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    Austin peeled off the skintight t-shirt from his bulging muscles, tossing it to the floor. He glanced at the mirror - almost pausing in shock from his own beauty - and flashed himself a seductive wink. God damn. He was beautiful. So god damn beautiful. And he was making himself hard as hell. Austin had a face that would look right at home as a Hollywood sex symbol. His mysterious brown eyes and powerful jawline were irresistible, and when he spread those lips into his trademark cocky smirk, he drove the bitches wild. He realized he could make women do anything he asked if he gazed into their eyes long enough - girls, and even some guys, were always happy to do minor favors and give him random gifts in exchange for a few moments staring at his perfect face. He still couldn't believe his transformation. Only a year ago he was an awkward nerd, his high school's valedictorian and a skinny 5'6 twig of a boy. Puberty caught up late, but when it hit him, it hit him like a fucking truck. Almost overnight, his pimples disappeared and his skin cleared. His jaw grew heavier, his voice deeper, his gaze stronger. On a friend's recommendation, Austin replaced his glasses with contacts. Suddenly, every girl in class was chatting him up and messaging him after class. "Damn, college girls are so much nicer than high school girls!" he told his friend one day. The friend rolled his eyes. "That's not it. You're just hot now." Austin took a quick selfie, and to his surprise, his friend was right! He was cute. Handsome. Sexy. Fuck, he was boning up looking at his own face. When did he get so arrogant? Austin started growing around the same time. Over the course of two months, we blasted up from 5'6 to 6'0 - Nearly an inch of height every week! "You're soooo cute!" a random chick told him one day, "and you're so tall as well!" Austin shrugged. "Yeah, I know." He was used to unprovoked compliments at this point. "You'd look even better if you bulked up, though," the girl continued. "Like, you look great already. But you're super lean. Girls love guys with muscles!" So Austin hit the gym. He had never done so before. He was really weak at the start, a frail 140lbs, but his body seemed to blossom with strength and muscle after every workout. Before long he was addicted, lifting 6 times a week, gaining muscle each and every day. He learned about "bulking", and how he needed to eat a shit ton of food if he wanted to grow bigger. Fortunately, Austin had a crazy fast metabolism, so he never gained a pound of fat. Every waking moment Austin was either eating or lifting. The rich girls who flirted with him were super happy to take him out to eat - they didn't mind spending a few hundred dollars a week on protein and carbs for a few moments with this irresistibly handsome, genetically perfect muscleboy. Austin gained 5 pounds the first week, then another 5 pounds the second, and another 5 pounds the third. People told him that he would hit a "plateau" soon, but a few months and over a hundred pounds of muscle later, he was still growing like a weed. As his body grew his appetite did too, and soon Austin had a squad of thirsty girls (and a few guys!) who were paying for his expensive bodybuilder lifestyle. At their request, Austin ditched his lame high school outfit and started taking his wardrobe seriously. With every visit to the mall, he was surrounded by a group of girls and gays who were only too glad to feel him up and provide fashion advice for his rapidly growing body. Austin began exclusively buying t-shirts and button-ups a size too small, getting them tailored so that only barely fit over his bulging muscles. Whenever the boy's massive flexing bicep or enormous expanding back burst through a shirt - a weekly occurrence at the rate he was growing - his squad would take him shopping for a new set of custom-fit tops. Austin's bottoms consisted of a variety of jeans, chinos, and sweatpants that hugged his breathtakingly perfect ass. Squats were Austin's favorite workout, and it showed. No matter what he wore, the boy's muscular bubble butt made his fans scream and giggle. In the privacy of his bedroom, he could barely believe how beautiful his own ass was, or how its delicious rock-hard mass filled up every pair of briefs he owned. By the end of the school year, nearly 7 months later, Austin had doubled his weight. Standing at 6'4 and 280lbs with scarcely a pound of flab on his body, the boy was big enough to compete with the greatest bodybuilders and toughest powerlifters. Yet he was perfectly proportional, perfectly aesthetic, with a body that could grace any fitness magazine and a face like a Hollywood heartthrob. Of course, with his new body Austin was getting even more attention! The girls who only casually flirted with him before had transformed into desperate stalkers, creeping on his social media and following his every post. The female and gay professors who had previously lectured him for skipping class now begged him to come to their office hours for some private tutoring. Even straight men found it hard to resist Austin's sexual energy - just staring at his cute smile or enormous biceps could make a lifelong hetero pop a woodie. Austin started getting intimate with girls, and quickly realized he was a great kisser. He could give a woman a genuine orgasm with just his tongue and his lips. Of course, he was gifted in other ways as well. He had mind-boggling stamina, fucking for hours and hours with such skill and power that each and every thrust brought forth a new orgasm from his partner. He was incredibly versatile, rough or gentle, fast or slow, and no matter who he had sex with, Austin's every touch gave his partner more sexual pleasure than she had ever experienced before. Before long, Austin was bringing home a new harem every night. They fucked like a wild one-man orgy till the sun cracked over the horizon, Austin's incredible staying power keeping him erect the whole time. A night with Austin would ruin a girl for life - there wasn't a man alive who could satisfy a woman half as well as Austin did on a daily basis. One day, one of Austin's regular fucks invited him to a club downtown. He quickly became a local celebrity. Club owners didn't care that he was underage - with a body like that, it didn't matter. Wherever Austin went, so did the crowd - the boy's fans crowded the streets wherever he went, dying to catch a glimpse of his beautiful smile or cop a feel of his rock-hard muscles. Austin made jaws drop with the way his body moved - he was a naturally gifted dancer, with irresistible steps that drove the crowd crazy. His fans screamed at the way he seductively gyrated his ass, his biceps jumping in tune, his pecs dancing to the beat. Most nights ended with a massive orgy, women and men alike unable to control themselves in the presence of his overwhelming sexual energy. For Spring Break, he went back home and happened upon the old high school football team and their cheerleader girlfriends at a club downtown. They didn't believe him when he told them he was the same loser they bullied only a year ago, the nerdy dweeb too weak to lift a dumbbell or run around a track. The old head cheerleader started making out with him, right there in the middle of the club, and before he knew what was happening he was fucking her in front of everybody, her teammates cheering her on and their jock boyfriends powerless to stop him. Then he fucked each of the other girls, making them come over and over and over until they begged him to stop. And when he finished with them, he did their boyfriends, fucking them so hard and so deep that they never had a single straight thought for the rest of their lives. The entire group broke up after that - the cheerleaders knew they would never experience true joy ever again, not after the ecstasy of that night with Austin, and the footballers knew that the knowledge of their inferiority and submission would haunt them for as long as they lived. Nobody ever saw them after that. After getting back from break, Austin began taking Instagram more seriously. With the help of his friends, he quickly became a social media sensation. He loved posing in nothing but his briefs, showing off the way his jawdropping junk and mouthwatering bubble butt filled up his tight underwear. The comparison between his wasplike 30-inch waist and sleeve-bursting 26-inch biceps drove haters to claim "photoshop!", but a record-breaking livestream quickly shut them into shame and silence. The unprecedented viewership of Austin's first livestream caused the video to cut off unexpectedly, prompting fan outrage that forced Youtube and Facebook to expand their network capacity. Austin's massive, heavy pectorals and flawless 8-pack abdomen made the college boy's torso a popular object of worship. A particularly wealthy fan offered him a million dollars to eat a full meal off his belly - and Austin accepted! The next day, he uploaded a photo of a half-dozen supermodels seductively licking a mess of ice cream, chocolate, and honey from his pillow-sized pecs and delicious abs. It took less than an hour to become the most-liked image on Instagram and Twitter, a flood of activity that took down half the world's Internet infrastructure. Good memories. Back to the present. Austin smiled at himself. That same smile that made women pass out in ecstasy, that same smile that forced orgasms from confident straight men. Freshman year ended yesterday. Here he was, 19 years old, the sexiest man on Earth. What would he do next?
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    Part 3 As the party winds down and more guests filter out, Seth finds Trevor again. “Hey, I hear Brooke is going to be back in town in a couple of days. Would you and her like to go on a double date with me?” "A double date? Hey man, good for you! So, you finally snagged yourself a girl! Good for you!" Trevor teases, "Did you find her at Walmart of something, HAHA!" Seth grins smugly at Trevor and replies, "Nah bro. I think you might know her. Real sweet girl. Scorchingly hot too. Fine and fit as hell.” Seth bounces his exposed pecs and adds, “She loves big men. Says I fit the bill perfectly." Trevor is still having trouble processing the new change in attitude for Seth. He's acting like a cocky jocked-up fratboy...he then realizes that Seth is acting just like he used to... “Ok, well sure thing Seth. Let's set something up and have great night with our ladies. Proud of you bro!” Trevor's girlfriend Brooke has also been away that summer at a fashion internship in NYC. She loved it out there. Trevor could still remember her raving about it. "The shopping, Trev! It was AH-MAZING!" She would say over and over when they would text and FaceTime. Every time Trevor saw her on his phone screen he was amazed at how good she was looking. Trevor had beat off several times throughout the summer when Brooke would send him some pics in her swimsuit. Working at a fashion organization, she had even had some modeling test shots taken. It made him proud that this stunningly beautiful woman was his. While the couple texted and FaceTime-ed while apart, neither of them ever discussed their growth at all. Whether it was still occurring for either party. Trevor had put it out of his mind until she arrived at her apartment two day later. On his way there he contemplates her progress. At first, the thought of tall, hot vixen girlfriend excites him, but then he goes cold. "What if... what if she kept growing too?” He shakes his head, “She may have kept growing, but she would've had to grow a lot, even more than Seth to catch me.” Relaxed and excited, he finds his way to her apartment and knocks on the door, which swings open. She left the door cracked so he could enter. A loud 'whirrrrr' of a hairdryer emanates from the down the hall. Trevor chuckles, like a typical woman, she's still getting ready. “Hey babe, I'm here!” Trevor announces. “Ok, Trevor, just a few more minutes.” Trevor laughs again, knowing it will likely be another 20. The couple shout a conversation as she primps and preens, catching up. She's excited that they will be all going to the new restaurant, 'Harvest', in town. "Farm-to-table is SO in right now. So many places in the City are doing it!" Trevor shakes his head, laughing internally at how ten weeks in a big city has totally changed her perspective on things. Predictably, fifteen minutes later he calls out to her. "Come on, Brooke, let's head out. We are going to be late!" “Okay okay! Just finishing up...now. Coming!” Trevor stands and gives himself a once over. He has opted for a trendy long-sleeve black button down. Even though it was summer, he opted to cover himself up more than he usually would, still slightly embarrassed that he wasn't at the top of his physique game. He couldn't deny though, even with the dip in his physical progress, he still looked very good. Far better than most guys. He hears the “click-clop” of high heels coming down the hall and watches Brooke strolls into the living room. His heart flutters. She's GORGEOUS. Her slim black dress accentuates all of her curves perfectly. She looks like she's lost some weight, not that she needed to, meaning she was even more toned than he remembered. And on top of that she's wearing heels that show off her long, LONG legs. "Wait" -- alarm bells go off in his head -- "long legs?" Trevor feels that time slows as she approaches. Getting closer and closer... and taller and taller... until she's right in front of him. Staring DOWN at him! "Hey honey, up here!" Brooke giggles, looking down at him by an inch or so. Trevor's eyes go wide, and inside he is horrified. "Brooke... you... um-" he stammers a bit before she finishes for him. "-Look so tall?" She beams, "Well, the three inch certainly heels help!" She shows them off. "Don't worry, honey, you are still taller than me with them off..." Trevor sighs in relief. "Probably, anyway... don't you like them? I got them this summer at Jimmy Choos... they are PERFECT!" Trevor controls his inner struggle and smiles. And who could blame him. His girlfriend was like a Victoria's Secret model. She was so hot and energetic and perfect. At that moment, maybe for the first time ever, he felt out of her league! However, even with her new height unsettling him, her hot looks and body were certainly revving his engine. "They sure are, babe. Let's head out. You are going to turn some heads tonight. Hell, Seth is going bug out seeing you in these!" The pair embrace and engage in a deep sensuous kiss. Trevor's hands run up and down her perfect, long figure, causing his groin to stir. Although having to bend his neck UP to reach her luscious lips is a new sensation for him...and one he doesn't particularly like. He comforts himself by reminding himself that she is wearing three inch heels, giving her an artificial advantage. They release the kiss and Brooke heads quickly back to her room. “Just let me grab my pocketbook and we can go meet Seth and his new girlfriend. Ooooo! So exciting. I can't believe our Seth has a girlfriend! I wonder if she's cute.” “She'll have nothing on you, babe!” Trevor watches her long form walk back down the hall. He laughs and think to himself "Well, if I can't be taller than Seth, at least my girlfriend will be close!" He suddenly winces at realizing how insane that sounds. He should be the tall one, not Seth. He feels bad but the envy seeps in as he starts to feel short again. The power couple head to the restaurant. Trevor starts feeling better loving the attention he and his woman are getting. Even though Brooke is taller than him in heels he is still couple of inches taller than her, so it's completely acceptable...at least that's what he tells himself. Plus, he realizes all the guys have to be crazy jealous of him as they make their way around the shopping area, Trevor with his arms around what looks to be a brunette supermodel. As they near the restaurant Trevor spots Seth above the crowd. Wait a minute. "Above the crowd??" he thinks to himself. Once again his heart beats faster as he realizes how tall Seth now is. Still not crazy tall, but well above average. Seth spots Trevor and waves them over. As they approach, Trevor notes how Seth is filling out his button down to the max. Unlike himself, Seth has opted for short sleeves. The effect is that his pumped shoulders and bulging arms are filling the sleeves. Seth has left the top button open because his neck and chest are too big to close it. Brooke squeals as she sees him. "OMIGOD SETH! LOOK AT YOU! SO BIG AND HANDSOME! YOU LOOK SO HOT!" She hugs him and kisses him heavily on the cheek. Seth returns the embrace in his big arms. "Well hey there little lady!" As the two hug, Trevor notes his reference to her because even in her heels Seth is taller than she is, unlike him. Just after, another stunning woman, curvy, yet fit and blonde, walks up and places her feminine hand on Seth's large arm. She looks familiar to Trevor, though he can't place her...and then it hits him. She's the hot girl from the gym. “Trevor, Brooke, this is my girlfriend, Stacy!” As the two girls hug Seth looks Trevor in the eyes and you winks back at him. He has landed one of the most sought after chicks on campus. Stacy is in high heels too, thus she is also and inch or so taller than Seth right now. As the four all make acquaintances Seth chuckles and makes light of this fact, much to Trevor's chagrin. “You girls are going to have to take off your shoes for poor Trev, here!" The girls giggle with delight. Stacy adds, "It's ok Trevor, you're still cute!" Trevor knows it's meant as a compliment, but he'd always felt that being called 'cute' was something meant for...well...small guys. Seth jumps in. “Trevor and I used to be roommates, we also lifted together.” “Oh ok, Seth. Oh that's cool. So, Trevor, did you pick up any bodybuilding tips from this handsome big ox here?” Stacy says as she squeezes Seth's biceps. Seth busts out laughing, “Not quite, babe. Actually Trevor here was the one who got me into lifting.” Stacy embarrassed, tries to deflect. “Oh. I see. I..I can uh, see that you are quite fit too, Trevor,” she says unconvincingly. Brooke jumps in to save face. With a bright smile she compliments her man. “Trevor is in great shape. He just opted for the looser look tonight, so it's harder to tell.” Thankfully Trevor's embarrassment is cut short as the hostess arrives to seat them. Trevor frowns as he sees Seth continuing to chuckle to himself. The foursome sit down for a nice meal at a fancy Italian restaurant. Brooke continues to compliment Seth on how good he's looking, even copping a feel of his big arm at one point, causing Seth to laugh and ratcheting up Trevor's jealousy. She hadn't grabbed his arms like that at all tonight. She used to all the time back in the Spring. Seth in turn thanks Trevor for all his help and advice on his “journey to getting big” as he puts it. Thankfully for Trevor, the rest of the meal focuses on typical college-aged conversation and less on their physical attributes and he is able to relax. That is, until after their meals when they are enjoying a slow evening walk back through the upscale shopping district. At one point the couples split up to use the restroom before they depart for their cars. In the bathroom, Seth brings up the Elongro. “Hey Trevor, I was talking with Stacy. Have you sold anymore of your Elongro shots?” “No.” “So you still have two or three doses let then. I know Stacy would like to have a shot, she's been very impressed by how much muscle and size I've put on over the summer. I told her she could have a dose. She'd pay of course.” Trevor stares straight forward as he washes his hands, letting Seth's words sink in. This feeling of being "little" has been nagging him all night. The idea of Stacy, an already tall, fit girl, growing even more makes his stomach turn slightly. “Um...I'll think about it.” Seth can sense that Trevor has reservations. “Ok. Yeah man, let me know. It'd be an nice easy $200. Could buy a few months worth of supps!” After dinner the four head to Seth's for a night cap. His roommates have decided to party elsewhere for the night and the place is quiet. Back at Seth's house, he has opened another three buttons of his tight shirt. The deep, tan, pectoral valley displays itself to the group, which Stacy can't keep her eyes off of, even though her own impressive cleavage is showing and Seth's eyes return the favor. “This is one of the reasons I had to get to know Seth! I mean, just look at this chest!” Stacy smiles brightly, reaches her hand inside Seth's shirt to rub his pecs. Brook and Seth join in laughter although Trevor just watches, silent. “So is that how you two met, at the gym?” Brooke asks. “Yes, I work at the rec center. Seth comes in every day to workout. At first I didn't even really notice him. I must've been blind, haha! But soon I was wondering who that buff hunk was that came in to lift every night at 6:30pm. After that he was hard to miss. He's one of the strongest guys that come in. Since it's summer there's not a lot of lifters, and one night Seth was benching and I was the only worker in the weight room at that time. He came over to ask me to spot him. I about died when he came over!” Seth chuckles and adds, “You about died? I was so nervous to go ask YOU to spot me, the hottest girl I'd ever seen.” The sexy college pair smiled at each other and gave each other a quick peck on the lips. “Seth was benching so much weight I wasn't sure I would be able to spot him! But I just couldn't say no to these big arms!” Stacy grabs Seth's arm in both of her hands and tries to encircle it. She doesn't even come close. Seth merely rolls his eyes, “She is always groping me.” The girls giggle and Stacy retorts. “It's so hard not too! Look at his muscles! I joke that he almost has bigger tits than I do! Plus, he gets to return the favor in private!” More giggling. Trevor watches on, in shock as what may be the hottest girl on campus, save for maybe Brooke, seems to be completely smitten for Seth. Stacy constantly caresses his big arms, exposed pecs, delts...everything. At one point he swears he sees Stacy try to sneakily reach down under the table. All the while Seth sits there, proud as a peacock, a total stud, grinning stupidly. “Aww, that is so sweet,” Brooke coos as she too grabs Trevor's arm lovingly...finally, perhaps remembering what it was like when she and Trevor were first dating. “You two are adorable.” After their fancy night out, the realities of being poor college kids sets back in. After some drinks and a couple of rounds of card games, the girls break for the ladies room. The two girls have really hit it off which pleases both guys. While the ladies are in the bathroom, Seth presses Trevor on Elongro. "Dude, what's the concern? Remember how badly you wanted to recoup your investment. That's $200. Hell I'll pay it right now if you want," Seth says grabbing his wallet. Trevor waves him off. "It's not that... it's just..." he sighs. "Ok man, I think I know what's up. Are you worried that Stacy would get taller than you? Trev, I've got news for you... She nearly is already WITHOUT the injection. PLUS, girls end puberty WAY before guys...." and in a response Trevor has heard before, "...and it probably won't have any effect on her anyway, so really there's nothing to worry about!" Seth grins. "What's the harm, li... Trev?" Trevor knows that Seth was about to call him "little guy" again but caught himself. He sighs, exasperated. "Ok, ok, fine." "Awesome, dude! You're the best." Seth pulls the cash out of his wallet and hands it to Trevor. Trevor promises to deliver the injection to Stacy when he sees her at the gym tomorrow. Seth gets up and hugs his friend, surprising Trevor. Once again, Trevor feels his feel leave the ground. "I can't thank you enough, Trev. This shot has changed so much for me. And all for the better. I'm so glad that you have always looked out for me. It's all thanks to you! You are my best buddy. You'll always be! No matter how big you and I get!" Trevor instantly feels guilty at his attitude. All night long he been internally raging with jealousy. He knew he should be more happy for his buddy. Plus, it was still likely that he himself would grow some more. He just had to be patient. The ladies come out from the bathroom. Mercifully, in bare feet, and now both are now shorter than Trevor. Although, they are close enough to his height to make him uncomfortable. Both of the girls looks so tall... and then there's Seth, looming HUGE in the room. Trevor can't believe how much has changed in such a short period of time. Seth clearly loves the attention, especially the attention he's getting from Stacy. At one point he gets up to grab a beer and Trevor notes the fullness of his bulge. “Geez, I hope he's fluffed up from Stacy's groping,” he thinks to himself. The four talk late into the night before calling it. Trevor mentions to Seth how he wants to get back in the gym. Having lightened up, just slightly, he jokes. "Maybe you can start training me, Seth!" Seth smirks, enjoying the role reversal. "Any time brother... but I still have lots to learn!! We can teach each other... just like old times. The pair make plans to hit the gym more regularly. The couple make their goodbyes and Seth and Brooke head to the door, escorted by Seth. “You and Brooke have a great night.” Seth clasps hands with Trevor and leans in close for a bro hug and whispers, “You better believe Stacy and I will be. She can't get enough!” Seth and Trevor break the hug and Trevor gives him knuckles. On their way out, Seth reaches down and grabs Trevor's shoes for him. "Man, haven't seen this size in a while..." Trevor looks at Seth, puzzled. "Oh, I'm in 14s now. Guess my feet are growing faster than the rest of me!" he laughs. Trevor grabs his size 11s and slips them on. He hears that proud laughter ringing in your head the entire way home. * As planned the night before, the next day the two meet in the gym. Seth comes out of the locker room in a sleeveless shirt and greets his training partner. Trevor can't believe how huge and ripped his fully exposed arms and delts look. Like last night, Trevor is wearing a more conservative t-shirt compared to Seth, a little bit embarrassed at the small amount of fluff he has put on. Trevor is still in better shape than most of the gym goers, but Seth is now in another league which gives Trevor and unfair comparison. The lifting buddies start with bench press. Since Trevor is bit out of sorts with his lifting he can only manage 225 lbs x 6 times. He sits up after grunting out a tough set, looking disappointed. "Trev, you'll get it back, bro. Just keep lifting hard. Hop up, my turn!" Without changing the weight, Seth lays down on the bench and reps it out easily ten perfect times. He proudly stands back up, swinging his arms to loosen his joints. "Good warmup. Your turn again!" With Seth spotting, Trevor ekes out another 6 reps, but clearly he can't do any more, having exhausted his unconditioned muscles. Seth then starts to grab some of the smaller plates. "Throw on a ten and five on each side,” he demands. They load up the bar, Trevor is surprised at the weight. He watches as Seth then lays down again and with light effort, benches 255 lbs 10 more times! He quickly stands up and cockily proclaims. “Damn bro! I'm really feeling in my pecs today" Soon after they move on to biceps dumbbell curls. Trevor grabs the 25s and does a set of 10 for each arm. When he finishes Seth is happy to throw his buddy a some encouragement. "Nice job dude, looking big!" Seth winks, Trevor can't tell he is being sarcastic or sympathetic. Seth then grabs the 35s and easily completes a set for 12 reps. Trevor gazes as Seth's big arms pump thicker and tighter, bloating with nutrient rich blood. The workout continues with like this. With Seth consistently doing 10-20 more lbs and an extra 2-5 reps. By the end of the workout Seth is looking massively pumped. As the two head into the locker room they run into Stacy at the towel desk. “Hey boys! My you are looking BIG today, Seth,” she coos. Trevor notes she doesn't say anything about him. Seth grins as she feels up his arms and they quickly kiss. He then looks at Trevor, smiling brightly. “Trev, my man, would you mind getting that injection for Stacy?” Trevor runs and gets the pre-loaded syringe of Elongro from his bag. The trio enter a private office and Seth gives her the injection in her tight booty. Stacy, excited at what she hopes lies ahead, groans as the needle plunges in. "Oo! That stings a little. Awesome. Thank you so much for giving the dose, Travis!" Seth is holding in laughter as Trevor corrects her. "Um...actually it's Trevor." Stacy's eyes widen as she realizes her mistake. "Oh I'm so sorry, yes Trevor. That's what I meant." Trevor knew that wasn't true. He realized he just wasn't man enough to make an impression on the hottest girl on campus who likes 'big guys'. Guys like Seth. Before the two men split away, Stacy walks over and again squeezes Seth's arms. She really can't keep her hands off him. "Baby, you are looking so buff!" she says as she gropes him. At her touching, Trevor then notices Seth's already full bulge growing even more pronounced. Her fondling is getting him excited. Trevor could see that it looked like Seth was packing some major heat. He didn't remember a bulge like that when they were dorm-mates. “It has to be the lighting,” he tells himself. With one last kiss the couple split up and the two lifters head to the locker room to change. Seth strips off his shirt. “Fuck,” Trevor thinks. He's seen glimpses of Seth's physique but not yet fully exposed. Not since last May anyway. Seth looks fucking PUMPED! "DAMN SETH. You look like an amateur bodybuilder!" Seth lights up at the compliment, "HAHA Thanks bud! Ya know, I've been getting that A LOT lately. I think I like being huge. They say it's harder for tall guys to put on muscle, doesn't seem to be the case with me! BOOM!" Seth punctuates his last statement with a most muscular pose, bring his arms down and flexing his frontal muscles. All his muscles tighten and bulge outward except for this deep cut abs. Trevor is taken aback as the display of young male masculinity right in front of him. He can't help but admit to himself that Seth is damn impressive. "Shit, Seth. How much did you say you weigh nowadays, 210?" Seth grin, "Yeah, the last reading was 210, that was last week though. I feel so pumped though, maybe more now! Wanna see?" Trevor nods his head, so they head toward the end of the locker room where the scales and stadiometers are. A few guys changing stop what they are doing to watch. Some of them know Seth in passing from the weight room - some try to pretend like they don't care, others fully watch. All are impressed by Seth's physique. He may have had one of the most all-around complete physiques on campus by now. There may be others on campus that were bigger, others that were stronger, more ripped, better looking and taller. But he may have had the best combination of all those attributes in one body. Seth steps on to the scale. The dial spins up and up before stopping at... … 217 lbs. Trevor's eyes bulge out of his head. "Dude... you've put on... over 40 pounds in like 10 weeks!! And seven in just the last week!" Seth and Trevor hear a few claps in the background from the guys watching. Seth knows a couple of them as they also lift regularly. They are all thoroughly impressed! Trevor asks a guy if the scale is calibrated correctly. He nods in confirmation. "Damn....." Trevor continues, saying slowly, completely impressed and stunned at the same time. "I can't believe you have that much mass and definition at that size, Seth..." he says, totally in awe of his former roommate's growing body. Seth turns to look at the small crowd of dudes and hits a most muscular pose, sending the fellas clapping and whooping again. “You are jacked as hell, brah!” One of the more ripped guys calls out, causing Seth to smile at this fellow impressive specimen. “How tall are you? Like 6'0?” “Something like that,” Seth replies with a shrug. "Measure his height!" another guy shouts. "Yeah, I want to know how tall he is!!" Seth stands with his powerful hands on his hips, the superman of the locker room. He chuckles, "Well, Trevor, dude, the crowd has spoken!!" Seth steps over to and onto the stadiometer. Trevor begins to extend it upwards, standing on his toes as he does. Seth stifles a laugh as Trevor brings down the level to the top of his head. Trevor's eyes go wide. "Holy fuck, Seth...." he says slowly, "Fuck, you are SIX FOOT TWO!!" Seth steps forward and throws back his head in laughter. He reaches his long arms into high as if stretching for more height. He emphatically boasts to the men in the room, noting proudly to himself how he is bigger...taller and bigger than ALL of them. Sure, it's a very small sample size, but this is the first time in his life that he has experienced being the biggest and tallest man in the room. "Damn! Well Trevor, I HAVE been feeling TALL lately... I guess I know why...BECAUSE I AM! I mean, six foot two? That's definitely in the 'tall' category, dontcha think?" Trevor nods to his larger friend. “Plus, I'm not only tall, I've got all this muscle. Look at these pythons! They might be closing in on 20 inches! Haha, all you boys better start lifting harder or I'm going to leave you all in the dust!” Seth is smiling from ear to ear while guys all around the locker room compliment and congratulate him. Trevor stands back and also notices that the small group of lifters are all smaller than Seth, both in muscle mass and height. Seth certainly has them beat in looks too. Seth has firmly established himself as one of the tall guys at the gym when a few months ago, he was one of the shorter ones! After the moment dies down a bit and the other guys head back to normal routines, Seth looks over at his nervous friend. "Well we took my stats. You want to measure too, bro? Since we are here. Like you said, it's good to keep track. Now that you are back in town and back on the lifting train you want to follow your growth, right?" Trevor thinks on it a moment, trying desperately to think of a way out. However, he knows Seth is right, especially since Seth used his own words as the argument. Trevor decides to go ahead with it. At this point, he acquiesces to himself that Seth taller. "So what?" he thinks, especially since he believes – nay, hopes - that he's been growing too. He just has to be. They take his weight first. "Trev, looks like your 205. Not bad. Well you caught up a little bit to me, dude...sorta!" Seth chuckles and says, slapping Trevor's belly which jiggles just slightly. He sees Trevor redden a bit and further comments, "Don't worry, you'll get that body fat back down in no time working out with me!" In the back of his mind though, Trevor knows he could realistically lose the flab and gain back the muscle. What really worries him right now is...the height. They both know that height is one of the prime measurements that matter. Seth looks down at Trevor, he can see his apparent apprehension. In that moment Seth honestly does feel bad for Seth. Right at the moment he realizes that Trevor must feel like Seth won the lottery while he missed out. "Ready?" Seth asks as Trevor steps forward on the stadiometer. Trevor stands as tall as he can. Seth reviews the measurement twice to be sure. "Well, Trev, good news! You got a bit taller!" He sees Trevor light up. "Really? Am I over 6ft?? By how much?!?" Trevor asks eagerly, but Seth's smile fades a bit. "Erm... well.. you aren't quite there yet, dude. I'm seeing a quarter inch under 6ft. So real close! That's like another quarter of an inch since we measured last. So you are still growing! That means a big growth spurt like I had may be right around the corner, bro." Seth reaches out to give his friend a high five, but Trevor walks away, dejected and pouting. He mutters a few things before he changes and throws his stuff in a bag and heads for the door. Seth throws on a shirt and goes to catch him before he exits the rec center. "Dude....are you-" But Trevor brushes him off. Seth understands how he feels and knows best to leave it alone. As Trevor walks out of the gym, Stacy heads in Seth's direction, having heard all about the measurements from one of Seth's casual lifting buds that was a mutual friend of hers. She grins excitedly, reaches up and wraps her arms around Seth's neck. "Looks like my evening plans were canceled, Trevor. I want to have some fun with this TALL six foot two muscle hunk I heard about." Seth grins as he grabs her around the waist. With just one arms he lifts her up for a quick kiss and she emanates a girly squeal at his strength and size. “That's sounds great, Babe. Let's head home for a long, FUN night ahead! +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Jump to Part 4: https://muscle-growth.org/topic/16655-elongro-added-part-3-on-1819/?do=findComment&comment=208537
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    Chapter 18 DEAN I bend the iron lamp post around his torso with ease, smiling as he winces from the pressure. Even if he gets away without punishment, extracting him from the tangle of metal will be long and unpleasant - he won’t try mugging anyone again while I’m around. Sure, Jake might not like me damaging public property, but I’ve found that when there’s enough evidence lying around, securing criminals and then allowing the victims to call the police often saves a lot of trouble. Ever since I found Jake asleep at the computer trying to process all of the videos of criminals I dealt with, I’ve been looking for ways to lessen the burden, and this is the easiest one. I advise the victims as well as I can. They’re clearly scared of me, which isn’t surprising considering my size and power, so I squat in front of them, bringing us to eye level, and talk gently. Eventually they decide to trust me. When that’s done, I return to where I hid my phone, house keys, and change of clothes on the roof of a factory in Bromley. The journey takes me miles across London, but it passes in just a second. I’m sure it just looks like a blur when I carry Jake at this speed. To me, every detail and sound stands out with perfect clarity. I have a voicemail from Jake. I play it, a smile creeping across my face as I think of the way he moans when I fuck him. God, I can't get it out of my head. I'm not sure I want to. “Dean, there’s someone h-“ as Jake’s voice cuts off, I hear the sound of scuffling, a pained grunt, then the line goes dead. He’s in danger. My heart starts racing in my chest as I blitz across the sky to land in front of the café where Jake works - ‘Last on the Left’. I almost forget to pull off my mask and arm bands before bursting inside, poised and ready for a fight. Every eye turns to look at me. At this point, I realise I’m only wearing shorts. They must be pretty shocked by the almost seven foot tall, shirtless bodybuilder who just appeared out of nowhere. Not that I care. My thick chest pumps up and down with every panicked breath. I move to the kitchen faster than should be possible, but Jake isn’t in here, only Jolene. She stops rolling out pastry and turns to me, eyes wide. “What happened? Where is he?” I growl, making her flinch. “You mean Jake? He wasn't feeling well so I sent him home. Didn't he-“ I’m halfway across town before she finishes her sentence. I know I’m giving myself away right now, but it’s hard to think about anything other than Jake’s safety. I can worry about explanations later. I soon find myself in front of our flat and try to unlock the door. My hands are shaking. This never happens – my hands never shake. I’m Dean fucking Lawson. Yet I can’t stay still long enough to get a key in a hole. After a few seconds of trying, I grunt to myself and punch the door, causing it to blast off its hinges in a hail of shrapnel. I race upstairs, barely touching the ground, stopping only when I’m standing in the hallway of our flat. My mouth falls open. No. Fuck no. It looks like a hurricane has been through this place. Everything is a mess, and no effort has been made to clean up, as if the invaders left in a hurry. With a rising sense of dread, I realise that no one is here. The nearest heartbeat is Lucy – the tenant upstairs. Whoever did this, they’re long gone. And they took my Jake with them. Suddenly I hear a quiet voice say “Afternoon.” My head snaps around. It’s coming from the computer. In three long strides I’m stood in front of the monitor. “Jake?” I whisper. “Sorry mate.” Comes the reply. The screen flickers, and I realise I'm on a video call with someone. The camera turns to reveal a face I recognise. The guy I threatened at the café the other day – the teenager. He’s now dressed in all black, head to toe, now looking much older than I thought. “Christ, you really are a big fucker. Missing something, Deany boy?” The camera turns to face the silhouette of a small man strapped into a chair. His hands and feet are bound and there’s a gag in his mouth. When the lighting shifts, I realise who I’m looking at. “Jake.” “Yep.” Barks the man. “And if you want this pretty little lad to remain in one piece, you’ll do exactly what we say. Sound fair?” Now I understand what’s going on. They've taken Jake to use against me. I can feel heat rising in my face, burning in my eyes, and I close them to avoid melting this entire street with heat vision. “You have no idea who you're fucking with.” I say through gritted teeth. I easily spot the hidden camera across the room and stare into the lens. The veins in my face glow a fiery red as they feed heat into my eyes. “When I find you, I’m going to tear your fragile little body apart.” "Wrong answer!” The man grins, pulling out a pair of wire cutters. “Clearly we need to show we mean business, right boys?” A few deep voices jeer along in the background. The man steps up to Jake, who moans into his gag, scratching his nails into the wood of the chair in an effort to escape. “No. No!” I roar as Jake’s left shoe is slipped off and the clippers are tightened around his little toe. “Don’t you fucking hurt him! He’s mine!” Crunch. Jake screams. One of the men starts wiggling the toe in front of the camera, making it dance between his thumb and forefinger, and I feel my control slipping. My hands are clenched so tightly that they start to radiate energy in waves. Papers and pencils and dust motes rise from the floor and tremble around my body. My sheer power causes the air to ripple. Before I know it, a thick jet of light is shooting from my eyes, tearing through the windows and walls of our flat, causing part of the ceiling to cave in. “I’M GONNA FUCKING KILL YOU.” I roar, so loud that the computer screen cracks and the half-empty glass of orange juice on the table explodes. “Temper, temper.” The man chides, wagging his finger like he’s scolding a child, and not the most dangerous person on earth. His face is split into several parts that glitch and distort around the breaks in the screen. “Or do I need to take another toe? He’s only got nine left, Dean, and then we’ll need to move onto more important parts.” It takes me a solid minute, but I manage to contain my fury. Deep breaths. In and out. In and out. I imagine slowly squeezing his skull between my hands until it pops, watching him cry and scream for mercy. That helps. “Tell me what you want.” “There’s a good boy.” The man grins, proud with himself. “Your first task is to kill this man.” He holds up a picture of an Arab in a white robe with a strange hoop resting on his head. “You will find him in a villa in Monaco. He must be killed with blunt force to the back of the head. No one can see you do it. You have three hours – I know you could have it done in thirty seconds, but I want you to wait until you have a good opportunity. Plus I need to go pick up my dry cleaning and that's gonna' take a while." “I’m not going to be your hitman!” I say. “If you refuse to comply, or fail to meet the specifications of the task, we will chop off one of little Jake’s body parts and mail it to you in the post.” He says with a grim smirk. "How about that?" For the first time in my life, I feel powerless. I have no choice. This fucker has me entirely under his control. “Fine. I’ll do it. Anything else?” “You’ll get your next task when the current one is complete.” I nod, slamming the laptop shut. If the life of some Saudi prince is the price I need to pay to get my Jake back, I'll do it. I spent so long trying to avoid this. I never wanted to become the kind of man who used his power for evil. To kill. But I have no choice. I won’t let them hurt Jake again. I take off through the hole I created in the wall. But I’m not going to Monaco. Not yet. First I need to calm down, and there's only one place on this planet where I can do that. I’ve never felt such anger, such blind, overwhelming rage. If I don't vent it, I'll go crazy. Less than a minute later, I’m hovering over the Transantarctic Mountains, which freeze away at the bottom of the world. The range stretches on for thousands of miles. With my indestructible fists held out in front of me, I slam into one of them. Several thousand feet of rock and soil explode around me on impact, loud enough to be heard around the world. The ground shakes. I fly out into open air, before demolishing another peak, then another, and another. I pick up mountains in my hands like toys and crush them, throw them into space, boil them with heat vision. I punch the ground hard enough to make craters, sending thousands of tons of ice into the sky. It’s not enough. It needs to hurt. To bring me to the point of exhaustion – but nothing can do that. I’m too powerful. So I keep pummelling, throwing, smashing until there's nothing left to break. I make sure to avoid any human research bases, but there is only a handful so that's not hard. But I leave the continent around them unrecognisable and I’m not even out of breath. The anger is still there, seething in my gut. Now it's starting to turn to desperation. I need to get to Monaco. I don’t know how much time I have left - probably hours - but I don’t want to give the kidnappers any reason to hurt Jake. Once I arrive, it’s not hard to find the prince using my x-ray vision. Monaco is a small place, and there aren’t many villas. It’s a beautiful country – I might have brought Jake here if he was safe in my arms, where he’s meant to be. I wait until the Saudi Prince is alone in his bedroom, then fly in through his balcony, faster than the eye can see. With hands harder than stone, all it takes it a firm tap on the back of the head, and he topples forward, motionless. I can see the blood haemorrhaging in his skull. Just like that, he’s dead, and a piece of me dies with him. With my task complete, I return home. The flat is a mess. I should really clean up. At the very least, I should shut the door. But all I can do is sit in one of the kitchen chairs with my head in my hands, and cry. This is not something I’ve done before. I’m not an assassin. I don’t take orders and I don't lose control. I was finally happy, finally building a real life for myself and the man I had always loved, but in just one day, everything has come crashing down around me. When will the kidnappers return Jake? I realise they probably never will. There will always uses for a guy like me. I'm a living WMD. And the moment they handed Jake over, they lose their leverage. That means Jake is gone forever. I’m all on my own. “Um… Mr Langley?” I raise my head, eyes puffy, to see a girl stood in the doorway. It's Lucy from upstairs. She’s nervous. As she shuffles from foot to foot, stretching out a piece of blue tack between sweaty fingers, she takes in the ruins of our flat. If she bites her lip any harder, it's going to bleed. “I’m…” I sniff, clearing my throat. “I’m not Mr Langley. I’m Dean. Dean Lawson.” “Oh.” She goes quiet for a moment. “I just thought… you’re here all the time, and I hear you two… well… I thought you were married or something.” “No.” I try to force a smile. “We never got that far.” She looks around the flat, nodding to herself. “They really took him? The men in black?” I nod. Lucy sighs. “I liked Jake. Even gave him a copy of my house key once, but he never took the hint. He didn’t look at me the way I looked at him, and I never figured out why… until he chose you.” I open my mouth to speak, but she raises a hand. “I’m not blaming him. Or you. I’d have made the same choice, I mean just look at you.” Lucy's cheeks go red as she realises she just admitted being attracted to me. Tentatively at first, then with more confidence, she steps inside and takes the chair opposite me. “Look, I wasn’t here when they took him, but I overheard… things.” “What kind of things?” I ask, narrowing my eyes. “Not much. Bits and pieces. But enough." A pause. "If you’re looking for Jake, I think I know where to start.”
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    Trent looked his friend Marshal up and down. Gone was the lean swimmer who’d slipped into the tanning bed over an hour ago, now a wall of thick muscle stared back at him with dull hollow eyes. “Marshal you ok” Trent asked Marshal just bounced his pecs and chuckled as he looked down at his heavy chest. “Yea, I’m good bro” Marshal laughed in a surprising deep voice Trent gulped, Marshal had never said ‘bro’ in all the time he’d known him. He’d overdosed Trent thought. Trent had brought Marshal to the Tanning Shop, he was one of the short list who knew that the tanning beds here did more then just tan your skin. After a short session in the bed the user would crawl out with tanned skin, but also slimmer, healthier, better looking and even a little bit taller. Trent sighed, he should of checked on Marshal. Trent though had been too busy flirting with the hot receptionist to notice that Marshal had been inside the bed for three times longer then he should of been. Trent shook his head “Sorry man, but this isn’t good” Marshal just stared blankly at Trent, his head cocked to one side. He was confused Trent thought, but then he was probably going to be confused all the time now, too much time in the beds would cook your brain. “Overuse can lead to permanent damage” Trent explained “I warned you beforehand” Marshal laughed again and brought his arms up. His rounded biceps bulged and he gave his abs a flex to finish off the pose. “This isn’t damaged” Marshal laughed again Trent nodded, Marshal was certainly a sight now. “But what will people say, you’re like three or four inches taller” Trent offered Marshal smirked “Not to mention a beast” he bounced his pecs again Trent nodded again, Marshal was certainly a beast now. “No one noticed you’d changed… you explained it once” Marshal added He was scratching his head under his cap, his head must be hurting from using such big words like ‘noticed’ and ‘explained’. “Yea, a healthy glow” Trent offered “They just see the tan, not the couple pounds of muscle or the inch in height the bed gave you” Marshal nodded, then just waited for Trent to continue. He really was dumb now, Trent almost felt sorry for the idiot who’d stayed in the magical tanning bed for nearly two hours. Trent pondered out loud for a moment “Well… I could do another 30 minutes without any permanent damage, just exterior changes” He stepped passed Marshal and climbed into the bed, flicked the switch to turn it on. As it closed he saw Marshal mouthing the word exterior to himself, trying to work out the meaning.
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    Don’t Let Your Guard Down Carl’s breathing grew unsteadily as he heard the bed slam against the wall in his roommate’s room, the loud banging noise in sync with the womanly moans and whimpers of the lucky girl that got to be penetrated by his roommate’s big cock. The sound itself was erotic, no bed could put up much resistance to the roommates hunky and muscular body, and was forced to move around during the hour long fuck sessions. So erotic that Carl noticed his own tiny and pathetic looking manhood had jumped up to full attention. He sighed, hoping the erection would die down soon, there was just a few more hours left on the bet. Carl put on his headphones, hoping to dim the lustful sounds coming through the thin wall. “Oh baby you’re just so big.” “Ah fuck- fuck- fuck, slam it back in.” “Jesus. Are those pecs bigger than my tits?” The headphones didn’t help much. Carl was just glad his roommate was staying quiet this time, his deep reverberating bass would have made Carl’s small dick even more erect. And he couldn’t let his guard down, not with the short time left on the wager. Carl let out another deep sigh, unsure why he had made the bet in the first place. To defend the remnants of his masculine pride he supposed. After his roommate had been put on those new hormones by the doc, and had blown up in size, Carl had argued he was still the same scrawny and pathetic guy on the inside, just with a new hunky body. Once a nerd, always a nerd. Carl’s roommate used to not be one to talk back, but he had taken him up on that. Probably all those experimental growth inducing chemicals pumping through his body and affecting the once shy personality. “If I’m really still a runt, you probably aren’t all that attracted to all this, right.” His roommate had said, carelessly pointing at all the big peaks his new muscles were making in his shirt. “If you can keep that tiny dick of yours from cumming to this big, sexy, muscula- oh I mean nerdy, body, I’ll believe you.” And now here Carl was, a week later, still in the race. It had gotten pretty close a few times. When he had watched his roommate try out his new weightset, those new muscles pumping themselves with the effort, veins spreading over bulging biceps, that had gotten him really close to just shooting his load. The same went for the time Carl had watched his roommates massive shaft being worked by some twink through a small opening in the door. But Carl had been able to keep his dick under control for all that time, and he wasn’t planning on slipping up now. He’d heard his roommate fuck enough that the sound only turned him extremely on, instead of the near orgasmic experience it had been when Carl had first heard his stallion like roommate bring woman buckets pleasure. It might seem silly, working yourself up for a bet with nothing to win or lose, but Carl knew he had much to relinquish if he lost. His roommate would the definitively be the alpha between them, and never see him as an equal again. And that would be a greater loss than any bet based on monetary gain. Carl was thankful when he heard the loud womanly softly fade away. Maybe his roommate’s libido had been satisfied early for a change. Going by the soft wails and cries, the bimbo he’d taken home this time wasn’t taking kindly to only cumming three times. “Don’t worry babe, I’ll just ask my roomie if he’s got some.” Carl heard the deep rumble of his roommate mumble. Hearing the deep thuds in his hallway, Carl realised his roommate was heading to his room. Swiftly Carl clicked away all the tabs open with sexy pics taken from his roommates instagram. Carl felt his boner return with a vengeance when his roommate walked in. His roommate's body glistened with that post sex sweat. His roommate just stood in the doorframe for a moment, his red sleeveless shirt pulled tightly over the big body. Carl saw his roommate speaking to him, but didn’t bother translating the sound coming out of his roommates tight lips to words. Carl was too obsessed with the canyons and valleys that made up his roommates triceps and biceps. “...Brah?” You there? Earth to Carl?” Carl was pulled away from worshipping the incredible hunk with his eyes and brought back to reality. “Right, sorry, come again?” His voice sounding nasally and weak compared to his roommates deep bass. “I asked if you got any condoms left, I’m out.” Carl shuffled through his drawers for a moment, hoping his roommate wouldn’t notice all the the stretched out and stained jocks Carl had ‘borrowed’ from him and kept in his drawers. Triumphantly Carl handed his roomate one of the larger sized rubbers Carl kept around his room for the big dick top from Grindr. “These won’t fit.” His roommate said rather dryly. Carl raised his eyebrow, these were Magnum XXL’s. His roommate spotted his disbelief. “Here, I’ll show you.” Carl barely got a chance to protest before his roommate pulled out his meaty member, still looking damp. Carl had to bite his lips and curl his toes to keep himself from shooting his load right away. Carl’s roommate gave his prick a little wiggle, blood rushing in and quickly growing to it to its full size. With an awful lot of expertise for someone who had only been a male sex god for a week he ripped the packaging open and pulled the raincoat over his pre-leaking member. It stayed put for just a second before a small pulse and a twitch shredded the condom to a thousand pieces. “See? Too small.” Carl didn’t even get a chance to reply, the display, the footlong cock, it was all too much for him, he could no longer hold it back. Carl gave a small moan while a small spot of semen appeared at the front of his pants. He’d lost, just a few hours before the deadline of the bet too… His roommate just gave a clack of his tongue, and walked out, he’d have to look elsewhere for a condom. Before he left Carl too bathe in shame he gave one final look back. “You know, if you could have gone the entire week without shooting your load in front of me, I’d given you a dose of the same godhood providing elixir I am on. But now… Well, you know what they say, once a pathetic wimp, always a pathetic wimp.”
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    This was a quick story I thought of while working out today, and wrote most of it a few hours later. I was inspired by the pictures of this famous actor... who shall remain nameless... on Instagram. It was just something quick and fun to keep my creative juices flowing while I work on the next chapter of The Test. Hope you enjoy!!! And You Wonder…What If ??? HC paced around the rented house he was staying in while in Los Angeles. Gazing at his watch for the eight time, he could see that Peter was already 15 minutes late. The little prick better not have run off with all that cash, he thought to himself. Moving into the kitchen, he decided that he would make himself a cup of tea. Yes. That would calm him down. Even after four days, he was still furious about the meeting with his agent. It seemed Warner Brothers had no further interest in him playing Superman either in the next Justice League film or in the sequel to The Man of Steel. Sure, he had said that he wasn’t interested in playing Superman anymore, but that was just a ploy to make more money. Everyone knew that and everyone did it. Of course, he wanted to play Superman again! - You’re just not big enough? - What the fuck are you talking about, Mel? I’m bigger then ever? I just finished filming The Witcher, and Mission Impossible got rave reviews. How can they think I’m not big enough? - No. It’s not your fame. That is totally fine. You’re simply not big enough… in size. - What? - You just aren’t big enough. Look at JM. He dwarfs you on the screen. How can fuckin Aquaman be bigger then Superman? - That’s crazy, Mel. I can put on more mass. You now that. - Of course I do, but not enough for Warner. They’re looking at some new kid who’s simply huge. Name is Tanner Evans. He’s gonna play Superboy or something. Sorry, Harry. That’s the way it goes. Why do you think HJ isn’t playing Wolverine anymore. - Because he’s too old? - Yeah. There’s that, but the audience just doesn’t believe it any longer. They want their superhero’s fuckin’ jacked just like they’re drawn. - I’ll do another screen test. - It’s not gonna help, H. - Tell them I want to do another screen test! Give me a month. I’ll seriously bulk up. I’ll do a cycle of roids. - Don’t! They’ll test you for your insurance, and if that comes up positive your dead. How would that look blasted across the internet: Superman Dopes Roids. - Fine. I won’t. Just get me another test. - I’ll try, H. I can’t promise anything. Now… lets talk about better things… Sure there were other movies, but not like this one. H had read the script and it was amazing. Far better then any of the others. He needed to play Superman again. That was why he hired Peter Fall, the personal trainer who had gotten HJ back in shape after Les Miserables. Peter and H met three days ago, and H told him exactly what he wanted. Peter had looked at H and told him it simply wasn’t possible. What H did to get ready wasn’t for everyone. - I’ll do anything. I’ll work day and night. 24 hours a day if I have to. You just need me to get in fighting shape. - It’s not as simple as that. - You know I’m dedicated. Look at my build now. I’m jacked. - You are… but what HJ did… that was different. - What do you mean? - Look… I don’t want to spread shit here… - Just say it. - HJ had a little help. Pharmaceutical help. - Roids? - No. Nothing like that. This shit is different. - What is it? - It’s an experimental growth hormone. It’s mostly used underground by fighters, wrestlers. Helps them get that edge over competition. - And… - It doesn’t show up on any test. You come up totally clear. I got it for HJ, and you saw him in that film. - Yeah. He looked great. - Exactly. He still needed to work out for pics on Instagram to make it look like that was how he did it, but the shit did everything. - How long does it take? I only have a month. - That’s the great part. It works right away. You’ll see results in minutes. - That’s not possible. - I’m not shitting you, man. I promise. - Get it. - It’s expensive. - How much? - 10,000 a dose. - How much did HJ take? - One. - Get it. That had been three days ago. A day later, Peter had called and told him that it wasn’t possible to purchase by the injection anymore. He would need to buy a whole vile. The cost would be 60,000. HC didn’t care. That was nothing. He transferred the money right away. Now Peter was late. He never should have trusted him. Never trust an ex-actor turned personal trainer! That was the rule. They always wanted to screw you over!! Henry tried to calm himself down by taking a sip of tea, but it only made him more agitated. Just when he thought he couldn’t take anymore, the doorbell rang. H ran to the door and swung it open. - Where the fuck have you been? - Sorry. Traffic. - You have it? - Of course. Peter took a brown bag out of his backpack. From that he removed a plastic bag filled with empty syringes, and a brown glass vial. - Here you go. - That’s it? - That’s it. - How much do I take. - The dose is .25 cc. - How do I do it? - I’ll just inject it into your glute muscles, and there you go. - Okay. Let’s get on with it. H began removing his jeans and t-shirt as Peter popped off the plastic top to the vial and sunk the needle into the plunger. From the plunger he pulled up far less then .25 cc’s, since that wasn’t really the proper dose. The proper dose was .2 iu’s, but H had no way of knowing that. He had no way of knowing exactly what Peter wanted from this evening. He should have listened to his own warning… never trust an ex actor turned personal trainer. - Bend over. - Okay. - Now, once I get the syringe in, don’t move. It’s thick and will take a few seconds. - Okay. Peter pulled the back right side of H’s black briefs down and admired his smooth perfect ass. Nice, Peter thought. Very nice… and soon it’s going to be oh so much bigger and better! First Peter cleaned the area with an alcohol swab, and then he sunk the needle into H’s ass and plunged the liquid in. He kept the needle in far longer then usual so H would think he was injecting more then he was. When he felt enough time had passed, he withdrew the needle and cleaned the area with the alcohol again. - There you go. All done. - Excellent. Should I be feeling it now? - Give it a few seconds. - Brilliant. H began to move around the room again. He couldn’t tell if he was more nervous or excited. Suddenly he began to feel something he could only describe as a pleasurable glow filling his body. - I can feel it. - Great. - Fuck yeah, I can feel it. I feel fuckin’ incredible. - Excellent. His chest was where H noticed it first. His recently trimmed hairy chest began to plump up, getting fuller. In a few moments, every muscle in his body began to gain size. His bi’s and tri’s pumped up, his lats grew a little higher, his quads bulked up, and his calves gained even more mass. H felt incredible. He was growing!! Even the muscles in his hands and feet grew a little thicker giving him the more rugged look that he had always been after. That’s why he never shaved his chest. He loved the mountain man look, and now he was definitely getting closer to it. In a few minutes, it was all over. - Fuck yea, Peter! Look at me!!! How much do you think I gained? - No clue. You have a scale? - Yeah. There’s one in the bathroom. Peter followed H into the bathroom and watched him step on the scale. - Twenty-seven pounds!! I’ve gained twenty-seven pounds in less then five minutes. Amazing!!! - That will certainly help for sure. - Damn right it will!! H began flexing in the mirror, going into a front double bicep pose, then a front lat spread, and then a side tricep. Peter could tell H loved what he was seeing by the slight tenting in his briefs. - Looking good, man. - Yeah I am. - They’ll definetly Cast you for sure. - Exactly. No way Tanner Evans has this size. - Tanner Evans? - Yeah. You know him? - Ummm… yeah. I do. H watched as Peter looked down at the floor. He stopped posing in front of the mirror and looked at him. - What is it? - Sorry man… that kid is huge. Massive. You’re big, but you can’t compete with him. I’m sorry. You should have told me that was who you were going against. - Fuck!! But look at me! I look amazing. - Yeah… but not compared to Tanner. Shit… he makes anyone look puny! - Give me another dose. - What? - Give me another dose. Can I take another dose? - I don’t know. They used to only sell it by the dose, but now no one wants an open vial, so you have to buy the whole thing. I’ve only ever given one dose. - I want another one. I’m sure it will be fine. Another should help, shouldn’t it? - Well… You gained 27 pounds? - Yeah. - I don’t think another 27 will help. Not against Tanner. I’m sorry. - Why not?!! H was getting angry now. - Tanner is much bigger then that. You can’t beat him. - Get the vial. I’m doing another dose. - I can’t. I really can’t Henry. - I paid for a fuckin vial, so get me the vial!! Walking away to get the vial, Peter tried to hide his smile. He had tried this out on HJ, but it hadn’t worked. He’d been happy with his results, but then he also had the role already. He just needed the extra size. H didn’t have the role… and he was much more vain then HJ. - Here you go. - What was the dose you gave me? - .25 cc’s. - Fine. If that gave added twenty-seven pounds, .50 will add over 50. - I don’t think you should do this, H. - Give me a needle. - I won’t give it to you, H. I want no part in this. - Fine. I don’t need your help. You can go if you want. Peter handed the syringe to H and watched him plunge the needle into the vial. Tipping the vial upward, H pulled up .50 cc’s, and thinking better of it, decided instead to pull up .60 for good measure. H pulled his briefs completely off, turned around, and plunged the needle into his ass. Pressing down on the needle, he injected all of it into his body. - There. Sixty more pounds of muscle will definitely make me bigger then this kid. He can’t be fuckin Hercules. H had just finished saying Hercules when he felt it over his entire body. - Fuuuckkkk!!!! This feels fucking amazing!! H’s voice had gotten much deeper as he spoke. Sweat was pouring down H’s body and he started pacing around the room like a caged animal. - This is it, Peter!! This is it!! I feel like a fucking nuclear warhead, and it’s only getting stronger! Listen to my voice!! It’s getting so deep!!! - Yeah. - It sounds so fucking sexy. It’s going to sound great coming from Superman. - Yeah it will. - My pecs!! They’re growing again. Peter watched as H’s two massive hairy pecs began expanding again. Larger and larger they proceeded to grow, a deep crevice appearing between the two. Soon the immense weight and size of each pec began forcing his nipples down towards the floor. - Oh yeah!!! They’re going to have to make me a completely new suit!! Fuck!! They’re nearly blocking my view!! H laughed, enjoying the tremendous feeling this growth was causing. Soon his lats joined in with his growing pecs evolving into what made him look like the head of a cobra. His arms began to hang further and further from his sides as his lats continued to grow even larger. - There’s no way that kid can beat me for size now! H cried out in pain as he looked at his hands. They were growing thicker his well. The muscle began to flow up his fore arms, blowing them up broader and thicker, and then up to his bi’s and tri’s. Henry flexed, and his upper arms were now nearly the size of Peter’s head. - What do you think, Peter? Do you think Superman has biceps like these? H stumbled for a moment, loosing his balance. He heard cracking coming form his hands and when he looked at them again, he could tell that they were getting longer. - I think I’m getting taller, Peter!! Should this shit be making me taller? - I don’t know, H, but you are definitely getting taller! H was inching up higher to give his body more area to add muscle mass. His legs blasted next in size, his quads and calves inflating, fashioning two titanic columns. H stood nearly 6’5 now and still he grew. If it was possible, his square chin got even more chiselled, and his hairy chest began to get even hairier. The fifty pounds he had thought he would gain was far behind him as he gained nearly 100; and still he grew. In the back of his head, H was concerned about what he did. He was getting too big… far too big. He was becoming almost unrecognizable. He was surpassing most bodybuilders when it came to size. The other part of his brain loved it and wanted the growth to continue. It just felt too good. He felt so powerful… as powerful as Superman!! H, with some difficulty, moved into the bathroom so he could look at himself in the full length mirror. The growth was continuing, but now it seemed to be focused on his cock. What had been of considerable size before was soon multiplying into a thick anaconda. The same size veins that travelled down his arms and legs began to wrap themselves around his cock feeding it, giving it more size. Forgetting Peter was even in the room, H began to stoke his cock as he looked at himself in the mirror. Peter hadn’t forgotten his was in the room. As H moved to the bathroom Peter made his move as well. Leaning down, he picked the vial up that had been left on the floor. Taking another syringe, he emptied the rest of the vial into it. With it in his hand, he moved into the bathroom. - You look incredible, H. Simply amazing! - I know. Even my cock is growing. - I can see that! - That kid will never beat me now. - No one will. With that, Peter injected H with the rest of the vial. - What the fuck have you done?!! - Enjoy the ride, H! HC’s whole body quaked with the onslaught of muscle growth. His chin was pushed further up as his pecs ballooned even bigger and grander. His abs formed an enormous cobblestone path down from his pecs to his crotch. The bones of his pelvis cracked and actually got tighter instead of wider, creating an inconceivable V taper to his body. His Adonis belt, or cum gutters as he called them, grew cavernous and more pronounced. This third injection apparently sent H’s testosterone into overdrive. Always a hairy man, the hair on his body began to grown in thicker and denser. His entire chest, which 30 minutes ago had been nicely trimmed and manicured, now filled with curling black hair. The hair travelled up his freshly shaved face, and began to sprout dark stubble. A few moments after, H had a thick five o’clock shadow, then two days worth of growth, then a week. H’s beard became thicker, blacker, and more intense as it grew till the tip of it was rubbing against the hair on his pecs. H looked up and saw that his growth was propelling him to the height of the vaulted ceiling in the bathroom. He had to be nearly ten feet tall or taller, he thought with an excited shutter. H was in two minds. One part of him begged for the growth to stop and for everything to go back to the way it was before. The other part begged for it to continue or never ever stop. From what he could still see of himself in the mirror, he looked incredible! He was so massive, so hairy, so masculine!! And his cock!! Fuck!!! His cock was a monster!! It had to be at least fifteen inches long and still growing longer and thicker. The head itself was simply unheard of. It was mammoth, dark red, and pulsing with each heartbeat. It was as long as his old cock had been soft, at least four inches, and at least nine inches thick. The head was at least an inch and a half fuller then his growing shaft, and persisted to grow bigger. He reached his hands down to touch it, and discovered he needed both hands to completely engulf it, the circumference was so immense. Even when soft, he couldn’t imagine how his own foreskin would ever fit around it. H laughed loudly realizing that his own cock head was the pinnacle of his hyper masculinity. A deep bass cry of pain left H’s throat as his balls proceeded to grow. What had once been hen eggs now grew to oranges, then grapefruits, and then coconuts. His crotch had also grown excessively hairy, and from his balls, he could smell his own musk rising up. Lifting his right arm up, he forced his face as close to his pit as possible. Flooded with long thick dark hair now, he soon discovered that his pheromones were also working in overdrive and he was exuding the masculine of smells. His own scent was quickly turning him on, and he found himself licking the head of his own bicep. He had to widen his stance, as his quads grew thicker. Afraid he was going to be a prisoner of the bathroom, H grabbed for the doorframe, and with less effort then it would take to rip a sheet of paper, he created a hole large enough for him to bend over and go through. I have to weight over a thousand pounds now, he thought as he forced his way into the living room, breaking down doorframes and demolishing everything in his way. On the floor he found the clothes that he had been wearing only this evening. He laughed a deep belly laugh as he leaned over and lifted up what appeared to the now giant of a man as something that would only fit a child. He searched for Peter but discovered the Personal Trainer was gone. That was too bad. He was getting hornier by the second and needed a place to stick his cock. That has-been actor had destroyed his career now, but H no longer cared. As he neared the ceiling in the living room, he realised that before he was always playing Superman. Now he WAS Superman!!! He would still be famous, there was no doubt, but now he would also be worshiped. A thick river of pre began to fall from his massive cock head. As he began jerking himself off, H continued to grown. He was relishing every sensation, as he grew closer to the ceiling. His muscles began adding on more pounds faster and faster, and his own legs began crushing his balls. He moved his feet further apart hoping to make more room, but soon they began to press against his balls again. He didn’t know what idea he liked more… his balls becoming so immense, or his legs becoming so massive. As best he could, H began to feel up his entire body. He no longer could touch his shoulders nor could he really turn his head, but he saw out of the corner of his eyes how round and hairy his deltoids were becoming. He began to think he would need to hire someone to shave his back, but then, he thought, why bother. Let the world see a real man for once, hairy back and all. Fuck, he was horny. His own pointer finger was now four times the size his old penis was, so he brought his hand down to try and finger his own asshole, but found he could only reach as far as his hairy glutes. Since he couldn’t see his own ass, he could only tell by feeling how unbelievably round, hairy, and full of pure muscle it was. H laughed, and executed a deep squat, watching his quads simply explode in size. Lusting after his own size, H grabbed his cock and began to jerk off. He had always been an XL on that one dating/sex app he had, but now he would have to list himself as XXXXXXXXLLLLL!! Even a serious fister wouldn’t be able to get his cock head in! Just thinking about that made his pre flow faster. H reached down to his oozing head, filled his palm with seeping pre, and coated his whole penis with it. As he jerked faster and faster, drool leaving his mouth and falling onto his own beard and chest hair, he quickly reached orgasm. HC let out a deep moan which escalated quickly to a roar. The orgasm lasted longer than a minute and nearly brought him to his knees. When he finished, he realised his cock was still as hard as before, and he was still just as horny. Would he ever be satisfied again? Just as he was about to hit the twelve-foot ceilings, the growth tapered off and stopped. Standing over eleven feet tall and over three thousand pounds of pure muscle, HC roared like the massive grizzly of a man he was. He loved the sound of his deep bass roar and expected to do it a lot from now on. He looked around the destroyed room and tried to find his cell phone. He wasn’t sure how he would dial it, but he had to call his agent. He was going to introduce himself to the world soon, and he would need someone to deal with all the press. Then he had to get back in touch with Peter. There were several other famous men H had on speed dial he’d like to see be introduced to the contents of that vial. He definitely wanted Peter to purchase more. At least ten to start. A new thought crossed his mind… maybe he would play Superman on film again. He would build his own Justice League of massive, freaky, muscular men. He would handpick each one, and he knew just where to start!
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    Remaining Unnoticed. Slowly I feel a familiar heat spread through my body, my muscles bouncing and twitching involuntarily under their tight lair of clothing. Not here, please not here. Just a few more minutes and I would be home, where I had privacy in spades. I’m familiar enough with the sensation however to know that once it starts, there’s no going back. I look around anxiously, I had enough unwanted attention as it is. Prying eyes tracing the bulging muscles making up my tall and adonis like figure. I’m not even sure why I still went with the subway nowadays, the potent beef that made up my calves could carry me faster than any train could. Old habits die hard I suppose, and this new masculine body craved this kind of staring attention as much as gym time. The hot and burning feeling intensified in my chest. I regretted doing an extra chest work on what was supposed to be a core day now, my pecs were already pumped and hard with the workout, I was terrified what the heat was gonna to the straining and globe like muscles. I felt a pit turn in my stomach. Well, it was too late for regrets now. My breathing slowed as the burning pain made way way for soft sensual pleasure. My knees buckle as I widen my stance. It feels good having some air between my legs and the meat dangling down there. Feeling good faded into feeling really good, my muscles cascading, the worries of being seen not even in the back of my mind as I let euphoric ecstasy wash over me. Pure power and exhilaration pumps through my veins, and I notice the first signs of the transformation. My biceps feel pumped, like I had just worked them out. I’d done no such thing but the pleasant glow and swollness is there regardless. I firmly grab one of the poles placed around the subway for support. I look on in awe at the massive arm that is holding the metal pole. My massive arm. It’s peaks are stretching further and further, each muscle becoming more pronounced. As I feel the growth slow down in my biceps I casually roll up the sleeves, and look in awe at the raw power on display. Fuck, they looked a solid inch bigger than when I had measured them just a week ago, I normally never grew this much from a single growth spurt. Instead of the exhilaration and euphoria fading now that growth did it’s job I felt it’s pleasant buzz persist. Slowly I could feel it move on to my impressive chest. Feeling your pecs grow and swell is unlike any experience describable. Once the sinews making up those globes grow past a certain size, and you always feel your pecs hanging out of you, being dragged to the earth, the mere idea of them growing can be erotic. Let alone standing and actively feeling them being pushed bigger and bigger. The hardon I had down a leg of my pants grew hard as steel feeling the pump and size of the swelling muscle. Slowly I could hear the rattling noise of the zipper of my sweater being unzipped. The muscular rack making up my chest, growing more and more impressive by the second, would no longer be contained. As I felt the cold soft breeze on my chest, my nipples growing plump and solid, I remember I wasn’t wearing a shirt under my sweater. Well I had been, but after my workout in the gym I had been forced to sacrifice it as cum rag to shoot my load into. “Hey! You you there!” I heard a voice say coming from somewhere in the back of the train. I woke up from my euphoria, I snapped back my arm from the steel pole it had been holding, only just now noticing the deep imprint my massive paws had made. I hoped nobody had seen my muscles swell and ripple with power. The subway screechingly slowed down to halt and I quickly get off. It was a few stops early, but I’d already drawn an awful lot of attention to myself, and the persistent pleasant warmth promised more growth to come, and I wasn’t sure if my shorts would be ready for that. “Hey, you! Meathead! I’m talkin’ to you!” I didn’t look back, I could feel the growth move to my already obtrusive cock, I didn’t want things to get any more obscene. I felt some wimp grab onto one of my colossal arms, he was taking two steps for just one of my big strides. Was I gaining height too, or was he really that puny? “You’re not getting away from me that easily. You’re one of those freaks that is all over the news right? The ones who seem to magically pack on size? What are they calling it, that disease, now? ‘GR0-B1G’ or something? Well, whatever it is called, you're infected with it!" I nod to indicate no, but there probably was little I could say after he’d seen me gain 20 pounds of muscle in a few minutes. Shit, I’d manage to go undiscovered for so long too. “You’re not fooling me! Last I heard the army was paying millions to citizens that handed one of you aberrations over. Got your little freaky growth spurt right on camera.” The paltry and tiny excuse for a man said while waving his phone around triumphantly. Instinctively I grabbed the small device right out of his hand. I consider my options for a second. I had always been a law abiding citizen, but sometimes you gotta put your own safety first. I can’t help but feel a little intoxicated with my own strength as I crush his small phone in a matter of seconds. Wasn’t planning on being some lab rat for the army, especially now that I had this body to play around with. As I leave the puny runt to mourn the loss of his phone I wonder why I always worry so much about being discovered. If I could crush it, it wouldn’t talk. Advantages of being a behemoth. And as I hear the ripping noises of my cock fighting against its clothing prison I wonder how much growing is still to come.
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    Thanks for the comments - part 3 coming soon!
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    “I fucking hate this” Lou muttered under his breath Ronny just focused the camera on Lou’s swollen pec shelf as he worked the machine. Ronny smirking and shaking his head. “Nothing we can do about it” Ronny replied “You’re hot property” Ronny continued to film Lou’s heaving flexing pecs. Lou was a fitness model, a huge, hulking fitness model and Ronny the blond all American boy was his manager. They were both barely 25 and already making tonnes of money selling pictures and videos of Lou just being the Asian beast he was. Though he hadn’t been a beast a week ago, Lou had created this entire reality, and he hated it a little bit. Ronny had been Lou’s roommates, they had been just friends, but now they worked closely together and Ronny even expected Lou to dump a couple thick loads of Asian bull cum deep down Ronny’s throat every day. The guy had even been straight before Lou changed everything. It had just happened one day, Lou was in Chinatown looking at some antiques. He and Ronny had wanted to class up their apartment a little. He’d found a nice looking vase, it was surprisingly cheap and well within Lou’s budget. He’d picked it up to give it a better look, the vase had dragon like handles and a pattern of a Chinese dragon over the vases main body. It was a heavy piece of pottery and Lou’s slender weak arms could barely hold it up. He remembered cursing under his breath, cursing at his own weakness. He remembered hating how he was so short compared to his white and black friends. How he was always skinny, no matter what he ate or how much he worked out. He was just a short, skinny Asian boy, like hundreds of thousands of other Asian boys. Lou was a walking stereotype and he remembered hating it. But it was different now, the vase had done something. The dragons eyes glowed and everything was changed. Lou had almost dropped the vase, he was suddenly massive. Just a block of breathing muscle, his head nearing the ceiling and heavy meaty slabs of flesh hanging off every bone in his body. He remembered buying the vase from the oddly big elderly Asian shop owner. he remembered running the 7 blocks back to his apartment, his now huge wide feet thudding on the side walk. He remembered how people would step aside, how equally big Asian men would nod at him with a smirk as he sped pass. Later he found out they were smirking due to the shared experience they had of having a massive soft cock slapping from side to side against their thick muscle thighs as they ran, all Asian men where hung like bull elephants now. He remembered getting back to the apartment, how it had changed. Posters of Lou flexing decorated the walls, nice expensive furniture littered the room and a mass of trophies for bodybuilding and various sports lined a wall of shelves. Lou placed the vase on those shelves and tried to get sense of what happened. Turns out the vase changed the world. It had turned the entire stereotype of Asians on its head. All Asian men where now tall, built, hung and mostly not very smart. Lou wasn’t even in school anymore, his entire life was working out, partying and fucking. It was like he’d never even attempted to go to college, he wasn’t even sure if he graduated from high school. So thanks to a magical vase Lou found himself working out his sweaty pecs while a near drooling Ronny filmed him. “I think we have enough” Ronny said with a smile Lou stopped and rolled his shoulders. Stretching out his arms, he been doing the same movement for ages, his arm felt stiff. He scratched at the massive bulge in his sweats, his huge hairy bull nuts rolling around between his thighs. His fingers ran along the length of his footlong soft cock, it was draped over his thigh and Ronny’s eyes were tracing the outline just like Lou’s fingers were. “Ok man” Lou muttered “Now fuck off” Ronny just nodded and vanished, Lou had found Ronny to be a lot more submissive since the change and Lou liked it. If he needed Ronny he just called him, if he wanted privacy he just told him to leave. Lou stood up, his swollen pumped pecs bounced. He a little too close to the 8ft high ceiling for his liking. Another inch or so and he’d have to duck under the lights. Lou’s cock slapped his thigh as he stood, he never wore underwear now. Lou started toward the gyms locker room. The other patrons were mostly all Asian, all big and beefy men. He caught himself in a mirror as he walked. “Fuck” Lou chuckled He still couldn’t get other how hot he was. A chiselled model face, a face which Lou knew was the main reason he was a fitness model. Any Asian could be a bodybuilder now, but it took looks like Lou’s to make big money. “Excuse me” a voice asked Lou turned around, a young Asian boy stared up at him. Even though he was a teen the boy was built and must be at least 6'6 already, yet he was only level with Lou’s sweaty chest. His highschool jersey was straining against some thick looking muscles. “Yes” Lou asked curious “Ummm, can I get a pic with you” the boy asked “I love your videos” Lou smiled widely and nodded, he and the boy lined up. Lou putting a huge hand over the boys shoulder as the teen snapped a couple pics with his phone. “Thanks man, I hope I’ll have a body like yours some day” the teen said before heading back to his workout With a wide grin on his face Lou continued to the locker room, that has been his first taste of the fame this new massive body commanded in this new world and he liked it. He was already forming a plan, he’d jerk off a couple times in the gym’s showers, stop to eat, jerk off again in the restaurant’s restroom, head home, fuck Ronny a couple times, then finally he’ll break the vase and if that doesn’t change everything back he’ll just learn to live with his new life, then he’ll fuck Ronny a few more times before going to bed. Either way his balls needed emptying.
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    The Baseball Star Lianna squealed in delight once she saw her boyfriend Blake strut onto the baseball field. Even from the far distance away on the bleachers she could make out how tightly the team uniform was stretched over his powerfully muscled body. His baseball cap was pulled backwards atop his handsome face. Lianna was sure there was no other college baseball player that matched his immense muscle mass. She loved coming to his trainings, watching his vigorous body swiftly move around, those big biceps cascading when he hit a home run. And, Blake always rewarded her with that fresh post training musk while she used her tender hands to massage the big burging muscles. But, as she tracked the massive man taking his position on the field, baseball bat in hand and down a leg of his trousers, she couldn’t help but feel like something was off. Lianna thought it was great having a muscular behemoth for a boyfriend, but it was all a little too… ... Perfect. The loud clapping noise of her facepalming her makeup stuffed face was masked under the noise of one of Blake’s lesser teammates playfully slapping one of Blake’s bulging ass cheeks. Normally Lianna would be jealous someone else got to play with her mans ass, but at the moment all she could think about was the amount of shit she was in if her new suspicions were true. Blake was way too perfect, too muscular and sexy contrasted to the rest of the comparatively pathetic looking baseball team. She was sure she had done it again. Lianna quickly made her way down the bleacher stairs, her nice and perky tits jiggling wildly while she stormed up to her study boyfriend. Grabbing him by one of his muscular and bulging arms she dragged him away while he was in the middle of telling the story about how he had managed to make Lianna cum seven times in one hour. “Babe, what's up?” Blake's thundering voice boomed loudly. He was a bit annoyed he didn't even get to tell the part about how he smothered Lianna's face into his crotch and how the soft pulse in the gigantic yet soft meaty package had shoved her over the edge for the first time that evening. “It's…. Uhmm… Hmm…” The normally always confident Lianna always lost her tongue in front of her hunky boyfriend. The way the deep valley between his pecs was visible even in his uniform and ensured all the moisture in her mouth relocated too… Other places. God was Blake perfect, she really needed to get this over and done with. “So, you know that I'm like, a witch right?” Blake's discovery of her arcane heritage had come just a month earlier when he had noticed some magical force had prevented his cock from leaving Lianna's body during one of their daily fuck sessions. Blake was rather chill about discovering his girlfriend had a connection to mystical powers, he thought it was pretty cool that he had finally found a girl who could fully handle masculine body during intense his fucking. That she used magic to make his cock easier to handle hardly mattered. Blake nodded, rearranging his growing and swelling package now that he had a good view of his girls nice rack again. “Well, sometimes, my magic sort of manifests without me knowing about it.” Blake looked at her with glossed eyes. “You know my wimpy creepy neighbor right? He picked up weightlifting a few years back to put some meat on those bones of his. I was supportive, apparead on his body, and soon he did look bigger. I kept up the compliments, and he kept on growing, soon his formerly wimpy form seemed like a more and more distant memory. And then my memories of him being wimpy really grew hazy. “Puny, my neighbor? No, he'd always been a stallion.” I'd say. My memories and reality itself had been altered by my unintended magic.” “Wake up call came when I was working his gargantuan cock shaft one morning, reduced to nothing but a milk maid for his unending lustful meat. I had just been running through his ripped 8-pack when I thought: ‘Hmm, my neighbor really is the complete package isn't he. Almost too complete, too perfect, almost like the stuff of my fantasies come to life.’ From there I made the connection to my magic real quick. So I gave a quick snap with my fingers to undo any magic present in the room, and what do you know, the 10 inches of cock I had been draining suddenly reduce themselves to barely 4. The ripped abdominal made way for a pudgy belly, and his deep approving grunts replaced by the whimpers of a virgin. I was back to reality, the hunky version of my neighbor only existing in my head again.” Blake looked like he had been barely listening, instead he had been rather preoccupied with own swelling and heaving muscles. “So, uh, where do I come in to play.” Lianna gave an exasperated sigh. “Blake. Honey. Stud. You're the biggest man on campus and you haven't set foot in a gym. All you do in your free time is fuck me and play a sport you are way too big for. You're a star that doesn't follow any of nature's rules.” Lianna threw her hands around wildly. “I don't even wanna know how much magic must have seeped out of me for it to create and man this irresistible. The amount required to alter reality this badly…” “I've just got good genes…” Blake tried, but Lianna wasn't having any of it. “Zip it, hunk” She looked at the baseball star for what she assumed was the last time. God he really was impossible sexy. That incredible V leading from his wide pecs shelf to his narrow waist… Lianna closed her eyes and snapped her fingers, hopefully undoing the magic and returning Blake to whatever size he was before. Lianna opened her eyes, expecting to be greeted by a wimp, instead, she was looking at the same ungodly studly Blake as before. Actually, that wasn't true, he looked even bigger. “Told ya, no magic necessary, just got good genes.” Lianna was agasp. Her unintended magic hadn't beefed up some wimp by accident, it had slightly shrunk this Hercules to a mere star athlete. She audibly swallowed as she looked at Blake as he pulled out his fourteen inches of cock, looking 4 inches longer than before. She had probably involuntarily shrunk him to make him more manageable. Blake softly stroked his meaty baby maker with one hand, exploring his body which looked even more muscular to Lianna with his other massive mitten. “So babe…” Blake wondered out loud. “If you didn't use your magic to grow me before, does that mean you could you know…” Blake bumped his massive shaft into Lianna's thigh, letting her feel the power pulsing through his cock alone, and knowing full well what the temptation did to Lianna's fair sense of judgment. “....Does that mean you could use your magic to give me a little boost now?”
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    Wow that was HAWT. Great stuff. Loved the condom scene. Since he won the bet, the roommate should take the dose that he was going to give to Carl.
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    Ich LIEBE diese Story. Ich kann kaum auf den nächsten Teil warten
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    Part XIV “So, are we going to do this thing or not?” I ask bluntly. “Yeah. Let’s get down to it.” Blake removes the tank he was wearing so we’re both naked now. Me with my gymnasts body and hardon. Blake with his bodybuilder physique and slumbering giant. “Ok, we’ll start off the easy way.” Blake says as he shoves me hard and I crumple to the floor. “Get up small fry!” He booms. I stand up, confused but more angry. “What the fuck was that‽ “ “I’m putting you down where you belong. At my feet.” Blake smirks, towering over me. He brings his huge arm up and flexes his bicep. “You see this, this is real man muscle. Look at that twig you call a bicep. Pathetic.” “I. Am. Not. Pathetic.” I growl. “The fuck You aren’t. Look at me. All this fucking muscle.” Bland breaks his flex and places his extended palm on his chest. His huge hand looks small when he places it on his pec. That meaty mound of muscle spreads from his delts to the center of his chest where it meets its twin and form a deep groove. His hand slips down to meet his firm 8-pack. It traces the cracks that each taut muscle makes until his hand is down to his navel. It then slides over to where his Adonis belt bulges away from his hip. He grabs the meaty muscle tightly in his hand and squeezes, massaging the muscle. “Come on little guy. You know you want to touch it.” He gestures down to his sleeping monster, hand on his hip. “No one can resist touching it. Especially when they’re used to handling their own pathetic worm like yourself. The flash of heat floods my face but the pull to his cock is so much stronger. I focus myself and don’t move. “You mean people line up for that weak, soft cock?” I reply cockily to Blake. “You can’t even get it up.” Silently Blake closes his eyes and grits his teeth. I see the head on his cock begin thickening and expanding. In seconds it’s reached its full size from earlier. It looks insanely huge on his soft shaft. All flared and red. But it doesn’t look out of place for long. His shaft balloons larger in long pulses as it also begins to straighten out, rising from its resting place on his balls. Once the show is over and his cock reaches its monolithic size he grabs my wrist. I lock eyes with him and become startled. His normal soft, brown eyes aren’t looking at me, but cold, black eyes stare me down. “Careful brother, I am slow to anger but once provoked I have difficulty controlling my rage. You must feel it too. The jealousy of being smaller. Don’t you crave the size? Don’t you thirst for it?” I gulp loudly. The fear in my body making me nauseas. Blake moves my hand to his cock and places it on his angry head. “Now, how does a real mans cock feel?” “It feels...” I trail off as I feel my arm grow tight. I look down and see my forearm striated with unfamiliar muscle and fueled strength. I smirk and squeeze Blake’s cock head tightly. He winces in a bit of pain but he’s so hard not much damage is done. “I feel strong.” I release Blake’s cock and immediately place my hand on my bicep. I can feel it swelling with new mass, growing firmer under my hand and spreading it apart. My eye travels up my arm and I watch my shoulder stretch outward, nicely capping off the enhancement to my bid and tris. My chest has too expanded morphing into squared off slabs of meat that touch in the center to form a deep groove. They now stand off from the rest of my body a solid inch. A field of dark, smooth hair now spreads from the groove outward giving my pecs an even more masculine look. The hair is more concentrated around my darkened nipples. My lats flare out from my body as I feel my back widen in strife with the other changes. I can feel my traps growing up my neck, thickening and strengthening. My stomach still maintains the six pack it has but the individual abs have grown wider and taller. They also have grown in thickness to push away from the rest of my core. My abs now look strong instead of just superficial. My Adonis belt has too thickened, adding pounds of muscle and extending off my hips like Blake. The hair from my chest doesn’t cover my stomach but a dense treasure trail forms below my navels and snakes down my thickly muscled groin to my pubes. Sadly I don’t see that my cock has grown and my nuts still resemble large eggs, hanging loose in their sack. But my gaze is drawn down to my quads. The striating muscle forms thick ropes down my legs. I feel their power building the size taking shape. It makes me feel weak in the knees but I know my muscle wouldn’t dare let me fall. Then I feel my ass twitch. I reach around and feel a large mound of tight, firm flesh covered in a light dusting of hair. I give it a squeeze and let out a soft moan. “Fuck yeah bro.” Blake Says, snapping me back to reality. I had almost forgotten he was in the room. I turn to face him and see that he looks a little shorter than I remember. But everything looks further away now. I must have grown taller too. And by the looks of it by almost two inches bringing me up to 6’4” of man meat. “Looking good bro.” Blake smiles. “And I think you got one last surprise in store this time around?” “What?” I reply. Blake motions at my crotch. “It’s usually the last to catch up.” He says as I see my nuts drop lower, my sack loosening. Then I can feel an increase of weight in them as my nuts visibly expand. I cup them softly in my hand as they spill over my grip. But my fascination with my nuts is cut short by the stirring in my cock. I feel a surge of blood rush to it and veins explode out of the shaft. I almost cum from the pressure but bite it back remembering Blake’s words. The pressure increases and I feel myself getting hard, lengthening. Which is odd since ive been rock hard for so long. But my cock swells larger, growing to reflect my change in body size. The head swells and turns a bright red. The ridge of my head flares out and swells thickly. The shaft thickens and grows longer, forcing my head further from the base. I desire to stroke its length but I don’t dare touch...yet. I swear it must have grown to at least a full foot long if not more. I can feel the slit of my cock growing larger, willing to accommodate more of my seed. My nuts begin to itch as they grow increasingly hairy, making them look like hyper masculine. I begin to smell an odor coming from my crotch. It’s musty and has tones of salt but it’s enveloping and strong. It smells like man. Not dirty or rank but comforting and sexual. And then I feel a click in my body. Like the tap feeding me was shut off. “How you fucking feel stud?” Blake says, his rod swinging in front of him. “It’s so heavy.”I say gesturing to my body. “We can take care of at least one heavy thing right now.” Blake says as he cups my balls in his hand. “Because I got a big load I need to dump and I want to see you take this puppy on a test drive.”
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    A year long wait for Part Six, sorry, school got ahead of me and when I was finally free I wasn't in any mood to write. This part is mostly filler and some plot, more transformations to come in the next part though. Thanks for reading. Read Part One HERE Read Part Two HERE Read Part Three HERE Read Part Four HERE Read Part Five HERE Liquid Manhood Chapter Six Chris lay awake in bed, staring at the ceiling deep in thought. The room was still dark, but dim light shone through the gaps in the curtains. The light illuminated the cause of Chris’ thinking, a large tent in Melvin’s bed sheet, and two massive feet that hung out the end of that bed. A couple of months ago Melvin had been a small runty nerd who Chris could twist around his little finger, but then Melvin took some of the magical elixir home. Now Melvin was more confident, he was questioning Chris’ decisions more and he was keeping Chris awake with hour-long fuck sessions every single day. The only benefit to being kept up so late is that Chris had the time to think over the events of the past few days. That first day when he found out what had happened to Melvin had been the hardest. Hearing that deep voice over the phone made his heart drop, but he nearly died when he found Melvin. Melvin had directed Chris to come talk to him at some apartment, his nerdy roommate opened the door in just his underwear. He was now tall, built and from the look of the bulge in his briefs, hung like a donkey. Seeing Melvin had only added fuel to the theory that the elixir had a plan of its own, that the changes it caused weren't random. That in fact it mattered on what sort of person you were, an undeserving person would end up as unappealing, but a deserving person, as Melvin appeared to be, would end up owning mouthwatering pecs with big silver dollar sized nipples, abs you could wash clothes on and a bulge that looked like it could feed a small village. The conversation between the two roommates was awkward mainly because Chris could see the four girls who lived in the apartment had been fucked senseless for what must of been several days. From where Chris sat he could see the girls in a sleeping cum stained heap on a bed in a bedroom, the doors having been pulled off its hinges, they all had smiles on their faces. A smile which matched Melvin’s smug smirk, he knew the situation between them had changed. Melvin though didn’t rub it in that he was now a towering stallion compared to Chris, which Chris had expected. Instead he talked about what had happened to him and what he’d thought was going on with the elixir. In the days following Melvin’s marathon fuck session both boys shared their theories on how the elixir affected the user. Chris’ theory that who you were mattered held more water then anything Melvin offered. It was nearly confirmed when Chris and, the now meathead, Melvin found out what happened to the people dosed by the water bottles from the school gym that Chris had tainted. The equipment manager Thaddeus Stern had ballooned into some ebony black beast of muscle and manhood, he was instantly recruited by football team to his own delight. Yuri was also dosed too, and to Chris’ delight he didn't end up huge. Instead the slim swimmer had swelled into some hairy bear. A gut of muscle and fat replacing his toned abs. Melvin didn't think the change was that bad, Yuri looked pretty intimidating, an opinion which seemed to be shared by others. Yuri had been recruited to the football team too. The third person to be dosed had surprised Chris. Coach Peters had changed and it seemed to have knocked him out of the funk that losing his football team had caused. His flabby gut had been sucked in and tightened, his hair darkened and his face lost a good 20 years of wear and tear. The man who now stomped around campus in a sweat suit with a big cigar in his mouth was nothing like the old Coach Peters. Scary was the word that Melvin had used after he'd been cornered and almost forced to join the football team by the new Peters. He was rebuilding the team and taking anyone who even looked like they lifted weights. Chris though was half attracted to the new barrel chested daddy like-coach. He would have expected that Peters to get the bad side of the elixir, but instead Peters’ love and loyalty to the boys on his team had instead made the elixir turn Peters into a better man than he already was. Chris’ reminiscing was ruined by the loud wet slapping coming from Melvin’s bed. The big lug had thrown back his blankets and was fisting his Pringles can cock with both of his meaty fists. Chris just rolled over and buried his face into his pillow hoping Melvin would only jerk off once this morning. ——————————————————————————————————————————— “Good workout today man” Thaddeus’ Barry White-like voice said Both he and Sean were standing in the locker room of the school gym, they had it to themselves as the other patrons seemed to flee the room when they both came in sweaty from their workout and stuffed into gym shorts that looked close to bursting. They'd both showered on the far side of the showers from each other, both trying to sneak in a quick wank, though it was hard to keep two massive muscle men jerking wrist fat monster cocks secret. Neither of them brought it up, even thought they’d both cum at the same time. “Yea, good lift” Sean agreed, pulling on his shirt The two muscle men were both buttoning up their shirts, both having the same issue of pulling the shirt together over their pecs. Thaddeus with his glistening ebony pec pillows and Sean with is fire-red furry slab like chest. Sean and Thaddeus had met soon after Coach Peters had recruited them both for football team and they’d become fast friends. Mainly it was due to them being forced together as they were both of similar size, but they shared an intense interest in video games, so a friendship had blossomed. A tv bolted up to the wall loudly played some sporting news show, the announcer worriedly talking about the removal of some big name athlete from the Dallas Cowboys because of some sort of disease. Sean had seen the guys face all over the internet and he’d even jerked off a fair bit to the guys modeling pics. Sean gave up on closing his shirt, his entire hairy pec cleavage on show. The button just below his pecs barely holding the shirt closed. “You coming round mine tonight to game” Sean asked pulling up the zipper of his jeans again Since his last growth spurt Sean had found a guy on Craigslist who was selling a tonne of clothes in sizes that could actually contain him, but now after a couple of months of actually working out, playing football and slowly growing he was beginning to outgrow them. Thaddeus, was himself just stuffing his overpacked undies into some jeans. He pulled the zipper up and gave his hefty bulge a good grope with a big black hand. “Nah man” Thaddeus chuckled deeply “Got a date tonight” Sean laughed “What again… did last nights go so well” Thaddeus left their gaming session last night with some cheerleader under this arm. The big black stud had been grinning ear to ear earlier when they started their workout, so it must of gone well. “Yea, yea, it did, nearly broke her bed” Thaddeus laughed, doing a little thrusting movement with his hips “But its not the same girl… her friend" “Slut” Sean laughed lightly punching Thaddeus’ shoulder Thaddeus packed up his gym bag and seemed ready to leave, obviously eager to get to this date. “Yea pretty much, I used to be some pathetic virgin” the black stud laughed “But since my growth spurt I've been getting pussy every day… even multiple pussies sometimes” Sean felt his eyes roll, Thaddeus just laughed at his reaction. The two friends said goodbye and the black beast thudded out of the locker room, leaving Sean to struggle to get his clown feet into sneakers that were falling apart because they were at least a size too small. The walk back to his dorm room was quick, but it was a constant barrage of stares as he stomped across campus. He knew his heavy bulge was bouncing from thigh to thigh with each step and his pecs were dangerously close to launching the remaining buttons of his shirt across the path ahead of him. Sean was struggling with his keys at his door, his big meaty fingers fumbling over the tiny, little pieces of metal. “Sean” a quiet voice asked Sean turned to look and just saw an empty corridor. Then he looked downwards. A nervous yet smiling brown haired boy stared up at him. It was the guy he’d brought all the old clothes from. A guy of barely 5ft2 who for some reason owned clothes ranging from XXL to XXXXL, Sean didn’t ask why. “Hey... Ben right” he asked, hoping he’d got the name right Ben nodded as Sean turned away from his door to look down at Ben. The smaller guys eyes widening as he stared at the thick overhang of Sean’s pecs. Thankfully his eyes weren’t looking down to the overstuffed bulge of his pants which was shockingly close to Ben’s eye level. They were silent for a few moments, Ben just watching as Sean’s pecs slowly heaved with each breath. Sean broke the silence “So, why are you here” He knew that Ben didn’t live in the dorm. He loved in one of big frat houses on the other side of campus. Ben muttered something, sounded like he was nervously gathering his words. “Just… just... wanted to see if you wanted to hang out” Ben asked, smiling slightly Sean wondered if Ben had actually wanted to ask something else, but the sight of Sean’s hulking hairy form had knocked all the confidence out of the little guy. Sean chuckled slightly “Sure, I was going play some games, but we can hang out” Sean opened his door, the gust of warm musky air washed over them both. Ben actually squeaked in surprise. “It's only a single-player game, but I’m sure we could find you something to do” Sean said, letting Ben pass into the room Sean followed him in, giving his big bulge a quick rearrange before closing the door and trapping the little guy. ——————————————————————————————————————————— “Do you have any books on witchcraft” Barrett asked up to the librarian Without even looking pass their glasses and down to the runty Barrett, they muttered a floor number. Barrett had gotten used to being ignored since his fall from grace. He quickly headed up the stairs, taking two at a time, which was a stretch for his short skinny legs. Luckily no one would recognize him, he wasn't the Barrett anyone on campus would recognize. A few months ago Barrett had received an email about his campuses links to magic and witchcraft, since then he’d been researching the subject. He’d read more books and written more down in these months then he’d ever done in his life. It had started as a simple way of passing the time and maybe distracting him from his diminished body and from the housekeeper's son cleaning the swimming pool shirtless, but it had become a desperate passion once AJ returned home. The doctors had said that AJ had a muscle wasting disease, the same thing that the doctors has said to Barrett. AJ had lost his position in the NFL and returned him a broken man. AJ was nearly as small and runty as Barrett was and was getting smaller all the time. His personality shift was more dramatic than Barrett’s had been, Barrett regularly could hear AJ crying himself to sleep. When AJ was a towering beast Barrett had never even heard a single word spoken in a unsure tone, let alone seen him shed a tear. The CDC had even visited the house to check it out for any environmental causes, they found nothing. Just like they’d found nothing at the athletic department on campus. Barrett had actually stopped off to see how things had changed. It was just the same as Barrett had left it, without any reminder that Barrett had ever existed. The CDC had even kept an office on campus, but they didn’t seem to be doing anything. Just some guy sitting alone in an office bouncing a tennis ball off the far wall. The suddenly collapse of his brothers obscenely manly physique and the CDC’s continued inability to find a medical cause had only pushed Barrett closer towards witchcraft and magic. It had knocked Barrett out of his depression, he’d become more active, more set on finding an answer. He’d be researching anything and everything that could link to his and AJ’s situation. Quickly moving away from any sort of scientific explanation and focusing almost entirely on the thin hope that something beyond explanation had caused his and AJ’s predicament. He came to the correct floor, wheezing, he was so unfit now. He moved through the cases and desks looking for some sort of sign directing him to his answer. The floor was pretty much empty of students. Just one guy with long black hair sitting at a desk with headphones on. Barrett stopped to stare at his guy, he was well built. Large pecs straining at his shirt and thick arms gripping the table. Barrett bit his lip, muscle really got to him, his little cock hardening in his pants. The guy let out a moan and Barrett could see a hand was beneath his shirt feeling up his pecs. Barrett knelt down to check under the table, having to look between the legs of chairs and desks between him and the big guy. A blond haired head was moving back and forth between the guys massive jean clad legs. Barrett let out a gasp and scurried between some bookcases. He heard a sloppy sounding slap and a guy, probably the blond, taking in deep breaths. “Zach, did you hear something… I think someone is here” one voice said between deep breaths “No one is here” another deeper voice said “Get back to sucking bitch” There was slapping sound and a return to wet sucking noises. Barrett was sitting on the floor, his back leaning against a bookcase. His cock rock hard at the sound of the blond struggling to deepthroat whatever this Zach had between his legs. Down the line of books, Barrett saw a massive ornate bookcase. Leather bound books of various sizes filled its shelves and a sign above in posh looking gold lettering read. “Tiberius J.J. Haber Occult Library” Barrett jumped to his feet, for the first time thankful that he was small, his feet making no sound as he moved. He ran down the aisle towards the bookcase. As he approached he saw how run down the bookcase was. The golden sign was faded, the wood chipped and in placed moldy. The books were covered in thick dust, but Barrett saw a few finger marks. A couple of books on the middle shelf had been touched recently, but only those books. He strained to reach up to them, again hating how small he was now. “Did you see that guy… getting a blowjob in the library” an insanely rich and deep voice boomed from down the aisle “From a guy…” another voice stated sounding annoyed “Damn” the deep voice muttered “I mean, nothing against gays, Chris, you know that…” The other guy, Chris, just sighed loudly. Barrett fell back to another set of shelves and hid behind them as the two men approached. One was tall with strong features, almost model like in his movements. The other was a brute, towering nearly as tall as the bookcases and nearly as wide as the aisle. The massive dude had a hand down his shorts and was obviously scratching at his balls. Chris though was inspecting the occult bookcase. Chris gently lifted the middle books away from shelf and tapped at the wood behind them. “Good, it’s still jammed” Chris said returning the books to their place “Huh” the big guy said, he’d been busy sniffing his hand after scratching his nuts “The compartment where we found the magic book… we jammed it so we’d know if someone else found it” Chris said, trying not to raise his voice at the giant guy The big guy's viking like face made an expression of understanding. His heavy lantern jaw moving to make an ‘oh’ sound. “It’s still jammed so whoever was asking about witchcraft never found it” Chris mused “Wait… how’d you know someone asked about that” the big guy asked “I paid the librarian to call me if someone did, why do you think we even rushed over here” Chris said smirking arrogantly “We don’t want anyone finding out what we did… well not till I’m your size” Chris gave a playful backhanded tap to the big guy’s abs which were showing through his shirt. The two turned and left, Barrett’s head spinning, could magic actually be real, what where they are hiding. He waited for the big guys wide back to vanish around a corner before slowly he started to follow them. ——————————————————————————————————————————— Sean was laying on his front on his bed. It was too small for him. His pecs were hanging off the end and he was awkwardly propping his meaty arms on the edge so he could play his game properly. His big mits pressing buttons and his TV loudly sounding out the gun shots of his character. “You ok back there little dude” Sean asked peeking over his shoulder to Ben Ben was laying between Sean’s legs, the big guys legs bent and pressing down on Ben’s back. Ben’s face was pressed between Sean’s rounded muscle ass and his tongue deep between the cheeks. “Just slap my ass once if yes, twice for no” Sean said, trying not to chuckle Ben’s little hand flew up and slapped the rock solid left cheek of Sean’s ass and then fell back to gripping at Sean’s thigh. “Good boy” Sean said returning to his game “In a bit I’m move across to my gaming chair, you can suck or sit on my dick if you like” Sean’s cock was rock hard and laying between his legs and throbbing against Ben’s tummy. “Well you going suck or ride it either way, I’ll let you choose which happens first” Sean’s let out a deep moan and almost crushed his controller as Ben excitedly assaulted his asshole with his talented and surprisingly large tongue. ——————————————————————————————————————————— On opposite sides of campus, two groups of friends were meeting. One a group of young men who were busy planning the next phase of their Homes for Humanity project. The other a group of young men planning which news agency’s website they were going to bring down with a denial of service attack. They were in similar number and a similar makeup of guys, just different in personalities. But one thing that these groups shared was that the refreshments at their meetings tasted weird.
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    Meine erste Muscle-Growth Geschichte. Leider komplett in Deutsch, da mein Schreib-Englisch echt schlecht ist. Ich hoffe dennoch, dass sie gefällt! ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Mein Leben als Muskel-Monster 1. Tag der Ferien Es war der letzte Schultag vor den Sommerferien als ich, mal wieder, heulend nach Hause kam. Eigentlich dachte ich, in der Oberstufe würde alles anders werden, aber die 11. und 12. Klasse war noch immer der Horror. Mobbing und üble Späße der sogenannten „Klassenkameraden“ waren an der Tagesordnung. Warum? Das wusste ich selbst nicht. Weder war ich „der dicke Nerd“, noch die „Bohnenstange“ oder sonst was. Ich war einfach nur David. Mit 1,90m vielleicht eigentlich ganz groß und mit knapp 78kg vielleicht etwas pummelig, aber nicht zwingend das typische Feindbild der coolen Kids. Meine Eltern waren noch auf der Arbeit und ich ging also in mein Zimmer, machte den Rechner an und versuchte die letzten Stunden einfach zu vergessen. Jan und Sven, die Anführer der Mobber hatten.... ach... eigentlich auch egal. Sie hatten jeden Tag irgendwas gemacht. Ich surfte also bei Tumblr, Deviantart und Co und schaute mir die Bilder von den muskulösen Männern an. Ja, natürlich. Ich war schwul. Vielleicht reichte das den beiden Idioten auch schon aus um mir das Leben zur Hölle zu machen. Wenn ich so Musklen hätte. 2m groß wäre und ein mega Ding in der Hose.... dann würden die sich aber umschauen. Genau als ich dies dachte poppte eine Werbung auf. War ja klar, dachte ich. Anhand meines Surf-Verhaltens waren ja immer zur passenden Zeit die richtigen Ads da. „Du willst Muskeln? Eine haarige Brust? Einen großen Schwanz? Dann bist du hier richtig? Nur zwei Klicks entfernt!“ Das alles und natürlich noch viel, viel mehr, verprach mir die blau-leuchtende Reklame. Es war wohl eine Mischung aus Verzweiflung und der aufkeimenden Idee ein Musklen-Monster zu werden, das mich die Anzeige anklicken ließ. Es folgten diverse Bilder von echt hübschen, großen und gut bestückten Männern bevor ich einen Fragebogen ausfüllen sollte. Wie groß bist du? Wie groß willst du werden? Gewünschtes Gewicht? Fettanteil? Penis Länge? Wunschlänge? ... und noch viel mehr. Ich füllte alles artig aus (oder besser gesagt, ziemlich geil und übertrieb ein bisschen) und kam an die Stelle, wo ich eine Telefonnummer oder Mail Adresse eingeben musste. Kurz überlegte ich und die Geilheit stach die Vernunft aus. Ich gab alles an. Es folgte sogleich eine Whatsapp: „Vielen Dank für Ihre Eingaben. Ihr Auftrag wird in Kürze bearbeitet.“ Oho... eventuell hatte ich jetzt doch Probleme. Wenn ich jetzt was bestellt hatte... meine Eltern... Oh. Mein. Gott.Panik machte sich breit, als ich aber drohte durchzudrehen kam eine weitere Whatsapp: „Lieber David. Wir haben dein Anliegen geprüft und können dir die Freigabe erteilen. Die Anpassungen werden wir vornehmen und in einem Zeitraum von 4-6 Wochen zur Verfügung stellen. Die Teilnahme an diesem Services ist aus bekannten Gründen für dich 100% kostenfrei. Wir würden uns freuen, wenn du uns weiterempfiehlst.“ Verwirrung machte sich breit. Sollte das ganze doch funktionieren? Ernsthaft? Es wirkte zu seriös. Oder machte sich da jemand einen Spaß draus, Leute zu verarschen? Ich war unsicher, aber auch ein bisschen geil und so beendete ich den Nachmittag mit einer ausführlichen Jack-Off-Session. Immer mit dem Bild von mir als Heavy-Weight-Bodybuilder vor Augen. Am nächsten Morgen war schon wieder alles vergessen und auch die erste Woche der Ferien war herrlich unspektakulär. Andere Kids verabredeten sich, ich spielte „League of Legends“ und „Overwatch“ mit Internet-Freunden. Denen war es egal, auf wen ich scharf war, solange ich gut war. Die 2. Woche Es war in der zweiten Woche, als ich nach dem Duschen mich mal wieder auf die Waage stellte und diese auf 83kg sprang. Ok... vielleicht hatte ich beim Spielen ein wenig viel Chips gefuttert. Ein genauerer Blick in den Spiegel zeigte mir aber, dass mein Bauch sogar flacher wirkte. War meine Brust definierter? Und... waren da Brusthaare zu sehen? Sogleich meldete ich die Erinnerung an die Anzeige und einen Augenblick später stand ich mit einem Latte im Bad. Ich fing an dümmlich zu grinsen in freudiger Erwartung, was da alles kam. Dieses verflog aber recht schnell, als ich mir nur ein paar der fiktiven Werte in den Kopf rief. Oh fuck. Die 4. Woche Ich machte langsam die Augen auf und stöhne leicht. Es war unerträglich heiß die Nacht gewesen und ich hatte – zum ersten Mal in meinem Leben – komplett nackt geschlafen. Aber langsam konnte ich mir das auch leisten. Ich wuchtete mich aus dem Bett hoch und wankte schlaftrunken Richtung Bad. Dort angekommen stieg ich zuerst auf die Waage. 103kg. Die Zahl war etwas schwer zu erkennen, da meine Penis... (ich musste mich noch des Wortes Schwanz ein wenig erwehren) mit seinen nun harten 18cm einen Teil der Zahlen verdeckte. Es folgte ein Blick in den Spiegel. Ich sah aus, als ob ich nichts anderes machen würde als Gewichte zu stemmen. Ich hatte langsam schon ein gut sichtbares SixPack, definierte Brust, großen Biceps, schmale Taille und wuchtige Beine. Als Bonus oben drauf: Haarige Brust, 3-Tage-Bart und markantes Kinn. Ich würde Jan und Sven fertig machen und dann in Grund und Boden ficken. Ich vermutete, dass das erhöhte Testosteron mich so denken lies.... Ich hoffte es zumindest. Meinen Eltern schien die Veränderung nicht aufzufallen. Auch nicht, als ich sie innerhalb kürzester Zeit schon wieder um Geld für neue Klamotten bat. Ich bekam 200 € und durfte Shoppen gehen. Langsam verabschiedete ich mich auch von Shirt von C&A und ging zu lässigen Tanktops und Sportbekleidung über. Einfach nur geil. Die letzte Ferienwoche Langsam kamen mir Zweifel. So geil dieser Körper auch war, so sehr fing er auch an mir Probleme zu bereiten. Mein Gewicht lag bei 146kg. Meine Abs konnte ich nur noch im Spiegel anschauen, da meine Brust zu wuchtig war. Mein Hintern war gigantisch und sorgte dafür, dass in jeder Unterhose mein Schwanz so aussah, als ob ich einen Fußball schmuggeln wollte. Ok... bei schlaffen 25cm ist das auch gar nicht so weit hergeholt. Aber Kleidung wurde langsam echt ein Problem. Tanktops waren ganz ok, aber für die Schule? Und meine Trainings-Hotpants? Die überließen nichts der Fantasie. Auch teilte mir mein Vater in einem ersten Gespräch mit, dass meine Sportsucht meinen Eltern Sorge bereitet. Er meinte, er kenne nicht viele 17-jährige mit meinen Ausmaßen. Weiterhin müssten sie schauen, da ich wohl einen mehr als gesunden Appetit an den Tag lege würde. Die Lebenshaltungskosten seien enorm gestiegen. Ich hatte übertriebe, aber der Gedanke daran Jan und Sven eins auszuwischen war es mir wert. Ich sagte meinem Vater, dass ich langsam machen würde im Studio und mir einen Nebenjob suchen würde. Vielleicht als Porno-Darsteller. Das, war zum Glück nur gedacht. Der erste Schultag Oberstufe. 13. Klasse. Ich war eine Stunde vor dem Wecker bereits wach und machte mich fertig. Ich hatte mein Outfit wohl überlegt und musste nun an die Details gehen. Mein finales Gewicht lag bei 151kg bei 8% Körperfett. Ich hatte angefangen seit Woche 4 mir einen Bart wachsen zu lassen und hatte nun einen dichten Vollbart, den ich nochmal in Form brachte. Das war durch meinen gigantischen Biceps gar nicht so einfach. Meine Hose war eine Skinny-Jeans die wie eine zweite Haut an meinen Beinen anlag und man die Outline von meinem Schwanz gut sehen konnte. Darüber kam ein Long-Tee mit weitem Ausschnitt. Ich verdeckte also die Kontur von meinem Gemächt (ein bisschen) und man konnte die trainierte, haarige Brust sehen. Ich zog mir noch meine Schuhe an, was bei meiner Größer und Umfang auch ein bisschen schwerer war , und ging runter zum Frühstück. Ein letzter Blick in den großen Spiegel im Flur. Ich sah aus wie ein 17-jähigers Testosteron-Monster, das jede freie Minute im Fitnessstudio verbrachte und einen mehr als gesegneten Genpool hat. Zeit Sven und Jan hallo zu sagen und sich auf ein tolles, letztes Schuljahr zu freuen.
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    I haven't posted a story in a while - here's my next offering, I hope it's enjoyable...I really loved writing it. There are three parts, all pretty much written so I might post some more later. Part 1 “Oh FUCK baby…give it to me,” Justin moaned. I looked down to watch my thick cock sliding in and out of my boyfriend-of-2-years’ tight ass. “Mmmm, you fucking slut,” I growled, picking up the pace, ramming my 8-inch cock in hard and fast, enjoying the sound of Justin’s breath catching in his throat as I did. We both LOVED fucking doggy style. I grabbed his hips with both hands, pulling him back onto my cock and looking down to see my flexed biceps bulging. Justin screamed with pleasure. “OH FUCK YEAH”. Sweat dripped from my heaving, swollen pecs down onto my defined abs. Still pounding Justin’s sexy ass, I ran one hand up his back, feeling him shiver to my touch, and grabbed his hair, pulling his head back hard. “Mmmmmmm YEAH,” Justin moaned, desperate. He loved it rough. “TAKE THIS THICK COCK SLUT BOY,” I roared, fucking him even harder. Justin gasped, moaning continuously and pushing his twink ass back onto my cock. “Breed me Daddy,” he begged. I was getting close. “Oh I will boy,” I grunted, pounding him like an animal rutting. I looked up at the mirror on the wardrobe opposite our bed. God we looked hot when we fucked. I brought one arm up, flexing my bicep as I hammered Justin’s ass hard. I loved the look of my swollen peak, veins mapped across the surface, the epitome of manliness. Justin loved it too – he looked up while we fucked and then reached down, starting to jerk his cock as he stared at my pumped bicep. “Mmmmm look at your fucking huge biceps,” he groaned, clearly close to cumming himself. The sight of my hot twink boyfriend jerking his cock to my muscular arms, pushed me over the edge. “FUCK BABE I’M GONNA CUM,” I roared, feeling the orgasm start to rise up from my swollen balls. “BREED YOUR BOY,” Justin moaned in response as I grabbed his hips again, thrusting my throbbing dick deep in him. With that, my thick cock swelled even more, pleasure ripping through my entire body and an animalistic scream escaping my mouth. Jets of cum shot from my cock and I looked down to see Justin writhing too in his own intense orgasm. It was always like this for us. “FUCK,” we both screamed over and over, bodies writhing. I collapsed forward, my hard cock still in Justin’s tight ass. I knew he liked the feel of me on top of him like this and heard him sigh in pleasure. We lay like that for several minutes as our powerful orgasms continued to subside, our rapid breathing starting to settle. “Right babe…I need to hit the shower,” I said, suddenly aware of the time – I couldn’t be late for work again. He tried to reply but no real words came out. I chuckled as I headed to the bathroom, pleased I could still fuck him into a sex coma. I turned on the shower and, as I waited for the water to heat up, I appreciated my reflection in the large mirror above the sink. I couldn’t deny I was pretty happy with what I saw. Pushing on for 35 and with a busy job that involved plenty of shift work I had to put in a lot of effort to stay in shape. A boyfriend 10 years younger than me certainly helped as motivation. I’d been hitting the gym 4 times a week for 15 years and I guess it showed. I liked how my slightly hairy pecs jutted out over my abs, still heaving from the exertion of the fuck. I liked the size of my arms – I couldn’t help pulling a double bicep flex and watching the symmetrical mounds of muscle bunch up tight. Impressive peaks for an amateur lifter. I liked my 8 pack abs and the “v” leading down to my thick, now soft, cock. And I fucking loved my quads – big and thick – just looking at them made me feel so strong. I quickly jumped in the shower, conscious that if I kept up this line of thought I’d be rock hard again and subsequently late for work. I let the warm water cascade over my worked-out body, totally relaxed from the amazing fuck session. Five minutes later, I was back in the bedroom, a towel wrapped around my waist. Justin had barely moved, other than to flip himself over so that he was now lying staring at the ceiling, his arms above his head. I couldn’t help letting out a deep moan as I took in the beauty lying in front of me. I loved his slim figure and smooth skin, still glistening with drops of sweat from his pounding. His cute boyish face was totally peaceful and a beautiful smile lightened his features as he opened his eyes to look at me. I ran a hand up his tight abs (Justin too kept himself in shape) and then tweaked his hot nipples causing him to shudder in response. “Don’t…” he moaned. “You’ll be late for work…”. A mischievous smile on his face. I knew he was right and headed over to the wardrobe to find my work clothes. “Erm…Dan?” Justin said a minute later, his hesitancy causing me to turn and take in the slight frown that had appeared on his face. “Yeah babe…what’s up?” I asked, pulling on my scrubs and walking over to sit next to him again. “I was just thinking…” Justin was never nervous. “Go on babe, spit it out,” I said kindly, stroking his short blond hair. “Well…could we…perhaps…try it the other way round next time?” he asked, immediately looking to the side to avoid my gaze. Ah. “Justin…we’ve talked about this. I just don’t think it would work babe,” I replied, full of love for him. “Why not Dan? You never tell me why…” he said, accusation in his voice. This conversation came up from time to time. At first, it had been natural that I’d be the one doing the fucking – Justin loved riding cock and I loved to give it. Recently though he’d been more questioning…why couldn’t we swap sometimes? It was getting more and more difficult to diffuse the situation… “It’s because of this isn’t it?” he questioned angrily, holding his cock in his hand. I was surprised at his directness and was too slow to deny the accusation. It didn’t help that there was truth in what he said – Justin was blessed with a cute face and fit body but his smaller-than-average cock had always been a sore point for him. I didn’t want the experience to be disappointing for either of us… “I knew it,” he barked, his normally beautiful features rearranged into a mask of anger and humiliation. “No Justin…it’s not that,” I replied, trying to placate him. It was not a total lie. There was something else contributing to my reluctance – I had to admit that I’d gotten used to being the “big spoon” in our relationship. It just worked for us. The idea of taking on a more submissive role would be hard to swallow and even harder to admit. “You’re lying,” he shouted, tears welling up in his eyes. “No babe…wait,” I pleaded as he jumped up and ran to the bathroom. I heard the lock click and knew it was too late to convince him otherwise.
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    Damn, these avatars are amazing. It makes me think that you can achieve that look.
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    OMG this was great. A perfect Fan fiction loved it. I can totally picture the vvialgoing to Tom Holland when they talk to him about growing for Venom
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    Damn, those Airforce uniforms are impressive. Super stretchy, he must have gone up at least three sizes. Loving the work you do.
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    That was a fun chapter. Now to fuck EVERYTHING up. Chapter 17 "You're good at this." Dean lies beneath me as I straddle the thick plates of his abs. His fingers dig into my legs. I’m breathing heavily, but he looks completely at ease. And yet I’ve won three times and he’s won zero. Something is up here. “I’m starting to think you’re letting me win.” He winks at me, that boyish grin on show. “Nah. You’re just a really good wrestler. None of those criminals knew what they were doing. It’s all in the technique.” “I’m not sure how much good technique does when your opponent can bench-press an oil rig.” I run my hands through his silky hair. “This is only fun if we’re both trying. Show me what you got, big guy.” Dean frowns. “No way. You would die. I could break your wrist or snap your neck without thinking. Even if I held back everything, you still wouldn’t be able to move me an inch. I have to actively let you push me around when we wrestle.” “Maybe that’s what I want. Not the broken neck bit… but it would be nice to be dominated now and then.” I feel my cheeks going red. He leans forward, kissing me. “Just because I can’t go all out, that doesn’t mean I can’t dominate. You want that?” “You know I do.” “Then say when.” His grin grows to reveal perfect teeth and light dances in his eyes. I start counting down, preparing myself to counter whatever attack he goes for. “Three…. Two… one.” I don’t even have time to blink before I’m on my back. In one giant, smooth hand, Dean holds both of my hands above my head. In the other, he holds my chin. His grip is gentle, but strong enough that I can’t move my head at all. His powerful legs pin me down, and I know it would be futile to push against him. I struggle, but it’s useless. He doesn’t budge even a millimetre. It’s like being held by an iron statue. I can’t even dent the thick, veiny muscles as I push with all my strength against them. Of course, I always knew how strong he was. But sometimes I become complacent. He’s such a gentle giant, it’s easy to forget that he could kill me with a flick of his wrist. “Remember, Jake.” He leans down so that his face is just an inch from mine. “I might let you win now and then, but I’m always in control.” There’s nothing I can do to stop him kissing me. But I wouldn’t want to try. I fall asleep in his arms just like every other night. The butterflies in my stomach reawaken every touch. And when he holds me tight against his chest, nudging the top of my ass with his dick, there’s a hell of a lot to touch. The moment I open my eyes, I can tell I’ve come down with something. Just a little bug. I wouldn’t usually care, but Dean will freak if he finds out, and there’s no way I could successfully hide it from him. So I sneak out of bed before he has the chance to wake up, kiss him on the cheek, and make sure I’m out the door before he realises I’m gone. I leave a little note on the kitchen table ‘I’m at work, see you later x’. 12 o’clock rolls around and Jolene finds me slumped against the chrome kitchen table, my head in my hands, trying to block out the light. A half-finished ball of pastry dough sits beside me. Dimming the harsh lamps, she brings me a glass of water, ordering me to take slow sips. “You look like shit.” “I’ll manage.” I say, though I know it isn’t true. Even if I can draw the willpower to finish my work, I’m a walking infection. It wouldn’t be fair to our customers for me to prepare food in this condition. “I guess… I could do with some sleep.” “Jake, I’m sending you home.” She says in a tone which brooks no argument. “Do you want me to call your hunky boyfriend to pick you up?” Where is Dean right now? Probably out in the world somewhere saving people, stopping crimes, the usual. I have no doubt that if he heard I was sick, he would put everything on hold to come and get me. But whoever he’s helping, they need it more than I do. “No, it’s okay. I don’t live far.” Jolene purses her lips in uncertainty. “At least let me call you a taxi.” I eventually cave to keep Jolene happy. But as soon as she’s out of the room, I call again and cancel. I’m sick, not dying. A walk would do me good and it’s a beautiful day. Vitamin D is rare enough in this town. I step outside and take a deep sigh. My head hurts. When I round the corner onto my street, I’m confronted by white trucks, just like the ones I saw the other day. But not one. There must be six or more, lined up along the side of the road, all identical and empty. Something seems wrong about this. A man wearing all black is leaning against a railing and talking into a walkie-talkie. I could swear his eyes keep flickering over to me. I quickly scamper into the building, out of sight. Closing the door behind me, I take a deep breath and start making my way up to our flat. The first sign that something is amiss is when I find the front door unlocked and ajar. In all the time I’ve lived here with Dean, neither of us has left it open. “Hello?” I call out as I enter, hoping to hear Dean’s reassuring voice echoing back to me. Instead, I am confronted with silence. The whole place is a mess. Every drawer has been opened and its contents dispersed on the floor, every cupboard searched, there are knife marks in the pillows and the stuffing has been pulled out, a few of the kitchen tiles have been dislodged to allow someone to look underneath. “Oh shit.” I whisper, suddenly very aware of how oppressive the quiet is around me. Whoever broke in, they’re still here. They’re probably watching me right now. As subtly as I can, I slip my phone from my pocket and dial Dean. It’s not on speaker, so I only faintly hear the tell-tale beep beep beep of the dial-tone. Please pick up. Please pick up. If he’s out on hero duty then he might not have his phone on him. God, please pick up. Your call cannot be connected at the moment, so please leave a message after the beep. I feel my heart sink in my chest. I take a deep breath and, as quickly as I can, raise the phone to my lips. “Dean, there’s someone h-“ Before I can get the words out, a thick cloth is forced into my mouth and an arm circles my torso, locking me in place. I feel the cold pinch of metal on my neck as a needle pierces my skin. Something cold is pushed into my bloodstream. I try to scream but nothing comes out. “He called the giant.” One of them says. “Let’s get out of here.” As black-dressed figures appear from their hiding spots around the flat, I feel my eyes droop. And then I’m falling.
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    Hi everyone! Welcome to Chapter Three. This chapter came about a few days ago as I was working out with a friend of mine and we talked about body dysmorphic issues we both have with out bodies, and how we both see ourselves as the fat kids we used to be. I haven't been fat for a long time now... but I have trouble not thinking of myself that way. The transformation sequence in this chapter comes from what my friend said he would evolve into if he had to become what he really was deep down inside. I think he enjoyed telling me about it too much!! Enjoy!!!! The Test Chapter Three: Destruction Chad and Jacob emerged from the ether outside Chariots in Vauxhall. Jacob had never been to a gay sauna before, but as he gazed upward toward his friend, he could see that Chad was practically vibrating with excitement. - Can you feel it? Each man in there is calling out to me. As each one experiences lust, desire, orgasm, or experiences any form of sexual stimulation, it is like a call out to my soul. I can hardly control myself. It is taking every ounce of strength I have not to take you right here, Jacob. I need to be among them. Chad walked away from Jacob and approached the door. Without even touching it, the door swung open, and he stepped inside. Jacob ran after him, nervous to be alone. William who had passed out towels and charged the entrance fee at Chariots for seven years was bored with it all. He had seen everything and there were no surprises… that was until the wind blew the door open, and the man in skin tight leather pants strode in. He had to bend down to get his muscle mass through the door. It also looked as if the door suddenly stretched itself to allow the man into the room, but no doubt that illusion was only due to the sudden heat that filled the room. William was instantly hard… something that hadn’t happened in 24 years, and he waved the man through without asking either he or his small friend for the 20 pound entry fee. He must have been so enraptured by the mere sight of this God standing in his presence that as he walked away into the next room, it seemed as if the leather pants disintegrated from his body, and he was totally naked. I definitely need to get my eyesight checked, William thought as the man’s perfect ass and back disappeared from sight. William placed his hand on his erection, the hardest it had been since he was 15. Waves of intense horniness passed over him, and he could barely think straight. Fuck it, he thought as he got up from his stool, and followed the man in. He needed to be with him… worship him like the God he obviously was. The sound of sex was everywhere as Jacob and Chat entered the main room of the spa. Fog filled the air and the smell of poppers came from every directions. There appeared to be twenty men in the room. Some were fucking, some were observing, some were masturbating, and others were simply talking to each other while stroking their cocks. Chad observed his disciples with pride. With one thought, Chad closed his eyes and released his scent into every molecule of air. It traveled quickly throughout the room reaching each and every man. Silence quickly overtook it. One by one, each man slowly stopped whatever they were doing and walked over to Chad. At first, they only stared, afraid to touch him. Filled with his own uncontrollable desires, Jacob moved next to his friend and began to lick and clean the deep grooves between his abs. As if Jacob had singlehandedly broken the damn, every man began to touch Chad, caress him, lick him, kiss him, and even fuck him. Soon Chad was brought to the floor by the men so they could better pleasure him. Sill not satisfied, Chad called out for more worshipers. From miles away, men who were straight, gay, and questioning stopped what they were doing and made their way to Chariots. Three blocks away the local gay theatre company stopped performing their production of Beautiful Thing when nearly every member of the audience (five lesbians remained in their seats) stood up and left the auditorium with the group desire to worship Chad. Even the cast walked away from the stage and followed the audience to Chariots. Within one hour of Chad being there, hundreds of men filled the room. They each took turns fucking Chad and even trying to be fucked by him. A few dedicated fisters succeeding in having him slightly enter them, and were rewarded with the most intense orgasms they had ever had. Every inch of Chad was covered with men pleasing him. Soon he could not hold back, and he began to spray the populace with his seed. Each man took in as much as they could, enjoying the sweet ambrosia that flowed from his loins. Momentarily awaken from his sexual haze, Jacob could hear each man emanating a sound from deep within their souls. It was a word. - Eros! Eros! Eros! - Why are they saying that? - They know that is my name. - I thought it was Chad. - Chad was my human name. Eros is now the name I possess. A wave of sadness filled Jacob. He suddenly realized his friend was gone to him. Chad had never really needed him, but there had been a certain bond between them that had seemed special. Now that he was a God, Chad, or rather Eros, needed nobody. The God of Sex and Lust didn’t need a human wingman or hanger-on. Jacob began to separate himself from the group and walk away. Noticing his friend was gone, Chad turned and with his powerful hand, picked Jacob up and deposited him onto his massive chest. - You can still call me Chad. I’d like that. As hundreds of men brought pleasure to his body, Chad moved his large head toward Jacob. Without any supernatural influence, both men began to kiss… softly at first, and then filled with more passion. It was the best sensation either had ever felt, and Chad began to cum again. ************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************ Chaos materialized outside the lab building close to the Jeep Jacob had driven to his house. How long ago that time seemed, and how pathetic his life had been then. He had been a man pretending to be a God… yet here he was… a God disguising himself as a man. He breathed in deeply and attempted to get the whereabouts of the one he could only describe as his ‘new-formed brother.’ As he attempted to locate he and Jacob, a psychic punch threw him backward onto the pavement. Something powerful was blocking him from learning their location. Sparks of lightening shot from his eyes. His desire was to kill every human in his path with one blow… but he attempted to control his craving. There must be another way. Chaos stood up, dusted himself off, and moved closer to the Jeep. Taking a deep breath, he took in its scent. From the sensory explosion in his mind, he knew this was indeed his brother’s vehicle. He could smell human sweat mixed with cologne mixed with sex coming from the machine. Images of the many men his new-formed brother had fucked flooded his mind, and Chaos grew angry. How easily this man had lived his human gay life. Men had fallen at his feet, and he took them for granted. He took is existence for granted. Simply out of spite, Chaos reached out to his ex-wire and caused her to stumble and injure her back. Chaos grinned as he saw this occur in his mind. She was the one who had idiotically gotten pregnant. She was the one that had demanded a second child. She was the one who had entrapped him in a marriage and life he couldn’t stand. Anger bubbled inside of him again, and he threw is ex into a second contraction of pain. He clenched his fist tight as he continued the agonizing pain pulsating through her body. When he felt she could handle no more, he continued for another minute before setting her free. Returning to the Jeep, Chaos flicked his forked tongue at it, receiving tiny chemical molecules of information. In moments, he knew the exact location his brother had been in prior to arriving at the lab. A gym. Of course it was. The hunt was on. Now the fun could begin. Dark mist swirled around the figure of Chaos, and he disappeared. ************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************ Adrian Brooks shut off the foyer lights and turned the lock in the gym door. What had once been a massive old warehouse with immensely tall ceilings had been converted three years ago into a gym that catered to casual gym goers and muscle heads alike. Admiring the empty gym club, he admitted that this was his favorite time of the day. This was when he had the place and all of its machines all to himself, and he could work out in peace. All day he sat behind the desk welcoming patrons, answering questions, making smoothies, and cleaning white towels. The next two hours he had, working out on his own always made up for the prior eight. Adrian was a self-proclaimed gym rat, and he took no offence when people told him that he had only one real love: his body. It was a true. He took better care of his body then anyone he knew, and would rather work out then go to a pub any night. He hadn’t always been this way. Adrian had been a fat child, unhealthily attracted to chips and Coke over veg and water. Believing she was showering love on her only child, Adrian’s mother overfed him every chance she could. By fifteen, Adrian was severely overweight, had several health conditions including chronic anxiety, was bullied at school, and hand the lowest of self-esteems. One day in July two years ago, despising that he needed to hide his body behind baggy track pants and sweatshirts and couldn’t wear the shorts and skinny jeans he saw other men sporting, he decided to take his life into his hands. He began cooking his own healthy food, jogging little by little every day, and began reading up on current health and nutrition. In October of that same year, after loosing more than four stone, Adrian took his first step into a gym. With money he had saved from birthday’s and Christmases, he hired a personal trainer to show him the ropes. In no time at all he saw the faint outline of muscles replacing the fat that had once possessed his body. In a year and a half, Adrian was half the size he had been, proudly showing off his newborn pecs and biceps, and wearing the tightest clothes possible. When the front desk job at the gym became available, he jumped at it. The job meant working out for free and spending all of his time in a place he thought of as his second home. Now at age 20, Adrian stood before the mirror and flexed. He had come a long way, but still there was room for improvement. Removing his T-shirt, he focused on each muscle group, flexing in the mirror, and then judging and debating what he needed to do next to make them larger and more prominent. He knew he needed to shave his chest again. The light brown hair that coated his pecs and flowed down over his abs matched the hair on his head and stubble that had risen on his face today. Now that the gym was empty, he could do the one thing he had fallen in love with doing: working out in only a jock strap. Lifting without any clothes on allowed him to easily tune his mind with his body when he could clearly see the pump he was getting. When he opened his own gym one day, he would encourage this. Of course, it also sexual aroused him, but this was beside the point. Anything to do with muscle turned him on. He lived his life for muscle morning, noon, and night, and nothing would stop that. Adrian stacked the plates on the sleeves of the bar and began his set of bench presses with a cool 175. He completed 20 reps with this, and returned the bar to the catcher. He stood up and wet to load 25 more on each side when the lights in the gym began to flicker and go out. The emergency lights turned on, and the room was slightly illuminated, but mostly bathed in shadows. The temperature in the gym appeared to Adrian to also be rising, and he wondered if something was wrong with the Shoreditch powergrid. Beads of sweat began to emerge on his forehead and upper lip, so he reached for his towel and dried himself off. As he turned, he could see what appeared to be the air on his right ripple and bend. What could only be dismissed as an optical illusion or the sudden rise in temperature, Adrian leaned down and reached for his water bottle to cool off. - Could you be of some assistance? Adrian spit out some of his water, and nearly jumped out of his skin when he heard the man speak. Looking to the shadows that bathed most of the space, he saw a man clothed all in black standing halfway across the room. - I’m sorry, mate. We’re closed. Adrian wanted to ask the man how he had gotten into the building, but he couldn’t help admiring the muscular physique he had. The man standing in front of him was simply immense with a size, that was practically unheard of. Most certainly a professional body builder, he thought, and a friend of the owner. He no doubt had his own key. That’s how he got in. Damn his size was monstrous. - I was just finishing locking up and going home myself. Thought I would get a quick chest workout in, but honestly, I’m knackered. I really should be getting home. Do you often work out here? I’ve been coming here for two years, but only started working here about six months ago. Adrian stopped talking because he knew he was just blathering on. The man dressed all in black simple stared at him and smiled. - No. I’ve never been here before. Though I doubt the equipment here could give me the pump I require. The man bounced his pecs for Adrian causing him to get slightly hard in his jock. Slowly the man walked closer to where Adrian was sitting, touching pieces of equipment as he passed. Each piece he touched suddenly rusted before Adrian’s eyes, and collapsed into a pile of dust on the floor. In shock, it took Adrian nearly twenty seconds of seeing this before he moved to run in the opposite direction. As he hoisted himself up to run into the locker room, his arms supernaturally turned completely to rubber, stretched, and distorted themselves around the bench press machine, tying themselves in a tight knot and forcing him to lie still on the bench. Although his arms were totally made of rubber now, the pain he could feel was agonizing, and any movement he made instigated the torment to rise. Closer and closer the man came until he stood right before Adrian. - You’re going to help me, aren’t you… little man? - What do you want? - Tell me who this is. The image of Chad developed in the mirror in front of Adrian. - That’s Chad. Chad Mitchell. - More. - He’s a trainer here. I think he’s worked here for a year now. - More. - I don’t really know any more. I swear. I don’t really know him. Chaos grinned and sat himself down on the bench as close to Adrian as the massive man could. With one figure, he began to stroke Adrians chest. For a moment Adrian was afraid he was going to touch him and he would disintegrate like the machines, but nothing happened. - More. - Ummm… he’s not a bad guy… he can be a bit of a jerk… kind of full of himself. - And have you ever seen this man? An image of Jacob took Chad’s place. - Yeah. That’s Jacob something or other. I don’t remember. They work out together. - Right. Chaos took his nail and began to run it over Adrian’s nipple. - And where do you think I could find Chad Mitchell. - I have no clue. I really don’t. I’m sorry. I really want to help, but he left hours ago. Chaos started flicking Adrian’s right nipple. - Hours ago? How many hours. - I don’t remember…it’s what… 9 now? I think he left at 5 or 6 Chaos continued to flick and play with Adrian’s right nipple. With lightening speed, Chaos squeezed his nipple tight sending shockwaves through Adrian. When he let go, milk abruptly started to pour from it. Chaos leaned over, and with his snake-like tongue lapped it up. - That is your fear leaking out of you… and it tastes delicious. - I want to help… please! Maybe he’s at XXL. He talks about going there a lot. Chaos grabbed the left nipple and proceeded to squeeze that one as well. Like the other, milk began to flow. Like a thirsty animal, Chaos continued to lap up the milk, his tongue burning Adrian as it touched his skin. - Please, God!! Please help me!! Chaos looked Adrian in the eyes and laughed. - The God you call on has abandoned you. Only Chaos remains. - Let me look in the files to find his address. I’m sure it has to be there. - Truthfully… the thought of my brother tires me at the moment. I’m suddenly much more engrossed in you at the moment. You taste so marvelous. You want to play some more with me… don’t you? Chaos rose to his feet and stood before Adrian. Mist whirled around the lowermost half of Chaos, and his black jeans and boots evaporated and in their place were two muscular horse legs and the most enormous hooves Adrian had ever seen. Chaos grabbed onto the hairy shaft that extended down the middle of his legs and began to stroke it, causing what was inside to elongate and harden. From within the shaft, Adrian could see a ginormous horse cock begin to emerge. - It’s time to play, Adrian. It’s time for you to play with Chaos. Without knowing how it happened, Adrian found the bench that had been supporting him had disappeared, and he was naked, and his arms were now tied to a metal rack, bending him over, ready for Chaos to fuck. An invisible finger began to play with Adrian’s hole, forcefully trying to open him up further. - Please, don’t! Please! I’ll do anything to help you! Anything!! Chaos stopped, frozen in place. He tried to lift his feet from the ground but found that he couldn’t. Even with all his strength and might, Chaos found himself immobile. Mist wrapped itself around his legs, and he was once again clothed in his tight black jeans and knee-high boots. Chaos screamed into the shadows of the empty room: - Who’s doing this? His scorpion tail tore through the ass of his jeans and swung wildly around behind him. Since he was facing away from Chaos, Adrian wasn’t sure what was occurring, but he could hear the loud sound of destruction the tail was making as it swung around, smashing into the mirror and overturning machines. - I have allowed you your little temper tantrums and show of dominance… but not it is my turn to display my power. See how… like a puppet... I control you. At the mere sound of Asarualimnunna’s voice ringing in his head, anger welled up in Chaos. - No one controls me! The tail swung and shattered another of the mirrors. - Quiet!!!! An invisible sword cut through Chaos’ tail, severing it from his body. With a heavy thud, it fell to the floor, twitching as if it were still alive, and then dissolving into a puddle of sludge. - I am your Creator! I control you! I have always controlled you! Say it to me now, or I shall snuff you out of existence. Through gritted teeth, Chaos spoke the dreaded words: - You are my creator. You control me. - Good. I will destroy you, Chaos though. I will destroy you. - Now, as you play with this human, Eros has gained nearly 150 worshipers. In his mind eye, Chaos could see Eros being worshipped from head to toe; each second more joined in the revelry. - You’ve disappointed me, Declan. I had such high hopes for you. Hearing his human name spoken by Asarualimnunna shamed Chaos down to his core… and enraged him. - Let me play the role of Creator then. Let me give you this human to help free you from your prison. Eros is doing nothing to help you. I am here to do your bidding. - Unfortunately, you have proven yourself untrustworthy. - Try me. If I fail you, then be my judge and executioner. Silence. Chaos wondered what Asarualimnunna’s decision would be. He received his answer when Adrian appeared standing in front of him. Adrian wasn’t sure what had happened and what had freed him from being raped by the man in black’s massive horse cock, but whoever did it, he was forever grateful. If only they would take him away from this psychopath. Adrian’s heart beat quickly as he saw the man in Black slowly begin to grow larger and larger, ripping through his clothes. His back snapped right below his Adonis belt as two massive horse legs grew to join the two already standing on the floor. The man’s torso grew longer and harrier, massive horns grew from his head, and a large scorpions tail swung from his hind end. When the transformation was complete, Adrian couldn’t believe what he was standing before. He had never seen something so incredible yet so filled with evil. - Look upon my true form, human. Larger and larger the creature grew until he towered feet above Adrian, his mighty horns nearly impaling the ceiling. - You have been chosen by Asarualimnunna and myself to take your place among the God’s. - Please let me go. - You beg for mercy when all I want to do is free you. I look within you and all I see is sadness. Let me be the father you never had. Let me give you the universe. Let me give you power beyond your wildest dreams. The words echoed in Adrian’s head. He wanted to close his ears so he couldn’t listen to the massive Centaur, but Chaos had a way of entering into his soul. - Tell me what you are. - Please - Tell me what you are. - I’m nothing. - That is not true. Look within yourself and tell me what you are. - I can’t. - Look at what I was. The image of a stern middle-aged man with grey thinning hair and with a half-way decent physique appeared before Adrian in the mirror. This was once the creature that stood before him, thought Adrian. This fairly average looking man was now so imposing, so regal, so god-like. - Simply from looking within, I discovered what I really was, and Chaos was born. Look within yourself. Look. Afraid of what he might see, Adrian looked within and saw himself at 16, fat and lazy. Hating this image, he tried to run from it but it engulfed him until it was all he could see. No, he thought. This isn’t me. Not anymore. As he fought his past, the image began to morph until it became what he was today. - What are you, son? - I’m muscle. - Yes. Look deeper. - I am strength. - Yes!! - I am muscle built upon muscle. - Continue! - I am perfection. I am stronger then any man who has entered this building. I tower over them. - Are you my soldier? - No…. I… I think I’m more. - I know you are… and now you must take your place. Through the many realms of existence, the birthplace of all supremacy began to glow, powering the gem stone. Rays of light shot from the gemstone in the laboratory and into the ether. Chaos felt it enter into his soul. Taking in Adrian as he stood there, Chaos released it through his eyes. The moment the beam hit him, Adrian feared every word he had said. - No! Please! I don’t want this! - You have looked within and admitted what you are. The power now fills you. Adrian felt every inch of his body start to slowly vibrate with a power that came from the God’s. He tried to fight it with all of his mental capacity, but found it harder and harder to concentrate on anything but his body. He was his body. He was muscle. What else did he need to be? Perhaps the man was right… - No!!! - Don’t fight destiny, Adrian! I can feel the power filling you, caressing you, embracing you. - You can’t have me. - I already do. Stop fighting me and become what you were always meant to be. Adrian fell to his knees. The energy that coursed through every cell of his body was quickly raising his temperature. Sweat poured out of every pore. Chaos flicked his tongue and enjoyed the scent emanating from Adrian. Any second now it will begin, he thought with a wicked smile. Any second I will have my first soldier. Adrian screamed out in agony. He opened his eyes but found it difficult to focus. When he closed them, all he saw were the visages of armies of muscular men… each larger then the other. They were calling to him. Join us, they said. Take your place among us. Adrian reached out his hand to touch the herculean image that had appeared in his mind’s eye and discovered that it was him. When the two hands met, his word exploded. The sound of bones shattering filled Chaos’ ears as Adrian cried out. Every bone in his body was cracking and becoming lengthier and denser. His spine began to elongate as both his legs and arms grew further from his core. The bones of his skull cracked and rearranged themselves as the skeleton underneath grew and refined itself. Adrian reached for his face, trying to hold it together, but found it difficult to control his elongating hands. Through the pain, he opened his eyes and gazed at himself in the mirror. He could no longer identify himself from the stretched out creature he saw revealed in the mirror. Minutes before he had only stood 5’6, but now he had to be nearing 6 feet. He tried to stand erect, but his feet were too long… everything about him was too long. Once again, he tried to stand, and found that with time he was able to balance himself. His head rose up past the mirror now and continued his journey. Through his fear, Adrian heard himself giggle. Once he was looked down upon by everyone… now he would stand above them all. He laughed again but was thrown off balance by his own body. He landed on his ass with a thud. Looking at himself in the mirror again it looked as if all of his hard gains had been stretched out over his body forcing him to look like a tall emaciated skeleton. He crawled to the mirror the best he could and looked at himself closer. The heat emanating from his core was slowly tanning his body to a golden brown. If he didn’t look so sickly skinny, he would have thought it was the healthiest he had ever looked in his life. As he continued to examine himself, the stretching stopped, and there was silence. Adrian slowly got to his feet and moved away from the mirror so he could see himself completely. From what he could guess, he had to be nearly 7 feet tall. His face had elongated and thinned drastically, and the nose that had been broken twice by his drunk father had repositioned itself into a perfect Roman configuration. His jaw was sharp and angular, and his lips had a slightly pouty look he had never had before. Due to the massive heat emanating from him, every single hair on his body had fallen out and now lay on the floor… even his eyebrows. His torso was incredibly extended, finishing with the longest and scrawniest legs and arms he had ever seen. Even his penis had elongated. It flopped down in front of him half way to his knees and was as thin as an earthworm. When he grabbed the disgusting thing with his skeletal hand, it could have easily encircled it several times. With terror in his eyes, Adrian looked to the man in Black. - What have you done to me? - Patience, my son. That was only the beginning. Chaos blinked, and the energy flowed from within him again, and into Adrian. Adrian was thrown back slightly, but he maintained his balance as he felt his body getting heavier and heavier with muscle mass. - I’m growing! Adrian relished in the feeling of his muscles multiplying on his body. Larger and thicker each muscle became. No longer did his legs look like sticks, but massive tree trunks with awe inspiring calves and quads. A light dusting of blonde hair began on his legs and spilled lightly up the newly formed cobblestone abs. One by one Adrian’s abs popped out firmer and thicker, the crevices between them growing deeper. Adrian lusted after this perfect six-pack that was appearing on his lower torso, and just when he thought he couldn’t get enough, two more appeared on top. An eight pack!! I can’t believe it, he thought!! His waist caved in deeper giving Adrian the most awe inspiring and physically illogical wasp body. His waist was a mere 32 inches and his chest erupted into a massive 58 inches. Adrian felt up his own chest, loving the pecs that had grown there and the deep crevice that had formed between them. As he touched his nipples, the areoles grew larger, darker, and more sensitive. Adrian’s lats spread out wide from his back, but his arms, which were hard and full, were long enough and in proportion to this incredible form that they still rested down on his sides. His neck became a wonderful column of muscle holding up a beautifully sculptured face. Muscle sculpted his face till it would remind one of a statue created with care by one of the masters. Blonde hair grew out of Adrian’s head, long and full, going down past his shoulders. The final organ to form on this perfect specimen of manly beauty was his penis. It grew thicker with a bulbous head. His pubic hair grew in blond as well, brushing the ball sack, which held two oranges in there, proving to the world how virile he now was. When the growth finally stopped, Adrian stood before the mirror in utter awe. He had never seen such a beautiful manly form as himself. Every inch was pure perfection. There was not a blemish nor a spot nor a mark on any part of his body. Hair grew in all of the “right” places, and every muscle was in impeccable proportion and symmetry. Perfect was all he could think of when he looked at himself. Adrian’s hands couldn’t stop touching every inch of his body. He looked to Chao’s and smiled. The Centaur looked down at him. - What do you think, my son? - I’m perfect. - Yes. - So beautiful… yet so manly. Adrian shook his hair and laughed as it fell around his shoulders. He looked again at the man in black and saw that he was smiling, but there was something dark in his eyes. Was he attracted to my new form, Adrian wondered? Now that he was larger he might be physically able to take the man’s cock, but did he want to? Not wanting to appear ungrateful for what he was given, Adrian approached the Centaur. - Thank you. Thank you so much! - Thank you… father. - Thank you, father. - Are you satisfied? - Yes!! Totally!! - Really? I’m just not sure I am yet. Maybe your pecs need to be bigger. Adrian’s pecs started to swell larger before his eyes. Rounder and fuller they grew. Pound upon pound was added to his pecs until they threatened to block his view of his lower body. - No. That’s not it. Maybe it’s your body hair I don’t like. Blonde hair began to sprout all over Adrian’s chest, getting fuller and bushier. The hair traveled down his abs, coating them but never covering them. - No! That isn’t it either!! Chaos looked deeply into Adrians eyes and smiled a wicked smile. - I know exactly what it is. The magnificently huge Centaur walked behind Adrian, and placed his hands on his shoulders. Gently… almost too gently… he turned Adrian so that he was once again looking at his reflection. - You looked within, but you wouldn’t look deep enough. You looked and saw only what society told you you should be. Just as you tried to build a body the world would love, you created this mask that is still covering the true you. You still want the world to love you, don’t you Adrian? - Of course. - I will teach you something now I learned long ago… the world will never love people like you and I. They despise us. They always have and they always will… until we force them to love us. Think of all of the people that have hurt you. Your father beat you, belittled you, broke your nose several times, and then abandoned you. Your mother’s affection only harmed you, and when bullies attacked you and made fun of you every day at school, what did anyone do? - Nothing. - Exactly. They allowed it to continue. It seemed they even welcomed it. Chaos continued to speak, evenly and intensely, and the words buried themselves deep within Adrian’s soul… slowly forming a bitter fruit there. - Even when you did something for yourself, lost weight, built a new body, did anyone notice? Did anyone really care? - No. - Did your life change for the better? - No A tear fell from Adrian’s right eye. - No. Even here… the place you love more than anywhere else in the world… does anyone really respect you? Treat you as an equal? They watch as you serve them and clean up their mess, but never really see you. People like Chad Mitchell will never really see you, will they? You asked him out once, didn’t you? - Yes. - When you had gathered the courage, convinced yourself that you were his equal, what did he do? - He told me no. He told me I was too young for him. - He laughed at you. Chaos conjured up the image of Adrian asking Chad out for coffee, and it appeared like a movie on the mirror. Chad thanked Adrian, told him he was flattered, but that Adrian was too young for him, that he should ask out someone his own age. Adrian, dejected walked away. Chad watched after him, and then started laughing. “As if!!!” Chad said to the departing figure. “You think you could touch this?!” Chad flexed his bicep in the mirror and licked it. “Fuckin fatties are always lusting after me. Hate it!” The image of Chad froze on the mirror. Tears fell freely from Adrian’s eyes. - They all laugh, Adrian… until you give them a reason not to. Look at me. No one will ever laugh at me again. I looked deep… deep within and I discovered what I was. Let me help you. Let me show you the way. You aren’t this, Adonis, are you? - I want to be. - Of course you do, but for the world it will never be enough. Let them truly see you, Adrian. Let them hear you. Let them fear you. - Yes… yes… They need to see me. - Exactly. - They all need to pay for what they’ve done. - They will, my son. I promise you. Now, look deep within. Is this really you? - No. - Tell me what you see. - Muscle. I am muscle upon muscle. - Yes. - Muscle creating dominance. - Yes. - Muscle creating supremacy! - Yes! - I’m bigger, more immense then anyone! They scream in terror and awe at the sight of me!! - Yes!! - The whole world fears me, for with one word I can bring upon their destruction. - YES!!!! - That is what I am. I am Destruction. Simply saying the word caused Adrian’s voice to fall several octaves, and caused Chaos’ loins to stir. The power build up once again inside of Chaos and shot out of both of his eyes and into Adrian. Knowing that more was needed, Chaos opened his mouth wide, and a beam of light emanated from it into Adrian as well Adrian screamed as all three rays hit him at once. Within moments, he was growing again. His legs exploded in size, becoming so freakishly muscular that he was forced to spread his legs as wide as they could go just so that he could continue standing… and still they continued to pack on muscle. His feet got larger and thicker, and his toes quadrupled in size in order to hold up the immeasurable mass of his legs. When it seemed that they could no longer balance such columns of muscle, they mutated, his immense big toes shifting down and more toward the middle of his feet, creating what could only be described as a massive hybrid of human and gorilla feet, enabling him more room for control and balance, and of course, growth. Just when he thought he couldn’t spread his legs any further, the pelvic bone of the man once known as Adrian split and dislocated, growing and reforming in order for his legs to gain more and more muscle mass. Enormous veins wove themselves over the surface of his legs trying desperately to feed the colossal quads and calves. The creature once known as Adrian felt only relief and pleasure as he let himself go and evolved into his true form. Gone was the Adonis belt as his abs grew bigger, thicker, heavier, and the grooves between them grew deeper. His stomach appeared to distend creating a powerful roid gut, accentuated by an impossibly jaw dropping 15 pack that grew on it. Adrian rubbed the cobblestones of his stomach wishing them greater and more enormous. Even the sight of his stomach must cause fear. Just thinking it caused more freakish abdominal muscles to grow until he possessed an unheard of 18 pack. The creature screamed out as his rib cage cracked and split, quadrupling in size, giving more room for his massive chest to grow… and grow it did. Pound upon pound of muscle deposited itself on his pecs forcing them to become rounder, fuller, and denser. The creature drooled, happy at no longer being able to see his lower half. Bigger, he thought. Make me mightier!!! Lost in the sensation of every muscle in his body growing out of control, Destruction grinned as he had difficulty lifting the heavy arms that were growing nearly as large and as veiny as his legs. With only lust and muscle in mind, he began to massage his pecs with his ginormous hands. As he massaged his pecs, the creature noticed that something was starting to force them slowly upward toward his chin. Moving his hands down, he discovered what felt like two more nipples emerging from the skin under his pecs. Squeezing them, he discovered that they were indeed two new sensitive nipples. With what sounded like an explosion erupting from his chest, another set of massive pecs burst out and formed under the original. Yes, he thought, pinching and rubbing the massive thumb sized nipples on his new pecs. If two are incredible, four are simply amazing!! The two newly grown pecs grew larger in size till Destruction’s torso was forced to begin stretching and growing upward again to form more room. Taller and taller he rose, growing closer to the high ceilings of the gym. He was thankful that this building had such high ceilings, but even more grateful that his body was creating more space to pack on more muscle. Destruction’s lateral muscles grew more gigantic, compelling his mammoth arms away from his side. When he did try to set his arms down against this side, he was not only prevented by his lat span, but by two large lumps that had formed two feet below his arm pits. Trying his best to look in the mirror as it got further away, he saw the lumps getting larger and larger, pulsating with a power from within. The pressure built up underneath them until they finally erupted like two volcanic pimples, forcing out two new colossal arms. Destruction roared as the two additional arms gained size to match their brothers. They were nearly impossible to control at first, moving as if they had a mind of their own, until he found that through some concentration, he was finally able to manipulate them himself. Still he continued to grow taller and more muscular. Never had Chaos seen such a specimen as this manifestation of all of the anger the man once called Adrian had held down for so long. Dark brown hair erupted all over Destruction’s body, coating his arms, legs, and chest in a thick carpet. The hair on his head turned a dark brown, and a thick beard began to grown on his face becoming fuller by the minute. Standing nearly 13 feet tall, Destruction continued to grow. The world would definitely see him now. The world would quake at his massive feet. As if fuelled further by this new found anger that had been released inside of him, Destruction continued to transform. An angry ripping sound came from Destructions body as foot long razor sharp horns angrily erupted from his elbows and his shoulder blades. Raising all four of his might hands in front of him as best he could, Destruction laughed as one by one he made a tight fist, and ten inch horns began to protrude and curve from each of his upper knuckles. With his two upper arms, he easily dragged the horns of his hands across the ceiling ripping it apart. Material fell around him, but this only caused Destruction to laugh, his voice now so deep that it sounded more like an unearthly grumble. Destruction roared again, his mouth growing larger as he did. Two more rows of sharp pointed teeth forced their way through his gums behind his original teeth, creating a terrifying shark-like mouth. Exuding so much heat from his own transformation, sweat began to pour down Destruction’s brown onto his face and chest. The burning of the salt water started to irritate his eyes, so to the best of his ability, he tried to brush it away, but he found it impossible to even touch his eyes with his bloated muscular arms. The more he tried to wipe the sweat away, the more appeared to fall. Chaos watched as the colossus tried in vain to stop the odd flow of sweat. Soon though, he realized it was not simply sweat, but appeared as if Destruction’s own flesh from his forehead was turning to liquid and pouring down his face and puddling around his eyes. The liquid soon started to solidify, and like clay, began building a wall in front of his eyes. - What’s happening to me??!! Stop this now! - I’m sorry, but it’s all simply out of my control. The flesh continued to flow, building up more and more in front of his eyes until it finally covered them completely. The creature, now blinded, roared and stomped around the room causing devastation all around him. Loosing his balance, the colossus fell to the floor. Chaos watched as the flesh smoothed itself out on his forehead until it looked as if he eyes had never been there at all. - It burns! It burns!! A primal roar came from deep within Destruction as his brow ridge distended further causing an oddly masculine Neanderthal look to overtook Destructions face. The skin below the ridge began to bubble and flex, and with a loud rip, one massive red eye opened in the middle of his forehead. Arching his back, Destruction roared again. Chaos watched with excitement as the four massive nipples ripped open as well creating four more additional red eyes. - Look upon me!! Look at what I am becoming!! Destruction got to his feet with a deep bellowing laugh. Chaos could feel all five eyes on him… staring deep into him. - I will be seen!! I will be feared!!! Would you like to see another trick, father. - Show me. Destruction reached his two bottom hands down and began stroking his immense penis. The more he stroked it with animalistic force, the more it grew. As he jerked it, the shaft grew thicker and thicker, quickly tripling in size. The head continued to grown larger and more bulbous as well, overtaking the shaft with how thick and long it was itself. The most erotic and sensual feeling began to emanate from the massive shaft. Smiling and looking directly into Chaos’ eyes, Destruction stopped what he was doing. Suddenly with one quick flick, he dug the horns of his right hand into the underbelly of his penis. The beast roared out, but the sound appeared more like pleasure then pain. A moment later, Destruction lifted his left, and dug those horns into the top of his penis. Chaos expected blood to start flowing, but all he could see was the flesh of the penis moving and puddling on its own like clay. A thick river of pre began to flow from the bulbous head soaking the floor. Flexing his might biceps, Destruction pulled his arms apart, and with a loud ripping sound, Destruction’s thick cock split in half. The clay-like skin quickly formed around it, and within moments, Destruction possessed two immense penises, both now dripping free flowing pre. - What do you think of your son now? The two penises continued to grow larger, standing at attention. Using two hands to stroke his penises and two hands to massage his basketball sized testicles, Destruction brought himself to the most forceful of orgasms. Cum rocketed from both shafts, covering the floor and shattering the mirror. Asarualimnunna smiled as the wall into the fifth realm cracked and he could easily slip through. Standing now at an immense sixteen feet and weighing thousands upon thousands of pounds of pure muscle, Destruction had finally been born. Angrily he began to tear the building apart, wanting to free himself from his prison. - Calm, my son!! Destruction did as his loving father requested. - There will be plenty of time for you to show yourself to the world. First, we must find another to join our army against the common enemy…Eros. We must build it before he is able to, and if my calculations are correct, only four more will be able to be born. Come with me. I think I know the next perfect candidate.
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    Every year the Hitchens family would gather together for Christmas and New Years. The two Hitchens boys, now both family men were larger than life characters. Both towering lumberjack like men who led the festivities and their wives and kids would follow. Harry Hitchens was the proud father to two boys, both athletes and both the apples of their fathers eye. Sam Hitchens, the eldest, was now a star athlete at his college, on the fast track to professional stardom and already an Olympic god medalist in track, before he filled out at 16 and his muscle mass slowed him down too much to be any sort of track runner. Scott Hitchens, the baby, was pretty much a younger version of his elder brother. He was tall and thick with muscle. His messy blond hair always looking nearly perfect like he’d just walked off a catwalk, his youthful yet masculine face naturally falling into a cocky smirk. Roger Hitchens was the proud ‘as much as a father naturally should be’ father of one son. His son Lucas had been completely bypassed by the Hitchens genes. He was short, he was chubby. His dark hair shiny from grease and his face caked in a crust of spots. He and Scott were the same age, but light years apart in every possible way. Yet they were forced to share a room for the holidays. Since Sam had moved onto college he spent all his time in the penthouse apartment he’d lucked himself into having, and barely spent any time at home. His room, the largest bedroom in the house, had been taken over by Scott and Scott’s old room had been converted into a shrine to the greatness that was Sam Hitchens. Lucas’ parents had gotten the spare room and Lucas had to sleep on the floor of Scott’s room, hearing the big lug snore and stare up at Scott’s massive feet hanging over the edge of the massive, by Lucas’ standards at least, bed. It was on Christmas eve after a nice family meal and a genuinely good time that the boys were sent to bed. It was only 9pm and Lucas couldn’t sleep, he was 18 and used to staying up much later playing video games with people on the other side of the planet. Scott was already asleep, even though he’d bitched about now being able to jerk off because Lucas was in the room. Lucas was looking up at the meaty soles of Scott’s feet for the 4th night in a row. Why he couldn’t of slept in the central open area of the bedroom and not cramped into a corner beneath Scott’s feet was beyond Lucas. Scott’s excuse that he needed the space to do his exercises in the morning didn’t hold as Scott used the home gym every morning when he woke up. Lucas tossed and turned in his makeshift bed. His eyes caught sight of something under the bed, it hadn’t been there before, maybe something had shifted when Scott had pulled out the hidden Christmas presents last night before he put them under the tree. Lucas tried to reach for the shiny object that caught his eye, having to move a box labeled “Sam’s Underwear”. His arms weren’t long enough. He sighed and pulled himself out from under the covers. Without even thinking about the embarrassment of being caught under Scott’s bed next to a box of his elder cousins musky briefs he was crawling in the dark with Scott’s snoring mass above him. He reached the shiny object, it was an old looking touch phone, or an old PDA device. Without even touching the power button it strung into life, lighting up the dark beneath the bed. A near silent jiggle played and an ancient looking graphic of a genie lamp flashed up blocky letters popped into being. “CHRONIVAC” “What the hell” Lucas muttered then hushing himself as Scott grunted above him. Lucas tapped the screen. A loading bar appeared and then vanished. The PDA was obviously newer then it appeared, after the old grey intro screens it was bright and colorful. It looked like an advanced customization screen for a SIMs game or something. Lucas clicked on the previous session button and the complete outline of his cousin Sam appeared, everything from his favorite color to his obscene girth of his cock was written down for Lucas to know. Sam’s family was listed below, including Lucas (cousin-father’s side). Beneath that was a “Make realistic”. When Lucas clicked on this opinion a small cartoon genie lamp appeared. A speak bubble appeared explaining he was the PDA’s helper function and the ‘Make Realistic’ option made it so that changes would appear to be natural, such as making physical changes genetic, which would change family to match the physical changes to the user. Lucas was confused, what sort of game was this. He saw the “Change History” box on a side bar next to the floating beautiful face of Sam. An insanely long list of changes appeared. From increase in height, made a natural athlete and increase cock length. The make realistic option seemed to apply to them all. Lucas came off his history and clicked on himself. His meagre frame and spotty face appeared, with all his statistics listed. He clicked on height, 5’5 it read. A dial appeared below, or he could edit his height. Lucas ran a finger over the dial, increase the avatars height. He chuckled quietly as the avatar grew taller, then almost shouted out load as his feet moved along the carpeted floor as his own height increased. In a panic he pulled the dial back till his height on both the Chronivac and in reality retuned to normal. It dawned on Lucas what he was holding, he’d just grown a foot in an instant and it looked like Sam had made himself the hunky athlete he was now and no one seemed to know any different. Lucas smiled, he could change anything. ——————————————————————————————————————————— Scott woke on Christmas morning, stretching out his beefy arms and yawning. Flexing his toes and sadly trying to kill his throbbing morning wood before swinging his thick legs out of bed. He pulled on some stripy pajama bottoms before he noticed that his little cousin Lucas wasn’t still asleep. He cracked his knuckles before flexing a bicep in the mirror, smirking to himself and headed out of his room. His big bare feet thudding as he stomps down the stairs into the living room. Both his parents and his aunt and uncle were already there, sitting on the sofas and talking over coffee. “Merry Christmas” Scott greeted, a hand down his bottoms rearranging his fat nuts They returned the greeting and his uncle Roger shouted out to the kitchen to his cousin Lucas. “Time for presents” Scott’s mother offered Scott with childlike glee dropped to his knees at the foot of the heavily decorated Christmas tree and started to hand out presents. He found one with Lucas’ name. “Lucas” he shouted Instantly his cousin replied “No need to shout, I’m behind you” Scott turned and handed the present over, then back to the tree. Scott blinked a few times before turning back to his cousin. Lucas looked good, very refreshed. His skin very clear for a guy who looked like the face of the moon last night. His cheekbones were even showing through his cheeks, like he’d dropped a few pounds in the night. Scott looked down to Lucas’ pj clad form, his shirt was tight, but only showed a flat stomach were a chubby gut should have been. Still he wasn’t anything compared to Scott’s and his Hitchens family six pack, but it was odd. Maybe Scott just hadn’t payed any attention Lucas, wouldn’t be the first time Lucas’ existence had come as a shock to Scott. Scott began unwrapping his first gift, it was tickets to a football game, him and his dad most likely. Behind him Lucas was tearing apart the paper on his gift. “Oh awesome, new headgear, I need this for wrestling” Lucas said happily Scott’s dad started talking to Lucas about wrestling, the runt lying through his teeth about being a state champion. Scott turned to call Lucas out on his lies, but he stopped. Lucas was now shirtless. His chest jutting out like slabs of rock and his stomach ripped into six thick cobbles. Lucas’ shoulder were rounded and had meaty biceps swinging from them. “You ok cousin” Lucas asked with a bounce of one of his heavy pecs Scott shook his head and went back to handing out presents. The gifts got weirder and worst. Scott was getting books, socks and gift cards to shops he’d never go too. Lucas though was getting amazing stuff, a new lap top, a new PS4, bundles of games, but some weird stuff too. New shoes which weren’t that odd, it was just Lucas made a show of announcing they were size 17. Again Scott wanted to call him out, but as he turned around he saw the enormous bare dogs that Lucas had connected to his three trunk legs. The thick toes flexing as Lucas looked. “You know what they say about big feet” Lucas said quietly to Scott Scott shook off the implication, knowing while Lucas was a beefy wrestler with massive flipper feet, he was still a short ass with a small baby cock if the flat front of his briefs in the morning was any indication. With the presents done Scott’s dad and uncle went to the kitchen to work on getting the Christmas roast ready, while the mothers cleared up the ripped up wrappings. Scott carried his disappointing load of gifts up to his room, his heavy footfalls drowned out by the even heavier footfalls of Lucas behind him. Lucas’ booming voice echoed around him, his beefy cousin gushing about all the amazing gifts he’d gotten. Scott actually pushed his door shut behind him, almost hitting Lucas in his chiseled lightly stubbled face. “That was rude” Lucas said opening the door, not even looking at Scott He was busy typing into his phone, Scott pulled at the fabric around his crotch, it was unusually baggy. “So baby dick….” Lucas started Scott was instantly turned around and squaring up to Lucas, just he wasn’t towering above him like he expected. Instead a squared meaty pec bounced slightly in front of his face. Lucas’ face smirking down at him. “So baby dick” Lucas repeated, a massive finger flicked at the billowing empty crotch of Scott’s pajamas “We have a couple hours before Christmas dinner… what you want to do” Scott started to splutter, the words catching in his throat. He didn’t know it, but he was wearing his older brother hand me down pajamas, he had the ass and legs to fill them out, but the Hitchens donkey dick had passed him by. Lucas’ eyes rolled “Shouldn’t of left you aware, looks like your minds breaking” A large hand fell onto Scott’s rounded shoulder and forced him to his knees. Lucas unlike Scott wasn’t struggling to fill out his pajamas bottoms. The fabric was bursting with meat, from Luca’s insanely thick pillar like thighs, to the rounded boulder ass that was eating away at the back of them. The hems of his boots ended at the thighs, someone had either cut them off or Lucas had burst them stuffing his quads into them. The crotch was like an entire butcher’s platter of beef, two swollen orbs of sloshing cum and a shank of the finest wrist fat cock meat strained at the seams. To Scott’s shock the sight was making his mouth water. “Try not to think too hard, I want you to remember that I was once a runt, but I don’t want you to snap” Lucas said, his hand pulling Scott’s face towards his bulging crotch “Unlike your brother I want to see how my changes effect people, just wait till I get ahold of him” Lucas laughs, the intentions behind it made Scott worried, but the musk of Lucas’ crotch was too incising. He sighed happily as Lucas’ other hand started to heave out a very fat soft cock. “Good, your calming down, I knew making my cock your happy place was a smart idea” Lucas said starting to jerk his soft meat off “Give me a minute and I’ll dish up your breakfast” Scott was shaking his head, but his tongue was hanging out and his mouth was full of salvia. “Just don’t ruin your appetite” Lucas laughed his jerking speed increasing “You got a big dinner ahead of you”
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    Business and Pleasure As Alan inspected himself in the mirror he had a hard time convincing himself he was getting the better half of the deal. Alan traced the flat and smooth surface of his belly while looking at his reflection. It was beginning to look a bit flabby. Alan bit his lips, he had lost a little more muscle mass than originally planned. But great things can only be achieved by making great sacrifices, right? Slowly Alan slid into the suit and tie prepared for him. His expression lightened somewhat, the new hand tailored outfit neatly hid some of the more unsavory curves on his body. Alan even let a smile briefly creep over his face, his handsome jaw was still largely intact. Largely. Alan’s smile faded once he heard the loud knocks of his twin brother, Travis, banging on the bathroom door. “Open up twerp!” Alan let out an exasperated sigh, opening the bathroom lock so his twin could waltz in. Alan felt his own tiny dick grow hard as he saw the bodybuilder sized Travis strut up to the mirror. His tree trunk sized legs had to move awkwardly in order to not crush the massive bulge that was barely contained in a filled out set of posers. As Alan looked at brother’s ripped and shredded physique he felt nostalgic for the time he and Travis had been equals. It was barely a few months ago, but the times that Travis didn’t have a squad of girls worship his devine body while he did his workouts in the mansion’s gym already felt like a distant memory to Alan. Alan jealousy watched as Travis started shaving, a thick shadow already having formed between the last shave a few hours ago. Travis’s big biceps flexed involuntarily with the motion, veins spreading and thickening to feed the big swelling muscle. “My muscle.” Alan thought with another pang of jealousy. Alan immediately scolded himself for the thought. A deal was a deal, and he could hardly call himself the CEO of one of the world’s biggest companies if he couldn’t accept the terms of a fair trade. Alan been sober and well when he had signed the agreement. He had given up his college grown muscles for them to be added to already bigger twin, in return, Alan had gotten the knowledge of the economics field his brother had acquired at college. Five years of muscle mass traded for five years of knowledge, it should have been indisputably fair. But each day Alan doubted the fairness of the deal more and more. Travis hadn’t just taken his muscle. His formerly formidable cock had been drained and added to Travis’s body as well. Lot’s of other things too, hair growth, testerone, feet size, all had been taken away and fed to the newly dominating bigger twin. Travis had argued that having two college degrees was much more useful than all these useless qualities that were just there to distract Alan from the company. But Alan missed needing two hands to play with my cock. And he was getting tired of his wimpy reflection. Alan was sure Travis had taken more size than he was supposed to, Alan hadn’t been this shrimpish before college. Alan was just about to ask if maybe they should have written their deal so he could have the matter looked into by one of the companies lawyers when he was distracted by his brother’s immense bulge jumping up and down happily as Travis tried to stuff his thick legs into trousers. “No home workouts and hours of worship today?” Alan said in surprise. His brother hadn’t stopped for a moment getting his immense muscles played with since he stole…. Acquired them. “Nope. Got a job interview.” Travis said, preoccupied with checking how great his massive muscles looked stretching out the suit. “Oh! What position?” Alan asked, privately hoping his brother would finally get into porn so Alan could jerk his puny dick off to images and videos of his brother flexing his weighty muscles. “Your position.” Travis said with a grin. “Shareholders called me, said they’re willing to buy you out and lose billions if that means they get a strong man in charge.” Alan stammered, unsure what to say. “But dad left me the position in his will….” Travis shrugged his wide lats. “The partners want you gone man, they think you’re just some wimpy college boy.” Travis reconsidered for a moment and opened up the last few buttons of his dress shirt again, his square pecs bulging out obscenely. “And they want a man in charge, someone they’d love to watch fuck their wives.” Alan’s expression grew even more dumbfounded. “Their words, not mine. Though all those trophy wives with sad and drooping husbands are probably aching for a real man like me.” Alan finally managed to refind his tongue, nearly biting on it while crying and stammering out something about ‘the deal’ and ‘the agreement’ Travis grew even more absent minded, trying to find an arrangement for his package that looked less lewd. “Don’t work yourself up so much wimp, haven’t said yes yet.” Gears seemed to turn inside Travis’s head as his groped more and more of his mountainous muscle mass through the tightly stretched suit. “In fact, I’ll even decline their offer if you can counter it with a better one. Better offer something big, the partners did promise a pretty big signing bonus.” Alan jumped on the opportunity right away. He wouldn’t allow himself to feel any more emasculated. If he couldn’t even keep the job he literally inherited… Alan doubted he could match the signing bonus or salary Travis was promised however, all of Alan’s bank accounts were maxed out trying to pay for Travis’s lifestyle. The big house, the new weights, the expensive hand tailored clothing, the never ending bills for hand made XXXXL condoms… It added up, even on Alan’s generous income. But he had other things to offer. “You could take a few inches of my height. We’re still both 6’0, you could finally be the taller brother.” Alan pleaded, desperation seeping into his voice. “And there’s still dozens of pounds of good muscle hiding under this fat. 20 pounds extra you could take…” Alan saw his brothers expresion remain unchanged. “30 pounds even, ripe for you to take, fuck, you could probably head straight for Mr. Olympia with 30 extra pounds of pure muscle.” Alan was practically on the floor, begging for his brother to take the deal. “And cock, can’t forget about that. Still have 4 inches left… You can have it all. But please, let me just keep my job” Alan looked up, Travis had grown a wicked smile. “You got yourself a deal, lil’ bro.”
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    The Lost Phone I let out a sigh of relief holding my brothers phone in my hand. It had been lost for hours, and he said he’d put a halt to my diet of his thick ropes of cum if I wouldn’t find it for him. I was happy I’d be able to continue to worship his massive babymaker and take the edge of his bull sized balls. I heard his loud grunts coming from upstairs, he was probably having a worshipping session with his harem again. I bit my lips, jealous off the guys and girls who got to worship his massive and globlike pecs while his post workout pump was still fresh. He had told me he didn’t want to be disturbed during these hours where his harem played with his impossibly large muscles. I wasn’t risking barging in, even with something as important as this. I was painfully reminded of the last time I had walked in, wanting to spy while every inch of my brothers skin was licked clean from his workout sweat. He had gotten furious after he had spotted me, the idea that someone as weak and puny as me would be present while he was at his most masculine had enraged my brother enough to cut me off from his doses of nutritious and delicious spunk for a full week. No, I wasn’t making that mistake again. I don’t think I could go another week without seeing my brothers filled 8 pack in front of my face while shoving his massive mahood deep down my throat. I’d just carefully watch the phone till he was done getting his masculine form admired. I might even start with the protein filled dinner I was supposed to be making for him. I was ready to forget about the phone for the next few hours and listen to my brother’s deep earthshake causing grunts while cooking dinner and jerking off when I felt the phone insistently buzzing in my pocket. I pulled it out again, his notifications streaming full with a never ending requests to see and touch his ripped and powerful body. In between all the requests for sexual satisfaction I could just barely see all the emails from big companies offering ten thousands of dollars for stretching out one of their clothing garments in a instagram photo. I guess that is how my brother was able to maintain his lifestyle of lifting and fucking. But, seemingly ignoring the constant stream of messages was one notification, unmovable from it’s top spot. I didn’t recognise the app that was sending it. Must have been a virus, with an odd sounding name like ‘Chronivac’ I hesitated for a moment, and then tapped on the app to open it, curiosity guiding me. As soon as the app finished loading I was greeted by a fully nude 3D rendering of my brother’s hunky body. The tagline “Chronivac: Change Everything” was written in big letters on top. Water filled my mouth having a render this clear of each of my brothers filled out muscles right in front of me. I let my eyes dart around the user interface for a moment. Sliders for cock size and muscle mass floated around the hunky body of my brother. The checkbox “Aware Of Changes” had a big check mark inside of it. Feverishly I unchecked it, not wanting my brother to be made aware I had snooped around his phone. I considered playing with the sliders for a moment seeing how large and muscular I could make the 3D model of my already huge brother but I left it for what it was. Instead I looked around what other models the program had installed. Turns out the program was filled with 1:1 recreations of my brothers acquaintances. I recognised some of his fellow alpha’s and friends in the list. I was disappointed most of them were only far above averagely hung instead of carrying around a truly massive manhood like my brother. I recognised the names of some of his worshippers too. One guy my brother consistently used as his personal fleshjack had ‘Former Bully’ written between parentheses after his name. I had a hard time believing someone looking as scawny this apparent bully did as had ever tormented my filled out bro. At the very end of the list my name was written. I opened up the render of my model and it was as pathetic looking as the real me. I sat there for a few minutes, eyeing and soaking in my own puny form in photo realistic detail on the small phone screen when a message popped up. “Chronivac has a list of recommended changes and improvements for ‘LITTLEBRO.STL’ to fix broken power dynamic. Apply?” I let my boney finger hover over ‘Apply’ button for a moment before pressing it. I felt the universe around me go black for just a second before I opened my eyes again. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The same hunky stallion and 1:1 recreation of me was staring back from the phone screen. Recommended changes? Fuck that, the model on the phone still looked just as great and muscular as I always had. Some long winded warning message popped up warning me about the dangers of ‘applying changes while the user was still marked as unaware’ I just brushed it aside. Didn’t have the time or concentration to read a text that long. My immense libido was taking over now that I hadn’t emptied out my balls for a solid hour. The thought of some twink worshipping my gargantuan cock really got me going, and I only noticed I had been expressing my sexual frustrations on the phone in my hands when I heard it knack and break. Oops, that was the third phone this months I had broken in the palms of my hands, and this phone wasn’t even mine. I just shrugged my wide lats. My bro had enough funds to buy a newer model, being the cute little hunky instagram model and all. Besides, there wasn’t much he could do if he didn’t like it. Afterall, I’d always been the bigger brother between us.
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    The Perfect Couple by Ultrabeef Skyler and Parker finished up their workout and headed to the showers. The cute 20 something gay couple were the envy of all their friends. Their attractive toned bodies and chised features made them look like a couple of fashion models. Skyler had short brown hair and a perfect physique and was in finance however while Parker, blond and also toned, was getting his start in real estate. They were the perfect couple and living the American dream: great realtionship, attractive partner, making great money. As they headed to the locker room a huge roided behemoth blocked their path. They had seen the guy at the gym often; grunting and heaving ridiculously heaving weights in the free weight area while Skyler and Hunter used the treadmills and machines. "Hey bros, looking good out there today" the huge bodybuilder rumbled in his deep bass. "Um, thanks...'bro'" Parker replied, somewhat sarcastically as Skyler nudged him hissing "Shut up, do you want to get us killed?". The huge guy, ignoring the latent sarcasm continued "My name's Ian. Ian Walsh." The two hunky twinks stared at him blankly until he continued "And you are?". "Oh...um...sorry" Skyler muttered, realizing his rudeness. "I'm Skyler" he smiled weakly extending his hand that was almost ripped off by the huge meaty paw of Ian. "Nice to meet you Skyler. Who's your friend?" "I'm Parker. Skyler’s boyfriend" Parker replied with an emphasis on "boyfriend" in case Ian might have gotten the wrong idea. "Nice to meet you too" Ian purred, grabbing Parker’s arm and shaking his hand roughly. "You know, I've been watching you two for a while" Ian continued as Skyler and Parker looked at each other confusedly. Ian continued unphased "I think a couple attractive guys like yourself would look awesome with some muscle mass on you". As he spoke Ian bounced his pecs in his sweaty stringer tank. Skyler's eyes widened and the bulging beef in front of him. "Um. Thanks but I think we're good" Parker politely replied. "Well, that's a shame. If you dudes change your mind and want to get huge and jacked like me, give me a call". Ian flexed his huge bicep as he handed Skyler & Parker a plain, white business card. On it were the words "Ian Welsh, Muscle Growth Specialist" and a phone number. "Thanks" Parker replied. "Um, yeah...thanks" Skyler mumbled as Parker shoved him toward the showers. That evening, as Parker packed for a trip home from the big city to visit his parents, Skyler was uncharacteristically quiet. "What's on your mind babe?" Parker asked, snapping Skyler out of his daze. "Oh...nothing" Skyler lied. "Come on, I know that look. What's up?" Skyler sighed "It's that freaky musclehead at the gym. He really got inside my head today”. "What? You're kidding right? You don't want to be some huge musclehead. Do you?" Parker paused and looked at Skyler's face. "I...I guess not. I mean who wants to be some overgrown freak, right?" Skyler laughed. "Yeah!" Parker laughed too but was troubled by Skyler's strange behavior. Parker had arrived back from his parents' house early Sunday morning and had jumped in the shower. As he got out of the shower and dressed he could hear Skyler making breakfast in the kitchen. "Hey sweetie! You're up! I'll be right there" Parker called from the bathroom. "Hey babe, eggs ok for breakfast?" Skyler called in a rough, deep voice from the kitchen. "Eggs? You always have a kale smoothie. And what's with your voice? Are you coming down with a cold sweetie?" Parker was saying as he entered the kitchen and froze in his tracks. There at the stove, with his back to Parker, was an enormous bodybuilder. He was wearing a tattered t-shirt that had the sleeves ripped off to accomodate his thick, gorilla-like arms. His back was impossibly wide and tapered to a relatively small waist. The guy had a big, thick bubble butt that was straining against his pajama shorts. His legs were thick and corded with muscle. Then the guy turned around and Parker gasped "S...Skyler?!" The huge guy bounced his ample pecs and smiled "Mornin babe". “Wha...what the fuck did you do to yourself?!” Parker gasped taking in the freakish bodybuilder his boyfriend had become. Skyler smirked a cocky grin as he adjusted the thick cock that bulged obscenely in his shorts. “I gave that Ian guy from the gym a call, babe” Skyler flexed his freakish arms in a double bicep pose and grinned “you like?” “Um, fuck no!” Parker snarled. “You look like some overgrown roid-head, the kind of guy we always made fun of at the gym! You’ve got to turn yourself back to normal! I mean how is it even possible to transform your body like this in just a few days?!” Skyler was getting worked up and shouting at his huge boyfriend. “I think I look hot. And so does Ian” Parker mumbled, “besides, I can’t transform back, it’s permanent”. “How are you going to even go to work looking like that? You’re disgusting. All veiny and bulging. None of your suits will even fit!” Parker staggered to the kitchen chair and slammed himself down. He was so upset and confused. Two days ago he and his hot toned boyfriend were living their dream life and now Skyler had ruined everything with his ridiculous muscle growth. “I can’t believe you’re acting like this babe” Skyler put his huge hand on Parker’s shoulder. “Don’t touch me, you freak!” Parker screamed causing the massive Skyler to pull his hand away. “I’m going to the gym” Skyler mumbled grabbing his gym bag. “To meet up with that asshole Ian?” “Yeah, probably. Why? You got a problem with that?” Skyler flexed his pecs intimidatingly at Parker. “No. Why should I care?” Parker mumbled, his voice cracking as tears streamed down his face. “Look babe. I love you! I don’t give a fuck about Ian. I always wanted to be a big manly guy and now I am. I love feeling so strong and masculine. I thought you’d love it too. I guess I was wrong.” “Yeah, I guess so” Parker sobbed. “Look, I’ll be back later and we can talk, ok?” Skyler’s looked so dejected that Parker just mumbled “sure” instead of telling him off. Skyler kissed Parker on the head before waddling to the door, his massive back as wide as the doorway. As Parker sat in the silence of the empty apartment he wiped the tears away from his chiseled cheeks. Then he went to his bedroom and reached into his gym bag. He pulled out the card Ian had given him with his number “Ian Walsh, Muscle Growth Specialist”. Pulling out his cell phone, Parker dialed the number on the card. “Yeah” a deep gruff voice answered. “Um, is this Ian?” Parker sheepishly asked. “Sure is dude”. “Um, my name is Parker. We met at the gym last week. You um “helped” my boyfriend Skyler”. “Ha! Hell yeah, I remember you, sarcastic little punk. l wondered how long it would take you to call.” “Uh, yeah, I...” Parker, not usually at a loss for words stammered. “I’ll be right over” Ian growled and the phone went dead. “Shit!”mumbled Parker to himself, “what have I done?” Within a few minutes there was a loud knock on the door, Parker opened it to find the massive Ian standing there. Ian was wearing white spandex shorts that could barely contain his massive cock and glutes and a black stringer tank that left little to the imagination as his wide pecs and shoulders bulged from the flimsy shirt. “Um, hi. Come in” Parker weakly invited Ian into the apartment. “It seems like I was here only yesterday! Oh, I guess I was here yesterday!” Ian laughed a deep, mocking laugh. “So, what can I do for you cutie?” Ian eyed Parker up and down, “damn, I hope Skyler realizes how lucky he is to have a hottie like you!” Parker blushed uneasily and looked toward the floor, his former sarcasm drained in the presence of the large bodybuilder. “So, do you like how Skyler turned out? Awesome, isn’t it?” “Actually, no. I hate it. You have to change him back.” Parker replied, finding his voice. “Change him back?!” Ian laughed again in his deep hearty laugh. “Are you fucking kidding me? He’s a total uber muscle stud now! I saved him from being a nobody! Plus, the change is permanent!” Parker stared glumly at the floor, not sure what to say. “Oh fuck, is that why you called me? To change Skyler back?” the realization dawning on Ian. “Well, of course, why did you think I called you?” “Well,” Ian smiled dangerously, “I thought you wanted to get huge too!” Now it was Parker’s turn to laugh, “you’ve got to be kidding me! Who would want to be a fucking roid-head muscle freak like you?” “Well, your boyfriend seems to like “being a freak” as you say” Ian advanced menacingly toward Parker. “Personally, I think a handsome cocky little shit like you could use an attitude adjustment and some manly muscle like this!” Ian bounced his huge pecs in Parker’s face before roughly shoving him against the wall. Parker yelled “Stay away from me, you fucking freak, or I’ll...” “You’ll what?” Ian smiled an evil grin. “You’re gonna be so fucking hot when I get through with you”. With one huge muscular arm pinning Parker against the living room wall Ian whipped out a large syringe filled with green liquid and quickly jabbed it into Parker’s chest with his free hand. “What the FUCK!!” Parker screamed, “what the fuck did you do?”. “Well, considering Skyler paid for our 2 for 1 special, I just completed his order” Ian grinned. “Skyler did what?” Parker asked in a daze as his head started to cloud over and a buzzed sensation filled his brain. “Oh, this is my favorite part!” Ian sat on the sofa to watch the show as Parker staggered toward a chair to keep his balance. “Wha...what’s happening?” Parker mumbled in confusion. “What’s happening is you’re about to grow into a nice big bodybuilder boyfriend for Skyler” Ian purred. “No...fuck! This can’t be happening!” As he spoke, Parker looked down and saw his hands swelling larger, his forearms expanding wider stretching his Oxford dress shirt. “Urrggh!” Parker growled as his muscles started to swell larger. “Fuck...no! I...don’t...want...to be a...freak!” Parker panted as his shirt grew tighter and tighter, he could see his biceps straining against the fabric of his shirt and could feel his shoulders and back stretching the shirt tight as they grew wider with each passing moment. Parker grunted as be felt a heaviness forming in his chest. “Oh fuck! No!Not my pecs!” Parker tried to hold his shirt closed as his chest swelled with beefy brawn going from toned to swoll. “Oh fuck yeah!” Ian was sitting on the edge of the couch and was stroking his hard, thick dick as he watched Parker’s shirt burst open sending buttons spraying across the room and allowing his swelling pecs the freedom they desired. Parker’s chest heaved and the weight of his burgeoning pecs forced his expanding nipples toward the floor as a deep crevice formed between them. Parker could feel his abs bulging, from the perfect six pack that he was so proud of and was the envy of all the guys and girls at work, into a thick, hard, muscle gut. His swelling midsection caused his tight skinny jeans to burst open at the waist. “Shit, shit! Shit!” Parker moaned, his voice deepening to a rich baritone as his neck thickened. His quads were thickening as well, easily shredding open his jeans at the seams, his calves swelling into perfect pillars of muscle. Parker could feel his butt growing too. No longer a cute, toned, bubble butt Parker could feel his glutes swelling into a huge, thick, muscle-ass. As Ian shot his load across his spandex shorts, Parker’s growth began to slow. “What the fuck have you done to me?!” Parker growled in his newly deep voice. He staggered to the bathroom mirror and took in the sight of his new body. Too engrossed in what he was seeing to notice Ian sneaking out the door, but not before texting Skyler “your order is complete, and I think you’ll love the results”. As soon as Skyler received Ian’s text he cut his workout short and hurried home. As he entered the apartment he could tell something was different. The living room and kitchen were a mess, furniture was out of place and overturned and the smell of manly musk and cum was thick in the air. Skyler hurried to the bedroom but it was empty. “Parker? Are you here?” Skyler called out. “I’m right here babe.” The deep, rumbling bass shocked Skyler, he slowly turned around and gasped. Standing in the doorway (filling it actually) was a massive blond bodybuilder. He was totally jacked, thick veins and stretch marks snaked across his skin. His face was still chiseled like Parker with high cheekbones, full pouty lips, and a wide jaw, but it was dusted with scruff giving him a dangerous, manly look. The hulking muscle beast was squeezed into a white thong, wet with cum, that attempted to contained his massive cock. “Holy shit! Parker?! Is that really you?” Skyler breathlessly moaned. “Oh you better believe it babe!” Parker raised his arms into a wicked double bicep pose and bounced his ample pecs. “I...I’m sorry to turn you into a freak, like me, but...” Skyler suddenly felt badly, overcome with the realization that the old Parker was gone forever. “Fuck babe! Are you kidding me? Look at me, I’m fucking jacked! And I’m all yours, stud.” Parker rubbed his muscle gut causing Skyler to moan softly. “You like all this beef babe?” Parker turned around and bent over the bed revealing his huge, thick muscle ass. “Oh fuck!” Skyler purred, ripping his gym shorts off revealing his raging boner. “Fill me with that big dick, babe” Parker moaned as Skyler mounted the hulking stud.
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    Part 2 I didn’t see Justin much in the next few weeks – with both of us doing shift work this happened from time to time. When we did see each other, I couldn’t help but feel that there was an elephant in the room that neither of us acknowledged. I knew it would have to be me that brought up the subject again but, cowardly, I just couldn’t do it. The truth was I had no idea what to say. Finally, driving home from a long shift one day, I decided enough was enough. I was going to have to tell him about my insecurities “Justin,” I called as I came through the front door. “We need to talk”. “Just a minute…” I heard him shout from upstairs. “I’ll be down in a sec…” I didn’t want to wait, scared I’d lose my nerve, so bounded up the stairs two at a time and burst into our bedroom. I gasped in horror, taking in the sight in front of me. “WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING?” I roared. Justin was stark naked in front of the mirror, a syringe of blue, viscous liquid in his hand, looking at me in terror. “Justin…don’t…” I begged. But it was too late. Before I couldn’t even get close he’d flipped the cover off and plunged the needle into his ass cheek, injecting the strange-looking fluid in one go. “Oh FUCK Justin,” I moaned in dismay. “What the HELL was that?” “J-just a supplement,” he stammered, nervous. I spotted the packaging on our bed, snatching it up before Justin had a chance to grab it. “No…please…don’t look,” he whimpered, his eyes pleading. I looked down at the product information leaflet in horror. -------------------------MIRACLE GROWTH------------------------ “The ONLY penis-enlargement supplement worth taking” Other than this attention-grabbing slogan, there was barely any information in the leaflet at all – it was just filled with wishy-washy testimonies from ‘satisfied customers’. Certainly, there was nothing that even got close to telling you what was in the damn thing. “This could contain ANYTHING” I bellowed, apoplectic with rage. “HOW COULD YOU?” “I had to,” he replied, trying to stand his ground whilst his face betrayed him, flushing with embarrassment. “Do you really care THAT much,” I responded, still shouting. “YOU MADE ME CARE,” he cried, starting to cry. I was about to shout some more when a spasm crossed his face and I halted in my tracks. “What is it babe?” I asked, all anger suddenly leaving me. “I-I-I feel s-strange,” he moaned. My heart dropped 40 feet. I knew it. This was bad. “Strange how Justin?” I asked, doctor-mode taking over. “Come on, lie down on the bed”. Justin did as he was told, lying back on the bed, a strange expression on his face. “Tell me what’s going on babe…this is killing me,” I pleaded, kneeling next to the bed and stroking his hair in desperation. “No Dan…it feels…good,” he moaned, letting out all his breath in one go. I still couldn’t relax. “What do you mean, ‘good’?” I questioned. “I dunno…I just feel…good,” he repeated infuriatingly. I watched in amazement as he started rubbing his hands over his body, his eyes tight shut, a look of pure ecstasy on his face. He let out a deep moan as he played with his hot nipples. I felt my cock start to grow in my pants despite myself. Justin’s cock was starting to get hard too. He ran one hand down his abs to squeeze it, his fingers pulled tight around his growing member. Within seconds his cock was fully hard, around 3 inches. “Fuuuck,” he moaned, deeply. “What is it babe?” I asked, nearly hysterical. He moaned in response, starting to stroke his rock-hard cock, two fingers wrapped around its small girth. I noticed how even using just a few fingers, you could barely see his small cock head over the top. “My cock…” he groaned. “What about it Justin?” “It feels…amazing…” he moaned, now stroking faster and faster. I watched as his whole body started to writhe in pleasure, moans escaping his mouth with every breath. He jerked his tiny cock like there was no tomorrow. “Oh FUCK,” he gasped suddenly. I nearly asked what was wrong but stopped myself, realising that there was nothing wrong at all. Justin was experiencing more pleasure than I thought was possible and the cause was blindingly obvious. I could barely speak as I noticed that Justin’s previously tiny cock was starting to swell before my eyes, its bulging head now an inch clear of his stroking fingers. It looked thicker too, starting to pull apart his fingers so that he had to readjust his hand. My own cock was now painfully hard in my tight boxers and I reached down subconsciously to pull it out, starting to stroke as I watched. Suddenly, Justin’s eyes sprang open and he looked down at his rapidly enlarging member. “FUCK YES,” he moaned deeply. “I’m growing”. His eyes shut again as he continued to stroke himself. His cock looked nearly 5 inches long now and was showing no signs of stopping its continuous growth. A thick stream of precum was leaking from his swollen cock head, running over his fingers. “It’s going to be fucking MASSIVE,” he roared, making me jump. I could tell he was right and I couldn’t help jerking my own cock hard and fast as I watched. This was the hottest thing I’d ever seen. Justin was now using his whole hand to jerk his cock – something he could never have done before – and still it continued to lengthen. An inch beyond his fingers. Now two. When the fuck would it stop? Justin’s moans were getting deeper, more erotic. I would cum soon just watching him. His balls too had swollen in size, two globes nestled between his legs, full of hot twink cum. His massive cock was thickening, stretching apart his fingers so that he struggled to wrap them all the way round. I guessed it was about 7 inches long now. We both had the same thought at the same time. “FUCK. I’m going to be bigger than you,” he moaned, letting out a slight laugh. I almost thought he’d forgotten I was there. I looked down at my own not unimpressive cock and realised he was right. In that moment I didn’t care. “OH FUCK THIS FEELS AMAZING,” he roared, his voice deeper and more masculine than ever before. He reached down, rubbing his fingers over his bulbous cock head as he continued to stroke with his other hand. I watched as he then brought his fingers, glistening with thick precum, up to his mouth. He sucked on them, moaning deeply. “Mmmm I taste good.” My mouth watered as he reached down for another taste. “Suck me,” he ordered, as if reading my mind. I didn’t hesitate. His hand was immediately replaced by my hungry tongue and lips. I licked up and down his still-growing, veiny shaft before wrapping my lips around his swollen cock head. We both moaned together. Fuck he did taste good. Within seconds I was bobbing up and down on his dick, taking as much as I could but feeling it hit the back of my throat. I cradled his distended balls in my hands, amazed at their weight and size. His cock had to be bigger than 8 inches now. Bigger and thicker than my own. Still, I kept sucking, his moans feeding my own throbbing boner. “FUCK,” he roared. “You’re a good COCKSUCKER”. I bristled slightly at his words but there was no way I was going to stop worshiping his Godly cock. Justin started thrusting his hips up and down, forcing his mammoth cock into my mouth over and over, now holding the back of my head. In a frenzy of bliss, I marvelled at how my twink boyfriend was now fucking my face with his enormous man meat. He was letting out deep, animalistic grunts with every thrust. Noises I’d never heard him make before. My throat was getting sore, abused by his immense tool. Gallons of pre were still oozing from his throbbing cock head, the taste making me dizzy with pleasure. I felt as his thickening cock started to stretch my lips…I could barely take half of it in my mouth now. I pulled off his cock, looking down to take in his full size. He was now over 10 inches and fuck he was THICK. I wrapped both hands around his cock, stroking hard and fast, hearing him moan in response. “I’m MASSIVE,” he bellowed looking down at me, his cock looking obscene next to his twink body. I could tell he was close and started to jerk him faster. I couldn’t wrap my fingers all the way around it anymore. I licked his cock head as I stroked, drinking down his delicious pre. His moans were getting closer together. Deeper. More like grunts. His hands explored his body. Twisting his hot nips. Running over his abs. Constantly moving. “FUCK!!” he roared. “I’m going to cum…” “YES babe…Cum for me,” I moaned, hungry for his load. He started thrusting his hips again and within seconds I saw his balls tighten. “YEEESSSSSSSSSSSS” he roared, grabbing the back of my head and forcing me down onto his cock. I felt it swell in my mouth even more before thick, hot streams of cum hit the back of my throat. I tried to swallow it all but it was no use. Justin was still screaming in ecstasy as rivers of cum poured from my mouth, escaping down his veiny shaft. And still it kept flowing. And flowing. I drank down as much as I could but the bed was soon soaked with his man juice. Eventually, after an eternity it seemed, the cum stopped and I pulled my mouth off his enormous cock. I looked down to realise that I’d cum without even noticing, my own tiny load paling into insignificance in comparison to Justins. “Clean up the rest,” he ordered, without opening his eyes. His voice was deep. I nearly refused but then I realised – I wanted to. I leaned down licking up the cum from his shaft, his abs, his balls – savouring it all. I moved on to the bed, licking up as much as I could from the soaked bedding. “Good boy,” he whispered, a deep rumbling. Boy? He’d never called me boy before.
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    The Groomsmen Howard had originally been delighted to hear his coworkers could still come to his wedding as his groomsmen. Howard was not a man of many friends, a loser in more direct terms, so his buddies from work at a warehouse had been Howard’s logical choice for his side of the wedding assemble. However, after a nasty accident with a vat of experimental chemicals on a day Howard had taken off his colleagues making it to his wedding had been out of the question. “They’ll have to stay put for at least another few months.” A hospital worker had told him just last week. Two days prior to the big day however Howard had gotten a note. Written in a brutish and strong scribble, and much unlike the neatness and perfection Howard was used to from his coworkers, it had announced they’d be there regardless. Hastily scrawled underneath was an enquiry to the amount of ‘Bangin’ Bitches’ that’d be attending, something Howard took as an excellent joke from his nerdy set of groomsmen. But, despite that, on the big day his set of groomsmen remained MIA. Howard had even phoned the hospital about his colleagues whereabouts. A nurse had waveringly and longingly ensured him his friends had strutted out much healthier men that then had ever been. Howard made a mental note to ask his friends how their shrimpish forms had brought about such eroticism and attraction in the nurse, it might help him on his honeymoon night. But his groomsmen kept their promise. And a few hours to late they had waltzed in while the ceremony was well under way. Howard didn’t recognise them initially. How was he supposed to? These muscular goliath’s hardly shared any similarities with his puny groomsmen. But as they strode up to their front row seats, their muscles flexing in contracting in so many places, Howard faintly recognised his friends from work in their new handsome square jawed faces. Howard vaguely recalled the vat of chemicals they had gotten unwillingly showered in being produced by 'Hunkify'. “What took you so long.” Howard hissed as the wide men and muscular men took their front row seats. “Sorry man, we had leg day, and you know we can’t skip that.” One of their bass like voices boomed, apparently free of the embarrassment of interrupting the big day. His adam’s apple bobbled up and down on his thick neck. “Here, we’ll prove it to ya.” One of the other stallion’s said while dropping the buckle of his belt. Howard most definitely didn’t need proof they had been working out their new muscular bodies, and just wanted to go on with wedding, but there was no stopping the hunk from showing off his… Magnificent legs. An audible gasp went through the filled room as the tree trunk like nature of the studs legs was revealed. Muscle laid over muscle formed a thick logs of meat that constantly rubbed together with the post gym pump. The other two hunks dropped their pants as well, their very filled bulges bouncing up and down happily with the attention. “Think these legs are holy, father?” One of them asked, rubbing his hands over his diamond shaped calves. The priest officiating the union stammered awkwardly, doing his best to hide his erection behind a bible. “I think we should get back to the union of these spirits.” He finally managed to say meekly.” “Oh! Right, the wedding.” One of the groomsmen said, as he went for a facepalm his sleeves gave way as a bicep ripped itself free from the expensive suit. “Sorry, we still have so many girls we need to fuck, I really don’t think we can stay…” Their deep voices boomed in chorus. One of the hunks walked right up to Howard. His protein filled breath didn’t manage to smother the musk that was emanating out of every orifice on his body. “We got you a wedding present though.” He softly whispered, the deep voice gaining a new sensuality atop it’s brutishness. The hunk carefully put a small green vial in Howards breast pocket. “That’s some of that stuff from Hunkify we ‘accidentally’ took a bath in.” He continued. The hunk winked before walking out of the room, his stallion like equals marching right behind him. Howard didn’t hesitate for a moment, quickly downing the small flask, it’s green thick content burning intensely. As he felt liquid power travel up and down his body, his muscles blazing with pain, Howard thought his soon to be husband might just be in for a surprise yet on their honeymoon.
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    Alternate title: The pump is life! The pump is...too much? The story isn’t done but I’m posting what I have for those guys that expressed interest in it, I’ll be finishing and editing it over the next day or two. Feedback is welcome. “Congratulations Max! You’ve been chosen, as you are required to do as per section 4 paragraph 3 of your sponsorship contract, to test one of the many fine products we make here at Unbound Beast! Project Pump Unbound is sure to lead to great things during your workouts and will leave with a pump like no other while giving you the energy to push yourself to levels you’ve never knew you could attain. Satisfaction? Guaranteed! Ensure you follow directions EXACTLY as laid out to give you the best results possible and relay your experiences back to the company ASAP. “ Yadda, yadda, yadda. The letter that came with the package goes on for some more self aggrandizing bullshit about the company. For a supplement company they really have their heads deep up their own asses. Don’t get me wrong, I am thankful they sponsored me and love what their “100% legal over the counter supplements” (and the not so legal ones they give people like me they sponsor) but I have to admit they worry me at times. Not just the completely soulless nature they do things but the fact, for all they hype them up, the men they sponsor and spend so much time and money on all seem to...quietly just disappear. At the same time though I do love the results I’ve been getting, the attention, money, and the chance at getting on the Olympia stage so if some shady shit is going on I don’t care so long as I get my due. With their help I’ve gone from an up and coming heavyweight bodybuilder tipping the scale at a, relatively, meager 253lbs while juiced to the gills to a rather staggering 328lbs, with a pro card now I might add, in a matter of a few short months. Thank fucking god that I’m over 6’ because the muscle just keeps packing on with no end in sight and I’d start to worry if I was any shorter about being able to get around properly. I mean at least this time they decided to have me act as a guinea pig on a preworkout of all things. I’d love to get to a nice even 350lbs with their help, so I can truly put the fear of ME into people at the gym and on stage, but it is starting to get a bit out of control. Whatever. Who the fuck actually needs clothes that aren’t painted onto every part of your body or to be able to fit in doorways...or cars...or plane seats without some severe discomfort for everyone involved? I sure as fucking hell don’t! I love this shit. I live for this shit. Unbound Beast can make me into a freak of nature but it’s my choice to stay one. So let’s see what this new toy they just sent to me on a silver platter can really fucking do. I put on my favorite pair of tights, spandex shirt, and high tops before grabbing my shit and a shaker full of this special “Project Pump Unbound” before getting into my truck and speeding my way to the gym like a child anxious for the arrival of Santa. I couldn’t hold in my excitement as I down the bitter and tangy preworkout the moment I saw the gym on the horizon. By the time I got out of my truck, which very visibly lurched as I stepped out of it, I could feel it start working. I swear the veins on my arms and what you could see all across my legs through my tights were pulsating with every heart beat as the supplement made its way throughout my body. I swaggered toward the gym with full confidence that this workout was going to be fucking legendary. Every step I could feel my arms bounce off my lats as they made contact, my quads grazing each other all the way down my knees, and my calves flexing into thick balls of pure sex and power with every step as I waddled through the front door. So single minded was desire for self worship through steel that I brushed past the front desk with the attendant looked at with a mix of annoyance and recognition. Not a single person at this gym did not know who I was or just how much of a muscled freak I’ve become over the last few months. Despite my best efforts people were intimidated of me and gave me a wide berth, I admit it bothers me that they feel this way even when I go out of my way to be friendly and approachable but you know? Tonight. Tonight it suits me just fucking fine. I’m on a mission to test this little prototype drug of UBI’s and I won’t be done until I’ve pumped every single muscle to the fucking max, time to stress test this shit. I made my way to the weight room floor stopping at the threshold to survey my kingdom, my temple of iron dedicated to the exultation of power, muscle, and personal dominance. I couldn’t help myself as I adjusted my inordinately sizes bulge as my dick too decided to begin its own praise of what as to come. One major thing I will give Unbound’s products, I don’t have to worry about my balls withering to nothing like I had to on hear despite my body hosting a chem lab’s worth of chemicals. With purpose I made my way to the nearest unoccupied treadmill to start a quick warm scaring a man I’d seen numerous times before at the gym. There was a spring in my step as I began a light jog which I couldn’t tell if it was due to the preworkout or my anticipation. I looked around the gym floor curious to see who was here tonight as I noticed that the man on the treadmill next to me was blatantly eye fucking me as I ran, the only noise that could be heard were my thundering footfalls that echoed through out the entire room and his hard breathing as he leered at my form. I laughed to myself and stared directly into his eyes which finally broke him from his trance, he blushed and turned forward again but stumbled off his treadmill and onto his ass on the ground. Immediately j stopped my jog and allowed the treadmill to deposit me on the ground next to him with a resounding THUD. He had a combination of surprise, hurt pride, and embarrassment on his face as I bent down to help him back onto his feet. Only then did I notice the respectably large tent in his shorts that was twitching with need as he looked at me. Defiantly he ignored my hand and scrambled into the locker room blushing so hard his face darkened several hues redder. I chuckled to myself about the situation while feeling sorry for kid’s predicament. I gathered my things, readjusted my dick again which was having a mind of its own since I drank that preworkout, and headed over to an open bench press. I put a plate on each side to begin warming up my chest, quickly busting out 20 reps to really get the blood flowing for a weight that is otherwise completely insignificant to me. As I sat back up I caught a quick glance of myself in the mirror. I could see my chest visibly swell just a little bit larger with every breath after this single set. Oh. Hell. Fucking. “YES!” I startled two guys next to me in the middle of their set with my outburst. I thought to myself now that I have their attention I may as well request they help my make the most of this. “Hey. Can you two do me a solid? Put on another 45lb plate when I tell you to, I want to bust out a quick pyramid set.” They glanced at each other before quickly nodding. I laid back down under the bar as they put another plate on each side of the bar for me and again I repped out a quick 20 reps with little exertion on my part. “Another!” A plate was added and 20 more reps went by. “Another!!” 20 more reps. “Another!!!” 20 again. “ANOTHER!!!” I finally slowed down but not due to fatigue or exhaustion, in fact I’d never felt so good, I slowly…slowly lowered the bar down to my chest taking my sweet time to burst back up with enough force to surprise my two helpers into taking a step back. I did this again, and again, and again until yet another twenty reps had passed with my brow finally starting to sweat from the show the combination of personal and chemically enhanced strength. I was spellbound as I went through the motions. Any pain or ache I’ve ever had no matter how minor was dispelled as if it was never there, I was like a conduit of human prowess made manifest as I started to scare even myself with what this drug was doing for me yet my only thought was “MORE!” With a jarring sound of metal on metal I racked the weights before muttering my thanks to the two slack jawed men that helped me. Keeping my head down so I could surprise myself with the results I made my way to cable area. Immediately I began to belt out rep after rep of cable crossovers, lateral raises, reverse later raises, pull ups, wide grip pulldowns, curls, pushdowns, and anything at all that could be done for my upper body in quick succession. The only time to sound of weight hitting weight as I acted like a demon possessed was when I changed the weight or exercises, I began to draw the attention of nearly everyone on the gym floor but I didn’t care. Well over an hour passed before I finally stopped to look at the results at which point I now knew why everyone was staring at me. My compression shirt was so tight across my hulking form that it looked like I had stolen a shirt belonging to a small child. I gingerly flexed one of my arms in the mirror as they were so bloated with blood and brawn that it became a feat to even do that much. What had once been about the size of my head now completely eclipsed it. My forearms were so thick and riddled with veins completely engorged with blood that it fought with my biceps for space as I flexed my arm. Quietly a sound of threads tearing as they futilely fought against my lat that stuck out like a wing belonging on a beast from legend. I gasped at the sight and accidentally began to choke myself as my chest puffed up like parade float balloon. Unable to help myself lowered my arm and began to flex my chest, making my pecs dance and put on a show for anyone watching, which at this point was so densely packed with muscle that they may as well make a Z cup size just for me. My shoulders made my shirt like I was smuggling two basketballs that both lead to a mountainous peak which lead to the bottom of my skull rendering me truly neck-less, the only thing ruining this image was my legs that had until now escaped my attention. Swiftly I made my way a leg press and the seated calf machine loading them both with as much weight as they could hold. I want to make sure I don’t neglect a single part of my body so long as this preworkout is in my system but I wanted to do something special for my own amusement and curiosity. With both haste and control I jumped back and forth between the two machines only allowing my increasingly pumped calves time to rest as I walked from one to another. Rep after rep, set after set, I pounded the bastards into compliance like a blacksmith at a forge attacking them at every angle for over half an hour until the pump was so fucking painful I could not take another step and sat down next to a squat rack. As my breath was so ragged it came out in bellows I began to laugh madly at the pain just completely fucking reveling in it. Delicately I stood up, my movements awkward, as I began to pile on plate after plate on the squat rack to finish my calves off completely. Flippantly I tossed another two plates onto the ground for me to stand on as I fought through the pain and the excruciatingly over pumped muscles to begin a standing calf raises using a weight that would have blown even my own squat one rep max out of the water. With every repped they bulged out wider, another vein appeared, and the pain from both the exertion and pump only got worse. Victoriously I slammed the bar back onto the squat rack after set after nonstop set to see what I had accomplished. Immediately I got hard, painfully so. Defiantly they ignored my commands to flex only responding with pain and a tightness that distended my overburdened skin but eventually my calves relented. So overloaded with muscle were they that my stance was forced into an inverse of a cowboy, the size ratio between my calves and upper legs were reverse making me look truly ridiculous but yet, to me, only aroused me further as a large wet spot began to form on the railroad spike bulge jutting from my groin. I got under the bar one last time as I had one last area that demanded my attention. With perfect form I squatted…and squatted…and squatted, the entire time my tights were being pulled forward by my dick which was no less turgid than when I started. Every ascent I was welcomed to my quads bloating up just a bit more, every descent I could feel my hamstrings flex and swell further as my ass bulged even more. Soon my calves were met and then exceeded by the size of my upper legs as they took their rightful place as the reigning monstrosity they were always meant to be. I only stopped when I could no longer push my feet outward to accommodate the muscle just take up every millimeter of possible space on my legs. Awkwardly I racked the weight and waddled out to see what I had made of myself. No doubt came to my mind that while my calves here half again as large as my legs used to be my legs were now half again larger than that; and to both my delight and surprised the pump I had worked so hard for on my upper body hadn’t diminished…in fact if anything it looked like it bloated up even more. I began to go through my pose routine laughing to myself every time I felt stitching on my tights or compression shirt rip and tear or when I wasn’t able to fully complete a pose either due to the pump or the staggering, almost bordering on offensive to the eye, size of my body. Winded from a long, grueling, and fruitful workout I stopped posing and grabbed my gym bag as I made my way to the locker room. Thoughts of how hard it was getting to move or that maybe I overdid it crept up to the forefront of my mind but I had little choice but to try and not think about it as I awkwardly waddled into the locker room, every step more of a challenge than the last. Unceremoniously I dropped my bag in a corner and began to flail around in vain while I attempted to pull off my clothes. I sighed in a mixture of defeat and worry as I heard someone enter the locker room behind me. Very stiffly I turned around as I heard someone begin to speak. “Look man I’m sorry about earlier, it’s just that you just a…fucking beast and I couldn’t help but stare at you.” It was the man earlier from the treadmill. He was looking down at his feet clearly too embarrassed to look me in the eye from his fall earlier. He began to look up as he continued. “I mean I’m sure you’re used to it and all but I know it’s rude as hell to stare at people but I just wanted to say…HOLY FUCK WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU?” I quickly raised a finger to my mouth, or tried to at least I should say. My arms were too swollen from whatever the fuck this preworkout is doing to me that it was just an impossible task at this point. “Hey!” I barked at him. “Lower your voice damn it and apology accepted but can you do me a solid here?” He flinched slightly at my outburst and looked at me inquisitively. “I uh…sorta over did it…can you help me take my clothes off?” Immediately he began to give me a look as if he was wondering if this was a trick and simultaneously praying to whatever god that it wasn’t. “I swear to Christ I’m not fucking with you or coming on to you but I seriously need to take a cold shower and cool down but I really fucking overdid it in the gym man.” Like a wild animal accepting food from a human he slowly and very cautiously took a few steps towards me as if to make sure I wasn’t about to hit him or something. “I’m not going to bite man.” I laughed to myself and then muttered under my breath. “I don’t think I could right now if I wanted to anyways.” As his hands neared the hem of my compression shirt he stopped to look at me and check if this was really ok or not, I rolled my eyes and nodded my head for him to get on with it. He shrugged and delicately began to peel it off. I could hear the fabric protest and seams rip even more as he disrobed the shirt which was well past its max capacity. I could feel his hands explore my torso as he tried to take off the shirt without outright destroying the tortured and abused clothing. It ended up being all for nothing though as I could barely raise my arms at this point with how swollen they had grown that he ended up ripping it off the rest of the way. We both let out an involuntary gasp once we were both able to get an unobstructed view of the aberration I had turned into. Every single muscle on my torso simultaneously looked like it was made of the densest granite ridden with innumerous veins and striations but also as if they were inflated like a balloon struggling to not burst. Treadmill guy started to pitch another rather impressive tent in his shorts as I snapped my hand to get his attention. “Hey…uh…what is your name?” I asked while trying to hide my embarrassment at not asking him before asking him to take off my clothes. “Brent.” He responded as he put his hand onto one of my pecs. I snapped again to try and get him to pay attention. “Look I’m flattered but could you please help me take the rest off and maybe buy me dinner before you go any further?” Brent blushed as he took his hand off my chest and started his attempt at taking my tights off. With some patience, and extreme luck that no one walked in on us while he was helping me, Brent was some fucking how able to peel of my tights which were now severely distorted by the ordeal they went through trying to contain my legs. He also helped take of my shoes and socks with little fanfare but that left just one thing piece of clothing left that I still wouldn’t be able to take off in my current state...the posers I wore when I worked out. “Seriously?” Brent asked me in a tone mixed with humor over the audacity of the situation and hope that hope he wasn’t just dreaming. “…yes, seriously. Please.” I responded blushing and trying to avoid eye contact the entire time. “Ok then…” Brent said to reaffirm himself as he put his hands around my waist and pulled down my posers. Immediately my dick, which had softened but still left a very visible wet spot from my earlier excitement on both my posers and tights, popped out of my posers. It uppercut Brent’s jaw as it inflated like a twisting balloon with a mind of its own to the utmost size possible without popping. As Brent started to cuss at the unexpected dick uppercut my now excessively large, and did I mention erect, dick succumbed to gravity as it plopped down onto Brent’s face with the tip resting firmly in the middle of his forehead leaking precum all over his face. Brent stared cross-eyed at his assailant wondering what the hell just hit him and then leaked over him I turned around and wobbled away at a pace that would be ridiculously slow if not for my current predicament spouting a thank you over my shoulder before he could comprehend what happened to him. As I made my way to the showers, praying that maybe a cold shower would help ease my exceedingly pumped up muscle, I could feel a pressure begin to build up in my nuts. Every step the pressure got worse and worse, my dick was being pushed up until it was standing vertically as my balls began to swell and accumulate seed at a painful and worry rate. I got the counter and mirror before the shower room with every one of my erratic steps being followed by a resounding THWACK noise of flesh hitting flesh as my dick bounced around wildly when the pressure was too much. I bent over and grabbed the counter as all of the cum that had been demanding release could wait no more. I stared into my reflection meeting my eyes are I let loose a sound that no human should be able to make, my gaze never broke as I took in what a fucking freak of nature I became as what felt like gallon after gallon of cum erupted out of my dick ten times more powerful than any volcano but just as destructive as I could feel the wall, floor, and my feet be completely doused with my essence. It took me a few minutes to collect myself and catch my breath as I hurried as fast as my overly bloated legs could take me into the showers. Finally I made it into the open showers and fumbled about trying to turn them on in a final attempt to cool my body down or do something…anything at all to reverse or slow whatever the fuck is happening to me. I was on the verge of tears in my frustration that I finally got what I wanted, to be a freak, but it was just too fucking much when I heard Brent’s voice. “Hey man are you alright? I saw your…mess, do you still need some help man?”
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    Husband Material. “Eenie, Meenie, Miney.. Mo.” David mumbled exhaustedly, only half paying attention to the hunk his boney hand had ended up pointing to this time. “Name?” David managed to ask in between his yawns. “Marc” The hunk boomed, the grooves in his abs dancing like a wave as they shimmered in the afternoon sun. “Stats? David asked, not even looking as the stallion rearranged the package straining his yellow swim shorts. “6’4. 260 pounds of solid beef.” Marc said, flexing his bicep. David still not looking the slightest bit amused. David looked at Marc for a moment, really looked at him, tracing the bulges and bumps of muscle on Marc’s thick body with his worn down eyes. Marc was cute, he’d give him that. It was the way he posed himself, still not entirely sure of his new muscular body, but already oozing with confidence. David clacked his tongue. “No, you’re not it, sorry.” The hunk lowered his wide shoulders for a moment, the insecurities he had drowned in previously briefly visible in this new hunky form. David quickly motioned with his frail hands for the larger man to not worry. “Don’t take it personal, you’re plenty cute and hot, just not…” “...Husband material?” The hunk suggested. David nodded, thankful for the understanding. “So, uh, why did you pump my scrawny frame with those expensive instant muscle growth boosters if it’s not gonna result in me looking what you want?” Marc rubbed his thick hand over his rigid chest. “Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining about abandoning wimphood and ascending to this. But uh….” “...It seems like a waste of a rather substantial sum of money?” David suggested. David shrugging at the question. “I’ve got billions to spare, just looking for the perfect hot husband now.” Marc was still softly poking and touching his developed chest, in cloud nine as he felt as his new strength and power course through his body. David reconsidered his early judgement for a few moments. Marc was more than cute, and David their connection. David had just wanted to ask if Marc maybe wanted to grab a protein filled bite sometime, till he noticed the yellow short clad hunk and his friends were long gone. Probably too horny to ignore their new urges and unloading their balls somewhere. David sighed. Maybe his standards for finding ‘the one’ were too high? The billionaire just drowned the intrusive thoughts with images of pumping another set of cute twinks full with muscle and testerone. “Maybe if I’m a muscle hunk myself I’ll be able to appreciate their masculine bodies together.” David muttered, while looking down at his own shrimpish form. He’d create a stud that would be truly be ‘husband material’ yet.
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    The Gay Bomb My brother had been one of the first affected by the bomb. We’d just been relaxing on the beach one day, trying to get some tan unto our pasty white and boney skins. I’d gone for a short swim while my brother read a book, he was trying to make it less obvious he was ogling the hot and busty brunette a few feet away. When I returned from the water my brother was gone. In his place stood nearly seven foot tall muscle stallion. Wearing the same shirt my brother had but instead of it hanging over his frame it snug tightly around his big biceps. I was too infatuated by the man’s ripped and shredded torso to even notice he was also wearing the same red speedo, tightly hugging a massive piece of meat. I finally made the connection once I saw my brothers glasses pressed unto his handsome square jawed face. “Sam?” I asked the hunk meekly. “Oh lil’ bro!” His deep, booming voice had replied. I had wanted to ask how he had suddenly gained nearly 200 pounds of muscle and a solid feet in height. But as he tested out his new and improved body, bouncing his pecs for me, all sound had left my throat. I had gotten my answer on the news that evening. Experts were calling it ‘The Gay Bomb.’ and it had hit mostly in our part of the country. A pathetic lookin’ old dude long past his prime had been relaxing in his backyard when he had transformed into a young bull who could only focus on fucking. A exhibitionist couple had been having sex in the outdoors when the one on top had felt lightheaded and suddenly felt his muscles stretch and pulse til he made most Mr. Olympia look scrawny. And a lot of cases of people growing into full blooded hunks and alpha’s on the beach. And it wasn’t slowing down, each subsequent day there were new reports of hunky guys popping up by the dozens. All filled with testosterone and masculinity and only interested in other men. I’d figured the last part out myself while I jerked off to my brother plowing through his harem of twinks each evening. Soon conspiracies were spinning who was setting off the growth inducing hormone bomb’s that was turning an increasingly large part of the population into a walking wet dreams. The government, secret organisations, Russia, all were considered guilty. I kept a close tab on all of it, not merely out of curiosity. But because I desperately wanted to recreate the results. How was I supposed not to hunger deeply for a hunkification of my own? I saw its effects daily when every muscle on my brother’s body was worshiped with some puny guys tongue. Obsessively I started going to the beach, where the most frequent reports of Gay Bomb detonations were still coming from. I was lucky summer lasted as long as it did. A few months later I had built up a nice tan but was still my same old wimpy self. Each day I watched the news, seeing pictures of ordinary men being blown up to sex gods, imagining it was myself that got to show off his massive package and bulging pecs on national television. My friends didn’t share my obsession. They thought it was weird, and didn’t want to “be turned into queers” as they bluntly put it. They joined me on the beach regardless, enjoying the soft afternoon glow of the late summer sun. Going to the beach for me mostly meant tanning on a towel, thoughts of growing into a stud that could fuck every guy around him always present on my mind. Soft mumbles interrupted my erotic daydreaming. “Mind buying us a beer?” Even within my nerdy and geeky group of friends I was the complete beta, always running errands and helping them out. If I was a horsehung 7’ foot bodybuilder, I’d show them. For now I’d just buy them a beer. A few minutes later, when I came back with a set of cold ones, my friends were gone. Where they had sat just moments ago instead sat three massive muscular behemoth’s, all of which were being serviced and deepthroated by their own twink. And then I noticed the three giants were ripping out of the same swimwear my friends had been wearing. ~-~ Halfway across the world in a most remote country, a guy was playing his favourite mobile game. In it, he could tap anywhere on the world map and see an photorealistic animation of whoever he tapped growing into a super hunky version of themselves. It was pretty fun, he still hadn’t encountered the same animation of a normal man ascending to godhood twice, even though he had purposefully restricted himself to the same beachy area. Just a few minutes ago he had discovered a new feature of the game, he could change the blast radius of his growth inducing taps. Instead of just growing the normal one guy he had done three at once, he had found it an incredibly hot experience seeing their body rubs together as they were muscling up. The man wondered what would happen if he would change the blast radius to encapsulate an entire country.
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    The Rebound. (This story had been originally posted on my Tumblr but has been flagged and removed there for containing the eroticism of the male butt. Posting it here to keep it available.) Eliot had considered himself an odd choice as for a rebound for the schools hottest cheerleader. Macie could bang anyone, why would she want to fuck puny Eliot? He was the brother of the last guy Macie dated, but Eliot and his hunky; lifting and fucking obsessed, brother had little in common besides a last name. Eliot didn’t share his handsomeness, his muscles, or the anaconda between his trousers. So when Macie had thrown herself half crying and sobbing through his dorm door, he had been more than a little surprised. Wailing about how his brother had fucked the entire chearleading-squad, Macie had made Eliot try his awkward best to make the incredibly hot bimbo comfortable. When Eliot had left for a minute to grab her some more water, he came back only to find her sitting in nothing but a bra on his bed. Ever shy, Eliot had tried his best to hide his obvious attraction to the nearly nude 10/10 occupying his room. Not wanting to take advantage of a girl who clearly had a few problems to sort out, Eliot just ignored her obvious innuendo comments as she gave Eliot ‘That’ glare. After a few more minutes of making the nerd very embarrassed and very aroused Macie had enough of her little game. Climbing on top of him, her trained body easily holding the twerp down, she threw away her last garments, and fully revealing her legendary set of tits. Eliot, no longer able to constrain his most primal urges, quickly discarded his own clothing, doing his best to make the reveal of his runty body as sexy as possible. Obviously failing, but Macie hardly seemed to care, her face not even showing disappointment when Eliot’s pathetic 4 inches of heat came free. Although still a virgin, Eliot tried his best to act like all those macho’s in the countless hours of porn he had watched. Slamming his undersized manhood into Macie, he had hoped to push her over the edge right away, unsure how long he himself would last. Instead he discovered her vagina had been stretched wider than his cock, his brothers supreme fuck stick undoubtedly having stretched Macie open for years. Fear spread through Eliots weak frame, realising his penis probably couldn’t even bring mildest pleasures to Macie. Unsure what to do, he starts pushing around his dick in the wide valley that was Macie’s pussy. His shaft touching one her vaginal walls by accident, a new wave of confidence suddenly comes crashing over Eliot, his body buckling with pleasure. Macie bites her lips, Eliot still looked and felt pathetic, but going by the amount of bliss that was shooting through his body, her plan seemed to have worked. Eliot rediscovered his footing and continued his fucking. But he wasn’t fucking the air inside Macie’s cunt anymore, instead his cock felt pleasantly girthy inside of her, pushing deeper than he should be able to with his pitiful dick. A powerful heat spread from his dick to all over his body, reinvigorating him and coating him with sweat. If Eliot hadn’t been so obsessed with how great his dick felt, he could have noticed how his limbs seemed to slowly stretch longer and thicker, packing on muscle everywhere with the second. But it was pretty difficult for Eliot not to notice how great his dick felt. He could feel Macie’s pussy stretch, having to now accommodate for his size. “God this feels great.” He managed to moan. “How are you growing tighter by second?” He asked, as he pulled out and slammed back in with his rod. Macie let out her own moan, feeling Eliot inside her now, feeling his pulse on the veins that were now spreading over his cock. “I’m not growing tigher, silly.” She let out another moan. “You’re just growing bigger.” The sound of Eliot’s bones creaking and stretching was obscured by both their moans as Eliot managed to establish a rhythm, new knowledge on how to move around around with his cock the way women liked jumping into his mind. He hardly noticed how he had gained a foot in hight till it was difficult to continue fucking. Effortlessly, he picked up Macy, choosing to ignore how his formerly boney arms suddenly swelled to the size of formidable biceps stacked with with muscle. Continuing fuck her while holding her body up in the air, much like a flashjack, Eliot felt the heat inside of his body intensify. His whimpers and moans made way for grunts as he felt his muscles expanded, and his balls lowered. ‘Fuck yeah.’ He murmured, looking down at his new shelve of pecs and ripped abdomen. His shyness replaced by cockiness. his attitude began to match the self-assuredness of his trusts. Macy grabbed on to Eliots back, his cock activating all her pleasure centers within her body, and still not slowing down. Under her finger tips she felt the hotness of Eliot’s skin, the muscle that was rippling through his back, making him wider and wider by the second. Macie moaned and whimpered, in awe of the man that was growing right in front of her, her pussy barely providing enough lubricant for steel like member. She felt shockwaves travel through her body, barely being able to contain her pleasure. Suddenly, Eliot pulled back out, leaving her feeling empty. “You put that meat back in there Eli.” She got her first look at Eliots junk after the transformation had started, his puny penis having been pushed past ten inches, and covered in a variety of body fluids. Eliot just smirked, she looked at how his boyish face had been rearranged into a square jawed handsomeness. “Not unless you beg for it, Mace.” Macie’s mouth went dry. Eliots voice having lowered an octave or two until it was truly manly tremor, worthy of the masculine body he now had at his disposal. His growth had slowed down now that he was out of Macie’s pussy, but the effects still very apparent. She looked at wide shoulders and bubble butt. He was oozing strength, quite literally, as the musk he was now emanating intoxicated her and challenged her fair sense of judgement. “Fuck me, please Eli. I’ve never grown a guy to the size of you and it feels amazing. So please, fuck me.” “Attagirl.” Eliot just said, before throwing her on the bed and continuing their session. The missionary position giving Macy an excellent view of Eliot’s already growing body. “Just be sure to put on a condom as soon as you shoot your load, I wanna go on for hours, don’t wanna grow you too big.” Eli just smiled, realising with the control he know had over every muscle in his body, including his pelvis, it might take quite a while before he decided to cum. And as Eliot felt the familiar heat spread through his body, stretching and growing his muscles, he just smiled at the thought that he was finally bigger than his brother. God was his brother a stupid piece of shit for managing to fuck this excellent piece of prime pussy up.
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    Coach is Getting Big “When are you hooking the team up with the stuff you are on coach?” Simon meekly asked, practically begging with desperation. His jocky football formed body was normally the envy of everyone around him, but compared to big burling coach, he might as well have been as thin as a twig. Coach just raised an eyebrow. “What are you talking about, boy?” “C’mon coach, you’re not fooling me, a few weeks ago your body was fat and droopy, past its prime… Now though....” Simon’s lips suddenly felt awfully dry. “Now, well, fuck man, you’re bursting out of those shirts.” Coach let out a deep chuckle, enjoying the attention Simon was giving him. “Stop laughing! You’re holding something back, some new supplement from the team… Something that is making those pecs so full...Those biceps so swollen.” Coach stared down at the college jock interrupting his lifting session, beginning to feel rather annoyed. “I’m not talking to you boy, till you treat your coach with some proper respect.” The Coach grunted, picking up the free weights again, feeling Simon’s hungry stare as started doing curls and blood started pumping through his biceps. The effort didn’t just pump them up, they seemed to… Grow under the effort. Simon was left flabbergasted for a moment, the man who had once been easily walked over by Simon and his gang of goons seemed to be gone. Coach might actually force them to put in some effort during training now, instead of just allowing for easy riding for anyone with a sports scholarship. “I’m sorry… Sir?” Simon mumbled hesitantly. “Attaboy, now, what was your question again?” Coach grunted in between his reps. “What… Supplements…” Simons eyes were entirely fixated at the impressive display of strength and power going on in front of him. “What… Supplements… You… Were.. Taking… Sir.” Coach roared, finishing his set, his muscles bulging and writhing under his shirt as pounds seemed to be added to his already beefy frame by the second. “Hard work ethic is the only supplement I need, boy.” The Coach said while flexing his pumped up arms in the mirror, and rearranging his hefty package after liking his results. Simon licked his dry lips, wondering if all the female professors going on pregnancy leave and the hunkifying and hungifying of coach were related. Coach just smirked, damn was he filled with testerone, he’d have to unload his balls a little before he’d do his next set. “Simon, go wait for me in the locker room. Have your ass ready and in the air by the time I get there.” Simon seemed a little taken back for a moment, before eagerly nodding. Walking out of the gym and shaking his trained ass in a way he knew coach liked. Coach heard his phone vibrate in his pocket. Carefully grabbing it out, making sure not to crush it in his big hand, coach just let out an exasperated sigh while reading the message. It was from one of the profs in the biology department. “Hey Coach, just wondering if the latest batch of experimental muscle boosting pills did anything for the football team yet?” It read, the man’s nasally voice present even in his text messages. Coach pondered for a moment, before typing his reply. “Nothing as of yet. Send another batch, the team could use the extra size.” Coach threw his phone down his gym bag, grabbing for the tub of pills it uncovered. Simply labeled: “New Supplements: To be tested on team” Coach eagerly put his thick and muscular fingers in, grabbing for the few remaining pills in the tub. He was just testing the water with this supplement Coach reasoned with himself, not living out some narcissistic fantasy where he got to be big and powerful again. As soon as he was absolutely sure they were safe to use, he’d hook the team up as well, Coach reassured himself. If Coach finally pushed past 300 pounds of solid muscle, and no student would ever outsize him again, he’d be sure they were safe and harmless. Maybe 350…. ...Besides if Simon’s ass was as tight as rumoured, Coach could use the boost.
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    Me mata que seas Argentino, eso es lo mejor.
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    La mejor historia en español que he leido O.O
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    Daddy knows best. “Daaaaddd.” Simon softly wailed, his voice high pitched and scrawny. Simon weakly tugged at his father’s superman themed tank top. “Mom gave the shirt as a present to me, give it back.” Carl had little issue filtering out his sons whining, instead his attention was focused on the big bulging biceps on his arm, where toothpicks had been mere moments before. He flexed them, feeling the muscular power coursing through his veins. Fuck, after spending 45 years as a wimp, Carl couldn’t love the feeling of strength anymore then he did now. To imagine he had woken up as a puny failure and divorcee this morning. “Give… It.... Back.” Simon continued, softly punching his hulking and bulging father in the chest in an attempt to drag his attention away from his own reflection. Carl didn’t even notice, too infatuated with his new square jaw and handsome face. Carl bounced his pecs, loving how they strained the tank top to its limits in the process. He’d been right to confiscate the 18th birthday present for his son, mailed in from his ex-wife. Carl had always called her a ‘witch’ not entirely without reason. Mostly because she did actually practice the dark arcane arts and curses in her free time. And what a horrid curse had she placed on this tank top, forcing anyone who wears it to grow and smell with muscle and testerone. The witch probably thought she would do her son a favor too, granting Simon a new, muscular and hunky body, the small and scrawny Simon who took after his puny father would be no more. But Carl had known better when he had seized the magical birthday present out of his son’s hands. When Carl had hung the huge tank top over his small frame, he knew that Simon didn’t really want to be huge. And as Carl felt the magic activate, pain and pleasure unfolding as his tiny body exploded with size, he felt his every muscle growing harder and stronger under his touch. Carl, known as the potato bag of misery, now stood a foot taller and so filled with strength, he’d never have anyone doubt his masculinity again. Carl grunted, discarding the tank top and taking in his massive chest, grunting in approval as he counted his hard cobblestone abs, his new big bulge throbbing excitedly. Simon quickly picked up the discarded tank top, his fathers new musky stink already deeply embedded into it. Simon quickly put it on, the sleeveless shirt looking more like a dress on his small frame. But it was as Simon had feared, the tank top’s magic was spent. He let out another wail, his sad small voice completely overshadowed by one his father's deep booming grunts as Carl explored another muscle on his thick body. “It’s so unfair, that tank top, that size, mom wanted me to have it! I’m the one who turned eighteen!” Simon stamped around, throwing a tantrum at the unjust world. “You’re the one who turned eighteen? Then act like it, twerp.” Carl’s deep voice roared. His son’s entitled and whiny attitude suddenly aggravating and irritating the big man to no end. Had Carl really raised such a brat? A brat that couldn’t treat the alpha’s of the world, to which Carl now belonged, with a little respect? Carl’s train of thought was interrupted as heard ripping noises, the jock keeping his new endowment was being ripped to bits by his growing pole. Carl grabbed his veiny cock, loving how weighty his prick felt in his hand. His testosterone had kicked his libido into overdrive. Carl felt Simon stare hungrily at his big manly cock, suddenly Carl realised how to teach his runty son a lesson. “I’m going to go upstairs, explore every new muscle on my body, and jerk off. Loudly. You’re going to do the dishes, clean the house, and get that attitude of yours in order.” “But daaadddddddd, I want to worship your big muscles and cock.” Simon moaned, his own tiny dick making a slight bulge in his pants. “No butts about it, son.” Carl grunted. Once again feeling the pure power that was pulsing through his systems, pushing him to be the commanding father his son clearly needed. Carl scratched his chest, feeling his thick pecs and powerful muscles. Thinking of the cute woman next doors, married to her highschool sweetheart. Carl might invite her to worship his new size tonight. Her husband could watch if he wanted too, while Carl shoved his new footlong cock down that tight pussy that had been tempting him for months. “First you steal my 18th birthday gift… Then you don’t even let me worship you…” Simon’s bickering was interrupted by Carl’s deep roar as he shot thick ropes of cum in the air, the first of many times that day. “Father knows best, boy.” Carl mumbled as his big body calmed down again. Carl thought he’d make a loyal cum slut servant out of his son yet.
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    Split Second Decision Michael had always sucked at making decisions. If you asked him what he wanted for dinner tonight, you could wait for hours for a reply. So when a genie jumped out from some silverware he was polishing, asking him to tell him his deepest desire before the all powerful wish granting djinn went back to sleep again in a few minutes, Michael panicked. What was his deepest desire? Fame? Fortune? Power...? Yeah, definitely that last one, Michael got kicked around by everyone in his life, most of all by his jocky roommates. He wished nothing more than to be a dominant stud who didn’t take any shit, and had the body to back that up. But how do you wish for power? Michael had read enough fiction to know whatever he wished for, his wish would be turned on his head. Be too specific, and the djinn would play with his words, be too vague, and the genie fills in all the holes with his own devilish schemes…. Maybe wishing power wasn’t the right choice after all. Michael felt his choice anxiety kick into full gear, if he just had a little more time... The genie let out a yawn, wanting to go back to his century long nap. “Time’s up… Gimme whatever you wish for or you’re not getting anything at all.” Michael was gonna have to improvise. He bit his lips. If he just straight up wished to be a stud he’d likely would be been turned into a piece of metal. If he wished to be attractive the Genie might have pull up beauty standards from 500 years ago, when being fat was all the rage. He hoped to achieve a middle ground. “I wish everyone was in awe of my skill, and my roommates treated me with the respect I deserve.” He heard a clack of the Genie’s fingers. “Done!” The being of pure magic and power said. But Michael didn’t feel any different, he didn’t feel like he was suddenly earning more respect. He wanted to ask the genie exactly what he had done, but with a puff of smoke the Djinn was gone. Michael tried rubbing the silver lamp again, but to no effect. So much for three wishes huh? He stared at the silverware his roommate had asked him to clean in disbelief, not quite sure if what he had just seen and heard was his tired mind playing tricks on him after doing too many chores for everyone. Or maybe the universe just needed a moment to recalibrate around the new, confident, dominant alpha hunk Michael so desperately wanted to be? Michael’s thoughts were interrupted as he felt what was an earthquake move through his apartment. Loud thuds could be heard as two sets of massive thick feet moved up behind him/ “How’s it hanging Mikey.” One deep voice rumbled. “You done cleaning our shit yet?” Another voice voice said, both sounding like thunder rumbling through the living room. Michael turned around, only to find his two roommates as the source of the loud sounds. Well, Michael’s roommates if they looked 150 pounds heavier in pure muscle and testerone, clad in nothing but a pair of tight fitting posers. Michael’s mouth was agasp, his roommates had been decently sized before, dedicated to football they certainly had some muscle, but also plenty of fat from the many parties. Nothing like this however, these guys were bodybuilder sized, only recognisable by the same cocky grins that adored their faces. Michael hopelessly tried to start a sentence a few times, the muscular behemoths impatiently waiting. Was someone playing a practical joke on him? “Well just take that as a yes for being done with cleaning out the pig stall. You know what you have to clean up after that....” One of the muscular stallion's said, absentmindedly scratching his very filled posers, his package throbbing excitedly. Instincts in Michael took over, his body acting like this was usual business while his mind cried out in confusion. Going on his knees, he pulled down the precum soaked posing jock, a big, quickly hardening, baby maker pumping itself full with blood sprung free. Without any hesitation MIchael took the massive member into his mouth, tracing the veins with his tongue as it slowly pushed itself deeper down his throat with much ease. “God you’re the only one who can deepthroat me.” The muscled packed hunk bulderd, grabbing Michael’s hair as he forced the rest of his thick shaft down Michael’s throat. Michael was beginning to realise what the Djinn had done. His skills were appreciated and respected, he just hadn’t specified what those skills had to be. So now his roommates just happened to respect his ability to worship their gargantuan cocks. Maybe if he could get to the lamp again he could fix some of it… Michael heard a loud roar as his roommate shuddered with pleasure. His big and beefy arm smacked down on the table as Michael’s throat managed to massage his cock in just the right way. The sound of wood cracking and metal crashing could be heard as the table and its contents were crushed to dust under the hunk’s heavy weight. Michael barely even got to register the magic lamp being crushed to bits, as he felt the even bigger cock of his other roommate pressing into his back, begging for the pleasure only he could provide.
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    “You didn’t have to make me dinner” Yuri said His boyfriend Drake appeared in the living room with a tray, a homemade pizza glistened on it. The fat and grease bouncing the light from the overhead lamp in the most delicious way possible. Drake was shirtless again, showing off his toned stomach and chest. The red cap that Yuri had brought him for christmas was turned back on his silky smooth hair and dark sweats hung low on his trim hips. Drake smiled lightly, eye twinkling. Everything about him glowed now, his glossy hair, his tanned skin, his sparkling white teeth. He was just perfect. “No, I did” Drake explained as Yuri sat down on the sofa to watch TV The sofa creaked under Yuri’s bulk, unlike Drake he was lump of a man, and none of it muscle. Drake joined him on the sofa, placing the tray on Yuri’s substantial belly. Yuri started to eat and Drake snuggled close to him, the boy’s model like face pressed against Yuri’s flabby shoulder. Between mouthfuls of pizza Yuri muttered “This is really good” Drake smirked, his eyes on the TV though “I know, it is my third attempt though” Yuri chuckled, Drake had always been a bad cook. “I just wanted to make it up to you after…..” he paused Yuri finished the sentence “After you changed” The couple went quiet, only the sound of Yuri chewing and the TV could be heard. Three days ago Yuri returned from work to find his unemployed boyfriend wasn’t a greasy lard ass anymore, he was a walking wet dream. Drake had used some special words and a mix of household items to create a magic potion which had changed every physical detail about him. Seems you can find anything on the internet these days. Yuri was furious, Drake wasn’t the nerdy guy he fell in love with, he was like the gorgeous guys who never looked at Yuri twice. Drake though settled Yuri’s worries, Drake said he didn’t care how Yuri looked. Drake had changed his entire body for himself, he wasn’t like Yuri, he wasn’t confident in how he looked. Yuri understood that, it had taken him years to come to terms with how he looked, but he still was worried that Drake would leave him. Drake broke the silence “You know I’m not going to leave you” Yuri nodded, his mouth full of another slice of pizza, he’d already eaten half of it. “Though are you sure you don’t want to change yourself” he asked hopefully Yuri shook his head, he and Drake had already had this conversation. “Ok……” Drake bit his lip, rubbing his hand down Yuri’s flabby legs “Well don’t be angry” Yuri almost choked on the pizza, Drake hadn’t made the pizza to make up with him, Drake had made it to change him. Yuri threw the tray off his stomach, Drake slipped back to the far side of the sofa. “You fucking tricked me” Yuri shouted Drake just looked at him with puppy dog eyes. He made himself so damn cute, Yuri could feel his anger dying down. Yuri sighed “Ok, what did you do” Drake smiled widely and started to explain in quick sentences. “So…I added a shit tonne of beef, for muscle” Drake even flexed his own nicely toned arm for effect “The cheese is a mix of various European cheeses, should give you a good mixed look” Yuri while listening rested his hand on his bloated stomach, he noticed his shirt wasn’t as strained as it normally was. The change had already started. Drake was still explaining “Ohhhhhhh and extra salami for…. well, your salami” Yuri couldn’t help but chuckle. Drake shrugged “You know I’m a size queen” Yuri looked at the tray on the floor, luckily what was left of the pizza hadn’t landed on the carpet, a carpet which the unemployed Drake hadn’t vacuumed yet. Drake saw where he was looking. “Yea, you probably should finish eating it” Drake nodded “What you ate would make you about my size, but I would like to have to look up at you again” Yuri smiled, Drake had been a few inches shorter then him before, now the gorgeous boy looked his chubby boyfriend in the eye. “How big” Yuri asked getting up to grab the pizza Drake bit his lip again, Yuri just waited for a reply while he ate the last of the magic pizza. “Well…. I brought you some size 22 sneakers if that gives you any hint to your new height” Drake smirked Yuri just gulped the last bite of the crust a little worried about what was about to happen to him.
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    Ein kleines Update - für alle Zahlenfreaks unter euch! Mehr folgt hoffentlich bald! Eine halbe Stunde später – so schnell ich mich anziehen konnte und meine muskulösen Beine durch die Stadt getragen hatten – stand ich vor der Tür von Jans Haus. Nachdem ich geklingelt hatte machte mir Jans Vater auf. Ein älterer Herr, Anfang 50, adrett gekleidet, silbernes Haar, schlank und mit einem absolut abwertenden Gesichtsausdruck, als er mich sah. Seine Augen glitten an meiner muskulösen Erscheinung herunter und prüften ganz genau. Mein Top (ein Tanktop) wurde durch meine Brustmuskeln stark in Anspruch genommen, war aber Strech genug, als das man weder Nippel noch sonst was sah. Meine Bauchmuskeln zeichneten sich dank des Elasthans auch super ab. Meine Jogginghose tat ihr bestes um meinen zusammengenkeulten Penis zu verbergen, der jedoch durch meine Oberschenkel nach vorne gedrückt wurde und trotz schwarzem Stoff gerade zu prominent auffiel. „Ja?“, wurde ich kühl begrüsst. Ich versuchte zu lächeln und das Beste aus der Situation zu machen – verstand aber langsam Jan, warum er so viel Angst davor hatte unkontrolliert in die Breite zu gehen. „Hallo Herr Sundermeier. Mein Name ist David und ich bin ein Freund von Jan. Er hat für mich ein Arbeitsblatt für Mathe.“, log ich so schnell wir möglich und so freundlich wie möglich. „Mathe? Aha. Ich dachte ihr Bodybuilder müsst nur bis maximal 10 zählen können.“ WOW.... ok... der Vater war ein Arsch. Ich wusste tatsächlich nicht, was ich darauf antworten sollte. „Soll ich die Garage aufmachen, oder passt du durch die Haustür?“, fragte er dann, als er mir Platz machte. Soviel Verachtung für meinen Körper und meine Erscheinung hatte ich auch noch nicht erlebt. Ich war still, nickte nur mit verhärteter Miene und trat dann in das Haus ein. Wirklich einen Blick für die Inneneinrichtung hatte ich nicht, folgte nur den Anweisungen des Iditiones zu Jans Zimmer. Dort angekommen klopfte ich und nach kurzem Zögern ertönten Jans Stimme. „Ja?“. Ich trat ein und sogleich wurde der Ausdruck von Jan verwundert, dann wütend, dann jedoch dankbar. Alles im Augenblick einer Sekunde. Der Fussballer saß mit nacktem Oberkörper und nur Boxershorts auf der Bettkante und hatte wohl geheult. Die Augen war doch sehr rot. Nachvollziehbar, nachdem ich seinen Erzeuger kennengelernt hatte. Jan lächelte jedoch nach einem Moment und wollte dann wissen: „Na... Das dich mein Dad reingelassen ist auch ein Wunder...“ Ich konnte nur mit den Augen rollen. „Ich verstehe nun voll und ganz deine Sorge...“ Etwas unschlüssig was ich jetzt eigentlich hier sollte, versuchte ich einfach drauf los zu reden. „Ehm... also... es tut mir echt Leid, dass ich...“ Er winkte jedoch sofort ab und zuckte mit den Schultern: „Du hast die Werte nicht eingegeben und auf OK gedrückt. Ich hätte dir... einfach glauben sollen. Auch wenn du zugeben musst, dass das echt mega unrealistisch ist.“ Sogleich wurden die Augen wieder etwas feucht. „Es ist halt... mit meinem Dad.. einfach scheiße.... er...“, er schniefte und bevor er weiter reden konnte fiel ich ihm ins Wort: „Er wird sich an nichts erinnern.“ Nachdem ich die Aufmerksamkeit von Jan hatte, erklärte ich ihm, was mir alles passiert war. Das meine Eltern für meine Eltern es immer so war. Es schien ihn sichtlich zu beruhigen. „Vielleicht ändert sich ja die Einstellung von ihm.“, hoffte er schliesslich und fragte: „Kannst... du mir helfen? Ich werde... neue Kleidung brauchen. Viele „X“...“ Dann packte mich aber doch die Neugier. „Was... hast du denn alles für Werte eingegeben?“, wollte ich wissen und sah Jan an, als er zum Rechner ging und einen Screenshot aufmachte. Ich ging zu ihm und schaute mir die Eingaben an. Mit jeder Zeile wurden meine Augen größer. „Scheiße... Alter... wie geil warst du an dem Abend?“, versuchte ich lachend zu fragen – aber ich machte mir doch ein bisschen Sorgen. Tatsächlich verbrachten wir dann ein wenig Zeit mit Mathe. Jan wog zur Zeit 64 Klio. Das Ziel waren 220 Kilo. Der Zeitraum 4 Wochen (maximal Express....) Er würde also pro Woche 39 kg zunehmen. Fuck. Pro Tag war das also ein Zuwachs von 5,5kg.... Bei seinem Schwanz hatte er mehr als übertrieben. Zur Zeit hatte er folgende Werte: Schlaff 10 cm, Umfang 8cm Hart: 16 cm, Umfang 11cm Ziel: Schlaff 35cm, Umfang 25 cm Hart: 45 cm, Umfang 30 cm Das bedeutete pro Woche ca. 6,5 cm Zuwachs... Warum sollten wir ihm überhaupt noch Klamotten kaufen... Bis wir die hatten, waren sie zu klein.... Wir mussten uns tatsächlich dafür etwas überlegen. Es standen uns große Zeiten bevor.....
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    So.... ich habe mich mal hingesetzt und zumindest ein bisschen weiter geschrieben! Ich hoffe, dass das Warten sich für euch gelohnt hat und entschuldige mich für selbiges! Ich hatte es gar nicht wirklich realisiert, dass jemand gekommen war und etwas gesagt hatte. Ich war so im Moment gefangen, dass ich mich erst umblickte, als Jan aufgehört hatte. Wie zur Salzsäule erstarrt stand er da, mein Schwanz vor seinem Mund und weit aufgerissenen Augen. Herr Becker war wohl mit der Situation ein wenig überfordert (ich denke nicht, dass man sowas in der Uni beigebracht bekommt) und gestikulierte erstmal wild mit den Händen rum. Als Jan langsam aufstand und versuchte im Erdboden zu verschwinden, übernahm bei mir das Testosteron und der Alpha brach durch. Ich lächelte leicht und ging auf meinen Sportlehrer zu. „Ihr.... geht sofort... zum Rektor....“, stammelte er, als ich wie eine Naturgewalt auf ihn zu kam. 150kg pure Muskeln, 32cm Manneskraft und alles feucht von der Dusche. Ich griff mit meiner großen Hand direkt nach seinem Schritt, spürte seinen langsam hart werden Schwanz und meinte mit meiner tieferen Stimme: „Oder wir haben alle Spaß zu dritt. Du hast doch auch Bock drauf. So jemanden wie mich sieht und fickt man nicht täglich.“ Damit drückte ich ihm meine Lippen auf seine und küsste ihn lange und fordernd. Meine Hand massierte langsam seinen Schwanz der, rein gefühlt, auch recht groß war. Herr Becker stöhnte leicht und ließ es geschehen, bis er auf einmal mit aller mentalen und körperlichen Kraft mich wegdrückte. Die Outline seines quer liegenden Harten konnte man deutlich durch die Sporthose erkennen und auch die Nippel die gegen sein Poloshirt drückten. „Ihr.... beide.....RAUS!“ Jan rannte, wie von der Tarantel gestochen aus der Dusche, rutsche beinahe noch aus und schien froh darüber zu sein, endlich gehen zu dürfen. Mein Sportlehrer keuchte noch immer erregt, hatte sich aber wieder genügend im Griff. „Ich habe meine Grenzen überschritten und DU ebenfalls, David!“ – „Du gehst nach Hause und hast Freude mit deiner Hand oder Jan. Was ihr zu Hause macht, ist mir total latte!“ Ein Grinsen konnte ich mir auf seine Beule bei dieser gewagten Wortwahl nicht verkneifen. „ABER ich bin dein LEHRER, David! Das bleibt unter uns und du fasst mich NIE wieder an!“ Sein Blick war hart und machte deutlich, dass ich hier keine argumentativen Chancen mehr hatte. Ich nickte und trotte dann langsam an ihm vorbei in Richtung Umkleide. Auf dem Weg zu meinem Spint war mir aber eine Sache sehr klar. Ich würde Herrn Becker irgendwann das Hirn rausvögeln. Zu Hause angekommen hatte meine Mutter groß aufgefahren, eine Portion für eine Fußballmannschaft – oder ein einfaches Mittagessen für mich. Ich haute rein, denn die Lauferei hatte mich doch hungrig gemacht. Während ich aß und grob von meinem Schultag erzählte (wobei ich ausließ, dass ich einen Blow-Job in der Dusche von Jan hatte und meine Sportlehrer flachlegen wollte), fing meine Mutter an ihre Handtasche zu packen und generell war sie... aufgedonnert. Ich schaute sie fragend an und sie rollte nur mit den Augen. „David... ich habe es dir doch schon erzählt. Dein Vater und ich haben heute Date-Night und treffen uns vorher noch mit den Meyers.“ Ah! Einmal im Monat machten meine Eltern zusammen einen auf „Wir-sind-so-jung-und-gehen-fancy-essen-mit-Kino-Besuch-danach.“ Ich nickte und versuchte beiläufig lustig zu klingen: „Ihr seid dann aber bis 10 auf jedenfall wieder da, junge Dame.“ Meine Mutter grinste ebenfalls und sagte: „Das ist unser Spruch und nein. Der Film geht erst um 20:00 Uhr los. Wird also wohl eher 11.“ Ich nickte und schaute runter auf mein Essen, denn ich musste mir ein breites Grinsen verkneifen. Ich hatte von 4 bis knapp 11 Uhr sturmfrei. Nachdem meine Eltern gegangen waren, warf ich alle Kleidung von mir und saß nackt vor meinem Rechner. Ich stöberte die klassischen Porno Seiten durch sowie Tumblr, muscle-growth.org und blogsport. Muskel-Typen überall in enger Bekleidung und doch war keiner annähernd so groß wie ich und hatte in Kombination mit den Muskeln auch einen Monster-Schwanz. Ich spielte mit meinem Semi-harten ein wenig rum, eher lustlos, da keiner der Männer mich da wirklich ansprach. Früher hätte ich nicht wirklich lange gebraucht um zu kommen, wenn ich da einen Typen wie Kevin Wolter nackt gesehen hätte. Heute... ich wünschte mir, so ein Typ würde sich nach mir mal die Finger lecken. Und anderes lecken... Etwas unbefriedigt, in vielerlei Hinsicht, ging ich nach unten um mir einen Nachmittagssnack zu holen, als es an der Tür klopfte. In Erwartung den Hermesboten ein wenig zu verunsichern, holte ich mir schnell aus dem Gästeklo ein Minihandtuch, was gerade so um meine Hüfte passte. Mein Schwanz schaute ein bisschen raus und floppte leicht, als ich zur Tür ging. Ich öffnete diese und war für einen Moment genauso perplex wie Jan. Dieser schaute an mir runter, die Augen weiteten sich und er meinte: „Ich... ehm....wollte....“
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    Thanks for all the comments, part four should be up by the weekend at the earliest. Read Part One HERE Read Part Two HERE Liquid Manhood Chapter Three “You are in very good health Mr Wington” the doctor finally said after poking and checking Barrett out for nearly an hour The doctor had seemed to take a great deal of pleasure in having Barrett strip, the older man’s hands running along the ridges of Barrett’s stomach and chest. Ridges that to most people would of been considered amazing to possess, but Barrett knew they weren’t as cut as they had been last week. “We’ll have to wait for the test results to come back in a few days, but from what I can tell you are a fit healthy man in his early 20s” the doctor added, flicking through a chart Barrett looked the doctor in his almost-orange-with-fake-tan face, annoyance plastered over Barrett’s handsome, but exhausted features. “Nearly two months back when you gave me my start of the year physical you said I was the most healthy person you’d ever saw” Barrett explained Even back then the doctor has spent more time than he needed to feel out Barrett’s body. He remembered the doctor fingering each solid brick of Barrett’s abs. Shaking off the memory of the obvious groping he heaved himself off the examination table, pulling at the bottom of his shirt to hide his still amazingly ripped abs. He’d been doing it more and more recently, he just had this thought in the back of his head that he was on display, like he was suddenly all self conscious. He even dug out an old long sleeved shirt from his closet to hide the thick toned pillars he called arms. The Barrett Wington who had always tried to not wear a shirt suddenly didn't want anyone to look at him. “Yes…well Mr Wington, that was last month” the doctor replied “You still are in very good shape, and very good health” There it was, ’very good’, not ‘amazing’ or ‘incredible’. Barrett was used to being perfect, ‘very good’ was a demotion. “Like I said when you arrived and when you called last week” the doctor continued “You might just have a bug, happens a lot in the first few months of the academic year” Barrett just nodded, the doctor was most likely right. A virus or infection was the only explanation for how Barrett felt, and how it seemed the entire football team were feeling the same. The doctor handed Barrett a small box of pills. “Takes these twice a day” the doctor said “Should give your immune system a little boost” Barrett just nodded again, finding it harder to find his voice, like he was getting nervous around people. As he left the doctor called back “Come back in a few days, we’ll have your results then, but remember to take it easy.” Barrett ignored him and slowly walked back to the frat house, scratching at his crotch the entire way. His jock strap was still itchy, even though he’d had it washed everyday since the itching started. He probably shouldn't wear it anymore, but he just couldn't get comfy in other underwear. It was like he’d gotten used to the itchy jock. Going to the local clinic felt like a waste of time, he’d felt like shit all week. It had messed with his workouts, even football practice had been terrible. Coach Peters nearly burst a vein bellowing at the failing athletes, and at Barrett especially. But Barrett had a horrible thought in the back of his mind, a virus could cause every symptom he had. It would cause the soreness, the exhaustion, the failure to be an active jock, but even with Barrett’s basic knowledge of biology he knew that nothing could make your feet a size smaller. He stared at his feet as he walked, both out of a want not to make eye contact with others and to also examine his feet. Barrett’s size 15 sneakers were feeling loose. Maybe it was time Barrett pulled out his old size 14s. Barrett’s next step ended up with his shoe being left behind. His eyes widened and Barrett quickly slipped his foot back into the too big sneaker. His pace quickened and he crossed his meaty arms over his still impressive chest defensively, on second thought he’d borrow a frat bro’s size 13s. ——————————————————————————————————————————— Chris and Melvin sat in the greasy pizzeria just outside of campus, huddled in a booth a back. The red leather seats fraying and the table still stained from the meals of the last few dozen diners. The dingy restaurant was Paulie’s Pizza, a place famous on campus as the go to place for a cheap meal, just as long as you liked pizza. Paulie, if that was his name was a Persian who clothes were always stained with pizza grease, he was as Italian as Super Mario. But Melvin had to admit he did make a good pizza. The nerdy student was chowing down on a large slice of pepperoni. Chris just stared over his expensive sunglasses at the other students in the restaurant, tightly held in his hand was a specimen cup of emerald green liquid, it was the elixir. A week had passed since they'd started collecting the liquid by draining the football team and Chris had finally decided to test the elixir out on a human. Melvin’s roommate had been very encouraged by the change to Burt the cactus, and even more encouraged by the change in the football team. Everyday Chris would describe all the small changes he’d seen in the athletes, he barely breathed as he hurried out the sighting of Barrett Wington’s shoe falling off his foot yesterday. Melvin was sure that Chris has jerked off that night thinking about Barrett’s feet shrinking. “See anyone yet” Melvin said between bites of pizza Chris nodded with a small smirk on his lips. “Stefan, that German student who's staying for a semester” Chris said in a quiet voice Melvin craned his head around to look for Stefan, he wasn't being subtle. Stefan was sitting at one of the tables in the middle of the restaurant, he was alone and clicking on his phone. He was fair skinned and very blonde. How Melvin imagined all Germans to look, he was lean, but probable had a very average body under his loose hoody. “Why him” Melvin asked returning his gaze to Chris Chris shook his head at Melvin, angry at Melvin’s obvious stares. He explained slowly and with fierce patronisation in his voice “Stefan is the best candidate because he’ll be returning to Germany in a month” Melvin nodded, his voice a little shaken by Chris’ mild anger “So his change won’t attract much attention” Chris nodded and then pulled himself out of the booth. Melvin watched Chris slip past the tables and other patrons, he passed the counter where plates of food waited for the waiters to delivery them to their tables. As he passed Chris poured the sample cup of elixir over one of the plates. Chris quickly vanished into restaurant restroom, always trying not to draw suspicion. Melvin again with his eyes obviously pointed at Stefan watched the short dark haired waiter with a name tag reading ‘Zack’ place a plate of elixir soaked pineapple pizza at Stefan’s table. Chris returned, maybe walking a little too fast. He slapped Melvin on the shoulder to get him to stop staring at Stefan. Melvin looked down at his half eaten pizza slice, picking at the stringy cheese. He heard Chris swear under his breath. “What” Melvin asked without looking “He fucking left” Chris muttered, slapping the table, no one looked towards the bang in the loud restaurant Melvin looked over to Stefan’s table, and it was empty. The pizza hadn't been touched. “Looks like he got a text, and he just left” Chris explained “The idiot paid for the pizza and everything” “So…another target” Melvin asked Chris nodded “Yea….I’ll do some more searching and find someone to dose” The two roommates got up and left, Chris muttering about how stupid people were and how they never did what they should do. Chris not even letting Melvin finish his pizza. Neither of them noticing Zack the waiter with the greasy olive toned skin return to clean the table, or how Zack even though he hated pineapple eagerly ate the abandoned elixir soaked pizza on his way back to the kitchen as Paulie didn't let his waiters have a lunch break. ——————————————————————————————————————————— Sean kept pulling at his shirt, but not because it was tight or because it was riding up his belly. He was pulling at it because it was loose, it hung around his neck and stomach. For the first time in years he was standing in front of and checking himself out in a mirror. The sink below it was flushed lime green, Sean had just washed his mouth out with Mountain Dew. He’d noticed the bottle was a darker green than normal, and the taste was a little different. More savory, almost salty, maybe he’d just picked up a soon to be out of date bottle. The strange tasting beverage wasn’t taking up much of Sean’s attention though, the sight in the mirror was more interesting. Even though he looked just like he always remembered, ginger, chubby and below average, there was something different. He wasn't as plump as before, his face and neck were thinner. There was even the hint of some bone structure peaking through. Nearly every piece of clothing he owned felt looser, except for his shoes. He looked leaner, healthier, like he’d been eating right. Which was wrong, the take out boxes in the trash can a few feet away saw to that. Sean had always thought he could do with losing some weight, and the mirror was proving him right. He just didn't have the mind and will to do it. But he liked the new him looking back from the mirror. Slimmer, eyes a little brighter and not a spot in sight on his pale skin. He even seemed to be holding himself taller. He turned from the mirror and swung his shoulder bag on, it was stuffed with books, but Sean could hardly feel the weight. With a smile on his face, and without his usual setup of headphones blasting music to repel any social interaction he headed out of his room for the campus library. Sean made sure his door was locked and walked straight into a raven haired boy. It was Chris from next-door, close behind him was a quiet blond nerdy boy. Sean didn't know his name, but had seen him enough times to know he was Chris’ roommate. Chris stepped back from Sean, quickly scanning who it was who’d bumped into him. Sean smiled politely at both boys, the blond with the crooked nose smiled back. Chris though stepped forward so he was inches away from Sean, staring him down. Sean surprised himself and almost laughed at the lithe boy’s attempt at intimidation. “What do you think you’re doing” Chris sneered down at Sean The taller boy stared down at him from behind expensive designer glasses. Sean had guessed that Chris was about 6ft tall when he first saw him moving in a few weeks back, but now Sean was maybe an inch shorter then him. This revelation caused a shot of excitement to drop right into Sean’s balls, he’d gotten taller. He’d never in his wildest dreams thought he’d reach 6ft, and he was now a hair’s length away. “I’m heading to the library” Sean explained knocking himself out of his thoughts, and surprising himself with how confident he sounded. Suddenly Chris’ slightly angular face softened “Oh, you mean the Haber Library” Sean nodded, knowing this was leading somewhere. Chris just smiled with perfectly straight pearly whites. The blond boy sighed in relief, Chris must get angry at the drop of a hat. “My last name is Haber you know” Chris stated grandly Sean just shook his head at the arrogant dark haired boy. Chris was attractive by anyone’s standards, but the speed at which he could switch from mild anger to lording something over someone else turned Sean off the high cheekboned student. Chris flicked his glossy black fringe “Yes, we’re an old family, been going to this college since its founding” Sean again just nodded, adding an ‘oh really’ for good measure. He could feel his cock hardening as he stared at Chris’ pretty face, his libibo had been sky high the last few days. He felt dirty getting hard over such an arrogant jerk. “We Habers were here long before the Wingtons” Chris continued rolling his eyes at the dorm room corridor “This shit hole is all they can throw together” Sean remembered the dorm room was named Wington Dormitory, he also remembered that some guy on the football team was called Wington. He then thought ‘It’s a shit hole you live in Chris’ but he stopped himself. Chris gave Sean a friendly slap on the shoulder, it didn't jiggly like it would of a week ago. “Have a good one” Chris smiled widely, seemingly having forgotten the earlier insult Sean watched Chris and the blond vanish into their dorm room. He chuckled to himself and head out, even whistling a little tune. As he left the main doors of the dormitory his nostrils flared and his cock throbbed. There was something rich and musky in the air. He followed it. The thick stench led to the trash cans, they were piled high with trash, having not been emptied this week. Perched on a slant between two black trash bags was a cactus. A large green cactus with a dark red flower atop it. Sean liberated the plant from the trash and inhaled deeply. He only got the small whiff putrid trash, the rest of his sinuses were filled with the musk rising off the cactus. Sean hid the potted cactus behind the trash cans, he’d return for it after he’d finished in the library. ——————————————————————————————————————————— Zack Buffone, like a lot of wait staff was a drama major, and like a lot of drama majors he never imagined he’d be a waiter. But he needed the money, college didn't pay for itself, especially when you had a father disappointed at your life choices. His dorm room in the Wington Building was like most other dorm rooms, two beds, a shared desk and with the simple decorations that each of the roommates had placed around to make it feel like home. Zack had placed a few posters on the wall above his bed, all of them for Broadway musicals. Rent, Wicked and Les Miserables to be specific. His roommate Lance, a golden blonde beach boy had two posters one an idolised version of his native San Diego and the other of some band that Zack was sure he only had up because it was the ‘in’ thing to do. Zack and Lance were different people, Lance naturally athletic, he’d even taken to lacrosse at the start of the year like he was born for it. While Zack was creative, and desperately trying to make a name for himself in the college drama department. They rarely talked, but they had talked it had always been civil, mostly about how to log onto the college computer system, or about their neighbour and his noisy arguments with his girlfriend. But right now their shared room looked like a tornado had torn through it. A neatly kept pile of Lance’s business books had been strewn across the desk. The desk chair had been knocked over and Lance’s mattress had been partly pulled off of the bed’s base. On Zack’s bed lay the tattered remains of his Paulie’s Pizzeria workshirt, like something had burst out of it. Sweat had drenched the sheets and the mattress appeared to be permanently imprinted by the sudden weight of a much too large occupant. The air was thick with the ripe smell of fresh cum and the sound of flesh slapping flesh bounced off the walls. A layer of musk was descending over the dorm room, the odour of sweat and muscle. Zack was standing at the small sink and mirror that all dorm rooms in the Wington building had. This wasn’t the Zack who’d waited tables the day before, the Zack who’d come home in a sweat and collapsed exhausted onto his bed, the Zack who was already feeling the effects of the cup of elixir he’d been accidentally dosed with. A cocky smirk lined his newly chiseled face, his right arm up and flexing. He wasn’t skinny anymore, his arm was thick with muscle. The rounded bicep bulging with the slightest movement. The rest of his body was just as big as his arm. His hand every now and then would grope at the meaty pecs he now owned, his entire body shining with a hearty olive tone. His black hair was glossy and now ran over his boulder like shoulders. Zack now towered above his dorm room, having grew over half a foot. He guessed he had to be at least 6’5 now, and with over a 100lbs of extra mass. Since nothing of his would fit him he’d steal something from Lance’s closet. He doubted anything of Lance’s would be anything but skintight. He was excited, barely thinking about what could've caused his growth. He was too busy stretching out his new muscles. Zack had tried out a number of poses, learning how to get his new muscles to listen to his commands. Lance though was having a completely different experience. Between Zack's newly thickened muscle thighs and with his head painfully banging against the sink was Lance. His hazel eyes bloodshot and teary, his jaw sore and Zack’s monstrous horsedick stretching out and down his throat. Zack’s rounded bare ass flexed with each thrust as he fucked his roommates struggling mouth. Lance had given up punching at Zack’s thighs and ass after the second load of cum had been shot down his gullet. Zack left hand was gripping tightly to Lance’s golden locks, “Fuck…….” Zack said for maybe the dozenth time His voice was deeper, richer and oozed confidence. An almost natural authority, it was how he’d got Lance onto his knees after their brief struggle. The smaller blonde boy didn't know how to pick a fight. He’d punched Zack in his steel hard abs, probably thinking Zack had broken into the room. He remembered asking what Lance wanted, the blondes eyes on Zack's bulge. The newly grown muscle man cupped his crotch, the blonde's eyes only widened. Then something just clicked into place in Zack’s head and he grabbed Lance by the throat and tossed him onto the floor. He cock slapped Lance’s beach tanned face a few times, then went to force open Lance's mouth, only to find it already opened wide. That was nearly two hours ago. Zack looked down his thick smooth pecs at Lance’s spit and cum covered face, he smirked. “You enjoying that” he asked He loosened his grip on Lance’s hair, his thrusting slowed. Lance’s head moved as much as it could, he didn’t need Zack to fuck his throat, he appeared more then happy to impale himself on Zack’s meat rod. A few drops of fresh sweat fell onto Lance’s hungry eyes, the cock tight in his throat, but Lance kept sucking. Zack just boomed out a laugh “I fucking knew it, weird that I’d wanted you to fuck me when we met” His speed returning to his thrusts “Never thought seeing you choke on my dick would of been the better option” With that he pulled out, Lance gasping for air. Zack’s fat cock swung for a second before rising up to slap at his six pack. Lacne’s hands were still holding onto Zack’s huge thighs. Zack pulled him to his feet. Happy to have Lance at chest level, he bounced his pecs in quick succession. Zack caught the growing bulge in Lance’s boxer shorts and smiled. He pushed Lance towards the beds, and gave his perky ass a slap that probably stung. “Pick a bed, I want to dump this load in your ass” he ordered.
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    Should of been up for Christmas, but the holidays was crazy busy. Hopefully shouldn't be as long a wait till Part Six. Thanks for reading. Read Part One HERE Read Part Two HERE Read Part Three HERE Read Part Four HERE Liquid Manhood Chapter Five Sean normally enjoyed Christmas, but this year he nervously dreaded it. The second he stepped off the train at his hometown’s small country station his parents were amazed by his transformation. His father who was only 5’8 beamed with pride at his now 6’3 son. Sean’s mother joked about having to return some Christmas presents. The next day Sean saw her carrying a bag of already wrapped gifts out to her car, so she wasn't joking. Things got worse for Sean when his uncles, aunts, and cousins turned up. To start, Sean was as horny as ever and not being able to jerk off several times a day was really affecting him. He was washing his own sheets once every couple days just to hide the evidence and the smell. Those nighttime cum explosions were a terrible mess to clean up. He, at over 6ft and with a lean muscled body, didn't fit the Doherty family frame. Sean was a head and shoulders taller than most of them, and was probably the only one who could see his feet without sucking in his gut. The surprise and admiration at his body caused him to spend most of the winter break with a constant blush. A blush which at times could of had him losing consciousness with all the blood that rushed to his face. Like when a cousin walked into him in the night after he’d gotten up to use the bathroom. Sean was shirtless and his cousin almost screamed out in excitement at the ridges of his abs. Sean’s face went as crimson as his hair. Christmas Day revealed the new outfits his mother had chosen for him, and no doubt expected to see him wear. Two pairs of jeans and a sweater were actually something Sean wanted. A number of plain t-shirts, colourful button up shirts, and even some workout gear wasn't what he wanted or even expected. He’d spun a lie about working out to explain his new physique, so he should have expected workout gear. The other clothes weren't his normal style of dress. They were missing the puns, funny images or nerdy logos every other piece of clothing he owned had plastered over them. Though those pieces didn't fit him anymore. Sean told his parents he loved all his gifts anyway. He was very happy that they’d got him the games he asked for, but he didn't have the heart to tell them that in the days that followed he returned about half the clothes they’d brought for him. He kept the workout gear just in case. Sean even dropped to the floor and did some sit ups or push ups when his parents came knocking on his door. He wanted to avoid the awkward questions about his sudden change, questions which he himself didn't have answers for. ——————————————————————————————————————————— “My parents really like you,” Lance said to Zack as he stared into his eyes while they lay in bed together. Zack sat up slightly, pushing his meaty torso upwards with his thickly muscled arms. The two boys, now boyfriends, were spending Christmas together. This gave Zack a chance to see San Diego and Lance a chance to reveal he was gay to a very surprised family and friends. Though a number of them understood Lance’s attraction to Zack once the olive toned stud started wearing clothes more fitting of California. Right now Zack’s pecs and abs glistened with a light sheen of sweat above Lance, who bit his lip in appreciation. “Seriously… you’re gonna mention your parents while I’m balls deep in you?” Zack asked, laughing with a hint of annoyance in his voice. Lance whimpered slightly as Zack flexed his oversized cock, the thickening girth pushing against Lance’s tight hole. “Sorry,” Lance quickly replied, his eyes closed as pleasure rocketed through him. “Good, now shut up,” Zack ordered, returning to his fierce thrusting “This bed is already way too loud” Lance’s parents were downstairs, trying to ignore the sound of their darling boy being power fucked by his boyfriend, the sound of the bed’s wooden frame hitting the wall echoing through the house in time with each of Zack’s titanic thrusts. ——————————————————————————————————————————— A few days had passed since A.J. had arrived home and Barrett was hating every second of it. He could deal with the sympathy and concern from his family. He could deal with how his relationship with A.J. had moved from athletic manly rivalry and into one of just pity towards him. But Barrett couldn't deal with A.J. being his normal half naked over confident self all the time. A.J. was over 6’5 tall and stacked with well toned muscle. Unlike a lot of linebackers he was pure muscle, his six pack abs have been several stories high on a billboard in Times Square only last summer. With Barrett’s new found attraction to muscle he was struggling to control himself around A.J. He knew it was going to be hard the second A.J. arrived home, his big brother pulled off his coat to reveal a skin tight tank top. Barrett’s eyes followed his brothers pecs as they rose with each breath, the tank straining against them. Barrett then found his face pressed between them as A.J. pulled his sick little brother into a hug. There had been other incidents and they all could have been avoided if Barrett hadn't tried to be like his old self. He was forcing himself to be more confident, like the old Barrett, so he was finally leaving his room which just put him in line for running into A.J. The amount of times he’d be walking down a hallway, his eyes staring at the ground, and then he walk straight into A.J. ripped sweaty abs. A.J. never saw him coming, his big brother was always looking right over tiny Barrett’s head. Barrett was woken at 6am one morning by A.J. who just burst into his bedroom. Barrett sat bolt upright, his eyes level with the overstuffed Calvin Klein briefs that A.J. had gotten for free after a modelling shoot. “Hey bro, sorry about waking you” A.J. boomed rubbing sleep from his eyes, his bicep bulging just as much as his briefs “I’m heading out for a jog and I haven't packed anything with support” To show what he meant A.J. gave his bulge a little heft, it bounced and pushed the fat soft head of dick up against the fabric. “Ok” Barrett said simply, crossing his skinny legs under his covers Even though his erection was unnoticeable beneath the heavy sheets, he wasn't taking any chances. The smell of his room still set him off, but he thought what if now instead of imaging his old self when he inhaled his old musk he began picturing the underwear clad muscle giant in front of him. To make things worse as A.J. breathed his abs tightened and he bounced a pec impatiently. “Sooooo” he asked elongating the word This knocked Barrett’s attention from his big brothers brick sized stomach muscles and back up to his chiselled face. “So what” Barrett asked, trying not to focus his attention to his brothers jaw line A.J. sighed and dropped his meaty ass, which was barely covered by his briefs, onto the bed. The mattress sagged and Barrett rolled towards his brothers vast toned back. “You got a jock, or some compression shorts” A.J. questioned “You know, I could knock myself off running without support…. like you used to be able too” A.J. continued like he hadn't just rubbed salt on to Barrett’s still bloody wound. “I know you got rid of most of your old clothes, but are you sure you don’t have anything for me you could….. well it would be a hand me up, wouldn't it” A.J. chuckled at his own joke Barrett shook his head, but his eyes fell on his old jockstrap. It sat on his desk, next to his console controller. He’d been sniffing it only last night, thinking about the difference between his brothers and the housekeeper’s son Andre’s pecs. A.J. spotted where Barrett was looking. He pulled himself off Barrett’s bed and the floorboards creaked beneath his oversized feet. He quickly scooped up the jock and stretched it out in his hands. “It’s a bit small for me” A.J. boasted “But thanks bro” A.J. crammed his legendary equipment into the jockstrap and left the room for his jog. Barrett just signed, he slightly wanted to go watch his brother change, but he killed that thought quickly. He was going to return to sleep, but his phone buzzed as a new email arrived. It was from his college, their newsletter. Barrett wouldn't have ever read it before his change, but now he read every email he got, which wasn't many since his social life had collapsed. His eyes widened as he opened it. The email was fronted with a family crest, one he recognised from the few times he’d journeyed into the campus library. He’d only ever been there to pick up chicks, from his experience nerdy girls were always crazy in bed. It was the crest of the Haber family. Barrett was sure he’d heard that name a few times and not just from the library, he thought he heard his father mention it once or twice. The email’s title was interesting. “Lincoln University- From Salem to Campus” “A history of myth, legend and witchcraft” ——————————————————————————————————————————— Sean returned to campus sooner than he’d wanted too, he just couldn't deal with his family anymore. He’d always been close to them, but now that he was different they were clinging to him all the time. His father was adamant that Sean should try out for some sport, preferably football. Sean just couldn't handle all the attention. So he wasted money on a new train ticket, ignoring the one he had for next week and jumped on the train. His dingy dorm room was a welcome sight. He could have sworn the odd cactus’ flower even opened and oozed its strange sap like it was it happy to see him. Sean opened up his bag and eagerly set up his PlayStation, but as it turned on it started to update. The dorms horrible internet connection meant the update was going to take over three hours. Sean just sighed and started to unpack his clothes, he’d thrown out all the clothes he’d brought home and only had the new clothes he’d received for Christmas. He was currently wearing snug jeans and a chest hugging sweater. It was one of the only outfits he felt normal in, nothing like the naked feeling he had when he wore the skin tight workout gear he’d been gifted with. Sean smirked when he spotted the Captain America shirt. He’d forgotten he’d dumped it on his bed before he left. Though he thought it had been blue beforehand, now it was an odd shade of green. The blue and red shield on its front was stained green and the sky blue colouring had turned a lime colour. He sniffed the shirt gingerly, it reeked of his room. A nice familiar smell, a mix of the musky air and the slightly floral stench of the cactus sap. Maybe the colours had just run in the wash. Sean remembered a faded pair of green socks he’d tossed before Christmas, must be wear the green dye had come from. Above Sean a vein of elixir pulled itself back to the edge of the ceiling safely out of view of Sean. Sean draped the shirt over his desk chair and pulled off the warm sweater. He quickly checked himself out in his dorm rooms mirror. He couldn't help but smile at his abs, he even tried to bounce his chest, but there wasn't any movement, they just tightened. He lifted the shirt off his chair and gave it another sniff, his PS4 only on 4% download. His jaw was stained green as he pulled the shirt away from his hair. Red hairs had already started to sprout over his jaw. Sean quickly pulled the shirt over his head, it was a little tight. The shirt reached his waist, but clung to his chest and arms. He pulled at the collar, trying to loosen the high neckline. He kicked off his shoes and pulled his socks off, they were sweaty from the long train ride. Sean undid the buttons of his jeans while scratching at his jaw, he was surprised he needed to shave already. His jeans struggled to get past his thighs and then his calves, they’d been tight, but hadn't been so clingy. He pulled at his briefs, trying to get the fabric off his packed in balls. Sean sighed at the thought that he’d have to go out and buy a larger pair of jeans so soon after getting this pair. He really needed to get his head around how to wash clothes, he kept shrinking them or ruining the colour like his Captain America shirt. He checked his PS4, now it was up to 19%. Sean’s vision went fuzzy for a moment then returned with increases clarity, he blinked a few times in response to the weird change in vision. He couldn't see himself, but Sean’s eyes are brightened into deep emeralds. Sean rubbed his eyes, thinking he was just tired. He didn't noticed the light green staining fading away on his hand that he’d just scratched his chest with, nor did he notice that the hand was also slightly larger than the other. Sean almost fell over as his chest tightened, pain pulling his pec muscles and admirals inwards. He collapsed onto one knee, one hand gripping his bed and the other clutching his chest. The Captain America shirt was splitting done his back, his neck fighting against the skin tight collar. Sean pushed himself back to his feet, his legs throbbing as they magically thickened. The leg holes of his briefs strained against the muscles, and pushed against his ass as it rounded out into a boulder of muscle. Sean was knocked onto his back as the shirt burst apart. The thud of his growing mass echoed throughout his room and down the dormitory corridor. His pecs had exploded outwards in size, going from tight pecs into a shelf that you could balance a drink on. Small slithers of blue cotton fluttered in the air, the tattered remains of Captain America’s shield rested in the grooves of Sean’s brick like abs and the crevice between his slab like pecs. The green stain was gone, having been drained to fuel Sean’s growth. Sean’s mitt like hands grabbed at the carpet, his teeth gritted as pain rocketed through him. His bones creaking as they stretched longer and thicker. The remains of the shirt slipped beneath his widening back as his bowling ball shoulders popped the seams of his sleeves and finally destroyed the too small shirt. His biceps bloated by several inches, flexing even through Sean’s arms were held straight out. Hair grew down between his abs and joined up with the rich pubes that spread out from his now too small briefs. His bulge, which was already a hearty endowment looked obscene now. His growth was not focusing on that area, the imprint of his fattening balls rolled around in the overstuffed pouch. His briefs were tented upwards by an ever growing trunk of sexmeat. The pain that rocked Sean’s body died and he signed with relief, his voice husky and deep, as his briefs burst. His horse like equipment swung around splattering the surrounding area with thick pre cum. Sean took a few deep breaths, his pecs rising and falling, the light of his PS4 glittering off his sweaty chest hair. Then with fury in his eyes Sean started to jack his fat bull cock with his dinner plate hands, his grunts and groans roaring out into the dormitory and through his dorm rooms thin walls. ——————————————————————————————————————————— Chris returned to college with a reinforced wariness of the elixir. It wasn’t some simple muscle potion like he’d feared, the changes it caused appeared to not measure up to what was promised by his ancient spell book. But he wouldn't give up on it, he just needed a few more tests so he could work out the rules. Magic always had rules, ways in which it operated which could ruin everything if you didn't understand its nature. He already had a plan ready before his family’s private jet took off from the tarmac in Europe to take him back to America. Chris dosed three water bottles with the elixir, bottles which Chris had stolen from the college gym during workouts there last semester. They had the college logo on and would blend in with the untainted bottles the gym offered to refresh its users. He took the bottles to the college gym and mixed the dossed bottles in with gym’s normal water bottles. The gym was a lot quieter now thanks to the draining of the football team, so Chris was able to record who went in and out over the course of one day. This was grunt work that Melvin should of done, but the blond nerd wasn't even back yet, so Chris had to wait around an entire day. Chris recorded 17 different people enter and leave the college gym, half of them left with water bottles in their hands. Chris would find them over the next couple days. He had his fingers crossed that Yuri didn't get dossed, he didn't want that cocky Russian to end up huge. Though there were a few people he didn't really recognise, he had to do some snooping of the gym’s membership files to find out who they were, which while illegal was a perk of being the son of college’s largest donor. One scrawny black kid turned out be a 20 year old who was the football teams equipment manager, Thaddeus Stern, which was a name that didn't fit the guy at all. Chris thought the guy had gotten drained when he cleaned up the teams jockstraps when they’d first been dosed with the powder. A quick check of Thaddeus’ Facebook found that he had always been short and scrawny. Plus the jockstraps could only drain the first person to touch them or their relatives. When Chris returned to his dorm room after a long day spying his nose wrinkled at the musky smell wafting out from the room next door. A TV inside sounded out loudly, Chris vaguely remembered the guy who lived there, he was tallish, a slim build, red hair, he was kinda cute. He must of gotten back and forgot to clean up the mess he’d left last semester. Chris should have just knocked and mentioned it to the redhead, but the chance to use his family’s power was too good an opportunity to waste. So he wrote an email to the Dean’s office about the smell, he knew the Dean would get it sorted out within days. The red headed idiot had most likely left some filthy clothes out or some half eaten food had been left out to rot. Though Chris had a nagging feeling that he recognised the musky, overpowering smell. But before Chris could consider it more his phone buzzed and Melvin’s name appeared on the screen. He nearly jumped at it, eager to explain his ideas to his absent roommate. “Melvin” he called down the phone, he was already passing the room. “Where the hell have you been? I thought you were coming back days ago… but never mind that.” He took a breath and started to explain. “I dosed a few of water bottles at the athletic department’s gym, I have a list of who uses the gym, they would have access to the water bottles,” he breathed and then started again “So I can see how it affects them, because I have a theory, I think the elixir doesn’t do what we think it does, I tested it out over Christmas and the result was horrific…” He paused, Melvin was silent on the other end. He must be angry that Chris had broken the promise not to use the elixir. “I know, I broke my promise, sue me,” he continued. “But I think these water bottles will prove my idea. I think the elixir has rules on how it changes people. I just need some more test subjects to prove it.” Chris stopped and waited, a few seconds passed before Melvin replied. “Chris… we need to talk,” a voice that didn't sound like Melvin replied, it was deep, rumbling and very masculine.
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    Hello everyone! So I’m very into superheroes, and into muscle/power theft. The following story is the prelude to a character that I’ve imagined. The story involves muscle theft, heroes and villains, mild violence, and sex. If you want an approximation of “Bael” I’d say Simeon Panda is a close fit for what I’m imagining. Anyway, I hope you enjoy. I’m going to follow up with Bael’s adventures destroying heroes and getting defeated now and again. If you’d like to be featured as a hero and/or have an idea for an original hero, please PM me. I’m happy to be flexible with ideas (and also welcome the chance to test Bael’s limits). Anyway, please enjoy. -- The first reports were that the men who had been excavating on the project had met a grizzly end. Four scientists had unearthed a slab of rock with strange carvings just outside of Duckwater. There were no reports of Native American activity—which made the find altogether strange, meaning more that someone had placed the artifact there on purpose. They were found close to a week after the find—their radios had gone silent, and the university that had sent them via grant had a state patrol head out to find them. Their bodies had been “licked clean”, or so it would have appeared. Just skin and bones, faded grey, withered to almost nothing. He’d never seen a thing like it. Simon had been watching the news and taking careful note of what they were reporting. The eighteen year old was a wunderkind—the most athletic of his classmates by far, and generally handsome. Tall, over six feet, two hundred and ten pounds, a monster for anyone his age. He’d gone through a quick puberty, or so he told everyone. Hitting the gym, good nutrition, all the secrets that hid the truth. When he was sixteen, he’d been out joy riding in the desert too, and found a crafted necklace waiting in the sand for him, just a short walk from where his car had gotten a flat tire. The black obsidian necklace had gleamed in the sunlight, almost pulsating—as though it wanted to be picked up. Simon had put the thing around his neck before even knowing what was happening. He remembered how he’d been lifted into the air, the pain that filled his body. A whole cloud of dust seemed to circle around him, and then the world stopped. He’d had a vision—a trip that he thought may have been brought on by some of the pot he’d smoked—of a muscular figure standing in front of him, a tall man with rippling abs and a wide back. He spoke to him, the words now almost forgotten, that Simon had been chosen as the Guardian, and that he needed to protect those from evil that lurked. He’d have many test of his strength, but he would be able to use his powers for good. The necklace would instill in him immense strength and vitality. He had awoken next to his car, drenched in sweat. Already he was twenty pounds heavier, and could feel the strength in his arms, his legs. The necklace had shattered into pieces in front of him—his power would flow through him, granting him all that he had ever wanted. Of course, the young man he was, he couldn’t just abandon his studies. He was just finishing high school, all the world watching as he began his transformation into a mutant of power and size. His peers gawked as the muscular figure that walked through the halls, and whispered about how strange it was he grew so quickly. There was talk of steroids but all those that knew Simon knew he didn’t do anything but eat healthy and work out often. He was just an anomaly, one that would certainly be granted a full scholarship on his athletic prowess wherever he felt like going. That evening was different. He could feel the strange tingle rush through his body, the thought that there was something that shouldn’t be there. Another artifact, perhaps one like his, had been found. Something with power, something that could threaten the residents of his small town. He knew, somehow, that this would bring him into the fray. He flipped the switch on his television set in his room and sat for a minute, thinking. He needed to go for a drive—maybe to the twenty-four hour gym. He could clear his mind. There was a line of police tape waiting for him there—two more men had fallen to whatever strangeness was happening. “Can’t cross, I’m afraid.” The office at the tape waved to Simon, who’d gotten out of his car to gawk. Another officer had set up a lap top with his compatriot, and they were streaming a video. They both gasped at the sight they saw. Simon peered over their shoulders. The small town law enforcement didn’t mind—Simon was, after all, something of a local celebrity when it came to high school sports. The security footage was the first determination that something was awry. The two men had been working out—amateur bodybuilders in stature, working out late. Another man entered into the building, wearing nothing but what looked like a loincloth. His black skin was pierced with sweat. His shoulders were impossibly wide and his waist incredibly small; he put the men working out to shame. They looked and laughed at his attire, to which the figure simply stopped and stared. He moved closer to them, and the men began to say something. It didn’t last long – the figure pointed at one and had him in the air, as though lifted by an unnatural force. The other soon was grabbed by the neck with his fist. He looked on in horror as his figure shrank, his biceps deflating, his chest receding. All the while the figure’s eyes grew red, his muscles more taught. When he finished with one, he moved to the other. He tossed both of their bodies aside before exiting the gym. “The fuck was that,” One said to another. Simon was wide eyed, his stomach now turning over. He felt strange—whatever this creature was, he was nearby. He would strike again, and he needed to be stopped. “We have to find him,” Simon said to no one, the police now wondering what he was talking about. “And who are you?” The short one asked, an eye brow raised. But Simon had already raced to his car and started the engine. He didn’t know where he was going—only that he could feel that he was being drawn by whatever was going to strike. -- He cut the engine along highway 39, not far from the water tower. He wasn’t sure what made him come here, other than the tensing of his muscles. He was no hero—never claimed to be one, anyway—but he’d seen the men and women on television. The ones in spandex, saving their cities and town from certain destruction. He’d been given a gift, and it was time for him to use it. He would bring the villain to justice—stop whatever this thing was. Justice. That’s what he would call himself. It was a suitable enough name. One that was honorable and campy enough for a young man. He got out of his car and walked toward the water town, his chest suddenly flexing. He grit his teeth—it was as though his whole body could feel the urgency of this encounter, that he needed to call upon whatever well of strength that he had. His tee shirt began to rip as his muscles expanded. His jeans started to tear until he was in his boxer briefs. His hulking, muscular form exposed to the warm night air. He would have to work on getting a costume before taking on more villains. “You’ve come for me?” A voice rang out across the landscape, and Justice could see the hulk emerge from behind one of the water tower columns. He narrowed his eyes and grinned at the young hero. “I don’t even know who the fuck you are,” Justice spat out, “But I know that I’m supposed to be the one to put you down.” The man raised his eyebrows and crossed his arms across his chest. “Oh really? Why don’t you just call me Bael. We can start with that. Until you’re just a part of me, like everyone else.” Simon cocked his head at this remark. What did he mean? “You going to go quietly, or am I going to have to punch your face in?” He flexed again, feeling more powerful than even when he’d put on the necklace. It all made sense—meeting this man, starting his life as a hero. This would be his big break; this would be the start of what he was born to do. He knew it. “Go ahead.” Bael put up his hands, and then placed them on his hips. “Give it your best shot. The first one is free.” Justice sneered. He hated people that were this cocky; he hated anyone that thought they were god’s gift. He clenched and unclenched his fists. “With pleasure.” He took off in a run, ready to get a swing at whatever this thing was, his shoulder leaned in, his fist cocked back. He put the full force of his might into the punch, and connected to Bael’s stomach. The man crumpled some, leaning back, shoved backwards in the sand. The dust rose, and Bael coughed. Justice didn’t wait for a response, and threw another punch into his chest, and then one into his face. The man stumbled backward again. He didn’t let up on the punches, another finding his stomach and then his chin. He cocked back one more time, before Bael caught his fist in his right hand. There it stayed. “You ever think that feeling you got, telling you to come out, to find whoever did those horrible things, may have been a warning?” Bael whispered to Justice. He tried to swing his other fist, but this was caught too. He suddenly felt powerless—this strange, overwhelming warmth that trapped him in Bael’s fists. He closed his eyes and tried to pull away. “Nnnnnng….” He grunted, sweat now dripping from his body. Bael stepped forward and twisted the boy’s wrists. “You’re practically delicious. I haven’t had a meal in so long… it’s a good thing I found you, you’re a perfect appetizer to start with.” Bael grinned. In a fluid motion he slid behind Justice and clamped his hands onto the hero’s chest. Justice’s eyes snapped open and he let out a gasp. He couldn’t move. He could hardly do anything but feel the villain’s massive form pressing against him. He coughed, and found it hard to breathe. “W-what… what are you doing to me?” He managed to get out. He tried to concentrate, to call on whatever power he’d been given, but each time he could feel Bael’s grip tighten. “I was locked away long ago—for taking the strength from more than mortal men. But I was freed by mistake. And now that I’m free, I’m going to make myself strong again by taking down people like you.” He sneered, his words were like ice. Justice could do nothing in his grip. He flex his pecs tense underneath Bael’s hands and cried out. He moaned, weaker still. At last the villain let go of Justice, letting him fall onto his knees in the dirt. The villain stood over him, and cast a shadow. Justice took deep breaths, and rested on his hands. He could barely hold himself up. He needed to escape, he needed to… “Oh you’re not going anywhere,” Bael had grabbed the hero by his right ankle and put a stop to any chance he’d had. Justice fell flat onto the ground. “I don’t let anyone escape—you’re going to become a part of me. And I’m going to take everything from you. That’s how this works.” The loincloth was removed to reveal Bael’s massive member. He pressed close against the fidgeting hero, his massive glutes already slicked with sweat. He let out a moan as he felt the demon—was that what he was—press against his tight hole. He could do nothing but close his eyes as the man began to penetrate him. He could feel the thick, long cock burrow into him, pressing deeper and deeper. The gigantic tool pressing apart his glutes with ease, welcomed in by the hero’s ass. He gasped—pleasure coming then, as though he shouldn’t resist what was happening. His own cock began to spring upward. The warmth was flowing through his body, his muscles twitching with excitement. “F-fuck…” he could do nothing against the heavy thrust of Bael. He moaned with every inch he took. He was puddy in his hands as the villain grabbed at his shoulders and forced himself deeper and deeper. He could feel his strength melting from him, his mind growing hazy. “Become one with me, hero…” Bael whispered in his ear. “Join me and give me the strength I need to take down more heroes…” “Oh god…” Justice moaned. Bael’s cock was getting thicker, digging deeper. He only wanted more, he wanted to submit to him. He wanted to become him, he wanted to join with his muscle and strength. And it was then he could feel his tree trunk legs shrinking, his chest deflating. He could fell his biceps fail him. “Part of you…” “The final blow…” Bael leaned in to thrust deep. He placed his hands onto Simon’s cock and closed his eyes. The inexperienced eighteen-year-old couldn’t help himself. He began to blow his hot, creamy load into Bael’s hands. He cried out as he came, over and over again. He couldn’t stop—what was happening to him? “That’s it… that’s it!” Simon’s eyes grew wide as the world started to grow dark. This was to be the origin of Justice, the super muscled superhero. But now he had failed, his body skin and bones. His dick sprayed out a few final drops—and he was finished. Bael slid his long, python cock out of the finished meal and stood. His body slick with sweat, he breathed in the last of the essence of the hero in front of him. This was just the beginning. This, my friends, was the rise of Bael, and the fall of all who would stand in his way. --
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    Read Part One HERE Liquid Manhood Chapter Two The bed shook, the headboard banging against the wall. Big Ben liked having his fraternity brothers know when he was beating the monster. His battleship-sized feet hung off the end, his 50 inch TV blaring out the moans of some porn he’d stolen from another brother. But in Big Ben’s huge meaty hand was his phone, a blond twink choking down a fat cock drawing all of the giant linebacker’s attention. His other hand was furiously pounding at this swollen meat stick; his hearty bull nuts bouncing against the sweaty sheets. A load of cum was already drying on his heaving pecs. Big Ben was so grateful he wasn’t hairy. The flood of cum he shot every time he jacked off would’ve been hell to clean up. The look of his pecs having rich brown hair on would be sexy, and it only made Big Ben jack off harder. The room reeked of him, he was still covered in the gunk and sweat from practice the night before. He’d shower after he had come. After that he would wipe down his pecs, wishing he could get some guy to do it for him. He’d returned from practice and slept the rest of the day, more exhausted than usual. He could hear his brothers starting to wake, it was nearly time. Big Ben always timed his pre-shower strut so that he caught a couple of his brothers waking up. His heavy footfalls getting their attention as they wiped sleep from their eyes. They always laughed, though Big Ben could see some fear in their eyes as he thudded down the hall. Comments like, “Thank fuck my girlfriend isn't here” or “Taking the beast for a walk huh” would be uttered. Big Ben would just grunt or make some comment about the guy’s girlfriend. Then he’d get into the shower and as silently as possible he’d cover the tiles with cum thinking about doing the same to his fraternity brothers faces. Big Ben bit his lip as he shot. Cum splattering over the cold load from before, his balls unleashing an epic load. But Big Ben sat bolt upright, his hand looked odd on his cock, his fingers were wrapped around his fat cock, still rock hard and waiting to go for two or three more times. His fingers though were touching they hadn’t touched since he was 15. The floor shook as he got to his feet, wiping the cum off his thick chest with his blanket. He looked down as his now soft cock, the shock having killed his boner. It looked slimmer, not as salami fat as it used to. Even though he was near to grazing his head on the ceiling and making the oak floor struggle under his weight, he, Big Ben, the hulking linebacker, felt small. He grabbed his jockstrap from the floor and gave it a sniff, holding the reeking pouch against his face. The musk, his musk calmed him, the cotton tickling his stubbled jaw. He pulled it on, heading to the shower as quick as he could, for the first time in his life not wanting to be seen. ——————————————————————————————————————————— Melvin woke not to the sound of Chris’ alarm waking him hours before he needed to be woken, but to a horrific painful smell in his nose. He coughed and spluttered as he breathed in, it tasted like a locker-room. Reminding him of the smell of his fingers after handling Big Ben’s jock strap. “Good you’re awake” Chris said, he was already dressed and looked like he was heading out. Melvin let out some sort of sound that was meant to be words, but he was still too tired. “I’m going to check in on the jocks, I’ve got an hour or so spare.” He grinned, “Oh and check out Bert.” Melvin blinked a few times trying to get his eyes used to the bright light, Chris had opened the curtains and Melvin was blinded. He watched as Chris left, slamming the door. Melvin climbed out of bed, his baggy pajamas hiding his frumpy shape. He popped open a window. Must be the elixir making that smell. As he pulled back from leaning over the best he felt a strip of wetness spread down his shirt. It was Bert, or a cactus that must be Bert. Gone was the small little cactus, now a thick almost throbbing green foot of plant sat in the pot, two bulbous bulbs at its base. A large bright red flower had erupted at the tip, oozing ripe sap. Melvin sniffed the wet sap on his shirt, it smelt like the funk he’d woke up choking on. The door suddenly opened, Chris was back. “Bert…” Melvin started “He….” Chris butted in, “Looks like a penis. Yeah, I noticed” “So the stuff works,” Melvin asked excited. Chris nodded and stepped over to the desk picking up Bert’s pot, trying not to get reeking sap on himself. “What are you doing” Melvin asked following Chris as he headed to the door “I’m throwing Bert out, not having our room smell like a jockstrap,” Chris said and he turned, poking a finger into Melvin’s chest. “Don’t touch the elixir. We know what it does to a plant, but not what it does to humans.” Melvin nodded, “But can you buy me a new Bert?” Chris smiled sweetly, “Sure.” And he left, taking Bert with him, Melvin knew he’d never get a new one. ——————————————————————————————————————————— “19, 20, 21,” Barrett counted out loud as he continued his morning exercise routine,clad in only pajama shorts with the straps of his jockstrap peeking out from the waist line. His body dipped down and up with each push up, he was already sweaty, and feeling tired. He’d woken up refreshed, but oddly stiff, like he’d overworked himself at practice. But he hadn’t. He’d barely pushed himself. “25……..26...” he started, but his arms gave way half way through the last push up. He rolled onto his back, staring up at the ceiling, the sounds of his frat brothers waking up echoing through the house. A second ago he’d heard the unmistakable sounds of Big Ben’s monstrous frame thudding past his room. He wondered if Big Ben was feeling just as odd as he was. It seemed that everyone at practice was off, and it wasn’t just because of the over partying on the weekend before. His room was massive, it had been his older brother’s when he was a member of the fraternity. A floor to ceiling mirror decorated one wall, hiding a closet. Barrett always hid how often he’d stare at himself in the mirror, flexing a bicep, arrogantly smirking at himself. But today as he sat up he looked at himself with concern. Even though he’d slept longer than normal he still looked tired. Greyish bags hung heavily under his eyes. Barrett stood up and stepped close to the mirror, flexing his bicep. It looked odd. It felt stiff, but looked softer. The skin wasn’t as taut over the muscle as it had been. He scratched at his balls with his free hand. “Gotta be sick,” he said to himself. He popped open the bedside table, ignoring the half full box of condoms he grabbed an assortment of pills. Throwing back his head he swallowed them down, covering all the bases: flu, allergies, headaches, he wasn’t letting this illness get any further. Barrett went to leave his room, time for breakfast, he stopped though and looked down at his ripped bare chest. He sighed, and like all the other footballers he grabbed something to cover himself up, unsure about his own perfection. He flexed his arm one last time, the sleeve of his shirt not near to bursting as his muscle bulged. He jogged down the stairs, whistling, putting on his cocky demeanour. The kitchen was alive with big beefy jocks grabbing their breakfast, barely any bare chests. Only the best built non-football players were shirtless. Barrett grabbed a piece of toast another brother had cooked for himself, the guy wouldn’t complain, at least not to Barrett’s face. He leaned against a kitchen counter, watching the group. His fraternity was a house of beasts, all the main guys from the football team in one place, and most of the other star players of other sports, with Barrett as the top dog. The rest of the football team’s massive roster were in lesser frats or lived off campus, Barrett couldn’t think of any freshmen still living in dorms, maybe one or two of the new guys hadn’t been sucked up by the fraternities yet. He scratched at his balls while he ate, his fellow football players looked just as tired as he was. Bags under their eyes, paler than normal. All with hunched shoulders and dim looks on their faces. “Gotta talk to Peters,” Barrett muttered Maybe they needed a break, whatever illness Barrett had looked to be spreading around the frat. He’d have a word with Coach Peters about an easier practice schedule. ——————————————————————————————————————————— Next door to Chris and Melvin, their rarely seen neighbour was still sleeping as the clocks passed noon. His name was Sean and he’d worked all summer so he could afford to pay for a single room. He didn’t want to share his personal space with anyone. His single room was dark with only the dull glow of his PS4 on standby lighting the room. The curtains were pulled tight and were dusty, never having been opened since he moved in. A plush gaming armchair sat in front of the rooms desk facing a large top of the line TV Sean had got from his parents for winning the scholarship to Lincoln University. An indent of Sean’s fat rounded ass was visible on the seat’s cushion, the fabric tainted with Dorito dust. Sean was a nerd, a massive gamer, and an avid reader of comic books. He was a stereotype. He was also a loner. He only left his dorm to use the bathroom, for classes and food shopping. He was greasy, spotty, and rounded with limp plump fat, but he was a nice guy. Always helping classmates in class, even though he hated public speaking. If he was a little more sociable he'd have a lot of friends, he’d already been invited to join a couple of fraternities and his professor wanted him to run for the student council, but Sean just wanted to be alone and play games with people on the other side of the world he’d never have to talk to. He was snoring loudly, the weight of his fatty chest causing the choke sounding rumblings as he lay on his back in bed. His greasy bright red hair plastered to his spotty forehead. Only his head was visible from behind the covers. He was only 5’6. Even the dorm room’s small single bed was too big for him. Drip, Drip, Drip. Drops of green liquid fell onto Sean’s blankets, above Sean a line of green was spreading over the ceiling. Rising up from a crack in the wall, a patchwork of vein like green stains were stretching out from behind a set of shelves cluttered with books and PS4 games. With an almost sentient intent the green liquid grew out over the ceiling, it drips moving further up Sean’s blankets till the drops started to land in Sean’s gaping maw. The drips increased in intensity, and size, soon it was like a steady stream trickling from the ceiling down Sean’s throat. He didn’t splutter or gag, the liquid quickly vanishing into the walls of his mouth and throat. But the taste was horrid, a foul salty taste. Like drinking cool sweat. Sean’s eyes fluttered behind his eyelids and the dripping stopped. In the dark though the green stains on the ceiling and the wall wasn’t noticeable, even with a bright light it would be hard to notice against the darkly painted room. Sean made a moaning sound and sat up slowly. Rubbing sleep from his eyes, a hand then wiping green liquid from his lips and onto his pajama shirt, thinking it was just drool. The chubby nerd climbed out of bed, his hand reaching for a cola bottle on the small snack table next to his gaming chair. He took a long swig from it and then dropped his fat ass onto his armchair. His console controller already in hand he flicked the PS4 on and started to play, he had a couple hours spare before class. With Sean’s attention on his gaming the green liquid snaked its way over the ceiling. A fat raindrop of the elixir fell, landing in the open cola bottle, just as Sean reached over to pick it up to take another sip. ——————————————————————————————————————————— Barrett was on the treadmill in the college’s expansive gym, he’d just gotten the shit verbally kicked out of him by the Coach. How dare he ask to lighten the load, the Coach had bellowed at him. He was even threatened with losing his captaincy, and again compared to his older brother. How his older brother would never have asked for something so stupid, especially when there was so much competition this year from other teams. He was being punished, half an hour on the treadmill. It was meant to be easy for Barrett, more a punishment that would screw up his schedule, but Barrett was struggling. It was like all his stamina was gone, he was sweating and panting. His balls were so itchy, the cotton of his jock rubbing his hefty balls and was making them beg for a scratch. He’d almost fallen over whenever he went to itch them, and it was messing with his mind. It was like when he was doing laps at practice, he just felt drained. He’d have to get an appointment with a doctor. He was sick. With still 10 minutes left Barrett slowed down the treadmill, now walking he coughed out and spluttered. He gripped his chest, under his toned pec muscles his heart was racing. He’d never been his unfit, he’d never struggled like this. His free hand scratched at his balls, they were overheating like the rest of him. Slick with sweat and so itchy, he’d have to wash his jock. His face was bright red as he dragged his worn out legs to a water fountain. His arms screamed as he braced himself against the fountain to take a dozen or so mouthfuls of cooling water. “Barrett” a voice asked Barrett stopped drinking and sighed, it was Yuri the captain of the college swim team. He was a frat brother. Barrett pulled himself up, standing tall to look down at his frat brother and rival. It was an unspoken rivalry, but Yuri had wanted to head the frat, but Barrett beat him to it. He was sure that Yuri hadn’t let it go. “Yuri” Barrett smiled “How you doing” He was trying to be cocky, trying to be Barrett, but he was still red faced and sweating through his shirt. “You ok” Yuri asked, the ripped half Russian looking amazing in his workout gear “You look sick” “Yea… I think I’m coming down with something” Barrett said dropping his attitude Yuri held out his full water bottle and Barrett took it. “I have a spare, drink this on the walk back” Yuri said with a smile Barrett knew it was sign of submission, he was showing weakness to someone he was fighting with, even if the fight was all in Barrett’s head. Yuri turned and headed further into the gym, Barrett watched him leave. He felt deflated, but he took a long swig from the water bottle. He took a few deep breaths, feeling his energy coming back. Barrett left the gym, his footfalls slow and laboured. His shirt felt a little loose, maybe it was just cause it was being weighed down by all the sweat. He scratched his balls, he had two things to do today get a doctors appointment and wash this itchy jock. First though he needed to sleep. He hadn’t planned on getting this worn out today, but if he had it wouldn't be on a twenty minute jog. He yawned as he stepped out of the gym and his shoulder thudded into a shorter very well dressed guy. “Sorry” Barrett muttered as he hurried pass The first time he’d apologised for such an action, usually he’d berate the other guy. Instead he continued back to the frat, swigging from the water bottle. ——————————————————————————————————————————— Chris stared as Barrett walked away from him. He rubbed his shoulder, Barrett was still solid, but the reaction was a change. He’d seen Barrett explode in anger after someone just looked at him wrong. But he apologised, the powder was working, not only draining Barrett’s size and strength, but taking more. It was sapping away at Barrett’s ego, his confidence, and it had only been a day. The powder worked fast, Chris could only imagine what would happen in a week or so. He sent a text to Melvin, saw Barrett the guy looks sick, it read. He was being careful, Chris didn't know where the magic book had came from. For all he knew there was an entire magical world which wouldn't look to kindly on him playing in their world. So he was being as normal as possible and he’d warned Melvin about doing the same. No mention of the stones or the plan on any computers or phones. Only the notes he’d written down in the magic book. He took a quick lap of the gym, only seeing Yuri the swim team captain on a rowing machine. Chris wondered whether he should move his sights onto the other sports team after the football team were drained. But then what would he do with all the elixir, it wasn’t like he and Melvin would need very much to get the bodies they deserved. That was if Chris even let Melvin have any elixir.
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    Thanks for your support! I intend to keep this going and doing chapters as they come to me. May post another very soon. I'm also hopeful that people will volunteer ideas for heroes of their own making. If you've ever seen yourself as a superhero, or want to get defeated, feel free to PM or skype me! We could come up with the next chapter and have some fun!
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    The audience went wild as Jake Arness rode on stage. The hugely built muscleman wore only a loose pair of tattered jeans as he sat on top of a junky old motorcycle, his 285 lb bulk making the suspension visibly compress. The rippling beefcake dismounted and flexed his awesome muscles for the hundreds of horny men (as well as a few women) in the packed nightclub. His body was pure muscle pornography, bulging outgrageously with 25 inch thick biceps, titanic pecs, and huge flared thighs. Combined with his massive musculature was a gorgeous, clean shaven face topped off with a short cut mop of dirty blond hair. But what really caught the everyone's eyes was Jake's abdomen. It was so packed with muscle, so incredibly well-developed, that the horny crowd could hardly believe it. His stomach had a fantastically clearly defined six-pack, even when relaxed it was more contoured than a champion bodybuilders when flexed completely! Hundreds of men simultaneously became excited as their eyes traced over the muscular curves of Jake's awesome body. For his first feat of strength, the brawny stud bent over and hoisted the huge motorcycle up to his chest in a single powerful motion. Some in the crowd gasped, the others who already knew of Jake's impossible strength simply yelled and screamed their approval. Roaring for effect, the hugely muscled 24 year old overhead-pressed the 700 pound bike to thunderous applause. Flashing the crowd a dazzling smile he began pumping the heavy motorcycle up and down, wrestling it upwards again and again. Then, with the motorcycle resting high on his shoulders, he turned around to show a magnificent back wider and thicker than most doorways. He then began squatting the bike, belting out powerful reps with amazing ease and grace. Jake's jeans, ones that initially seemed several sizes too big, now swelled with expanding muscle has he quickly powered through nearly two dozen reps of super-heavyweight back squats. He turned around again and the audience gasped once more, partially at the sight of his thick quads jutting out from tears in his jeans, and partially at the sight of his semi-engorged horse cock, snaking its way down one pantleg. Jake was now the only person in the club without a boner, and yet he still possessed the longest and thickest dick in a room of 200 people. Jake, muscleboy extordinaire, smiled again and began exerting his immense strength against the poor motorcycle that lay across his vast shoulders. The steel frame visibly started to bend around his traps as he poured a small amount of his total power into it. Not wanting to completely destroy his prop, he let the bike fall to the ground, the impact making the floor of the club shake. Finally, he lifted it again and, with a masculine grunt, hurled it offstage where it landed with a deafening *crunch*. He began to flex proudly, puffing up his chest, eagerly showing off his pumped up body. While the sexy He-Man flexed for the crowd, stage-hands led 50 audience members onstage. They had been preselected for their size and strength, even the smallest of them weighed 180 lbs and was visibly beefy. However, they all looked like small children next to Jake's hugely muscled superbody. Separated into two groups of 25 with two sets of long, thick rope each, they formed a line with Jake in the middle, the powerful man holding one end of each rope in his strong hands. "This is Tug-Of-War Gentlemen, now go! Rip him apart!" shouted the MC. 50 men leaned backwards, pulling with everything they could muster. Jake braced himself against the power of two and a half tons of male muscle pulling against each arm. He smiled, all these men were avid gym rats, but the most intense workout of their lives was nothing compared to one of his 'easy' days. He slowly curled his arms, his massively thick super biceps defeating the combined pulling power of 25 men per side. The huge man smiled as he enjoyed the feeling of his bulging muscles overpowering all these big dudes. His dick slowly grew past the 10 inch mark as the feeling of male strength turned him on more and more. Jake crossed his arms in front of his titanic pecs, and, slowly and carefully, he transferred both ropes to just his right hand. The audience was going crazy as they watched their idol restrain the pulling power of 50 brawny men with only one hand. Try as they might, they couldn't defeat the powerful grip of his mighty fist. Jake rubbed his free left hand all over his body, across his pecs, over his glutes, cupping his gigantic dick as he made it plainly clear that he could stand here overpowering these men all day. Only after several minutes did he finally open his fist, making 4 dozen men fall to the ground in an instant. Jake helped several of defeated men to their feet, lightly kissing them, and whispering to several that they should stick around after the show. As the awestruck men went back to their seats, Jake reached for his next prop: a pair of 20 lb chrome dumbbells. The audience laughed, they looked so small and puny in his thick, calloused hands. Handing one to an audience member, he held the remaining dumbbell in his palms level with his magnificient pecs. The audience, all of them, then gasped in unison as his fingers literally dug straight into the chrome spheres, the steel emitted a muffled squeak as the heavily muscled stud really poured on the power. Pausing for breath, he began pushing his hands together now. Massively thick shoulder muscles, easily the size of a pair of football helmets, bulged hugely as the chromed steel dumbbell began to collapse. Some of the more brash men had shoved their hands down their pants, furiously stroking and jacking themselves off as their eyes raped Jake's insanely sexy body. The room started to smell of faintly of sex as the male audience cued off of each other and began pleasuring themselves and their partners. Within seconds Jake had nearly flattened the thick steel dumbbell between his open palms. He handed the wrecked object to an audience member, who turned over the chrome ball in his hands with wonder. Grabbing the undamaged dumbbell, he repeated his awesome feat once more, the 20 lb object easily succumbing to Jake's monstrously pumped up physique as he flattened it into a pancake of warm steel. And yet he wasn't finished mangling it. Digging his fingers into the metal once more, he pulled outwards with all his strength. The poor dumbbell shrieked as Jake unleashed everything his godlike body had. For a second it looked like the dumbbell was made of chewing gum, stretching out impossibly before the hot metal snapped in half. Half the audience cheered, the other half moaned, completely overtaken by strength-lust. Jake flexed his body now, which bulged larger than ever. His arms were 26 inches and growing and his cock had just passed the 11 inch mark. His dickhead was now visible, having been partially pushed through his jeans by his massive quads. Stage hands carted his next props over, an audible rush went through the audience as they realized that they were engine blocks. "250 lbs a piece" said the MC. Jake bent down and gathered them all in a brawny embrace, 750 lbs easily pressed tightly against his chest. The audience gasped once more as this rippling, bulging super-stud began to juggle them. His Herculean arms hurling them far above his head. The audience's errupted in applause at Jake's incredible display of strength and agility. He smiled, soaking up the adoration. For a minute he kept almost a half ton of steel whizzing overhead. Finally, with grace afforded to him by his superhuman body, he gently caught all the engine blocks, setting them down lightly to an immense standing ovation. Not pausing to rest, he grabbed one of the blocks and wedged it between his redwood sized thighs. Unbeliveably, his quads because even more massive as he began squeezing them togther. Some in the audience were pressing their hands against the foreheads in disbelief, but most were jacking off with wild abandon, sexually excited to the extreme by this boy's incredible muscles. The engine block was visibly compressing as Jake's immense quads squeezed together with the strength of a hydraulic press. His jeans were in tatters, both of his gigantic quads jutted out several inches as the denim was overwhelmed by their sheer size. His calves were now larger than any Human calf ever, diamond shaped and harder than steel. His manhood was becoming very visible now, and a rush of lust spread through the men as they feasted their eyes on a glans as big as a big man's fist. Nuts bigger than any five men each were also on display as Jake's amazing body exploded its way out of his clothes.
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    It had been two years since Vinny started balancing between his bodybuilding career and his pro wrestling gig, and it wasn't getting any easier. He loved bodybuilding, but it didn't exactly pay the bills, and he was getting to the point where the wrestling was paying pretty well, and he was due up for a two-year contract. Given his popularity in the circuit, he knew he could ask for a lot more. Still, that didn't stop him from entering a major bodybuilding contest just a week before the big wrestling match he was on the roster for that night. He was still a little drained from the hardcore dieting he'd done for the contest, but at 6' tall and 230lbs, he was ripped to the bone, and would drive the crowd wild with his flexing. Besides, the match was pretty much all choreographed out, and he was due to beat the Urban Cowboy for a chance to go for the championship belt. He'd fought the Urban Cowboy about a dozen times before, and they both had their moves down. What could go wrong? But when Vinny got to the arena, he was met in the locker room by two of the promoters, both of whom looked agitated and nervous. "What's going on?" Vinny asked them. "Ok, here's the deal, Vin," said one of them, a heavy-set guy in an ill-fitting suit. "The Urban Cowboy broke both his wrists in a rodeo this afternoon." "So the match is off?" asked Vinnie. "No,no, we can't do that. But we found a replacement....you've probably heard of him, he's called the Mighty Beast." Vinny got a weird feeling in the pit of his stomach. "Wasn't he that fat hairy old guy. I remember watching him when I was a little kid. I thought he retired?" What he failed to mention was that as that little kid, his older cousin had taken him to see pro wrestling, and the Mighty Beast was on the card. When the big gutted, bulked up powerhouse came out, Vinny had gotten that same tug in his gut. And as the brutally strong pro wrestler had beaten his opponent to oblivion, little Vinny had gotten his first boner. After that, he would ache for the Mighty Beast to show up on TV wrestling matches so he could masturbate to him. "Not exactly retired," said the promoter. "He's been wrestling on and off in Japan." "So I'm supposed to fight some old washed up dude on my way to a championship belt? What is he, like 50 years old?" The second promoter mumbled thru his hand, "Fifty-seven." "No way," said Vinny, "I'm not gonna beat up on some old timer like that. I'm 25 years old, I'll look like a jerk." Meanwhile, he was calculating in his head that the Massive Beast must have been in his forties when Vinny first started getting off on him. It was because of the thick brute muscle daddy that Vinny, when he was in his teens, started building his own muscles and flexing out in the mirror in his bedroom. "Listen Vinny, I know it's last minute, but we have a full house tonight, and we need that fifth match. Just do this for us, and we can pretty much guarantee that 2-year contract and the championship match down the road." Those sounded like some vague promises, but Vinny's heart was pounding hard at the thought of facing off with his idol. Still trying to sound nonchalant, he said "Ok, I'll do it. Does the old man know the routine?" "You said it yourself, Vin, he's an old timer. He knows all the routines. You won't regret this." As the two promoters left the locker room, Vinny thought he heard the smaller guy say, "He's gonna regret this, isn't he?" As the night progressed and the early matches started, Vinny stayed backstage, warming up and flexing in the mirrors. He couldn't help but admire his condition. His body fat was holding at about 4 percent. His muscles rippled at his slightest move, and his 8pac abs popped out like cobblestone when he flexed them. Some of the other wrestlers told him he was looking good as they passed by him, and he couldn't have agreed more. Although he had never been able to attain the sheer massive bulk of a guy like the Mighty Beast, he was still jacked up better than 99% of men. Meanwhile, there was still no sign of the old time wrestler. "Maybe he won't show up," said Vinny out loud as he hit a double-bi shot. Now that he'd had time to think about it, he had mixed feelings about beating down his long time hero. He watched himself in the mirror as his 18" biceps rose up. He kissed each hard peak, in a prelude to what he'd be doing when he got into the ring. When the time came for his match, Vinny made his way to the ring. He loved having the spotlight on him, and hearing the cheers mixed with the boos. Billed as Vin the Viking God, he'd become popular in his short time as a wrestler, and his blond hair and good looks didn't hurt, but some people loved to hate him for his arrogance. That didn't bother him because he figured they'd be arrogant too, if they looked like him. He hopped into the ring, wearing only his wrestling boots and a pair of Speedo sized trunks. He put on a show of flexing his muscular body, making sure to hit each side of the squared circle. The crowd ate it up, even the ones that heckled him. He hit pose after pose, till he was dripping sweat. Just as he was starting to think that the Beast was not going to show, entrance music started to play in the arena. The houselights dimmed, and a spotlight shown on a big hulking figure that was making his way down the main aisle. The big man wore a black cape that flowed around him as he sauntered toward the ring. He didn't wave or respond at all to the audience's cheers, but instead, seemed to be focused solely on Vinny. His dark eyes glared toward the ring . His grizzled face had an extremely powerful jaw line, thick with stubble, and an overdeveloped brow that was Neanderthal-like as it jutted out over his eyes. As he grabbed the ropes and pulled himself up, Vinny felt the whole ring shift. When he got inside the ropes, still cloaked in his cape, he jumped up and down a few times. The whole floor of the ring bounced like a trampoline. Both Vinny and the ref almost lost their footing. Just how fat had the old dude gotten, Vinny thought. But then the Mighty Beast undid his cape and let it fall behind him. There was a collective gasp from the crowd. Standing at 6'6", he weighed easily 350lbs. He was not fat. He looked solid as an ox. His chest was huge, and covered with thick salt and pepper hair. His roidgut rounded out, and even thru his thick gut hair you could see his ab ridges, cutting deeply into his hard 6pak. He had on black square cut trunks which were stretched tight as seal skin over his huge glutes and thighs...huge swollen thighs that pushed the legs of the short trunks up higher toward his crotch. His leg hair had not turned gray at all, but was jet black and curly on his 36"quads. He was barefooted, and after kicking his cape out of the ring, he turned and focused his full attention on Vinny. He stepped into the middle of the ring and put his fists up into a boxing stance. Vinny, deciding to play along, stepped up to him and put his hands up too. Vinny realized that he must look small in comparison to the massive old wrestler. He also noticed that the big man's face was overly bloated, as if from doing large amounts of anabolics. That would explain his extremely heavy muscularity. He was much bigger than Vinny had ever seen him as a younger man. Vinny noticed the size of the Beast's forearms. They had to be 18 inches, as big as Vinny's biceps, and all gnarly with twisting veins. Even his fists were over-the-top huge, with big bulging knuckles, made even bigger by his clenching of his meaty hands. Suddenly, he opened one of those meaty fists, and pointed to his big jaw, motioning to Vinny to take his best shot. This was off scripted, but Vinny decided, again, to play along. He swung up at the bigger man's jaw. The Beast dodged Vinny's jab with ease. The crowd laughed. This made Vinny bristle a little. He swung at the bigger man again, this time harder and faster. The Beast dodged again, easily. Then he did a little rope-a-dope in front of Vinny, which made the crowd laugh louder and start to cheer. Vinny didn't like the way this was going at all, so instead of throwing another punch, he swung a roundhouse kick into the side of the big man's knee. Vinny might as well have kicked a telephone pole. All he did was hurt his own shin. It felt like it almost shattered. The Mighty Beast glowered at him, balled up his ham-sized fist and slammed it into Vinny's abs. Vinny flew back like a rocket. His feet actually left the ground from the force of the blow. He hit the ropes hard, then fell to the ring. He could barely breath, he'd had the wind knocked out of him so badly. He looked up as the Beast made his way over to him. The big older man leaned over from his towering height, and put two thick fingers under Vinny's chin. He lifted Vinny up to his feet, and then kept pushing upward with those powerful fingers. Vinny, gagging and choking, grabbed the big man's 18" forearm and tried to push him away, but the powerful Beast kept digging in, until Vinny was on his tiptoes. And then, completely off the ground. Vinny's eyes teared from the pain of it. The old man held him airborne with his two fingers, then flexed his free arm, letting it rise up to its full 26" size. He kissed the peak, then lowered Vinny down till they were face to face. "This is going to be fun," said the big man, his breath hitting Vinny's face like a heat wave. He dropped Vinny to the mat, and then hit a most-muscular pose over him. His traps rose up, thick as an ox yoke. His delts swelled to the size of basketballs. The crowd went apeshit. Vinny had never seen so much muscle on one man. The tug in his gut was ten times stronger than he'd ever felt it, and it spread to his loins. He felt his dick engorging. He knew that if he stood up, the crowd would see his hardon. But before he had a chance to move, the Beast scooped him off the ground and pressed him overhead, one hand on his crotch and one hand on his neck. He started walking around the ring, showing the crowd how he could press Vinny's 230 pounds up and down like a broomstick. Vinny saw the ref leaning against a turnbuckle with awe in his eyes and a pup tent in his pants. Vinny had never felt such strength. And then he felt the Beast's thick thumb rubbing into his crotch until it stroked up against his swelling cock. Vinny's vision went white with pleasure. He put his left hand down onto the top of the bigger man's delt, a delt that was bigger than Vinny's head, and bowling ball hard. He could feel the power of it as the Beast pressed him up and down, up and down. After twenty reps, just as Vinny thought he was going shoot in his trunks, the Beast dropped him behind his head, letting Vinny fall the eight feet to the ring with a thud. With the wind knocked out of him again, Vinny struggled to his knees. He looked over and found that he was eye level with the big man's calves. They were immense. Vinny shook his head in disbelief. The Beast saw him looking at them, so he raised on foot up onto its ball and flexed the calf muscle. It swelled out like an over-filled hot water bottle. Vinny grunted out in awe. But then the Beast dove on top of him, driving Vinny flat onto his face. It felt like a bank vault had landed on him. "Come on, babe, fight me," growled the big man, as he ground his weight into him. Vinny twisted and squirmed as hard as he could, and maybe it was because he was so slippery from the heavy sweat he'd already worked up, he was able to slip out from under his brutally strong opponent. He rolled away from him quickly, jumped to his feet, ran to the ropes, bounced off of them and bodyslammed himself on top of the Beast. It was like landing on top of a boulder. At least when he landed on the mat, it had give. The big brute's back muscles had no give at all. Vinny shimmied his way to the back of the Beast's neck, slid his arms around and under the huge back and applied his full-nelson as tight as he could. He felt the massive mountain of a man underneath him start to move, the back muscles tighten as he got to his feet, Vinny clinging to his hold. By the time the Mighty Beast stood up to full height, Vinny's feet were dangling off the ground. He struggled to maintain his full-nelson, but the big man's lats were so wide and thick, he felt his grip slipping. And then, the Beast took a hold of Vinny's forearms. Vinny felt the powerful fingers wrap around his wrists like vices. Then he felt the Beast break his hold, pulling his hands apart with ease, then pulling his arms upward and judo flipping Vinny's whole body over his head and down to the mat onto his back. Vinny looked up, his eyes glazed, and watched as the Mighty Beast put his big foot on Vinny's chest, then flexed into a double-bi shot. The Beast was so heavily muscled, he reminded Vinny of the cartoon wrestler from the Bugs Bunny cartoon, whose muscles piled up and up, muscle on top of muscle, just like the Beast. Vinny was harder than he'd ever been in his life, and when his massive opponent bent over and picked him up, slamming him into a tight bearhug, his feet dangling in the air. Vinny let out a groan not from the crushing pain of the hug, but because he felt his hardon pressing into the stone hard roidgut of the big man. "Oh yeah, babe," the Beast said to Vinny, "you like this, don't you?" He squeezed Vinny harder against his huge chest and gutball. Then he slid Vinny up and down his hairy torso, grinding Vinny's dick into his thick pro wrestler muscle. "Oh god....." groaned Vinny. "And I just keep getting bigger and stronger. Feel it?" said the Beast as he squeezed harder. Vinny felt like his ribs would shatter. "Ffuckk," said the young pro. "That's it, babe. Cum to this muscle. Worship it. Spew to my 350lbs of superior size and power." He slid Vinny up and down. Vinny couldn't hold out. He busted right in his trunks. He came and came to his powerful opponent. He leaned his head against the Beast's thick neck and breathed him in. His scent smelled like leather and gun metal. Vinny came some more. Then he heard the roar of the crowd, and remembered where he was. "They can't see this...." Vinny said, realizing that his reputation might be sullied if the crowd got a look at him in this state. "Don't worry, stud," said the older fighter, "I'll get you out of here. Just tap out on my shoulder." Then he shook Vinny back and forth a couple of times, then squeezed him hard. Vinny tapped out on the massive wrestler's right delt. The ref called the match and the bell rang. The Beast lifted Vinny up and laid him over his right shoulder. The ref tried to raise the Beast's arm in victory, but the look that the big man gave him made him back up against the ropes. Instead, the wrestler flexed his free left arm and held it up next to Vinny's leg, showing that his biceps were bigger than Vinny's quads. Then he carried Vinny out of the ring, climbing down with the smaller man on his shoulder. He strutted up the aisle as the crowd went wild, and disappeared into the backstage area. "Now we're going to shower off," said the Beast, as he set Vinny down in the locker room. "Then, I'm taking you back to my hotel room, where you can service me proper." The big man stripped off his black trunks and his big dick flopped out, swinging between his massive thighs. Vinny wasn't sure what he could do with something that big, but he was eager to find out.

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