mr Beck?” “You’re hired,” said Tom, feeling just how hard and thick the man’s back was. “What was that?” “You’re hired,” he repeated. “Yeah? Just like that? You haven’t even seen my legs yet.” And with that, Marcus turned to face Tom and began flexing his quads inside his dress pants. The fabric stretched so tightly that Tom could see the veins running up and down Marcus’s huge thighs. “Let’s talk about my salary,” Marcus said. And he flexed hard enough that front of his pant legs started to tear down the middle. “I’ll double it,” stammered Tom, staring at the pants as the swelling quad muscle pushed its way out. “That’s what I like to hear,” said Marcus. Then he shredded his pant legs with his huge muscles. Then he forced his big roidgut out, and the buckle on his dress belt snapped apart like a cheap plastic toy. He then sucked his gut into a deep vacuum pose, and his pants slid down his 37 inch quads and onto his shoes, exposing the black poser he’d been wearing underneath. He stepped out of his Italian loafers and what was left of his pants. “You’re looking a little pale, Mr B,” said Marcus. “If you think I’m big now, just wait until I’m well over 400lbs.” Then he started posing, hitting flex after flex, turning and showing Tom his back double bi, his lat spread, then turning back around and hitting side chest shot, then a most-muscular. Tom gasped at each pose, and his left eye was twitching as he watched the superheavyweight new hire swell with size. “Speaking of which,” said Marcus, continuing to flex, “I’m going to need a pretty big office…” “You can have this one,” said Tom. “That’s mighty big of ya, Mr B. You know, you look pretty jacked up yourself. I used to be as little as you, but then I graduated high school.” Marcus moved toward Tom, until his huge chest was only an inch away from, and level with, Tom’s face. “Suck my nipples, Bossman.” Tom didn’t need to be told twice. He went to work on the big nip jutting out of the huge pec. He put his hands on the bigger man’s pumpkin-sized delts, feeling the thin sheen of sweat coating the rock hard muscle. He sucked and sucked on one nipple till it was engorged. Then he moved to the other side. “Ah, yeah, you got a hot mouth, Bossman. I knew it the minute I walked in here. We’re going to make a great team.” Marcus pulled his new boss mouth off his teat, and went and picked up the chair he’d been sitting in earlier. He wedged the top of the chair underneath the doorknob of the office door. “But first, we’re going to break in my new office,” he said, stepping out of his poser and snapping it at Tom like a rubber band. It hit him in the face, and Tom held it there, breathing in the musk. He reached over and hit his intercom button. “Anna,” he said, “hold all my calls for….” He looked at Marcus. “The next two hours,” said the naked bulked superheavyweight.
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    Nineteen The first thing I see when I wake up the next day is Luke’s face resting on the pillow next to mine. We went to sleep with our backs to each other and we’ve woken up in this position. Luke’s still asleep, his eyes closed. This warmth washes through my body as I lie next to him and take in his face. His little nose. His cheeks. His hair which looks fluffy and messy like it always does in the mornings. It hits me in that moment. That everything feels better when I’m with Luke. The world feels like a nicer place somehow. It’s crazy how someone who takes up so little space in the world can have such a huge impact on what I think and how I feel. Luke stirs and I feel a sharp panic and quickly shut my eyes. And now I’m just lying here with my eyes closed, my heart beating faster, wondering if Luke’s awake and if he’s now watching me sleep the way I was just watching him. What if I were to just suddenly open my eyes without warning? Would I catch him looking at me? I’m so tempted. But I couldn’t do that to him. So I stir a little and then gently open my eyes and oh my God, I catch him. His eyes immediately veer away, but there’s no question about it - Luke was watching me sleep. “Morning!” I say to him, my heart feeling like it wants to escape from my chest. He looks back at me and his mouth curls into this happy grin. “Hey!” And now I’m smiling back. And his smile gets wider and giddier and we’re looking at each other and smiling and oh my fucking God! What would Luke do if I leaned in and kissed him? I know he’d be shocked. But would he kiss me back? Would he just lie there with his head on the pillow kissing me? His nose rubbing against mine? Would he tell me how much he’s been dying to kiss me? That he’s wanted to do it since the day we met? That he wasn’t sure if I liked him back? That he never thought a bodybuilder like me would be interested in a guy like him - just like he said on the night we went to Glasgow? And what would happen after that? Everything would change for sure. I know that much. “Happy Birthday, Woody!” he says, still smiling. “Or is it Seb?” he teases. “Just as long as you don’t call me Sebastian!” He looks like he’s about to say something in response but stays silent. Like he’s thought better of it. There’s a knock on the door and my heart suddenly drops. Because I kind of just wanna stay here lying next to Luke for a bit. When Emily pops her head round the door I feel immediately guilty for feeling disappointed. “Are you guys decent?” “Mmmm!” She walks in and comes over to the bed. “Happy Birthday, Seb!” she says, kissing me on the cheek and sitting down. Then she hands me a card and my present; a gift experience for an indoor skydiving lesson for two. Emily always gets me awesome presents. “No obligations to take me!” she says, giving me this look and glancing her eyes to Luke. What the fuck? Did that just happen? I have no idea what to do or what to say. I know it was meant with good intentions, but I can’t seem to bring myself to look at Luke right now. “Did you sleep okay, Luke?” Emily asks. Luke nods and says, “Mmmm!” “Right, get showered,” she orders, “I’m taking you both out for breakfast!” “Sounds good. Oh and Luke’s got just the outfit!” I tease, referring to the shiny pink posers hiding in his holdall right at this very moment. I look at him and he’s rolling his eyes, but smirking too. Emily looks at the two of us, smiles and bites her lip. My stomach immediately somersaults in response. I know at some point she’s going to ask me about me and Luke again. What are the chances I can somehow manage to avoid being left alone with her for the entire day? Half an hour later and I’m showered and dressed and sitting on Emily’s bed. Luke’s getting changed when my phone beeps. “Text from my dad!” I tell Luke, looking at my phone. He smiles as he puts on his Dom and Cole In The Land of Ug t-shirt. I read from my screen. “Happy Birthday, champ. Present waiting for you when you come back home. Hope you have something fun planned with your mates!” I roll my eyes. My dad knows nothing about my “mates”. He’s never asked me one single question about the other lads at Montgomery. Including my roommate. I carry on reading. “HA! Feel feel to use my Uber account!” I look at Luke and he’s grinning. “Oooh I wonder what your present is?” I shug, pull a “don’t care” face and throw my phone on the bed. “Maybe he’s got you a Bentley!” Luke teases. “Nah. I got one of those for my 18th!” Luke smirks. “I can’t tell if you’re joking or not!” I just shrug and smile at him, trying not to give anything away. Luke’s expression changes as he bends down and starts rummaging through his holdall. I can’t help noticing that he even looks a little nervous. I don’t know why but I feel a sudden pinch of nerves. “Are you getting your pink posers out to put on over your jeans?” Luke smirks and shakes his head. When he stands up, he’s clutching something in his hand. A present wrapped up. Fuck! My stomach clenches as he nervously comes towards me, an awkward and slightly embarrassed look on his cute little face. “It’s not a Bentley! Sorry!” he jokes as he hands me the parcel. It’s soft and square shaped. My heart swells as I look down at it. I have no idea what to say. I’m fucking gobsmacked. I never once thought that Luke might buy me a birthday present. “You didn’t have to get me anything!” I say. Luke pulls a face and awkwardly shrugs. I can tell he’s really nervous. Which is so fucking adorable. I feel a rush of excitement as I rip into the package and Luke sits down next to me on the bed. It’s something blue. It looks like a t-shirt. I flip it round and hold it up to see what’s on the front of it. “Oh my God!” I look at Luke sitting next to me. He’s biting his lip and smiling. He looks all pleased with himself. And he should be. Because he’s only bought me a Johnny fucking Bravo t-shirt! “This is so cool!” I say, laughing. “There’s another one in there too!” Luke says, signalling to the wrapping paper on my lap. He suddenly looks a little nervous again, but excited too. I put the t-shirt aside and see the second present hiding in the paper. I pull it out and I can’t fucking believe what I’m looking it. “Harry Potter boxer shorts!” I exclaim as I lift them up. They’re similar to Luke’s, but they’re bright red. “Gryffindor ones too!” he says, beaming at me. “Can you imagine if I wore these to Posing Practice on Monday?” Luke shrugs. “What would be wrong with that?” I laugh. “When did you get these?” “I ordered them online. They came the other day!” I can’t believe Luke bought me these presents. I love them so fucking much. “No pressure to wear them! They’re just, you know … more joke presents than anything!” But it doesn’t feel like a joke. It feels like an incredibly sweet and thoughtful gesture. “Are you crazy? I am definitely wearing this!” I say, clutching the t-shirt. “In fact …” I stand up from the bed and take off the t-shirt I’m wearing. Luke looks excited. He’s also got that slight look of awe and intimidation on his face he always does whenever I’m topless and near him. God I love that expression. I put my new, navy blue Johnny Bravo t-shirt on it’s in place. It’s a little tight but it still looks fucking awesome. I can totally pull it off. It doesn’t matter anyway, because Luke bought me this t-shirt. And that makes it perfect. “I’ll wear the boxers tomorrow!” I tell him. He’s just looking at me with this giddy grin on his face. “Actually ...” I hand Luke my phone. “Take a picture!” I pose in the same way Johnny is in the graphic on the t-shirt, flexing a front double bicep and pulling a stupid face as Luke takes a picture. I expect him to be rolling his eyes at me when I stop posing, but he’s not. He’s just got this happy grin on his face. I tap away on my phone and upload the picture to Instagram with a caption. Love my new Johnny Bravo t-shirt. Check the pecs! BEST Birthday pressie ever! #muscleuniversity #lookatthoseguns #checkthepecs #woodybravo #mani’mpretty My stomach clenches as I hand my phone to Luke to show him the post. I’m suddenly wondering if the caption was too much. But his mouth just curls into this sheepish (and fucking adorable) little grin as he reads it. As we make our way out of Emily’s bedroom, I feel a surge of bravery. “Now we just need to get a picture of you in your new trunks for your Instagram!” I suggest. I turn my head to look at Luke’s expression. He’s shaking his head and smirking. Although I’m clearly joking about the Instagram thing, I’m now wondering what the chances of Luke trying on his new pink posers for me are. I mean, he tried on his blue ones for me, so why not these? But will I be able to hide what I’m thinking this time as I sit there looking at Luke’s insanely cute arse spilling out of his brand new shiny pink posers? I feel like it could happen though. That I could persuade Luke to try them on. I just need to find the right moment. Maybe tonight when we’ve come back home from our night out. Both a little drunk. Me brave enough to ask him. Luke brave enough to actually do it. And who knows what might happen then. Luke standing in front of me in Emily’s bedroom wearing nothing but his shiny pink trunks. The atmosphere changing like it did that day in our dorm room when he took a picture of me flexing topless after the gym. Who knows what I might say. What the fuck I might just do. Emily squints, looking at my chest as we approach her downstairs. “New t-shirt?” I nod. “Present from Luke!” I say proudly. She smirks, that look on her face again like she knows something’s going on between us and my stomach twists. “Very cool!” she says, nodding. “You used to love that show when we were kids!” “Oh and he bought some Harry Potter boxer shorts!” Her eyes widen in surprise. “Since when did you like Harry Potter?” I shrug. “Luke’s converted me. I bet you didn’t know that I’m a Gryffindor!” Emily turns to Luke. “Are you turning my best friend into a geek?” Luke looks from me to her with a cute grin on his face. “Hmmm. Go ahead,” Emily says, “any change would be an improvement!” Later on that evening, the three of us are sitting on Emily’s bed drinking vodka and coke and getting ready to go out. Me and Emily have been telling Luke about how we both came out to each other at school. I don’t know if it’s because of last night or this morning, but somehow Luke’s looking even nicer than usual today in his Dom and Cole t-shirt and blue skinny jeans. “Woody was actually the first person I ever kissed!” Emily tells him. “Wait - so kissing Woody turned you into a lesbian?” I laugh. “Hardly!” I reply. I look at Emily and she gives me a knowing smirk. “Emily went through a phase where she thought she was in love with me!” I explain. “It’s true!” Emily confesses to a surprised looking Luke. “I was a very confused teenager! It was only for a brief period though,” she explains. “It stopped when I watched The L Word for the first time and fell in love with the girl who plays Shane instead!” I shake my head. “Sorry. We have no idea what you just said. We don’t speak Lesbianese.” “Oh, I told my friend, Max, he could come out with us tonight,” Emily says, looking at her phone. “Is that okay?” “Which one’s Max?” “He came out with us on New Years!” “Oh - the cute ginger guy?” I ask, suddenly remembering who Max is. Emily smiles and nods. And then I look at Luke and he’s got this weird look on his face. Like something’s bothered him. Wait - is that because I described Emily’s friend as cute? Fuck. My chest swells at the thought. “So what would you guys be doing right now if you were back at uni?” Emily asks me as she pours me another drink and hands it to me. I look at Luke and he gives me a knowing smirk. “Well … we’d either be watching Johnny Bravo, that weird Dom and Cole shit or … a Harry Potter film!” I explain. Emily pulls a face. “Wow! You guys know how to go crazy!” “It’s not our fault the campus is the middle of nowhere!” “We did go to Glasgow last week!” Luke tells Emily. He says a little too eagerly, which is really fucking cute. “Woody had a few admirers in the gay bar we went to. Especially that drag queen on the door!” I pull a face and shrug. “What can I say?” Emily smirks and rolls her eyes. “That’s nothing new. Every time we go out here someone asks if they can feel his biceps!” I breathe a deep sigh. “The price of being a huge, sexy bastard!” “I take it he wasn’t always this cocky?” Luke asks Emily. She shakes her head. “It started after he competed in his first bodybuilding show!” I pull a face. “Did it? Hmmm. Can’t remember. Anyway, I don’t think of myself as cocky. I think of myself as … a realist!” Luke and Emily give each other unimpressed looks. “I’m hot! Facts are facts! I mean, look at these bad boys!” I say, looking down and bouncing my pecs. Maybe it’s because Luke’s sitting next to me, but I’m feeling extra mischievous. “Not to mention my arse!” I get on my knees, turn around, pull my t-shirt up and stick out my bum. “I mean, come on - that is one hot ass!” I say, giving it a wiggle. Luke’s rolling his eyes and shaking head but he’s smiling like crazy. “Sorry! Not doing anything for me, I’m afraid!” Emily says. I sit back down next to Luke, feeling a rush at knowing he approved of my display of playful cockiness. “Max says is it okay if he brings a mate along tonight?” Emily says, reading off her phone screen. I shrug. “Fine by me! More admirers to feel my biceps!” Emily rolls her eyes and pours another vodka and coke. “We probably should get a move on,” she says, handing me the glass. “Do you guys need to change before we go out?” Luke says yes. I look down at the blue Johnny Bravo t-shirt he gifted me this morning. I think it’s possibly my favourite t-shirt I’ve ever owned. “Mmmm. Dunno if I can be arsed to change!” I reply. But I’m not really keeping my birthday present from Luke on out of laziness. I just don’t really want to take it off. I look down at my chest. “What do you think, boys? Shall I keep my Johnny Bravo t-shirt on? Bounce twice for yes, once for no!” Then I bounce my pecs twice. I look up at Luke, who’s beaming and biting his lip. Dimples out in full force. “The pecs have spoken!” One Chinese restaurant later and the three of us are walking into a darkly lit gay pub. It’s unpretentious with a slightly older crowd with very few girls. Heads are turning. Even more so when I take my bomber jacket off. There’s a group of three guys not far away from us and all of them are literally just staring. Luke and Emily are exchanging knowing smirks. As usual, I’m fucking loving it. “Don’t you ever get bored of people staring?” Emily asks as we sit down at a table in one corner of the pub. “Nope! Anyway, this is a rarity. I get zero attention back at Montgomery. Trust me!” “That’s not strictly true!” Luke says, with one eyebrow raised. I smirk and look at him confused. “Deano and Shaun have been giving you plenty of attention lately!” “Ugh!” I say, taking a swig of my drink. “Deano and Shaun are these two absolute fucking knobs!” I tell Emily. “They’ve been giving me a hard time because I … may have made a couple of flirty comments with some gay guy on Instagram!” Emily screws her face up. “And?” “Exactly!” I say to her. “Honestly, it’s like being back at school sometimes!” “You two can’t be the only gay guys at your uni!” I look at Luke and he gives me a little grin. “I really wouldn’t be surprised if we were!” I reply. “You should start an LGBTQ+ society!” Emily suggests. I laugh. “I think Montgomery might be missing a few of those letters! Like everything but the G. Although there could be a few closeted B’s there I suppose!” “Okay … a GB society then!” Emily says, grinning. “That would just be me and Luke hanging out and going to the SU bar. Which is basically what we do anyway!” A little later on and I’m re-joining the table after having used the toilets. Luke and Emily have both got suspicious smirks on their faces. Like they’ve been talking about me. “What?” I ask the both of them, feeling a flutter of excitement. Luke shrugs as if to say nothing but they carry on smirking at me. “So, er … you never told me what colour your Bentley was!” Luke says. I shrug. “Which one?” Emily smirks and rolls her eyes. “He can’t even drive!” Luke looks surprised and smiles. “Really?” I shrug. “What’s the point? I can just use my dad’s Uber account!” I turn to Emily. “Luke thinks I’m some super spoilt rich kid!” She pulls a face. “Well …” she teases. I feel a tug in my stomach. “I’m not spoilt!” I protest. Emily pulls another face. What the fuck? “I know!” Luke says, “don’t tell me - you had a job back home and everything!” Emily looks confused. “What job?!” My stomach clenches. “At the restaurant!” I say, defensively. “You quit after two weeks ‘cause you didn’t like being told what to do!” What the fuck? Okay now I’m pissed off. “Erm, actually I quit because I was prepping for a bodybuilding show and didn’t want any distractions!” Emily looks at Luke, and suddenly there’s this tension. She clearly knows she’s pushed me too far. Luke suddenly looks a little awkward. “Okay!” Emily says, with her hands up, trying to lighten the mood. But it doesn’t work. And now I’m in a bad mood. They start talking about something else, and I offer to get the next round in, not making eye contact with either of them as I go to the bar. I know what Emily’s saying about me. She’s probably telling Luke that I’ve got the hump and that I’ll snap out of it. When I get back to the table Luke’s excused himself to the bathroom. I’m still pissed off. “What’s up with you?” Emily asks. I shrug and take a sip of my drink. Then I make eye contact with her and she’s giving me this look like I’m being stupid. “Seb! Come on!” I feel myself softening. “I just … don’t like people thinking I’m this spoilt rich kid!” I sigh. “But Seb - you were the one who used those words. Not us!” “I know, but … people get weird when they find out my parents are well off. And …” I pause and shrug, “I just don’t want Luke to have that impression of me!” “Seb, I don’t think he cares!” “But why did you have to say that about me quitting my job?” She looks a little guilty. “I was just winding you up. Sorry!” She gives me a warm smile and I cave, roll my eyes and smile back at her. I look in the direction of the mens toilets to check Luke’s not coming back. “I just keep ...” then I shake my head, “doesn’t matter!” “What?” Emily asks. My stomach clenches. I know I’m veering into dangerous territory talking about Luke. “Tell me!” she gently orders. I shrug and say it like it’s not a big deal. “I just keep thinking Luke’s gonna suddenly come to his senses!” She looks at me with a confused expression but I can see her mouth starting to curl. “What do you mean?” Oh God. This is definitely dangerous territory. What am I doing? I’ve been dreading talking to Emily about Luke. About revealing my feelings for him. But at this very moment, ironically, I actually think I want to talk about it. I sigh and shrug. “Like he’s suddenly gonna wake up and realise that … I dunno, I’m a twat!” I confess, rolling my eyes. She shakes her head at me like I’m being stupid, now giving me this knowing, ominous smirk. As if she can read me like a book. Like she knows the real reason I’m so worried about what Luke thinks. Because of course she bloody does. “I never thought I’d see the day!” Oh God. My stomach twists. “What?!” I ask, pleading ignorant, though I really don’t know why I’m bothering. “You know what!” she says gently, still smiling. “You’ve got feelings for him haven’t you?” It’s totally unexpected but I suddenly feel my eyes water. I cover my face with both hands and let out a dramatic little groan. It’s like I don’t want her to see my face. Like I’m scared she’ll see my vulnerability. “You actually like someone!” she says, grabbing my wrist and giving it a little squeeze. I cautiously take my hands away and she’s giving me this warm, happy smile. I let her carry on gripping my wrist. And now I’m feeling something else. Something I definitely hadn’t expected to feel. This wave of relief. That someone actually knows. That I can actually talk about what’s been constantly on my mind for weeks. I let out a sigh. “I can’t stop thinking about him!” I confess, shaking my head. “Is that ... normal?” Emily’s smile gets bigger. “Yes!” “I go to bed and I’m thinking about him. I wake up and the first thing I wonder is whether he’s still asleep!” I don’t know what’s gotten into me. But I can’t seem to stop myself from talking. “I’m in class and I’m wondering whether he’s gonna be sitting in the room when I get back. I keep thinking of excuses to sit with him on his bed. The other day he wasn’t home and I actually did sit on his bed! I didn’t know what I was doing! I was just sat there. I knew it was wrong. But it felt … I dunno, nice, just sitting on his fucking bed!” I don’t tell Emily that on that particular occasion, I also picked up one of his pillows and buried my face in it because I knew it would smell like him. I don’t tell her that I keep wearing the Muscle University hoodie I leant him because I can smell his aftershave on it. “What the fuck is wrong with me?” I ask her, shaking my head. She bites her lip, continuing to give me that warm, happy grin. “There’s this part of me that kinda hates it though!” I confess. “Is that normal?” Emily pulls a face and shrugs. “Hmmm. Dunno. Maybe that’s just you freaking out? And maybe, you know ... not feeling like you’re in control?” My stomach twists and I breathe a heavy sigh. Sneaking around sniffing boys pillows because they smell like them. I’d say that’s out of control. I’d say that borders on pretty fucking crazy. And then Emily says something which makes my whole body feel like it’s been set on fire. “You know he likes you back, right?” Fuck! “Mmmm. I dunno!” Fucking, fuckity fuck. “Oh come on, Seb!” It feels like my heart’s blowing up in my chest. I glance around to make sure Luke’s not on his way back to the table. “How do you know though?” I ask Emily, lowering my voice. “Because he looks at you the same way you look at him!” Oh my God. Emily’s right. I know she’s fucking right. I think I’ve known that Luke likes me for a while. Whether it’s anywhere near as much as I like I don’t know. I feel this sudden rush of excitement. But I’m kinda terrified too. “So what do I do?” She smiles and shrugs. “That’s up to you!” I look around again to make sure he’s not coming back to the table. “I think half of me just wants to ignore it. See if these, you know, feelings,” (I roll my eyes), “or whatever, go away!” “And the other half?” My insides clench and I smile at her. Then her facial expression suddenly changes and I know exactly why. I turn my head and, sure enough, Luke’s come back to the table. Both me and Emily try and act normal as he sits down, but there’s this unspoken tension. Luke looks a little suspicious. And also seems a bit nervous. God - I hope he doesn’t suspect that we were just talking about him. “Luke - Seb was just saying he wants to sing you another one of our Two The Same songs!” Emily says. “Erm … no, Seb was fucking not!” I reply. I look at Luke and his mouth curls into this big, cute, dimple showing grin. God I love those dimples. “Ooooh. There’s Max!” Emily says, looking over my shoulder. I turn around I can see cute, ginger Max with another guy. Emily gets up and goes towards them, leaving me sitting at the table with Luke. That tension is still there. I’m thinking about what Emily just said. That Luke likes me. I don’t know how much, I don’t know how deep those feelings go, but I know he likes me. And I have absolutely no idea what to do. I’ve never been in this situation before. Someone likes me who I actually like back. What if I kiss him and it’s nothing like I imagined? What if we act on our feelings and we realise it was one monumental mistake and then our friendship is ruined? What if I do something stupid and reckless and completely fuck things up? But what it, just what if, I kiss Luke and it’s fucking amazing? What if it’s everything I’ve imagined and bloody more?
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    "You don't see your car, kid, cause I carried it to a hiding place three blocks away. It's seemed like the easiest way to convince you to stay the night."
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    The Prologue is found here: The Orgone Accumulator : Prologue The Orgone Accumulator: Part One He finished his three articles about Portland Waterfront Pride and sent them to the news-site editor per e-mail. Brad Taurus. He smiled. If your name is John Smith, and your occupation is freelance journalist and writer, you have to use some eye-catching alias to stick out in the crowd, even if it sounds silly. He scratched his hipster beard, took a sip of green tea, and clicked on one of the files that contained one of the chapters-to-be of his new book about the history of gay subcultures. Stud of Dakota ... One of the models of Robert Mapplethorpe's artistic black-and-white photographs back in the late 1970s and early 1980s. The guy had been huge and muscular long before working-out became fashionable. At a time, when other men allowed their hair to grow long like Peter Berlin did, Stud of Dakota went from a rockabilly hairstyle to a crewcut, like he had predicted the approaching fashion-changes of the 1980s. Stud was surrounded by urban legend: Had he lived among the San Francisco leather scene before it became publicly visible? Was he devoted to kinks too extreme to describe in words? Was his disappearance from the public eye in the mid-1980s caused by AIDS? No-one knew. The New York art scene was probably where to sneak around, if you wanted answers. Mr. Smith booked himself an airline ticket. His guilt-stricken conscience told him, that his travels would be bad to the environment, but the thought of a coast-to-coast railway journey caused him to shudder. He compensated his carbo-dioxide emissions with a click, and prepared to pack his bag. * * * It was days later. He had presumed, that he would enjoy New York, but he was wrong. The streets were sticky of some unknown dirt, the air smelled funny, the cabdrivers were impolite, and there were beggars or psychos in the streets. "Brad! Darling! So this is how you look in real life! I've wondered who the mysterious Mr. Taurus behind all those articles is. No-one told me, that you are a bear-cub." The Queen was overwhelming. The art dealer known as The Queen was in his eighties, and remembered the Stonewall riots and days long before these. His suit was luxurious, he wore androgynous wristbands, and his arms gestured in a manner reminding of someone's aunt, in a way that didn't feel natural, but seemed like a skilfully rehearsed act aimed at provoking bystanders, which it probably did. The comment surprised John, and it felt like it dissolved and evaporated all the polite stuff he had planned to say. Startled, he answered: "I'm not a cub, and 'Brad Taurus' is a pseudonym." "You don't say?", The Queen answered waspishly. "I would have guessed, that your inventive and creative parents came up with the name before your birth. You can never be too careful when you select your parents. My parents had the grace to bestow unto me independent means, and they tended to pretend not to understand, that the vagina business was way outside my comfort zone, just as the upper classes of their generation used to do." The elderly man's eyes glittered of mischief, and he gave the impression of being considerably younger, despite his silver hair. "Anyhow. Come in, come in, and let me give you something to drink. Something bubbly perhaps?" A few minutes later, John was sitting in a chair constructed to look artistic, but it wasn't particularly comfortable. In his hand, he was holding a flute of champagne. "So what brings you to the doorstep of my humble abode? Chin chin!", The Queen asked and toasted. "I mentioned my book about history ..." "Indeed you did, darling. Did I tell you, that those puppy eyes of your's suit you very well?" "One of the chapters will mention, how some gay men in the past behaved effeminate, in order to mock the prejudice of straight society ..." "Oh, honey! I have no idea what you are talking about!", The Queen shrieked in falsetto, but his eyes glittered of intense irony. "However, I ask for your advice about a different matter, since you are knowledgeable about the arts scene in the 1970s ..." The lustre in The Queen's eyes changed from flippant to businesslike. Even his gestures became more restrained, less studied. His body language went from a stereotype to a real person. "One of Mapplethorpe's models, the alias 'Stud of Dakota', disappeared in the 80s, and I don't even know his real name." The Queen let out a low whistling sound. "Those young boys were in an entirely different league than I or my late husband were. Beside being younger than me -- he must have been born some time in the 1940s, I guess -- Stud and his handsome friends hang out with an entirely different circle than mine: Nice to watch at a distance, but only watch, no touching! It doesn't probably come as much of a surprise, that most of my friends belong to old families with old money, but one of the benefits of moving in artistic circles is, that you encounter men from many ways of life, including some gorgeous working-class and lower middle-class men. I encountered them a few times when Mapplethorpe arranged something, but I don't know much about them -- neither Stud nor his friends." John's facial expression must have revealed the wave of disappointment, which began to well up inside him, because The Queen continued: "But have no fear. I have a fairly good idea which ones to ask. You'll have to ask the older patrons at The Eagle NYC." "The Eagle?" "A leather bar. Not my personal cup of tea, as you might guess, but the oldies over there would possibly know something. You wouldn't be able to enter dressed like that ..." The Queen evaluated John's hipsterish attire with critical eyes. "... but if you wear well-polished boots to those jeans, the men at the entrance could possibly sell you some suitable gear to wear at the bar. Better ask them first. It's not my type of place." * * * The story continues in The Orgone Accumulator : Part Two
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    Adventure Number Three As I walked to the gym I began to realize that ripping a bench loaded with four big guys out of the sidewalk had been easier than I would have thought. It didn’t even register to my toothpick arms that concrete was being torn apart as I easily yanked steel bolted to the ground into the air. And then pushing the steel column of the lamppost with what people would call a wimpy forefinger had been so unbelievably simple that I went slow just to make sure I didn’t slam the thing into the ground or easily snap it in two. I was getting stronger – much stronger – just as I had noticed with the hammer in the jock’s room earlier. What did it mean? When would my power stop? When I had my first wet dream at age twelve, I woke up the next morning and threw out my arms in a big yawn and stretch – but my fist was aimed for the headboard. I pummeled through the heavy wood with no problem, but then my fist went completely though the wall, too. All the way to the outside. You could see my neighbors’ house through the big hole – I had busted through drywall and concrete. That day I crushed seven door knobs, I shoved my brother to get out my way and he flew across the back yard, I ripped two doors off the hinges and away from their frame, and then I threw a dodgeball with a little too much strength and accidentally sent our coach and P.E. instructor soaring into the bleachers when I accidentally hit him with a bad throw. Luckily, nothing was broken. That was in junior high. I had become stronger every year since then and now I was a freshman in college with so much strength that I actually didn’t know just how powerful I truly was. This day’s feats had been a breeze, child’s play for me. I could feel the fact that, even though I was very thin, my body was now so thick – so dense – that even a speeding truck would be totaled if it hit me – and I wouldn’t move a bit. What was next? Super breath, able to blow down a building. Would I get x-ray vision, be able to change into fire or grow huge and green when I got angry? All of it was still a mystery to me, but I was damaging too many things by accident. I shook the hand of my big burly mechanic the other day, forgetting to shake lightly – mainly because he’s such a handsome dude – and sent him to his knees because I gripped too hard. A mechanic depended on his hands for his job, too. Was I eventually going to get too powerful to do normal things like hug someone or give a ‘high five’? Would blowing someone a kiss send him through all the walls of the house? And then there was the fact that I still looked like a dorky shrimp to everyone else – even to myself when I looked in the mirror. But that’s not the way I felt on the inside. I felt immortal. I felt like I towered over everyone and could intimidate others just by a slight movement of my arm. But I wasn’t as huge as the Hulk – even though I was just as strong. I was this runt of a fella that could lift the back of an SUV with one finger, toss a guy high enough for him to catch the plane he had missed, and forget about memorizing combinations for bank vaults – I could rip the huge thing open with a simple tug. I had adjusted to my new strength pretty quickly when I had been younger, but now it was getting so difficult to keep up. I was terrified I’d hurt people by accident. At the same time, however, my body’s strength turned me on so much that I could probably take out a row of tanks if I allowed my ejaculations to explode normally. I had to curtail them by tightening my cock or even holding it with a firm grip when I came. I still took out chunks of my dorm room walls and ceiling, but, at least, I didn’t bust out a gaping hole three-stories up, since I lived on the bottom floor. So, here I was - a childlike guy with the strength of superman. It just wasn’t fair, was it? I didn’t really mind about my size when I was using my strength – it just didn’t seem to matter I was small when I was lifting the back of a bus or ripping massive trees from the ground. It would have been cool, though, to have a body that made people anticipate my power. Although, I might not have gotten the chance to show off as much – people would be freaked out before I even did anything. This way, the surprise was half the fun. The big glass windows of the gym enabled me to see our three bully-stooges before I even entered. I recognized them immediately – mainly because they were presently picking on the sole other patron in the facility. They had obviously put the smaller guy on the floor and placed an unmovable weight-loaded bar on his stomach so he couldn’t move. It probably had taken two of the big dudes to lift the bar. They were all standing there looking at the little guy struggling with the bar and laughing. This only made me want to teach them a bigger lesson than before. The first thing I needed to do was get the little guy out of there, so he wouldn’t be a witness to the damage I was going to do. I didn’t need him to be accused of being an accomplice or even knowing about my abilities. When I got to the door and found it locked, I instantly turned super excited because I was going to be able to make a stupendous entrance, which was always a plus. My fist plowing through the metal door must have been as loud as a shotgun blast in the big room. I’m sure it scared the hell out of everyone. It felt like I was poking through tissue and I left a hole the size of a microwave. I’m sure it took the guys a while to figure out what happened, since it was probably hard to make out my skinny arm from across the gym. I pulled my hand out of the hole and admired how I had made all the metal look like jagged cardboard. I then took the butt of my palm and slammed it against the door – lower than the hole. The entire thing, frame and all, went shooting into the gym and banged against the wall on the other side. I think that got everyone’s attention. I couldn’t imagine what it must look like to see a little guy in a white short-sleeved shirt, glasses, pocket protector with two pens inside, and loafers walk in after that. “Well look, there’s a party and I wasn’t invited. I guess my invitation got lost in the campus mail. Sorry to bust in like that fellas, but for some reason the door was locked and I don’t really like locked doors. Haven’t met a lock, yet, that can keep me out, though. Care if I join in the fun? It looks like someone doesn’t actually want to be here.” I had continued to walk through the gym as I blabbered on. There was a definite tightening of my balls when I saw that the three bullies were all huge – members of the school wrestling team, I was sure. Showing off my strength to them was going to be fun. I just needed to help their victim head home, first. No one moved because they were still trying to figure out what was going on. One guy still stared at the destroyed door – imbedded in the wall. “Oh look, someone dropped some weights. That could be dangerous. I think I’m going to have to do some tidying up in here.” I reached down and grabbed the bar that stretched across the smaller guy’s body, pinning him to the floor. I did not, however, take hold of it in the middle. I grabbed it more at one end. When I lifted, though, the bar stayed perfectly straight, my strength easily capable of handling what must have been really hard for two of the big guys to even carry. I smiled at the freed captive and motioned to the destroyed doorway in the corner. The dude was on his feet and out of the gym by the time I tilted the weight bar up in the air as easily as I would a pencil and turned toward the baffled threesome. They were desperately trying to figure out how I was managing such an amazing trick with the weights. Clearly, I wasn’t strong enough to lift the things on my own – not to mention burst through a metal door so easily. As I talked, I waved the loaded bar around like I was some kind of peppy blonde drum major with a baton. I contemplated tossing it spinning in the air, but decided that was too much showing off – even for me. The three bullies watched me, dumbfounded, and ducked whenever I swung the bar near them. “So, fellas, it’s time you picked on someone with equal strength . . . well, not equal exactly. I think you’ll come to realize that even multiplying the three of you each by one hundred men wouldn’t come near to being the same as my power. Gosh, the looks on your faces makes it clear you think this bar is pretty heavy. Did you guys have trouble lifting this, because I find it as light as a toothpick. Seriously. Here, catch.” The three men dropped to the floor immediately – scared to death that I was going to toss the heavily weighted bar in their direction. They also screamed like terrified preschoolers. I smiled and held the bar so it stuck straight up. To freak these guys out like I was doing was the best feeling in the world. They were musclebound behemoths frightened of little ol’ me. I wasn’t done playing with them, though. Not by a longshot. It was time to up the ante some and make them even more nervous. I balanced the end of the bar on my forefinger – holding it aloft by moving my hand around. “Look at that, fellas. I’m holding all this weight with just one finger. Pretty awesome, huh? I’m also thinking this gym could do with some new artwork. It’s a little drab, don’t you think?” As I spoke I grabbed the end of the bar closest to me and swung the thing with a fraction of my full strength. The weights on the other end ripped the security bracket in two and went flying across the gym at a speed so fast it was hard to follow them. When they hit the wall, however, the sound of the impact was deafening. Six metal plates slammed into the concrete so hard they just sank into it – instantly fused together by the impact. It did, indeed, look like someone had put a painting of a weight on the wall. I was impressed with my work. The three bullies, however, were terrified by what I had done. “I think we need a matching piece on the other wall,” I said smiling. This time, I let the bar slide down until my hand met with the first plate secured at the end. I then turned it sideways and put my other hand on the outside plate. Then, I squeezed. I looked like some bizarre accordion player – but when I pressed in with both hands metal had no option but to submit to my power. I compressed the weights until they were one big unit – like pressing hamburger meat together to make bigger patties. The sound it created equaled two bulldozers slamming against each other to win some mechanical battle. To say I was now erect would have been an understatement. I was so hard off of my own strength I could have punctured the compressed pates with one poke of my super strong rod. I was pretty sure the fellas didn’t notice my hard-on because they were too amazed by what my wimpy-looking arms had done to the weights. I pushed the deformed mass off of the pole – demolishing the safety bracket the same way someone rips a bow off of a present. I then held the big blob of smashed plates like a discus and flung it in the opposite direction as last time. The thing looked like a flying saucer zooming through the air. It hit the other wall with the same amount of force as my first throw and the plates sliced into the concrete like a ninja’s shuriken piercing wood. Half of the manmade contraption stuck out into the room – again, looking like some wild muscleman’s artwork. When the sound of the wall being plowed by something stronger died down, I turned to my three new friends. As I spoke I slowly took the bar, which once held the weight, and started rolling it up like it was just a towel. “Man, I love the creative process, don’t you, guys? So, let’s get some things straight. I’m super strong and you’re not. I could toss all three of you through that concrete wall with no problem, at all. But, you see, I’m not like you three. I’m not a bully. I’m simply a guy that wants to make sure everyone’s being nice – everyone’s treating each other with respect. When I got to this little party, earlier, it looked like the three of you were treating a fellow student unkindly. Part of me thinks I should squeeze a few of these machines together with my powerful arms and then rest the thing on top of you three just to show you how our little friend felt earlier, but I think I’ve already ruined enough school property – the door, the plates, and this bar that is now rolled up like a garden hose. Watch as I flatten it into something resembling a pizza.” I noticed the biggest guy of the three slowly moving his hand toward a 15 kilograms dumbbell on a rack beside him. I did not let on that I saw what he was doing. Having thirty-three pounds of iron coming at me was going to be too much fun to not let it happen. As soon as he swung the grabbed piece of iron towards my head, I turned so it would hit me square in the face. Luckily, I had taken off my glasses when I had been swinging around the barbell earlier. My nose stopped the flight of the dumbbell with an abruptness that matched a flyswatter stopping a fly with a direct hit. Iron met something stronger – my face – and the reverberations of the halted mass sent pain through the guy’s hand and arm, causing him to drop the dumbbell on the ground and scream loudly. My neck was so anchored to my powerful body that I hadn’t budged at all – the big weight just kind of bounced off my tough-as-hell nose. I reached down and grabbed the dumbbell. “What did you think you were going to accomplish with that move, dude? You knew this thing wasn’t going to hurt me at all. Did you just want to see my face easily deflect it? Look how my nose made a big dent in the iron, fellas. Kind of hot, isn’t it. God, I love how even something this thick and sturdy gets abused by my body. Now, let’s imagine this was your head, man.” I put my small hands on either ends of the big weight, not being able to wrap my little fingers around the thicker part. I then started pushing in with my palms. The handle in the middle buckled immediately and the two ends banged into each other. I kept pushing. Iron compressed together – something much stronger than it was making it yield, easily. Soon, I had the dumbbell pressed into something as thin as a small paperback book. The iron had spread out more to accommodate what my power was doing. I could have probably molded it into a plate for a bar, but folding it up like a piece of paper seemed like more fun and watching the trio of shaking wrestlers get freaked out more was worth it. “So, if I can squeeze the hell out of this iron dumbbell with the use of very little of my strength, just imagine what I could do to that head of yours. Now, I’m sure you’ve figured out I wouldn’t do that to you, but I wanted you to know I could. Like I said earlier, I’m just here to put you three on a straight and narrow path. Clearly, you three weren’t disciplined enough as children and you think your size and strength give you the right to pick on others. Now, as fun as it would be to turn each of you over my knee one at a time and give you a spanking you’d never forget – and would feel for weeks to come – I just think I can convince you to be nicer by shocking the hell out of you with my strength. I’d hate to have to meet up with you at a later date because you didn’t get my message the first time, but know that I’d do it. I’d bring a few of these bars with me and make sure I twisted them so tight around your body that’d you’d be wearing them until I thought you’d learned your lesson. So, you see my over-muscled friends, it’s the little geek that’s putting you in your proper place tonight. Now, I think there needs to be a little pain – to help you remember our little chat – so I’m thinking the four of us need to wrestle. Oh no, don’t argue about it, fellas. I’m sure you know it’s not an even match, but I promise to go light on you.” I had already noticed mats on the floor in a corner of the room nearby. With speed that surprised each guy before he could do anything, I grabbed them one by one at the front of their sweatshirt and sweatpants, powered them over my head, and then launched them into the air over a couple of machines so they all landed with a loud thud in the center of the mats. I walked slowly and with as much cockiness a little guy can muster toward them as they laid there, still wondering what had happened. I removed my shirt, shoes, and pants, carefully laying them across a bench. I then stood there in all of my short, waif-like glory – making sure they fully grasped that this little guy, this mighty mouse, was the one about to whoop their asses. “I’ll try not to forget how strong I am, gentlemen, and do any permanent damage. I can get carried away, sometimes, and forget normal guys can’t tie a crowbar into a knot, shove a cement truck a half of block down the street, or rip apart cinder blocks for fun. I can’t help myself a lot of times because I just get so turned on by what this scrawny body can do – like tossing each of you through the air as if you were just a pair of balled-up socks. You fellas look scared. That’s a good thing. It means you’re learning the lesson I’m trying to share with you. We could probably stop right now, but where would be the fun in that. I need to show off more. Here, look at my flexed twig of an arm and remember it’s what caused you pain.” I flexed my little arm and all three guys stared at it. By the look on their faces you would have thought I was a seven-foot muscled monster, which I wasn’t. It was just that they fully knew what my arms were capable of. This was going to be fun.
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    The Look He was just finishing up his routine when he got that look on his face. There was no doubt in my mind that he won his class and possibly the over-all depending on how fickle the judges were. That look! My knees buckled and I collapsed back into my seat while everyone around me continued to scream and cheer. My brain blocked out clamorous roar in the auditorium and I saw his face hovering above mine. Sweat covered our bodies and the smell of sex surrounded us like a cloud. My whole body trembled as my ass clenched and cum filled my briefs. I almost felt him thrusting and heard the rapid slap of skin on skin. My hands roamed over his insanely massive hard physique as I saw the expression on his face changing. Then as his balls got ready to spew he held back the desire to explode and like a jet revving up its engines before takeoff he would slam into me harder and harder until ‘that look’ surged over his face. Many a time ‘that look’ triggered my orgasm just as it had seconds ago. With his eyes locked on mine his jaw would clench and his body would flex as he planted his seed deep inside of me blasting us both off into the stratosphere. Then his face would soften and his massive body would collapse on top of mine as his kisses landed on my neck and his grunts of delight filled my ears. Words of love for my ears only and never spoken in public rolled off his lips as mini-orgasmic aftershocks added more of his seed to the flood each time my ass clenched around his shaft. Sometimes there would be a frightening roar as a second orgasm overwhelmed his body. I consider that second orgasm to be a gift but he often told me it was his lack of control. He would smile and tell me it was my fault. I’d smile back and tell him ‘I hope so’ and he would laugh. “No lover but you has ever been able to make me have multiple orgasms or keep me so hard so long,” he told me. It was as if he took a little blue pill but I knew he didn’t. He hated taking any drugs even if he got the flu. Often he would roll to his back and take me with him. Then it was my turn to worship his physique or toy with him or kiss him or even just rest on his pecs listening to his heartbeat. We would shower and then he would snuggle against my back on the clean sheets and envelop me with his hand against my chest pulling me in until there was full body contact. Yep that was my love posing on the stage and he was able to make me cum with a look. I’d say I was a pretty lucky guy.
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    Omniman, the beginning Bea Research Co. was always a top of the line center for technological innovations, but this new invention certainly takes the cake. As a breakthrough emerged in molecular rearranging, the top scientists at the headquarters took heed in creating a solution to world hunger. The kitchen kit, as it’s aptly named, can rearrange any molecules through the nozzle and can turn it into food. Although untested, it already showed promising results in the individual parts mechanics operations. Standing at the same size as a cardboard box, this new contraption is all you’ll ever need for the rest of your life! And furthermore, it uses the breaking apart of molecules as its energy source. The more you use it, the more energy it has! It works very easily. First, you strap the hose to your mouth and secure it comfortably. Second, you turn on the machine and whatever object you desire can be put into the hole to be turned into food. Anything at all can be used, although typically, carbon based things taste best. Even old, rotten, or toxic foods can be put inside and eaten again. There’s even different settings depending on diet! Keto? No problem! Want to lose weight? The body customization menu has a wide variety of options! There’s nothing you can’t do with the Kitchen Kit! Only $199.99! Wild was a white-haired young man studying graphic design. Not too exceptional in talent to the naked eye, but with every layer removed, he was more and more amazing. He was ideal for this. He was sweet and kind and unsuspecting (and incredibly attractive too). Which made him the perfect candidate for trial testing. He was a tad on the short side, coming in around 5’4, but his tight body made up for his lack of height when it came to conventional standards. It gave him the confidence necessary for the adventure he was about to embark on. Wild saw the note up on the bulletin board. $100 for human test subject for new Kitchen Kit. Visit this address for more information xxxxx xxxx rd. So, like any broke student, he took the paper. He was just glad that he was the first to see it. He drove over to the location and went inside carelessly. It was a giant white building immaculately cleaned and polished. It was charmingly sparkly. He walked to the information desk and showed the receptionist the flyer. The man was on the phone, but pointed him over to the sign on the wall. Wild followed it to the lab room, where he walked inside and was greeted by an older woman with a lab coat and a clip board. “Oh. Goodness. You’re here for the testing?” She asked. “Y-Yeah! I am! There was a $100 promise?” She frowned a wrinkly frown. “I’m sorry dear, but we’re all done with the testing. But to make it worth your time, you can take one of the prototypes. The central unit was removed so it’s no longer functional. But if the product picks up, then it may be worth some dough later on!” Wild didn’t know what to do, but not wanting to confront the kind old lady, he took the machine and went home to me, his loving roommate, who wasn’t with him officially, but who had a cute relationship together. Little did they know when he walked through the door that it would end in world annihilation “Hey baby! You’re back! How was the test?” I asked, my enthusiasm evident. Wild smiled and walked inside. “It was okay. I didnt get the money, but they gave me a non-functioning prototype.” “Awww, it doesn’t work? That’s lame. They should have just given you the cash like they promised.” “It’s alright cutie. We can still open it up and take a look!” I laughed. “Hell yeah babe! Sounds fun!” So with screwdrivers in hand, we took that damn thing apart and studied it and put it back together again. It was a really fun time despite some annoying moments with the mechanics. “You know,” Wild began, “this thing looks pretty functional to me.” “Yeah,” I agreed. “It does. Do you want to...try it out?” Wild looked at me with glee and nodded his head. “Easier than cooking dinner, I guess.” I opened up the menu on the screen of the blank white box while Wild set up the tube and the funnel. It was just like a phone screen. There were many different options, but the one that stood out to me first was the diet option. So I opened it up. And, to my surprise, I found a shit ton of sub levels and folders to choose from. Everything from weight to muscle to hair growth to even sex drive were all accounted for. “Hey babe, I’m gonna try to do every option I can do at once. See how far this thing can go!” Wild looked at me and smiled sheepishly. “Well, we don’t want to break it. But I suppose it isn’t supposed to work anyway. So go ahead!” I laughed with apparent thrill and pressed all the buttons I could. Then, with a sparkle in my eye, I strapped the hose over my mouth and gave a thumbs up The machine began to whirr. Wild started to look around for something to put inside, but the Kitchen Kit began to make food anyway. It wasn’t needing any input! It was taking the air and turning it into calories! A thick gray liquid began pouring into the hose and down my mouth. It tasted like nothing before, as if engineered to be the best food for my own tastes. I didnt even need to chew and swallow. The warm liquid just went right down. And I was loving every second of it. Wild was watching in awe. He already saw the effects begin to take place. My shirt began stretching outwards as my belly expanded and I put on twenty pounds in mere seconds. The machine worked, alright. There must have been a mistake. But Wild wouldn’t stop it. And I didnt want him to. I felt the food hit my body with a warm embrace, but at the same time, it didn’t relinquish my hunger. I felt bloated. I felt big. But big was always a good feeling. It was powerful! But the power wouldn’t end there. Like blowing up a balloon, my stomach continued to grow and grow until my shirt climbed its way up to my chin like I was wearing a scarf. Then I felt a grumble. My belly’s expansion slowed down and wild sighed with relief. It was over now. He touched my giant gut and couldn’t help squeezing it tightly like a bean bag. It was so hot to him. It was to both of us. But then something else happened. My stomach wasn’t the only thing growing. As Wild caressed my belly, something knocked him over from under his feet with a giant ripping sound and plopped him onto my gut. As he looked up, he saw my face glowing red with sexual pleasure. And looking down, he saw a cock the size of a pirate cannon with balls bigger than beach balls. He could feel the cum churning underneath my belly. And it continued pumping. My gut was rising. Blowing up even more as more food came into my mouth. But my balls were growing now too. And my cock was only getting longer and longer. Thicker and thicker. But once again, that wasn’t all. A muffled gasp of sexual joy bubbled from beneath my mask. Then, with a rise of my arms, I flexed my two gigantic arms and instantly ripped whatever was left of my clothes right off. It was like I was made of rubber and helium. The food kept pouring in at faster and faster rates until Wild felt his butt hit the ceiling. My pecs collided with him at the same time, my gut no longer the biggest thing on me. My cock stretched outside of the garage and into the street. The distant sound of screams kept coming. But there was still way more to go Wild let out a moan and grabbed his hard cock. He became squished between my giant pecs, engulfed in hot mass. There was nothing else he could even think about. He stripped everything off and grabbed his smoking hot cock with his hand and started jerking off like never before. Then, as if in sync, both Wild and I orgasmed and spewed cum all over. For him, it ended up on his cute sexy body, but for me, it wiped out half the country. But the machine liked that. As soon as it came out and flooded America, it went right back in through the machine and pumped exponentially more. Pump after pump, muscle on top of muscle, it was all too much for anyone besides us two. Crushing and demolishing the nation was an easy feat for the Omniman and his beautiful servant, Wild. I flexed my biceps again and again as my arms grew taller than I was and nearly as wide across. It looked like pool floats were on my arms, except those floats were bigger than Texas. But then Texas was too small. America. Then that was too small too. Every part of me grew bigger and bigger as my throat expanded and made way for cosmic portions. But Wild still wasn’t satisfied. He came again. This time, soaking his face. And feeling this orgasm, I came again too. And it went right back in after flooding the planet. But unfortunately, there wasn’t anything left to vacuum, right? After all, all the air was gone! But that wasn’t true in the slightest. Slowly, the entire earth began to tremble as the machine began to suck it in with the force of a black hole, every molecule fueling its acceleration. Wild felt my growth slow down a lot, but he didn’t see the stuff going down in the back. I rolled my eyes to the back of my head and tried not to scream with pleasure. In addition to each and every rolling galaxy of muscle, was an ass about to rip open space itself. Then, almost instantly, both Wild and I were blasted from behind as my ass grew so big it hit the end of the universe and pushed us along as speeds that shouldn’t have been possible. Luckily for us, my rapidly expanding pecs cushioned us forward and my biceps kept us stable as they pushed against the ceiling. This time, not of a house, but of the entire universe. There was no beginning and no end. My legs were wider than even I could feel. My ass crushed everything behind us and my balls and my pecs crushed everything in front. My arms crushed everything to the sides. Only he was safe. “Wild, I know you can hear me. Do you...want me bigger?” I mustered. Wild didn’t know what to say. He wanted more. But what was there even more of to have? He was in heaven. He came three more times in that last growth spurt, and he felt another coming. But he knew what I wanted. “Yes! Always more, Omni!” “Then cum for me, babe. Aim your cock to my voice. If you cum, I’ll have just enough power to break the bonds of everything. Ill truly be Omniman if you do that!” And he didn’t even have to try. Wild instantly shot a load when he heard my booming cosmic voice. And, like I planned, it was just enough. My body began to rumble. Every single crack left in the universe began full with a final pump. But then, a giant rip emerged in the fabric of space as my cock tore through everything there ever was. Upon encountering new universes, the machine kept going, expanding me more and more exponentially, my gut and my muscle pulsating with power. We broke universe after universe, absorbing everything there was. And it kept speeding up. After a while, I couldnt even keep track of it. I had reached infinity. I was Onmiman, and Wild were the man who got me there. And he’d be with me forever and ever.
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    When you Bitch Upon a Star Absolutely nobody cheered. There wasn’t one smiling face in the audience. Everybody in Hemingway Conference Room D was disgusted at the way that Lucas acted on stage in front of all his coworkers. There he stood, slurring all his words at the podium and rambling about how Garrett from Corporate had a penis unlike any other. His short black hair was oily and ruffled. His freckled face was flushed with liquor. His tailored brown suit was ripping at the seams of his muscled frame. Anyone with eyes could see that he was drunk and disorderly, hence why the police arrived shortly to escort him back home. Lucas was raving. He thrashed with the officers and yelled at them to put him down. He wasn’t going to have any of their bullshit today. But he didn’t have much of a choice. When he entered the back seat of the police car, he passed out and slept the whole ride home. He awoke to being jostled by the bigger policeman. He had dark skin and darker sunglasses, making his silhouette look as if it was from a dream as the sun shone behind the man’s body. Unable to tell a dream from reality, Lucas didn’t respond to the man and remained limp. “Sir! Your boss, among many others of whom you offended, has agreed not to press charges for making sexual remarks during their meeting. However,” he continued, his gruff voice coming off harsh, “you’re suspended from work for an indefinite time. Please get out of the car and into your house before we have to force you” Lucas groggily slumped out of the car and leaned on the door to his city apartment, passing by the officers without passing a glance. “Lucky son of a bitch.” Lucas whipped his head around to see what they were talking about. “If that was our boss,” the main officer said, “we’d be fired on sight.” The other one chuckled, his voice less masculine and intimidating than the first. “If that was our boss, we’d be SHOT on sight!” The two men got in the car and laughed as they drove away, leaving Lucas on his own. He rustled for his keys and opened the door and walked up the stairs to his tiny little apartment he could barely afford. And now with his job gone, he’d likely be evicted any day now. There was no way that things could get any worse. So, to numb the pain, Lucas drank even more. He drank until his pain went away. He had nothing left to live for. His boyfriend, Jeremy, dumped him for a better-looking man four whole months ago and he still wasn’t over it. He worked out every single day to try to bulk up to match Jeremy’s new man. Then, when that didn’t work, he went to steroids. He bulked faster than anyone has ever seen. But when we asked for Jeremy back, he still said no. So he grew even more. And more. And more. Never stopping until he ran out of cash. But, like anything, his cash supply was finite. Jeremy still didn’t want him back. He was broke, jobless, and drunk. Lucas was a pathetic excuse of a man. People gawked at him on the street like he was a muscle-bound freak. His proportions were off. His biceps were too big. His waist was too small. And his ego was shattered. Every ounce of manhood he had left faded away along with his consciousness. When Lucas woke up again it was nighttime. His head pounded nails into his skull. His stomach churned up a storm. But nevertheless, he stood up and tried to walk outside for some fresh air, his suit feeling constricting on his sweaty body. He tumbled his way down the stairs and opened the front door to the outside world. City smog and the growling of raccoons greeted his unshaven face and he immediately turned around into an alley to avoid the shrieking noise of cars passing by. It was dark, gloomy, and dank, much like how he was feeling. So, like any hopeless man did, he sat down on the ground and leaned his back against the grimy brick wall. Lucas lifted his head up and watched the stars above. They twinkled in the midnight sky and put a small smile on his face. “I just wish that I could teach them all a lesson. I wish that I could be bigger than all of them combined, that I could finally let them know what a mistake they made fucking with me!” And with the final words, Lucas started to cry softly to himself. He felt powerless. But, little did he know that as soon as he slumped his head down, a shooting star went by and heard his plea for help. Lucas cried himself out and wiped his eyes when he was done. He wasn’t just going to sit around and wait for life to destroy him! He was going to get even! Lucas stood up and hailed a cab. The woman driving looked just as tired as he did, her long red hair puffing outwards with knots and her face drooping like a bag. He told her Jeremy’s address and waited for her to arrive, but on the ride there, he realized that he didn’t want to end the ride there. He had some more people to teach a lesson to. “Miss, can you wait for me outside his house? I need to go somewhere else after.” The lady grunted and shrugged her shoulders, not really caring what she did as long as she got paid for it. Lucas grinned maliciously and stepped outside Jeremy’s house. He rummaged through his pockets and took out his key ring. He never did get rid of Jeremy’s key. It was a memento. But now, he realized, it was literally the key to revenge. Lucas opened the door and barged inside, stepping over discarded beer cans and pizza boxes to go up to Jeremy’s bedroom on the second floor. His house was a mess. It was the perfect cover-up. All Lucas had to do was deny ever being there and the sheer mess of his house was a water-tight excuse. He’d say that Jeremy must have fallen and hurt himself or something. When he got to Jeremy’s door, he slammed it open with all his might. “Wake up, you little slut!” Lucas roared, his aggression only rising as he saw his ex-boyfriend sleeping in the same bed he slept in when they were still together. Jeremy fell off the frame and stood up, his tiny pale naked body wrapped completely in his sheets, his brown hair messed up from sleep. “Lucas! Get out of my fucking house! What the hell do you want?” Jeremy cried. Lucas stomped over to him, his six-foot frame overshadowing Jeremy. He then grabbed his neck and lifted him up in the air like the men he’d seen in movies do. Then he started to squeeze. “What do I want?!” Lucas bellowed. “I want you to go to hell!” Jeremy’s eyes went wide as he saw Lucas’s biceps begin to swell with power. His already-torn suit began to rip even more. One by one his muscles started to bulge outward and surge his body with strength. The sound of cotton ripping echoed around the room. Lucas didn’t notice. His rage was too uncontrollable. He just kept squeezing and squeezing Jeremy’s writhing body as his life began to drain away. “You made a fucking mistake dumping me for that slut, wherever he is! I’m gonna teach that bastard a lesson RIGHT after I finish you, you pathetic little ant!” Then with a final grip, Lucas smashed Jeremy’s neck and left his bloody body on the messy floor. There was no explaining that one to the cops, but he didn’t care. The power felt so good! He needed more! Lucas slammed open the door and heaved his way down the stairs, everything left of his clothes cutting off his air flow. He was huge. Even bigger than before. Now there was no denying that something wasn’t natural with him. He was bigger than any bodybuilder. Closer to the Incredible Hulk, really, except even bigger. Lucas opened the cab door outside and stepped in, having to lean down and squeeze into the middle in order to fit in the tiny vehicle. “Where to now, love?” The cab driver asked, not looking back at the monster before her. “Lamplight Insurance. It’s my office,” he replied. As they drove down to his old job, Lucas started to feel the adrenaline slow down. Then, with newfound clarity, he looked at himself in the rear-view mirror. He was fucking GIANT! His pecs extended at least a foot long. His arms bulged like beach balls. His legs looked like tree trunks. Even his bulge was noticeable through his pants, which were now completely torn off except for his pelvis line, making him look like he was wearing a speedo and a tank top. You could hardly even see his face behind his mountains of muscle. But if you did, you’d see it smiling with lust. The cab finally stopped outside and let him out, still not understanding why it felt like the drive had such heavy cargo inside. Lucas gave the lady all the money he had left and let her drive off. After all, he wasn’t going to need money anymore. He had much bigger plans. As the sun began to rise, Lucas smashed open the glass doors to his office and sauntered inside, not caring about the alarm blaring around him. With each pounding step, Lucas grew more and more. He felt each vein pumping more and more mass into his already giant body. But as he approached the elevators, he realized that he was too big to go up. And he was too wide to go through the staircase. That made him very upset. And with his anger came more growth. Lucas let out a fierce roar as his body bubbles up taller and wider than ever before. The vaulted ceiling wasn’t too high anymore compared to Lucas. And he loved every second of it. He would show them all! He would make them pay for mistreating him and getting him suspended! They would all pay! The sound of police cars joined the symphony of alarms. As Lucas heard the sound of doors slamming, his pecs overshadowed his face and he couldn’t see anything. But he felt the ceiling above him, his biceps pressing into the stone. “What the fuck is that?!” An officer yelled. “I don’t fucking know, man, but we have to fucking stop it!” Lucas heard gunshots, but only felt pebbles bouncing off of his naked skin. His clothes were obliterated. There he stood, a fifty-foot-tall mass of Lucas, his body filling up the lobby of his office building. But as he stopped rising, his muscles pressing into the ceiling, he started growing outwards. “Oh...fuck YES!” Lucas cried. His cock started to rumble. The pure pleasure of growing bigger than anything else was immeasurable. The ecstasy of becoming more powerful than modern weaponry was pure bliss to him! And it showed well. As Lucas started to moan, his cock began getting bigger. It stretched out with so much force that it barreled through whatever was left of the front entrance and started crashing through buildings. To Lucas it felt like the worlds biggest fleshlight. “More!! I need More!!” He yelled. He heard the officers call for backup. That was exactly what he wanted. He wanted to feel more bullets. He wanted to feel them TRY to stop him! “I’ve found a weak spot!” Someone cried out. Then Lucas heard dozens of men running around back past his swimming pool-sized balls and to his back. “Fire!” Lucas got an ass massage like no other. With the heaviest weapons they had, an estimate of a while police force laid raid to his bubble butt. But luckily for him, it only stimulated the growth more. He felt his ass begin to inflate like two giant balloons, crushing all the men underneath like mere insects. But the pleasure was too much. Lucas’s body responded too well. With the sound of cracking, the ceiling collapsed and Lucas exploded through the next few floors of the building, his growth only gaining momentum. “MORE!! FUCK YES! HERE’S YOUR MOTHERFUCKING OFFICE, OR WHATEVER’S LEFT OF IT! HAVE FUN IN HELL, BITCHES!” Lucas flexed his biceps and demolished the entire skyscraper in one go, each floor crashing onto his body. But with every stimulus that he got, he only grow exponentially more. His pecs soon covered the whole block. His biceps reached to the clouds above. His ass lifted him dozens of stories high. His legs practically grew into one as they expanded outward. His cock stretched all the way across the state. Then soon, all of that doubled. Like he was growing against sandpaper, hundreds of buildings were crushed by his weight almost instantaneously. Then hundreds became thousands. Millions. Billions. Then soon he felt the pull of the earth fade away. Slowly but surely he was outgrowing the whole planet. He was his own gravitational force. And as science states, gravity attracts things to large objects. Lucas felt giant objects start to squeeze onto him like magnets shot from a gun. With each new celestial body, Lucas’s body bursted with more muscle. His cock ripped through galaxies. His ass stopped black holes. His biceps hit the edge of the universe. Exponentially faster and faster Lucas grew until he no longer felt anything all all except his pure muscle. He was the biggest thing in existence. He was the whole universe. Even as he kept flexing, he felt his muscles start to grow into each other with nowhere else to grow. That was it for Lucas. He had to cum. As his muscle started growing around his cock, jerking it ever so slowly, Lucas let out a final roar and let out immeasurable loads of cum. Cosmic galaxies of sperm exploded and covered any remaining gap in the hot, white liquid. Lucas was going to be very happy. After all, nobody could stop him now. He was all power incarnate. And who wouldn’t wish for that?
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    "Wanna see what my body can do when I really let loose, kid?"
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    "Aw come on Coach. You've dreamed of me being able to lift a car over my head for a very long time. Now that I can do it, don't tell me you've gotten scared."
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    Oh my god! I don't know how much more of this sexual tension and teasing I can handle! All I would say to Seb is to tell Luke how he feels, but I know why both guys haven't come clean to the other. Both of them are ot sure of the other and are afraid to reach out, in fear of rejection. Keep it up, Muscleaddict! It's getting real now!
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    "Um, sorry about your door to your safe room. I didn't know it was supposed to be impenetrable. I just opened it with one hand. I didn't even notice I was ripping apart metal. It opened so easily."
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    When he has to stop and count to ten it means he's either going to kiss me real soon or rip something apart with his bare hands. I get turned on either way.
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    "I don't think my friend over there felt like your apology was sincere. Want to try again?"
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    "Wow, who knew that thing could lift the back of an SUV? Oh wait, that's right, I did."
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    Hey bros, yeah I’ve tried the hypnosis thing for a while. Guess I got good results from it. But it did start messing with me a bit. Was having kinda trouble reconciling normal life with wanting to just quit everything I was doing and just be a muscle head. Granted it’s a cool fantasy, but when you start actually making it a reality things just get complicated. If I had some bros with me who were also into it maybe it would have been easier and I’d be in a different place right now. but even without the hypno, I find the best thing for me is just to meat as many serious lifters and bodybuilders as possible in my area and lift with em and hang out with em. And then just let what happens happen. im definitely more laid back and socially comfortable than I started out years ago. And I think a lot of it is surrounding yourself with the people you wanna be like. i guess I’m smart enough as I need to be, but I don’t feel that brainy anymore. And I’ve even gotten the reputation of being more of a meathead and bro at work and among my friends. Life is good.
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    “But you’re as small as a mouse!” “Yeah, but a mighty mouse.” “Dude, you’re a dweeb - a shrimp. There’s no way you should be able to do that!” “What can I say, I’ve just been blessed with power beyond your imagination. You should see what happens if I really squeeze. Scares you, doesn’t it?” I removed my hand from the top of the hammer. His face turned as white as a sheet. The steel head was now mangled and crushed into something unrecognizable – something insubstantial. My fingers had squeezed the tool with so much ease, even I had been impressed. I was clearly getting much stronger and that could only mean one thing – it was time to go out and find even more bullies for me to terrorize. I needed to do more cleaning. This present scum was known across campus for being rude and abusive to girls he dated. I had ‘dropped by’ for an unexpected visit with the intention of making sure he was always nice to the ladies in the future. He had opened the door and his very tall frame had caused him to look over my much shorter body – missing me completely. I had to clear my throat for him to notice. He had looked down and actually laughed at my size – my head below his pecs. Laughed, because he had not been introduced to my power at that point. When I told him, I was there to correct some of the mistakes he had made with women on campus, he guffawed even louder and went to close his door. My palm had then been placed on the hollow metal fireproof barrier and its movement stopped abruptly – completely catching Mr. Rude off guard. He glanced down to the floor to see what was in the way, seeing nothing. He pushed harder and his eyes got wider when the thing didn’t move and his pea-brain started to connect the dots. He looked at me and I smiled. That’s when I gently started pushing the door back open with my mousey hand and he had doubled down his efforts – foolishly, I might add – to stop me from coming in. When the thing was completely open and the guy was freaking out at the dented in metal around my palm, I flicked the back of my other hand against his mid-section and sent him flying into his dorm room where he landed on his butt some ways back. During the time it took him to catch his breath and realize he had been flicked by a dweeb – merely flicked – to the floor, I came inside and shut the door behind me. I turned around, smiling at how he now had to look up to me – his butt on the floor. He’d have to find a way to explain the caved-in metal to his dorm mother – that wasn’t my concern. “I must be dreaming,” the big guy said as I handed him the hammer. He had been saying that a lot since I arrived. I, myself, sometimes felt that way – I mean, to be able to flick the back of my hand into a grown guy and send him flying was pretty unbelievable. I had to admit, however, that it also turned me on. To have turned into this secret bully patrol of the campus sounded like I was being altruistic and heroic, but I did it mostly because I got to shock guys with my power – and that fueled my late-night wank sessions more than any morphed muscleman pictures on the internet. Big guys just couldn’t fathom a little dude with my kind of power. It made them crazy with confusion – and shame, I think. In typical jock-boy fashion, as soon as the bully had regained his breath he jumped up and came running at me – intending to squash me between his big shoulder and the door. I waited with glee, as my cock started to dance in anticipation. Come on, what normal blooded human male doesn’t want to be able to instantly stop a charging bull with his body – just by standing there with his hands on his hips and being so incredibly dense nothing could unmoor him. This time, I felt a little sorry about the pain my unmoving body inflicted – but it was his own fault. The wind inside him was knocked out even more with this powerful jolt. His body froze against mine for a few seconds. He then slid down my leg to lie flat-faced on the ground, moaning from the agony. That sound – a guy breathing hard and whimpering just because he was trying to recover from being introduced to all my power – made my balls pulse and my heart beat with joy. I stepped to the side of the dude, reached down to grab the back of his jeans, and easily lifted his body into the air. Here was what most people would call a scrawny ninety-pound weakling picking up a huge college football player like he was as light as a stray sock. I then tossed him across the room onto his bed. The moans of pain turned into moans of complete and utter shock as he turned to gaze at me with a look that could only be described as total fear. I was ruining all of his preconceived knowledge of the laws of the jungle. The biggest had to be the strongest! As I moved closer I explained how things were going to be from now on – he was going to be nice to the ladies and, actually, nice to everyone, he was going to never mention me or my powers to anyone, and if he broke either of these new rules I would return and do to him what I was going to do to the hammer I pulled out of my backpack. I banged on the top of his desk a few times to show him it was a genuine steel tool for building or tearing down. I then wrapped my small hand around the top and squeezed. His eyes had bulged wide when he saw deformed metal seep out between my tiny fingers. There was also this high-pitched screeching sound that had actually come to cause the little nipples on my slight, concave chest to turn hard since I knew it was steel giving up against my small, but mighty hand. Now, watching the dude shaking his head back and forth in disbelief as I handed him the crushed hammer, I became fully aroused and knew I’d have to get back to the privacy of my own dorm room pretty quickly to relieve myself. That, in and of itself, posed different kinds of problems since my ejaculations could power through concrete or stronger stuff with no problem. I kept having to hang up new posters all over my place to cover up the damage I had done. I could have imagined how that news would have made the bully feel even more insecure. “So, big guy, have I made myself clear? Or should I squeeze some part of you like I did the hammer just to drill my point in a little more?” “No!” he screamed, still holding the hammer and staring at its head, “I understand. I understand. Be nice and not a word to anyone. I promise.” “Good man. Good, changed man. And now, I must be off – in more ways than one.” ‘Wait, mister,” he said, and the added title of respect for little old me brought a smile to my face, as well as bringing me a lot closer to orgasm, “Will you come back sometime and show off your strength again? It’s so fucking hot.” This was a first. So, our big bully had a strength fetish. There was probably a connection between that and what he did to others, but I wasn’t a therapist. I did, however, figure a frequent reminder to him about my strength would have him being nicer than the best altar boy at church pretty much for forever, so I nodded my head. “You’ll need to supply the tools,” I said, smiling and leaving him – still dumbfounded and staring at the demolished hammer like it was some religious artifact. As I quickly made my way home, I remembered being told about three bullies who had been terrorizing people at the campus gym. A quick stop there, to see if my future converts were working out would be fun. It would also add some much-welcomed fuel to my promised powerful ejaculation.
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    “Cut it out Enzo,” I said trying to push by him. “Come on, Antonio. You’re the only gay guy I know. Just answer my question,” he said as his body made it quite clear I would be unable to pass. “This is not funny, Enzo.” “Listen, do you think gay guys would be attracted to my big guns? I mean, I know the ladies are – trust me, I know the ladies are. These big things have gotten me laid more times that I can count. But I’m trying to put myself out there as a caring, open-minded metrosexual and someone told me that meant I had to be nice to the faggots . . . oh damn, that’s not a nice word . . . I meant to say the gay guys. I’m sorry, Antonio.” I was floored. Not because of what he was saying, but because he actually apologized and changed the term every man in the extended DiMarco family to describe people like me ever since before I was even born. It made me stop and actually look my cousin right in his pleading eyes. He smiled, showing me that his apology had been sincere. The big ape was actually trying. That floored me. “Geez, thanks Enzo. I’m not sure I’ve ever heard a DiMarco boy correct himself. For the record, though, faggot doesn’t bother me. I view it like a term of endearment.” “A term of what?” Enzo asked and, immediately, we were back to the Neanderthal stage. “I was told that this shirt would be hot if I wore it to gay clubs…” “Wait. What? Did you just say that you are going to go to a gay club? Why?” “For the chicks, Antonio, for the chicks. Hot women love gay bars. I figure I’d finally go with some co-workers who’ve been asking me to join them for a while.” “Why?” “You know . . . to meet new people. Open up my horizontals.” “Horizons.” “What?” “To open up your horizons. Horizons . . . never mind, Enzo. What’s the real reason you want to go?” “Fuck, are all gay guys mind readers? You always know when I’m not telling the whole story. It’s like when we were in junior high together and I told you I was joining the drama club to learn to talk better and you asked me what girl I liked. I bet you even knew it was Iris Loftus, but you were too shocked I liked an Irish girl to say her name.” “Who’s the girl this time, Enzo?” “See, that’s what I’m talking about. I hadn’t even mentioned a girl and you already knew it. No wonder you graduated Harvard with those things called honors.” “Who’s the girl, Enzo?” “Why does there always have to be a girl, Antonio?” “Because it’s you, Enzo.” “Okay, okay. It’s Carla Luigi.” “The singer from down at the club?” “Yeah.” “Enzo, your taste is improving. It’s like you’ve gone from zero to ninety in mere seconds. I’m impressed. Careful now, she’s an out and proud liberal.” “I know, Antonio! That’s why I’ve got to change. I can’t be calling guys fag . . . um, names, anymore. I need to know about dressing right, where to get my hair cut, and about wine that doesn’t come in a box. You’re my only connection to class, Tony. Help me, please. We’re going to some place called ‘Beefeaters’ tonight and I gotta seem cool – and I ain’t ever worried about being cool before. So, help a poor guy out, cousin. Will the gays like my big arms? I got this shirt specially for tonight.” I looked at my cousin and felt the same stirring at my crotch whenever I gazed at Enzo. He was one good looking guy. Granted, his hair could be improved, his wardrobe lacked a little class, and the guy really needed to go back and finish high school – but none of that mattered when you gazed upon his dark brooding eyes, his thigh-quivering stubble, and what he always used to call his ‘gigantic bazookas.’ The man had the kind of arms that made you suddenly feel puny and weak whenever he was around. They didn’t just scream power – they yelled it from the highest mountain nearby. He had the kind of body that most men worked all of their life for and never achieved. The crazy thing was Enzo wasn’t a gym rat or powerlifting fiend – he just responded well to the workout he got at his construction job in addition to frequent use of the set of free weights he’d had since he had been in eighth grade. It was like some muscle fairy godfather had blessed him with a body that grew just from lifting the milk carton. I came home each Christmas specifically to get a lift-you-off-the-floor hug from those monstrous arms – both when I arrived and when I was leaving. Enzo used to protect me in school. No one dared bully Antonio DiMarco or they’d have to answer to the ‘gigantic bazookas.’ A visit from those arms usually meant you’d be dangling by some pipe the back of your pants was attached to after being lifted off the ground or, worse, literally being stuffed into a locker. The first part of my senior year was hell because Enzo, only a junior, decided to drop out of school. My protector was no longer there. After he heard I was having some problems, Enzo dropped by the school to say hi and remind the bullies I was off limits. The silent threat worked. “Enzo, there’s not a breathing homosexual on this planet that wouldn’t find those arms stellar.” “Cool. Stellar is good, right?” “Very good. Now listen, I have a few other pointers that I think will help you a lot tonight, if you care to hear.” The man seemed like I had just handed him the keys to paradise. He broke into a huge smile, grabbed two beers from the fridge, and ushered me into the dining room so we could sit and talk without being interrupted. I could tell he was all ears. I was impressed he didn’t take out some paper and a pen – he always made lists of things he wanted to do, but then promptly lost the list. He was actually going to listen and remember what I said. This was, indeed, a new Enzo. He looked at me like an eager puppy ready to please. “First of all, gay clubs are a lot different than those places you call a bar. And most of the gay men you are hoping to impress – along with your girl, Carla – are not like the guys, and even, forgive me, the girls you know. With your regular group of friends, it’s fine for you to act like a bull in a china shop.” “A bull where?” “Um, it’s fine for you to come on strong – really strong. I’ve been out with you and you’ve flexed your arms more in one night than all the guys in the Mr. Olympia contest put together. It’s like you’re some power-hungry mafia guy that busts into a place wielding heavy artillery.” “Very cool analogy, Antonio.” “When did you start using words like analogy.” “Since Carla started talking to me.” “Remind me to thank Carla. Anyway, in a gay bar like ‘Beefeaters’ you want to be really subtle . . . um…” “I know what subtle means, dude.” “Of course,” I said and I could feel my face turn red – causing the big man to cup my cheek with his big hand to show me all was okay. “So, you want to be subtle. Let those monstrous arms…” “You’ve always been into my guns, haven’t you, Antonio?” We stared at each other for a few seconds in total silence. This was all new territory for me. There wasn’t a DiMarco family member that had ever discussed anything personal with me, except my mom and that was always limited to ‘have you met a nice doctor’ or ‘Mrs. So and So needs some decorating advice.’ This was someone actually calling me out on what I was into. I knew, however, that the new Enzo was ready for honest answers. “Yes. I think they are stunning. And so will everyone at the bar tonight if you just let them do their thing naturally. There’s no need to announce them loudly like a foghorn on a cloudy night. Their size will let them speak for themselves, when you are taking a sip of beer, waving to a friend, or scratching the back of your head – which, by the way, I would suggest doing quite regularly.” “That’s kind of funny, since that’s what I do when I don’t understand something and I have a feeling I’ll be doing that a lot tonight.” This kind of self-awareness in a DiMarco man was unheard of. I suddenly felt a surge of love for this big dude that had never existed before. Evolution had never really been a thing I thought about, but I had a feeling Enzo’s growth as a human was going to make me read some books about it. He could tell I was impressed by something he said and this made him sit up taller – which made him look even more huge. “You want people stealing glances at your arms all night long. Trust me, if you don’t make a big deal about them from the get go, they’re going to be what everyone in the group is talking about when you go to the bathroom. Now, forgive me – I know you’re a changed man, but I feel I need to also say – no loud burping, no sliding your fingers down the front of your pants while resting, no spread eagle adjusting of your family jewels, and do not – this is huge – be the first to take your shirt off on the dance floor. Let other people convince you to take it off. I’m pretty sure some of your co-workers will be tugging on that tight thing and pulling out your shirttail pretty early on. Let the anticipation build. Let there be lots of other guys that have their shirts off before you unveil that body of yours. I have a feeling lots of shirts will immediately be put back on when yours comes off and that’s what you want.” “Why didn’t you tell me all these things I’ve done for years weren’t cool.” “Enzo! They were cool for your group of friends. Do not be ashamed of who you are. Remember, you hugged me and said those exact words to me when I came out to you. It was one of the most moving moments of my life. You’re simply doing something most DiMarco’s don’t do – you’re going out to experience a different culture. And when you’re in a different culture you need to strive and learn their customs, their preferred way of living. Now, have you thought about what you’re going to do if some guy hits on you?” “I thought I’d tell him I was flattered, but that he wasn’t my type.” “Who told you to say that?” “No one, I came up with it myself.” “Our little boy is growing up,” I said, grabbing both of his cheeks and squeezing. “The old Enzo would have lifted the guy and shook him like a rag doll or back-handed him across the room. I’m impressed with your new plan of attack. And, trust me, it will impress Carla, as well. I think you’re going to have a successful night.” “I know I am,” Enzo replied. “With you as my wing-man how can I fail.” “What? Oh no, buddy boy, I’m not Beefeaters’ material. That place likes their boys chiseled and gorgeous. I’d feel so out of place.” “Why do you say that, Antonio, you’re very handsome.” His sincere words moved me. I looked for any sign of the normal DiMarco sarcasm in his statement, but it didn’t exist. He again cupped my face and brought his close to mine. “Everyone says you’re the best looking DiMarco.” “Thank you, but I’m still not going.” “Yes, you are, cousin. You owe me, Antonio DiMarco.” “Owe you? For what?” “Junior high and high school protection!” And with that, he leaned in closer and kissed me hard on the lips. The kiss lasted a lot longer than was acceptable between two Italian guys. I knew he was giving me a gift. I knew he realized I had dreamed of kissing him for years. His hand, at the same time, reached over and grabbed my crotch. His hand quickly found my hard meat and he squeezed. He pulled his head away and shook it in dismay. “The most handsome Dimarco and with the biggest sausage in the family. Life is just not fair.” Enzo got up from the table and walked away – sure of the fact that I would be heading to ‘Beefeaters’ later on. I knew the crotch grab meant nothing. Ever since childhood the DiMarco boys had compared their endowments like you might show off a new car. I didn’t partake of the custom until around age twenty when five of us were down by the river drinking one night and my cousins drunkenly held me down and pulled down my pants so I’d finally be part of the crazy club. The shocked faces and total silence when my piece had been unveiled, plus the way they quickly let me go and returned to their beers, made me realize my assumption that all DiMarco men were huge below the belt was not true. From that moment on I had been treated with a lot more respect than ever before at family gatherings. “Yeah, well you’ve got the biggest arms,” I yelled at him as he passed through to the other rooms. “That’s for damn sure. We’re leaving at ten!” he shouted back. (To be continued…)
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    The Orgone Accumulator - Prologue - "And how may I help you?" The voice of the psychoanalyst -- if that was the correct word -- was soft and assuring. The client reclined in the sofa, gazing into the ceiling. The client -- a young man, perhaps in his early twenties -- cleared his throat. He had left his rather modern, but not too modern, jacket on the back of the chair close to the desk, and he had loosened the knot of his narrow, modern tie in some synthetic fabric. Unlike the considerably older analyst, the client didn't wear any vest, as these were falling out of fashion: It was the goddamn 1960's after all. The crown of the analyst's head was bald, but a wreath of grey hair reached from his temples to the back of the bespectacled older man's head. "Do you mind if I smoke?" "If that helps you to talk more freely, you are free to do so." The young client rose, approached his woolen jacket, fumbled with a package of cigarettes and a Zippo, and returned to his reclining posture at the hard sofa, holding a burning cigarette between his fingers. Afternoon sunlight filtered into the office between the blinds. Absentmindedly, the young client checked the parting of his hair with his fingertips, as if he doubted the perfection of his conservative male hairdo. He glanced at his wristwatch. "Don't worry about time. I'll keep track of time." The analyst fell silent again, allowing the client the time needed to open up. The walls surrounding the sofa lacked any paintings or photographs, in order to allow the thoughts of the clients to wander -- unlike the other walls, which were covered by black-and-white photographs from the 40s and 50s and some old-fashioned artwork in art deco style. The client cleared his throat. His cheeks and ears became rosy. "I ... I ... There is something wrong with me, Doctor Witt. I seek your help, because ..." The client fell silent again. "Take your time, son. No hurry. Take deep breaths if that helps you." A fly emitted a buzzing sound somewhere behind the blinds. "Sometimes ... Sometimes, during high school I felt attracted to team members of the football team." The client blushed and fell silent. "What does it mean, Doctor Witt? Do you think, there's a medicine, that may help me?" "You left high school a few years ago, didn't you? Have you ever had any similar thoughts after that?" The client blushed again. "When I go to theatre. Movies about the Wild West. Something stir inside me. It's embarrassing. And when there was a re-run of The Wild One on TV." "Stir inside you?" "It's like ... It's like I want to be the hero ... But I also want to ... Um ... I also want to hug the hero. Or the anti-hero ... "Anti-hero" is a word, isn't it? This is unnatural isn't it, Doctor Witt? Is there a cure? Psychoanalysis is all about unrepressed healthy sexuality adapted to societal norms, isn't it?" "Before we continue this session, you have to know, that I don't follow the orthodox methods, as it were, of Doctor Sigmund Freud. My work, and the work of my associates, is mainly based on the methods of one of his disciples, Doctor Wilhelm Reich. In my experience, Reichian therapy is much more efficient." "I wouldn't know the difference. A friend talked me into consulting you, but he don't know about this ... this secret. I may not have got a college degree, but this office work pays the rent. I think, that I could afford your therapy, at least if it doesn't go on and on for years. Lots of people consult analysts today, don't they? I just want to be normal. To feel normal. I don't even know, what this feeling is supposed to mean: I can't be a fag, can I, Doc? Fags are all supposed to be girly and limp-wristed, aren't they? I don't ... I don't feel girly, and I don't feel anything for unmanly men, so what is all this supposed to mean? Isn't opposites supposed to attract? Is there a diagnosis, Doc?" "I will need some time to understand your condition. Why don't you keep one hour a week free for our therapy sessions, will you?" "I probably will." "And if you have the opportunity, I think, that spending a week or two at a treatment center I know of would have a beneficial effect on you." "Treatment center? Like a vacation?" "Something similar to a vacation, in sunny California, outside San Francisco." "Some sun wouldn't harm, would it?" At the time, none of the men would have presaged what was set into motion. The story continues in: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/18476-the-orgone-accumulator-part-one/
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    SPECIAL CROSSOVER EVENT Chapter 1 - The Chemical Experiment Dr. Colby Raines is an inventor that has developed some very important treatments for a lot of sick people. He has even been nominated for some major medical awards, even though he never won them. He is well-known for having a brilliant mind. Despite this expertise in the medical field though, deep down he has always had a longing for a different kind of achievement. His interest in muscle growth led him to start work on a new chemical designed to turn weaklings into crazy huge studs. He has always had great sponsors for his breakthroughs, but many decided to pass on this new project. He has to dig into his monetary donations from his donors for his research. He doesn’t use lab mice, but rather small cats because he knows he can save them from being put down at the local pounds. He learned that he has less difficulty dealing with cats and can see their development a little better. The chemical he is developing is a blue powder that is ingested using only a spoon. With the cats however, it isn't as easy to get it into their bodies so he has to mix it in with their canned food. For this chemical, he went searching for hairless cats that are slightly malnourished. He found one and brought it into the lab to put into a steel cage. He sprinkles a little bit of the powder into the cat food and feeds it to the cat. The hungry cat gobbles down the food and doesn't even notice that the chemical is inside. He never expected an immediate reaction, so he decides to leave the cat alone so it can sleep it off. When he goes in the next day, he is stunned to see the huge changes the cat has experienced. Its sinewy body is now full of enormous muscles and the cage appears to be suffocating it to death as it gasps for air. He decides to release it into the lab to study its behavior. It immediately starts roaring and goes straight for the door. Raines is amazed as the giant cat plows through the steel door and leaves a huge hole. It is at this point that he realizes he can go a step further and find a willing human subject. He places an ad out in the media looking for a skinny male in need of some quick cash and a place to stay while taking the tests. After screening several candidates, he chooses a 20 year old college student who has been living in a rundown apartment fairly close to the lab. He meets Raines at the lab a week after being interviewed and says that he is grateful to be involved in something so cool. He tells Raines that he is a runner and his metabolism is quite high so food rarely puts any weight on him at all. He is shown around the lab and points directly at the chemical located in a bowl on one of your lab counters. He walks up to it and remarks about the blue color. Raines says that he has never developed a chemical in that shade before and just decided to do so with this one to be different. The young guy, Gavin, takes a little pinch of it and sticks it on his tongue. The two men both laugh when they look in the mirror and see his blue tongue sticking out. Raines proceeds to show the man where he will be staying inside the facility. His room is located very close to where he will be tested for the chemical. The doctor notices that instead of him being nervous, the young man is excited because he wants to experience something unique in his life. Raines cautions him that this is quite dangerous, but the man seems rearing to go with the project. He is given a spoonful of the chemical and told to take it with the bottle of water sitting on the table with the chemical. He takes it and pours the contents into the bottle and shakes it up to get it as mixed as possible. It turns the water into a crystal blue colored hue and he drinks the entire bottle. Raines tells him to go lie down now in the relaxation chamber located on the other side of the lab. Gavin retrieves his E-reader and takes it in with him to read some of the books he stored in it before he came over. Within the first 15 minutes, the doctor notices the man getting quite sweaty. The man motions for Raines to come in and monitor his heartbeat. The beats are moving so fast that he loses track of them, but he expected an extreme reaction anyway. He decides to leave him alone for awhile, but will return to monitor him. Gavin decides to start reading again while the doctor goes back to making his notes. When Raines turns to look at the young man, he is floored that the once Caucasian man is beginning to see his skin change to an olive color. The shape of his face is getting rounder and his eyes are changing from green to hazel. He documents these changes as well as his body transformation. His slender ectomorph body is rapidly changing to a mesomorph. He hears Gavin’s bones cracking and reforming seemingly making room for some kind of dramatic growth. It stops finally after probably twenty minutes with practically a brand new man in the chamber. The darker looking young man seems to have no idea of his amazing changes as he stares at the doctor with curiosity. Raines finally opens the chamber door to go inside to check on him. Gavin’s cluelessness of the situation makes the doctor think that it changes the brain to the point that it is unaware of any physical transformations. The olive stud went into the chamber wearing just his underwear and is now straining those with his obviously larger crotch. He still seems pretty docile and wonders what is next. Raines decides that he will give him a bigger dose of the chemical tomorrow to see if the growth will continue. Gavin’s eyes get larger as he smiles and nods in anticipation. The doctor tells him to get some sleep and he will see him in the morning. The second day comes around and Raines gives the young stud a bigger water bottle with the blue powder. Gavin chugs it down and immediately the growth starts. This second time though, the man’s personality changes and he gets more volatile. He is getting considerably taller and his body is growing wildly. He threatens to break out of the chamber if Raines doesn't give him any more. He manages to hide a little bit of the chemical away from Gavin and gives him the rest. The irritable man pours the chemical down his throat and growls as he feels himself growing again. This turns out to be the biggest mistake the doctor could make because the man’s power is getting astronomical. He grows so rapidly that the chamber begins to buckle and the man’s size makes the metal give way. Raines runs into the next room to escape but he hears Gavin’s heavy feet coming for him. The massive man catches the doctor, turns him around to give him an evil smile, and attempts to do something that he may not want to be a part of. Before Raines can leave the basement of the medical facility, Gavin pins him against the wall and pushes his weight against the doctor making him submit to the hulk. He starts to bate him trying to find out what happened to the rest of the chemical. He starts to search Raines and finally plunges his huge hand into the doctor’s pocket and pulls it out. The seven foot, 400 pound behemoth then forces his tongue into Raines’s mouth and makes him give in. He tries to resist, but the hulking brute threatens violence if he does. He takes the container and opens it up. He releases his lips from the doctor’s long enough to pours the remainder of the blue chemical on to Raines’s tongue. He tries to spit it out, but Gavin grabs his cock and promises that he will rip it off if he decides to do 'something foolish'. He closes the doctor’s mouth with his huge hands and makes him go to a water fountain close by. He tells you to drink the water and swallow the concoction. Raines attempts to spit out the powder, but Gavin wraps his massive arms around his waist and starts to squeeze making his back start popping. He is having a hard time breathing and realizes that he may be killed by the huge man. The hulk takes one of his arms and puts it over the doctor’s mouth to make him swallow it. Then he falls on the ground with Raines in his arms still and holds him tightly to keep him restrained. The doctor realizes at that moment that this man had a deep desire to be crazy big and was willing to do whatever it took to get there. Gavin starts to whisper in his ear how he won't regret this and that he should have taken the chemical when he first developed it. After about an hour of sitting in that spot, Raines feels himself starting to sweat profusely which makes Gavin put his left hand in the doctor’s pants to stroke him. He writhes trying to make him stop, but he can't move. It seems that the massive brute is trying to relax him so he will give in to the change, but he won't do it. He decides to let go of the doctor who immediately runs for the basement door. He manages to stop Raines before he gets them and pushes him away from the handle. He bends the metal on the door frame and prevents him from getting out. He taunts Raines and tells him that it is too late and he has no choice but to give in inner desires. He goes to get some food out of the kitchen and leaves him by himself. The doctor attempts to bend the metal back to where it was, but it is way too thick. His body is not strong enough to do anything about it. Gavin peers out the corner of the kitchen and starts laughing at him. He grabs Raines’s arms and puts them behind him back before dragging him into a sleeping area. He closes the door behind him and sits directly in front of it. He tells the doctor to come over and service him to take his mind off of the stress he is experiencing. Raines refuses and tells him to 'go fuck himself'. He laughs and says that in an hour or two, he won't even remember saying that. After pacing the sleep area for an hour now, the doctor goes to lie on a bed and feels his breathing getting heavier. Gavin starts jacking off because he senses the changes coming for him. He tells him to start growing already as Raines yells back that it will never happen. He laughs again and says that he can't stop it. The pain is becoming quite unbearable now as the doctor feels his back cracking and his height pushing him further down the bed. His lab coat is now filling up with new muscles. He can feel the chemical flowing through his entire body now. Gavin laughs as he sees the doctor’s arms shredding his sleeves revealing a new skin color and thickening body hair. His eyes have turned from green to blue also. He moans as his personality changes to a more aggressive nature. The massive hulk is cumming as he watches the puny doctor becoming a bigger and more dominant one. Raines’s growing chest is popping the buttons on his coat revealing massive brown pecs and wide chocolate abs. His back and shoulders are ripping the whole back of it to shreds. His pants are fraying under the gargantuan mass of his legs. The doctor’s small cock is exploding in size as his DNA dramatically changes. It grows so much that it busts through the top of his pants and causes them to rip all the way down to his calves. Gavin jumps to his feet to go service the huge doctor. Raines’s mammoth foot long is waiting to be serviced as Gavin tastes the sweetness of his reborn cock as he forces him down on it. At this point, the doctor has completely changed his skin color and demands to be worshipped while he fucks Gavin. The young behemoth is so turned on by this that he squirts a huge jet of cum onto his master’s newly formed chest. The two huge hulks end up fucking each other back and forth several times pumping their seed into each other before they finally pass out from the exhaustion. Chapter 2 - The Bigger They Are... Raines awakens a few hours later and discovers that Gavin is not in the sleep area anymore. He looks down to see that his body has remained in its massive form, but that his mind has returned to normal. He smiles and almost laughs out loud since this is sort of what he wanted to achieve in the first place, but that his plan changed a bit due to Gavin’s ‘decisions’. He stands and of course realizes that he has no clothes now to wear because of his giant muscles. He leaves the sleep area to walk towards one of the guest rooms just to see if the other hulk was still in the complex, but alas he appears to have left. The basement door has been unblocked and the handle is now completely gone. He opens the door to walk up the stairs as his cock flops in its footlong glory. He gets to the top and rushes to get to his room to retrieve another lab coat. He remembers that he kept a few just in case he needed them down the road perhaps in case something like this would happen. He finds the largest size in his closet and puts it on. Despite it being a bit snug, he manages to get it over his thick muscular body and closes it. When he goes to leave his room, he hears a commotion down the hall and it makes him jump. He creeps around the corner and realizes that someone is moving around his house and it doesn’t appear to be Gavin. He turns to look at this man and he is not necessarily tiny, but compared to Raines he is. The man probably tops off at around 190 and seems to be about 6’2. He appears to be searching for something in the den of the house which has Colby a little suspicious. He tries to sneak up on the man, but he turns around and yells as he tries to find his way out of the room. Raines jumps from his position and crashes into a table while grabbing the man. He covers the thief’s mouth and picks him up. The man tries to punch him, but ends up hurting his hand. Colby wraps his powerful arms around the guy’s neck and knocks him out. He takes the man down into the basement and ties him up in the dilapidated chamber. He goes to sit at his desk not far from him and jots some words down until the man wakes up. After about two hours of taking notes, the thief awakens and starts to writhe about trying to get out of his restraints. Raines smiles and tells him it is no use that he won’t get away. The man then tries to interrogate Colby and wants to know where he is keeping his ‘secret journal’. Raines gives him a weird look and wonders how he would know about something like that since only a handful of people would ever try to find it. Colby asks him who he works for and the man just shrugs it off and says, ‘he doesn’t work for anyone.’ Raines stands up and does a menacing pose, but the man just looks the other way. He realizes that this man could be working for his former employer, Heddison Pharmaceuticals, after pondering it over for a couple of minutes. He mentions it and the man begins to sweat a bit. Colby gets a devious look on his face and says that he will let him go, but that he will have to spend a night there at the lab so that he can remember where he left the journal. The man seems distraught by this proposition and wonders what Raines is up to. Colby leaves the lab for a little bit and goes to block off the basement door as he leaves just in case the man gets free to go check his computer in the kitchen area. He finds the pharma company’s website and looks up some of their personnel. He finds the man’s picture and notices that he is a scientist also. Remarkably he doesn’t remember working with this guy so he must have been working on something top secret back then. He jots down a few notes and takes them with him back to the lab area. The man seems to have passed out from the exertion as Raines goes over to smack his face. The man comes to and threatens ‘to expose him when he gets out’. Colby laughs hysterically at this and says you won’t get past ‘these guns’ and flexes his biceps as they stretch the material on his lab coat. The man appears to be in awe as he stares intently at Raines’s arms. Colby goes to sit at his desk again and starts telling the man that he knows who he is. ‘So Forrest Leavens, what top secret project are you working on at Heddison?’ ‘I am not telling you shit man. You will have to kill me I guess because I’m not talking.’ ‘I’m not going to kill you Forrest, I am going to make you wish you never came here though.’ Raines opens his lab coat to expose his gargantuan cock and walks over to Forrest. He sits it on the man’s arm as he growls a little. Forrest sweats nervously and tries to taunt Colby, but it has no impact. ‘Open up buddy, and you better not bite me because I will hurt you badly.’ ‘FUCK YOU ASSHOLE, LET ME GO OR I WILL…..’ *gulp gulp* Colby shoves his enormous cock inside Forrest’s mouth making him choke immediately as Raines moans feeling it moves further inside pushing Leavens mouth wider. It isn’t long before Forrest goes unconscious as his mouth and throat get stretched to their limits. Raines moves back and forth enough to make himself cum inside the unconscious thief. He wonders if this will cause some kind of reaction, but doubts it. Leavens mouth is bleeding from the trauma, but it isn’t serious. The hulk scoops up some of his cum as well as some of Forrest’s DNA and rushes over to try and come up with a quick batch of his powder. His enormous hands make it difficult to grip things now though so he will have to try making a liquid of some kind with his specimen. With Forrest still unconscious, he rips the man’s pants off and starts to suck the man rapidly to make him give up some of his sperm for the liquid. He moans in his stupor as he shoots several jets of cum in the air as Raines catches it on his tongue. He rushes over to the beaker full of the specimen and drops the cum now mixed with his saliva into the specimen. He pours the other components in from when he made his powder and stirs it up. It begins to show that blue hue that he remembers from the powder and he stops mixing it. As Forrest begins to wake up, Colby waddles over and pours the beaker’s contents down the thief’s mouth. He gags as it moves down inside him. Raines stares at him and wonders if this will be different than Gavin, but doesn’t seem that worried since he is big enough to handle any adversity now. Forrest tries to talk but is unable to as he gasps for air. Raines begins to think that this may have been a mistake because it may be killing him instead of making him ‘change’. He decides not to approach the man just in case something peculiar happens and stays close to his desk. Forrest gets an angry look on his face as he flexes his arms still under restraints. The veins look noticeably more pumped than before he ingested this concoction. Colby looks intrigued at what is transpiring and a bit excited too as it appears to be a bit of a success. ‘I WILL GET OUT OF THESE…..’ *popping sounds coming from Forrest* ‘OH FUCK…..’ *stretching starts* Colby watches as Forrest inflates right in front of him. His shirt immediately starts to shred as buttons go flying everywhere and his chest explodes in size. His pecs have sprouted enormous amounts of hair as his nipples stretch to the ends. His back continues to climb higher and higher into the air growing muscles on top of other muscles. Even his head appears to be growing. Raines gets a puzzled look on his face as the thief almost appears to be transforming into something a bit different. His hazel eyes have changed to an unusual blue emerald color and his body appears to be turning blue too as the veins in his arms start to expand stretching the bands on the chair to their breaking point. He yells as he breaks free from the restraints and immediately pounds his huge chest as his biceps and triceps nearly outgrow his arm. Raines realizes he may have stumbled upon a formula that changes the way humans look. Forrest’s leg muscles have split more than three times as they continue to expand wildly and his cock appears to be morphing itself also. The thief agonizes as another cock sprouts from inside his body beside his current one as it grows to match his original cock. Colby runs out of the room the best he can to get to the basement door before Forrest can break free from his leg restraints. As he gets out, he hears the massive freak roaring as he busts through the lab wall to chase Raines down. Colby’s huge frame will be no match for this new creation of his if he doesn’t get out of the house fast enough. Forrest blasts through the basement door and goes searching for Raines who has managed to hide outside in an open field located about 100 feet from the house. The blue behemoth cannot speak in human terms anymore so he spouts off some kind of gibberish and shouts it. Raines covers his mouth so he doesn’t make a sound as the crazed begins wandering around the neighborhood. After nearly ten minutes, Colby gets up from his position to rush into the house which luckily still stands because Forrest only ransacked his one path from outside into the basement. The door to the basement is completely smashed now and the lab area no longer has a wall between it and the hallway to the sleep areas and kitchen. Raines goes to sit down in the kitchen and just pauses for a few minutes to think about what to do next with not one, but two monsters roaming the neighborhood. He admits that he is a bit of one too, but each one of them has different characteristics. He admits that Gavin did him a favor turning him into a colossal muscle freak, but wonders how his mind returned to normal. He goes into the lab area to see if he can collect his notes which are strewn all over the floor. After finally picking up everything he needs, he puts them in a box and goes back up into the main part of the house. He sits down at his desk in the den and wonders if Forrest managed to find anything of use. He turns his computer on and notices that Leavens accessed his database and visited a website meant for classified information. It appears that Forrest was attempting to download a section of his hard drive, but never made it that far since he found him. He knows that he will probably have to go find Forrest in case he regains his faculties like he did. Gavin never lost his in the first place which was another mystery to Colby. Raines will have to find some clothes somewhere to fit him since he doesn’t have any now. At this moment, he will have to manage with just a lab coat and will keep it as tight as he can. After grabbing his cell phone and tablet, he sets out to search for Forrest. He knows that people will be looking at him as he goes out into the open, but there is little else he can do at this point. He goes back into the basement for a few minutes just to see if he can scrounge up some samples that have been left by himself, Forrest, and even Gavin. Amazingly, there is still some cum sitting on the floor in one of the sleep areas from where Gavin was sitting and laying. Colby smiles as he sticks the sample in with the other cum samples from himself and Leavens. He isn’t sure at this point what he will do with it, but knows that it may become useful at some point. He puts a few drops of his original solution in with them as it will be a catalyst for when it enters the human body. He smirks as he stares at it in one of his remaining test tubes. Such a small amount could result in a major catastrophic change in something or someone. After admiring its yellowish glow, he walks back up the stairs out of the basement and into the open again in search of one or perhaps both of his creations.
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    Making this thread for all the people looking for jocking or dumbing related chat buddies. Let us know if you're looking for a bro, a coach, a protege, a master, or just somebody to type muscle chat with.
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    So, who's had good experiences getting dumbed, by hypnosis or other methods?
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    Hehe - I'm glad you're still enjoying it, matie. Don't forget Woody was really anxious at the prospect of his best friend finding out about his feelings for Luke, so telling Luke how he feels wouldn't be an easy thing for him!
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    Woke up and read this, OMG. This is a great way to start the day.
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    And intriguing story! I’m definitely interested...
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    Part Three I didn’t remember much about the rest of the evening – except the way Mr. Dennis’ hand felt every time it squeezed or stroked part of my body. When he took it away to eat or do something else, I immediately missed his firm grip and loving caresses. To say I was smitten was an understatement. The man was witty, charming, brutally honest, and steered the evening like some kind of magnificent elder captain of an ocean liner and I was his number one cabin boy. He was confident in the way I had dreamed my chosen subject would be – clearly able to be the one in charge, but in a gentle way and harsh only when he needed to be. Maybe it was the Borolo, maybe it was his aftershave, or maybe it was just knowing what was to come when we got to my place – but I was able to finally relax into the evening and just – as Mr. Dennis had suggested – be in the ‘now.’ Soon, we were back in my car, his strong hand gripping my thigh again, and I was rock hard knowing we were headed towards our destiny. We would soon be linked in what I was sure would be an unbreakable bond. “So, Tommy-boy has a little muscle and strength fetish, huh?” asked Mr. Dennis out of the blue as his forefinger pressed into the side of my hard rod. “What?” I asked, swerving a little in the road because the question caught me off guard. “Whoa, you okay there, bud? Need this elder man to drive? Too much Borolo will do that to a man,” he replied. “No, I’m fine. I promise. The two coffees and dessert helped a lot. I was just surprised by your statement.” “I don’t see why, Thomas. Every chance you got tonight you steered the conversation toward muscles and strength. Methinks you might be a little obsessed.” I did not like where this conversation was headed. It reminded me that I had already revealed too much information about my desires – my secrets. I was all too close to the plan I had been working so long and so hard to fulfill and I was nervous something would go wrong. I let silence be my answer, but Mr. Dennis continued. “Hey, it’s cool, friend. We all have kinks. We shouldn’t be embarrassed by them. I happen to love dominating a guy – well, smothering might be a more appropriate word. I like the idea of leading some young buck through life – being his mentor, his guide, his alpha. Again with the swerving - are you sure you’re okay?” “I’m great, Mr. Dennis. I’m perfect, as a matter of fact.” I was suddenly realizing that maybe the inner workings of the man I had chosen weren’t going to be that affected by his upcoming outer changes. I was suddenly sweating a little from the nervous excitement caused by this gray-haired, soon-to-be massive, older man telling me he loved to be an alpha. This seemed like the icing on my already perfect cake. It also caused more trouble for me in the southern parts of my body. My already throbbing cock began to ache with anticipation – no, with a need to have the change already happened. “I detect a quickened heartbeat and an increased rise at your crotch from my little confession, cute little Tommy. You want some older man to put you on a short leash?” “Not any older man, sir. One specific older man,” I said, glancing to him with such a serious look I was suddenly afraid I might be coming on too strong. “Hot damn, boy, that mouth of yours can say the nicest things. I’ll be as stern as you want me to be. I’m not a bully, though. I’ll just be that guy that suggests what you should wear, orders your meal for you, intimidates other guys that flirt with you, and leads you through lovemaking like a masterful potter working with clay. How does that sound?” “Like heaven, Mr. Dennis. Just like heaven.” The hand stroking my thigh reached over and squeezed my full hardness and his low growl of approval made the big thing twitch. I was now officially his – even before the change. I could feel it. I wanted him desperately, as is, and knew the changes would simply make me desire him more – if that were possible. It was crazy, but I got the feeling he wanted me, as well. I wasn’t sure if it was just for one night or for a lifetime, but I didn’t get hung up about that. I simply took his desire for what it was worth – right then and now. We were two lost ships that had somehow found each other among all the oceans, seas, and ports in the world. I began to think fate was approving of my plan and just kept making Mr. Dennis even more perfect than he had been before. “Hell, Tommy-boy, I hope you like you’re plowing hard, because I’m so turned on I’m pretty sure I’m not going to be able to control myself,” Mr. Dennis said, running his free hand through his gorgeous gray hair. I wanted to tell him I was hoping he’d never be able to control himself again. I wanted to tell him I was about to turn him into this senior muscled superhero, whose outsides would soon equal all of the alpha manliness he felt inside. Turning into my driveway almost made me cum. Mr. Dennis told me he was very impressed with my house and when he took his hand away from my leg I immediately felt a deep void. I didn’t have to suffer too long, though, because he was on my side of the car even before I stepped out and had a guiding arm around my waist as we walked up the bricked path to my big front porch “Such a big house for one guy,” Mr. Dennis said, looking at my home. “I have a feeling it will seem a lot smaller very soon,” I said – throwing caution to the wind since I was steps away from my goal. “Yeah, two people will make it more intimate, don’t you think,” he replied – not knowing how his future size would make everything intimately small. As I unlocked the door, Mr. Dennis’s wandering hand went from my lower back down to my ass and gripped hard. I was learning first hand – no pun intended – that the silver fox had a one-track mind when it came to his interests. I didn’t mind at all. Being smothered by all of his future huge body was going to be such pleasure. God, the man’s hand knew how to please. I figured that came with age and experience – another reason I loved mature men. He firmly grasped my cheek and lifted upward, making me go up on my toes. Then, his fingers slid firmly up into my crack and teased the pleasure zone up in there, mercilessly. I kept missing the keyhole because I couldn’t focus on what I was doing. I had a feeling he’d never miss any holes. “Damn, your ass is going to turn me into a beast, boy,” he growled as he prodded his hand further forward. “You have no idea,” I whispered, smiling and finally getting the door opened. The man never let his hand leave my ass – guiding me into the house like some kind of puppet master maneuvering every part of me with his fingers. There was a quick glance around the big front hall and then the man spun both of us around and pushed me into the door he had expertly shut with his foot. His slightly smaller, elder, still pretty-tight body slammed up against mine, knocking the wind from me a little. Instantly, a hard thigh parted my legs and pushed firmly into my fully erect cock. Hands gripped my wrists and forced my arms to my sides. Then, to really send me over the top, a silver-stubbled face scraped strongly against mine as Mr. Dennis’ lips attacked me. It was a brutal love assault that made my toes scrunch up in my shoes and my fingers uncontrollably ball into tight fists from indescribable pleasure. Older men simply knew how to kiss better than anyone else in the world. Maybe it was because they had spent a lifetime of kissing frogs in hopes of making one of them turn into a prince – and ended up trying again and again when the dude just stayed a frog. Or maybe it was simply because years of practice – as well as years of learning the techniques of other men – made them pros. It was like a great, great grandmother’s perfect recipe that was improved even more as it passed down through the generations. Whatever it was, Mr. Dennis was a Grade-A, powerful, aggressive kisser in a league all of his own – I had never been forced to submit my mouth, as well as my entire body, in such a euphoric way. I immediately became putty in his hands and he could have had his way with me in any manner he chose. I even briefly forgot about my plan to come – simply awash with so much orgasmic joy I could only focus on the multiple different reactions he was causing in my body. He pulled his lips from mine and I instantly let out a moan of displeasure – clearly telling him I didn’t want him to stop. “Thought I’d show you what this old man is capable of from the get-go, Thomas. Just wanted you to know how happy I am you spoke to me tonight.” “Just kiss me, please sir! God, just kiss me,” I said, begging for him to return to what he was doing. His wrinkle-framed lips were back on mine in a flash and I went back up on the tips of my toes from the incredible sensation that shot through my body. I knew I was forever his yes-boy at that exact moment. I had never been so turned on by a pair of lips. I had never been so expertly whipped into an orgasmic frenzy. His tongue invaded my mouth in a way that caused me to feel small and weak, but at the same time it caused a feeling of pure bliss, as well. His thigh pushed against my crotch the way a linebacker might hit an opposing team’s player – hard, powerful, and causing a loss of breath. I was on sensory overload, afraid I might pass out at any second. The man sensed all of this and pulled his face back again. “You’re making me feel so powerful, son,” he growled, staring into my eyes. “That’s my intention, sir.” His hands still held my arms to my side and I imagined how it would feel when his body would not even register anything I did to try and break free – when he would easily hold me in place any time he wished. His hot mouth returned to mine, his thigh thrust into my groin even harder, and I started to wish for release. He had driven me to the point of no return. I wanted to explode. I wanted the old man to make me offer him a powerful orgasm. This time, I turned my head to speak and he simply continued to suck on my neck as I begged. “Please make me cum, Mr. Dennis. I want to cum for you.” “Aw yeah, Tommy-boy is ready to bust his nuts big time, isn’t he? Let’s not rush the evening, though, son. This old man isn’t one of those guys that needs to be in bed by eight o’clock. I can make it all night long, Thomas. Let’s hold off on that release for a little while longer. I want to have you leaking with anticipation. How about a drink?” And just like that, the senior tease released me and backed away. I stayed pressed against the door with my head turned sideways and my eyes closed for a few more seconds and then the word ‘drink’ registered in my head. Like a man that fell in a well and took hours to climb back out, I dragged myself back from the cliff of ejaculation and snapped totally present in an instant. I knew exactly where the small bottle of liquid to put this man to sleep for the upcoming change rested on a shelf in a kitchen cabinet – waiting so patiently for this day. Him backing off and requesting a drink was the only thing that could have quieted my libido at that point. I turned and smiled at the now slightly disheveled gorgeous older man. “What’s your choice of poison, Mr. Dennis?” “What kind of whiskey would a nice man like you have, Thomas?” “Black Bush, sir.” “Mmmmm, the protestant one, that shows some character. I’ll have some of that, good sir. Straight, with no chaser. Just to show you how strong I am.” My balls immediately ached more and I found it hard to walk as the man put his now familiar hand on my back and led me towards the kitchen after I nodded in its direction. To show me how strong he was, indeed. He had no idea what those words did to me or how the image of him being really strong by this time tomorrow played again and again as he went off to explore more of the house leaving me totally alone to fix his drink. Strong whiskey would more than hide the smell and taste of the almost totally bland mixture that promised non-disturbed sleep for about twelve hours. That would be more than enough time for me to inject this senior daddy with the formula I had spent most of my waking hours over three years to perfect. And it would take even less for the changes to happen. I held out the drink to him when he came back into the kitchen. I had poured myself some, as well, but mine had a little water and some ice. He took the class and we raised them in a toast. “Here’s to your health,” I said. “Here’s to you getting plowed tonight,” he responded with a laugh and then he downed the entire glass with one huge, beautiful, manly gulp.
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    Okay, guys, here's the rest of chapter 18... As our train gets closer to Bristol, the nerves I felt this morning start to kick in again. I still don’t really know whether this whole thing is going to work. I have my friendship with Emily, and then I have my thing with Luke, both of which feel incredibly special to me. And now those two worlds are going to collide. I tell myself it will be fine. That Emily and Luke will get on great. That it will be a fun weekend. But by the time the train’s pulled in and me and Luke are walking along the platform, my stomach is in fucking knots. Jesus. What is wrong with me? I hardly ever get this nervous. It’s a familiar feeling I get when I’m backstage at a bodybuilding show, tanned up and shredded in shiny posers and waiting to go on the stage in front of an audience of hundreds of muscle loving spectators. I’m pretty sure I know the main cause of my nerves. I’m still scared that Emily will see that I have feelings for Luke. In theory, that shouldn’t be such a bad thing. I mean, she is my best friend after all. But I’m not sure I’m ready for Emily to see that side of me yet. I can’t explain it. The thought of telling her makes me feel exposed. Maybe even vulnerable? And I think that once the words are out there, that I have feelings for Luke, it will make the whole thing seem so much more real. When I spot Emily standing on the station platform behind the barriers my nerves ease a little. I usually get this feeling when I come to visit Emily in Bristol. Like, after weeks of being at Muscle University surrounded by the likes of Deano and Shaun and all of those other testosterone fuelled muscle lads and spending all of that time by myself in my dorm room, I can breathe all of a sudden. Like I suddenly feel safe again. But it’s funny, because I don’t feel that now. This time it feels different. And I know why. Because now my life at Muscle University is different. And that’s because of Luke. God - I think I’m starting to realise just how unhappy I was at Montgomery before he came along. And, I guess, if I’m being honest, how lonely I was too. I fucking hate admitting that. I mean, I’m Woody; cocky, handsome as shit, attention loving bodybuilder whose biceps everyone wants to feel. Guys like me aren’t supposed to feel depressed. And they’re definitely not meant to feel lonely. I mean, I have twelve thousand followers on Instagram for fuck’s sake. I feel this warm, happy twinge as I approach Emily’s smiling face. She says hey and gives me a hug as always. Judging by the surprised expression on Luke’s face, he clearly didn’t think I was the hugging type. “This is the new roomie!” I tell Emily, my chest tightening. I’m nervous to introduce Luke, but I feel a surprising warmth with it. Fuck it - it’s almost a rush. I’m pretty sure I’d have been more nervous if I’d have introduced him by his name. By the way, is it me or does Luke have the cutest fucking name? Luke! Lovely, little Luke. My little Lukey. Christ, I need help! “Hey!” Emily greets him. Then she moves forward and gives him a hug and seeing Emily embracing Luke so easily, I feel a sharp twist in my stomach. For fuck’s sake. Am I seriously getting jealous because my best friend just got to hug the boy I’m completely crazy about? Luke looks a little taken aback by the unexpected hug. We make eye contact and he shoots me a little smirk. I can tell he feels a little shy around Emily, but he doesn’t seem nervous or uncomfortable. I really like that about Luke. He’s shy but he’s confident. I have this feeling that the two of them are going to get on fine. “So, Luke ... what’s it like sharing a room with Seb?” Emily asks as we walk from the station to her student house. Luke looks at me with a knowing grin and I feel a pinch of excitement at hearing his response. “Mmmm. It’s good!” He looks at me with this slightly bashful smirk and ARGH - I feel like my insides are melting. “Well … mostly!” he adds, looking at me again with a mischievous smirk. I give him a wide eyed look. “What do you mean mostly? I’m a good roommate!” I protest. Luke continues to smirks and raises an eyebrow at me. “Is he constantly reminding you of how sexy he is?” Emily asks. “YES!” Luke exclaims. Ha! I love it. I casually shrug. “Facts are facts!” Emily smiles at me and rolls her eyes. “He’s always bouncing his pecs too!” Luke teases. “Oh God. He does that in front of me!” “Erm … are you two just gonna gang up on me the whole weekend?” I cry, even though I don’t really mind. Even thoughI actually kinda love it. “Awww!” Emily says, with a teasing smile before linking her arm with mine. “How long have you two been friends?” Luke asks. “Since we were four!” Emily replies. “Oh wow! Does that mean you’ve got some embarrassing stories about him?” “LOADS!” Emily exclaims, excited. “Erm … shall I just go back to the train station now?!” We order pizza when we get to Emily’s and hang out in the living room of her student house. Me and Emily on one sofa, Luke on another. The conversation’s been flowing. Luke seems fine with Emily. Things don’t feel weird or uncomfortable like I thought they might. I’m probably a little less relaxed than I’d normally be in front of Emily, but it’s actually really nice being with the both of them. “So … when do I get to hear one of these embarrassing stories?” Luke asks Emily, before shooting me a cheeky smirk. “Oh yeah!” Emily says, excited, practically jumping in her chair. “Oooh. Erm. How about never?!” I cry. Emily looks at me, biting her lip. Like she’s debating whether to relay whatever she’s got on her mind. “Okay … this one’s kind of embarrassing for both of us!” I shoot her a confused look, intrigued and admittedly pretty excited at what she’s about to tell Luke. Because despite my protests, I really don’t mind her telling Luke embarrassing stories about me. In fact, I actually kinda love the idea. Emily takes a deep breath and looks from me to Luke. “When we were in year eight, me and Woody formed a pop group!” “Oh God! NO!” I cry. Luke has this excited and surprised look on his face. “Well it was more of a duo!” Emily explains, “we were called …” “I can’t believe you’re telling him this!” “Two The Same!” I put my hands over my face and groan. “Soooo cheesy!” “So what did you guys do?” Luke asks, grinning. “Basically just made up our own songs!” Emily explains. “They were sooo bad!” I say, glaring at Luke and shaking my head. “Can you still remember them?” he asks, with this hopeful grin on his face. Oh God. Emily looks at me with this knowing smirk. We definitely still know the songs. We even sing some of them occasionally. Usually when we’re both pissed. She’s got this look in her eyes. Surely she wouldn’t subject herself (and me) to the embarrassment of letting Luke hear a song we made up when we were twelve years old? I shoot her a wide eyed look, almost begging her not to go on. “I think Luke wants to hear one of our songs, Seb!” she says. “Sorry! Can’t remember any of them!” I say, casually. Emily shoots Luke a look. “He’s lying!” “Come on, Seb!” Luke says, with this teasing grin. The little fucker. “I wanna hear Two The Same’s best song!” “Well that would be the Monday morning song!” Emily announces. Oh my GOD! “Come on ... let’s sing it!” she says, nudging my arm. “Erm … let’s not!” “Fine, I’ll sing it by myself!” she says. “I’m seriously cutting off all contact with you after this weekend!” Emily starts to sing. “On Monday morning, I’m thinking ‘bout you ...” Oh God. I put my hands over my face and curl up in a ball, groaning for effect. “When Tuesday comes, my head is spinning ...” Despite my embarrassment, I feel the same warmth of nostalgia I always do when I hear this song. And now I’m smiling behind my hands. “By Friday night, I’m going crazy …” I take a peek at Luke and he’s biting his lip and grinning and I feel a pinch in my chest. Okay I’m embarrassed, but I also kind of love that Luke’s getting to hear this song. That he’s being let it on this part of mine and Emily’s childhood. “‘And every day, I’m falling more in love with you.” “Oh my GOD!” I groan loudly. “That’s brilliant!” Luke exclaims. “It’s soooo not!” I say to him, both of us smiling at each other. And now Emily’s looking at me, her eyes lingering on me with this suspicious expression and a slight, knowing smirk on her face and my stomach clenches. “You know what the song really needs though?” I say. They both look at me confused. “Some dance moves!” Emily’s looking at me, her eyebrows furrowed and smirking. I straighten up my back on the sofa. “Come on. Sing it again!” She looks at Luke and back at me. “Erm … okay!” As a baffled Emily sings the first line of the song, I look down at my chest and start bouncing my pecs up and down in time with the melody. “Oh for fuck’s sake!” Emily cries, rolling her eyes and stopping the song. Luke’s beaming at me and shaking his head. “See what I have to put up with?” he says. “YES! I’ve been putting up with it for sixteen years!” Emily says, turning to me again and giving me a knowing grin. “He’s soooo nice!” shes says to me enthusiastically once Luke has left the room to use the bathroom. This warm feeling washes over me. I try and act as casually as I can. “He’s pretty cool!” I say, nodding. “Well ... apart from the fact he wears Harry Potter boxer shorts!” “I was kinda surprised when you asked if it was okay for him to come and stay!” Oh God. She’s got that look on her face again. Like she knows. And there goes my stomach clenching again. “Well … it was kind of a spontaneous invite! And then I couldn’t really take it back!” I lie. Emily nods, not looking completely convinced by my response. “You obviously like him enough to have invited him in the first place though!” I just shrug, not saying anything. She can see straight through me. I know she can. “He’s cute too!” she says, glaring at me wide eyed. Oh God. Make it stop. I look anxiously at the door. Maybe in hope of Luke reappearing and saving me from the conversation I’ve been dreading all day. But I know there’s no escape. Emily lowers her voice. “Seb, is there something going on with you two?” she asks, with an excited smirk. “NO!” I cry, but I’m failing to stop myself from smiling. She doesn’t look convinced. “Has something happened?” she asks, still excited. “Definitely not!” “Okay! Just checking!” And now Emily’s just smirking at me, clearly not convinced that things are completely platonic between me and Luke. I roll my eyes and shake my head at her. But I’m smiling too. Luke walks back in the room. “I vote for Chinese!” I say, thinking on my feet. Emily looks confused, then realises that Luke’s re-appeared. “For tomorrow night!” I say to her, my chest clenching. Because, despite my protests, Emily clearly knows that something’s going on and it’s probably only a matter of time before she gets me to confess that I have feelings for Luke. A few hours later and we’re all still hanging out in the living room watching something on TV. Emily leans her body into mine and rests her head against my shoulder. “I’m knackered!” Without thinking, I lift my arm up and wrap it round her shoulder. She leans into my side and wraps an arm around my waist and snuggles into me making an, “Mmmm!” sound. And then I look over at Luke and he’s watching us and fuck - what is that expression on his face? He looks a little awkward. But there’s this kind of longing there too. Like maybe, and this might sound like a bit of a reach, Luke’s looking at us and thinking about how much he’d like to be where Emily is right now. Snugged into my body with my arm wrapped around him. Fuck. My heart starts beating faster. My insides are suddenly doing weird things. “Seb, did you get bigger?! Jesus! You’re just like a mountain of muscle!” Emily says, squeezing my chest. I look over at Luke again. He still looks a little awkward, but his expression relaxes a little and he gives me a cute, knowing smirk. “Wait ‘till I become the next Blaine Holton!” I say. “Luke’s gonna be as big as me soon too!” Luke rolls his eyes, smirking still. “I don’t know why you boys are so determined to get bigger. You’re both so cute already!” Luke pulls a face and looks embarrassed. But I couldn’t agree with Emily more. At least on the Luke front. I really can’t imagine him getting any cuter. “I think I’m gonna have to go to bed soon!” Emily announces, still snuggled into me. “Sorry to be boring! You two can stay up if you want!” I feel a jolt of excitement at the thought of being alone with Luke again but I don’t look over at him. “Oh, have you got a sleeping bag or something for Luke?” She shakes her head. “No need. It’s all sorted!” For some reason my stomach clenches. “What d’you mean?” I ask. “Mmmm. Katie’s gone home for the weekend so I’m sleeping in her room!” Oh fuck. I think I know what’s coming next. Holy fucking, fuckity … “You two can sleep in my bed!” … fuuuuck! My stomach somersaults. Sharing a bed with Luke? Okay, I did NOT plan for that to happen. I didn’t even consider that it was a possibility! I try and act casual, but for some reason, I can’t seem to look over at Luke right now. “Cool!” I say, nodding and looking sraight at the television, completely covering up the fact that my heartbeat’s going crazy and my head is spinning at the thought of sleeping in the same fucking bed as Luke. Next to each other. Barely clothed. For the whole night. A little while later, Emily kisses us both on the cheek and goes to bed and I’m left alone with Luke. It feels a weird but nice being with him in a different setting to our dorm room. In an actual student house. Would we still hang out as much if we lived in a house like this? I’m guessing we would, we’d just have more rooms to choose from to sit in and watch Harry Potter films together. “Emily’s really nice!” Luke says to me. I nod. Maybe I’m imagining it, but it feels like there’s this awkwardness between us, and I think I know why. It’s the fact we’re about to share a bed. “Not sure why she’s friends with you!” he teases. I smirk at him. “Probably for the same reasons you are!” Maybe I should suggest that I sleep on the sofa and he can take Emily’s bed? But wouldn’t that be weird? We’re friends. Why the hell wouldn’t we share a bed? There’s nothing weird or awkward or strange about two friends doing that after all. “Is it too late to watch a Harry Potter film?” I joke. He grins at me and then his expression turns serious and neither of us are saying anything. There’s that awkwardness again. What if I accidentally wrap an arm around Luke in the middle of the night? What if he does it to me? What if we wake up, our bodies wrapped around each other, faces close together? “I’m pretty tired, actually!” Luke says. Fuck! He sounds a little nervous. He looks a little nervous too. Is it wrong that gives me this weird, excited feeling? “Come on then!” I say, nonchalantly while getting up from the sofa. Luke’s face relaxes a little. And I spot the unmistakable hint of a grin on his face. You could even say he almost looks excited. Luke follows me up the stairs to Emily’s room. I’m acting casually, but my insides are exploding. I turn my head once to look back at him. “You better not be a duvet hogger!” A little while later and I’m standing in the middle of Emily’s bedroom wearing just my blue and white checked boxers shorts and the usual white vest I sleep in. I look at the empty double bed (a bed I’ve slept in dozens of times before) and my stomach twists. Should I climb in bed and wait for Luke to get back from the bathroom? Would that make the whole thing less awkward? Luke walks in. Fuck - too late for that. He gives me an awkward smile. “What side do you want?” I ask him. He shrugs. “I’m easy!” “Going to bed wearing your jeans?” I tease. I don’t know why I just said that! He smiles sheepishly and suddenly looks embarrassed as he starts to take them off. I take the plunge and climb under the duvet at the far side of the bed. “I wonder what Emily would think of your new posing trunks?” I ask Luke as he pulls his sleeping vest over his head. His cute little calf muscles and modestly thick legs on display under a pair of Incredible Hulk (fucking seriously?!) boxer shorts. He looks over at me, the corner of his mouth curling into this cute grin. “Are you really gonna wear your pink posers for the end of term competition?” he asks. I shrug and give him an ominous smirk. “Might do!” Luke hovers by the bed looking awkward while I’m snuggled in. My huge arms are outside the duvet and folded. I can see his eyes scanning them. “Shall I, erm … turn the light off?” I can’t help but smile at the awkward adorableness of it all. “That is what people usually do before they go to bed, Luke!” He rolls his eyes and turns off the light. And then he comes over to the bed and fuck, my whole body is fucking buzzing as Luke climbs in and gets under the duvet next to me. We’re so close to each other. His legs and body next to mine. His cute head on the next pillow. I immediately get a hard on. Fuck. I don’t look over. I just carry on looking forward, my arms still folded and hanging out of the duvet. “I can’t believe you and Emily have been friends since you were four!” he says. I twist my head and see Luke lying next to me, all snuggled under the duvet in the dark and my chest flutters. “Mmmm!” I say, smiling. “Kinda cool that you both turned out to be gay!” he says. “Emily thinks maybe that’s why we were drawn to each other? I mean, there’s no way we could have known at that age but … she thinks maybe we sort of sensed we were both a bit different?” “You could say you were … Two The Same?” I laugh. “Fuck off!” I twist my head and he’s looking back at me in the dark. I can see he’s grinning at me. His face so close to mine. Fuck. “Do your parents know you’re gay?” Luke asks me. “Nah!” I reply. Wow. I kind of love this. Just lying in the dark next to Luke, talking to him. “Mum would be fine with it!” I tell him. “She’s got gay friends. Quite a few actually! Most of them are, like, posh lovey dovey theatre types. Oooh darling. You look faaaabulous!” Luke giggles next to me. “Some of them blatantly fancy me. Come to think of it, I think my mum might even be a bit of a fag hag!” “What about your dad?” “Pretty sure he’s not a fag hag.” I twist my head and Luke’s looking at me, waiting for a serious answer. I let out a little sigh. “I think he’d be okay? He’d probably just think, typical Woody - he has to be different! I can’t imagine him really talking to me about it either. Like, once I’d told him, he’d probably never mention it again!” Luke doesn’t say anything. I suddenly realise what I’m doing. I’m opening up to Luke. Telling him things about my family. Usually this kind of thing would make anxious. But, I dunno - for whatever reason, I don’t mind it. Maybe it’s because we’re both in the dark and not actually facing each other. Or maybe it’s just because it’s Luke. “It would be much worse if it wasn’t for Elliot!” Luke sharply twists his head. “Who’s that?” “Older brother!” I explain. “Didn’t know you had a brother?” I can see him smiling a little now. “Mmmm!” I say, nodding. “What’s he like?” I scoff. “He’s pretty much a golden boy! In other words, the complete opposite of me! He’s in his last year at Oxford.” “Oxford? Wow!” “Cambridge is first on the league table though. As I remind him every time I see him!” I look at Luke and smirk. I can see him smiling back at me. “Do you not get on?” Luke asks. “Actually we do! Well ... now at least. We hated each other when we were kids. He used to wind me up so much. He’d push and push until I snapped and acted out. And then he’d go to mum and I’d be the one who ended up getting into trouble. Clever little prick! Then we got older and we just seemed to have a lot more in common. Mostly alcohol! Sometimes, I think he’s even …” I pause and change my mind about what I’m about to say next. “Doesn’t matter!” I say, shaking my head. “What?” Luke asks. “Forget it!” “Tell me!” Luke gently orders. I sigh. “It sounds kind of awful but … well, imagine if you had a brother and you were the golden child. Everyone thinks of you as the clever one. The well behaved one. Generally seen as the more handsome one, although … hmmm, that’s debatable. And then your baby brother goes to the local hardcore gym and becomes a bodybuilder. With a six pack and pecs. And biceps twice as big as yours. And he suddenly gets loads of attention and is in the local newspaper and has shit loads of Instagram followers telling him how awesome he looks flexing in his shiny posers?” I look over at Luke and he’s smirking at me. “Are you saying your brother’s jealous of your shiny posers?” I laugh. “Maybe not the posers! But I think, for a lot of guys, there’s a part of them, deep down, that would LOVE to be a bodybuilder. As huge and jacked as I am. Strutting around, bouncing their pecs and flexing their biceps. Shiny posers optional!” “Hmmm. I dunno. I’d never wanna look like that!” Luke says, with a smirk. I grin back and bite my lip and then turn away from him again. “But yeah, Elliot’s pretty much the perfect son. He’ll graduate uni and probably go travelling to loads of exotic countries. Then he’ll come back, get an amazing job and get married to some blonde model with a really pretentious name. And my dad won’t care that his other son is gay and spends his days stomping round bodybuilding stages in his shiny pink trunks. I guess it’s kinda fitting. I’ve always been the rebellious one.” “So … your brother’s a bit like Prince William and you’re kinda like Prince Harry?” I laugh. “I guess so! If Prince Harry had pecs. And abs. And shiny pink posing trunks!” “What about you? Does your mum know?” I ask him. I’ve never really thought about it before, but suddenly I want to know. Suddenly I want to know everything about Luke. I look over so I can see his face as he answers. “I told her last year. Well … she kind of asked me!” I carry on looking at him. “It was after I split up with my boyfriend from the sixth form!” I feel a slight twist in my stomach. Luke had a boyfriend. He told me that earlier today. But now I’m really thinking about it. Some guy got to kiss Luke. And cuddle up to him. And call him his boyfriend. Huh. I never thought it was possible to be envious of someone who I’ve never even met. And know next to nothing about. “She asked me if we’d fallen out and I said yes. And then she said, ‘Luke I know he was your boyfriend and that you’re gay.’ And that was that.” “Was this … after your dad?” “Yeah! Mum said they never spoke about it, but … she had a feeling he knew!” I lie there looking at him. I don’t feel like I need to say anything. Just me being here listening is enough. “And … she said he would have been fine with it. That he’d have just wanted me to be happy!” Fuck. I feel my eyes start to sting. I carry on looking at Luke and he’s just looking back at me. “That’s really cool!” I say, giving him a smile. He smiles back and we just linger on each other's gazes. A definite Woody and Luke moment. What would he do if I rolled over on my side right now to face him? Would he do the same? Our bodies facing the other’s in the dark. Our faces close together. Me and Luke just inches away from each other in the dark. “Do you have brothers and sisters?” I ask him gently. “Yeah. A younger sister, Hayley!” I nod. “So you’re like a cool big brother?” He gives me a cute grin. Somehow it feels right. I can see Luke as an older brother. Looking out for his little sis. “Don't know ‘bout the cool part!” he says, still smiling. We stay silent for a little while. I look away and face out towards the room again. “Elliot and Sebastian!” Luke finally says after a while with a hint of amusement. I turn my head to face him again. “What?!” I ask smiling. “So terribly posh!” he teases. I laugh. “It could be worse! We could be called … Cuthbert and Tarquin!” “Are those your cousins?” “Yep!” I say in a matter-of-fact tone. Luke giggles and I smile back at him. We’re quiet again for a little while. I wonder if we’ll actually say goodnight or whether we’ll just stop talking and both drift off to sleep. I don’t care either way. “On Monday morning …” Luke sings quietly. “Fuck off!” I say, laughing. Luke laughs. “What? It’s a good song!” “I’m gonna kill Emily!” “Who knew you had so many talents? Woody the bodybuilder. Woody the illustrator. Woody the pop star!” I shake my head. I can’t stop smiling. “Do you want me to kick you?” “I’m thinking ‘bout you …” Luke sings. “How does the rest of it go again?” “Can’t remember! Sorry!” “Come on!” Luke orders, giggling. I groan. “When Tuesday comes, my head is spinning,” I say the words rather than sing them. “That’s it! Keep going!” “By Friday night, I’m going crazy.” I feel a sharp twist in my stomach. For some reason, I can’t quite bring myself to say the last line. “Go to sleep!” I order. “Yes, boss!” “And NO hogging the duvet!” I don’t look at Luke again and he doesn’t speak either. I roll on my side, putting my back to him and close my eyes, a smile on my face and this warm buzz rushing through my body. At being here. In this bed. Lying next to Luke. Thinking about everything we just talked about. Thinking about all the things we’ve done that day. And all the time we’ve spent together over the past few weeks. And as I drift off to sleep, the last line of mine and Emily’s cringeworthy song goes through my head. The line I couldn’t bring myself to say out loud. “And every day, I’m falling more in love with you.”
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    Part Four “Enzo, you came! I knew you would,” the infamous Carla yelled with unexpected childlike enthusiasm as she jumped up from the table to come hug my big cousin – which made Enzo grin from ear to ear. “Hey Carla! Um, this is my cousin, Antonio, the one I told you about,” Enzo said, suddenly sounding like the most shy and wimpiest man on earth and that could only mean his nervousness had returned full force. “The Harvard honors cousin! Hello, Antonio,” she said and gave me a warm hug, too, and I was a little caught off guard because I expected her to be harder and business-like. I instantly liked Carla and had the feeling that everyone she met felt the same way. I could easily see why Enzo had fallen head over heels in love with her. It was clear at that moment that he had by the way he gazed at her like a love-sick puppy as she introduced us to the cadre of gorgeous gay men at her table. I didn’t bother trying to remember any names – the way they only glanced up from their phones or stopped chatting to briefly acknowledge me made it very clear that they had forgotten my name as soon as Carla said it. All of them, however, stared at Enzo’s arms with awe and lust while shamefully judging his haircut, clothes, and shoes with obvious disdain. In spite of Enzo not cutting the mustard in some ways, they would definitely remember his name simply because of his gorgeous body and even more appetizing big arms. I suddenly remembered Enzo asking me earlier that day if gay men would find his arms hot and I believe even the naïve big DiMarco man recognized the desire in the faces of Carla’s circle of friends. In a welcomed gesture, Carla waved for everyone to move so Enzo could sit beside her and I could be on his other side. This way, I’d be able to monitor his actions and words. It would be perfect. “I’m so glad you came,” Carla said, lightly touching Enzo’s beefy forearm and then letting her hands drop to her lap. “I’m glad, too,” Enzo said, with a little more manliness than when he had spoken before and I knew in just a short while we’d have his DiMarco confidence back. “What exercises do you do to get your arms so big?” one of Carla’s friends – who clearly visited the gym, himself – asked, expecting to get some special scoop that could make him a superman, too. “Um . . . I lift a lot of bags of concrete at work,” Enzo replied, innocently. Carla busted out with a loud laugh and gave a wicked look at her shocked friend sitting across from them. I almost spit out beer since I was taking a sip when Enzo unknowingly put the guy in his place. There was no way this manicured homosexual was going to be caught dead picking up something as filthy as a bag of concrete. He was clearly disappointed that Enzo seemed so determined to hide his secret workout routine. Carla made everything good, very quickly. “Enzo works in construction. He’s not afraid of hard labor,” she said and the comment made me like her even more – it seemed like I was not the only one who had superpowers here. I took a moment, as Carla and Enzo chatted about her last gig singing at the bar, to look at the angel my cousin had chosen. Carla had clearly never teased her hair up in a big pile a day in her life. As a matter of fact, she was a brunette with a short cut that accented her face and didn’t even come down to her shoulders. This was a first for Enzo. She wore very little make-up – clearly not needing it to enhance her already beautiful face. Her smile even made this card-carrying homosexual feel a little stirring in his private parts. I could only imagine how she made the heterosexual men go crazy – even the enormous powerful Enzo. Suddenly a strong hand tightly grabbed my thigh and I snapped back to the conversation happening beside me. I luckily heard Carla ask her question again. “Which guy here do you find attractive, Enzo?” she said, and I could feel Enzo’s fingers dig harder into my leg. “I’m the gay one, Carla. Enzo’s as straight as they come,” I said quickly to save my cousin and felt the pressure on my thigh release. “I kind of figured that one out on my own, thanks Antonio,” Carla said, teasingly. “I was just thinking he could still find guys attractive. I can easily tell you what I find beautiful in a woman.” “I like Eric, the bartender. I think he’s hot,” Enzo said, removing his hand from my leg and looking at Carla proudly and making me feel proud at the same time, since he had answered so effortlessly and truly seemed to mean it. “Not fair,” Carla said after taking a sip of her beer, “he’s as straight as you, Enzo.” “Hey, can’t I be attracted to a straight guy?” Enzo asked. “Touché, Mr. Dimarco, touché,” Carla said and I thought touché indeed, Enzo – the guy was definitely getting his mojo back. “But if you want me to point out a gay guy or one I assume is gay,” Enzo said looking around the bar, “then I’d have to say the man walking toward us over there.” “Christian! You’re back!” Carla suddenly yelled, jumping up and running around the table. I had turned to look where both she and Enzo had been looking, but I was distracted by a beefy Asian man walking nearby – then it dawned on me that both Enzo and Carla had been referring to that exact walking mound of gorgeousness that was now approaching our table. Carla jumped into the huge waiting arms of the dreamboat of a man, wrapping her legs around his waist. They hugged for a good solid minute and then Carla let her feet drop back to the floor. When she turned around there were tears in her eyes. “Guys, this is my brother, Christian, or are you going by your Cambodian name, now?” she asked. “Christian is fine,” the twenty-seven-ish looking dark haired stud said, looking around the table quickly and placing a chair, plucked from nearby, right beside me. Christian held my hand a little longer than anyone else at the table as Carla introduced him. He also gave his sister a knowing look when introduced to Enzo. It might have been my imagination, but there might have been approval in the glance, as well. I suddenly found myself hoping so much more so than before. If Carla liked Enzo a lot, maybe that could lead to time with Christian. “Can I get you a drink?” Enzo asked Christian and I immediately turned to give him a ‘way to go, cousin’ smile – being caught red-handed by Carla, which made me turn red, but made her smile. “No, that’s okay, Eric’s bringing me one,” Christian said. “Ohhhh, Eric’s bringing you one! Enzo and Antonio, my brother, here, is the only man on earth that Eric says could get him to turn gay. When Eric’s a little tipsy he always makes me show him pictures of Christian on my phone.” At that point, the sexy bartender arrived with a Stella Artois for Christian, making Enzo give me a wink when I looked in his direction. Eric rested his hands on top of Christian’s very broad shoulders and started massaging them. The entire table became quiet as if all of us were now watching a porno movie together. I realized I desperately wanted to be in Eric’s shoes. “So, Christian, is tonight the night. Are you going to finally sleep with me?” the bartender asked making the entire table swoon at the thought of them in bed together. “Eric, Eric, Eric – when are you going to realize that I just can’t get beyond the fact that you’re Irish. You know that’s not what I like.” “You’re such a racist,” Eric said, slapping the top of Christian’s perfect head and walking away. “You and your infatuation for all things Italian,” Carla said, laughing loudly. “Spaghetti, sword and sandal epics, sweet leather shoes, and big hot thick Italian sausages - what’s not to love,” Christian raised his beer in a toast. “Besides, you’re just like me, dear sis.” I raised my glass to connect with everyone else’s, but didn’t look at the man newly seated beside me. I couldn’t, since my face was flushed red with excitement from the words he had spoken. I was pleased for Enzo, too, hearing that the girl he liked so much favored Italian men, but it was the fact that the Cambodian with the massive pecs, swollen arms, emerald green almond-shaped eyes sitting beside me liked Italian guys that made me turn into a quivering mound of goo, instantly. “Would Eric really sleep with you,” Enzo asked and the innocent naiveté in his voice made me return to my job of making him look good – pushing away my own need for lustful gawking. “For sure,” Carla said. “What’s the matter, Enzo? Don’t tell me you’ve never thought about sleeping with a man.” “Well, to be perfectly fair,” I said with a much too-forced laugh to be taken as just casual conversation, “I’ve never thought about sleeping with a woman.” “I don’t believe it, Antonio,” Carla said – almost challenging. “Neither have I,” came the deep, melodic voice beside me – saved by the brother. Maybe he had superpowers, too. “Really? I think about sleeping with women a lot,” Carla said. “Careful, that kind of talk is going to turn Enzo on,” Christian said, boldly winking at my cousin, which made Enzo laugh out loud – fully catching on to the fact that Carla’s brother was insinuating watching two women make out would be something he’d find hot, which he would, especially if one of them was Carla. Enzo, this time, had been saved by the man with dark unblemished skin that sat so confidently beside me. Christian definitely had superpowers, too, it seemed. I could feel him looking at me. I could feel him wanting to run his hand down my back and rest it at the top of my ass. Or maybe that was just me projecting. “I kissed Antonio today and it kind of turned me on,” Enzo said, suddenly, and it was clear he was trying to show Carla he was an open thinker. I turned to Enzo and gave him a ‘what the fuck’ stare. On so many levels this kind of revelation was not necessary. I couldn’t tell if the sudden stares from around the table were because people were appalled, turned-on, or just confused, like I was. I mean, I had really liked the kiss – if I were being completely honest, but I had not expected Enzo to mention that he liked it. I thought he wouldn’t even remember doing it. I didn’t like where this conversation was headed, but I didn’t know how to stop it without embarrassing Enzo. “Speaking of things I’d like to watch,” said Carla, smiling devilishly, which made everyone laugh – including me. “I found myself wanting it to last longer,” Enzo overshared, “I guess there’s not much distance between a kiss and having sex – so I guess I have thought about it, before.” This was one of the most simplistic and honest things I had ever heard anyone say. Enzo was looking at his beer bottle, and it was clear he had truly thought about what he was saying. I saw in the way that Carla was looking at him, that she, too, understood the huge inner awareness moment that was happening for Enzo. I saw true admiration and respect in her eyes. It was clear to me that she saw my cousin the same way I did – as the muscled rock-star of a guy that he truly was. He was a man that always tried to do his best – no matter what. I wanted to hug him for being so vulnerable and honest, but, again, it wasn’t the right time and it definitely wasn’t the right place. “Hey Enzo, come be the big strong construction worker that you are and carry the next round of drinks I’m buying for everyone,” Carla said, pulling on the thick arm of Enzo as she stood up. Enzo nodded, but looked at me with a ‘what do I do’ look as he stood up, too. I nodded and motioned with my eyes that he should go. I knew he was in trustworthy hands with Carla. I had definitely picked up that she both understood my cousin and liked him very much. She wasn’t threatened by him in any way – as a matter of fact I think he brought her a kind of calmness she wasn’t used to. I watched the two of them walk away, having briefly forgotten the handsome brother that remained. “She likes him.” “How can you tell,” I asked, turning to look at the gorgeous smiling face of Christian. “She never asks for help from a man . . . or anyone, for that matter.” “I’m afraid Enzo’s never known a girl who didn’t constantly ask for help. He’s helplessly smitten, by the way.” “Maybe their meeting was meant to be,” Christian said and it was clear by the way he spoke he wasn’t just talking about Carla and Enzo. “Man, his fucking huge arms make me jealous as hell, though. Sorry to be so predictably vain.” “It’s okay – you, me, and everyone else feels the same way. What gives with the lack of similarity in the way you and Carla look, by the way?” “You noticed, huh? And thanks for being bold enough to ask. You’d be amazed at how people dance around it saying stuff like ‘you two have the same eyes.’ Give me a break. Carla, myself, and my five other siblings are all adopted. We’re a modern-day Brady Bunch with one extra.” “Seven children! You sure you guys aren’t all Italian?” “I wish!” “I could help you become an honorary Italian, but it would involve an initiation given by my seventeen Dimarco male cousins and three brothers and only the strongest and bravest survive that.” “Sounds a little painful. Sex wouldn’t be involved, right?” “No,” I said, laughing, “but there would be a hell of a lot of alcohol.” “Do I not look strong enough to make it through a DiMarco initiation?” Christian asked, clearly looking for a compliment to show that I’d noticed his body. I turned to look him in the face, smiling. I then slowly let my gaze drop down his muscled body tightly wrapped in a fading gray t-shirt. I was only used to being this close to hugeness when I was around Enzo. The almost hairless golden arms, along with the smooth as a baby’s behind chiseled face was so foreign to me and not just because of the different ethnic background. I felt myself getting turned on to the point where I wouldn’t be able to get up from the table for a very long time. “You might survive,” I said, causing him to laugh – and tense his muscles, I might add. “You seem to have survived,” he said, tilting his chin at me, “and I think I’m a little bigger than you.” “If by ‘little’ you’re talking in dinosaur sizes, then yes. You give Enzo a run for his money. I survived because I have superpowers.” “Oh yeah? What superpowers do you have, Antonio?” he asked and I motioned him to lean in closer. “I’m gay,” I whispered and then leaned back. “Then I have superpowers, too,” Christian said, leaning back, himself, “I’m sure to survive the initiation now.” “Cambodian, huh?” I said, quickly changing the subject because my throbbing crotch told me to. “Yep, although I left when I was just a baby. My family supported the wrong causes. Both my parents died pretty soon after arriving here in the States, probably from broken hearts, and I had no one else. I ended up in the crazy, wonderful, mixed-matched Luigi family and the rest is, as they say, history.” “Luigi! I forgot. You are Italian!” “Kind of,” Christian said, smiling, “although no one ever guesses that. I wonder why?” “Carla mentioned your Cambodian name. Mind if I ask what it is?” “Of course not. It’s Vannak. Or, for short, Nak. Pronounced almost like what you do when you want to enter a door.” “Good way to remember it. Vannak. Sounds cool.” “Thanks.” “You two look cozy,” Carla’s voice snapped both Christian and I back into the actual environment surrounding us – for a while it had only been us. I looked up and the first - and most important - thing I saw was that the old Enzo was definitely back. I had absolutely no idea what had happened, but the way he was holding his body, his confident smile, and that muscled-giant sparkle in his eyes had clearly returned with a vengeance. His big hands were carrying most of the drinks, while Carla had a couple. With ease, that I found astounding, Enzo passed out the right drink to everyone. The guy must have been studying the entire evening to remember each person’s order. Christian and Carla were distracted, talking about some family matter, so when Enzo sat down I looked at his beaming face and leaned toward him, so I could whisper. “What’s up with you? You look like you just won the lottery!” “Antonio, six different people – including Eric, the bartender – asked me to flex for them while we went to and from the bar. It’s like being at home!” “Oh no, tell me you didn’t, Enzo. We talked about his. Please tell me you didn’t. Oh god. What did Carla do?” “Antonio, that’s the thing. I would have refused every request as politely as possible, just like you told me to, but Carla told me to do it. She insisted. She said I should give them what they asked for. And here’s the kicker, Antonio . . . I think she liked it as much as they all did.” I immediately turned to look at the beautiful woman as she talked to her equally beautiful brother and was shocked beyond words to find her massaging Christian’s big biceps, draped across the arm of the chair, while they spoke. It was like neither of them even registered that she was doing it. Suddenly, it dawned on me – that I had made the biggest mistake possible when it came to Enzo – no one was immune to the allure of his arms. Classy people loved muscles, too. Carla – the refined, educated, surely opera-loving, feminist liberal – was turned on by Enzo’s bulging arms just as much as I was – as anyone was. And why wouldn’t she be? She was different just because she didn’t drink wine from a box? She had already determined Enzo’s inner being was worthy of her. She had already seen what I also knew – Enzo’ heart was pure. She was just really loving the wrapping on the Christmas present, too, and who could blame her. Enzo’s arms just happened to be the cherry on top of his scrumptious cake. I should have thought to tell him to always look to her to be his guide, but he had figured that out all on his own. I looked back at the almost cocky smile of my cousin, who grabbed the back of my neck and squeezed hard – just as he had for years – to let me know everything was okay. Enzo, my superhero, was back. “God, Antonio,” Enzo said, leaning closer in so he could whisper eve softer, “I like her even more than I already did. I’ve never wanted a girl so much. Isn’t she wonderful?” “She is more than wonderful, Enzo. I like her a lot. But she’d also be lucky to have you,” I added and the hand at my neck squeezed again. “She loves Italians! She fucking loves Italians,” Enzo said, giggling like a schoolboy. “What are you two cousins talking about?” Carla asked as she returned to her chair. “How wonderful you are,” I said, smiling at her and then letting out a little yelp as Enzo squeezed my neck too hard. “As you should,” she shot back, teasingly. Then Carla Luigi did something I will remember until the day I die. She reached up and grabbed the thick neck of my giant cousin and, digging her nails in sharply, she squeezed. Enzo yelped even louder than I did and instantly looked at her. She nodded her head in the direction of Enzo’s hand at my neck, making it clear that she wouldn’t let go until he did. Enzo immediately removed his hand. Carla released her tiger’s grip and lovingly massaged the big man’s neck. She then returned her hand to her beer bottle. I stared at her with an open mouth. “I have a lot of brothers. And have you noticed the size of Christian?” Fucking hell yes is what I wanted to shout, but I, thankfully, refrained. Enzo looked at me and widened his eyes to make it clear that what Carla had just done had impressed the socks off of him. I could see that he was smitten beyond belief. And for the first time that entire day and evening that thought did not make me nervous. I realized Enzo was going to be fine. Sure, he’d make mistakes, but he was ready for that. He was ready to learn new things and grow along side of Carla. I knew he’d teach her a lot of things, as well. I caught her looking at Enzo’s profile as he spoke to someone across the table and her face showed that she ‘got him’ and I knew – in my heart of hearts – she’d never hurt him. Enzo had found the love of his life and Carla had, too. “Um, well you guys excuse me, I need to say hello to someone over there,” Christian suddenly said and it made me instantly remember our little ‘moment’ that had happened before Carla and Enzo came back. “Sure,” I said, scooting over a little to give him room to get out and the rest of our table mates took this opportunity to depart to other ports of interest, as well. “Do you like Christian, Antonio?” Carla asked when her brother was out of earshot and it was just she, Enzo and me remaining. “Yeah, he seems like a nice guy,” I responded, glancing at him over my shoulder. “No, I mean really like him. Gosh, I sound like I’m in junior high, again. Let’s try this in a more adult way. Are you attracted to Christian, Antonio?” “I can answer that,” Enzo chimed in, unexpectedly, “Yes, yes, and – uh – yes! I know my cousin and that’s a face that screams attracted.” “Well, he’s really into you . . . geez, again with the subtlety of a junior higher.” “Um . . . I don’t know what to say…” “Well, a simple ‘yes, I dig him’ will suffice.” “Yes, I really dig him,” I replied, quietly, and Enzo slapped my back – but not too hard – and Carla raised her bottle to mine. “We should double date,” Carla said. “No, better yet, you two should make Christian and me a big Italian dinner.” “Yeah, we should!” Enzo agreed. “And what are you going to make Chef Enzo? Pour a bowl of cereal and call it dinner? Since when have you cooked?” “I made a beef Bolognese just the other night, I’ll have you know. I’ve been getting lessons from Nona DiMarco every Thursday night.” “Nona! She’s the best cook we know. You lucky son-of-a-gun. Carla, I most certainly don’t recognize this renaissance man between us. I do, however, want to publicly thank you for facilitating his departure from the land of Neanderthals.” “Ha! I wish every Neanderthal I met looked like Enzo . . . and had the heart of him, for that matter. It’s me who’s the lucky one,” she said throwing her hand around his broad back and hugging him. “I think I should probably thank you for helping him get the nerve to come here tonight. I won’t lie. It was a test.” “I knew it,” Enzo said, smiling at her. “And you passed with flying colors,” Carla responded, which made Enzo’s smile get bigger. “I’d do anything for Enzo,” I said. “And I’d do anything for you, cousin,” he replied, tipping his beer to me – and I noticed he was still drinking Stella. “How about tomorrow night at 7:00pm?” Carla asked, not caring if she was being pushy and Enzo looked at me. “That would be great,” I replied and that’s when Christian returned to the table. “Sorry about that,” he said, “what did I miss?” “Antonio really digs you and we’re going to their house for a big Italian meal tomorrow night.” “Cool, I love Italian food,” Christian replied. “Come on, Mr. Cement Muscles, I love this song and want to dance,” Carla said, taking Enzo’s beer from his hand and placing on the table. “Don’t worry, Antonio, I know the rule about Enzo taking off his shirt,” – then they were gone. (…The boys talk.)
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    "My foreplay usually involves me bending things."
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    Part Three Was I in love with my cousin? Probably. Probably in love with his arms more than him. Although, I had a feeling there was a part of me – more nurture than nature – that adored a beefy, gold-chained, Italian muscleman who wouldn’t recognize the difference between the sentiment of a Hallmark card and a Shakespearean sonnet if his life depended on it. That was the way of the world, right. We were attracted to things we knew – things we were familiar with. But, with that in mind, here was my cousin, the biceps-obsessed uneducated knucklehead chasing after a free-thinking, bra-free feminist who probably considered men as low as pond scum and only good for procreation. It was really bizarre to think of my strong, huge, bodybuilder cousin as a pussy-whipped yes-boy. At the same time, I wished he was my yes-boy. “Never leave my side, Antonio,” Enzo said as we made our way through the oh-so-handsome gay crowd of ‘Beefeaters.’ Even I was able to single out the gorgeous Carla Luigi in the middle of a mixed crowd over near one corner of the bar and appreciate her beauty. My cousin had chosen well. I could not knock him for that. I did, however, question his choice when I saw that she was drinking an obscure Spanish beer I was absolutely sure Enzo had never even heard of. I instantly recognized that the group around her was mostly made up of gay men that automatically assumed they were part of an imagined A-list club because of their salaries, the boyfriends they dated, the latest plastic surgery that had been performed, or merely because they were naturally beautiful. I also realized that Carla was clearly a card-carrying fag hag. I’m sure there were several hidden reasons for this fact, but the truth of the realization was undeniable. “I’ve got your back, Enzo. Pretend like this is junior high or high school,” I said to my cousin and he understood the magnitude of my words immediately – my commitment – and it empowered him. I saw a little of the DiMarco bravado instantly return to his posture, his walk. Suddenly, it dawned on me – like an explosion of fireworks – that the roles had reversed. I was now the protector – the big man who scared away the bullies. In the world of gay men, Enzo was the target, the dweeb who needed protecting. I was his knight in shining armor who knew the territory – who could put the villains in their place with just a few words. I realized that my wit and my knowledge now were equal to his brawn and intimidation factor back when we had been in junior high and high school. I had the power to make or break Enzo’s night and I fully understood the importance of protecting family – of making sure he was treated evenly and fairly. I was completely aware of the responsibility and obligation he had felt all those years ago – still felt, I’m sure. I was, simply, becoming a true DiMarco man and he was letting me take the lead. “She’s going to adore you, man. I’m going to help make sure of that,” I said and I saw Enzo’s entire body relax. “I couldn’t have done this without you, Antonio. You’re my lifesaver,” he said with a look of sincerity that almost brought me to tears. I suddenly felt huge . . . powerful. I instantly knew the pride and privilege of being a DiMarco man. It was knowledge and awareness that flooded me like water from a busted dam. I felt a kind of obligation I had never experienced before. I also realized this is what every DiMarco cousin or brother had felt when protecting someone younger or smaller at school. Enzo could have tossed my body as easily as a small sack of rice, but when it came to all things homosexual I was the Hercules of the gaydom. I felt invincible. “You’re my hero,” Enzo said and it was at that moment I realized he needed ammunition. “One shot is acceptable, Enzo,” I said with sudden clarity and assurance. “Are you positive?” he asked. “Yes. If you and I are going to rule the world then we better have some fortification.” “Rule the world. I like the sound of that,” he said, following me to the bar. “Holy shit, you’re hot as hell,” said the more-than-cute hulky bartender after looking Enzo up and down when we arrived at the bar. “Thank you, I’m flattered,” Enzo quickly said, “But you’re not my type.” It was his memorized response for all the come-ons he was sure to get throughout the evening. Enzo’s nervousness about meeting Carla Luigi was momentarily lost in the realization that many men were going to flirt with him. I knew Enzo loved attention, so he’d finally find a way to accept it even from gay men, but the first time had just caught him off guard and he instantly jumped to the comment he had come up with for such moments. Nothing was said for a few seconds and Enzo turned to me. “Too soon?” he asked. “Too soon,” I replied. “He was just complimenting you. You are hot as hell. We’ll have two shots of Cuervo, please.” The nicely tattooed bartender, with the tight body, gorgeous face, and equally-nice arms smiled at me and went to get our drinks. I tried to see this moment through Enzo’s eyes. The poor guy was out of his league, here. I needed to give him some slack for his mistake. He was so new to all of this. “He’s fucking hot, though, isn’t he?” Enzo asked and my mouth dropped open at Enzo’s comment as he watched the bartender walk away. “Yes. Many gay men would say that. He’s also one of your kind, Enzo. Straight as the day is long,” I replied. “What? Are you kidding? Why in the hell does he work here?” “Because he probably makes more in tips in one night than you bring home in a week,” I answered, causing Enzo’s mouth to drop open wide. “Couldn’t he be that thing called ‘bi’? You know, where you like girls and guys.” “Possibly, but he’s got a really cute cheerleader-looking wife that I think keeps him pretty happy.” “Fuck me! I might have to think about getting a part-time gig here if I could make that kind of money.” “Sure, and I can’t wait to hear you explain your new job to all your DiMarco brothers and cousins. They’d immediately send you to some kind of electrical shock therapy – just to zap the gay out of you.” “Just so you know, Antonio, I’ve never thought that we should somehow change you. You’re still just little Antonio, no matter who you love,” Enzo said with such open love that I wanted to throw my hands around him and kiss him, but I always wanted to do that. “Thanks, Enzo,” I replied, as the bartender arrived with our shots. “Sorry about my slip up, earlier, dude. It’s my first time in a gay bar,” Enzo said, turning to the hot guy. “I figured. You are one fucking hot dude, just the same,” answered the gorgeousness across the bar. “And you’re straight, too?” Enzo asked. “What can I say? I’m addicted to pussy,” the guy replied and the two straight guys roared. “Let me guess, you’re the big guy that Carla Luigi’s been telling me about.” “What? Carla’s talked to you about me?” “Yeah, she said she knew a guy whose arms put mine to shame. She wasn’t lying.” “Yours are awesome, man,” Enzo said, sincerely. “Thanks. I’m Eric,” he said, sticking a huge hand across the top of the bar. “Enzo. And this is my cousin Antonio,” the man with bigger hands and arms said in response as they shook – making me love him even more for including me. “Hey, Antonio,” Eric said – his hand engulfing my smaller one and squeezing tightly. “You must be playing wing man for big Enzo.” “Yep, guilty as charged,” I replied. “Better watch out, Enzo,” Eric said, smiling, “It’s not always good to have such a handsome wing man.” “Oh, he’s into dick,” Enzo said quickly. “Doesn’t matter, man. That’s the first rule of hot girls at gay bars – they can just as easily hang out with a guy that can do their make-up as a guy that can make them cream in ecstasy. It’s just a law of the jungle and no one can figure out why. Make sure you listen to Antonio and do whatever he says as long as you’re in the flirting stage. You’ll be able to be the man once you get the girl in bed, but – for now – that cute guy, my big friend, is a superhero.” “Don’t I know it!” Enzo quickly replied. “Then there’s no way you’re not going to succeed. One more shot on the house before you go in, fellas?” “Can we take a raincheck, Eric,” Enzo said without even looking at me, “I tend to want to show off when I’m juiced on tequila.” “Fuck, I bet that’s fun to watch,” Eric said, laughing. “Until someone gets hurt,” I replied – making both men laugh even more. “Well, happy hunting fellas. I’ll save those shots for a night when you don’t have to be on your best behavior, Enzo. Remember, listen to the gay guy – he knows best.” And then Eric was off to help some gaggle of gay boys down the way that kept stealing glances at Enzo. I looked around and noticed that practically everyone within throwing distance was staring at Enzo. I suddenly shot into protector mode, silently challenging anyone to come up and mess with my cousin. I didn’t have to wait long. An elder, super-sized, clearly drunken queen walked up and grabbed Enzo’s ass before I could even warn my unprepared cousin. Enzo’s body shot super tense all over. “I’ve always wanted myself a real-life Hulk,” the guy slurred as he stroked Enzo’s tight butt. “If you don’t remove your hand pronto, dude, I’m going to shove it so far up your ass you’ll be able to lick your own fingers,” Enzo said softly, but firmly – assuming he’d scare the man away. “Oooooh, how did you know I was into that kind of stuff. I love it rough” the man responded, shocking poor Enzo to death. “You are a real life He-Man.” Enzo had been so confident of his power to scare a guy. He’d been so sure of his intimidation factor. He had not been prepared for the fact that most gay men – and definitely drunk gay men – were fearless beyond compare. An aroused queen was like a heavily armed soldier ready to defend his country’s honor. Threats of violence – especially violence that came close to what some gay men saw as pleasure – did nothing to dissuade an advancing queen. Enzo was instantly at a loss as to what to do. He was so shocked that he even didn’t begin to contemplate punching, tossing, or shoving the guy. He just stood there, dumbfounded and unable to move. It was time for superhero Antonio. I knew exactly what super power to use to make the oversized horny queen retreat immediately. I pulled the most underhanded, sure-to-work trick in the gay world. I tapped the guy on the shoulder and, at the same time, pulled his hand away from Enzo’s ass. “Yes he is, but he’s my He-Man, friend.” You would have thought I had tossed out kryptonite and the dude was Superman. Even in his drunken state his hand flew up to his mouth in horror and he retreated a few steps. His eyes were wide with shame and he shook his head profusely. “Oh honey, I am so sorry,” dramatically exclaimed the guy, confusing Enzo to no end. “I was so blinded by his huge arms I didn’t see you there, baby cakes. Bobby Madden is no homewrecker, cute thing. I know better than to touch another man’s boy-toy. I sincerely apologize for my mistake. Can I buy the cute couple a drink as my penance?” “All is forgiven Bobby Madden” I said, with equal drama, sliding my arm around Enzo’s tight-as-hell muscled mid-section – instantly hearing the disappointed grumblings of many men around us. “Two Stella’s would be very nice.” And with that, Bobby Madden trucked down the long bar to get Eric’s attention. I glanced around to see the many jealous faces sending imaginary daggers into my body. I also noticed a few smiles that were clearly offers of a third party if the handsome couple so wished. As if I would share such a specimen as Enzo if he were truly mine. What were those guys thinking? I didn’t pull my arm from Enzo’s waist, it felt too good there, but I did turn to look at him. “What in the hell just happened and what the fuck is a boy toy?” the dumbfounded giant asked. “I used my superpowers and we’ll explain boy toy at a later date,” I responded. “I pretty much made you off limits to the entire bar, cousin. Almost all queens, except a few that have the nickname ‘shark,’ respect the rule of not touching boyfriends. Oh, they’ll still flirt with you – a lot – but, you’re pretty much a no-go for groping now, because your boyfriend has thrown down the gauntlet. Who’s the powerful one now, Mr. Big Arms.” “Well, let’s seal the deal, then,” Enzo said, squeezing my body to lift me off the floor and then planting a big kiss on my cheek – I instantly noticed the sound of more disappointed moans rippling through the crowd. “Oh man, nice double block, fellas,” Eric said, as he placed two beers down on the bar. “Making Enzo off limits and raising the cuteness factor of Antonio at the same time. Smooth. These are from Bobby.” “What did he mean?” Enzo said after putting me down and watching the bartender walk away. “He means that because you are so hot and have chosen me, I become a helluva lot cuter to some guys. If Mr. Muscles chooses me then I must be much more than what meets the eye.” “But you’re cute as fuck. I can’t make you cuter,” Enzo said. “Don’t try to put logic to the way of the gay jungle, dude. It’s just the law of the land.” “By the way, Antonio, what’s a ‘Stella’?” “Never mind, just drink your beer.” “Hey, this is good, what is…” Enzo started and smiled knowingly as soon as he read the label on the bottle – I knew the Belgian beer would be impressive to Carla. I started leading my fake boyfriend toward the table in the corner – amazed at how the crowd parted for a big guy like Enzo. Some superpowers I would never have. (...The night begins.)
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    "It's crazy. The more you worship me the bigger I become."
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    When your neighbors tell you they're the reason the cars on the street get rearranged at night."
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    Part Two “I’m so nervous, Antonio, I’m going to need to do a couple of shots as soon as we get to the bar.” “Hell no! Absolutely not, Enzo. Last time I was around you and you did shots you put your fist through a wall and took on three guys at one time.” “It was just wood and plaster, cous, and I clobbered those three guys, didn’t I?” “You also threw me over your shoulder an hour later on the sidewalk and carried me to an all-night diner so I would buy you breakfast. People stared at us the entire way.” “That big thing in your pants told me you liked the ride.” “That’s beside the point, Enzo. Listen, no shots. You need to be focused and coherent to talk to Carla. I can help you as much as I can, but you’re going to have to carry on a conversation with her all on your own most of the time. You won’t be able to just toss her over your shoulder like some caveman and take her home.” “Who knows, she might like that,” Enzo said, smiling at me in the back of the cab I had insisted we take since I didn’t want to ride home on the back of Enzo’s motorcycle after he’d been drinking – even if it did mean I got to press myself up against his wide, strong back. I gave him a stern look and he quickly added, “You’re right, Carla’s too classy.” “Enzo, you’re used to girls…” “Ladies, Antonio.” “…Ladies that tease their hair higher than a skyscraper and think the size of their heels are more important that the size of their I.Q. That’s fine for a hot night in bed, but it definitely limits the conversation at breakfast the next morning.” “Oh shit, should I be offering breakfast?” I looked at my cousin and immediately thought how fortunate it was he had gorgeous muscles for days and arms that enabled him to float through life getting things pretty easily. I’d seen an elder baker give Enzo a dozen fresh doughnuts for free just to say thank you for my cousin wearing a tank top into his shop, which caused a little cash-carrying crowd to come into the place and buy things. He got an A plus in algebra in ninth grade – from Mr. Hawkins, one of the hardest teachers at our school. When I asked him how he got that grade he had simply smiled and said he always volunteered to carry heavy things for the elder teacher. He had even flexed his way out of a speeding ticket with a straight-as-they-come cop just because the officer was so impressed with his arms. Enzo wasn’t going to be the scientist who discovered the cure for some rare disease, but it was always be much more impressive that he could easily bench out many reps with the body of the scientist that was. “Yes, Enzo. You have to promise me you’ll cook breakfast for Carla the first time she stays over. I’ll help you with what to cook. And throwing her on your bike and taking her to your mom’s house for breakfast isn’t the same thing. Instead of a walk of shame, you make it a breakfast of shame.” “Tell me what to cook now, Antonio. I not sure I have all the things I need to make a breakfast tomorrow.” There it was – the DiMarco manly confidence that had somehow skipped me when I was born. Enzo was absolutely sure Carla would be running home with him tonight to jump in his bed. His brain could not even begin to consider the possibility of being turned down. And when Carla did say no to his offer, I knew he would proceed to get shit-faced and the next morning tell all of the DiMarco men he had decided she wasn’t the girl for him and that he had turned her down. It was the DiMarco way. Save face, hold on to your manhood at all costs, and always blame the girl. I thanked the universe, again, that I had been born gay. Enzo could see in my face the mistake he had made without me even saying a word. “I don’t get to take her home tonight, do I?” “Nope. You gotta make her want you more, Enzo. The forbidden fruit and all.” “You calling me a fruit,” Enzo said, tensing his big arms. “Just kidding, Antonio, don’t look so scared. I understood the reference. It’s just that I’m so fucking horny.” “I’ll blow you when we get home,” I responded, boldly – his size and proximity clearly making me feel more me confident and slutty. “Promise?” he shot back and you could have knocked me over with a feather I was so taken aback. “What if she doesn’t like me?” “Since when do you care about things like that, Enzo?” “Since I met Carla. One night, after her gig was finished, she came and sat beside me at the bar. As we slowly sipped our drinks, she asked me questions about my life, my dreams, my fears. I could instantly tell it wasn’t a flirty conversation – she was just chatting with me like a friend. I’d never met a girl that seemed interested in anything more than my big arms, my power. She actually seemed oblivious to all that – looking me in the eye the entire time and not even once asking if she could feel my guns. It was both deflating and empowering at the same time. Did I choose the right words just then?” “They were perfect, Enzo. So, you know you’re not acting like a DiMarco man right now, right? You’re more worried about a girl liking you than you are being in a bar with a bunch of queers.” “Hey, is that word acceptable?” “Depends on who you’re talking to and how you use it.” “Fuck, there’s so much to learn. I’m getting tired of hanging out with the same crowd all the time, Antonio. No one seems to want to do anything other than drink, fight, and fuck. And that’s just the women. Just kidding – I gotta learn not to be so rude to the ladies. Anyway, I figure tonight’s going to be some new interesting conversations, a new environment, and there’s going to be a lot of new people that have never met my ‘gigantic bazookas,’” he said and flexed both of his arms in the tight space of the back seat. “I’m ready to bless them with my hugeness.” “Even though I love the sight of your arms, Enzo, remember, you can’t be flexing any time you feel like it, tonight.” “I know, Antonio. I just did it because I knew it would get you stoked. You’re going to have to get out of the cab with that big log of yours bulging something obvious and that’s going to embarrass you to hell,” he said smiling because he knew he was one hundred percent right. At that moment, we pulled up in front of ‘Beefeaters.’ There was already a line of people waiting to get in. I felt Enzo’s nervousness suddenly skyrocket off the charts. I was, again, amazed that the biggest and most muscled DiMarco man was about to walk into a gay bar. I was absolutely sure he was the first cousin or brother of mine to step into one – unless one of them had done it by accident some time. I then realized that couldn’t have happened because they never went anywhere they didn’t already know. They all put the ‘regular’ in regular customers. I felt my own anxiety rise, too. I suddenly thought I hadn’t prepared Enzo enough for the evening. There were so many things about the gay culture and gay bars that he should have known before I let him come here. I felt like I was leading a guy onto a big stage and he was totally naked. Maybe I felt that way because I secretly wished I could take a long gander at a naked Enzo. “Gay bars have lines?” “Fraid so.” “And what is that?” “That, my dear cousin, is the doorman . . . um, doorperson. Behold your first ever drag queen, Enzo.” “She’s huge! Are those tits real? Look at those fucking legs – they’d wrap around me two times. Her arms are as big as mine!” “Trust me, they are not. As for the so-called ‘tits,’ I’m pretty sure they are not real.” I answered after paying the driver and turning to head to the back of the medium-sized line. “Where are you going?” Enzo asked. “The back of the line is just there,” I replied. “Bro, all of this muscle doesn’t wait in lines, follow me,” he said, inhaling so his upper body seemed to balloon even bigger and walking in the other direction. I didn’t have time to stop him. I didn’t have time to explain to him that the unspoken laws of the gay world said only the fabulous people zoom ahead of the line. Enzo was suddenly that dweb flying in coach who had accidently stumbled into the first-class line. He was going to be embarrassed and ashamed when the ticket counter turned him away. I so should have explained how things like shoes, haircuts, expensive watches, and showing up in cars that cost the same as Midwest houses made it possible for you to get special treatment. Any time I went with a DiMarco cousin to his drinking establishment we by-passed any line, which rarely existed. We got to zoom through because whatever cousin I was with had been coming to the joint since he got his fake I.D. at age fifteen. He was such a fixture at the place he practically owned a stool and a pool cue. Before I could do anything, Enzo was standing beside the high-heeled-made amazon drag queen that clearly ruled with an iron fist. She was looking at a clipboard in her hand and shaking her head slowly at the hopeful demure couple in front of her. She did not look up at us when we stopped beside her. She continued to flip through papers. “The line forms back there, bitches,” the tall Dolly Parton look-a-like said, pointing behind us with her pen – still not looking up. That’s the moment I saw my somewhat uncouth cousin Enzo turn into something magical. He hooked his thumbs behind his belt buckle, flared out his lats in a way that highlighted his big frame so it seemed to emanate moonlight, smiled a smile that could have even won over a conservative asshole protecting his riches from the masses, and then spoke in that distinctive DiMarco manly way that I’m sure had often made some women cream in their undies on the spot. I didn’t have time to warn him he wasn’t in Kansas anymore – he was about to face the Wicked Witch of the West and his Dorothy Gale innocent charm wouldn’t work. “How-you-doin, gorgeous?” “Listen honey,” the drag queen said, looking up terrifyingly slow from the clip board, “I don’t have time for your sorry-assed . . . helllllooooo, Mr. Fucking Muscles! What Planet Fitness just beamed your gorgeous body down to our earth, big man? And how can Ms. Dolly serve a big bull like you?” “I’m really thirsty, Ms. Dolly. I was hoping I could lift you off the ground in exchange for a quicker entrance to your fine establishment.” If Enzo had told me his plan in advance I would have told him it was cheesy and stupid – a sure-fire way to not gain access to the bar, ever. However, the reality of what transpired was nothing short of breathtaking. Enzo exuded enough manliness to knock down a building. I watched as the impenetrable heart of a big older drag queen was melted by the aura of my macho cousin as if it had been nothing more than an ice cube dropped on the sidewalk on a hot August afternoon. I’d never felt such masculinity permeate the space around me as I did at that moment. The tone in Ms. Dolly’s voice became sweet and more vulnerable than a Disney princess. It was like Enzo’s presence sucked every hard, strong, remaining drop of manhood from the drag queen. “Don’t worry about the dress, sweetie. Grab me hard and leave some bruises so I’ll remember you tomorrow.” Enzo wrapped his big hands around Ms. Dolly’s hips and gripped hard, pulling the sequin-covered body closely into his. Without ever taking his eyes from those of the rising drag queen, Enzo’s bulging arms lifted the quite hefty Ms. Dolly into the air slowly, making sure her front rubbed against his abs and chest all the way up. The drag queen bent her right foot upward and arched her back as her crotch was pushed up and down against Enzo’s hard chest a few times. “Now, Mr. Muscles, don’t be making Ms. Dolly’s nicely tucked and taped manhood bulge out this pretty dress. We don’t want to ruin the mystery, now do we?” “No ma’am.” “Oh, my goodness, he’s so polite, too. Strong as fuck and good manners – what more could a woman ask for?” “Breakfast in bed,” Enzo replied as he returned the light-headed Ms. Dolly to the ground. “Oh hell, you big, giant, mountain of a man, you better get inside before Ms. Dolly ravages you right here in public. You’ve made me feel more like a woman than I ever have before in my entire life. Now skedaddle in, but promise me another little lift when you leave.” “I promise. He’s with me, too, ma’am” Enzo said, nodding in my direction. “Lucky little tramp,” Ms. Dolly said, winking at me and then whacking me hard on the ass as I walked by. “I’ll take any leftovers when you’re done cute, dark, and handsome, but if I was you I wouldn’t be sharing any of your fine Mr. Muscles.” “I know it wasn’t very subtle, Antonio, but I didn’t want to wait in that line,” Enzo said, apologetically, as we walked through the small dark lobby of ‘Beefeaters.’ “I figured Ms. Dolly was still a man deep down and there’s no man on earth that’s not impressed by power. I might not have wealth, but I do have brawn – so I just thought I’d use it.” “Are you kidding? That was incredible. And very subtle. You didn’t even have to flex. And it was so hot the way you lifted her!” I said, clearly in awe and very excited – causing Enzo to reach down and grab the engorged hardness in my pants. “Well calm that big thing down, cousin. I don’t want people looking down there instead of at my big body,” he said pulling back a curtain so I could enter the bar. “That’s not possible,” I replied as I walked by his beautiful arms. (More to come…)
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    Next chapter with some more Woody and Luke moments! Seventeen When I get back to the room after my Muscle Food, Diet & Supplements lecture the next day, my heart does that familiar drop whenever I return home to an empty room. Which is both absurd and fucking ironic, since the whole reason I started being friendly with Luke in the first place was to get my own room next year. God - what would he think if he knew that? Maybe he’d see the funny side. Maybe I should confess. “Hey, Luke - funny story!” But is it funny? Being nice to someone just so you can get away from them permanently? I mean, obviously that’s not really the case. I didn’t really know Luke back when I agreed to mentor him. I didn’t know how lovely and awesome and funny he was. I hadn’t noticed his dimples or his adorably small feet. And I hadn’t seen what his arse looked like in a pair of shiny posers either. All I really wanted back then was to have my own room again. But if Luke found out about mine and Johnny’s agreement, I know it would sound bad. Probably much worse than it actually is. I guess he doesn’t really need to know. I jump on my bed and do what I’ve been doing a lot lately whenever I get the room to myself. I take out my sketchbook and draw. I seem to be drawing a lot more since Luke moved in. I don’t know whether he’s creative in any way but he loves to read and watch films and all of that other geeky stuff so I have a feeling he’d pretty much approve of any sort of artistic behaviour. I have no idea what he’d think of the particular illustration I’m working on now though. The one of me and Luke with our faces close together smiling, drawn from the selfie we took on our trip to Glasgow at the weekend. Would he be weirded out? Think it was creepy? Would it completely give away the fact that a few nights ago I spent the entire evening fantasising about resting my head against his thighs when we were lying on my bed watching Harry Potter? I fear he may come back to the room soon so I stuff my sketchbook under my pillow and get my regular notebook out instead, along with the copy of Luke’s training plan he gave to me yesterday. I flick through it to find a blank page and come across something I wrote a few weeks back. “PLAN TO MENTOR LUKE” is written across the top of the page with bullet points listed, like “Take him posing trunk shopping”, “Take him to the gym”, “Help him fit in”. Next to that is the little doodle I drew of me jumping on a bed with the words “BE NICE TO LUKE = OWN ROOM (YAY)” written above it. And the words “KILL ME NOW” are written write at the bottom of the page. It’s kind of funny, because even when I was writing that, I didn’t really mean it. By then I’d already taken Luke trunk shopping and he’d stood in front of me with his cute little arse sticking out the back of the shiny blue material. I have no idea who I was trying to fool when I wrote that. Myself maybe? I find a blank page and write a new heading; “LUKE’S NEW TRAINING PLAN”. From his existing plan I start to write him a new and improved one, making tweaks and adding in things here and there. All to help Luke’s cute little arse get bigger. Even though a part of me doesn’t want it to. Even though a part of me thinks it’s kind of perfect as it is. I hear Luke’s key in the door and Jesus, my heart jumps into my fucking throat. Which is absurd. But also really kind of awesome. The fact he has that kind of power over me. The fact I get that fucking excited just from the sound of his key in the door. And that just being near him makes it feel like my insides are going haywire. If only Luke fucking knew. “Hey!” he says to me. “Alright!” Luke dumps his bag down by his bed. I feel a surge of bravery. “Bought those pink posers yet?” I ask, looking at the page in my notebook as my stomach twists slightly. I look up. Luke’s rolling his eyes but he’s smirking too. This really cute little smirk. I have no idea whether he’ll actually go ahead and buy those pink posers, but I’ve been barely able to think about anything other than Luke standing in front of me wearing nothing but such a pair since we spoke about it yesterday. “What you doin’?” he asks me, perching on his bed. He’s wearing a t-shirt I’ve never seen before. It’s blue and has a print of The Goonies on it. It’s pretty fucking awesome to be honest. I might even wear it myself. “Just some coursework!” I tell him. I’m not really sure why I just lied to Luke. I guess I’m a bit nervous to confess that I’m sitting here writing him up a new and improved training plan. Even though I already offered to take a look at his plan and make some changes. “I feel like watching a film!” he says. Fuck! My chest flutters. I look up at him. “What ya thinking?” I already know the answer of course. He bites his lip and gives me this cute sheepish grin. “Harry Potter?” he says, a little warily. I throw my notebook down and grab my laptop. “Park your glutes down!” I say, patting my bed. God - I can’t believe I actually just made a reference to Luke’s glutes! Those modestly sized and cute as fuck glutes that I’ve spent the past few days picturing in a pair of pink poing trunks. He comes over to my bed and sits down. I can tell from his face and his big, giddy grin that he’s all excited. I throw him one of my pillows and he props it behind his back and leans against the wall. “Oh, I did the Hogwarts House test by the way!” I say as I fire up the film. Luke looks at me wide eyed and excited. “You were right! Gryffindor, baby!” Luke just gives me this cute smile. The film starts playing on my laptop and I look over at my one remaining pillow. For a moment I go to reach for it and then I suddenly remember that my sketchbook is under there. When Luke jumps off my bed to grab his phone about half an hour into the film, I sneakily push the book under my duvet and grab the pillow. When he comes back, I swear he sits just a little closer to me. Which gives me a fucking hard on. Jesus. The smell of his aftershave isn’t helping either. God - why does Luke smell so fucking good? There’s a scene in the film where Harry and Ron are in their shared dorm room. “Okay, question!” I say to Luke, twisting my head up to look at him. “Answer honestly. Where would you rather be? Muscle University or Hogwarts?” “Hmmm. Tough one!” He does a cute thinking face. “Hogwarts!” he says, firmly. I roll my eyes. “Should’ve known! Wait - we wouldn’t be roommates would we? With you being a Hufflepuff?” Luke pulls a playful face. “In that case … definitely Hogwarts!” I smirk, shake my head and face the laptop screen again. “We’d have to do some sort of spell!” Luke says. I glance up at him again, confused and excited to hear what he’s about to say next. “You know. To sneak into each other’s dorm rooms!” “Who says I’d wanna hang out with you if we were at Hogwarts?” I joke. Luke playfully raises an eyebrow at me. “I’d be too busy hanging out with other Gryffindors. Harry and Ron and Hermione. We’d be off fighting that Voldemort dude!” “There’s no way they’d put up with you!” I shrug. “I’m sure I’d charm them round!” Luke pulls a “yeah right” face. “Just like I did with you!” Oh Fuck. I can’t believe I just said that. Luke gives me a coy smirk and furrows his eyebrows at me. “I told you the other night. I’m only hanging out with you because I feel sorry for you!” I laugh. “Whatever!” “It’s true! As soon as I find other friends here I’m ditching you!” I smirk and roll my eyes at him. But something twists in my stomach. I know Luke was only joking, but there’s a part of me that’s now wondering whether there was some truth in what he just said. He might not intentionally mean to dump me, but it could happen. What if his roommate next year is all nice and geeky like him? And it makes him realise how much of a twat I actually was and that we had hardly anything in common. And that he really was just spending time with me because he didn’t have anyone else to hang out with? My phone beeps and pulls me out of my thoughts. It’s a text message from Emily asking if I’ve booked my train for the weekend yet. I suddenly imagine her telling me that she’s really sorry but I can’t come down to Bristol this weekend for my birthday after all. And for a second I find myself actually excited at that prospect. And even wanting it to happen. Just so I can stay here and spend all weekend sitting next to Luke watching Harry Potter films. Which I know is fucking crazy. Because I used to live for my weekends in Bristol and getting away from Muscle University. Maybe I could invite Luke to come with me? A prospect which excites me probably way more than it should. I haven’t mentioned him much to Emily since he first moved in. I told her how pissed off I was at the fact that I had a new roommate without even being told and when she asked me what he was like I just told her about his geeky clothes and how he was the smallest lad I’d ever seen on campus. She doesn’t know anything else. About my agreement to mentor him, the posing trunk shopping or our trip to Glasgow. I haven’t told her about his adorably small feet and his cute cheek dimples. That I’ve been obsessing about how sexy his arse looks in the shiny blue posers I helped him to buy. Or the fact that for the first time ever I actually fucking like someone and that someone happens to be Luke. Or that he’s gay, meaning there’s a chance that something could actually fucking happen between us. “Who ya texting?” Luke says. “Oh, erm … Emily. Just making plans for the weekend!” I reply, not looking up. Luke stays silent for a little bit and I can’t help imagining him feeling gutted right now at the reminder that we won’t be hanging out with this weekend. Maybe I should just ask him right now? “Hey Luke, wanna come with me?” But is that too much? Inviting your roommate you’ve only known for a few weeks to come with you on a birthday weekend away to Bristol? Or would he just think it was no big deal? A nice gesture, even? “Oooh, that reminds me!” Luke says. I twist my head up and look at him. “I better start planning my party!” I grin and turn back to the film. When it’s over and the credits start to roll I feel a kick to the stomach. It’s harder to think of reasons for me and Luke to sit next to each other on our beds when not watching stuff on our laptops. I don’t know if I’m imagining it, but there’s this kind of air of sadness in the room that the film has finished. Like Luke is thinking and feeling the exact same thing. “Need the toilet!” I announce, jumping off my bed. All the time I’m in the bathroom, I'm wondering whether Luke’s will still be sitting on my bed when I go back to the room. God I hope he is. Maybe I should just suggest watching another film? And another film after that. Maybe I should just suggest that Luke stays sitting on my bed for the rest of the time we’re at Muscle University? What I definitely don’t expect to see when I open the door is Luke sitting near the top end of my bed, quickly shuffling about with a guilty and scared look on his face. Fuck. I feel a sudden panic. Because I know exactly what’s just bloody happened. “I’m sorry!” Luke blurts out. I have no idea what to do. Or what to say. I just stand there frozen, looking at him. “I found your drawings!” I knew it. I fucking knew it. But which ones did he look at? The one of him flexing his biceps at the SU bar? Oh God. What if he looked at my latest drawing of the two of us with our faces close together? How the hell would I explain why I drew that? “I’m sorry, Woody. I saw the book sticking out under your duvet. I shouldn’t have looked at it!” I cautiously walk over to the bed and sit down. I’m nervous but I feel oddly excited too. “Which ones do you see?” I ask, my stomach in knots. “Just a couple! One you did of Blaine Holton. Erm … another one of Chris “Freaky Peaks” Jackson!” I internally breathe a sigh of relief. Thank fucking God for that. I think I’m safe. Unless Luke’s blagging. “I know I shouldn’t have looked. But … Woody, they’re fucking brilliant!” Oh wow. My heart flutters. I feel lighter somehow. I don’t really know what to say. But I’m smiling. I know that. “Why didn’t you tell me you can draw?” he asks, a little cautiously. I shrug and pull a face. “Dunno. I don’t really tell anyone. Well … not here, anyway.” “That’s crazy!” Luke says softly. I don’t know how to respond, but my insides are doing strange things. I look at him and he gives me with warm, affectionate grin. “Can I … look again?” he asks. My stomach twists with nerves. But I’m excited too. “Okay. But … not all of them. There’s … just a couple I’m not really happy with!” I lie. Luke gives me an understanding nod. Then his mouth curls into a little grin as I do the thing I never imagined I’d be doing. Reaching for my sketchbook from under my duvet and showing it to another Muscle University student. My body buzzing with nerves and excitement as I do so. Luke scoots over to get closer to me and my stomach flips. Fuck! I open up my book to a sketch of British bodybuilder Liam “The Guns” Watson and hand it to Luke. God. We’re so close to each other. Our legs. Our arms. There’s barely two inches between them. “Wow!” Luke says as he looks at the illustration. “You’re so talented!” For some reason the words just sort of bounce off me. But sitting next to Luke. Showing him my illustrations. Sharing something so personal. His legs right fucking there next to mine. I feel like my whole body is going to explode. I pull a face and shrug. “I’m not that good!” Luke looks at me, smirks and shakes his head. “I don’t get it. You’re so cocky about your body. About the way you look. But you’re really humble about this?” I furrow my eyebrows. “I just … don’t think I’m that good!” I reply, honestly. “I mean … there’s loads of amazing artists out there doing this kind of stuff on the Internet. And way better!” Luke turns the page to the next illustration. I know it’s not the one of him. Or the one of us together. But my stomach still twists with nerves. “You should post these online!” I scoff. “Yeah right!” “Why not?!” Luke exclaims. “People would love them!” “What - even the lads at Montgomery?” Luke shrugs. “Yeah. Why not?” I pull a face and shrug. “I just think most of them would take the piss!” He looks at me with a raised eyebrow. “And you tell me not to care about what people think?” he says, smirking. Ha! He’s got me there. “Well … I think you’re wrong!” he tells me, before looking back at the book. I don’t tell Luke that the idea of sharing my illustrations with the world makes me feel oddly anxious. And that if someone like Deano or any of the other lads here at Muscle University were to take the piss out of me for doing them, it would probably fucking crush me. “You could post them anonymously!” Luke suggests. “Maybe invent, like, a pen name and set up another Instagram account. That way no one would know it was you!” I smile at Luke. “Mmmm. Maybe!” I actually kinda like that idea. I also think it’s so fucking sweet that Luke’s encouraging me to share my work. I hold my hand out for the book and Luke passes it to me. I flick through the pages and when I find the illustration I’m looking for, I hand him back the book. “You might like this one!” “Oh WOW!” Luke exclaims, looking at the illustration of his favourite bodybuilder Tommy “The Tank” Foster, drawn from the poster on his wall above his bed. “This is amazing!” I bite my lip and look at his impressed expression and my insides feel like they’re melting. Luke looks up at me. He suddenly looks a little nervous. “Can I have this?” Oh my God! The question takes me by complete surprise. No one’s ever asked to have one of my illustrations before. Why would they? But I love that he wants it. It feels like it means something. I try and act casual and shrug. “Sure!” I reply, finding it really fucking hard to keep from smilng. I take the book, carefully rip out the page and hand the illustration to Luke. And now we’re just sitting close to each other. Looking at each other smiling. His legs next to mine. His body right there. His face closer to mine than it’s ever been before. A Woody and Luke moment times a frigging million. If I just moved my arm a little, it would be touching his. What would Luke do if I gently pushed my arm against his right at this very moment? I close my sketchbook and place it down next to me on the mattress. “So ... what are you gonna do with the room to yourself this weekend?” He pulls a playful face like I’ve asked a stupid question. “Harry Potter marathon!” “Wearing just your Harry Potter boxer shorts?” “Obvs!” I laugh. “Sounds like a crazy weekend!” He grins back at me. Dimples cuter than bloody ever. Oh God. Just ask him. Just fucking ask him. “Or you could …” Wait - what the fuck am I doing? “... you know, always come to Bristol with me?” Oh my GOD. “If you wanted to!” My stomach’s clenching. Luke just looking at me. This confused and surprised expression on his face. Is this too much? It’s funny, because maybe it is, but I dunno, now that I’ve asked him, now that the question is out there, I actually don’t regret it. I actually really want Luke to come to Emily’s with me this weekend. “Are you serious?” he asks. I shrug. “Yeah! Why not?” I reply, as casually as I fucking can. Luke’s mouth curls into this adorable grin. “But it’s your birthday weekend!” I laugh. “Well remembered, Luke!” He still looks confused, but I can tell he wants to come. He bites his lip. “Would your friend mind?” “Emily? Nah! She’ll talk to anyone. Her and her housemates have people staying all the time!” Just say yes. Just fucking say yes. “You can sleep on the sofa!” I tell him. Luke’s biting his lip and nodding, clearly a little unsure at to what’s unfolding, but I'm very much getting the impression that he’s gonna say yes. That he actually, really fucking wants to spend the weekend with me in Bristol. “Unless you really do want the room to yourself for the weekend to have a Harry Potter marathon? Which … you know, I’d totally understand!” Luke looks at me with this cute grin. “Okay!” he says, with a little nod. Oh my God yes. “As long as you’re sure you want me to?” Fucking, fucking YES! I roll my eyes and groan for effect. “Yes, Luke - I’m sure!” He just grins at me. This cute, happy grin. God - I’d love to just push my leg against his right now. Or reach over and gently tickle his thigh. Or rub the back of my finger up and down his forearm. Or even just drop my head onto his shoulder and rest my cheek against the blue material of his Goonies t-shirt. Anything really. I don’t know whether Luke wants any of that too. And I don’t know if anything would actually happen between us. But I feel like it could. Now more than ever. Whether here in my room. Sitting on my bed as we watch Harry Potter and I show him my illustrations. Or, who knows, maybe even on a weekend away in Bristol.
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    Tumblr post about the football team and another schools sports team playing sand volleyball at the beginning of summer. The football had lost the previous summer and watched the other guys take their muscle. The football realized the muscle drain/growth only took place once the scorecard for the team hit 30. The football captain cheated and flipped their scorecard to 30 and began the process. He wanted more and was given more and grew to be the largest. He knew he would only lose his muscle if the scorecard was put back to 0 so he smashed the scorecard to remain their muscle god forever. Included an image of a stud with a TCU headband on.
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    Hey y’all so I like a lot of the stories on this forum and I decided to try writing one myself keep in mind all characters are above or at least 18 years of age and there won’t be much of anything involving growth in this chapter, Thank you. PS: (There will also probably be a lot of grammar errors also”) Part 1: The cold campus air blew into my dorm, long before the alarm clock even went off. But I wasn’t going to attempt to make contact with the with the winter air before I absolutely had to. About 15 minutes after my alarm originally went off, “Get up Josh” I said to myself, then I got up to do my morning routine (starting with a blistering hot shower of course). I always loved my Saturday morning routines in the dormitory public restroom, I could freely hum or sing and not have anyone stare at me. You see I go to a small college in Oregon for musical theater, it wasn’t terrible; but it also wasn’t the best. Just like my musical theater abilities I guess... As I walked into the bathrooms I noticed the usual graffiti, but to be honest it was better than smelling disgusting vape smoke while I’m trying to brush my teeth like usual. I set my stuff down outside the shower in a neat pile, and got in the small cabinet of water (if you will), “You should probably take your clothes off before you start the water” I said appreciating the acoustics of the room. So I did what I have always dreaded, looking at my body... You see my body is on the line of painfully average and wow you’re skinny, I am 5,7 and about 136 pounds of flesh,bones, and baby fat with short light brown hair to match... It’s not that I hated my body it’s just I wished it was bigger. So finally after about 25 minutes of monologuing in my head (who is hearing this anyway?) I started the water and I sang out all of my broadway jams. About half way through my conditioning and belting I heard a faint cough. Although I didn’t want them to see me naked, I was painfully curious. And I was technically done so I let my curiosity get the best of me I looked all around the bathroom “phew” I sighed for relief. And I got dressed and headed for the sinks, “Nice job” said an energetic voice. I turned around to see a guy about my age with short dark hair about 6,0... and a great face with a cross country like build (oh yeah did I mention I’m very homosexual) leaning against the shower that was right next to mine with a huge smile on his face. I was so startled I think my heart stopped for a moment but immediately started back up again once we made eye contact, “Hiiiigdjmhfvnjfdg JOSH” I stuttered. He laughed not out of mockery but out of excitement, “sorry, I didn’t mean to startle you. I heard your voice from right outside the room.” He said looking slightly concerned, “I’ve seen you around the dormitory before... you always seem like you’re in your own little world I’m Micheal by the way” he blurted out awkwardly. “Josh” I said slower this time heckin confused on why this guy is talking to me. You see it’s almost the end of the first semester and I still haven’t made a single friend... just a boat load of acquaintances. “Well this was an awkward meeting but hey we met am I right?” “Sure” I awkwardly nodded. “Here” he said, reaching for my arm, “here’s my number, so hopefully we can re meet and pretend this never sorta happened...” he said writing his number on my arm in sharpie. Then he waved goodbye and I don’t remember if I waved that was kinda a blur. To be continued...
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    Part 2 When I got back to my dorm, I noticed my door was somewhat open. Me being on edge from what happened in the bathroom and just me in general being a paranoid freak I was scared. So I toke off my shower shoes and got in my battle stance, when I walked in I saw my ghost of a roommate in his closet digging for something. I silently walked in and dropped the shoe to avoid all social interaction. “Josh have you seen my volleyball uniform?” He asked, I’m not sure if I was more surprised at the fact that he talked or the fact that he knew my name! “Not that I have seen it Ross” I mumbled Ross was about 6,3 with dark black hair that matched his olive tone skin... so yeah he was very intimidating in every sense of the word. I waited for him to leave before I got dressed. You see it’s not that were aren’t friends but he scares the crap out of me, he luckily has a crazy schedule so I only need to talk to him once a day and well I liked it like that... “phew, alone at last.” I got dressed pondered on how socially stressful a so called “lonely Saturday” can actually be. Since today was my day off from singing until my voice was raw, I decided to take a walk down town near the beach. It wasn’t the best weather but hey what can you do about it, the fog actually gave the beach s mysterious vibe that I was totally for, as I was walking down the board walk I thought I heard singing near the shore, “Hello” I called out. I got off the boardwalk to investigate further, the fog was so thick though I could barely see what’s in front of me. I was going to turn around but I tripped and lost my sense of direction. I looked around confused. The singing was getting louder, but I looked down to see a small bright blue crystal ball, I clutched it in my palm and started running who knows where along the shore but I was running, until I came across a small clear cove. When I could finally see again I noticed a small pool of water probably leading to the rest of the ocean I started humming, to try and calm myself down. (It’s a weird habit of mine but it always works) looking inside the small pool of what it seemed to be almost an exact reflection almost like a liquid mirror. As I was staring down at it I accidentally dropped the tiny crystal which landed into the pool and started to glow I felt a warmth wash over me and everything turned dark. When I woke up I was back in the middle of the fog? “How, what?” I wondered out loud I found my way back to the board walk but very far from where I originally started. I felt stranded, like I said before I did know some people but not well enough to urgently call them because “I think that fog is playing tricks on my mind!” I also thought to call Ross, but well our roomationship is awkward enough. I had no idea on what to do until I looked down at my arm and sighed, “Well Micheal, now or never.” After a brief conversation with Micheal, he told me he worked at a diner not to far away from where I was. His shift was over soon so it wouldn’t matter to much anyway. In a perfect world he will clock out and give me a ride back to my dormitory, but considering how off he seemed earlier and how crazy my day has been, I highly doubt any of this would work out the way I wanted it to. As I came to the old diner called “Juan de Fucca” it looked very reminiscent of the 1970’s, “wow” I said out loud with my voice cracking, it looked just as you’d expect a diner from that kinda time period to look like with color chairs, tables, and waitresses on wheels serving food. It also had a counter place where you could expect a frequent visitor walking up and saying, “the usual Margaret” I heard out and I thought at the same time, I looked over and saw the girl who asked the cashier, she was one of my many acquaintances in this small town, her name was Liz. She was a sweetheart, although she was very goal oriented from what I picked up from her personality. She was wearing a golden brown sweater that went well with her brown skin, with her curly hair put up in a messy bun. Her dark green eyes were busy staring at a cup of coffee, “Hi stranger” I said aloud my voice cracking again. She looked up at me startled almost, “Oh hey Josh.” She said. She was getting ready to tell me something else when the woman who took Liz’s order came back around she was a thin old woman with a gentle flow of brown and grey hairs clearly still young enough to be in a job like this but definitely old enough were she could write a book about her life and be on the New York Times bestsellers list, she had a name tag that of course said (Margaret). “So you’re Josh then” she said with a suspicious smile on her face. “Uhh yes?” I said trying my best to be a mix of polite and curious “Aw well your table 4 is set up and ready for you and Micheal.” She then proceeded to lead me to a table near the corner of the diner significantly away from where others were sitting, I waved and mouthed goodbye to Liz. Margaret sat me down, and gave me a glass of water. I didn’t realize how thirsty I was and I started drinking it through the straw, “Don’t worry hun, your date will be right out in a moment” Margaret said smiling. I think that was the second time today water almost killed me. To be continued...
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    I've had a couple hypnotist friends dumb me down with trigger words and it's fucking awesome. Love the feeling of my thoughts slowing down and my mind getting foggy. I've gotten to the point where I can't remember how to spell most words, let alone understand math. It lasts for only about an hour or so, but it's an hour of idiot bliss haha
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    Taken a back by Stuart’s questions, I started to go into slight panic mode, but was rescued by the return of Bryan Macleod, striding towards us in his tight fitted, bright blue t-shirt, just as masculine, just as beefy, and just as God damn sexy as before. “Everything going OK, guys?” Bryan asked. I nervously muttered something in response which he didn’t seem to register, as Stuart took the lead in telling his senior that he’d taken me up to speed with his camera and we were about to start filming. Bryan then instructed us to shoot a guy who had no camera on him. Pointing to an area just a few yards away, my stomach twinged with nerves at the words, “lightweight guy in the golden posers.” Excitement followed, but quickly transformed into slight disappointment. All of the enormous, superhuman muscle beasts around us, and we were being ushered in the direction of a lightweight competitor. Bryan MacWoofityWoof wrapped up his conversation with my new mentor Stuart Fox, who may or may not be a beef crazed muscle lover who pumps massive loads into his boxer shorts over inhumanly shredded, posing trunk sporting muscle bulls on a regular bases. He then turned to me, a warm, genuine smile worn on his extremely masculine but at the same time oddly pretty face, and with it, a warm strong hand unexpectedly squeezed my shoulder. It was like an electric shock sent signals to every corner of my body. I felt an instant chemistry as my future husband made unexpected, friendly body contact with me for the first time. In my rather surprised state, I looked at Bryan and tried to nervously offer up a hint of a smile back, while all the time wondering what it would feel like to have his tongue wedged down my throat. I was bought back to earth by a camera case being handed to me by Stuart, and my stomach anxiously tightened as I realised what was happening. We were about to head towards the lightweight bodybuilder in the golden posers as instructed by Bryan Macleod, aka The Sexiest Woofster In Woofsville. A bodybuilder who we’d, presumably, be able to get up close and personal to, capture every nook and cranny of his competition conditioned physique and be responsible for filming the kind of footage which, without comprehensible rhyme or reason, reduced certain grown men to quivering heaps of muscle crazed messes, unable to sit through even two minutes of it without splattering their tummies with endless ropes of hot, creamy spunk. As I gingerly trailed Stuart Fox, I eagerly glanced around the area to where we were heading to try and get my first glimpse of our filming target. In the sea of obscenely muscular, completely hairless muscle bulls, I suddenly spotted the most outrageously shiny, and, without any question, the hottest pair of golden coloured posing trunks I could imagine, and I knew straight away that I’d found him. My nerves made a comeback as Stuart and I closed in on our target, but they were overshadowed by the sheer surrealism of the situation at just how close I was standing to a real life competitve bodybuilder, who remained completely unfazed by the two strangers who’d just invaded his personal space, as he watched himself in the large mirrors on the wall he was facing and pumped up his arms with a barbell. As I looked around to see most of the other surrounding muscle bulls with cameramen mere inches away from their insatiably pumped bodies, I realised that in this setting, at least, this was completely normal. I must have looked like a small rabbit caught in the headlights at that moment. Stuart was looking at me with a knowing expression on his face, the left corner of his mouth slightly curled in a smile. It wasn’t the suspicious, judgemental look I had feared receiving from someone who could sense my anxiety of being in this setting, but more of a look which said, “I totally know what’s going on your head right now, mate!” It was also a look that also sparked a further affection for him on my part. With his eyebrows raised, Stuart was suddenly holding the camera away from his torso and towards me. It took me a moment to realise that he was offering it to me. I panicked slightly, and my first instinct was to oblige, but a stronger impulse suddenly took hold of me, and before I had time to reconsider my actions, I was taking the camera off Stuart. Mr Golden Posers suddenly acknowledged our existence for the first time, by giving us both a friendly nod of approval, accompanied by a brief but friendly smile. Before I knew what was happening, I was holding up Stuart Fox’s CX100 camera and staring down the lens at a competition conditioned bodybuilder pumping up just a few feet away from me, in, what arguably had to be, the shiniest and hottest pair of posing trunks in the room. It was only in that moment, when the nerves had eased and my focus was completely on my film subject, that I noticed the guy wearing said posing trunks was equally as hot. No taller than 5’6, despite being a bodybuilder, Mr Golden Posers had a relatively small frame. He looked like the kind of bodybuilder who wouldn’t look particularly huge in an office suit, but would surprise and shock everyone by lifting up his shirt and revealing rock hard, shredded abs. On that small frame, however, were smooth, shiny slabs of muscle which looked like they were made out of marble, all shrink wrapped in the thinnest, most gorgeous looking skin. His entire body looked rock hard to the touch with rips, cuts, and shreds in all the right places. Perfectly pumped biceps, completely smooth pec pillows, which twitched with every pump of the barbell, brilliantly separated abdominals which made up his ultra tight midsection, impressively sized delts with wiry veins gathering underneath, and a pair of solid quads, with some impressively freaky separations, all made up a frighteningly muscular physique both beautiful and freaky in equal measure. Despite probably being in his early thirties, he had an incredibly boyish charm, along with a cheeky, mischievous look about him. Like he was more than capable of getting himself into trouble but charming his way out of any sticky situation. He also happened to be insanely cute. Gorgeous, twinkly eyes and an adorable button nose all contributed to his small, handsome and perfectly proportioned facial features. He oozed self confidence, and clearly knew that with his sexy looks and hard, tight, freakishly muscular body, he was about three times hotter than the average man. I could also tell by the way he carried himself and by the way he ogled himself in the mirror that he just loved being a ripped bodybuilder, pumping up his muscles in his shiny golden posers with a camera shoved in his face. I would bet good money on him being the kind of guy who’d spend an entire day flexing in the mirror if he could. As I watched this deliriously sexy, pint sized muscle dude pumping up his extremely tight, beautifully developed muscles, pursing his lips in concentration with every rep of his barbell curls, exuding an incredible power and the sexiest self confidence through the lens of the camera, everything around me seemed to slip away. My nerves, my surroundings, Stuart Fox, and the other jacked up muscle bulls mere metres away from me. All I could see was this man who’d morphed his body into a work of art, and was now preening and pumping up every inch of it ready to show it off in all it’s otherworldly glory to anyone lucky enough to bear witness. Just like when I’d been watching the muscle video with Billy Horvath and Bryan Macleod, I couldn’t help but smile at the sheer surrealism of the situation. All of the videos I’d watched of monstrous muscle, pumping up and flexing, hardly being able to believe the incredible, freaky and beautiful images I was watching, and the incomprehensible and overwhelming effect it had on me, and now, here I was. Not watching from the comfort of my bedroom, but actually standing in a pump room, backstage at a bodybuilding show, mere feet away from muscle of the same incredible quality and being the very person filming every amazing moment on camera. And just like when I was sat in that room with Bryan and Billy, my relentless rock hard erection was furiously throbbing against the material of the boxer shorts containing it. My focus turned away from the kind of beautiful, rock hard mounds and bumps of thinly skinned encased muscle I never imagined I’d be in such close proximity to, and towards the unspeakably hot, golden coloured material wrapped around the waist of my filming subject and barely containing the pointed bulge in his crotch. My mind just couldn’t fathom how shiny his trunks were. There was only one explanation; they simply weren’t regular posing trunks. The person responsible for tailoring these fantastic coloured posers had clearly used some kind of special, ultra shiny material, not normally used for producing trunks with. I suddenly wondered what the opinion of the man sporting the posers himself was. Had he just purchased them from a random website, and once they’d been delivered, looked at them, shrugged, and thought nothing of them, or had he gone to a bodybuilding and fitness store, took one look at these golden coloured trunks sticking out a mile amongst the other dull, matte, non shiny trunks, and knew he had to have them right away? Maybe he even had a bit of a thing for posing trunks, but didn’t really ever mention it to anyone else because he wasn’t sure how common it was? Maybe he set out to buy the brightest, shiniest, tiniest posing trunks he could find? Maybe he had a massive collection of posers at home, all different colours, but mostly bright and made from super shiny material, and these bad boys were amongst his favourite? Maybe he even wore his trunks at practically every given opportunity, in the most normal settings and surroundings? Brightly coloured, thinly strapped, miniscule posers hiding underneath his jeans, or work pants, because it reminded him of the fact that he was a competitive bodybuilding muscle freak, hiding slabs of hard, ripped beef underneath his clothing. Maybe he liked the way the bright, shiny material felt against his completely shaven balls and cock, and maybe every time he slipped into a pair of his gloriously shiny posing trunks, without having the slightest idea why, he found himself getting a hard on? Noticing how thin the inexplicably shiny, gold coloured material barely containing his pointy bulge was, my mind then suddenly slipped into a crazy fantasy scenario. I imagined him finishing up his set and setting the barbell down, before looking at me, nodding for my attention and saying, “Hey dude! Wanna see something freaky?” He’d then grab my right hand and draw it towards his shiny posers, hovering over the material between one of the straps and his crotch and ordering me to take action by saying, “Pinch that dude!” Obeying him, I’d pinch the shiny posing trunk material with my thumb and index finger to discover that it was, as expected, paper thin. He’d then navigate my hand towards his unfathomably tight midsection and barking another order at me. “Now pinch this!” My thumb and index finger this time pinching the skin covering his beautifully peeled ab bricks, as Mr Golden Posers exclaims, “Same fucking thickness, dude!” in a manner so excitable, it’s as if he’s only just made the discovery himself, and now he’s telling, and showing everyone who’ll listen. I’d gasp in response, not just at how shockingly thin the skin covering his granite hard, beautifully carved out stomach muscle is, but, as this amazingly hot muscle lad so accurately pointed out, how the thinness of the skin is exactly the same as that of his phenomenally hot, paper thin posing trunks. My attention then suddenly turned to his endearing and attitude filled facial expressions. So far he’d been pursing his lips in concentration with every rep of his barbell curls, but then, out of nowhere, he suddenly animatedly scrunched his face up, wrinkling his nose like a bunny rabbit, then, showing the top layer of his perfectly straight, beautifully white teeth, he bit down on his bottom lip. He stayed like that for the last few reps; his nose wrinkling every time he bought the barbell up to chest level and his amazing biceps bulging and exploding with each pump, begging to be flexed, squeezed, and fondled, ideally in that order. Then, with a small, and extremely hot, “Ooooof,” exhaling sound, Mr Golden Posers finished the last rep of his set and put the barbell down on the floor with a loud clatter. Straightening himself up, he then did something which, if I had been in the comfort of my own bedroom on video, I’d probably cry out an, “OH FUCK!” and try with all my might not to unleash a litre of cum right there and then in my boxers. He gently placed both hands on the top of his quads and tensed his freshly pumped, rock hard body in a most muscular pose. His crazy delts popped out from his frame, his pillows of pillows of pec muscle tightened, the lines separating his baby abs deepened, and the pouch in his indecently shiny posers pointed straight ahead. Still in his pose, he squinted his eyes, and, once again, bit down hard on his bottom lip, before snapping his mouth open like he was letting rip a soundless roar, displaying the kind of outrageously cocky and animalistic attitude which drove me crazy, while all the time gawping at his own tight, rock hard muscle bod in the mirror. Mr Golden Posers then turned his attention away from his own reflection and stared right into the lens of the camera I was looking down. He clasped his right fist with his left hand, bit down hard on his bottom lip once more, wrinkled up his cute button nose again, and then squeezed down into another quick most muscular. His veins erupted and his muscles bulged as he cranked out the pose, and for a very brief moment, it felt like he was flexing solely for me. He relaxed from the pose with a loud, exhaling, “Boooof!” and, from my left, Stuart Fox let out a sudden and unexpected word of approval; “Nice!” One simple word, which suddenly sounded like the hottest and most brilliant word anyone had ever uttered. I looked at Stuart Fox, my eyes wide in surprise. This unassuming guy who may or may not go home tonight and blast a massive creamy load into the crotch of his undies at the thought of all the ripped, flexing muscle bulls he’d been surrounded by all day, was confident enough to openly praise bodybuilders on their outrageous displays of muscle posing. Mr Golden Posers endearingly and slightly sheepishly smirked out of the left corner of his mouth, and nodded to Stuart in thanks. Not surprisingly, I was smiling at Stuart too, which he returned with a cheeky, unabashed smirk, which said something like, “Yeah, I know, matie. That was pretty fucking awesome if I do say myself and you really were NOT expecting it were you?! Welcome to the world of crazy pumped up muscle, Charlie, where it’s perfectly OK for non-bodybuilding cameramen to give little nods and words of praise to ripped, flexing muscle dudes in brightly coloured posing trunks.”
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    I guess this meathead qualifies ...
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    Anything with Abel Albonetti. Here's an old video but his new ones are amazing too. Dude does not seem smart, does he?
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    There are definitely a lot of dumb jock hypnosis files around, so I'd be interested to see what people said about their experiences using them.
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    I for one am always looking for people to do jocking/dumbing RP with.
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    always lookin for a dumbass muscle bro to hang with
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    Just saying bro, its awesome how my brains just seem to be slippin away the more I lift. By the time I get home after a gym session, I feel so fukin stoopid. And horny all the time. Reception staff at my gym been saying "Hey meathead", and like just shakin their heads, when I arrive. Need help swiping my gym card at the turnstile sometimes. Ghe guys just buzz me through and slap my ass as I pass through the gate. LOL
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    Hi, this will be my first story posted on here, this is my story called 'A Thing Called Curiosity' which i had originally posted on metabods.com a couple of years ago It involves forced muscle growth and absorption, the story also contains a few images in order to help with the visualisation, please tell me if the images add or take away from the story. I hope you guys like it and any feedback would be appreciated! - A Thing Called Curiosity - It was a late Autumn day, and it was a particularly cool day, about 27 degrees Celsius, and quite dry wind a lot of wind so it felt like 24 degrees, Cameron liked going out on jogs in the morning, and it was a perfect day for it with this nice cool weather, so he put on a hoodie and just compression shorts and headed out, since it was still 4am he guessed there wouldn’t be many people on the street so he could wear whatever he wanted, especially on a holiday and in the weekend, everyone would be sleeping in anyways. Cameron was a 19 year old young man from a town called Willemstad in the country of Curaçao, Kingdom of Larousse, it was a very small country, only about 150.000 inhabitants, and it was a generally hot and a very humid place since it was an island surrounded by water, but during the Autumn and Winter seasons it would rain a great amount and it would make the island a generally quite cool place. Cameron was still in High School, he was an average boy in every sense, average grades, average at sports, had normal friends, but he was quite a handsome lad, he was mixed race from having both side of the mother and father coming from already mixed lineages, which gave him a very unique look, he looked Iranian but with golden tanned skin, jet black semi-wavy hair, great eyebrows and grey coloured eyes, he had those naturally pink full lips. He had no facial hair whatsoever, but he did have medium/long hair with a slight wave, it was jet black but with a few patches that grew brown naturally and he kept it in a simple pompadour hairstyle, he also had a generally hairy body, but it looked good, he had long thin soft jet black hairs on his arms and between his pecs, the rest of his pecs were hairless naturally, he also has a treasure trail that started just above belly button and went down to his crotch, and his legs were covered with long semi-wavy long black hair that was thicker on the lower legs and thinned out as it went up to the crotch area. His body was athletic, nothing too special but he certainly didn’t need it, he was tone and was 175cm tall (5’7”) and weighed a decent 68,9kg (152lbs) so he was quite the eye candy but he was humble so he never became the arrogant type of dreamboat in High School although it didn’t stop girls (and a few guys) from wanting him. One thing he was always fascinated by were the physique of world class body builders though, he wanted to be one, or meet one and be able to touch those incredible muscles but he didn’t know why, he didn’t have a particular desire to be one except he just felt like he needed to, but with school, family, job and etc. he didn’t have the luxury to invest time in body building, besides he was content with body as it was, or so he told himself, with the images of body builder physiques always in the back of his mind at all times. Back on the jog, it was 4:59am, you could barely start seeing the sky on the horizon turning orange/red as the sunrise was approaching, he had been jogging for almost an hour, when he decided it was time to start heading back, he quite sweaty and his hoodie and compression shorts were soaked, so he decided to take off the hoodie to try and dry off a bit. He decided to take a short cut through the wilderness, he was by the beach and going up back through the jogging path would take too long, so he just cut through the wood to get home faster. As he was walking through the plants after about 20 minutes the sun was almost out and the light made everything much clearer when he noticed a tiled rooftop over the plants to his right, he was a curious boy who liked exploring so he couldn’t resist and decided to go check out the old building. As he approached the little house he could clearly see it was 17th century house, Curaçao had many old colonial buildings and some smaller ruins were still in the wild lost and forgotten to time, but this one seemed in decent shape but the doorway was bricked up. “Strange,” he thought, “if it’s bricked up, then someone used it not too long ago.” That only sparked his curiosity even more, so he looked for a way in, the windows were also sealed shut except for one where it seemed to have given away, so jumped on the ledge and then stepped inside the little house. It was dusty and smelled like it had been closed off for a while but with the little light that entered through the window he could see a bit of furniture, and a bookcase filled with books, he saw a kitchen but not pans and dishes but beakers, so he thought, “Maybe a doctor lived here.” It certainly looked old, at least 30 years, so he grabbed one of the books from the bookshelf, and read, it was about genes, hormones, tissue transplants and drugs. “Hmm, it seems more like a biochemist then a medical doctor,” he thought to himself when he heard some creaking and the rotted old bookcase he took the book from sank into the floor on the right side, it surprised him since the floor seemed like it was made from concrete covered with tiles, but he noticed that only under the bookcase it was a wooden plank floor “so there’s something more under the house?” again curiosity got the best of Cameron and pulled the bookshelf out the hole and moved it to one side. “If i take out 3 more planks I should be able to fit through there,” he thought to himself as he shined a light from his phone down the hole. After taking out the needed planks before he jumped in the whole he heard some voices, it were people and they were near, he didn’t want someone to find him and ruin his fun since he doubted he should be in the, so he jumped in the hole where a staircase awaited him to his surprise, he shined with phone and the staircase seemed to go down a few more steps, he couldn’t see far since the phone’s screen isn’t as bright as a flashlight would be, then he turned back and peaked out the hole and he heard the voices of the other morning joggers and decided to just drag the small cabinet against the wall over the hole, the cabinet was bigger and hid the entire hole so if someone also got curious of the house they wouldn’t find this secret passageway. He then turned his attention to where he was, it seemed the little house had a basement, so he walked down the stairs, it was about 16 steps which lead him to steal door. “This door doesn’t look 30 years old, it’s dusty but must be 15 years old at best,” he said out loud as he examined the door with his phone. “The plot thickens,” he said as he found the 2 latches that held the door closed, he pulled one back and then the other, and he opened the door so a very dark room, the room felt hot, about 29 degrees but very humid so it felt like 31 degrees or a summer day. “Good thing I took off my hoodie,” he said. He couldn’t see anything and he guessed the room was quite expansive since he couldn’t shine at anything with lights except an industrial looking steel pathway that lead forwards, so he touched around the sides of the door looking for a switch but couldn’t find one, so he decided to walk forward on the pathway, albeit carefully, which after a few steps he found a stand with switches on it from what he could make out and he could barely see something a little more ahead, so he went for and said, “What the hell, hope this is it,” and flicked 1 switch then the second one, and third, and fourth and fifth switches up, he heard the flicker of an old light then one grid of lights from behind him turned on then another over his head and so on towards the front, and he saw what he had discovered. “this is incredible!” he yelled out with a grin on his face. The lights showed the pathway that lead to a central octagonal shaped part which looked like a research or control station for something, and there was a bundle of pipes that lead to it and then a huge amount of different wires and pipes then lead out of it so another part further in front which he could somewhat see but it was still in the only dark part of the room. He walked over to the control station where there was a ring of monitors that turned on in the inner circumference of the octagon, and in the middle and tower where all the pipes and wires lead in and the back out. The screens slowly booted up one by one. He looked at the largest monitor and saw different buttons and controls. “I guess this one controls other things,” and he looked at one that read ‘illuminate tanks’ he couldn’t guess what that could mean so he pressed it because the only places still needing illumination was the dark unclear part further back from the octagon. What he saw made his jaw drop, it was an area a staircase down from the octagonal platform where he was standing, and there is where he saw 5 large glass vessels filled with a transparent liquid, they were each illuminated by individual internal lights and a central large overhead lighting system over the central floor area with the glass vessels in a circular array around it. But the truly shocking thing he saw was the contents of the glass vessels, it was 5 enormous men, it was 5 men with the physiques he always admired and craved, it was 5 body builders with incredible muscle size, one in each tank. Cameron was awestruck and walked down the steel stairs that lead to the tank area, he managed to get his head to come back to earth as he started to analyse the area where the tanks were situated. There were large wire bundles and various tubes that lead from the control platform over to the tank are which split overhead and came down over each of tanks. “I guess they feed power and that liquid to the tanks and I guess transport information to, and from the tanks to the computers up there,” he said speaking out loud. But there were other wires and tubes that lead other places, like from each of the tanks a tube went overhead and converged into a single pipeline which lead overhead to the middle of the area and then had a different tube that came down and it had an oddly shaped nozzle. There were also tubes that come from under the floor and up to 2 stands, one had 1 tube and the other held 2 tubes about 3meters (10ft) apart from each other and in between them on the floor there was a part of the floor made from metal and was an odd shape, kind of like the silhouette of a dolphin seen from above or the reclining dentist chairs but this was just flat so just the contour. And there were 3 little openings on the metal plate on the floor, one at the top, and two, one on each side about halfway down. His attention shifted to the men in the tanks so he approached the first one to the right, he read what a plate on the glass read “Subject number 5  –  NEN code: 300977  –  Height: 179cm (5’10”  –  Weight: 106,2kg (234lbs)  –  BF percentage: 11%  –  Age: 31” “Wow that is enormous, and so heavy.” Cameron found it even more appealing when a body builder wasn’t just big but also quite heavy for their size. He further examined the man in the tank, he was naked and suspended in the liquid in a limp posture like he was just floating under water, and he had two tubes probing his body, a thin one went inside his mouth which he guess provided life support, a very large one just laid on the bottom of the tank, and there was one that came down his back and went into his anus, the tube was transparent and rather thick, the diameter must have been about 4cm (1.5inches) or 14cm circumference (5inches), Cameron didn’t know why but looking at the huge pipe enter the body builder anus made him feel warmer and his heart started racing, and he also got quite the hard on and since he was wear compression shorts, the hard on was quite evident, Cameron never really felt any attraction to other men, but then again not much towards a woman either, the only that made his heart race was thinking about muscled physiques, he confused as to what he was feeling and how to interpret it but one he was sure about is that he liked it. Still with a hard on Cameron looked around him to see that all the men also had the same tubes probing them in them in the same places and the one at the bottom of the tanks, and all of them had information plates describing their weight, age, size etc. He really wanted to know what this place was so turned around and went back up the stairs to the control platform. He researched and looked, he went to books, papers and file after file on the monitors, he saw formulas, designs for machines, plans, schematics, theories and read document after document. He figured out that this place was built by a doctor L. J. Andrews privately and he was obsessed with ever larger muscular physiques, and he was designing a machine that could take muscles from one person and give it to another person, namely himself, and he went through a lot of research and development to design the method to achieve his goal, but ultimately although he finished successfully his research a couple of years ago he had to abandon it, even though the machine and formulas were done and correct, and he had “acquired” the donators for the muscle (acquired here meaning he kidnapped the 5 body builders) there was a major downside to the experiment, no matter how much he crunched the data and recalculated, there was only a 0.7% chance a subject could survive the muscle impregnation “there is less then 1% chance of survival?” Cameron muttered, a chill running down his spine. “There is more than 99% chance of dying if someone used this machine, no wonder the doctor abandoned it, I guess I should leave this buried away as I found it.” With that Cameron decided to leave that place. As he put the books and papers back into their places and closed the files on the various monitors, as he was closing the last file on the monitor next to the staircase that lead to down to the tanks, he accidently opened a control panel as he looked down at the tanks and pondered what it would be like to have a physique like that. Then as he was turning around he slipped on a patch of grease on the floor that he didn’t notice before, lunged his had forward to grab anything to keep him from falling down the stair, and he grabbed the screen he was working on but his hand slipped off of it and he tumbled down the stairs and rolled onto the floor below, he was dazed and disoriented from the bumps his head took and he didn’t notice he was laid out over the metal plate on the floor, as he was recollecting his thoughts and trying to figure out what happen he heard an audible *beep* and he felt a cold band stretch over his forehead and adjust tightly, he didn’t understand what was happening, suddenly two other cold bands also stretched over both his wrists and tightening down holding his arms in place just as the forehead band held his head down. As this was happening he finally came back to his senses, and then it hit him “fuck!! I must have pressed something when I grabbed the monitor!!”. He realised he might have turned on the machine with a less then 1% survival rate, and now he was stuck in it with no way to escaped! As he came to this morbid conclusion he felt something else happening which he directed his attention to. The plate on the floor he was strapped to started rising from the ground, it stopped at about 1m (about 3ft) above the floor, then one of the two tubes in the direction his feet were, started moving, it was the slender tube and it had a needle attachment, Cameron was scared but there was nothing he could do, he struggled and struggle and fought with the bands restraining him as the needle got closer to his body, but they wouldn’t come loose, so he had no choice but to resign himself to the situation and hope that he somehow makes it out alive as he laid on the cold examination table-like thing he was strapped to. The tube and needle reached up to about halfway to the side of his right thigh and pricked him and inject a small amount of a liquid with a blue hue to it and then receded back to its original position, the prick didn’t hurt too much and he was feeling drowsy or drugged Cameron wondered “well what is it going to do?” just as he finished that sentenced he felt the bands on wrists and head loosen up, and then they receded as well into the table. “Maybe the process takes place in stages, maybe I’ll be okay if I leave right now,” but after saying that and trying to get off the table he found himself unable to move his limbs. “What the fuck is going on here? Move. Move!” he yelled at his body but it didn’t he could only move his neck freely, his extremities seem to have been numbed by the injection, they felt normal in every way except they felt incredibly weak, like when your muscles are fatigued after you have worked them out extensively and you can’t even lift them up afterwards, that’s how they felt, and so he started worrying again and he remembered. “I forsake myself to it, guess I was just too happy that it stopped but I guess it’s not done yet with me yet,” he laid there for about a minute before something else happened. The second tube that was next to the one with the needle started moving, it was a much bigger tube, it was a dark grey colour, and it was as thick as the ones in the tanks that went in the anus of the body builders, and it had a strange attachment, and as it got closer he could make out what that attachment was, it was in the shape of a penis head, and the rest of the tube was ribbed with lines and bumps, making the whole length of the tube resemble the shaft of a penis, as it got closer to his body Cameron felt the table shifting, it moved his legs up from under the calves, into a position that resemble the position of sitting on a chair but on his back, and he realised the tube really was meant for his anus, he was scared just like before for the needle but a little voice in the back of his mind told him he wanted to try and know what it felt like, and his penis became erect in a second as he remembered what he felt when he saw it inside the bodybuilder, he was afraid but he wanted to feel it, the desire to experience it grew and grew, and before he knew he felt the cold tube shaped like a penis touch the outside of his anus, it was cold and sent shivers down his body. When the tube reached the outside of the anus it secreted a little bit of liquid that felt like gel so Cameron assumed it was lubrication, and then it really started, the machine started apply more pressure to open up the sphincter muscle, and it did, it finally reached the point where the anus couldn’t stay closed and the head popped right in and Cameron felt like something he never knew he could feel, it hurt a lot as it worked its way inside but it felt so good at the same time, it pried open his hole because of how wide the tube was but Cameron was enjoying and for a moment even thought, “Maybe this isn’t so bad,” a thought that quickly vanished as he felt the tube go deeper and deeper, it only hurt at the anus but he certainly felt it in his insides as it straightened the curves in his colon onto it until he was shocked to see it start to show as it protruded through his abs, and it protruded more and more till it finally stopped, it was pushing out onto his skin a full inch if not a little bit more, it didn’t hurt or feel like it hurt him in any ways but it was very incredible, Cameron sighed a sigh of relief since he thought the worst was over, but how wrong he was. A few minutes went by and nothing happened, but then out of nowhere he heard a machine start to make sound, it sounded like a pump to be exact, and he felt a little vibration inside from the tube he had in his abdomen, he knew something else was going to happen. And that’s when it really started. He saw body builder number 2 to his left side twitch slightly, and then the calf of the man suddenly shrunk down to just skin and bones! He gasped, it was unbelievable, the man’s huge left calf muscle, which looked to be at least 54cm (21inches) suddenly deflated, but then he noticed the tube that went into the man’s anus engorge at the anus, it was carrying a lump and transported it up until he couldn’t see it anymore, after a few seconds suddenly a lump appeared at the base of the tube that went inside Cameron “what is that?….” he thought to himself and the lump moved up the tube and it went inside him and he saw it then come the head that he could clearly see through his abdomen and the lump moved down his left leg and where his calf was and then suddenly engorged to four times the size of the lump in an very painful wave which made him cringe but he noticed suddenly he had developed calves that were about 41cm big (6 inches) and that’s when it hit him, the lump was the man’s calf and it transported it to his own body, albeit some of the size is lost in the process, then he noticed 4 other lumps consecutively show up moving up the tube and into his ass, which aroused him more as each one penetrated him, then he saw them come out the head of the tube into his abdomen and he watched as they started moving towards his left leg again under his skin, when he raised his head and looked at the legs of the other body builders he noticed they had all lost all the muscle mass in their left lower legs, and when he turned his view back to his left leg it was just as the 4 lumps merged and with a wave of pain started fusing and becoming his own muscle, the pain was like that of having a bone broken but localised to where the muscle was being absorbed only while at the same time feeling like having multiple orgasms one after another. It made Cameron grind his teeth and arch back with a tear flowing out of his eye, and his cock so hard and going wild ripped right through his compression shorts to full mast! And as the wave of pain and arousal subsided after about 6 seconds (the longest of his entire life) he was left breathing heavily and sweating profusely, then he looked down to be amazed at what happened, there was his left lower leg, with a 76cm (30inch) mass of muscle, he was amazed, awestruck by the sheer size, the striated muscle fibres visible through the skin, and the large bulging pumped up veins that covered it, it made his cock rage like a wild animal. It was beautiful. But as he was preoccupied admiring the beauty that had become part of his body the machine seemed to pick up the pace and started working faster. The sound of the machine working faster finally got Cam’s attention, as he looked up at the men he saw body builder 1 through 4 had deflated left upper legs, and as he reached body builder 5 he saw his left upper leg suddenly deflate too, all his thigh muscles just disappeared and he noticed the lump again exit his body through the tube, then he saw it start happening to the man’s right lower leg, then upper leg, and as he turned around it had happened to the other men as well, he knew what was coming next and he feared it yet desperately wanted to go through with it, the voice in his head that told him he wanted it had grown louder and louder and was overpowering the fear. Then the lumps started appearing, 4 of them in a file came up the tube and flowed into his asshole, arousing him and making his cock jerk, he saw them then protrude through his abdomen and start making their way to his left upper leg where they merged and again a surge of pain and pleasure flooded his system driving him wild as the muscle expanded and became part of his body, but Cam’s desire for the muscle was making him bare the pain so he could watch the wonderful thing that was happening to his body, his fear almost entirely subdued by the erotic desire to have those muscles. Cameron’s eyes were marvelled at what he saw, the muscle expanded and became his now 109cm (43 inch) left thigh, the sight made him reach orgasm and he cummed all over himself with more cum the he had ever seen before, then even though still partially lost in the pleasure more lumps appeared and started making their way to his right lower legs, then more lumps and at a faster rate started appearing, going to his upper legs, lower legs, left glute, right glute, each of his 8 individual abs, Apollo’s belt, left then his right pec, forearms, biceps, triceps, lats, delts, traps, each time making the muscle, or arms or legs contract with the expanding muscles. Every single individual muscle group, one after another, he saw as the muscles disappeared off of the bodies of the once body builders around him and come into his body and start being absorbed by him, every surge of unbelievable pain, every wave of erotic pleasure, he came again, and again, and again as the pleasure was unbearable as he saw his body parts engorge with monstrous mass, the muscle inflating like balloons, the muscle fibres showing through the paper-thin stretched skin, the veins growing, engorging and spreading all over his muscles, thickening with blood and testosterone from those 5 men, it was a sight to behold. When Cameron finally managed to came back to his senses after the thrill ride of pleasure he took, he was, needless to say, overjoyed by his body, muscles with size beyond what any mister Olympia could ever dream of achieving, veins as thick as ropes spread all over his muscles protruding and pulsating with blood, feeding them, all glistening from all the cum he shot over himself which only made his body more attractive, and the compression shorts you ask? Nowhere to be seen, they had exploded off of his engorging muscled body with only a few tatters stuck under his enormous glutes. Cameron was more than amazed and he was especially enjoying the huge veins that appear all over his muscles, he was covered in them, and they were massive and pulsated with testosterone, and the clearly visible muscle fibres that were clear as day to the eye, he loved it with all his might, but the ride wasn’t over just yet….. While Cam appreciated his new given body he noticed something weird start happening, the five tanks holding the now anorexic looking men that were once beautiful examples of muscle at its best. The five men started dissolving into the liquid and the liquid changed from transparent to a really thick-looking white almost gel-like substance. Then he heard an automated sounding voice from the computer say ‘DNA impregnation complete, beginning stage 2’ “WHAT? I’ve only gone through stage one yet, after all of this?!” he exclaimed, when he saw two much larger bulges move up the pipe that went inside of him, they were coming together in a pair, one next to each other and he felt them stop right at his anus, he then turned his attention up above his head where he heard rattling and as he turned his eyes upwards he saw the pipe dangling from above with the weird attachment, which was just like the cock head attachment the one inside him has, start moving down. He was again afraid yet again uncertain of what might happen next, his heart racing, and him body sweating profusely yet again. He tried to move his head since the pipe was coming straight down at his face when the band which had previously retracted appeared again and held his forehead firmly down, there was no avoiding it. The cockhead shaped nozzle of the tube touched Cam’s lips after it made its way down next to Cam’s head then up again to meet his mouth which he refused to open and allow it to enter, so the pressure increased more and more and his lips finally gave way, the long, thick, rubbery tube made its way into his mouth, reach the back of his throat, but before his gag reflects could even kick in it made its way down his throat and it kept going down, more and more as he saw more of it disappear in front of him into his mouth, he guessed he had swallowed about 30cm (1 foot) of it before it stopped, then like in unison both machines started doing something…… The one that had violated his now rock hard bubble ass and protruded through his now steel cut solid 8-pack abs started retreating from his ass, he was relieved thinking the approximately 40cm (16 inches) of tube that was inside of him was finally leaving his body, but as the head was just about to leave his hole, the machine re-adjusted itself to a more pronounced 90° angle and started making its way back inside, until it reached the base of Cam’s hard cock with a painful pressure, then the pressure increased and it hurt more and more, then he felt a really hot sensation in his crotch like he was in a hot bath, and although in pain he saw something amazing, the tube’s cockhead started expanding and entering the base of his cock, his eyes couldn’t believe it, as he bit his lips from the pain, but he wouldn’t stop looking at what was happening, it made its way painfully up the shaft stretching it to the 14cm (5 inch) circumference of the tube, and he saw the thicker and wider head leading the way, stretching and engorging it until it reach and stretched the 7inch cockhead of Cam’s penis, then the pain increased as it started stretched longer, and longer, it went on and on but it did so while sending waves of pleasure to Cam’s brain, it was delicious, it stretched to a full rock hard, massive length of 40cm (16inches) then stopped when the two large bulges, each about the size of an orange, were absorbed into the ball sack, and as it was absorbed, ropes of veins grew onto them and he started feeling the breeze on his stiff hot dick, it had become part of his body as well Cameron realised in a disbelieving yet still joyous shock. This huge, thick, hot, hard piece of man meat, was all his, he jerked it to see if it was true and it jerked, it was more than he ever dreamed off. The rest of the tube that was behind the huge bulges that became his balls, retreated outside to their original position next to the needle. That’s when a different noise caught Cam’s attention “There is still more?” he thought to himself, but without any fear now, he was now determined to see this through, this accident had given him the muscles and the cock he could only ever dream off, he wants it all now and he going to thoroughly enjoy it. It seems the muscles and cock not only enhanced his body but also his ego had been boosted up, and he liked it. Then he noticed the white liquid that formed from the men who were once in the tanks starting draining, the level was going down inside the tanks, when he felt the tube that went down his throat start vibrating a little and so he looked up. He saw through the transparent tube a white liquid moved downwards in the tube and it went into his mouth and he felt the flow of the liquid through his throat and as it pumped out into his chest, and he felt something strange, but in his pecs, so he looked at them and saw them swelling and pulsating and it plunge him into an orgasmic thrill ride of pleasure, it was a magnificent sensation, and he arched back from how erotic it felt while his mammoth dick jerked up and down. The tube kept pumping the liquid inside of him and into his pecs and the pecs swelled to twice their size then stop swelling but kept contracting with every massive pump into them, and Cam’s from the corner of his eye even though he was barely able to think from the pleasure he was in could see the tanks slowly drain empty, which took he could only guess was around half an hour, half an hour of toe curling, orgasmic bliss, when it started to subside he was surprised he managed to stay sane after en experience like that, and slowly the pleasure started dying down and the pumps became less intense, which is when he finally noticed that his pecs did not shrink down, but stayed at the doubled size, and looked gorgeously tight and hard, but his nipples had grown to almost triple their thickness and protruded more than 2 cm (1 inch) now and were as stiff as a hot cock. As he admired them he felt the tube retreating from him and as the head left his mouth the last bit of the liquid that was left in the tube, about a litre, pour into his mouth filling it up and then pour all over his face, and it tasted like warm, deliciously sweet and salty honey as he swallowed it down, and he recognised the smell and knew it right away that it was steamy cum, he never tasted it before or anything that tasted as delicious, it was all over his rosy lips and felt good on his face. At the same time the part of the table holding his legs up in the air lowered back down, and as it did he was regaining the feeling back in his legs and arms, and he tried to move, and he did, he managed to get off of the table and the first thing he could bring himself to do was touch himself, touch himself all over, feel the muscles up, grasp his beastly pecs and dig his fingers into the solid flesh, slide his fingers over the striations on his legs, to pas his hand over his marble abs, to feel up the ropes of veins on his 40 cm (16 inch) cock, to grope his massive balls bigger than a baseball each. All of this massively aroused him which is when he felt his chest and abs start getting wet and he looked down at his shelf-like pecs and saw something fantastic, cum was coming out of his nipples in a stream, and grabbed his left pec and squeezed and a long squirt came out of it, more than 10 times as cum in that squirt then in a regular man’s ejaculation. He squeezed again this time catching the cum and he doesn’t know why but an almost euphoric hunger came from within him for that cum and licked it all clean off of his hand, and it was delicious, so he squeezed again, and again, and again, licking it up each time, and each time the quantity increased until every squirt released about half a cup of cum, yet his pecs didn’t shrink down, nor did it feel like it was running out of cum, it just kept producing more until it satisfied his hunger. As he finished up his meal Cameron looked to the stairs for a way out, to go out into the world as a new man, and enjoy every moment of his new life. His new life of monstrous muscles, that no man would ever be able to match or surpass again, and to be the epitome of lust, beauty and strength. The End........ ?
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